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*rm\ Mf" ii *'1 ""J ?
Brosre'f jtctx gtttets.
ff0 || i
11 fl
Tbto awdKrtns, wyjw5 Iran wlthport
It !??ntw&IUniE renudy tor Iriwuciofth*
"l""'"nCJlMbUjat to
tba tnnetlte. iMi ibe imitation oftood, t?Kffiburn
"nil BHrtlw, ??
Uck o.
Fn?nrv. Ac.. II toil no equal.
-rr-'thom-nulne bw abnre trade mare ana
rrngfted red IIncs on wrapper. Take no other.
i,m nmnnmnrfu ro,au.Tiwn"*- -41
to. sa. Jiuoob te Co,
In Prices
Have been made on our
entire stock oi Parasols,
Lace Curtains, Summer
Dress Fabrics,Remnants
and odds of al{ kinds.
Bargains too numerous
to mention will be found
in every department.
After JULY 4 Store
closes at 6 p. m., Saturdays
* ' -t
lllO Main St.
ciiXs."E. 3vrASOisr,
1^<)5 Market Street. *
office Hoot??p a. x. to 1 i?. 2 to 5 p. m. \y&
Beat, Parmt aw! Blcheat in the Stato-all flavors.
Refrigerator Icu Cream fioxea warranted to keep
Ice Cream bard thro* hours or moie in any climate,
" ? o?? -- < tflrtT Main Htvoot
Tclpphnno l!M. jti
ih Md.ligtmx.
omcui Mob. S4fi and 27 Fourteenth Htrcet.
Naw AdvartUementa.
Commlsiloncr's Sale?W. J. W. Cowdcn.
Wanted?tiltuation on a Farm.
Grand Auction Halo?W. II. Mailer.
IU?1 ""ml-German Fire Ittauranco Co.
Hlockboldeii' iJ eel In g-German Fire Imuran cc
For Cincinnati?8teame' & W. Balchelor.
Main aud Fancy Nlgbt8htrU-0. Uuudling <b Co.
Loadedbixttlla?I. O Dillon.
Ill'KlNIi Ike hot weather my Store
will In; closed ut U I'. 3l? Siitiinluy excepUiI.
JAC01I W. (iULIiIl.
To mate room for our Incoming Fall
Stock we shall ofler our entire stock of
Spring anil summer Suitings at greatly
reduced prices. 0. HfcSS X SO.VS.
Thermometer Krcortl.
Tho following shows the range of the
thermometer sa observed at SchnopPa
drug atore, 1218 Market street, Saturday:
7 a. *.,77?; 12 82?; 3 p. 86?; 7 p. m.,
83?. Sunday: 7 a.m.,03?j 12 83?; 3 p.
?., 1)0?; 7 P. u., 84".
Wabmnoton, July 13.?1 a. x.?For the
Ohio Valley and leuneseec, local rains
and occasional local storms in the northern
portion, increasing south to west wind*,
nearly stationary temperature.
For the Lower take region, fair weather
followed by occaaional local rains, increasing
south to west winds, higher followed
by a alight fall in temperature, lower
Trnnafera Ueeorded.
The following transfers of real eatato
were admitted to record at Clerk Hook's
otnee Saturday:
Deed made July 10, 1885, by Scott Lia
ton and wife to Matilda Hotsford, wife of
JH R. WtlWrd; for lot No. 12, in Daniel
fine's'addition to Wheeling Island. Connlderation,
Deed made July 7, 1880, by John R.
Handlan and wife to William J. Devlne,
for'lotNo. ],inaquare24, on the corner
of Tlilrty-sixlli and Jacob streots. Con_?.??ii-_
1'opular rullf In ShmU Tr??i.
For some resaon people in this part of
thecountry cling to the I/imbardy popular
as n shade tret1. To call Buch a tree
' n shade tree la a mlanomer, (or none having
foliage at all conld furnlah lem Bhade.
Their abape la not ball w> pleasing aa that
of the maple, sycamore or locust, and
almoet Iho only thing in their favor la
their rapid growth. 1% compensate for
thla, they are the moat easily Injured of
trees. A gentleman recently counted 87
dead trees of this variely in the city, and
many have been, cut down. They were
' all comparatively young. The storm of
last Thursday probably Drake down ISO
trees, and of these not less than 140 were
Loin bardies. Still people will plant them.
llurlcil Alive. ,
Saturday abont noon, as Michael Horn,
?n emnlove of Oscar Seeley, the plumber,
wss digging a dltcb for a branch sewer on
Twenty-aith street, the tandy earth cared
in upon blm, bunrlng him probably a foot
over bis head. ffls fellow workmen loat
no time in releaiing him, and it waa found
that he wi? not seriously hurt, though his
bead and the baek of hia neck were somewhat
cut up. But for the promptness
With which he was extricated from his
perilous poeltion be must havesuil.>nit<<,l
As it was^ho was pretty faint when restorFred
Zirnllj, while digging a ditch !n
front of fain own home Saturday, met with
a similar accidcnt, but waa only covered
to the waist, and sot seriously hurt.
ivtflD thorush and secure your season;
tickets for thotaagerfeit to day atSheib'i.1
a>tMioIUnrllauatlnu4MMIki '
Thru marriage licenses were issoed !
Tliiale of reason scats for the Saenger- i
feet commences to-d?y.
Twtf new members of the oolored'Bap- '
fist church were baptised In the river it
the wharf yesterday.
Ptoipxcn for the coming State Fair are
reported unusually bright, spite of the
continued hard times. j
Da. Mabtix, of Martinaburg, and others .
addressed the temperance meeting at Par- .
ker hall yesterday afternoon. *
Hobw, Brockumih & Co.'s glass works '
closed down Satnrday for two weeks. All I
the glass houses are now idle. i
Manager Wolf, of the Telephone Com- i
pany, is about to ran a second wire, of i
copper, through from this city to Pittsburgh.
A cum. back engine jumped the track '
in the Hempfleld yard yesterdsy forenoon
and was off about two hours. So damage .
was done. i
Ground hss been deared and prepare- '
tione maue ior uuuning me new omk? ?
works of the Laughlinand Junction Corn- 1
panies at Mingo. i
Kkamkk and his orchestra arrived at 1
the Greenbrier White Fulphur Springs on |
Saturday, July 4, in time to play the Star
Spangled Banner.
James Cbaio will bo arraigned before
'Squire Arkle at 10 o'clock this forenoon,
charged with tapping the till at Arndtt's ;
saloon, on the South Side.
