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She Mdm :mK MtWmm,
JjUtt ytdfyttwv,
^jfSceol Europe banga tremblingin
he laUoce, with tlie tip o' the beam the
,OTS ?y. The heavens are streaked
Johs Baton*, o! England, ia the right
kind ofs peace Quaker. HerepUeatoan
(aviution to attend a Peace Convention,
be saying that if any "opening for media m
prewnts itself the Government will
Jouuuew cm""
Tvrkst may fortify the Dardanelles to
lecare her position of neutrality against
,11 coolers, but the English press gives
notice tint Koglaud will pass through if
she wants to paw. There is no doubt that
ibe will try aud that she has the navy to
gake it entertaining for the Turks.
Mis Kmju Cook, daughter of a Cincinnati
rforat, has wedded the count Arturo
de Boui tiallico. This count seems to be
of some account, for he is superintendent
of engineers of the railroads of Switzerland.
it isn't often that an American girl
pu so much thrown in with the title.
That Ba<i .Man Klkins, whose vicious
ioatincti broke out in a desire to elect
Blaine, was present at the George 0. Pen*
dieton dinner and looked on while Gentle*
bid George Oiled his Democratic stomach
with consomme a la royale, ootelettes de
Til <ld vtau a la I'arisieune, Clicquot Sec,
ind-will anybody believe it ??varies timbales
a i'ecariatel Truly Mr. ?lkinsisa
Bid 31a?.
Till* time West Virginia justice takes
told of a prize fighter. Here is an opportunity
to teach the invading roughs that
they are not wek-ome to West Virginia
soil. There need be no mawkish sympa?i.?
f.ii- tiio man hwnusH he was severely
*"/ buttered.
That was a chance he took
nhen he went into the ring. West Virginia
want* none of tliia brutal "sport"
within her borders.
A Mcowimp friend of the President declares
that Mr. Cleveland "ia not conscious
that he ia engaged in a struggle." Thdn
the President is not reading the newspapers
of his party and some of those
which represent the Mugwump element.
He can't go much farther ia his mad
career without be aroused to a state of realizing
consciousness. Can't the President
detect the smell of powder when it is
burning under hid nose?
Mr. Keilky, whom President Cleveland
appointed Minister to Italy, has an original
way of showing his loyalty to the govri
eminent which he is, or was, to represent:
"I am to-day, as are millions of my countrymen,
recognixing with fullest loyalty
the authority of a Government over my
own State, founded on what 1 considered
a gross and bloody violation* of public
nguu commuted against myself ana tnem,
hut an authority tixed and unalterably so*
cure in the acquiescence of the people?
an acquiescence which concludes the public
judgment of the whole world." Mr.
Keiley ought to be appointed to a comiortable
place in a lunatic asylum. He
may do himself harm in bis frame of mind.
In his opinion in the case of Mr. Lawton,
appointed Minister to Russia, the
Attorney General decides that the appointee
was eligible. Mr. Lawton had
been pardoned by the President before
the adoption of the Fourteenth amendment
providing that disabilities incurred
in the Rebellion might be removed by
Congress. Before that amendment went
effect the President had a right to remove
political disabilities by pardon, and in
Mr. Lawton'B case ho exercised it We
do not see how the Attorney General
could have given any other opinion, and
we do not see what is to be gained by attacking
him for giving that opinion.
'Whether the President ought to have
pardoned Mr. Lawton is not now under
discussion. He did it. and that made
Mr. Lawton once uiore a citizen in good
Tni Cincinnati Enquirer represents the
PiaUent a* living in constant dread of
uusiination, and his friends think he is
fi?? to take precautions.' The Washington
correspondent adds: "President Glev6?
land probably does well to avoid crowds
* of people at this time. Men fearful of dismimic
a account of political propensities,
oppceed to be in opposition totttoseof
the President, or those wild through disappointment,
at* in no frame of mind to
1? met by the man having the disposal of
?U the positions of profit and preferment.
& the cause what it may, President
Cleveland is to-day "k prisoner in the
White House." It is by no means oartain
that the villain who would acsasainata an.
?<her President of the United States would
let so far as the prisoner's dock. The
People ire tired of that way of "removing"
* Chief Magistrate. It is to be hopad that
in this case there is no reason forapprelli>n?inn
Tui discussion in the Preabytary ol reI
uewspapers ?u very interesting.
I The idea vu advanced that th? reaaon
I ?hy n many ol thoee publication! do not
I proepcr is becauae they do not attraot
I readers. The auggeetion icoea to the root
?( tilt- trouble. Tlx nawapaper which
I liws U the one which makee iteell worth
I rudinu, and this it cannot do by fcaing
I only pure in motive. To parity it malt
I ?dd the power to pleaae, otherwise it la
I Ihe moat unprofitable kind of Bounding
I brass and tinkling cymbal.
Those hnttlul printa whloh achlave a
prosperous career do io becanf* Uiey
I upi-coat their poison and make it palaI
table. They hit the secret of the pabliahI
Ws success. The idea that every good
I >uu and any good man can make a good
I ud acceptable newspaper la reeponalble
lor the (allure ol many rellgloaa newapaI
Pen to take root and grow. People won't
bur what ihey don't want, and one good
Wher testified before Preebytory that
I "?y won't take away an undesirable
1 thing when it is offered to them gratia.
I The towboat Conddr, owned br the
fomerojr Coal Company, burned at PomeI
y"*?nlay morning. Loss about I
insured lor $#,000 in Cincinnati
1 P?pwlea. .j
Two nuibttfb Man T?t Thtlr Bratalllr at
Colllara' SUIlea-Tbi Laipr Mu
Whlppad Altar Farljr-fgar Kaudi,
aad U Finally Arraatad,
??? " "
PmssunoH, Pa., April 29.?Lut night
jut before midnight Young Crowley, of
Woods ran, and Ted Dillon, of Browne
tows, with * number of well known
sporting men, friends of both pugilists,
bonded a Panhandle train, their objective
point being Collier station, just
over thePennsyivania line. So quiet via
their deparlore kept1 that a fair,'* Vho
thought they were "in" on the fight,
wen left, bnt got away this morning in
time to witness the battle, which was as
game a one as ever was fought on that'
fliifit mode memorable bv the Gosh and1.
Uyan fight, anil tlie ilace-l ''Baldwin
A dispatch tram OaUinr'r itsU'on, W.
Va., says: Right on the ipo^jrhere Paddy
Byan defeated old Joseph Goes, who
died recently, four yean ago, one of the
hardest and gam eat glove fights on record
took place this morning. The weather
was all that coold .be deair?fy,01d/|o!
tendering his aialstance to make the occasion
a memo*able one. The light vas between
Ted Dillon and Yoonj Crowley,
two light weights, Dillon tipplngthe beam
at 120 pounds, while his sntagonist wont
four pounds heavier. The fight was for
$200 a side, and it occasioned considerable
interest injBBrtiug circles lor some time
past There were fully'150 men surronuding
the roped arena. At *11 :S5 by which
time all the preliminaries had been arranged,
a Penn avenue saloon keeper was
selected as referee and with the principals
bulled to the waiat and attired in the
regular ring costume, time was called, and
principals, seconds and all hands, stepped
to tue center 01 me ring ana suook nanas.
