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th.t the President
21,***r. eight Ucketo for .
"?? they want tha de*r mm to
?ik: '
Eoa in m botheration to the Ohio
Mnocncr. wiW> ?B?> more h" p 8
STperh.p.the Ohio Democracy
bterm* cure (of cornt^
I u'rru thd Cook Count/ Democracy In
I fc Hearing dumps tliore is little chance
I hr tfw ?!oinijtr?tion to steer clear of the
I ra'lu- t-'urtcr Harrison is a Cook County
I DumocraL
I Tut action of the Springfield Gunren
ti'ja 01*7 mike an Ohio man the next
I President 0/ the United States. In that
I event Foster may succeed John Sherman
V jo the Senate.
I gwu.il Gk.i.vt'? hook la to be transI
Iited into French, (Jerman, Spanish and
I j>erhijM Italian. Hia praises are flung in I
I the laa/uaire of every civilized people. 1
I Already there are .'500,000 aubscriptiona
I filed in this country and the good work Is :
I not fair begun.
I uxi by one the milla are aigning, bnt ,
thecrael war1"isn't over yet. ifail maau- .
Urturerjare not anxious to reanrae ope- ,
niions until they see more money in re- 1
sumption. .Notwithstanding this the day
0! fatter pricei m?y be nearer at hand <
tban is now thought. <
' - ?--? ?t- - Y?? I'
TiieM id * teeling aoroau iuul mo oo- |
pats of the University are gravely consideling
a move to put that institution on j
its feeL We hope it may be so. It coats 1
too much to let the University lie on its
tack while sundry jolly fellows play old
ileilge or the equivalent on its stomach. 1
= i
Bmoa, o/WefceJ, hasn't hunted ,
putrirfgvfi with a brass band, bat he is j
Koing to collect some revenue for his native
land, jujt the same. Mr. Hall /eels ,
that when his country calls he most obey, j
Ho has the rapacity to make a good olfi- f
ctr. We are sorry to see Capt. Carlin go, j
bat ia November we fought and lost, and i
"offensive partisans" are under the ban.
UJr tarn will come next, and then?look j
nn? fnrennfllls!
Fnaat interest ia the Springfield Convention
centers on the head of the ticket.
Fonker is tar in the lead, and naturally
the Held is aninst him, with Democratic
influences hard at work to defeat him.
Fonker may not be the man who would
nuke the strongest ran, but the Democratic
politicians think he Is. Hence theirindmtrious
efforts to snow him under. We
' hare great confidence in the Republicans
o< Ohio. They know what depends upon
them, and we believe that they will make
a wise choice. The Ixtelliorxcik does a
good deal of voting itself in Ohio, and it
wants a first class ticket over the river.
Wnu the Democratic Supreme Court
of Ohio, in order to make a political point,
declared the Scott liquor law unconstitutional
it did not please the whole liquor
Interest and it disgusted a great many
other people. Thousands of tax-payers
who took little account of the moral aspect
of the question were not pleased
with the thonght that about two, millions
most be refunded to the liquor sellers.
Everybody took it for granted that If the
law under which the money had been
collected was unconstitutional, the money
would be reiunded. Any other ideals reyuifnant
to the sense of common honesty.
For a State to levy and keep money
under such unconstitutional legislation is
little better than the Mexican plan of
levying forced loans never to be repaid, or
the still more common practice of the
highway robber. Yet bere Is the highest
court, in tho State saying almost in the
sine breath that the State took the money
"iiaout rigm anu in curect violation 01
tho organic law, yet having to taken the
money the State roust keep it. This ie
nothing short oI robbery ^y decree oi
court, and no sophistry of argument can
atlie the thing leas repulsive. The Democratic
party of Ohio goes into an Important
campaign under this terrible load,
-t party to stand this would hare to be
rooted more firmly than any party in this
country has ever been.
Tits negotiations between the city of
Wheeling and the county of Ohio for the
joint ownership of the Capitol Building
Mem abon,' to stop short A committee
ol the Boart! ol Commissioners takes
snbrage st the action of a branch of
Council and resolves that the matter
should end abruptly. The present trouble
seems to be that each party to the negotiation
wants the southern end of the building.
We an unable to appreciate u
neat a difference In the two ptrts of the
structure as to warrant a failure of the
i mposition to own anil occupy Jointly the
The mutual advantages ol the propoeilion
s.-e so obvious that sensible men, in
one body representing the connty and in
notber the city, surely will not permit a
digbt difference to stand in the way of tlie
public good. While these two bodies repwent
different corporations, the larger
ot those corporations includes the lesser,
?W people pay sight-tenths ol the taxes
levi*l by the larger. The interests ol
city sad county are substantially Identi?l.
Thers is no real hostility and none
ought to be sssomed.
The gentlemen who ue charged offidtUw
wit \ ?Vl? . .* Ill
?V " *-> "?o aujuavuiBlU Ul mio niBUl'r
do not need to be told that the poaple
<?tor joint ownership and expect It to be
brought about anabuis talr to city and
county. Either and oI the building is
good enough for city or lorjovnty, and
there is bo occasion to (all out ovej- so
mall a nutter.
' obbjlm aaauat Uxm Hawaiian Tr?alr.
8?.i Fukcuco, Jan* 10.?In the course
et the ti iiimony yutertlijr in faebiU ol
kil son, cujrged with the attempted murder
ol M. H. X>e Young, Cl?tu SprecUee
w?ii u*' h6 **"
jefloer, th*t he hid eoniijbuted to a fund
to lobby at WuliingUn agaUlt the H?wbab8yp^r,Mbrita*p,pw,#
To b? Held To-day?Tlie Field A fain it Forakar
With Some Element* of Strength.
Private Dtliell'i Boott-doulp
About the Varlooa Candidate*.
Special Dftpatch to Uu IntcUigencer.
SmxoritLD, 0., Jane 10.?The dele- .
gates to the Republican State Convention
commenced gathering in the city on yesterday
and by this evening there were at
least 700 present. Many prominent politicians
from all parts of the State have ar
rjvcu iut ujd puiyvov y? uwwiiig uwu
respective candidates for places oa the
State ticket The wigwam erected (or
convention purposes, lias been handed
over to the State Central Committee completed
and ready for occupancy. It will
seat four tiiosaml people and aflord standing
room for two thousand more.
Tna vriuwAM.
It is 100x160 feet in dimension^, and
neatly and tastefully arranged Inside*
with more of a view to beauty and the
comfort and convenience of delegate an<\
visitors than to gaudy show. Excellent ar- i
rangements for the ventilation of the build- 1
ing have been made. The stage is 43x100
feet, and the remainder of the interior is
sccupied by chairs. The decorations,
which are both handsome and tasteful, t
ire in the national colors, and produce a
Sne eflect. Over the stage are portraits of !
