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f?on jBittm.
Browns Iron 11
- x > a .jt. x. .*
Bitters *
Ttoon^haa rnUUr.bMi ulod4kouuda >'
^WhM?r?paUU?pbTrici?owMJdproMriiMi>(U.H n
thajwit rattoraliro ?
tfoinlr thU ircf W vd^pwWJod to t? tb? mMi ,
luMdMbt, or prodaeoeonaHMtimi^itll oilier Iron t
core* ludlflPNtlon, lllUounaeMM, \VeakncMii?
J>? siii'ii"fu? Malaria, OIiIUm and Form** J
Tired FeeUujr<Uenera) Debili ty.Pulii in Um :
Hlde?I)neknrI.lnbMtII^adnehoiuiiiXettriil- f
irla-lur ?ll tlw aJbnaoU Iron w pr?crib?l d.ilj. .
^s3ui?ooiS'*v* '
. i
Junotsi, rfojttrlau$ an<t J>nij/hu rteamintn-l ti.
Tho OooalnntfM R*d? Sfark ttdtmMMd ni llaag
oaimppef. TAKKXPOTflKI* I
<6to. m- *ttOOH & (So,
Have just opened" a" "choice
stock of Pink, Cream, Light
Blue, Navy Blue and Cardinal
Embroideries, All-Overs and
Zephyrs; also another line (th'e
fourth) of those beautiful White
Embroidered RobeS.
1 Have just received an immense
stock of Ladies' and Children's
Jerseys, Lace Curtains, Lace
Bed Sets,Parasols.Fans, Glov.es,
Satchels and Belts, at prices to
* ? tlia fimoc
OUI k miivm
only, can you purcliajse Blocked
Hose, the latest and most
striking novelty in Hosiery.
"We have them in two styles;
colors warranted perfectly fast.
Geo ISnooMCo.
' lllO MAXN ST.
gjcw .AUucvtiscmcnts.
Fifty" Thousand Dollar* worth, of Beady-mad o 1
Clothing for Men. H'yauud Chlldreu, mtutte dl?poted
of bvtwuen now and July 1. T*n Thousand
uollora worth of Hwe floods for Merchant Tailor
Jog. and Fivu Thousuud Dolltr* worm or uemiFurnishing
flood* jou>t g? the same way. The
question now Jr. how u> g?:t rid of such h large
wnouut ot goods in so short a Hui- , when the goners!
cry 1*, bard tlnus. but tlio above mentioned '<
gxxJ* mu*t be wold Jet the la ifflro bo cvorkio
xreat. 'I he Inducements we will hold out arc of
such a na uro whhdi will couvlnce you that the
place to buy them Is at i
llk*>M Alain Street, '
H " : ' ' 1
The only store where goods are marked in plslu
figures, ami aold at strictly one twice; We will
common?# on HATVRHAY, II aY 10. to inaugurate
a system entire y new to thUi city and viclnliy, ,
whl*h will lay all the former flifrs and frioe#
whloh we have m) llborally distributed heretofore i
entirely in (hoshade, which I* m follows:
Thf prortt* wblfh we are entitled to we will from
llili ou not only divide, hut give the grester part ;
to our natrons and customer*, and In addluou to I
that. Rive you,' after havlug pnrnha?ed the goo is, I
a cash premium of ft cento ??u evnry dollar up to <
$30 00.; 0 cetiu ou every dollar up to $80 00; 7,nents 1
on every dollar up to 175 CO; lOcentaonevory dol> I
lar up to foO 00, and 15 cents on even* dollar up to ?
$100 ard over. 1
But now you will ask, how will we obtain this 1
large premium whe'i very seldom one person buys i
this anitflint of goods? Wo will hero say to you ?
that wo will give the null pre mium If two, thre*.
fivuor moreiritfiidaor ne'gnbon come to us and
together buy a certain amount of goods; each cUe |
individually will be untitled to the cash premium
of the whole bill bought' < ,
We have fully tbo above mentioned goods In !
Htcck, all purrhaied thin spring at; prices lower I
than thny hare ever been In thli country, and are ,
marked in plsin figure*, and sold at those only.
tiluh together, come from far and nrttr, and by 1
HawiwhMftcif nwnanlt vitu Will tutVO VOUr fat?
fo? quite ndManot. Buehon opportnnfty la not
o Torea very oft?n, and an we have determined to
dlipaw of thwo goods between th brand July 1, wo
ar.trcudy toiacritloe our prullt, and aro offering i
the above oaih pwnlnmi to every purchaser, b?- .
ginning nn 3vXl7UUAY; MAY lO.lfati i
Office s Nun. UO hiuI 47 Fourteenth Ktreet.
- i . . .. . ... . :
New AdverUneiueuta.
For Rent-Fur nUhed Rorow. '
ForSala-^ew Uarriuga.
Wanted?Practical IJu*1ucm Man.
For gale?Kltly C.
Bicycle* Nickel Plated-Wheellng Jllngo Co. '
*or Hnle?Uousof?K. J. Howell, iJrldgeitori, 0.
Gospel Mottling for Voung Men. ,
Diamond*-* I. O. Pll'ou. /
For ?me?Organ and Melodeon<
ForKala-OoitaieonGampUraand. I
Tcaaud Dinner \Vari?KwiotfUrwr, ,
F. Hrledmau?Slock, Gralu ?ii J'etroloum Broker,
ocean btcamshlp Tkjireia?H. F. fiehrena. < i-i
Dtirkee'a 8alad Di-waln*?McMechen.
Onui?e* and -N. Bobuls.
Km tray Cow?T W. LUion.
To Water Consumer*. I
Steamboat Kor Hale-Elnlue and Barge.
Lilt of Letter*.
350,0o0-J. Bfllloi?Heart of Local. ,
Propoiali for 0urnhhiLR Coal-Kourth page. '
Notico-Vrupo??U for /uruliMuu Medicine*?
*ffipoSflRor FurnUhlnr Cofflne-Fourth page.
Ktsligloua UoUoee?Fourth page.
, I -N J
II. J. Schulla. the olil and reliable uhoe
deal-r at No. 1057 .Main utrecl, luu
opened ? Branch 8tnr? at SIS? Market
street, where lie will liara ? grand openinir
to-day. l'eople oier-tlie crtek can
< flinl* ulifinu a# (Iia BitMA nrii-oa
IH?V? get' Mini OIIUIW nv W>w Jn-M,?
(her urc sold at nu town, as hp proposal
to deal lit* name ?l both stores.
In Seamlen, Conjtej^ami Bntton, t?Ud
leather. We are nmkliiir a ipedat drlre
on them at ti SO per pair, at
1148 Main Street
W'R hare Just received a new Stock of
Hold Spectacles.
