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Brown s Iron '
Bitters 2
BS~!3K|E3?S !
lUnt ilium nio m<ira nrmutilioiwof Iwn tlwn of any
BRWsTROiiBinEflStetasa I
raedldnM doTmt ?W>^H i?o?J III T^pitTtS
carMlndlffMtloiiiBUioiumeMfWeitlcnrMif j
DyxpepMla* .tlularln, < lilll* and Fever*, j
TiredYrt>llag,Hitarrnl Debility,Palo lath* ;
ffta-VbrAU Umm Iroo"? prweribiddiDy.
Tbo (frnalno bu Trad# Sl*rk an-! nomd rod IIom
oowrtppor. TAKE NO OTHKif
~ &to. gg.Snooh&?c.
To call and inspect the
large lines of Batistes, Satteens
and White Embroidered
Suit Patterns just received.
Styles new and
Parasols and Sun Umbrellas
in all the latest
llio MLA.IIV ST.
jOcy ?oods.
QftA Tlniift VfAiio?! IVnvAti
at 81 is tlio talk of the city.
Nothing like them for the price
200 pairs Thread Gloves, in tun,
cream, grey, ami ull the new
shades. Only 15c.
6 pieces Murk Milk just received.
Special bargains. $1 peryard.
18 & SO Eleventh Street.
IJta Mdtywm
Ulllue: Nun. J!5 and 27 VourWwulh Mtreet.
New AilvurtliiHuieutH.
Wanted?To Hire?Two Bicycle*.
Nolle*?(leoixe W Eckiiurl, Jr., Secretary.
Woman's llnfon Weuevpleut Society,
Nlgbt Work?Meorge MoMechen.
Luncheon?No. 2) iwellth street.
2d mi u a Lemoni?MoMechen'*.
(Jaa and Oil Stove*-?'. & Sillcl Soua.
cimmbur 8eU?F.wlng Broa.
T. II. UiKKiua?Photogripher.
Slaty, Adams ii Co.'a make, line, light
unci caHV uu tile foot. Stile livelier ut
1US Main Street.
WE tin ve just recelretl a new stock of
Uold Siiertaclen.
JACOB W. 6RCBB, the Jeweler,
Cor. twelfth anil Market St*.
A large assortment of Spring and Summer
Stack, emulating of the latest varieties
In Ciatliign, Suitings, l'antulooniugs
and Overcoatings, which we will luake
ii|, In the latent and beat styles uud at
lowest possible price*.
Also a full Hue of Gents' Furnishing
Thermometer Record.
The following shown the range of the
thermometer aa observed at Schnepfa
drugstore, 1213 Markot street, yesterday:
7 A. u., fiO?, 12M.,o7?; 3 P. u.,70?; 7 P.M.,
03?. .
WAsmnaTO.v, May 6.-1:30 a. k.?For
Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, partly
cloudy weather, local rains, southerly
winds, lower barometer and slight rise in
temperature, except in Tennessee stationary
torn perature.
For the Lower Lake region, partly
cloudy weather and occasional rain,southerly
winds and slight rise in temperature.
* Hutula j .Suhool Wurkari.
The West Virginia Sunday School Convention
will be held in Parkereburg this
Sear. It will commence Its sessions on
le 27tli inal. and continue lor two days.
Eminent workers in the cause from other
State* will be preaent, The Fourth street
M.E. Church Sunday School on init Sunday
aetected aa'lts delegate* to thla con
vention Mr. J. Elwood Hughes and Miss
Annie Johnson; alternate, Hon. 0. W.
AtkinsonandMias CarrleSmitb. Unusual
interest in this convention Is being shown
all over the State, and tlie indications are
that there will be a very large attendance.
A Jury l)iBMKr**n.
Xd Webster, colored, who hu been in
jail since last August, charged with the i
larcenv o( a watch (rem Nick Schrelber, '
wastriedto a jury ia'Partllol theCir- '
cult Court yesterday. Prosecutor Jordan
represented the State and Onpt. Dovener ,
the prisoner. Webster said Sohreiber ,
gave him the watch; The inn tailed to |
agree, and Oapt. ;uorener asked that the i
indictment benollied. and the Prosecutor ,
declininglodo this, heiemanded Webster's
reieaseori.hlaown recogniianoe. This
Judgrt Jacob re/used to order^but he set J
tun at mluor Hobmiu U *n4 about th?
MEquixi Pakadoi" at the 0p?? Hon* C
igain this evening.
E*fiRTAixiiniT at German la (hilltfall 1
ivening for tlie benefit ot the A. M,i~
Bill's foundry ia running full time'and
a turning out Home fine work. Ordera
ire good.
I,rrr?us addreaaed to Loula St. Clair, E.
Hoodie and A.M. Clieruller remain unclaimed
at the poitofilce.
I W? ,.t tkn nnnnllf vniini?)m1i>hftrH. .
w?? w? vmo ujuov jwfwibi j ?-?b 1
?ho in in themmt business in Ea?t Wlieel- '
n(r, will noon join the Benedict* - c
T. T.Cockatk* recaiveil a call yester- <
lay. {or liia band to play at a reunion t
n Monroe county, 0., on the 4th of July. j
Ah interesting doable wedding, to oc- .
:nr out the National road, .east ol the city,
in among Ihe numerous inarriages down for
May. ,
Tim funeral of William Mueller yester- I
day afternoon wai largely attended. The 1
Opera.Houae band.led the cottage'.to the {
cemetery. ,
Frask confession of Commissioner Bor- I
lug yesterday: "I think this Board needs
reform." Voice from the lobby: "Your <
head's level."
Er-ToLiciiMAX William Conns is now a 1
full fledged county constable, having qual- 1
ified yesterday, and the Board' of Commissioners
approving his bond. _ T, '
JtioOE ilooEns Is holding police court,
in the absence of JudgeJeffera, who is at
Gallipolis, where ho was called by the
dangerous illness of his aged father.
Thomas TXtmux, charged by Mrs. Hill
with criminal assault, wan discharged last
evening, 'Squire Arlde not deeming the
jvidence sufficiently strong to hold him on.
