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gvcmm'M StJore
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Thli mrlHf rrniMrin frrrn -Hh ft" ?.
?*!*,. "IS il i?.t.i.t.u fur DlHUM MCtulir to
Wnitii'ii, ?ad ?I1 -b" l??d WMJjmUry Urr*. ItEarlcliri
*o?l P?Hllr?tb? IIIood? MlIwolilM
? - i?t.?iitv. Mtrenitbew UM.AlnMlea aau
Uacty l?h,can-gdadw.or
cr Gun Plaint and now bit onto Die* inn U ela&r nod
M^Rmm^USW S^rSSdnrn."
OraatiM bM ahom tnd? mwiuad ntMMd rad Hbm
<ui wrapper. Take no other. Mada only by
LADIW BAKD BOOK-DMfal and attractiro, conaSS'rflJjis.K
tnlM, *W? Rtren away oy all AMim in nrnwut, or
miilad to any addraaa on raoeipt of %a. ataap. .
Hito. gX. JSnool; Se So.
i! itistes,
ax l> fans,
ww w - - - ? ?
lllO 3Iixin St.
tto Mdtymta*.
uffleat Noi. ah ?bd*7 yburtMiithStrett.
Www Advortlaotuoiitfl. I
Mid-dnjr Lunch?Ladies' Cfcurcli" Improvement
StM'Itftjr?Kotirlh Pigd., ' ... I
Couimlttiouer'u Sale?W. J. W. Cowden.
For Kuiit- 'orulNhtd iiudTJnfarnUUed Boom.' j
BoinScm Wanted; l\
j?or Charleston?Vf. V: Chtncallor.
Je#ett s ? ntor Cooler*?Nt*bUt .Vi Bro. *
Children'* Acokwear?D. Gundllnj A (Jo.
Cabinet Photographs?Illwiu*' (ini&rjr.
Meeting?Whtcl log Lodao No. 28, 11. P. 0. BIki. |
ComnilaloDor'i falo?W. J w. Covrdea.
WE liuve just rccoired a new slock of
Sold Spcctaoles.
JACOB W. URUBB.tlio Jeweler,
Cor. l'weinii and Market sts.
JUST lttt'tlVKl). I
A large assortment ol Spring and Hammer
Stuck, consisting or the latest rarleties
In Citttlags, Suitings, Pantuloonlngs
anil Overcoatings, which wo will make
up In the latest and best styles and at
lowest possible prices.
Also a full Hue of Uents' Furnishing
Hoods. ,
Thermometer Record. |
The following shown the range oi the
thermometer as observed at Scbnepfs
drug store, 1218 Market street, yesterday:
7 a. K., 02?; 12 u., 79?; 3 r. 74?; 7 r. x.,
Washinotos, June iO.?1 a. ii.?For
Tennessee and the Ohio Vallejr, warmer,
tair weather, variable winds, generally
easterly, and falling barometer.
For the Lower Lake region, warmer, fair
weither,(variable winds,gsneraUy shifting
to southerly, and falling barometer, preceded
In the eastern portion by rising
Front llimda; Night.
Yesterday morning evfcnrthtng in tbe
country was covered with white frost,
plainly indicating the severity of tbe
weather Monday night The frost apparently
did so damage of any conaequeuce,
Those who came in (rrfni the
country later in the day so reported; as
iwn thn mm name out Bvarvthtna was
all right sgain. On Monday night it was
no uncommon light to wo a straw hat and
light overcoat traveling together, and
those lightly dressed who were without
the overcoat were disconsolate.
The Strawberry Ventlval I.uit Night.
The strawberry and loo cream foetival
given in-Mornbraok's block last evening
by the Ladies' Church Improvement Hocfety
ol the First Presbyterian church,
was a splendid sncress both socially
aud financially, as will
be noticed by au advertisement In
this morning's issue thd ladles will to-day;
give a midJsy lunch. It will be a very
nice affair. There will bo a tempting lot
of good things to eat and business men
can help a good cause by calling on the
ladies fortfieir lunch.
An "Offensive 1'arttHiut" Owae Up.
Captain Jame? B. Kennedy, of Washington,
Pa., who bis been mail messenger
on UisWheelingti Pittsburgh division ol
the Baltimore A Ohio, several weeks ago
sent in his resignation. Me stated in bis
letter that he considered himself an ofltaaive
partisan If be rightly understood the
definition of the term by Mr. Cleveland.
"I put on a substitute on the4thof!aat
November and worked all day at the polls
for James 0. Blaine. My resignation 1s
at your service to take effect as soon aa
my successor Is appointed." Mr. Howard
Hoffman, of Allegheny, has been appointed
and will relievo Captain Kennedy in a
few days.
5,000 Llbf 1 Suit.
Suit wu yesterday entered In the Circuit
Court by Messrs. Dovener A Klson,
attorneys for E. L. Trice, against the West
Virginia Printing Company, publishers of
the Jt/guter, to recover S3,000 damages for
liuel. The article the publication of
which.is alleged to have damaged Prion
to this extent, was in reference to his
corps of ladfbook agents, now canvassing
Cities." The article appeared in tho local
columns of the Jfejitter, and made very
damaging insinuations against Ppcoaml ,
-??lit Vsina tnil Ma naJaL
er iniviH, wnu wiiw...
anu boanled the Unit week they spent In i
Wheeling. '
tfattariofJtloerMovent111??tl AUootUw
Hexby Trootwisb ?u fined $5 and co?t?
by Squire Artie last night for assault
upon Charles H. Hannerman.
Matxk's orchestra play#for the hopi at
the Excelsior risk, Martin a Ferry, Friday
night ami forth# Glass Workers' picnic
Tub German Lutheran Zion's church
Sunday school bad a picnic St Sel ifrt?
gjrffji Jjtrfeplay; .wjliui/was
tended and very enjoyable.
Khamkr's bud has a new piece of
music which will be played for the first
time at the grand moonlight picnic given
by the QwL Social at Seiberfa Garden
Thursday evening.
Swoutlv alter midnight last night the
police raided the hooie of prostitution
kept by a colored woman named Abbie
Jackson. Two white women anil four
colored men were captured.
Lot-in Fxuixa has challenged an Allegheny
man named McEnley to row a
three-mile race fora.purw of $900 or $000,
agreeing to give or take expenses. The
race, if made, will in all probability go to
Tiimm will be preaclup? in the Latter
Pay Saint Chapel,near Krrty-ifighth street,
J^uiwlav, Friday andSsturd?j)Tuvenlngi
al 7:30 o'clock, and "on Sunday, by fuiv.jE.
L. Ki'lley, of Kirtland, O., anil K. ?. aaiyards,
of Pittsburgh.