Plllod^iadv Wen the choice of corners-art}
took the one nearest to the railroad having
the sua at/his back, bat being on
slightly lower ground, a decided disadvantage
to Cvwley, as be is the taller man of
the two- The light was to be under London
rales, with thirty seconds between'
each round. Each man wore a,, pair, of
biack.kid gloves with the fingers.cut oat;
On the call of time the m*n advanced and
shook hands and then stepped back, pat
up their hands and commenced business.^
TII* y IBST fcOD.Sl).
First round? Honors were equally
divided in this round,' but in a clinch Oilion
proved himself to b<? the best wrestler,
and when they went to the earth together
Crowley wa* under, Dillon falling heavily
on him. They adopted different tactics,
Crowley devoting bis ;atientiou altogether
t$ Dillon's; frontispiece, while the little
fellow visited Cfsjwley s bread-baakat as
oftenas he conM.and ai Crawley is the
older man t f the two, Dillon's tictica
backed up by having a good left and riglit
baud, won the victory for him.
Sfcond round?Dil on led with Ma-left
and landed heavy body-blows, following
it up with a soeker on Growlfcy's mouth.
Botn'clinched/ with Crowley under. First
knockdown claimed" afid allowed for
Dillon; i "
Third' rodnd?Oroller had slightly the
bestoflt, especially in the elincb, Dillon
being tinder In the fall.
fourth round?Heavy body and face
blows wero rained on each other, bnt Dillon'u
science bt od him well and he finished
with a littl Jh?* best of the round.
The Oft!), hixth, seventh and eighth
rounds were afcout_ the name,tDillon tin*
ishinp each round with a shade the best
of it*.
Ninth rouhd^The men rushed at each
other and. a(ter paying their respects
they clinched. Crowley goltitc under llij*
Ion's frien-Is claimed foul, bnt the fool was
not allowed;
Tenth ro^nd?Crowley bettan to show
the ctfecU of 'hU hnrd punishment, but
while he ww slightly groggy he came up
gamely and tried to gain the vi* tory. His
blows (ailed to ponish, however, and
while he often lauded on Dillon's face,
Still the blows were light and and merely
? - ?l,:? j? ?!...?
cum ijf m icuiiii ici MJ imwu IM?? uc
(Crowlrvi mi Mill in-the ring. Oi the
other lianrt Dillon wsraeil to grow stronger
and quicker in etch auixeediog rami],and
he kept pumping may at the Tiig lelio?'(
atomach in a way that made the Dillon
faction Wild with d-dight. The eleventh,
twelfth,thirteenth, fourteenth and li(teenth
rouuda wore about the saipe, Dillon
doinK the major portion ot the pauiih;
injf.aud in the clinnhea which followed
easb round, DUJon would eueceed in
throwing the b'K niun
nu riutT uooo wpwc.
Sixteenth round?Crowley got is 'bi?
first good work and bis friends made the
hills ting with'theTr cheers. T?
Seventeenth Moj)d?They rushed at
etch other, and clinching, (oogbi to the
ropes ind over, and tripping over tti*
ropea both went down together. Dillon's
frienda claiaad a lot)I, (a Crowley bad def
livered a blow while tbey lay ttefp: The
claim waa not allowed.
Eightefnth round?Dillon came np to
the scratch with, as one of Crowley'a seconds
yelled, hla left blind down. His left
eye waa complatn'y closed by a vigorous
blow from Crowley's right. Ije graagood
and strong, however, and wept at hit
work witli a will, and with a powerful
right bander seal Orowley sprawling at
lull length on tho green uaruei c??nl.
Nineteenth round?Hard body blows
wars delivered by each. Dillon's friends
again eattfed a claim of foal, but while
from appearu&B (Kelr claim waa a good
one, still thejnfaree islwined from giving
him tbe light, and called tbe j^gs DPTwentieth
roond?Crowley came i)p U> I
tlia acralah as if he had faaud hia second
wind, he abovipg uu a little stronger. "
Dillon's seconds yetuu) for tl)e "kid to
work at hia stomach, and tha youngster
resumed hla old tactica. playing a Kvel/
tattoo OB Crowley's wind organs. For hla
trouble, howfver.Crowlejr bit him a stunner
in the eye, piiluG going down to hia
knees, and while there Crowier fc|t him
aaaltmr wicked one. Adjdmi}! folwd
wrangle itaamul, T)ie claim waa not al>?;??
. _ . . ...
Twenty-tint rouna?me >nrv m tigui
anil * clinch.
T ffaptr-aecond round?Both men mailed
at each other viciously and (ought alt over
the ropea and ten te#t/mo the ring, when
they clinched,TOtowley (Man vultr,
Jn the twenty-third and twenty-fourth
rounds hath men fought to renin wind.
Twenty-fifth r?unU?Dillon led with hia
left following it HP vltb coyerlul right
bander, ?nd once more Ojnjwtey >H nut
to the earth.
Twenty-sixth ro^nd-Light.
Twenty-seventh roynd-Orowhiy came
up bleeding like a stuck pig but yitli a
look ot dutermination, and he wenlU)
work with a will, ptantlag neveral good
ones on JMllon's face.
? ?UT TRiqg
Twetuy-eighth round?Dillon ahowed
biniaeli to be a good, dean hitter and
quick to take advantage. Crowley begaq
pushing when Dillon sent hia right at the
big man's sheet, staggering him (or an in taut,
but enljrter an intuit, when he
made another rash, bnt the little (allow,
with ? movement like ? cat, tbrewbU
' v
head down and through Crowley's leg*
and straightened op, throwing Crowley .
over hla head and landing him completely
over the ropea. Crowley pre*ent?l a aorry
appearance when he waa picked np ana
carried back to hla corner. He waa covered
from head to loot with blood, the bright
red running almost In a stream from nls
now and numerous cats about hia chest
and face.
Twenty-ninth ronnd?Crowley came op
staggering, and Dillon rained the blowa in
on htm hard and faat, so much so that one
would suppose Crowley would have
smothered, so often did Dillon's hard
gloved band land over hia month.
- Thirtieth round?Crowley came tip i
rarnely, and ledior Dillon with a swing- .
ing right bander, but DUIon dodged and
again visited Crowley's chest,'the latter 1
falling back with a dull thud. i
Tbirty-flrst round?Crowley again commenced
the figbt, but Dillon crusvbutted
him, Crowley again going down under in
la til (J tiilrty-Moood, thirty-third,thirtyfoufth
and thirty -tifLU round Dillon had
the beat o! the muaic, and In each Crowley
was under in tlio toll. After the clinch
in the thlrty-ewth round they fought all
over the ring and again went over the
rope, as they did alao in the thirty-seventh.
Thirty-eighth round?Short and aweet,
Dillon knocking Crowley down with the
first blow. It was then plain to be aeen
that Dillon bad won, but Crowley waa
dead game, and from that on to the fortyfourth
round he would come up only to
receive another dose of gruel.
