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fb MdIfytmv.
WHJCKLIMO, >V. VA., KAY 1A, 18*5.
}mbll?L?d diilj tfittDdey* cxcapurt) or 1
At Not. 26 and T, Ponrtccnth street.
One copy one year..*# 00 J Three months 82 00
Six months.....?..... i 001 One month...^.^.. 61
Delivered by canters in city, lfic per week.
Oue ywu- & 001 Six mouthaM.M.M~HSl SO
One your ^41 001 Six months.... 66
Ureal reduction to Clubs. Scud tor umpie copy
?ud circulars. Addresi
Wheeling w. Va.
(Entered at the Po?tofllce at Wheeling, W.Va.,as
wcoud ciiuM matter.} .
Soon alter tlio aew administration came
liiltwnsdiscoveredthat Hepublican Presidents
liad kept on tliepay roll men who did
little else than draw pay. It wan announced
Willi Pharisaical flourish of trumpets
that these useless branches were to
be lopped off. That eminent civil service
reformer who presides over the Treasury
scalped eight special agents. And the
Mugwumps said it was well, since it not
only retired eight "offensive pactisan*,"
but saved the country their pay. Calmly,
quietly, but uo less effectively these eight
places havo been filled with Democrats.
The administration was not obliged to
apply any principle of civil scrvico reform
to those Treasury agents. In fact
with regard to the great bulk of the places
the administration is untrammeled by
tbe civil service ad, and it may pursue a
policy of "go-as-you-please," ousting liepublicans
and putting in its own parti
nans. Thai which disgusts la Uie glaring
(also pretense?tlio spoils spirit masque'
railing in a "holier-than thou" guise of reform?the
President preaching something
beautifully non-partisan while his head*
of department make unworthy.shifts to
let the victors in to riot in the spoils.
The Chicago Inltr-Ocean puts the case
very plainly: "There are a good many
good men of both parties who do not believe
in civil service reform. They think
Jackson was right in dispensing offices on
political principles, but there is no one
who can admire or justify the sneak who
pretends one thing and docs another. 11
Daniel Manning wanted to turn out eight
Republican special agents and fill their
places with the same number of Democrats
lie should have done so; but let him
not think he cAn pull the wool over the
American public and make the people believe
that economy was Ueing practiced
when he juggled men out of ofHce."
The short meter of it is that the American
people like to be fairly dealt by. Tlioy
don't relish the idea of being tricked, and
they have a way to resent that kind of
* mi... of Rfl
irentmeiu. luo yuvuv __ ___
publican partisans to make way for tho
private appointment of Cleveland's partisans
is not an admirable way of handing
the government over to its friends.
Tlin Moral View of It.
The Republican capture of the Thirtyfourth
Senatorial District of Illinois is
looked upon by some Democrats and Democratic
newspapers as a scurvy trick. It is
even said that Kepublicans 4iave invaded
a Democratic district and stolen a vote for
John A.Logan.
It is not to bo denied that there are in
the district more 1 ><)mocrats than Republicans.
Neither is it to be denied that at
the recent election to fill a vacancy more
-Republicans than Democrats voted.
Nobody was bulldozed to keep him away
from the polls. There was no coercion of
any kind to determine the result. All the
Elements of a fair election were present.
On a square stand-up. fight tho Republicans
had no chance. They resorted to a
device practiced in the same locality, if
not in the same district, more than thirty
years ago, when the minority Whigs ran
in a man by playing'possum. Until three
o'clock on election day the Republicans
had no candidate in the field. Confident
of their own strength, aud lulled by the
languid attitude of the Republicans, the
Democrats gave themselves little concern.
When the time for action camo the Republicans
threw their whole force into the
t>allnt-box and elected their man.
A shrewd move, certainly, but there was
nothing unfair or immoral about it. Democratic
apathy insured Jtopublican success.
If the Democrats had voted their
strength no Republican coup could have
caught them. The State Senator eloctcd
iloea not represent tlie sentiment oi the
district, .but he represents a majority ot
the rotes cast in tho district. Uis right to
his seat is unimpeachable alike [on moral
and.legal grounds.
Another moral qurstion about which
there can be no difference of opinion is
raised by the tactics to defeat the election
of a Republican to the United States Senate.
The Republicans are now in a majority
on joint ballot To break this majority
it is said, we hope without truth, that
oilers of federal patronage and of money
are freely made. This immoral thing is
known an bribery.
Now York1'? Mny Festival.
Wheeling cast her eye over the flue
wht/.H ornnlAil TltHmlorAThotnuH
a week ago, and was proa J. She took the
liberty to flatter herself that a full house
of appreciative people, ladles tfally dressed
and gentlemen who did not go oat between
acts, was o? well as any city could
do for high art in music. But Wheeling
must, however reluctantly, yield the palm
to her rival, New York?which has just
gone through the thrors of a ten-cent revival
of "l'inafore" kt tbo Academy of
Music I
It was apparent to tlio'supporters of
Ugh art that a "l'inafore" revival was
urgently needed, aim me price win put
low to show that art ia no respecter ol
persons. The Timn nays "it woulcj be unfair
to view the representation from the
critical standpoint usually assumed in
dealing with lyric performances." And
so it wbuld appear. For there was Captain
Paul Boyton, fresh from his torpedo
adventure with 11. M. S. Garnet, boused
in his life-saving suit, wearing a torpedo
careltuly on his shoulder. Captain Boyton
did not sing. lie merely gave thanks
for a cordial reception which was not extended
to him. Obviously "the critical
- standpoint usuallyassunied, Ac.," wouldn't
do for Boyton, and all the performers had
to be put on the same footing
If this sort of thing Is to "go" In such
tempi'* of miralcal artna the New York
Academy, It may as well be understood
that Wheeling la not going to be crowded
to the tear. When Thoinu cornea along
again we can easily ornament a Beethoven
aymphony with a aelect chorus of
resident cats or supplant the big bassoon
villi s tow-boat whistle, Jt ?>ay be, as
Longfellow says, that''Art is long," but
an enterprising town can "get there" all
the same. New York can't bpld that
championship. 8 i
TIIK lJAKttli'8 W1FB.
A UoullMtlis htory at Urtm* and VmmIod.
iloir tb< Villain Pariaed Her.
Se* I'ork Tb*f*. .
Students of Ollendorff's grammars hare
often found fault with the freqnent mention
made of the baker, the baiter's wife,
and the butcher In the exercises. The;
have naked, Why should we be annoyed
with puerile questions regarding the baker
and his wife, and why should we be told
whether the butcher Is hungry or thirsty?
Critic) have often spoken o1 the puorility
of the information concerning bakers and
butchers which Ollendorff conveys to his
students, and ridicule without measure
has been poured upon Ollendorff by
humorous writers.