Abbaxobsibxts are being made" by
sevoral voting men of this city togivoa
picnic in Wheeling Park on July 2. In
the evening there will be dancing. A
number of Wheeling folks trill be Invited.
?Bellaire Independent.
Tub Board of Public Works jia doing a
good work In cleaning out tlie main sewer
on Market st/eet between Twenty-fourth
and Twenty-seventh streets. It was found
to be S3 full of mud and other debris that
the sewage in places could hardly make
its way through.
Ansa McSiiaxb was ycstordiw appointed
guardian for James'and Mary McSbane,
orphans or Thomas McShano, dolltam"
&o!vinjjtira was appointed
administrator of the estate of
Thomas J. Wolvington, deceased; bond
$500, A.*D. Work, security.
wants to know what all th s re^ntlo reform
meant that the Democrats were so
warm about in recent campaigns. The
Bepublicau party reduced the internal
revenue to *iu on inKuuiuvtuicu tui/m.kV
and the West Virginia Democratic Legislature
assessed a special State tax of $4 50.
Anything to beat the Itadical tax schemers
They "aaw them and went $2 10 better."
AUOOT'gkoriiK. \ Q fT<
Strang arc In the City and Whoelbig Folk*
Abro.,1. J ' * -?
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Geyer left on the
Andes yesterday for Pomeroy.
Messrs. J. D. Brostand F. D. Young, of
Now Martinsville, were in.the.city yesterday..
' ? * v y i ? % i
Mrs. J. D. Stanton left on the 6tearher
Andes yesterday to visit relatives at llirtford
Mr. and Mrs, Chew-and Miss Oxtoby
left on the Andes yesterday to make the
ronnd trip to Cincinnati.
Mr. John P/arr. wife ' and daughter,
Mrs. Mary Franzheim andjMrs. htatnm
i.n..a mfiipna^ fr/un (KnefoniitL * 0
'J Misses Laura .Slioeber, of a6*llipilis,
and Clara Kraus, oL Wheeling,.are in the
city, the guests of Misses Hattie and Hose
Sonneborri, of North Blmbnfc street.?
hirt Tribune. ' Mr.
F. J. Le Moyne IIupp, of t&scify,
is one of the committee ol three having
in charge this year's annual" hop of the
students of Washington-Jefferson College.
It is to be givenlir'the Tbwn Ball, Junk
0. H. West; E?q.lo^Mout^dav21e,received
aletter from ilis 'brother iff" Harrison
county, where escSuperintendeiit
and ex-Auditor West now in. aaying there
is no foundation for the published report
of that gentleman's twriotis illnees. .
Mr. C. H. Rose arrived at homo yesterd^momitBe
East, Iwlfer^ be haibfen
swing around the racing circuit. He is
m roule to Chicago, wherti'the races are in
progress this week: and .merely .stppped
over to see. how the. rinkwas.doinjranll
say "Hello I" to his friends. |
I . s. Henator Camd'en came up from
Parkersborg last'evening,1 and spent the
night in tiie city. He win leavu mis
morning for Cleveland. The numerous
friends of the Senator will rejoice to know
that his health; is much improved. He
was accompanied this far hy his private
secretary, Mr. Waterman, who returns ttf
Parkereburg to-day.
llo and #00 the. Stacy, Adams &> Co.
Men's Kangaroo Shoe* at
immn fet
Masonic) OHIoera Eloctod.
Wheeling Union^OfpteiNM, Ur-A. M.,
has elected the following oiiiccrS- for the
onsuihg term: - High Priest, Joseph "Hall;
King, K. Water)![rase, jr.; Scribe, J. W.
Morns | Captain of the Host, W. H. Kose;
Principal Sojourner, James McCahon;
Boyal Arch Captain, J. M. Belleville:
.Maetcr of the Third Veil, J. L. Beclt;
Master of the Second-Veil, W. L. Bender;
Master of the First Voll, Joseph Hamilton;
Tyler, Timothy Bliss. v
At the conclusion of the eicction and
tbe installation 01 the officers, t'. a,
10. S. Ivong, on behalf of the members of
the flbspteh presented toiP. Hi P.. W. H.
Kose, s solid gojd Past High Priest's jewel.
The presentation address was one of the
neatest ever delivered by Mr. Long. It
was a genuine surprise to Mr. ftoae, and
for a tiibo be wu ijnable to make any response,
bat eventually he recovered bis
equanimity and thanked the fflenjbers
sincerely for their kindnon.
Bates Lodge No. 23, A. F. k A. M., last
evening elected " the following officers!
J. Mi Belleville, W. M. ; Hugo L. Looe,
8. W.: W. H. Riuehart, J. W.; J. 0.
Kibeldaffisr, S. D.; F. P. McNeil, J.p. f
J. V. L. Bodgers; Treasurer; B. M. Mown,
Secretary; 0. B. Hart, CuMlaint-F. J.
Norton and William Entler, fetewaids,
Tha KlmWIjr J,and Sal*.
The public sale of town lots and fields
at Kimberley Station, onthu HemplielJ,
nftr'Mt de OKaStal; by Mr. P^"KSKlhi'
berley, will take place to-day, on tho preraMr.
Kimhorlflv'a fine residence and
grounds will >iio Bt the same
time. The location is in unaurpawcil one
for suburban residences, and a lot there
ought to be a good Investment, as the
ground to be sold will sooner or liter be
the site of a pleasant village. A train will
leave the IS. &0. depot shortly before 3
o'clock this morning, which will convey
intending bidders on any ol these lota out
to the (arm, and bring them back after the
csfias X"
Supreme Court NeMluu,
In the case of De Vaughn vs. Hastead,
Tho following eases were submitted:
Hugh Garrett, Sr., vs. J. W. ltamaey et at,
from Harrison county; argued by Hon.
JohnBassoll and Judge Kdwin Maxwell.
State vs. Will II. Hall, from Marion
county. piouoQHi jv.iuk 01 mngwoou.vi.
G. E. Jarvis et al., Davis appellant.
Sevencaiet *er?< continued.!.Themotion
made in the caao it John Mooney
Kill i M found ^reported t elawhare, ilhe
conrt adjourned till 10 A.M.to-day.
Go and aoe Amlck's seamless $2 BO
men's bntton and lace ahoes.
Fancy Dkksh fajlfeffl at the Alliamiira
Palace Sink on Thnnday evening. ,
. .-.lii > 1
Daop in.at Lonls Soliwalb's saloon this 1
nornlng or evening and try Uteiflne turtle i
wup. I
| t Jll/ fl JL ? ? < V*
_. - - -?
jlb snows, bjt xhb TA* .bitobns
of tbo Two County Iiimhu- As Incr*a?c
of tit' Total Valuation, But a MllPf On
to Many I tama-Soino slKOlltf ant Jgtll
Urawo from tba Kiuroi.
