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^^(QgnEP ATTftTTfiT 24 185g. ' ^ "WEST YA.. TVEDNEBDAY MOENTNG, JUN"E 10,1885. VOLUME XXX111.?NL:MI?Klv 2il>.
| gte j&Mif?
==t?i Cincinnati inquirer ie Joing good
forjudge Korrter by behttlugbb
...I.I.,-v for Governor.
Ui D^ocrur H w?
Jun, (roSu are very Jangeroue. It will
Jo nil 10 take in feet in.
t,? moutli of the National grab-bag
open, wide every day. Froamtly the paPl
... i I - .? !n with alt fntiM.
irioU will bo aui? w kci. ...
Tut I.*rauo?sicsa accepts the RrgiiUr't
kind invitation to dinner, and will endeavor
to make arrangement for th^spadetlil
dt rigver.
Tin indications are that England ia to
bate troublous times. Gladstone baa
been rebuked by Parliament and SirPetor
LumsJen has arrived in London with a
bottle full u! *rath.
Boyd, the b'teubenville forger, geto four
jean in the penitentiary for $8,000 worth
of forgery?uot a heavy sentence. He
ought to have gone into embeizlemeut,
* tmuie > bigger haul and joined the noble
army of marly .
On nickels and things will no longer
be coined by an "offensive partisan." The
new Superintendent of the Mint in Philadelphia
is a Democratic ex-Mayor of that
city, who takes the plnce of a man of ex
cfptiontl experience, who nag aumimsiereJ
bis office well and made first rate stump
Tut struggle in Ohio this year means
bminen. The Democrat* pretend to be
?ble to whip the Republicans, bnt under
this bravado lies ill-concealed alarm, and
tliej luve appealed to President Cleveland
to remove "offensive partisans" so
the; can have some sort of a show.
Becaisk the New York Sun, in a lucid
moment, declares that Roscoe Conkling is
responsible for the election of Cleveland,
tie Louisville Courier-Journal is moved to
remark that it is under the impression
that the Democrats elected Cleveland.
This is cot the first-time the CourUr-Jour?s<
baa been wrong. Its guesses are bad
and itrf assertions are frequently inaccurate.
Tub Ohio saloonists aro not to get back
the money paid under the Scott liquor
Uv-a handsome sam of about two millions.
The law has been declared unconstitutional,
but the money is to remain in
the treasury. "The wolf's lono bowl on
Oonalaska's shore" will be a mild murmur
compared with the response the
liquor men will make to this decision.
And there is soon to be an election in
Ohio. The decision will not help the De
mociacy where it has hoped for help.
Tiikseveuteen-y& locusts bare appeared
in the White*konse grounds. Thia
phenomenon should not be confounded
with the twenty-four-year locusts that
have been swarming in Washington binca
the fonrtli of March. The only similarity
between the two ia that both have come
out of their holes, and the dissimilarity
in, that the seventeen-year species have
already been fed, and the twenty-fouryear
locusts have come out to be fed.
Tub extracts from General Grant's forthcoming
book given yesterday, indicate
that his memoirs wiU be very interesting
and a valuable addition to the history
of the war of Uie rebellion. Among other
thingD lie corrects an injustice dou? General
McCook in a recent article on the
Battle of Shiloh. In all his dealings he
shows the generous heart of the hero,
willing to repair any Injury mistaken
judgment inflicted. Only great mon admit
Tub showing of taxable property in Ohio
county mule in the figures from the
Assessors' books printed this morning, reveal!
some fnnny facta, and some [not so
fenny to those tax-payers who make
honest returns. For instance, one man in
Webster district will doubtless 6e surprised
to find that he pays lull the taxes
collected in that district on jewelry and
plate, and nearly everybody will be astonished
when he sees that there is not a
linger ring nor an earring nor a silver castor
in Liberty district
Mn. Gladstone's resignation is not entirely
a surprise. The Cabinet has not
given satisfaction to the English people,
uor has it been an harmonious body. A
dissolution hu been among tho expected'
things, and Mr. Gladstone has concluded
V> bring it about in this way. Whether
this is the part of the best statesmsnship
w 4UHHUU. .<11. umujtiu UH ?1IU
him colleagues have fallen In tlie public estimation
bjr permitting themselves to be
overreached bjr Russian diplomacy, no
lea than by their woelol wiaadventure in
the Soudan. The people of England remit
lioth of theae discomfitures, be) laving
that the British name has been neddleaaty
tarnished with humiliation and defeat
But England la not yet oat of the SouJan
and the Afghan affair la net yet over,
ana it may not be beat to swap bones
while crossing a stream. Mr. Gladstone
has been terribly thumped by the Tories,
bat his resignation la not the act of a cowardly
man. It is the acquiescence of a
weary and chagrined old statesman in
what he believes to be the popular will.
Whatever may be the reiult, we may b?
certain that the dispatch which '(brings
this announcement has already sent
through Europe a shock of uneasiness.
A Gay Hecrlver 0?O|ht,
Ditomt, Mich., June 9.?Charles BereridgB,
ol Vabnaka, waa arretted hart lut
Biuht by detectlvea. Hf il? young married
man and had planned 14 ejope with a
young girl (rem Beilevue, Mich., bat this
plan wu the meanaof hia capture. Itta
aliened that by [alia pre teem and the unlitrinl
nae o( hia firm'* nam* h? obtained
over fi.oco from varioni toorcea.
In Hay h? iccnredSlOOO from the Omaha
National bank, deaerted hia wile and vent
to Canada. Detective Wiliiama diaoorer>
yd hia plan to hare the Bellerue young
wly Join him and aent a meaaageirom tbia
city uating thatMinnio vaaalck atoneol
U? hotela, and wiihed to fm him. H?
?*?? hue at one* and wu arretted. At
wUmeol hiaarrratonly 1380wu iound
w e;i / ll-Jt .7/
' vriif c
Rejoicing at Amnion maud HendquarUri
The Clifton, W. V*., Mill Aeciilti to Uio
Demand* of Ui? Kmployw-GoMtp
boat Uie Htrlko?Th? Last Break.
PiTTamnoii, June 9.?If the ironwork
era threw up their hate last night wbci
the news waa circulated among them the
the Volta Iron WoJkej at Apollo. Pa.,.ani
the Union Iron Milia, at South Cleveland
had tent in the ecales to the genera
oiuce, uio no?H uuu rcacueu lueia hj
day was giicb a* to not only cause them t
throw the aforesaid hats still higher, bu
to (airly jamp up alter them. Their pleu
are of yesterday was somewhat disturbs
by the news that the fences attbeSiig
Mills were badly down and that at Etn
i here was likely to be a tumble of fence a
the mills of Spang, Chalfarit & Co. Com
mittees of Amalgamated men went ti
work repairing the broken ieiices. B
this morning they reported-to the genera
olBce that a nicer pieeerof fencoconld no
be seen anywhere on aa iron field thai
that surrounding the Sligo mills. At Eta
everything was solid to-day. Joes' whei
these reports bad como in, and the crow(
of ironworkers in the general office hat
smiled.tneircongratulationson the commit
t*es, two very large and auspicious look
tag docametita ama up to the office am
were handed over to Secretary Martin bj
tho postman.