Tus work of seating the Alhambra Pal*
ace rink for the coming Saengerfest will
be begun this week. Four thousand chairs ;
and a nnmber of comfortable benches will ;
be put in.
Tue* Council Board of Equalization and
Appeals will (tart to work in -earnest at 0
o'clock this morning at the City Building
and keep pegging away until the work before
it is finished.
Two casfs were disposed of at the Police
Court matinee Saturday. At the morning
seseion the four East Wheeling landladies
got the naual 520 and costa, and the inmates
and visitors $5 and coets each.
? ill :t 41,?
1 he cuiflujilkv ui umj^quldumivi uio
entertainment of delegates to the Amalgamated
Convention hire decided to bold
a picnic at Seibert's garden daring the
presence oi the delegates in the city.
The city teachers' examination took
place at the Board of Education's rooms
Saturday. UlaaesTinle Brakmann, Grace
O'Brien, Jennie "Cities and Lizzie Egerter
vera the new applicants for certificates.
Crescent Lodge No. 8, A. A. I. A 8. W.,
Installed the following officers Saturday
evening: Hurry Hocking. President; Fatrick
Butler, Vice President; J. W. Bowers,
Guide; W. T. Smith and Martin Neidcr,
A coBBBTOXDEtT of the Moundsville
Herald says that a number of the c*ipera
from Wheeling now strong along the
river, are testing their capacity .to bold
beer, one dub getting away with fifteen
kegs per week. .
O* and after Thursday, July 10th, the
Manniugton accommodation will pars
Moundsville at 7:10 arriving at Wheeling
at 8:05 a. m., city time. This is for :
the accommodation of summer residents
at the campgrounds.
A retort was in circulation last evening '
that a U. S. ganger had been appointed to 1
supersede Mr. James Warden, but it could
not be traced to any reliable source. Mr. 1
Warden knew nothing of it. Collector j
McGraw is expected here this week. !
The case of Melissa McGumpbrey. j
chsrged by Jennie Lee with assault and
battery, was postponed by Squire Arkle ,
Saturday until next Wednesday. The of- j
Ifense complained of is alleged by Mrs.
McGumphrey to be the same she was
Anori trxf in nnl!/?a mnrt Friflav ntomlnff.
Kb. G. I. Gabbisok, City Health Officer,
desires attention called to the law forbidding
the throwing of garbage and offal in
the alleys. In the alley south of Fourteenth
street and west of Chaplinethis
ordinance ii persistently violated. The
Doctor intends to prosecute future violations.'
Tub Grand Lodge 1.0.0. F. "will erect
a granite shaft of imposing design and
eighteen feet high over the grave of the
late Grand Secretary T. J. Steele, at Grafton.
The design to selected by the
committee at a meeting held at Grafton
last Friday,-and bids are being received
for its erection.
Lizzis Hudsbraxd and Henry Ebeling ,
were arresieu ai i o ciock yesieruay iuuj Uing
lor being drunk and creating a disturbance
on the comer of Chapline and
Twe&tysecond streets. The woman claimed
to be a Salvation soldier, seeming to
think they were privileged character and
could do what they wished.
Last Wednesday a numbers! gentlemen
of this city, friends of the late Sam
A. Miller, jr., wbo died iastFebrnary, sent
to his mother at Charleston, a large box
tilled with rare and beautiful flowers to be
placed on his grave on Thnrsday, the anniversary
of his birthday. It was a beautiful
remembrance of the departed favorite
and was a source of melancholy pleasure to
his relatives and friends in Charleston to
think that the deceased's memory was so
cherished by his Wheeling friends.
Ax unusually Urge crowd enjoyed the
Opera H&use orchestra's sacred concert at
the Park yesterday afternoon. All the
, motor trains were crowded. The warm
sun made the streets very nnpleasant, hut
in the evening the entire population
reined to be ont for astroli. The uune
was the caseSaturday night. A drummer
" - "I [I ,1
ill IUD JIUllUID UUUOO uotuiua; ui|(uir {
naked if >11 tiie churahea bad prayer meetings
which adjourned anooeaiively at
brief intervals all evening, or wliert the
people all came from.
Stmngara la Ui? city anil Wheeling Folk*
Mrs. Pbiitnore Dobba and children are
visiting friends at Eaton Station, W. Va.
Mr. Parcey L. Laidiey, of Charleston,
ia in the city, the gueat of Mr. William
Thomas II. Kofi', the compositor, has
been conflned to his home on the south
Side for several days with a severe attack
of pleurisy.
Briceland, Weisgorber, or some other
of Wheeling's scullers, might be able to
gat a race if they challenged Jake
West?J'ilUburyh iptrhman.
T*k? WoUnnanil llunrvPanilliL.
ton returned Saturday {rem a tour of '
several weeks up In the lake country. 1
They are tanned ao brown tliat when they
got nil the train those pregent thought the
Mexican editors' excursion had arrived, v
or a couple of lOmaouches were going to c
chin the Great Father. s
Major J. M. L?e, formerly military in- n
atructor at the West Vitginla Univeraity e
at Morgautown, has accepted the position
of assistant principal In the Llnsly. inati
luu*, 01 wis cuy. unuor we now manage- v
meat Us in a thorough classical icliour I
mid a very clever gentleman. It is to bo q
hoped that he will revive the military a
foature once ao popular In the Linsly.
Street IiuprovruieuU,
The Boird o{ Public Works hu been ?
somewhat delayed this "season In the J
wort ol paving and lajlngnew sewers by c
the lack of fundi. Some good work has e
been done, however, In tht way of laying 1
commodious new. croeaing^qi 8re brick, i
AlargenewseweristobelaidonFHteenth i
street from Koff to Ohapline, and another tl
on the Island. The Board hu already let c
the contract for paving in fire brick Chap- ],
line street trom Twenty-fourth, the end of I
the present paved aection, to Twenty- ai
seventh, Twenty-seventh between Chap- n
ll? * '??.! , Va(T and Wnff fo'nm Tirniifi-.
seventh to Thirtieth.. It it now eonteni- gi
plating similar pavement on Ohapline is
street from Klevanth to Sixteenth, on
eondlthm that the property.hoidera along
the route contribute a lair portion of tha ai
expense. Tho Hoard has not.yet taken yi
action on the proposition to pave Four- cl
teenth (tract on the ?ame plan.