Mewl. Phillips and Zine, the County
Asseoon, have completed their returns of
the taxable property in Ohio county. The
R/u>r.i nf Commlasionera has not. however.
made the annual levy for county purposes,
and the amount of revenue to be derived
from taxes cannot therefore be given. The
valuation for taxation under different
heads reveals many significant peculiarities.
The number of Capitations?voters?
in the county, has incressed 147, all but
one of the increased number being whites
Mr. I'hiilips's books for the city district
show a grand total of personal property
asseseed of $5,513,:)30, and of real estate
of $9,470,040. Mr. Zine'l books, for the
country district, show a valuation of
$3,780,010 of real estate, and $094,700 oi
personal property. The entire assessment
of all property in the city district is $14,080,070,
and in the country district $4,774,770.
All the property in the county on
which taxm are levied Is valued by the
assessors at $10,704,740. This is a considerable
increase over tho valuation foi
1884. The value of furniture and houseliold
and kitchen utensils increased in the
past year nearly $20,000, half of which ii
"u~*?n in thn rAtnrna tnr MaHlnstn dlatrict.
ii tot attributable to the flood of '81. which
reduced valuations last year, and made
the purchase of now household goodi
necessary in nearly every family on the
The corporations and banks return lesi
taxable property by over $100,000 this yeai
than last, the only districts which sbon
an increase being Clay and Union. ThU
is attributable to the "Supplemental As
sesement order," which caught the milli
last time, but ?n borne in mind about
tlie first of January this year, and stock)
held down accordingly.
One feature worthy of note in these re
turns is the decided increase in the paei
live yoars, o> evon two years, in the aver
age'valueof horses and cows. Tho flni
stock which has recently been broughl
into Ohlo.oQuntjsbowB op very plainly ii
this comparison.The returns of watches
clocks, Jewelry, gold and ailver plate
musical instruments, carriages an4 liki
luxuries 4>f the well-to-do are not so con
vlncihgly truthful. One whole district
r.lhoriv. is withont a cent's worth of iew
?lrv or plate, according to the lUBtBSor a ra
turns, while in otliera the articles oi tin
kinds named above are reported to hare de
creased in aggregate value and in nam
Mr,? This if prdijsbteuntnie.*.; SfeSj ;
Below will be found come o( the mos
interesting and important itatistics gatli
erod by the Assessors:
r is5 ~ mB i
i> strict. " * ' 1 '
Wbli olored w hit?. Coforoj
WwhlttXtOO-... 2,
CuntxtAM.? ? J - 4
wXW jaw l ,u? n( 2
JUtchi? 10* ' 2 I0S4- - iS 0.
Tdadelpljla? 1 571. JHW OMfci 12
r , , _ 1S,
aioTi^iT.::::::: w. "1" .aw ij
Tool:.:.....'.... ms M wai ?7i
* i
yo.iviiuo.Uo. yjtiu*
Wuhlogton 149 iiM 106 ?2,67
MadUon.....? ,, 7..... US 11,7781 48 l.tt
^3EEEi=J'fe J
HStchlo..'....'....... 191 ..10,?4 tf] JLO?
Triadelpbla M6 SL0M l,ue
^bnty*^.... 557 23,KXHl,t7J 15,65
KlchUnd..;^....^-Jf%, 21.Pmo.tt 17,73
Total ; l&w tiwjBokooslr^.oa
' >f < * * riunci.tit. r- * *T
No. Vain*
Washington UUtrict.. ~ .... 125 f 0,33
sSiissroaJS'. ||
fesczzrzss; w' $
ToUL- t.,y,k? :...10I4V KMt
WATCH KH, CLOCm,^liTK ANlWI^fgtffi
j Wo.. 7 *1 vkluB
ursTiiiCT. |Watobe?,Aa| Value. (Jewelry
WaabiDKton SW I 4,025 S 7$
Sfes- i I i
Ubcny .... W 1,990 (
lUcfaland ? ~ " ff?
Total... 2J75 ff.1t<H0 t2l.2Si
.... .. Jlauoa. etc. -Value
fcir==slg II
.nun *R m
Kllchlc - ? ;.
Trltdclphla........?. Liberty!.
- M
KlchUad M ?.?!
TOUI....:.... ..............:...'. ?? WWK
F^[email protected]
ifesS?IES!S!' i|
, f Total.,.~ ~.KWl,200 tttJ.HK
4884. i8S5.;
WttihlDRton ^.....o.r:..,;r.;fl?lM0 % 00,JW
IH!^!?""vyvF:"";"g"T"" " r. -.: ;JaE
iwiiS pj? ,.M WW ft.mw
y? xoNKr,cuKi>mAKDii?vwrjna<T*.
_ _ _ .. .ifti. . .ltto.
AVMhlngton^.... o' | -wag
jiSBMft' -?Sbm
? a
n^i|T^Z;^...:.. ^ ^jg|
itmutillT 'VK|;i#J Urt4i\i 4IM.!
jja?===?=W S
:! Tot*!-,.."" fJ,:ni;| t.^l^,77S ; (l.Wl .'np
The bridges and ferries of the oounty
number but four and are omened aa
follows, exclusive of the boats, which aro
p)i owned in Ohio:
gmMg 1 , m?
Morgan * MW^^gMBEBMSlM W
The levy, based on these figures, will
probably not be made until the July meeting
of the Hoard of GotumUsionurs. al
though an aaionmea meeting ww neneia.
best Monday.
i... h.
Attention |
Wantal COO Indies tod gentlemen to
tako supper at tbo J(lnk on tlie Island
next Thnrday ?v?nMfrv> 8^8 1 I V
Turtls Soop this morning and ovsolng
at Louis Schwaib's First National saloon.
' *; ' ? . fi' '"Vm _T,' a;- ''
Fancy Dricks Caiinivai. at the Albumbra
Palace RlnkonThursday erening.
An Old Adagi,
? attend the Bttatr to be held at the IdMitJ
Rink on Thursday evening, Jane 11; where
there will i lie an erocllent tapper served
it the small price of 25 cents,
Council Kiclcisf Afaloatthe Charg of Vol!
: Since the coiiitnctf^r^tba Banwood .
extenaiottdf . the 1"., W,-& Kyi road, the
garbage men andnlghtaoilcollectors bare
had no place to get 10 the river to dump
the contents of their carta except at the
Belmont, LaBelle and Benson Ferry landings.
The Health Officer baa permitted
the dumping ot dry vault contents at the
two first named bindings, butall other
offal haa bail to be dumped from a barge
into the river oppoeite the Forty-fourth
street, or Benson Ferry landing. This
place it but a short distance above the
northern line of the city of Bellaire, and
Iras than a mile from the mouth of the
supply pipes of that city'a water works.
