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gcimm'g gtmx gtttacs.
? * rvi?niT ITtr
IjI'.iM'.K/VL l
Ilia Genuine hu Trade Mark and croued Red
Line* on wrapper.
(Sto. "gL. inooh Ic Co.
Have just opened a" choice
stock of Pink, Cream, Lighl
Blue, Navy Blue and Cardinal
Embroideries, All-Overs and
Zephyrs; also another line (the
fourth) of those beautiful White
Embroidered Robes.
Have just received an immense
stock of Ladies' and Children's
___ i
jerseys, lulc v/ui ^uw
Bed Sets, Parasols, Fans, Gloves
Satchels and Belts, at prices tc
suit the times.
only, can you purchase Blocked
Hose, the latest and most
striking novelty in Hosiery,
We have them in two styles;
colors warranted perfectly fast.
llio MAIN ST.
gtjj ?oofls.
5,000 YARDS
India Linen at 9 cts,
Cotuddercd cheap ehrowhere at 12)?c.
100 Dowu Venetian tide Thread Olovw, 8-butIon
lengthx. hi Sfcv cheap at 10c.
6-4 Lace limiting,'iOe.
'& Dozen Full Regularf>o]Id lloae. 23c.
? 1,000 Yard* Silk Mixed Drm Good*, lto.
2,010 Yard* all wool Bunting, 12%c,
. ...
18 Ic 20 Eleventh Sired.
At Xiniiit llellcview Hotel.
Having thoroughly renovated and relit ted thin
sp'endld summer Hotel I am now prepoied to anouinmodato
a nutnbor of boardeni at nuuouablc
rate*. An person* in search of nleanuro. health,
and good hoarding cannot And a mom pleaaani
Hummer Resort than Mt. Balleritw.
Kor further particulars concerning rate* of boarding,
Ac., Inquire of
myl2 FRA^K WAI/TKB. Proprietor.
Ufa IttMtytmx:
OUleet Not. 86 niut U7 Fourteenth Street,
New AdvertlaemeuU.
Wanted?Situation bjr a Young Man.
Kor eale? Garden Spot Bakery.
mock* For 8alo-l. irwln, Agent.
IW?V. *? wu*
lioiiM and Lot Kor e* c.
TJt?'HJggflct Mumbu* Out. ^ '
Wall l'aper. Border*, Ac ?John FrlaWl.
Kxcunlwi PatUm Talw Nollco.
Loja and Ualu-Thlrd pa?e.
111 Seaiulrw, Congress and liuttou, solid
leather. We arc tuuklug a vpcclal drlre
114:1 Halo Street.
WE hare Just rccelretl a new stock of
bold SiiN'toclcn.
JACOB W. GBUBB, the Jeweler,
Cor. lweinh and Market St*.
A. Urge assortment of Spring and Summer
Stock .'consisting of tlio latent rarleties
In Coatings, Suitings, l'untaioouing*
and Overcoatings, which we will make
up III Ibe latent and bent styles and at
lowest possible prices.
Also a full line of Ueuls' Furnishing
' ' ** '!
Thermometer Record.
The following shows the range of the
thermometer as observed at SchnepPs
drug store, 1218 Market street, yesterday:
7 a* 62", 12m., 08"; 3 p. 74s; 7 r.
Wasuixotom, May 13.?1 A. For
Tennosaoe and the Ohio Valley, slightly
warmer, fair weather, with easterly winds.
For the Lower Lake region, warmer, fsii
weather, with variable winds.
Too Muob of ii Good Thing.
Always in the heated term complalutis
i.wirii of tlio waste of water by iudbcrim
inate street mirinkilns with how. Now,
, before the thing bcoomm wone, is a good
time lor tho City Water Board to step in
and prevent the nuisance from assuming
its usual proportions thisanmmer. Street
sprinkling is a good thing within reasonable
boundjl, bnt already the streets in
aome portions ot tho city are dally reduced
to a'condltion of mud, and sprinkling Is
kept up from the middle of the afternoon
to late at night, often regardless of the
rights or comfort of pedestrians or vehicle*.
The practice is the cause of a good
deal of profanity.
Paicis lower than ever offered on all
Unda of Harness at the reliable manufactory
of Win. Sohwertfeger's, 1140-1148
Main street.
' <y'. ! ' ' ' i
hare red need the best cabinet photographa
to only 12 BO per doien.
* ' lliW Main street, Wheeling.
' . V/7.
Oki marriage Uc?u?iru Uaued yeaterday.
Ualk iiilk rate between a pedwtrjan
and a tkater, at the N'crlh End rink tbia
Kxv. J. Ginsox Giictt will officiate at
St. Lukc'a P. E. Church (Jaland) at both
aervicca on nut Sunday.
Tux new North Wheeling terry boat,
Capt. Kglebright'a new Climax, will bo
mmpletad to-day aud will commence running
Thk Ellen launder arrested Wednesday i
in Kant Whoeling forrtising a disturbance
la not Mm. Ellen Launder, wife of Mr.
Charles Launder.
W. 0. Svkj?, the Ash man, was thrown j
from a bum on Main street, near Tenth,
about 0 o'clock last evening, and painfully
out about the head. His Injuries am not
serious, however.
8?vin sea lions passed through east on
the B. A 0. train Wednesday evening.
They will bo added to the park of Robert
Garrett, Prwident, oltho J), ii 0.; at his
home in Baltimore. J
Cuuik'hJSk yeslerday admitted'to record
a deed made Hay B by James T. Gray
and wife, to David A. Henry, in consideration
of $100, for lots 21 and 24 in i'urkcr
Bros', addition to the city.
A succogsrct. and very enjoyable missiouiiry
social was held at tip ^Fourth
street>1.E.church.Jastevenjngj ;8jv(ral
attractive musical iuiTliterary performances
went given by popular amateurs.
Tim "coppers" are getting on .their
summer clothes. The ouly changes are
in the cloth, which is of lighter weight,
the coat, which is out sack shape and nas
fewer buttons, and the discarding of. the
: bcit.
A waoo.n loaded with large boxes got
' caught iu the Buck river bridge yesterday,
I and blockaded tbla ancient thoroughfare
[ for some time. The load' was too big-for
the space, and bad to be rearranged before
: it could be gotten through.
; Daily complaint is heard of the condition
of the two ulioys crossing in the
square bounded by Main, Market, Twentythird
and Twenty-fourth streets. The
Health Officer should inspect them and
see how well founded* the complaints are.