'jf it >7
- - **>^ |
lot Kolblsf Dfflolt* T?t*Dmbp<4-Tbt ]
Fndiri Inclined to Qlv? thn Ifftllarl n <
ChuM to Mali* Timi WlthTbaw. I
lUtllOfaTu-NlstitamlTu'Slorruw. 1
? 1
No new developments in the situation '
n the nail strike are reliably reported, but i
here is a prevailing impression that the i
UfficuHjr ia on the eve of adjustment. '
ilany rumors wereii jrinjf around Saturday
lad yesterday. Some of tbem bore tbe
temp of truth, others teemed plausible,
fhile others allll could only have arisen
ram tbe diaoraerad .imagination of some
jersoa who knew nothing about tbe nail
A mnutino A# 'fooAara mAmlwM n( thn
Amalgamated Association employed it the
i(eel plant and other branches of labor
*as held at Bellalre Saturday. The prosedlngs
were carefully guarded, but It la
bongh! the meeting had under considerition
a proportion that tho ateel workers
ihouid atrlke, and refuse to return to work
iVitii the nailers conceded the feeders' demand?,
or the difficulty in the nail factory
Is otherwise adjusted favorably to the
feeders. At any rate it was resolved to
Itrike if persons were brought from elsethere
to feed, or kegs were bought at any
jther place to put the nails in.
'. Bellalre and vVbeeling nailers and feedsra
were laughing Saturday at the gullibility
of the reporter who printed u story
that Wheeling nailers were to go to feeding
machines at the Bellaire factory today,
and that factory was thus to be enabled
to ran at its-fall capacity. Nobody
do aid be found wbo knew anything'of such
a course having been even suggested.
what tub ran)em will do.
The nail feeders meet in this city, in K.
of L. ball, this evening, to discuss the
situation and decide what connc of action
(bey will puisne. They- arq not disposed
to go into the factories and run the machines
except on a contingency. It is
hinted that at the meeting this evening
l\ i J ...til -IS..I. it.. *1 J?
they have already made upon the
nailers that three percent of their number
be taught to grind annually, probably
adding a stipulation that the price paid
for cutting cold nails be equally divided
between the feeder and nailer, as iu the
east and west, instead of the feedors getting
but two-tlfths as now. If the nailers'
national convention, which meets in this
city to-morrow, rejects this proposition,
all the feeders who have been talked to
say they will not then hesitate a minute
te accept the nailers' jobs.
.The Jeeders claim that they have the
sympathy of all other branches of organized
labor, and that they are universally
advised to insist upon ihe acceptance of
their terms by the nailers or take charge
of the machines themselves.
To this evening's meeting all feeders,
whether members of the union or npt, are
invited. TheTee'den do not like to lie put
in tile position, they say, of reducing
wages, as they would if they accepted the
machines under the reduced scale, but
they maintain that tho circumstsnces
which lurround the casejustify them in
ioing this if the nailers do not do what
the feeders consider the equaro thing.
A manufacturer was quoted Saturday
light as having said that his factory was
>pen to the feeders, and it was alleged
liat another one bad told his feeders that
f any of them could get temporary -jobs as
jailers in other- mills till their own was 1
eady to start, they wore at liberty to ao- 1
sept them, and would find their own facory
fcpen to them whenever they wanted i
a come hack. This is cute.
A notice was posted up at the Belmont
nil) Kntnnlnv. atntinv that, tin th*>v hail no.
sided to change tbe manner oi heating .
iteel the service of the old heaters and 1
leipers were no longer required. Gnu furlaces
are to be pat in at the Belmont, as |
itated Saturday, but as men will be needid
to run 'them this action could not be
nterpreted by the men. A printed noice
containing the resolution of the manuacturars
was also posted at tho factory onjance.
It was claimed that more machlnea were
n operation at tbe Bellaire factory Saturlay
than on Friday, and that all the mashines
would be cutting nails by to-day.
Where (be feeders were to come from was
not stated.
The report again gained circulation Saturday
night that the heaters' and rollers'
wale bad been signed by the LaBello mill,
ind it was also asserted as positively that 1
the Riverside company had also signed
this scale. These reports have been so
aften circulated and denied by the officials
that it la now received with n grain of {
The mill owners still insist that the nail 1
narket is overstocked, and that if tbe faclories
were all to Btart up to-day they ,
yould voluntarily shot down for an in- 1
infinite period within a few weeks. The
jailers are unable to harmonize tbe recent
telion of tbe manufacturers at Cincinnati
?ith this view. \
TA11C Or Till KAII.BHfc, ,
Many of the nailers from Bellaire, Ben- i
tood and Martin's Ferry were in the city j
Saturday, talking over tbe situation with
heir breteren of this city. The nailers all
laid, when approached on the subject, i
h?t they would not accept the manufac- i
urers'scale, When aiked what would be
lone in relation to the feeders' demands
it to-morrow's convention, they shook tj
heir heads and refused to prophesy. The
[eneral drift of their conversation, howiver,
led to tbe belief that tbey expected ?
avorable action to be taken upon the
eeders' communication.
A nailer said Saturday that all tho manifacturera'
talk about the cheaper nail ,
tutting in the East was misleading. The
act it, be alleges, tliat nails are cut more
ibeaply here than in the East. In an East- ,
im factory all a nailer does is to grind his c
tnives. If bis machines get out of order
ir a part breaks, he notifies the machinist
il the establishment, who taken down the s
nachine,repaid the injury and put* it Uh
[ether again. Here no machinist la erailoyed;
each nailer is his own machinist, ,
mil pays for his own breakages, as well as t
spairathem. Other differences In the opiration
ol mills here and in the East, the .
taller quoted claims, more than compenate
(or the difference in the prigs o| cutin;
nails. In the past nails have been >
ut here (or an eastern factory because it J
rai cheaper to bavotbem cat here than >
o pay the wages then in vogue there.
a aravb viiw. 2
A gentleman known as tlio (riend of y
Forkingmen, albeit interested in several v
nanufactories, said last evening: "I see h
igos of the approach of a change in the n
tail business whiob I qnce before predict- c
din a conversation with you." h
"What was that?" asked tbe reporter. ?
"Do you remember before steal nails r
retu made (or the market, I told you the
Killer was doomed, and that it was only ?
uestion of timo when tbe nailer would ui
Jso find Ids occupation gone ?" f.
