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<jl& ^xAMwmx.
-yHEELDfG, WEST YA;t w^xu^,^ 1T,,rfT \\i\ I ' '
~~ . -rtrm. T ==^? - ? JiA i -?,iooo. VOTiTT\rE' vwtit ?r_ - ?
I Sto Snhltytmr.
Ottf t >'?? 85 and > Fourteenth HtrceL
I , i Dkkocath' administration brings the
I Kieswn y-ar lorunu. Think of this?
I U'iiuum' gives evidence of a commenI
Jibie po/po? to make decoration Dtr
I jiililoocbtlo be.
I Bicoxcu Fahnenberg made a great
I n?ake in djin* without consulting her
I American kinsmen as to the propriety of
I tie "ruh set." Now thejr are going to
I jornp on her will and make it hot for ex-1
I (coton. I
""it to New)
I SicinAit* ? ?
I Tort ii purely in the interest of reform.
Tbe pint workers my they can carry the
I Sutr if the President makaj a judicione
distribation 0/ the patronage, being very
I careful to rtcognizi each of the factione in
Sew Vorfc C'itr.
Tm Toledo reporter * ho Hit tarred and
I fathered for dishing up ccandal will, it i>
I uid, Ick tbe tight of both eyes. Rattier
I utngtnj to admiouter reproof. RtI
potiUe nenpapera doo't drai) the social
I pool (oricindal, and law-abiding citizens
I Jua'l Jo what wai dons to that reporter.
I Con ah Vaxnciucr, beiuit aoiid for
I CeteltnJ, Ifendricka and Iieform with a
^?"* m"?? rouarifod
fhot-gun auacwuwi* ?
though the heavens fail and the Mugtumps
wwp April showers. The new
postmaster, Meade, has probably been appointed
because be is a good shot The
gilded chariot of reform rolls on.
Pmirut who discuss those matters are
not yet decided upoa the absorbing question,
who is the tint lady in the land?
Miss Cleveland is entitled to that honor.
From all accounts that lady is sensible
enough to wear it worthily. Bnt must
we really settle the question now when
thesiseof the peach crop and the coming
of the locusts are matters which press
upon our attention? ,
lathe eastern cities, notably in Now
York and Philadelphia, there are charities
devoted to securing a little fresh air for
I poor children in ths summer time. The
' little ones are taken out of town for a day
at a time, ana again sent imo tuc wuuu;
to remain several weeks with farmeis who
board them at low rate or make no charge.
It in paradise on eartii for children who
lire in the dark alleys and the tall tenements.
The graphic description of the fall of
Khartoum, given on another page, will be
read with mournful interest The terrible
recital, with all its bloody details, does
not surpass belief, ior it most be remembered
that the batchers were barbarians
crazed with fanatic Hate. It was retributive
justice sharp and swift which exacted on
the spot and with barbarous ferocity the
life of the man who had betrayed Gordon's
little force into the hands of an
enemy thirsting for blood.
It was this massacre which, before its
awful details had been told, drove the
English people to freuiy. It was this
horror which the English Government
was going to avenge so promptly. But,
on second thought, England evacuates the
Soudan and the Mahdi's men pay no price
' for the Knglisb blood wantonly spilled at
Taa New York Herald, which supported
Cleveland, does look with favor upon the
proposition to make Zichariah Montgomery,
of California, an Assistant Attorney*
General. Mr. Montgomery'*! qualification#
are thus recited by the Herald: "1.
That be was a nboolmato of Attorney
General Garland. 2. That he was a blatant
secessionist in California daring the
whole war. 3. That be has poured contempt
in bis writings on the common
school system of this country." And then
the Herald adds: 44In our judgment it
would be easy to get a much abler and
leas blundering Attorney General than
Mr. Garland has proved himself." This
U a little hard on Mr. Garland. Didn't
he, in a moment of reform wrath, cast
down the bronae Louis which Mr.
Brewster had set op as an idol?
Tuk provision in the loan ordinance
letting apart certain sums annually Irom
the receipts of the Ola ui Water Board!
lives no n??- power to Counell. The
power already exists. The ordinance
merely specifies the lom to be taken, and
put! Council under bonds to public
opinion not to take more. It would he
tetter il none were, to be taken j yet It
could not he considered wise business policy
lor the dty to allow an indebtedness
to jo unprovided for so long as the means
are available in any department ol the city
government to settls with Its creditors.
ltisldle to mourn over the indebtedness.
What now confronts tbepeopfe of Wheelin!
IS whether they will pot that Indebtedness
into a shape to be gradually paid
ott This is what the ordinance means.
Hating authorised the loan. It will be the
holt of the people if they permit their
wants to get them Into such another
predicament. Citizens who favor the
P>a*gt! of the ordinance niuat bear In
Bind that a three-fifths vote is required to
pass it.
Thi Waahington correspondent ot tha
Cincnniti Enqiirtr aenda along aome intimation:
As in indication ol the political ehrewd???
ol Preaident Cleveland, the following
it niaitmirc. u i? Mid tntt.Mtoe 11 u*
ooii DemocraU, pending the Senatorial
conteat in that Cute, came to the Preaident
tnd used their iitmoat endeavor to
hate him aid them be Federal appointoenta
aitainat the Kepublicana. The
rmident, aa !a known, refused to do anything.
It haa leaked ont that hll oppoaitlon
to interfering in the Senatorial conteat
aniae Irom the (act that be bad made
an arrangement whereby Hon. John A.
Logan wonld not oppoae, but vote (or the
confirmation ol all hia (the President's)
appointmenu-not a bad mors for a right
new Preaident. It will be aeeo that the
Old boy throve oat hll picketa. He preJen
to hare hia peta confirmed by Logan
than either Morrison, Tree, Harrison or
Ihla is entertaining. It la also not trne.
The Preaident cannot make ? bargain
with John A. Logan. More than that ii
U notorious in Washington tliat. the PreeMent
wonld. rather bare had any other
Republican than Logan returned to the
Senate. The kickers in the Democratic
{any are growing desperate.
Hicratarj Bayard to Speak on "Thomas Jatttnou"?Wtaer?
Democrat* Thrive -A
Wasblogtoa Corrsipondsat Wlio
U IliiUiktB ia Ilia VUwi.
Wakhisotox. Slay 20?The president
will probably visit New York on the 30th
instant, and participate in the local obserr
vance of Decoration Day.
Over $3,000,000 was paid ont of the United
States Treason to-dav for nensions.
making the total amount paiil out on this
account during the month $10,000,000.
Secretary Bayard will leave Washington
next week for the West, to deliver an oration
on "Thomas Jefferson" at the University
of Missouri.
The failure of the Bureau of Engraving
and Printing to secure the contract for
printing postage stamps will result in a
further reduction of the force employed
at the Bureau in the Thirtieth District.
