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gte fltddlijftmx:
"oflf?7yu?. *3""d fourteenthStreet.
""irjuxo went off with the circus.
Wjikk the l ion aud the Bear lie down
together there is a smell of gunpowder in
I> the Simon pure lexicon of Civil Service
reform there is no sacU phraso as '
"personally obnoxious." But there is in '
a letter signed S. P. McCormick. <
Tiik meeting of Washington Presby tory i
brinip together a fine body of earnest and !
able men. Wheeling welcomes them and
will be glad to make them as comfortable j
as she csn.
It may bo that the eldest son of tho I
Prince of Wales will consent to reside 1
? - 1?>Unii . ?n?l |f TTiav Jut '
permanently iu jic?u.u,?..u -?j ?
tint he will think the utiuosphere a little
heavy for comfort. ,
(Hi:own Mary Anderson hasn't lost a
point since she has boon on the otfior side. ,
When she wants the Lion to roar ho roars. (
)Ury'? pile of sovereigns must be getting ,
xtrj high by this time. * . ,
Tin special correspondents who are j
lerrifljfop for us the'Afghan news?most
I of tkm live thousand miles away from ,
theseit of war?will take notico that the <
time .'or the really ornamental lying hain't 1
cwie jet.
Amd the shedding of tears over tho impending
fate ot Collector fttCormick it has j
lxtn said that more than thirty Republi- ,
aunulwrdinates will go with him. Bless <
their dear souls, the subordinates can only
remain on condition that they are not .
"personally obuoxious to mk." Now me j
stand* for McC'ormick. \ i
Wcliegtocall the attention of the es- 1
teemed to the fact that ji libel
suit had been begun at Grafton. For fur j
tlier particulars see Intklmukncer of yes* j
terday. This ought to mo?*e the Republic j
can editor of the JtegUter. to some of his
beat work?something, for example, to j
which ho will be willing to sign his name, i
# Mrs. Jbmik ik.vro.v 1'uenont, daughter i
of "Ulit null ion' una who oi me xaui- j
Under, writes an entertaining rcminla- ,
ence ol a viaU to Mrs. Crugar, at the Old <
Stone Hon*?, now the residence of Major <
Loring. A crmfnsed recollection haa 1
magnified the plzcid Wheeling Greek into J
a "sparkling river," but that is not a great t
matter. The entertaining article will be i
found on another page. '
Wos'duk whether Carter Harrison ?
woutdn't compromise his hatful of libel j
suits for a handful of "chips" payable at t
one of >fike McDonald's gilded haunts of '?
vice? Such a newspaper aa the Chicago J
IidfT'Ocftm isn't likely to be frightened off {
in that way. It is notorious that Harrison c
holds sway by collusion with tho worst 1
_ cleau'nt*_pf Jho_dty=d}lacklega_and_baU i
lot-box stntferw. ;
A'o woxiiKa the administration is hurt J
over the Consul Morgan episodo. In Mr. t
Morgau's uow celebrated work, entitled r
."America's Kgypt; Mr.,Blaine's Foreign ?
Policy, by James Morris Morgan, Lata of c
the C. S. Navy and the Egyptian Army." \
Jlr. Morgan permitted himself to nut
forward these thoughts:
Mr. Blaine has an exalted idea of the 1
honor and sanctity of American citizen*
ship abroad u ever was eutertained of
the honor and sanctity by Palmerston
orBjaconaOeld. l'ut Air. Blaine into the
Executive chair, and ten to one, Mexico
will no longer violate the law? of hospitality
and of Nations in the person of inoffensive
Americana. In the days of
president Blaine there will be peace, but
peooe with honor.
TiiU was written when Sir. Morgan
thought that Mr. Blaine would Bhortly
bold the consulship in the hollow of his
lund. We aro not surprised that Democrats
are wroth.
| "Tim" Cami'bkll, tlie Cincinnati crlm?
ihal i^wyer to whose peculiar performance
*;th juries the riots in that city
largely* attributed, has been acquitto!
of jtiry-flriug. The CommereiaUO'a*
saya boldly that the court was the
(utisan of Campbell, and that the verdict
*unosurprisc. On the last day the judge
twimanded the prosecutor for bifl remits
on the testimony, and the prosotttor
refused to proceed. The Commercial
records this remarkable perform- j
uce after the verdict was brought in: ,
"Then the door of a pork-house opened, j
wj a lot of boys who had been held back ?
till the signal was Riven, were sent flying j
down toward Fourth and Vine, shoaling? j
'Here'syour/iirniny Telegram; all about the j
cqulttal of Tom Campbell.'" If courts will j
t* partisan and juris* deaf to the evidence, J
there U little security agatqit law-break- f
w*. Cincinnati has had a terribly lesson (
blood and lhme*bot tho adminiafcra?
tion of justice in that city does not sKow, J
Havixq greater business on his bands, \
Mr. Qliditone concludes that Kl Mahdi is j
educed to a mere shadow of his former t
elf. and that England could not ^op the I
Uve trade K she were In possession of J
Khartoum. As to the policy of holding [
in hand every resource for the threatened t
conflict with ltussia, there can be but one t
opinion. Nor can auybody be deceived .
*bout tlie forced backdown in tho Soudan, \
Thecowanllv nmuinott?" ?' --J '
slaughter of English troops, which
I tiled with mortification And rage the j
Wt of all England, arc to go unavenged. <
I It U true that England had no paKlctt' <
W businwg in the fiondsji; she might 1
I Hrily have kept out of it, but being in she *
^ould have boms herself liko tK? great ,
*wer that she is. Prom the day she 41s* i
I Ittched Gordon to Khartoum sho was 1
I obliged to whip tho Mahdi into wfowii* <
I ton or suffer the diminished glory of her )
>?ms. She lias not whipped the Mahdi, !
*ad it is not at all certain that he ha? j
H'fcen reduced to a mero shadow.
This inglorious outcome of the Soudan
sWr cannot he kept from Gre^t Britain's
subjects in India, upon whom tlie effect (
V *iU be anything but good. Involved in j
I with Russia, she may yet find that
I bought to have subdued the Soudanese
* u?y cost. At this moment, while Bus
making the most tremendous prep*
i??,m for Great Britain is forced to
f> the Mahdi go bis way. |
Over One llundr?tl Pentlooa Fraudulently
Drawn?Tht New V, S. Treaanrer'e
I'lane-Klcklng Over Gorman's ]q<
Uueuue Over Secretary Manning.
l L ' ' J" ~
WASiiisaTO.v, D. 0., April 28.?The
Commissioner of Pensions to-day directed
the suspension, at the Philadelphia agency,
Df 102 pensions, wklcli have been drawn,
although tlio ponaionere are dead. In
some onset, tho Commissioner says, the
persons in. whoso names the pen>loni|
were drawn have heen dead since 1871:
tie iiu also directed tho suspension at the
satno agency of pensions to levjra wldojra
who remarried in 1881, but who have continued
to draw their pensions since. The
Commissioner has asked the Attorney
General to bring suit against the pension
agent for moneys so unlawfully disbursed.
coxobe88mhn AGITATED ' '
Oror a Haruileaa Move on tli? Part of Ohio
Washington, Ap^Il 28-rrThefe has been
i groat stir among Congressmen from
jther States than Ohio. In fact tiie aflair
Bxpanded to the dimensions of a sensation.
It was announced thf? Ohio Conpressmen
were "getting i3tfaeir work."
rhe matter was further made sped tic by
ioclaring that this class of public men
were securing "recognition at the PostDflico
Department" To make tho matter
the more provoking and Unbearable the
names of the influential Congressmen who
bad thus distanced all others were given.
