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grovm't jam jtitlrci.
Browns Iron
The qoartloihM probably baan Mind thosaaods
of tlnwirllowc*aBrown** Iraq Bluer* eeraetwy.
PlijficianM rocotrulza Iron u the twt raatanUte
tint tlwro aro mora prop mtlniw of jr*?ii tliaii of soy
oUwubiUnMmid togBo^o^ ogt?
jropjrtwAUcloc ta|WO^?aln^dt^U pra^t^ Ujjy^
1mm dacha, or pradooe conatlpaUon-ftll other Iron
taodleloejido. HltOWNH IK U.N B1TTK11S
cure* Indlfrextlon.BIIInuNnetM, WotikneM*
Dynvppmlat Malaria, Chills and Fcvitk,
Tired Keeling,<>eneralDcbIllty#P*lti In the
*?ldc,> Rack or Llmb??II<?iuIiiriii?aii<l Neuralltl*-terall
Iheea inmanta Iron to praaoribed djfly.
' ?!??* !i u,w*r. Themuwilwtlienueenmo
IfCrJ1.!!!!i i*i nnrr'n*.,n'Jt^MS' bqn<hnt aortaiunc* I
iiroppiiaci for I be cUIld. RemamMr Dnvn'i Iron
Th# Qoaaln* huTnuta Mark and trowwl rod llnue
wumwir. TAKi; NO ATI! KB
<aco. gH. Jlnoelt k go.
ownniA 9. pn
onuun ? uu.
Have opened to-day an
entirely new and original
Of which we are the Sole
Agents in this city. We
have them with Lace
Covers, Trimmed with
Lace and Coaching
Styles. Also, a complete
assortmeht of the
Canopy Top!
and other leading styles
of Parasols, all marked
at the lowest prices.
lllO Main St.
g. StUIct?Mlotlitei:.
Fifty Thousand Dollars worth of Beady-madc
Clothing for Men. B- yd and Cblldreu. must no d!?poped
of butwetn now and July I. Ton Thousand
I>ollunt worth of I'leco Gooln for Merchant Tailor
inland KIvo Thousand Doll?ra worth of Gents'
Kurn'idling (iooda must ri the same way. The
question now la, how to get rid of auoh a large
amount of pood* iu no whorl a Uur, when the genoral
cry l?, hanl times, out the above mentioned
g'MHl* must he aold let the m- iltfce he ever >o
treat. 'theInducement*we will hold uutare of
such a ua uro whfcb will convince you that the
place to buy thom l? at
1158 Main Street,
The only store where gnois are marked In plain
figure*, and sold at strictly one price. We will
commence ou BATVRlMY, MaY lu. to inaugurate
a system cntlre'y new to this city and vicinity,
which will lay all th? lormrr Gifts and Prices
WZ.ipn wunnvu mi uucoiij ukuiuuicu ubivwiviv
entirely lii tho shade, which Is as follows:
The profits which we ate entitled to wo will from
this ou not only divide, hnt giro the greater part
to our natrons and customers, and In addition to
that, give you, after baviug pureha?ed the goo*a,
acssh premium of 6 cents on every dollar up to
StfOO; 0 oeuta on every dollar up to 160 00; 7 cents
ou every dollar up in 17ft 00; 10 ceuts nn every dol?
l'ir up to |l>0 00, and 16 cents on every dollar up to
S100 acd over.
But.now you will ask, how will we obtain this
large premium when very seldom one person buys
this amount of goods? Wo wiU here say to you
that we will give the cash premium If two, tbre*,
live or more irlunds or ue'ghbors como to us and
together buy a certain amouut of goods; each one
iudivtcually will be entitled to the cash premium
of lhe whole bill bought.
We have fully the above mentioned goods In
stcck, all purrhswd this spring at prices lower
than they nave ever beeu in tbli country, and are
marked in plaiu figures, and sold at those only.
Club together, come from far and mar, and by
the purchase of one suit ycu will save your fare
lorqulteadiiitauce. Huehatt opportunity is uot
o'lbreu very oftMi, and as wo have determined to
dlipuse of these gwds between this and July 1, we
are ready to tacnfice our profit, and are offering
the above cash premiums to every pirchaser, beginning
on 8 AlOKDAY, MAY IS. 1SB&.
inyin-TThAw .
iJb Mdtywm
OOioe i Jioa. mid J47 Fourteenth Street.
New Advertisements.
"Reception?Flnt Presbyterian Church.
leather Duster*? fiwlng nros,
Jewctt'N HefrlKuratorv?Nesb-tt A B,o.
Chamber of commerce-Mfctio*.
Second-hand Clothing Wanted.
lee, Ice-C. solbert A stous.
Proclamation?Jacob W. tirubb, Mayor.
nuwuttiwi; ?HU-?I?IU.?UU HIIHWIWHW
Floor. -S '
(iO unil nee Amlck'* ntjllsh 50 Men's
Hbut-x, lu Seamless, Congrths, llultuu ami
Luce. 114:1 Main Street.
WE hove Just received a new stock of
UOlll Spectacles.
JACOB W. tiltritn, the Jeweler,
Cor. 1 wetflh mill Market Six.
A large assortment ol Spring anil Summer
Stork, consisting of the lutest varieties
In ('.-nting*, Suitings, rantaloonlngs
anil Overcoatings, which we will nuke
nn In the latest and best sljles and at
lowest possible prices.
Also a (till line of Cents' Furnishing
U00<1'' C. HESS & SONS.
Thermometer Kccorri.
The following shows the range of the
., __ .....I ?? DAlinanC*
tnermometrr U uumu tou an uvuu?|ii a
drttir (tore, 1218 Market street, yesterday:
7 00?; 13k.,78?; 8 p. u., 71)?; 7 p.
71?. ?$ S . .
Wasuinotox, May 28.?1 a. m.?For
Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, cloudy
weather and local rains, winds generally
east, stationary tcmperatore, except in the
Upper Ohio Valley slightly cooler.
For the Lower Lake region, local rains,
partly cloudy weather, northeast to southeast
winds and slightly cooler.
SoDdDWar L'MrultiU To.Mglit.
At the Ohapline street rink this oveningtheeagerlranticipated
SnnHowor Prise
Carnival will be given. One hundred useful
and valuable presents will be given by
lot to the ladies present. Among theso
are six cake*, one of them a large wedding
cake, in which is a gold ring. Professor
McClain, the "sunflower dude," will give
an exhibition on skate*, playing a harmonica
and guitar at the same time^rhile
' skating. The rink should be, and no
doubt will be, crowded. ,,,
SoxrwwKR carnival at the Ohapline
ftrovt rink this evening.
> 3 ? * ? .?? ^
Separated Ftorn bar Crlmloal Itiptalhir.
Harrowing Tim* la gguirq Wood*'Office
Lull Kff n1n|:, Amootf the Parties to fl
the Ilawiou Elupeuieut CM*.
TH'ecue of William tforeey\whoko
name ttinu' oat/ however,'Ao be Ifcwson,
was Bet tor bearing before Squire It. B.