The formal transfer of the office of the
Chief of Bureau from Captain Burrill to
Mr. liraves will take place on the first
proximo. It is stated as a singular fact
that there were more Democrats than liepublicans
employed in the Bureau under
the hut Administration.
VJf (
One of the Copl?? "FotrloU" Givon uu
?nice for "S?r*lce."
in t% /~i ir <10 o
time ago a press dispatch from Jackson,
Miss., announced the departure for Washington
of Congressman Harksdalc, whose
errand was Baid to be fa secure
the removal of a number of Republican
postmasters in his diatrict on the
ground of "offensive partisanship," and
the appointment in their places of good
Democratic ' 'reformers." One of the
counties,in Mr. Barksdale's district is
Copiah, notorious as one of the counties
in which Democratic "relermera" jfu to
the polls armed with shot-guns and pisto's,
and waylay and shoot down in the back
men with whose political opinions they
CMe of the most anient of thes- shotgun
refjrniers in Copiah county is J. L. Mc.tde,
of Hazlehnrst, chairman utthe Democratic
County Committee, and a most devoted
adherent of Congressman llirksdale.
Meade was chairman of the notorious'
mass me>tinirof the "Citizens of Copiab,"
which in 1SS1. after the assassination at the
pollsof J. K .Matthews, a prominent Uepnl.
lican, a lopU'drtsolu'ionadeelaring it n?ccssary
' for tho safety of society, and for
the welfare ol all races and clasres in this
county, that the Matthews family shall
keep uut ol politic* in Copiab coun'y." A
copy of the resolution waa served upon
the brother au 1 sons of the murdured
man when they returned from the funeral.
The mav meeting atj turned, subject to
the call of Its chair,nan, J. I M-a Ic.
Before the election, nccordipg to the rejjort
oi the Senate Cjmtnittee, aims were
mint by the Democratic' Governor !i
to the. D^igocnitic Sheriff ot Copiah
coanty who turned thom over toJUrade.
Chairman of the County 0 mmittee,
who dln'ribcite.1 them among the mob.
Ot coura", J. L Meade is not aiu"ofitat'.vu
partisan," bnt he is so doubt
an earn-it "rvtorraer," and the administration,
in recognition of that fact,
aid as a reward for lis earnrat wrvicoo is
the past, has appointed him postmaster at
Hsgleburat, upon the recommendation ot
CongrrMmss Barksdale and Secretary
Ltriur. He succeed* (J. JJ. Mathews, a
brother of the man who i? murdered
by Wlneler berauw be tru a l(e,
publican and tried to ynts. The
report of ...the SjnaU Committee
cjftrlr indicates that J. L. Meade andail
tha other prominent Demo 'rats of HstlehnrsS
wrr? among Wheeler's accompliccs
In the ufconinsiion o( J, !' Muttlnws.
The only oritiir'atn which Mluisalpni
D imorraM wilt bs likftly to make upas*
Meade's appointment 1] that til* office is
worth only $1,100 a year, ami that so e mi
nefll SHU t ulirieiu a reiurujer ueaervca m
better rs V4r4 at tUe linn Is of this a luiinutratioo.
WUATHUBi.IC.vyKi), .
A lUrotar..' Wlll-H.r UrUlhma L?lt U
(he Cold.
liWrnisK, Kf . May 20.?Some weeks
ago tiu tii'ouma ytbotolierg died in
France, laarin? 1 Urge (jrtifne, She vu
originally a Mia Scrotber, daughter of
General SVotber, of Virginia, vi)0 aiKrictf
a Miss Ltnnt, of this city, a bister oi
Mm. Henrietta Morgan, the mother
of the .famous Confederate cavalryman,
General John It. Mugss. The
Baroness Fabnenberg was born in titc
house oI hsr aunt. Mrs. Moi*an, and had
been in eorfeepondence with her ever
siiu? she bad Vefii> fBslJIog'o JCurope,
where (be married, and when U/e no??
of her deatit wis annoanoed here it was
naturally supposed (h?t M%? Hunt
would be left the bulk oi her fortune.
Col. Halsey, an eminent lawyer, of ?4.
Lo?U. was retained by the Baroness'
America* keirf, and sent to France to
look.after their EUiSJte. He baa jast
written from Paris that the wiJJ will not
be satisfactory to the American heirs.
The Bsreueeacut off her blood relations
with small bea wstg generally,and left the
bulk of lief estate, fftki.vju. for (be foundi?tj
oi a borne tof tfrt ?,.<!
indigent tuan mm wuueu m wp
State* of Hew J may, Maryland fid
Kentucky, the home to be i.qil( |nd
t??inUUned in this city. To her aunt,
Un. Henrietta Moiyan she I'd the income
upon tWAX) A* ?n annuity, and to
hMcootin. Colonel inc?rij \fi) rjan, she be8troiher\
hw Virginia relatives
(among then) hep wgsin. General
htrother, bettor known as ' i-orte Crayon").
the left her jewelry and t*Hofe?
small bequests. Colonel ifalsey writfi
also that he rill endeavor to break the
will, and he thinks hecaq clearly \apn
thatthtwunl unsound mind fur a any
yean before her deaf b.
TUa D. if O. Will Eater Philadelphia by an
fc)?yu??-d Itoad.
Pwuuwxmiu, May 86.?In addition to
the plana now before the Conndi. far the
entrance o< the Baltimore A Ofaio into the
city, including connection with tbo tricks
oI the Beading railroad and the I*r lof of
freight lino along the wharves, arrangement
are no* being completed to bring
the main line into the reiy fcsart of the
city over an elevated road to a por*a<W)t
paaaenger ttstion, which ia .to be btfilt
within a atone'a throw of the Broad atieet
itation of the I'ennjylvania railroad. The
propoted elevated road ia to be ran down
Barker afreet, ? narrow and unimportant
thoroughfare running between Market and
Cbeatnnt atreefa from the Scboylkili to
Sixteenth atreet Property on both afd(v
of the atreet ii to be purchased, and for
the aite of the new depot entire blocki are
tobe>oi?haiedaiidtoniaway. The great i
aonteat between the two rival companies
over giving the Baltimore <St Ohio the
rightof way into the eity will take piece
at the maetirg of the Baliraad Committee
of Ooanella on tt'edneeday.
Baca to-night at jllbaabn Kink.
Sbepjeid on tad Heed off ikatee.
YT?it Vliglali Politic* at VlawMl Inn Wuli<
P. D. M. in Cincinnati Commercial GaulU.
A put of the Democracy of Weet Virginia
in feeling very ?*ppy over the appointment
of McGraw for Collector and
Sehon for Marshal. The hills and valleys
are resounding with their shouts of victory
over the other (Jackson) crowd. They
smile as they say: "Didn't we tell you
bo i ana iney can ue separated irom me
displeased ones by simply looking st their
bees. Every tarn o( the table widens the
breach between the Camden and Kenna
crowd and those who are opposed to them.