Representative Wilkins had secured the
appointment of several "Democratic Ppdtj;
SiHsteis" and the Poatmaster Ueneralhad
iskod him to get tho papers ready in other
Nothing would have been more asr
tonishing to tbe Indiana,and Kentucky
jrowd of Congressmen than this, unless
it had been stated that Mr. Wilkin#had
secured the appointmeut of several Republicans
as Postmasters. It was further
iet forth that some other Ohio Representative
had also secured a number of postoffices,
and Mr. Hill another ohoicejofeof
;hls particular brand of patronago. wn,4
jre amen from other States, who, like
;hese had been in waiting moat, if not all'
;he time, since Congrosa adjourned, with>uiobta?oing
anything but ft few hints
ibout civil service reform and nnexpir%j
iomtnissionp, began to jret wild over thqs&J
Jhlo successes. They all wantod to kqotf,
vliat pflrlfwilar jrfaim a State that went^o!
argely Uepoblj-jan, wd nnver voted for&j
Democratic iVoiMenf, ha<l oyer {ndiuna
md Kentucky and a d< /,t*n others that
rould be mentioned. When night closed
iown there were a groat many Congrtssneu
who hail determined to g> up to Urn
)0|toffico tlie next muruing tne moment
t was open and demand their rights. If
hey, too, di<i not have appointments
{iven out to them at flftce they "proved
to know the reawn why, sir,"
JJut the great sensation was shoit lived/
rhe Jo^ijiries the next day diltfiosed the
armlefs fast ttjut theso gontlomen had
im^v been requested oft printed blanks
o do what all, (Jongrfsjihs* WP ftsked to
lo when vvan"ies occur lu tiicua fajpjralle
portoUiccs; namely, to recommend
terson* to fill them, it was a shrewd
hing to have thj* story virculated in the
listricts. It was well [o create
ho impression that their tfoftgrftgwipn
tad not been wo r k in g ii n Con gross u4
ournen lor Jiouii'-g, urn mat iiicy ?> ?u
uddeuly been the means of breaking Mr.
3le viand down in his policy of delay,
ind that Demwrgt* migbt now rejoice in
be good time* brought in by these statesiion.
It will be a Had fall for U?ejr contituonta
Cat tho truth, ran^t be wlu.
riuw gentlemen have not initiated a
lean aveop, ami efficient Postmaatera
rill serve iui11 hpir feruis. 1
lit Plan* A built the future?A Nuw Ar.
W.*iiMiNoro*, i'pril 28.?C. N. Jordan,
ho new Treasure? of Iht-United States,
rbo will succeed Mr, \VyiQ4?? wb&ft
ash on*band is counted by the commitee
of experts appointed, is about the Jh>uirtijiem
every ?iajr now, faniiliatixlng
limsolf witJi the duties o' the oflluo. lie
a /reo spoken, oordfAl and unaffected, and
irodui-tfl n vary good 1 option. He'
ays there will be one more ufcAMga jn
hn dpl?t Rtatamunt that will aDDear Lt\t
iioiiUi. *1 Jiat will bu ip the Pacific Raiload
Indelitftlwf# recently added to the
otal ot the National diiilt- Itfs proposed
0 give that class of obllsatfotu in *>?? te
it?m , seven in nuuiber;1n<hifci of ia
1 lamp under one designation, as heretoore.
The object ot this is to enable any>nu
who uiabta to jeo just when each
:loss matures, and to dotangipe from this
heir market or relative valu#- Tbo
tflsngo does not affect tbo statement In
my vay, except to add to Its comprehenliventis
In regard toU.? nrftjifsnw on the new
orra, which, it was diargod, ?oj)!|J work
igainst silver, prevent bond calls ajji) da#y
any revision of the tariff, Mr. JoruM1
aid thjf these were subjects that would
wiuire t K'ftit !e,ai of ti mo to discuss ;but
is for his part lie bad merely rearranged
Jie items on the old aiitcmeflt, ?o that a
oafs accurate ides could be hid Oft t)>#
itato of the Treasury finances. There was1
to ultorio; objes* jp view at all. He does
lot expect that tire co^ktioz of the monuy
n tlu Treasury vaults will be (fcmpjeted
or two or ifirte weeks. The (llyer audi
Kid whici b?d neyer been In circulation |
mid, Uo said, be yrejghe?j but that
thlcb lud (jeen nse4 would hp ligftton
icconnt ol aunwou, jag youig nav.e y) do
There were in the v?ulta*tjAoi wlft
nillton silver dollars, two uid * hair is
[Old coin, {2?3,090 in fractional silver and
ninor coins, fair Billion in U. 8. notes,
XO million silver cefiUJJcatefs, and small
ousf gold certidcates and n^o?kJ bank
lottf.- i*y ahsrUge discovered wji) have
o be made "ood by JJ'- Wyman, or his
londtmen, ?liut ??T snrala# wjll romain
vUew it U. Mr. Jordan ficetlo.ifriy sjjjfpatodio
Mr. wrm?n today that Jt vou&f
ie a good reform idea U) 4ie any snrplns
hat might eiUtIn-buying? bottleorsool
vine to'drink each other's heaiti. h#t Ifr. j
iVyraan gravely answered that i t woyldl
lava to be covered in and the wtat)
jought o*t ol their own pocket*.
?. ?
RADdilPi Eumlii At Work*
V4MMK -April, SI.-pu^pV, Jfr.,
Randall's ahiepco occasioned by the death
>f hi* brotier, tit* an'i-Kandali statesmen
>[ Pennsylvania wan t?ylng to get their
loo ?wk la. JJx-fiommsimi# Mmgsf.
Mtorety Qwenl Cassidy and|0x-8en*tor
IVnlltce, the tu.'i- great onemleeof R*nJail,
were *11 here during hi?|b#ence"*nd
put their best Uclu In if him. Shejr fjad
i iwlftce >t their demand, went bouf
lopartment to department ?nd to the
IVhlto liouao, pt/utiut (he claims of antltUi>d?ll
men to appointment# in the
state, but UindaU ii expected feaojt t?t?
avenlogafld will m tlftot to cut all their
Collector. Appointed, |
-WiiuiKOTOir, April a?The President
lo-diiy eppointed the following Collectors
>fInternal Iievcnnc: Cornelius Voorhen,
lor the Fourth dliulot of Missouri, vice D.
K. Stewart resigned; John Vhitaker for
tbo Dlstriot of Ort'gon, vice John 0. Cartwright
suspended; D. Frank Bradley, for
thoDistrict of South Carolina, ylco Eltery
M. Bravton, suspended; Hambleton
Shepherd for the Sixth district of yirgloia,
vice Wo. Jj. Craig lUJjwoded.
l ' . : . % ' -r->
W*rni &?cretAry Mao nlog ot tojlnv* Much
to do with Gorman.
Wasiiixoto'n, April 23.?Geneml Bradley
Johnson, of Baltimore, the noted exOonfederate
olllcer, has been over here to
warn Secretary Manning against doing too
mnch tor Senator Gorman. He spoke
freely, before a room fall of vislton. General
Johnson said apprehension was general
in the State of Maryland that the
Federal patronage of the State was to be
used to promote the fortunes of one genUeman,
and secure his re-election to Die
. Senate. That impression, he thought,
Wfs exceedingly injurious to the party.
He did not share in it, and lie urged the
1 Secretary by some public act to demonstrate
that it was without foundation.