JACOB W. Ultl'BB, the Jeweler,
Cor. Twelfth and Market 8U.
A lance assortment of Spring and Nam- J
mer Stock. consisting of the latest rarle- ,
ties In Ciatlng*, Sellings, I'antaloonlnga ,
and Otcrcoattngs, which we will make '
up In the latrat und beat itjles and at
lowest possible price*. ' . ,
Also a full line vt Uenta* Famishing 1
Hoods. *
are making panel photo togra'phs for$4 par
(lo?en. 113* Main street, Wheeling, a]
Utter. .??!?r^p"I.Xwdth.
"Bo.^a or IfimjKrarl^iSlI Hotiie 5
bis evening.
Thui was' an unuiuallr large attend- i
nee at tbe Albambr* Palace rink last
Mooua, of .Etnaville, beat Reed, of thfe "
Ity, in Uio race at tbe North End rink
ut evening., ,,
Jouc Kejiike's orchestra continues to ,
lake good muaic lor the akateraattbe ,
Jbapline strait rink. ' , ,
Uzila CurroHD waa on one o> her peri- '
dical fulls yesterday, and Officer Sbatfer <
ticked her up. She made ttie usual scone, i
.nd attracted a large crowd of children, <
rho followed her to tbe station house, ,
' r?: GAamadN, city Health Officer, yes- .
erday called the attention of the Board of i
Jnb!k.' Work? to the bad condition of the ,
illeys between Market and -Hain.aml ,
Pwenl y-tbinl and Twenty fourth streets,
uinplalnts of which were mentioned, year .
erday. . ^
Tub parties having charge of the excur- i
lion on the Andes next Monday evening,
rlsh to any Uiat tbe announcement in yes*rd?yV
uroula probably go to SteubenviHo on this
ixcuraion is incorrect, as this is a private
party and none will be permitted on the
aoat except those invited.
Mm Chahlks Duklap, supervisor of
trains on the the fourth and fifth divMona
jf the Haiti more & Ohio f&iltoaU, Jia* been
rvrAmftfiii't/i* the nfimfinn of train fnssier
Eletween Keyser, Wheeling aiid Parkersburg,
vice Sir. W. P. Harris, transferred to
the superintendency of the Pittsburgh
division, between Pittsburgh and Comberland.
The State Fair Directors met yesterday,
but no business of special interest to the
public was transacted. Members of the
Board report preparations Jn an advanced
stage, anil the prospects more favorable
than usualafetbis time of year. -/ The fair
this year will1 be held the week of September
7. The pamphlet premium list was
yesterday received from the printer.
'Marti* Thornton, proprietor of- the
Capitol restaurant, has received, from Viacenness,
Indiana, a letter informing him
of the cure of a sick pereon there by the
use of consecrated plaster from the chapel
at Knock, Ireland, obtained from Mr.
Thornton. Several other interesting and
seemingly- well authenticated cures are
also reported in this vicinity from the use
of Martin's plaster. >
Mjjb-Mxiiolin. has a number photographs,
made by Myles ifad artistically
framed by Kirk, displayed at prominent
points in town, representing her in the
charcteis she will personate at her euteftainment
on the 22d. Miss Meholin gave
an informal rehearsal list evening at F.
\V. Baumer's, before a few friend", who.
were enthusiastic in their expressions of
satisfaction with her readings.
Yksterday work was recommenced on,
the foundations of the Reilly block, corner
of Market and Fourteenth streets, alter
having'been suspended 7*r aTwwdays,
awaiting the decision of the Board of Public
Works in relation to the area designed
to be nlacedon the Fourteenth street side
of tlie'bnildln? in order to rdacbabaswment
office. The Board still refuses to allow
the area to be constructed, because it
would be a nuisance and would be establialiing
a bad precedent.
Stranger* In the Cltjr^and Folks
Pr.O. A. Wingerter has sufficiently recovered
from his serious1 and protracted
illness to once more attend to business.
His many friends will rejoice to hear this.
David Lee, General Superintendent,-W.
P. Harris, Assistant Superintendent, and
Arthur Sinsel, Road Master, of the B. &0.
railroad, were here yesterday in the
ppe'cial car "West Virginia." '
Mrs. Senator Catnden and daughter.
Miss Annie, who have been the guests of
Mrs. Camden's father. Judge Thompson,
at his residence east of the city, for a few
days, returned to I'arkeraburg yesterday
Mr. Dunnington, of the Graflon Senlinrl,
writes to his paper from Washington, D.
0.: "John M. Birch, of YVheoling, Senator
Camden 'says, will be United, States
Consul to Na^asaaki, Japan. John is a
ijood boy, barring his politics, and we.shall
date to see him leave the country. Such
spirits as he need to be retained in West
Virginia for the good of the State, both intellectually
and physically."
Tbo llurkluy Homicide.
Mrs. EHz* Barkley, of this city, mother
if JiiniMH C. Barklev. who was murdered
in a i'enn avenue saloon lit Pittsburgh,
ast Mornlay night by a inembur ot the
fire Department of that city, attendsii tbe
funeral of her son, which took place in Alegheny
(lay before yesterday. Mm. Barkey
was so prostrated by tbe shook whon
ihe first beard the news and tbe clrcumitances
and scenes attending the fu- ,
oeral, that she is now Jying at the
ooliit of death at the house of her' danghar,
Mrs. Schuder, in Ailegheney., ,Wre
Barkley did not live on the ialauu, as reported,
but with another daughter, Mrs.
Jttoreon, at 2255 Main street The man
irho killed Barkley has been acquitted, it
being proven that the killing was done in
self defense. He has always heretofore
borne an excellent reputation.
"A lluuch gl K.;i."
Flora Moore, with a better cast than
over before, will appear InthiSiclty this
evening In the success of two seasons. "A
Bunch of Keys, or the Hotel," with new
scenery, new music and new faces in tbe
company. It la scarcely necessary to say
more, as this announcement alone can be
relied upon to fill the Opera House,this
evening. "A Buhoh of-Keys" is an ex
travsgiinza a! me liveliestdescription ana
brimful of a kind of fun thkt will keep the
larger part of Uia audienco In a uou?tunt
uproar. Miss Flora Moore, tKe largest
key in tlm bunch, is the most lively, reckless
and versatile of the bareui-scaroui
school that lias appeared here in a loot?
time. 8be possesses a lovely voice and
ilugs like an Xrlib thrush, with a touch of
tbe brogue once in a while. Reserved
scats are on sale at Bautner's music store.
TrrWrrrtTii .
A Pluaiant Outherluir.