Woods yesterday forenoon. At tiiat time 0
the witnesses were not ,present, and the (
caso was adjourned til) 7 o'clock last ovenInn.
At 7 o'clock Dawson's lawyer anked ,
for a continuance, and the caw was again t
postponed until 10 a. v. to-day., Dawgon,
wlieti >he i-eturned 'to Wheeling a few *
months ago, with his step-daughter, gave 1
his namo as Dorsey. IIo is about forty
years old. The young woman's name is ^
Allie C. Conner, and she is about twenty ,1
years of ace. Mrs. Dawson, the mother,
is said to lie a very refined and high mind- t
ed woman, aud to feel her situatiou keen- ,
ly. Tl$jHrl'ftjtrange conduct>ia, attributed
to mental jreakness, but so f^r n6 per- .
son has ventured to ofler an iexcuse for |
VVhea the time for the hearing last night
arrived, Mrs. Dawson, her daughter, Miss
Connor, her sister and three small children
bv her present marriage, two girls
and a boy, wore present. When the girl
came into tbu office the three children
; kif stsd her and began to cry bitterly. Mrs.
Dawson otTered to kiss he^jilso, but her
daughterrudelv pushed her 6u< saying;
"I aon't^wan^ anything to do.witli you."
A scene followed which almost drove
Squiro Woods and Constable Love to distraction.
The young woman raved hysterically,
and ' her mother fainted.
Finally both were brought round agd
reconcile^, after" which they, retired to
anotfiflr.ioonr and hftda yoiig talK/bolh
office, Miss Conner asVecl to Ihs permitted
to see Dawson, who was still in jail. The
'Squire very peremptorily refused. Then
onntim* muma faiinu'ftri. The irirl declared
shftWQuId ?ee her iather, and.thatfbe
would uotlive withouthim. She sworeshe
could not live without Dawson, and that
if she were not permitted to seo him she
would throw herself in the Ohio river before
morni^g._ A little sternness on the
part of the officers toned her down considerably,
and the crowd finally left, Miss
Conner going home with her mother.
- I t ifl Raid that beside the offense for
which Dawson is under arrest; he has repeatedly
threatened his wife with, violence.
Oat at WaaMngiou Y?ntordt?7?Ilellnlre
llickrt Aculu.
The Globe base ball club, of Bellaire,
passed through the city yesterday morning
en route to Washington, Pa., where
they played a match game yesterday afternoon
with the "Washington-Jefferson College
nine. The game progressed as far as
the end of the eighth Inning, when the
score stooji ll'to 9 in /avor of;the JBeilaire
boys., The .Globes then kicked oh-a decision
of ithe umpire to the effect that
their pitcher did not throw cquarely. but
delivered his balls over his shoulder.
The umpire gave the game to the College
jl i ' Th? County's Wealth.
The result of the labors !df th'c county
assessors is beginning to assume shape.
Thfc totals have been ascertained for the
,use of the County Commissioners at the
MiuiiSnn "'linn tlmw or a rr>nnir&l\ tft
make the annual tax levy. Mr. Phillips's
books, for the city district, show a grand
i total of personal property assessed of$5,H3.330,
and of. real estate of $9,47(1,040,
Mr. Zinc's books, for the country district,
show a valuation of' $3,780,010 of real
' estate, and $904,7G0 of personal property.
1 The entire assessment of all prcperty in
the dtydistrict is $14,989,970, and in the
country district $4,774,770. All the property
in the county; on which taxes are
levied is valued by the assessors at $19,704/740.
The city district, it will be seen,
pays somewhat over three times as much
taxes as the county.
Siutirdny ltMiicllt.
The members of the Eighth ward hose
company are meeting with deserved
success In disposing of tne ticket* for their
benefit, to be held' at the Chapline street
rink nert Saturday evening. The rink
should be crowded. - In addition to helping
the lioae company every one attending
will entitled.to a chance in (he
grand prize drawing which is to take place
at this rink next month, when four very
valuable prizes will be disposed of. The
hose company desires to use the money
to be derived from theNbenefit for the
purpose of fixing up the sleeping apartments,
which are 'now very barely and
poorly furnished. XK1 city Is too poor to
ix them up as they should be. The
Eighth ward company is one of the iiest ;
in the city audshould be .encouraged.
Borluff for Ou liuwu the Itlvar.
Mr. Otborn, who put down tba gas well
below Jloundsville for the Free Oil and
Gas Company, ot Pittsburgh, has sub-lut
hie lease of the Famuel Cockayne farm to
that company, and contracted to put down
a well near the one on the Burley farm,
where the strong flowcl gas was struck
some time ago. When the well below
Moundsrille was abandoned a set of tools
was left stuck at the bottom, about 1,300
feet below the surface, llr. Osborn was
at work yesterday endeavoring to recover
the ropo, which he intends cntting as far
down as possible, leaving the tools in the
well. The engine and machinery used at
this well will be taken to Cockayne's and
used in putting down tbu new well. The
company expects to find a big (low of gas
at a deplb ut about 1,100 feet. I
. TUe HouuilnvllU Gump Gruund. 1
A number of Wheeling people are going '
down to -Moundsvilln next Monday to ,
have a picnic on the Camp ground,
anil to inspect and arrange their cottagcs.
Workmen- are putting; in some partitions,
sod otherwise altering the in- 1
ternal arrangements of the Camp Ground ]
hotel building, which will be opened to
the public, it is understood, by theTfise, ;
.. t>..it..:.. . .. mil. 1
The public baa yet to learn ol a contract '
having been made for erectini! a single '
building on the Camp ground this season. ]
At this time laat year a number of cottages '
were being built, and othera,were contracted
for.. . '
U. A. It. OriUr. |
Wiim.ixu, May 28, 188S. | ;
Themembersnf llolliday l'oat, Q, A. ,
It., are requested to meet at tho hall thla ,
(Thursday) evening, May 28, at 7 ;!h> j
sharp, livery member is requested to be ;
in attendance. 1
Titos. Cham uses Commander. |
J. B. McAllister, Adjutant (
A 8traug? bbower.
Jktlatrt Tribune.
About? o'clock this morning there was ,
quite a fall of Ann white particles that
looked like tine snow, but when rubbed i
with the finger on a bat or clothiug made ?
a mark like chalk. It fell in nearly all <
parts of the city, and in quantity almost
sufficient U> cover the crown or rim of
one's hsL We have heard no explana- t
tlon of. tlie phenomenon. . ,
Tiik attraction at the Cbapllne street J
rink Ibis evening is the Sunflower carnival
i 100 prises given away.
Cuacart atSalbart'a Gardaa.
Owing to the rain the concert which
was set lor laat evening was postponed
until this evening. Tho full Opera House ]
orcheatrahas been engaged 'or this occa- r
sion. Tlio Garden Is in better condition t|
than ever before. Thoso wishing to spend ?
a few hours pleasantly wiU find no better 0
reaort than this.
Sre cakes and 04 other prises given away "
at tho Kuntlower carnival at the Cliapline s;
street rink to-night. si
? . ? 'afiit . 'i iii ? i i
IntUra ot tttuur aiunj?ut la Mil About lh?