Camden ia making a death struggle. He
his to ficbt. and light bard. While luxuriating
in Europe last auuimer the Jackson
faction came very near wrecking his
political hopes. Faulkner, his candidate
lor Governor, was inglorious'y slaughtered
by Governor Jackson and
his followers, and every candidate he
or bis friends supported went down in
the same battle, bond and long were the
ejaculations of the victorious Jackaonitri i
as Windy Wilson reached up over E. Bovd
Faulkner, Camden's min, and secured the
Gubernatorial plum. But Camden irnow I
scoring for even, and every time in anti- i
Camden man comes up lor office, he is
spotted and downed by Camden and
Kenna. Hence the terrible struggle over i
the appointment of Internal Bevenue Col- I
lector. McGraw, the appointee, is an out- i
ami-out Camdentand Kenna man. He is j
a Catholic Irishman, and ao it Kenna, and i
they are bound by ties stronger than po- I
litical ooes, and Camden most have a
pan like McGraw for Collector, because I
he will have an army of deputies whose i
influence will bo necessary in electing the t
next Legislature, which will elect a V. S.
Senator to succeed Camden in two years
from now.
General Nathan Goff. jr., now representing
the First dis rict in Congress, will
beCamden'a successor, unless Camden fixes
up the Legislature in the nominations and
elections?and this he can do only hy having
the U. S. patronage in West Virginia
in the hands of his friends. McGraw and
Sebon will use their might and power
quietly for this purpose. Out Golf will be
the next Senator from West Virginia, unless
Camden's policy in politics works out
more successfully than did his purchase
of-theWest Virginia Oil and -trT Loud
Company's property in West Virginia.
Till bio rocR.
If J. C. Alderson, applicant for Internal
Revenue Collector, bad susceeded. it *
would have been sure death to both Oam- |
den and Kenna. Alderson is a Jacksot 8
man, tooth and toe-nail. He swears by (
Jackson instead of that other personage ,
whom the blasphemous generally swear (
by, and Alderaonthinkshim muchstnaller .
than J ackson. Alderfun belonged to what I
was known aa the "Mg Four" in West }
Virginia. After Jackson's election as
Governor, Alderson, Randolph Btalnaker,
Dr Hardqpty and the Governor formed a
close corporation and matnal admiration g
society, and wereso cloeely connected that e
when you pinched one they -would all
growl. lie lathe aon-in-law of the l?te *
-enator Price, of Wfjt Virginia, and *
fonght through the war, and many were '
the -yanks" that went down beneath his *
| trenchant hoofs, lf byaocfdenttbey got In c
his way. He was a -'Majab," and served P
gallantly in many a camp and woodland 1
r. treat far oat of light and bearing of the >
enemy or their gnna. Bathe never "wrote 5
a letter thirsting for Yankee gore or any- '
thing else but applejack ?n4 tbff^Bllfcctorship
Bat -be has gone, squelched and v
thrown out like the balance of the old G
rubbish and fodder of the Jackson admin- J
latr?UoD. 1
Camden Bust l)W Mcfl nw?nd Sehon; "
he Senatorial contest U aw. it irflDv ?
hot' and long. He now views It with a fi
nervon* and anxlooseye. He knows, if he
fail9inhiseflbrt,be*illgodown,politically, '
to rile no more, and (he Jackson faction 1
will sound the tr.w-loin and dan do the '
am-awoyerhialsfit resting place, I'Lqm" 1
Sehon, the newly apnofntod (United liUtfea f
Marshal for West Virginia, Is a nrst-rate
fellow, and will make a good Marshal. If
he does as well as G. W. Atkinson, whose
t?rfl) baa expired, there can be no jnst j;
cause for complaint. Atkinson was one e
of tbe best officers that the Stgte hashad. I
The people o[ West Virginia, and especjtl- j
It thoee conneated with the United St^ea j
Courts, greatly regret tbe loss of Atkinson t
as an ofBcer. notwithstanding tbe attempt
of Useless Gibson, of Virginia, now repre- \
seating the Democracy of the "Shoestring"
Bistfipt of West Virginia, to i
smirch hlra In tbe liui campaign. Sejion'p (
fight for Marshal was eaay. _ Unarley j
Wells, of Glover's Gap, somewhere np in ,
the mountains, and a Coonty ConrtClerk (
ty t)[e ngifle of Kader, from one of tbe |
'jill'k louuuwy- *v? l 1i1b iikmuu ijm.uuu |
fellow, (in ex-Sheriff of Harrison pojintf, ,
I we.-# bis only opponents. ,
wnuV oKOp. t
| When McGraw was appjintsdJJjjlleo- '
lor, he living near Welle, unfortunately j
(Wol'j ought to more away from great <
men) it knocked n'ella so high into GIot- ?
it's Gap that be won't get down (jqring t
[the natural life of the present adminlstra: '
lion. The County Clerk was coupled too t
abort, gud I (Tied to get tl)e" 'Quenee" of S
Senators Camden and Henna, baape he c
got nothing bat the promise. The |ast a
hek?d ot Jj&-heJwjs behind ?he Nicholss
County Conrt lioiise. cpsiiog Cleveland l
and trying to tick the side of the ho MS 1
The old ex-sheriff of Harriaon county be- I
gins to think he's in the wrong pew, and
4on> inpw what orwho killed bim. If lie
had suggested La the old ex-aherlff in the ?
White House that the time h*d coco for
old ex-sheriffs to support and assist each p
other, !)e might have got there. j.
Governor WIto;narjllstickfonisviews p
which led bim fo oppose qoyeruos ?'a;k- t,
MP's reassessment orders, sad when he fl
geta if?dy he intends to kick them out
with the balance of ihi M rubbish of the D
Jackaon administration. 1 do not Ku*v ii
why Wilson and Camden and the balance J
q' [hem out there oppose the Jackaona. ,
Their we Rented men, all of tham, and j
personally clever ge^tlegjen. They have j,
been good Democrila ever since thedaaib E
of Know-NothingUm. They are the moat J
noted family of West Virginia and their
official record# it t jra?d one. At one j
time they hold poeitiona ?a loliovat John i
via J7. S. District Judge, J. M. vaaCir* j
jcnit jjojjrt fudje, Jacob to Governor, J
Henry was M?vor of tfar?era|jarg, Will- (
UfS Wirt TO private Secreto fQ Uip e
uoyewof.qpd Q|njner had an interest in J
a poat trajtereni),, r
If at that momentous )?eriod, tfcetp bid ?
been any more office* In Weat Virginia to ,
fill, they would have had to reaarrect the ?
oliman. i.
The anli-Cacjden element have loet all t
so far, but they ?r they ?fl[ keen it np. j.