Mnrvtln drant and CinrReId handjinmAlv 1
1 raped with bunting and ailic ttagi. Oil
each pillar supporting the roof is the name
one ol Ohio's Bepublican-Governors.
rhe panels in the end vails are filled with
lile-siie portraits o( revolutionary heroes,
while a handsome center piece in the
form ol a Chinese parasol adds to the
beauty ol the effect ol the decorations.
General Kennedy, ol Bellefontaine, was
the first candidate on the ground, having
irrived on Tuesday. The other candidates
1or Governor, J. B. Foraker, ol Hamilton
county, H. B. Perkins, ol Trumbull,
W. J.Kose, ol Cuyahoga, and Gen. Beatty, I
]l Franklin, are on hand with their backing (
getting ready for to-morrow's battle. All |
kt<A loadinir nuBCnannra ftt tha BTI/1 1
ure icB Jiug ?un?|?|n?ii w ?aw ,
oiuny papers ontaide of the Stale are rep- i
resented Dy special correspondents.
J. D. Taylor, of Guernsey, will be temporary
chairman, and Major McKinley,of
itark, or Amos Townsend, of Gayahofp,
will be permanent Chairman. Delegates
from the different congressional districts
will meet and select tbwir respective committeemen
attf o'clock to-morrow morning.
The best posted campaigners do not
care about risking opinions in regard to ,
who will be the successful candidate. On ,
the first ballot Foraker will lead, with ]
Kennedy a good second. All.the neces- ;
jury preparations have been made by the
citizens' committee to entertain delegates
and visitors who may attend the conven- I
tion. The city presents a gala day appear-- I
ance. The emblem of liberty has been 1
thrown to the breeze very liberally, more i
.J? v ?s_ at: .!?_
Limn ever umwo BCCU (U una hi/ . <
The Glote-Btpuilie this llteruoon sug- ]
tests the names of Benjamin H. Warder,
Robert Johnson, Son Mitchell and several
other Springfield gentlemen u good
men (or gubernatorial lightning to strike.
But Clarke county is modest and doesn't
insist on all of them being nominated.
About th? Situation?>*oraker'? Cbaoeaa
Oooiitlared Good.
SraiKoriELB, 0., Jnne 10.??wing to
press of professional business, it is stated
that Judge Ambler, ofCdhimbianacounty,
who, it has been understood, would
present General Beatty's name, will not
be able to be here. Allen Miller, of Perry
county, will probably put in nomination
Franklin county's favorite. Hoc. D. K.
Watson, of Columbus, candidate for Attorney
General,, is through and through I
for Beatty. i
The Kennedy men will issu&.a_dodgtir i
against Koraker. prepared by Joe Smith, I
nl Pli.rTTinnf with tn? ohiect of ihowimr l
by the election returns of two years ago <
that Foraker is a weak candidate. Among I
many men who are not lor Foraker, the
jadxment is thattho tricks of Kennedy's
boomers will prevent Kennedy's nomination
la any event. There are indications
that Beatto's managers are trying to make '
a "dicker1 with Kennedy. Oolooel J. A.
Bope, of Hancock, circulated around the
hotels and announced his candidacy lor
Lieutenant Governor. T. W. Brotharton,
ol Wapakoneta, Auglaize county, another
candidate lor the second' place, arrived
this evening, as did Brown, oi Jefferson,
the one-legged soldier candidate lor State ,
Kennedy and Beatty appear to hire
weakened Foraker by their campaign i
against him. Foraker has been tinder the !
great disadvantage of having no organization.
He has perMftently and probably i
under the ciroumatanoea very properly re- j
luied to give consent to any orginijotion
in bis favor, and none baa been made. ,
Thil left the lield to Kennedy and Beatty.
They have made uses of their chances.
The whole of Ohio baa been organized
against Foraker.
This is a plain troth. No effort is being 1
made by the friends of Beatty and Kennedy
to show tbeir strength as Quberna-' ]
WW candidates, but tbs policy of the i
managera of these gentlemen has been to
"down" Foraker. I
The Foraktr men express themselves as ,
confident to win. One of their strongest
arguments in Forakeri Behalf, ii that be ;
polled more votes than any candidate that
ranforQoyernoron the Repobiicui ticket,
he receiving (H.lJt) more than Foster did
in 1881. 4s to Foraker's waning behind
the brant of trie nint, auu w me npjw
ition always make spedalendeavor to
cot mm, and tliey give Kobinama cam- )
paign for SecSarv of Stato U?t fall as an i
illustration, be ran'nlo? ilwijranila behind 1
ttu aggregate Congressional ttgu?e?,
teifat)'i Boom. |
SrHtxariup, 0., /one fO.?Private Dal- |
sell bu sent the following to (fa# Tp?
carawuanUCoahoeton delegations: "Xt j
some of my friends suggest tft* bdj? Toif!d i
support it kindly, you have my permission '
to try me for Lieutenant Governor, Hid
and see how It wonld take. I believe It
would taka well enough, and 1 can stand
it first-rate, as 1 an few; poor and inde- ,
pendent to go bum iodowuh \
fcub Boaiw?;iiiv*Ui??rB.io raid.
Atlanta,(Ja., /una 1??it t/ 9'(Jock i
this morning a ipecUItiiln bmtsf ttu> I
/ttnaina o( Alexander H. Stephens, ao- ;
compacted by ap ejcort ol many citiaens,
left Atlanta lor prawfortavijta, where the
boir.wbleb ?
vanft in thia city, will ba laid in Ut per- :
raanent retting plaee at Liberty H?ll. The
lunerel services will take place at Orawfordsville
this afternoon, whrn General i
uobert Toombs, the lifelong friend of Mr.
Stephens, *111 make an addxeta,
At the W*?hlnftoa-J?ff?r#oa College Gym*
iuulou Interrupted.
Bfttal Dhfakh UtUliUtU&Kcr. L
Wasuisoiox, Pa., Jane 10.?At the college
gymnasium this afternoon about one *
hundred persona witnessed a rattling soft
glove tight between J. R. Balrd, of Pittsburgh,
a representative of a Commercial
Agency, and \V. L. Thomas, of the janior
class, a gatney little Welshman from the
South Side. Thomas weigha 130, while A
Baird tins the beam at 165. Baird is also v..
three inches taller than Thomas. S(
At halt-past four the opponentsjentered p,
an improvised ring and went at each other w
in a tralr pugilistic manner, Balrd draw- p,
ing first blood in tbo first ronnd. Four ti,
more rounds followed, during which
Thomas went down twice, and Bainl's P1
physiognamy was somewhat disfigured g.
and ho was beginning to show signs of exhaustion.
Thomas, however, was still Ti
lively and began to force the fight
When the sixth ronnd commenced a
college professor,came upon the scene, b
and the spectators, most of whom were
students, hastily dispersed and the match 111
ended abruptly without avictory on-elther vt
Bide, bat the general opinion is that
Thomiw had the best of it.
