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fitotftlcs, Ac.
H nrt tuia tai Cum oI the OoUbnUx! I
"Red Bird H?nu," I
h, 1309 AND 1311 mm STREET,
Whoelinif, W. Va.
H Ctut 0/ Choice Smoked U?*ta reortred I
jjjlwvctlrommrftirkHotmglilMactimter. I
?? ' * P A3 INT STOCK OF
j no ?
I general Groceries
K la the Bute.
Sole igenl In this Cltj for
fcmford'i V?uf Powder la Bottl*.
wkfi "Mirer (W Toboooo.
WWl MTBST. Brotuou'i But. B?i In tht
si/tft. t fohft
3 I\jon.l Ftory Cmm 75c.
I r.iiiiJ F?m > < ?n ;JOO.
i ?\.uu'1 H*ln r?a ? c,
'.poowltta - J/ie.
), j^UII'IOui 7c.
jUodiome Pltcque with Fancy Can?.
I If. .X. SMYTH,
niM Por hi<1 Ktmr^ntn fr'tw.
- ihfu WlmJf j,!
X ''"jloiu ICOIII3N *8,
BTi; W? Market Rlitnt.
J uiitii'ie ?ud flimcliws Muallty. For tale at
B. F. It El I KENs' fcTORIg,
1217 mid Market Htroet,
?n( f.mlh Hnwrh "l/m* WVH Jj^roh M>. mrT
insurance (Companies.
t7SI)KUWKITEI5^^ukanoe CO.
0?nci No. 41 Twelfth Brwonr.
Capital, ... ^100,000
J. F J'AULL. Vice I'rcsiUeaL
Al.KKKD FA I'Mi, Secretary.
C. II. MKNtfKMtY, City AgODL
Inrorci nil Mud* ?I property at reaionablo rate*.
Ornc*?No. 1200 Main Street,
CAPITAL 4100,000 00
ltaia general Fire Insurance Businew. Farm
prci^rty, and Dwelling Hodma and oontanU inannid
(or tliruo or flro years.
Henry Sehmulbftch, Alex. LangbUn,
Joltn P. Campbell, H. F. Bcbrens,
Jfcrid Qoutuo, W. II. Bobitwon,
BanJ. Flther.
V. L RODflKRfl, Secretary. Jyg
or wbuluib, vr. yjl,
CAPITAL 4100,000
Imrm wlnst Iom or damage by lire and ligbt
ning til clam* of dadrable property, also lnaorn
ougou on the Western voter*.
J, N. Vance. President, M. EelUy. VJoe President
J. L Btroehleln, Soc'y, Ja*. P. Adam*, Aaa't Sea
N. fmce, M. Koilly, L. a StlfoL
I. H. He hti, 0. W. Framheim.
i,,u. v- ? irwPT.VTII HTDVKT
Wx v. Inrr
Wilt Hapw.f Vice-Proafdent
Draft* on Kujflaad, Ireland, Frau w and Uormany.
ffm. A. IaeW, Wm. B. 81mpaofl.
i. A. Mlllier, John K. Botaford,
H. M. Alkhuofl. Victor Boawiburg.
hoary Sparer,
v'ffl F. P. JKP8QN, CMhler.
CAPITAL > * ?.?|2?,oea
I.N. Vakci.. ~..y......pr<*tdeut
linen, Uce>. "U* ?Vloe-Pre?ldoDt
I. N. Vance, 8. Horkbetmer.
8. Uugiiiiu, W. Eliitichwn,
L H. DeUpUlu, A. W. Kelloy,
John Frtw,
DnUu bsued on Encland, Irv'land, Scotland and
Dlnnlnt. (n
""""".10RW J JOWKH. (b?ht*r.
glu?lius? Carda.
Hcoerul Machinists ami Engine Rnlldora,
Cor. Cbapllne and Eighteenth Street*.
special ATTKNTIOM given to Repair Work,
igetita for the celebrated J udsou Governor.
! _vx
Carpenter and Builder,
Brick and Wooden Buildings ErocUsd.
Root*, Valleys Bky Lights, Coanteratud Shelving.
. All wot * promptly atteudod to ou reasonable
rsuoi'- 41Iey 13, rear of Capitol. JEUaidcnco.
_ yilUMnthM.^et. Kboplnrmr. la*
1\ n i ilt .TR
"Wl, !
&<al gstatc agents.
(J 0. SMITH,
R*oal EMtnto Affont
attention given to Collecting RenU sncl
?|< l?neral incut of Real K?UU>. C*u furni?h
tcrt ol rvfeieuwe.
_ mrio IMP MAIN 8T., Wheeling, W. Va.
(Boceewor to Alex. Bone, Sr.)
notary public,
Estate, Stock and Money Broker.
,J&t* fetUod, Houiea Rented *nd RenU Collected.
?niC3 Atokel bireet, cor. Twelfth,
. 1T31 Wheeling. W. V*.
ATTOR.SE/ at iaw a notary public,
^ No. lifts Market 8t, Wheeling, W. V*. .
^^OcMmUom attended to and proceeds promptW.
No. 1IU Mftrktl fltrcot,
? ? W1IKK1.IWO. V V>
<SommJs?tott gUeehants. ?|
General 01D. EhImIou A SUN, Spoclal.
j? uiw?miiwmwt-fliiiwmv
Atti'ntloo, Doctors*
Everybody knows that the life of the
average phyxiclan It a hard one. He Is
often compelled to ride great distances
through mud and rain for a merely nom*
Inal fcc. It li nul fit nui trropci fur us to
condemn any phyftfefon fori lis wot k, but
we do assert that his practice can be made
eafier, and lie can effect more cures by
the proper and judicious me of PltHUNA.
(I Im will only add this great remedy to
hi* li-t ofmedicines he will rind (hat his
usefulness will be greatly increased. Full
direction for its use will be found In tho
' Hit of Life," and he should at once pro*
cure this valuable book.
N. J. Wright, Business Agent Evening
Herald, Eric, Pa., says: "Dr. Haktman?I
can not but feel it my duty to
express to you my thanks for the great
benefit I received from the u*e of your
medicines, Pruuxa and Manalix.
One lwltlc of cach placed me square on
iny feet, after a sickness of four weeks;
which confined mc to my bed, and then
left me lame and crippled. Three days
frmn I In* rntnmrnrpniiMil nf 1hi? .uu> nf
your remedies the cane avm dispensed
with, and in a week I was perfectly we))."
Mrs. Ellen Maynard,Oswego, Potter
county. Pn., writes: "Dr. Hartm.v.v,
Columbus, 0. The small ulcers are ail
healed, and the two large ones are not
Hiore than half as large as they were. I
am feeling quite well. The people say
your Pebuxa and Manalin arc dolnjj a
miraclc. 1 do not take nearly so much
opium as I did before."
Joseph Thomas, East Brady, Ta,
writes: " I have used your Peru.va and
Maxalix wllli good results. In the year
of 1SS0 I was so bad that I could scarcely
walk. I used Peruna andMANALtjr,
and am now as healthy as I have ever
been. I have also recommended it to
several parties, and they have been much
benefited by it."
Mr. C. H. Harris, New Vienna, Ohio,
writes: " Our little girl was paralyzed
. at thirteen months old, and wc resorted
to everything wc could hear ojf for relief,
but she appeared to get but little better.
Hearing of Peruna we concluded to try ,
it, and will say it has done her a great
deal of good?the first bottle apparently
giving aid and relief. Wc have used it for
nervousness in other cases on other persons
and found it a success. For general ,
debility, and in fact for any disease, we
don't think anytlfing else can at all com- ]
pare with it. We have used forty or fiity ,
bottles, and our hawse is never without (
PerukA. Our little girl is now eight ,
years old, and can run afty place, was for ,
four years helpless. Pebuna cured her." (
HkZwhSxii (liiimlf AXcrroM DImimh,
<t?irk, Mar* Cam. M*4
iT.tnMuv.A i'w?i written guarantee given
Lu-?" v ??' *n teeru^nam rirttittrfukeru
WVcStwoeUuiTwforCclpbTBtedMMlMUWoiits, ,
Wee. Call orwrite. F. D. CLARKE* M. D.
