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/(Stoaxtes, Sic.
totl ticket ?ad Carer of tlio Celebrated
"iled Bird Hams,"
lis, 1309 AND 1311 MAIN STREET,
Wheeling, W. Vn.
Mr own Care of Cholco Mmoked Meats reedral
itfif dlncl from a j rotk Uoum ?l SUuchciier
(General O-rorterioM
In Uii SUM.
Sole Agent In llifa City for
Komfonl'i Ye?l Powder tn Bottles.
VcNwum'i Tol*CCO.
SeAtolo'i "Ouv*m" Tolmcco,
Littler'* "311 w Coiu"Tobocoo.
UuJ'aut's f/orting. Mining mid BlMUilff Poffdei
CUflbrtwd "bo*! Sklu" Clgtw.
BOYAL PATENT, Brouou't Boat. Best In the
s Pound < ' ?* 'TSo.
I Kioru Finer too :Aj.
i i'uuo'i w?iu c?n..? a c.
Pound f"?u - .. ]5o.
i, Pound Cms 7c,
i/?adiom? l'lacque with Knitcy Cann.
It. .1. SMYTH,
nylt ''-or M??fcet utid Ponr?eenUi St?.
Try it o" iuur
li aikM u bright n uow.
5501jl8llki's i'?rat0j^MICHIGAS
trf ulcw Me aud flrst-clMK iiuality. For sale at
'j217 *ii(l 2219 Market Street,
?rti c<*'it>i Hrwrirlt Klnrw :?11 Jacob St. mv7
insurance (Companies.
rpUEUivKirilBS' lA'buhanofi co.
offici So. 41 Twelfth Strict.
Capital, - ~ #100,000
ROBERT CRANOLE. frcctdcut.
J. K I'A I'LL. Vicu President..
AI.KRCU I'A I'LL, Secretary. <>.
II. HKNHKMiV, City Agent.
lunim' all Mud* of property at reasonable rotes.
Ohio Valley fire essueanoe
"wni-Hn vjfq Main fltrfiet
I 1100,000 00
Duwa gtiicral Fire Iiuturanco Boktaeo. Fated
property, aud Dwelling Hotuoi and contend Inluml
lor thru or fire year?.
Henry Schmulfcach, Alex. Langhlln,
Joint 1'. Caapboll, H. y. BeUriinjj,
iHrld GoUaaa, W. IL Boblnson,
Bon]. Flaher.
j. y. L B0D0EB8, Secretary. jjg
or wumnra, w. va.,
Mppyr, ? nflQ.000
laiuret apUnst lw or damage by fire and light
nlug all djuMSot dJriisble property, alio ixuorei
aw* oa the Weitcrn water*
J. N, Vanoe, President, H. Rdlly. Vice Prerfdcnt.
1.1, BuooWeln, deo'y, Jas. P. AdwuK, Aa't 800,
J<. Vance, M. fielily, L. O. Htllel.
J. JL llobU, C. wTrnmxhdxn.
m y?
**. 4. lirrr _ ...... ?Hrealdcnt
If*. B. 81* won ? .. MM...M?.Vloo-Pre?ldent
JJnluoa KoiUnd, IrvJjuul. Knujco and Germany.
Kb. a. hut, Wb. a SImMOB.
J. A. MMltr, John K. Doaford,
*. a. AUiuma. VkttorSoMiitiuig.
CAPITAL 1200,000.
1.1 Vawci............. .-......^.........Prcalilent
i Bxioit Liosauu , ..^.Vloo-Pretldenl
J. N. V&uco, a Horkholmer,
AUoghlin, W. KUlugham,
Li. LelipUln, A. W. Kmioy,
John Frew,
DnJuinuedou England, Ireland, Scotland And
Upotnuin Kuropo.
JOHN J. JOVKR. fiiuhlw.
gutincw (Curds.
pEUllAN A CO.,
I (iMieral JUcMulst# nrftt Engine Builders,
lor. I'bapllne tad Eighteenth Streota.
SPECIAL ATTENTION glveu to Uopalr Work.
Aftoti for ihe ee Job rated Judfion Goyernor.
Curpcntor and Builder.
Brick and Wooden Build IngM Erected.
took Valleya Bky Light*, Couuteraarid Shelving,
promptly attended to on reasonable
^HOI'-AUey U, rear of Capitol. Bealdence,
Wltwnth ?tnat. 8hoD In rear. 1?*
D o. usr, JR.,
pork packer,
S?ai jgrtatt 3>gcnt?.
(Q~0. SMITH,
lienl Eiitnto Affont
attention Hiren toCoUeetlni HonU Mid
?ejt?fn?l ra*nnKeinontof ileal K?tatc. Can fur omhoI
jrti laa UKMf 8T? Wbedtoi, W. Va.
(Soooeinr to Alex. Bone, 8r.)
a otahy public,
R'?l Estate, Stock and Monoj Broker.
JtoMM Settled, Houm Rented and Rents CainCUU.
a^llm timrlrmt ww.ij.u
-m. wiuvunrvi'.v..
o and procoedi prompt- j
\Y7H. HKARNK, ! 1
Mo. UUIfukot street,
-^L. wnwt.mn. w yt.
Cotnm.'ggloit Ittuxhant*.
1 ^niVry*T| .. C. D. Kohjekon,
tatnl. 01D. Entlmtoa A BON, Special,
_y m wiBnivnTOK at. rtitiwi.
ciiApna i.
"I weaUkenalcke year ago
With billow fever."
"My doctor pronounced me cured, but I sot alek
attain, with terrible peine In my. beck end aldea,
end I nod ao bad I#
Could not morel
lahrunk! ?
From 228 11m. to 1201 I had been doctor! nffor my
liver, but it did mu no good. J did uot expcct to
live more than throe mouth*. 1 began to uao liop
filttcrx. Directly my appetite returned, my palna
left mo, mypntlreayatemaeemod renewed as If by
magic, and after naing several bottle*, I am uot
only ni aouud aa a sovereign, but weigh mora than
I did before. .To Hod Bitten I owe tuv life."
Dublin, June 6, 8L
cuAprm IL
"Maiden, Man.. Fab. 1,1880. Gentlemen?
I have suffered with attack* of nek bi attache."
Noura'gia, female trouble, for, jean la the moat
terrible and cxcruclaUng manner.
Xo tnellciueor doctor could give me relief or
cure, until I wed Hop bitten.
"The first bottle
Nearly cured me;"
The aooondtaiade mo at well and stroug aa when
a child,
"Aud i have been so to this day."
Mybiubaud wat an Invalid for twuaty yeati
with a serious
"KIduey, liver and urinary complaint,
' Pronounced by Iioa ton's beat physJciaua"lncurable!"
Beveu bottles of your BItteia curcd him. and 1
know of tbo
"Uvea ofelglit persons"
Iii mr ntdthoornood that have been saved by
your bluer*,
And many more are wing them with great benefit
yho? alraoat
Do miracles?" Wits E. D. Slack.
How to ?sr Kick.?Kxi>oio yoonalf day and
uigbt! eat too muob without exercise; work ir.o
hard Without re?t; doctor all ihatlmo; take all the
rilo nu'trums ad verified. aud thuu you will wnnt
to know how tu gti ireU, which la anvwervd In three
wohU-fake Hop bltiors!
oVNoue genuine without a bunch of green ITopa
on tlie white label. Shun all iho vile, polaonous
stuff with "Hop" or "llopa" In their name. .
lfe&y~S%g'l <i?ilrtf. Hurr Caret. ?*TA
<1 ?|"I* f^r Cel. ljruiv) SfollcU Worki,
?>? . OtJIOtwrtlli, P.O. CLARKE, M. D,
Wo.a.19 VIHg ^TPFET. mwr'VMATI OHIO.
