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got jfcent.
broolt'i Bloct Apply to W. V. HOOK 4;
,. laou Mirtotmwi _ <"P
B ol ClupllM Mil eraUinlDB
elcrmn room*, putrr u>d bath-room, all
modern comwtle&cw. i"w??!on alvtn Jolr 1.
j. a. noLLniAV. Jj?_
BKAU. BTOM with d?r?l IngttUched.
Laui dwmjko, No. 17 Fllwntb ?i?et
Bertnl aloslt Roonu.
Ho. 7, Custom Dou*.
. Telephone A-1M,
jisAlflitcc'a Soticcs.
Tho Monitor Tow-Boat and Lumber Company
hu assigned if* property to me In taut to pay It*
debts. All persons indobied to that Company are
notlflAd to mako payment to me, and all having
claims against it are sequestcd to presont them to
B;!ng au'horixod to sell at private sale tbe property
assigned to me, I will receive propositions for
the purchflje of any part of such property.
JOLV 18,188V. i>20
Iho two firms which did butinen under the
name ol Armstrong, Coon di'Co., have ssdgned
their property to me in truit, to pay their deb s.
All pcrtODU indebted to either of those firms are
notified to make payment to me, and all having
claims against either of them are roquettad to preavuttbeMmeiome.
Bdltg authorized to sell at private *a!o the property
tatlgatd to me, I will retire r rope siiions for
tho purchiso o! any part of ituch property.
_ Jl-LY IB. MM. 1VJ0
gov Sittc.
Krameiwlih Hash aud ouuidc bhutters.
inquire of JaMKS naulk, CO sixteenth
.s.roet. Jt'6
Lot m the lino of the p ojoted Street Kail
rwui, South foun atreet, Ihlitud, btauilf'd lo atlou.
J'rlco 160 Apply to F. WIlALLY, Agent, 68
Tire ith *tre?u jy'JO
A few Shares of Stock of Bauk of tho Ohio
SO shares Stock of Jefferson Nail Works, Stcubenvllle.
A Building Lot on 1 hlrteenth ?i wt.
T<lophore475 Jyl7
Valuable Beal Estate on N. E. corner Twentyfourth
and Market Mrcuts, In the City of Wheeling
W. V* Lot 122 feet by G6 fett: now occuplcd by
S. J, KUlfrltz as a wagon and blacksmith shop.
W. V. H'MIE & BKO.,
JyU WO Mtriri??
jgrocics FUK SALE.
10 Shares Nationtl Bark of West vlrglul?.
40 .?h?n* n hec;ing & Belmont Bridge Co.
100 rfharta Juucti-n ?all Mill,
8 Shares Belmont Nail MllL
25 Shares /Etna irou Mill.
:i a hires top Mill.
20 Shares Washington Hall Asvod&tion.
L IB WIN. stiwk Broker.
jyll No. 24 Twelfth Bt
Good Property In Martin's Ferry, Ohio, for Farm
Af from TJH to 100 HCres.
Kansas Laud lor City Property.
jelfi 1800 Market Street.
jpuR SALE.
Howe and Lot In Kfrkwood, Ohio.
llotwe. one slory frame, containing three roomi
and kitchen.
Two story Frame House and two Lou.
One story frame Hous? and two Lot* ou HowarC
street. For particulars cull on or addrcw,
Insurance and K?U Estate Agent,
mylfi Bridgeport, O.
* The Fine Residcnco now occupied by Dr. Hardest**,
corner'Iwelfth and EolT *treet<?. Also, th?
dwelling adjoining and numbered 11.16 Eort'street
Also, the tenement bouse at >o. Market street
ntr2S H'JO Main Street
ton iiom ot choice high bottom land, dx mile*
bo!ow Whectiu?, on Ohio River and B. A 0. R. H
Improved by a substantial brick home, 11 room*
kltcbeu and outbiilldfnf<s. rituafcd la a grovo o
eh pie. Hupar and poplar tree*. Alio, a good sclet
tlou 01 fruit tree*. Apply to
W. V. HOUc a BBO., 1300 Market St.
Or P. W. MORROW, on the nwinfw*. bit?
ftno:5 Hore Power Tift Engine iu
fln.1 ciB.s? order.
one law Two Honmcovcrcd T ruck
Wngou and Heavy Draught Honw.