"Tilt sontirr, tiia siitairrl"
Forty-fourth round?Diiffon went at hfs
man like a mad bull, and after a feeler
with his left, he .landed heavily on
Crowley's cheat with his right, knocking
the wind out of the big one and vanning
the fight, as Crowley, after be had been
carried to his corner, said, there was no
use In him fighting any longer, and he
gave up.
This was the signal, lor Ioug and loud
cheering from the DlUonltea, but they
were cut abort in their jubllating, as a err
ot "There cornea thesberiSand bis posse'
caused all bands to scamper off aud up the
railroad and over the Slate line into Pennsylvania.
All hands made good their;
escape with the exception of poor Crow-'
ley, who was captured while he waa
running up the railroad track, and when
he was only about one hundred feet away
from the State line. He was taken to &
Welisburg on the first train. 0/ tbe i
lighters Crowley was terribly cnfc about
the bead, face ami body, while Dillon's t
pnoishment seemed to have been mostly r
about his lace. i:
CROWMS* captured *
Within Forty Faet of the Peunajlvaui* ,j
j\l Liu??HU Horrible Puultthuienl.
Special DUpatch to the MtUlgtaetr. v
WtiikBvm, W. Va , April 29.?Once a
more U? sacred noil o! West Virgin!* bu 1
been defllod by the gore of i priqe fighter, j
This morning John Crowley and John ]
Dillon, both young men from Pittsburgh, b
said to be puddlers in some of the mills of P
that city, and about 300 ol their friends
arrived at Colliers' Station sod,proceeding .
to tbe historic ground that has boon the '
scene of numerous fights between men, r
dogs and chickens, set up a ring and pro- h
teeiieij to pummel each other in the most ,
approved fashion, under the London roles.
They fought forty-four wubrjs iq *boi)t V
forty minutes, ana Crowley was "done up 7
to tbe Queen's taste," as one of tbe Dillon J
^ro?^ t'in!!wUon"that" tbe authorities ^
here bad, that a fight i|) progrpss, was ,
through a telegram received by tflierjff ,
David Brown about 9:30 o'clock. It was f
Signed by J. C. Franks and sent from Collier's.
It read *9 follows: "Prize fight at T
Collier's to day. Come at OToe." Sheriff''
Brown, with T. H. Buchanan as deputy, J
at once made arrangements to descend on
the picnic, and left on the 10 o'clock train j
for tljat purpose. They arrived at Col- ?
lier's about 11:30o'clock, just as thefight ..
was concluded. On the trail) Tag a young h
fallow who claimed to be the corrtopoa- I
dent of a Pittsburgh paper, and he find- *
ing out the Sherifrterrand, gave the alarm. 7
There was ai) instant Battering, and all J"
scceeded in gettinj; across tjje railfpad and
into Pennsylvania except Crowley, wj)Q
was so badly Used up that he stumbled
and fell when Within about forty feet of
tbe Pennsylvania line and was captured.
He brought here on this afternoon's
train and ijuarterp4 *1 tjie Hudson House, 8
where Dt?.Walklns?av j(i)d purtie It'Sited ?
on him. His face is horribly swollen "
and disfigured, but it is believed no bones "
are broken. There is also considerable 0
swelling on the left side of tbe body near o
the region of the heart, and he complained 0
otdonsiderablp soreness there. Hrsaldit
was cansed by his ffll s lien running from
the officers. To-night lj? smt mine f
blood and got no rest until bvperder- b
SBU4 were administered. He was ,
ultan before Mcelroy anij boqod
orerin the Bum oI JSIJI) tor a heapDz to
morrow. He expects some of bin ptytar J;
burgh friends here to-morrow to help him ?
out. He says there were 110 seconds or a "
referee and that no money was np. That ?
the Hgut was wejfly a hard glove, light "
weight contest to settla a little oispop- "
On bis way here be asked tbe Sheriff ft f
he-thought the autliorities wauid do any- {
thing with him. The question waa asked "
so isooceatly tiiat the Sheriff could not
suppress a stniU. notwithstanding the "
pug s deplorable condltion.'&heriir Itrown ;
stated that the law in)West Virginia la now J*
Very strict in regard to priie fighting, and
Urn lift ql their jsing hard gloves will not "
lesMu thai, oestenf# i? tl)e slightest. He 2
also stated that Crowley su a?d (or U ?
least two years In the West Virginia poui- g
tentlary, at MoundsvlUe.
ChanfM la th# fiUff "? b
+rre.t?i|. ,|
Sprtal PPpofctt <? "< O
SnusaxfitK, April 211.?The furnaces b
of the Jefferson Iron works are about to be b
torn down.. A large furnace will be built jj
with a view of makbig Bessemer pig to ?
supply tbe Wheeling steel plant n
In insane German named Lawrence C.
Coulter was arreita) qn tfie Pan Handle a|
?SSlE!!Pfil MKiESS H
HI jump VUi ??> mu ?(v nan jiwiu fu??r q
l?.. Dr. John Vllltama, formerly of the
First M. E. Otitud), thi? city, hu been ti
appointed to > chaplaincy in t^e U. 8 r
army by President Cleveland. },
!,ienl?moVGovemor RichirJi deliver* u
the peew^tlon Pay addreee at Colhmlina. [
fontlcl*! if iHtiiCT- i|
SfKlal DUiM'k '?IV Stilhorvcrr. fi
0?4noa, W. Yx., April29.?pd. Sind* ?
berry, on trial for rofettoff Mr. (frtggary tl
of aome aixty dollars, waa fopnd gqi|ty of l<
erund larceny. The jory.in the caaeof ?
JohoSIWF.cnarwdwnhatealiDgawatoh '
from 1 ndge Ohaj,m, iyaa discharged. Having
failed to agree upon ayerdlft,
Pumt rirM Raalng.
BfPVi 4pril 28 -The fire which V
started to-day on thjslJJue Jfoyntainj be- tl
tveeo Berks and Schnylkill counties i? to|K&d
The fermeiv find }* tuplea to figbt the fire *
M the vifld scatter*piesparks in^lldlfeotione.
. HI ? h
Short?* 0?N Postponed,. _
V.? -V^mw An*il .90 Th- nam* nl
BiciurU Short (or UMqlt with intent to [(
kill Capt Fbelin, wuto hmve been tried C
bj-day. but owing to mother cue being n
on tnftl it ra adjourned nntil tomorrow, ?
A Urge number of gbort'i ympttbiwn q
tilled the court room, M
Bjr the Pr?ald?nt far Promln?at Position*
Abroad?Urlaf gkitehu of til* Man Appointed?Most
of Them Htt? Con
( datmuIUcordi?Xava Soltt.