Typlioid PeA'or.
I urn sixty seven yctra old, and bnvo lived In thii
<Uall) county all ray life. Up to twenty oight
yeanagnl waswgataeda* the strongest roan in
the netebbbrbnoa?tho roost robust In health. In
November. l?fl, I had n long no-i a?riou? spell of
typhoid fever, it left mo emaciated and a cripple
iu my right Ivg. At timm that limb was swollen
an enorofttHKixe being twInoa^lanwa'Ju natural
mudldou. mid itiilimedau'l angry In appcanuux*.
From my knvu down mail ">rw ernic, nud at tho
ankle * nr?e n ?*r ramp, which dlK!h?h,vd poUo'i
ouxiniiU r. My whoe >*tocn became iufeoled.
Thed'xlor* would pitch me up for awhile, but tbe
njccr would never. ueid. The mercury aud potash
with which they dcaed mo brought ou rheumnUstn
anddm?r|?la 1 woaau'ibjetiofpity to all my
friends, some thntignt that.the only hope to save
Jito won amputation ltuu'lnuod togro* worse
and for tnnv yo?ra1 bnvo not worn, a ahoe. Hot#
hail almost in t w?. 8wlft? HncdiU was a incited,
aud l roaierenwrd I s um at once., From ;tne .very
llrit i began to fuel better I havo taken thirty
Mxbo'Ue*, and the*lMdo*x which had dtrkoni-d
my Jlfdfoi- twenty-eight y ur# havo all been dissipated.
1 he effect ol the medietno bai been wonder'nl
indeed. To-day 1 am *ble to attend to ail
my farming intercuts, a- d walk from one to live
mil snordi v I a?i latlsfled that the dluwsw is
t'ntir.ly b rken up, and h uceforth 1 am to be free
f-om ttiose terrible appreheniious and suffering
wUlrli farm* rly madu my life tnianrable. Hwl(t'?
Speaifto ban dune mo e tor m? in our ye?r than all
the drug s'oru manj Juc prescribed' by physician*
did in twenty egbiyu.iw. gnd 1 most rhserftilly
bear this te Muvuiy ul its merit* Wit. K. Ri:co,
Hall County, Ua., Feb. vtl, lHA
From i!ie Dissectlug ttoom.
Having taken flwift'* Fpeclfle tor blood polsou
contracted at a medial adlliwe at a dj-scctinn,
whilo 1 wax a medical studen*, 1 am gratrful to Fay
thirt It gave ron a speedy and thorough euro aiU-r
? ? nmiitila Ku.l inadl tilltl.lt/ulfl n/ ilnllon fur
treatment. My n?m w? ?woli:tHp tw'eu li?? U uai
ate, Kid ax ntth'ng lii'Ji-od me I wu. d'Mpalriuic or
urrr bdiiRCurtd lint hearing of tin* a 8 h., 1
bought a brittle little thiuklng.I would derive onr
benefltfrom It. 1 hewn taking H'reguUrlf, and
Kum th'-mfMiiiijbcTj-ui logo down and the arm
ewwed to pain m*. conUiinod its u?e. and after
taJ. Ins elicnt bottle* waithororghlrflured.
At'uuciUi Wekjko, Newark. N. J.
Tfbattie on ? owl anil Skin n>?juo* mulled free.
Tu* Swjrr Hpg0ir|o o..
my 11 P'pworg. Athmia.Oq. .
HARRIS' Mgg!gp|
A gAaeAt'OjliW FOIl
JJEJIVOU8 dfaihc topJlGrJ
TfTTV B'.'Jli ,,, rrmndlfl (or
Organio Walui53,affigM'i^SJS
ftffTfOrONGVHifllXW ir.v w?y. roun<l?l on
VEARBB*U8SItiMANvU ..t.u.pi p;mIprinciThowamoCajis*
. Ilf-tctU'r'a Sunn
Jl W 6UIMATU *3^ jjjndj a lone Whco
phn rmaoopiBik
v&3Kv YftJ\ bavo been c*hauat*
/ JbR*. cd, without, at leaat,
itomaflliuFc^t a
' '"''fi^tcur^uaU
|Jju Jjvor la in^rooj
kv STOMACH--#* X"'glSJi AmBIt
Bitter5 hss
I hi every mntto to VfSriSi
vftnh imllly and mc?tii lMrinan?&. '"*
by nl\ Pruggtotaand Dealer* generally.
a NAAivillf Ccn without Medicine
A POSITIVE ssssjsssas
cua In (onr rtayi cr lm.
Allan's Soluble Medicated Bougies.
KOUIWOIU fowol outac)*, CRMbU. or rtl tJ
P.O Box ISO,
. w jonnaatn, new jot*.
Will cure l>Uwu? ol u? KUi?p, (ir?Tcl. Uleet,
atrictuMB, ul ?ll Crtn?ir ?ad oreu?J Diwum,
NerroOf ul PtrtMl MMMn ttMgjMftUmSi
Um ol Vltor, wSatBB tn jgjiaJjttjT
Vtny. InpoieMCMBrtW gmn ol roath, exmtaw,
ibe. Brpmlix In ill iti lorms, tan Uirmi
ud turn, atom. oropUoui. mortK, Mtim. aUl
itotnaud ill blood tad tUn timm. tail;
fib JhMfytmx*I
(Illlr* i Kim, iti and SI PuwrUaiith -j
Ufo * ravsUv? wrought, li
All a myatlc thought k
And *1.U naught: ?
Kvonaprlnkllngahowen "
I'pou golden flower* ?
lu JH-Tloct bowert, t
Ono can't tx,.laln. _
Though r. ut eutwaln, c
lly wjrtteriw kilgu. C
No milt for koH y
Ur?uheap*uut>ld, ,
TuuUUloStoW. 11
T??H why t\
Tho >lry, p
aatMB *
I'crhspn 'tla it? uatural duty. g
J^rbapj a word, perchaucc aoothur, u
Our futuru children . _
May be ?l*tw, or uiay be brother,
Jlut aa lor all n
WmIIc nut in full* rv
Ito like the ruck
Who aloud the iliock
Tlmttigh nf?? and through
Then with peaceful iluuibvm /
In the bosom of the mirth, .
The antic realm of uumbett
Who sleep/mid allent aoula. *'
Lie tlowu to d re/ tit forever uud forever. a
Whielwh. May ltf. 1885. jj,
A Thrilling Novelette la Eight Short w
Chapter** W
Philadelphia Timet. ftl
I love lier deeply nnj devotedly. Or in
it dovotedly uud deeply, if
Wlmt matters? hi
Ve are all in all to one another. We tli
live but for our love. The occupation by >'
whichlgain my bread beeomesdaily more jj
iliatimtftfnl in rii?. T mn/llv nlnncm nt. mw .1.
hat anil coat the moment tko hour of re- ui
lease arrives. '?
I can hardly bo passingly civil to my
employer. Happily, thougli, as yet I have -V,
not struck him.