Recently, the persons owning and operating
the lorry placed a fence across the
roadway leading thereto and have charged
the garbage collectors toll for going to the
river over the ferry rOa'dway, they claiming
to own the land through which the
roadwny passes. The committeo on
Health presented the following resolution
in relltiou to this matter, which was
Radetd,. That tho City Solicitor be and
he in hereby instructed it in hia opinion
1 tho road to Jacob Rerger's ferry is a public
highway to institute proper legal pro'
ceedings to have all obstructions on the
' tame forthwith removed aud' to insnro
that the same "be kept unobstructed,
. and if the City Solicitor should be of a
contrary opinion to report to Council
' without delay, with his opinion as to
whether Jacob Bergor lias a right to collect
toll for passage over such road.
| A Long Loit Brother Dies and Leave* Him a
I - Large Estate.
Yesterday, Mayor Grubb received the
1 following dispatch:
' Ba i.TiiioiiE, Md., June II.
To the'ifayor, Wheeling, IK Id.
Frederick W. Zimmer is dead. He has
ma rnlaHvna !>?? ?. and Iim left a hlv nutate.
We have heard that he has a brother in
Wheeling. If you can Hud anyone that
can prove relationship, tell them to come
as soon as possible. He formerly drovo
stags on the National road.
J asi ra Gordon,
418 II'. llultmore itrul.
Alter spending two or three hoars in inquiring
about and searching among the
Zimmersj)! the city, Mayor Grubb found
the brother referred to In the person of
Louis Ziuimer, of the Eighth ward. Hif
relationshsp was satisfactorily proven to
the Mayor, who then informed him of his
brother's death, and told him of the
property. Jfr. Zimmer left for Baltimore
' last evening. The deceased left Wheeling
s over forty years ago and since then has
been heard from only occasionally. He
was not at all wealthy when he left, but
, the meagre reports that were heard of
. him were always to the effect that he was
prospering and acquiring considerable
j Tho Work of Tenrioff Down tho Fnrnaccs
Work was commenced yesterday tearing
down the heating funfaces at the Hirerside
lower q)ill, preparatory to removing
this part of tho'worlta to tho new bnilding
on the company's ground at Benwood, adjoining
the blast furnace and steel plant
The decision of the Birerside company to
remove their furnaces outsike of the
- city limits was publicly announced
- by the vress somo time ago. The reason
given is the need of more room, and tho
convenience of the now plan. It is sus
it pected, however, that , the corporation
taxes in the eity had something to do with
,J tho change.
s The furnaces were demolished yestor['
day. The material will Ijo taken to Benjj
wood and the furnaccs rebuilt there. The
I work will be pushed ra pidly to completion.
?m rr* -r^r1
A C?l?b ruled Case.
The case of John Mooney again claimed
; the attention of the Supreme Court of Apo
peals for scvoral hours yesterday, on an
J application by Mooney'sattornoys, Messrs.
[) t\imit.uiu "'I'1"
S haheai carput, directed to the SuperintendJ
eot ol tlie Penitentiary, into whose care
! Mootloy Was transform) on Monday. -\tJ
torney (jeueral Caldwell apd Prosecuting
: Attorney Jordan represented the Interests
' ot tbe State. Moo'noy's counaei hold that
. it on a final hearing in the appeal from
Judge Boyd's decision in the haiau corput
: hearing before him, the Supreme Court of
it Appeals shall decide that Mooney ought
? to bo discharged, an order directed fo the
i Sheriff ffiU not dfiept this eqd, as Mooney
) no longer remains in his custody. They
* therefore demand that he bo brought buck
J to Wheeling, and kept hero uutluho Bu>
promo Court deoides upon the legality of
' his sentence. It was also suggested in the
argument in Mooncy's behalf yesterday
' thatSherifTHandlan had placed himself
in contempt of the Supreme Court of Ap
5 peais oy lawng wooney 10 m nunusviue
-=??1?W r-r=r
im?ndiog Hit sur??t t?wi,
) A resolution was adopted in Council
I last evening ordering the ordinance in re'
lation to markets to be amended so as to
i make the hour (or opening in summer 5
a.m. instead of 4 a. v. and in winter G a.
?. instead of ? a. x. The 6e?md EranoU
j also adopted the {dljowlng, offered by Mr.
Sweeney; i
? Itrmleed, That the Committee Cm Mar'
kett be inatrucled to e^aiiihio and report
| ont^e ajty^biltt/pj revising the drdi)
nance on the forestalling of mJrkela, and
| (hat (he CQmiqitfee lje authorised to||?ar
' person* co the aubjeci.
i A? it la now, a produuo dealer can aeii,
for instance, only two barrels of radishes,
though he might bavo on hand ten barrels
I that he would like to dispose of at retail.
I To use Mr. Sweeney's words, the old forej
mailing ofdlftMiCj) a{^q|efe.
I The Ulalc W*i Dimwlor.
1 0nly a few mow Intervene nntij
! the great pri?e drawing ut tuo OtfgpITne
atrcut rink. The flue set of bedroom furniture
nt Mendel's, the ;Bilver water set at
1 Frmizheim's, the burnished brass centre
| table at Dillon's and the combined dinner i
; !
! tho rink might rejoice to possess. Tbese 1
i cool nights there Is always a select, con- I
genial gathering at the Chapiine street
rlnlf, ant| sMnjij nnic|i pioro en !oyu|.lfi i
than it was dtjring tho winter Wglit3. i
With tho perfect iloor. good ventilation :
and polite attendants, it is not to be wondereu
at that Messrs. Kntler & Reynolds' .
rink growa Bteadily in popularity.
r , 111
Th? Olat? Wortti.
Ttm I iTLilln filaui mmMnv la nKnnt if.
1UV l?MUIIV 111 HUUUI iu
form from its own stockholders and others
it syndicate who will make a proposition,
similar to the qije recently made hy
Wheeling parlies bi|t not accepted. The
proposition will bo to pay off the Indelitnet*
of the company lor one-half the
stock, and at once put the factory into
operation. Those interested in the scheme
are sanguine of its success.
Fajcj Dtps Carwaj, at the
bra Palace King on Thursday evening
" 'iff ?*
Is It a Plen?ura to ^Uaek Ohurltjr '
It is the 'misfortune of every aucpessfal
undertaking that it draws' oi)^' attacks of
envjouspersons everywhere, ffigpfo
Louisiana State Lottery gives a pillion of
dollars to support the noble Charity Hospital
at New Orleans. It Rives any one a
ft. ?JRA nno ft>? cm v.._
JM1HMCD II' goi. ? r>"l "1 "?