The .Young Men's Democratic Club
beld one of its monthly reunions at Uerluania
Hall |l?s(, evening thst was an
usually pleasant aO?alr. Commodore Scabriiht
presented the club with a large
picture of the Bandali Association of Philadelphia
as it appeared Just before its departure
for tbe Inauguration. The Com.
mo'dore's lace ii seen In the group as jolly
ind happy as ever. In audition to the
regular cold lunch, there was a delicious
clam chowder served' that mat with unanimous
favor. Afterwards came the
rfmra. some sinaina and several short lm
promptu speeches.
Accident on the Hlicr Road. (
About 6 oVInck laatovening aathelo- ,
oal freight train on the Olila river railroad
wax paning the Belmont mill tlio engine, ,
No, 4, Jumped tha track, and several ol ,
the cars (oilowwi it. The track wai torn ,
up (or a diata.nce of ah' ut fifty feet, and
the engine left lying on ita aide acrou tha |
track. The Pewik.v yard engine waa run ]
iown and the cant left on the track were
ihifted out of the road. It waanot until a ;
at.> Imur In iii'ui'ur. lint (tin mad wan .
slearefl by the ?ld of a wrecking car |
nought from Steubcuvillo. The engine |
irill require considerable repairs. Ifobody ,
ra? hurt. ~
th?WW|Ul KneiJ. j
The following shows the nose of the j
hermometer as observed at Schnepfi j
Iran store, 1318 Market street, yntenlay: <
A. *., 40', 12*.,78?; 8 P. m.,80"; 7 P.M., ,
2". i
Waskisoton. May IB.?1 x. h.?For s
taiMHs ^and ^ t^lie^Oh^^j^loy. ^ u
luthHy wind*, stationary, 'followed by a
light Wl In temperature. fi
**?* . "IT
VKPHmm* ^;'v. '
Phe Mont Brntitfaud Iuliuumu Outrage Yet
Perpetrated bjr Burglars to tlila Vicinity.
An Old Xady Bobbed and Cruelly
jUultreuted?Gravely Injured.
Again the press of tliir dty in called
ijmriHo 'Tecortl' another cum of bdld'and
:ruel burglary and theft, reacmblinjc in its
letails the celebrated Workenour, Marling
ind other like noted robberies ttiat have
???U ihtavlntnitv Hnrlno Hia'nntf.
WGUUDU IU ?? r?our
months. This time the scone of the
lefarious work is located right in the city,
n a closely inhabited portion of the Fifth
tvard.and ilm victim, ai in tho other cases,
s an. old and infirm puraon, being Mr?.
l/>u'mn Dauni, nged about 76. She was all
ilone in her house, and this fact, when
xupled witli the treatment she was subjected
to, makes the case one of the most
brutal and outrageous on record.
Mrs. Damn resided in a little one-story
frame house at 2205 Alley K, where she
has lived lor a number ol years. She to
quite comfortably situated, financially, as
she owns the two houses Just north of her
little home, fronting on Twenty-second
street, which she rents out, and she has
other property in addition to these and
tho little house she lives in. During the
psst winter sbe has been quite unwell and
In . a feeble condition, and although her
children have frequently endeavored to
get her to give np housekeeping and go
and live with them, Blie has persistently
refused, preferriug to live by herself.
All around ner are jhiuihw, uuu hm
is likely that the thought of being robbed'
nover entered-her beau. I
lit was about 2 o'clock yesterday tmorn-!
ing that alio w?4 awakened by a crack, and
then Allowed a crash as the locks dud I
bolts' of the door leading from the dining1
room to a back kitchen gave way under
the pressure of a "jimmy'! or bkr. Mm.
Da urn, whose sleeping room onens^nt of
the dining room, raised herself in bed to
cry out, but before she could utter a word
airough hand seized her throat with a vicelike
grip that almost forced her tongue
from her head. The cold muxxleof a revolver
was held against her head and she
was informed that if she dared cry out a
bullet wonld be sent through her brains.
She was then told that what was
wanted was her money,and the grip on her
throat wtt tddseuetl sufficiently to let her
tell the robbers, who were two in number,
that t if they would harm, her no further
she would give them all the money she
had in the house. They then allowed her
to rise and going to her bureau she took i
mit three dollars and fifty cents, all she
had, and gave it to. them This small'
amount appeared to infuriate ll?? villains, j
for once more they grasped her by the I
throat* choked her in asharaefultaanner!
and in other, ways abused her, finally!
throwing her in a heap in the corner, ho
exhausted as to be almost senseless. ,
The thieves then proceeded to ransack
tho hnnBa: trunks anil boxes were barsted i
open and their contents scattered over the1
floor, the three beds in the house, were
ripped open, the lounge waa broken and
cut open, the sheet iron about a fire place 1
was pulled out and search was made in
every conceivable crack and nook where
money could possibly be hid, but nothing
could be found. The thieves then choked
and curbed the old. lady ouce more and
departed. |
Shortly after they had gone tho old lady
managed to reach the house 0/ her son?iir 1
law, Air. Ernest Metzner. Mr. Meizner is
the book-keeper atliolFman's large tannery.
It was about 3 o'clock when she
reached Mr.^Metaner's house. She was in a
most pitiable condition,and the above sto?r
was learned from her a little at a time,
he shock to her nerves had done much
moro th?n the bodily injuries, aud it was
with great difficulty that anything tould
be learned about the men. It was finally
ascertanted from her disjointed conversation
that one. of the thieve* was tall and
the other short'and stout. They had no
light and she was unable to see whether
they were masked or not. They
lit- several -- matches, but ^ 'always
shaded them so that she could not see
their faces. These matches they threw
about carelessly an.I umDia lady, ww very
mack! alarmed lent ,U;ey should set the
Louse on Are. Her daughter started to
wipe her mSthert face off, but she objected
and mattered something about a
rag with a knot in it. Whether the was
gagged or pnot, ia not known. From the
appearance of the eld lady's olothes and
her exhaustion, ft was evident that she
crawled a greater portion of -the way
from her home to Mr. Aletiner's,
UAIH.Y IN J L'lill),
All day yesterday lire, Daum was in a
very serious condition, Owing to the
severe choking Jihe received she wasuit
able to eat anything and her nervous system
wassokhattered thatgmvefears aretntertained
as,to her ultimate reo very. She
would say but little and seemed to lie?n a
state of fear all the time:
11 r. Metjiner visited the house soon
after MM. Daum ' had -Been cared
for at his hqme. He fonad evprvthlng'ina
state of confusion. Trunks,
boxes ahd'bedi were flit and broken o<wn
vu described above. The thieves gained
muc IJU'TK JUMJUCU. JUCJ wern uriuouw)
persona thoroughly acquainted with tint
arrangement of the lionse. No ono except
noma one perfectly familiar with the old
lady's cinutnaUnooa would ever have
thought ot entering Iter unpretentious
little home for the purpose of robbery,
There are a number of tod*h; characters
who reside 1# tb?t vicinity, and there ia
one bearing a partlctuwly fi?c| sain? who
answers the alight description that was
rotten from Mrs. Daum; in fact he has
Bgn?ed In the orimirfalponrt# before. The
police were of course notltled anil at opne
set to work to seeure- gome clue that will
warrant them in RiajfJngsome arrests.