. "Yes; do you think that time Is ap- ,,
"I do. The change may not be Imml- ,
ant, bpt J really thuik the day will come rben
tho man who feedp n machine will ,1
lso grind his IcnKe, aud that a porpe ol j
aachinlsts In each factory will do tho rest g
(the work now done by the nailers. I ,,
olleve the manufacturers contemplate
ucli a change. Whon I say they contem- ,
lata it, I mean they regard K as probable; jj
ot that they deslro to bring it about, ?:
bough in view ol their repent action at
llnciunati nobody oan say tliuy woi}hl '?
>ok upon such a change u a disaster. "
'Mmnnaltv. I trust the lav Is far off. hilt "
i strange moves have been taken In the c
went put ai that would be."
This vieir vu echoed later byaaolher "
sntleman. The talk Is given for wbstlt
i worth. " - ?
m_i ,sij s?
Last week ol the closing q?t of Boots is
id Bhoea at cost. Hurry up and secure si
>ur bargains ss Batnrday, July II, jslll ai
oss the sale. F. A. Maucsy; tl
Bridgeport, Ohio, si
A*om<B"wHMUJtOlA~PT r
Tfig laWimnlag rr??h L?ar?l?Vi*ll Sopr**o
At a recent inter-State Buodsy School (
nobly held at
itansas, Mrs. 0. W. Eoff, formerly ol thi? i
:ity, now a popular Boagstreaa ol Kansas
3ity, w?s, selected by Prof. Sherwln, of
lie New England Conservatory of Music, (
nho had charge of the music, to be the
eading soprsno. In all the reports ol the
lasemhiy Mii Eoff is highly epoken :
of. One correspondent of the Kansas ,
City Journal writes: "lira Eoff's musi- ,
cal . accomplishments are too well .
known'to need an extended notice. Buf- J
dee it to say, in her position as soprano ]
soloist in sll the choruses, she has con- i
tributed greatly to the success of the mns- ,
I?n1 (aainMa nf fha iMamhltr and Vior
sweet voice has been heard with pleuure 1
by the visitors at all times when she has
appeared on the programme."
Another correspondent writes: "Mrs. ,
Koff, from Kansas City, sings divinely. ;
bhe is perfectly captivating, and has won
a place In the hearts of the people from
which she can never be dethroned." And
another has the following to say: "At
night the spacious tabernacle was not
only densely picked, bat the passages and
outskirts 01 the building were jammed
with people anxious to hear the great
singer. Mm. E jtl. She is a very prepossessing
lady, and sang with a sweetness
and melody which captivated the vast
season am.!'. delicacies,
Changing Features of the Family Market*
Hero, r
Green com showed up in market Saturday.
The price was '26 cents, ;wlUch is
low for the first "roasting ears." - They
came from tlie vicinity of Marietta. The
homo markets will not have corn ready for
market for a number of days yet
Blackberries began to come in also Saturday.
They sold at 75 cents a bucket
This week will see the market well snpElfed
with this popular fruit, and
y the first of next week-the crop
will be at lis height The low water
threatens to Interfere somewhat with the
marketing of berries, though it will not
be so serious a calamity as in past years, i
as they can be carried by the Klver Ifoad
and delivered in a much fresher and i
firmer condition.
Ked raspberries, which a few years ago
were quite a rarity here, are this year almost
as abundant as black ones,'and as
cheap. Many prefer them for table use,
buttne blackcap is still the staple for
"putung up." lit omy crate 01 wnne .
raspberries seen in Wheeling thin year '
n received Friday and shipped to Little
Washington Saturday without being
opened. The white berries ol the large,
juicy variety are the sweetest ol berries, 1
but the commoner and smaller yellowish
berry is not popular heie.
A few strawberries are still to be had.
Home grown tomatoes now monopolise 1
the market, but the price has not Ulen.
Twenty cents a ijuart basket was the roy- '
alty Saturday. By the end of the week
they ought to boon the downward ecale. <
There is said to be prospect of an abuc- :
dant yield.
Martin'* Ferry.
Carl Seabright, a carpenter, cut his leg ,
badly Saturday with an adz. < ,
The Dithridge glass works will resume !
work this morning with a full force of 1
hands. i
Bev. W> W. Walker, of Beliaire, con- !
Jucted Episcopal services in the Baptist
church yesterday afternoon.
Tbree boys tried to swim from this :
ride to the Island Saturday. Two of them,
named Shipman and Cox, gave ont, and ]
would have drowned but for assistance '
from some men in a skill'.
Mr. 0. Russell Wood, member of the
Board of Directors, hasaddreaaed the following
letter.to Council:
MjtBTiit's Fjsbby, July 11.1836.-To the .
Honorable Council of Martin's Ferry, 0: Sentlfemen?On
behalf ot tne Pennsylva- .
nia&Ohlo Railway Company I respect[ally
request that you grant no exclusive .
privileges to any singlnailroad company
tor a switch down First street in the city .
3f Martin's Ferry. Within the next sixty
Jays I think our company will be ready
to make formal request for privileges aimtlar
to those now asked by the Pennsylvania
Company, in conn action with other
soinpanies.. As a result of a recent conference
wish the General Managers
md counsel of the B. & 0. railroad, I ask
in their behalf that no exclusive privileges
be granted in the matter of access to
Lhe manufactories. Yolirrespectfully,
0. Bussxll Woop.
The German Amusement Society will
jive their third annual picnic at Seibert's
iarden Wednesday next from 12 o'clock
noon to midnight.
Beep rock on draught. 01am soup.
Sandwiches of ail kinds at Asa Booth's
Alwnyn Aliund t
The AJhambra Palace "Rink. The greatsat
event of the season will take place
Wednesday evening, July 15. A five mile
-ace between the champion of the world,
Bennett A- Skinner, of Boston, and W.
I. Blakeaey, of New York.
Ir too use a sack of Minnehaha Floor
t will make you Jiappy, and your days
iroiongeu. johh o. >tklty.
SsAson tickets lor the Saiugerlest at
v> (X), lor tale at Shelb'a to-day. c
- in '
djw rook on drought. Clam soup. 1
Sandwiches ol all kinds at Aflu llootli'a, t
Mlnneliaba Flour.
Oome and get a sack and nothing else
rill wit you. J. B. Cmwyuun. J
Dbkp -rock on draught. Clam soap, {
iandwiclies of all kinds at Asa Booth's. 6
ltlVKlt news. c
tage of the Water and aiovemeutu of the P
Engineer Garrfty, Qf the Mississippi ?
Iver steamer Notches, owned by Oapt. T. !
'.Leathers, in in the city witti.his wife *
rhiie the Bteamer is being overhauled and *
laving new cylinder timbers put in. He ,
rns visiting in Cincinnati and took a run 2
ip here to see Capt. Leathers' new boat. ?