Inordinary g&nd drawing on Tueaday,
Judo lit. It u fair, auro and honeatly.aunerviacd
in its entire conduct, by Qen'li
Q. T. Beauregard, of.La., and Jubal A.
Early, of Va. Over $522,000 are diatributed
and one-tenth of a ticket can be had
for Si. .Ail information can be had on application
to M. A. Dauphin, New Urleana,
Us ^cur^'s'Mf
Paptain Samuel Gallatin, agent of the t!
Gallatin flourinit Mills at Gallatin, Tenn., ?
aaalKned ^terday. LiabiUtiea, $12,000; J
_2 o
..1 . : -il ir'f ; e
OK tha Finance Commute* Promptly r
Bq a tidied by Uae Sooond Branch-The J
Rtpular MonUUj Boport*?What tUe ^,
Father* af tho City Gaw Over, a
r.: . \!
At the regular monthly meeting of Jj
Council, held hut evening, the moet irn- ,,
purUnt matter considered was the report o
of the Finance Committee, made jn com- jj
pliance with the requirements of the restraining
ordinance, which came up in tho r,
Second Branch. The committee's first S
recommendation was'that tho Huperin- '
tendent of the City Prison discharge one *
oi the guards now employed, alter Jnno ,
30th. sir. Shanley protested against this; j
it was, in his opinion, absolutely necessary t
(ftr fhn nmner mniiimimAnt nf nrtfmnOM ?
to keep all ?vo of tbe men now employed at
the prison. The Council than eat down
very heavily on the Finance Committee's
first attempt in the way of "economy and
reform,"by rejecting this recommendation.
The second recommendation was, that
the city cease paving the City Sergeant
tor calling Council and committees. Mr.
Gruse came to the 8ergeont's reMue. Although
the ordinances do not provide that
the Sergeant shall be paid for this service,
Mr. Gruse reasoned that when I'lirter
Smith was.elected he exported to receive
cash for this ecrvlce, aud it was not right
to deprive him of it. It would do well
enough, however, to fix it so that bis successor
should not rcceive it The Branch
agreed with Mr. Gruse, and refused to
adopt the recommendation.
The third recommendation was in the
shape of an ordinance reducing the salaries
of the firemen, except the engineers.
It was killed iustantcr, every member
voting against it, including Mr. Hildretb,
chairman of tho committee, who said that
while he bad not voted in committee meeting.
If nitv ruilnetmn wan lit 1>? tnftdH hn
favored a horizontal one,' to affect high
and low alike.
The fourth recommendation was in the j
shape of an ordinancoreducing the salary
of the Superintendent of the City Prison
from $015 to $780. This brought Mr.
Shanley to his feet again, also Mr. Pickett 1
They spoke about thisofllcer beingobliged \
to give bond and tho responsibility that '
rested on him in being obliged to take .
care of 30 or 40 prisoners, (the last report i
shows only 10 in custody J une 1,) and tlris j
recommendation was rejected. j
The next ordinance to come up was the
one making the appropriations as iixed by ]
the finance committee and which were J
based on the supposition that the above
recommendations would be adopted.
These having been rejoctod the ordinance
waspraeucaiiy 01 no use. Jn aumuon n
was discovered by a member that tlie I
Finance committee liad failed to provide j
for Stf.OOO interest due on the bonds of i
1877. A motion was made to re-commit. I
This was opposed by some, who evidently '
feared that such a move was but a scheme S
to allow the Board of Public Works to ruu
away with whatever money the city '
lhight have. These members wanted to
figure out the muddlo in Council, but fortunately
tlio majority was in this case, ,
against them, Mr, Harrell made a romb- '
ling specch about the Emmert curbstone J
racket, the First Branch and the B. P. W., ,
and the report of the committee was re- <
The Second Branch was called to order '
by l'rcsident Sweeney about 8 o'clock, j
The absentees wero Messrs. Butts, Robert
Crawford, Hearne, McCoy and l'cterson,
The minutes of the previous two meetiniB 1
were read and approved. During this J
proceeding the confusion in the chamber i
was such that the Clerk's voico could >
hardly be beari) and the Oliair on several ?
occasions bad to ri\p sharply for order, i
Tjie rules were suspended ami me uonus
of Alf. Caldwell with Ci. II. Caldwell a? i
surety, P. B. Dobbins wltli Joseph S. l'aullassurety
and F.P. .Jepaon with J. '
A. Mi|ler and Henry Speyor as sureties,
Commissioners of the loan of 1885, w ere t
approved and the bondsmen qualified. t
Doyle i<f Q'Malley were granted a license J]
to kcop a cofleo hoaeu at U3QI .Market >
street, giving Charles Schmidt and Joseph ;i
Doyle as sureties Heinrich Pflung was J
Itranted a license to keep a coflio house at :
at No. 214# Market street, giving Charles
Schmidt and C. F. W. Klevis as stiretie*.
An ordinance amending the printed ordinance
in relation tP ordinaries and coffee
hemseo, so qs to make it conform with
the State lavr, was taken m> Ifom the table;
where ft had lain (or a long time, having
bepn passed hy the^Hrst Branch several
weeks ago, and jussod. The old ordl- ,
nance allowed the keeper of on ordinary
tn fnrnltli Anfalilni iind ririnlrohloa nt anu
supper, dinner or fcstivai not bold in bis
place. Tho State law does not permit <
him to furnish the drills or, *ny audi oc- J
caslon without; spppial license.' J
Ifei? Hasiqesa in tqe way o,f regular n
monthly cqmmjttee reports was now taken b
up. Hills SBwrcijatlpB $15 presented by Jj
the PomniitUie on Health, and INK) 70 p
presented by Uie Committee on Markets, "
were ordered paid.
The Olcrk was ordered to draw bis
order on the Receiver tor $35 01, bejqj
one-half of one percent commission on *
S7,QQ2 EQ dqe Messrs. S. P. Hildretb and u
F. V. Jipson, commissioners of the loan <1
of 1881: *
The Committee oq City Brlson pre- f,
seated the bill of J. A. Clean, blacksmith,
for $S 60 and thoee embraced in tlio report
"of the Snperinteqdent far Sltl^ 78, :
wiiicli were'Oited pjttd.. On May $f, ?
tliefe were J<| prisoners m tho Vforkhouse. ?
Baring May, 319 cart loada of broken liino J,
stone were spread upon the streets. lo
Tho Committee 6n Claims asked the "
payment of bills aggregating $205 00,
wtiicii was ordered, nils ninoimt smbrareg
the payrpp{it of 530(( 10 U. A. Helmbrlffbt.
ej^wasor; qnffflio costa involved ?
ff. tfto suit brought hy, tym to wover' B
tbis amount (ptfi tlis city , alio the costs 01
(B various minor emw brought againsttho
Biils agcrepitlnjj $23158 presented by (ft
the Committee an Eire Pepartiifent, wore
ordered paid and tha committee authorlied
to have a new floor laid in the Vie!
lain CIU.MHO House at a cose m szio: mis ;;
being tbo bid o( C. Banex A Oo. ?