Gdst1{iscn-?ek0, a native of Germany,
yesterday declared his intention to become
a citizen of the United States and
was granted his first papers by the Circuit
Court i * ,
A special meeting of Council will be
held this evening. The annual committee
estimates and several monthly reports
will come up for consideration among the
other papers.
Francis C'ociika.v was in a fighting
humor last night. He knocked James
Carney and a man named 'Emrich down,
- "r T' 11- -.?* ?j .v.?? lnAV.3(
UBBr UIDtJIIO BliIUDii| Huu nop ?iicm <vunw
up by the police.
W. S. Buchanan's resignation as a Justire
of the peace waa presented to the
County Commissioners yesterday. Action
was deferred, and the clerk instructed to
notlly his bondsman.
J auks Oabsadav was arrested last night
(or disorderly condact in an Jiast Wheeling
saloon. He made night hideous m
route to the lockup by a continuous series
of Comanche war whoops.
Andv oiu.iuiitr was in the crowd in
front of s<iuire Arkle's office last night,
and refused to move on at the request of
Officer Barum, who moved him on the
.lockup and left him there.
Daeunr SuEmn' IJacuiikktv, of Wetrel
county, who came to tho city to arrest a
party lor bastardy, found his man 011 one
of the steamers that comes to the landing
and arrested him and went home yesterday.
It is reported, unofficially, that some
registered mail packages have disappearedin
their transit over the Ohio River
road. As yetjthere have been no arrests,
although the matter is in the hands of a
B. M. Eorr yesterday qualified as executor
of the last will and testament of
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Stout, deceased, and
gave bond in the sum of $20,000, without
surety, none being required by the terms
of tlio will.
Tins Ohautsnqua Literary and Scientific
Circle will bold a public meeting in the
Firet Presbyterian church lecture room
this evening. All who .are_"intares(ed in
the aims of this delightful society are invited
to be present.
Tint Knights of St George of Parkershurg
me arranging for an excursion to
this city over the Ohio River road in the
n?ar future. Their brethren here will
probably lie ready and happy to extend
to them a hearty welcome.
OtEBK Hook yesterday admitted to record
a deed made May 2,1885, by Elizabeth
C. Wilson, in her own right and as executrix
of Andrew Wilson, deceased, to Margaret
Carroll, in consideration of $2,000,
for thn south part of lot 141, on Market
street in the Fifth ward.
Postmaster Stkrlixii has beon suthoriied
by the Department to receive bids
for ten days lor the mail messenger service
in this city. This service includes all
the depots in this city and Bridgeport,
the duty being the carrying of the mails
to and from the postolllce.
The little folks' fancy dress carnival at
the Albamhra rink to-morrow niglit will
be a very pleasing and entertaining event.
A large number of children have signiiied
their intention of being present in costume
and the management In making an
extra effort to have everything about the
rink as near perleet as it can be made.
Da. N. S. Holwm,o1 Allegheny College,
Meadville, Pa., will preach next Sunday
morning in the Chapline Street M. h.
Church, and m tue evening autre /.ine
Street Church. The Doctor is here on an
educational minion, and next week will
peak in the different Methodist churches
of the city, of which due notlco will be
given hereafter.
Tub Knights of St. George are making
preparations for a grand street parade for
to-morrow evening, after whiqh they will
Sto Bellaire and give a dress drill. The
e for the round trip will he thirtyfive
cents. This includes admission to
the rink. The Knights always present
a fine appearance, and they will be headed
by Kramer's full brass bind. The parade
will be worth seeing. Several new movements
will be introduced in the drill, such
as forming stars, chariot- wheels display,
crossing and formlngdonble circles. These
are all combination movements and are
very difficult to go through. The Knights
are well up in the tactics and move like
clock work, so that all who attend may
expect to be well entertained.
Strang*!-! lit lha City and Wlj?Uii| Folki
Alston 0. D?ton, Esq., of Philippi, is in
George C. I'rquhart, o( SteubfinvlUe,
was down yssterday.
John 8. Price, of Lowlsburr, is visiting
bis Wheeling Mends.
Mr. John Beck, of Harrisviile, 0.,is visiting
friends in the city.
Hon. John A. Campbell and Postmaster
W. H. Bsebout, of New Cumberland,
aro in the city.
-Hon. X. tioar, jr., arrived In the city
last evening from Clarksburg, and is at
the MoLure House.
George Blaokinsop, of Woltaburg, who i
has been visiting mends in the city, re- <
turnedjhome yesterday. I
Hon. John M, Collins, of Charleston, 1
and X. H. Mucum, Esq., of Huntington,
aro registered at the Stamm House.
Messni. J. II. Grafton and George it. <
Grafton, of tho Marietta Chair Company, '
were is town last evening, Mrs. Georie
Grafton is visiting, friends on tbe South .
Mt? T l\.n ?
illlno uiuiowiuio) tug avumutsuiiuxu'
ter of 0*pt Thomaa Moore, of Tlltonvllle,
and her charming vinitor, MUs Jennie
Matthewa, al Allegheny, were in the city
Sheriff Hugh Emu, of Taylor county,
accompanied by Menrg. L. Adelaen, I. K.
UriroeaandC. Woodford aa gaarda, vera t
In the city yeeterday, after placing voverai- c
prisoners in the penitentiary at Monnda- t
rille, <
Bev. Father John A. Tracy, ol Walton, S
ind Mr. John B. Flnater, of the uu
place, were in the city veaUtrday en route
a Warren, 0;. where Mr. Plnater la to v*
narried. Father Tracy will perform tha 1
aremony. I
ro aee the fancy akatera at the North End ti
Jink to-night. V
I .. ? . I ! '
Vj.rN-; - . i gnmj&Zt&flt
. i - fcoSspes**; *?o:rr
I'lth Ilor Family and Doe. Speud? the Night
lit thk' Wheeling Station House?Her *
Strug e Story Told to a Reporter*
A Strange Trio of OfKiprlog.