That pnblic act, he claimed, could only be
the appointment of a man to some conspicaons
place, who, it will be apparent,
tpan aulnnlurl Kdnam-a rtt Ilia nnaltHnallniia
niuiwn ui'.u ukwiu-i v* u? ijuaiiiiMuuua
and fitness, and not for personal considerations.
' He said that gentlemen of his views
considered it extremely important that
the Federal patronago should bekept out
of the local political straggles in Maryland.
He did not ask that any appointment
should be made for the ptirpoao of
injuring any gentleman's political aspirations,
but urged that it thould be equally
understood that it was not to be used in
favor of any one. It ought, he thought
to be bestow#d upon the whole Democratic
party of the State, and not for or against
any ono. The experience of the Republican
party in New. York, in the case of Secretary
Folger, showed how the people
would resent any interference by the Federal
Administration in their local affairs.
General Johnson then gave abrlef view of
the political situation in Maryland from
his standpoint. The Secretary, iu reply,
aid he would bear in mind what General
Johnson had Baid on $Tsubjeci
Uuhono'a Seiivum
New Your, April 28.?The Virginia
debt question has beeu a topic much considered
here by financiers and politicians
for several days past, in consequence of
the decision of the Supreme Court on the
coupon lav, With financiers the princiT&l
desire Is to ascertain what will bo tlie
future action of the 8tato.
to seo this drift and to throw on to the
(Bourbon element in Virginia not only the
responsibility for the present condition of
^flalre, but for any further legislation that
is necessary to take from the Statp the
odium of repudiation. 8enb(ors Plumb,
<of Kansas, and Miller, of New1 ork, whilo
in the city the past week, took occasion to
imprejn tbis view on financiers and Kspubjicsn
politicians. The Senator said
''What the publio should understand is
that there has novur been a time when
Mahone has not had a definite plan for
paying the debt on the basis originally
propo ed by him. As long as he was in
4l,? I . ... tk.t ?l,n l,A?,l
WWW VilU It?n |/L'"1IUCU VUBb tUD uuuuholder
could present his coupons for tuxes.
If the .ebtfWtS? refused to accept the coupon
the holder could bving sqit ^r?d, pn
establishing the {genuineness of the bonds,
could compel their acceptance.
Who bulk of the bpnd-hoiderg, rather
tnani'otHtn fiOBrt, would accept the com*
promise, offe*?J, turn in (i}e)r bonds and
take'out the new onos proposed in exchange.
The Bourbons, now say that the
jjUte must. ropudiate_. the. whole, debt.
Iliey ape in power. They have been in
power. What afo fhpy jtting to do with
their responsibility? '
' The Bourbons vho arc seeking to Repudiate
without; getting the odium of suoh
a coarse are affiliated with the White
SOifRp. It is' pertinent to inquire what
r. p}|JVp!#Nd fojpjng to do aboul it?"wniTMBt
is jjitooreftyy.
Some of IIU Pr?po?f>d Change* In the
H?.V/.nv A.1.41 OB Con??i>n> r,t tUa
Navy Whitney yisite(! the navy-yard at
Brooklyn this afternoon toy thp flfgt fipe.
notwithstanding the reports published in
raoPnufgpapere that he was" there on Satlirdify.
Word was received at the yard
early tl/U Riorotpg fpat jtivaa the desire
of tho Secretory to yipjt tfje yar4 ffcday,
and at 10 o'clock the tug-boat Sinn w?a
sent up the North river to Twenty-third
Street to receive him. At 11:80 o'clock all
tne uowmjssioned officers were ordered
ont, but the little Itjg 410 not arrive until
1:45 r. si.
Secretary Whitney was accompanied
by Captain David B. Harmony, Chief of
ihp Bweati ol Yards and Docks: Commodore
Beowd, Chief of the Bureau of Ordi
nance, ana uapuun bon?g.of tne steam
Engineering Department. The BenMUry
and these heads of departments were
conducted to Commodore Ralph Chandief'n
jejidence on the ground, whore a
Iunohaoaissl{o4 (hem. Tlila afternoon
the Secretary w u tlio 'spilt of the. Coinmodoro's,
and to-morrow no will1 -a vTtfV".
through the different departments. BS(Jommodoro
Chandler was aalco<iwhat
tho obiep) of the Secretary's visit was.
"To mov? to to} rd to Boston, he replied.
The Commodore said It was getting ueat
the end of the Qical year, and the fnnds
wen low. Fiftjsmen were relieved from
tne Department of Steam Engineering on
Saturday. 'Jrhcte jjjpn were engaged in
work on the Tallapoosa and on (hp {Brooklyn,
on which the work is nearly couplet*!;.
The forces in the Department of
^tavigallo'n at* 'he Ordnance Department
have suffered reduction; JsJelv from
fb? same causes, though it wun paid t)r
flQcje ai lie yi>rd that there was an object
in caustngjthese yafaflpies, and the Becretsry'9
yislt was .contjectjed with Uje t$oyeweflt,
whi^h ig intend to f)e ageneiyl
lions* ?isajjing.
Three important recjoyals were made
at noon to-day. They are Chariot Frajer,
chief clerk of the equipment department)
beyielrjcg Clerk Speer and Bon Itlgger
fohn fJa&r*. fiUtrlt* Fnuer has held bis
position for fourteen year*. .? year ago
last uecemoer an investigation vw .qruwei
by pjpljin Men), then in charge of tho
Vara,onFraiM'a ccqdnct of his department.
The result of the ?u
Mrorglven to tho public, though crafer
yen! Ifl fsngl#nd a?d waa absent lor four
BOtt(Jjs. ifa hi; retifri) he waa reinstated
In his former potjtlQq.' jlje flrdor for the
discharge of these officora, tfjoi)gb Mt
served until to-day," was dated April II).
(t will take eflect April SO.
" * *.w:
YapKqmftf, Q., April. J#.?4. jeRtlp:
j^n In this city Is In .correspondence
parties >a ffajet who wish to eaUbllsl) an
nrftltn ftrjd works tn Alnefluk In TOme
good town where P^lp'jJlne laclljtiei ar?
adequate. There art bat three works ol
the Itlnd u the worM, two in Wales ana
one in the north ol Engltoj, Three(onrths
of *11 the oxalic acid mariulaowred
Is ;?ed in the United States. Pittsburgh,
Qr?e?rtii?>o4 Akron are understood to
be making jpecla) ejjoift to Cjure &
A T>rllaW. Kl.i* L.nr.
" St. Ipcii, Vf?., 4p'rll 2$.?TJje iriend*
of John McCullougb. tlie actqr, ifOy risjtlng
hire;re getting quite anxious oyer
his condition, which. eMDW to he growing
worse rapidly. He" we * indexed ibont
tha city lor several daysiinsgJnlnghfniMU
in Chicago and Cincinnati, and inquiring
constantly lor streets and places In those
cities. The evidences are that his mind
libdnjnpltyijnderjiiflsd, ^
Id tba QuUt Comity of Tjlir-i YonBg
School T??ch?r Shot by a M?u, Who
Oou Not Diu the Bait KcputnUou?
How It llappeutd*
Special CorraponcUnct of Uu Itddllocnctr.
Middlkbooiu!?, W. Va., April 2".?Our
usually quiet community -was startled yes- i
terday by a report of a probable fatal i
shooting affray, which occnrrcd on the ;
ridge between the bead waters of Muddy
creek and Garrell's run, about four miles
from here, between B. It. Twyman and
fc Smith. The particulars are as follows:
For several months tbero has been a
kind of neighborhood fued, which is
scarcely worth relating, but'which has
engendered some bad blood among certain
of the young mon of that section.
