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? ommUsimuM' Sale.
k5 PftK CENT BOKD8 or 1485.
Notice Is hereby glren *hnt the undersigned
commissioners, appointed bran ordinanceof the
City of Wheeling entitled "An ordinance to provide
for the Issue and sale of bondi of the city of
Wheeling, to be known m bouuu of 1886, and lor
tbi redemption and pagjneat thereof tail protldlngfortnepiymuut
luto the city Treasury of i
certain amounts from the revenues of the gas and
water works," ratified by the voturs of said city on
the 28th day of May, lew, will, on
saturday, jult 11, a. d. 1885,
between tbe hours of 9 o'clock a. h. and 8 o'clock t
p x., at the Buuk of tbe Ohio Vailey, in the city
of Wheeling, W. Va., receive bids In writing for .
and sell bonu<of said city, authorised by said ordl* 1
uaucc, to the amount of 819G,OjO, one hundred
thereof of the deuom nwtlou of five hundred dollars
each and tbe remainder of the denomination
one thousand dollars each, all dated the tlr?t day
of Ju y, a. D. ltW>, payable on or befotc tbe flr.t
dayot July. a 0.191'J, at the Bank of tbe Onio y
Valley, with Interest at the rate of five percent per ,
annum, payable annually on the first aay of July, 1'
a. I). 1bH6. ami on the Un?t da) of Juiy In each year ]]
thereafter until and .Including the year 1919, at said .
bank, lor which interest oupous In proper form v
urn attached to each bond; and al*o as many more
of tt".> bond* AuthoiUed by tsUl ordinance as may t
be u< ct-j?sHry in addlUou to said f 1?-G,uw th-.rtof, to u
p*y .Is- cutstandlngorders and other Moating in a
detiteduinicf said city existing at the due of tbe |]
ratification of said oidinau -e with the accrued in- ?i
i?n?i it,..,..in. feunh IxintlM will bo Mold onlv for n
caxh to tiio highest bidder, approved by the under- ?
ylgiiod, and none of Mid bonus will la- sold for 1cm
^ -'ttuu tbe principal thereof with the accrued Intereat
thereon. 'J he undersigned will also at the w
f Mine place oil the name day und between the Mine a
f hour* receive bids in willing for and sell addl a
tl<mal bonds authorized by Mid ordinance to the c1
huiojut ol S'C.WX) of the denomination of one w
thouiuiud dollars each, for bonds of said city of
th? I'mii of June 13,1871, but uo premium mil be
allowed for any of the bond* of said loan of 1#71.
The > >nd* b? reby advertlstd lor sale ate any of
thein liable to redomp Ion at their par value on
aud at an; tlmo after the flit day of July, a. b.
lS'jf>, us provided lu arid ordinance, and wither
Mi' li botidc or the coupons thereto attached will be yi
subject to Uxatlon under authority of Mild city. h
By wild ordinance the Mid city obligates I self to t
payeauh'ycar after 18W, unill the bouos authorlied
by mid ordlnaucc are fully paid, the one
tvcuty-iMh of all of Mich bonda not paid before
tbe that day of July, 181*5.
V. 1*. JKFSON,
l?. b. uotihlNd,
Jel2 Kownnfawlono**.
M lu the Municipal Court of Wheeling.
m In pursuance of the authority vested in me by a 0
>?& decree- of (he Municipal Court of Wheel in?, made
on the third day of June, IMS lu a ault lu chan- _
eery therein pending In which Emma Taylor with
8. </. Taylor, air hu.it/and. arc plaltitiffr, and William
H. Harden and others are defendants, 1 will,
common-line at 10 o'do *k A. H.. sell at public auction,
to the hhthcat and teat bidder, at to? front
door of the Court iiouso of Ohio county, Weal
Virginia, the following described parcels of real
estate, that la to nay:
Klr*t?'The wcatono-half of let numbered thirty
(igty, situate on the south aide ot fifteenth street i
in the .Michael uruliam addition to the City ol
Wheeling, lu tho Hmto of West Virginia, together
wi'h tne building! aud improvements thcrcou. The
foregoing property comprised the property
aud rod Icuce of the late liolstcii Harden, ana 1b a
most dcallable proiwriy. The improvements consist
of a large* brick dwelling hcuao, with brick
stable and other outbuildingi, and In excellent repair.
Second?Lot numbered eleven (11) In square
numbered eighteen 118), and the uorth one-half oi
lot nuinbertd twnlve (U) in square numbered
i Ighleeu (IS), as designated on the map of tLe subdivbdousof
the Joseph Caldweil catute, and divis- /
ions thirefrom to the said city of Wheeling. Ohio ...
co'inty, West Virginia: aaid property fronting on ,?
the cast side of hoif street, between Twenty-ninth v
and Thirtieth street#. t,
There* li erected on the foregoing proj>ertjran ele
Rant brick rt'KKit ittc. una is a most uesuuoic K1
property. Fold building whs erected by Edward (,
l). Harden an a rvsldence, and is unusually com- y
modlous and well couatrucud.
it U required by thodesreo under which tills sale u,
I<? lo bo mado (lint the purees of property above j<
described hull be oti'cred for sale R-puratciy. ,,
'1KUMS OF 8ALK?OniMhird of the purchase w
money Ahull bo paid in cash ou the day nt sale. u,
and ui muen more an tho purchasers may elect t" r.
pay: the naluncu shall be paid iu two equal IubUI- jj
moots with interest Irum aay ui title, at one and
two ypaM from day of mile, tentatively, the pur },,
chasers giving notes for thu deferred paynicuts, rt)
with sccuiltv to Ih; approved by the commliwioutr, n
and as further security tho.tltle lo said parcels oi ,1
Iitnii (.hail Ih- reUineu until tho purchase money
stMlt have been i?ld lu full, atid the Hpeclal Com- pi
missioncr ordered by tho Court to coim y. ,Y
K. (}. HAKR, ,,,
Special Commissioner. n
f hereby cortlfy that bond has bcon given by the ei
above unmeet Sptcial Com nils# J oner lu the above fi
entitled causu us required by law. w
Clerk of tho Municipal Court of Wheeling, tl
Jpf. d
nuiiy of Went Virginia. City of Wheeling. Iu the
Municipal Court of Wheeling: C)
John Kink 1 w
ra. I ?1
W. J. W. Cowden, administrator 0! }ln Chancery, ni
thu estate of Caroiiuo V. Zano and t'
others.' J ?>
Ily virtue of a decree of said Court cntcrod in the T
a Hove entitle 1 causo on tlie 7th day of April, 1885, {*
tho undersigned Bptclal Commissioners will, on "
SATURDAY, tho llth DAY OF JULY, 1685. ct
beginning at u o'clock a. u., sell at publio auction, t?
at the trout door of mo Court llouso of ohlo County,
West Virginia, the toll>wlDg real estate sltuiite
ou Wheeling island, in tho City of Wheeliiig: The
tract known as tho Johu Pink luud, situated botweou
south Penu snd South lln adway streets,
originally coutaiuiug Ave aud one half aens. le*i
thu itortion taken by tho ilty of Wheeling for the
oxittUMonof bouth Ptnnstrvo*. and a piece llWJf t
/out iront on 1'i'na timet running back to liroad- %
way street owned by W. K. Zano.
The Irtiid to 00 sola has been dlvtded into lots, a *
plat of which can be seen nt tho respective ofllcu
of thu undersigned coinmisiiouew.
The property will bo offered as a whole and alMj
riu fchmvn ?n thu uUt. ami will btiiold lu
wflleh ever wuy tu*y apjwar ihumohtauviuitageouK.
TliKMciOlf oAl.b -One tliinl part and as much
more <y lb? purcbancr may elect 10 pay, lu band. ,
Itic remainder In two equal luatalnu-uU at onu and I
two jtiiih, notes beating luttrcal from Ihu day ol
wile to ?io glveu for the deferred j>nymunt*, tltlo to
bo retained until the purcliuao money in paid lu
full. DANIHL 1ECK,
Special Cowmbaloner*. ?
W. If. Haukr, Auctioneer.
I hereby ccrtllr that tho nbovo Special Com ml* I
alonon have Riven bond and security as required *
by the Court, THOMAri M. DAUU.VH,
)t<i (,'lork of th? Cotiit. t<
= I
$xal gslutc Agents.
Koal EMtato Apout
Ppocial attention given to Collecting Rent* and
the general management of Real taWte. Can fur*
nlsh U*t of references.
inrlO 1230 MAIN 8T? Wheeling, W. Va.
(Saoocaur to Alox. Bono, Sr.)
Ileal Estate, Stock and Money Broker
KotatCH Bottled, Houses Rented and Rente Collected.
*r*1163 Markot titrcct, cor. Twelfth,
Jy.ll Wheeling. W. Va.
^wsltu?? Cat <1*.
Curpentor and Buildor,
Brluk and Wooden Building* Ercctcd.
Roofp, Valley* Sky Ughta, Couutonand Sholvlns.