-- J
' . i ' . . - * ; U 4-v, i ?'? '' ,''?5
There wu a strange character at the
entrai station house last night It wu a
agged," dirty woman of nngnessable age,
>lind and with (he look of a lunatic, who
J aimed to be a full blooded Cherokee InUan
woman. Her claim was evidently
ruthful. In spite of the ravages of age,
lardship .and exposure, she was not areauUive
looking woman, but had a deneauor
strangely compounded of dignity
ind imbecility. Her deep set eyes were
ughtless, but sue una toe prominent cneeit
jodl'H, the straight nose, black, straight
aair, copper hue and erect carriage of the
typical Indian. Her broken English waa
ilnq indicative of the strange tongue of her
Willi her were her three children. The
ildeat, a boy of fourteen, bears his mother's
Indian cast of countenance. The second,
also a boy, aged about eight yean,
showed his Caucassian blood unmlstaka
bly, while the youngest, a girl papoose of
three, has the most evident signs of African
blood. A big black'dog completes
the family.
woran says she started twentyBeven
Sundays ago from a point in Mississippi,
which she thinks was about 160
miles south of Memphis, and has walked
every day sincc, with the exception of
three, weeks, carrying the papoouo neatly
every step. The three weeks rest ?u
spent in the infirmary at Gallipolia, 0.
Night before last the party camped near
tiix woman's msTour.
The woman says sho- is called Mfnda
Davis, but that is not her name; that she
has no name. She wants ti get to Ghambersburg,
Pa., where she has a grown sou,
agraduateof the Government school at
Carlisle, who is a farmer.
She aaysshe "was bora in the Territory,
when Chief Thomas was head chief." Her
father's Indian name was fla-hos-ta, but
ho was commonly called Bendbrook.
When Bhe was fifteen years old she committed
some act which was an infraction of
the tribal code, and by judgment of the
council her eyes were extinguished, aud I
sho was banished from the reservation.
She wandered into Mississippi, where a I
remnant o( her tribe remained, and after j
a few years married' Her husband was
killed, and she married a white man. Ho |
also met a violent death at Indianapolis,
andohortly after she wedded a negro carpenter,
who also died last fall.
On her way here she passed the house
of Bill Thomas, a son of the famous chiefs
who owns a tine farm in Tennessoe. He
offered her a home, but she refused to
stay, preferring to make her way to her
son. Her son ddea not knowsbe is on
her way, or, she says, he would have sont
hef money, which sho did not want him
to do. /f
Mrs. Davis looks as if sho'might havb |
been a handsome woman once. She
seems to lavish unstinted and impartial
affection on all her children and the dog, |
and spoke with pride of the brute's love
for the papoose, and'of her "older son's
"Injun ways," especially his liery temper.
The party was lodged in the station
house, in the women's quarters, by Officer
Wilkie. Ho was summoned to the east
end of sixteenth street lust evening by a
telephone message to the effect that a
family of eypsies was lying on the sidewalk
by the old graveyard. Upon lis
arrival there he found the Indian tribe,
besieged with clods by a crowd of small
boys. The older Indian boy showed fight
and wns hirating & brick.
"If I can find a brick I'll break a few
IumhIs!" he said.
He probably would have done it had not
the ofllcer arrived when he did.
The children were all asleep when a reporter
called at tlio, station house lost
night. Mrs. Daviunid until they reached
Wheeling they had been very warmly
treated in West Virginia. They were
well fed and kindly nsed. In Ohio, oh
the contrary, they had a hard time of it
The woman did not seem to be at all discouraged,
and said they would start this
morning and trudge oa toward Pennsylvania.
Carnival rnuar .light.
The fancy dross carnival to lio given it
the Chupllne street rink. Friday nlutit is
one that Is open to the public. Any one
who desires can attend either in costume
or ns a spectator. Only those in costume
will be allowed on the surface, which has
been put in excellent conditiqp. The
management has boen assured by a large
number of its patrons that they will ue
present on that evening in costumo and
contribute all In theirpowertothe pleasure
and success of the event. Considerable
interest is being shown in
the elegant articles that the owners
of the rihk have purchased and
that are to bo drawn in about two months.
Ihere are four articles?a chamber set,
decorated china set, brass center table and
silver water pitcher. Every ticket of admission
purchased entitles the purchaser
toa chance in all fear artiales when they
are drawn. Tho presents are valuable
A. SI. K. Anniversary.
There was a largely attended and unusually
interesting meeting at Wayman
Chapel A. M. E. Church, on Market street
above Tenth, last evening, in celebration
of the eighteenth anniversary of the orKligation-of
the church in this city.
Idresse; were mailo liy Ilev- Jehu Holliday,
of Pittsburgh, a veteran in the
work of the ministry, who advocated
' the union ot colored
methodic; Prof. J. H. Jones, of this city,
who wag.eloqnont 01 vsua],' Kev. Dr. Asbury,
the pastor, and others. Tbo "Ten
Tribes." engaged in raising money to re.
duce the church debt, reported, and there
was plenty of good music.
This evening a fine musical and dramatic
entertainment will he given at Gormania
hall for the benefit of the church.
The hall should be crowded, as a really
worthy performance is assured and the
cause should appeal to all.
ttuihed Hit I, Walk.
The force in the ottlce of the Collector
of Internal Revenue at the Custom House
in this city are just beginning to catch up
with tlieir regular routine work again.
Lsat week they had the uiual ruah and
over-work Incident to the granting
ol llaenaea. ]t wan necessary
to secure e*tn? help
and even then tho regnlar force wan on
the jump all the time. For two days the
upper corridor waa tilled with wholesale
retail liquor dealers, cigar manufacturera
and dealers and druggists and
other* who have to pay a license tax to
the Government, awailjrjg f|>eir turn to
renew their licenses.
0?, U", Qo,
I'o seo the fancy ikaters at the North C,nd
Rink to-night.
Down they go. Best $u 00 Cabinet Fhoagmihs
reduced to only $2 60 per down
btmmmer's, U38 Main street. Wheeling.
"*MM| W?Dl?d.