' ; \j ait.
Tiro >iiu>A<i( llcanaes ware issued Jab
Tax North End rink will have a lesslon
his evening.
Loan ordinance and Municipal judge
lection to-day.
All the farmers are' now jubilant over
be crop prospect*.
bLNrLowKit carnival at the Ohapline
treet rink this evening.
TiU names of two drunks, were the only
nea on the pad at headquarters last night
Tiix Lunsford will cage still occupies the
ttentlon of Part 11 of the Circuit Court.
TuxKnlgB&of St George, of this city,
ire talking of arranging for an excnrslon
o I'arkcrsburg, July 4.
Ah thc banks of tho city will all close on
lalurday, Mr raorial Day, paper due on
hat day will be'pjyabln on Friday.
Tilt senior class of the public schools
vffl be examined'dt the Sixth ward school
iojuei; ulgebra and rhetoric to-day.
Tux Benwood Nail Works are running
itesdlly,and the company are qiakiuglarge
shipments'of hails both by river anil rail.
Tux school children who are to sing in
ihechorusesou'Moinoria'IDay'will meet at
3ermanla hall this afternoon at 4 o'clock
to practice.'
.Tiik Board of County Commissioners
Will lay the annual county levy at their
next regular meeting, which will be hold
nest Monday.
Co.NBibKKAULKgood work Jb being done
by the-Board of Public Work- in repair*
ing street crossings in the most frequented
parts of town.
A kkceition will be held in th? lecture
room of the Fiwt PiUshy terian church
Friday evening, by the McKean Mission
Band. An interesting programme is prowisetf.
: J , j v .
1'kte Mokan has been made Supervisor
of cngiuea uud trains on the Foqrth division
of the Baltimore ?fc Ohio roatl. Heretofore
ho has been Supervisor of engines
. <\Vn.u auSceekku, of fourteenth street,
was riding a Mexican pony on McColloch
street last evening, when the pony throw
him, and one of hie shoulder blades was
The old soldiers riot in'tlio G.'A.'R.
who proposo to join in the Memorial Day
parade, are requested.to meet at G. A. It.
nail, in Back's block, on Friday evening
at 7:30 o'clock.
Tub German examinations in the pub*
lie schools of this city were concluded yesterday.
This year's classes'are unusually
bright and the examinations- were very;
creditable to teachers and pupils alike.
> Geokgk W. JBoettnkb, the murderer of
Oharles Dick, who is serving a .four year
term at Moundsvllle for his crime, is being
initiated into the my..te>iesof-manufacturiogbrooms
at the prison broom shop.
The committee from Holiday I'oat has
vitited Greenwood an?' art. Calvary cemeteries
and marked all the uoldiers'graves
thpy could find.: They request the friends,
u any nave oeen miaaeu, w procure u?gH
from the sexton and mark the graves.
Gkougk Exiilb,'formerly a page at the
State House, now living over in Ohio, desires
it to bo known thattbe George Engle
arrested at St. Olairsvillo recently isnot
he. The Kcglo in hoc at the tfelmont
county scat is a son of-".Red. Mary," of
Alley C.
Squire A ukle, accompanied by two constables,
.made a trip along the river some
distance above "tflacktown" about midnight
Tuesday night, in search of violators
of the fish laws. Several parties of fhhermen
were found, but they were all using
trot lines, and so not violating the statnte.
Anotuku meeting of the Plumed Knights
will beheld this evening to make arrangements
looking to a turnout of tlie old organization
on Decoration Day. There
ought to be at least sixty Knights in line
on Saturday. They can -make a first-clues
show in the parade if the members will
respond to the call.
Strawhkbriks "took a tumble" yesterday,
the price coming down at one jump
from 40 or 50 cents for an alleged qua t, to
i r. ? ..A ?... t 1 ?..a
iu\if -UTOUIO. A migo ijunuuti/ nuo isceived
from Baltimore in not very good
shape to keep, hence the decline. Even
at tho reduced price there was little demand
for tho berries.
Tub announcement for tbo season of
1885 of the summer hotels at Oakland and
Deer Park, appears in tho advertising
columns. Deer Park and Oakland, one
being but six miles distant from the
otheiv?with the most charming drives
connecting them?will this season be
under the management of Mr. W. J.
Walker, who in bis two seasons' management
of Deer Park, made many friends
for that,reeort
Clifford Fox and George Engle, committed
to jail here last week for non-payment
of une Tmd costs, for intoxication,
were discharged from tho coun?y jail last!
Monday. Sheriff Handlan and Chief of I
Police Smith, of Wheeling, were up last;
Saturday and- made inquiry concerning
them and the Siebert robbery .but for want
of sufficient evidence to convict them. ad-,
vised oui local officers by telegraph on
Monday not to detain the "crooks" on
their account.?Si. ClairtvUU Gaulle,
Itrnngeri In the City anil Wlieollng Folks
Abroad. I
Mr. M. F. nnrtlfllt. of Clflrkflhiinr. wm
in the city yesterday.
Charles D. J. Bingell. of the State Pharmacy
Board, left yesterday Jor Charleston
to attend a meeting of the Board.
Itev. G. M. Shott, pastor of the First
Baptist Church ot this city, will preach
the baccalaureate sermon to the gradualin*
class at the Fairmont Normal School,
June 7.
Judge Okey Johnson, of l'arkcrsburg,
ittho recent meeting in Louisville of the
Supremo Egtjge,' Knights of Honor was
elected to the important olllco oi Trustee
af tlie Supreme Iiodgel receiving a higher
rota tluui any of the other oflicers elected.
Messrs. John V. Stepenson and Kli
Bfclt, pi Greensburg, Ph., and T. F. Cnminings
and U. F. Cramer, of Scottdalo,
:aino into town yesterday morning on
Jielr bicycles and took 'dinner at the
Stainin House. They then started for
ml t a .. 1 ai rn ?
iuiiiu. int'y mtiriwion muirinp itit'suay
nomine, and were having a jolly good
imo. Mr. Stepemon 1b a member ol tlie
U'aRue, and a wheelman of no mean ability.
They all bestrode very fine wheels.
Mr. Will H Ramp, of this city, has
seen reappointed by U. 8. Marshal Sehon
;o tliu position he held so acceptably tinier
Marshal Atkinson. When qualifying
lelore the Court at Charleston recently,
fudge Jackson took occasion to (top uroseedings
and congratulate Marshal fc'enon
>n his appointment, and to compllmcnt
Hr. Itunp in the highest terms of praise,
tfr. Ramp will be stationed in this city,
>utf will attend all courts to keep the
Kioka. Mr. A. F. Kadur has been apwiutcd
Chief Deputy at Charleston.
Fait Train* on the Panhandle.
Leaving Wheeling 7:25 a. li.Jcity time,
nriving Columbus 12:35 r. H. ;Cincinnatl,
1:40P. M.; Indianapolis. IO::;il p. ji.j SI.