I it is finished In, time ho will probably {
usd a wgtcft an oer on ner way ugwn to
few Orleans. . ?
Joe Manning, fireman on the steamer ?
tartln, vu drowned In- the Little Xana- ,,
rha at an early hour Saturday morning, n
rhile in an intoxicated condition. lie
ladbeon carousing the greater part of the f,
ight, and got Into some difficulty with a n
ompanion at a bawdy house at Parkers- c(
urg. From prevalent rumors there is q
omo reHwon tp bejieye hje death was the lt
nn t of foul play. g
Mr. T. P. Leathers, of New Orleans, son 01
t Capt. T. P. Leathers, arrived in this J?
Ity SatqnUy [a inspect the new bi
oat the Sweeneys are building for hia ti
itber. He expressed himself as very B
inch pleased with the work done thus K
it, but is anxious to know what her speed tr
till be. The Messrs. Sweeney realizing
ut speed Is a great essential for Missals
dll be a flyer. A
The steamer C. W. Botchelor Is due to- qi
ay bom Cincinnati in tbe Andes' place, la
be will leave lor Cincinnati to-morrow <u
[tornoonai per her advertisement In this ni
sue. Cant. Charlie tynhlem?n, uiuter 41
t tbe Andes, Is In command, and Messrs. sa
[art Ifoll and Charlie Knox, the Andes'
erks, are lathe Batobeloronice, The
:ber officers ol tbe Andes are alio on ibe m
atrhelor. Thi?>teamerlsalljfhtdraoRht, 0t
wy rnnninit slern wheeler, with pleasant
icommodations tor passengers. The
lino reasonable rates and courteous treatent
that have made the Andes hmoui Si
v extended qn tojateholor. Sbipne.a
ul panen^ra ah?i)M bear in mind that
is hour oi her deparftre to-morrow alter- iri'
wrtajo'oloek, ?iti $i
l- '
1190,000 OF THK 9800,000ISSUED
Lwardad toaJJ?w Toils Man at a Bandaome
Premium?A Bomber of Wheeling Biddan
Vail < to' Oat (Ue Boeda?Blda
Latfclj la Ezcoii of tlto' Iaaue.
Friday evening the bonds ol the loin ot
1885 for $300,000, which Council wu recently
authorised to make by a threeHths
majority vote ot the people, were
landed over to Messrs. AIL Caldwell, F.
E>. Jepson and P. B. Dobbins, the Commlsiloners,
and on Saturday they opened the
bids lor the bonds and awarded one bunired
and ninety-six thousand dollars
ivorthto Charles J. Pierson, of No. |128
Broadway, New York, he having offered a
premium of one and three-quarters percent
with the accrued intereah'rom July 1.
There were twenty-seven bids, all but
that of Mr. Pierson being from Wheeling
pfurties, which called lor $061,000 in . the
Mgregste. Some of the bids called for the
bonds at par and the others offered small
premiums. Mr. Pieraon wanted $196,000,
and as much more as the city might choose
to award. It was not deemed advisable
to dispose of more at this time. The total
amount of premium to be paid by Mr.
Pierson will amount to $3,430.
The bonds are 10 34s, bearing five per
Vl 11?
cent interest. n utju iajuui-u winuou
with the subject it won charged that difficulty
would'be had in putting the bonds
on the market at a lower rate, owing to
scarcity of money and lack of confidence
in the city's financial condition.
- : . ? -TOKOUOK.THE
Lecldeub luttl Ineldenca In Wtrt Virginia
and Tklslty.
Senator Camden recently sold 8,000
acreaol land in Braxton county lor one
dollar an acre to a gentleman named
In Harrison county, Ohio, about 200,000
pounds of wool has been sold at 30 cents.
This Is about the average price in Washington
county, Pa.
Vandals have been at work in the Morrantown
cemeteries. Graves have been
desecrated, stones disfigured, plants destroyed,
and the grass fired.
A six-year-old Bon of David Nolrack, of
Grant county, tried to drive a colt into
the yard and was kicked in the head by
the animal. He died the next day. >
The potteries of East Liverpool manufactured
$052,000 worth of granite ware,
504,000 worth of yellow ware, and $12:' 000
worth of earthern ware during the year
ending April 30.
Mason M. Patrick, of Jefferson county,
captain of one of the cadet companies at
West Point, delivered the Fourth of July
oration at the Academy. The New York
Herald referring to it says that it was one
of;'more than uiual merit."
Thejury in the Frederick Joy murder
trial, at Marietta,j after being outfight
hours brought inaverdictof manslaughter.
Joy was santencedLto eight years in tho
penitentiary. He was indicted for the
murder of Wiilard Pearce, which occured
some months ago.
Hon. Ira G. Poet, a prominent member
of the Housco! Delegates from Harrison
county, in tho Inst Legislature, was forcibly
ejected from a car on the Baltimore &
Ohio railroad a few dava ago, owing to
some misunderstanding in regard to a pass
which he was traveling on at the time,
tie has sued the company for $209.
Madame O&rolino Kobinson, -formerly
Csnhart, and still earlier Mrs. Joshua
Kobinson, a notorious female character,
was arrested at i'arkersburg Friday evening.
Some months since an indictment
was found against her for'mlscegenation.
3he was formerly keeper of a house of
juestionable repute in Parkereburg. She
Hoped with a former colored employe and
married him after reaching Ohio.- The
irrest of tbe woman caused quite a stir in
Parkereburg on account of a former intimacy
of tbe woman with a prominent
man, and when her case comes to trial interesting
developments are looked for.
Tlin snnMntlJ H..
Legislature to view, examine arid report
ipon a location (or a second Hospital for
lie Insaneof the State, meet at Ronceverte
rhurfday for the purpose of organizing
itith the object of performing the duties
issigned them. Alter viewing and outlining
the advantages presented for the lo ation
of the Hospital at Bonceverte, the
Dommlsaloners will proceed to the Old .
Sweet Springs for the same purpose, and
rora thence will visit Alderson and other
MintA along the line of the Chesapeake &
3hio railway. The Commissioners are,
Fames Withrow, of Greenbrier; John G.
Schilling, of Boone; A. H. Kunst, of Lewis,
uid Joseph Van Meter, of Hardy.