At the opening of the athletic grounds
the college faculty absolutely prohibited w
sparring matches, and this was conae- ca
quentiy arranged on the quiet in
Appointed Deputy Intarunl Knveouo Collec. ^
tor (or th? Wheeling District. 0f
Special Dbpateh to (Ac InUlligaieer, vc
Gbaptok, W. Va., June 10.?Collector er
McGrawhas appointed ex-Delegate Sep- to
timius Hall, of Wetzel, to be Deputy Col- Jjj;
lector of Internal Kevenue for the division 0j
arunracing nancocK, .Druoice, unw, mar- ox
ihall and'Wetzel counties. Mr. Hail will as
lave his headquarter* at New Martina- ar
sill? and will be largely engaaed in the be
antside work of the division. lie will also
assist as occasion may require in the work Ci
if the Wneeling office, in charg&of Mr. in
B. R. Laird, This appointment removes iu
Dapt. John Carlin.?Mr.Hall left here to- co
alghtfor Wheeling and will enter upon wl
tiis duties to-morrow. ap
A Chicago Saloon Murder. 0{
Chicago, Ili~, June 10.?Five men en- m;
tered a saloon at 607 South,Olark street at
):40 o'clock this forenoon, and-became enjaged
in a quarrel with Henry Hischler,
.he bartender, about the payment of ed
irinks. The crowd.assaulted him, using m
aim roughly and also assaulted the saloon- re
tceeper, Louis Klipfel, who came to the ur
bartender's assistance. One of the attack- or
log party, named Frank Shank, attacked cb
Klipfel with a cane, knocking him down, cb
rhe latter thereupon .drew a revolver, iu
shooting at Shank, killing him instantly in
with the first lire. " po
A Church Scandal. nfl
Kjutsab Citt, June 10.?A sensation in b
:hurch and society was created here to- B*
s? i? ?i uui!.. nftu ap
juj vy uio puuuwuuu >u wu *. hhm v* ww legal
documents and interviews from
Rochester, N. Y., going to ahow that Rev. hi
Father Henry D. Jardine, rector of St. wi
Mary's .Episcopal church here, served a
.crru of two yean in the Monroe peniten- c*
dary, N. Y:, havingbeen sentenced when in
ie w?a 17 years old for the burglary of a sai
itore of his brother-in-law. ilr, I'ritchard, Pr
jf.Bochester, in 1800. A libel for 000
lias been sometime pending" againat the eit
Tima for publishing certain charges of 1
mmo.'slity against Jlr. Jardine. na
? th
LItm LoiC lo a Fire. " ^
Sriuccsa, K. Y., Jane 10.?Fire last
light in Price's block and Weils' block,
nosed $100,000 damage to the following Tt
sstablishments: J. Q. Smith's tip ana
iheetirou store, Garrett's paper warehouse,
Dodge's sewing machine store, Oatiand- list's
tobacco store, Fairchilds'men's furn
Lifting store, Howlett's rubber store, Y0
Hail's book bindery, Andrews'produce no
itore, and several offices Frank Eiwards, cij
n rwnnnnt nf nnn of th? hnildines. was a.
suffocated, and Lewie' House, aged nine
pears, was ran over and killed by a Are en- Je
;ngine. "J
... on
A Dot Hath. gc;
Gbasd Rapids, Micu., Jone 10.?While fa'
Owen Dorrebosa and H. Dykeman, laborire,
were carrying a backet of hot tar ?
loom the staging between two building?, l,
the stage broke, precipitating the men to
the ground, and both were horribly burn- Q
jd about the head, face and arms by the ?,
tar, possibly fatally. ,
Ktenpeil From Jail kt Charleston.
CnaaijsTO.v, W. Va., June 10.?Six JjJ
prisoners escaped from the county Jail to. be
lay. Among them was James Parker, ne
:onvfcted of murder in the first degree,
ind Joseph Bees, charged with the same fei
:rime. tic
KEtl's IX uiiikf.
The exports of merchandise from Sew jj1
fork for the week ended June tith were ?B
(6,058,710. ??
The prospects are that the wheat crop
if Michigan will bo about ?o,000,000
The United States District Court at .
Cleveland baa ordered a sale of the Lake
Erie & Western railroad company.
front of a moving train. 101
The defecation of Postmaster Hibbs, of to
Lewiston, Idaho, is (4,000, for which aD
imaunt his bondsmen are liable. j0
' Bishop and Oiney Scott.' brothers, of tr<
Eaton, lod? are abarged with the murder Gt
>f William Haines on .March V(th. fid
John Hoagland, ueil 70,01 Dawn, onto,
?mmittod suicide by catting his throat, J?
ather than go to the poor hooae. *
Jjdarard T. Taylor, cashier of Logan
tfetionsl Bsjjk. al Wept Liberty. 0., was *?
ndlcted for misappropriation of $ (O.um) is ?
lotu, drafts, Jx. 1
It is sow believed that the death ol ex- ?,
Auditor of the Treasury Reynolds at the ln
w.tlb?rn Hotel, St. Louis, was an accident, uc
aotsui?kl?. ii
PJ)i|#dejph[a Democrats pe jtnUd tfrp In
Mugwump influence of that city will re- >e
lult in the retention of oertain liepublican no
Federal office-helders. Id;
The wheat crop of Illinois this year is
gUmaJAdst ten miliion bushels, as against Lc
Ihirty-two million last year. Winter wheat
j up to the average. P*
liaaippi Valley will escape sc^lecs consejtj{pce?
from locmt visuatlqn this yefr. ^
large itwl pl?nt at r0mi?ifo?p, nniQ. y
with ?,?/?"/ roihciml to farffia ?lj to
the rolling mills with bluett lor working (ji
into bar and merchant Meet. ? <
Th? Illinois Swub pu?d ablll prorftl- K
bgtMt ULtumMnM tQlpu bMtog a ?
fire department roav re'ty utx *pj)r, jn- "
soranca oompaniea for partial rapport oI ?f
flu department. The bill making the nu
|..-n?l(y lib lo)&riionqient when aburgler
earriet weapooa with wbifk Ulo mtght be er
lae^wualiopwod. TT,
The June. <;rop report of the Airlculfcr?l
Department -eattmatqi the total '
June, bring low tt'J againit ffi 111 l(ar. ?i
The condition of iprtog wheat ii ftf' gj
alstaut Postmaster Conerul Haj*? Kdlot.
Poor Comfort toe PartUao*?Tb# Uneat
Deal ? The Supervising Ioapector
Generalship ol Steamboat*.
Washikotos, D. C? Jane 10.?First
ssistant Postmaster General Hay uya
> is unaware of any perogati ve by which
inators may dictate appointment* of
xtmasters, and that while he would give
eight to their suggestions he should ap- ;
>int a postmaster opposed in' politics to
le administration if the majority of the
itrona of the office favored such applicant.