^riii'ioLDinsa or ma TUisfl..
It was a neculiarly bold and startling
piece of work. liight .across the alleyji
the home of Polipoman Jack West, one of
(ho day men who had retired about midnight
' neither he norany of his family nor
m>>- of tho nuiulibora reaiJing a'jout Mra.
Danm'a heard any ?oW
MVhlln -It la nmuiilil*. It hawtlv aaama
probable that all pf the burglaries sail robWriesfot:
the nature of thin one that-tuve
oucurrsd Jate'y, bave been perpetrated by
the BaiSo gang. TboTamlliarity with the
premises that it shown evjuy time Inula to
this belief. Be this'aa ft may, the frequency
of the outiiifce*, their boldness and
the immunity from arrert>bat the thievea
have thnajir enjoyed, ,>ita for soigojtS
Hon. Affl?n in a blue coet and bran button!
and whaii known *11 over tlie city as
a guardian ol the peace, is'not inapoeitiun
to do very muclf fn-the detect.ve line,
Mpecially with these gang! of robber., who
lire sharp una shrewd persons, mileing
from their operations. A regular Pttierton
man or some other officer from an
Mr. John G. Hoffman, Jr., when in the
Second Branch of Council some three or
lour years too, when Oapt. Tom Bennett
wan Chief of Police and Mr. A. 0. Egerter,
IfayoiMrled hard to fV Council to Appropria!*
$1,000 to the Mayor's credit, to
uenscd by the Mayor and Chief jointly
tor detective work, and only to be ao?
unted for once a year, oroftener, if they
law tit. They were to uae tliH fund H
;hey thought proper without letting the
jublicknowanythfngof what was'goingon,
(Ir. 11 oilman waa not liljle,' however, to
wve this action taken. It is about the
miy wav in which these bold otfendirs
can bo caught. "^"ideteotlve la not
ping to work up acase for a reward offer d
for "arrest and conviction." His work
ind time are liable to go for nanghtt the
mat may be mads and the right person
auglit, bnt tlie "conviction" is another
natter. The uncertainty of an Olifoeohn- I
y Jury ia something past flullng out. I
Diamond trimmings, something new, i
jr sale by B?om 4 Corn*. I
Haj. Ran Ftaluaker, jr., E^gioetaijr of
SUto, returned jreaterday bom Washington
City, where he went with the now famous
Wert Virgii)la'delegation.
An IktVu-iccnciu reporter was tbld on
the street that Mr. Stninaker had the refusal
ol,a ;g?xl position under Commlaaioner
of Internal Revenue .Miller, and
he hunted tip tho.genial ox-Secretary and
uked uim U Uiia waa a (act. Mr. Stalnakersaid
be waa not prepared to say allything
on the subject, as there was yet
nothing definite to be aaid.
-"What about John McGrawl"
"Oh, he'll be appointed; no doubt of
"That is more than. I ton say." ,
"What is the matter with Sehon and tbe
"Nothing at all. Sehon will .get bis
position just as aoon aa the President gets
time toeiKn his commission. There 1b no
dispute about him, and it is only a question
of time, and a short time, too, when
Sehon becomes Marshal."
"What Is your imprestlOn'of things In
"Oh, Cleveland is going slow. I do not
think lie will remove any officials before
their lime expires except for cause."
"Is this a Democratic administration or
"Some of them are getting impatient,
and are inclined to think not"
"What do you think?"
"1 think it is kind of 'dominicker.'"
'Spotted ?"
"Unhuh; part ohe thing and part another,
and it's bard to tell which part is
the most."
Tbe B.P. W. Will Not Kxi'lain?Oond?ma#tiun
The Council Committee on Streets,
Alleys and Grades met st tbe City Buildlog
last ovening, all the members being
present except Mr. McGregor. The two
papers referred to the committee by tbe
Second Branch at its lust meeting were
considered. The first was the potitloiToI
John and Michael Kmmert, stone codtractors,
who asked an investigation of the
action of the Board of Public Works in
awardinefcontract for 10,000 feet of curbing
to William Staub at tiisjpid of 49 cents
per foot, when that of the petitioners was
out 45i cents; a difference of $375
on the price of tbe entire amount of curbing."
The petitioners claim to bo better
bidders :in every way than Staub. The
Board declined to answer auy interrogatories
concerning this matter, stating that
what they had done was to the best of
their abiuty'for tbe good sf the city. The
committee will report these facts to Council..
In the'dlatter of tho communication of
the Board in relation to the condemnation
of certain strips of property ott McUulioch
I ntcnat Kntofnan Thii-ionnlfi linrl ffiftaiinlh
streets, in order to make the pavement of
uniform width and in conformity wiih the
other portions'of the street, the committee
decided to recommend that the Solicitor
be instructed to proceed at once to condemn.
A Taleatod Wh?ellii|f Wonmn.
"While Wheeling's talent is doing so
much abroad in the person of Mrs. Hammelsberg,
Miss Klla Dillon has also risien
to distinction in Philadelphia. Her
dramatic readings have met witfi a perfect
ovation from artists and critics.' Her rendition
of the Letter scene and Sleepwalking
Bcene from the play of "Macbetn" are
considered works of high art by eminent
histrionic critics. Her picturing of the
Trial scene from the "Merchant ofVenice"
is wonderful, old Shylock standing out in
| hold relief, while the brilliant and talented
1 Portia is no Jess, perceptible. It is rarely
i that an elocutionist ia a Binger. Mias Dil lon
lias paid a great deal of attention to
vocal music. At a reception givon to Mm
Shoemaker, Vice Prosiuenfc of the School
of Oratory, she sang an Italian aria froih
the opera of "Anne llilnvu.' and wile
acknowldged the artist at the evening.
Her voice is a metio soprano oi extraordinary
compass, possessing aoul and
sympathy. It la to be hoped that a
Wheeling audience will greet Miss Dillon
some time in the near future. She receives
the degree of Uwhelorof Elocution
at the Comm-r.oenii'nt in June. The
| faculty hav6appointed her editress of the
Ciceronian Retiew, a paper connected with
the literary society of the school. She
will have the honor of reading her paper
Inthe Academy of Art, Jane 0. Miss Dillon
has the best wishes of her friends here
for her success, and they aro happy to
have the opportunity ol claiming her as a
Wheeling woman.