"Scales! I'll bet a dollar," exclaimed an
excited ironworker.
"That is just the size of it," replied the
Secretary as he., unfolded the document!
on the table. ' v ;11
" Two more flrmshad'beeh the
slowly gathering number ofjcale signers.
They proved tone thoee from the Keevei
Iron Company, of Canal Dover, Ohio, an<]
the Standard Iron and Nail Works of Clif'
ton, West Virginia.
aiajnncixci or tub deiak.
The former employs about 400 men, and
manufactures skefp and bdr iront Th(
latter employes about 500 men and manu
facturers both nails and iron bar. Whethei
the nail department scale has been signed,
ii not known at the general office, ant!
should this be so, It would be a double
victory for the ironworkers. The scale!
were deposited in the safe, and thero won,
(or a little while, an extraordinary ripe o)
?hn>mnmAtara aittint* arnnnrl fchtt rnnm
The temperiture continued very warm
and pleisuttilViprinConsrqacncexinhi
cheering wave coming from theSouthwest.
Since yesterday there have been foui
mills that have signed. The Volta Iron
Company's mill, is a sheet iron mill, and
the signature of the tirm to the. scale it
regarded among the workmen as'a double
victory. it Mill likely be the means ol
drawing the Leecbbnrg mills to' the desired
point. The Union-Iron. Works, ol
Cleveland, make a specialty of bar iron
and light steel rails.
Whin naturally feeling, jubilant ovei
the news of yesterday, and to^uy, itljo
iron-workers say that it U nothing in ire
than they expected. One would infer
from their conversation that they had a
very moderate share of interest in the
wholo matter. "TI.b ironworkers," said
President Weihe this morning,, "jH
everywhere yety quiet The men aire not
at all anxious to work just now. The
weather is hotand they would|&st assoon
be idle tor a time." At the I'.tna mills 90
attempt was made to ran this mottling, as
was exnected. The workmen who atarted
to work at the Sligo mills yesterday ware
pursamM to come out to-day;1 "They
will ?ot go bscis again/' said one of the
committse this morning. Everything i<
satisfactory there, and we will ha|ie no
trouble keeping it in thgt-way,''
akiiatn or tux staikxu.
An official connected with' tfetStni
mills this fflO'ilng was disposed to
talk freely on th? ^qdftion of affaln
there, "Wis have o?r mills aljpaijy tg go,"
said ho, "and I thin); ire will hayo them
running very shortly. Then a/e plefltj
of men there who would work i/jtliey wsrf
Mt afraid of serious consequences oomini
from it, ()n Sunday night a new board
tog hoase belonging (o the company wai
burned down. ;ft was Lfro impression
among soma of too workmen U:?t vi> !?.
tended bringing on a lot of son-ijnlBn men
and operate them in the house.-Th?
truth of the matter is, we built the house
lo relieve soffle of the boarding houses
iu>m their orer.-taofged condition. In
some o ' these planes ? dojeo ,7i?n wore
" ' - abo ?aait> rpue
compeueu to *? ??? -?rrp
house wh bnrned; how, or by whom, w?
do not know, On# tiling I do know, and
that is that on Moudjt?, some ?' the Amalgamated
men, in using arguments in jfe?ti
men from going to work, told them tiiat il
they want to xfork the' same thing might
be exp<Med to happen to their houses a?
happened to the hoarding hog*.. < >nite a
number of our men own thelrown house,
and threat* of tbla ebarwter naturally de;
ter them from going into the mill. J[ il
had not been W these threat) the mill
would.ww ^e forkjng."; , . io
"I don't believe a word of sifch tjaJk,"
laid Mr. Morgan, at the general office,
when be heard it. "The men' hare been
verj^qtUel at (Etna, imd, inSee^Mfobghont
the district. So lar as I know only the
fairest arguments have been used in keep ?
.u? in Una ? Pm.l,l?nt, Weihe
disclaimed anv such proceedings At the
Eta* milk. "Jf you walittofinaout liow
quietly the man nave been in the strike,'1
he old, "just go upand talk wifhtheironworkers
at Etna. You will fact that no
inch threats bare been made."
The Black Diamond mills of Park Ilrea.
A Co. are running without trouble of any
kind. The mill la a non-union on*, and
the individual scales for the ensuing year
hair* been signed the aame aa last year.
Among- tM manufacturers about the
dty- there is an apparent quiet, and utter
indifference to ?l| matteta equporjiing the
strike, that la believed to conceal aitfiii, II
some very Interesting nova. Tho ironworkers
say that many little aejrtt ewfabi
bare bee# fi*)d among the employers, and
fiiafc their repaid their fadift'erence to thfl
afcfka'oply as 'eyfdimfes' thai tity "will all
the sooner cum? np to the inark in atgninu
the scale, "ft /ptfhe several weeks yet,"
said a member oi the irouw?.'4."rs' committee
thla morning,', "btji all th* iu?u?factnrers
will sign tha ifalo.. fa iEp
mcitanmo we WJU rcas ouracircv
coming eytola."
1 i)n'n n ' - II NaUrm
Anxtou* to <fot Back.
Pfrntfiwa, fana O.?It It stated Jonight
oc veUabie authority tint the Tsfllen
who left the Amilgsmslwl .iMoclitiun
recently and organised the Ifnited Jfeiien
of Amerfea, hive tired ol
the new anion and art anjiotu
again to become numbers of ;the
otd organisation. The Auialgamstt-d Associsuon,'
however,Srfli "not" taktf them
into ttie fold again unless they
disband and coos in through the regular
ctuuinels. The ntUara are diuati?
Aed with the treatment received at the
hand ot tl? manufacturers. It la under
stood that the latter promlaed to sign theij
ale if they feceded from tbe Amalgamated
Association, but' only tt'ree firmi
lived np to the agreement.
. i i. jfr' .
The Romford chemical worka, East
^ h ,w? ?n>7?d by B",
' To Foot y?in IibprlNBiiMt' til ths Paul*
teutlary?bteiiboDvllle N?wi and Ooislp.
I; Sptdal Dirpalch to Ok InUUififncer.