About 10 A.,u. yesterday young Smith was
seen going np Muddy creek in the direction
of the ridge, and the next seen of him
was about the middle of the afternoon
when he went to the Louse of a farmer
and informed him that he had shot Twyman;
that Twyman needed assistance;
that he was on his way home and that he
intended to come to town to-morrow and
give himself up. It wns observe 1 that
Smith's /ace was somewhat bruised, vjrlion
he remarked that they had had a tight
and that he had shot Twyman in self defense.
Search was made and, Twyman was
iuunu i* ucbu wiiu iwu nuuuuu, uiuuc (
by a 32 calibre revolver, on either aide in c
the neighborhood of the stomach. Dr. H. <]
A. Ryraer was instantly summoned and f
Twyman revived sufficiently to tell who 'I
shot him; that they met; that the feud j
referred to above was mentioned; that he t
remarked that enough had been' said c
[ about it and that it had better be dropped
before some one was hurt; when Smith
drew hia revolver and shot him. Twyman
was taken to his father's resldenco. 111b 0
recovery is extremely doubtful. After ci
going home Smith came to town and gave e!
himself up and wa3 committed to jail. ^
The victim is quite a prominent teacher
in this and Ititchio counties and is highly i
esteemed by all who know him. At the l<
timo of the encounter he woh on his way
to a singjug school- lie had been from "
Ritchie county, where he spent the winter J|
teacliing. but two or three weeks. Smith, ^
though T5f a gond family, does not bear b
the best reputation. He has been mixed
up in broils heretofore and has not, to say J*
the jeast, been a model young man.
?srs tTt tttt? *
Sold Ye?t?rday After Some Very Lively ^
Bidding. _
Sfieclal DUpalch to iU MeUioenctr. [j
8T}jyfiBi?Yii*LK} April 28.?The Steijben- tj
v}llo furnace and Iron Company, jfltfliph P
has been offered for sale on several oflca? 1
sious, and has undergone some litigation, ^
was sold to-day at Sheriffs salo, tho pur- h
chaser being Jaspor M. Porter, and the p
price paid $29,050.. The first bid was $20,- tti
000, offered by Ool. Simpson, of Wheeling, rc
nuo uwwwjmivM <u vj 11 . \j
It. K. Elliott ana It. Sbcrrftrd. q( this city: n
,W. H. Hearnc, of the niveraido mill, tl
Wheeling, and Jasper M. Porter, of Smith, c<
Porter & Co., New Cumberland, W. Va. t\
(t (hopght that Mr. Porter will tyrn the v,
works into that of tar'ra cgftxj; C(
?The property included about torty.lpui: fe
acres of land, 154 acres of coal privileges Ze
blast furnace, coal shaft, coke ovens, ]?;
switches, tracks, weigh scales and all i
bnijcJiRW, .engirjes and machinery. Proporb
ws5 ippnw'ped at $32,fiQQ? .?51 works
were built in*lb?a, at a'uost of SJ'JSIjQQ.
At the time of sale there was an indobt- ,qi
edncss of about $<30,000, tbe balance of
which stockholders will have to make tip. .
TJje court ?his evening confirmed the sale
?ud oraeiul v defi.4 p^epqtcd. c*
The fires in twenty-four ttrnact* wero hi
lighted at the Mingo J unction Irou works. ]a
It is sai'd they will run double turn, beginning
to-morrow, in the manufacture of
[ron nails, until all the iron on hand is "
&0U40EQca. and will give employment to bj
about 125. Tney wnl ooutihud waking lii
steel nails. Their shipments have been ai
steady. m
Xomlonted for Comity Superintendent.
OmjWfWfQfU* ItUeUlf/ciwcr. jJ
Bjmmtim,. April ($.~TJ}e gQnyep' w
tion to nominate a candidate lor County
Superintendent of Free Schools met Sat- ?J
urday. It was a very creditable and en- ^
t)jj]?iaatic affair. Mr. Stephen G-. Pvle co
was nominated on t}}e Bgcojji} l}a}lot, He
is a splendid young man and* will 0f
elected. to
Dettruellve Flood* in Arkantu. . 9F
- It'TT^E Ab?., April ??.?rT4e h,
GiutlU't Fulton, spepial e?ys: "El^p jjj
rivtir has been steadily rising ior six days w
and now marks :t2 feet and is still rising |[
ball an inch por hour. The whole conn- epeople
with siftuifi wfleeltjg slfeWgb; H,
land for safety. The lower portion of !
Knlton Is submerged and tbe repetition of '
last yoar's disastrous flood is inevitable.
fl'eldj yejterrjav erefln v<lth waving corn ;J
a?e Jioi a ^jfdprilegs o! ?er. WjjM ju
to stock is very h.eavy. The (ron lloun- *'
tain railroad has several hundred men ,
working on the bridge hers trying to cava .
it from being borne away by accumulating ,,
debris. Rainsin tiie Arkansas river yaf- *'
ley !l?)T !l?fte MusidoraWe damage by '
overflowing portion, of the plantations
above LltSe Rock and so vera) private
levees below have been broken, but the M
dta^ter is only local In character. The
water Is now talllna from Fort Smith u
down. " ' * ' "i
A Riot and a* Ruuipu*. pi
Wi Anril 2?.-for some
time there hot been trouble qn tlio ljoe of fi
(be extension of tbe I}altUiiore ? Ohio
railroad Veiv^n tbja cjtv and philadol;
Ehi?. several cqntractord, It 1? pharged, ft
ave swindled the operatives. To-day J
there ij die satisfaction near Chase's ata(Iod,
j Qflt ;oijt|) ol.tho (jonpowder river, $1
aijd ariot js imtfltaenf. fimtfl^io'hafe tf
changed and workmen have not been
;;aid. The works are held bjr ,'iQQ armed cl
Bradley, the Superintendent, 'and C. Me- ,1
Millan aa hoila^s until (hoy ahull be J
I,aid. fh^ prisoners are fgrronnded by "
armei) (n?ard* wEo lnrp??h tbcW wjtb i,fl
neceftoanefl qntij the iflQnejr is Raid. Ser; P
Tqro *1
I}ih B?nV.ius^r
At Indianapolis? fndianapolis, G; To- ti
(J4m. 5. Bales, Indianapolis, tj; Totedos, jt
EjEroh, Indianspclis, 4; Toledos, fl. ai
Bum, Cincinnati, 5; St. Louis, 7.' Struck ?
out, fet. Loulj, 1: Cincinnati, 1. $
AtWraburgti?Tfiebuet)*llae**,uw V
opened this afternoon with all InterwiUnff J
but one aided cgntert fatwwn'the Jilttoiju.Ki.and
[.oulsville league clubs. Not- ,,
wltnilandlnk ttie cold rail', rMch threat- "
Ld.o prevent the sport, lour Ikousand I)
people witnessed the game aldihAutW ft
thimeelveg i.oirre nver the home club'a "
splendid victory. Alter the fijpsi Inr.Ju: 11
the weather cleared,T>ut a <jo|d rain pre- I
allied throughout the game. The score C
was; Eiifebitfg.fj Louisville, 0. (jrrors, tl
Plttibnrgh, lj Louisville, 4. liases, Hltts- n
burgh, 7; Louisville, 7. Struck opt, Eltta- a
t)Uf|b,.6j Louliyllle, p, . ?