All to go to tlie North 12n4 tyiftfc tff- ,
Nght. g |
The llest *uri tit* Chmpcat,
Another car load of wall papers, ot the
?st 9 uality and latest patterns, at 7 and 10 .
anta a bolt, an4 borders to match. Alio j
i?w careeta, ofi plot)a ?nd window ahades. ,
X greatly reduced prltis tor A, at IjQ?- I
01# and 2021 Maio street. ' * I
Jqim Rqimh, Agent, j
a?,Q?', j
N,flh !
$2 SO. buys one dosen best Cabinet Pbo.Tjjraphyt
Plummera, 1138 Main street,
' >*' J ' *> ' -
I .....I . rzanmKiig'irwhifg^
got tb* Goap?l Tampvrsaoa Causa at
ffiem^'nterMtlng.^pS^m^Mce <
last evening in the lecture room of the
railroad evangelist, and her co-laborer, '
Uiaa Ida Snerman, ol Beaton, It was not
known until Saturday evening that these ,
ladiea would visit Wheeling yesterday .
and were desirous ot meeting the people.
The onlr announcement ol the meeting 1
that could be made was from the pulpits ]
Sunday and in yesterday morning'spapers,
but that waa aufllclent to fill the lecture
room to almost ita full capacity. Bar.
Dr.' 8mlth.' pastor of the church, bad 1
charge ol tne meeting, which waa opened '
by doling and a prayer by Presiding
Elder Hlte. Dr. Smith then said that in j
meetings of this nature he believed, like
Mr. Murphy, In giving every one present
a chance to participate; to that end, a
collection would be taken np. This
caused a imile and a rather liberal response.
Another smile waa caused when
Mr. Joshua Bodley rose and said that he
wanted a chance to participate, but had
not been given one. A collection basket
was sent in his direction at once.
Dr. Smith then presented Miss Jennie
Smith. Be rightly said that she was too
well known to demand an introduction.
Misa Smith and Miss Sherman are on their
way to Miss Smith's home at Mountain
lake Park, after a long trip through the
South. There they will take a short and
much needed rest preparatory to resuming
their evangelical work. Miss Smith
is the same plain, modest appearing, earnest
little woman that she always has been.
Her story la well known; for years she
lay on a bed of suffering, but in all that
time she never lost faiti in a Divine
power to cure and save; suddenly a new
strength permeated her poor, nfllictod
body and she arose from her bed; it was a
fjilh cure, and a roost miraculous ono,
too. Sbe decided at once to devote her
time u[ul energies to evangelical work,
giving a maj rity of her time and attention
to the railroad men. At first, only
one road allowed her to work among il?
men, but now there is hardly a railroad
company that is not glad to have her visit
its shops and talk with its men. She is
receiving calls from all over the countrymote
than site can respond to, and everywhere
she goes her work bears m?et
gratifying fruits. In her work she is
ably seconded by Miss Sherman. Their
mode of working, while perhaps not so
pretentious as that of Moody and Sankey,
the great evangelists, is just as effective, if
not more so, and reaches a class of people
much more in need of the Gospel than
those that flock to see Moody and Sankey.
Mise .Smith might be called a female
Murphy. She lays no claim to being a
lecturer or an orator?she is simply n
talker; not one pf the denunciatory style,
but an earnest, pleading, persuading one,
with a woman's sympathiiing heart and a
feeling of tenderness for every poor outcast^
who imagines himself without a
friend in the world to care or bother about
Bis future. She told her audience last1
night about her work in the South, espec- J
ially in Atlanta, where the hafvest was a
rich one. She has extended her field oi
operation, op'd now not only looks after
the railroaii men in the shops and on the
road, but vislte&nd talki with the streetcar
men, who are away from homo nearly all
the time, the police and firemen?
publio guardians, bnt whose flnsl salvation
is seldom thought of by the publicnewspaper
men and other classes who are
thought to be by the public the tough
citizens oi the country. She gave some of
her experiences and pleaded with the
Christian people, who were listening to
her intently and with great interest, to aid
her in the work among these classes.
Miss 8berman also snoke feelingly for a
few minutes: sbo is a Boston lady of very
pleasing address and iB evidently very
much in earnest in her work. The meet*
ing closed with prayer offered by Miss
Tim "Kqainc Paradox" Proven to !! all nad
MoreThan Promised.
Frof. Bartholomew's famous "Equine
Paradox," appeared for the first time in
Wheeling last night at the Opera House.
No entertainment of any kind given here
for yeare has created the enthusiasm and
interest exhibited by tbe public last night.
Indeed, all day the car in which the
horses are stabled was surrounded by
crowds of people, and street parade was
witnessed by thousands.
Last evening at 7 o'clock the crowd in
front of the Opera House packed'Market <
street clear across, and a hundred feet up
and down street. When the horses had !
walked up stairs, there was a rush for the
door, and in a few minutes every seat was
occupied. By the time the curtain went
up the largest audience of the season bod
assembled, and fully five hundred people i
were turned away. Standing room was
scarce 'The audience was largely made i
tip of ladies, and many of the clergy and
others seldom sunn in the theatres were
interested spectators. It was a Mattering
If, as is claimed, the horses appreciate i
applause, they must have been happy list i
night. Thoy received a regular ovation, i
The performance is so unlike what one i
expects, so unlike ordinary trained horse ;
exhibitions in circuses, that it is a sur- ;
prise to those most favorably disposed i
toward it. The horses are without har- I
ness, and are put through the performance i
?or so much of it u is sot voluntary?by
vocal commands given by Prof. Bartho- i
loinew or persons in the audience. They I
distinguish colors, lire cannon, dance and i
in various ways shows intelligence and the
reasoning iaculty to a greater extant than 1
nuir ntliur cnnmilliv nf t r.l i n Oil Cnlmala <
UHJ WUiUUiy VI Mmu?u HUtiUOlO <
overseen Jiero, i
The performance will bo repeated every i
evening this week, and Wednesday, Fri- ]
day and Saturday afternoonB. No doubt i
the houae will, be crowded each time, i
Senta rw be rennet) in adyiince at Ba?mer'a.