All work promptly attendod to on rmonabli
JCSHOP?Alloy 18. rear of Capitol. Betldenoo,
Fifteenth turret. Shop In rear. la*
(touoral Machinists and Engine Builder*, J
Cor. Clmplluo And Eighteenth 8treeU. c
Agenta lor the celebrated Judaon Governor. 1
J} 0. LIST, JB., .
glclut ^flcut.
The fumoiu Urge steamrr City of Rome will leave
Now York lor Uwrnool, Wudncadty, July 1, at 7
a. m. For price of Kiwi ami Second Oibln, n? *l*o
HUtirtitftf l'AMtagu, call on the anchor Uno agcut,
II. F. HKII KJi.S'rf,
2217 and 2iltf Market Htrcct,
jpl'j or .V>01 Jwrob ilmst.
?onimtssloii fttcwhmtts.
B. Davrm-okt, 6. D. EoouorroM,
General. Of D. Egtieaton A SON, Special
DoalcaIn Grain, Flour, Seed*,' ProvUlotu, Ghceee
and Dried Frnlta.
W* 1?7 WAB1TTNOTOW Bt.. flhtmgn.
No. 1163 Market St.. Wheeling, W. Va.
aaroollectloni attended to andprooeeda promptly
rowlttod. apra
Ka 1111 Market Street,
nni wwfrKT.TVa. w vt.
townahlp toget upciabe for TEE WHEELING
ELY IMTXLUQKNOgft. Send tax Specimen
Narrow Escape.
RocHOTi*, June 1,1882. "Ten
Years ago l was attacked with the moat
Intusw ana deathly pains In my back and
"SxtcadiB* to the end o! mj toe* and to my
' Which xuado mo delirious!
"From agony!!!!
"It took throe men to bold me on my bed at
"The doctors tried la rata to relieve me, but to
to purpose.
Morphine and other oplataf
' II wl no effect!
"Aftsr two months I was given up to die!!!!
"When my wild
icard a mlghbor tell what Hop BIttera bad done
orher, the ut once got and gave me some. The
tstdoaeetsed my brain and aeetued logo bunting
b rough my system (or the pslu.
Tho lecond dose ?aied me so much that I slept
ivo hours, ar<uielbitig that 1 bad not done for two
lonths. before I had used five bottle*. 1 was well
nd at work as hurd aa any mau could, for over
lirw weeks; but 1 worked too hard (or mr
trcngth, and taking a hard coj?1. 1 waa taken with
le moat acute aod palulul rheumatism uii through
lyavstem that ever was kuown.
"I called the doctor* again, and after several
'e?;ks the* left ni<j a cripple on trrutchei (or life,
i they said, i met a (rleud uad told hint my cum*.
ud he raid Hop bitten bad < tired hint and would
ureme. lnoobcda hint, but nowaaiooarnesti
as induced to u*'j iheiu again.
In less than lourweeks I tbrawaway my crutobca
nd went to work lightly and kept on using the
litem (or live week* uutll 1 became tu well as any
tau Hiring, and have been so for six yoani tiuce.
It has also oured my wt(o, who had beeu sick (or
cars; aud has kopt her and my chlldrcu well aud
calihy with from two to three bottles per year,
hero Is co need to be sick a) all !( these bittors
roused. J. J.Bebk, Kx-Supervls.r,
"That ?oor invalid wife, Siiter, Mother,
"Or daughter!!!!
"Cau be iiiulu the picture of health!
"R'itli a few bottlta of Hop Bittern!
HTNooe Reutilne without a bunch of green Hopa
n the white label. Shun all the vile, poisonous
;uff with "Hop" or "Uoi?" in their uatne.
[ihronlP#*?XTon? Dhpawi.
Quirk, Naro Carrs. M'A
IJUtUJi?htd IR'i %rrittr$% ouarantt?
I J in er+rura-n vudnrtnketu
w-aend two DUtups for Celebrated >t edloal Works,
rr?*. Call or write. F. D. CLARKE, M. D.
Ho. 2fl0 VtKE STREET. CtWClKW<NT? n"?n.
^ i fftii rnJfffm 0
?? , .mii??J Q
Typlioid Fever, r
I nra kixty seven yean old, and have lived in this il
lull) comity all my life. Up to tweuij-elghi '|
jar* sgo 1 was regarded a* the strougest inun In _
10 nclKhlwrhood?the most robust In health. In J
ovember. 1KC,1 had n long au* serious spell of it
phold fever. Il left mo emaciated and a cripple \\
i my right let;. Attiuioatbnt limb was swollen ,<
i enormous slxe. being twlee as lareo hs Km uatuml 11
>ndlilon, and inllamed and angry in up(>earance. 0
n?iu my knee down small fores came, and at the n
ukle * 'ar#e u'cer enme, which discharged poison- t
n? mtttt-r. My whole sjstem became Infested. 1
be doctors would patch mo up for awhile, but the II
leer would never heal. The inen-ury and potash jj
lib which they dosed me brought on rheumatism
id dyfpcpsiu. I was an object of pity to all my ?
leuus. home thought tluit the only hope to save y
fe whs amputation I continued to grow worse. 0
ad for tlree ye?rs I have not worn a iihoe. Hope
ltd almoet le t me. Bwlft's Hpecillc was s icges ted, L
nd If(?mmenccd i's u<eatonce. From tue very fii
ru I began to feel better. I lmvo taken thirty u
x bottles, and the xhudown which had darkened
iv Jifo Air twenty-eight j'tiirw have all been dl?l- "
tied. Thooffcctoi the medicine has been won- a
erful indeed. To day I am able to attend to all r
iv farming interests, and walk from one to five ,
ill. s per div. lam satisfied that the disease U K
ittrvfy btoken up, and henceforth 1 am to be free a
mo those terrible iipprehentlons and suffering fl
hlrli formerly uude mv life miserable. Hwift'n
pecltlc ha* dotttt moro for me in one year than all V
it' drugstore moaWnc prescribed by phynlrlHim u
Id lu twenty-eight years. and I moat cheerfully B
wir this teaimony of Its merit*. W*. It. Rtau.
ifall County, Ua., Feb. 28,1SS5. tl
From 1!io Dissecting liiiom. 11
Having taken Bwlft'a ?|>ecU?c lor blood poison it
tutrncied ut n medical college ut a iH-mjcUou, u
htlo I wo* a medical student, I am grateful to wiy
uit It gavo mo a tipeedy uud thorough euro afu-r 1
iy parenU had ?i>cnt hundreds of dollaro for 0
eatniciit. My arm wan swollen to twice lu u*ual y
m, nud a* uoth'ng helped me I wt? despairing of
rcr belug cured. Hut hearing of tho S. 8. a., I u
aught a bottle littlo thinking I would derive any o
enellt from it. I ix-gait taking it rcguUrly, aud w
iou theswollingbvgau togo down and ttic arm
laitd to pain ine. 1 continued its u?o, aud after "
iking eight bottle* wai thoroughly cured. 0
AUuurtvh NVkndkl, Newark. n J. '<
TrcatlMJ on Wood and Skin DUewoa mailed free. .
Tn* bwiw amine o., 1
xnylMJ.*w Drawer n, Atlanta, Cla. t
For ha).' t.y l.angldln Bro?. * t'o and i,ogan it Co. f,
igSltiiEgV s&arwK i
RW m.l.rf.Ifever*,dyn ?
.? netwla. chronic win- K
MtipatJou. a teudencr
lo kidney anil v
Q2^Wfc/7| OTps bladder ailment*
ftnt' rliomaathm. 11
vt R>*and **?' lh? great- g
" Ml value in ease* of .
*?t< u, VS bodily trouble arls
y}J'rornI Wcakn""<- s
: 1 f^alIle<?1 hyTrf^il j!
Jl l< highly ewrvlco ,
X^tMgv^sftjgbjlWI ab!o to convaie* I
ccnU and ladles in v
^ ___RJt,_u v? dollcatohealth. It .,
^ ^.STOMACH^, ii. morvover, a u.ie- f
ful medlcluo to take 1
0 a ? a b0 w"*1 ouo on Ioan r
? ra S &*? ** JourccTi, and coun v
jrnet* the effect* of mental cxhsuntlon. For sale i
y all I)ru*jrf*bt aud Dealer* gcuerally. 1
JelVMWMw e
iTi[jt]utiiKi{jjjrBifcj]ji t
mop. NfRvnUfnFRit ity j
tt a mnra) MHtal o ? o am i c\viux wkwi >
JT1I1 ILJiJIm lx>c?yjindnnnnroo? t
\>cv<A\Woi 5 <
j fc'ffli ad; <
A Radical Cure for ? 5 /lo? {n" fndulaonc?, or t
XTI'HXTOTTQ V o?or brntn work. Arold
AU(VUUa Hnihi Unpoiitkmot prrt<n* *
DEBILITY.Lg I' ,""'"!'' ?' ?.? I
Organic Weakoess.Ks^r^'^
W DECAY, HJShukf. itcutPYthatius
Vaiikb A Mlrtril*7:vCl'RED ttvou?aM(, lluC* '
,nYC/??RHW WMl Ini'rfrw with ntfB. i
flgea men. HW|tiontol>u?lnn?. orcauM '
TctT7D ron OVtB E? ^L" ^?jS83*?