Shaltlng. Hunger*, Pulleys.
tfch. Large Oak Timber,
Aua Buroildo Sloven.
4 Jr**
JpL'Iil.IC sale of lasfasostock.
Having loca'ed in the Wait, I will offer for mlo
My Farm conialnJug 197acrc?: ?aid f*rra f* situa
let id Mtofike coitntf. Buflalo township, near Went
1 locrty. W. V* , is ucdtr a #ood mate of cultivation
all tillable except .lOacrtnof w<kh1 land eou
miuk of locuht and otbtr neeoful tlmoer Fiir
i rprnvemcntt, orderMd with a superior vrin of
cotl, whit h eropa iut at the imrface. Abundaoc
o: buoii frit t. well watered, conveuient lochurche*
and normal w.booU Ate.
The above farm will be offered aa a whole, or
divided to kui; the purcbucm. Term* ea*y.
fkkut s smith.
At the same thnaard plucj the un 1cr*l?ned wil'
off-r for hale Mi head of 8hHj;>. co? nUllox ot
w 'Uier*. ewtn and lun^e; 35 head of Cuttle, niim'.
IjfUt: 2 Tnoronghbced Devon Hull*;? bcud o'
lmkI llnnw: 1 T*n Hone Power Eri{l.e: 1 Mow
iiik Miichluu; 1 kikmI Two-Hone W*k ji; i gooo
Hiring Wsjfou, and 1 lot of Hay mid Ohih
Term*, nine months. Bale to commence at 10
oVl?wic ?. M. jT'.tn.tw
|-ov jilcnt and 3:ov .Sale.
jouim:> ?\
TtxcVlngKo. ;.0eo4 No. 12 Twcnty-reventh .St.
Two ro-.>us?t oti ? *? uud of TwentyMjveuth ?lrw t.
Kutdue* Uoum.-, corner Jacob and bcvtukenin
Hiuiuew Houtc, So. 21M Main street.
Kite desirable ii.ecci of property on Sixteenth j
street. 1
On?j .TV) aero Farm, value J at $),000, will trade!
Inr eitv orowrtT. I
One Jrmr.m farm, vilnel at $f>,uvu, win irnur
for cltjr |ifo|i?rty
Otw sO ?ce Kurm, Till tied at 14,W).
On? I" wr?! -H'rn, vn'ued at I'.WW
Oil'*??r? Farm, valued mil "00. 1
ittuim.-Ki Hotm'H mh. JOOtnr] ^jiej M*ln Mrcit.
No. 17 I'wfirj-Ui'ri! ?treet. L?welilii* Hotim-. I
IJiMiiem hoii?o?n<l I)#tll ng >o. IM M >1 n Ht
JMMiiii* llotiM; mid jjwtjJIiiiK. f o. 31 Iwetilj-1
fclxtti Ktr. ot.
I/it No. 10 Koft ?tro?t, MiUth of Twenty?l|{htl<
l>vr< I Itifc fl'iti'o No. KI'? AllfiT r
l>?H ,No? i*n?i7, H<ji art 12, F.Ii/ihcth It re# t.
?*rit>* *ii<1 "'tUcr pro- my lor wlt<.
JAMK.S A. MKNKV, lfe.il J-MmU! Aai ul.
Oolkcwr mni Notary riihilc.
)yl* 1-17 Mirk'tfmot.
Suslncss (Cavils.
Jj^TKI'HEN .McCUU.Ol'uil,
Oiirpantor and
IJrlck mid Woodwn liullriliw Krnctcd.
Roof*, V?llej*,Hkjr I<iuNt4, < ntid Hhclvltiv.
Ail work piotnjitl) ntUmdol to on ri-?ju?u?Me
WH10P?Alley 13. rc*r of Capl'sil. BeMdenre,
Ko M Fifi<?o?tl> idffrfrt. hhop in n-?r. jig
Weneril Maclilntoto ami Engine IJuIMerB,
Cor. ChApltneaad Klghtoenth Htrcou.
HPECT Ab ATTENTION Rlrea to Repair Work.
Aynnm lor tho cdcbrnuxl Jwlvm (Jororuor.
tnr30 __
JJ a LWT, JK.,
Chronic Catarrh. t
C. W. Mellicr, of 406 South Fourth
street, St. Louis, U twenty vearo of age,
and hot been a sufferer from chronic
catarrh, which had become quite oflcnsive.