A Thousand Dollnra Worth of Soata Sold In I
On? Day* I
Everything t?n||ing to ingpre the qnequivocal
aucccas, artistically and Bnan- '
il.? XTa? I.\,
Uimij'i ui wo i u??"n * com in uuu*
vert at the Academy of Music neit Saturday
night by Theodore Thomas' unrivaled
orchestra and distinguished corps of vocalists
with that organization, is in excellent
shape. 'f ho sale i,i se?t? poramBiipeil
yesterday morning at winner's music
store, whero It will continue up to the
night of the conceit Yesterday's sales
amounted to .nearly $1,000, which was
certainly very gratifying to Messrs.
Blister and Banmer, to whopu enterpfieH
Wheeling Is indebted lor tho coming Kestival.
The sale was conducted very quietly
and expeditiously, thosf oil the
subscription list being waited on
first in .. tho order in which
their names were down. Those who have
3ompmou1? before all tt)e"^cpjpsls
aro fine, although (hp seats are soar- ,
ranged ii? the Academy that there is i
re*liy but ven? Ijttlp pho|ce j ijll ?re gootl,
The houso will probably be fillea neit >
siatu.day night; Itshould be, at all events.
Throw out of town who desire to attend r
should send to Mr. Baumerorsome friend I
lit ouce for their tickets. The prices are r
the sumo as those charged for *11 of
Thaipu' concerts, $2 ana tl SO for reWfyefiew
wj }i gwoys) Ddjfli^Qfl. f
The Annual sifiwl SCfaVtlon '
The annoal school eluction ukea place
In all the counties of this StitoMav 19. c
rhe districts of Ohio connty not included 0
in Uie Wheeling Independent school dis- n
iriri are interested in the event. Tho I
Superintendent are the present incun- ci
wnt, L'asper Wiedman, a democrat, and ll
?raferGaplner,aRepabllc^n. p
All to go to the North fend Rink (O: U
light, . tl
B/Um Board rOMWwirtiihrtij.
The Appropriation* Are Ailowod to j
Ht?ud AfMraSoHd Da}'a Dlacuulou.
A Laogtlty Petition IfaoHd. .
' i\l.
The Board of County Comiiiiaslonere
met yeaterdsy morning in regular monthly
lession. President Woods occupied tiie
chair and ill the otb<* members were
The mooted question of the appropriation!
for the county roadi came op at once,
in connection with the approval of the
minutes of the last meeting, when the appropriation
was made. Some member!
feared that if the - minutes were approved
the action would sot be rescinded.- The
question was discussed ail forenoon, and
anally the minutes were agreed to and the
Board adjourned for dinner.
The Board on motion of Mr. Boring, received
the petition prepared by the Board
of Trade and signed by over 1,100 taxpayers
against the excessive appropriation,
and heard Mr. A. J. Sweeney in a forcible
and well considered argument in aupport
of the prayer of the petition.
In the afternoon thereporttof the Committee
on Iioads and Bridges, giving the
awards of contracts for work on the construction
and repair of county roads, was
first taken up. Mr. Maxwell moved to
approve the report. ' Mr. Dethrone
moved to take up one contract at a time
anil approve, rcjeci ur aiiur it.
Mr. Pickett advocated deferring action
on the whole matter. Mr. Peterson also
made a strong argument in favor of deliberation
and delay. Hi read from chapter
43, sections 8 and 23, of the Code, the
provision that nu incorporated city or
town which maintains' its own streets
shall not be taxed to keep op the roads
outside of the city limits. Helield that the
appropriation was Illegal and could be enjoined,
and said he understood it wonld
be. lie thought tiro wise policy would b?
to reduce the appropriation so ta to avoid
Messrs. Boring and Delbrngge also opposed
the approval of the report President
Woods (Mr; Peterson in the chair)
spoke in favor of accepting the report
now as It stood. Mr. Pickett advocated
the city's interests and said it required all
the taxes citiiens of Wheeling could reasonably
be asked to pay to support the
city government and keep uo the streets.
Mr. Maxwell favored the appropriation.
Mr. Maxwell thought that if the Board of
Trade would pay its much attention to
their own affairs as they do to those of
tho county they would prosper more
After some further discussion Mr. Delbrugge
moved to defer action upon the
report until next Monday, Ttnd invite the
representatives of the Board of Trade
to appear at that time. Then there was
some more talk. And still some more;
each time the Ohairman stated the questloait
stirred up some new disputant with
the same old points.
At half past four a vote was taken on
the motion to defer. Mr. Prince wasabsent.
Messrs Petorson, Boring, Pickett
and Delbrngge voted to dcl?r. Messrs.
Stein and blocker stuck firmly with the
throe country members.
The motion to take up one clause at
a time was then put and lost by a vote of
4 to 5. The report was then adopted as a
The Committee on Court House and
Jail recommended the repainting of the
court rooms, tho whitewashing and cleaning
of a part of the jail, and the renovation
of the jury rooms and Sheriff's and
Prosecutor's offices, .and the painting of
the front of the court house. The Commllteo
al-o offered the following:
The committee having been informed
that a very favorable arrangement can be
made witn the city for the joint occupancy
of the late Capitol building, there
llmlctd, That this Committee be empowered
to receive proposals and negotiate
with the committee appointed oy
the City Council, and report the result
to a special or the ntxt regular meeting of
this Board.
Bills to the amount of $030 GO were or
uereu pam.
The recommendations concerning the
court house were deferred; and that relative
to Die jail adopted. Mr. Woods opposed
the Capitol resolution. Mr. Delbrugge
favored it. The resolution was
adopted. Messrs. Woods, Nichols and
Maxwell voting no.
Tho committee on Finance recommended
that Sheriff Hundlan be paid $348 81,
interest paid by him, and credited with
1111,438 20, amount of county orders paid
by him. They also asked the payment of
other bills to the amount oi $18(1. It was
also recommended that the Sherid be required
to make monthly statements of the
mounts of money collected by him, and
the amount on hand to the credit of the
Bounty at tho date of each report.
The bill of Coroner Nebulise, Included
inlbls report, was recommitted, and the
remainder of the report adopted.