10 Supervising Inspector <;?n?rnl?!?lp.
ippllcnnti for the Place,
Washwoton, June 10.?Those who have
wn waiting here for the reorganization of 1
e steamboat inspection service were J
iry certain that the week would not go i
r without some appointments. They
si doubly sure that the present week 1
[11 see something done. There are eight j
ndidateefor the chief place of Supervis- ,
g Inspector General. Captain James A. I
umont, who has had the place for ten '
mra, wants to remain. Behind Dumont's
ndidacy is the old Towboat Association
New 'iork, and the interests which fa- ]
rod the passage 01 we uingiey dui (oral
Congresses ago. That measure looked
the redactionol tonnage lees on ateam- '
rats. Captain Domont also had the ear- (
st support of certain elements by reason a
his recommendationa to the Secretary
the Treasury to reduce inspection fees
id to abolish marine hospital dues. The 8
ray of indorsements which the incum- I
n t is able to marshal is quite formidable. 0
Captain William Burnett, who preceded ,
iptain Dnmont, wants to get luck, bat
the office there ia a relic which stands 11
the way.. The souvenir consists of the e
vera of a letter book, the contents of t
iich have disappeared. On tho outside g
pears the inscription:
"This comprises the effects of the office i
Supervising Inspector General upon *
y taking charge from Mr. Burnett. \
J. A. Dcuost. a
Captain Burnett's prospects are not t
tea high. If the appointment goes v
est, Captain E. W. Gould will undoubt- c
lv secure it- Much of his backinir ia c
asked, bat is stronger by that fact. Sjc- s
tary Manning lias got two or three a
awers in his desk taken np with mem- f
ials and petitions from Merchants'Ex- 11
anges, Boards of Trades and Cotton Er- o
anges, all asking, m view of the great
tercst Western river steamboatnien bave I
the service, that a Western man be ap- g
inted. c
The petitions referred to mention no s
imes, but Captain Gould gots the full v
neflt ol their force. Caplaiu James S. I
irton, of McMinnsville, Tenn., has in an ?
plication, bnt all of tho Western inllu- a
ce is virtually in favor of Captain Gould, a
Henry Lawrence, of Bridgeport, Conn., tl
s Hied papers, but has rested content a
th that action.
H. 0. Nichols, of Athens, H. V., is a
ndidste, bat his name can not be found
the records oi steamboatraen. tie is c
id to be on friendly terms with both the ?
eeident and Secretary Manning. .
M. II. Murdaugb, of Norfolk, Va., is the
rhth and last applicant. . '
The biggest thing about the oiHce is the
me. A salary of $<1,300 attaches, and r
ere are four or five clerks to look after ?
u correspoDuencc.
. W.Ul.ViB'S COMP11M1I8K. J
> Feeling (or aud .tgnlnat the llolllon
Certificate Scheme.
Wimiscmx, June 10.?Congrefsmsn i
arner'e silver proposition finds quiet adcaey
in influential Democratic circlcs,
{withstanding the repudiation andcriti- i
im it baa met in many quartets. The C
lmioiatration is known to be taking the ?
enest interest in the discussion started ?
ilB publication, and everything printed
. the subject is carefully read and pre- ,
rved. One of the arguments ur^ d in ,
ror of Warner's bullion certificate '
beme'is, that it would be tho beginning J
what misbt be called a metallic cur- "
ncy?that is, it would create a currency *
sed on something more substantial than \
iblio credit. This turn In a new direcin
would, it is eantended, be mopt wel- V
me. rhe
suggestion made, that there was [
ngcr oi inflation in issuing an unlimited r
lountof certificates, was admitted, bnt '
cause only tbe amount at currenoy J;
etled in business would be used. *
Governor Tilden's message of 1876 is re- ?
red to ?, handling the subject ol lnfta- J
in in tnianner to completely answer all V
jectiona on that point. The constant ?
a of Tilden's name in this connection ?
owe that ho is regarded as an authority, j
itvhetberheiscommitted to the Warner 5
mpromiss, or has merely put it out ?
roughWarner toprovokediacusslon,c?n ;
ly he con]eelure&
two upai-s in pcosyrcT. jj
n?s, of Lonlitaoa, ifur lien. Kloj, ami y
Charlai T, Murray with Qartsj*.
WAimNOTOH, June 10.?Cuthbert Bui- a
t Jones, a Louislanian, and a candidate c
consul to Callao, is said to be anxious
meet Obarla T. Momr, tbe auljior
d journalist, on the "field of honor." [j
nes comes of a family that kills. The d
puble arises out of an interview w th "
in. Floyd King, which Murray telegraph- J
(4 his papers, relating to a vendetta 1
tween the Jone* f)nd |.iddnl familial. M
nee It aid to be slightly nndesided ?
lether he will call out Gen. King or Mr. "
amy, Both are game men, but have P
far refused to receive note* well under- >
tod to contain or be preparatory to a "
oljenge. c
'iheSe u.en," said Ur. If Ing last night, 1
rlU leave no stone unturned to ruin me
Louisiana, The matter is serious and <>
[fortunate. I never used the name of ?
re. liddell at all. They are my best ?
ends, and the single slip of a name, 11
lure lot) beyond repair, 11 not prevent 1
? from ever returning to tbe Mate at
loiaiana except *t tbe peril ot my life."
e peacefully-inclined frien.ls of both
rtiea bope to prevent miachlef by tome tl
cam {o-monow. b
"Orfciit'i V^ricnli. a
WisBfjijoTo*, Jjtne lp.:?^Jolopel Ji. H. *
itclielijerj pepjjty Qiartermaater Gen- *
fi. l'e/t Wtfbisgtqn last nigh? forSfe? h
>r*( to receive and bripg to >faal)iRgt<)fl I]
o tejtaqnjalj and patents jrecpiyed by ?
ra. Grant. Col. Batchelder wasepeelaliy
Lected far this duty by the Secretary o(
ar a few days' ago.. It has not yet been
cJiM vkm the presents will be peri J
meotly pUfcedi ? ii
General John-A. Logan called on Gen- J
al Grant this morning.
Jhf guml Overworked. I
K*w Yoiit. Jone \p,~tfeoefui ?r*n; f
jsod sn^lmoet ^il^^si : I)r- \
CUeaio'iDuiMntk KI?|Iw?liJ| opw
\V?r oq th? Adalllltnlloa.
Washciotox, Jane 10.?Then was the
liveliest sort ofa bowl around the hotel
corridofs when the Chicago Democrat* '
hero learned of the appointment of Frederick
H. Marsh to be Marshal for tlie
Northern District of Illinois. The representatives
of the Cook count; wing, at
the head <of which is Mackin, Mike
McDonald and Carter llarruos, danced i
upon the pavements in rage and (
made the atmosphere biuewith profanity. |
Marsh is a very reputable Democrat, the ,
present Democratic sheriff of Ogle county,
tud be was endorsed for the place by '
ilmostasinany Hepobiicansas Democrats. 1
Congressman Hitt and, it is said, Senator ,
Logos had commended him to the favor
ible notice ol the President. Representative
Morrison had also given Mr. Marsh a '
letter of recommendation for appointment i
to any office that he could get (
Cook connty claimed and expected the
place, and while there were several Chi
cago candidate, only one, Mr. W. J. Mc- "
Qarrigle, expected the office. He was i
backed strongly by the ring, and the political
reasons urged for his appointment
irere considered unanswerable. Quite a
lumber of protests against the appoint- ;
nent were sent here by repntable Demo- ,
:raU in Chicago, and the President deternined
to choose the marshal outside of
3ook ronnty. He accordingly selected
Hr. Marsh. t
maxATixua unx.iT tiii.vo*. ?