When he catne to Dr. I lartman, two
months ago, he was told it would take six
mouths to cure him. But he has progressed
bevond all expectations, and
nearly all sf^ns of the disease have disappeared.
Before being treated he could
not breathe out of the nose, and now he
has perfect control of the natal organ.
Peruna did the business.
James Dunn, of 1310 Gay street, St.
'Louis, has suffered from catarrh since
1870. The gentleman told the reporter
the following straightforward story of
his case. "I took the dUcase in Memphi*.
It commenced in my head and
extended to my throat, and a bad cough
followed. I went to a number of physicians,
and they told me my trouble was
liver disease, and one said it \vas palpita
noil oi me neari tiuu 1-UU9CU ui? tuuu?.
For the lost vpar I have been practically
worthless. I could not ascend n flight of
stairs without suffering from shortness of
breath and fast beating of the heart, and
my appetite was very defective. After
eating I often coughed ho hard that I
would throw up everything in my stomEcii.
I could not walk any distance withut
panting. Five weeks ago I went
under the care of Dr. Uartman. and now
my cough has disappeared and I feel like
a new man." Pkiiuna was his treatment.
Next came George Saucrbnum, residing
at 1929 Carr street, St. Louis, wlio is an
old patient of Dr. liarttnan. He stated
that he had suffered most intensely from
chronic catarrh of the head and Itings, but
is now atmost cured, his lungs being entirely
well and his head greatly improved.
The eratitude of this gentleman was
nlmosf boundless, anil he expressed it to
the reporter In the strongest terms, saying
" I'ekuna will cure any disease."
I. P. Dukehart, of Cumberland, Md.,
superintendent II. & O. R. K. Co I lotcU
(conductor on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
for tweuty-clghtycar*fntid previously
ft druggist), writes: M l)it. S. 1). II autman
& Co., Columbus, O. 1 have used
but one bottle of Pkkuna between myself
and son. I le had diptheretjc sore throat,
and is now well. As for myself, it has entirely
relieved the dullness in my head,
which has been of long standing?the result
of chronic malaria. I never took
anything in my life that gave me such
great satisfaction. My wise ii now taking
it also."
Ae-A written Kuarnntro of cure prlven In ercry
awe undertaken. ijo-All consultations* rrc and
Kncrrd. l)r. Clarke's t'oletirsti d Honk and
WriUuK" (In plain envelope*) two ?lnmp?.
y. P. CLiKKK. M. D. taOYInoBt~ fh.Hnt.t'1 Ohio.
Cancer of Tonne!
A IftH) IJ'isembliiif; that ot General Grntt,
Fotnc t?n ye*** n?o I bud ftscrofnlott# sore cn :ny
ilchi hand vhieh uuvf me Kre?t trouble. unit tin
derthoold litnetrni juentwa* bmlcd tip, and I
?np|ir*cd 1 whs will. I found. however. It had
only bo mi driven Into tho*y?t' tit by the use of potiuJi
and mccury end in North laK2.lt trokeout
In my thnat. nm! concontratid in whni ?on.e ol
the doctor# deu>m>n*t d oiincor. I wa? p'm-cd
under treatment f<?r tliU dlvii>?* Home tlx or
seven of the be>t phyMdaffc !u tt<c country hu'l
men different times unlet* lli-ir thit'i;*, auiotiti
them thre? nmfclHliHt.* ! ? lht? l|x?o; but one wtor
anotiuT would xhati.st htlr ftklH ami drop me.
fori jjrew worse ronliniiHllv. The- r.Micer Ju<i
otcn tiiro rIi my rh?er, de>tro ii'K th? joof of
my mouth nnd upper lip, then attacked my
to.-uue. pAlato and lower Up, rii-ktroyjng the j*Me
ami und.rUpintlr.lr mid *lf my ton.ue. rutins'
out to the top of mv Je t cheek bore and up to tve
Vt cytf, Fiom n noany n.ousi wc nihh <>i i.-w
round*. I wns r?- "reed t?a mere frnmu of tfltiii and
SiotK"!, aloioft untitle 10 tur'i nr -?'f iu 1m*. 1. 1
c iu'?! not Mt t'.uv M.lld ImhI, hut nub !-t??! <n
"iiiuid*. and my u>ngu?* witsnot?r com* I could not
tulk Iheanxufch of mind and th ? horrible differing*
ot body wt.ich 1 experienced n-vcr c-;n be
tovi-iled M'i'd up by i?hy?k.l?u to tile.?l:h no
hope of rrcowry upou the part of friend whoMtt
Around my bo bidoi-xt^Jluif cv#*r/ mi.m ntta l-r
hit butt: i:i fact, myiiuitWud w?>uld plan* h:a hand
ou me every r.ow htid then to w. \vh?tli r I wm
alive or not, and at one time nil decided that life
wa* extinct, ond my death wa? repotted oil over
tbacou try.