Wheeling acquiesced gracefully in the
. removal of the State'archi ves and the dc'
partnre of the dignitaries from that city.
I The Governor's ofliee may be elsewhere.
. bnt-fer a century to come Wheeling will
' be the business centre of the Stale and its
, capital lUJacto.?IJud'hunnon Delta.
> l*i.o it a Moore's companv, in the merry
jingle, "A Bunch of Keys;" will appear at
the Opera House Saturday evening, May
10. Miss Moore on this occasion, as she is
a great tavorite, Mill introduce many new
songs and operatic selections. Nobody
, should fail to see "A Bunch of Keys."
> Tjixboyson the east end of Sixteenth
. street have several bad'habits, which
I should be broken up by the police. 'They
throw lipops in front, of passing horses,
' toss paper in the >ir as teams drive by,
i and seem to bo possessed of every infei,
iud. scheme'that cooUJi frighten horses or
' endanger riders. A few arrests would
have a salutary effect.
Mits. Lkonard Swart/., of Wheeling,
called at the Mayor's office this afternoon
and made inquiry as to her husband, who
had left her last Friday, taking with him
her horse and spring wagon. *, As' luck
would have it the man ha<f been arrested
last night, and when she was told so she
seemed to be exceedingly happy. She
, says he mvried hor for her money.?
Stcabcnville Gazelle. f
There is now no room for doubt that
Mrs. John Ebenwaller, of this city, who
sailed for Germany early in April, but was
missed from the vessel when about half
way ovor the sea, was drowned. Her
husband and friends, who live on the
South Side, have been hoping against
hope, but havo now settled down to the
I belief that she is dead.
Grangers In the Gltj ami Wheeling Folk*
Capt. Asa Booth, M*. Henry B. Miller
and Air. John Davenjwrt are all down on
Middle Island, Wetzel county, fishing for
Miss Alice llatclifie, of Wheeling, is the
guest of friends on Gravel Hill. Mies
Annie Bits, of Wheeling, is visiting
friends in this city.?Jlelluire Independent,
.Mayor Girabb and 1?; M. Darrah returned
yesterday from Charlestown, where
they went to attend the annual conclave
of the Knights Templars of West Virginia.
Miss Sallie Teece, of Buckhannon, formerly
of this city, who is visiting friends
in this city, is to be married here on the
1 3dorox. to Mr. Clarence Pifer, of Buck|
Mr. Longdon, the father of Mrs. Will
Pershing, who attempted to take her life
this weelc at the family residence In Allegheny,
returned to this city yesterday.
Mrs. Pershing will recover.
Mrs. J,J$. Camden and daughter, Miss
Annie, are in Wheeling, says tne Parkorsburg
blate Journal\ where they will attend
the eightieth anniversary of Judge George
W. Thompson's birth, which takes place
The fiellaire Tribune says: Mrs. A.
Oberman, of Wheeling, is visiting her
daughter, 'in the Fourth ward. Miss
Glara McNicholi, of Wheeling Island, is
the guest of Mim Emma Oberman, of the
Fourth ward.
The Wheeling l.ight (itinrtla.
The following is a list of the names of
the Wheeling Light Guards that will take
part in the grand fancy exhibition drill
and carnival which takes place at the
Alhambre Palace Bink next Tuesday
evening. May 111:
Captain, Louis ft. D. Hunter; First
Lieutenant, Harry Boyd; Second Lieutenant,
M. II. McNabb, and Howard
('ill-other*, William lined, Robert J.
Smyth, Jr., JJ<1.S C. Sykes, Jr., James
Haines, Walter Wills, Walter Worls,
Walter Chapman, Charlfa iiaylette, Edward
Cox, Thoinaa Fox, Ed. Larue, Fred.
Rehrens, Morrison Colviy, Sidney Van
Konren, John Boyd, Hatty C?mpb?ll,
Kobert Doveuer, Henry j Heimbright,
,l?uis Pfalienbaiili, Andrew J. McK.ee,
Have Peloe, August Cramer, Otto Vaas,
Alex.Odbert, Harry Ott, J. "A. Orawloril,
John Jones, Stewart Mills,'Thoinaa MeKeever
and Christie Schambra.
?" ;?
Th? 9wlndl?ra with WnllatVa show.
Tho bunco a tee re ra, thieves and sharper*
accompanying Wallace's circuit, being
transndVteddown the river bytko steamer
Courier, according to the Now Martinsville
papers (lid up the citlxens of thai
town and the surrounding country tor
amount!* varying Iron $10 to $200. The
"sucker*" were of all closets and conditions.
Banco was the popular tiling. The
Democrat says: "The verdant youth from
the; country got caught, the city dude got
caught, the sturdy old former got caught,
' the moral phtlcwopher got caught, the
young pedagogue got taught, the clots
Icadergotcaugut?in (act oil that indulged
got caught, and on a dead sure thing to
win, wo. $ ]
Prof. white'# U?olo(lr?l Work.
Tho May number o( the Virmniiu says:
"Prof. L 0. White. will probably, during
the coming summer, resume his geological
work In the .Great Kanawha coal Held,
eminding hii explorations, acraea to the
Uuvundotte anil|th? Goal river haaini,
which have already been mapped by the
topngrsphers of the survey. Prof, White
twain* bis customary annual course in
field geology wltb the geologic members of
the senior class of the West Virginia University
about the 18th of May. Wo havo
not heard what route be will take, but no
matter which way he goea important coatribuliona
will result to onr knowledge of
West Virginia geology."
SaTcaDAY evening, May III, benefit of
tamtoa Padaoe rfnk7 CT.ampfoJf?hl'"rai.-l
between Messrs. Shephenl, of Wheeling,
Shuttb'Mworth, of Bellairc, and Dobbliu, of
Martin's Ferry, Ohio.
X * A W I' A A.*
A Boj or Kiftfxn Who Uiid Now Koim tbo
LlRlit ofDnjr Acqalroo tbo Some of Sight
bf n Mnrglcul Operation on Bii K/m,
A Minu'l# Wrought by Htitnat,
An achievement of surgical science
which, but for the fact that it waa the remit
of surgical science, and not of other
means, would be ljoralded to the world u a
marvelous modern lulrnclo, is reported
from the State Institution for tbo Deaf,
Dumb and Blind, at Komnoy, Hampshire
county. Henry McKea, blind from hia
birth in 1870, waa a pupil of the institution
from 1'ocahontas county, and bad been
for the past three yoare, taking the same
course, industrial and literary, which is
open to all the blind boys of the school.