Stei'ul'Svilli, U? June 9.?Thlf altarI
noon Charles A, Boyd, the forger, growing
tired of his jail life, entered a plea of
guilty on one of the forgery notes and
aaltod to be sentenced. The prisoner presented
a sickly look, and his appearance
indicated great mental suffering. When
a asked if he bad anything to say he ret
plied: "I have nothing to say, except I
j am guilty." While bis Honor was speak>
ing the prisoner was visibly affected, but
was much surprised when he was sen'
tencrd to the penitentiary at hard labor
- forfonryeara. The other lndictmenta were
? holSed. He will bo taken to the peniten,
tiary to-morrow. His total forgeries were
1 $8,000.
>- List night tho parlors of the Steuben
J .Tills Seminary were thronged with a brilj
liant assemblage of the leading citizens of
the city, and the scene was a magnificent
one of dress and social enjoyment* It was
t the senior reception, and Dr. Wi^htman
and.wife can be congratulated onitssuc>
cess. This sfterhooa wis the Art Recepr
tion, and many beaatifnispedmens attest1
ed to the skill the pupils, and to the
' credii .of their ins tractor. To-night the
1 ahh'uM' concert was given... To-morrow
1 morning the commencement exercises
i take place. There are ten graduates.
1 This evening Laura, daughter of Super1
intendpnt of Water Works Hunt, was
- united in marriago to Joseph Robinson,
real estate agent, of Wichita, Kansas. The
I couple left at 10 o'clock for the West.
To-morrow morning, at 6 o'clock. Dr.
James Siggins, of Tidfoute, Pa., will be
united in marriace to Jennie, daughter of
Joseph Hall. They will leave at once for
their future home.
Annual Session at Graf ton?Wheeling Next
Place of Aleeting.
Special Dispatch to the TnUUlocncer.
Grafton, W. Va., Jane 9.?The West
Virginia Slate Pharmaceutical Association
met at 2 o'clock to-day in the Court House
I in this'city. President Shrewsbury de
i livered the annual address. At its con
elusion J. H. Holt, Esq., of the Sentinel,
was introduced and welcomed the aaso!
ciation to 'iraftou in a spirited speech,
k which was heartily applauded.
Alarg'Jaumber qf applications for mem1
bership were acted upon; The regular
i rouliue business of the association was
, tranfacted. The following gentlemen were
' elected as officers of the association for the
ensuing yesr:
President, J. A. Grant, of Gr&fton.
! First Vice President, A. N. Williams, of
Second Vice President, 0. S. McWhorter,
i ot Buckhannon.
1 Secretary and Treasurer, Chas. Sfeni
keiueller, of Wheeling.
Assistant Secretary. Chas. K. Goetze, of
I Wheeling.
Wlinalinn iroa unt.x-fiiil as thniiurt nlnnA
' of meeting* An ovening session was held,
alter which a banquet waa served at the
Ohio River Railroad meeting.
Oorrap<wtPK$orUm MdUotnetr,
--Paricemibum, June o.?The stockholders
of the Ohio Hjver railroad met in this
city to-Jay. -Til*1 varions officers submitted
their reparts?sliowing,the road to be
! in an" excellent condition.' The "oldottl'
cani W(/re fe-(Jectod.
Immigration Statistics.'
AsnisQTOs, J one 9.?The Chief oi the
Bureau;?! Statistic* r?P?rt? th*t during
May thWairived-in'the customs distriots
of Bsltimore, Boston; Detroit, Huron, New
! Orleans, New York, Passamaqmiddy,
, Philadelphia and San Franscisco, which
comprise 9/ percent of the total immigration,
|9J7(i passengers, flf Wbgm 06,871
, were immigrants, S.2W citisens of tlie
i United Kates returned from abroad, and
i 4.445 aliens not intending to remain in the
- United States. 'The total number oHtniflinan!a
arrived in the above named dia1
tricts from the principal foreign countries
' rlnrinn *Vnl 11 mnntlm Andflll Mftlf 81 lnnt.
O t- re- ~T T i " .03 \__f
, 28 compared* with tha same periwj tyaf
, year w?: ^ ?43,f39f 1884, -64,20?.
lira Lois for Kay. I QB
Vobt, June 9.?The New York
Daily Commercial Bulletin places the aggregate
lowl?y gres in Mar in the United
State: and {janada at qr teg
percent inCWS^e J?'.tfee.fife.w?te. d?ripg
the same month tar ten years. The iJffl:
let in remarks that this continuous lncreaso
gj lire Joss must advance insurance rates.
~a tiars Pf.T?rrat*
Wasiiisotox, D. C:, June b.?liarits
Ojtden, of Penn Yan, who was recently
KunlMia/i ntilAf Af a ifltfitlnnln tltA Third
OC^uiuu a .........
; Auditor's office of UwOfteojmi/, U# #>,
clined the appointment.
John Welch ?h kllfed by falling from
the bridge over the Marietta Mineral railroad
a( Napiera, 0.
4BKMt-Shl?ari Treasurer, of Monee,
IU., and dolpa bnjinew tiierc u a private
' banker,1 t? mWngrHia ll?bt|Htfa ore
' Mils Ella Mooreheod. of New Carlisle,
0., wh? his been Buffering from ill-boalth
i far many yonfS, f^mmitted suicide by
; AuirfBl'watar up out (jurat over fagof,
Mexico, doing groat domago (e property.
It Ja reported that over two hundred live<
1 *wBlo>t.-j^L J. A. i'. j
Roger Bfcqp an# Joceph paicer, 01 k ionoiasville,
Ky., loved the same gfrh QU**r
a led and Baker was shot by Biggs and fa[JjT
Uvi Byrne, of tyrrnwyille, B?rrifl?
conntv, Indiana, was run over and killed
, by tbe linhiaiuf express on the Air Una
yesterday morning.
\ terrible wind storm passed ovsr Monon,
lod.. ami qoroofed 0. M. Horner's
i ?e? brick 1)!?k, Loc.'los rnoyinj aeye|r*|
i houses from their foundations.
A colored woman uear Vi|l? Ridge, III.,
locked hoc two children in the bouse and
vaaf tn a dance. The house caught lira
Berry Barnhart, owner of a fruit fun<}
in Indianapolis, was bitten by a tarantula
that was conpeijpd to ft bunch of tpuuna*.
MfikMwy lim. SimflW,o| tendon,
Out, refused to give her husbaud money
to buy whiskyyeeterday, when be drew
kul/e and stabbed her in the breast, killing
her Insanity, Simmons hu been trreeled.
John Evaaa, > negro from a con.vlct
camn nsarbtvs <)ak, Florida, brutally assaulted
an ag^d white woman named Bedding
last evening. Yesterday two hundred
citizens went to tbe camp, took Brans
away and lynched bint.