/ju's, 7:30 .i. u. Leaving Wheeling at
1: 10 p. si. arrivo at Cincinnati 7 a. v. ; inlianapolis,
10 a. v.; 8t. Louis, 3 p. u.
Ilia Nut Oanmllj Known
hat John Itoemer, Agent, has the cheapit
and best assortment of wall papers,
arpcto, oil cloths, window shades, nuule
ip ready to hang. Rugs, mats, choice
natting. Ac., Ac. Call and see at Nos.
010 and 2021 Main street.
John Horaim. j
From Wheeling to Ghlcng ?In Daylight. |
By taking Cleveland & Pittsburgh train |
t Bridgeport, 8:57 a. v, passengers sr- i
Ive In Chicago at ti:30P. ?. same day, I
lie ontiro trip being made in dsy time, i
live this line a trial and save sleeping
?r expense.
Johnnie was kickod by his pony. <
What made him kick you 7" asked his (
empathising aunt. "I don't know," 1
jhired Johnnie," I didn't ask biiu." a
To Fuji Do*rnT0*er Soveu Million Buibel
of the Black Diamond* Soot Out From
Pittsburgh-Bank Brltft aud Notes
About lha River and SUamara.
The gtage of water In the channel las
evening was V feet - Inches anil the rive
was stationary. The , river commence!
rlalnir here Tuesday niuht The effect c
tKHECeut rains was felt at Pittsburghaul
Sciently by Monday night to enable th
operators to start the coal fleet out earl;
Tuesday morning. It commenced passin
here early yesterday morning, and th
boats continued to pass until after dusk
They went down In tho following ordor
Tom Dodawortb, Sam Brown, Hawlt, Wit
Kraft, Clifton, lialtlc, Annie RoberU
Josti Cook, Win. G. Ilorner, Advance. En
terpriso, Jos. A. Stone, J. tij Risher, lroi
Duke, Itesolute, 1'ercy Kelsey, Vet
eran No. Jan. Uilmore, Robert Jenkiuf
Ujn Kainc.L. W. Morgan, I'aclOc, Alarm
Ark, l.ittlo Fred, Acorn, Iron Agt
Torn Itecs, Win. Bonner and Uiamout!
01 conrao this large uninher of boats past
in? made tbiugs very lively along th
levee. The tows were not as large o
usual, as the small rise would not allow c
It, but still tho largu. number of steamer
and barges that tbe operators had in 1'itU
burgh at their command enabled them t
scad out a good sited shipment. As f?
as reported tliirty-ono steamers with 4
435,000 bushels have been sent out for Cit
ciuuati and twenty steamers with 8,854
000 bushels for Louisville, a total of 7,280
000 bushels. But few accidents lrnve bee
reported. The Onward sunk two barge
an Monday night, a3 did also the l'erc
Kvlsey. The miter boat succeeded i
raising her siiukcn barge niter a couple <
houre hard work and ookitouwith th
rest of iter tow. Tliis is the second run <
coal for this month.
iiaxic Ulnars.
Tho Mount Clare passed up yesterda}
also tho Iron Age. The latter had a to
oi iron oro lor rntauurgu. .
The Kmtna Graham is due down th
morning and the:Scoda up. Both are i
tho Cincinnati-Pittsburgh trade.
G'apt. A. H. Shipinan, of Kochester, 1
Y., is here superintending the fitting u
of his pleasure steam' yacht that tL
Sweeneys are building for him. He
very much pleased with the boat, an
rightly thinks that when entirely finishe
he will have somethiug he may well fe
proud of.
The reports from above last night wei
as follows: Pittsburgh, 0 feet a inchi
and falling; Morgantown, 3 feet 8 inchi
and rising; Brownsville, 5 feet 3 inchi
and rising; Wee's Landing, 5 foot an
falling; Lock No. .4, 0 feet 11 inches an
stationary; Parker, 4 feet and stationary
Oil City, 2 feet 0' inches; Greensboro, i
feet 0 inches and stationary.
it is probable that a number of peop
from this city will make the round trip c
the Andes next week. They are at pre;
ent talking about it, at least A moi
pleasant trip could not be made at th
time of the vear. Tho scenery along ti
Ohio is all that could be desired and or
can easily enjoy lifo while in charge <
the officers of tho Andes. The fare is on!
$10 for the round trip, .including boai
and lodging during the day and a half an
night one is in Cincinnati. It takes si
days to make the trip.
Tho Abner O'Neal will bring down a
excursion party this evening from Stei
benville. It is one gotten up for the bei
efit of the Hamline 31. E. Church, of tin
city. The boat will remain at the lev(
here for two hours. Saturday this steami
will bring down an excursion parly ui
der the auspices of the Congregation!
Church, of Hteubenvillo, on her reguli
trip. The excursionists on that trip wi
have four hours to remain in tho city. Tfc
O'Neal is fast acquiring popularity. Sli
is the fastest boat on the Upper Ohio.
The W. _N. Chancellor passed up yeste
day. This popular packet contmncs I
do a splendid business in' the Charlesto
1 D:n?i u rri. i it..
HliU ? iiiouurjju uouts. xuurti 10 imiuij
trip she makes that she is not loailed dun
with a miscollapeou" manifest, and she a
ways has a cabin filled with passenger
Her accommodations are first-class an
her officers clover gentlemen. She wi
pais down at an early hour to-morro
morning on her return trip. Sbippei
should have their goods for (Jharlesta
and intermediate points on tho Ohio an
Kanawha rivora on the wharf-boat by th
Secretary Walker recently issued a cei
tillcate of incorporation to tho Einm
Graham Packet Company. The principi
office to he in Belleville, Wood count)
and the charter to expire May 12, 193!
Ten thousand dollars has been subscribe
and $1,000 paid in, in shares of $50 eaci
witb privilege of increasing the capital t
$30,000, in shares of tbo sameamoun
The stockholders areas follows: Thorn:
M. Rees, of Pittsbunih, William Rees an
David A. Rees, of Pittsburgh, 25 share
oacb j William M. -Birely, of Vanceburi
Kv? 50 shares; G. B. Cooper, of Bellevilli
\V. Va., 25 shares; A. J. Slaven, of Pari
ersbnrg, 25 shares.
The firm of O. Ed. Mendel & Co, <
tills city, lias lieon awarded the coutrac
for fnrnisblug the three boats now bcin
built by Sweeney & Son. Tho finest <
these will be the T. P. Leathers, the ster
wheel cotton' passenger packet tor th
New Orleans-Vlcksbnrg trade, for Cap
T. P. Leathers. Every piece of furnitut
wid have the name carved on it and wi
be most gorgeously upholstered. Th
cabin will l>e a marvel in the way of mil
rors and decorative art ft was a bi
feather in the cap of the firm in securin
the contract and no paius will bo spare
to secure a beautiful effect, especially 1
the cabin and bridal staterooms. All th
bed clothing used on the boat will hav
tbo name woven in. The boat,itisoxpectec!
will be very fas', and in every respect on
of tbe finest on tho Mississippi?a refills
"BeroAmer." Cant John Sweenov wit
take her down to New Orleans. Iu llttini
up the A. H.-Shiproan,theplea*urostoan
yacht being built lor A. II. Shiproan, o
Rochester, TJ. Y., the Mendela will ulai
hare it chance to ilo Home line work. Tin
beds will be made tn fold up like those ii
a sleeping car. Everything, while 011 1
miniature scale, will be ol the very bes
which the Mendels at all times aro able ti
A 1'itrUiMii Wit.