Stieft whh my wretched ami he'pks* condition
tbertrktoi la* O.tolar, ? tea my trlen<ii?
commence! clvlnir me Swift'* S;?chic. In lt*?
linn*month tljeeutlui(fibc?-*ht'?pK,?l ?xui heel*
irgcornneiictd, and the bmr nl nurture In my
cheek ha* leu clo-ed and fiuniy knitud together.
* proceMi r>/ a new under lip In j>roGr-?tijir dtisiy,
and#e tonuue which wa? alu.ofct d *tr iu<l Is bef?k
recovered and it mmjiii" that nUurol* sum lrl*
g a new tong e ! ran talk w? that my f-{. uJ?
i an r-adtly understand me. and rain at M?l:d Io. d
again 1 am ah e to wuU about wherever I pka?o
without the asidttati cof anyone. and have gainud
II ty pound# of ih*ft. All th'a under the bk?-nw
of a mercifully Utavin y nthor l%due toSwi t'N
*pcejflc. I an a wond r ai d a marwl to nil my
fr cndM, hundreds of whrm have kmwii my Inten*e*ufieriii|(.s
and haw vMud me in lav itfllic*
Hon* WMie urn lint uitJreiy well, yet my uiutitude
!k none the its* d.vout, and 1 am tv.ufldmt
that a perfect recovery in ?o\y i:i * gh . if any
dou^t ttu'K' fi(-t>, I would uf<jrih*')u to tfon. John
H. Traylor, Mat* .Senator <?f 1-i;k dlstrlu who In
mv ikmulihnr. Ijp. t.h. liwdil Id. of Jji'lntngr, lia.,
orioHujro'ht'r nwus Uv i ir pi Mifiotithvrn jnri
ol Trotipo c? uuty. 'U Mkm. MijiV L. L'uNKit.
1 n<? niikc. <??.. Mny It, lMift.
Hold by *11 driift.li".
Trentliw on II <mm1 Hiid .-kin PIm-aw mfill.d free.
Call Otl Iiur So. J5" w. W-t ht., N V.
CoiivtiltJitiiii fice 1nr. tSwirT?pici?ic Co, Drnwur
3, AtlU'itll, <ifl Ji'18 luw
For khIo by Lnnghlla Brot. A Co nml Logan >fc i'o.
Tie Greateit Magical Triumph of the Aga!
I,cm ofnppetltc, IJinrrla coatlvr, i'niu in
the head, with a dull cnMUloit in tbo
back part, I'niu under the eliouldcrblnrfr,
l-'ulliiena nfter eating. with n. disinclination
to exertion of bodjr or mind,
IrrlJitblllty of icmiper, I.ownplrlii, with
a feeling of having neglccted hdi/ip dutf?
Wrnriucaa. I>ly.xlnpNii. Fluttering nt lbs
. Ilenrt. Dot* liefurrtho c>*n?? Ilondacbo
vor ilio rlolit Jlc3llr*?neM* with
fltfol drrnmn, If lirhly coloroil l.'rlne, auil
TUTT'S ri LL8 aro ospecinlly uilnptcd
to such rn?c?, onn <l(?o cltocts micIi ft
They Inrrense I lir A pprtlie.tMl catmo tlio
tKuly i'i 'I'hUo on Klmli? lliu* th" I>
nonrl?licl. or l r>y ihoir Tonic Action on
Ujo l?lKc?tlveOrci*n?.1t',jr?ilnrHtooUnr?
Innovates l*io body, makes healthy tteah.
BtrciiKtlieriK the weak, repair* tin* vat-ten of
the fcyHlein with pure blood awl hard niimrle;
tones thu riervoiw wvHtcui. Invigorate* tho
bmln, nti'l luiiwrtH tno vljjor of manhood.