YCAf13nrUStINMAWMmkIuUJAc nwillral prtnetThOUCAWP
0A8C8? I3jpl(i. Bf^lwiippOauloa
R|bt!lllMl OfdlNiN l!i ,
IftTse? Hri wzyzx:
a TDiii HJBtirat ftmctloniof tb< bu?
? Dari/ari Hm?n orj?nUra ti rtrforwl. J
PACKAClU CHflTfn- auimatinjr rlcmcnta
trrryiMturvf Kif IIff) *hlfh n?W bwi
TJihATjLEA T. Ijw b*ik.?'vl ,
One Month, - (n OoBjCthaptilcntVcomftchrtr '
Vwo Atonthf. - B.^U;ir..l ami rapUlriralni Uxtv I
Ttvroo aioniha, 7.0Q jyjQ itrrartli aad Kxiuil rifor.
000*W. Tenth BU 8T. LdUlB, MO. <
P11 P>43?P?B?9K?;??
vina GrivTfii Fnsua thxaTi. 6
nflftlTllfl" Cure without Medidn
I PflVlTil/P Patented October 16. W6
A rUul 11" ! Ono box will row tholnort
am in lour d*r? or im,
Mlan'a Soluble McAicnted Bongles.
No luiueooi dflMfl of cubeb*, copabl*, or olio!
andol vrood, that arc ccrtalu to produce dyipgpsia
it dwlroyfug (he roeUn*? of th? itomaoh. rno?
Uo. Sold by *11 drwartitt, or milled on receipt ol
irloe. For further pkrucnlm Mod for drcnUr.
p.o Boxifitt. nnnr
J a ALLAH 00, IflllHF.
88JohuStreet,New Tor*. UUIILl
~Mf| t ft stopped free
B ^klnMn?P4aoai RMtored
RL a WnerveRestorm
smSris a^ifttwttSsJsa
S!la^j*il!WEBrKi3Ch?ib??ai. ji?w y?*.
... aA *1.000KBWAHI),lorItchlnn.
Oil Lv BlKdlo* i,r Prolrudloii Hlff Djt*
I'll I* A niWUHURtmMr Wlitocure.
I ILLV Hold >iL0fU?O).> Unit Mora.
AAT manhood, raoraroi, ww
LUU I Wi-vtulliKl . I,h|l?..?nd PniKlfV
4o|menI D^U.' * ""
ib Mdligtmxi
Offlpn t Nod. 2.'? ami -57 Fourtonnth Streot.
Lillian Spcneer.
I lire la a garret, last under the roof,
1, with the ?ou of a poet;
You'd Mtticeh* believe It, perbapa, but the proof
Lie* lu the tact that i know It.
Fa dream) toy chamber l? spacious and wide;
The hanging* are crimson uad gold:
All regal in splendor 1 sit in iny wrlde,
While mltuuela their ballad* of old .
Pour forth la the calm of the itlllneaaot eve
To the touch of the harp'a soft atrlug,
\ud ruuud the thrall of the spell*; huv-they weave,
Continual rapture doth bring.
In truth 1 poiscsi but one small, wblte-woihad
About large caouvh for a mouse,
["be hanging* <> which are a duster and broom, 1
Hera up lu the top of the house.
iVliut wonder 1 rail nt the pervcraeuea of Fate!
What right baa she to deliver
Che parcel of bruins luto tils the wrong gate?
1 vow I'll never forgive her!
or I know. In fact, they belong over tliere, !
To my lady wh > sit* in Mute; !
!> 1?.l? an hntii'lili- ,nt? liuH* UI fair.
Sly iatly \vbo ?{iouM luxve been great! I
'nun the height of my lofty MHtlon above, '
I look on rav neighbor! below
Villi | icy: ulcin tli nixh it may be to love, {
I've little of It to bmtow.
lut one comfort Fate my soul doe* not deny;
Something 'or thin 1 umy owu It:
am pUcod within cu?y reach of the iky;
I'll get In tlitre lirnt. or I'll know It.
Ie KUN Seventeen Jimtli-r* at One JSbot, nod
Thou Gather* in Forty More. ,
Jarbomlalc, Pa., DUjxifch.
Old Mr. John Hull, who is familiarly |
mown in this region as "Banty" Hull on 1
iccount of his short staturo, and who
>roudly boasts of having been a school- 1
nato of President Cleveland's father
'down in Jarsey" many years ago, is one
>f the most ancient and honorable rattleinako
catchers in this part of Pennsylraniu.
He has also won the local title of
'Doctor," in consequence of the large i
lumber of "ager'' patients which he pre- t
ends to have cured; ami as a healer of '
vhat he terms "spine in the back" he i
laims to possess remedies about which i
ho regular practitioners know absolutely c
lothiug. The eccentric "Banty" has a i
und of capital personal experiences as a '
lunter and trapper, but his best anecdotes t
re confined to hunting doers, boars and >
oxes, and to slaughtering rattlesnakes. 1
n conversation with tho A'im's correspond- a
nt he said: c
"One time I was walkin' along a ledge t
ver on the Paupack, when I seen a bunch t
' suthin' that looked to mo like a loto' )
attlesnakes an quirieu up logemer a sun- j
i?* theireelves. The hummick waa jest ii
jout as big as a small stump, an' it was c
ighfc in front of a lot o' rocks p'raps sixty f
out from where I stood when 1 fust seen
L 1 wasn't eartain whuther it was ratles'nakea
or not, but 1 was bound to lind 1
ut 'fore I left there. I had a muskit with
le that I'd used nigh on to forty year, an' v
chucked seventeen buckshots into the n
luzzle 'n rammed 'em home. Then I t
red at the heap to make cure what it was a
rnde of. Wall, I found out mighty soon, li
ou'd better b'lieve. Seeh a scamperin c
f iquiriny cusst s as tried to git inter ?he c
racks in the rocks 1 never see afore nor I
ence. it waa nip an' twizzle with the "
,ull mess us to which would get out the li
my Just. I didn't s'pose that I'd hit "
ny on 'em, judghi' from their antics, li
jest thought the noiee of the sliot'd 1
inder wakened 'em out of a sort c
' afternoon nap an' scart 'em so p
uddon like that they didn't hardly know
rhere they was for a second or so. The
oteo of their rattles twJd me that they was J
'prised at somethin' er other, an' I
nought I wouldn't sit at any nearer to'em t
ill luey stopped rattlin' and squirinin* }
round. I knowed they wouldn't roam j
way very fur to ?ee!what'd!run again 'em, u
' *- :/
;uu8euiey who iruiu mm n tucy uiu igon _
ut 'o the way it'd thunder tin' lighten _
^'n. When it was all quiet I creeped up t
j'uril tlie rocks very careful. I seen a lot e
' Bnakes layin' near the led#?. They t
rasn't makiu' any noise, an' I puked 'em t
pari, an' got 'e onquirlcd. Everyone f
n 'em was dead, an' when I straightened v
!in out an' laid 'em in a row I found 0
liere was jest as many dead snakes as ({
liey was buckshoUt in the musket?sevenL*en
in all. A good many of the reptiles
lad got away. 1 knowed that an' I knowd
lurthermore that probubly some o' the ?
hots hadn't hit a snake, an' others had [
illed more'n one. j,
"But tliat wasn't all the fun I had. I v
?R8 purty sartiu that many of the var- 8
ain'd crawled inter the rocks when the j
hots struck the heap, an' I mistrusted ^
hey'd come out bimeby to see 'f the
hower was over. I went down in the lot j
n' got a new fence post with a sawed end ,
ud took it up on the rock jest'bove some
loles where I 'spected the live snakes
MS MUlll'. l rt'Hieu Uiu , pum, ua luu rucn B
n' waited for the suakea to stick their c
toads out. In a littlo while I see a head
wko out an' peek around right under
there 1 stood with tho post. Then the
tead was still, an' I dropped tho square
md of the post down ou it. It smashed
he head as flat us a pancake agin'
ho rock, an' they was 'nuther dead rattler.
raised tho post up an* Matched fur more
;ame. Purty roau 'nuther head popped
lut, an' down went the post endways. It
vaa more fun than shootin', and 1 got so
arried away with tho sport that I didn't
eali/.o how late it was v> hen it begun to
;it dusk. Then 1 laid the post down an'
lulled the snakes out with aerotched stick.
!. counted forty-three, an' it got so dark
hat I couldn't see any more, an' I left
em. How many more besides tho forty- i
hree I never found out, but there must of
>een a dozen anyhow."
low They Should be Worked?The Proper <
Drnluuge. /
Philadelphia Heenrtl.
Tho hard, crusty surface on tho soil, af- i
iit a warm Jay succeeds a shower, la due j
a improper dnumigy. The ground may ,
ipparcntly drain oil the surplus water j
nwily, but thut which goes down into tho ,
loil must Hud an outlet below. If the sub- ,
wit i8 not stiff clay, or impervious, theup- (
rer soil will be slow in absorbing heat,
ft'liUe tho crust that quickly forms over
he surface not only prevents evaporation ,
)Ut also acts as u barrier to the entrance j
>f the air, which is necessary to the health
mil visor of the crowing plants.