Wn.gflff vtw? grvEFT.
Tyjilioicl Fever.
I nm aixty seven yeanl oM and have 11"d In this
Hull) county *11 my life. Hp to twenty-eltht
>e*n *ir> I waa regarded m tUo utronKcat man in
'he ueUhlwrhnod? the mo#t robun: iu health. In
November IVil, I had a loop no rioua apell of
typhoid f"ver. li left meeroaclnte'1 mid a cripple
in my right lew- Attlmcathat Jlmb waa awollen
in tnormou?MW bttafc twfooa? large aalta natural i
iMindWou. and inllamed anJ u gryIn appearanre.
Prom my knee down nnall mhm came, aud at the
ankle* ar*eucer rani', which dlaaharg>*d jiolaonnut
irntt r. My whoo astern became Infovod.
Hie do? torn would p%uh we np for awhile, b it the
nicer wnnirt new ?cal. The meiuury aud potash
with whlub Ihcy fitted me brought on rheumatism
wddr>p pala I wa# an <?bje *t of pity t ? all m> ?
riendrt. fconn* thmgbttlmt the 01 ly brpcioinve
life WiU anipil'aiioil 1 cou'limvu iugru? nunc
and for ti'iH? I bay* rot worn a aboe. Hope
had almost le t m?. Swift u Bt-ociflu wu a ggeattd,
rtud 1 lomn.encid i m meat once. From the very
Km I tegan to fei-1 ?" ft r I bavo taken thfrtv
nix bo't'e?,an1 hurtiadn*? winch hed darkened
my life to-tWv-niy right y a-* ba^eall beta dlwi
pated. 'Ihoeffwtof ihemtdluitic ha< been won
der'ul Indeed. To day J am able to attend toaJl
my farming mtwo-U, a d walk from one to five
uill ap*rdity 1 a-n latintled that ihe dlieaao in
entirely b rkcii up, aoo h net-furth 1 am to bo free
(-om tnoae terrible njpn'ft<m?ioii* and *utfWng
which formerly mule my life mia'ruble. HwdftV
^peel tic has (June 111" e for m? in on* year thin all
thudrugstore meal (no premrtbed by phyaiclan?
did In twenty eighue*ra. and I jnnat cheerfully
bear this te tlmony of ?ta merit*. W*. K Rbkd.
Hall Couitty, Gal, Feb 18 IM.
From the Dfrscrffn? Room.
Having Ukon 8w|(t\? S|#^c|flo for blo^d pnlMin
contracted lit a medical roll ue at s ?W action,
while I waa a medical atudenuJ am grat fill to my
thatltgavflmoaapfedyai.d thorough oure af(?r
my patent* had ?p?nt hundred! of dollara for
fedtmeut. Mya*ra waa "woll n to twice lia u ual
lUo ?'ul aa uith'ng hel|.fd me I waa deyuiring of
em bolpg aun il lliic hearing of the 8. 8 6., i
bought a onttlollttlx think hi* I would derive any
benefit from it 1 began tcfc!ng it reguUrly, and
ICOU thtfawellioff bqrin tog) dntm and the arm
ceaiejttn pain m<\ rtmjHfiweil lt? i?*e.aml af or
?io-ht bnrtlM ?ui thor. tilth's* cured.
AVM*W* Wwtffci, .Vewark. 2s. J.
.Tn!?UM.?. ii o<4
m%H !) ?war8. Atkma. **.
Tt? Oreatoit Medical Ttinia^ tt? Af?!
Lou of appetite, Doweia costivr? ram i*
the bend, with a doll cn?ttUw? 1? ?U?
hnck part* l'ntn ooder tlie boulder. j
blade, Fullaeis after eotle*. . wllfc Ml"lacllnatloa
to exertloo or body or Wtod,
Irritability offtemper, Lowoplrito# WMb 1
m fedlneotbnvina neglectcd oiao dot*,
WtirlDBU, DlajloeM, Flntterlnrottbo
Jlcart. Pot* before tbo tye?, llcodacbo i
mmsssgtma '
EenoTBte* lto lmy, W&W hfalttiy^tUyh. t
sssrvsea !
yet*" j
S1& 4^S
B.y.BooK(M, l*9A* A Co., DrQfKlsU. BeotVy j
Jm'zvtZ'Jl 3W3"?!sjS?<
n "???
B ?<?r>fu 1U J. UUK
dialed g1__ HsdiM-KT
OWo."/I lallbrDnwtlM'
5 ~,^/a0ir f In.. tt.M
jUThM LOOA1T * 00.. AcmU.
?"a~ rkfcfci
(...? irareril ur Ihe cur. W >'""?
M..ul.?..H. WwkMM,^ ? ! jft"
iu (>Uin Mated e*v?tO(? * *?. Dnigmu <alt 01 it
Address DR. WARO 4 CO.. LoutotaM, Mo.
ik SniMgwm.
OfflMi Num. SO ?nd St VuartoonthStrooU
How tho Earth Grows lllffgor by Levying
Contributions from the btnra.
A'w York Krtnlnq To$t,
Dr. Kleiber, of St, Petersburg, publishes
in the Aitronomiacht NachrichUn the results
of investigations by himself sod Dr.
Vnlln* ?V.o am/Mint Ww utklnl. iV,n
nouei vu tu? tuuvuuii uj n uiui uic cat iu a
mass it increased each hour by the meteors
falling upon the globe from apace. The
original memoirs, which are printed in
Russian, have not reached this country,
but the summary referred to !b extremely
Interfiling. Observations by Professor
Schmidt, of Athens, and others, have
shown that on the average a single observer
will see about ten meteors per
hour. This is a number which depends
upon experiment simply. A single observer
does not command the whole sky
above his horiton, but only some twentythree
percent oi it. Professor Newton, of
Yale College, has shown that about 10,000
time's as many meteors fall on the whole '
earth in an hour as fall so as to be visible ;
above any one horiion. Combining these
separate reductions, it follows that 10x100
xlO 400x2,1 (or about -150,000) meteors fall
on the surface of the whole earth each
hour. It is to bo remembered, too, that
only such meteors as would be visible to ,
the naked eye aro included in the enumeration.
Every an!ronomer knows that liiore
are vatt ijuantities of extremely minute
telescopic meteors in the heavens. One
can hardly woik for two or three hours
without seeinu at least one meteor in the
very small field of view of the telescope
The number given above, then, is clearly j
minimum. Professor Alexander Herahel j
has showu .that the average weight of a
meteor iuay be taken as five grams, J
whence it follows that the earth receives J
hourly not Jus than 2,250 kilograms, or j
4,950 pounds of foreign material deposited
upon it from the celestial spaces.
Sir. Goiikllug la Chicago. I
Chicago taily Kct?.