Wamui.vcitox, D. 0., April 20.?Chu,
L. Scott, of Alabama, who was to-day appointed
Minister to Veneauela, Is a a bob
jf the late Eobt G. Scott, of Virginia,
formerly Minister to Braitl. He was born
in 1827, educated at the William and
Mary College; studied law, and went to
California in 1841) and was a member of
[he Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth Congress
tram that State. Subsequently he re
rooved to A la hams and served in the Con- i
federate army as a Major. He is s lawyer 1
by profession, but of late yean has been :
Kilting a Democratic paper at Camden, (
Alabama. His sppointment wu reoora- J
nended by the entire Alabama delegation. >
John C. Bacon, of South Carolina, ap- 1
pointed as Charge D' A (fairs to firaguay
ind Uraguay, is a lawyer, fifty yean of r
me. a son-in-law of Governor Pickins, and j
on?'(|uently brother-in-law of Senator (
Sutler. He baa served as District Judgo, ;
ind was Secretary of the United States [
Legation at St. Petereburg when Governor j
Pit-kins was Minister. His appointment ,j
<11 requested by all the members of the s
Congressional delegation from South Car- L
ilina. j,
Warren Green, ot Kentucky, the new ,,
Consul General to Kanagawa, Japan, is a '
on ol Dr. Norvin Green, President of the
.Veatero I'nion Telegraph Company. He
i about 4(1 yean of age, and is now presilent
of the Louisville Board of Trade. *
ltolwrt E. Withers, of Virginia, whosuceeda
General Moaby aa Consul at Hong
Cong, ia tO years of age, a physician by p
irofewion, and practiced until Virginia ,
lasted the ordinance of secession, when ?
ie entered the Confederate army as n
iajor. He waasoon promoted to be Colo- ti
lei and served in the field until disabled a
ly numerous wounds. After the war he l
dited the Lynchburg Xrut; was clected
.ieutenant Governor in 187:1 and United '
Itatee Senator in 1875. He served in the tl
Innate until 1*81.
Albert Loeniug, of New York, wtugoes y
o Iiremen as Conaul, Is engaged in the '
eal estate businem; owns a cattle ranch 1
n Texaa and is highly recommended by ?
ierman merchants and btnkersof New ['
fork city. He was born in this country, 11
if German parentage, 1
ilertbold Greenhaum, of Sin Prat,Cisco,
rbo is made Consul at Apia, is a German J;
merchant appointed, it is understood, on '
be recommendation of Justice Field. ?
Victor A. Sartori, the new Consul for *
tCgliorn, is * patiye of ('lijla'lfIpfim, o| q
talian dependents, highly recommended S
y bis kilo* citinens ami not knonn in u
olitlcs. ?
Joaepli B. Hughes, of Hamilton, 0., the }
ewlv appointed Consul (or li:rmin?ham, b
i endorsed by the usual divergent (actions "
[ the llhio Pemoiincv, Messrs. Pendleton, "
'ayne, Tuurman a|)<4 lloadly uuiting in
is recommendation. He Is at present ,
lUditor o( Botler county. h
John 11. Putnam, o( Obillicothe, Ohio, u
ho goes to Honolulu as Consul, has 01
irved in both branches ol the |,sgisla- ?
(re, wu (Mve>i?? Alien's f)riv?.t? jecfet "
try, and is a prominent politician and M
ditor. He edited the Ohio SlultM)an and *
fterwards owned the Columbus Tim"). ?
[e hqe been popularly known as Senator s
'enuleton'u viuUt hand man. P
John S. Williams, who was appointed 11
bird Auditor o( the Treasury 0e- P
artment, is a resident of tsfayette, Intl., ?
nd in editor and propri.tr..' of the anriei; ;J
ubliahed in that city. HeisaboutSSyears 1
(age and has always heon a Democrat.
le was a candidate (or Congressman-at- "
itge in 1880, but wss de(eated. lu 187U
e was elector-at-large from Indiana on
He Tilden ?nd fleniiripk| tiflfet. His >
pplicmtion vu endorsed by the Indiana
onjrreftfional delegation, and by ej-Sena)r
McDonald." tr
T 111 ,
OFflpB 8^K)fKl(4 I'UUUEj IE
alatant BaurcUfj ft)lrpbUdl* S|}h?i|)? to lt
Prevent Helng Uorcd. gl
Washington, D. C.t April 29.?Assistant pi
ecretarv Faircbild becomes more and tl
lore imnreaaed. an he cnntiniiPH in th? ti
I-*- -HTff -? 1 " r rt( IT J? ?, TTJfc (I
ublic service, with the- unreasonableness ir
i exacting from public o|pcera the duty a
1 talking over with every applicant for an U
Dice the whole story o( that applicant n
n<l his friends. He is strongly disposed t!
3 a proposition" that all applicants should j!1
? required grpt fo apply by letter; that
pplication should be considered in this -I
lay first, and then, alter an opportunity n
#J bepn giyen (or the examination of "i
tpera aud ^nan|taMoi) with persons re- f1
srred to as dU'la^eis, applicants pould be ?
een and heard in order to determine thp 'I
nal choice. By verbal indorsements up *'
:ian is committed or bound. A )?tter of
QI|)meni|ation that pan be prpdijceil. in d
Iistidcauon al au appointment ia not
ikely to be granted thoughtlessly.
Another suggestion that has been made "
rhlch finds favor with Mr. Kairchild is .
bat the name of all applicants for all ofces
jjioajd fie published. This notion,
ban which nofti! could lie better u a ?
Jeans of preventing the selection of men
rbo are Intended to be palmed off on the
rovernment for what they are not, would
p oppoapd by politicians, who are desijus
of onding pinpes'of all the men who \
ave been useful to them fo 4*rk aud difr
cult ways. h
II it ahoald come to be the ciptom to
ulletin the n?nm of applicants (or office, ci
*,PVP*n of-m?ny.Wlpl? would 1? >i
>ide known to the praeidept 411,1 ujliors
store rather tlian titer ap|?intm?ut?
re been made. That written repopi- f,
tendaUoM ?ro not ?l*?ys 4 Mle relUnee '
u been discovered by Str. Falrchlld. A
tin had applied (or a conaular appoint- ?
lent and hid a long llito( indoraera npon ^
la application. To one o( these the A?atant
Secretary wiot^-without atating n
lqt lie bod eeen liia name on the appllca- ol
Dbar lis: In reply tft'yonr Inqniry of w
le 3d inati 1 have to aay that the peraon a
011 mention haa (or 4 longtime Wens
saldent hew, 4nd l|?sqdpaJloMlljr pome .
> thenjrface 11a an aspirant for loiial olljce. y
do not know him penonjlly.- and have I
je impreaeion that he la withont any
oec'm) atandine or |i)l)uenco here. I 401 ?
?.fl ,'M felt t
<iuvni|?ui UWW| MUI" "
neir manner of apealting Qf him tbtt lie ?
I entirely W qecqpy *BT aqclj
oaiuon fta you reiej- to. lfweure tohnvo L
storm I trust In tbis particular milter It w
Mjr take umi other direction. 0'
fuliiivirtot?jnttewUayson ?aSuspecl ion R
>ur of the raiiiUrjr porta of the ireat.