Near Huntingion, In<?, Jesse Bossard, a
farmer, while shooting rats Saturday fell
on a rSvolver, which was discharged. The
ball entered his stomach and lodged in
his ribs. Bussard was alive last night,
bnt it is thought he cannot recover.
Miss Emms Kercher, a music teacher,
aged 1A disappeared from Milwaukee
May Mith. Yesterday her decomposed
body wss found. Q rief at her mother's
death, in her absence from home, is supposed
to havo preyed on her mind,.
And Parliament Adjourned Until Friday.
The Queen Not Yet Heard From on tta*
Matter?The Conservatives Wlllluj; to
Aceept Ofllce?A Probable Cabinet.
London, June 9.?The Cabinet Council
was convened at noon and was in session
an til 1:16 o clocK. it is unuerstnou tnai
the aituatlon was thoroughly discussed,
and it was decided tiiat in view of the defeat
last night, on the budget, it would bs
inconsistent for the inembeisof the Cabinet
to remain longer in office, and it was
resolved their resignations bo tendered to
the Queen at once.
Great surprise is expressed at the defeat
of the Government. It was cxpected
that an effort would be made last night to
prevent the proposed increase of the duties
upon beer and spirits, but there was
no Idea that the opposition would overrun
the Cabinet. It seems to be regarded as
extremely doubtful whether the ministers
could resign, and leave unfinished so
many important matters relating to both
home ana foreign affairs. Nothing more
untoward than the present crisis could
have occurred apparently. Men of all
parties are of the opinion that the Government
should at least remain provisionally,
that is, until after the general elections.
"When Mr. Gladstone, a few minutes
after 4 o'clock this afternoon, entered the
House of Commons, his amwarance was
that of a firm man, perfectly undisturbed.
He at one? proceeded to the Speaker's
deskand entered into conversation with
Mr. Peel. During the conversation, the
Premier was evidently in . bright spirits,
and he was loudly cheered by the radical
members of the House. When he Beated
himself in his usual place, his very selfpossession
seemed to enthuse his admirers,
and the Chamber was fairly rent with
cheer after cheer, and the .applause became
an ovation.
At last Mr. Gladstone arose in deference
to the greeting. He said the Cabinet on
assembling to-day thought ~they were
under obligations to submit a dutiful communication
to the Queen. [Cheers.] It
would be premature on his part enter into
particulars concerning the nature of that
communication jast now. He would say,
however, that, as on former occasionsra
few days most elapso before the result of
that communication could be arrived at so
as to be made known to the House. During
the interval, >tr. Gladstone concluded
the House would follow its usual custom
in refraining from the transaction of its or*,
dinary business, and he would move that
the House, on rising, do adjourn until
The Houaa of Commons and the House
of Lords have adjourned until next FriJJritiah
consols have fallen J since the
cloeiog of the market this.afternoon/
. The^Freeman't Journal,oi Dublin, to-day
commenting on tho bndget says: "The
defeat is due toihe action o( the Parnellites
in refusing to uphold a cabinet in
f hich they jrepeiyed noting* ^t liroken
promises, and from which Ireland could
expect nothing bqt injustice,! as wo* foreshadowed
in the attempt tp again gadd|o
upon Ireland the iniquitous provisions of
the Grimes act The result of the vote
last night will cause Earl Spencer and his
.lieutenants, in the Castle to quit-Ireland,
leaving behind them the memory of
SS rfmipjrtratjBn which TOjmiJ.
nenlljf nofed for pojiJ-Blooded bfjiklity
and frigid, calculating injustice. Kirl
Spencer may recuivo a Pilkedom for Ijis
misrule of Ireland, list it wogld be ^el|
for tbo Queen and Mr. Gladstone to bear
in mind that it was the Lord Lieutenant's
hand tliat destroyed the greatest Govern
mcnt England lias bad during the Inst
century. If if had not Been for lia'rl
.Spencer's misstatements in regard to the
pondition of Ireland, and hia influence in
the Uabiuef, Mr. Ulad;tcno JfOBid haye
Bought the friendship of Mr. ParnSland
bis followers, instead of provoking their
hostility by such arbitrary measures nn
t!>e ijropf;se4 renewal of the Coercion bi|L"
?np qit^yjrqxp maw.
A SUettl) of prtyjUr (iUJ.touis-Ur?r Fifty
Yanri lo bartiauent,
Mr. Gladstone is in the seventy-Sixth
year of his age. He entered the House of
Uommtmn in {$33, atjij lias sat ja cyery
session for fifty-three years. He lias bee&
a parliamentary leader for ball a century,
standing m tfep frojjt R|g]s glnps A
when he was colonial secretary In the
ministry of Sir Robert Feel. He became
nre$jef jn 1808, was .subsequently Overthrown
by Dfefaelj, |a| agnff} rose to the
first place qn the retirement of his xrcal
rival on April XI, Matt. With tile exeep
tion of nine he held the office of Premier
this time longer than any other Minister.
JJis first term as Premier was four years
17 years and SO (lays. From lard Bussell's
time, in 1848, down to Gladstone's,
covering a period of thirty-nine years, old
men have generally been at the head of
Qneen Victoria when he was Prime .Minister,
and Earl Gray was 71 when he left
office, and be survived till he was 81.
ironjhaBi, the r?aUes<? and versatile
Chancellor, w?s sent to stir up the drowsy
Peers tin he was nearly UO.
T(i? men vho go down vitfy'Mr. < :latlitous
i>'|i wrnp ofUngland's moat illustfi:
ono sons. J
The members of the Cabinet are:
The First Lord of the Treasury, Rt. Hon.
W. E. Gladstone.
Chancellor of the Exchequer, Et. Hon.
^ J|i!?GluStcellor, Lord Selborne. 1
Lord Lietttenant ol Ireland, Eirl Spenee?.
Lord President of the Council and Lord
Privy Seal, Lord Carrinttford.
Secretary ol State for Home Department,
Kfc Hon. w. Vornof) Harcourt.
^ Secretary^of State [or Foreign Affaire,
'' liecretaJTOf State for the (Monies, Earl
Derby, i, I
Secretary of State for War, Marquis of (
Secretary ol State for the Indian De- ,
partment, Earl of Kimberly.
_ first Lord of the Admiralty, Earl ol
fte BowJ of Srade, JfU
Chancellor of the puchy of Lancaster
and Hln^Kr <)l Agriculture, JuTfion. K.
PI'n2?deut of tl le Local Government !
Board, Charles Dilke.