At the recent mo-tiug of tho Board of .Regents
of the institution, the attention of
Dr. J. K. L. Hardest, of tbla city, who Is
a member ol the Board, anil ? specialist in
diseases of the - eye as well, was in some
manner attracted to tlin boy, and altera
thorough examination, of his eye*. be announced
his belief that the boy's eyes
could be operated upon so as to enable
him to see. He was affected with double
congenital cataract from his birth, and
while bis optic, nerve was unimpaired, it
was shut out from the rays of light.
After consulting his fellow Regents, it
was resolved that.Dr. Haniesty should
undertake the operation. A room was
thoroughly darkened, and tbe operation
successfully performed with the most
gratifyiog success. The boy's eyes were
opened, amHlie light being gradually admitted
to the room, he bccame accustomed
to it by degrees, and in a fuw days
was sent home to his overjoyed family
witU as keen eyesight as any of tbem.
The case was a most interesting on?.
Young McHea had bocome so accustoincd
to obtaining all his impressions of the outside
world by other senses tbat at first his
sight was of no use to him. The most familiar
Objects' presented to his eyes were
not rccoguiaed until Hie bo/, could touch
train: lie did not know a key from a
book by the.sense of sight alone, until be
hecomo familiar with the difTprenoo between
the two objects. With a nearly
mature mind, his sense of sight M as as nhuducatod
and useless as that of an infant
whenit'flnfl comes into the world. At
last acdbbnts, however, Honry was learning
very rapidly to iwe his eyes, though
still roiyingto a large extent ujwn'Jus
senses of touch, hearing and smelling*
tjumufic j'ltlZj? fight
At Hoandavllle Vuitt?ir?liiy ?The I'ollce In*
terfare In the EighthHound. '
Yesterday afternoon two gentlemen,
who had formerly Been "partners in Jbusinoss
at Roseby'a Kobk, engaged in a prize
light lit aiouuusvine, on me arrmn ui uie
Cumberland accommodation. There was
the usual crowd arouud.the depot on the
arrival of the train,andno sooner liad'jhe
wheels stayed their toilsome turning than
the belligerents squared off and were at It.
A sympathetic outsider rushed in to part
them, when some one yelled out, "l*t
them Go."
Of course, this intimation that it was
"all square" was enough for the s. o.. and
he let them go. The big man came down
heavy on the little man's mustache, which
made it quiver with rage, and the little
man succeeded in hitting lite antagonist's
coat tail.
Second Rounds-Same as first.
Third?Same as last, only more so.
Fourth?Just shout the same.
rittii?A 1500a <ieai 01 uusi raiseu.
Sixth?JJttte man knocked over the
Seventh?Hard lighting atclose quarters.
Eighth?Little man strikes hard and
breaks his little linger; rushing for a rock,
a claim of foul is allowed, and the two are
marched to jail by a vigilant policeman.
TfffTSterca reserved hia decision.
II10 Lunelle (ilnii Work*.
It is said on the best authority that there
is no foundation for the report that stockholders
in the I/.iBjlIt? tilass Company
who object to the proposition now before
them, will be bought out. On the contrary,
It is absolutely certain that .not one
share will be purchased. The project must
fail unless every stockholder agrees to it.
The Wheeling syndicate feel that they
Iini<n urn.I<. a mrkut liKural rtffflr fm- lullf < if
thotitock in a concern bo badly run "down
at the heel" that it cannot pay its dobta,
nor even the interest on notes now post
due, nor its taxes nor insurance. N\notenthfl
of the stockholders favor the movement.
a few arc still considering, while
less than one-tenth are objecting.
It doesseein most unfortunate, to put it
mildly, that one industrial plant which
employs about two hundred peoplo and
f>ays out about $150,000* per annum for
abor when in operation, must be allowed
to jro to destruction through the obstiua^y
of a lew persons. Tho great misfortune is
that the innocent must sutler with the
guilty. A large percent of the stockholders
are widows and orphans and persons
who have little' save their stock in this
company. If this opportunity to save the
property and start the works is rejected
these persons will probably lose all their
stock, while at the same time two hundred
people ore deprived of this chance to earn
a livelihood. *It is not generally known
who the dissenting parties are? but if the
workH are forced into bankruptcy, and the
"double liability" under the Ohio laws is
resorted to, it is safe to bet that the
squeals of these individuals will make
n ?. i?ui_ i* i~ u, i.??i
lutriu rurunni/; an ? iw ijv impcu,
however, that wiser eoutmeli will prevail,
and a liberal spirit will inovo all parties to
aeeupt tlx I ens of two evils, and aa a joyous
result the I-allelic Glass Works shall noon
he in full blast; giving the comforts of
life to ninny families now destitute, and
benefitting directly and indirectly the
whole community.
Colonlclng Weat Virginia.
A special from llellaire to u I'ittshursh
paper says: A colony of men, former
SiawwarJiurB ui tuu uii>v? nnu uuve tinv, u
red of 4I10 enforced idleness, anil who
cannot endorse the nation of their coworkers
in tbe bulldoilng aoheoie of boycotting,
hu been orgsnixed here, and they
will leave tlio latter part of this week for
West Virginia, with a view of purchasing
land in that State. Tbe company la now
composed of Charlei Deitenberg, Joseph
Donavln, John Mnlley, Charlea 1'owew, A,
V. Honeywell and William Schultx. They
all have soma money and together can
count quite asum, which they will invent
in Nicholascounty, W. Va., if the country
is what it la represented to be by agents
there who are holding out inducement* to
them. The place la {about seventy miles
fronrCitarleatoa, the present Capita) of
tbe 8t?to, and these men will remove their
families to the farms they expect to preempt,
and will work in the glass factories
when they are running, but have their
farms to fall back on. Their.example is
worthy of imitation. The county neeiia
more tillers of tbe soil. There are others
in this citv who will ioin this colony if all
tnrns out u espectfti.
Evany depsrtmentin onr hoiire?nptqnp |
left out?will furnish several articles of
good vslue, for to-morrow's sale, wfth .
prices out to the very quio*, livery article
purchased, If not wanted, msy be
returned to us and the money will be
cheerfully refunded.