What a stab this appointment is to the o
democratic organization In Chicago can t<
inly be inferred by those who heard Car- o
er Harrison urging the nomination of
Jieveland in the Democratic Convention ?
1 Chicago and who were aware of the prorlc h
equired to bring over the Illinois dele- S
stion, ;to hia support. The views of )'
be Chicago Democratic organisation y
u Marsh's appointment were pub- g,
icly expressed at Willard'a Hotel S
o-night by J. P. YanPelt, chair- ?
nan o! the Couuty Central Committee,
lie leading backer here of Mr. McGarri:!e.
"We are the Democrati who do all the ?
fork," be Hid, "who spend our money, ?
rlio poli the wards and carry the election.
Vhat do we getT Snubbed. Republicans
nd suckers can see the President and
alk with him for hours; we can't have a
ford with him. We on do the work but ^
an't have anything to say. Every up- a|
lolntment that man has made has gone to
om-j sucker." He spake very excitedly n,
nd did not stop for any nicety of lan- u
ua'o, but denounced the Administration j,
u the mo3t vigorousterms he could think vl
"There is not one office at his disposal (J
would have," he continued, ''but I am
?ing to stand by my friends, and I proIsim
now that ali onr power will be
gainst the Administration, and not a y
rard can they carry. We shall see if the ?
lemocratio party is to be treated in this _
ray." Mr. Morrison Is pleased wit|, the
ppoinimenc, as ne wotua ue wiui mat 01 tj
ny man who did not suit the leaders of 0j
he party that failed to give him the sentorship.
Kutluried by Lagmn. p
WiiinnaTos, Janp. 10-?A leading Chi- a
ago Democrat charges that the appoint- ^
lent of Marsh to the Harahaiship ol the a
iorthcm District of Illinois was procured 11
y Mr. Morris, in conjunction with Gen- "
ral Logan, and that it iaa Republican ap- ?l
ointment. He aays llarah was first u
rough! out by Mr. Leg in, Mrs. Logan "
nd Congressman HittJ and that Logan "I
mt the finishing touches to the business *
urine his visit to the White House on
louday last ?
' ' J tg
wo ThJ?fM WI?M B?f K*?D Mulct fu* m *
CUTaUnd Firm. "
Clktklasp, 0., June 10.?For aeveral ?
nontlis Felsenheld Broe. A Co., wholesale ?
loafc dealers at \V Bank street, h.jve cl
nlssed large quantities of valuable gooda.
'he case was put in thc handa of- Lew ra
Vhitney, a local detective, who soon ?
potted William Entlesdorf, a cntterin J
he employ of the firm, bat thecloaestsur- 01
eillance tailed to detect tbe thief in (be
rt of removing tbe goods, finally, the
letectives ascertained that the stolen ?
pods were sent to Chicago and were v
eceived there by a woman named Hire. 1
intiie Starlc, who keeps t hospital (of in- ir
ilscreot young women atlBli Fulton street. B
Vhitney, on representing to tbe woman A
hat he bad a patient for her, pureuaded at
ler to accompany him to Toledo to assist tb
II removing the girl to Chicago, No el
ooner bad the train oroaaed the Hae Into u
Ihio than Whitney confrontedti'.u woman
nd accused her of having received the
tolen goods. Mrs. Stark at fjrst protested
anocence, bqt when the detective (old g.
ter that the drooo she vote waa made .
f the stolen silks, she broke down
nd confessed. She waa brought to Cleve- N
ltd and taken'before Englesdorf. Heat *
rat protested that it laa a mistake, but
nding that the evidence Mains) hi? vu T
onplcrira, eoofesaed ana vu amateq
nd plwed in the county jaiL Hp-hail ,
arried the goods oil', wrapped around his A
ergon, and had shipped them to Mrs. *
tark, who was living with him aa his 0;
r|fe. felwnheld & Bro. do not know the
japt amount' of their loss, bpt tsy |t
mounts to many thousand dollars. The p
use will come up for trial to-morrow. ;
rtl <1(
*?w IUmp*hlr? San^tonklp. ai
Coxpojfn, 11. II., Jan* lb.?Tho llepub- \
cm caucus for the nomination of a can- w
idate lot Senator will- be Held next *>
'httrsdar evening. The member* of (b?
Misutnrs jre |n tgirn !p <n"i i?ii?an(J j;
aObrcct ?p toe Question {a mcjeaajng. v
enator Hulr in aukinat tlie field ajyl ;a 2
lairing a vigorous canvass, with strong ,
roapects ol snccees. It is not itnproba- J
le thaf be will receive the caucus noniiition
without a bard contest. His .
Imncea are better now %|j} 5 HWS? of "J
Isecretarv* Chandler does net appear to ?
e a favorite. lie iseltberdolagnothing
r working so vaietly that no one knows
There is slight likelihood ol his reef ivig
the nomination. The two branches 9'
ote separately q? Tuesday ?W Mdln
dot cun^ntipn tfle Mlowtog day. fcvery
Custom, Jnne 10.?All establishments In "
lie city engaged in selling pools on Use g(
all and other event* were raided Uhday at
enK4Kviiin MJIWU^F?VU>^O<O -
P|tt?ih:bou, J one 10.?All the gambling 'r
Jhicagq and the western cities, under the W
"VorolnaiuuUU?.. B
Cwcj*a^n, J|me lfc-jTha CladnniU *
Vic* Qurrent in> iU ^eeUy reriew of the Jj
creased1 m tne last weea. xdq iouu
itfct: , h'i* ' fvrii '
rhat Hat* Aoetdtd to ih? Amalgamated t
Seal* -Tha SUiifitlou la th? Pittsburgh I
Ulitrirt?Tb? Kalian Dany That Thijr fl
Dcalru to Come Back Into thoFold. fl
Pirraui HOH,PA.,June 10.?The package ?
)(scales lying In the safe at the Atnal- j
punated Association otBie, ?u Increased ),
.his morning by the addition ol one more ti
icale?that of the Akron Iran Company, 11
if Akron, Ohio, which was sent on to-day. "
[here is plenty ol room yet in the sale lor j
icalea, but at the rate they have been sent
n daring the last few days, they will, if ?
nntinued, soon make a respectable showng.