When a witty French woman was loll
that St. Denis had walked through tin
streets of Paris with his head under hit
arui, she said that tho whole difficult)
conbiated in his taking the first step
There 1b no difficulty In taking the Ural
step towards curing coughs or rheumatism
For colds take Bed Star Cough Cure; foi
rheumatism use St. Jacobs Oil. Alter thai
all is plain sailing.
Osk i1usdkkd prizes given to the ladiec
at the Sunflower carnival at the Chaplint
street risk to-night.
TnCUlelaiid and lUiurn tti*Kami) IMj,
The tact that ouo can go to Cleveland,
at * actionable liour of the same day, does
not iweio to be generally known by gome
people living along the river division ol
the Cleveland & Pittsburgh Kiilroad, but
nevertheless each Is the .case. The early
morning train arriving at Cleveland at
10:-15 a. 11. affords a splendid opportunity
to the residents of all river dlvlaion points
between Heilaire and Eist Liverpool to
visit-Cleveland or intermediate points on
the Main. Line. The train returning leaves
Cleveland at 3:05 P. x. and covers all
[Mints between East Liverpool and Belllira.
The morning train referred to leaves
Brictaport at 5:12 a. u , returning arrive*
it Bridgeport at 8:3.1 u.
Otljr Thr?? IlftyaMor*.
Everybody oan afford to watt for the
Children's and Misses' Bat Sale at Mciillin's
next Saturday, when these goods
vill be offered at one-third of their actual
> The Loan Ordinanes?The Aluulcipal 4*ilgc
[ The polls -trill open "at sunrise, or u
soon thereafter as practicable," to-day, I
s the ordinance la carried out, and they wil
close at sunset. A good deal of latitndt
Is allowed by custom in opening the polls
but they usually close promptly. Tin
' qualified voters will be called upon to vot<
, w hether tbey will ratify or reject the or
dinance authoriiinit the issuing of bondi
r to the amount of $300,000, and to choost
3 a Judge of the Municipal Court for th(
i ensuing year.
i. The judges and canvassers of tlie elec
tion for each ward were aworn in las
6 night by Mayor Qrubb.
v Tbo general Impression is that the loar
u ordinance can be ratified If all those wh<
lavor ilfl ratincauon win ta*e cure w vuve
For Municipal Jodge tho parties have no
- matin any Dominations. It Is understoo
: that Judge Jeffere wlllrecoive Uio supper
I of tba Democrats as a general thing, while
the Republicans are without a candidate
' Mr. J. G. Hutchinson, it Is understood
? would accept the office. Gen. A. B. Cold
r well has many friends who havo urge*
, liiui to be a candidate, and many other;
i favor ex-Judge Granmer. No concerto
actiou seems to have been agreed upon.
SUNDAT school* convention
0 At Parkartburg?The Sixth Annual SeMion
8 ; Yesterday'* l'rajp-amme.
The sixth annual Sunday School Con
* ventlou of this State commenced at Par
o korsburg yesterday and will conclude to
x day. Theoflicors are: President, Judp
r Okuy Jolimon; Vice Presidents, Judgi
James H. Brown and D. H. Boughner
Recording Secretary, T. It. Laird, Esq.
n Corresponding Secretary, S. K. Jacob
* Ken.
y Yesterday's programme was ns follows
? Commencing atll a. it., devotional ei
" ercisesled by Rev. f. B. Hughes, of Par
o kersbnrg; address of welcome by Dive C
>' Johnson, of Parkerabnrg, and response b:
Rev. .1'. E. Peters, of Clarksburg. Variou
reports were then to b) recelvod and com
.. mittees appointed to examine them an*
H' to select officers for the next year. Crc
dentials were oIbo filed. The remaic
der of the morning was takei
" up iu listening to tho following pre
grainmo. Addresses by well knowi
workers on tbo topics namsd: The wor
' furnished?with Superintendents devote
P and wide awake, Rev. E.Peters,of Clarki
IU hiiru: vvifh tMnrliHrA nniritnnllv and men
tally equipped, Prof. 'tf. 0. Miller, of Fail
l(j moiit; with scholar* disciplined, instruct
ed and saved, Dr. Alfred Harris, of Whee
" ing; with parents heartily co-operating i
the work, ltav. *J. 8. Pomery.of Moundi
re ville, and Iter, G. S. Bowers, of Graftor
is This was followed by a genoral discui
?s sion and singing and miscellaneous bus
bH 110B8. In the niternoon B. F. Jacobs,?
id Chicago, Chairman International Sunda
td School Executive Committee, spoko o
r\ "Our Work Promoted"?by Organization
LO (a) National; (b) State; (c) Count*; (e
District. By teachers' meetings, tformi
je classes and institutes, Kev. J. W. Carte
,n of Parkersburg. Last evening Mr. B. 1
B_ Jacobs delivered a very interesting ac
.0 drass.
0001) DAT KOu'ltAlLKOADHItS.
16 Tliroc Partleii of Olflclula Strike th? Tow
of Together*
ly Apparently yesterday was a good da
Jj for railroaders in Wheeling. Three larg
x parties of distinguished railroad olficfal
were in the city, though their presenc
ld simultaneously had no significance. I
a- the forenoon the Panhandle inspcctio
i- corps came down on a special train, an
it after a brief look around this terminus rt
Je turned to the junction and went west
sr The party was making the annual tour c
> inspection, and the gentlemen compbsin
il it were Superiutent E. B. Taylor, Chie
ir Train Dispatcher P. A. Bonebrake, Su|?ei
?? mcnucnt 01 uiouvo ruwcr \j. u. ouw
ie aud Headmaster N. C. Deano.
ie The oflieere of the Ohio river railroa<
also arrived in the city 6hortiy bufur
r- noon on a tour of inspection. They cam<
;o by special train, took dinner at the Mc
n Lure hou*eraud flitted out as they flitte<
a in. U. S. Senator J. N. Camden and Ex
n Governor J. B. Jackson accompanied th<
]. party, and the other geutlemen in it wer
h Col. George W. Thompson, Vice Presi
d dent and General Manager of the road
11 W. N. Chancellor, Secretary; J. B. Nettle
w of the Board of Directors, and C. L. Will
rg iatuH, General Superintendent,
n A patty of traveling freight agents, stocl
d agents, etc., of the B. Jc 0. company, als
[a came down over the Hempfleld divisioi
yesterday forenoon, and after spendinj
. the dayiu looking about town, left las
a evening overtho main line. They ala
,i dintfd at the McLure. In tho party weri
1 H. W. Get*, of Chicago; J. S Fairchild
J. 0. Hcsher, K. Rowland and E. C. Por
(i toriield, of Columbus: C. D. K&lphsnyde:
. and E. AI. Davis, of Tiflin, 0. They wen
traveling more lor fun than on business
l and made a tour yesterday afternoon o
^ such interesting institutions as Reymann'
j brewery.