Fortunately for the reputation of the
grave German Professor of languages, the
true meaning of his allusions to the
butcher, the baker, and tho baker's wife
has just been discovered. While the primary
object of Ollendorff grammars is to
furnish instruction in languages, the author
Iras woven into tho exercises a romantic
and painful story. If we take an
isolated sentence concerning the butcher
nnil tho baker's wife, it will, of course.
seeui foolish and impertinent; bat if we
group together in their order all the remarks
made concerning those persons by
Ollendorff we shall Had in our possession
a story of crime and mission worthy of a
French realistic novelist
We aro first introduced to the baker in
one of the earliest pages of Ollendorff,
where it is asserted''that "the baker is
neither hungry or thirsty; he is sleepy."
Thus in a few words the character of this
man is set before us. 'He has enough to
eat and drink; he lives in a state of
drowsy contentment. A little later and
the baker's wife appears on (he scene.
She is "neither warm nor slpepy." Obviously
she is a cold, cunniug, wideawake
person, and we can easily soe that
she would have no affection for her dull,
prosaic partner. She has "the cotton
, dress and the leather shoes." In other
words, she is plainly dressed, according to
her station In life, and, as the sequel
shows, she is dissatisfied.
Presently the butcher enters. He is a
Kuj man fur Ollendorff expressly says:
"The batcher is not good; hefc bad" Wo
are told that "be is thirsty," and without
doubt he slakes that chronic thirst* with
beer. He is evidontly a prosperous man,
for "he has^te large, handsome horse and
the golden carriage." Such is the masterly
description of tbis bold, bad man.
Ilow the butcher made the acquaintance
of the baker's wifo we are not told,
but the disastrous cousequenees of their
acquaintance are forcibly pictured. Wo
soon hear that "the baker's wife hits a silk
dress and a gold watch," and we instinctively
know tliat they were riven to her
by the wicked butcher. A little further I
and we are told that "the baker's wife had
tea, cotiee, sugar and milk," and we need
not ask how she came by these article*.
The baker evidently hash's suspicions, for
we find that "he is not sleepy, but he ia
cold." He has awakened at last to the
danger which threatens his home, and he1
may well feel chilly and unhappy.
The butcher, not content with destoying
the baker's happiness proceeds to rob
him. We learn that Uie butcher has the
-*? 1 *i.? i,.bAI>*a n |
silver camucauciui ui mo ???
Unquestionably the baker was the real
owner of these candles'icks, bat hia
wretched wife gave tbem to her partner in
guilt. Then we are told that "the batcher
ha? the silk handkerchief of the baker,"
and wo perceive that the butcher, with
the help of the baker's wife, Is systematically
obtaining nossession of the baker's
property. 'No wonder that a fey pages
further on wo learn that"tho baker is
hungry and cold;' that "the baker has no
money," and that "the baker is ill." Poor,
deceived, rubbed, and heartbroken man!
This is the last tbat we hear of the
baker, and it is not hng before the butcher
vanishes from Ollendorff. The iwit we
hear of him is that "he bastho fine black
coat of the baker." Probably the baker
has died of grief, and the heartless butcher
has sieved even the baker's clothes But
by this time the butcher has probably
grown tired of tho baker's wife, and is
ready to desert her. 'Whether he simply
runs away or whether he is accidentally |
killed by "the large handsome horse" we j
ohoii novot* lrnnw. H? dfoanDcani assoou I
tut he gets the baker's coot and is Hover j
heard of more. As for the wicked woman,
we are casually told that "tho blacksmith
is well, but the baker's wifo has the fevt r."
Doubtless this fevotproved fatal, for with
these few significant words the romance
of the "Baker's Wile" conies to an abrupt
Lot us hear no more of the puerility of
Ollendoril, hut rather lot us honor in him
the novelist as well as the grammarian.
A Duff lift A Sentinel.
Good Chttr.
A troop of soldiers under the command
o? the Neapolitan Government was marching
at night toward a little wood which
waa supposed to b*e the lurking place of a
horde ot banditti. ~.Just at daybreak when
tho soldiers had almost reached the wood
they saw a little dog who had been lving
down and keeping watch rise and begin to
-* Kin vriirto Tlift l:/!Mir.ru
Hill A ill HHJ U|i u? iiu iu*vvi xiu uu<-*v>y
followed him, thinking ho would (rive the
alarm,and, indeed, when they had reached
the middleol the wood, they found that the
brigands had fled. The officer in command,
in hit anger, shot the dog who had
itist made liim lose his prey. The animal
lowled fearfully, and fell to all appearances
dead. The soldiers went on their
way, but Ju a few minutes saw the very
dog who had just been "killed" stealing
behind the trees, tacking like a ship ana
intently patching the direction which
they had taken. They ran alter him,
caught him, and saw that he had not been
in the least hurt. His instinct had taught
bim to feign death that he might be able
to keop at his sentinel's poet. His remarkable
intelligence and cunning air
won the lore of the soldiers, who adopted
him and trained him to hunt the banditti
for whom he had been so faithful a watchman.
Very Like UotoKniiiio.
Dmkc'$ Tmteicr't Jfagatlnt. . .
"Why, how wonderfully life-like!" mid
Mr. Dorrix, gontly caressing a bumble bee
which reputed anion? Ilie artificial flowers
and insccta of his wifd's new bonnet. "If
It was on a garden llower I'd swear it was
all?G-r-r-eat Ciesar-r-rl" be suddenly
ahrieked, inserting a wounded linger in
his month, and daacing around like a
whirling dervisli. "Why, the blamed
thing Is alive!"
Von Arm Klght*
To U>e RlUor of the iHltUiqm&r.
Sir:?The State Journal of this evening
has the following:
"Hart was in Washington Monday and
helped' prepare affidavits to remove McCormick.
Camden has bint-down line."
I Ixiliere this to be a lie. How is it?
<i?i.?i ir?? j?.
i urM-i#"wijri **?
Children need not'be kept from school
if couulis and colda ire promptly treated
with Hod S-w Cough Core.
? ?>
Hnllimorr .1 Ohio.
On and after Sunday, May m., theCln.1
it L"...iuia will InoilA WIimiI nn Hal V.
CHlllllll itkmimv
10:25 p. m , city time, arriving at Cincinnati
7:30 a. m., fit. Louia (1:80 r, m. Returning,
ieavea Cincinnati, daily. 7:10 r.
x., irrmojt at Wheeling 8:45 a. v. Solid
train, Httaburgli to Cincinnati and return.
with Bleeping oar attached.
Jptctal gottee*.
A CARD.?To all whowr? nffwim bom error*
and todtocwtfOM of wrath, nerr?M
anal remedy wu dlKovtred br a jUmUmtj In
lonih America, lend Mlt-iddromd eeretope to
Hit. J Mara T. Mian, Station D., New York.
FlTHi?All Flu ?lopped tree}r Dr. Una1! Great
NamXeMoier. No, Maafterjjtaldar'iuae. liar
1 ' 1 '! ' v v':
A Cat Tim t I'IoJm Ap|?lM*
Sev Iftften flfk.