The committee on Poor House and Farm
recommended the payment of bills aggregating
$1,511.53. The number of inmates
in April was U3, of whom 01 were white
males, 30 white females and g colored
females; 2 white females were under one
rear of age, 8 white males, 4 white females
?nd one colored female over one and under
ten year*. There was one death, a white
Tho ordinance drawn up by the Committee
on Bales providing new rules for
the government of the Board, was read
jnce for information.
Mr. Stacker moved that Mrs. Lippincott
be appointed matron at the Infirmary at
?20 a month; more discqssioq. S|r. Pellirqgge
wan(eil to tjefer tbe matter and
;ue ottier imndinatea a cnance. Mr. Boring
nominated Mrs. Uiulia Sliabacb;
ruled out. He tlien moved to go Into in
election, and this prevailed. He nominated
&)rit ghubach, Mm. Lippincott was
The judges of the school election, May
111, in the country precincts were nominated
by the members and confirmed by
Ibe Board.
The Board did nofadloqrn ?n{jl after ft
3'PIOPV, ,
Bridgeport. ?
Eli Qilinore has purchased a bicycle.
O. T. Rhodes' hone ran off yesterday
ifternoon and left him standing at Handan's
unite a large crowd was present at the
am moth rink last night to witness the
ootball game.
Yesterday Judge Kelly and .lames M.
Seese passed through town on tfceir way .
o WMOdaCeld to i.oul court.
Four young ladies yesterday called at
book's store to be weighed, whose weight
ras 210,208, 205 and 203, respectively.
The report that n uridgeporter l\oi|
Irawn $15,000 in tho Louisiana State i,oiftgp**
turuett out to be a bogus
Mr. Bob Eaton, Dan Peck anil Roa
turret, ol St. Qlairavtlle, and MiaiQanfa
Varner Vd IJr. (jcq. Wottlbrldge, ot
ilarietta. vera in town yesterday.
It has been suggested in order to have
ieace in tbe family that all the other
)emocratic candidates for tbe postoffice
esign in favor of Miss Maggie Adolph.
nUl BNTttllf AIMMfiNT.
- . ?' T rjij. "ttn T:
rett *0^ U?ft Ht VJirjUTMU Rink To.nl*ht.
Look, Look, Look*
Walter Scott will pick up a liandkerhlet
from the floor with his teeth withat
the uae ot his handj, and will perform
inny other u difficult Itata, at North End
link, to-night. . '
fjs Mdaltet8Bn5]y,"lHf*Sd,, theOin- c
mnati EijWi wlllleaVeVyheeling.dally, ;
atd, Htttfflwjji to Cincinnati and re- ,
irn, with fleeplnj car ftttMhsd. i
Accuaou and Ii^fBUlla.WMt.nntala
u<l vlcloJtr.
Forty-one sheep were recently killed In
Tylercoonty by three doge in one d?y.
Xe?rly 1,000 tone of ro?l now Imtc
F^ont Wftr5^^ns^$U..:
Steubenville propoeee to tax (luting
rlnka <20 jwr month, .or_ $240 par aimmn.
! There are thirteen penona intieliyette
county Jail, live of whom are charged with
i 5- Dr. Abner'Osbum, a physician b(Jeffet
on county, suicided Jut week while in
delirious condition.
The Board oi Asylum Directors will
meet it Weston to-day to consider bids (or
tbe building of the new addition.
! Governor-- E. -W." Wiisoni and Johil
Cotton, Esq.. ol Charleston, W. Va., have
fonned a partnership (or the practice o(
taw." ' The
Oakland and Deer Park Hotels will
bo opened (or the season about June 22:
aud will be under the management of
Capt. Walker.
Kanawha county will vote,at the school
election this month, upon a proposition
to issue bonds to the ..amount oi 178,000,
with wnich to build a new court house.
The Clarksburg Jfctes says that an accomplished
and beautiful Buckhannon
lady is engaged to be married to Mr.
Walker Blaine, son of James 6. Blaine.
It is reported that Professor Eastwood,
Professor of Natural Sciences in Bethany
College, will not be there another year,
having accepted a chair at Ann Arbor,
Dr. J. W. KamBay, formerly a well!
known physician oi Clarksburg is now
the regular surgeon ol a steamship plying
between San Francisco and the Sandwich
A little teh-year-old son o(John 8. Arnold,
Esq., on Knobley mountain, Hampshire
county, shot recently a very large
K"Jiu t^ic. it iiiL'iuurt'tt UVIT seven met,
and weighed 13J pounds.
Tlio Commiseiouera of Wetzel county
have rescinded the order for an election
to vote on the question of issuing$38,000
of bonds to ertct county buildings at
Wiley viUe, the new county seat
May I the sale of liquor was begun
again in Fairmont anil was discontinued
in Wellsburg by the vote of the people on
the license question. In Lewis county
the Commissioners this year refused to
issue licejsc.
Incendiaries hav/s been at work Iri'jefferaon
county and one night last week the
barn of Col. Gibson' was Darned, destroyinj;
5 horses, 1 colt, 10 sheep, 5 cows, 0
heifTi<. a new reaper and a lot of other
machinery and a quantity of grain.
The stave drift* ra of Wayne county on
a late rise had a drive ot about OOO.UH)
staves out of Twelve I'ole creek. This is
a very good run when it is taken into
consideration that a large quantity of
other timber was driven out on the same
The llaltiinoro'Sun sayB that Davis Bros,
will shortly open up their eleven foot coal
vein in Tucker county, about 574 miles
from Piedmont and two and a half miles
from Elk Garden. Davis Bros, own 17.000
acres of coal land in the vicinity, allot
which is supposed to be underlaid by the
big vein.
Forest tires have been raging of late in
the counties ol Berkeley, Summers, Pocahontas,
Raleigh, Wyoming; Tucker and
'JefTonoa, ana considerable damage has
been done,-in fact several farmers have
suffered heavy losses. Fences, standing
and cut lumber and grain stacks hive
been destroyed, and two or three farm
bouses had narrow escapes. In nearly
all cases these tires, some ot which are
still burning after having devastated a
large tract of country, are the results of
gross carelessness. a
' Martin'* Ferry.
Mr. Dick .Melson returned yesterday
from sn extended Ksstern trip.