The Secretary of the Treaanrjr has ap- J]
ointed}. Stetson Veil iinperjateniient of c
I J pufyuu (JlJilUIUg ""
^Proi^uniifjB. Andenonqtuli^jd at Jj
i?SMSSss,?k, ^ *
Tb?' P?|)utmimt il State'ii.to^ajr Iq.- fl
irmed by the United Sutra Consul ?t a
lolon, onder data of April 10th, that the at
will from the United Slate. and elte. li
there (or Bogota, Oartbanna, Barrao* B
ailla and the interior of Colombia, /or w
?e |a>( (w? montbi or wore, were 4*. \
stroved by fire at Colon on the Slat of
Ifareh. They were itored In the National
poatoffice awaiting an opportunity to forward
Admiral Jeuette telegrapha to the Navy
Department from Aapinwail that he will
go to Panama to-day, and that he hopea
to Mttle the difficulty there peaceably.
Owing to the light receipta and heavy
iliaburrcmenta during the present month,
the public debt atatement to be iaaued on
the firat prox. will iliow but a flight if
any reduction.
In view of the excellent recorda and diatinguiabed
lervicea of the following named
Co inula, the Preaident ymtenlay decided
that they ahall be retained: W. F. Granville,
at Bradford, England; LvellT. Ad iiis,
at Geneva; Samuel W. Xiabney, at
Fayal. ________
Cootract (or FuaUg* SUripi.
llf n i-i i tl .in mi -
*T .UIHIAQTOH, V. V>., April -J.?1 lit?
Poatotlice Department Unlay opened ami
icheduled the propoaala for aupplying adaealve
poetage atampa for the next flacal
fear. The number of ordinary atampa reluired
ia 1,452,315,150; of nevspapera and
periodical atampa 2,403,385; of poatage
lue atampa 13,040,270, and of apecial deivery
stamps 5,000,000.
The bidden were the Secretary of the
rreaaury for the Bureau of Engraving and
printing, which competea for thin work
or the firet time; the American Bank
S'ote Company of New York, which holda
he preeent contract and the Franklin
lank Note Company of New York. The
lepartment has not yet decided in what
tyle the atampa ahall be executed, whether
iv hand and ateam prqcea or by a pomunation
of both and the bidden were reluired
to submit the propoaala for each
laaa of work. No uward waa made.
car ilia a (aaued During lh? W?r tliat ?r#
net V?H?lt ,
Nek Oauuxa, I.A., April 89.?An im- i
ortant deoialon waa handed down by <
isaociate Justice Todd to-dav In the
upreme Court of tbia State. In vru in
bo case of B. J. Sage against the Hoard
f Liquidation. This suit ii to fund fire
onda of $600 each of 18C4. payable in
arenty-five years, issued under act 16 of
lie Confederate Legislatureof 1864, which
ct was to provide (or the relief of the
Lite Treasurer and the issue of bonds,
'laintiff alleges that the bonds are valid
litigations of the State, issued in good
lith under an act of the Legislature, and
hat the come under the provisions of the
Ct for the funding of bonds, into
ansolidated bonds of the Slate of
//misiana. The lower court, Judge
[. Lazarus, decided the case against
age, who took thin appeal The court
flirms tbe judgment of Judge fjuirqs,
,ctllj of tlje liencral Assembly of 1804
touted the issue of *1,000,000 of State
ondSj and requirwUhe Governor to sell
linfcderate or State. A n?mber qf fJhcae
on<|s were given In eacbange toraugar to
leet the exigencies of the Slate Governlent
The court, therefore, held that
ich diapoeition at them violated the manatqry
requirement gf the Iqw, gnd fhe
older of tliem SK,ulied thereby uo right
> have them funded and exchanged for
jnsolidated bonds. There appeal* to be
o constitutional objection to their fundH
had tliey been issued as the law reared.
The (Iflnstitutlon of ISM, mail"
ud aiiupM under Vedeml influences,
mtained a provision as follows: "The
bite of Louisiana shall never assumo nor
?y any debt or obligations contracted or
icurredin aid of the rebellion." This 5
11?78, which, in tSdttJou, provides that J
the CoQ8tltuuon of thin State adopted in *
<tj$ and all amendmenta thereto is de- f
tared to be sauereeded by this ConiiUtu- f
on." ^ [
or tb? Sou!|,_Aplltnr In T*)?pr?pb and
CI'flM. ?
Moscow, April 2J.?JJiqe thousand ,
oopsaflil si* b?tterle?ptartjlleryt)eloiu: i
iK ty the gightlj A?hy Oorpa iett here J
winy tor the South. There wu the [
rentcst enthusiasm. At least 30,000 peo- t
le thronged the streets wild)/chpering as v
le soldiers marched to t||e fjllvay ?ta- 1
on. fl|e welt looked in splendid fight- J
ig trim, with their long bntternut great- t
jats, Astrakhan tnr cape, and tieavv
oots. Mst night ten companies of engt- 1
nnn 1 1. .I II 1_1. V
BtflM ttliu iW VW IUSUB Ul RUlW&y WW |
rapli plant left (or Askabad, where the '
reatest activity prevails. The telegraph *
not that only a lew weeks aso ended at *
Jkabad now extend to Sgntf whfcMf j
)Q miles bevqnd, and onlji one hundred [
itlea from Herat. The correspondent is ;
isured by a prominent offlcerof the Una- '
an engineers that sufficisnt railway ma- ?
:rial bus been already collected at Aska- ,
icredibly short space of time, fiitraor; '
inary preparations by Kuasian engineers .
re ||ti|lg iitfule tfl (nl|ow DP the advance '
I the troops by the immediate construc- '
on of railroads. J
'Sttwa IN.HltlKr. jj
The fruit prop of pali(ofnjjljvery|tr(|in\a'4
Mrs. Feust, widow,Shelliyville, Ind.,sqided
by hanging. "
Jacob Scott, living near Port liibson, N. f
..ahotand k|lleithi( wife. 0
mer than at any time during the month. ^
Mrs. ijawley wis arrested in Cincinnati a
lanred with t\? attempt tfl fire the Pal- 0
;e Hqte| of tli?Kclty. ?
qoyemw Margin, of Kanssn, has im< ?
wed a quarantine oj ninety days on cat- '
e coming from Missouri. ?
Ijiura Edwards, a young girl of Kich- '
lond, Ind? attempted to commit suicide
"causa she "was tired of,her lot."
U. M. ltobcrta, a lumber deslsr of Ilich- lond,
Ind., was arrested on tbe charge of
staining fjjQQ qnder fyUu pretenses.
11. 0. mil, clew in the transportation ?
;|jceorG.J. HasUngs. -Vew Vqrkcity, "
?s arrested, charged will) the embezzle- f
lent of t|J,OQa 0
\y. 8. ftaberta, ('resident of the defunct t
ink of .\ugH?U, tl?, KM arretted In N'e* t
ork on a requisition and will he (alien to ,
ugusts for (ria|.,
There is' k: controversy between the *
ecrftary of War and lieutenant (isneral (
beridai) of the aftjiy as jo (hoejtent of ,
le War's power?. t
Fire damaged the Llndell Hotel, St. t
outs, to the extent of S15,000. No guests
ere Injured, though two firemen were (
irercoma Djr emote.
Fr*?h mackerel are ao abundant In New
'ork that they ted tor fln? indiwowft
?ph. and ?< fclyen ?W ^ 4e?W?iW
oor who eoifte (or them.