Baking of tho soil may bo remedied by
lioroucli drainage and the application of ,
line. Many farmers who have drained j
heir lands try the use of draiu-tilo find, j
lowovcr, that tho soil, though more j
laslly workod and cultivated, does not be- ,
:omo perfectly free from tlio formation of ;
. rusty surface. This is duo to tho com- j
ractness of the subsoil, which does not al- ]
ow tho surplus to plow away a's rapidly as f
t should. It may be remedied by first j
lowing tho surfaco soli and following 1
s ith a subsoil plow, which, with tho thor- .
rash under-drainage, will soon render the
toil friable and easily cultivated.
Prainaire, however, while carrying off
lie surface water, also admits the a r. By ,
leep tillage the air is assistud in penetra- .
ing every partido of the (Oil, and changes ,
die elements of which tho soil is com- ,
posed. When lime is used on heavy, com- i
pact soil, it changes the character of the 1
mbstances which have so tenaciously re- 1
listed all efforts to snbduo them. It grad
rail v works forward, being carried through .
:he soil by the rains. Lime alone may not ,
idd fertility to some soils in which it ex- ,
1st* as an insoluabln carbonate. It is in ,
ihanglng its own uonojtiau thftt in con- ,
nection with tho free o*lgen of the air It |
performs servico in liberating many Inert ,
tud dormant elements that cause the soil ,
to be of an undesirable character. Some
farmers have not found lime beneficial an |
certain soils and crops, but this results |
from the fact that lime acls best when the
conditions are most favorable for that purpose.
Hence tho soil that Is well drained,
thoroughly plowed, and the subsoil ron- :
ilered porus, will often be changed In I
sharafter BD'l texture by the use of lime i
when other methods hive failed, I
Frost ia another excellent agent In a?- !
listing to change the condition of the soil.
Paul plowed deep, late in the /all, ud .
left with the (arrows ridged, will expose a
greater jarUce to the treat and be more
readily pulverized. This is a great saying
of labor In tho epilog, but it does not proTeat
the soil from baking on the surface
after the growing season begins. The
difficulty must be overcome by drainage
and the chemical action of lime or tome
alkaline substance that is early united
with the vegetable acids that exist In all
soils. Hard soils should always be worked
over after a rain. This not only keeps the
surface loose but permits the soil to absorb
a greater amount of moisture from the
succeeding rain, as well as assisting in the
distribution of moisture from below by
capillary attraction und the absorption of
water vapor from the atmosphere. Deep
tillage does not require the turning up of
tho cold subsoil, but pulverizes it by
means of the subsoil plow. The roughest
kind of soil may in this manner be made
serviceable for ail kinds of crops.
Trout fuilllre.
A convict at a French penal settlement,
who was undergoing a life-sentence, desired
to marry a female convict, such
marriages being of frequent occurrence.
The Governor of the colony had no objec- ;
:ion, but the prieat proceeded to cross-exttnine
the prisoner:
"Did you not marry in France?" asked
the clergyman.
"And your wife ia dead ?" ;
"She is."
"Have you any documents to show that
ibe ia dead?"
"Then I must refuse to marry you.
i'ou must bring proof of the death of your
There was a pause, during which the
prospective bride looked anxiously at the
ivouul-be bridegroom. Finally he said:
"I can prove that my former wife is
"flow can you prove it?"
"1 was sent here for killing her."
What hlio Tied thu Kuut Far.
H'athtnglon Pint.
A good story is told of a prominent
member of society who has a habit of ;
ying a knot in her jjoeket-handkerchief i
vhen she wisftes to Jix anything in her :
nind which must be attended to. She j
ras engaged in a desperate ilirtation on a
:ertain occasion, and iu her abstractioh 1
Iropped the handkerchief on tho lioor. (
Phis was noticed by her hostess, who en- !
leavored to break up the flirtation bv in- '
iting her guest into another part of the J
louse. As the latter rose from the chair t
ue Bioopeu aiiu piuseu up nur uhuu&it- *
hief, noticing, as she did so, the knot
ied ia one corner. "What have I forgotun
to-day t" she asked audibly. "That
ou have a husband," replied her hostess,
.'ho story was repeated, and the lady,wljo
s a well-known member of the diplomatic
ircle, always keeps her handkerchief free
rom knots now.
A Bride's Amendment.
toitun Home Journal.
A minister at a recent wedding came
ery uear being broken up right in the
nidst of the ceremony, and all by the
iride, a pretty, fragile, young little thing
nd one of his favorite parishioners. She,
iad insisted on the most rigid of the K'pis-i
opal church forms, and her I'nitariau
mnister had humored her. Imagine,
hen, his surprise as he dictat id tho lines:
Promising to love, honor and obey," to
lave her distinctly alter her oath to,
Promising to love, honor and be gay,"
ooking him directly in the face tho while,
le had some difficulty to control his intonation
to laugh, and. not being prelared
for tho contingency, let it slip.
Kevertliel*?M Marthn Said ''Von."
lawhmter (Kinjlaml) Ounnlltm.
The following instance of persistency on
he part of the rejected admirer has. perlap,
rarely been surpassed. The disap- .
loiuieu suuor ionoweu me young woman
ind his more fortunate tival into church
-it was the church of Iiurwash, in Sussex
-addressing the bride-elect from time to
irae in piteous tones: "Say 'no/ Martha;
ay 'no/Martha;" and this he continued
ill the crucial question was put: "Wilt
hou have this man to be thv wedded husland?"
As soon ss the fatal words "I
rill" had passed tho bride's lips instead
f tho "No" which he had fondlv honed
or, ho turned away and left the church.
"Clenr tho WttyV*
Complaint is mado that tho streets of
he city are so clogged with dirt and Rariafio
that it is difficult to pass along. This
9 bad business, but not half eo bad as
t'hen the ducts and passages in the human
ystem become blocked and closed with
mjiurities, and tho liver has no chance to
10 its work of cleansing the blood. But
ven this state of aUuirti vields to Brown'a
ron Bitters, thereat family tonic, which
ou can got at auy drug store for a dollar, j
Some people maintain that a laborer
hould got all his refreshments from the
row-bar.? Yonkert Gazelle.
An Important Dhcovcry.
The most important Discovery is that
vhich brings tho most good to tho greatest
lumber. Dr. King's Now Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds, will
>reeerve tho health and savo life, and is a
jrieeless boon to the 'alllicted. Not only
loes it positively cure Consumption, but
Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Hoarseless,
and all atleetious of tho Throat,
Sliest and Lungs, yield at once to its wonlerful
curative powers. If youdoubtthis,
tet a Trial Bottlo Free, at Logau & Co.'s
lrug atoro. mwfaw
Mountains may not have mouths and
loses, but we have seen a mountaineer.?
Whitehall Times.
Nervoui Debilitated Men
Vou are allowed a freo trial of thirty days
>f the use of Dr. Dye's Celebrated Voitaic
Bolt with Electric Suspensory Appliances,
or the speedy relief and permanent cure
)f nervous debility, loss of Vitality and
Manhood, and all kindred troubles. Also,
or many other diseases. Complete restoraion
to health, vigor and manhood guaraneed.
No risk is incurred. Illustrated i
)amphlet, with full information, terms,
)tc., mailed froe by addressing Voltaic Belt
Co., Marshall, Mich, hwfaw ,
The cure of cane?carrying it under the
igbt arm at right angles with the body.?
Botlon Transcript.
An Kud to Houe Scrn j>lnjr.
Edward Shepherd, of Harrisburg, 111.,
lays: "Having received so much benefit 1
rom Electric Bitters, I feel it my duty to ,
et suffering humanity know it. IJavo
md a running sore on my leg for eight i
.'ears; my doctors told me I would have J
o have the bono scraped or leg amputated.
[ used, instead, three bottles of Electric !
Sitters and seven boxes Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, and my leg is now sound and well." i
Slectric Bitters are sold at fifty cents a
jottle, and Bucklen's Arnica Salve at 25c
>er box by Ix>i,an & Co. wwfaw
Advice to Mather*.
Arc you disturbed at night and broken
)l your rest by a sick child suffering ?nd :
trying with pain of catting teeth? If so,
lend at once end get a bottle of Jin. Winilow's
Soothing Syrup for Children Teeth- i
ng. Its value i> inwlcnlablo. It will re- ]
iovo tho poor little oufforor immediately.
Depend upon it mothers, there is no mis- ,
ako about it It cures dysentery and
llarrhaw, regulates the stomach and bow)ls,
cures wind colic, soltons the gums, re- I
luces inflammations, and gives tone and
inergy to the vhole system. Mrs. Win- '
ilow s Soothing Syrttp tor Children Teething
is jiluaaantto the taste, and is the preBription
of one of the oldest and best fesale
nurses and physician* in the United
States, and is ior sale by all druggists
throughout the world. Price 25 cents a
bottle. Mffuw
Bucklrn'B ArulcaUalvt.