When the present Parliament took Ita
seat it was constituted thus: Liberals,
357; Conservatives, .235: Irish Home
Rnlerd, 00; Radicals, 0. The Liberals had
280 members (ram England, 10 from
Ireland and 52 from Scotland. The Conservatives.
L'ijj from Hnxluud. B4 from
Ireland andb frotnScntlaLl Thi< Speaker
la W. Hob. Aithnr W/Peel, son of Sir
Robert Peel) Vice Speaker and Chairman
of Committees, Sir Arthur Otwmy; Secretary,
Sir I. T.May; Awifltant Secretaiy,
R. Pal grave; Sergean t-at-Arms, B. T.
The foremost Englishman of hia time, '
"the grand old man" la the fourth ion of
Sir John Gladstone, and brother of Sir 1
Thomas Gladstone, County Kincardine,
Scotland, vho was u staunch Conservative
and hearty admirer of Disraeli. Mr.
Gladstone's father became a wealthy
Liverpool merchant,- and the Premier,
though of purely Scottish ancestry,, was
born at the great Lancashire seaport. Educated
at Eton and at Christ Church, Or* J
ford, he graduated with donble'Oratclass (
honors & 1831, and entered Parliament t
for Newark in 1832 as a Conservative. He i
is one of the very few members of Parlia- .
ment who sat in that body prior to the 1
great Reform act of 1833. His earlier of- c
Bcial career was In subordidate posts in ,
the various ministries presided over by }
Sir Robert Peel. Separating from his traditional
associations, be became Chancel- 1
lor of the Exchequer in the evolution Cab- r
inet of Lord Aberdeen in >1852; filled the ?
same post in two ministries of Lord Pal- o
merstou and one of Earl Bussel (in 1805). e
His eminence ss a political and religious I
wnier, auu aa a atuueub oi nuwer, in wou
To Acctpfc Oillco?A Forecast of thw New
Ministry* '
London, Jane 0.?It is reported that the
conservative leaders at a conference thin
evening decided to accept office. Following
in a forecast of a portion of the new I
cabinet: . j
Marquis of Salisbury?Prime Minister jj
and Secretary of State for Foreign Department.
Sir Michael Hicks?Beach, Chancellor of ?
the Exchequer and leader in the House of g
Commons. ai
Sir Stafford North cote (who will go to a
the House of Lords) Lord President of the P
Council. J
Lord Kandolph Churchill, Secretary of I
State for India. o
Colonel Frederick A. Stanley, Secre- ?
tary of State for War. tl
The new ministers will attempt no d
measures calculated to give the Liberals it
a chance to eain a victory. Thev will re- n.
cost the budget in accordance with the c(
rotes o( the House and when the estimates
are passed will dlssolne Parliament.
The Parnellites count on the lapsing of
the coercion measure. a
The ministerial circle takes the defeat e<
with equanimity. It is supposed that t,
the Cabinet in view of the tendency to
dlsrqptlon and internal .discord was Villi 61
ing to take. advantage of a chance to re- ii
sign. The crisis postpones indefinitely a w
settlement with Russia. The Conserva- el
tives will adopt Earl Granville's frontier K
convention, but will insist upon stringent SI
guarantees against further Rutsian ad- ai
vance si
On D??r and Win* Afimadonad^arthtr ?
GomIp About aX?wMfni?tr)r. fi
Losdox, June The government has L
notified the different offices of the Inter- x
nal itevenue department throughout the
United Kingdom that the additional U
dqtles 01) siilrlts and beer have been ol
abandoned. Although Mr. Gladstone's ?
Statement in the.flouge of Cotgnwnj thla T
afternoon did not contain any direct an- E
nooncement of resignation by the cabinet ^
the terms he employed were those invaria- d>
bit oaea an mauur occasions, ana were "
taken tq |nd|a)to (hat tt)e tealg^Uqu bad {?
feicBtf Jq tip ?P
<2ueen. f * 6C
? ft*, g
question of the expediency ol assuming tfc
power. The majority favor tiding the ex- to
periment. It is expected by the Tories, to
that the Marquis of Siulabury will be to
ready Friday to accept an invitation by
the <iieen to form a provJjijn;! govern- el
"ft a rumored tbatG lailstone intends to |TI
entirely abandon political life. ca
f-ord Itandolph Chqrcljil! -v^SS as^od Hi
this aftewoun if the (Jonsei vatiyea would >'<
form a government. t(e'answer edv^Moet 'I
certainly." The lobby gosaips mention T>
the .Marquis of Sauleburyfor Prime Minis- 5>J
ter. dir Stafford Ifortljoole (or Ohancellor pi
of the Exchequer, and Lord Randolph ??
Churchill for Secretary of State for India, a'
The gossipa alao aay that Sir Mifh^l fid:
Vara Hioks-ueacb'wlH iiaye a prominent
place in the new Cabinet. ^
A Ghanco that GordonStill 61
^Atrgsif, $-^4 4%*M? from Cairo w;
says: Some excitement lias been created M
here among Enjli|h o'fjcinlj jjii rejjdtnU "]
by the arrival of a Copt Irom Kbur- cc
toum. lie states that he wKdeas^the Y
capture of khartonm,' arid' {hat) itn'me- M
dptejya|te? t^e ina^e fl{ $
tno Mahdi demanded the head fll Gen. \\
Gordon (or. it trophy, bat his warriors irf
pro.lr.^ej li.e licailol tuc Austrian uonaul, w
Mr, llauna. When the mistake wasdia- tii
covered a search1 was) made for Gen. b<
Gordon, bat the Mahdi'a followers were it
nnable to find any tfaje of tV.u hera pf m
Elia'rtsnifl. ^hpy". found seye;>| other te
Eaiopeans, bnt no other docqmenU were tb
found oa their bodies to show that feitner O
of them was General Gordon; Tho Copt ce
says mai it is poasioie uiai uonenu m
Gordon seeing that all was lost ma? have ?<
^jjpa&i " ?
, - - $
. iliuaiD, June v.?The Guardia Civile be
have evacuated their barracks owing to
the breaking out o( cholera. Of foar cages
in the barftjffcg M&i jSSSg wfat. Tfce **
men arc uow encamped in a village on the
ouUkiits of tho city. Measures v? being
taken to thoroughly fumigate ?n j dtflnfect
(he bunch, ?l?o ?ii private houtee in
where cholora naa made tta appearance. c,
There were seven freah casea of cholefj .