The next mania shy mtcastqr into (hi >
rtu, will be Dare Leonard, of farkerabijrg, "
Sr Oiatrlct Attorney. and they propose to f,
y him oat fiat They ?. rflw drawing <j
little maps of the State to ahowthat h? f
ItTtaio tba umo diitrict tlutt toe AUitou
doe*, althouxn th* end Sehon Uvea in ia
nearer Kentucky, Ctntionatl or Ailumu I
tJjjm Fwkenbnrg. They bays their pendle
uupened ?nd are hard at work, e
Well, let them go o* aad fishtlt opt: Uu
dead will all be Democrat* and the living ,
one* will hare 110 clawa when the fight u
oyer, to they can not hurt anyone. 1
Another good thlngiatljat they will bring t
ont the dark spota in e*cb other and lejye c
lea* (or the Bepublicani to do in 1858. (
''Mamma, wto tort SJr. Bland'* hair all a
ont?" mid little Mabel. "Hi^h, child, >
rt mnan't (peak of neb thing*. Hapa t
bald, too, yon know." "Tea, bot I i
want to know who tore Mr. Bland'* b*ir
*11 out} he ian't married." <
Mi'jff ;> ^'yvh' '-'l' .< j
fluiirs MD MJSAA.
tbjc 8txub km vtx?et scaxawac
Unbosoms Himself to a lUportar?Hla Ad
ventures In tli? Sooth Wh?r# ho ffui
HoUoc BU Fortune?How bo Vm
Captured at Columbia, 8. C.
" PnTBBURGH, May 2tf.?Ljiufton a soli
In one of the back offices at the Perklni
Detective Bureau at 10 o'clock this morn
ing, wss a young man, whose swindling
operations during the last seven montbi
have been on a scale of the largest magnitude.
It was Charles P. Boyd, whose cob
...i?i. U..J. D-1?? t.
ucvuuu niiu iiauuiwu a wuwv ojm,o iu
Steubenville, Ohio, last October, in which
while acting as manager, Jie succeeded in
forging and obtaining money to an amount
reaching nearly $10,000. He skipped the
town. Nothing was heard of htm until
his arrest in Columbia, 8. C., on last Monday
one week ago.
When Boyd so suddenly and surprisingly
got himself out of SteubenviUe, Mr.
Samuel Hamilton, of this city, put the
rase into the bands of the Perkins'
Detective Bureau. Superintendent Perkins
sent descriptions of the fugitive all
through the country, offering a rewtrd
for the arrest and detention of Boyd. The
lulboritits at Columbia, S. C., received a
photograph and description of the forger
i few weeks ago, and they at once saw in
:be photograpD a striking resemblance to
i young man, then one of the most widely
mown business men of their city. He
?me to Columbia in the latter part of Ocober,
a cHcacn riLLAE.
He was a stranger, but in a very short
ime had succeeded in ingratiating himelf
into the favor of the highest society
if the city. He gave his name u Charles
S Brockford, and hia business was that o(
i lumber merchant He pushed it forrard
in a way that eatabliabed for him a
eputation as a brilliant man of push and
interprise. Transactions of the largest
Magnitude were successfully carried out.
rhe young man not only took a wide inerest
in the various charitable objects of
he city, bnt promptly identified himself
villi the Protebtint bpiscopalian Church,
ad was one of its most liberal supporters,
ie presented the chapel of the church
ritli a tine organ, and in various other
rays be -ame an ex cedingiy useful memler.
He was universally liked and repected.
This state of affairs continued
or months. It was not antil the circular
ent out by the Perkins Agency reached
'o'umbia tbat there was the slightest su
lie on entertained that tie wonderful
oung Northerner waa other than that lie
epreaepted himself to be.
now us vai aHuaTED.
Hia capture and arrest wpb a matter of
reat surprise to the Columbians. One
vening, a week before he waa arrested,
n nifirer annracrt eil him ?t thA hnt*>1
rhere be was boarding and showed him
he photograph that waasent there. Boyd
ecogniitd it immediate!)- aa that 01 a
own of his. but the officer was not diaionkI
to believe bim. "Wait a minute
ill I go np to my room, and I will bring
ou down my cousin's photograph and
ee i jr yourself," said Boyd. The officer
raited, but he did not return. A lev
ays after an officer arrested Boyd as lie
;ns attempting \o leave the city m a cloae
arriane, He was placed in jail, anil I)f
ective Perkins m notitied o| the arrest
le sent one of bis agents for the prisoner,
round with a requisition from the Govrnor
of Ohio, and tbe prisoner was
TOUght tp this citjr tbia morning.
"I am ad versa tu talking about my ittin,"
said Boyd this morning to a repor,
cr. "Ko statement that I could make
rauld be of avail to roe. My object in
ife was to.obtain a certain end, and that
ills Lira rroBr.
"I prefer to say nothing about that; it
nvolves others. I bad about accomplishd
that which 1 sought for, and had my
K.ultl, rwrmiltml I vntiM h o v.. tAan m*
llsce jo the wqrld as an holiest man. \
,oald bgve reimhqreeii jll who htVC
lined Iowa through me.1'
"How about your church relations.
Vint did they do for yon ?"
"Thire is nothing to be gained by talkngabontthat.
This I will say; with the
jceptiqnof the forgeries with which I
i>?e bees chsrjad, Jlme never wrapped
inyone, and my lite has been an e*emliary
one. I will not say where my
tome is. I had made a success of the
umber business ^ben I was arrested. I
rojild bqre become rich. 4a it is bow.
peD, fdo nqt are whit becomes ?f me. 1
iaye no dread of the penalty thai will tot
off. J am sorTy forqne tbing_-the good
people of Columbia, with whom I so pleasaitfy
associated are so shocked at my
lownfsll. I am sorry on their account,"
>nd the prisoner made an attempt to cry a
ittle, which was not much of a success,
'ify wjfe lives in Sew York," he couinued,
"and she iaa confirmed Invalid,
ihe knows my whole history. She Is a
loble woman. God pity her, she is left
During tl?e poBvenatinn the young man
reuuently reached Into bis Vest pocket
ail too ? something froi)i it #nd placed jt
AX OrtDll batbr* "
"It is opinm," whispered a detective.
He has taken at least Ave or six opium
>iljs (his mojDin;. When he was cspured
in Colqmbla; SOO of these opium
i*tlo wt>ro fr.nrwf nnnn him Th? Sheriff
10k them away from him. l]e ia a conrmed
opigtn Mfejr."
flbyd is a remarkably handaome young
ian., blender, well dretsed, with the
rubtett of tirj?lit eves, and with a high,
ntellectpal lotting brow, if l? pot tp"he
rnndered st that tbe good people of Goimbia
were taken with him. His voice
qjjjjftfaff h* aset good Ungqige,*and
le ia a Sew Ycrker! Several years agoSe
rga pouvicted of forgery at Qreenville, S.
r\, andwganntiqpifton (or two ye?ra.
ifter he one opt he pngagnl in tbe ffluic
boainess in Sew York, and later jn aevr
ral citiet of Qhio. His connection with
lamilton'g agency at bteubenyille has a]cjtijy
been rplaim. Front wbgtwaa leajn<t
Jffo/d !iu swindled other Bejel
na in diiicrani paru ot the oountry. Tbe
irm of 6. R. Hanford A Co, of New York,
im moalcdealen, itate hatiftbe charges
gainat Boyd will not aend him up for a
jng term, bia tranaactiona with, their firm
lid some very crediuble work in aecuring
noyuTititiv k?