It is tho same with my Matilda, so she ,,
lolls me. She counts tho long, leaden,
weary hours that wo perforce must spend o(
She says her work, too, is hateful to her. J1.'1
(lie says, though, that it is not only for ''
hereeltshe ling to work, butforher mother, r*
an invalid, for whom tho doctor has pre- I",
scribed a warmer climate. ()(
My Matilda is a postmistress, but her
mother's board and lodging in the warmer
climate nre dreadful drugs upon the poor
jfirl. "Conragel Courage!" I cry; "what V'
is enough for one in enough for two." "J
Stay?will it be enough for three also? 1 P.
had not thought of this before. JJJ
Alt. UK.nIntav ?ncl T ham. o.nlinHiHiJ
vuimiv; ? i ??? *- v*vu?u^vu . 1.
wonis. Say, blown also have panned be- "i
twcen ua and kicks. It matters not now ? :
wlio got them. I feel muck liurt. i.r
I am without employment The world *
is before mo and the newspapers are full
of advertisements, but there does notseera
to beany special demaud for my services. ?te
At present my only means ol support are
what Matilda can lend me, after providing
for her mother. It seems what was enough
for one has now to do for throe. I ,,r,
I can't see anything in the papers that'tio
will at all suit me. What I want, it ap- na
pears to mo, is more change of air than |;|,
any thing else. I mention this to Matilda to
an jj she weeps. I must say that Matilda ]0,
hnii nnt imt tli? nhpnrfnlMt nf .4.
At the nick of time I fell across some w>
long-lout relatives. They have saved rae. te,
I am to have a long rest at their expense. ^
I am to have change of air?a warmer climate.
I am now at Nice basking in the
sunshine, it is a delightful place; auch mi
enjoyment and such complete auil blim- pa
ful idleness. I ltavo met a rich English
widow?a moBt charming woman.
After all, it will be very absurd of Jfa- ?>'
tlida if she takes it to heart. -Matilda's
salary is not largo enough. And as for w
me, 1 really, positively cannot work. I
feel I cannot, and all efforts are useless. 1
Wmliltul In thn wiilnuv wliv nnuil I? UN
-?? ? T*MU*?-"r ' """ *
I'm an idiot I How could 1 have aW
lowed myself to bo taken in by what she
said? 1 ought to have made sore. Why, f<
the wretched old impuator lives but on
the charity o( her daughter, joat as Matil- (f
da's mo?
Merciful goodness! What was Matilda's gu
mother's name? Sot Matilda's 1 know, 1)0
for she took a seoond husband. fsitpos?ilde
I have? Yes I I have married
Matilda's mother. ?g
Ab?eut Minded.
LouM'le Commercial. ,
At the Birctjs yesterday afternoon tome
ol those who occupied seats in the reserved
chair department witnessed an L
amusing and singular inuident. Near the
top oI |he eauvass was a well-dressed gen- 1.ji
Mni.xiii n*liA at Ilia luuilnnlnn nf (hn nor. ..
HIUUU) n "M| ?l l||v Ui |>UW (Hi o[ I
formanee, seemed bright and lively. ??
After a while, hownver, his bead fell upon ,,,)
Ilia breast and he went fast to Bleep. Ue r
remained in this condition for about
twenty |i)inutea, when all at once, much w
to the surprise of the men who were near ie,
him and quite as inueh to the bprror of
several observant ladits, he took oir his I
coat, and in a seeming effort to bang it up, wl
under the impression tjiat he w?* in his Koi
room at home, and was rapidly preparing tie
iiinijudf to go to bed when awakened. |,n
mSkpSno oi.n oqfit(Ai?'8.
Why They dhoiilil tin AUMuded to?Volllti of _
Some Farmer*.
4n}frJeanvl0rfcMll??rW. R
One of ihd popular fallacies that still 1 i
linger* in the rural Uiotrlcfa, ia t);atuia- Fq
sure gppaafaa aq not neeuieraiwara. farm- ??
ere inn/ to pjlpgtaking in the planting, "s
and in cultivating the orchard for a lew
yearr, until it comes Into bearing, but, aa liu
a rule, after that, it it neglected, and not (on
inlrequsntjj' eiW)S>r pastured or mowed, "J
and the soil is compelled to beer t?? uroiw i?|
annually, without mannre, until it Is ex: U'il
baosted. Then the cry is raised that "it *'f
does not pay to plant orchards, at beat we api
only get fruit in abundant srsry other *"
-yesr. The folly of this neglept is de- !?!
njODstrated every year, and the facts are Uii
published abundantly in the agricullnral rill
papers, but un/orfijnalely these jour- 2h
nals liave quite a Hunted cjrcijlaj |?
tion, even In tho farming towns. They > <
are numbered by tens and twenties, where ,i
tbeyongU tC P? by hundreds. On the m
homestead, where tfie writer jjte apples vf
from the tree and the barrel, raw, cooked 9J|
anil preferred the yoa* round in the ago tjili
of Iiomesnifn, there VM Sipl'J tree fatnoua
(orlts early apples, a ?eedl]ny, ai?d ?n |u; c
vetorate bearer in alternate years. Jt Imp- iff
pened In the enlargement of the garden, gj
that the ground underneath (his trep 749
plowed, manured, and planted with ?e>
potatoes, tnd a? a result, the bearing year on
wu changed, ?U4 W M t*'o full crops in
successive^ ye*ra^ Tt|e oyuiare Seized ^
had been accumulating for'iwi helped f?!
(till more. The fact did not Imprest the i I
owner much, bnt it did: impress ?9
the boy was helped to eat the jTi
apples, and turned the. grinilstODB CM
under the grateful shads. It Is a woU Kg
Iwiown fact that pear and apple trees that
stand in garde (is, especially in village W
gardens wfiioh baye liberal fertiUjlng ?nd OB
cultivation-every year, bear regularly, Qj
and ire seldom without fruit, ejeept when to
the frost or hall .(eatrnvs ft. Men who J*
make a specialty of gVowlng fruit tor }|"
market, and feed their trees abundantly,
get well paid for tbeir labor, and send i
apples to the city market by the car or o*j
boat load. The secret of their uniform
success Is to the (apt that they feed their ft
recs regularly, and thin out all super
loona wood, and glvo the oretard all j
leaded attention. They do sot stealaway I
lie food of the trees In gnus or grain j
reps. They aro content with the fruit, j
'herela no reason why theaveraga farmer. i
rhohuauitablRland for fruit trees, should j
iot have an abundant supply of fruit for j
I01IJ0 use, and for inarkot. ft la in the ?
Ise of lila business to raise crops for mar- '
:et, and to make the manure that Is ;
leeded to produce them. It 1s In the linu t
fa true economy to purchase the for- J
[liters that are lacking to grow maximum ?
raps. It does not p?y to grow minimum ?
rops. Cultivate only as much land as ?
ou can fertilise and improve by cnitlva- e
ion. Blchca increase with the depth 0
atherthan breadth of soil-turned by the I
low. The orchard wants regular feeding, u
s much as any other crop, and fruTt S
row ere have learned that thei j is econo- S
ly in It. It will not be very difficult for u
ny thrifty farmer to increase his home- ?J
mJe fertilizers, and to supply the wants :
1 his fruit trees. cl
Haroea all Uie Soma.. *
Irman't UcwUL
Some vears airo a Ureinan seised a largo a
'ax dull, under the impression that It was *
baby, from a smoking room in a burning , '
uildiuir, wrapped it hurriedly and carried *
carefully down a ladder to the street. ?'
rhcu the nature of tbo rescued bundle ;}
as discovered tho ilrenftn was saluted ?