The best Salve In the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and positively
cured Mine, of mo pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction ,or
money refunded. Price 26 cents per box.
For sale by Logan <t Co,
The Features of the Money and Stock Mar.
kir Yobk. Juno 13.?Money on call easy at 1
psrcent. Prime mercantile paper tt5 percent.
Foreign Exchongo unchanged. t L .
Gutuuimexk-BoxuU quiet with unchanged
quotation i.
State Bond*-Very quiet without any maternal
Railroad Bonds?The market was leu active to*
day, the sa'cawereony 81110,000.
Stock*?The itock market was weak at the
opening tills morulrg led by Pacific Mall which
ahowtd a less of % percent. The break w?s due to
the action of the rostmaster General In refusiug to
permit the company to enjoy the benefits of subsidy
provided for in an act of Congress passed last
wlutcr. Tlie w hole Ust waa % to ft percent lower
at theopentug.and there wa? a lurther decline,
though slight in someitocks. lu the early dealings.
in the ulturuoou trading can be described ouly
as very dull and Heady, the total transactions
lor the day being 116,uou share*.
Tlie market closed at a galu of H to % percent In
mckt cases, but Pacific Kail and Lake 8ho:e
ure down X perceut la each case, New
York Central >S percent lower, Northwestern
1? up % percent aud St. laul
Is unchanged. Comparing prices this evening with
thn<e of a week ago '.lie active stuck* are up IX to 2
percent, but W) percent of the dealiugs were con*
tiucd to lo or 1.' stocks. Total sales fbr the week
were W4.-U8 shares, a slight increase over last week.
U. s. U.-1MH: L'.a. U.S. U0W4S
12M4;?aclflc Cs of 1 T,%\ Centrai Pacific, 11%;
brie. 47*4: Lehigh St NViikcsburr*. 94^: Louisiana
Coiwol*, 74; Missouri 6s, KM; St. Joseph, 117%;
St. P. lie H. C. ilniU. 119%; Tennessee Oh, old, 47;
do new, 47; Texas Pacftlc Laud Grants, 37: do
Rio Grande, M: Union Pacific first*. 11 M$; do
I .and grants, lOrttf:do Sinking fund, 120; Virginia
tit, ay; Virginia Coiuoli, extra mature 1 coupons,
to; do deterred, &X; Ad?ma Express, 135; Aiucrl*
rau Kxureis. ex-dlv.: Canada Southern, 27;
I ential Pacific ; Chesapeake & Ohio, 8^: do
ttnt preferred 7%: do secoud preferred, 4%; C. V.
C. <Si I., 28%: Denver A- Ulo Grande. 5; Erie. 'fi/A\
tin preferred. 19; Fort Wayne, 131: Kansas dt Texas,
17Lake Krie <fc Western, 6; Lake Shore, MH;
Louisville A Nashville, 33V?; Lou nvillc. New
Albany & Chicago, 20; Memphis^ Clmrlestou, 83;
Ml<?hlg<iii CentraF, 49; Missouri Pacific. y5&: Nashville
Chattanooga, !W; New Jersey Ceuenu, 37>?;
Northera l"aclflc, lC.VJido preferred, 88k; North
western, V2'X\ do preferred. 127%; New lorfc Central,
8I&: Ouio Ceutral, %; Ohio A Mississippi,
lOW.do preferred.C2; Pscillc Mall,o3fc; Pittsburgh,
NIJi; keudlug, I39i: St. Louis i San Francisco.
17%; do preferred, ill St. Paul, 67kf; do preferred,
105: Texas Pacific. 11%: Onl u Pacific, M%; United
Suites Express, 51>.j; \v? St. L. k 1'., 8%: do preferred,
a; Weil*Fargo Express, 109%; Western Cniou,
Ifroariituffr and Provision*.
Nkw York. June W.-Fiour, dull and heavy;
receipts 1,037 barrels;exports 8,787 barrels; supertine,
we tern and StatqfK OOoHto: common to good
extra Ohio W 40a540; common to choice extras St.
Lou b (3 40*610. Wheat,spot dull; options opened a
shade better, afterward weakened aud closed
neady: receipts W,07f? bushels; exports 7,tW3 bushel*;
sales 'AS/2,000 bushels futures; 150,000 bushels
itot: No. 2 rpnng 92Kc; No. 1 hard fl 01: No. 1
Northern S100; ungraded red W?9Cc; No. 2red nominal;
No. 1 white II CO; No. 1 red June nominal
?t99Ke; JulT ?1 OOJ^al 01?. closing at fI 00%:
August tl CJVial 0:%. closing at fl 02S: BcpternUer
tl Wkal 06K, closing at fl 0434: October 81 (M
1 0u;i, clohiugatliOO^; November SI 07Sal08j-4,
.'losing at SI 07J<: No. 2 iprlug July 92Ko. Corn,
>jM)t lots quiet but steady; options heavy but lower:
*ecelpts M.G70 bushels: exports 110,007:bushels;
mgraded .mttKc; No. 8, 53c; steamer 5ia
HjJe; No. 2, ulj^c; No. 2 while 62c; un
Traded white Clc; No. 2 June MJ^a&lkc,
losing at July WJiaM^c, dosing at W#c;
Viigust 5iaM)?c, cloning at Mo: September hifo
5j?e, closing at Wc: October MJ-Jo. Oats lower aud
wavy; receipts 1)1,-100 bushels; exports 17 bushels;
nixed we*tern 8Sty?40c; white 4U??c. Hay steady
ind in moderate demand. Coffee, siwt fair; Wo
inner ut&JSaStyc; options hUber and fairly active;
Co. 7 Hio spot <> 80c: sales, 25,230 baip; JuucC.75a
UiOc: July 6.75uG.8.'?e; August fi.9.*?e; September
;.Mi7 or*; October 7.0fl<7.ioc: Kovctnuer i.iuw.vwe:
k-ccmber7 2Ua7.'2S<?; January 7 VOc. Sugar atrong
Hid fiirly active; /air to good reflulag qu ted
i :Mfia!?6-iPc: rcflned tinner; confectioner* A G)4a
(010c; granulated 6 1MGoG%c. Molasses quiet and
veak. Ktce steady aud in moderate fnqu ry. 'ialow
dull aud we ik at 6%a5 7-l(k'. Kosin steady,
rurpentino firm at 33aXi}ic. Kfga quiet. I'ork
lull aud luavy. Lard, western steam spot G.Stti
ittc; Ju'ie clotted at 0.80aC.H'2e; July G.8Ua6,8.Sc;
August fitfic; September 7.0U7.0&: October7.14a
Mbc; Novemlwr 7.0Ja7Qfic; December GOUG.U'c;
:Ity steam G.G.V. Iiutter firm aud in !alr demand.
CiitCAUo, III, June 13.?The wheat market
>teu d tlrm and higher thin afternoon on the
trciiKth of the lateesiima'ei reducing theprobv
jJc yield to lew than :c:j,(*x>,0j0 bushels. but the
itreugth was only temporary and af.er 111 s lint
:umru celling lever broke out which old uot ap*
l>eat to have lout lu fotce at the cU so, when pric h
ncre about the lowest current during the week.
Hie weak tie* 4 la r*crib;d to the.brilliant weather
unrcaslug the receipt*, aud tlie confident predfo:iou
that the visible supply will allow u Use iu>rcase
next week. Flour dull u"d unchanged.
iVh?at, market o|>ened linn and advanced but
inder heavy 'otierings declined l^o. fluctuated,
ind cloaedjfcc underyesterday; mile? mused: June
i'kasujic. closed at 87%c; July 88J4n90k;?, closed at
JSJie: August yo>^?2Kc, closed at &%c; No. 2
iqu-iug87}4a*i7%c: *(*n. 8 spring 7&i7bc; ao. 2rol
MJtJc; N'o. ;i red .s1jh|J<c Corn, market ruled firm
sariy with wheat, but gradually declined 9?aJ{o.
luctuated aud uloscd i^a^c under yesterday; cash
I7ut7%c; June 47a(7%c, closed at 47Kc; July 465?a
lo!4o,closcd at4ilJ4c; August 4.'?%a4fl)?c, closed at
ir^ic. Oats dull and ca?i r wllli the near options
4aIc lower: cash 33c; June 32jii.l3!4c, closed at
Bj?c; July 'Jlttitiaiic, closed at ?%c:August 28c.
i?ye steady; No. '2,05c. Flaxseed lower: No. 1.
II ;?J. M?rs pork ruled early.1c lif< her and then sold
iff lOal.V; ciu.il S1U 30alu \l%\ July tlO 27fca
045, closed at 11027&10 SO; August 11033al0&2U,
dosed at$103SalU37%. hard in fair demand ami
lrm, but a ild oirr*7)?c toward the cloee; caah 6.G0
iC.GJkk! JuneO.tfJ^c; July fi.GOnf. G7J4c, closed at
i.MJa(j.62}^c; Aueust G.C7)?af?.75e: closed at
Hi7?^4fl.7o?<! Rnxed meat* unlet: iW Mhouldots
I ti2!ic; Ktuirt rib ft.n2%aft.Uo; tit ortclcar fi.Tmft.T.V.
rt'hhky Arm Ht Slf/A. .Sugar unchanged. flutter,
IrmCcn-aiuery 14ji1GXc; dairy lOnlfij. Kkks firm
it llall^e.