Lt St?ob?avUl? to Qood H? Eefoie*
to ba Interview*U.
bfffai iXfiHff* to tkt InltUkttaar.
?IHT?*xyiu.?, 0., Majr 2tj._Cbarlee 4,
lojrd, m? (orje., uunir?ry ui many captations,
did not arrivo from Pittsburgh
intil this afternoon. He m in charge
if * Perkln'i detective, who left Sooth
Jaroiina ?i> Sati|>day. Uo waa uiet at u?e
lepot by the Sheriff ?n3 Deputy Sharp,
ind driven at once to hia quartern. Several
mndred. people were attracted to the
lepot Tbs prjaonef |ookeij h^ggani aqd
rorn out.
In answer to apreaa representative^
IW.Btyd "Wi "I b?T? nothing to
ita^ment or explanation of mine at this
time ihould pomjew any interest to the
public; I bare dropped ont of tbe world
forever, and have no part whatever in ita
affair*, and it ihould have no intereat in
me; at the beat I can live bat a abort
flma unit nil (hat T ??Vta In Ha lot almm
now, mil when lam gone tobe forgotten;
for yun I have kept myself np on stimalantB,
>nd no one better knowt than myself
that my time Is short; I can only say
that all worldly aspirations I have had in
the put ate dead, and I have nothing to
1 look forward to bat the end, which will
- not belong."
; his roRoiun.
i When asked whether he wonld make a
- defense against tbe charges of forgeries
- preferred here, he replied, "I may, bnt I
i don't know what I will do." He said that
i the root of his tronble was too mach ambition?with
a desire to make money too
fast And referring to his imprisonment
in New York for forgery, be admitted he
. ?... 4aa ...Utl ..J _.!J iL.
i noa iuw wuuiuuuo meter, wu paiu luc
I penalty. His South Carolina name was
Bradford, aad Detective Perkins aald that
$l,400in forgeries had already been discovered
in Colombia, South Carolina.
Ilia wile, who lived here for several yean,
waa a cripple, and Boyd's treatment of her
waa noticeable for devotion and kindness.
When ber name waa mentioned tears
came into his ryes, and as to whether she
would come to see him, he quickly replied,
"Oh, no, she will not come." He
waa neatly dressed, wore a light necktie
and diamond pin, but looked distreaed.
The esse created mnch excitement here.
A Tramp Killed.
aptetal Diipakh to Uu luulllomeer.
SnuBOivnut, 0., May 26.?Early this
morning the body of an unknown man,
supposed to be a tramp, was found on the
track of the Pan Handle railroad, near
-MiiiKO His head and arma were crushed,
but bad nothing on him certifying as to
who he was, or where he was from.
DumiigH Suit Settled.
\teial Dispatch to the hUtUlornccr.
Stecbksvjlle, 0., May 20.?The City
Council to-night paid in the damage suit
of James Vandvne. $502 50 for ininrlen
from a defective walk.
The 10 o'clock ealoon ordinance waa ,
killed to-night, only one vote being in
favor it it.
Fl?h OammUtloDiirr.
Sptdal btrpaUk to tht MettiotMer.
Charleston, W. Va., May 16.?Gover- 1
nor W ilson yesterday Appointed J. Baxter,
of Braxton county, Fish Commii- 1
sioner, C G. White, Hampshire county, 1
and X. X. Dowery, of Summers county, ,
are reappointed Fiaii Cnmmtssiont n. i
The Jtiulur. Win. 1
Vliil DJpalih to U? fatdflenor. ]
Wa?di*otox, May 26.?Tho Olympic
contest to-day reenlted in an overwhelm- i
in j victory (or the Junior class. The Jo- 1
niors won twelve points and the Sopho- '
mores three.
A G. A. It. SfcltMOX , I
That Stirred the fatrtoilim ut the Boy*?A 1
Preacher'* Views.
PoBTnipCTH, 0., May 26.?Quite a len- j
sation was created in this town Sunday by |
the bold words of Rev. Mr. Stubbins, a i
Meihodistminiater,atthememorialservice 1
of the G. .V. K. There was a large attend- j
ance at the church, apd about two ban
drtd o: (lift "vets" orere there. The sermon
was of the character nsual on each occasions
until near the end. 8aid Mr. j
S'.ubbins: The G. A. R. was very prop- ,
erly nonpartisan. Discussions on politl- ,
pal questions were forbidden at the posts. ,
Democrat* as well ai Republicans were in- ,
eluded in the membenhip. But he hsd ,
been a soldier. He bad fought for the Usg ,
and for the Union. Individually, and not '
speaking as a member of the G. A. It, and 1
not wisblnj So make anybody else respon- ,
sible for his views, he desired to say that '
disloyalty should not be rewarded; that it ,
was a shame and disgrace that men who ,
had intrigued and raised arms against the ,
United States should be preterm] for posj- |
tious of emqlttment am} this* in tbe Oir- ,
yke the quick passage ol in electric
current, the sentiments of the reverend
speaker vent through the audience, and
the > Id soldiers Buhed a responsive approval
The color mounted to their
cheeks, their eyes brightened, and tlien
there was a sqhdued st?mpiq|- o( (te;.
Some of the pooler heads, however, iu
detcrenue to the oocasion and the place,
seeing that. an outburst ol applause was
imminent, raised their hands and uttered
words of gentle deprecation.
*fh? T?l*||hon? f'SMlrf>W?W,
May W.?The attachments
on the personal property of the
members ol the Lowell telephone syndicate,
which were sued by the Erie telephone
lyndicate, were removed last evening
without bonds being furnished.
Mm btwmnra wnw? ro'mnvMl from Ui?t?
pri vate recUeni?i after a week'a sojourn. ,
The attachments included all the real ea- (
tate of the defendant!, valued at between i
$300,000 and $400,000, in addition to itocka,
e<nd 'lepoeita in varioua Iwnka,
'hold furniture, horses, uairtagM,
$!(. since toe attachment ever; action of t
the defendanta upon tho gtreeta haa been ,
closely watched and commented upon.
M#ny valuable horaea were kept in the '
stables without being eaerciaed. Jt i? I
thought they may have bfefl iojqred. Jt |
is thoijfbj tlje dafftqdoflta uonsiJet Iheai- i
uchment upon their personal property la i
malicious, and rumor baa it that counter '
auita will be entered by the defendants tor i
damage to their standing as business men. |
-*<* 11 'ailj.i wmm'. I
Cholera prevails .in Calcutta, India, to
an alarming extent ,
The debt of the State of Ohio on Way ,
14,1885, was 070,22a 1(1. ,
Judge Littler, a member of the late
a bio Legislature, ia atrlckea with par
y?is. '
Thirty Uiomaml dollitra' world of innr: '
her va4 destroyed by flre at Menoeha, 1
\Y'Ucoiuln. ,
Smallpo* has brqken oqt in ghjUtt* ;
doali. ipwa and ton hoqaea tiava been
Sarah Megrue, of Cincinnati, attempted
to commit suicide by taking a doas of !