The Committee on Deal Estate recotnmftpded
tbo payment ol $S0 to M. (Irogan p
for services as ilar watchman at the old '
gjafcittfl gow&tx, ~
Absolutely Pure. '*
nn petition wIUl the mrntltuile ol low toilnliort
^ w?ueti?i,K?wT(?i(.
* V
. *, *. ; ;
ta&e House, and $82 to John Howell,
ight watchman. These amounts were _
raered paid. J , I
Bills imrregating $11 SO, presented by I
je Committee on Cemeteries, were order
d paid. The Committee reported the
evenne irom the cemetery for the first
ve month* of the year, to haw been
180 50. u
The Board of Public Works asked for
?iiSam'Stobbs, setting new and old
urb and crossings and miscellaneous
tone work, $177 62; F. L. Hoge, surreyag,
$76;total, 825302. The >01erkwas
rdered to draw his order on the Keceiver
>r the amoanta. Several members voted
A' number of resolution were properly
eferred. A resolution offered by Mr.
hanley, instructing tbo committed on
teal Estate to fit np and furnish thesouth
nd of the 8tate House for occupancy at a
oat not to exceed $5,000 was adopted. A
letition of the 'West Virginia State Fair i
Association askins thata reduction of 1884
axes be allowed by reason of losssnffered
ly the flood met with a cool reception and
pas laid on the table.
An understood arrangement among the
aembers of this Branch was arrived at
( hereby there will be no license tax
harged for the coming Stengerfest conerta.
and the managers will be allowed to c
ell beor and wine on easy terms. At "
0:20 the 8econd Branch adjourned. The t
ession was an amusing one, made so by
he arguments advanced and speocbes
nade by some of the members.
In the First Branch th'e absentees were ,
dessrs. Donaldson, List and Wingerter. .
lusineas was slow in reaching it from the
iecond, and after concurring in a few
mnor matters at 9 o clock it adjourned. j
Don't fail to attenti the Bazaar at the
eland Rink on Thursday evening next,
ic.ld (or the benefit o( the Thomson XI. .
10. Church.
Tins morning and ovenlng turtle soup innch
will be served at Louis Schwalb s
First National saloon. Give him a call. ?
DolUmore Live Stock Market. *j
Oinc* of the Cai?vebtoh Livestock Yards, \ =
Momiay, Junes, 1885. f
ucxxro or nut wux.
fkovo......................... .. ...... ..".... ..MM. ?"?. W3
ibcepand ixmbA.................. ......... .........3,(4)
> wine,
Total - ? ?..~8,W0
(The quotation* given iii our live stoctc report* are
,Iium? of the retail market, except when otherwise J
raicaoranr oaiyu at the market thkvbi. |
Verj belt on sale to-day . 5^a?, cttrhone
generally rated flr?tquality_......6 aJ% "
tfodium orgood lair quality ~~4Ka6a "
)rdlnary thin iteera,oxen and cows ?u?! j "
Sxtrcme nuifje of prices. ~.............S)<a6 "
tfostof the sales were irom ~ A av/\ M
w11eek tlut cattle aek ketobtex) fbox.
iiiutj'1 vau la....... .. 474
Maryland......... 312
Mrglnia................ ~... .. - 17
Totals ? ?.'. 868 a
kexaiuu os bxxf cattle, _
The arrivals during the week amounted to 853
lead, against 1,140 last week and 1679 head the n
?rresponding week of last year, and the sales were
H5 head, against 810 last week and #23 head n
he corresponding week o( last year, andw?yc as j,
follows: y
ro Baltimore butchers^....^................^...:...... 590
ro country dealers....: - .. 15 ?
ro Eastern buyers ? 9 tf
ro Liveriiool 17
Fo Washington City butch c?............ 14
Total salea-.^.. 615 =
Tho market is generally reported as stronger
hiti last week.. A few dealers retorted a slight ^
idyanee, but,1 considering the generally improved r
innlltv nf thAoffrrinnii over those of lust week, the r
nsrket may bo reported as "s-rongat last week'*
ralnos"?an advance of a shade possibly feeing eiabllshed
for the medium and common gride*.
ttceaSXaGc. with few at the first figure, and a fair
lumber at the latter price. Most sales oafiftc.
IrrlTtls this week.? t.sw v
IrrlralslMtwoek. 4,4M
Lrrlrals one year u?cj.................435
The offerings scarcely equal in quality those of ,
ast week: for, thoush some of the dealers report u
heir receipts equally as good in grade a? lh?ir ?
fieri ogs last week, numbers report a falling oil in
hat regard. Prices arc quoted fully up to last J*
reek's figures, and range from a tofic, with a few "
xtraashade higher: most sales fiom 5>j to 6c.
tsme time last year 6>Sa7Hc?a few extra only at
he latter figure,
this week....... ; 3,Ml
irrivaU hut week? 8,348
irrivaUouc year ago....................................... 7,<H7 REMARKS.
There is a slight Increase in the numbers of the 2
eccipl* over last week's offering, with the quality
t'lierally as it was then. Owiug to a fair outside
lemand and tho wants of our home dealers, trade
ran fairly active in all the yards, and the best
tock was generally sold out at an early hour. We
luote sheep at 2a4?c, few aMlingat either extreme:
ambaJJaSc gross. .-sine time last year ih?i<*p sold &
taaSVc. aud lame* at Batgjc grab*. ar
Cttttcura. ft
Htllgurlui; Humors, Itching Tortures,
ami Loatliiome Sores. u
wasar i? B
tymellea (OuUcur* Kesolwut. tho new blood
'utiiivr. in torn Ally, and Cuilcura, the great Bkin
Hre. and Cutjcui* Wotp, an exqulslto8xlti Beauties,
exteraslly) have dono In *Ix weeks what I
ftve tried lor eleven yean to have done. You
ball have the particulars u soon u I can give
liem to you, and as we are no well known in this
art of the country, it' will benefit you, and tyo
unedlos will ouicall who use them. o.
UxYivnx*, Kr. n. WHUE. 10
blotches' cubed.