In Valencia yesterday. All miuuii'u* ft
fivi'nf in Valencia h* ?e* u^SEeftli {?
three <iays oblation wt ?|| pfemorji So
Visfoing (fl leave the ?|J must show a
propefly attested certitlcate of good health. Bli
A Honk Blurred to DoaUi* m
t 1 tr.. t a a ..1.1
JAJtinviixK,jjftja ojjcumt 0D
?ays: Qethsemsne, Kjr., is excited over Foi
the oe?th and alleged cruel treatment of "
FdtjlorEnivmel, one q( the Sj?ajg iflo^n Oj
of the monaster)', by the Abbott, Father k
Benedict. Father Emanuel was the g?
first ol iiia Order - to come to
this country from France to establish a
monastery, and heajijes be|nz a djrfptor
and nest ta authority totbeAbhott was ,4 g
years old last week. He cscapcd from
r?fpro2?tMif, f2mUyi^nam?3
Almost starvMthSnaOT h^htnTMnstan- th
ly.-Imprisoned, M that lie tfelt; that he ?
would die 11 he did not get away. th
row daysind was buried in the Patters 5*
flel4* and not in the Monks barring N|
others he was considered perfectly sane, e"
E ?
Win Ko? Batmbam tfca lalooaUta* St
CoLoicm.-j, 0., June 9.?The Supreme Hi
Court this morning decided that the as- ?
Kasment pat j'under the Scott V^F tyf oj
uSl 'judges'" Qlce/ anFfoUettdissent. lb
!|tariotptiny^lf ^bont^WftOOO,, ,
r. r. ' { r . k j i . :
rh? Annual Cotumenceiueut Vciterdaj at
the State Normal School?A Perfrct Day
and Intereetlog Kxercleea Attract a
Largo Crowd ? The Graduate*.
West Liberty waa in holiday garb all Jay
-eeterday, (or with her it was the occasion
if the year. It waa commencement day at
Un Ql.i. ...1 1 V-..- f.
ut omw iiuiiuui wuwia ruur pruuus*
ag young people were to be added to the
engihening list of graduates. A fairer
lay never dawned on an expectant comuunity,
and the neat little village on the
lili top never appeared to better advanage.
It waa indeed "a day in June," of
are beanty, wooing from town and farm the
riapda of edacation. In the crisp air
if the early morning they arrived by
very approach, many being scarcely
lehind the rising sun that came to
hue away the white froatof the night
V?et Liberty was well prepared to receive
ler guests, to whose comfort nothing waa
ranting, j The baccalaureate aermon had
icon preached on Sunday evening by Rev.
. D. Walkuuhaw, of Welloburg, before
large assemblage. Sow the ceremonies
o well begun were to be continued and
onduded under auspices the most favorbio.
The marshals of the day were: T.
.. Harvey. John SlcKinley, Leonard
Iahm 1 rlhnr Plonu Anna TUIIa
tennard, Joseph Way!, K. A. Kiggp, L.
t. Dixon, Maud Curtis, Allie Lazear.
When the Opera Ilonee band hegan the
larch to the school building the people
irrned an informal procession which
nlivened Mainstreet with bright faces and
ay colors. Louis Gaus, who had laid
side his favorite piccolo for the moment,
Uracted general attention by bis exressive"playing
of the basa drum, for
h.'ch skillful performance it ia expected
lat the institution will make him a
loctor of Music. The chapel was filled to
verflowing. The aisles were crowded
ith persons standing j the doora were
locked and many were forced to take
lelr chance looking through the winows.
The audience was not only large;
i was attentive and appreciative. In apcarance
it bespoke the solid thrift of the
>jnm unity which it represented.
In the chapsl the Opera House musians
laid aside their brass and transferi1
themselves into an orchestra, Asa
?nd and as an orchestra they formed an
ajoyable feature of the occasion, furnishig
excellent music and plenty of It, for
bioh Professor V'aaa ana his men were
reatly complimented. After prayer by
ev. Mr. Graham, Mr. J. B. Shannon, of
bort Creek, graduate, delivered the
Idressof welcome. Then followed the
x orators, Mias Clan 12. Lajear,o| Wellsarg,
graduate, "Merit Wins the Sonl" j
[jso Cisijie Kgertar, of Wheeling, postradaate,"OurTo-days
anil Yeatcrdaysare
locks in the Walla of Time": Mr. H. G.
ajear, of West Liberty, graduote, "Oar
ative land j" Miss Jessie L. Hill, post
aduate, of West Liberty, "How Dear
e all theTiee that Bind oar School in
fntlenjss Together;" Mr. C. M. Liggett,
; Pennsylvania, "Facts Are Stubborn
blngs:" Mias Addie Gardner, of West
ilwrty, gradate, There lie Light"
lie valedictory was delivered by Miss
Ua M. Wallace, of West Liberty. The
lenies were treated well and the orations
slivered with good effect. State Supertendont
Morgan presented the diplomas
qn ndilfeos of esoellent advice, dwellg
with emphasis on the broad
ope of the teacher1* morlc. At the :
oje of the morning exercises,
is principal, Mr. J. A. Cox, reviewed
ie school year in a manner thorough and
rcible, and gave his parting exhortation ,
the graduates. His adcJf^jj developed
e fact thjt soBehody, classed with the .
utoufc grumblers, had not been pleased
ith his administration of the sch9ol. '
bis called from the Principal a severe
stigatiou, which tfje Mdimiooiieemed to
i'nlf *89 VI werjted. ?r. Co? is a I
)UDg man qt strong character, apparentwell
equipped for nis work. afld mo I*, i
ii [.iiitvi tit representative heard on all i
ijej that lie ia the right man in the right
ace. Mr. Ohas. Bnrdett Hart was pre- i
nted to the audience and respond jn a !
tort address.
After dinner came the Middle Class
irformancc, shorter than the morning. j
rercises.but very enjoyable. Again there
as a packed house. The orators were
r. ft. A. Heed, of Marshall county,
firmness"; Miss Ella Smith, of Brooke
unty, "Now and Then" j> Mr. Joseph
oung, West Liberty, "Speak as Von
ean; Perform What You Promise";
la Mary McConn, of ltoney's Point,
ri.e Bright Side"; Mr. A. P. Bigus, of
est liberty, "Cheerfulness." Theprinpsl
presented to MUs Maggie Kidgely, ;
ho Had got been absent from'a recita
m through the year, a handsome 1
iok as the prixe forpt(npt?(illty in a|tenince.
In t?|e evening Prof. B. C. Hagerja,
of Betftany college, delivered an enrtatning
and instructive address before
e Alumni Association. TheFomteenth
im,ni>nrnmAnt won fine of thp mnot ?tin. 1
ssful in the hiatorv of the suhoo|. (n I
e year iutt closed forty.eight students
?[f> epAtlftl- It IS e^pepteil that the :
imfaernill boincro^eiUeityeir. Board 1
the villsco it cheap and of good quality.
io local influences are conducive to the
at student life.
if Hijli School NoruilU School
Tfiwryitt tj at juituienw.
fAinyoNT, jW. Va., June 9.?Before jlv.
g you an outline of the commencement
erci?e? ?t Hip Normal School Uius iar
:U, it way not he inappropriate to refer
the closing work of the Fairmont High
hool, which occurred June 4th.