Ilia oat awoke to the fart that these tree"
bora fruit which hi? mauler's family liked
to eat One <1?y in October tlio rat a
owner waa surprised by the actions of Us
pet. The animal was walking alowly
about one of the trees,. stopping every
minuto or two to tfaie up at the apples on
the bouglia. After completing. it? tour
of inflection, the' cat climbed the
tree and slowly made its way out on a
limb toward what waa prpboblytbe ripest
i .1... I n.uil.. uifaral nUAmiitnt/l
urt'itk tliu stem with its teeth, and finally
succeeded. It bud token cure to bits off a
bit of tbeatein long enough to bp securely
held, and, with its prize In its month, the
cat begsn'its descent. Once on tbeground,
the apple was carried to the porch and
laid by tho side o{ the door opening into
the boaae. The exploit was frequently repeated
by Mr. Baldwin's sagacious pun.-,
anil the side of tho porch was usually
lined with apples.
Spelling Match.
Can you spell ? Well, yes: almost anybody
can spell.. Then spoil this,and make
out what it means. If you can't, then
pass it on to your next neighbor:
.D^n'tsay itout loud, but just whisper
in your pretty neighbor's ear, thotif she
will place these letters in proper position
she will have the world's great tonic,
which will enrich her Impoverished blood,
putr sea on hor pale checks and make
lier strong and liappy. Go to the noarest
drug store.with a dollar in your band, anil
ask for Brown's Iron Bitters.
- CL V.NCEY?On 1 bu raday, Msy .14, UHV, at 2:901
>(.. M iSTJS Cli Ncav, Ja, agoJ 47 years.
Funeral will take place this (Friday) a'ternoon
at 2 o'clock, from bbrtate rcffiiicnce, Mo. 2303 lacob
street. Interment at ML Calvary Cemetery.
Friend* o( the family irerospedfoJIy Inrlted loatt-jiul.
Rules of r?tbollo butlcl will be observed. *
UTILE?At the reaid?nce of bb son-in-law, J:
8. Garvin, near Wheeling, on Friday, May 1.1885.
after long and eevere suireiing. from compUntcd
rll-'-if ?*, Wh.i.um Lmi v., aged &, yean, 10 months
and * days.
Deceased wm bom in Somerset county. New Jersey,
and emhua'ed to Wat VlrglaU in J340, with
hU wl e. i elliah. who died Juv H, 1881 In her 70ih
year. Tboy early connected with the Prosby tcrian
I'huicb. under the paaioral care of the Rev. imrltl
X. Jonkln. After coming in Whaling tbey united
with the *ibird Church,, then under th? pastoral
careoC the Re*. Mr. Paul. Th"Jr notlrluic klud*
arm an J hospitality wll' never bo forgotten by
thnlr many friends. He was the youngest of ten
children, all of whom Hud to a great age; some of
them over niuety y??ar*. Ills another wm near one
huudrcd yean of age. aud bin father over one nun*
dr d: served In the Kevolutlonary war: wsh a
tailor by uade; and made a ooat for Urn. Washing*
Rheumatism, *Weuralqia, Sciatica,
Lumbago, Backache, Headache, ToothMhe,
. 1*3 ill otiipb bodiit win i*i? *???. .
Sold by DrusgMssnU btrfl*!* ovmrwUar*, rifl/0?W??MAw
DlmtUM* la U UotuRca.
VCKIEUH >00.) IhltluMT.MiUl'.H.A,
gSoots a Kit Shots
How frw understand wUafc
n perfrct at Is? .That pclaftd
caatatlsl to ?vcry new
outfit. This la positively uakmossary.
The scloatiflo
Principled opplted to tha numerous
ohapoa and alsej of "tin*
5Lman" *ho?, Insures porlbct
fit, aad their flasiWity. ate>
Jute freedom from the tortures
of " breaking la." as thoy aw
**07 and comfbrtablo from the
Am day. Bold everywhere
your bcodealerfur Uitta.
,y. W. AMICK,
11M Main Street,.
noil T*r Pole Agent* f"f Wh?nH?cgewtista.
T>TT^TmTa m
J-J-CJ-X J--L.=>-I-,
Entrance 1216 Market Btnet
OfllrfrHonw-a in 1 mi., uto ft f. v. ?prt
87 Htwt Gum Te?tli. 07
Teeth extracted without pain by new Aua?
thctic. Local Application. (You are not pat to
dep., Tmh Wied -71??>r&LDWELL.
mr1H Jiiroh PL. finr. Thl'tr-flfth Wt
'Wbeefl ^D<,ajr c3tcoplo<1' Jstond*1' excepted.?
I i Dcmtl I Arrive
XI. Jfc O. R. R.-EiCT. ??7?
Ex whs........ * ? ?:.V)pm
Kpr3? .."....! 5:? p m i0:15 a m
Cataberland Accotu i:?5pm
MaontaKton Accom 4:10pm {MOata
Mounrtmrlllo A?w>in lt36?m 1:30pm
Exnrcv* (ChlcaKO an<l Col) * 9:15 n nj * 5:20 a ru
SErS fblSgaand Coif 7:50 pm 7:40. w
Kxpn m (Cbicano and Col) *10;-.'5 p m ?;3? p m
Zan?arlHe Acrom..:..M~ *;4opm 10:50 am
ZanetviUe Accom 7:85 ft u> b:50pm
W , P. *??. uiv.
\V??hlu*toti aod Plttabaricb... 5:25 * ffl tU :051 m
WaablPRton and Pittsburgh... 7:?0* m t ?:C5 pm
Waihiugton and Hitiboigb... *:*) P m IJJriS p m
WathiPgton - ? t 5:05 p m 8jl0 a m
PltUburgh t *ot 8:55pa
PltUburgb mid Now York f 1:20 pm t 8;ns pm
PHtburjrhftnd New"York f 4;IOpra nl:44*ro
WOT. *
Kxprer, Ctn. and 8t EouU.... t 0:?0 ft m t 8:80 a m
Exnretf. tin. mad BL LouU... f it 0 p m f p rn
Kxpro*, menwDVllic 4 Col... [ 1:20 p m T 8:35 p m
MUed.?M.?,.?.Hj?..g^ .... t 8J?0pm t 7:40 m
Pltuburgb. UleVe. & fcbl 5:57ft m t 8jS3 pm
WclUrtuo. Clera. A CO' ?:03 ft m t 3.18 ft m
PliU., New Yoik A Cul.....~... 1I^>7 ft m f 1:03 pm
PilUbargb ftnd Now York 4:11 pm 14:48 p m
East Liverpool Aooom.-. 5:i8 p m f 8:'20 ft m
ExprSrt, ciereUnd, E. & W... tlOtMft m t 3:45 pm
Miwilon Accom...... r 4:<Apm t 0:50ft m
Bt. clftinriUo Acoom ?... t ?:M n mif 8:a ft m
Bt. OlnlnriUo Aecom?.. V lifiOpm m:?pm
isSwtEfflsac-1 ,Mpm
I\u eoitor- ? 6:35 ft n) *11: Ofttn
Pa?*eojier? I* 8:fi0 i?n.|* ?:S5pra
Freight. ... ..,.1 9i08?rol 6:1ft pp
Z. ? 0. Railroad.
| Leave BelUlro at ttilO p * for SummcrfloUI.