I used your Cuticara Remedies for Blotches and
m completely cural, to my inexpressible toy. _J
utirura Koup in the best 1 bnve ever a?ad. ami (o ~
ie profession it tj la\aiuaule (or cleansing the T
tlu, thereby removing all "cirk." grease, nalnt, -I
ud all thu?tuir UM?d by Uicm, leaving the ?kin
Having ?**! rour Cuilcura Remodl? lor djh
?li mcuthi lor Tetter, and llnally can.nl It, I .m I
jxlous to get it to selbon commission. I cin re* ?
immend it beyond any remedies I haveevor uMd
?r Tetter. Burn*. Cols. etc. in fact. u i> the hot
aap^'gm 7
8inco I have been Rollins your Cutlcnra Ilctne*
[es J hftvc never heard a tin {to coin plaint. bat on
[0 itiMiHiy every one who h&* rned them bee ]
on well pleexed with them, and they ontiell ull foi
ben. K. B. CUBBERLY, DruggUt i
Anownri, IKD. ri|
BOnoVULOVd 80BK9. ~jr
I bad a dozen bad ao*ee on my body, and tried I
I remodiei 1 cpuW hear of. and at leet tried jrour
lUcura Bcmedice, and they havo curwd me.
o. . ? JNO. GABKILL,
Hihrok, Thayer County, Penn.
Coney ea Bwnv areeo)d tverj where. Price:
jncpiu. ape.; R*?olvk.vt, 00; Boar, 25 cent*,
repared by the Pornx Bauo ahd CbbjucalOo., (
Vton, Mmi. ?
B?ml for "How to Cum Skin PUmwa." T
A TV Hunbarn, Plmplee, BUekbeadi ?
9 and Oily Bkin,ute (he Cutlcura
?P. .
<esin?clxe? sud Stuwleg, th1
Himcn UUI1 ULUDi =
To accommodate those who wtah to buy a Good 1m
on my terms, I will orgtnlxe a club of FUty
i?mben, and run H on same principle aa the
itch clubs. t
Call at onco and lee the New Model Packer Gun h
d jolnlbo C3ub, at A
was lull MARKET BTRRKT. ,
gcw S-Uvtvttwmtnl*. i
Abu lot Cream and Strairberries ?:
7roml2to3o'clock, |
isploes of the Ladle*' church improvement
eio Society. ?
icro tbo mottletaiUflc mojMKnunploTcainiid f
:rw?rHou"1 EE \
tivkitii uyT*ju^am, 5
i 8BBMRin??om ' ;. iy.-., t
glanortixg gatwuct*.
S T7SE3Dynnllla.I.ruion,Orange.
ctc., favor Cake*
rcunutPuiIUInsifAc.ini delicately and oat*
rally u? tlie IVult from which they are nade.
mcp?iio ar tmi
Price Baking Powder Co.,
ihicago, III. St. LouIb? Mo.
y hakim 0^
Or. Prist's Cream Baking Powder
)r. Price's Lnpulln Yeast Gems,
Beat Dry Hot* Yeast.
street. New York. Handsomely furla
lied rooms with board, 8out??frnfcri vultlng
lo city will And deniable accommodations, tiuulent
or paraianawt Je9*
On Friday, June 12,1880,
O.*, !-< vv R? JX.
Leave Bridgeport at 6:45 a. Standard Time,
rrlving at Cleveland et 1:30 P. M.
Returning. twin l?rea Saturday, Jane 13, Union
?poi, Cleveland, at 3 p. m.
Tickets it'll alro bo good for return oil train
saving Cleveland at 0:40 A. v., Moudny. June 18.
Thin will give all partios amplo Ume to volt the
lany placet of Interest and pUccs of amusement
i the Wutiful "Jforeat Citj* and havo a Sunday
bit with friends.
He-number the day and date, and secure tickets
iriy. that anple accommodAUon* may be pio
Ided for alL
WM. T1I0RNB7B0H, Sup't,
OSCAR TOWNBEND, Ocn'l Manager.
WM H. QBODT. Qe^emi Pa??enger AgetiL 1*8
Steam IPacluts.
800 Miles Only $10 00.
rom Wheeling to Cincinnati & Return.
Bavea Wheeling lor Cincinnati every Tucday,
id will Mil I'ckets to Excursion Parties at above
iteadurlng.'he Summer One week of pleasure,
autlful scenery, and one day and night In the
iris ol A merlon.
For passage apply to FRANK BOOT?;
Agent. Wheeling,
or OAPT. CHAS. MCHLEMAN, on board.
3gooli?, 5 tail out ?b, Are.
Mexican Grass Hammocks !
ratbt before the advance in these goods, which
enow worth V> percent more thao-ve bought
ese for in .February. Thew are the real genuine
(Ods-FULL WFIOHT AxD bl/.K?guaranteed
hold a weight of l,OCO noundi Sold at lt?i than
ie same Hammock can be sol 1 for at retail elae
here, juui orders aitenaeu to u on w,
Foreign and Domwtic.
?m a m?rA-wrii-*-!
O l A A lliXt X
rho Largest Block and Greatest Variety. Bold at
\yU ^ 26 Twelfth Street.
. v
1 good variety Prices and styles to suit all.
jo, Bkato Bags and Straps.
BookseUerwS* Newsdealer, ?
>pr18 Ho 14H Market Street.
<KO. C. .Mll.LIGAN,
latest and best-Gold Lined Rubber Plates; com*
rt of gold; strength and cheapness of rubber.
u in u i uriner nouce, t?:kt?i xxtraltkd without
rm' on Frldayifrom 2 to by. u. Jcft
Entxanoc 1206 Market Street.
HBce Honm-a tn'l i. tC, 2 to S r.u. ipr*
T Boat Gum Tooth. 07
Pceth extracted without pain by a new Anaoecttc.
Local Application. (Yon are not pot to
Bp.) Teeth filled Terr reasonable.
DR. 8. fl. CALDWELL,
art* Io?\h Rt.far.ThlHT.fltthWt
gustutss Catfl*.
inncal Witnli tiitala nml Vmilim TlntlitnM
*" ? ??UIU1UMU] WHO Ill* l?UIIIIUIO|
7 Cor. ChApUoo tad Eighteenth Street*.
PECIal attention given to Bepair Work,
ilgnts for tho cclcUmtcd Jrnlson Governor.
Carpenter and Builder,
Brick, and Wooden Buildings Erected.
loola. Valley* Sky Light*, Counter* and'Shelvin*. .
J1 work promptly attended to on raaeoueUe j
" HHOP-AlleylArcar of QapitoL Betid enoe, j
nuerowiwm. Hnopinmr. ?? j
) 0. LIST, m,
?4 j
Mr ,inp WnSEu"*
'yfl Cor. loin urn Twentyant au,
wnmoSoKR JOB onxm
mm m MM 87 rwuiMQu Htrtu,
$ ? 'SoSi? ? ? *u
SStMH M"""Bigf WmSt "
ggag lomi?