The graduating class was composed of
c young ladiea and qm> tow* gentlean.
esch of Vfhom had a performance.
?ha following programme was carried
?hBd'<Uunau:ASiudr?--.Csjrte Q. Coir
ur: "TImh SijLllbemAlj
ajjlooajtetnjntiW8Uooeat. K. J
ur! Woman's VL If art n !
[verWendtl Holme*: a fitudjr... Annlvt*. NlcooU 1
lay: Launched, bat Whither. Eliza Si. W|tkln*
ine reaoouy weafi| awapiea 10
ank p.. lf|eiqm? * brother offrof. If. 8
einiflf, fqrmeriy of tills place, b?t BOW
incipat of (he Qnlfoa schoala.
On l?riday avuniag the two literary BOdiea
connected with the Normal Scdool
ild a Joint aeealon, which may be called
e first exerciae of Commencement week,
lis was followed by the addretfl befoje
e Normal Society oq 8tfnr.Jay night by
at)- B. i'- Uartiii, of Grafton, lib snb3t
was. Thinking and Thlnkere."
On Sabbatb morning at 101 q'olmV the
rcalaureate ?erm?i was delivered In
ifrasl 11*11 by the llov. Mr. fihott, of
heetfng. Ifo other morning services
;ie held In town, and a very latye audiloe
of our mojt intelligent citiaena gathed
with the students to listen to Mr.
lott's addreaa. Bis text was taken from
abakknk it. 2: "Write the yWca. and
ake la plain upon Uhl* h.' may
n thftre^eih it." The sermon was foil
prautioal icssona, and delivered in the
eaker'a usual earnest manner, receiving
e favorable comment g( ftU who heard
Mf. toftH also preached in the Prfabf
terian church at night, delivering hia sermoa
on ''Skating Rinks,"
Monday night John H. Holt, Esq., of
Graft'n, addreased the Mozart Society on
"Personal Influence." Large audiences
have gathered to hear all the exercise*
thus Jar held, and visitors are conilng in
on every train. -Snpt. Uorgan and the
Kegenta are expected to-morrow.
Opening Kiarclaaa of Cotnuieocamant Weak.
MmUdc of tha ttegaati,
Spatal Lltpateh to the Mdllmar.
Mohgantown', June 9.?The Commencement
exercises at the University began
with the preaching of the baccalaureate
sermon on Sunday by Rev. Jlr. Bryan, o{
Beverly. Last night the clau of 188(1
gave a public entertainment, which was
an excellent performance. The Board oi
lifgenta convened according to announcement
at 10 o'clock this morning. There
were present: President Robinson and
Regenta Moreland, Lynn, Chilton, Bennett,
Farneworth, Smith, Johnson, Birch,
Bedinger and Thompson. Messra. Armstrong
and Gallaher have not arrived. Little
business was transacted other than the
appointment of committees and receiving
reports, etc. The Board adjourned at 5
o'clock to-day until to-morrow morning.
Accident* and Incident* In West Virginia
iuid Vicinity.
Twenty-two hundred barrels 0/ oil are
S reduced In the Mactaburg region every
ay. The Cleveland & Marietta railroad
takes out a train load every other day.
Bishop Walden.qfthe Methodist Church,
has appointed ltsv. Dr. J. I.. Clark its
Presiding Elder for tho Parkersburg District,
for the unexpired term caused by
the transfer of Rev. George C. Wilding.
The Parkersburg State Journal says:
Marshal Sehon haa appointed Hugh P.
Neal, of this city, Deputy Marshal and
crier of the . United States Court. Mr.
Neat U an old gentleman, well known to
all our cltiiens, a man of undoubted Jeffernonian
tendencies, and ono who will make
an efficient officer. There ia general satisfaction
expressed by the Democrats over
the appointment
A Ulaiinc Oirl? Chcrok MoUsanil G?n?r?t
The ferryboat Franks. Owens is being
George Darby, of Brilliant, was in town
Capt Fink and family are off on a trip ,
to Parkeraburg.
The Cleveland Jc Pittsburgh pay car was
here yesterday. I
Rev. C. F. Hustedt willoraanizft a class :
here to study German. " 1
Mias Com Carr is home from the Penn- ]
sylvania Female College.
Alvin Darrah is very low with typhoid i
fever at Stockton, California. :
The Literary and Social Society of the i
.South ?ellaire church meets to-night. i
Home grown strawberries are now very j
plenty, and aeiiing at fifteen cents a baa- '
The A. M. E. church is arranging to
conduct a camp meeting at Bethel again
this summer.
The first strawberry festival of the season
ia annonnoed lor City Hall by the First i
M. E. ohurch Thursday evening.
Some changes in the time of passenger ,
trains on the Cleveland & Pittsburgh rail- ,
road will probably be made Sunday.
Lou Battelle, of the Goblet works office, j
ia off for a vacation, and will go toScio,
where frank Chapman, son ofltev. A.
Chapman, graduates this week.
S. H. Wab, the Chinese laundry man, is ,
not a heathen Chinee, lie la a member ,
jl the Covenanter ohurch, and attends ,
hero the United Presbyterian services. ,
There baa been a room fixed in the old i
tin hatUA nn tha i?k?V fnr anrt Af fcAmo I
mission. Itev. T. H. Taylor held services i
there some time ago, and Rev. E. Header- <
ion Monday.
Rev. 8. H. Wallace was in town yesterday
with his family and household be- f
longings, on his way from Barnesvilie to
bis new charge, the Presbyterian church
it Sharpsvilie. ,
Bows of shade trees hava been planted
ilong both streets around the home of the
Catholic Sitters. Neither the Catholic :
nor any other church in town has a single '
tree to shade it.
. There are being discussed quietly several
plans for a number of Bellalro people j
to buy a farm within say twenty miles of
town, and build oottages for summer real- !
ilenoes alter some common plan. It has
taken no definite shape as yet.
Martin Daugherty and Miss MatUe Hitter
took a buxjy ride Monday night, and
Martin returned yesterday morning, re- ,
porting that they had been married. For
lome reason her father, Jacob Rufer, refuses
to believe this, though be does not '
know where his daughter Ts now,
The principal interest that is felt In the
Prohibition cotjpty tonveptiop, called to '
meet here June 18, is to see whether
soough strength' wilt be apparent to de- '
feat candidate! on the Republican or I
Democratic tickets. It will precede by 1
two days the Republican county con yen-11
son. ]
A MkIIuI Mtinr vtrand.