VlirhU al.k Ik. U.k.l. An.nl.. Ik.
Panama Hallway.
N*w Yohjc, April 28.?The following
advices of the operations on the Panama
Isthmus of (late of the 19th Inst, have
Just been received: On the morning; 11th
Inst, the Pacific Hail steamer City of
Para arrivod at Asplnwall, from New
York, with the first "battalion United
States Marines. Colonel Heywood, commanding
officer, immediately proceeded
lo the United States steamer Tennessee,
flag ship of the North Atlantic Squadron,
tor conference with Admiral Jonett, who
had arrived the day before from New OrIan
no ..to TlonannsvU ...I....... \...
>cw<D| i > > AeuDuwwiBi nuvig uo uuiuu iu
jmbark the marines of that naval station
under command of Captain Robert L.
Meade. George A. Burt, Superintendent
}f the Panama Railroad, was invited to
this conference, and promptly determined
Lo reopen transit at once. Orders were
{iven for marines to be ianded and form-1
3d on th% dock of the steamship |
company at noon in heavy marching
order, with forty rounds of ammunition
each, prepared to^take a special
j-ain at 1 o'clock for Panama. The pas-i
tengers. excepting a fow destined for
South Pacific ports, were directed to renain
on the steamer, and the commandng
oiHcera of the men*of-war in the harjor
were ordered to furnish Colonel Heyivood
with Gatlingand Hotchliss guns and
lfty sailors to accompany the battalion,
rvro trains, the first consisting of one mail
ind baggage car, six passenger and two
ron armored cars, one at either end, and
econd of the paymaster's car, two caboose,
wo platform and three box cars, were
uade.up,,and at three moved off amid the
ineenof the great crowd of people of all
inlora and nnHnnnlitlft*. laro?(v nt fchn
lark racea, and strains of martial music
urnished by the band of the flagship
'ennessee, which accompanied Admiral
ouelt, who reviewed the expedition from
bo balcony of the office of the steamship
The marines entered the train in the
rder of tlielr battalion formation, so they
auld ?et out and form a line of battle on
ither side of the train at the slightest
larm and with the least possible delay,
he few passengers who were permitted
> go were placed in.the rear cars.
The second train was guirded bydedla
of marines from the North Atlantic
madrom and conveyed Ms. tools, raoni
and the spare ammunition of-the
Captain Mead's company was left at
fatuchin to preserve order and protect !
le line there. Matuchin is the highest
nd-most important station on t|ie road, .
mJ is the center of extensive canal opejaons
which give it a mixed, and at times,
n Sunday particularly, very disorderly
opulatiou. Both trains cautiously connued
the transit expecting to find the '
act removed or bridges destroyed near
anatua. Jjotjiing, however, occurred tn
elay them, and at si* o'clock the forct
rrived safely at Panama, and was irnmelately
bivouacked in the immense wareoose
wbere they sjwnt tho night. A coutlete.cordon
of sentinels were established
round the property of the Panama Ifail>jd
Company, the Pacific Mail Steamship ;
oiupuny una uir jmurnauon&i uanai
ofllpauy. -fweuty Mntjnels cpnstftate
ie corilbu, onu thi; daily guard mounted :
insists of. one captain, two lieutenants,
vo sergeants, six corporate and sixty pri
itcs. Tl?e:mep^andJnJacttl?eentire
>m'inand, have strict ordprs not to inter*
ro with- i)o)itipal orsocmlflffaim pf pit|tns,
and are not allowed to leave the 1
mits of the camp,.which has been chrisne'd
ynder threo cpntfltion* their orders re- |
lire them to sjioofc These are: |n the
rent of discovering any one attempting
sft fire to the property 'they guard j in
tse a prisoner or per?on challenged god
iited three time* attempts to escape, and
at in self defense, should they be aasaultl
while on duty. The Isthmus is. paolled
six times daily, thrice each way,
f.a train of guards composed flf tpn enr
ited oteu undey ? cuunn&aloned ollicer,
id frequently an,armored car with three
ins and a crew of Blue Jackets added to
ie guard. A large, mixed and rough
jpulation is working along the line, 1
t5n giving the conductors much troub|e, ?
ffiM^.rine officers on '
i the lath mas, and 200 more, with six .<
Beers, belonging to the ships o( the f
orth Atlantic and Pacific Stations, who 1
uld be instantly landed.
TJ)f> W}")1" PH% ?WluBti? In n iitate ?
disorder. tvery eflor} is bemg made 1
again render Colon habitable. Immense '
ders for lumber, houses, etc., ||aye<^;f,c t
rwaro to tfee ynlted State*. ^ai*eo?m- 1
!# Pt ljfaf vuejcls ol different national- '
it 8 are in ^spintfall and fanama, and <
Ith tlieir men forabined ljitb ilifjsfi I
ready on siiore, ran eajily feprea any 1
rort to create further disorder. 1
Ueports from ISuena yenturasay ami)l) '
iged a Btgajl Apn fte? ,nd % j
ifflca po^mlj}lon. lpp mob nretends (
obey the goyofnraent. ol Nuneif, with <
bom tbey have not been able to com- 1
unicite for months. Deleqt?| in t)jO jci- j
rtor they sfe pillaging tn Buena Ventura t
id if i[ werp possible would come here,
fthii pity pontinues quiet, but-many j
millcs are leaving lor quieter viilageg jp,
ie Wofitekn denaitmedt; ot tile State. <
rqvipionB paye risen enoroaoualy in value. j
Joaeph Ulukoab was killed by an 0. A
RSpb'flpW ' , ,
tffljjL are ff?P Pe<VC',0a ^
FrfaWWl WW djQwne-4 in fte flhl(( j
y^r, I)t broralpy, fcy., oppoelte Clticin- '
The leather manufactory of J. Q. tojng '
.^WobarnjMw.W %*)?! 7f>*? j
A. H. Phillips, of TilUn.O., wwrohbedof !
^500, by tiro follows traveling w|3l %1|5 |
ro#.' (.ircqa.
McLean 4 Rodenbacb, dry goqdj mer- I
janUL of Baflalo, fi asslgqed) with I
19,000 of preferred. cWfflg.
|ed yesterday from fqnsefilon of {he
loja. Re was (IS years 0J4, ' ,
fh# Ciwn|t (Jpuft of Ottawa, Iowa, 1
ranted in] notions closing -ton saloons I
id Jwo brtwwjdlin thpt city.
There to no aimlflution g( (hp l(ood ,
boat Montreal. % Jww aggregate
M Wl?HS?H4'?td01te?i
pk*r)pT Wemet wd WtUie HflUjelmvi,
ro boys, of Mandela. Qhlo, were piny
[ Iud^\y^lle, |
A bill vra? Introduce^ iq thp Illinois
[ohie of KspreeentaUveq to nml tbe apt
tuukpuiulins tbe Chiouro Hoard of Trade,
It rajMa (h?t H h1?3BPfw ,'m
I prigftrt PHrnoae nad become in 1^1be
boiler hpape. mffl wJfl pUinLg
ilU Mpanfad wiu. U,B *?y? *fld ?w
jriilueribly Unpaged the w?j?. Lom
boot jlO.MOj iniored (or |0,%
Th? War Cloud Looks About Like It Did a
Wnk Afo?On* Boport Calls For Goro,
Wbito Another SajsKo Blood Will '
b? Sliwd-Forelffo Kiwi MoUs.