K. D. Mullane, Division Superintendent
[ the Cincinnati .Southern Hailroad, at
hattanooga, *? chloroformed WOl'O
loop *a4 robbed ol ^CO.
Henry King, a machlnlat in Eherhardt'a
?ve foundry, Portsmouth, Ohio, waiter'Mt
Mat night a paaaenger train paaaing
irongh the village of Auatintown, 0.,
illidod with a wagon in vrhieb were
>ated Edward Anderaon and Burton JU1ird.
Anderaon waa fatally injured and
iallard waa quite aerioualy hurt. The
agon waa demoliahed and the hone
la tkl Old World?Th? Compltcatloai B?
twven &iuala and England Growls*
More Sorloaa?Th? Advanca of
tho BuiUu oa Herat.
i^unuos, Apru -J.?in toe xiouse u
Common to-day, Lord Edmund Fit*
maurice, Under Secretary ol Foreign Af
lain, read a telegram from General Sii
Peter Lutnaden, dated at Tirpul, April 23.
This telegram mentiona that the Governor
of Herat had received a report that
.the Russian troops had advanced upon
Meruchak. Lord Edmund also said that
General Lumaden himself, yn a telegram
of date April -25, incidentally speaks ol
the occupation of Meruchak by the
Russians. This Is construed as an advance
on Herat.
ft was during the meeting at Rawal
Pindi, the Amoer told Earl Dufferln that
though he regarded the occupation ol
Fenjdeh of little consequence, yet he attached
the greatest importance to the retention
of Maruchak.Jwhich is half way
between Penjdeh and Bala Murghab.
Onto the Russians gain tbst point, he
aid, they will be able to threaten Balkh
and cut off communication with Cabul.
The latest Russian advance is expected to
bring the question to a crisis. The current
opinion Is tbat Russia la really preparing
for war much more rapidly than
he appears to be, the Russian papers being
warned to secrecy, it is reported that
the Khan of Bokhara earnestly warned
the Ameer not to neglect Cabul and
Balkh while taking ateps to protect Herat,
is the Russian army was massing in TurkMtan,
near Samarkand, with tiie intention
if marching on Balkh and proclaiming
Ayoub Khan Ameer, while the Afghan
irtny waa engaged at Herat. Hii letter to
he Ameer uoncludes: "I know for cer-l
lain that tbe Kuseians intend not to inarch I
leyond Herat, bat will cut off your line of
etreat to Cabul and England's line o( reireat
to Candahar."
The speech of Mr. Gladstone in the
Souse o( Commons on Uonday, uoonthe
rate at uredit of flity-five milions
of dollars was received with
irofouud interest throughout Europe, and
ras published In full In all newapapera.
t bis dispelled any idea that has heretoore
been entertained that England will
nake any concessions to Russia. The
;eneral opinion of the press is tbat the
peecb makes war certain. Tbe newspalers
are filled nitbdiscussionsoftheproht
ible alliances the rejpeetivo belligerents
nay fgrtn in the event of war now thought
o near at hand not being confined to Asia,
>ut being extended into Europe.
cxcrriiiiXT ix utxpa#.
The feeling in thil pity is intense, but
lot no demonstrative as just alter the re*ipt
of the news of tbe affair on the river
Cnshk. Partisan bitterness is faat giving
ray, and a common sentiment of realat,nce
to Russia lorining. Tbe Premier's
peecb on tbe vote of credit is accepted as
ssurance that the Government will deend
tbe honor of England a? heroically aa
Maraeli wpqld h?vr dune, and Is merely
ielayinfe hostile action in order to prove
o tbe world that England will not destroy
he peace of Europe until all the resources
f diplomacy are exhausted. The Primrose
lube, while repeating (lie old assertion that
iliditone would be forced to adopt tbe
ell foreign policy, are hearty in their
npport of bim, and less inclined to critiin*
his cautious movements than would
lave been expected of those who h.aye ao
ong sounded the praises o( jingoism. The
landfui of fodlcala who were attempting
o embarrass the Government by interpostiona
in the Commons, have caught the
ense ot the people, and in the cl\jljg and
?thor ejleflt or in accord
rith the Qpyeiniaeut. Not less notable
inder the drcumstances is the course of
he I Hah Parliamentary party and their
ouowers. iiu proposition, so ur aa
mown, to Uke advantage of t|)fi aeucasliea
of the Government to vhdk from it
qnr^sjona fcr Inland, has ever been conempt'ated.
The feeling in thia city ia repcsentative
of that throngbont the whole
lation, which, while qjiet, is intengj juO
leteiinined. /
The feeling i" intenaitled all the more
ly the newa of the advance on Meructuilc/
rhlcb ia cfisarly Afghan territory, (be
luaaiana never having laid claim to It
itlier officially or unofficially. I'lb
oixura 61 thetcrwq iami gross an encroachqent
da if wado on the toil of India itaelf,
or England ia bound by treaty to protect
he Ameer's possessions. There ia no
iretense of justification forthia offered bv
nyof the Pro-Russian pressor individuals
n this city, and the Uuaatw advance ia
C(?pteda| an undoubted revel?tiu ol
tussian purpose not tu halt until they
each IlertiU Prom Utut point they will
igi withdraw unless before the power of
uperior numbers. Never at any time
ince the preaent complicaliona begin has
be public been so thoroughly convi'iued
f the hoatile purpose of Jjosfilu, or of tlie
leceaaitv to urapare with all vigor for. a
->og Hm| coauy war.
Buula IW*dr,
St. PltTfmioaq, Aprjl:?ru?An ex-miniter
said thia evening: "Bosnia is now
Lilly prepared lot war. Even if Turkay
nana (ha Ulmb Saa (a Painlanil Unaala
l'lu" M'~? ?v? ?' t ?UOO'?
rill ?ot budge *q Iftch, will uot yield *
ingle point, disavow, or even explain the
ctmnof General ifomiroff, which through.
iut Russia metis witli uit.ll/ enthusiastic
nproT*l. Uut IhoM will 1*1110 wsr (or the
Duple KUuti lint It takes two to light
tagland wilfnot flght Russia even if we
ook Herat to-m"rrow. Knglsnd is * dead
<xly wh ch Kussis can walk upon whenver
it anita her convenience."
ON II) liKM^T.
? ^ulu Kmu laid to b. Moving oa
lb* OlM to India.
Lustra*, April LH.?Lonl E^??od Kiteaaurice,
I'ltdef Secretary of State (or
Foreign AT^in, announced in the House
1 Commons today that the (taverament
lad received definite reliable information
o the effect )l|at the Hmslsna were now
n (nil advance on Hi rat. lie alto an.
lonnced th*i the report o( the occupation
if Marndmk had been confirmed. The
anounoementa created a profound aensaIon.
and much bitterneea waa expressed
ly the members.