Mr. Snediger had one of his horses badly
hurt by jumping through a barbed wire
Yesterday William Briceland opened
the Sherman Mouse. He has refurnished
it throughout and has added several conveniences.
The Sherman House is one of
the old standbys of the city, and should
be patronized liberallv.
Martin's Ferry is still coming to,the
front with list skaters. . Saturday night
Mr. Davie Davis and Miss Annie Stroble,
ot this place, took the prize at-the North
End rink in Wheeling for the fastest
double skating'. The prise waia fine set
of glassware and a box pi fine cigars.
Three fights occurred Saturday night
one between Fred Tice and another youth
in Newland's addition, and one between
Cabe Radcr and Jeff Beasle in the Orchard.
Pat Duffy was arrested for disorderly
conduct and nbttsiag bis wife, and
was fined $3 and coats by Mayor Mitchell
Wte of Commodore Vnndtrbllt Dead.
NiwYobk, May 4.?Mrs. Frank A. Vanderbilt,
the widow of Commodore Vanderbllt,
died at 9 o'clock thia morning, at her
residence, No, 10 Washington Place. She
had been ill for the past few days with
v Wanted, UhoUiI.
All to go to the North End lilnk tonight.
Grr your Cabinet Photographs at Pinmmdr'e,
only $2 50 per dosen. Finest made
i. 4i.n i too if-s- -i ?- wt it?
>u iiuc uoj1) mm luaui biicth, nawiiog
Advloe t? Mothers. :
Ate 70a disturbed at sight and broken
of your rest by ? ?ick child suffering and
crying with pain of cutting teeth? If so,
send at once and get a bottle of Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup for Ohiidnn Teething.
Its value is incalculable. It will relievo
the poor Uttle sufferer immediately.
Depend upon It mothers, there is no mistake
about it. It eures dysentery and
dlarrbaw, regulates the stomsch and bowels,
cures wind colic, softens the gums, reduces
inflammations, and gives tone and
energy to the whole system. Mis. Winslow
s 6oothing Syrup for Children Teething
is pleasant to the taste, and lathe prescription
of one of the oldest and beat female
nones and pbysjoians in the United
States, Mid la fci sale by ail druggists
throughout thtf world. Price 25 cents a
bottle. mwmw
gaHitto gpwAtX.
V ^
Absolutely Pur*. !
poB MPOS5B w awl BAUD '
aojpjaffilTp.I.KWCW JO? MOM.nw.a 1
itteM ??*??*', ,
: " ? " :SS'T
Till T?pp?d-Eo(tn? Houii Burnad?Fatal
atart to work thla Weft.
i The Bellalre'glaee worker*,' who went to
Newark, Ohio, to work, have returned.
The Globe baae ball dub will have a
benefit at the Niagara rink Saturday evenThe
W.O-Temperance Union will meet
at Mra. Bodaier'a this afternoon to elect
j The atreet .cai'office had theHU tapped
aome time Saturday -night, but very little
change la ever left! ait
Mm A. Mnvriann. u'hn rllfld Saturday
night after a lingering illness, was taken
to Johnstown, Pa., yesterday morning for
'Walter Darrah and Robert M. Eaton
were down from St. Clairavllle yesterday.
Mr. Eaton will leave on Thursday to make
Ills future home at Atchison, Kansas.
Hi! 8. Wilson- has been again chosen
Secretary oi the water works. Mr. Wilson
hss lwld this place ever since the bnlldinit
of the works and has been a satisfactory
and faithful official.
There was a collision on the Baltimore A
Ohio railroad near Lewis's mills yesterday
morning between the accommodation
train which left here at 7:40, and a helper
that was retiming to Bellalre. Wm. Butterwortb,
the engineer of the passenger
engine, was killed, and Jack Baugh, Jr.,
fireman of the helper, had an arm crashed.
A special train took out a number of surgeons
bom here. The westbound trains
wen delayed here several hours.
The Bellalre, Zaneevillo & Cincinnati
engine bonse was burned yesterday morning
Just after daylight it stood on the
river bank on a foundation of piles and
had been used only for occsslonal repairing
inr some time. The dames were very
hot for awttlle end only a liberal nee of
water saved the. engine room of the Globe
mills, just across the tracks. Tho shutters
of the tobacco warehouse were also damaged..
The railroad company's loss on
oil, fiiols. Ac., is sboutMOO.
, Salttttfl gowAtt.
pranai ?n?ru?ii piiwhuh ij |?ir?
the test)
Plat* a can top dowii on a hot ?to?e until heated,tliea
remove tfc? cover and imoll. A ehemUt will not M f?
fttired to detect ?h? preeeooe ol ammonia.
m MiunvounM m wivew mm qi-rniom
In a million home* for a quarter ot a eeoturj it bM
?tood the conramen' reliable u?t. -
ihc itai ur nt uia.
Dr. Price.1! SjecM Flworing Extracts,
TU <m|Wl,n> Mtonl Mm11 w,?4
Or. Price's Lupulln Ylllt Qtmi.
for Ugfal, Httltby BrMd.Tta? Boat Pry Hop "
Tout In tiia World.
/? _
advertise i* ih? colohki of a
' 1
'.rrT" BYtttttt
? > . advkhtibk
(9-1)0 not order Printing
?f any character nntil prices
Abvignai |J44B the
H H I itht ;
tKKtimti'S gKdtafl gww.
If ttch<H??el, American Pine, Cauda Fir,
Marigold, aid Clorer Mohmjiiih.
relitvejtho mun vWeut Voeetlur ,,r lletrt
JoWf, clean He lluul "i br nnjric, a<o>? Witerr :
Ibctanpvlram the X?' Hid Km. prevenu KingHIT
Sofini In UwVndflnrii (Ma tlouUeliS
mil itlbdUM Chilli ana Vwm. In rhmnia < -.
arrb It cOeansea the naitl whin of foul mueos, wtoreaihe
mm* of tmell, tatta. and hearing
*huu affected, fa** the head, throat, and hronttia ubeaof
offeror! rc matter, aweetcna aud purldea the
sasinsrssurisr*,hc 9*9
om lAUUHuHal t-'ore, tint ua thurrhil SolTOm?