London*, April 28.?The news of another
battle, though not ss yet confirmed, has
grvauy increased uie aaugeroi war. me
Timet says that the rumor it probably tbe
first oozing out of news which hu been
officially . suppressed. At present only
the Imleptndmu Beige and Daily Newt
bare received a report o( tbe battle. It
i> presumed that a body ol Bussianpfol- <
lowed a body ol retreating Afghans, while
scouting In the country lor the purpose of ,
collecting information, and perhaps
flushed on to Ohimenibeide, thai coming
nto contict with the Afghap troops on
the direct route to Herat, or, a similar '
movement may have been mode from
ZalSlcar or Akrobat At present there is
nothing to show where the conflict oc- t
curred. The declaration of war is not ex- <
pected to follow. Directly upon a rupture i
of diplomatic relations.Baron De Staal i
and Sir Edward Thornton would be re- r
called and Russia would then probably c
order General Komtroff to,advance on t
Herat, England meanwhile occupying t
Quatta and Candahar. The fact that the li
Knsslan transport, which passed through h
the Sues Canal, was then ordered back, is C
till waiting at tbe entrance of the 8uei li
Canal, causes some anxiety. fi
Grain freights to the north ol Eogland n
from the sea of Aiof were last week 20j si
and are now 33s. The-flret charter for ?
coal to be sent to Cronstadt was made at ii
"West Hartlepool yesterday at 0s Od per si
ton, which is nearly 2s above lsst year's a:
rate, Hussian importers are anxious to
get coal early into the Baltic. All British tl
merchantmen have been insured against C
war ri ska. Daring the last few dayslt has
been reported thai the whole Russian 0
coast of the Baltic has been strongly forti- w
fled; and that the approach at any point ti
is dangerous, owing to the presence of tor- fe
pedoes and sea mines. 11
The Government troops are returning
to Suakim. Orders have been received to fu
withdraw. fo
Orders have been issued for the with- 'r
ilrawal of all troops from Wady-Halfa. ?
The war news hss caused an advance
3f 4 shillings per quarter in the price of
Four torpfedo boats, lying at Shearnese,
have been ordered into commission for 01
immediate service.
The National '/tilling, of Berlin, says 1
that Germanv remains neutral in thepres- ca
tfiit crisis in the relations of England and at
Russia, adding that no request has been re
reoeived for mediation. The National th
&Unng also denies that the Csar wrote the Si
Emperor of Germatiy that the chances for ca
peace had diminished. ct
A special dispatch, from Berlin to the b<
Paris Journal Da DelicUet states* that Ger- th
inauy is not disposed, to become the N;
mediator between Russia and Koglaud. a
The dispatch al$o states that Huasia even pi
reuses arbitration ag a means of settle- fx
mentof her present diflerence^with Eng- u
land. ai
Immense quantities of coal are being b<
shipped to Gape Town, South * Africa,' for w
the UBe of British armed cruisers and men- Gi
ji-war iji me eyepp oj an onimcaic 01 war or
between England and Russia. tit
tuat escorted russian dkfkat. so
London, April 28.?-The telegraphed re- ^
porta of renewed fighting in AfgUnniatau n(
nave caused indesorlbahle o*citomeut in a
Military ond political tirples, The gen* tli
?ral feeling is one of regret tempered with na
:lie hope that the news may turn to have lie
no better foundation tlian a bazaar rumor, dl
\\ (hp War office the opinion is. unaninoua
that if such a battle as reported has
eally taken place, the question whether* Tl
.here is to be peace or. war between Qro*t
Britain and Russia lias been. decided in
avor o( way: ant} nothing Her Majesty .
s&h now do will avert the struggle. The ?*
lefeated Russians will of course ba im- J?
nediately reinforcrd and a campaign
igainst the Afghans in overwhelming
itrength commenced. The pflliGy w Ty.
3er Majesty's mi^era H ? as- J"
turned, wjli Le to watch the course f/
"event", and proceed as rapidly Hj
is possible with the preparations for the rj
lefense of the Indian frontier. In the r:
ivent of a crushing Russian T;lct*ryt which
s looked (or ?5 u matter of course, the
Iritish will probably re-occupv Candahar
i'nd block'ihe only practicable road) io
n<lia. The probability cj PMQG between .,
Vbdurrahmpn and Hviseia la discussed. In "
ha ercntofa Bnasian occupation or pro- r*
ectorate It ia the general opinion, thrt (he ''
Ughan tribes hostile la Ifot ^(fleets rule f?
ihopld he to^d nq doubt ia entertained J '
iefo that the whole ol Afgbanlatan would ^
>e plunged into civil war and anarchy A>
vith the first Kuuljf, yiploHeg, qnd that J.,
Ije wholj <tf tj<e pot^ntry between C?bul ?'
md the pwpian sea would bepomp W
?ftt o( active op^tio,04 Mafart tfieKos-. JJ
?!>\9Wm'% W* 10 ton- "
loo, }n ftpp ftfiQ-Uajri new*, and further
AleMTHUiH from the sonpoeed scene of hoeilitles
are awaited with deep interest. w
The Governor of Odessa declare^ tt ^
Ddeaaa coneapon^ fclca
'IiUmsdea w?4 tUo real cause ot the con- i.;
jii't in the Kuiblc. lt-issia doea not deure
more conquests, but cannot subnet $0i ~
Kngland's impertinence. U^aiia la uuite J)
KfR * (W m- .l0*1*0" nth. to fel
(bid to subdue ug with seven asd a hal( 4
flllUon porous sterling." -J
^VRO.-t, Apjii ?& ?The Qomtntefy ia
fipMrtmen^ of (ftp Wditvu army baa com- di
:>U:U*d i^rnvnMnenta (or furniaKlng trana- tii
jortauon anu provisions in India (or two to
irmy corps. The drat corps ccnasta ol et
13,000 British and (HQCfl native (roopi, hi
with SftQSO patqp followers (trans- *
port ajjmal tendera), 8,(100 borjea v?
Ud 30,OOQ transport animals. Thiaeomd W
wrps consiata of l^OOQ British and 15,00(1 at
native troops, vith 28,0pfT followers, 8,000 m
homeland 28,900 transport aniiaal.;, ?
Que month's supplies are to be aent to
Rindli, Kills t^nd Abdulla, and three
months' yppVw to QuetU. w
* l^SS^T "*
V|pro?iA. 0-t 4Pril A Russian H
wh? visited Victoria and vicinity wider a
die preteme of buyiruj 'Ufa ia n?w known tl
to bare been a Russian spy, who took 01
drawing! of our fortiflcatiooa and hvboja. *
He went (rom beta to Sjn Francisco. ?
Ihe authorise be?e afe constantly re- ?
pe(v(ng offers of service from Britiah sub- ?
toll, fealdenta In Washington Terrify,
Aruona and California in ca? of war ol
' ttt ' 2
m. At,rtToro.d ?T.r, X
Ha^FA^, N. 8., April #8.?The transfer ri
of tfoe Arctic steamer Alert from the A
American to the Britljh sovern inept ww ?
formally ^ Mar./PetachweuU oj "
luarwea and lfeht infantry formed a (rujjd
win replaced hy the Jlritlun etuSyn wlille f
t ??lUto wu * d
in ? a'
Uuarr.l Or.r ?C1?IW. U
(saeas^mai i
(onNelaon. T^e Utter pye himaelf ?p C
*n<] it 1? the ha?4i o| the oftoen. There cl
is yreat excitement ana rumors of lynchi h
inn. The men quarreled over a right to a *
claim on wtych both MUM two year* ti
Hfc V
* II m
old a XNlla|-B?porlid to b? Afklnit the
PirnaroOB, April 28.?The Iron Manufactorera'
offenaivs'and defenslre. alliance
held the largest meeting here today
of any since the great strike In
1882. Bepreeentatives . wore present
hom the Mahoning anil Shenango Valleys,
Irom Wheeling, St. Louis, Chicago, and In
(act <rom every mill in the Western district.