ith derisive laughter, and for a Ions time lterward
he was a butt for jocularities. A jj
w weeks ago a similar incident occurred ui
; a fire at South fifth avenue and j"
leecker street, Now York, a police ofticer "1
iving picked up from a bed what he to
lOught was a baby, but which proved to fj
i a doll, and which he bad the satisfac- J*
in of restoring to the little girl to whom re
belonged. But behind Uio quizzing and H'
>e bantering, to which men are prone jj
ider favorable opportunities for raillery, ?t
the fact that these men were just as ui
uly heroes and just as much entitled to J
pecial praise and admiration an if the m
animate bundles had been livingiufanls. I"
ley were risking their own lives to save jj
e lives of those who wore helnlet*, and u
bounder the frantic terror and confusion Ju
the occupants had been overlooked or Jj
andoned. Thcv naturally supposed iii|
at iufants bad been left behind in the \
.citemeut, and their hearts thrilled with
y because they presumed thfiy were at
aring away from destruction something
more value than wax and sawdust. d|]
500 lieward. '\fi
The former proprietor of Dr. Sago's gj
itnrrh Remedy, for yearn made a stand- Ko
ir, puhlin offer in all American news- vol
pera of $500 reward for a (fflse of catarrh J5J
at he could not cure. The pWBent pro- ;fc!
ietore have renewed this ofli r. All the su
umrists sell this Remedy, together with Jg
e "Uotiche," anil all other appliances lg
viseil to be used in connection with it. (
> catarrh patient is lonter able to Bay fl
cannot be cured." Vou get $509 iu J."'
so ol failure. .?!?
Vou cannot jump over u mountain, but du
>p by step tAKf s you to the other sine.
* * * IJ" clji
Never (live Up. Hte
If you are suffering with low and do* i
[*8K?'(1 BoirilH. low of anoetite. treneral ?5!
bility, disortlered-blood, weak cuustitu- u
m, headache, or any disease ol a bilious ml
ture, by all means procure a bottle of ft'
ectric Bitters. You will be surprised an
aoa the rapid imnroveraqit that will (ol- car
v; you will be inspired with new life i 1
ength and activity will return; pain S5
d misery will cease, and henceforth you t
II rejoice in the praise of Electric Bit- ?ul
s. bold at fifty cents u bottle by Logan
Co. _ xw?w J
rhej camelia was named after the Jesuit jjj
saionary, Father Camelli, its first iin- ti><
rter. ui<
l l>ei
Duiikbk's Saj.aii Dn?si[.v(j & Coi.1) gj
eat Savce for all kinds of salads, flab, <fli
gc tables, and cold meals. Cheaper and bi?
tter than home-made. No sauce equal
it was ever offered. iiwiF eg
Oddly enough, the shorter the string of g
neatfi iiia sat?. Tlien lie took otr his
shoes unci split Ijjem tgrnbling after his j
coat, anil was about to djyestnjnwelf ol "ft
his pantaloons when some one punched n ,
hii<) in l|ie ribs- He arose with a start gpi
and tor a moment looked blankly around sli
him. Then, suddenly taking In lhetlti)a- lie
lion, he turned as red as a rose,and swing- K?
ing from the planks dropped down under inj
the seals to get bis coat and shoes. The vei
HlefHvint! voiith eas evidently laboring
U to VUU ittui o ijlU| Ib W IVUIIUOl I
IM nei
Bncklou'a Arnica Salve. reij
Hie beet 8alve in the world tor Cots, log
uiscs, Soros, Ulcora, Suit Jlhenm Fever
rea, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
irns sod all Skin Eruption*), and posi- ? ?
'eiy, cures 1'iies, or no pay required. It ?l
guaranteed to give pertectsatisfaction.or Jj.
jney refunded. Price 25 cents per box. mi
iraale by I/>Kan A Co.
A man can buy a wife in Japan lor $4 p
ah, while ice cream coats fifteen cents a
ih in America, tf:
Toons Blen t?Beiwl This. to"
Tin Voltaic Bei.t Co., of Marshall, h!
ich., offer to send their celebrated Elko tic;
o-Voltaic Bklt and other Electric Ar- J ",
iascw os trial (or thirty days, to men t
oungorold) afllicted with nervoua de- u,u
lity, loss of vitality and manhood, and tbr
kindred troubles. Also for rheumatism,
ural^a, paralysift and man^oUierdis- ir
and manfiood guaranteed. Mo' risk u ffif
lurred as thirty days trial is allowed. c
rite them at once for illustrated pamph- am
, free. ?n> 1?
iorve a grea{ qjan and you will know o
iat sorrow Is. Cfi
, , clot
A Great Uuoovarr. j
\fr. Wm. Thomas of Newton. In., Havs: ato<
ly wife has been seriously affected with J
:ough tor twenty-five years, and this (2
ring more severely tjiaji ever before. ^
e had uspd many remedies without re- do
|, and being urged to try Dr. King's
w Discovery, did so, with most gratily- ^
[.results. The firet bottle relieved her Jg
ry much, and the second bottle has ab- Ail
utely cured her. She has not had eo Jo;
id health for thirty years." TrW Uot- *8.
s free at l.ogan i Co.'s drug store.
rge alie $1 OQ. MIVF4W nr
VMtuto. ?; tlip ?Jo|iej agij "?fl? M*r>
*w Yoax. ifay H,?Money an Mil was e??y ut
woent rrinio roorcautlle paper <?fi perceut. Ui
Dlfn ExcHhuk# quiet at W W/<%\ WOVBHKMVT?Bonds
a|ichang*d in quotations
vM?i1rtlltu) ?(X ton cnt|r, iU.nd Annum ?|
n.cic??Tba features to-dny in tlio stock market
jnoon, followed by a rally in which about)fpc:?
it of its low wm recovered. tfhorwt of tbe market
iquiet, and while it sympathised toacortalq
USu^iJ* yltwu ?WU>>n M?rro*? sinjo Mil
Ji the expoption of the morning break nripes
m iteodv to strhnir all day.
luring the hut hour and a half the whole lift re*
ndodto the upward movement and pricoa nd
iced ?lowly but steadily to the closo of the ..
i mrtit active list, although Ixju'ivfllo A Naafcle,
la which wm untutut activity, la upTO ptr
it, Oresoa Navigation 1 and Couiolldated u?? %
|lP Wawfirj^^dwn ?od ?jj|.
l,'o uponlng, , jftowfofa dcMoeufH porootU: U?v
"noon It w'ljvd tq a fraction ard owed flaillf
i lo? of 1? iwr&nt. Tho other coul atocka wwe n
itr, In aympatby with Uckawinua. but were 1.1
et, Lc'aware A Hudson ihow* a lo* ol % per- 111
&^^MeroUMSactt^ aud prtceaVnewfiJ
WSOffi MX?
aiSmiltf 4 CUilST<!dotm preferred, THi ?