Candy Klt?hau Opening.
The Gem Candy Kitchen takes pleasure
In announcing that their largo and commodious
Ice Cream Parlors will be opened
to the public this altemoon, where will bB
found st all timeaa large assortment of tlie
ftnest dreamland ices fit the oitv. We?re
now prepared to furnlali private famlliee,
parties, picnics, weddings and dealers
with a pure cream at reasonable prices.
No money or pains will hs Bpared to proiJnce
the finest Ice cream in the city. With
our large e*pe?lenee and fapilltleS we feel
atisSed that we ran please all.
Sweet cream always on baud and delivered
to any part of the city,
So)e agents foe Qqntiipr's celebrated
Chicago Mead. Vour patronage is rtspectI
fully solicited. LwitA Bildsn.
startle'* r?rrj.
is.wfyil} wift typhoid
Dr. Hobenseck's building is almost com
Ono arrest yesterday (or drank anddisorderly,
Mr. John Hanes is erecting a new
dwelling od Broadway.
Mr. M. St.eeta has returned home from
?n extensive Western trip.
Mm. Ida Cochran, of Grand View. i|
vlaitlilg her father, Mr. James Drennon.
To-day the Climax starts in her old
trade between here and North Wheeling.
Mils Anna Jones, who has been visiting
friends here for the past few days, lrns re.
turned home.
Work on the new wine cellar is progressing,
the foundation being nearly
completed, and the Joists and ralters
have been plaoediu.
A great many -people from this plaoe
wore at ihe North End rink last evening,
to seo the race, between Moore, of this
place, and Reed, of Wheeling,
The Pennsylvania company desires to
Inform its patrons thU it has purchased
a new safe and will hereafter lock the depot
up in it every night. Persons can
leave packages without any danger of
their being disturbed.
Thi Louisville, Ky., Courier-Journal
states that tho well known pioneer, Prof.
Dnnalilfinn. afti?r havintr untr.?r.>.l
rhenmatlim over twenty yean, wu cured
by 8t Jaoolw oil, .
l.ai'K 1'aiiahoi. Covbiu, in black and
white, at Brora & Corrw'a.
"Hguo Contrail Give me FredSmlth'i
gtoc?ry.it Is that you, Fred?"
"What Is the price of Sunflower Baking
"One-pound can, 2ie; J-lb. can, 13c," or
two l-lb. cam, 25c."
"That la lbw, ain't it?"
"Yes, but I aell evertblng close."
Pin tumor*
nave rmncen tnp ?c?si cabinet pnotograpna
to only $3 no per down.
1188 Main itreet, Wheeling.
Unl'ltnuri.* OliU. 1
Special cxcnrtoM to Plttaburghevery i
(fe jmijd.bip rate II SO.. ..Train |
tor tbia day only,
Htntory of th? Work of Hurl off the Famous
Uol? That wail lleRUii a Third of a Couloir
Ago-Au ImuaoM Uodirtakiiig
toBbortentha Koad OviraUlt*.
A special car bearing the official* of the
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company located
at Little Washington, with- their
wives and a few friends, passed through
Brady's 'tunnel Thursday , afternoon to
Zediker's, being the first train over the
new roadbed. The-route is a portion of
the Hempfleld extension to Oonnellsville
and cuts ofi a mile and a half in the dl*
tance between Washington and Pittsburgh.
All tridns were yesterday afternoon
ordered to hereafter use the now line.
? * L.r. ft Ti,
Brauy'a lunnei is an "nisioni: uuiu. ji
derives its name from the lion. JobB 8.
Brady, an eminent lawyer ot Washington,
Pa., through whose land it pannes. It was
located In 1852 and work begun on it in
1B5S. It was a portion of tliu celebrated
Heinpflcld road projected from Wheeling
to Greeiisbnrg, Pa. Work was begun ml
along the line in 1853, 'and the road was
completed and opened up lor traffic
in 1850 as far as Washington, Pa. The
part completed was the moat difficult
and expensive portion of the route.
. In 18."S Colonel Jamea A. Boyd, representing
the Baltimore & Ohio Company,
began the work of driving a hole through
Brady's Hill. Thia time some headway
was made, but the atingency of the latter
part of 1873, followed by the unpromising
months of 1871, again caused a suspension
of work, and Colonel Boyd went home to
Baltimore. In February, 1884, the ,McCabe
Brothers, of Baltimore, began the
work. They pnshod the contract and by
the end of the year very little temained
to be done. The approaches from Washington
and from the eastern end were not
well advanced, end it.was hot until this,
week that it was determined to open the
The tunnel la 1,720 feet in. length or
about one-third of a mile, with a high and
very dry roof and wide euough for at least
two tracks. It ia arched for 100 fret at
tbe portals, wftile tne timbering supporting
the sides and roof is the moetcompleto
in tlie country. The last cost of the tunnel
is $150,000, while fully that much
money if not more has. been expended in
prioi operations.
Thieves Jalled-Forepttujfh,s Arabs Show
on Their Own ilook.
Mr. K. W. Buchanan, of this place, recently
of Chicago, died at the residence of
his mother on Thursday morning.
A troupe of eight ArabB, recently with
Forppaugh's circus, gave an exhibition on
Thursday evening at Hall's Central rink.
Their performances aro truly wonderful.
"Jack, the tramp," charged with entering
the residence of Capt. William Oaks,
had a hearing bolore 'Squire Quest on
Thursday and wjis committed in default of
$700 bond. It appears that Albert Montgomery
'got mixed up in the affair, as lie
was also held in the sum of $200. It would
be well enough for those who are in tbe
hsbit of prowling about at night robbing
cellars and hen roosts, tocngageln some.
-i - ? it;?
ruing eisc lor ? iiveiiiiuuu,ao uvuuy pwij
person here having things likely to be
taken by thieves has a portion ot his
domicile set apart as an arsenal, not, as
oue citlxen speaking (or himself says, "to
shoot up in the air, shoot at a mark; or to
make a noise on the Fourth of July, but
to shoot at thieves, and I shoot to hit
every time/'
Services as usual in all the chnrcliea tomorrow.
Mrs. V. T. "Rhodes, of Beaver Falls,
Pa., is visiting Mr. li P. JthoUes.
Tlio Valley school, taught by Misses'
Calehdine and Moore, closed yesterday.
Mr. Hugh Tarbot was down town yesterday
for the first time sincd his accident.
A goodly number ofBridgeportahd .Ktnaville
people went up to SteubenViile on
the Oiimax last night.