A Conference Committe of thirteen was .
appointed to meet a like committee 1
from the Amalgamated Association'. This I
meeting will be held on Friday afternoon. (
It is undentood that lengthy diacuaions
were held over the reported stand taken
by the Amalgamated Association in re- '
ference to the scale of wages for the ensaIngyear.
The general drift of the disc anion was |
tecidediy agalnstthe present scale and in c
:uvor 01 b reuuuuon. f
Rm Condition of lll< Throat?Washington
MoLma'* Opinion. 'd
New Yo*k, .April 28.?Dr. Douglas yes- J)
erday felt some anxiety lest General "
Joint should become eicesaively wearv >
rlth the undue excitement attendng
hi* birthday. That waa the ?
caaon Dr. . Douglas called at - 4 ^
'clock yeaterday afternoon. But whon J
he pbyaiclan left thia morning ho said "
lie General was u well this morniig
aa yesterday morning, and that el
e la daily growing itrqngcr. The
ieneral slept soon after 10 o'clock
1st night, but with interval) of wake- n|
linens until between 3 and 4 o'clock this 0
lorning. Then he fell into a natural to
[umber and this continued without
'aking until nearly 8 o'clock this morn- pi
ig. Then the General awoke from bis \\
eep, but for an hour afterwords dozed b,
ndreated. p
The present* and congratulations con- a
nued to-day, several being received from go
alifornia and distant points. m
At 7 o'clock Washington Mclean, of u
incinnati, called and had an interview ti
ith the General, 1 sting over three hours. Bi
le expresses a belief in the General's per- la,
ct recovery to% health, as he be- a..
3V68 that the disease is simply an p,
ice rated sore throat, resulting from ex- m
?8sive smoking. He found the General
volyand in tne beat of spirits and pro- c<
180 in his acknowledgement of thanks
r the many kind remembrances of his
ends. < vA,
Dr. Douglas arrived at the house at 10:10 ho
clock for the night The General's con- Q)
tion is about the same as this morning. Qi
f ft Swludler to Ptut a Forged Check?It Bfl
Dwet Nut Go. Vl
Buffalo, April 28.?A well dressed man
.me to the Mansion House lost Friday
id registered as J. E. Dennison, Chicago, nj,
presenting himself as traveling agent for ^
e Standard Oil Co., and also for Peck & ne
lyder, of New York, whose samples he |j0
.rried. Last evening he presented a
lock to the hotel for $75, purporting to tej
?ligntd bv 0. H. Payne, Treasurer of tin
e Standard Oil Company, on the Second <
Stional Bank of Cleveland, and prdduced Aletter
blank of the Standard Oil Com- fa
my, stating: that the check .had mj
ien sent'him. : The paper was.recognixed ei1
; one which hotels hqu been warned
jainst, and Dennison was told it would t
readied in the morning.. J)etectives 0(
ore sent for, and alsoihe-clerk of the b
enesoo House, which had been swindled
i a similar check. Dennison Was iilentiid
as a Mr. Gordon, who pro- ga
nted the fraudulent. oheck at ?
e Genesee last February. He a'D
18 looked un. His hammm nnntalned i?
iiliing bat I'eck A Snyder's samples anil ..jj,
number at oheck* and letter heads of u?
e Standard Oil Oompany. Dennlson is
id to be wanted at St. Paul, Minneapoi,
Savannah, and nearly every promlneo;y
of the South and West. Th
! Court Sayi tbo Oklahoma Land* IU- l i'
In 11 If to luillmiH.
Ft. Smith, Auk. , April 2^-An opinio#
more than ordinary importance hu ?t
been rendered by Judge {. (MWker, ba
the Federal Court tor the Western Din- rai
ctd Arkansas, in whlchis involved
it only the jurisdiction ot the court, but Se<
e title of the disputed Oklahoma lamia thi
lown as the Cherokee Strip, it was in
e esse of Connelt I toners, indicted in -u
e Federal Qourt at Wichita, Kansas, Joj *
ttning spn?e of the shantieaoi the Okla- i?.
una boomers at Rook Falls at ""
e time of ftyneto last removal and <
rest tiv VUe Alarahal of the district, An "J'
der tor removal of defendant to the f!
ichlta court for trial waa asked, bnt bn
sgeri filed a position for a writ of habeas
rpns on tke jnard that the Kansas court toi
1(1 so jurisdiction. In its Ojdviion the thi
urt holds that the Territory in which wc
e offense wu oommitted is in the Otero- off
?nsH(V> Vdthat the yed?r?lOourtat
Ichlta has no jurUdlcUnn Ui the case, Hi
e landing bayls* Weo patented to the pr
leroXe-^ ?? W??ral*r Slat, 1838, by the Ai
jyejiwot. This sot only settles the Tr
fie a) bar, but also the title to 8,000,000 - <
n-B 01 Tttiuauio mnu.
a PMuiuJt'mn.ni.'T <'?
N. J. April 28 ?Win. Taylor }"
^tjeu with Robert Atkinson, a saloon- m
leper on Clay street. Oa Sunday Taylor '
me in alter takiiut * walk and found At- IanMn<teado?theftoorwithapiatoWhot
ronoh (hf head. The police were sum- ial
osm and concluded It vpu&caie of mar- no
ir. Bin. AtUonsieemeddaiedordrunk. tli
te rajd a^4 hail not mentioned the matter '
anypRfjmahe diduotoartlo have the pri
rtmnlng throujh the promise*. CI
i'ct on she recovered her senses aud |n
ive g lucid account ol the affair, (ihe 6u
id that her husband struck her in a co
uoken quarrel lathe mooting. Shore. tei
ed to % (>riir. ftirij and be afterward oawe
;iud lay down and said he m ould out an
1$ to his life. He plsyett with their
tie girl for wlntiteaandtben drew *,
pistol u<t<abat him*elL She took tbe ,
lild i\nd nent into another room, and
a too confused to lull the atory correct . '
first. Th.e (*.ilce believe that her aUte?nt
ia correct, but an iqquoat will be
Jd- tl-, sh
A UouVl* amnfctr, ft I
OostoawA, O., April 88.?One ol the ne
oat shocking Crimea bver known in this
ction waa committed near tliia place
tnday sight. A German named Adolpli ai
ear, with his wife and children, lived in
Kir an little bous? three miles tram
ic Tiua^Q. wine time uunng we
ilit Um, who tu ncdlefed to
fak, took an axe and with one blow 'J
xeri'd the hold ol hte Child (rem IU
xly. The head KM found qn tlie Door, M
e then beat hit wife on the head until Ir
le waa extinct TU room bore evidence
: a drel'.Ual itruggk. The Hoof <u vi
neaxd with blood, chairs were broken ft
ad bloody tinger warlitntalni.il the wall at
he woman's body, aliuott nude, and hor- te
blv brained and gaahed, lay In a comer,
J<er bit bloody work !!? hunghlmaell M
l a ratter, antf when found all the boOita "
""M \ h(
to 8m ' tl:
Pokt Awtx, Miiu., April 28.?Mr*.