91. S?.l'l hvilni'.'i:hti.
OFIflCK I I Murray St., New York.
jo M*?r Hr?i rtf T??r j tvrf? ?.i*n;r ?r in omdcr.
l?s I'.-ii ili!? |tri:.oilr I.ivrn i:.|- ?m! lll?r i el
1'T iJrflllirwl i'f liifi'Kl ti-Jllie i i 1 tli? r. *< Dv?.
i'^jnu, OmMlpBtum, llti'lrrlifl,
ll iiM'i,Hle-um iIi?(ti. ?'. Ii ? /nl .imiii.. I?ev>i!?,|i<iri*
I|?? tl<-??lf ' I- IU' < II K -| ll| " *?,
TMounnndnof tubtlmpnial[r^prov* ?t*mrr|t,
n nVl'JTn u CATAR B H
A,,.,, ii"- - ?
tlon, Ilrnln Hor??,
Hnnlorm Mm Hun**' fHAYF fcVtR Big
of Tn?l?, Hearing St IjCfr ^Jr/Sj
Ninrll. A'fjiilnfc It*.
llttf. A INimIiIv* Cur*
?!I1KA? IIAI.il
rc|iuiail-'ii, dUi'lMlni
*11 oilivr pre|MiriHloii? a imnlr'n I* i?|*{>ll??l Ihuj
<*rh iwtrll; n? imlu: ?!? >? ? ? ' ? ? ?! ;
t? c by mill ?>f ? (IruvK'^t** * ???> (orclMuUr. KI,V
UHOiHKUM, UruigUU, UW?ku, N. Y. Jy7
fta MMtymax:
ornc? { No#. XOandtt? Fourteenth Street
thk p^urr.
Mr. Frank Bart BeylUe to General North
oott'N Letter.
To the Editor <tf the Intelligencer.
Sib:?In your paper of a recent date Mi
R. 8. Northcott attempts to prop np tb
temperanco record of the Republlcai
party, and asita temperance Hepablican
to still stick to tbo party.
In yoar editorial notice you say tha
Mr. Northcott is in thorough syinpatb'
with the temperance cause. This notle
was necessary to set him right, for i
perusal of his remarks induces the belle
that bis sympathies are altogether will
the Republican party.
I quote from his letter as follows: "Tin
people a few years ago in West Virginii
were advancing rapidly in temperanci
woik. Moral suasion was the weapoi
then used. Since the idea entered tin
heads of some of our temperance leaden
10 BUCHUIUIU ItgUI iCDimiiii IUI wvin
suasion the cause lifts not made the sami
advancement." I have to say that a raai
capable of uttering such remarks is no
necessarily slopping over with syuipatlr
/or the cause of lemperauce.
I judge the purpose of Mr. Xorthcott ir
writing, bus been to display to the bes
advantage the idea that the Republicai
party is good enough for temperance men
because, as he urgis, "The Ri publicm
party saved the Union, emancipated fou;
millions of slaves anil has given us tin
best currency in the world." And lu
further adds,' Republicans who abandoi
such a party, kill the cause of temper
ance." The lo<?it: is, that as my fathe:
joined the Republican party, because In
was opposed to the extension of slavery
that 1 must stick to it, although 1 am op
posed to intemperance and in favor o
prohibition. Now 3Jr. Xorthcott knowi
that the Republican party was not foriuei
with any view to the suppression of tin
liquor trallic, but that it was formed witl
but this one idea?opposition to the ex
tension of slavery, and that no olher idei
brought the party into existence. 11 en cm
we lind it made uu of men of nil creeds oi
r?th?r KiibieetH. Nothinir was said abou
the taritl?nothing was said about intern
pern nee or prohibition, but men whosi
hearts beat in unison on the then irre
presaible conflict, joined together aud op
posed tbo extension of slavery. As the;
succeeded tliey became more radical am
freed the slaves, and afterwards still mor
radical and gave the ex slaves the ballot
Now this being accomplished the party-i
left without tbo one idea even, ami ough
on account of being void of purpose am
reeking in corruption to ro out of busi
1 nave to confess, although perhaps no
to my credit, that I have no personal ac
quaintance with Mr. Nortbcott, hut 1 an
i**d to believe frotn a perusal of his leltei
that he has baen a sort of a politician
and has beeu or is duly provided for
hence ho is inclined to stick. J have i
right to this belief, because Mr. Northcot
gives to the Prohibition psrty all thosi
who have been ignored in the old partiei
in the distribution of and lie nut
the number at two to three thousand ii
the Stat* and does not count himsei
araony them.