Brannum Post No. 221, B. A. R., gave a
benefit supper in K. of P. hall last ovening,
which was largely attended and very
interesting. It wiU be continued tlus
evening. An interesting feature is the
watch contest.
The servloes at the Presbyterian Chnrch
to-morrow will be of more than usual interest.
In the morning a number of children
are to be baptized, and the sermon
will be adapted to the occasion. In the
evening a Nervioe of Song-will be given;
subject, "Sowing and Reaping."
The graduating class this yaar consists
of flye memhers, Mi?s Keeler, Miss Annie
Olayland, George Gray, Charley Cook and
Will Eberle. The commencement exer.
cises will be held at the Mammoth rink
on Tuesday evening, May 28. Dr. J.'M.
Todd will present the diplomas and make
an appropriate &uares3.
Considerable talk is being raised in
Brldgeporfovernn article which appeared
In a late Bellajre Jncttptmlml, staling
that Senator Hosiie was nothing; but a
cipher and legislator Hillla was no better.
Wonder if Bellaireis not angrybecause
she could not get the appropriation
qI ft50,000 (or the new court house ?
Brobs & Cower ate Bellini boya' ahirt
waists for 76c, former price tl 00.
dprgus's SAuu .DiurestNfl <1 Cold
Meat Haitk for all kinda of salads, 08b,
vegetables, and cold meals. Cheaper and
better thai) home.made. No sauce equal
to it km ever offered. . iiwvir
gafctog f ffwfttr.
DrnniJi ?d?artl??d U kUolutoly pure
ruc? ? CM top down on * hot ?tor? until heated, the*
n moie tlio earer ml ?meU. A eaemUt wtll aot U* r*
?uir*d co d?tout 0i? pratac* of vumuiua.
RI nuimnuni UMHNKR ? > WMWA; '
iiiiu or ?*;! I
Dr. Me'iWal Mortal EiMs. :
n.iiKWiMMttxa'miiawhmM Dr.
Prlci't Lupulln Yeast Qimt
Vur UtfhL ilr.itllit llm.1 Th? Rut Dr. u. ' *
' - -?v~ y?m?teu?w?rm. r 5
won sale 3y grocers. 1
chicago. - ct.umihl '
i1 m i ,
iikku.W 4 Pittsburgh divx- ;
on unilitur may?,!?, pump* wum will j
1 I ! * , . - .'f
4 . ' . . f I
Finiul Ml Omni lUmi Prom lb* '
F. M. Shonse baa moved his family back
to Eomtitmd, P*. .
The Ben wood ferry boat yesterday was
a aklff, the Owens being laid ap.
There 1? 1o be a "Mother Hubbard" Carnival
at the Niagara rink to-night
Mm. T. H. Morrii win called to Newark
this week by the death ot an ancle. V
Grand opening at Lonia Long'u hall to- day.
Prof. Kryter will be on hand. *
Miss Nellie Hoige hue so far recovered
from the fever an to be able to walkout; 1
Jacob Rietz baa put a new pavement
around bia Noble and Thirty-seventh
street property.
Mrs. John Sandera has bought Henry
Over's premises at the bead of Belmont
street, paying $18,600.
Mr. Frank Scbooley was in town yesterday
on his way from Kansas Oity to visit
his relatives at Mt. Pleasant
Jack Baugh is not' yet out of danger
from the hurts he received at the recent
collision near lewis's Mills.
Eldoiado Circle Installed new officers
last night. Glass City Grove ot Druids
intituled oincers too evening ueioie.
Tlit force of men tlutt hare been transferring
crews-ties from boats to cars all
spring, are done work for the present.
Charley Likes, who has been conductor
on the B., Z & 0. Railroad, has seenred a
similar place on the Chicago & Northwestern.
The leotnre of Eev. 8. F. Frazier on
Japan, at the U. P. church, was well attended,
and he entertained his audience
highly for two hours.
The Ohio Valley Railroad force is to be
increased and considerable work done
dating: the simmer. The track Is now
onlya sbortdlstance from Heatherlngton's
lower coal works.
There will be communion services at
the Seftond M. E. Church to-morrow. Eev.
Elijah Henderson will be assisted by Itev.
Wm. Brown and Rev. Joseph Courtney,
the Presiding Elder.
Rev. Mr. McDonald will preach at the
First Presbyterian Church to-morrow.
The listof preachers that baa been published
is for preaching on alternate Sundays,
by arrangement of tho Presbytery, leaving
the church to furnish its own supplies
for half the Sundays during the pastor's
at Louis Long's hall to-day. Prof. Kryter
will be on hand. j
A cnoicK line of parasols and sun no)- (
brplla* at Roths Sl Coffkr'h,
Shin Diseases Instantly Relieved
hr dnHi>nri).
TREATMENT.?A warm bath with Outlcnra Soap
I and a ?ln?ln application ot Cutioura, the ?roa?
Hklu Cure. ThU repeated dally, with two ocihree
docs of Cutlcura Resolvent the New Blood Purifier,
tj keep the blood cool.,the peiflpiratlon pure
and tmlrrltatlng, tlio bonreu open, the liver aud
kidneys active, will speedily cure Bcaema. Tetter
Binjworm, I'foriuis Lichen,Pruritus, Brail Head.
DandrutT, and kvery species ?>l Itching, Scaly and Pimply
H union of the Scalp and Skin, when the I
best physician* and re medic* (ail.
My gratitude to God la unbounded for the relief (
I hnvc obtained from the uae of the Cutlcura Remodles.
I have been troubled with Fcxema on my 3
leva for twenty yearn. I had not a comfoitabie
night for yoani, uie burning and Itching were no f
lwenw. Now, 1 am happy to say, 1 have no 1
trouble. Only the liver oolortd p4Uhea on my
Umba remain ax a token of my former mlfery.
IHX WMT Avknuk. Rochchtul N. Y.
Tour moat valuable Cutioura Remedies hare
done ray child so murh good that I fetsl liko saying this
for tho benefit of those who are troubled wltn
akin dlxeaso. Mr little girl was troubled with
Bcxetna, and 1 tried several doctorj and medlclncs, ~
but did not do her u?y good until I ua*l tho Cntionra
Ktmedlco, wbioh ipeedlly euied her, for
which I owo you many thanks and many nlgatt of
rest. ANTON BOdriMlhK,
Edinburgh, pid*
I was almost perfectly bald, earned by Totter of
the top of ih?) v.'tlp. i lucd your Cutiui-n heme
die? about Hz weeks, and ihoy cured my sculp pvrfectly,
and now my hair ia coming baca aa thlcs as
it ever was. J, i?. OUO^S.Womaaoao,
I want to tell you that your CuUcura Resolvent
ia roagTiitleeut. About three moutha ago my lace
was ooveiied with Blotches aud after using three
bottles of Resolvent X was perfectly curad.