U'livn Ho Ulre at 9:10 a. *. for 8ammerflfllit and
I ZanecviUe.
I Leave Rflllalra at 4t90 P. M. lot Woodifleld.
Arrive at lfcllalre 8jV8 a. x.ltiOOA. K.,?nd4;00
P.M. . -
6:10 ;* ?,-00 " . 7{00 " 2|00 ?
7;00 ** 1;? ? 8:00 " 8:00 ?
11:00 " 4.-00 M 9:00 4:00 "
?|00 " ft}00 10^)0 6{00 ?.
1Q]C0 " 6;10 " 11:10 M 6;10
11 :CO " 7KO H -3|00 M 7:00 "
12:00- " 8;CO ' 8:00 "
B ao " 8:58 ?
lQfli *
o* ?anpiTa.
Leart etir ?t 7 a. X. ?ad ran every bear until 9
p, M.|
. Uav? WheaUnf Park U 8 v X, nin erojr
JJtw ^.dtjcrtlsemrttta.
T T younc toau 22 jruUa of ut and of food
babUa. WUokaale Orocfcry preferred. BtncUy
tamper* te. AddreaA.a*<vmtb PeonPt. myis*
I<mrfor?!*tix *
"Garden Spot Bakery,"
locetcd at No. is Zauo meet, island, iwilw de? ,
ilrlug to purcbane will c*)l immediately* Wood 1
Pus'jnH given /or tolling. A rare cbanco, and will
be sold cUcap.
. jniifif , ... J. Q._ECfIgygBLE>y.
JO Shares Wwhington Hall AuoeUUoii.
10 Bham Franklin Iniuntnoe *>.
lO.BharM Wellaboor Una CD.'
20 Bbarea Ohio Valiuy Bank. j
lb Bbuta Belmont Nail MU1.
mrii 'iTmms. Aircnt. Mo. ai Ivrritth Bt i
Aro prepared to furnish the fluest qu'Mliy of loo at
the Iown. ratw. Leave orders at their oflloo,
No. 1700 Murkot' Street,
Six (loon below I'ostoflloe.
Ice Oepotopen every day. Sunday inoludod.
. Telephone connection, flniuch Ofllco. 1100 Market
street. tnylft
hum for alo a Two Story Frnmo Howe and
Ur*u Jot, situated In. Uie village of Cottootowu,
Weuel county, Wt'A'a-ionlltw of B. & 0. R. R.,
hull mile Ir-m Btuton Station. The swronnilug
country in fertile, aud populated by proineroiu
farmer*, tnd the location is excellent (or a Hacksmith
or llarurw Maker. Mrcbaniua contemplating
looaliog in the country will flnil this a rare op
portunity. Too property oaet II,fQi. i will sell it
ior|7;Q, in orter.to dose up an estate. Address.
roylS P. O, Box 6H Pittsburgh, Pa.
fraud on Hs vary rue. If youdoubtour bosiuetsur our
goods, we will tend sample fice, We hare no article
tbaiereryninn, woman and child needs and apprecla
tea Every houseke?p?r and ??erjrbodyelie will buy
it. It pays agents immense profits and gives immense
satUfnctiriii, We want I AOKWT in eacbcouoty.
Mnntlnn ihlananorniul vuu will cat
drcuianiand fallTufoiiMtion fftKK. Sample* wit
i ifreaue?tt*i. Addreu
m 0WIDI82 1173.CO., Fttatatf, H
inyl6 raw
Border#, Ceiling Decoration#
And Window Shades.
Jtutwelved.an entire newa'ook In great variety,
and of the laUct dcalgnr, offered at thu
OT Impaction respectfully lnvl.?d.
gyl5 1130 MAIS STREET.
800 Miles Oily $10 GO.
Prom Wheeling: to Cincinnati & Retnrn.
Leaven Wheeling tor Cincinnati every Tuesday,
and will noil t'l kcU to Excursion IVrtiwat above
raU* during'he fcnmraer One week of pleiaure,
beaulifnl scenery, and one day and night in the
Fails of America
For pawage appj.v to FilANK BOOTtf, j
, ' Agent Whrellng, j
or "APT. CIIA9. MUHLEMAN, 0irb0*M.
For fifteen icars thoy h*ve ?ten (lily gnlncd la t
fnror, and with ?'<* conKtantly incrwuing h*ve v
become the moHt ppular ConuU throughout the i
United (jutet. t
,'lhc "G quality !i warranted to wear twice u \
long atordinary Coreota, and testimonial* without t
number could bo given of the perfect Malefaction
tbev havo affordeu for \ lo??g aerie* of ycaw- f,
While ecorea of patqnta havo been found worth o
low. the prlnniplCH of-(ho Glove Fitting havo ?
proved tuvaloahle. v
.Retailers are anurriicd to refund money, If on (
examination theeoCoreeto do not prove w repre- i
Banted. r
For nale evefry where. n
Catalogue freo on application, t
THOMSON, f,AN?!)OS & CO., Mfni., {
70 and 73 Wor'h Street, New York. c
Sacred-Social?Patriotic. Jj
Song Worship,j
and tuut'H of a high order, but br'ght, mualcal and i|
taking for Sunday Schcol oke. WcorWCOpordo*.
Fresh Flowers. wWi^ssis ?
musle, pure and reverent by mi: a gnd bright I'ic- Y
una render It a boo* of MtrniwJng beamy. For J
tho Younger Scholars in fiuuday ttchool*. fricett "
ct-., 1240 per do*. ?
nM||M>?n 0?n/vft 71 of the brightest, beat and f,
UUUU&V OUUgCi wittiest o( ?QUR? (or Social ?
MiitiluK iu CaMfxcft or olsewbere. Great favorites. d
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mortal Day?? rttriotic inuilo and the ri*>k log- cam- /,
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BarnabfO's Bong?, or an Evening wlfli Barnabeo J
21 of the bent Comic Songi 11 25. M
Fomt Jubilee Baal. Juvenile Cantata, By N.B. b
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Mailed for Botall Price. J
OLIVER DIT90N .b CO., Boaton. ti
C. H. Dnaox <6 Co., J. K Droo* A Co.. J
867 Broadway, .New ^ ork. .122H Cbortuut St., Phila. "
myl-tprqw . J
^ COLD iU&AL, FAKIBi 1878. f?
$3 BAKER'S 11
h- bbui Cum. |
Warranted ahnahttrly jmre n
JHCdp Ctrott, ftiiin ulil. Ji |In- rxcr?< of
C)lll'anl?ftnrriijovt'il. ]tlu><iMrr?