Mr. Aortijcott asks: "Why will thi
friends of prohibition persist in desirin;
to organize aud run a Third Party ?'' Sus
fn reply, prohibition ia a qutsliou for thi
aetion 01 the people. Let us then givi
the voters a good square chanco a
it. It is a question of public policy. N<
other question has been legislated upor
and kieked about without any parent a
iiastbis matter of prohibition "Utusthej
give it a guardian, lloth the old partiti
work the liquor interest for all it's wort!
worth to the utter exclusion and neglec
of men who are opposed,to the litj 10
crime. Jf w? hold to our couviotious wt
are already driven out from thete parties
rbol'r^bibition party tenters arytodefem
prohibition from its political enemieu
Twenty \vars hc j the brewers and diMil
lens organized against it and have steadil;
r<.fin?P(i to fiuouort any person ormea*ur
at tlie polls in opposition to their busi
ness. Thin **cs forcing the issue, and tlii
Goliath of the "rumies" is still repeatini
tbo challenge. Shall there be no David t
go out an?l meet him? U'e propose to ac
cept the issue and by a combination o
votes to plant the banner of prohibition a
the National Capitol.
Wo believe there can he no greate
peril to the Nation than the exiatin
party competition for the liquor vote; tha
any party not openly opposed to th
traflio, experience shows, will engage ii
this competition, Hill conrt tho favor c
the criminal class, will barter away th
public morals, the purity of theliallot an
every other object of good govern meat fo
party purpoecK.
W'nen the Republican party came lut
power it had pnough to* do to vindicat
the National Government againHt necei
won; but for the pnsi nix teen years it ha
beenfree to do anything it desired rt
j lating to the liquor trallic. And w hat Iij
! it done? It has built up the whisky but
ncfts by a partnership with dictiliera unt
$'. 0,000,000 Is collected .every year froi
that which produces at least 7") percent (
the crime and poverty of the couutr\
u na? repeaieu mo pruimmuiy i
Michigan, Connecticut, Khode Island au
Massrr.huBettB, and come withiu onn vol
of doing it in Now Hampshire. It hi
also repealed the Iceal option law i
Pennsylvania, in all tlimw (raws withoi
submitting the question to the peopl.
Laat month in Onio at their State Convei
tion they repudiated prohibition and d?
dared for taxation, but express the opii
ion that tint people have n right to chain
their organic* law. Diti yon ever read an
more consummate, bra/.ctn bigotry ? Hi
idea of a party.convention telling the pc<
pie that they have toehango their organ!
law! It is too impertinent for the day
In the city of Cleveland the U-publicat
have the government. Ten thousan
voters irrispcctive of party petition thei
to clone the saloons on Sunday. The pet
tion ia rejected and the praver refused.
The argument that if I'rohibiliouiel
withdraw from the Republican party i
will result in perpetuating the Democrat
parly hi power, in not so weighty as it hi
been. That the Democratic patty shoul
run tlio government in accord with tii
undies of the li<iti?>r m?n, ia not regardu
hm any wore of a calamity, if as iiiucti, i
that the Republican party bhoulddotl:
same tiling.
In thin Stafo at. their liwt conventio
tlio lt?puhlieanfl refined liy an ove
whelming vote to criticise the Democrat!
parly for not nubinitting the prohibitm
ainehdinent to the people. Tim bewail
explanation of .Mr. Noithcott of the actio
of this convention indicated the dcapcrnl
btrait of a party that attempta theilouhl
act. The duplicity of the paity is fitithi
shown in hia reference to the twenty-It*
Republicans in the llouwi of Delegate
who, an he hhjh, voted solid fur submi
bion. it did not matter that some <
them wereoppoHcd tonuch action; it \\?
done all the sainuin the iuterent ol polic,
knowing that it could not pa*n in ail
event. In thi*town a Kepuhlicau Counc
recommended thiit license he granted to sc
intoxicating drinks. A Democratic com
reflined the application, it does seei
that the H?puoiican purty is getting i
thy hint hiil* i ?r thfj lt<|iior vow, i i.m
unico party, ia it not, toadvino tcninc
himu lui'n to appeal to for tlic good <
tlx) caiifm? I reckon tin* tJonor
did not cxjmtL any on? to accept fldvh
ho ^rAtuitous ninl withal bo staring
Finally, 1 rornark that llio irlonoH
prohibition pi-raiat in organizing ami rn
ninu a party, bccatiso wo know it to ho
matter of history that no great rotor
ever wan aeeompliehal without a par
liCllittd it. I'll a n it HuiiTt
July 10.