From Si:30 o'clock until 0 r. u. '
E. M. MCUii.i.IN 4 Co. I
, , I
Mow Is Your Ttnifl. I
Four beautiful bonton tintypes for only j
ascents, at I'lummera', 11.1a Main street, !
Wheeling, for a limited time only.
Gkaxo CAUKnrjU. at the Alhaoibra Put- t
ace rink on Thursday evening, Msy 31. I
A fine toilet s?t will he. awarded to the a
lady having the largest fan while skating. i
IMumm.r. J,
are making panel phototographs for*) per 1
doien. UiW Main street, Wheeling, c
ranr~<\ .rr - ? TIIE
The M?n tliftt Itun lb* New Sllnbj Hum a
2luui? Wvnlp|.
Some tine since the Niagara engine
company gave a ball at Arion Hall for tbe
purpose o( raising fundi with which to fix
np their bouw>. A handsome sum was
realized, which baa been judiciously expended,
and with some help from tbe cltr
the house has been so repaired and renovated
that it is now hardly recognizable
uy tne oiu uineis. 1110 uudbo now pre*
acnts an appearance that will compare
favorably with that of many of tlie crack
booses in larger cities. All the work was
done by the mon in the house. The lower
or engino room is nicely papered and
wainscoted with white pine. In the
rear the stable is resplendent in
new paint and whitewash A new
staircase, easy in Its ascent, takes tho
place of the old, steep affair that used to
be hard to climb und took up space. Tbe
new Btaircaae is not enclosed as the old one
was, but has Instead a neat balustrade and
is carpeted. A gliding pole has been put
in,"with a big cushion at the bottom, that
permits the men to come down from tbe
upper atory and land at the horses' heads
in almost a second's time. Upstairs there
is a large front room to bo used as a ileoning
and sitting room. It is handsomely
carpeted and has a very borne like appearance.
There are curtains, flowers, books,
neatly tnade beds and numerous little
conveniences. The walls are prettily paKred.
In tbe rear is tho workshop and
tb rooms. All over the bouse everything
is as neat as a pin. All the metal
work is polished till it shines like a mirror,
and tbe boys are certaluly entitlod to tho
claim that they have the model house of
tho city.
Uut evening the Committee on Fire
DfmirtmenL Kuvend other Councilmen.
newspaper reporters and a few outsiders,
accompanied Chief Dunning and Chair*
man Hoffman and paid the company a
formal visit. A very pleasant half honr
was Bpent in the upper room, during which
a number of complimentary speeches Were
imadit; they woro all well deserved
speeches, too, and were evidently gratifying
to the men. Afterwards a thorough
I inspection oftho house was made. Every|
one was pleased with everything that was
seen. Strangers* who want to see a model
engine house should visit the Niagara.
The boys in fixing np wore greatly assisted
by Mendel & Co., the Wheeling Pottery
Co. and W. J. Dobbs.
nurkolt Win*.
Tho three rnilo race at the Ohaplino
street rink last Pvening was witnessed by
almosi as large an audience as the former
contest between Thompson and Burkett.
Several Steubenvillo people were down.
The race was skated in one threo-inile
heat. Jesso Burkett, of this city, and
Jacob Thompson, of Steuberiville, were
the contestants. When Burkett beat
Thompson recently there were cries of
"sold wee." He beat him again last night,
leading him by half a lap throughout, and
could have increased tho lead had it been
desirablo. _
liouur I lie
History and tradition hands down fow
worthier examples than that of bestowing
a lifting am!enduring tribute to. the
departed. Tho old masters in sculpture
were ever wont to emulate each other in
the delineation of imaginary ecclesiastical
beings, angels, cherubs, ?&c.,&c., while the
life-BJM forms of the departed, armored
knights, ideal objects, armorial crests aud
sacred symbols lound willing service at
the shrine of genius. Tombs, mosoleums,
vaults and catacombs were rendered singularly
artistic and imposing by the sculptor's
chisel. But the atmospheric action
upon the liner tracings aud carvings in
succeeding years demonstrated that more
desirable materialise secured and the adoption
of more massive columns aad artistically
shaped blocks of enduring granite
capable of resisting the storms of a thousand
years. These are now universally
tho preference, designed in endless shapes
and embellished with graceful dies, caps,
turrets, Ac.
To form anything like a correct idea of
modern memorial architecture or designing,
thore will be found in our midst one
of tho most competent and inviting studios
in the country ?t 1318 Market street,
C'rangle's Block, where Messrs. L. A.
Moore & Co., have established a bureau of
designs in monumental and sUtuary work,
which will amply repay all lovers of art to
We feel safe in saying that in our city
we.possest in this respect one of the most
competent and reliable Urras, with all the
facilities of producers and manufacturers
of sny city lu the Union.
Don't Forget It. .
Wo propose to make our popular Saturday
afternoon and evening special sale
more popular than ever by adding greater
attractions, and more of them each Saturday.
Our friends may attend tomorrow's
special sale assured that we will stand by
what we advertise, and furnish bargains
from every department in our housQ, and
deliver them to all who want them.
13. M. McGilus & Co.
For a good strong and cheap trunk go
to Wm. Schwertfoger's Manufactory, fHO1148
Main street
Look at li. h. Smith's prices lor ?unflower
Baking i'owder;
1 pound nans only - - 20 cents.
4 pound cans only - - 13* cents,
or two J pound cans for - - 25 cents.
Also aline stock of fine family groceries.
Flam III eiV
cabinet photographs aro tho beat in the
city; only $2 50 per doxon.
] 13iSjMilm street, Wheeling.
Hue. at 111. North Km! Kink.
The attraction at the North End rink
Friday evening will he the race between
Jacob Keed, of Wheeling, and ?'ohn
\lnnrn r\l 1' n n v i I In T)iu fnrmar t* In rntt
against the latter on skates. Tlio race will
In- half-mile heals, best two in three. An
interesting contest ]> prothi?cd.
are making (our beautiful bonton tintypes
/or only 2r> cents, 11.18 Main street, Wheeling,
for a limited time only.
llnltlmore A Ohio.
Special eicuiaions to 1'ittsburgli every
Sunday, Bound trip rate $| 50- Train
leaves the Baltimore it Ohio depot at 3:1'S
a. si , city time. Returning leaves Pitts,
burgli at 8;05 ) .city time. Tickets good
(or this day only.