C. U. Thornburg bos instituted an acIon
for libel against "The Huntington
Printing Company." Publishers of the
luntingUra fiepublwan, and steam book
ind lob printers, alleging bis damages at
IS,000. Tho Kepublican /lays: "The action
b not brought because we are nowspaper
mblishers,but because we arejob printers.
me Huntington rrinting company, in its i
opacity as job printer, received a piece of
nanuscritpt, caused the types to bejset up
ind 200 small circulars impressed upon !
hem. The circular was nn appeal to the
raters of Cabell county to elect a good
nan County Superintendent of Free
Schools, which they did, in the person of
'rof, 1". M. Malcolm. Mr. Tborsburg, a
anaidato for that position, claims that
ilrcular libeled him, and has sued Mr. F.
). Beuhring aa the writer and publisher,
ind Hid iiuntifigton Minting company as
he printer thereof."
Mr. MoGraw'a Appointment**
The Moorelleld Jimminer saya that it
mderatanda that the appointment of
saao T. Brady, of Bomney,'by Internal
tevenue Collector McQraw as one of his
)eputies. vice Harry Worden, the "offenlve
partisan," removed, does not give satifaction
in eithor Hardy or Hampshire
ounties. There were too many other
atriots after the same placs.
Unltod^itates Internal Revenue CollecDr
McQraw baa made the following apolntments;
Sixth Division, counties of
'ayette, Summers, Monroe, Greenbrier
nd Mercer, Win. Steele, of Union, Monoe
county-, vice Hiram Lewis. Mr. Steele
I about 40 years of age, and has been
heriffof Monroe county for three terms,
linth Division, counties of Berkeley,
lorgan and Jutt'cnuHi. Pr. J. U W. Baker,
[ Martlnsburg, vice 0. w. Winter, pres.
nt Sn?nmKiiiil. annnlnfmant In fnWri
IToct on the 30tb, to permit the appointee
) jamiliarige himself with the dqttes. Dr.
ulcer is akont 53 years at ago and a drug1st
at Martinsbunj. He is and has been
ir some years Chairman of the State
oard of Pharmacy. Tenth Division,
mnties of Hampshire, Hardy, Pendleton,
rant and Mineral, Isaac T, finely, of
oiniey, vice H. #. Warden, the present
icumwht, the appointmont to take effept
a the 18th. Mr. Ilrady is a merchant at
omney, about -M years of age. He lifts
sen a member of the Bonril u( Regents of
is Asylnra for the Deaf, Dumb and
lind, and Oholrman of the Congressional
xecntive Committee of the Second Dieiot,
ii.u rhiiiiv.n 2
Mr. William U palmer hu been the
put of tbe Henry Watson Children's id
Society; Baltimore. Maryland, for a 1
larter of a century. Through a serious
11 on the ice. ho s .stained msn bmlMs
id twisted hi? left wrist to that he could ,
s|ther use nor move his left arm. A few r
iplipatlona of St. Jacob's Oil effected, he li
ye, a magical core. ji
r luiir
akoB one-tbinl morn bread thin any
her known braud sold in this country,
F. e. Smith.
(Bp >
Daw .rook on draught Clam Soup,
adwiche; qt ?11 kjndaatAaa Booth's.
m better gatiltactlon than any other.
yaa*ck Wahtm* 4 Tiimasn.
9U Vtlla ul Ou Firuew-Otbsr Olau
0117 llama.
: The- (tamping works will lie idle one
week lor a rest.
Grant Baker la off lor a trip to Ghicngo,
Omaha tad Denver.' f ,i
A few applet are now.-coming up the
river by nearly every boat.
A Sat boat loaded with coal is lying in
the river supplying Benwood people with
Dr. McOnlldogb is at Denver, Colorado,
having been around throngh several parts
of the Weet.
Il.m IfawBH IVinf/iril MB* tn (AVI, Sit*
urday on his way back to his home in this
county from a winter's stay in Florida.
At the First M. E. Church yesterday
baptism was administered, and a number
ot probationists were taken Into lull membership.
A Martin's Ferry picked nine played
the Globes Saturday ?n tho creek base
ball grounds, the score being 47 to 4 in
favor of the ilellaire dub.
ltichards' show.* that was here on the
Fourth, was in Ben wood S?turday, and
the band wagon came over to get a crowd
from Bellaire, and a good many people did
go over.
Morgan & Garrell's works will furnish
coal for the water works. The four furnaces
require all the coal that can be delivered
by an industrious team with a
abort haul.'
The two Presbyterian Churches had a
mission service yesterday morning at the
First Church, llev. J. K. McKallip, Rev.
K. M. Brown and Bev. John Hattery, D.
0., conducted communion services. In
the evening the pastora of the twocharches
exchanged pulpits. The Second church
will hold communion services July 26.
The ridge road leading post the Kose
Hill cemeteries has been altered and
greatly improved just beyond the corporation
line by the Township trustees and
road supervisors:-but that part in town is
aid to uo exceedingly rough and hard on
loaded wagons. This part of the road,
however, should not be expensively repaired
until it is certain that it will not l>e
alxrod to go around the hill near the reservoir.
The estimates of the pressure of the
gas at the Betbel Well male it about
thirty pounds per square inch, but tho
tests show twice that much pressnre and
this too with a great deal of water in the
hole. This water will be piped off and
stronger pipes and gttuges put on for a
better test. fl. K. Hess and Mr. Williams,
{iractical gas men, are hurrying the buildng
ol a derrick to bore a well on the
Mellott farm, near the Belmont mill, and
the Belmont company itself is preparing
to bore another well. Pittsburgh oil and
gas men are also reported, prospecting in
the neighborhood. There would be plenty
of uses for the gas were it piped to town,
even should all the flint glass houses and
window glass furnaces conclude to make
their own gas from slack. The artificial
gas, to be made for all the furnaces by a
union furnace, seems to be the greater
favorite here. The quantity of gas necessary
for the nail works in all ita branches
would require either a largo pipe lino or
an independent (OB furnace.
Tns sale of season tickets for the ften=
gerfest begins at 9 o'clock this morning, at
Sheib's. 11
Pejisoks wanting the-celebrated Arcadian
Waukesha Water or Ginger Ale made
with Arcadian Water, can get it from the
following prominent dealers:
McLain Brothers.
Ix>gan & Co.,
Warthen & Ticinann,
Lwt & Belden,
J. F. Shirk:
As I sell to dealers only and do not retail,
oonsumere will please call on above
parties or others who will handle it later.
f G.'S. Fkbny, Agent
The German Amusement Society will
give their third annual picnic at Seibert's
Harden Wednesday next from 12 o'clock
noon to midnight.