UrewUtilSl I*ml PrurlllODB,
T""-, M*r H?ntrar,r?oelnui HOM lMrr?U; "
HMCO1! common 10 obolo^ujn tfktonlilp& i
81 buahela; apot easier; options opeue?T?wer.
tar advanced, afterwards declined and closed '
wavy: No. 2 Milwaukee WMaMUo; ungraded 87ca
II Od;No. 2 red May,?*Ksloooo buahela atfl03a
OSX, cloalug at|103; Juno, aalea 712,000 buihoJa
luguat. Bales 71^000 buahela at II OCKal 07k, ck?- .
ug at il 06K: September, sales 7AWW bushels at
I algal elating at II 0%j October. sties
,000 bushels at tl 00XL Cora lower{receipt*W&300
uahola:exportaW frflbuahrla, ungraded 6?afi6)<c;
i'o. 26&)$aMftcsateau>cr white Wc; No 2 white 2c;
rhlie wtateraWUo; No. 2 May dating at
to; June MKaUXc, dosing at Mftc; July Mfta
doalng at Mc: Augnat ?';a?%c, doting at
0u. Oats heavy; recclpta 01,200 buahela; exports
i?m?; mixed wtetera<0*42Xo;whiw?a49c. CoOtee,
pot fair: ttto firmer at lf%c: options fairly active,
losing hardy steady; No. 7 Uio spot fcSuo; ?Ues <
V250 Mgs: May OtoOJtOo: June 5.76aWOc: July >
XkfLMc; Anguat aO Ma7.00cj September 7.007.06c; <
mtober 7.1&os November 7.10x7.200; December 7.1fia 1
,25c. bugar tinner and demand moderate; 1 <
air to good refining quoted at 4^aSo; toned'tinn;
.extra V 4ftaMfo; white extra O
!h?S^v; coiifectiouora' A f.^uir^c; oirA6%t5%o;
landard A G IMOafic; granulat?d 0 7 lOaeKc; cube*
3. Molawea ateady and quiet. Uice firm; domes- 8
o 4J4a7c: rangoon itfpte. Tallow firm. Ekjpi c
toiui uu uniwauii uiuucibwi Dawn >tohw<
or* dull aud dcprcMed: mww tpot SlUOQal'/tt;
iinlly mess 912 00al2 25. Ifcef quiet and tin* ft
luiugcd. Lanl moderately active- ttusiogweak: U
icam *pot 7.QT?: Jane 7.(K?7.0Sc; July 7.1S?7.Wc{
lynut 7.23a7.5Kc: September 7.2ttt7i2c; October
42o: city steam 6.90c.
Gjfoueo. iu*.. May 14 ?'Trading on 'Change to* ...
uy wax at no time largo. There tru a spurt of
etlvlty during the middle of the session owing to 0,
io rumor of a renewal of tbe trouble betwt-ou Kng,ii(l
and Ktuiia and low? r consols, but when Urn
as denied the market iurged btuk rather r>eivlly J,;
id clo?ed for the day dull and weak at abaut tue
iweal price* of the day, There was a lack ot
[Ipplug inquiry and tbe amount In passage showI
uo increase. which winused a* auargument by
if bean for lower prices. Flour qu et and un? ,i.
mnged. Wheat, a fair ?peculat|ro oi'Muetm wai
unacted, cbUtiy oa local acoouut: tue market *|
>enod lower, rallied }ffi on rumou of w,
jw forelgu ootop'lcatlooi then uader liberal oiler- wj
gs receded le, fluctuated and doted J?c under
terday; sales ranged: May Mftatfftc, dosed it
b; June Whittle, closed at DO}#; July ?4(a93Xc, I
wod at M!{c; No. '1 spring S^aWo: No. ft spring "V
KaSOc; No. a re3B*c; No. 8 red W^alSc. torn, Dr
mk, the feeling \m dcvelopul and prices wete
ported above u shinDlng Nub, prices ucdincd Ka 1
i?, rallied Jfc fail Ifaek and elomd %c upder yes- aio
rd?y: cash 4 al7ku; May 47ft47^c, dtsed at,47c: fee
me 47a47&e, dosed at470; July 4%a48)?c, clwwd an
47%c. Oata. dull bu? steady, prices showing but 3
tlo change: cash 84^a3lK: May 8i#UhJ4c; Juue for
JulviMJ'-i'ttlU1 .".clohudntCtl^o. K>c.firm:No. dy>
riu. lUrloy iiomimU. flaxseed steady; No.1, 5138. 1
b?s pork irregular with a (air demand; early I
irw? 8a7o lower, rallied lOaigko and cjosod steady I *?5
ill IllOOalllU: J line JlOUTkall Oik. doted at f
l Wall Wi; July lii o<aii lsTclsmi at tii km rto
UK, Mnl qufet aud eesv; cash 6.77}{afi.?Oa; wit
no u.80tU) 82%o; July 6 tiki. Boxed meat* quiet i
oulders 4.s&t4.40o; short rib & 6Qaft.05o: ihojtdear j
(W?o, Whisky at 91 li. Mtipin flrin a?d
zber;cutloaf7}*c: granulated owfcta iiiandard J?"
Mo. Butter ruhu dull; ureamerylsaZto: dairy "J*
iliw. On* ilrrn at llKattto, Afternoon Board-*
neat tas.er; Juneclonwl at >$e lower. Corn weak ' *
KaHc lower. OaU weak at Hu%3 lower. l?ork * 1
changed. Lird 2)0 lower.
'hii.aiuti.pha, Pa., May 14.?Flour, ipring wheat
ll but Hteady; winters scarce and tlrm. Wheat ?
eneddull, meted and closed firm; No. a red | ,
v mixed 55c; steamer No. 2 mixed t6c; steamer U
. 2 yellow fiCXo; No. 2 mixed &4a57c; No. 2 ~~~
low h7Jtfo: No. 2raized May SWHUo; June 5ika 4f
i; July UKaHKc; August Oat* in iwr
*1demaurt; No.2 white 45fca45J{o;No. 5 white
it rejected white 4akp: futures Armor but qu(gt; Z2
2 white May 48^&44p; Juue AfMpiWo! July *,
?a42& ; August 33&a4UC. Butter nrm; western VI
Iry extras 17c; western good to tholvo 14&15C. |?
K-i steady; extras 14al*J4e. j
'iNcinnati, 0? May 14.?Flour heavy; family ??
tatteady; No. 2 muted 38>?c. Kyo stronger;
. 2 full 7:ui74<!. Barley scarce ntid unchanged. _
rk dull at 81180. Lard ensler at 6.70c Bulk meat*
ll;shoulders 4.25c; short rib 5.75c. Bacon steady;
udders 6.280; snoit rib G53o: pbortofoar flWc.
dsky quint At 91 lit Butter quint and uninged.
Sugar quiet and unchanged, Eggs
?dyatl2d. chcofcqulpt; uew Ca8c.
Iaj.timouk, Mo.. May 14.?Wheat, westorn firm
1 a fraction higher: winter red spot 91 OOal Odk;
a? SlOlkalOft; July n OlWal wk; Auguit
C0il06>j. Com, western dim and nominal; 0*
*ud 'Wit fifiMattp; Jquo July M>?a56c,
lh dull and lower; western white 4&*44c: mixed ftaa
42i. Provision quiet and mn li:iin: K.gs mm
a and hi?htr at 14al4He. Coffee firmer; Kio mm
goes, ordinary to fair 7}?a8Kc. mm
'olcdo. .0., May 14.?Wheat closed nct|\'o ha I Cd
sk; No. 2 red cash or May UlJifj n fcpd: June "
iOj Jtdy ftftfcc: Augurt 97c: No! 2 soft ? OiK
;ed. Cora dull; No. 2cashr Msy or June nomli
at GlHo; July Sic. Oats, no transactions. G3
pry Goods. f
,*p- YpBK. Msj- H.-^ho aijctlnn Hie of 20,000
UiHgih iii L'uu it goourf uniay uy ?muvruing,
juet A Co., |Hjr order of illis*, Kabyan Si Co.. ? *
ted off very satisfactory lu aevetal nspccta, ana
i low prices at which jobbers iiud rolailera own jgjr
tlrstpub* were so cloveiy mah>taiued that Job- ^
a and retailers need have no fear (bnt thp value G
heir stock h will ho iU?turhci| thereby. Toe fpjdog
prices will iud|nato Uih eourjo of the bidigiTtfd
thu figures obtained: Peppercli, 10}?c; ?
ached sheeting, lOii'c: pcpperell stauditrd 36 inch C
ictings, to; constitution, 13 Inch brown cottons, mm
c; i ucoula H. sUcslns, T%oi Columbia chpvlnft 40
c: Uofiton double und twlsud blue dfluimti, ^
la; Oils a o*. blue denims, 1;\%g;'1 burn dyke *
X fancy ((eking, V*%v- ?did IWwr.ui U, 80
ll bleuellodshlrtruga, O^o.