Duvo AHpCmMicAtCo., Bonon, :
XYSTERS Kiss <*'"? impl (
Porou. PlMlcrj wa U^r.7 S5.bl?J p
TW7WBW, ajrfinaaw I
:^rr. ; ,-v',; . ' . '
1b? mot nftTTtloui ind Inttrattnt uhlUUoi
of tfu ? ?nd lb; oolf w?a tht
Kind In Urn world.
Opera House, Wheeling.
? performance, Commraclof
MONDAY, MAY 4, mt.
rOBTmLt riutiu too?!
liuiinr John D. MUbUr baa tlu honor to prtaai
Intr Iveuluf atI o'clock,
i MATima. j
WmIuomUj, Friday. ttaturdar, Mo.
At the Wadneadar mallow ?acb lad; ?ui w
Flirt Floor Admiaioa, adulu 85 tod SO rcna.
Children ?cenU. tiallery25 Cent*. All mervri
?ftUFAJtieuw. Foe Mlo at Banww'a Music Btora
for any of the nine performance*.
I Matluee'i door* open 1:45, Comment* at 2:10.
Evcuiog doom open at 7:16. Oomnuuee at s. Vtrforman?*
oter ?t ten. Afwrooou wrioimao^
name at eveolnx. Tho honet will walk up italn
5l:? r. u. Wan?^y, Friday. Saturdar wd.t
7 it. u other deyu TUe horaca will make a pandit
bo unfavorable tho parade will be mado Tuf*l*y.
The pQbltaai*lnriWd.to ioap?et thelarjnt moat
ooally ftod jnoal completei car ever built for bono,'
between 3 and 4 u. Wedneaday and Friday.
Grand May Festival Concert I
Saturday Evening, M?j 8,188S.
Sccoad Qrtnd Tour Aereu lb, Oondnat, Ino
Hew York to ean Francisco, of
AwlsU'dUy the follow lug tmlreuV PoloUu, who
lure repeatedly appeared*wftb Mr. Thonsu ta bit
Great May Fttttrals and Sj aphony Concerts:
MISS HATli B J. CLAl'PER, Contralto.
WM. J. WIM tH.Teuor.
M'?MK FOBSCHMAOI, flopraao.
Ilenervod seats 12 CO and |16n, Admlnlontioo.
BnbicrlpUon Hit for seata opens Monday, April 17.
at 8 a. u, at F. W. Haumer'a Muilo Store.
The Elm Grove railroad will rnn an extra train
after tho Concert. >PK7
I la hereby given that at a meeting of the Start*
holders of the Junction Iron Company, to bekeld
I at the offioo of the company la the City 0! Wheellug,
1203 Main street, MAY 28, 18S5, a notation
will 1? offered to authorise a lubwriptlaa At
I fion,COO to the capital stock of the Laugblln sod
aud Junction Steel Company of Wheeling, snd attending
to 'any other buslnen pertaining thereto.
By order of the Board ol Directors.
Whkpjwq, April 28,1885. aprtt^ru
Is hereby given that at a meeting of the titotk*
holders of the Laughlln NaU Company, to be hcM
i incuma-ui uiucoinpauj in inemiyri viataing,W.V?l,So.
1208Main itreet,MAY 37, U* a
rt solution will be offered to authoriie a lutNcrlptluu
of one hundred thousand dollau (fiOOOOO) to
the capital xtock of the LaughUn and Juuctloa
Steel Company of Wheeling, and attending to any
other baaln?a pertaining thereto.
By order of the Braid of Director*
W. L. OLEKHNKH, Sw'y. ip/am
goUtc SUattng jj.inht.
Cor. C'ha|illiic ii Thlrty-fourtli Sis.
Dress Carnival!
On thin occasion a Dahjr Hewing Machine will be
awarded to the little lady wearing tut- beat Fury
AIM), a Fine lUnk Plu to the lit'le tent wrtrlai
the Ikat Fancjr Coaturae.
Profeiwor Leon Clllla, Champion Fancy Skater ol
Weat Virginia, will alio give an exhibition.
School Children'! aeialon Saturday moruinf.
Careful, Polite and Attentive In* true ton ahn/i
on hand.
O. 1>. THOMPSON, |
iprlO MANAflKR.
uriHi LiiiL ointti muni
Fittest Floor mid Beat .Music.
Airy, Accessible, (Jentcrli
For the nckt alxty dajn every admtelon llrtef
purchased will be accompanied by a Uckri ?n
titling the holder to a chance lor a prwent to be
given at a drawing at the end of the ilatjr d?ji.
FiwiPriac?A HandromeSetof Oak Furniture.
Sccond-A China Dinner and Tea Set combined.
Third-BamUhed Bran Centre Table.
Fonrih?Klegant Silver Water Pitcher.
The furniture U on exhibition at Mendel* It*
China at Ewing a, the uble at DUIon'i, iusJ Ue
pitcher at Fianzheim'a
FRIDAY NIG AT, MAY 8-Oiand Fawy &**
Cmtlral. inyi
gousefurnUhlng (Soods.
Japanned Bird Cages,
Wood Bird Cagea
The largest aaortment and lowest price#, al
myl HI2 Mark'.-t Pimt
Our experience ihowiui *11 vrefer a hou*eI?M?r i
with shelf, coau-Mueutly wo can show you a
line of them from 4 to 10 feet, very cheap.
mrtl TAw 121Q Main WrH?t_
li Strictly Pure and BellaWe.
K. U. LIST, 1010 gu?<>
Sol* Manufacturer and Proprietor*
WLoofc out for * worthlw l^ltitioti. ?pr?L
SILVEii piated:
ror Kioto BOO etch.
WHEEUKU llisvitrn,
g?t? and Caps.
1.1 ? BUlnnlb nraet Uullta' uia
Our.tMi, Chip, felt tad Bam Htu,
wed, bleubed, colored end flnlihed lo IWUW
J^prompUf. lUlUnKi-woridoM?ltw??^1!
sX RATB ranoraMd ia iimenliiyl" ?i miMtu>
W?u Ontowifjr, the iwotloil
. ' I

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