8 Hoaolutiuns uf Respect?( Local Union No. I
>' ' A. F. O. W. U.
Whkkeah, In view of.the loss wo havi
sustained by the death of our late frienc
and brother. Josenh Powers, and the stil
'J heavier loss sustained by those who wen
;t nearwUud dcareet lo him; therefore be 1
? ltaolixd, That It is but iijuBt tribute o
" respect to the memory of the departed t<
n say that in regretting his removal froir
0 our midst we mourn for one who was ir
^ every way worthy of our respect and re
n 8ar('"
Jietolted, That wo sincerely condole witl
e the family of the deceased on the dispensa
tion with which it has pleased l)ivini
K Providence to tilillct them, therefore wi
g commend them to Him who does al
11 things for the b 'fit.
a taW, Thatacopyof these reeoluliom
0 be Bant to the family, placed on the mln'
f! utes ot our society ana printed in the duilj
papers. C. Hlkjuiok,
8 F. Over,'
' M. Owens,
? ?
1 . Don't fcor^et I?,
' The Children's tad Misses' Cay next
> Saturday. Over 1.000 hats and bonneti
* havo been received and will be cold on
1 the day above mentioned, on a basis of
} 33 cents on the dollar.
K. M. UcGilu* & Co.
' i,I Krxny
lady attending the Chspline
street rink's sunflower carnival this even1
ing will have a chance to draw the wedj
dlnircako with the gold ring In It.
' Sanforfl's jRa tllcal ??**.
| Wlteli-lfaiel, American rine,Canada Fir,
Marigold, and Clover Blossoms.
A limit (lose of SANKOR ,'S RADICAICURK Instonily
xollevor tho most violent Suwadng or Heid
I Cold*, elMra tbc Head in by ra&gio, i!om watery
dlsobnr^ca from the Nose uud Kjrwi, prevents Ring
and tubdnex ChUW and Fevers. In t hroalo c?<
tarrh It clean** Uio na>al ratangni of foul maciw,
rcatorei Uiu tense* of tmell. UuU. nod hearing
when affected, frc?*Uiohead, throat, and bronchial
tube* of offenilre matter, wrcctwu aud purine* lb*
breath. atopa the oough, and arroati the pragma of
Catarrh tow??d* Consumption.
Oho bottle lUdloal Cure. cue. box Catarrhal Solvent
and B?nford'a Inhaler, all In ono package, of
all drugg'aU for 9100. Aak for Banpord's Judical
Form Pauo and Ciixmical Co., Boston.
Ai I U. Kor the relief and prcren^fiul-irj
^itlon, the lQ'tant It la ap*
pljei, of Kbeumatiara. StuVOLTAIC
iiu. 8d?tto, Ccrnghi,
0F) rA Weak Back. Stomaoh,
W<fl ttnf f.nd Bowel*. Shooting Pain*,
Jt W NumbqwoL Jljmuirla, Female
jggL l'nii*H. falplUUon, Djrapep
?lbot^ &.?lS3'kS:
Willi . rumu fluwl and laugli at Mill. ao
.vurjrwli ore. mrtmuw
I ; ,iIfC&imtf*??2?Sir. t
I A MurdorctV K?cnpo?A Jaokion County
Cjcl'iue?Salcid* In Washington County,
, fa.~tt lab blue Affray In IUlalfh Co.
i lUtllrouil for Sal*?A Heavy Find.
" Mies Anna Boggess, of Clarksburg. ii
one of Uio foremost pupils at Vassar Col;
Ex-Sheriff Kyle, of Cabell county. sold
. a few day* since, for $300, sixteen black
I walnut logs. They were shipped to Europe
1 Buchannon is $1,500 lndebt,andan elecj
tion to decide whether or not bonds to
. that amount shall be Issued is being dist
1 Cspi. J. T. Sclplo Bossier, appointment
l clerk in the Interior Department, will do
liver an address at the reunion of the
Army of West Virginia, September 15-10,
> at Portsmouth, O.
j The St Clairsville Narrow Gauge rail'
way was appraised last Saturday liy W.
X. Cull land, W. K Johnson and Samuel
McGeorge at S15.030. Keceiver Hiley this
week advertises the road for sale on the
0th of July.
The Ganta oil well at Little Washington
Is improving. It is now yielding about
seventy-five barrels a day and the product
- is meeting with a ready sale. Drilling is
- steadily progressing at the other five wells
. in the vicinity.
? The Raleigh Index says a terrible fight
occurred between Burk Mankln and It.
? C. Calloway, last Sunday, at Sand Lick, iu
; the two were returning from quarterly
; meeting. Calloway was Blabbed in thf
left breast by Mankln, and it is feared lie
will die.
A small sized cyclone, about one hull1
ilreil yards in width, passed through Jack'
.. son county Thursday. Brush heaps were
i lifted Into tho air, hay and straw stock!
y were totally destroyed, trees blown down
B and several houses damaged by falling
. chimneys.
1 The McDowell Itegiiler says that a man
!* named Wilson, fur whom there was b re
1- ward of S 00 for tho murdur of an entiri
I uiumy, was uri cmhu recently iu luai couu>
ty and lodged iu {ail, but being taken oui
i for u walk a few. days afterwards, he
1c knocked down bis keeper and escaped
d Nothing has been hoard of him since.
?- Mrs. Walker McCarty, of West Bethle
i- hem, Washington county, during a brie:
> absence of her husband at his father's
t- procured a rope and hung herself in i
I- stable. A near neighbor and his wif<
II called and fonnd the woman, but life wai
i- extinct. She was aged about twenty-foui
i. years, and leaves a husband and a smal
> child.
l'. W. W. Riley, a well-known businesi
man, writing to the Charleston Timet fron
-v Ciendenin, a little hainlet on the Elk
. says: "There are in this country bun
dreds of people that are to-day almo&
[{ starving. They have exhausted all theii
" means air! have nothing to pay for bread
y I havo heard several men Say that befon
,* their children thbuid starve they woult
l" either rob or steal. Would it not be wel
to make an appropropriation at once'
This is no idle talk, but facts. Something
should be done and that quicky."
n The other day a little daughter of Cant
Middleton Thompson, conductor on 'the
y B. & 0. railroad, while rooting up a violet,
e found three pieces of lead buried on the
;8 highest point of Maryland Heights, whicb
overlook Harper's Ferry. The lead weij,he
ed 150 pounds and is now in tho possess
" ion 01 air. i ijorapson. auih icau js menq
tilled as that belonging to John Brown,
d It is known that pig lead was received bv
i- Brown about the time of the Harperi
Ferry insurrection, and while he was beif
sieged in tho building at Harpor's Ferry
g now known as "Johu Brown's Fort," hie
1 son Owen occupied tho pinacle of the
- mountain where tho lead was found and
t which is j.nst above the school house
whore the pikes and muskets which had
1 been collected by John Brown were
e stored.
a The Mountain Echo, published at Addi*
- son, Webster county, tells in its last issue
1 of a dilliculty that arose a few days since
- at a log rolling iu that county between
? William G. Mace and Charles Farley, in
e which a Btone and knife played conspicu
ous parts. Farley struck Mace with a
? stone and Mace in turn cut Farley with a
'? pocket-knife, inflicting an ugly wound in
r his leit arm. They were both arrested.