The season tickets for the Saugerfest
now on sale at Sheib's.
B?f atta at Allegheny.
The great Toemer regatta will take place
on woods' lain, lower course, Auegneny,
Pa., Saturday and Monday, July 18 and 20,
in which ail the leadwg oarsmen of
America will participate. Ample accommodations
will be provided lor vistora.
Excursion tickets to Pittsburgh and return
will be sold on Saturday, July 18, over the
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & St. Louis Railway
for trains leaving Wheeling at 8:50 a.
si , and arriving at Pittsburgh at V:.S5 a. a.
These tickets will include admission to the
Grand Stand, and will be sold at the rate
of $3, good returning by any regular
train that stops at destination of return
ticket until Monday, July 30.
Passengers from points between Wheeling
Junction and Wheeling desiring to return
on Saturday, the 18th, can leave
Pittsburgh at 7:45 p. M., and will bo returned
home by special train. Trains run ,
bo Central time. *
I)eki' rock on draught. Clam soup.
Sandwiches of all kind? at Asa Booth's.
T)rrr rnrlr r>n rintnaht. fllnm. conn
Sandwiches of all kinds at Asa Booth's.
Consumption Cored.
An old physician, retired from practice
having had placed in hiBliandsby an East
India missionary the formula of a ximple
vegetable remedy lor the speedy and
permanent euro of Consumtion. Bronshltfi,
Catarrh, Ashraa and all throat and
ung affcctiona, also a positive and .
adical cure for Nervous Debility and all '
S'ervaiw Complaints, after having tested its
wonderful curative powers in thousandsof
asi's, has felt it his duty to tnako it known
a his suffering fellows, Actuated by thia
notlve and a desire to relieve human
infforlng. I will send free of choree, to all
vho desire it, this recipe, in German,
French or English, with full directions for
>reparingand using. Sent by mail by adlreiaingwitli
stamp, naming thia piper,
>V. A- Noyes, 149 Power's Block, Eoches- :
er, S. Y. ?ow
FOR y 3g?.ATTS^ c
Bhflum?tlsm, Neuralgia, Sciatica, -
uumuigg, d?u*?wic, nimvawre, luuuiwtnc,
Tiff maSEm a. vooelek co.
Vfokia H 00J Mil?_
gXjewhattt Sattovji,
lit?To avoid the annoyance of buttoning ou
jur cuSk.
2d.?To regulate the> lfngth o1 your cuff by norig
it up or down, and lulenlngjlt to the slit ol
MrimrtilMve. -jyfifi
W.-iTh? oonrenlenro oMaklng off your cuff or
ittlng It on without hanolloc It.
4th.?Kow, would jou do without It for X oenUT
C. HESS & SONS. i>
|C2S ?
A W1I. Mads to Do H?r Mtvtul'i Work.
H?r rlM tor DIroreo Grmatod.
Ohioaoo, ill-, July ft.?One genuine
and one spurious erica o( European
nobility were the defendants In a divorce
case heard hear to-day. Edith L. Coventry,
an Engllih lady about 40 years old,
daughter of Rev. Edward Arthur Lytton,
a cousin of Lo;d Lytton, was the plaintiff
in the ease triad. before Jutlm Gardner.
Her father is dean of one of The oollegea
of Oxford "University. In 1877 she wedded
Captain John W. Coventry, nephew of
Lord Coventry, ind an olHcerin the British
navy. The carriage was dlsspproved of
by the noble lord, and the Captain soon
made off to Canada with his young bride
and ssttledwith heron an annuity at
Newville, in the French provinces. Bia
conduct, as evidenced by her testimony,
and corroborated by that of M. Le Blanc
and Alexander Clair, two French-Canadian
neighbors, was cruel. Howes ahard
drinker, the testimony shows, and he several
times knocked her down, stamped on
her, and then forced her with a raior to
her throat to gat ap and sing ribald songs
to bim. They had a servant girl, but he
made lib wife scrub tho flo;r?,"because it
was "too hard work for thegirl," tbe Captain
said. He also made his wife ahine his
Vinnfa and narfarm ftimilflr menial offifM
for him, a!l in plain viewSSf tho Rlrl.
Other alleged fiendish tricks of hia
were exposed, bat the wprat only
needs mention. In the winter of .1870,
whiio the snow was high on the ground,
he had an attack of drunkest delirium,
and told her he would lock he? up in tho
attic room and then set fire WHhe house
and barn Iter up. She Hid, cMd in nothing
bnt her house robes, purged by him
and a brace of plaf&ls. It wACalf a mile
to the nearest neighbor's houigand in the
middle of the road she stncra the snow
and would have perished but for tho
timely assistance oi some passeln-by. Mrs.
Coventry resides now at North Evanatan,
and wants to make that- her future home.
She was given a.decree of divorce.
' 'nnllln.t.v-wion.Orangf, ?tc., flavor Tabes,
Cream?,Pu(tilln|i,il!(..ni delicately mid Hitt*
urallyaalb1* fVult from which they art* mhUe.
* TM?
Price Baking Powder Co.,
Chicago, III. St. Louis, Mo*
Dr.Prlco's Cream Baking Powder
Price's Lnpulin Yeast Gems,
Boat Dry Hop
f3.AT.Tl BY Q-S&OCTTRfl,
gtttu A- ^cttijchiy.
tub undcnlgned, having Utely withdrawn from
the firms of Friend <k Son and Aibenx, BertKby <fc
Co., have formed a cojiartnenhlp under the firm <
name of
. For tho purpoie of carrying on the
Furniture, Carpets & Undertaking
, I
. No. 1117 MAIN STREET.
They arc nevr fcctivlnf and opening daily
In the latest and most modern dctlfnt,
Indfwill be pleucd to ico a31 their old friend*, !
and u many new ones u may Uror them J
with their patron*tcu
- 1852 & isse 4
f .r?1 '
\ PER /
E BIL1800
2$Ktttg fcmfltt.
W ajgjjj* ^
Ahenintalv Dims
n w?ywt*4iwij i UIQI
Thli powder never nrlw. A manrel of purltr
atrcnfth and wholeaomcnuL Sort wonomlcii
th?n the ordintrjr kinds. mid auioot bo uM in
oompetltloa with th? multitude of low n?t khan
weljnt alamr-r phosphite powderi. StUtmlt i?
cant. JtoYAZ. Bakino i*own? Ca, 1(6 Wall t\r*n,
' l'l
TV ni?ttheJrhotuM.-l2to$7perweekcinbe
made. Call ft UM Market ?UmTwcoud to*
HOUR FAKCV WORK. 9 ? |%y,lui?r.