Hembcti of lh? Staodaid BwmIm .?_
? llewbr ..out, 1 Iku u>.
take place oo Wadoaada; ?o,u?, Jom^L 4
Bulldlnf 1Melation Hall. Room Ha 5,
? ~ ???*? 8. BII1P.V
Vy T1ULY new ud ?7w"Sw*! {&
gjSS. ^S00 to-.nto.ri ^2
** *i?
t t tarn Ilia dray btuioo* Due u-kn
" Jeraunent employment: Ka In.SSffiSi
sr?oMM&r bS
Ur? addreu tfTiXDAUD turn Wiu ro
515 mrannr
Genu w'lhlnjlodhKMof cutoff
pwel, Boole, Shoee. 4c.. wlU do well lo anil,
JU8TD, tbe Second hmj !>.-,>
003? 1M5 Market St.. tn,t, [vti^
Genual Sottas.
J^OTICE. ~~ ~~MS
!<*??"' AdrnBj^-otice.
take thto method of iui!ni
mUIor Bollud'i l'Uno rotlih hu no Knomjit
with me, and Is wholly omuUioriwlio tenon
the tntcmta ol the Kranlch 4 Bach Pium.
)" F. w. iHCim
X ?ad the public fentrtlly Umtlim do*w?!
pared to do a rati l*Uie und senrril iinrv ui?
age bualncm at my office, comer Thirteenth ua
hofl streets, this city. When noceuary, mxa*
reason able rates wul be advanced on itocU mi
Vrith me lor sale. All matters committed to ti
care will receive prompt and careful ?tUuik*i
THOB O'BHtKK, Real Estate Agent. Ktoct BnSm
Notary Public and Foreign titeaxnsblp A|mt Telephone
No. 476. n<
go* JMttt,
Rooms for rent-ik hobs.
brpok's Block. Apply to W. V. HOOK *
BBO., 1B00 Market street jg
Storeroom No. 1302 HarkctStmt,
In Bailey's Block.
Enquire of IL FORMS,
No. 7. U. 6. Custom Hec*
Telephone A-1M.
At Mount Belleiltir Hotel.
Hivin^J,horou ghl y renova ted and reflttri flfc
n|?v....... >IVIM 1 m*u 11 WW ,-i " t- . - . . <_
oummodate a number of board en nt rwja'.k
rales. All persons in search of pleawre. feU,
and good boarding cannot And * more f Si.;.
summer Beaort than Mt. Bellerlew.
For further particulars concerning r,Us tf i
In*, Ac., Inquire of .
lot grot and got ialt.
Business Honvo, No. 2103 Main itrcd.
Tire roomed houie, No. 98 WghtMolh timt
No. 44 South Bnudway, 7 rooms, gu thtutfm
an 1 a table
No. 1001 Hanchester, containing 0 room.
No. 155 Sixteenth street, 4 roomed home.
Two rooms, 1801 Woods street.
Five roomed House, No. 18I0J*cobilrtK
' Batlnew Hooks, No. 2100 and 21(0 Main itiw
A half lot on Heveniecnib itreet.
Bchlriuer Farm, better known u (Hark Mt!i?
aid Farm, near Triadelphla; 80 screi, 6 mail
house, barn, corn crlua and other boUm?.
orchard of 225 tree*, choice fruit, applt*, mea,
pears, ?c. ttaiu u) ue ono 01 me bum uihju?
Btnaii farms In Ohio oouaiy.
Blacksmith Shop, Tools, Bellows sad Flxtw,
Cbaptlne street, south of rtventeenUi itrrcL
Ihomas Newwau Property on Sixteenth i?t
sod Seventeenth street.
Lot No. 10, east eido of Eoff street, lb* xosd
lot south of Twenty-elglitb street.
Farms and other pioterty forwde.
Collector aud Notary PuUk,
Jf5 Vo \M9 Mart?t Wtnt
got Sale. __
pou SALE.
One sidebar Bugnr, Timpkln spriiw:, full kttw
top; has be? ti uscu but two montbi. snd
as new, built by Uousldtoti, Lewis* t?.
side-bar Buggy, lull leather t>p, In tint cm*
pilr. with pole, shafts and a double fit k*"**
inqulw of A. M. UaMIlTOS.
Ie9 At Thos. Hughes A Q> .1211 M*rkt i .'tut,
8 Shares Jefferson Nail Mill.
8 Shares Belmont Nail MUL
10 Shares Bank of the OhloVslley.
35 Sharts Union Window tilsu Co.
, 10 Shares Stands rd Insurance Co.
'10 shares Franklin InsuiaoceCu ,
20 Shares Washington Ball Aiior/stlon.
Je3 I. IRWIN, Agent So. l* i wetftbgfc.
Hon* mil Lot In Eliknood, Ohio,
tad Ut^ienf110'' Inuiie' conuiulutllirreiMW
TwrtoryKnuneHouiaaodtwoLott. m ,
One atory frame IToum and two l?u on Ihrua
ttxeet. For paiUoulan call on or uldre*.
K. J. HOM'ftU,
Ituuraace and Heal litatc Ap-nt,
my10 Hrldrri^t, 0. _
? kCTtt of land on the Ohio Hirer JUflmd. *
milei from Wheeling about 35 acre, bttwa i?4
residue upland. BIch limestone tuU, ?nJ ucdtf
laid with coal. Will divide mm to make twUrw.
W. V. 1100'K & Btt?aprg
130Q Market Wrist,
The Pine Residence now occupied t'T to **
Aastr. comor Twelfth and Eoff ilrtctf. A to. W
dwelling adjoining aod numbered JIM
AIM, the tenement houae at No. ?o Vart*
mr28 HflMainWgt.
Valuable Heal KkUto en M
fourth and MarkatitieeU, In the City ?? JJ
W. Va. Lot 122 leet bj ?leet; no* occupW ?
J. KUUrlta m a wagon and bladumiih dw?w,
v. mooeabw*
gprt iaooM?rkptg^
four imaii piaoca at Sim Grora.
Two large Houaea with two acrta each.
Enquire oi g poBBES, No." Ctt&U
Telephone A-1M. ____
Ton ol c^ottx bteb bottom Wrf, * f t
Mow Whw'jUf, on Ohio atrcrujl fc r
iuJiMl sugar and popUr tree*. Al*ft *?
The und?nrfped wULon
rabUo aale tie Klmberlr hobm???.
lloCoy Venn, con?hHu* of JOOTowo ^ ^
lumber ol fields suitable /or,fc'4n'1 &
jurpoaw. TbtM lou and Uod.% we JI** miuw^
?kd ou the Wheeling. f,ltt?bur<h ?1^.; (?o
Sumd. ? Jit. ScOutfM?.&%*fLl?
niles from ihe Cepiw Bu ld uk. 3Bt^
rnmvn nn tnflrnliK before tot'.**? _ ,4,ia?o>
la. KapocUallr, ? u jUHBt*1-1'
' I

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