The Akron mills work 10 puddling p
nrnaces, 1 skelp, 4 heating, and runs 8 si
ilate rolls, making almost exclusively b
pecialties of various kinds. The officers J
if the Amalgamated Association seem to h
le well satisfied with the way matters are
irogreesing, and the facea about the offico =
tore a cheerful aspect !<
Further than this there was no change "
n the aitnation to-day materially affecting <
be trouble. "
o.ta iodgb's ntocnua. ?j
There is trouble among the members of 8t
he 8oho Lodge. Yesterday afternoon the
nil! committee met with the firm at the *
dice ol the Soho Iron Works Company |j
a see whether or not an arrangement in
nnlil he marie wherubv the men Cuulil eo >r
> work. Nothing, however, came of tEe ei
[inference. Mr. Max Moorhead wna seen vc
j-day in reference to the meeting and K
ad this to aay regarding the situation at wi
oho: "I wan not present at the meeting gc
eaterday, and I don't really know'what h
u done, or what waa considered. I know It
lis, however, that the men are anxious to de
9 to work. They have aaid so repeatedly, th
ut aa long as the sheet-rollers hold ont m
ad the Amalgamated Association keepa p
E their courage, they will not start. q0
ere is trouble in the Soho lrdge, but
ut what the nature of it is, I don't know,
ae men are dissatisfied over the way Tt
lings are going and I wouldn't be Burrlsed
If there would be a bad break up
i that lodge."
"Have you any intention of aigning the 01
reient scale?" lal
"None, whatever. I think it is prepoe- be
rons to nake a redaction of 10 cents on .
I workers but tbe sheet rollers, who are Jv
le highest paid men In the mill. It ia ,J
ot (air, and we will eonie to no such
ran. I believe, however, that there will JL"J
aa break among tlie workmen before
dry long. If it had not been for threats . ?_
tade against those who were willing to bo
work, the men would havo been workli;
Mr. A. 21. Byers says that a number of "i
tills will start up non-union be/ore long. JJ:
lost of those that have already com* on
tenced work are uoR-aoipn raillg, at j"i
hid) leme special arrangements nave
een made. The only strictly union mill .
lat has signed, he says, is the Union Mill uT
[Cleveland. ^
The plate mill at the Sligo works of tic
hillips, Nimick & Co., was started again ^
lis training, despite the statement from 8W
te Amalgamated Association that two mi
ten of the crew had been induced to stop tic
ork, and therefore the mill could not be J*,
perated. The men wliQ were persuaded
> leave the mill yesterday were Jack Oar-,
stt and a man named Jacobs. Two men ne
pplied for work at the mill to-day, and _
ere at once given a position. One of
ism was known-to"toe Amalgamated
lembers, but the other is not He is a
ranger here, but it is thought hails from
town near thig pity* Twa heats were 4l.
orkedthjs morning, sixteen size belnc '
illed. Some trouble wss then experi- ne,
iced with the screw and the difficulty
as not remedied nntii after several hours * /
--L. rrt? t ?i:il m
or*. iuo AuiM^auiawu mcuiuvia aui i (
aim that Al'I Cennisou, the shearman,
u no rlnht tu work it tho mill. They ,iv
that 'lorn Iteese, Denniaon and another !10
i?n named Henry declined to atop work "J
hen importuned to do so. All arejoipg e"
juhle work,
4notb?r Canard Denied. T|
Ci.KVilAN u, Jnne 10.?Fayette Brawn,
iceiver of Brawp, Bonpell i Co., at
bqngatow)), was shown despatches sent ge;
om Pittsburgh to-day, atating that ne
rown, Bonnell A Co. would sign the wi
amalgamated Association scale and re-. ...
t a II J II. .i.i.J 1L.1
line wor* ue*1 .uunuajr. no nuueu uiai 0g
lere is not * word o( truth in the report, B
then ss ta the intention to sign scale or
I to starting the works it the time stated. t!)
Struck ma llurd t!e?l. Bit
PrmacBOH, Jmje }0.->lhe workmen at K
r,ith, Sqtton A Ca'a steel mill struck togilt
against working hard steel for the cai
ime wages ?s ?oft, The Amalgamated he
ale wis signed by the firm several days to
[O and tho mills haye hero In operation, th
1-itj they yefased to pay e*tr? for hard ra
eel and the A wilgamatod Association or- c*
red the men out. It is reported that the in
mslgamited lodge of Oliver A Roberts pa
ere to disband to-night, owing to inter- no
>1 dissensions. foi
Hoi m.Miii.K.d.
An Associated Preea dispatch from ,
ittsbtirgh printed in yesterday's paper
glared that the United Mailers were
ixlousto again Join the Amalgamated co
ssocistion; that they were dissatisfied Mi
Ith the results of their recent secession L(
id organisation of an independent union, r.
tilfl ?ni [italic-ally denied yesterday
I nailers here, and (ast evening Freak
snt \Veir, ol HellSre. bead ol the United
a(lefSo| America, told an IsTuxicascia 10
porter that there was not a particle of Mj
undation lor the statement; tiiat tha
ailera' organization in i|ailj growing ?'
ronger. %F,d ;hut jhefe haa never been a ,
ja o( (lljMliifaftfon with thonewdepar- '''
reamanjt t^e members. Tlio aanci- *"
ion could aearoely afford to return to the
maigamation now. f0'
t ... gq
fft L^nUlS^Vt BU Son-Art.r lh.
I'?rp?tr?torB cf the Crifc,
LpicaaoBq, V^., June la-^Shioe the
qphlngql young Terry, for killing Je>*,
the friends of Terry have been very n
tirely trying to find out who coufpoeed ?
?lynching party. There haa been a {JJ
xxl (leal 01 excitement over w9 QtUtir, "
Toin^Captiin White, editor o( tt?e f>
drana, yesterday receirej a warning Ga
omthe v8eq*teyo| Vlgllants'1 tastop .
ruing tU pt(ni*hment of Tony's mart vil
Biers, or he will .offer % t^tmeRt in, s.
Mr, TVK.Villftini, a lawyer supposed
I Ije employed to secure evidence against vr
ia lvnfinera received & similar nntira. ?-t.
oth gentlemen declare that the threata n,
ill b< disregarded. Terry's lather, Genral
Back Teriy, who waaStoneTrallJtak. . ;
io>(ararit?MB^MWMTCrr01 at "
He la overwhelmed <rithgrle{, aod 14 he-.
a man of very delcrmiuod Varacter, the \<
eilei (hat be wi(l pursue the matter to X<
fli?*rie?n? wm thatJe- be
HI1 ?<>( WM wa?l Wl Ul ilater. bj
rh. Xcwnrk Mnehlua Company and tha
City Aiithoiltle* 111 L?cal Array.