Among those who crowded in to reo the *
sx-Senatpr were several ladies. In the
words of one of these, "Lord Roscoe" was
looking "perfect!}', splendid." His hair
ind short pointed beard are very nearly J
mow white, having bleached yery percep- j
tibly since he was in Chicago last, which 1
was when he led the "old guard" of 806 c
Stalwarts who stood by Grant in the Pres- a
[dontial convention of 1880. Mr. Conk- M
ling's moustache still retains a reddish 1
jnge. His cheeks ,aro fuller lliari they '
were, and show ? lint which man)- a lraaiden
might covet! In attire Mr. Conk- '
iing was faultlessly neat, from his soft, )
:op-ereas d black slouch hat to hisBhiny j
lioolii encased in over-gaiters. He wore a '
ilack suit, the coat a cutaway fiock, th: 1
rest being trimmed with broad silk braid. J
A dark purple silk handkerchief protruded (
from his breast pocket, and a tiny bit of
red ribbon appeared fastened in the lapel
liuttonhole. Ilis immaculate turn-down "
. ollar \va? set oil by a small white polka-1"
lotted dark pi'rple tie. '
Alluul Wlduwi. I
Si* Franciiei Chronicle. 1
1 have a vague idea that a widow, U) be 11
natural, should always be plump. I can't '
<ive my reason for it. I Iravejong bad a J
;onvictiou that grief over a departed bus- J
band is fattening. I know that stage wid- J
jws are always wan arid pale, and faint at 1
lie sight of any relic of tiro deceased. But
lhat is a dramatic liceifBe, and only in
wmedies where true love and devotion ,
ire made funny, not to say ridiculous, do ^
they make widows plump. Come to think
if it, I don't see why a widow shouldn't
lie plump. Slio has nothing to worry '
tbout. She is the heroine of one great '
battle, with a weakened world before her 1
o conquer. I like widows. It always 11
reerus to me that? widow is a woman who J
lias got the best of a man. lie may have b
seen a good deal of man or very little of a ?
nan, but she's got the best of him. It 1
ieems to he awfully hard for a woman to '
survive her husband. I do not wish to ?
isk whether matrimony is, a tcr all, a 11
lisease that is fatal to woman. 1 don't *
lay that a woman should never marry at *
ill She should always marry some other j
man. J
A ?nn|tt> ch?at*U. (
Sufld CWr,
Snakes are fond of eggs, but they do not
always have a sharp enough Instinct to r
letect tbo genuine article from the sham. H
5ae in Ohio recently got into trouble from j
ooaching a hen's nest, last Saturday
norning Levi Henry shot and killed a
slack snake, five feet long, on the bills
sack of the town. Observing an enlarged l
ippearance about the centre of the body, c
10 concluded that the snake bad swallow- i:
id something, which was as yet undi- )
;ested, so he cut the reptile open to ascer- t
,ain the pature of the object. This fact g
revealed no lees than one of those false 1
iliina eggs, just the eije of an ordinary e
len'segg. The philosophy of the thing is c
;hatthe snake bad been robbing ben'B j
leits, and finding this egg in one, did not i
liscover its true nature until it was. too a
ate. The reptile bad probably swallowed
ho china out; some time before, as (he
?naioned side of the body was hard and ?
*hite. Jbe egg resting heavily upon the a
feature's blojtiacb yaa probably what 4
irevented it Irom enter) i|g on jts winter's
ioze. ' f
Hollow llurulu Cattle u
The disease commonly known ii? 'iiolow
horn," has no immediate connection
yith the horns, as animals without boras
sanlfoat tho same symptoms. The dissiiso
In question la the result ot iollamraa- f
;!on extending Irom the mur,oi|a mem- ?
irane lining the nostrils, into tin? sinuses (
>f tl e skull and horns, there bolng a direct t
sommunication Detwcen uieso pans. i?- j,
jillty, improper and insufficient food, ex- ?
josure, in<l all ot|ier c))dvfi tbfit tend to [
weaken the statem, ma/ give r|se to th(?
ionditloii. The treatment must tlion be
luch as to counteract this deficiency, and 1
ihould consist mainly of good nursing. t
ieep the animal in dry, wartn, well ventl, 4
atecl quarters, pay particular attention to
larding and brushing, give nourishing
ood, aud g ji(tlo physic, if necessary, flub
be rpine Jruiuentiy. Bojinn the horns J
s useless and barbarous, and is to )je t
}laced in tbo same category Willi cutting r
>(Tt bo tail as a remedy for the "wolf as (
(till practiced by the ignorant. b
ft? s
How New York Womeu Win at |'?.|fOr* n
PUUbHrph Put, 0
The desire to win a dollar or two is as 0
itrong in the belle whose allowance of pin- ii
aoney is a hundred a month as (0 one to 1
?hoin th* lora or B'lm 0[ 11 lrl"8 '? 01 con" 11
lequonce. A toiitil) old clubman, notably
i Btickler for exactitude In bis p|ay, was
jroughtthe other nlglit into direct antaronton
with a bewitching beautiful o
nuldeh. He liflM ifhree kinga; the had c
jarda which, according to lioyle, couldn't t
iiaye won the pot or anywhere near It, a
in<1 yetiia jiuabed the chips over to her, i
liter a moment's hfiltallon. "What under 1
heaven did you do that for?" a friend, I
who saw both hand', afterward aaked. t
"Her two palm beat my three of a kind," j
bo replied. "But alie didn't have two t
pairs.1' "0! yes. ei?e did, a nairofacea in c
her band and a pair of eyej In her head? ?
blue ones, wlih team'in them. They'd a
beat a roy?l flush If I lieldit,' I
Row to Get Early (tardea Crop*? I
Americtm AgrMturUi. J
Tliere are many wavs of getting early t
crop#, or of trying to Ret (hem, *U0it M t
itartlng the plants in the house or hotbed,
and covering them with glass, etc.,
after they aro let out. But when these
method; are not adopted, there Is still a 1
chance to bavo early vegetable jn((? good i
garden. It la simply to select the warm- i
est and driest soil, and sot or plant early, i
It is not desirable or wise to sow or plant 1
the main crops before the soil is in good 1
working condition; lint for a few early |
crops on a small sc?Ie,we can well a/ford \
to run a little risk of IoiIiih our seed by too i
early lowing. One thing however should j
not be overlooked. Do not depend on this I
early sowing, lint sow or plant again a !
little liter, when the soil and weather are
more favorable. If tho first Bowing
succeeds, you are ao mueh ahead; If It fails,
in have loat only the teal and your
labor. Yon can well afford to run this
rink. There are eome crops which can be
aown the moment the frost la out of the
aail,wlthliulaor. no-rijlu_AmimgJllSM
we may mention peas, cabbage, cauliflower,
splnage, onion, lettuce, celery, beet,
carrot, parsnip, etc. It ia seldom that
these crops are hurt by early frost. Last
year a frost In May destroyed many cabbage
plants, bat this Is a very unusual occurrence.
Among the crops which we
should re-sow without waiting to see if the
first sowing will escape, are beets, radishes,
cabbage, cauliflower, beans andsweetcorn.
It Strengthens tbe Calves.
tic*:On Couritr.
"I do not?aw?see," said he, as he
withdrew the head of his cane Irom his
mouth, "why there should bt so much objection
to?aw?roller skating; it ia a
bfrmless amusement." "Some physicians
say it Is injurious to the health," she
observed, as she plied her crochet needle.
"Perhaps so," he reioined, "butr-aw?
they all seem to agree in the opinion
that"?here he blushed slightly?"that?
?w?It strengthens the calves." "Ah!
indeed," she said with an arch smile; "do
pou fuel any stronger since you began to
skate?' l{e is still wondering what she
meant by putting her question In that
Hobbles of thi Hygienic,
There were several dor/m of the bygiensts
in council, each with his individual
lobby. Each thought all the others wore
vrong. Kacli wss sure that hia own hobby
?-iii the only correct one. A gentleman
iri'aant said lie had taken Brown's Iron
Hitters (or debility and dyspepsia, and,
hough bo didn't want to make a (uss
ibout it, he knew tho use of this great
ooic to be better than all tho notions he
lad heard advanced in the council. One
iractical cure is worth thousands of
tnessesand notions. Thousands of happy
:onvalescents spent gratefully of Brown'B
'run Bitters.
"One Bees singular sights at sea" said a
jeiaon who had just crossod tho Atlantic.
'1 saw the ocean heave, a passenger heave
md the ship liuave too."?Jack Uur'tJuke.
11r. Friwier't Koot littlerB.
Frazler's Boot Bitters are not a drain
iliop beverage, but are strictly medicinal
n every sense. They act strongly upon
he Liver and Kidneys, keep the bowels
ipen and regular, cleanse the blood and
ivatem of every impurity. Sold by drug;isla.