23 Sr. Ciuri.es 8iatKT, New Orleans, La.
Forallcasmof poisoning by ivy or dogwood, I
cau warrant Cntiuura to cure ev?ry time. I have
old It fAr five vmmrM and ll namr (.lit
, (jfH;6(7RgK7itiI^UyUoVlliloa, Mats. I :
Sold everywhere. Price: CtmcuiA, 60c.t Soap, ?
26 ccnIk; Kksolvknt, fi ro. Prepared by I'ottkk
Drug and Chmijcal Co., Boston, Mm.
Send (or "How Co Cure Skin DlMMti.'*
Slew 3idDittl5Jcmtut?.
^ OTICE. "
Cuuk's Orriet, Board or Commctwonhm.)
^jbiuo CoUKTY, w. Va , May 14.1886. /
SoaWd proposals will be received at this office
until Thursday, thu a28th lost., at 10 a. x . for furn!?hlng
medlolms upon the prescription of the .
County fhytfclan, for the poor of that partof-the
cltr ljing north of Wheeling creek. Alio, for furnishing
medicine, upon prescription of ?ola pby- >
Moian. for the poor of that part of the city lyUwf I
nouth of Wheeling creek, for the Itocal year ending I
May 31, I860. DrtijnlstR making blda roust do bu?f I
na>? in thst par. oFtho city which they may bid to I
apply KitflH rortmd to reject ?ny or *11 bids.
xnyio mw RUBKHT U WQfiDd. Clerk.
jr~'T:~~~v " ;x.
Ciuk'i owe*, Board of Cokmisuokkw, 1 0
,^4UHi^coujtn*. w. Va., May 14,Utt. / 11
Sealed propoWla will be received until the 2Sth J?
lost, nt noon, for futuUhlug: common* coffln*,
ita'ued. /or imy buiUlg tli.it umy l>o ordered by
a County Corauii?jinuorvdhln the?tty district or 0
Ohio eoonty for the ensuing two yearn, teglunlng
June 1,1)85.' "
yor lurnUUtof oosomon cofflo?, itaJned, for o
burials tbut may bo ordered by a Coun y tommbe 81
loi\or within the pount'y dlntrlcta of Ohio county, =
dunugaaid time. .
KorlurnUh?nf common coffln?.?taloeH,for buM*
all that may be ordered by tbo Xuwrlnteudeut of ~
the County inflrmarv dur m said time.
Bidden tu ?iwoJfy the prl?H of coffin* for person*
oyer and under n yeara of age; also, price for
hearie httokaud.bucgy.
The Bojrd rewrvra the right to reject any and all
blda Py order of the Hoard. U
mylfl daw BOlUiBT 1L WOOPg. Clcrfc
C{.nkh Office BoXxnor Coxxjkhokers, 1 ^
Oiuo Covm, W. V*., May 14,1885. / ?
Pealed propoeala will be received atthli office
nntllths-Mtn (lul. nt nmm ln< ?ti?nUhli???u1
for Ohio oounty during IbJ"ili&l year"Seirinnlng &t
June 1,1815, aa follow*: n
lit For furnishing clean, mixed or nut coal u
may be ordered. forthe county H
L'<J. For furnlahlmr clean, mixed or nutcofllto ?,
the poor nortb of Wheel lug creek qq the order of*
County Cotnmbiloner. . ? , j ;
8d. For turnUhlns olean, mixed or nut coal to
the poor mvu'U of Wbuollug crook, ou the order of a
County Commlwlooer. vEMSHMSM
4, For furolahlng mixed, nut-o? ilick coil for
tbe Count)* Inflrmui Statu price delivered at Innrwarv
and at hank.
Bidders mtwt specify the price of clean, mixed
and not coal per buahel delivered. i
The Doard reeem* the right to reject any and C<
ill hid*. K*
lly oidor of the Board. v<
Hirltnaw HOBERT n. WOODH. C1ork. P(
?eUgtous ?otiec#.
?2r Service* to-morrow at 10^0 x *. and 7)80 r. ?
k by tbo i**tor, Ret. I, Utnry Hta, Sunday
School at * r.M , jj,
iw LCTHmKCHCIuaj-JtoT. Jt H. Bom- I.
?lwer,j?htor. tq-murro* ?t 10:80 a, m. U
ind 7:Wr.m. HiindtrSchool>r?* m ;
The paitor, Rrr. I). A. Cwmtaghaa, D.D.,
rill preach to-morrow at 10:10 a. u. and 7010
fy Conwr TwellUi ud Byron itrwt-XeT. 0. M.
<V PrtMhlm 8nud.r?t 1030wiii JrJOfc .1
?uim men: wblMt, "ThjaCirjof Vtran*Mtrfl." 1
gatitcl jnh?CHotliU
T A r/iMr' *._ : J 4.:
villing to take less profit on my
vant you to
A Man's Suit in four styles re<
A Man's Scotch Cheviot Suit r
A Man's Impoi-ted Worsted Si
A Man's Worsted Suit reducei
A Man's English Worsted Sui
A Man's All-Wool Cassimere
A Man's All-Wool and Silk Si
A Man's Imported Black Suit
My entire line of $25 Men's Si
I have reduced an Elegant Silk
I have reduced a splendid Cass
I have reduced an all-wool La:
I have reduced an all-wool Ca;
I have reduced a nobby Cassii
I have reduced a stylish Cassii
I have reduced a worsted frorr
^ u I WILL osrc
A strong, bright colored, well
A Child's Suit for Si 19 worth
A Child's Suit for $2 00 worth
A Child's Suit for $2 50 worth
A Child's Suit for $2 75 worth
A Child's Suit for $3 00 worth
A Child's Suit for $3 50 worth
A Child's Suit lor $4 00 worth
t The best assortment of Childr
> rr\ <j or 8 rvMinrl o on 1
? VW, V f W ?? -J J Pauts
by tlie
Men's Pants,
Boys' Pants,
School Paints,
Children's Pants,
' Spring-bottom Pants,
Don't forget that I Keep the
wishing Goods in the city.
Remember, I offer no Gil
)vercharge you. You can rest;
it a store that "gives" anything e
or the so-called ''present."
, gipolltcaxt
" Tits dangerous qualities of
arc not obviated by the addition
Of all Grtxcrs, Druggists, at
? I
SATURDAY, MAY 10, 1885,
Kcturn luwagemenioi uie unapproacnaoie
In ibe Banner Success, A
Sunch of Keys!;
H. BdAlNlCK. WM. KYNO. ?
- * valentine dbbscher.