Mace waived an examination and said he
' would give bail for his appearance at
' court to answer an indictment and to
> i iu. mm.:i.. I...:- j l...
8 desired to look ap some one to go his se*
curity, and for tbi* purpoao was allowed
3 to step out while the trial of Farley pro9
ceeded. But when wanted he could noi
where be found; having sapped into Cur~
ry'B etore, he called to Took at some hats;
r putting one on he stepped out and give
5 ''kg bail.'' Mace is the man who started
? from Nebraska threo years ago, walking,
? and airived at Charleston about two hours
9 ahead of a train containing his wife and
children, who had staited the day after
} Mace had left them.
j Martin'* Ferry.
| Miss Oarrie Woods left yesterday for a
j* trip down the river.
i The /Etnaville boys claim the championt
ship as borse-sboe pitchers.
f Mr. Frank Moore has staked out a five
> roomed house in Shreve's addition.
' Master Gussie Rtrittgave an acrobatic
exhibition on skates at the Ezcalsior rink
last night.
, Among the fast horses of Ibis town is
. Ike Wagoner's tliree-year old white trot,
ter. lie is of Kentucky blood, and is a
lialf.Urnthnr fn
I Men were in town yesterday surveying
(or a now switch to be laid to the furnace
i to allow the. Obio Vatiey railroad to get
the clnden, which will be used by them.
The Climax will run down to the LaBelle
landing this evening to accommo.
dato persons from Martin's Ferry who desire
to attend tbe race at the Alhambrs
Haul (I
--G. /
Your attention is
splendid line of G. A. I
from $6 oo to as fine as
them to you in either
Goods?Sack .or Frock
HJjSSKrwo Sets of j
The Currant Local Kawt From th? Othtr
Bad bt tb* Bridge.
Mr. K. Howell Is an the sick list.
John McConahey' ia laid tip with neuralgia.
Another wedding Is on the tapis (or the
near future.
C. E. Githans is hack (rom a short visit
to friends at Caldwell.
Mr. Frank Fisher is able to be at work
i again after a short sick spell.
Capt. West and daughter, of Logansport,
W. Va., are visiting frieuds in town.
The Mammoth rink is receiving a coat
o( paint, which adds greatly to its appearance.
Mr. Ed. Bailey,' who has been in the
far West for three months, passed through
1 town yesterday on his way home.
A numbor of Bridgeport boys wont out
to Littlo Washington yestenlay to help the
1 Bellaire boys in their game of ball.
Mr. George Bresock, who moved to
Wellsbunr not long sgo, left his home
1 vacant. The other night some miscreants
entered and scratched an J defaced all the
' wood work, and not being content with
that, cut down all the shrubbery and trees
in the lot.
Following is the programme of tho high
ssbool commencement, to be held this
Emm?'' The CommonpUee of Mir
....AntulC. Keeler
Emy?"American Political". F. Kberle
I'Urr xr.
Or*tlou-"Our Aim*" .~Xlurle* A. Cooke
Koty?"Priauu lUr?" -. M.Anii* M.CUylaad
' MutlC.
Selecllouf?"lincolu" .. Ueorjje Grey
Dr. J M. Todd.
The claw motto is: "We may not soar,
hut wu can plod." The members are
Misses Anna 31. Clayland and Anna 0.
Keeler, and Messrs. Charles A. Cooke,
George Gray and William F. Eberlo.
Andrew Roeder hafl been rhosen Noble
Grand Arch of Ohio by the Grand Grove
of Druids.
Ex-Muyor Criswell was at Moundsville
yesterday, visiting bis sou, Uauson Criswell,
The Secretaries and other representatives
of the Ballairo window glass houses
are in Pittsburgh.
The funeral of Mr. John 8. Oratty took
nliii'i' vi-fitflnlnv riftj.rnnnn and was l.mvlv
attended. Rev. K. 10 Alexander, of St.
' Chiirsville, conducted the services,
f The ovening Tribune advisra the use of
1 riflea to stop the dumping of tilth into tlie
river by'.Wheeling scavengers. If some
- one gets hurt ho will certainly have had
> warnings enough.
There surely ought to ho some Bort of
' an orgauintion iiere to see that violatere
; of the Ashing laws are punished. There
are many hero who habitually seine and
; otherwise violate the laws.
j Nearly all the trees that were planted
I around the Square are growing, and they
i look healthy. Trees will grow in Bell,
aire, and there should be still more of
' them, esprcially as theresre whole streets
with scarcely one.
A choir has been selected for Decoration
D?y, when at the ceremonies in the
cemetery the following fongB are to be
sung. "Tread Lightly," "The Sdent
Camp." "America," "Wrap the Flag
Around me" and the "Vkcant Chair "
jsUitta IfOttrtUr.
Absolutely Pure.
This Powder nevor varies. A mat?el of purity,
strength unci wholwomenws. Mora economical
than the ordinary kinds. and osunot be* Mid Id
oorapetltloa with the multitude of low teat, short
weight, alum or phosphate, powdery*Mu>om.r
liVi Wall kimv v?,flr
got gale.
iiugglet, Phaeton#, Jump Seat Carriage*. and
8priu* Wagon*. J. W. FKRUKL,
myU Cor Main ami Twenty- flint 8ia.
JD A Farm In Ohio county, W.Va.. litem ilea 8.
W. ol Weal Alexander and theaame from Roncy'i
I'olui, on the 11. it Q. ft. R., containing "4 acrea;
Hotm and barn, both large, and other building*,
all uearly new; excellent land, uood pike to
Wbee.lng, where all vroduce vau b* marketed.
Terma reasonable. Call on the *ub?crlbcr on the
premiaea or addrcaa him at Dallaa, W. Va. Foaaea Ion
given Immediately.
aprtTThai A. Q. KAOLE80N.
100 Bbarca Wheeling and Belmont Bridge Co.
20 Sham Bank, of the Ohio Valley.
10 shun* WeiUburg tin* Co.
as Bharea Fin <1 Marine Ituuranoe On.
2) Shan* wMhlugton Hall AaiodaUon,
10 fiharee Belmont Nail Mill.
S Sharea Top MI1L
ynyto 1. IBWTN. Aar?nt Vn. 9* Twelfth BL
a ?i. jtutts"
i. R.?
hereby drawn to my j
t. Suits, ranging in price '
you desire. I can give ;
Imported or Domestic
Buttons with each Suit. '
? ash, l
PTH srr. "
jkhtttg fPmndtx.