Stag* of llio Water nod Movetnouu oI tho
The locals we/o all on time yesterday
and did a (air business.
The Scotia p'ssed up at 80'clook yusterday
ifleraoonenroute {or Pittsburgh.
The Mark Winnoll'and Veteran No. g
passed up with empties yesterday ufiernoon,
The Andes leavs Uinolnnatl lor this
point at A o'clock this evening. Shippers
can Order by telegraph.
The stage of water last evening showed
Hie river to lie fulling. The marks indicated
ft dpnth in the channel of II feet 11
Th? AtiiIm will fallen mi MmiMlnn nn
Lbe river aa far as Stcubenvjlle, Monday
svenlng. The steamer will leave xl 4
iVIook and rptqrn ahurtly after midnight
The reports from nboye last evening
?wn as follows; Pittsburgh, 4 ieet 10
nckesi Morgantown, I feet andntnliontry;
Brownsville, 5 feet and stationary;
311 City, 8 feet and on a stand; Ureensjoro,
11 feet 1 inch and on a stand i Look
fo. 4,7 feet and stationary.
owe"last eve'nlng. OaptPlngie "riniu has
inshed the work In rebuilding this ferry
joat which was recently deatroyed by fire,
ind while it is not yet complete it is in
licit shape that it can be UBcd until Anshed
to a commodate the large Wheeling
nil Martin's Perry trade at the upper '
Vrry. In rebuilding the boat a number i
if good Improvement# have been macje,
Xow la the Ohio Count? Jilll riiarc?(l*Wlth '
Eu|r|Idk til a PrlM Flfht-HowBmdlj ]
His OttlclaU l>cr?lve?l Wliru Th?r j
Think Thort tfu? r FrlM Fljht,
Junes Crowley,the allegedpriioilghter
now in the Ohio county jail, awaiting the
meeting ol the Brooke county grind jnry ,
at Wellsbuig, has fully recovered from
the effects of the slugging he received in
his encounter with Ted Dillon, at Collier's ,
station April 2D, hut he complains of a
painful soreness in his side from his
fall on the railroad track when running
fromthe Sheriff of Brooke county.
T-*?-. .W.L.I 1 !_ At. " Lt.l .ll
Jimer "jaicnoi speaks iu uie uignesb
terms of Crowley's gentlemanly ilispoai* !
tion aud good behavior. He says he I
doesn't look or act any more like a prise j
fighter tlian does a child; tliat he Ik a
qoiet, inoffensive, good humored pris- j
oner, with refined tastes and marks of ,
good breeding.
Crawley denies that he and Dillon en- i
gaged in a prize fight. He says they wero
good friends, and merely met to settle a
dispute as to which was the best sparrer;
that there was no money up, no bad feeling,
no anything that attends a prise 1
fight; that they wore gloves, and that he
was not badly used up at all, but merely
looked so from the amount of blood on !
him after the fight. He now showB no
marks of any bruises.
It is said Orowley and Dillon woro kid
gloves with the fingers cutoff nearly up to
the (wrist. He thinks that the most serious
charge that can be brought against
him is assault aud battery, and that he
cannot bo convicted of this, as the desire
to inflict injury or pain necessary to a legal
assault was eutirely absent.
It tt n 1n..,nAM M,t
uu uu 1110 iHMViiiu una uu mil \ t ? *?>
is out of funds, but expects bis brother, in
Pittsburgh, to send him money and retain
an eminent criminal lawyer of that city to
defend him. He is a yonag man only over
from IAsland a few months. Persons who
saw the light say it was a scientific and
gti'uy meeting, more interesting to spectators
than any former tight at Colliers'.
All Sorts of Frwh Notr* from the Gla**
Mr. McSwords yesterday arrived home
from Kansas.
' W. Brim, lkttelle has gone to Memphis
to make his home there.
Kttv. J. K. McKallip was able to walk as
fa* n.j tlm Himtiillliui vaatunluv
Ueatherington's band will have a picnic
in Fink's orchard Saturday of next week.
The "Black Diamond Dudes" will sing
plantation songs at the Niagara to-night
The first houso east of Noble street, just
north of Indian run, a dwelling, is being
built by Mr. W. G. Barnard.
Chang Wab, tho Chinese la'undryman
on Belmont street, is an.enthusiastic Bepublican
and quite well educated in EngThe
Noble street crossing at Thirtyeighth
streetr has been moved and the
whole street changed. Tliis is mado possible
by turniug the run into the sewer.
J. K. Purnell is buck from the Grand
Commandery at Charlestown, and briugs
a badge presented him as Past Grand
Master of West Virginia.
John McGrow has been employed by a
number of business men and residents to
sprinkle with a cart tho streets where they
live and do business. Tho work will begin
James Fitton, of Bellaire Lodge 1.0. 0.
F., will be tho representative of the Belmont
county lodges at tho meeting of tho
Grand l.odge, al Zanesville, Monday of
Captain Fink is improving his orchard
by laying pipes, building stairs au>l walks
u]> the hillside and making it suitable for
building residences. He has laid it off
into lots. The lots near the old orchard
arc also filled up and. made of greatly in- ,
creased value.
Although manufacturing seems to have i
come to a stand still here, there is still |
enough going on to support a pretty good I
manufacturing town. The blast furnace i
is running full night and day; the stamp- i
ing works are running; tlio llottlo works 1
haa not bad a Vacation for many months; '
the Cement works are running full time;
the Ohio Valley foundry is busy all the ,
time. DuBois & McCoy are in the midst
of their busy season at their planing mill j
anil builders are all employed with pros- ,
pects of a boom in a few weeks. Bellaire ;
is not dead yet, and does more in a day ,
iuuu tuijr uvum lunii iu udiiuuuv uvuui>; j
does in a week.
O. A. IT, Bean Jfnko-Hlnk C*rnl*i?l -Olher
lira. K. Q. I("filop and sister are visiting
Mentis at Belliiiro.
Mr. Rem. Barr sayn he has one of the
finest Jersey calves in this part of the
Mrs. OaptTSykcs was called to Pennsylvania
yesterday on account of the illness
of her sister.
The two festivals given liv the Woman's
Aid Society at the M. K. Church netted
them about $50.
Oliver Wilson, the lad who was hurt by
the cars a few dayB ago, is doing nicely,
and will soon bo able to be out again.
The Climax raised steaiu and made her
trial trip yesterday.- To-night she runs to
Steubeuvillo with au excursion, leaving
the .Ktnaville wharf at 7 aud the Martin's
Ferry wharf at 7:30.'