Mm Juno 0.?"While bathing today
In the creek Just back of Blackburn's
Sanitarium, two utiles from thia city,
three boys discovered the mutilated body
of a woman jammed Into a barret
half sunken in the creek. An
arm and a leg were mining.
The body was node and there ia nothing
to give a (flue as to the'identity. A
Coroner a Jury returned a verdict that the
remains wore thoiu of a woman who had
iipsteatly been dead six months and
WhQ had oeen dissected by medical students.
Paper aUllBuafd.
Cl,KV?(tAKO> June One of the buildings
of the Canton Paper Company, at
Canton, 0., burned this morning. Lois
(30,000. IcHored for $2C,u00 In about,
twcnlv companies. The mill will bo ia- I
bnllt, ;
See that tke bottles whit
have the WELL-KI
LABELS, without z
imitation. Unless you
is mixed with your li^
io get APOLLMAl
Auil aii Equal Number of "Patriot*" Pro- .
Tided For?Two Important Collector,
shlpa Filled?The Eud of a Loog
and Ultter Political Gooteftt.
Washington, June 0.?The President
to-day' appointed the following United
States Manhals: Frederick II. Marah,
for the Northern district of Illinois; Henry
C. Urner, for the Southern district of Ohio.
The President to-day also made the following
To b? Collector of Customs?John P.
Robinson, for the district of Alexandria,
To be Collectors of internal Revenue?
ishad Hess, for the Fourteenth district of
New York.
Alfred 0. Parkinson, for the Second.dlstrict
of Wisconsin.
To be Surveyors of Customs?John If.
P. Voorhles, for the Port of Denver, Col.
Addison Cole, for the Port of Albany,
n. y:
Indian Agents: Dolores Romero, of
New Mexico, as agent.afr Pueblo, N. M.;
and William A. Walker.of Wisconsin, at
Green Bay agency in Wisconsin.
The President this afternoon appointed
ex-Mayor Fox, of Philadelphia, Superintendent
of the mint of that city.
Othorappolntroentsare: Robert Taylor,
Pecaion Agent, Knoxvlle, Tenn.
ncuuvets unu Ufflcea?1*. A., wiser, at
Tracy, Minn.: 0.0. Hale, La Crosse, Wis.;
Joseon Hi1!, Beatrice, Neb.; Abrau Hall,
Milburn City, Mon. '.John K. Budd, Stockton,'C?l.
: W. E. Ivlgar. Imnton, Mo.;
Hugh 0. Wallace, SaltLake, I'tali; George
W. rt'orner, Keguter Land Office, Tracy,
Henry 0. Urner, who succeeds Lot
Wright as United States Marshal for the
Southern District ot Ohio, is a lawyer by
profession and a resident of Cincinnati.
He was formerly President of the Chamber
of Commerce and is at present President
of the National Marine Insurance
Frederick Q. Marsh, who succeedsA.
M.Jones, as Marshal for the Northern
District of IlllLois, is a resident of Oregon,
Illinois, and at present holds the office of
Sheriff of Ogle county. lie has a good
record ai a Union soldier. He served on
the State Democratic Committee in the
Hayds-Tilden campaign,. and was / twice ;
elected to the State Legislature.
Itbad Hess, the new Collector of Internal
Revenue for the Fourteenth district
of New York, is a well known lawyer
of Albany, and is understood to have
been selected by the President without
lUltUWUINl uu UlC JJUIl Ul JilUUWll or
Addison Cole, appointed Surveyor of
Sustoms for the port of Albany, N. Y., is
m old resident and a prominent Democrat
ol thai city. He is at present engspad
in business as an insurance agent. His
ippointmoat.was made at the request of
Secretary Manning.
A Hitler Content Kmleil.
Ciucaoo, Jane 9.?The appointment of
Frederick H. Marsh as the United States
Marshal; for the Northern District oi Illinois,
announced in the dispatches from
Washington to-day, ends the bitterest
sootest yet msde for the possession ot the
ocal federal offices. A certain element of
be local Democracy early entered the
ield on behalf of Win. J. McGariglo, fornerly
Chief of Police of Chicago. He was
itad by the Cook county Democratic
Job, and was also supposed to be tliB
undldate of the city administration. A.
rortion of the local press, however, savigelr
opposed him. Marsh Ii not a re?i
lent of the city, bat ii highly recommeniril.
Among the other applicants w*a
_'harlea Kern, prominent in local politics
in J ex-Sheriff of Cook connty. The pres>nt
incumbent is A. St. Jonea.
Ill VEU NK1V8.
[Ufa of th? WaUr and of tli?
SUam boats*
The Andes got away about 5 o'clock
with a fair trip.
The additional coal shipments from
Pittsburgh on the early coal rise this
uontli swell the number of bnshels sent
rat to about 10,000,000.
Mmi A1 Slaven, wife of the chief clerk
>f the Emma Graham, accompanied by
ler friend, Mrs. Steel, ef Parkersburg, are
naktng the round trip on the Emma Gralam.
The only accidents reported to the coal
leet are as follows: Joe Gould snnka
Mat at JJerriman and the Lud Keefer is
sported as having lost a fnel boat at
The river commenced rising again at
ihis point last evening. The stage of
natcrra the channel at dusk was 11 feet 2
nches. Business was doll on the levee
luring the greater part of the day.
The W. X. Chancellor is due up this
norning, onroutofrom Charleston to Pittslurgh.
She will pass down on her return
irip Friday morning at 4 o'clock. Tti?
Chancellor is a first class packet and will
please both passengers and shippers.
The reports from above Inst evening
Hero as follows: Pittsburgh, s feet 5
nches and rising; Lock No. 4, ti frets
ncbf a and stationary; Greensboro, II feet
I Inch and stationary; Parkers, s feet 4
inches and falling;OilCity,4 bet 4 Inches
md falling; Brownsville, 5 feet and on a
Steamboatmen are renewing their complaints
about the condition of the wharf
it this point. Their complaint is a just
>no, t-o, for it is in s horrible condition.
It is not kept clean and the holes and ruta
in places are hail enough to wreck a stono
atagon. When the wharfage they have to
pay 1s taken Into consideration, it doea
eem as though the wharf ought to have
1011)0 attention paid to it by the authorises.
Tfc? grand jarv in -N'ew Orleans bas iniicted
a druggiHt for manslaughter in
negligently preparinga medicine containing
aconite, and causing death. Bed Star
Bopgh Cure la free from aconite ornsrwtics
s S&atcc.
:h are placed leforeyou
vhich the water is an
take care what water
?uor, you are sure not

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