'be Qtrer)uK w?s widely distributed,every pram! <(
it jobbing nQUse and retailer of (be country was *
nsentedlupcrsjn or by proxy. Messrs. Alum LJ
>oepie, of Cincinnati, weie huge tuyere, secur- mm
a great variety of goods, While the prices real- B
d cicely appipxlmated tlu >? at private sale, m
> attfe t"say. however. tbut as tbo latt r return a m
i to tbo mills there is nolblug la the outfopV to
rrapt au increased pjoductfou. but mm fiavw, C
ire.,-i it before tbo sale tlut good* In the hands m,
distributing merchants would be advoraeiy af mi
ted, wire set at rest before the sale had made mm
ch progress.
Lire Htoclc.
!incAOo, lu-. May U.?Tha Drovcrt' Journalr*ta:
Cattle-Receipts5,700 head:shipment* 2,000 2
id; market very ac'lve and 5alCc hlghor; 2
pments 6,000 head; market slow and weak: 10c ?J
er: general demand dull: rough and mixed mM
Wa4 !>0; paoklug and shipping Si 20a4 40: light
5a4 40: ?kips 13 fi0a4 10. Shtup?Receipts bTuOO
id; shipments 2,000 head: trading slow and
era lOaSOc lower: thorn ti2ba$ vfo&todfa tM
w: mart etclowl wwl(.
:a?t Lipwr. Pa., tMayti4.?Cattle dull, but
ough; receipts 1,121 head: shipmente817 head;
shipments to New York yesterday. Hogs dull _
tilow: Philadelphia* (4 ?0ai 75: yorksw 14 50 ?
GO: receipt* 2,000 bead; shipment* |,600 head;
pments \o New York yejH?rdny 10 car load*.
tap ?jow uud unchaugod; receipt 800 head;
pments i,8t)0 bead.
lycWKATI. O., May 14.?Dog* quiet; common
I light S3 50a4 SO; packing tad batcher*' M 10a
); receipt 1,100 head; shipments 1.100 bead.
r, C^tt, Pa., May 14.?National Transit certlfl- II
M opened at imo: highest 78J$c; lowest 78c: II
icd at 7sjfrt: sales 380,000 barrels: clearances | ;
posted: runs 03,545barrels; shipments MOW II
t**Jb char turn 85,079 ba rels. ull Exchange V
:ki no bids; none offered.
rrtsBDBOH.Px.. May 14.?Petroleum dull but Arm
cos; opened a* 78%?, declined to 77Yfi, closed ut
lei trad(ng canl|i|Ups light.
e\v York, ajuy 14.?Petroleum Arm; United
led fct 7?>ic.
kwYoiuc, May 14?Cotton s'sady: middling
lands JOJfc: OrleansHVic; futures eloscd quit!
I steaiy: May 10.85c; June 10.90c; July 10.18c;
suii ;uyyi: bopmmber jo 7005 October 10.43 :
rembcrioaoo; Dwwmbor IO.BO01 January 10.30c;
iwlcjiicJ1' ?" >(>r a"Cotton mid- ^
gouse ana Sljjit faintcv.
D. O. liUBNEB, 25
rase and Sip Painter! c
Q-R?A.X3SrBIE,, If
la?lor & Paper Hangar,
ins DlAI.tr. IK
Ftlnti, Varnishes,
Olla, Gluii, 4c.
fttatblc ?iUorIts.
;anite and Marble Workers, i
Nos. 6,8 & 10 Sixteenth St. ?
(K?r Stone Bridie,) jS
Hare on hud a floe ?w>rtmeat of dSo
Granite and Marble Monuments, | (j
i the Latest fftyles of Eaitern Work, which will f^tt
pnlrt at reMonwWe tiHw* anrlft mr*
; giqjiotfs
rhat la that which can be found where it ti notT , W
nil But It ha? never been found In Taylor** to d
jmlum Cologne. bee
Yhat domestic coin U like the going up of a bal* U
inf if* in- ut (uoent). 1 he zno>t laatlng and Taj
reahlng is Taylor's PrtmlumOologue.. gra
Manufactured among the home of the flowers; and 1
X>r. J. E. SMITH
No. 1404 Ckipllne Street,
Mfltr Fourteen til street
The beat evidence of a physician's bucccm fa tb
twtlmony of hb patleuti. The Incmoing <U
mauds for myprofealonaliervioet prove thatiha* <
dealt honorably and fiilrly with thoae who ha*
consulted me. Ineveriuea patienfa name witl
out jwrtniwlon, though I have many hundred M
liticate* from tnoeo whum I have cured after thq
Uad been pronounced Incwabk. A thorough mm
leal education with muny yearn hospiUU experkno
ind familiarity with therauulle agents, a clow ot
tervnuee of temperamental pecuBurlties and Blril
Utcntlon to li\?leulu muuugctauut luiuroe sueeeM
t euro fa possible, and 1 frankly ctve the patleal a*
Home Proof.
ould Dot get out of bed. JrXlth cored iS
?Cyo*riUled tt jrivome relitf. Dr.SmffSSJ
&?- ? , THOMAS HOLT, Uuuruucv Agvnf
S ?m fourteen voan. Dr. HtuitJ
ixed we." LOUIS h. ^RHTNqtov
S2J?*% Runuln* Sorw ?i Ho?d.-"% iioa wu
lllotod for fourtoen yean. Nothing wwuLd^
sJpbtm. Dr. Smith cuwd him."
110Ut,.Ul!?? 51mWi 11 returned after each open
?. , U'. SmtU, cored ma ???.
l'lk?, FUtula of Anus.?Flat on my back tor "u
sBSms as u?M
.Wheeling, W. Va, ,
tHctoratlons of Haetum, PrcMapaua and Pilot,-*
fa* Kivon up to die <uid prouounced incurable
. Smith cured me without knife."
lev. H. 0. Ladd write?--"Dr. Smith'i profea .
uul services In my family have beed moat aatia
toiry. and I commend hka to all tut a geutiema ,
i a skillful phVaician." |
In. Margaret Kolk Bays: '1 had boen suflfortni
even yearn and treated by mauy physicians tot t
ipeiMla, Or. Smith said I had a tape worm, au4 eight
hours removed a monnter 109 feet long."
eroato Comphdnu.?'Three yean in hospital* foi
mica, give me peculiar advantages in such cases
eraous cured of catarrh. disca** of hoart, liver
roach, kidneys, akin, blood, norvous aflbetloni
I weaknesses of men and youth, scrofula aa(
una testify to my success.
lit . o? rod Without the knlfo.
atleuta at a distance may be treated by letteranc t
sfaution guaranteed. A obart for liolfcxamlna 1
i sent on receipt of two three-cent stamps, aai
ice rpturnod free.
maultatlou al office free. OQ\cehonn from 9 A
o 7 r. m., daily. Call on or addreaa, f
No 14M ChapUne St, Wfaocling, W. Va. Q
IIU I deuce, Nervous Debility, cured by 11
11A I Botanic Nerve Bitters, 60c.i at 1637
Uwl Market street. Wheeling.
?1 CflD! CHEC&i In 8 hour*. Cows in Sdaya.
, lull Bad cases wanted. Drug Btore, 16N.