I'iiilaueltiua, Pa., Juno 13 ? Flour weak and
iiuK-ttled. Wheat opened higher, reacted and
IomxI barely steady; No. 2 red JuneWj^aytiJic: JulJ
'7^{H?, ,.H^'^c : August $1 (O.tytl 00W; Boptcmber tt 02K
ii VJjif (-'urn opened linn umlc'osej steady; No. s
mixed f:iii33'<c; No. 3 yellow .VIKe: No. 2 mixed
vla51e; No. 'J mixed June ftiaM&e: July 51%r.1,iKc;
,\uauat53?a.*t?e: HcptembcrMtfaMJic. Oatu Qplot;
rejected white :no; No. 3 white40c: No. 2 white41o:
No. 1 white42^o; future* dull; No. 2 whlti Juno
lUalU^c; July 4UJ4a4UXo; Auetwt STi^Mc; 8etf
icinbcr SOiSTc. Butler firm and li fair demand;
rreauiery extra* lac; llru IGulUc; packing 7a?e.
hgg* dull aud easier; extra* M^iK&e. Cheese firm.
Cincinnati, 0., June 13.?Flour ea?l?r: family
}i 2Tmi4&0; fancy SI 7."to5. Wheat weaker; No. 2 red
rial 02; rtdj.u l.GOO bunhelv: shipment* 290J
buaheU. Corn dull ami lower; No. 2 mixed 47%a
ix. ?'u? m Jnir uumnmi, ^u. 4 uiix?u
Itycdull; No. 2 73c. Barley quiet: extra N'o. 3
?prlng nominally 5*c. fork dull at SlO 75. Lard
unlet At G.aTJy?. liulk wotta quiet ami tlrm;
shoulders $3 75; short rib yi50. Bacon steady:
KUoulitern 137Kc; short rib G.2U i; Hhort dear ?.&&;.
rthlsky hU-Ady at 31IX But tor unlet uml unL*untit;ed.
Sugar lira* and unchanged. Eggs heavy
Kt llat2c. cnecsc steady with moderate uemaud;
choice full cream factor}' cuTc,
Uai.tixorv, Md., June in.?Wheat, western about
toady md dull: t*o. 2 winter red spot Watec:
Juste MJw July Wa9t9jc: August WfaWMfl'- September
51 OlJial 02J4. Corn, western steady sud
(lull; mixed upol fHniSHc; July 53c; slearoerWla
riO^e. Oaia lower u 1th fair inquiry; western white
;wa4Uc; mixed 87a38.\ Provisions quiet and cosy.
Toucoo, O., Juno 13.?Wheat itosdy; No.2re1
cash or June 92Wc; Jn'y 9#?: August 94c; September
U5V$c; year D2}$c: No. 2 soft UHa#9c. Com
itefldy and unchanged; No. 2 cash or June iSSe;
July 4'Jc aiked; August 4?Wc; year 42c. Oats
quiet; No. 2 :15c.
Utt> Stock.
CiitCAdo, Juno 13.?The Drmrrt' Journal reports;
Catto?Itectipts 1.000 head;khlpments MX) head;
market strong: shipping "teem U 80a575; stockera
sud feeuent&J .Vj*a u); cow*, bulls and mixed
K 40a4 00; through Texas cattle, grossers |? 7U;
corn-fed $5 00. llogi?lUwlpts U,W0 head; shipincut*
3.ioo; prices I0al6c higher: rough and
mixed f:{DOrt4 0j; packing and snipping H 00a! 15;
light weights 94 I0a4 HO; aklpN $J U&3 CO. BhevpKccclpts
2J0 bead: shipments 100 head; marict
Arm; natives 82Ma4 3o; wesuru 82 60a4 00; Texuna
114'JaJ 74.
Km Lmkwy, June 13.?Noihlngdolng In cattle;
rcielpts Mo head: shipments 247 head. Uogs,
markettlrin; receipts 3,UX) head: shipments 2,400
head; I'hllad-lphlassud Yorkers $l00ail5. Sheep
-raarktt fulrw ith uo change; receipts 4,200 head;
dilpmcuu 2,400 head. Shipments o( hogs to New
York yesterday 7 ctrloadt; shlpuieutjof cattlc to
Now York yesterday WcArioads.
Cincinnati, O., June l:t.?Hogi quiet: common
and U4I11 93 25a4 10; |?cklug aud butchert ?3ioa
4 00; receipts 1,1*20 head; shipments Ml head,
Oil City, Pa., Jnue )3.?National Tnuult reril*
0cate? opened at?Jftc; highest70%c; lowest 7?Kc;
L'lotcd hi 7??c; sules 321,000 barrels; clearaueea
l,l72,uo bairiTi; runs rt3.337 barrels; shlpmeuU7I,WO
barrels; charters 07,610 barrels.
Bkadfoiu), Pa., Juitell?Openod at 7Mfti closed
at 70ke; highest TyJic: Jowrst 7?Wc; runs 03 317
ban el n; total shipments H3,7ij0 barrels; charters 67,fil'j
bar roll; clearances 1,202,000 barrels.
Trrvsvui.E. Pa., June 13.?Opened atTP^o; highwtTtf^s;
lowest7VJ4o; closed atTVHa; shlpmeuts
*4,000 barrels; charter* 67,filttbarrels.
Pmvnuiuiii, Juno 13.?Oil mark-tdull and quiet:
jjjcned m TVJ^c; advanced to TJ^oand closed at
Nkw York, June 13.?Petroleum steady; Unltod
closed at7tfHcDry
Ni;w Your, June 13.?The doraand and movement
hat hi'.-n rviMHMlliiulv Unlit and later, chiellv
the result of deliveries ou previous purcbai**. Toil?y
initiated tbu Coring of bunluess ou (Saturdays
u 1 o'oUxk. which wii general la all branches of
trade, ami promises to Mcoine more no u tho
year growi older.
New York, June 13 ?Cotton quiet and unihaugvd;
future* closed at-adr; Juue 1048e:?July
la^c; Augu*t lanio; Hetifmber 10 85c; October
10.10a: November tf Wo: December 10c; January
10 OUo; February 10.19c; March 10.29c; April lo.Mc.
Cincinnati, O., June IS,?Cotton dull; mid-.
lling lOjj;.*.
The shoemaker never Uw*the?hls liitr-1
tie haa aome other uae for it.?Cincinnati
.{[tyJutnl Trailer.
Jl'ajjloc's jgrtn
What U that which can bo found where H U not ?
Fault Hut it baa never been found In Taylor's
Premium Cologne.
What done*tic coin is like the going np of a balloon
T lt'i?'<vnt<a?oent). 7 he ao?t lasting and
rdxoahlug la Taylor's Premium Cologne.
la Manufactured among the home of the llowera: a
Br. J. E. SMITH,
No. 1404 ChapUae Street,
Near Fourteenth Street.
The best evidence of a physician's iiucccjs is the
testimony of his patient*. The lac ratting demands
for mr professloual services prove that Ihave
dealt Uouorably nud fairly with those who have
consulted me. I never use a patient's name without
permission, though I haw many hundred certificates
from those whom I have cured alter they
had beeu prouounced incurable. A thorough medical
education with many years hospital experience
and familiarity with thcruputlcaKeuts, a close observance
of teMpentmeiitaJ^peoullflrltlc* and strict
attcutlou to hygleulc management insures success,
a cure Is possible, and I franlcly give the patient my
Home Proof.
Kidney and Liver Diseases and Rheumatism.?
Suffered terribly?"Nothing seemed to help me;
could not get out of bed. Ur. smith cured me."
ZHI'II. I'HII.LIl'S. Wheeling. VV. Va.
Catarrh, 1'olvtmn of Num.', Impaired Voice.?Suf
Zoned for yen re: outciit medicine failed to help me.
Dr. Smith completely cured me."
Of Ht>cldcl & Co.. Wheeling. W. Va,
Dyspepsia and llceratcd Stomach.?1" rreatment
for veare failed to give me relief. Dr. Smith cured
me.". THOMAS HOLT, Inturauco Agent.
Kit*.?Had them for fourteen yearn. Dr. Smith
cured me." 1.0UI8 F. WASHINGTON.
Scrofula. Running Son* on Head.?'"My son wan
afllU'tcd for fourteen year*. Nothing seemed to
help hiiu. Dr. Smith cured him."
Market Street, Wheeling. W. Va.
Caliper.?"Suffered for years with Cancer. Had It
cut out three time*, it returned after caeh onemtlon.
Dr. Smith cured me without knife, caustic or J
pain." Mltf. H. M. ORCL'll.