Yesterday several merchants here received
notice not to purchase goods from
some of the stockholders iu tho class
works of this place uud Bridgeport, or ,
they would be boycotted. (
Wednesday u veiling the old soldiers
met in the (i. A. K. Hail and had a social
bean bake, (everything passed off picas- t
antly, as it always does. Comrade Eberts s
had charge of the comissary department,
which is all that is neceasary to say about
it. Marahai Hanson still holds his medal sb
champion coiTee drinker. Several of
the Bridgeport members were present,
Last night the Excelsior rink was well "
filled to witness the eamival given by the |
Lone Star fishing Club. Several races j
were run, the principal ono being between <
Will Wilson and John Moore, whioh was
won by Moore, Wiisou giving out after five
or bIx heats. Moore received the prise,
which was a flue glass water set. Ticket
No. 282 drew til* case of birds. The person
holding this ticket was not preient.
? ?m
fay day at the Wheeling creek mines
Miss Jessie Williams, of Mt. Neasant, is
visiting friends in town,
In the trisi of Kobert Atchison against
Lyle yesterday, Judgment was rendered
sgalnst the latter.
A concert for the benefit of ths West
End Sabbath school will hi given at the
West Knd M. K. C'liareli Saturday night.
Rev. ,1. T. Seoreat will preaoh the
memorial sermon for Hrannmn Poet. So,
mui) m wo nwirwuu wmuiuu.
I task great pleasure in recommending
I'Dr. Petgold'a Uerinan Bitten" aa a modicine
oi rare merits. Wiumi E. Jamas,
Pastor of Wolfe Street I. M. Church,
Baito. ?u J
. luilhaor* * Ohio, I
Special excursions to Pittskuigh every
Sunday. Hound trip rate 41 fit). Train
loaves the Baltimore ? Uhlo depot at 6:25
4. cuy uine. weiarwng leaves i*iws- c
btiri>h at 8:05 n Mm city time. Tickets good
far this day only. i
- ...i .
llortfonl'a Acid Ph??ph^tr, Id Oonatlpatlon.
Pr. J. N- Robinson, Medina, 0., says: t
"In paseq of indication, constipation and
nervous prostration its results ire hsppy."
Tnuouon TUB STATE.
AoclUvDta and Inrldenla In Virginia "
ml Vicinity.
Tlio United States Circuit Court, Ohloi
Justice Waite presiding, mat lo Parkereburg
ThoStClairsville OauUe, (Dem.) ffle?
the nnoie of Hon. Allen G. Tliurinau at
l(n honil fnr Governor of Ohio.
St Clalnville people are agitating the
i]lieet!on of water works. It la proposed .
to bore a well, or use a standing pipe.
Ttie prospects are good lor the breaking
out ct a "silver cr??e" in Wirt county
shortly. It la reported that plenty olgood
quality ore has been discovered.
The marriage license law in Pennsylvania
does not take effect until In the fall.
Ibis Item is lor the benefit of thoae who
may want to interview Squire JIayea at
[Urdjc rabble.
There will be a Pennsylvania State
Mnttcu Roast at Beaver, on Thursday and
Friday, May 28th and 29th. One choice
[at sheep of each of the various breeds is
to be sacrificed for the honors of the best |
An old and long since deserted oil well
near the residence of J. J. Daever, in Wirt
county, cut a queer caper a few days since
by breaking out and flowing out fifteen
hnnatint thu iin.U U V fluid. Thfl Well lilt.1)
been plupged up (or some time.
The Slate Journal nays that it i? reported
that the men with Wallace's circus carried ?
off with thein two Parkeraburg girls! at ?
any rate1 they disappeared the night tho ?
show left then-. The giris are heautiiul. ?
and just in the bloom of young woman- hood.
A Miaa l'rice, of Benwood, who has been at
the asylum for some time past, died on
Wednesday and was brought to her former
home In Benwoud Wednesday, from
whence she was burled yesterduy. She
whs an estimuble young lady.
Strikes, like the measles, seem contagious.
Nearly all. the workmen in
Bullaire are on a strike, and even the
school children have taken a hand and
"struck" against their Superintendent
Striking in school is usually the other
way.?Cincinnati Toil.
The 1*L Pleae&ut lieghter has commenced
the twenty-fourth year of its existence.
It was started at u timo when it
was a most doubtful undertaking, but
under Editor Tippett's careful management
it has attained an enviable position.
It is deserving of success and should .not
want for encouragement.
Tho following are the members of jUiis
year's graduating class at the State University:
A. B. Buah and B. W. Meadows, =
of liilmer county; K. \V. Tapp, of Monongalia
county; N. D. Adams, of Tucker .
county; H. Fleming, of Ritchie county "
J. J). Sweeney, of Tylor county, and tt. : Armstrong,
of Putnam county.
A man named Jeremiah M. tiayes and,
Ma ann urn In ihn liunrli: nf thfl Tihllnfl at
Washington, D. G-, awaiting the arrival
of officers from Romney, this State. IIaye* !
and iiis sou are said lo have stolon three
horees from near Roinnoy. Two were
found in their possowiiou; the third had
been sold to a liver}' man in Georgetown.
W. W- Workman, of Oceana, Wyoming 0
county, formerly a newspaper man, bat .
more recently a member of the Eureka
Detective Agency at Oharleston, lias sent' I
on his resignation to Chief Burnett. He B
intends to enter the ministry of the M. E. I
church. Mr. Workman evidently desires
to enjoy varied experiences duringhis life.
AtMorgantown last Monday, the ques- w
tion of making a loan of $5,000 for the pur* jj
pose of constructing water works was car- i?
ried by a vote of 110 to 3(1. In drilling for J.
gas, a fiplendid stream of pure cold water
was struck on the hillside above town, .
uuu fcuq buuwumui^ vi n iioi;i ivu mm kue
laying of pipes is about all there is to be
done. jj
The Cadiz Smthul of this week says: =
"Rev. John Williams, the well-known
Methodist preacher, formerly Presiding Klder
of this district, has been appointed
i Chaplain in the United States Army. A
magnificent appointment; one which will
be approved by every Christian man and #
woman who knows the able teacher in |
William Warnock, one of the oldest
citizens of Guernsey county, 0, is dead.