L 1JCKI Uth StTPhila., Pa., and 1557 Market
II |bj| | 01.000 REWARD, for Itching
(I LI? BleedincQtProtruding PlicaD*
II f A I BlNCPartlO Bemedyfalls to core. V
ILbV l Bold at Lo<tan A Co.'a Drug Store.
(Carets, -Furniture, tec.
^ ?
<5 ^
0 1 sp '
1 1 o:
e CO gi s
s ~ ^@d
3 J ?3 j j ? *
si s 1 h t,?
mmmt* w - uj
s S Cm
CO 2
- 2 S =
' 55
iiinrniiirin i
Ladies' Gauze Vests, long and
art sleeves, at 25c each.
Gentlemen's Gauze Shirts at
c each.
All the sizes in Children's
itma CU: .-fro I/111/T on/4. cliArf
Lace Curtains,
Parasols and Jerseys, *
In all the qualities.
gat* ami gap*. f)
i 84 Sixteenth street. Ladles' tad mImm'
w, Laee, Chip, Kelt and Beaver Untw, etc., ala,
bleacned, colored tad flnlabed Id tbe latest
M promptly. UUUnert' work done at the uiual cj
ront noM 81
I HATS renovated topreeentatyleaatmodeiatt
m>, by Wm. Gratawaky, the Practical Hatter
iburgb. Pa. Leave yonr orden with L. V
ilitnn Wh??Uw nWV
m (Cologne.
3LE! j
v- '"" "if m mm lllr* Mm lattAP ATTTa
ccidedly flnt Bo hw Taylor*? Pro-Mam Cologne
d tint Id wbinlof ?U the mwUli tor exoelleaoe.
?h pl? kj' &i
rlutoi (o the heert^ofthe Udltt.
ium cologne
J now rccofiiU?l to l? tb? bat Id Uw mukel. [
:isr bros. Sc. co. '
<6to. g. gaatoc.
1 "1
Our New Stock of Spring
and Summer Goods now being
complete we would invite the
ladies to call early and make
their selectjons before the
choicest good have been sold.
Each Department is now replete
with the Newest and the Best.
To ladies contemplating the
purchase of a
We would say that the Best .
Lyons Goods known are repre- j
iented in our immense stock.
s called to a particular make of r
.yons Gros Grain, that we con- p
? I *.! 1_.^ 1.1_! _ -II P
rui in mis mantel, which in an 0
ases has given entire satisfac- ?
ion to the customer, and being
re can afford them at a very o
small advance over cost.
ire deservedly popular, and !
an be found in our stock at all ?
rices from $i 25 to $2 25.
11 a great variety of combina- N
on Suitings and plain goods in J;
le New BaizQ and Alderny 8
hades. Tricot Cloths are still si
s fashionable as ever, and sold t
lower prices than last year, r,
? ?'
We have just opened full and ?
smolete lines of
Ladies' Camb. Underwear,
Ladies' Gauze Underwear, (
Ladies' Silk Gloves and Mitts, i
Parasols, Sun Umbrellas, it
Japanese Fans, J
Austrian Fans,
White Embroidered Robes,
Sattine Robes, all colors,
French Sattines, *
Children's Emb'd Caps, $
Infants' Cloaks, n
Fine Jersey Jackets, ?
White Flannel Suitings, ?
Jersey Stripes,
Lawn Tennis Suitings,
Combination Silks,
Jersey Foulards, 5i
Cambric Aprons, * ij
Cream Albatross,
Cream Laces, ft
Spanish Lace, 28-inch, si
Lace Mouncings, *
Beaded Laces, ?
Misses' Wraps,
Boys' Shirt Waists, (
Corsets, Gloves, Hosiery, J
Embroideries, ?
njiice Curtntm, B
Counterpane*, . 0
Table Linenei. J
ill just opened and ready for 3
inspection. |!
The most desirable street ~
rap offered this spring is the g
lack Embroidered Drap d'ete Mantle. *
We show in all qualities from ?
ix to thirty-two dollars. ^
n new and choice designs for S
Wraps and Dresses opened
Tins Morning. . :
>(?u i
OnstidnfurMAYS.lffli, rai*ug?Jf trains will '
AO. BA ho. 1 No.lt
SiHTBOUXD. Ural. No.87 daily No ? Dally
. leave? a. it. r.h. a.*. x. u p.m.
Wheeling..-. 6:85 4:10 U:40 ?:U 6:80
Bellalre - 0:65 ......... 6:01
Mannlngtou.-. ...... 7:*> ...._. ....v.
A i rives at P.M. Ml.
Gnltoa 4:00 ii:o& ] :io 10:15
r.v. A.N.
(.'tiuibcrUtid..? 2:40 7:(0 3:80
Washington City. C:.T0 7:20
Baltimore,,....?7: 0 8:80
lio 8&.XS and 17 utop at all Htatlmu
Mo. VI No.? So. G .
wnr bopwd. No. 14 No. 12 Dalit iiMily Dally
Unto? x. M. t.ux.h. t.x. p.u.
Wheeling. 7*5 8:<0 0:16 7:60 10:.5
Belial re ?:o 4:15 10.1H H.-2I 11:08
Arrive at f *. x m.'
ZanesvllU 11:30 7:00 12: >8 10:10 1:10
Newark...^. 1:? 10:A0 2:fo
Oolumbiu ...... 2:40 11:66 1:10
Cincinnati 5 7:25 *4:00 7:60
JJanduiky ?:80 ........ 8:66
IndtaoapoU*..^. 11:C0 7:06 4:45
, , A.*. f.H.
8t Loula 7:L0 6:46 0:80
t1iloa|0.M i:40 A?5o 7:20 .
<r f. ii.
Kama* City U..~. 8:0ft 8:8C ":(.U
MonndaVltleaecomuiotUUou leave. fthbtOlugRt
11:86 a.m.. and arrival at AlousdavllUi at 12:1a p.
*u. unny -viuua)
ilanulnattm accommodation at 4:10 p. m.
Zanftvllle aceowmodatinu icavoa wheeling at
i:S5 a. m. and .1:40 p. m. Bellalre at 8:10 a. w. and
4:15 p. m? daily cxcept Sunday.
10:a p. m. train through to Cincinnati without
cluugo, with B. 4 0. Blooper through toCincinnati.
B, a o. Weeping Car* on all throuab traiiu.
Through Coach Irem Wheeling to CinclnuaU on
No. 2, leaving Wheeling at t:l5 a. m.( arriving, at
i-liioinnati at >: ?} a m.
( load oounectlona are made for all polnta South
ind Pouthwoat, North and Northwest, making tbla
i dralrable loute for ooloulata and t?noni moving
lo theigreat Wat, and to wh-m particular attention
Ticket* to all principal polnla on mile at Depot.
Weeping car aocoinmodatloca can 1* accunxl at
Depot Ticket OOlno.
f \06 a BOhUtiTicket Agent 11. A 0. Depot.
T fllON, B.AO.
On and after JfAV f, 1386 paw?ngor trains will
uu ai followi-Whoelingiime:
?or Pittsburgh- 5:25 ?. m., dallj; 7:10 a. m., ?:20
i. m., daily except r?undar.
For Washington-ins a. m., dally; 7:10 a m.,t#0
i. m and 5:U6 p. m? dally except mi tula v.
From Pittsburgh?11:05 a. m.. 0:05 p. m., daily
xceptSunday: ?0J51?. m., dally.
From Waahlugton?7:55 a. in.. 11:% a. m.. 6:05 p.
i., daily except Sunday; 10:15 p. m., daily.
v K. IX)RD, General Passenger .Agent.