ohnX Clark jraethot and kUed yeeter- at
?y By herjrtepton Edward, during tha cl
btence ot her butband. One bullet went vi
vongb the oheek and brain ol the mur- tl
end woman, (oar others taking d
Sect In th? , bod jr. .. Sdwud 0
tara w?a arruuxt ua pieau guilty to tbe h
barge ol martler. Mm. Oiark had told p
et stepson be ihould help hia fatlipr |)
urk which canted the murder.' There ia E
ilk ol lynching, the excitement being In- b
In tha First PrcabjterUu Church of This
C'lly-Sormon Last Kvaaiiiff bjr the K?tirtoE
Moderator, Rev. Dr. Hois
BUranaoa?UtUsatBN Pr?i?nt*
The Presbytery ol Washington of Uie
Presbyterian Church gpuvenetl Last evening
in the First Church of this city. A
large number of clUtetia. attended Uie
>pening services, and the attendance of
liiniitera and eiders is good. List night
Rev. Rosa Stevenson. I). 1).. of Lower Ten '
Vlilo Church, Uie retiring Moderator,
i readied alt eloquent sermon, talcing for
lis text tlio Otli verse of the 16th chapter
if I.uke: "Rcjoloe with me,fori have
ouud my sheep which was lost" The
'reibytery was then duly constituted for
be transaction of business.
For Moderator there was hut one canlidate,
Rev. Joseph Donahey, rf Waynesurg.
lie was elected by acclamation, and
rielly expressed his thanks to the Presytery.
Tlio stated clerk, Rev. W. F. Hamilton,
f Washington, was present Kov. Henry
r. Blayney was elected Writing Clerk,
nd John Aiken, Esq., of Washington,
leading clerk.
The roll was then called, showing but
ght mombera absent
First Church, Wheeling, D. A. Cuningliam,
D. D. Second, W. H. Cooke,D,
. Third, J. 0. Hair. First, Washingn.
James 1. Brownson. Second, John
. Magill Moundsville, Joseph 8. Pomoy.
New Cumberland, Smith F. Grier.
eat Alexander. W.. II. Lester. East
utlalo, Henry Woods. Welliburg, Jsmrs
. Walkinshaw. Mt Pleasant, W. F.
amilton. Lower Ten Mile, Rots Stevenn.
Cross Creek, W. H. McCoughey.
ill Creek and Mt. Olivet, William H.
untcr. Washington, William Speer.
ireo Springs ana Pine Grove, William I.
oufth. Fairview, Winfleld E llill. Dal9,
James 8. Fleming. Waynesburg, J.
, Donahey. Claysville, Jauiea E. Leeper.
ankfort, Salmon C. Faris. Upper '!>
ile, George McDonald. Cross Roads,
lolphus t\ Alexander. Washington
>11 eve, William M. Kuton. Lower Buf10,
Henry G. Blayney.
Among tbo Elders present were James
, Hood, of Allen Grove; W. M. McEtmy,
of Burg'ittatowu; James McKee, of
ays villa; W. W. Jackson, of Cross
eek; Isaac Scott, of ci-obs Roads; Joseph
Butts, of East Buffalo; R. A Shanes, of
bcrty; Ilonry Cowen, of Frankfort; J.
iird, of Forks of Wheeling, aud A. P.
tndyke, of Lower Ten Mile,
business tuan8act1d.
Verylitjle busiaofs was transacted last
{lit. Rev. Mr. Lester was excused for
day's session, in order to attend a fund
of a member of his church. Two
entiates were dismissed to other Presterie?i(
George 8. Havs to the Presby7
of Mahoning and Robert W. Ely to
o Presbytery of the North Pacific..
The Prosbytory adjourned to meet at 0
m. to*day. The daily sessions will bo
>m 0 a. m. to'12 m., the Jast thirty
nutes being set apart for devotional excises;
from 2 to 5:90 1*. M.,and again iu
b evening commencing at 7 :30.
On Wednesday evening the Narrative
the State of Religion will be given; to
followed by addresses by Rev.-W* H;~
stery?1). Dr, of West Alexander, and
iv. JamosMcGill, D. D.,of Washington,
d perhaps by othors.
The sessions are all open to'the public,
d much interesting business is to bo
nsacted. Commiaslonors are to bo
osen to the next General Assembly at
) present meeting.
Clrcuw?Bad Hon Off-lUnk Cloned, Etc.,
There was no meeting of tlie City Oounlast
night ?
rhero will l>o a change of timo on the
Itlmore a Ohio railroad next Sunday.
Bellaire has a new roller skate, with
II bearings, invented by Michael Curi.
John Shuttleworth, Assessor for the
wild word, who has just recovered from
) fever, is again sick.
i young man was broom-etlcked on the
eet near the creek bridge Mpnday by a
irritd woman to whom he had made i
lolm Vclntee, watchman 011 the Baltiire
& Ohio Bridge, 1b lying at the point
lcntli at his home at the east end oi the
Phe nail works did not go to work yesday
as the feeders took a holiday (or
> cirrus. For similar reasons the Bottle
irks and the Ohio Valley foundry laid
Hie following are tlio officers of tho
gh School flaw of '84: Lliaie.l'iper,
eaident; AnataaSellars, Vice President;
inie Blameyn^Bicretnry; Temple Hall,
The grocery wagon of Frank Stack was
set against a pier oi the bridge yestery
by lils rnuaw?y horse. No ono waa
rt; butachild "was snatched away just
time to escape death. The
Kiyaian rink has closed for I his stall.
ltoth this rink and the NUgsra got
work very lato in the season, bnt next
1 will xo doubt see a boom, aa there are
w so many who ran tWe and who own
eir o\*n skates.
The narrow gauge brought In a largo
^portion of those who came to see the
oua, Altogether the number of people
town waa aa great as usual, notwlihinding
the supposed busy season in thn
Utttry. Ono ol the side shows spread its
it in the atreet by Stilus' gallery.
An engine wfflstllng frightened a power[
team of horses liitchrd to a charcoal
igon on Union street yesterday. They
llrled into a window at Roemer's, men
snea against n More room abovo, trunhI
their driver against the wall, and
rang across the street, crathlng into n
avy grocery wagon ot Joseph Bpeidel &
The driver, J; 0. Fiatier, ot Marall
county, waa >"aJlv brniaed and had
floody lace. ,A broken tonguo and harsa
were the prinoiple items ot damage.
Martin** F?rrj? Pre>byUry ? Y avion*
n?wn nul ?.
Harry Robertihav ia on U\? aiek list.
Robert Rlacktord is threatened with
phoid (ever.
Twenty puddlent trom here left tor
ingo yesterday to work attiie Junction
on Works.
Rev. Robert Alexander, ot 8t Clairelie,
preached a sermon in memory ot
jv. Sr. Benjamin Mitchell yesterday
ternoon. The Presbytery is well atnded.
The east bank ol the now wine cellar
.wa inlyeatarday evening, burying one
an in lUe wnd.He wan qhickly ajcWcattd
iwever. ami mnafwwl with nntku..
ian a lew braiaeaT *
Ret. E. H. Walker waa laat evening Inalled
aa pastor ol tho l'rcabyterlan
lurch. Rev. 8. II. Wallace, ol Ujrutulle,
opened the aervlcea and preached
ig aermon. The charge to the pulor waa
(livercd by Rev. Mr. Cromley, ol New .
nmberlanu, and that to the jx^ple by
ev. Mr. Crawford, of Crab Apple. Th?
ulplt waa handiomely decorated with
owera, and the chorch waa crowded.
Specially attractive mule wu rendered
y the choir, reinforced by MifaFkm
PlUlama and other*,

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