HRftilBM tlnra the ttrtH'jIh nf Cncoh mlied
flXlilfcMi *w Smrcb. Arrowroot or SuL-nr.
tniwk '*iUcrvft?tu far wore economl- *
ml, iO'ttr.y Id l.\iin put crxt a *
e*p. It (? del'plou#, notirblilng, ^
trniRlhrnlup, ra?lljr dlxmnl, und t(
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Sotil1>y flrmrr* everywhere. ''
w. BARER & CO., Dorcliester, Mass. s
? ' '
I Rose Leaf, FinB Cut I
: NavyG'Ippings -sglfe S
8t, N. V. . my^mnrAw ^
1?? nw pi?!*!?l teclOtim^OlBllJUWOtll, I'l
nirh m Clmntiii V?ulu, ett i'Uijm ?,ion?b|?. [j|
0*11 on ot ?il<lrvu bjr pr| ! a|nl, |?,
KJt Hp. 9}W Cbvlci int. f
r? the (Junlifled Voters of the City
of Wheeling.
3x rr Know.*, t bat ibo Council of the City of Wheeliojr
did, on the 12tb day of May, IMS. adopt an
ordinance In words and fifora at follow*, that
iatoaay: .
IK ORDINANCE, to provide for the liana fend tale
of bonda of tbe City of Wheeling, to bo known aa
Uouds or lafD, and (or (ho redemption Mid i?y*
mens thereof, and prorldln# for the payment
lulu the city Trauurr of ocrtalu amounts from
the r. venues of the Ou and Water Works.
it it ordained by U>o Council of the City of Wheellucnox
1 For the purpose ot providing means
or paring outstanding city orders asd outer floatug
indebtedness of the City of Wheeling, with ?cjrued
lutemt ttieieun, and such of the .bundt isuod
under the lo*n ordinances adooted on JuueW,
471, as are noi yet paid or provided for by luuds
u tne faaad< of the commUdonets appointed by or
luder mid ordinance, the 51 ijor and' Clwrk of the
itjr of Wbeellog are hereby authorised and intrucwd
t j mako, slid on too first day of July. A.
i. .*&, or an soon thereafter ai practicable, de'ivur
o the commissioner* hereinafter named and apwlnied,
the bonds of tbe City uf Wheeling, dated
he dm day of July, a. D. itW. for au amount a<>
[regaling tmoo hundred thousand deilars; which
KMids snail ho of the foUowlutf dunomlnat ons:
mi.i hiiiulpfxl of mM baiiili tAhAof too dutiomlua
Ion orilvo hundred dollars oxch, two hundred *ud
oriy-uine o( said bauds to bo of the denomination
if one thousand dollars oaeh, and ton ot said
toods to beef the denomination of ouu hundred
lollorseoch. BaldbotuUrhall be uumberel from
1" to "8W," luclusire. Tbo said bonds shsll bo
taxable on or before tbo flr*t ?Ut) day of July, A.
>. 1010, at too Bank of thoObio valley, with iuteratat.therateof
flvo 15) per ceut ptr annum, payAle
annually on tb? tlrai day of July, l-Mi, and on
,he first day of July lu carh year thereafter unti
md including iho year 1010. at tno raid Kanicof too
)hlo Valley, for wiilch lniertst coupons in proper
ormsbali oeattachetl touchbund, with thesigua;uro
of tho Clerk of the City engraved thereon. J be
laid bonds shall bo signoa br the tfai-or, ocunter
iliru^l by the Clerk, and ?e*led with the seal of the
:iiy. Neither the laid bouds nor tho coupon"
hereto attached shall be subjcct to taxation under
mthorlty of the Otiy 01 Whethng.
8i?. 2. Be It further ordained, ibat Alfred Cald
well. K. P. Jcpsou aud N. Wilkinson, be and they
ire herebr appointed commlikloneis and empowin?d
and ln?lrucied to sell tbo Mid bond* at not
!e? than their p?r value ami In the niauuer pro*
rldcd bychsp er 141 of tho Acti of UJ7I3 of tbo
Leghlaiuro of West Virginia.
btx. 3 Tbu said bouds ?hall lie lnnod only for
iho following purposes:
Kiifrt?1'uyiug outrtundluK city order* and other
floating indebtedness of tho city, with luteiott
thereon. to the amount of' two hundred and
;wenty-iour thousand dollars.
Secoud?1'ayiug and redeeming the uupsld bonds
)! tne loau ol J une 13ih, 1?"1, amounting to icvttiy-etx
thousand dollars.
Tbo Mid commissioner* shall devote out of tho
irocccds a falni; f om the siUo ot said bouds au ,
imouut not exceeding wild sum of two hundred
inn twenty-four thou-.and dollar* to tha payment
?f outstanding or.;er< on J oilier ouinunuiug float,?K
Uidebtcdueta of the city, and Intcrc-1 tbcreou,
vhlch money so devoted 10 tbe naymont of the
aid order* and other outstanding floaiiug iodebtklncas
shall be paid by aaidcoauoisdonennosuoh .
jonon or persons it* tbe Council of odd city ?hall
rom time to time direct.
If tbe heldem of any of the bonis issued uti'ler
aid <> dlunncc of Juno 13, 1871, shUl, at the solo of
)ond? tamed under this ordlnnnco as authori*od
jy routlouv ofchsnter 1UottboActs of 1872-?.
jave oll'ered to pay for bonds of ihi* baud In bonds
ssuid under, said ordinance of 1*71, thu sad comolssloneia
may in their discretion, upon considerng
tho terms of such oflVir, exchange the new for
he old bonds, excbaurluff bond for bond, so that
tot rot mure than par shall bo allowed for the old
For the redemption of such of the bosda Issued
indor said ordinance of 1871m aba!lnot bo exrhauged.
and can not bo purchased at their par
nI -c. thu aad comnii aloner* shall hold asudllien*.
quantity t f thebonds Issued under tniscnlliau?f,
uotU by the terms of said ordinance of ttffl.