J i i i : ?
Dissolution Jtottcc.
a t a raeetlog of the stockholder of the Brlnoot
ftvyo.CompMy, Martin's Ferr/. Ohio, the followlag
resolution w?s passed unanimously br a m?.
Jor.tjr of stock of tae compear:
..Mi TMt bukleeti rf th? corpora^
known u the Belmont *iuto Company, li h<?telr
dboontloncd and company dlaolved. AU accounti
ol Moe Khali be teUlerf at onoo br tbe
Proldent of the Board of Wrectors. and any perboq
having a Just claim against Mid compear win
preJimt same at onoolor ?ettletn*m.
JW A. rrwiucnt.
gos &rat.
Rooms foe bekt-ik horn.
brook's Block. Apply to W. V. H0GE4
BHD.. 1to Market street. deg
of Chspline sad Twentieth itrwu, cooUlnIn*
eleven rooms, pantry and bath-room, til
modern contenienocs. hoaroalon civen Juiv 1.
Small Stoaa with dwel'lnf aiucbcd.
Lams Dwelu.no, No. 17 nf wenth met
Several Single Rooms. Enqulreof
No. 7, Custom Home.
Telephone A-lM. jer
(Stnctal Soilris.
The Board of Equalisation and Apprsla of ib?
dtrof Wheeling will be I* setslon m the City
Bnildlna, comraencia# st aloe o'clock etch morainir
nn ihn lift** And fur tho WAldllUtM below. lor
thu putme of correcting and equsllxln* the u>
iciimt'Qtt of r. al tad personil proj>erty in tli? cltf
for the year lsS5 and bearin* appeals of parta
agiiiured br aucbaatcsatoeoU
TPlm Ward-Monday. July 18. '
r Second Ward?1Tuesday, July 14.
Third Ward-Wednesday, July 15.
Fou'th Ward-lhortdar, July 16.
Fifth * ard?Friday, Jnly 17.
BUthward?Monday, Juy 10.
Seventh Ward?Tuewiay, July 21.
Kiahth Ward?Wedncadar. July 22.
JylQ B. HMANLRV.CliiUnmn
"gov Mzls.
100 Share* Junction Sail MILL.
' 5 Sbaroa Beimout Nail Mill.
25Shares -Etna Iron MflL
so Bharea Washington Hall Association.
. 15 Sitarea Ohio Valley Insurance Co.
30 Shares Franklin Insuranoe Co. ft
15 Share! Standard Insurance Co.
* ' 1." IRWIN, Stock Broker.
jflO ?No.anveliumt
. A most desirable property In Butnirlllc, WsibInflUvn
county, Fa., consisting of one Ur#u tan
story frame ato-e ncuie, a two story wsrebcw*
andaoomfortabl?dwe.lInrwitH four rooms sud
kitchen. al?o one stable. This la tba most dcsln
bio property in Burturille, and tho ini'lne* itiM
it the bMt la town. For i>arti?ula?? enquire of
CICRRO M083. Wwt Alexander, Fa, or U. A.
3CHAEFRH ft 00., teal Eitato Ageni*, wMflg
W.Va. JylOtuw
Bank of the ohio valley
I will icll about fifteen iharcs of tbo itock ol ibo
Ohio Valley Bank, Wheeling.
Telephone <75. Jtf
Thirty acres of fine Blver Bottom Land, lullable
for gardening, within six milt* of city.
120 actet of land in Decatur county, Iowa, tit
exchange for olty property.
W. Y. HOOK & BBO.,
JelS 1300 Market Htrftt.
lfniic<> anrl Titl In ITIrlrannl. Ohio.
^HoMejone ttoff lram?~coniidnJng three room
Two story Frame Hotwe and two Lot*.
One itory frame How*) and two Lou on Howard
itreet. For particulars call on or addreu,
tt. J. HOWELL,
Insurance and Real ??tat? Agent,
anylg " Bridgeport, 0.
225 acres of land on the Ohio River Ballroad, 7
miles from Wheeling; about 85 acre* bcttom ud
residue upland. BIch limestone aoll, and under*
laid wlthcoaL Will divide so ai to mako two fanni.
aprtS 1800 Market fitmt.
The Fine Residence now oceoplcd by Dr. Hif
tatr, corner Twelfth and KotT itreet*. Alio. tbt
1 welling adjoining and numbered UM Eofl itreet.
llso, the tenement bouse at No. 980 Market itreet.
mrtS H20 Miln Btrtri
T?n MiAf AhnlAAhioh Ys\iInm 1*11(5. tl2 Biltf
ksIow Wheulluff, ou Ohio River aud JJ. 4 O. K. B.
mproved by a substantial brick houw, 11 roooJj
dtchen aud outbuildings, situated In a pw el
oaplo. sugar and poplar tnxn. Also, h good seHC"
Ion 0/ fruit tree*. Apply to
W. V. HOOTTA BRO., 1300 RsrlWtBt
OrB.yr. MORROW, on tba waml**.
One 15 Horre Power Tift Engine In
first-clou order.
one La 1X0 T*o Honeoorered Truck*
Wagon anu Heavy Draught Honw.
Shafting, Hangers, Pullers,
tteib, Large Oak Timber,
Aud flurnslde 8tovcs,
_ J Y*
got jUttt and goc Salt.
JBtulheai Home, comer Jacob and ScTMttcntfi
Bufinen Home, No. 2103 Vain itrcet ,
Three tw*roomed boiuea and one four roo?w
ogflg jTwepty-'cYcatli itreet, betwitn Market
Two rooma, 2203 Water atroeu
No. 742 Main street, a boalocai houie and dwell*
740 Market atreet, flvo rooma. , _,.K
bufiloew home fronting on Main and Sootn
we'a. .
Fire roomed ffouae, No. lfilO Jacob itneU.
Bualnexa Houses, No. 2100and 2103 Maiuitrcei
A half lot on Seventeenth atreet. ? . u<>rwi.
Schlrmer Farm, better known aa Clark JfcWJ
Id Farm, near Triadelpbla; fiO nert*. ?rw**?
onae, barn, com crlua and other bulldior.
bapUne atreet, ?oa thdfSej en U*^ 'X^iwcad
Lot No. 10, Mil uaowi^vv*?'
It oath of Tw?nt]r-?l|bth

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