$1 00. Dr. Frazier's Magic Oint*
Dent?tho greatest blessing that has been
Uncovered in this generation. A sure
tire for Boils, Burns, Sores, Cuts, Flesh
iVottnds.Sore Nipples, Hardor Soft Corns,
Jhapped Lips and Hands, Pimples and
blotches. Price 50c. Sold by druggists,
"razier Medicine Co., proprietors, Cleveaud,
Ohio. Wholesale agents: Logan &
Jo., Wheeling. W. Va., and J. 0. Dent 4
3o., Bridgeport, O. now ;
Paradoxical.?A clock may not bo slow,
mil yet it is always behind time.? Watch'tan.
Hon. JunatJ. n. Copmuunv, Cleveand,
0., Bays: "I bave used scores ol
>ile cures, and it adonis me pleasure to
ay that I have never found anything
rhich rives sucii immediate and peruialent
relief as Pr. William's Indian Pile
)intiuent." Wholesale Agents: Logan 4
Jo., Wheeling W. Va., and J. 0. Duut A
>0.. Bridgeport. Ohifv haw
There'a a man in Waterloo who never
aw a pair of roller skates. He is blind.?
Itetaw Ocu'iil,
Stop That Votiflt I
)y using Fraiier's Throat and Lung
talsam?the only sure cure for Coughs,
Jolds, Hoarseness and Bore Throat, ami
,11 diseases of the throat and lungs. Do
lot neglect a cough. It may prove fatal,
cores an J hundreds of grateful people
iwe their lives to Dr. Frajior's Throat and
-ung Balsam, and no family will ever be
rithout it after once using it, and discoviring
its marvelous power. It is put up
n lanru fatnt)rr an/1 frnl/1 fr?? flu.
U l<UgU lotlllljr UVtUGS BUU DUJU 1U1 UIC
mall price of 75 cents per bottle. Frazier
rtedicme Co., Prop's, Cleveland, Ohio,
laratoga High Rock Spring Wator for sale
>y druggists. Wholesale agents: Logan &
Jo., Wheeling, W. Va., and J. 0. Dent A
Jo., Bridgeport, Ohio. daw
? nt ?
Many young women can aweep into a
oom in grand stvle, but when it comeg to
weeping out a room they are not there.?
Ir&jul Dtalert Jtsa/rd.
Fil?.l I'llo. I! Cliffs I! i
Sure cure for Blind, Bleeding and Itchng
Piles. One box has cured the worst
ases of twenty-yeara' standing. No one
leed suffer five minutes after using Wiliam's
Indian Pile Ointment It absorbs
more, allavs itchinff. acta aa a nollltice. >i
ives instant relief. Prepared only for
ilea, itchlpg qf the private parti, nothing I
lse. Sold by druggists and mailed on re- J
eipt of price, $1. I'rn?ier Medicine Co., .
'roprietora, Cleveland, Ohio. Wholesale i
l gents: Logan & Co., Wheeling, W. Va? 1
ad J. C. Dent A Co.. Bridgeport, Ohio, j
I.adies should refrain from throwing j
beir cast-off foot wear into neighboring i
Hoys, for alley-gaiters are dangerous.?
i/ioCTncikri' Snichri. i
, i
lortford'M Aula l'liutphut,*, [u Conntljif)t)oD. '
Dr. J. Itobinoon, Medina, (I., says: >
In cases of indigestion, constipation and <
lervous prostration,its results are hsppy." j
Tthww J
BueJilen'* Arnica Hair*. 1
The best Salve in tlio world for Cuts, 1
Iruises, Sores, Ulcere, Salt Kheum Fever
i m..u rtt I tT /iLtit.1.1
oreHi Aewer, vnnpueu xjuutis, ^uumiNHS, :
Jorna anil ail b|?(n grunUans. ami poai- |
ively cures I'ilee, or no way required. It >
! guaranteed to give perfect satis/action,or '
noney refunded. Price 26 cents per box. '
'or sale by lagan 4 On,
Spring, beautiful Spring, is in the air.
'he strawberry-box joke has already been '
hawed out by a Lowell contemporary.? '
friladflfhia fall, " t
Youuj Mral - ltuiul Thli.
i hi * oltaio vo., oi maranau, 1
lich,, offer to send their cplfiinitsd &s>- 5
uo-V0fT*|P fyjfA' ami oilipr Kunraic A p- g
UASt'ta on trial for thirty tlayn, to men ?
young or old) afflicted with nervous deiiiity,
loss ol vitality and manhood, and "j
11 kindred troubles. Also tor rheumatism, 11
cantojwrolyiis, ?ud, many other dUasa.
TSo||)pW fa/jOfittiOH to Will, ylg- ;
r and manhood guaranteed. No risk is '
ncurred as thirty days trial is allowed.
Vrite them at once tor illustrated pamph- >
st tree. swhit
?? t
Advlcr t? Mother*.
Are you disturbed ? night and lirokep
il yoqr rest by a Kirk child suffering and
rylng with pain of cutting teeth ? If so,
end at once and get a liottlo of Mm. Winlow'i
(toothing Syrup for Children Teethng.
Its value Is incalculable. It will reieve
the poor little sufferer immediately, i
ieppnd njiOD it molheri, Uioro i? no mis- ;
ake about It. It cunts dysentery and <
liarrhiua, regulates tbe stomach and bow- '
ils, cures wind colic, softens the gums, reluces
inflammations, and gives tone and |
ineroy to the whole system. Mm. Win- ,
ijvw b noovuiu]; ovnip lur uiumren i cumng
It ulowHSt to the taste, and Is the precription
ol one of the oldest and beat le- ,
nale nurses and physicians in the United :
States, and is tor sale by all druggists
hroughoat the world. Price 36 cents *
Wilis. xw?*w
A (lr?At Diiconn.
Mr. ffm. Thomas of Newton, la., says: ;
My wife lias been sorionsly affected with
t cough for twenty-five yean, and this
mrlng more severely than ever before,
she had used many remedies without relet,
and being nraed to try Dr. King's
S'ew Discovery} did so, wltll most gratify,
ug resulU. The tint bottle relieved her
rery much, and the second holtle has abnltitely
cured her. She has not bad so
rood health (or thirty years." Trial hot.
lies free at Logan A Co.'s drug store.
Ufje ilje f| 00, nwnw
' Tba features or the Honey Md Stock Mai
H*w Toss, litf H.-Jta*y ?a mil wumtjt
1 percent. Film* msrcantUa upvjii ptrcan'
Foreign Kxchanm qnlot at*MM 88?.
GoTaaxxurr?Bonds retelred tome attention
There were nice of 4% percent reglsterd at lMf
th ?8s at 1MK and u coupon and registered a
Sun s*cp*m?-ffare been my quiet.
Railroad Bonds?Hare been qu.et. and actln
and prices generally somewhat higher.
Stcciu?The look market has been Irregular,
moderktcly active and at timet feverish to-day,
with Uckawanna, u the leading future.
The market H growing more and mom
each day Into a contest between tbo
bulls by the OouUMflftfto party, who control.
In a great meaaure. the quotations for
Uulon Pacific. Western Union, Missouri Pacific and
Uramren. and the leadlmr Uar operators, whose
dire I attack has been against the Vandsrbllts
until to-day, when thty alio sold Lackawanna
heavily. The different stocks that make up the
or tire If it were no erratic that a descripUon 01
I he market can hardly be given without taking up
the hit tcri atim. The toul sales lor the day*were
y?^l(wi i hare*.
Id the foreaoon Larlcawanna Mid down from
10% to 101J<. and Anally olosing at KB*, a oss of
1 percent. Delaware <k Huds m closed at a gain of 1
percent. With the exception of Latkawanna, New
York Central wan the weakest active stock and in
the fo enoon it fell to 82% and doted at 83#, which
is a Iom of only }4 percent
Graugen and Gould stocks yielded a fraction in
the forenoon. Late in tho afternoon they rallied so
that at the close Western Union i? down % percent.
I'uelfle Mall X aud Northwesto.n ?4. while St. Paul
fs up % percent, Missouri Pacific#. L'nfon Facfflc
and Missouri, Kansas & Texa< uuehanged. Lake
Shore cloied with a galu of JJ percent.