Paria CJreen. \
The residence of the Miasms Carpenter. ,
Philadelphia, was rol;l*j of Mart- (
Wko ana uii.tr uantra valued at 11(1.600. i
( Sfappaon A-tianlt, tnannfartnrerq of mill '
machinery, Cincinnati, aaaigned for the <
beneBWtfcredltq^ Aaseta aqd liatumiet; I
Joeeph Yf. Wooden, * newly appointed J
watchman at the Trtisary Dep irtment. 1
Washington, to take the place vacate) 1
by a discharged jjnlon ssjaie^ ua. gone
There appeari to be little or no change
in the situation at Plymouth, Pa. Qno 1
death hu occurred ilnce laat nifht. Three i
yfrterSy*"* *dmlllel1 ^ ,he ho,Pltal j
In the'General Aisombly of th? 1'reahyterian
Church, in sesalotj At Cincinnati, i
yesterday, the "Catholic resolution" came
up. The debate was participated in by
IV Geor/e P. Hays, Dr. Worrell, Dr.
Alfred Yeouwia and Dr. C. A. Dickey.
The whole ideation WM Iftid on the t*ble,
n* VauBptoWB DbbletKlckliltlDIt all
CflBcatibiu la Btpra to lh? Amalgamated
sul?-Bo? It Htaada aVFltUbnrth
? Manufacturer*' VUws*
Pittsburgh, May 20.?A Yonngatown
dispatch aaya: Theraception of the newa
here last night that the Conference Committee
of the manufacturers and the workingmen
at Pittabnrgh had failed to agree,
aeemed to cut a gloom over the city. The
workingmen congregated on the streets
and talked the aituation over. A sort of
impromptu meeting, led by the finishers,
was beldon the street, and it was decided
to call m meeting of the Sixth district to
be held here on Saturday, and request the
Conference Committee of the Amalgamated
Association to withdraw all concessions
offered at the meeting, and strike for
the present S3 50 scale.
The big mills of Brown, Bonnell & Co.
are running full drive in ail departments,
but will shut down everything on Saturday
except their two blast furnaces.
Stuck will be at once taken, occupying
two weeks' time. The manager said the
future of the mills would depend on the
showing made by the inventory, the mills
being in the hands of a receiver, and not
a member of the Western Iron Association.
It is believed if business is good
thev will be run at the reduction offered
at the Pittsburgh conference. It was this
firm that first signed the present scale and
ended the last strike, much to the chagrin
of the Pittsburgh manufacturers.
Both Sldo D?Urmlu?d?A. Strike S?cmt
Pitthbobgii, May 20.?The Chronidt
Telrfraph aaya: The atate of affairs growing
out of the conference between the
manufacturers and the iron workera ia unaettied,
and to-day did nothing towards
helping the matter in any way. Both
aidra are rating on their oara after the
protracted atruggle of the laat few days,
and the prospect ia that it will take a very
rapid and wide change of views, on one
aide ortheother.if aatrikeia to be averted.
Secretary Weeks was seen this morning
it his office. "There is no change in our
position," he aaid. "We have myie consessions?more
and greater than any the
iron-workers made. We did it in the interests
of peace The workers refuse to
put down the scale for the sheet rollers,
who are the bigbeat priced laliorera in the
mills, while at the aauie time they consent 1
to rednctions in the ccale of other workera
who do the hardest work in the miila, ami
who bavebeen receiving comparatively
the amalleatpay. The sheet rollers re- ,
five high pay and have not bard work,
it is not fair to reduce the others without
making some reduction in their scale. The
manufacturers will not be guilty of deserting
the sheet-iron men. We are willing 1
to accept a $3 rate for puddling,on a 2 cent
;ard, but we inaist that the reductions in
jther departments should be in the same
proportions. We refuse to accept the
wale aa reviled."
; , .Till WOBKISOXAS'S 4101. . ... j
All the members of the Amalgamated
Association who were apoken to thia .
morning expressed the opinion that there
was no likelihood of anything farther .
toeing done in regard to the wage question 1
[or several daya at least. Said a repretentative
of one of the lodges in Lawrence- 1
trille thia morning: "The reault of yester- 1
Jay's conference waa Just as I expected. 1
The manufacturers are holding off just as
long as they possibly can, but 1 feel
insured they will ultimately aigntbe scale.
The workmen have done their part, they i
:onaider, towards effecting an amicable
lettlemenL To-day they are manifesting
i foAlin v nf (liinWinrM man in or lha mann.
torturers, as they reuard tho latter's action |
u tin effort on their part that shows no j
wnsldera'lon whatever for theiremployea. |
rhe question, however, in regard to the
new scale has practically been settled, '
with the exception of what is to he paid .
the finishers. This is where the hitch Is
tt present. Before the end of .next week
| iljink ?l? wale. ?'IH be Hnally adopted."
It is rumored that the Soho Iron Works ,
unong others are likely to sign the scale is
presented at the conference by tho
Amalgamated Association, in any event, ,
IS they do not propose to ihut down their j
IlilMiiess men ate beginning to manifest 1
ui uneasiness in view of a prospective '
general shnt-down of the mills. Said a '
Penn avenue groceryman this morning:
'My trade is almost entirely with the mill i
nen. Although they seem to be of the i
ipinion tbat there will he no strike, yet It i
la noticeable (4ft that buslnesi is falling i
iff in my line. The men are economising i
iml making no more ontlay than is 1
tctually necessary. Yes, lithe mills shut <
lown we will surely have hard time* bete <
iiis coming summer,"
1'iTT?HL'iniH, May 26.?The Amalgama- j
ed officials were bury all day, getting ;
heir acalea in aliape to wall tu the 1
nanqtacturere. They ojpeot a num- j
icr la sign it before the tint of
iho uiantii, uid in this some hope to
r taken the linesol the manufacturers who
iwnd out. Some of the workmen favor a 1
withdrawal of jail conceptions cjade, 1
ind are advocating n stake for tiie 1
irewnt ;im hut it is thought that con- '
let tatism will prevail and the new seal: !
rill be adhered to. In the event of a {
itrike, it is claimed that twelve n\(U( !
n this district will CORtinaci in :
iper jtion. Nine of them will work with
um-nnian men and the other three, it is !
isscrtud by the workmen, will sign their 1
icale. I
Hoaombl; DUch^t-gctl.