A gloomy feeling prevails here thit
Doming, the belief being genual that
he commencetneotoi open hostilities beween
England and Huiata it now only a
Hatter of q few days. Thaatock market U
feak and prices have defined almost unnterraptet|ly
this mornisj. The whole
|st is lower, hut the greatest depression I)
n Russian bonds. Contois are fractionally
A diipttcb from Cairo to Heut?r'i
igenpjr confirms the autement ol the
lettletnent of the Botahmt Jvuvuliru tiiiViittltr
publiahed in tbe Jourutf Da Iklala.
General Wolaeley. who lift (or Suakim
io-day, it ia believed, will make arrangeuenta
lor the Immediate Withdrawal oi all
iie Hritiah troopa now in Egypt. He if
npected to return within a fortnight and
tail at once for England.
The Duke of Cambridge, Commander In
Shift ol the Army, when be inspected the
troopa ot Aldenhot to-day, In a law worda
complimented the loldlen tad expreawd
the hope that in the event of war thi
would acquit themsel vea u nobly aa the
predecessor* did in the Crimea.
, St. Petetabnrg advicea atate that despi
the (act that moat ol the rumor) pre vale]
are warlike, the authorities evidently wit
. the idea encouraged that peace la atl
'Two hundred and seventy veMela hai
applied to the Britiab conanl at Odea
(or charters (or the Black Sea porta, bein
anxloua to employ the last pause, beloi
, war breaka out, lor freighting Ruaaia
grain to England. Though the localixatio
' of the war appeals doubtful, yet Ital
aeema inclined to maintain a itrict set
. trality.
' Which Show that Both CouutrUa Am Bu
Upan War*
Tirua, April 29.?Ordere have bee
given to hasten the completion of th
military hospitals being erected betweei
here and Baku.
Loxoox, April 20.?A Rawnl Pindi lei
terstatea that the Ameer of Afghanlstai
regards the Biusians as enimles axiou
to aeiie Herat, the whole people o
Afghan-Turkestan and Badalkshedthare
fore looked to England aparently in al
sincerity to aid the Ameer in reDelllm
Const ant ixoyt.k, April 29.?All till
powers bare through their reresentativei
verbally tinted Turkey to maintain i
State neutrality iu the event of war be
tween Eogland and Russia.
Jf. Nelidoff, Russian .Embassador, hot
had a special audience with . the Sultan
In this the Russian statesman insisted
that it was absolutely necessary (or the
Porte to maintain neutrality In esse of an
Anglo-Russian war. The German officers
are at present engaged in inspecting
the porta along the Dardanelles. The
Porte is rapidly erecting fresh defensive
works on tne l)os|>huru?. The Sultan bss
ordered the heights of Thorapia tc be
Turkish agents have been sept abroad to
purchase torpedo boats on the Sultan's account.
The Porte on Snnday telegraphed
to Berlin a request to Bisuiarck for bis
opinion upon the Anglo-Russian situation
and the sttitude proper for Turkey to assume
towards those powers if they ?o to
war. It is stated that the German Chancellor
promptly responded, but tfcie nature
of his reply has not been made public. It
is known, however, that the Turkish ministers
held a special meeting yesterday to
consider Prince Bismai'ck's reply.
is lat?r?*lln( Lwtur* on lb* Subject Uy *
Valencia. April 2S>.~Laet evening Dr.
Feri*n, iu Uiu presence ot one hundred
anil llfty Spanish physicians, and many
illustrious persons, gave a lecture, villi
microscopic illustrations, upon cholera
mrcrobMi miking Interesting comparisons
between the true cholera microbe and that
of the non-epidemic cholera. After the
lecture eighteen physicians submitted to
microblc inoculation, and after them
ip&ny others, among them the Count de
Konree and a pries: named Massanora.
Dr. Ferran had with bim a quantity of
the bacillua germ which he has been able
to cultivate In a specially prepared broth,
(the I'ierre Miguel system) of mutton or
beet, and this, injected into the system,
develops in the patient the snggcsti#
symptoms of cholera. A. single uioculatfon
gives Immunity (torn oEolero.iontagion
for a period of three monthvBut a
second inoculation is required within the
wsek, In order to make sure of the $Scacy
of the system for longer periods, p'
The correspondent also condiW?l to
submit to the experiment The. injection
was given in ln>th anna, 011 th^back part
betwepq the elbow and the upper muscle.
k small syringe, with a point like a nee-'le
was used, penetrating subcutaneously
about half an inch. After Ul hour 1 begun
to feel considerable pain about the spinal
region, tlia Injection causing muscular
agitation, the pain extending to the palms
of the hands. In two lnnrs mv temnera*
ture roae to fever lieat. This ?? followed
by climmy hands, lajwitiulu, awl pain In
the legs. In (our huiim my arms became
very painful, with a^sensation aa though
they had been severely bruised. Alter
thia the activity of the vaccine subsided,
but the arma (trew very stiff, ao that I
could scarcely lift tlteal. liter on 1 began
to Mcsrieiii'c nauseau. accompanied
by aAlflieadache, while the pain in the
amis spread io the muscles of the back, t
jftnt to bed and slept well. Many who
have submitted to thfl tut, however, are
troubled nitU ulwplessness. I awoke
w|t|t 0 severe headache, which remains.
This dispatch is sent off twenty-eight
hours after my inoculation. The period
during which symptoms continue la, I am
informed, forty-eight hours.
. n?n- ' <)K>(THAI
The lUbfl Usnsrsl Ufl*n to Hurrvuilrr
I'udor Ctrlalu Conditions.
Panaiia, April 20, via Gai.vhtox.?
Messrs. Correo and Clement, peace commissioners
to Bqena Ventura, are detained
at (JiUi. The strength of the expedition
which has arrived, in Panama Bay is 950
men nnder Modnya, As civil and military
chief,Col.Reye??m>mandstbeforce?. The
tgpeilltjou has been'tent to restore
order-'Jn the State ol Panama. Then
It wiir*--<Q on to the relief
of Gen. PomlngO Vila at Carthsiteua. A
note wm tient signed by Motloya snd
Reyes, the two chiefs ol the eiipeilition,
to the Item oltbe f (insular Corps, letting
forth that their object was to maintain
tinier, |tve the nicisaory guarantee ot
safety of life anil property and free transit
of the Iathmus.
At a meeting ol the consuls yesterday
with Aiipttro, the latter mild that while
he did not entirely accept the tltleii conferred
upon lienors Modoys ami Heyee
he waa willing to disband hie force*, deliver
up their armi) and retire to private
life upon certain conditions.
first? He would resign to the gentlemen
who would constitutionally niaitn power.
Second?('anion for political offenses as
a eh, but prosecution and punishment of
I offenders against the common law in
frnsms, Colon or elsewhere on the lathmu?.
These brleily constitute the terms upon
which Aispuru desires to surrender. The
CommlMloner* carried these terms to the
Notlfnal Commander who refused to listen
to any terms.
llamas Uatlad Stales AatKorttWa.