U. 8. 8s. 103H; u. 8. 4Ks, ll2tf; U. B. new 4i,
12192; Pacific Ga of *95.12H%: Central Pacific, 112*:
Erie, 61%; Lehigh & Wilkesbarre, 94)$; Louisiana
Consols, 74; Missouri 0s, 104; St. Jooeph. lltiX;
St. P. A 8. C. firsts 113: Tennessee (to, old, 48; do
new, 48; Texan Pacltlo Land Grants, 85; do Rio
Grande. 62Vi; Union Pacific firsts, lift: do Land
Giants, 106% , do Sinking fund, HV; Virginia 6s,
89; Virginia Consuls, extra matured coujiom, 49:
do deferred. 4; Adams Express, 184; American Ex*
press, 05; Canada Southern, 26: Central Pacific,
?)&; Chesapeake & Ohio, 4; do first preferred, 7)4;
do scoond preferred, 4: c. C. C. <k L, 29; Denver
& Bio Grande, 5>j: Erie, 10>,; do preferred 21;
Fort Wayne, 182; Kaunas & Texas, 17ft; Lake
Erie St Western, 5>J; Lake 6hore, 62W; Louisville
A Nashville, 80%: Louisville, New Albany & Chi'
cogo, 22; Memphis & Charleston, KG; Michigan
Central, 48; Missouri Pacific,Nashville jc
ChHttauoogH, 8i; New Jeney Central. North
ora ParlUc, 17; do prWurred, 3S',;: Jtortlhruurti,
io preferred, l-T; New York Central, KIJ4;
uhfoLentral, J4;Oblo ii MlMlnippl, 10X;do pre/erred.
*!! Pad lie Mall, M; P(ltobutgb,flU(: Beadbig,
l?t at- LoiUj i Mil KruoclMO, HI)*; do prel-rrml,
la st, Paul, 8?i do pralemd, ldjK:
Tezaa Paelflc, 10J4; Uiifou Pwlflp, H))i: Uolfil
|tal??p a,5i;V8t. I,.A P.,?% , dopreferred,
D; Wella-Fauo Kiprt-u, ICf; WoaUra L'uJul),
Bresdatulla nml t'ruvlilnin.
CHinoo. 1LH.. Slay 1J -Tla- wheal market wal
been Jiearr abort <611lue during the two prwredluir
day* nod the bean aeemed to be lu ooinptete po?
nealon of ttio field, due la the * rosin
to the advent of warmer weather. Theu came in
Mime gloomy crop and the reported protein t of
itranJioppetalu Texas and a good boiue >ua ex*
jwrt inquiry r?prloffwliM?, all of which rcca loned
au inXHnt reviiUlou in the temper
\>t the market, prices advaudng ?h*rpljr
iKe iron* the bottom, pith the bean showing
a fruntie dca re to cover their abort lalva. The
I-cadInk to ihe clo?e iu the afternoun wax active
*ud the feeling w?u quite linn at toe fluidi at
lli>*rlV tho !.? ?! Iirll'i-a ill iliu .I...- 'I'l...... ....I..
a moderate speculative business In com. Flour
julctand unchanged. Wheat was influenced ty
mrm weather and weak cable*. The market
opened %c lower, declined ^c, ruled hioady and
Hiuu rapidly advance! on reported bad
crop new*. The advance wad iWXc,
ibove the Inside figures, receded l/jC, fluctuated
and doted 54c higher than yesterday; sales rang'
ed: May b8ljyutt%c, dosed at&%o; June &%a9lc.
dosed at 90^0; July Vt&WXc, oloaed at WJ40; No.
1 c?*h : No 3 uprlug *9%a80o; No. a wl
WcaSl 00: No. 8 red 89X?. fairly active and
iteady: the market optued '/faftc lower, milled J ,n
%n Hiid dorfd Vic o.er jest- way: cash 47]?c: way
KWWfi* cl(?ed-atJ7Hc: June 4-Kai?$c, dosed
July47Xa48%c,4do*ed at4Sc. outa. quiet
Uut steady, prices snowing little change: cash 84X
tflKo: M*y giXaMJfr Juuo WX*3tSc, dosed it
W%*S4Kc; July 84X*WHc, closod at 54Hc. Rye.
tlrui; No. 2,78a Barley nominal. Flaxseed Aim:
N'o. 1, 9187^. Meauork quiet: prices ruled
5al0c lower, milled 10al2)$cand dosed ?tendy; cash
111 wall 10; Juue 911 97x?tl 1?, closed at 911 02*a
It 10; July fil o aJl 17^,. closed at tit i'.'^nll Ift.
Lard quiet with prices showing little chuuge; ea*h
)>Uh6,W>4c; Juue C.SOuG 87kc, closed at 0 86a
J>*7Hn; July 6 77*afi.96c, closed at ?.92Xa?.M.
Uoxtju meat* quiet: ahouldera 4 8Sa4.4l'c: short
rib 5 60tf>.G5c; short dear G.lOaf. 15c. Whisky
llnuat 91 15. 8ugara stronger; cutloaf 7c: granulated
6XaOKc; standard A tiut%o. Butter duil null
lower; creamery !A)a22c; dairy >8sl9c. Afternoon
Hoard?Wheat Arm and tfc hUher. Corn tlrm;
Iune advanced Up. Oats unchanged, Fork 2j$c
ilgher. Lird 2Hc lower,
?ew Yobk, May 1&?Finnr,receipts 20,260 bsrrels;
sxporii none*, winter grade* scarce and held firmy;
hp- lug stock dull; suiwrtine western and State
ft fn a8 &V; common to choice white western extra
(5 00a5 60; common to choice extra SLLouli 9376a
16 00. Wheat, receipts 40,960 bushels: exports 78,.
ft) busliol*; spot dull; options opened weak, later
reacted, doslug llrm; N'o. 2 spring 9ttMc; No. 1
Soitheru c. I. u 9102& ungraded ml bicaSl Oljf:
S*o '/red8101; N'o.l whlleil ffl; No. 2 red May.
tals M.ouo btuln-U ft ll?Xall?lX, closing at
}l(X0i; June, salt*. 896,000 bushels at 91 tri^a
I 01. closing at 91 (KSfc; July, rules 1,970,000 busu*
>U at 91 OI%al 0;i'/.j dosing at 91 Pfi?J; August,
Kiles IJH.OOo bushuis at 91 OGMtl 0GJ$, dtwluir at
II OBH: sentcmher. aitiiB immfii hiiehoi. ?? ?
i 00ft, c.odng ?t SI Oft; Ovtober do ed at SI 0$S;
November. SI JOW; l>ecembrrf fales 61,000 bushels
it SI lO^ul 12#, clot i?g tit SI lift; January
tales 8,000 bushels at SI 1 '2m, eloslng nominally at
H 13. Corij, fipot quiet; options opt nod lower. later
allied, doing Arm; receipt# 30,530 bushels: ex?
i>orts 88.W1 bushels; ungraded No. 3
tteamer 66Wc; ungraded. wWto Wo; No. 2 May
'i?,%a55Wc, do?ipg at 5mo; June 51Jia56J?c, doting
at ?kc: /ll?y 6f*55%e, dosing at fiStfc; August
dosing at Ge^jo. Oats tlrm; receipts
Ip.'OO bushels; exports none; mixed western lOa
13c; white do 45a4'Jc. Hay firm and rather quiet;
dipping DOaWc. Coffee, spat fairs Km quiet ana
teaay at H^c; Qr lions moderatdy active; No. 7
mottt.OOc; May 6(70a(L75a; June 6.7Gc; July OSOc;
<{ugw#t flffiflB.Wte; Sfpiewbor 0 9H7.(Qa; October ,
r,o:?c; November 7.10c; December 7.16c. Bunar,
utra u 6Hu5Mo; whlttxexcm O 6J*a5Kc, off A r>)6a
r&c. Molasses steady; 60 test l?)ic. Uice tlrui.