B. W'MhM, General bup't.
J. T. M*K. Tray Pum. Agt. Whaling.
Time table for Eastaud Went eormitod to Apr!
1885. Trains leavo Pan Handle station, foot c 1
tevvntb street. near public lauding, aa tollowa,
outraltiundard time:
Httt East Fait Fan.
trrATio.HM. Exp'? Exji'b Exp'n Rxp'a
A. M. P.M. P.M. A.M.
pave?W'jjeeMng.. 6:45 12:45 8:? 8:05
rrtve?wollnburji.- 6:2* 1:2T. 4:14 0:38
Mubenvlito 7:0r 2;iv 5:i!u 1C:10
liuburjjh... 9j9Q 3j?- 6:10 .........
P.M. A.M. A M.
arrlsbarg. . 11:15 1:10 2:45
ftltiiuoru. 6;26 6:26........
'aihlngton....... *!.!!.. 6:40 6:40 .........
lilladolphla. ..... 8:0N 4.-25 5:45
ew YorK..'..;... . 6:10 7:00 8:0.
p. m p. u. P. M.
DrtOD ...... 8K?| 8:00| 8:85........
ooixo war.
?W l>*>nu Watt Acitatioss.
Exji'k hjcp't Mull, o'm'n
A. M. I P.M. A. M. P. M.
eare?Wheeling 8:55 3:35 6:45 12:45
rrlvu-Stcubenrlll?....... 10:10 6:20 7:06 2:12
iill* 11 7:25 6:1ft
enui*on... ........ 11:25 7:40 9:80 4:03
p. M.I a. M.
cwark ... 2:20 1:45 11:? 6:46
alUTObu*- ........... 5:10 2:42| 12:36 8;00
eove?Tolurabu* 3:?o 8:00 12:65
rr?vt??Day ton......... - 6:10 7:'."2
Imlnuatl 7:4 7:10 4:45
idUnnpollM 10:1( 8:00 ....
A. M. r. M
.. Loul? 7:0(1] 8:00 .......
blcago. 7:801 6:65
All train* dally exccpt Sunday.
Pullmau's l'alneo Drawing ltoom and Sleeping
tra uirougD wuuoui uuaugc imra aicuocaviuu
ut to i hlhtdelphiu and New York, We?t to Colwbui,
Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, Indlauap*
[litandSt. Louis. '-wti
For through ticket!. baggage check*, tdccplnjt
ir accommodations. and any further information
>ply to JOHN 0. lOMUNSON, Ticket Agent at
ui JIaudle Hiatton, footo/ Eleventh street, or at
Itf Ticket Oflico, under McLuru ?ou*c. Wheeling,
Manager, Col um bun, Ohio.
Ofu'l Pan*, and Ticket Agent, Pittsburgh, P
Timetable corrected to M4Y 10, 1584."Train*
at* i Hiiiiaudlc Biatlon, foot or Eleventh street,
Mr public laadlug. as followa-Central standard
lirc-whlih is ?i minute* Moucr than Whet-Una
ma: |3 .
oown south.
fatty| itelljri AO1'hm
Pcm I com.
A w r M ' x M
etvft?Whefllnr J IKU 3:.6 8:01
rrfye-Benirood .. 6:20 J*:4S 9:00
ouudivllle 6:40} 4:0ft! 9:80
larimion ? 7:? 4:45111:28
roc tor. 7:tt? 4:57 11:60
eir Martinsville. 7:W 8:1* 12:25
irdh .. 8:02 bfr\ 12:60
ftcr>vilie k:<0i 6:40 i:*8
rlendty ,Uaumor*>?)M........~M 8:!W 2:06
? Mhtji fl:l0 fl:*5 8:80
iiUamsiovrn (Marittta) ft *58 7:lol 6:24
irkenburg, W. Va...J. 10:30 7:4W fl:W
Ilhilly Dally Ac*
I'um Pim. com.
a.m. p.m. a.m.
?ve?Vflrkeroburg. ... 6M6 3:.to gmij
rrlvo Wi)]Ian?t'Jwn(Mari'tU) 7:4ft 4 <W 6:10
, Mary a *:? 4:6l' 8:50
ri ndfy (Mamoiortu) 8 U* 6:28 10:42
itenville 8:*0 6:40 11:16
krfU 8:W> 6;6K 12 :<tt
bw Mariluavflle- 8:? ?:? 12M
loetor ? 9:0* 0:2' l:10
laringtnu ............ ,.... V:'M' 6:37 1:4*
ouDdtvllle. 1C :06 7:20 8:l!ft
nW(K(l.?..r. ....................... lf>:/f? 7.40> 4:15
bocHair^,...^. ............ 10:46| 8:00* 4:40
ftuuwngjr irftiua dally Including Bouday. Acimmodailen
trulni rat a daU> except Sunday,
Ticket Agent. Wh*eilng. W. VA.
Oondmucd Time Table of J'umiiger Twin. cor?.l
Untl ib tooA?(VuitMl Olan/tanl Tlnai
P. If. JUM. A.M. P.M. MI.
lUburglu. 11:20 ?:u> h.hhh 12: w S:8S
llegbsajr 11:80 1:1' 12:5/ 8:45
ocbMter V& 8:56 1:40 4:10
ut Liverpool IKS 9:42 2:20 5:11
letelaad... 11:10 ?:00?.. 2:00
ironna.. i:00......... 9:42 8:81
llliuioe VM 10:26...^ 4:10
ifArd-. 2:? 10:53 4:tS
'ellrrllle? 5:55 10.-05 12:56 2:45 5:55
cCoy'i. - 6:15 10:80 1:10 1:06 6:21
WOQtO. 6:24 10:89 1*6 8:14 6:80
obenTille......... 6:45 10:67 1:4P 8? 6:50
rUliftnt- 7:02 11:16 2:02 8:48 7:08
irtln'a F?rry, 7:00 11:56 2:41 4:20 7:41
-n....a n.n ii.u n.it i.ik t.41
B:Qo| nliol irool 4:40| g-oi
. M. a. m. a. * r. m. r, u.
Walr?. ? 6:10 8:20 10:2f 3:80 4:16
ridfteport ~ 6:22 1:83 10:87 3:47 4:28
trtlnri Ferry^M. 6:80 8:41 10:46 8:48 4:86
rllUttt..... 6:01 9:26 11:16 4:18 6:14
icubenrllle. 6:90 9:81 11:88 4:85 6:81
wonto 6:89 9:60 11:61 4:63 6:60
OOOTV~~~~- 6:49 12:06 6:13 849
daHUiu 736 10-JC 12:46 6:60 :*
t yard 11:24 1:442:60
llianoe? 12-00 4:26 f:86
lereland. ? 2:80 :? 6:66
A.K. A.M.
hksatou 6:80 7:60? .
utLlverpgoL. 7:86 12:66 A:00 ? SS
ocheatcr ? 8:2ft 1:40 e:?u 610
lttfhenr 9:15 .... ine 7:26 6:16
All traini dally except tinndtv.
Train ImtIzix Srldjraport at 8:83 a. m. malm dixit
connection at Yellow Crook for Cleveland and
utfftnaGUeMO. K. A. FORD,
Oon?w?1 Wwwwt. WH*btirth.
Louisiana State Lotleiy.
For Tlckela or fuitber luformaUou cf th? above
Alter? add row, *
1UYE C. JOHKSON, CovlngUm.Kj.
A mount* ol UOOukI ont, by tipm it Br ?*
taut BID

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