Xbwars.O., June 10.?The Newark Ma- 1
ihine Company put a force of men to work
o remove the old buildings and property A
ormerly occupied by them, but burned
bout a year ago, but they were imtnediitely
(topped by the city officers. This
ompany has been the source of consider
>ble trouble to the city, aqd continues to
leso. The company removed here from ?
lagerstown, Md., in 1883, and secured a .
onus of $35,000 from the city, and en- "
ered into a contract to build their works w,
lere and employ one hundred or more H
:ien for the periot} of ten years. They D
ontinued in successful operation until in .
uly last, when they were burned out. 10
After they burned out, in 1884, they reloved
their works temporarily to Colum- ep
us, and the officials of that place ottered ,
liem great inducements to eet them to
ermanently locate In tint city. Ever u'
ince then the officials of this place have 81
een trying to get some definite ander- th
andlngas to their rebuilding their works 8a
ere. The.otficeis of the company vant- do
i $50,000 more and a release of the old de
Lortgage of the $35,000 bonus, and also '
ir the city to agree to build water works do
immediately, but they met with such G)
rong opposition that they soon withdrew sit
ieir demand. The city held Insurance go
i the buildings to the amount of $20,000, tat
id suit has been brought against the in- fac
irance companies to recover it.
The company has violated Us contract
ith the city in evorv respect, and has
cured over $29,000 in the machinery,
id now attempts to remove the old build- ,
g and msterials and locate in Columbus,
id allow the city of Newark to low all enl
:cept the insurance. Over $18,000 is iu- (lis
lived in the esse, aud is left for the ml
urts to decide. A temporary injunction
is gotten out by the Mayor and City JJv
iHcitor retttnable on the 17th, by Judge ctl
unter, wben a final hearing will be had. in
is about settled that the company have Go
itermined to remain in Columbus, and the
at a contract hat been made for Its per- old
inent location there. The people are son
mifclv in/'flnflP/l avap !;)?) aritnn nf iko am
mpany. Jfa
1,1 yril
le Ex-Prealdeut of the Marine llonk Talks it 1'
out In Meeting. not
New Yoek, June 10.?The examination Lie
James D. Fiah, the ex-President of the
e Marine Bank, was continued to day ?
fore the referee at Lndiow atreet jail, on tioi
half of Julien T. Davits, the receiver of
-anti Ward, to diacover whether or not Rcc
v of the tracts of land and bnildinsa )'01
med by Mr. Fish were purchased witii tha
)ney secured from the defnnct firm. tre|
Mr. Fish was stubborn and testy. The *tni
st question was as to the number of lota u<&
'ned by Fiah in Ohiago. Fish said they sua
:re purchased by him during the past * g>
ree years, and became angry when aakif
they were purchased with money got , 1
im Grant and Ward. He blurted out t
u? or twioe, "Don't ask such d?d tool- Hoi
i questions." ?,i
When questioned as to his stock openns
with Grant & Ward, he answered: _
had thousands and thousands ot dol- in 1
s worth of stock stolen from me." hel
He was very vigorous in his denuncia- L,t
in of Ward's mining schemes. "I jla
ugbt stock in a mine from Grant &
ard," said the witness, "but it was a y.
indie. I bought and paid for many tot
nee which only existQd in the inugina- [g ,
m of Ward. I was inducod to take bold jja
the Word smelter, but Wrrd's brother ih.
!d me they never had a smelter." M?
"How about the Mono mine?' the wit- 0| i
ss was asked. jor
'The Mono mine was one of 'Buck' ,i??
ant's," was the reply: "that was ad?d mn
indie too. The individual next ilcor aU(j
('ard) can give you valuable information
ro other questions the witness replied: '8tc
^hy don't you examine the gentleman
xtdoorT' t
'(Veil," replied the oomisel; "youissue
nbptana iuou tecumix and we will bring ctI'
in in." ish
"Just bring him in and hell get a black rfvi
e and broken neck," shouted Fiah, and
looked as U lie would carry his threat
to effect^ The examination was adjourti- jj j,
' ' ' chc
r? St#?gt?klp loads ot Paiioogors Jn ae jfa
Ifupleaaant Prtdlcawent. *^jn
Stw Yoek, June 10.?All of the paaseo- of 1
re on the steamships Weter and Poly- bui
sia, which arrived here a few days ago
lb thirteen cases of >mall-pox aboard, ph(
9 still held at quarantine by the Health hia
icere. To-day the 869 who came from
emen on the Weeer were transfewed
im that vessel to Ward's Island. Only j,
out seven hundred were able to And
>nninre an^Ammn^a^Ans Imrn CttU
ff*"M "WWWUIWMVIIO ?? ?) uvngici) I ,
J the others must sleep on the floor. ,e?
Bisles have broken oat among the pu- of t
igere, and there are about sevonty-ilve tha
see. No new cases oi small-pox have h
en founJ, although au infant la thought .
have the disease. The paassngew on arcl
i Polynesia will have to remain on the bar
seel until the steamship officials hare ave
n get authority from the home ottlce, yea
Bremen, authorising the transfer of the Y
csengers to Ward's Island. The coat oi bee
aid there is twenty-five cents per (lay re?
reach person, and the agents oi the mil
ie do not want to Incur the Indebtedness be<
thwtthe sanction ol the owner*.
Never Thought of Sooh a Thing. g
N*w York June 10.?TUo following
mmunication kaaheeu reoelved from Cj
r.refdipand Ward] in I
ipu>* St?sit Jail, Niw York, June 10. f
11he .-iuociofd Prat: tig,
I understand that it baa been reported iu>|
it I intended to try to escape from jail is
night, and that detettivea have been mil
at here to watch me. I respectfully stal
I that you state for me that the patter div
escape baa been the farthest from my stal
ought. and my Intention to await my
al and defend myself against the many
acks made against me. I.
[fit had been mydeatre to cscajie, I lun
aid have done so long before my arrest,
t (t has never entered my mind, and 1
>1 that it is verv qniust on the part of he:
y to swpact i^ch a thing. Mr.
Very respectfully, *?
Fibdikand Waed. 1
Baa* Ball Vwmlir,
it Brooklyn?Brooklyn 0: Cincinnati, ,C
Errors, Brooklyn ?, Cincinnati 1. whi
as* geacb. Struck out by Terry 5; by to
it Buffalo?Bufialo, 7; Detroit, 8.
ran, ttuualo, a; Detroit -u Buw,
lilklo, 20; Detroit, 13. Struck out by h?c
Jvin, 1; by UeUein 1. *ml
It Philadelphia.?Athletics 13; Lonia- wit
'? 1 Erron, Athletics 2, Louisvilies pei
Bases, Athletic* 24, Louisrilles8. Struck <5e?
t bj Baker 3, by Matthews 7. tioi
At Chicago?Chics jo, 13; St Louis, I. ?#i<
rors, Chicago, 3; St Louis a. Bsacs, ha\
iica*>, wistLouis ?. Stick outby. .bjJ
srkson, l|by Dalley. none. ?*n
\t Mew York.?Metropolitans a; St "J
ui4 7. Errors, Metropoliiaus 12, St
itsis 1. Bases, Metropolitans 10, fit. Louis
BfrWk by 0|rn there 1; bjr Itfneha fi
At PravidtncA-iPrnvManut. 9; NW
irk, 1. Erron. Providence, A; New
>rk, 7, Buea, Providuuoe, 10; Xow wh'
?k,?. Struck out by Keeie, S; by Kid- Iroi
mrne, 4. wa{
At Baltimore?Baltimore, 10; vIttta- c'.i
"xh.^ Struck oqt by Henderson, 8; ?c
Mmt?r of Comment?The Outcome Uacer<
tain?A Thorn in the Path or tlto Comer.
t?Ut?i ? Senator Edmunda Be.