terpentine dull. Kggs steady nud In moderate'Ininlry;
wtMeru lb^allc. 1'ork dull; mess spot
112 'io. lleefdull. Lard moderately active, c'oslug
icavy; western steam spot 7.06o; Way 7.00e;June
'.10a7.12c; July 7.loa7.'20c; August 7 tfta7.'29c; Sepember
7,85c; October ?.45a7.4Gc; city steam ilwu
t.U5c. Butter dull and barely s^fldy. rhoesedull
fim.anklfhia, Pa.. Maris ?flour. winter wheat
t> good demand; spring do quiet. Wheat opcued
ies^ r^ac^cq aqd closed l\rm; No. *2 red May
rc.'U rfPH0' "?ttmer No- 2 ?"lxe*l KkbTty, No. '1
ffivfo : ,Noi No. l yellow
I2 nilxwl May 6rtia55Wc: Juue Matofcc:
lufrttjtfaKfcc; Augunt ^kaMKc. Oata flrmir;
K fSE^S:
MC2Sui!5.A2,ni2'^I5L*,t,te twnnjr
llttOhi'fft 2LSI && V ,?*1 No 2
ro |ly7Al ft); r^pipu 5.000 biuhela: ahlpmentf W)
v" ?***%' 2 ttlxoU aa>^c. oatfe
(SnSCSVfe'i Si.s Br?
trpngcr, No. 1 (all 78c. U?rlc>?i*rr?uml Hrm:
i rjPr V* I^5? l>tirk dull ?nd lower ?t
J?i?lS0, lirdaufetitiwo. Bulk me?t. dull
lfnl2r0?l'l??; uoiifilew MMos .lion rib 6 7Jc.
nnF "iV!.'y "'"J u,lch""?M- Whllkr Kteailynt
1 c"'ler' ?*t? crt'iimcry UaSSo: ban
Simri VW IIRH|r ,,'lllt't' blJt flnil Mid UO|
'-' vittii, mp.. wur J*?flour firm, wueat,
vofiUirn ouen^d Yfi )o\Wr: ruled Hrm and Ulgber;
ku. i winter red spot nominal at ?100: June |l 01
; ot%: July SI 03J?al W: August SI CV.ti n;v Coru.
Vetera dull ana nominal; mixed iF&tiUaWo; June
S?M/4c; 3uly WXp 0!q. Oato qule. and about
teaqy: wc^ci'l While 4&45c: mixed 4ln43 j. Frofluloflu
dull 4 lid ea?y, uu in pork 812 50al800. Lard,
silned 8Wo. Cofl'eu dull; Kio cargoea, ordinary to
air 7&&XC. Kfgi Arm and libber at IS^jlltO,
Toumo. 0.,JMay 13.?Wheat plfwed wuder? No. 2
ed cash or May yto a?>od; Juno W>?c: July MWo;
tunu*t 0T^c> No. 2uou 81 05a-ked. Cora quiet:
I'a-y&UU ur May 62oaakod; June fil^o; July filUo.
>a\N, nothing doing,
Petroleum? 99
Oil City, Pa.. may w,?National Trimlt certlfl^8&ir3?S&
,7^4,000 iMunui; ran* IVI,:W) barrels; shipments 74,
08 biTO'ls; i barton 101.W0 ba rets. Oil Exchange
lock, no hidn; none offlired.
Bradford, Pa.. M?y 13.-Opened at cloaid
at 7Sjic; highest Ko; loweit 7fMp; runi\Wt*0
harrow: shipment* J.'.M-. (barrel*: unarterallli.*
SQ cl4?aoee^0?3?0 barrel*.
ilghest vUJ^oi lowest 78^0; trading light.
Trromujt PA., May 18,-Opened at 78Xc; hltbJ?d
ttrffij fmi iJulW
Lire Htock.
Chicago, III., May la?The Droveu' Jomtaln
oru: Cattie-ReMlpta 4,800 bend: ahlpueuts 8,000
jead; tnulln* brink ana m|cr? Hmns; detftuUe
m MS
H&WOQiToxausfilm8Q. lIog?~K?reipU20.000
?e*d; ahlnments 5.8UQ head: market slow, waak
Wtd fialQo lower; rough and mixed 91 U6a4 80:
poking and hipping,?4 ?w 45: light U Ma4 M;
klpa9SA0a4 10 ilheep-Keodptt 4,700 bead; Bhlp.
nenta v.eoo bead: market Mow but ateady:' short)
rnmmou to cliol'o 82 71*8 ?0; woolod Is TOM 80]
rcxam I22.nl W.
Ear LlIlKkTY. Pa.. \lw 1? aAtlvA and
Inn i ntoelpu l(fbt: jiHme f? U?S*0 00; hlr to good
?;iWW;<?mCTODrecc!pU57 bued;
iblpneota 57 Iimir shipment* yetterjiij to New
VorkMcarlouU. Hon flrm and fairly mU?oj
PbUadelpfaUa h 'OHty. Yorker* $4 70*4 85; re?
idpte w head: iblpiaeDU 700.bead: shipments
reiterdey to Key York 44 c*r loads. Bheep slow.
seal goods,
Fur GoodM <
Krer Brought
wm. flem
noil aa'yirai avkhuk,
but stsady; prima $4 ooa4 26: fair to food 18 OOat ft
common 11 Ooas uO; clipped lambs S400aft00:iprln
> lamb# 9690*1 00; noslpts 2,800 bead; sblpmeni
2,400 baad.
4 CO; reoelpts 2,880 bead; shipments 143 bsad.'
Cotton. '
Hiw Tout. May 18.?Cotton steady and uncbang
. 2071c; October 10Mr( Sevamber IQMc; Dsosmbai
' l(X28c; January 10.88c.
Cincinnati, o., May 18,-Cotton quiet and towar;
' mlddllu? 10^?gSUdtcal.
No. 1404 Chupliue Street,
New Fourlwinth auwi
Tli, U?t .vMcnci ol pbyildui'i luecaa to th
testimony of hi* patients. Tbe increasing d?
consulted m?. I never use a patent's nam* wit!
out wrmWon. though I him- many hundred ea
t ideates from those whom I have cured alter tho
bad beeu pronouuood luouraUe. A thorough uid
leal education with many yean hospital sxperiaoo
and familiarity with tberaputlc sgants, u cW ol
servance of tempemfnanul pecuUaritka and stria
attention to hjtleulc imumgeiatut Insures succutf
a cure Is possible, and I frankly rive the patient us
TTmn p
CO no ?? omy,
Catarrh, Polypus of Now, Impaired voloa-flul
fered for yearn; patent mwlieloe failed to help U4
Dr. Smith completely cured me."
(or year* failed to give me relief. Dr. Smith curd
Die." THOMAS HOLT, luurauoe Agent/
Fits.?Had them for fourteen yeaa. Dr. Smltl
cured me.1' LOUIS r. WASHINGTON.
Scrofula. Ruuuluf Soreeou Head.?"My sou wa
mil leti'.l for luurUwii yean. Nothing seemed u
help htm. Dr. ttrnlth oured htm."
Market Street, Wheeling, W. Vau
Cancer.?"Suffered for year* with Cancer. Had I
cutout three times. It relumed after each opera
tlon. Dr. Smith cured me without kulfe, cauMka
pain." Mrs. h. m. okciitt
' Plica, Fistula of Anu*.?Flat on my back for 11
weeks. Reported dyjug. Dr. Smith cured mi
without knife lu five weeks.
Wholesale Grocer, Main St.. Wheeling, W. V*.
Ulcerations of Rectum, Prolapsus ana PiK's."Wm
given up to die aud pronounced Incurable
Dr. Smith cured me without knife."
Roy. It. 0. Lndd writes:?"Dr. 8mlth's profes
Bionul services in my family have been moat satis
factory, and 1 commond him to all u a gentlemai
and a skillful physician."
Mrs. Margaret Kolk says: "I hsd been suRbrlni
for seven years and treated by many physicians fo
dyspepsia. Dr. 8mith mid I had a tape worm, uu<
in eight hours removed a monster 1(0 feet long."