Pftit.ADii.piiu, Mny 2a?George Caldveil
was put on trial in the Oyer and 1
hrminer Court to-d?y for the murder of
Walter Scott Brown. Caldwell U about
sleven yean old and Brown was eight
rears of age. It appeared from the teati- 1
nony that on April 17 Caldwell, with two i
ittle companions, Michael Logue and M?: '
in Carroll, was passing along (he street .
vlth a little wagoq |qo pans containing '
and, when t>y were set upon by Brown
a/i two companiona who beat Logue and
3arrotl -and drove them away. 0;her
joys came up and threatened Caldwell,
?ho, to defend himself, picked op a piece
>f coal and threw |t among the crowd. It
itrqok frown behind the left ear, threw
Mm into convulaiona and h? dle4 shortly
ifterwards. Under these oireunislancce
tha Ccunmoi)?ea|tb abandoned the osss
tnd a veottct of not guilty was rented.
111 I
Will ? ?.
riTT??jig< Pa., M*jt. S8.-A ipecUil to
the Du^uch (ram But Liverpool, Ohio,
nyil At 0o'clock to-night Angna Bratt, >
prominent ciliien o( thin place, thot and
killed Joff. 0. Uavia, oi Youngatown, 0.
tMvia (hindered Bratt'i daughter. lie an
stopping at the Commercial Hotel and
Bratt entered hii room, and drawing a revolver
flnd five tlmea at liim, each (hot
taking effect in aume part of his body.
Bratt (orrandered Unuell tod was locked
" T"
To VNt la CtoetaMU& ->To-?U7?Tt^a Seal#
The Western Nail Association meets at
Cincinnati to-day. Several of tlie manuiuturers
ol thU city, including President
Vance and Secretary Wlae, of the Association,
left for that city Ust evening. The
nail men here were in hopes that the iron
scale for the coming year would be settled
before their meeting to-day, as it would
make matters clearer for their action.
The Pittsburgh Una is authority for
the following:
"There ia a probability of trouble in fixing
the nailers' scale, but the diapute la
not ao much between manufacturers and
workmen aa among; the manufacturers
themselves. The nallmi bare proponed a
renewal of thepresentacalej ana It will be
considered at a meeting of tbe Nidi Association
to-morrow. The mannJscturcrs of
iron nails want pricea for iron nails reduced
10 percent and for steel nalla ad- i
vanced 10 percent. Tbe (teel nail men i
are willing to give the advance, but object i
to the reduction on iron naila/'
The iron workers here know little about i
the acale situation outside of what they t
have seen in print Vice President Ooch- <
ran, of yEuurille, attended the conference
at Pittsburgh Monday. He aays the manufacturers
were willing to make no con- .
cessions, and seemed to aim to dictate
terms which tbe Amalgamation would not
This opinion seems to be general among 1
the workmen here?that the manuiactn- c
rers want to see the mills shut down, bat <
are disposed to make the apparent responsibly
for such a state of affairs rest upon 1
the Amalgamated Association. "
Cow* Out Calling.
Two Texas cowboys, judging from their 0
action!, hul "lots ol Ian," about the v
streets yesterday afternoon. They had J
two diminutive steers to drive some- *
where, whether up or down street it was ?
bard to tell. The cows knew, however, si
and persistently went the other way. One n
of them wandered up as far as the Suspension
bridge, and being headed off, Jj
went into the toll house to see what was J
the matter. The otker seeing the sign f,
"Fresh Milk" at Ysnkeuren's restaurant, f
.went in. Mr. Tankeuren waa in despair, {J
until T. Tommy Cockayne came in bom "
the kitchen and laughed. The cow left, .
panic stricken. It next called at Wilson's K
book store, probably to examine the Kevised
Old Testament. With some difficulty V
it was induced to leave. Finally ropes
were procured, and both cows led off bv _
the horns. 2
? H
Death of an Old Glilnit-Ou Talk?Various
Nf>w? -Vole*. c]
Judge Okey was in town yesterday. ai
James Billeter lias moved to Allenport,
The Catholic schools will close for the
ummer next week. jc
Ferdinand Marlier baa taken his family ?
to -McDonald s button, fa. ?;
James A. Wells, of the Bellaire Window "
glass works, is home from a visit to Co- J!
Iambus. j|
The Telegram had t? lie here a good ;j
while on her way down yesterday to take ?
on freight. T
The Globe base hall club will make their ai
first trip this season today to play at la
Washington, Pa. a
A large assignment of light, finely built '
watons was transferred to the Narrow i
(^ngftiiitoadjeetixd*?^^^--- .Tid
Shuttleworth has gone to Barnes- ,
ville to practice in the rink there for K
another race with Albert*.
Wallace's circus, w|iicb went down on
the Courier some time ago, is expected
back to stop here Friday night .
X. T. llarper is busily gathering here a p
number of car loads of walnut logs for
shipment abroad. Many of them are ob- If
tained in the southern part of this county.
P. T. King and wife and John DuBois, j!'
with Rev. Mr. Ashenhurst, of the Scotch ,r
Itidge Church, have koeii to the national ]>
invention of the U. P. church at Topeka, '
Kansas. w
Tlio aIi! man Ttumoi irlfli a liaalrat r.f t..
vri Ii.nii wit! uw, nun m UH?e* Ul ni
yarn on bis arm and his knitting needles tr
tlways at work as he walks, waa wander- Is
ing through the town yesterday, the tint hi
Lime be has been seen here for many ci
years. ,
Louis Ohliger has been appointed sani- b<
lary inspector lor the Cleveland Jc Pittsburgh
railroad in accordance with the
recommendations of the National Board
A Health, and was at this' end of the line le
Mr. J. 8. Cratty died at his home in the j
Fourth ward Monday night, and will be
buried this afternoon at i o'clock. Mr.
Cratty was for many years one of Bellaire'i
prominent and most respected citiaena, M
Uncharging numerous offices of trust. He
leavis a numeroua family. 41
The Cleveland A Pittsburgh locomotive
eagineera and firemen yesterday got their
premiums lor toe saving each had made
in coal daring the month. Each ia given ,1
i fixed amount of coal on each trip and ia ['
paid cash in proportion to all.he can aave. "
Some of the (kllii men git four or five '
loiitn for thia month's economy, and the
uompany itself gaina largely by this plan.
B.llaire mates a good shoving on the
lax retnras of the assessor*. Nearly every
part of the State has bean ooming op with
reporta of largo deereaaee in the returns, n
Mid Bellaire's returns show a very good
Inoreaae. The population of the city haa
Increased by birth, deducting the bum- "
ber of deaths, about 140 in the yur. The S[
Board of Equalisation h*s begun its labors. ^
The prospect otatrfking gas is about atl ,1,
th%t is tujRa of now, in tlie w^y ol future j,
JevelopnMBt. The committee recently a,
appointed to conduct the preliminary
operations have been oyer the country on 0
prospecting toqrg. The boring of the well |0
U Armstrong1*, which has been delayed t<
by nuldenu(and need of additional casing, ?]
is now being shoved again. Thia well jt
wonld not be considered bfyohd reach If
0U should be struck; but, nevertheless,
it would only Increase the efforts to find
W right here.