The tirand View Hotel8et carrled'to IU entirety,
rlgioal Music, Elojjaut Costuming.
Admlnlnn, 75c. and 60c. Beservcd seats, Si 00. 8
n sale Thursday May 14, at Batuner's Munlo o
low.. myl?
got gtttt ami got Salt. n
Business House and Dwelling, comer of Seven oath
aBd Jacob street.
First Moor of lift Seventeenth street, and liable
T^o roomi^No. Mi rig itrwt. P
Two rooms, No txa Water street. q
Foot roomed Iloiuo, No. 2704 Allay b. Bents at ?
00 a month. r
Three roomed Home. Xa C7 AUey 14. q
Four roomed bouse. No. 1M Sixteenth street.
Foot rooms and flnubod Attic,No. M Fourteenth r
No. 145 Eighteenth street, 5 room*.
No. 1601 Manchester, ooptalnin* ft rooms.
Vacant lot opposite west end of Seventeenth -i
reet, said lot fronting on Cbapliue street.
Frame Building In rear of 17J4 Market street ?
. - r' ? ;
^ i J
Hornet, Ftnnx and other property lot sale. J
Peraona] attention Klten to Rrntln* Houses, a
illectln*B*nU. Hirchue sod Ha e of Real lrrta'e; ~
iwnr Commliaion filed 1? Pension Offline. Pemion 1
liunben certified, Deposition* taken in claims for J
imlons; Deeds, Leases, Asreementa aud othT u
niten instruments preptml The Collection of o
!C0U?PJS?%'fclS9 iMBWEtaiMMd*
I ~ ?offlra^*5ST-Kb&o,
mTl4 * No. una
gLolltv JKati>t0#inUs. ]
- ri
Inest Floor and Beat Music,
Airj, Acoeiwlble, Genteel. 3!
For the nextrt*ty day* erciy admlwlnn ticket J*
rehjwcd- wJn be aoeompanled bjr a ticket en- ?J
Ungthftholdertoa rhanca fnr a prownt tobe *
ren ata drawing at the end of the Hit jr dajn. ?
MJZP*e& Bandeorae Set of Oak Purniture.. 'n
tooond - A China oinucr and Tea Met combined .
rhlrd?Bttrtitacd Rraat Contra Table. oo
[ourtb?Kli?nnt 8llv?r Water Pitcher. wi
Die furniture hi on* exhibition at Mendel'* the <
ina at Ewinfa, .the table at Dillou'i, and the xti
?h?r at Kranihelm'i, mfU \
st' and gatnUhet.
the closeness of money, I am
goods; and as an evidence!
* vaw omomifu
* jjiotpjUiuuiruiLiii:
luced from $7 50 to 5 00.
educed-from $10.to 6 50.
lit reduced IrohTjS r 2 5b to 7 50..
i from $14 00 to 8 50.
t reduced from $16 50 to 9 00.
Suit reduced from $12 to 7 7^.
lit reduced from $15 to 9 25.
reduced from'$21 to 14 00.
nits reduced to 17 00.
Mix'd worsted from ?18 to 14 75.
iimere from $17 50 to 14 00.
isimere irom $15 00 to 12 00.
isimere from $12 50 to 9 00.
nere Irom $11 00 to 7 00.
mere from $9 00 to 6 25.
1 $7 50 to s 00.
wearing Boy's Suit for $i 99,
3 253
4 254-75
5 5?en's
Suits at $4 50, 5 oo, 5 jo, |
:ver offered in the city.
Thousand s.
Hfeel Shaped Pants,
Corded Pants,
Cassimere Pants,
Worsted Pants,
Jeans Pants.
torn Pants.
Largest Assortment ok FurIs
of any description, nor do I
issured that whenever you buy
iway you must pay very dearly
) ASH,
Twelfth Ntrcof.
% ecuucc.
contaminated drinking water
of wines or spirits"
ta Mineral water Dealers.
' yoniu n>wn 32 yetr* of Me nod of ton!
U. Wbolmte Grocery prflerrtd. fUW f
gtflpcrate. Addrw A. ? *.nfo **<nn Mt. myli*
Gcnta wiahing to ditpoee of taut off Wearing Ap>
*rel, Boots, Bhoea, Ac., will do well to notify
JUSTE, the Second-hind Dealer,
V?97 1H5 WurVot Ht. omwwJtp
(Sramrt jjgflg*.
I and the publio generally that I am now we>arod
to do a real e*U?o and genera! gjock brow rge
btulnew at my office comer Thirteenth and
(ofl atreeta, thii city. When necemry, mooerat
eawnable rat* will bo advanced on Mocki Jeit
rlth me lor aale. All anatters committed t> my
are will receive prompt and careful attentluu.
H08 O'PUiKN, Real Kitate Afeot. Stock Broker,
Notary Public and Foreign Steaiublp Agent. Teh
phone No. 476. mrt
The election of teacher Wor the Bellaire Pnbliv
choola for the coming school year will take pkee
n or about
1TTW o?k niv OP JUNK. IMS.
The following teacher* will thtn bo chceyi bj
lie Board of Education:
1 High 8cboo1 Principal.
2 High r-cbool Teacher*.
6 Grammar School Teacher*,
18 Primary Teacher*.
1 Training Teacher.
1 Teacher of Merman.
l Teacher for the Cuorffl School.
Poor of the toa&Bon selected will be ippolntm
AU applicant* for theahoro MJdtloMare nc
olred to wbrnlUoaar before the fcih ofJuoa?
rrltten application, accorapaniod bjr *
ranted or endowed by the i-oc*lIi<MrrJ ofKiunien,
my!4 Clerk of the Ho*"!
got %tnt.
DOOMS FOB KENT?IN HORNS5..bi13SkM'^c^tpl"y
10 w'v'
V Room, mluble for lawyer*' and d'fU>r?
Boe. ao Twelfth meet.
C Pran tn?t. with ih?e room, *w?w?
.r.riHK.nonoma p?ud ?i??i pOR
Itoreroom No. 1302 Market Street;
In auler'1 Block.
ma,n0' hT.g.l&23Sj)
Wtphoat *-lM "lrt?^OOMS
At Jfonnt Bdlerleir Hottt.
HaTlnjt thCToukbly renortwd JJ!
I'onu.'.dflnmmer HoM
&nodlU ? numb?r of !? ??> *\
i Whttlln*. Pltlrt|ur|h* WUno?
no the Unda or othtrarU#.
Aino. my Unra Britk Dwelling h *fy,nf4ng
nUlniuK roonw tod po?cb; ?*V n"?4
3^, ' M.*un**ir.

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