k detluiio amount ahall be required a? a sinking
and for >ald iosn ol 1871, and tliey shall then sell a
lufllclcnt numbt r of the l>oiids tu produce the ara 'int
required for such Kinking fund and pay ihe
itmu to the coram Miners of suid loan of Us'las
he circumstance* may require. If by ruwon of a
i*rt of tbo bond* U?ued under said ordinance of
871 having beeu surrondeiol, a reduced amount
?(money should be needed to satisfy thcdcn'uuM
f thtf annual siuldoK fuud required by said ordlr
janre, t"o said commissioners shall tell oiuyan
nauy of tho bonds laued under tbi?ordiaauce and
eserved for the purpow as may beucceaary to pay
i proper proportion of the said formor Iasua of
Sec. j There shall be anivial'y levied by tin
.'ouucll at tbe cltr of Whotllng, at tbe same time
sat the annual levy of the city taxes for other pur?wes
ia mado, until all tbe bouda issued under the '
irovlftlou* of this ordinance aro p3ld, a direct tax
ipon all tbe real tstateand penonal property as
caMtl by vaid city for toxatlou, which direct tax
hall foe Jev'ed 08 a separate thx and In addition to
lII other taxes that may bo lev ed for the bencllt of
he o.ty, and which shall bosuilloient to produce in
aeh year until aud Including the year 1019 a sum
ufllclcnt to pay the Interoat annually arcrulng
ipou tbe said bouds: and which levy shall, after
he year lbUi, until the said boudh sh J1 be fully reteemed
and aatlsfled l>e sufficient to piy anumOly
he intercut on such of said bonds as shall be unrc- '
Iccined, and in addition thereto to redeem in <Meh
ear thereafter tho one-twenty-fifth of the Iwuds I
i*ued hcrcuuiler and not p?id t*foro the flrst day ,
il July, 1895. The said tax shill be collected in 1
uch manner ?a is or may be provide 1 by law and I
hu oidloancM of t'ic city for the oollecUou qf ?
tber taxes on real e*tuto nud personal ,
iropcrty. The collet-tor of tho cily shall *
,ay into tbe treasury*on each iecot\d Friday toe
otal Amount of the faxea levied and aliased In
iunmaace?f tho requirement! of this ordinance "
rhlch shad have ihe-etofore been colloctod by him.
fhe said tax shall be by the collector whi o In his'
><*M*s1on, and by tho elljr depository, Into which
be samo is paid, kept ( 'ltd accounted for) sepanto
from ad other iuodovs of the city.
sgo. ft. The receiver of the city ahull, on or boore
the fifteenth day of Jon?. A. U., 1SK0, and on
r before thu fifteenth day of Juuc in each and evry
year thereafter until tho bondN Inucd h?re- mder
a^i fully paid, pay to the said commtoion- n
all tho moneys which Miall have heictofore
ton paid Into the trwuryou account of tho dlect
ta* levied In pu'suanco of the-requirement*
i lit id ordinance, mmo sum iuiion remain in
lio treasury It ?hall Ihj the duty of Council to keep
lie strao deposited in ?omc bank or hanks in the
Ity of Wheeling at the bat rat* of tuterest they
au obtain, which interest hUaII bo accounted for
ntl paid over (ntp the treasury upon making |uty- :
ieni telhe commissioners of tbo principal of the
and derived from said tax. The rucolp's of said
ommlaslouorii for the Mid money* shall be filed by
lis jcccivcr with tho clerk oi tho oily and shall bo .
he liihl commissioners, out of the moneys
icclved by tliem under this ordinance, shall p?y
lie coupons Issued with sal 1 bouds as they become
On tho flnt day of Jnlf, A. D, l&V, and on the
rstday of July In o\ch yow thoremtir antil the
outis laiued hereunder "0 fullv paid,they f lmll nay
AO luteroet coupons coming due; and on tlus fimt .
ay of July, A.U., 18P3 and on tha first day of July *
i each year thereafter until tho bauds Iwiod here 1
nckrare fully paid, tho* shall apply tho money *
oailug into their hands for the purpose,to tbo pay* "
icut of the outslandiug bonds tailed horuoudorat
rote not greater than their par value, Tho bonds to ?
e redeemed shall be determined by lot by the comllsalonor*
annually betw? eft the first and twelfth
ay of Juno iu tbo y w 1?* and between the tint
til twelfth day of June iu each year thereafter,
ill!! tbo bonds issued hereunder ure fully paid,
ml* said commlMloue a shall thereupon Immeirtt<
ly give uoiico to the holder* thereof by adortiMiment
published dally, Sunday excepted,
i: two weeks in the dally newsiwpcw printed in t
Ue city of Wheeling, stating the number of the "
ondt to bo redeemed and that the same will be (
pdeemcd at said Batik of the Ohio Valler on and '
fter the tint Oav o[ July next ?ucc?eding. and
rill ceflkc tii boor Interest fro ji said day, nod wild
onds sluill ccaw to bear, interot from 'ho flnt 1
ay of Iho noxt month after the completion of
neb publication, itWprovidfd, however, that if
lip holders of all tUo bonds 10 drawn by lot
Itnll ho known to tlie said cwnmlsaloneni, the said
ommUsioucrs may jrlve actual uotioc in writing
) such holders within tvu day* after tuch draw- ~
is, which notice shtll b? the'nine as that herein a
therwUe rtquired to bo published, and ?uch 2
dual until u shall have the tamo effect a* if it had een
published In the mauuer htrelnbofora set '
>rth. It shall be stated on tlio faocofiald bouds
Iiat they are, auy of them, liable to redemption at
aelr par value cn and at auy time after iho lint
ay of July, A, ]). 16U5. Tho city of Wheeling
erehy pledges aud obligate* Itw r to pay each
ear aft*r tho year 1W1 and until a?id baud* ate
illy paid tlie onc-t weutv*tifth of all of said bouds
ot paid before tho tint day of July, 18W. |
8kc 7. ft shall lie tho duty of tho said commit* I
lotion to cancel as tbey are redeemed the bonds \
nd coupons paid by ihem. andthay shal, ouqo
i every yoar, und oftenor If required by theCouu*
II, dolivor to tlie olerk of the city all redeemed
ad canceled houda and coupons In thtdrh ndi,
nd tho clerk shall preserve the samo In a book to
e provided for that purpose.
btx\ 8. It shall bo tne dnty of tho commlsslonen
) keep n true aooount of their receipt! aud dl?*
unemcuts and roportthe Mine to Council an* n
ually in tho month of April, and at such other
roes as tho Council shall order.
aec. i?. The Council of said city may, for cause, "]
amove any one or raoro of tho commissioners or J
uMraumvafor-, nuu iuu wuimi*iouen or weir
iccmou m*y ruUm bygtylnr notico la writing
>the Mayor or Clurk of the city. Any vacancy
tall bo llilrd by tho Council In Joint taadon.
UEC. 10. No ronton stall acta* a Oommluloncr
nder this o dlnanco until lio ?bal have given
nod, with wearily to bo approved by t lie Council.
? tbo penally of t?u tbouiuiid dollar*. which bonil
tall bo -pavablo to tco < ity of Wheeling, and
lull bo cuuditlotiwl to the following t fleet. b!
"The condition of the above obligation is
ich that, whereas tho above bound \\, .
bu w*n 4uir ? avpclwtcjl a commit- 1
nner uuder an ordinance of the City of
^heeling, entitled 'An ordinance to provide fur
le Uueand sale ofbondi of the City o( Wheeling,
> bo known a? bond*of uud (or the rcJeiunon
and payment ihorcof. and uiovldlng for the
iym?-nt into the city trouau-y of certain amount*
ora the revenue* or tne uu and -water Work*,'
ad ha* accepted the said appointment; now.
lere/ore, if Mid A, It. during his continuance ai ?
tela commissioner, >hnll lu all thing* faithfully "
id diligently diubano bU duilw aisueh gain, (i
Ufloner, and shall well and truly account for and v
iy over to *ueh nefwa or pejioot h? may be en< Z
tied to wcelve the tamp, all money* which shall |
h?? im UU hand* or under hi* control a* such J
imrawloncr, then *h*Jl the (oreji iiijr obligation
i vuld. otherwise to.remain In fau force and
Sis? 11. It thall .tie the duty of the oaamMon* .