Thvrsiav night, championship race at bi
AlhambM Rink, Burkett, of Wheeling, b
uid Dobhitu, ai Martin's Ferry. ,
llt n
Opposed to tbo llrltlih. P
Sinoapori, May 2U.?The people ol
Kawangare opposed to being transferred <to
the control of the QriMsh Borneo Com- o
panv, and tire SghUng against the new ad- B
ministration. Two Iviropeans ami a nam-. o
ber of natives hav already heen kilM. ' r
- t '
If you pre/ex
See that the bottles wluci
I,ABELS, without u
7Tuber aim*
? /V* * t M 1t! /* V WtJJ
is mixed with your liq
A IttAin lfl UAflUM
After th? App*ar*nc? of tUe Deputy 9b?riff*?The
Captured Train Met by m. Pott#,
bat th? Thieves M*k? Oood Their
Escape?Wautad to Sew tlio Circuit,
Dctboit, Mich., May 20.?Laat night at
10 o'clock, at Ft. Gratiot, thejouth-bound
Grand Trunk freight train wa? boarded by
five armed men, who kept poesenion of the
when they left,(earing the train men would
train until a abort distance from Fraier,
receive reinforcements. AtMt. Clemena
ifupuiy ouenus ooarueu ine .train, DDI
were quickly overpowered and disarmed.
At Frai?r the conductor managed to
leave the train and telegraphed to Detroit
(or help. Early thia morning an
sngine and caboose with a posse of officers
started and met the caotored train at
Milwaukee Junction. No trace of the
men has been discovered. The tramps
aid the train men that they wanted to
jet to Detroit in time to catch the circus.
iy m Fric Church Fiutur'a Intimacy WUli
the Crucifix.
EoijcsiifiaH, -May 20.?A peat sensation
us been caused in Free Church circles
iver the alleged apoalasy of Dr. Adam
Ituart Mnir, of Trinity Free Chart&,Leith,
vboee appeal from his dismissal for
Popish practices" has just been unsuctssfully
heard by the Cieneral Assembly
i the Free Oburch of Scotland. Dr. Muir f
raa accused of teaching baptismal regertiou,
worshipping before a crucifix, etc.
le defended himaelf in an eloqnent ad
ress, uuriuy wmcn no norrineu uie .Asembiy
when be quoted Cardinal Newtan's
hymn, "Lead, Kindly Light," aud
iking an Ivory crucifix from hi* cost
ocket, held it ont in his hand amid his?s
nd Cries of shame, whereat lie cried ont
lathe .would die with this eoVbleui of
lith upon his bosom. It is expected that
e will enter the Romish Church.
Dublut, Mar 2G.?A telegram from a
igh ecclesiastic in Home states that Dr.
Pm. Walsh, President of the Maynooth
ollege, has b*?n named by the Pope as
rchoishop of Dublin.
The Pope yesterday had a two horns'
inference with the Irish Bishops. The
lictcst secrecy was enjoined upon all
ho participated in the conference as to
hat took place. It is'sapposed, howrer,
that the Pope spoke strongly and
ainly to the Bishops in regard tothdr
limosity to England.
A Colliery Cos*.
Pottsvillx, Pa., May 25.?The coroner's
iry in the case of Henry Mervin, the last
UMUHUI Aftk. it. 1
iwiuuu VI we fiuuuu Ui wo uiyier COIery
disaster, returned a verdict as follows:
Ibat dead) ensued from a fall of dividing
one and top coal while the men were iu
le act of attempting to stop tbesque*ze
i timbering No. 4 gang way under the
istruction of tho boss miner; the fall was
rased by excessive robbing of the pillars,
he removal of the plllaia was in accordice
with the terma of the lease from the
ind owners and with the knowledge and
rnaent of their agent, and that the mine
ispector waa direlcct in hliduty in periltting
this without protesting."
Suits involving in tne agj?reg?t# $200,000
images are pending against the operairs
of the Cnyler colliery.
lid's Flea.
Sr. Paul, May 20.?The Ecrnatg Dispatch
obliahes a long special from Winnipeg,
vlng particulars in an Interview between
iel and Rev. l'ublado, who accompmied
it former on the ateamer Northcote to
iskaloon. ltiel bitterly denouncea the
rieata and says they are a selfish and
eddlesome clsas and caused the present
ouble. He bad 500 men at Batouche and
iO on the north side of the river. He
lid eight wero killed and two fatally
ounded. Ho further saya tho ball
reeus uiu not re03i. Jiiey were not
ealed fairly and hope for & treaty si in I i
to the one mule with the nettled halfreeds
of Mamraba. Kiel claim* to be a
tiien of the United State* and hence not
traitor to Canada, and thii probably will s
hit line of defence.Many
St. Louis, Mo., May 26.?The following
tter is printed this morning:
Loxdox, May 12.
'o tiit Editor of Ihe St. Lorn Globe-Danocrat:
Sir.?I should be obliged by you inirting
in voar paper my acknowledgeenta
for the prompt, intelligent and
jle action ot toe police and. detective
trvicea in the recent murder of my dear
>n, and also to the public for the symitby
and intereat of which 1 have hod
tany proofs. I would also thank you for
le care ana pnDiic spirit wit ft wftich yon
ivb followed this matter throughout In
)ur journal. Please send mo a copy of
ich number bearing upon the subject.
Yours faithfully,
(81gned)-j E. Pbkllpu
Drtok Duwnid Him.
Titi-sville, Pa., May 2u.?a. Gahro, a
eident hen, was found dead this mornig
In an out-of-the-way room on Spring
reet. Gahm at one time wu UgUly reacted,
bnt for the js?t few years tad
sen drinking hard. When last acen.Monif
afternoon, be was intoicaled. and It
tuppoeed death was caused by a drunken
t. Two of bis drunken companions havo
tipped for unknown reasons, which the
oroner'a jury will investigate. When
rand he mnst have been dead at least
reive hours. Deceased waa forty year*
d, and leaves a wife and right children
i dependent circumstances.
A Balloon AnnlvarMry. ?
Boi-logxk, May 20.?Yesterday being
te one hundreth anniversary of the
lloon ascension made by Jefln< a and
lanchard, the Inhabitants of Guinisiade
a holiday of the centennial. Tho
rlndpa) eves of the celebrations was a
llloon ascension made by 1* Hoste,
hence he ascended aeven miles south of
alaiaand he alighted safely st Oravelines
n (Wa nuop P/v ?aa* Ua mantk I*
H Mil. lllki ? ??, UIMI <w lilWHIUl IM HIB
Iritliih channel, about twelve milaa wrat
I Dalala. Two ^ranit-aoniufJftTriea were
iw?t? ol tlm town .
r ^
h are placed leforeyou
rniA/\r np/iAini?
i&cfc ztw&j' /r an
take care what water
uor, you are sure not

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