UruuJi adv?rU??i m UMlattl/ par*
OOWTACT ammonia.
rt?eo on top down ?n * bot tto?? ?#ui b*ud.tw
nnwritbiwwudiwll AehtmUt?Wo?ti??!!
quirn to dwtoat u>? praMDM or tomuau. *
in uuLiiinuui mi never iui
r ?<"?>?*
iilui of '
Dr. Price's Special Flayoring Eitracts.
Tfc# ai MW?m m4 Mian I liw fat*,, JJ1
Dr. Prici's Lupulin Yeast Gins
lor Light, HwUthy Urvtd, Th? 8??t Dry Huo
Ywtt loth. World. *
reatMt tad moat useful novel') Inte?tl, n
ol Ute lvtb ccutury. Mod & cent lUinp for clicator
and partlculnw; adilrw ttiuburih Ctstlr rtn
Ageiicy.WHmlthfleUHt IMlUblirth. |*a. ulTft
got JRent,
Block. Apply to W, V. noflKA
BBO,, 1800 Market itrqpt. dt?
Room. tulUbto (or lawyer*' and iloctor*'
offloe. CO Twelfth itrwt. tnvU
Storeroom No. 1302 Market Street,
In Halley's block.
Enquire of H FORMS,
No. 7. U. S. Custom Home.
Tdfpbone A-1M. iwfl
XX Mount Bellevlew Hotel.
Earing thoroughly renovated and rcflltal ttk
sp'eudlu Summer Hotel 1 am now prcpaied io ^
commodate a number of boarder* ?t reanub i
rate*. *11 penwoa In nearcti of j'lewure. health,
and good boarding cannot And * more ]>lou*u
summer Resort than ML Uelluvlew.
for further partlcukrstouccnilnKMtesef baud,
log, Ac., liiimrcof
myl2 FRA"K WALTKB, Proprietor.
on Wheeling, Pittsburgh & Baltimore PjJUni.
Thcru Is 7 rooms, good cellar and wnhw, wtife
bake oreti, clsUsm and well, toceiher wltb nd
stabling as tenant may want; will rent
from the buids or otherwise.
a1w| iu) 1*1 ko oiin wwviuui in imuvcnin,
contsiuluit 6 rooms mid porch; city uhi iprlai
water both at the door.
tiood tenants can rcut cither or bothstmotaiu
mrto i' khihm.y
got gUnt and got .Salt,
Buiinm llotuio and Dwelling, No, 21SI "Uth
street; a good location for a wluon orotl.erbwtltuilncM
Room and Dwell lug, corner oiJsal
and Seventeenth streets.
Five roomed hons*. No. OS Eighteenth cintu
No, <4 Booth Broadw?y, 7 rooms, gu throuibad
and stable
Four roomefl House, No. 32 T* euty lereuth it
Two rojmed House, Mo. 'A Tweuty*sevenih it
Two roomed hum*. no. H Twenty seveaUfa.
Two room*, N'o. 2208 Water itrwt.
Four rooms and finished attic, No. W Fourteenth
No. 145 Eighteenth stioet
No. 1601 Munch t^ier, containing 0 rooms.
Vacant lot, fronts on Chsplluo street, oppodle
west end ol Keventeemti street.
No. 155 elxte anth street, 4 roomed home.
Two rooms, 1801 Woods street.
Biuinuu iiouaeanti oweiuuir, aunn.
Blacksmith Shop, Tooli, Heflowi ^nJ KlxtoM,
Chauiluu street. aouth of rierentoenth utrccu iTk*
lhomu Newman Property on Slxteeiilh itmt.
Seventeenth atreet and Alley U.
No. 47 Twentj-tblrd itrrei.
No. M Twenty* ixth itree I, Buslnc? IlotteaM
Dwelling. .
Lot No. 10, cut ildo of EoT Mtrcct, the *eoa4
lotaouthot a??nty-?I*lithwtrcet.
LolNo. 10, fquare 11, J. a: J. R. Baker AddiUoo1
PrlootMCO. # ,
Farina and other property for >ate.
JAMBS A. IllVUY, Real Bjtate Apnt.
Collector and Ko'aty hitllix
TOfM N'n W? Murki-t^w*
'got Salt.
WHMKO 81 MOana?VlliO uunp uruuuii, urn ii. roomi,
and partly furoUbed, at a bartaiu.
House and Lot in Well*burg, cheap, or will excbanf
e for Wheeling propt rty.
0. 0. WITH.
__ taylft' Ifral K?tate Agent. lflu Mala Slftet.
A Good Upright Piano
o/ atrtotly first claia make and In good or^er, lot
uloatagrcat bargain, at
Hon* and Lot In Kirkwood. Ohio.
^HMtfe^ono atory frame, conuiulng three rooai
Two utory Frame How* ?nd two loti
One atory frame Houm and two Uu on Howard
street, For partloulara call on or addm?,
K J. HOMrifU,
Insurance and Kcal K?tatc arcol
my 16 tiriiigpiion, o.
225 acre* of land on the Ohio hlver Ballnad, 1
mile# from Wheeling: about 86 acre* bcitoj *?4
residue upland. Rich llmeafone Mil, and tied#* |
laid with ooaL Will divide no ai tomak? two un?*W.
,pr? MmM.rtiliW-.
Tlie Flue Evidence uowoccnpM W
duty, oorncr 1 wulitli and Koir iuwju. Al?
dwelling HdJululnjt and numbered I1M Koffmwl
Alio, the tenement bouic ?t So. WO Marltt'W"
mI7K lTj03rf?IP
Valuable Real Eitate on N. K. corncr Tvff?0' I
onrth and Market atreeti, la the City of VihrMi I
W. Va. Lotl22feetbyC6fe?t; nowoccopleOf* I
T, XBlfrlta m wagon and blacbmltb iho*.
w. v. nooEAiitt.
apt? laooiUritrtStmi.
Ten acre* of choloe high bottom land. tlx nJM I
*low Wheeling, on Ohio RJrer and B.? U. K *
mprored byaaubatantlil brick bwi?e, 11 rooej
Jtchenana outbuilding!, aliueM In a
naple, augar and poplar trc*. Alto, a
Ion ox iruit tree*. Apply to L
Or B. W. MORROW, on the premUot.
Four mall place* at Kim Grove. j
Two lafa House* with two acre* each.
H. FORBES, No. 7 CWom Hoof.
Telephone A-1M. 'f^L I
Four-tenth* lutemtof the
Steamboat Elaine and Barge
111 be offered for ial? at public eoctlwi? I
H(JBSDaY, MAY 28. I'M, at 2o'clock K *
"ont door of the Court Houae, lu tho clljff
if, Vf. Va, .
ltoet and bane ere three yean old and '"Ij
)ndltloD. Dlmentlou of atcanitoat: ' ">*}*
nil, l? fret: bean. 25 Met: CfUW
if, atroke 4% feet: two if el N-ilt-n. ? **
ot long, 22 lect wide. X Inih gun*!"'?-,.
jfrgxtafu.jJB.T8SL?Ui?u-* I

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