Nsw york; April ?i ?'TJje steamer City
of Metioa was libeled and seised in this
porta few <kw ago on complaint of the
first mate, John McCarthy, that she had
been Qttea out to miry anna mil wage
vur In behalf of the rebela agalnat tEa
Colombian gorernment The attorney for
the owner of the vnerl ban addreaaed a
voluroinoua protest ?galn?t the aeliure to
the Secretary of the Treaaury, in which
he aaya that the reael In carrying
anna to the rebel* violated so international
law; that it waa in the
regular conrae at trade; that in
clearing from Harinllla with rebel aoldlera
on board aa paaaengera the Captain didao
by the advice and authority ol.the
American conanl, and that if the rebel
leader had'gotthe ship Into trouble by
waging war on the high aeaa, theownera
would have had reoonrae againat the
United States. He chargea tliat the complainant
la a worthiest fellow, and that
the Federal authorities did not nae the
proper diligence in aearehlng lor facta.
ill Thi Amalgamated Association of in a
Workers Produce an Array or Plfur<
jj lm Thalr I'Mor-How U will ASMt
g the Goiulog Soala Conference.
jj Pimaoaaii, Pi., April 29. ? Flgurea
j which will create a sensation In the lion
business were presented to-day Id a long
statement made by tbe officers ol
( the Amalgamated Association in answer
to a demand of the manufacturers
0 for a redaction of wife*." The principal
e argument In lupport of thU demauil tits
been that on account of low wages in the
East iron could be produced for $10
1 or 912 per ton less than here. The figures
" presented by the Amalgamated Aasocia
tion are authoritative. They show
| that there is really a difference
of $8 79 ia favor of the western
J manaiactnreis. This result upsets all
i previous theories and will be the basis for
' the Amalgamated Association's light.
' Anullmr Old Jj Young Thing Octertk Hum.
for a Hollar skalo loatruelor.
Kostokia, 0., April 29.?James Strauss,
of this city, the roller rink manager, who
attempted to e'.ope with Mabel West, of
Bowling Green, a week ago, but was foiled
by the Marshal here, . hss capp&l the
climax of his sensation by making a second
attempt, and this -time successful.
When the girl was taken from him last
kn I.:.. 1 *?* ..a .L- -?l ?
ni un uo nan at itio iiuuir, jii^Kk-. IUD rU|(0
of town. He did not show himself In the
city limits, and it wu thought by nine.
that he wu prowliiu arouud Bowling
tireen, endeavoring to Bee,bis dulciuea
ajruin It turns out that such wulliti
case, u they have again eloped, and this
time werasncceesful in eluding theoSlcen.
It Is probable that they have gone to
Michigan, and are now man and wife.
Misa West ia probably sixteen years old
and Strause twenty-live. The latter woe
divoroed (rem his first wife a year or two
go- M
A'' ramH'i hl ftUca U??th.
Warms, Push., April 2S*.?Frank
Roland/a tanner of Fairvlew township, __
purchased a Urge iron land roller a few
days ago. Its weight was 1,000 pounds.
He hitched big team to it and drove it to
his farm. Halting hU horses ori top of a
neej> hill on the road he left bis son in
charge of them while b<t walked to the
foot of the hill to tee if a abort tut road
into his farm was wide enough to let the
roller through. While he was at the bottom
ot the hill the hones became restless,
and before the boy coold control them
they tamed rouud in the road, and the *"
roller in some way became loosened from
them and started down the hill. Koland,
hearing the noise, turned and law the
heavy roller rushing down upon biiu, and
losing bis presence of mind remained
standing directly in Ua way. It struck
him, knocked him down, and passed over
his body. livery bone in his body waa
broken, and he was Battened into an unrecognisable
An Op?m Huum lturntxl.
Raiiwat, Jf. J., April 29.?A fire broke'
out early this morning in J, 1? Freemau'a
large carriage factory and soon got beyond
the control oE the firemen. When
the Gordon Open House was seen to be
in danger, assistance was telegraphed for
to New York and Jersey City. The dames
won ipreaa to me upera uoaae. ana
before assistance arrived, both were
In ruins. When the help telegraphed
for arrived, It waa put to work to
Sroodme the surrounding buildings,
cut of the property woald have been
aaved but for the bursting of the water
mains, which prevented the firemen from
doing effective, work. The principal
Ibeaea are the Opera Houae, scenery,
piano, etc., belonging to the estate of '
Uordon, the printing press manufacturer,
about $40,000; Freeman's building and
machinery, $20,000, aud carriage*. $10,000.
About $10,000 worth ol finished stock
was aaved. John Uelm's dwelling wan
burned; loss SI,500. There}!* Insurance
on all the losses.
Bate Ball Y?ftt?rday.
At New York?MetropolitansS; Athletics,
6. Krrors, Metropolitans, 7; Athletics,
2. Bases, 3Ietroi>olitans 7. Athletics 11.
8trnek oat, Metropolitans, S; Athletics 2.
At Cincinnati?Cincinnati, 0; St. Louis, .
9. Errors, Cincinnati, 1; St. Louis, 2.
liases, Cincinnati, U; St. Louis, 10. Struck
out, St. Lonfs^S.
At Indianapolis?rnillanapolif, 7; Toledos,
I. Bases, Indianapolis, U; Toledos,
U. Errors, Indianapolis, 1; Toledos, 6,
Stag* oI U?? Watar and .Ifovtwiuute ?it tk?
Hteamboati. '
The local packets were all on time yesterday.
The Ella and Jim Wood passed down
with coal. The Ella returned light last
Tlie little Fred went up with empties
and tho Annie L. and Kail City with
barges filled, with railroad ties.
The river la again falling. The levee
mnrkfl at iluak Itit nvminn a
depth In the channel of liT "feet 0 inches
and tailing. Business ?unot vety lively.
The report* Iroro above lait night w?e_
u follows: Pittsburgh, 7 leet 4 inches and ^
falling i Greensboro, si feet V Inches .and
(ailing; Lock No. 4, 7 feet 7 inches'and
The Martin's Ferry packet, Ida Smitfc fn
backing out Iroui .the levee yestertay
morning ran into the barge Nick Crawley
and bad a portion of her engine room
smashed In and torn away.
The Thomas W. Means, Insured for
$7,000 snd belonging to the Campbell's
Creek Goal company, snnk In abontseveu
feet of water In the Kanawha a few days
alaov. The diver from the Government'
works on the Kanawha locks has been in
gaged to build a bulkhead about her preparatory
to pumping her out. The
W. N. Chancellor went op yeaterday.
Tlila popular stern-wheel packet
trill touch im again early to-morrow
morning on her way to Charleston and
Intermediate points on the Ohio and
Kanawha riven. Capt. E. P. Chancellor
is ber gentlemanly master. The packet
has splendid accommodations (or both
passesgen and shippers.
Peer r?Uow>l
Prostrated, debilitated, enleebled. they
(eel u ii they wen hardly worth picking
up. They would hardly give the toes o( a
bright penny (or a chance o( a choice be
i?cei> me us unu, nui even aocb lorlom
people can Ik renewed by the u?e of
Brown's Iron Bitten. It viUUtee the
blood, tone* the nerved, end renovates the
nritem. Mr. Italic C.Weed, bnrr'a Mills,
0., tayi, "I naed Brown's Iron Bitten (or
general weakneu, tod it belpod me
The meanest and moat disagreeable
node ii a carb-uocle,?CMco^o Sm,

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