He was HO years of age, and In the early
[lays was known throughout the State as a
i;reat Indian tighter and hunter. His ir
brother was killed by the Indians, and he
iwore eternal hostility to the race and
mfAp flftnn li 11 n ln,l I lis in n? an ai'unnav r\f
stci unci uuuHm MIVUI a3 nu ?>i np i ui
Mood. Two sons anil two daughters survive
A serious stabbing affray recently oc- r
:urred near I .all re I Fork, in Tyler county. P
K note was held bv John Johnston against
Richardson Henderson which had been
partly paid. Henderson and his brother
wont to Johnston's house t? pay the baiincc
and take up the note. A dispute
irose as to llic amount of this balance. E
ind during the altercation Johnston used ?u
!iis pocket knife on Henderson, cutting '
entirely through the wall of the abdomen. {J
Henderson may possibly recover. id
The St. Lawrence Boom and .Manufacturing
Company have about IS,000,000 oll
feet of lumber in the Greenbrier river, or
ready to be floated from Martin'B Uotlom
ind various other points along that stream
n Pocahontas county to llonccverte. In |
ho event that there should not bo a rise
n the river soon, sufficient to float the
ogs to Roncovorte, the company contem
dates moving them tothoir mill by means
>f splice dains, to be constructed at suita- 1
lie points along the course of the tireenuicr.
A few days since, 111 Pocahontas county,
,wo vnnni? men named tt'ithraw McdlintiV ?
rod Tom Davis 'bad a difficulty about ,
lonte logs that ended in some very harsh _
vords being UBod. McCliutie went away n
rod soon alter met l)avia' brother Frank, li
i rather delicate young man. Uo at once
aised a row with this young man and
Inally hit Davis over the head with a
ilub. H? was knocked senseless ami left f|
ying in the road by the brnte. His
rounds are very serious, if not fatal. McJliutle
has not yet been arrested.
tiuxrMWKit Baking Fowokh *t F.l E.
imith'a: , 1
pound cans only - - 20 cents. ]
J pound cans only - - 13 cents. f"
BAIbu a big Block o[ ilno family itrocenea. ,f
glstHrelng garteact*.
p J
TanlUo,l>Moii>Oraaccl ?te., limp CskH _
rwwuPmMlm A??*M WllMlalf ??? ? (.
rally aa I be AvU tfm which (hoy -utile.
mum >? T,m jJJ
Price Baking Powder Co., ?i
hlcigo, III. >m|10f !? Louia, Mo. u'|
Dr. Mil's Crum Baking Powdsr
tr. Price's Lnpulln Yeast Gems, p
. m an n?r * ??.? - ?~aass A
von mm *r noena.
niwmwwwT. ?
..y imug Soma**.
P /HOVALii?^ ^ I
Absolutely Pure.
Thii Powder nerer rarto. A namlrt gUTO
rcuKib nod wholawmenanu Mow.
Eu the ordinary kind*, and cannot be wld in
impeiltlon with the multitude of low tert, abort
^yoKtnacla. ,
"Issues from a spring duply
imbedded in a rock, and is there fore
Oscar Liebrelch,
Htgiur Professor, University of Berlin.
" The only water safe for the
traveller to drink is'a NATURAL
Sir ^iecry Thompson, F.R.C.S. Load, j
O/allGrocm, Druj(gittt,6*Min. Wat.DtaUru
SATUUPAY, MAT 1(1, 1S85, !
Botnrn ErKagoraenl of the Unapproachable i
In the Banner Succewi, A
lunch of Keys!;
The Grand View Hotel Jet carried in Its entirety.
rlfioai Muair, Eiejani uoiiuminj.
Admlffion, 75e. and 50e. Rworrcd aoaM.fl 00.
a sale Tbundajr, Vay 11, at Baumer'n Music
ore. mjrlO
= 1
goflgtt & go.
-h . . .. . - :
tak? piaanara In reminding the trade that we (
B nimabiolurvni ot
i n i n i -
xceisior uaKing rowaer,:
Am advertised and sold by ui for many yean. <j
It la mrefully and skillfully prepared In accord- '!
ic? with the aennlne formula, which baa ncror 1
MCd from our poasesRion, legally or ntbenrlae;
Id from 8TBICTM Pl'k* AVP WH0U90MK Matiam
It contains no Aum, Lt?*. or other Injur!- ;
lalngredlenta: and la acknowledged as superior
all rwpccta to any Baking Powder In the mar- j
t. Our Powder la put npln h and 10 lb. boaea,
id In dime, & % and 1 lb. caoa.
Be on your guard against imitations. See that 5
ir addTCu la on eaah box and label. Address all '
den to J
LOGAH & CO., Prop's and Manuf'rs, i
srccwaans to looxw, lot a oo.,
V" WhwlInK, W. V?. J
goUee SUattttB gtnU*.
nest Floor anil Bert Music. J
Alrj, Acrcuible, (Jenteel.
' 1
* tl
rnr Ih* no*t ?!?( ?*-- -.1 >?I.-I. .. 11-k.i
irchaaed will be accompanied l?y *> ilckft en- U
llog ?h? holder to a-chancc for a prewnt to bo v
vtm at a drawing nt the <md of the alxty daya.
PintPrixe?A Handsome Sot of Oak Furniture. ?
Second- A China 'Inner mi l Tea Sot combined. *
rbird?BurnUnod Braai Centre Table. 0
fourth?Elegant Silver Water Pitcher.
rhe furoitnre in on exhibition at Mendol'c, the inn
at Ewing'*, the uble ut Dlllon'i, and the
:cher at Frawthnlm'a. my?
For 50o to 1160 each.
Sendfor A s- .
Specimen. 8I
AUI V rtuai w?? '? ?ffi
vn?< viir. UVUUAK A YCAK, 'J
Bend for ?ped?en number. J'
VMM Kit LAW LKCTVRES (nine weekly)
tin otb July, 188ft ami end sihSeptember. Have
fed of ?ltnalu*.-Ui,to?tudeota who dwlcn
)umi Ih'lr itndlee atthUor other Law School;
ltutnioMoa. Korolrcul.r .pnlr (r.
pmmritr ?l v?.) to Jomx B. UtvoBtProi com.
' ?ut 1... at?r*ttmtMw H)R
*i*\ Bp sas ato *
mdlnr the time of th? <....ti I.L
^llon lMlochUmt.iot cxwdtoit tttnSt I
u m?y 1? dediltil I17 Ui? itocrtoMm. I
C. D. llUWUBD.hSfrBr'*
Biockbolden holding more than one tenth of tu I
*nlUl olock. >pm>
Cfteiural JlotUu.