*tq enforce cm cli ao4 c*cry nrpr'ilun of thie
dlnance (in relation to their dMW) according to
i true intent and meaning, aud auy jauure of any
ie of the i omtntoionen to comply, with or per- =
rmau; duty prescribed by tlii* ordinance shall
i deemed a violation of the oonditlon of bis bond.
Bee. l'i. Befuro lite commissioner* shall make ~
@Kis J
r,;ml^to("hK.Sio,b? u'urt. & bonawWl ?
d?lP^enffkh?t fQmW *m0U?U>0M
' v-4-. t' '1-jT
cent on tlie amount dltbnrad. by them under thU
ordinance! a tho redemption of bondi
uudor and the payment-of Interwt op nro bonuu
and no more. Bueh eompenafon ?batt be In full
for all nerrlcoe of erery description W'dv^bror
required Of the eowmlwloneiior any of tbe? under
tliw ordinance, and no .extra pay?r .dmou>or
otherterrleeashall beaUowode*ceedloit?000pcr
nuuum. ducu WJUBUFSJUW ?? wuujV?~BVs?r^u'ws5wsrr"?bw
amotmttf any bond* received In exchange tor too
booda inurd under thia ordinance. . :
8cc. 14. luaamuchaalt la not permitted br-tht
thla loan ordinance noMo cause any incrwuc In the
dlroci taxation; therefore, to provide as tor a* po*
albloagaluat any auoh Incroaao, It la further orrfrdSM??r^?tv|a
aud (Ju Wotka In equal porta, on or before the AM
day of July, 1EW, and ou or before tbo flratjdav of
July In each year thereafter until tbo yoar 1885, an
amount oqual to the annual interert In each of
lucb year* filling due upon the unredeemed bond?
laetuxi hereunder, and oa or betore the flrat day i f
July In the yoar 1896, and on or before the flrat day
of July iu eieh year thereafter, until and including
paid before iKe first day of July. 1895, and a further
amount equal to tho intere*t falling duo cath year
upon such tf said bonds as are unredeemed, which
ium? so paid out of the revenues of the Water
Worts aud Gas \rorks shall be applied toward the
p?yment of tho current expenses of Uie city, and
the City .Water Hoard and the trustees of tho Qas
Work# of the city of Wheeling are hereby required
to tnakoHuch payments.
Sec. is. bbould the date of any of tbe payments
montioued in this ordinance fall urton buuday,
such payment* shall be made upon the Saturday
next preceding.
fcKc, 16. Thla ordinanco shall uko effect from
and after in ratification by tbe qualified voters of
tbe cltv of Wheeling, at an election to be held on
the 28th day of May. 18*5.
And wiiemn, It ii provided by the tliird sec*
tlon of on act of the legislature of West Virginia,
entitled "An act autho izing municipal corpora*
ttotiH to !muu bunds, (appwved December 'A 1874.)
tbatwhtu tbe Council of any city?hall d*m it
expedient to issue any binds of suoh city, that an
ordinance specifying the purpose aud amount for
which aa>d bonds are to be issued, shall be adopted
by such t oun-11 In regular meeting, aud that it
shall then be lite duty of Uid Mayor to issue a
proclamation reciting a<tid ordinance and appointing
'he day at which an aleciiou Nhall be held by
the nualliled voter* or such city, todecide whether
toey win niuiy or rrject suca oitiiiirttico. mese
aro, therefore, to notify you. the qualltied voters of
the city of Wheeling, that an election will bo held
Oi Thursday, 'lie day of May, 1885,at thesime
plaec* at which the ciwrter elections Jnaaldcliy
are held, and under the superintendence of men
per?on?as the Mayor shall hereafter appoint for
the purpose of deciding whetlier you will ratify or
reject Mid onlluanee.
All p-rcons voting for the ratification of the
ordinance j:etvlti set forth shall lmvo written or
printed on his ballot the wonU "For lUtltieatlou.".
and those voting against ratlQeatiou ahnll have
wrltteu or printed on hla liallot the worda "For BeJootlou."
Tho uttprewitH araonut of Imlebtednofv of the
city of Wheeling Issued and authorized by tin*said
city and existing at tbU date Is as.
(iiven under my haud, tins ISlh day of May, 1885.
myU Til J AtX)h W. 0 K u BR. Mayor.
goasctncntshtnfl (Soofl*.
B. F. Caldwell
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ining-Room & Kitchen Outfits.
Furniture Repaired.
jewett's kefrigehatobs,
Joth double and *!ngle door, and with or without
wcelalue lined water tsinic, are the beat made,
rod taVo the 1m?1 quantity ot iw o) any m*4t.
2all and ace them, at
tnaniTT j. ncrt ?
rajU 1312 Markets tree t.
The beat on the market.
myS-MTU 1210 Mala 8treet.
clothe* Bare,
Ironing Hmt<K
Pol lulling Iron*.
The heit of goo<li at low prlcca, at
myII 1021 Main Street.
tSjtatclita and gjewtltfl.
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nything in this line.
very respectfully,
I. 0-? X5XX.3L.01Sr,
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Jurt received, * lot of Ofaetter'a 1'atant Adjust*
lemirners. .
Speol&l mention given to Jobbing. mr!4
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i ottte* will lomMn m
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do CO. i
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g. (g. ffloffat A; (Sc. I
dSC ou.
27 Twelfth St.'
A Full Assortment j
AMD mn
Ann nnTiinn . 1
Priec8 IiO\T.
t n unrcAT o. nn 1
Smggists. J
r Jr aVIr-S
IB ? M V ~|k"f AJII wfc
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R. H. LIST, lfilO Jtein Btivet,
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Bond Piper,
Tor nle >1 the McLun HonM Alston?1* '**" T
W 1. b. NIUOLL, Kwl *
(Sommtsslonor's Salt. I
^OllMlSSIOSEB'R S\LE oTvii; 1
In the Circuit Court of Ohio county, W, Va I
ThomuM.on.tkl. jloauoC(rJ 1
dwanl B. Martin ctil.) I
Paunanttoa deen* ?t>umd In the ukrr* - 1
It od cause on the Mil Jay of April, A. l>. is?s ^ I
idwilfi^BpecWContDteloow, appobnu? I
2dcourt InwUddociej, will, on ? I
ommeuclpg at 10 o'clock a. offer *t nuUk2 I
t tbo frontdoor of the Court U*?u?e??t ohlocooaS I
Vi, tbefoliowluf dc?rlbcdpw\?rty.\b?wi 1
-fhe noutli Imlt Kit numtimd m* tutxiw I
SddthtyfottrllM). ?lUutcd tm Uw huuv?\
I?i< lot. containing wven room. IncluJInt aWV
!1 imi hui hotand colli water Uirou*h
S5.' The properly will U. ?|d Irw iA all
IfAowcr or courteay of the parties.