Pi In, Fistula of Anus.?Flat ou my back for 18
week*. Rejwrtcd dying. Dr. Smith cured me
without ttifre In Ike *k-'im-ti|OSIaS COLVIK,
Whokwalc Grocer. Main St., Wheeling. W. \n.
' Ulceration* of llcctum. Prolapsus and Pile*.?
"Wo* given u]? to die/md pronounced incurable.
Dr. Smith cured me without knife."
Rev. H. C>. Ijtdd wrltea:-"Dr. Smith'* profeadIoiihI
Mrnicca in my family have beeu most mitlsfactor}-,
and 1 commend him to all as a geutlemau
and u skillful physician." ... _ .
Mr*. Margaret kolk nays: "i had been Rtiflbrlng
form-ven year* awl treated bv many physician* for
dyspciwia. Dr. Smith Mild 1 had a tupe worm, and
in eight houre removed a monster RW feet long."
Female Complaint*.?Three yen re In hospital* for
fcmiilea, give me iieettliar advantage* in such comm.
Persons cured of catarrh, diocuM.* of heart, liver,
stomach, kidneys, skin, I>1?kh1, nervous affection*
and weaknewe* of men and youth, scrofula aud
asthma testify to my sueees*.
Plica cured without the knife.
ratfent* at u distance may be treated bv lotterand
KitUfaction guaranteed. A chart for self examination
sent on receipt of two three-cent MumpH, and
advice returned free. .
Consultation at office free. Office hour* from 9 a.
N. to 7 1\ X., dully. Call on or address.
No. 1401 Chopllue St., Wheeling, W. Va.
Will cure Diseases of the Kidneys, Gravel, Gleet,
Strictures, and all Urinair and Urethral Diseases,
M,.n,/ina mnA uhmlMl llnhltltv Rnnitni Wnalrnnaa
Loss ol Vigor, Premature Decline in Man, Karly
Decay, Impoloncy caused b? errors of youth, excesses,
Ac. Syphilis In all It* forms, tore throat
and nose, uloen. eruptions, scrofula, tetter, salt
rheum and all blood and skin diseases. Female
Weakness speedily cured. Gonorrhea cared in 8
days. Prion S3 00. Bold In Wheeling, W. Va., by
K. F. Bock isn, Iaxun & Co., drugsUta. Bent by
wiaflswatad I
gglhecUnD ffiltjj ?XIU?.
IK- OF L. .
Vienna Roller Flour.
1SL. OF Xj-, <
Best Flour lu tin- Market.
Head of Twenty-Ninth Street,
Jnsuroitcc <?ttTnp*\xU*.
Orrici No. 41 Twklsth Htkeit.
Capital, - ^ #100,000
J. F PAULL. Vice President
ALFRKD PAULL, Secretary,
a II. 8EN9KNEY, City Agent
Iniuree all kind* of property ut reasonable rale*. r
Ohio valley fire insurance
Omen-No. 1209 Main Street
JAP1TAL....?? 1100,000 00
Does a general Fire Inroranoe Buiina*. Farm
jropertr, and Dwelling Houwa and oontenti In
raied tor Unco or JJ?e you*
Henry Bchmnlbtoh, Alex. LanghUn,
John I'. Campbell, W. H. Itoblnioa,
Omvld Qutman, bcnj. /bthcr.
J. V. L. RODQKBB, Secretary. Jyg
or WHrawo, vr. yx.,
fJAnTAIi................... ?1100,000 l
Ionurcfl ag&luxt low or damage by fire and light I
olog all oImm* of desirable property, alto lnmrei
mrgooc on Ibo Western waten,
/. N. Vance, resident, V. BellJy, Vice Proddent
T. L. Htroomeln, Boe'y, Jul p. Adam*, A*'t Sec.
N.Vance, M.BeWy, L.C.BUiel, :
l, H. Hobt*, O. W. Fraaihdm. S
mrOA I
OAHTATi.. *75,000. |
fiu. A. Imppt ? ?President
f*. B. Bmwow...... ? Vice-President
Drills on Bngland, Ireland, Franco and Germany.
Wbl A. lsett, Wm. B. 81m peon.
J. A. Mtiller, John K. Botsford,
F. M. Atkinson. Victor Bosentonrt. ,
CAPITAL. ?.??.^4200,0fl0.
I. N. VAJiC*. ......?.ww......?.Praildont
UxtriL Liueirun - ... Vloe-Presldtmt
nzuoroo. \
J. V. Vance, B. Horkhelmer,
B. Langhlln, W. EUlnaham, ;
l. a DoUplaln, A. W. Keller.
John Frew,
Drafts Issued on Enf land, Ireland, Bootland tad
all points la Europe. *
For 23 to Me cuh.
thim (Cologne.
?DLE ! ~ " ,
Wh? is the winner of a nee like the letter AT He '
la decidedly tint 80 hM Taylor's Premium Cologne
been first la winningail the medals for excellent*.
What is the centre of gravity? The letter V. But
Taylor's Premium Cologne Is the aoenter that .
gravitates to the hearu of the ladies.
ind is now recognised to be tho best in the market.
&c CO.
27 Twelfth St
A Full Assortment
Prices Iot.
r, G. MOFFAT & GO.
(Svoccvics, tec.
Fork Packer and Curor ot the Celebrated !
"Rod Bird Hams,"
ios. 1309 AND 1311 MAIN STREET,
Wheeling, W. Va.
My own Cam of Cioloe Smoked Meats received 1
ullj direct from my Pork House at Manchwter. i
General Grooories
Sole Agent In this City tor
Knmford'i Yeait Powder In Bottlea.
MeNamara's "Glory" Tobacco. \
McAlplu'i Onward" Tobacco.
Lottler's "SKror C*in" Tobocco. (
Dql'ont's Sporting, Mining and Blasting Powder
Colebratttl "Seal bkln" cigars. (
ROYAL PATKKT, troMon'i Boat. BmI In the I
narket. . febft
Market Baskets, 1
l'iculc Baskets,
Lrnich Bankets,
Beagrass Baskets,
Palm Leaf Baskets,
Clothes Baskets,
Wath Katkt'ts. 1
Katun IWukets,
Chip Baskets,
.Splint Baskets.
The largest itock of Fancy Baskots In tbo city.
Ml now. and prices low.
ii. J. SMYTII,
jt3 Cor. M?rket and Fourteenth Bt*.
Pine Apples and Bananas
|?13 At PRO. K. McMEClIK* * HOI'S.
glttmttwg,(Sa? jfeStcamgitttttfl
1418 Market Street,
MTHoaUng and Ventilating ol Publlo Building*" '
jwollinga and Factorial a Specialty.
Gro.? and. Steam Fitter ;
juxt reodred, a tot ol Cheater*# Patent Adjnr*- ,
ne Hiinienu ^. J
Gas and Steam Fitters,
All work done promptly at rouoliable prloct.
Cabinet PliotogrrnpliM ,
ONLY S3 00 PER DO/.. I
?8 50 ??50 '
WUl fet One Doxen Beat Batln Finished
Cabinet JPliotogrraplis .
And don't yon forget It,
ArtlMtlo rhotospraplior,
bU Oppoill* XcLan Botuf, City.
OopdeoMd ttao-tabla of pUM&{?r traim cor*
ntiW tt y av ?ti i-MH'"11
*A?r ajid xoaiu to rtrnaoMK and clkvkland.
I A.M. {A.M. | A.M. r.U. TUT
Bell tire 6*0 8:30 10:20 3:2ft 4:30
Bridgeport. 6:12 8:8*| 10:82 3:86 4:48
MrUnVrerry 6:20 8:41; 10:40 8:4S 4:61
Brilliant 6*4 8:1* 11:11 4:if> 6:27
8w?ubtnrllle 8:10 9:f6 ll:a 4:ffl 6:44
Toronto 8:20 y:65 H:4fi 4:61 6:US
blcCoy't tf.'Wj lO.'OW li:? IM 6:12
YwHow Creek 8:80! 10:1?| 12:06 6:12 8:28
WclUvtllB 7:16i 10:30| 12:20, 6:6"! 7:06
But Liverpool- 7:?c! ~| 12:4M 6:0?; 7:20
Boctawter 8:201 1:8ft 8:50
Allegheny 9:10 2:20 7:3V
Pltttbur?h U:&)| | 2:ft'i 7:4! I .
Alliance 8:26 12:46 3:S0
Bavtnna. 1:45' 4:4*
Hudson 0:31 ?:13, 6:07
Newburg 10:14 2:6."| 6:44
Uli-velund 10:46 3:201 6:15
| A. M. | A. M. I A. M.; ? II. !\M.
Bel'alre ~ 6:00 8:W 10:20! 3:26 *:M
Bridgeport 6:121 8::ct 10:3*1 *:w 4:43
Martina Ferry 6:20 8:41 10:j0, 3:43 4:51
yollotr Creek 6::4)| 10:10 I2:?g| 6:12
WellsvWe I o:aB 7:UA
Bayard 7:6' I ' *:? -
alliance g:-8 3:50
Canton 8:43 1:3ft 6:CO
Uastillou 10:08 1:66 6:1?
I- *?.