JL and the publle gtuerally that I ao now
>*red io do a real eetvo aod general ?t?k b?i?l
1x0 bnaJne* al or offlw> corner 7Wit?nihS
To a utriou, tbli eft jr. When necemry, nonwj
uaao&able laUts will bo advanced on atockTw
villi mo lor sale. All nation commlued t. a.
are will retire prompt and careful atlcntW
ruos O'BKlEK, Boal&tat* Agent, atceiBtrtS"
Notary Public and Foreign titeamihip Agent. t? :
iphonaNo. 47ft. n,i
Ihe election of teacben for the Bcliaire pnUu
School# for tho coding school year will take lW
>n or about
THE 9th D1Y OP JUNK, Isa.
Tho fnllnwinr tMflhtt* will k..
he Board of Education: w uwwo ^
1 High School Principal .
2 High KjhoolTeachere.
6 Grammar School Teachers.
18 Primary T?ucheix
1 Training Teacher.
l Teacher of Merman.
1 Teacher for Urn Colored School.
Four of the teachers selected will be appoiaW
All applicant* for the above podtlooi are v
quired to submit, oo or before the 8lh of W,
written application accompanied by ae?rtUk*
granted or endorsed by the Local Itoanl of iiW
ttcw. ? , l*ftWOO{)BHlDai
my!4 Clerk of the Hoard of Kdntsifia.
go* fReut.
t) oo ms fob rent-in lioe
JC*i brooVl Boot Apply to W, v, boojj
Iloolo, Milt, tile tor Uwywi' .uj OottMpinoe.
tt) Twelfth n-eel. nrll
For bent-hoose on south
Fran itnet, with throe roomi. Krqrlf?
* r VIKlf llftBflnOi Put." .I~?' - -
Storeroom No. 1302 Market Street
Id Bailey't Block.
Enquire of II FOHBfiL
No. 7. 0. 8. Cuiton lioow.
on Wheeling, PltUbanth.4 Baltimore fUUitmL
There ii 7 rounis, food ctllur and potch?,ouu2i
bake oven, cintern and -well, toacthcrwhh .
tabling aa tenant may want; will rent ,
t.-om tholandaor otherwise. 1
Also, my lmxe Brick Dwelling in Iboebotn.
zontaltiltix 6 rootna and i?rch; city andm?
ffau?r bo?h at the door.
Good tenant* can rent cither or boUuimodmw
inrjo M,.KIMmi.t
Eox iale.
Buggies Pbistotu, Jump Beat Oirritfu u:
JpriuK Wagon*. J. W. KERhL,
my!4 Cor. Main mil Tweuu-flm&i
The Olllce Saloon,
The flaest equipped naloon Id ihedty.
Inquire nt tbe premtoea. jltr
RlnrA R/ifltn anil nur?1l(nv Mntilnln* Imw
And twoatory Dwelllug coutalnJngH roooLte
ito two mllca wnt of Bridgeport, oil the Kited
toad, appetite Wheeling Creek Caul Worktbj
Iniurauce and Beat IfcUte A|tti
apr28 Bridrcyn Qhk
225 acrt* of land on the Ohio Bfver Baikal,!
nllm from Wheeling; about 35 acn* btUon pi
eddue upland. Bich llmeatone Mil, and m4i
aid with coal. Will divide no an to make Iwokm
aprift IMOMartaftwl
i iiBvr a koou auouj- vjmuuuci, u?tu uu? iw.
Ime, which I will veil cheap.
aprll F.W.BAUHa
The Fine Healdence now occupied by Dr. B?
lenty, corner Twelfth and EolT kctmU. A!?, ft
[welling adjoining nod nnmbered UK Eoffitoft
ihso, the tenement hotuw at No. *? MwketiW*
Valuable Real EaUte on K. E. eoroer T?*
rorth and Market itreetx, In the City of ffbwfl*
V. Va. Lot 122 leet by 06 feet; now occupfcdbj*
. ElllfrlU aa a wagon and bladuunlUnhopW.V.HOGKAMO*
aprt * mooMukrtBowt.
Ten acres or cnoioe mzn Douom imo. ^ mm
low Wheeling, on Ohio River?jw! B.? 0. JLl
mprovod by a substantial brick bou*, II nxa*
itcho&aud outbuildings, situated In a W?
laple. sugar and poplar trees. Also, ? r? **
Ion of Irult trees. Appljrt/)
W. V. HO&E 4 BRO., 1W Sttrtltrt
Or B. W. MORBOW. on the pten'm. .
Four small placet at Sim Grove.
Two large Houaos with two acres each.
Enquire of ^ jrortBKS, No. 7 Curtoo Hob*
Telephone A-1M.
One New Cottage near the Hu1el,contfWW
^One^lScottate frontini the Park, cooUliW
One*6otiage adjoining Preacher'i
The Cottage formorlvoccupied lit
lian oust, couululiigf small fornwrt
PriAM of thn thru? Aral are actual ?*t. '? J
Inquire ot Chulet K noax,.*
wu ^kB' ?ro' Wa?. (itdin od amp pond* M
i ^ delightful ?uwmerfe?t
mbwcMcb^p Ilrliw, /mh ?lr. inlendldnw H
? WhoclS? Within ?Ut diittw
JinljL ?g' J. W. B0DI.IT.
_Sotjt?nt and gocialc,
tedteirlF1"'M'"" |
Jhif?lfl?oro'IMSereniwrjib itreet, tad ??*
n*Hey In rear.
Two room#, No. JOH Foff street.
Two room#. No tt? Water utrt*. . ??
roar roomed Uwm, So. 2704 Alley B. I***
r 00 a month.
Three rjomed House. No. 67 Alky It
Four roomed bouae. No. IH irWFour
rooms and flnlhed ttUc. No. XFoorW??
??o. ?<? Klchtaeath itzect, 5 roonu. HI
v?Inv 6 roool ^ HI
iXTTi u
FnuM BuUdlus IntMrollTM JuW w I
FOlt 8ALK.
Hou'e*, Farms and other proj*tty
" "WttM
?Ban?fl. I
ssr sswssS" I
?uu,,ciu,'^'ul1 .. i) I
?1 M rie?* - I

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