Female Com plain ta.?Three years in hospital* foi
females, give me peculiar advantages in such eases
Persons cured of catarrh, diseases of heart, livsr
itomach, kidneys, skin, blood, nervous aflectloni
and weakness* of men and youth, scrofula an<
asthma testify to my suocess.
Piles cured without the knife.-.
Patients at a distance may be treated by letter ani
satisfaction guaranteed. A chart for self-examjna
tion sent ou receipt of two three-cent stamps, and
advice returned free.
Consultation at office free. Ofiloehoura from 9 A
m. to 7 v. dally. Call uu or address.
No 1404 Chapllue St., Wheeling, W. Va.
(gaeyttt, g-umitixrc, tcc.
^ | x
= "=? ^ H
a 5 ?b
_ I * " J ^
a si m
?5 -S Oj
? CO zg
g = W!
s = 2
LU ^
3=1 C/D
3C W
Dully, Semi-Weekly and Weekly.
The year 1885 brlnw the oountry to a now departure.
A party out of power for a quarter of a century
goca luto control. A uew color is to bo giren
to Uie pegee of our national history. Kvery man
uid woman ought to follow that blatory an It ti
made. It will touch every ?audition ?f life,
whether for weal or wo?.
Willoorerirk************ Will be
the whole* $prompt, ac- ,
fluid. * 1SOO. ? curate aud
^cr^jjcu*- *
Sj?L Never L
In a career of thlrty-Wro y?ar* it has made Itself
the family k?pcr.
Ii U tak9U oy iawllles who have taken It tlnco '
\ho flnt number.
It baa full market report* and looks well to the
'armem' Intercut.
It Is very strong in Ha Washington correspond once. It
hM toe leaa in State matter*.
It Is unsurpassed In its Industrial feattms.
ft bolluvea in the American policy of I'rotocUon.
It labors for the Development of West Virginia.
One Dollar Pays for the Weekly Intelligencer
tor a Whole Year.
vmu! tiko ruiiowtas terms and txeraiunu.
TheWotiSty lntelllgwicer, >ln|leoopy one year.il 00
j copies, one your, and Dally two month* inxx. & 0u
10 copies, one roar, and Dally two months or .
out-oopY of the Weekly, ono year free 10 0;
15 eoplas, one year and Daily six mouths, or
three coplw of the Weekly one year free % 00
The premium copies will be sent to any addreni
deUred. It Is equivalent to a cash oontmlaslou, as
they can readily be sold and Uwmoney reuined by
the getter up of the dub. it la not ueoewary lor
&11 the nana in Uw club to come irou one office,
aar Is it necessary to send ill tho subscribers at one
time Subscriptions may be smit as (sit M resolved.
one or more at a Ume, and a record of them
will bo kept at this office. The premium copies
will be seal at tho request of the agent as soon as
ho hsa Mot sufficient subscribe* to entitle hUa to
On. oopy, c moiitlm. J1 SO I Two ooplM, I y**r~r. 0C <
iHewprll JW. aool FlTnooptai, 1 je?r.WOO
UV mir v iwTVH ti.i:\Cklt. f
One mouth - t to I Six mnutla... ....84 00 .
three mouthe......** 2 0? I One jwur..... f 00
Rwclmen conic* of cither edition of tb? Ihiki.uu*wc*??ent
free and poeUie paid to any juldrt^ (
We want an Agent at erury Po?tofflce in Wwt
Virginia. Eastern OhlO and Wertern l^nwlpnia. <
Rcmltuncw "hould be made by reginterud letter,
ptvloffloQ money order, postal note or check.
Pubuihui iktuuoencu, all
wimw.mn. w. va. W
?. gltmlng &
?r?u kiikih.
to Pittabat*h.
:ING & CO.,
Ji g. ? gtoffnt lc ?o.
[ &OQ
27 Twelfth St.
A Full Assortment
' . '"}'**'* 'i
Prieen Xjow.
T. C. MOFFAT & CO. i
?E2 i
i nuifDWut
fKOK 1
advkbtbk A I) VEK'J'LSING :
unvkktisk widely cdicdiated !
? newspaper, ;
imffftimuir f
UJVKRTHK tay-I>o not order Priming
of anjr character nntil price*
k"VK"1IIJ'liave been obtained nt the
, a""",
- 1852 & 1885 - t2=u
| L=J
: ItiTPi i inrunrll >
. PER / !
Xyear/ I
vuvtv <?AMPIlMI.I>i! 1IAUT. I'ruu'l.
job work
nkatly and fkomitly exkcutxd
daily jHTKiMSnaiptorriaM
koy, % wwl fj vodrtmnui
*hfr u i* & 1686. raucoiar tnius will
imiffllnmnrf1lnr nirr
t*o.6b SoTi] | No.it
- - "KtfT Bat'Wfr. Ijmal jhrtg ttaHj:Ho.l9 Daily
leave? a. k p.m. 1. m. i a. m. 11?. xt
Wheeling- 6:86 4:10 6:40 8:lf> 6:10
Bellalre ^? 6:66 6.*Ct
Mannlngtou... 7 :*? .........I .............
Arrircn at r. m. ' p. m.
Graftou 4:00......... 11:06 1:10(10:16
p.m. a.m.
Cumberland. 2.-40 T:(0 2:60
nianuupoD laiy* .................... o:a>........ t.mi
Baitlmorf -| 7; 0j....w..| 8:83
' No M, M ami 87 >top at alt titatloti?
No. 2 No. ? No 0
wur >00MP. Na 14 No. 12 Dall* Dally Dally
Leave? a.m. r.x a. m r.M.r.x.
Wheeling. 7 ft 8:40 9:15 7:50 10:,5
Bel 1*1 re. 8: 0 4:16 10:(X> S:K 11:08
Arrive it rv. am.
ZaumilU 11:20 7:00 12:16 10:10 1:10
Newark ?... i:K? I0:i0 2:10
ColumbUM 2:io UM I:W
a. mi
Cincinnati 7:25 4:00 7:80
iianduaky 0:90 8:U
f. m.
Iuillauupoll*.... U:fu 7:06 4:48
a m. p. m.
St LouU - ? 7:80 0:48 0:80
a. m.
Chicago.... ? 5:40 9:00 7:20
P. m
KanwOlty ?I I...... 8:00l <>:C0
Mouudivllle acoomiuodatiou leaven wheeling at
11:98 a. m.. and arrivmat Muu&davllla at 12:18 p.
m. dally except Monday.
MannluRtou accommodation at 4:10 |?. m.
Zaneavllle accommodation leavet Wheeling at
7:88 a. m. and 8:40 p. m. BelUtre at 8:10 a. m. and
4:18 p. m., dally except Sunday.
10:25 p. m. train through to Cincinnati without
filiation with U .1 I I UliuMPlhimiiithlAlHn.iliinaii
I B.&0. bleeping Cars on all through trains.
Through (k?ch from Wheeling to Cincinnati on
No. 2, leaving WheeUngat?:16 a. m., arriTliig at
Cincinnati at 8:50 a m.
done connections arw made for all points 8outh
and Pouthwest, North aod Northwest, making this
desirable loute for colonists and twrsous moving
to the great West, and to wh^m particular attention
J? given.
Tickets to all principal polnla ou sale atDejiot.
Bleeping car accommodations cau be secured at
Depot Ticket OQlre.
T .OH C. BOfcKK. Ticket Agent B. A O. Depot
JOH* T LANK, Trav. Pass?nger A gout
R, T. DKVWIKH. UtMtpml ???...> *vi,wi|t|l>
TlTUKfc.LIMi ot FITlliiiUKUU diviYY
SI'W, B. & o.
On and aft?r MA.T 8, H85. paatouger trains will
run as follows-Wheellng itiue:
Kir Pittsburgh-5:25 a. m? daily; 7:10a. in., t'M
p. m., dallr except *uuday.
For Washington?i:2Sa. m . dally: 7:10a m,,8:2Q
p. m and 5.-05 p. ra., ddlyexcept *uuday.