Uansfleld 12:01 4:6' 7:40j
'rotUnt* 12:26 6:26 8:10 .......
Lima. 2:81 10:60 ?
Port \V?ync J:?
Jhicago. 8:.<0 ......... ^ 6:0(1,At
All tralua dally esccpj^utfday.
Trains leaving llrldgeport at 8:12 a. in. (5:4. city
imey arrives at Chi ago at 8:*0 p. m. same day.
Trains leave t:lere!and for Wheeling at 8:00 a. m.,
*" m'"'TOauSiaS) '
Passenger Agcut, Wheeling. W. Va.
E. A. F? 'KD,
Gen. Paw and Ticket Agent, I'ltuburgh, Pa.
WM- A. BALDWIN. M*naacr. __
LOU1B RAILROAD?Pan Handle Route.
Time table for East and West corrected to May
If, 1883. Trains leave Pan Handle utatiou, foot ai
a*? cnth strcetruear public landing, as follows,
Antral standard tlmo:
Pitts. East I Fast Pao.
STATION8. Exp'* Esp's Exp's Exp'a
1 A. M. P.M. P.M. A.M.
.eave?Wheeling C:W 12:45 3:86 8:06
Irrlvo?Wclhiburg... 7:2S* 1.26 4.14 8.40
Ittsburgh ~ 9:3*1 8:30 6.10 ...
farrUburg 1:10 "iTlO "2-35I........
laltinioru. 6:25 &:2r>|
Washington 6:40 6:30
hlladelphla. 4:2* 4:25 6:35
Jew York 7:00 7:00 5:0t.|.........
r. m r. x. r. m.
tnnton 8:00 8:001 8:J5
uqi.no west.
Pair. |Denn Wwt Acktations,
Exp'fcIKx|?*? Mall, c'm'n
P. X. I P. M. A. M. P. M.
<e*V0?Wheeling 8:05, S:35 C:S0 12:45
trrlve?HteubcnvHle V:U1 6:2.') 8:05 2:00
fedb 7:10.12:05 <4:30
>cunUou 10:401 7:20 9:30 4:65
tewark 12:40 11:35 C:eo
P. M
k)lumbii.H_ 1:45 12:35 8:00
.cave?Coluiubus 3:4012:55.........
Irrlve?Dayton 6:10
'liiciuimtiM 6:10
ntflanapo lis. 7:00 10::?J
P.M. A.M
it Louis - 2:0M 7:00 .........
tollmen 6:301 7 ;80
All trains dallv*except Sunday.
Pullman'* Palace Drawing Room and Sleeping
!ara through without cbango from Steubouvlll
ui^t to i hlladelphla and New York. Wort to Co 1
irabua, Cincinnati, Loulivlllc, Chicago, Itidiauapilia
and St. Louis.
Kor through tickets, baggage checks, sleeping
ar accommodations, aud any further Information
ipply to JOHN ??. TOM LI NHON, Ticket Agent at
'an Handle SUUon, foot of Kluvcmli atrect, or at
;ity Ticket Ottlw, under McLurc House. Wheeling,
Manager, Columbus, Ohio.
Gen'l I'am. and Ticket Agent, Pittsburgh. Pa.
On and after MAY 3.18K5. rawenger trains will
run a* follows?Wheeling tltre:
(No.85 | jSo. II iNc.U
kwt bound. I Local. ]No.37ll>ally!No.S3|DaLT
LcaVO? a. m P.m. a.m. a.m. P.m.
Wheeling 5:35 4:10 (1:40 8:11 6:80
Bellalre 6:6ft 6:6c
Uannlngton 7:30
Arrive* at p.m. p.m.
3rafton - 4:00 11:06 1:10 10:16
p. m. a. m.
:umberl*niL 2:40 7:C0 2:M
Washington City- C:30 *%
Baltimore i 7:e0 B'.ffr
No 85, :? and 87 itop ntjil^Stutlnna
KoHil No. 4 No. 6
WKKTBOCKb. No. 14 N'o. 12 Duilr Dully Dally
Learo? a. m. p. M a. m. p. m. P. k
-VhwllnK .... IX, 3:40 0:16 7:60 10:21
UelUlro 8:10 4:16 10:(?r? 8:27 11:06
Arrive at p. m. a. m.
Untvrlll* 11:20 7:00 12Hb 10:10 1:10
Sewark 1:20 10:60 2:00
yolumbua 2:40 11:66 8:10
a. M.
Cincinnati 7:26 4:00 7:60
ianduakj.. .. 0:30 8:66
P m.
ndiauapolia.? U:f0 7:06 4:46
a M. r. M.
n. Louis ~ 7:30 6:46 6:81
a. m.
Jhlcago. 6:40 9:00 7:X
P. m
ICanaaaPlty ? 8:00 8:80 9:00
MoundavlUe accommodation loaves Wheeling at
11:36 a. in . ?nd arrives At Moundivillo at 12:16 p.
in. daily except rfanday.
MannlngUm accommodation at 4:10 p. m.
Zflncuvllle accommodation leaven wheeling t.
7:35 a. in. and 1:40 p. m. Hellalre at 8:10 a.m. and
1:16 p. m.. dally exocpt Sunday.
10:25 p. xa. train through to Cincinnati without
change, with &&0. Sleeper through to Cincinnati.
U. a O. Bin ping Can on all throusli trains.
Through Coach from Wheeling to Cincinnati on
Ko. 2, leaving Wheeling at 0:15 a. m., arriving at
Cincinnati at 6:60 a n>.
CIom connection* are mado for all point* South
and tkmtbwmt. North and Northwcat. making tbla
a durable loato for colonlxtx and perrona moving
to the great Wait, and to vthom particular attention
Ticket* to all principal polnlaon ule at Depot.
Bleeplug car accommodation* can bo secured at
Dei iot Ticket Office.
Thus C. HOkkk, Ticket Agent B. A 0. Depot.
JOH1 T LANK, Trav. Ituaenger Agent
g. T. DKVRlfcH, General Agent. Wheeling.
On and afur MAY 8,1B85, ptMcnger trains will
run m follow*-Wheeling ilino:
For Fituibar|h-6:2ft?. in., daily; 7:10 a. in., 8:20
p. m., dally ?iiccpt Hunday.
For Wi4tfaftou-6:'.& a. in. daily; 7:10a m?8:20
p. fa. and o Oft p. in., dally except mnday.
From PUuburgb?11:06 a.m..G:0& p. in., dally
except *uu<1?y; 10:16 o. in., daily.
From Washington?7:65 a. in., 11:06 a. m? 0:05 p,
in., dally exwpt Sunday: 10:16 p. in., daily.
K. IX)RD, General I'ajwenger Agent.
B. DUNHAM, (ienontl hup't.
* T. LAWK. Trar. Pw. XuU Wheeling.
Timetable corrected to MAY io. lh&j. Train*
leave fanhandle Station, foot of Kk-ventb street,
near public landing, aa follo?ra-Central riundard
rime-which ia 85 mlnutca alower than Wheeling
going south.
' f Uau> Daily aoPiim.
I'aaa. com.
a.m. r.m. a.m.
beato?Wheeling ?:00 8:<A 8:06
\rriro?Benwood ...... 6:'JO 8:4ft 9:CO
MoundarlUe _ .. 6:40 4:06 9:6^
Jlarlngton 7:2S 4:46 11M
Proctor....*;:. 7:3ft 4:67 11:60
tfew Marti nirlllo 7\M 6:16 12:28
urrtlt. 8:02 6:2< 12:60
4ister?vllle 8:fl>| 6:40; \M
friendly .Matamor**) 8:33 &:6S| 2:0ft
4U Marys 9:10 0:26 8:10
kVUllsmilown (Marietta) ... 9 ft* 7:10 6:26
rarkemburv. w. V>. 7-4.M *::w
001 mo wokth.
lUau, U?si> Ac*
i Pa# Pav com.
a.m. r.M. a.m.
koavo-Pnrkenburg... 6:16 3:30 6:40
Arrlvo-WIllIaimt3wn(MarrtU) 7:46 4:Q? 6:40
BtMnnrs 7:85 4:60 8:60
Pri-ndfy (Mat* moras) 8:0* 6:28 10:42
BUUmillfl ? 8:? 6:40 11:16
5 r.x.
Sard Is ..? 8:*? 6:88 12:02
few Martinsville- 8:fiO 6:08 12:26
footer v - 9:07 6:26 1:10
: WrlflKtOQ... 9:20 6:87 1:43
kipundsvlfle. .... 10:or, 7:20 8:26
UnwtKHl 10:26 7:40, 4:16
ft fueling. 10:46 8:00i 4:40
.^Meager trains daily including Sunday. Ao*
x>x.%modation trains runs dally except Hunday.
Tinket'Agcnt, WhwiUns. W. \ A.
Louisiana Stale Lottery.
For Tickets or farther Information of tho above
JwOttery add run,
J. H. WILBON, Coviniton, Ky.,
or D. P. CABTKft, Windsor, Onk
Amounts oi 9600 and over, by Express at my ex*
posse. M

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