Core the House of Loidi.
Loudon, Jons 10.?Mr. Gladatono baa
it jret loft for Balmoral to place bis relation
in the bands of tlie Queen, as
u stated in the Standard this morning,
e la still in Londan. Eirl Spjncer is in
ublJu, having left -London alter the Cabet
meetiuK yesterday.
The XtpuiliqUi Francuiie, of Paris,
eailnK of the resignation ol the Glsdjne
Cabinet, says: "Europe mustdlsuat
a Minuter wherein the wisdom of
rStafford .Vorthcote can be annulled by
e passionate imprudence of the Earl of
lisbury and the petulance cf Lord Ranlph
Churchill, when foreign questions
mand so much coolntu andtacu"
rheSlawiard in an editorial sajs: "The
ty of the Conservatives is clear. It Mr.
adstone insists on resigning, the oppoion
are bound 10 accept the duty of
vernment We trust they will not iiesie,
though statesmen have seldom been
:ed with so uninviting a task."
the ConMirvatiy* 1'nth?VVhnt Slmll bo
Done With Churchill ?
Loxdox, Juno 10.?Tho chief difficulty
jountered by the Conservative^ their
cussions regarding the formation of a
nistry, says the Pall Mall Qauttt, is the
>blem what to do with Lord Kanilolph
urchill. He claims to have done much
the work of destroying the Liberal
vernment, and demands his share of
i spoils. It is apparent that the
er Tories regard , him ss iroubleoe
and somewhat dangerous to have
and in national council*. The Pall
II Gaullt intimates that a polite effort
1 be made to get rid of him, if the Con
vauves lorm a liovernment. lie will,
i said, be requested to go to Ireland, if
to succeed the Earl of Spencer as Lord
utenarit, then as Chief Secretary. The
c which is already being applied to the
mg man is something like this:
You certainly prefer duty to mere am1;
therefore you Bhould accapt this
Icult aud dangerous post. Dare you
pptit? If you accept, then, whether
i succeed or fail, you will at least prove
tyou possess the great qualities of injidity
and self-sacrifice, which are
rsfatesmen." Ixird Rudolph is very
jeptible to flattery, and he might prove
rest Irish Governor.
Edmnnd?'H?(or? llta Hoove of Lordr.
o?dos, June 10?A committee of the
use of LordB to-day began the considtion
of the claim of Major Maitland to
T -"J?l-l~ xr.f if.,,, ,
MOUUCIUOIU wajutjuniuuiu!
ib petition to the Lords, says he ia the
r of the fourth son of the sixth Earl of
klerdaie, who, it is alleged, married
ry Macadam, in New York, in 1772.
i days before her death. Mary
cadam had borne three sons,
bis fourth son ol the sixtli Earl and it
intended by the petitioner (Major
itland). that this marriage legitimatized
offspring. Sir Junta Maitland, a dedant
of the fifth son of the sixth Earl
Lauderdale, contests the claim of Ma^
Maitland the Peerage. United
mis and Mesars. Fowler, Stephen Nash
I Clarence Carey will give testimony
cerning. the law of marriage as it exd
in the American colonies in 1772.
Auiaricao Tnl?ot lu Lumlor.
xj.vdon, Jane lft?The American con:
in aid o{ the sick and wounded Britsoldiers
of the .Soudan campaign was
sn last evening in St. James' llall, and
I a grand success. All the artists were
lericans. The professionals included
? Marie Van Zandt, Mrs. Antoinette
rling, Miss Gertrude Griswold, Mies
tie Carpenter and Miss Adelaide Del
in. Among the amateur* were Lady
ndeville, Lady i<ui Jolph Churchill anil
I. Reynold).' Tlie Prince and PrincMa
Valta, the Duke and Dochras ot Kdinsh,
Mr. and Mrs. Phelps, and rnoet at
leaden of London society were present,
he Prince of Wales and Minister
dps had a long and pleasant chat bod
the scents.
WoU.l.J uiu it.
okdox, JunelO,?A sensation has been
led by the publication ol Lord Wolsas
dispatclus, concerning the evacuation
he Boudan. He warns the government
t on withdrawal from Dongola tho
lie province will be given up to anUy
and will revolt from civlUiation to
barism. - Withdrawal, he says, will not
rt the trouble. The Mahdi in a few
rs will attack Egypt.
'ears cf internal tronbles in Kgypt havo
n a burden and strain on her military
rarcea. The' beat policy in both a
itary and financial point of view would
lo.attacktbe Mahdl at Khartoum. '
Kuaxtuu Affair*.
I, i lannuunu, NliUU ?W? LIIU I10WB"
iera an making offensive comment* on
Peter Lomsden't nmatlu and reception
idiipatch from Singon saystheevsrnai
ol renjdob by ltnaaia creates a good
iraulon among the Afghani. Forage
icarce. The Britiah Boondary Com ion
iaUbont to move. The Sthmt
m? that the Ameer of Afghanistan will
Ida Iiia amy info three corps, to be
doLxl at Herat, Balkb and Candahar.
Lord IfurtliiBtQiiStiiiimniiril.
osdo*, Jane 10.?The Qaeen lias
lmonttT the Marquis of llartington to
moral Caatle. It ia not known whether
Is summoned aa a representative of
! Gladstone or ia to be invltnl to form
ow csuiuet. witu naningion seems
iq hurry (o comply with the soramoiui.
A Hardtrtr1! Confa?>iou.
lufcisiuTi. 0., Jane 10.?Schneidor,
? is the Hamilton, 0., jail, sentenced
be hanged June IB, tor killing bis
tber, confessed to-day to tbe jailer anil
spiritual adviser. Be aald his mother
I threatened to pollen his wile
1. had ssked him to let her livs
h him. He agreed but at sup
a quarrel arete and his mother
oanded to be taken to the railroad ita1.
Betook her, and on thewayahe
1 tbat It bia wile was dead be would
re i nonifi loll maddened bin and
itruok her on the bend with * (tone and
ried her off moil buried her. lie then
ented the atory thai atramp met them
I murdered fall mother.
As IiikmI Mai, ot Coon*.
T. Xocu, Mo., Jane 10,?'Vhomu M.
id, the companion o( John WilUama,
0 shot and killta fienrr Moran. in
atol the iJUndud theatre, lart nigh't,
I aRMt*d to-dty. lie dental baring
?<eecd tlifl sbootinir. Williams it u
iftiaional "tough." lie ami here Irom
' V*?' ndiTwIon.ly known u
rMked JphtfUnd "Honert Joe." He
teU?Te<ltobtTe led Uiecitjr.

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