Krom Pittsburgh?U&i a. in., 6:05 p. m., dally
except Sunday; i0:15o m., daily.
Prom Washington?7:55 a in.. lirfs a. m.. 6:06 ?.
in., daily except Snnday; 10:13 p. m , dally.
*0 K. LORD, Ueneral Pssscngw Agent
B. m NH \M, Oencral eup't.
J T. !.*<!?>. Tr?? P?- ?ift. Whoollrg,
Fll'l'MiUtttfU, OlWUltfNATi & 1ST
LOUIS RAILROA D--^n JlftiiiUa Koi)^ ^
Tlino table fur Gut auti West currccUxl to A t?rl 1
5, IBM. Tralui leave I'uti Handle station, foot o.*
Eleventh atrvet. near public landing, aa follow*,
Uoutril tf tuidanl time:
ruu ?ui Fait Pae."
HTATIJNa, BxpV Kt\i'h Sxp'K Kxp's
a. m. p.m. p.m. a.m.
f,c?re?WheeJIug. 6:45 13:45 3:36 H-M
Arrive?Wellaburg. 6-28 1-25 4:14 9:30
iteubenvlile 7:0f? 2J2 5:2b. 1C:10
Pittsburgh 9:itS 3:fc 0:10
p.m. a.m. a.m. ?
Eliniaburg H:15 1:10 2:45
Baltimore. .... .... 5:25 6:25
Washington.....^, '..~L 6:40 6:40
PhiladJphla. 8:0s 4:26 5:45
New York......?....?M 6:10 7:00 8:0?
p. m p.m. p.m.
fox ton 8:00| 8:00 8:35|
pac. ixiuti Went Ac*
WATioya. Kxp'a kxp'a Mall, o'tn'n
a.m. p.m. a m. p.m.
Leave?Wheeling.- 8:56 8:86 5:45 12:45
Arrlvo-StcubenvTlla 10:10 5-20 7:05 2:11
2edli 11:20 7:25 5:15
Deutitaoii 11:25 7:40 4:05
S'owark 2:20 1:45 11:3* C:45
p M
JoliimbUK.. 8:70 2:42 12:85) 6;00
[>?*ve?<"oluiubu? 8:?0 8:00 12:65
Arrive?Dayton.... . 0:10 7:22
liHlnnitl..... 7:4! 7:1b 4:45 ...
ndiauspolla 10:11 8!00
a.m. p. m
It. Louts. ... 7:00 8:00
Shlcaga. ..| 7:80 ?:55..
All trains dully except tiundity.
I'ullnmu's Palace Drawing Koom and Sleeping
Jntw through without change /mm SlcubeuvlJlo
Eiuit to t hlludulpliiii and New York. Went to Col
imbtiH. Cincinnati, Lonuviue, cutc-ago, luaumnp*
>11* unit St. LnuU.
For through ticked, baggage checks. t?hrplnjt
Mr accommodations, and liny further Information
ipnly to JOHN U. TOMUNSON.TIektt Ageut at
I'an Handle Station, foot of Eleventh street, or at
:ity Ticket Office, under MeLure Hoiinu, Wheeling,
Manager, Columbus, Ohio,
Qen'l Paw, and Ticket Agent, Plttoburgh, P
rtjj *''7
Timetable corrected to MiY 10, lHio. Trains
eave I snliandle Station, foot of Eleventh strict,
tear public laodlug. as follows-Central btsudsrd
rime - which Is ? minutes slower than Wheeling
tme: '
oowo south.
imllj Dally AcPass
Pin com.
A ?. f M. A.M.
Mve-Wb?lln?. ?. MO 3:.? t:M
Irrlve?Benwood ...... C:? *:W U:W
'lound?Tllle.?..... 6:4U 4:0ft 9:60
Harlngton .. i:m ?:? u:;m
Toe lor .. 7:35 4:57 11:60
few Martlnstille........ 7:W 5:15 12&
WnJIi ? 8:02 ftrt 12:60
Istcnvllie H:.o U> t :SV>
*iiiu.l.j JMuUunor*8) 8::<h ft:r? 2:05
it. Marys 9:iq fl:v& 8.80
Viillamstown (Maritttaj V:fiM 7:10 6:28
?arkewburg, W. V*. lOi.tO1 7:15 0:30
Pally L>oily AoPush
Pass. com.
A.M. r.M. a.m.
.cave?Parkoniburg......... ... 0:15 3:30 5:40
IrrlT? WIUNnulowniMart'iU) 7:4f. 4 fti 0:40
t M<m 4:M. #:60
M ndfy (Mafnmoroaj 8 0* ft:W 10:42
Isteraville... 8 :J0 6:40 11:16
ardls. 8:.T? 6:58 12:?
few Martinsville.. 8:to C:QR l2:25
doctor. ... 9:01 0:2'. 1:10
!larinjtfra .r. 9:2? 0:37 IMS
lotmdivJIJe. Jf:U5 7:20 S;2ft
I- nwo*d 10:v?5 7.40 4:15
Vbeellnr ? 10: W *:00i 4:40
I'livonyer trains dally including Sunday. Acomraodallou
trains runs dnU> accent "uadsy.
Ticket Agent. Whwtlltig. W. VA.
Condensed Titne Table of itowsnger Train* cor*
acted NOV. 10. UB4?Central Standard Time:
oomo WHIT.
r.M.|a.x. a.m. r.K. r.ai.
Itiburgh U:2W ?:(*. . . 12:46 3:86
aiesbeny^.. U:8ty trtf Ms66 8:45
toohattir............... 12:20 8:56 1:40 4:80
Cut LlvcrpooL...... 1:08 9:42 2tX 6:18
aereUnd ll-lb 8:00 2:60
A. M.
tirnin*- 1:00 9:42......... 1:81
Ll!iaiiue.~....~ 1:66 .MHMM 10:35......... 4:10
?3:?10:63. . 4:SS
felHTllIe... 5:66 10:09 UM 2:46 IM
IcCoy't....- 6:16 10:80 1:10 1:06 6:21
'oroiito eat 10:80 1:26 804 6:W
iwubenrllle 6:46 J0:W i v- ai? 6:ffl
Mituat n*m iiiH o./v) fill 1>M
U^n'V Ftrry".'.....' 7*51 ii:W 3:41 430| 7:41
Irfdrcport.. 7:48 U-M 2:4* 431 7:4I
WUflrtu gtOOi 13:10| XrOT)| 4:40j 8:01
some *ait.
A.M. A.M.IA.M r.u. r.u.
lillalre.. ....^. 6:10 830 10:? I JO 4:15
WdjMPOTt 63* 8:88 10J7 8:47 4:28
fartWi Fuay^.... 6:80 8:41 10:45 8:48 438
trilllint......... 6:04 9:26 11:1$ 4:18 5:14
I teuton vllio. 6:30 9:81 11? 4:8ft 6:81
roronlo 6:? 9:60 11:61 4A3 6:60
I P.M.
foCoy't?......... 6:491 9:??| 13:061 6:11 6:61
Vett*rllIo~ 7:26 10:80 13:46 6JO 6:20
A. X,
layard 1134 1:44 3J&
OlUnce 13&J 436 8:86
JlevoUmd 3:80 6:26 ttit
a.*. 1a.m.
^rfirtrnwoUZ^ "'7J6J23 13:66"fl'flO"HX
iochwtcr8:26 1:40 ;*? 610
klletheny~ :lftMMMJ ivM 736 6:16
tttt?Dtjr?n 2'M '*' *
All train* daily except Bunday.
Train lairing Bridgeport at 8:38 a. m. makoa dl*
flanaml Wwnmrwr. *P?tt>hnrrh. Pa.
Louisiana State Lotieiy.
For Tlckcti or lurtbrr Inlonwtlon el U? ?!??
LAtterj ftdtlrw,
DAVE C. JOHNSON, Co?lii(rton,K)r.
Amosnti ol 15 00 ind over, by Ksprin ?t mj ?<
ptwe. Ml)

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