Tuuw or Sati-uno hall In ca.li and ai raw I
nitiM the purchaacr mar el?t Ui par, the mil.
u ilJumnUwIromthjiUy ol ?tl?. alUi laM.n.B
he DUlthaJKr iltlm hit note with ptnoualwaUj I
arflie delerro payment >VM ? |
Special CoumibloMT,
W*. It. llitxia Auctioneer.
1 do hereby certify that t?nd In the pcoaltj n
even thouiud dollar*. with teeurtty, l?i l?
'ten hjr ?ald Special Comrul?l?t.cr, as romlM b
gvnstec j}al?.
Ir rlSneol a Ooed ol Tnut m?j? inj
ui the tonrthiUroI April. A. I), W?
Sot lor Kmlli L BlMk. e Mi',1
i. BUok.Himr T. Bl?ck, Ida L.
d?ck lUdM.H. Glbi lo the uudiuE. i.Jr
?,?noirhict.Mia deed of inn, ffWSft
Sffif "lOWo amisSiiTli
?lnrtnl?, lu bud ol Iniit Book So, JM Si
J1*" "TSS """N" "?' " <WoiS,'dJ
Joum ol Ohio oountr, tttu ol Wat vllrfiiT?
it ten o'clock a. m. of that day, the follotin.^.
irtr. to-wlt: All of that portion SlSKStt
mndred wd nineteen on Kaff and Tw*M?2ii2
itreets. In the City of Wheelln*, Ohio
wliloh lie.
hiuuKhlho centre ot u;d lot !mn, tte IS*
he north lino thmnh, mil wblch niVcX?J
icreby conveyed, liu>u lull the leEilb ol ?SS
m Tweatyfocood tlrect >i.d the ?7lhol 3d !
lilt) two hundred .nd nineteen, uTu,e?S
iropcrty amrejed to B. K, Eoff, truitee. Ir li ?
*rry?ud wile b; deed dlled KebrXV t |i
md of record In Deed Book No. 48, p?o 2l?oi tS
tfoorda of Ohio county, State ol WmiNiitSu m
. ra'iSf 5 ?STM 1 cwmi onl' dl uu*?
Ix month*, and the rttidu? thereof *ltii tataw
jirusiee's sale.
Bjr rlrtuo of a Deed of Trmt sud? br Finn
fterwerka and Tekla Weraerka, hu wfj^S
no u trustee, dated >ebru?ry fl, 18T9. rtronWb
be ofllcc of tbe lark oi the ountjr Court of OhS
Jouuty, W?K Virginia. In W of YHBSf8
i, par; 667, 1 wlfl Mll at the from dow of ii,
3ourt Houae of taid couaiy, od
wmmenclug it 10 o'clock a. toe follMiu
iroperty, tbat li to ?ajr: Lot number one la muim
lumber Jorijrfour, In the Wjthth Ward of tbcuS
II ? QoCiiuKt umo county, went \ irrlula.
The title & believed to be perfect, but Rlllu u
M*if% SK* OUJy
Tiuuu or Bam-One third and u moth no* it.
he purcbaaer mar elect to pay, inaob.on day at
ale, the baianon fa tiro equal ltikUltot&ti at Ux
Ad twelve months, note* atcurvd ty Uutw
ml policy of insurance to bo given lor the if
urred payment*.
WM. LUiCQ, Traua
W. H. Brno, AncUonier.
W. J. W Cowpm, Solicitor. ion
gtjal Sottas,
Li lute-rested in the estate of Tho?u ?. trim
Whereas, I hare in my hands assets o1Tfcaa
L Wiins. deceased, who at the time ul hit drift
rat domiciled in Dickson county, Tenner.aka
be bfueflcjarie* of hl? estate now n?k3?;ul
, her?w, T. K. ' irlgiby, who reaMes in said Dicta
ouuty, ha* been appointed adminiiusior Ut)?
?tate of said Thomas it. Wims, dem**!, bj tit
'ouuty Court of Mid Dlokaou County; Eow.tkf*
jre, you are hereby noilfled that Ivlli.oosUft
ay, Slav 80,1&?5, apply by tetitlon, in nmuit a
rovided in Chapter IC7 of the Acts oI Wot ft
In la for 1882, for au ordor directing me tow
miuivr bum uu'i?ci uimiu i. n. uii?iuj,kc.>
ibator iu aforesaid, wtid ukIx aud aucb nU*'?
ite of *ai<l <!ec? lent u iiur hereafter be w?W
j me HENJ. 8. ALLISON, AdulnUtnwroi 'k?
lyi'e of Thomas B. Wlmiu d?f?m d mfo
gooUs, jjtatloncvy, Ac,
On tho Anglo-BuaJfii dispute.
The RoaMant at the Gate* of Herat; ftilljr tti
attd; paper. 'JO cent*
Map* of AfHhauiitan, 2tMDt?.
A Hide to Khiva. Cipt. Burnaby: paper,H)<m
Or Uorsobaek Through Alia Minor, CapU to
by: paper, 20cenuf.
Any of the above ?ent br mall on iccclptofat
Mayj'Centnry," nntunally iuteiutloi lbbI*
toy2 laoi Mt'ketSiM1gLANK
fforeiRD ana vomwuc.
The Largest Stock and Greatest Variety. 80H*
lyM aiTmUlbUlW.
A good Tnrlotf. Prl<w and Itjla 10 wit
su,pl-a H.QOUET,
Bookneller and KewHtajter,
apr18 - No 1414 Mnr>ft Sirif _
(uuagons, v,iuTiajjca,?<..
m a.wactorkrs or
uggies, Carriages & Delivery Wagons
All work guaranteed.
No*. 1500 to 1806 MABKKT STBKCT.
An luipcction of our work ao-J prlcci li
the haada of the trade.
jal Wmmy. T. Vl.. I
Will get One Dotea Bt*t Sttlt; TlnWict
Cabinet XMiotctgrapb* H
And don't j-aofo'ftet It,
ipt? miJIAKKKT8TR?. I
Artlatla Pfiotojr?"l>pb?r? I
?M OtnwHf Mel.'if* ll* !".
(COUfCCtiOHCl'll. |
" No. 1006 Mala itreet-tiwrt Hon*.
lere ornithine In her lllterju b?bu '??ftt
her teUblUoneul, .No. ?" Twelfth i"*1
CK CREAM at lh? towr?l Pll".. bott ?
e mid rWfcll. ITILL
FIno Florida Ornittf1-'"'
(likely to be the lut ol the Ktwl
? I Jr&\
IM nu CTMrtM".

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