Tlit* lni|Hiitiillot> uf Uliulnm.
Sclmer Motility,
Thorn familiar with tbo lilnfory
rholrra anmiuiliH Moliainmiilun pilgrii
1 aru award I lint hIihu tliu abolition of t:ci
van*. ami tliu trarwpnrtation (if pilK"!
by atvRinuri, vury much lower cmi'B
cholera occur at Mecca and along the
land route ?rom Dejeddah. It la because i
'. all are kept, so to speak, in a certain lane,
where they are under constant observa=
lion;their food, bygeinic surroundings, are i
- more carefully regulated, and owes occuriog
can be promptly treated and guarded.
The same is true of steamers bringing emi'*
grants to this country. With competent J
modical officers, isolated hospitals, absolute
cleanliness of attendants and prompt t
disinfection of discharges, the disease j
e should be limited to those who had con- ,,
irjMi.il U. ViofnrM tvtmintr an board, and l
a virtually suppressed by tie time of'their
8 arrival at any one of our seaports.
lt Private DalzelTn of hli Character
u nud Ability.
To the Editor of the Iiiltlltgencer.
J Sib:?Owen Kellar, concerning whom
1 the press ha3 had so much to say of late,
was born and reared within a mile of this
a place. He is one of our brightest and
1 best young men. Of Herculean stature,
3 over six feet two in his stockings, erect
1 and powerfully built, he can take care
3 of himself any where that physical strength
J and corresponding physical courage are
1 needed, lieisrti blonde, of plain, pleasant
3 features, blue eyep. and light brown hair
| worn short, on a ^end of much more than
t ordinary volume of brain. In ull field
f sports, hunting, jumping, base bail and
ttie liko, he has always led the young men
J of his age. He is universally respected.
He is fairly educated and forseveral years
1 was a teacher in our public schools, a con?
Btant reader of tho daily papers, and of a
1 character above all suspiciou of meaunees.
r The charges so vaguely insinuated against ?
} him astonish all our best men and women, ti
? 4 r t....* n..,?n tTolla.. tiAtrar Sn Id
nn a uianci m mot, wnuu *??< * uviv. ?
1 his life touched or tasted tQbaccoor intox- J
* icating liquors iu any form, aud could no t
r more have used a profane and ob?cene ?
i word than he could fly. It was impossible, j*
> A Methodist, a teacher in the Sunday
* School, of even Puritanic severity in
' morals, it is simply an offense for any p
J Mugwump to uaine'tiis name at all. ' '
' This is the universal testimony. lie is J
3 respected wherever ho is known. Heap- i
1 peartd before the Civil Service Examin- <!
* ers, and was recommended by them for 4'
1 civil appointment simply and solely be- ti
cause ho was the brightest and best man
[ in the class. *
1 His ability can not be impeached, hence n
' the mortified and chagrined incapables
3 whom be distanced in the competitive ex- J
' amination raise this idiotic bowl about il
* his morals. Let them duo to send an in- [j
\ vestigating committee of Congress here j.
' next winter, and rate and scrape up i
c every incident of Owen Kellar's life from ?
the cradle to this hour, and they can find jj
8 nothing against his character, for all is *
[ well anil fair there. A purer, better young J
' man never walked the planet.
He is a clerk in the Treasury now, and h
they dare uot anil will not turn him out; *
1 for if they do they only turn him into jj
Congress next year. n
r CaUhccll. 0? Jul;/ 17. f,
. u
Kvorj body Should liuvo u Flock. o
I Anicrloui J'ouUrii Journal.
f Few persons housekeeping outside the ?
3 business places of cities and towns but can j
8 raise a few fowls of one kind or another? t
3 not so much for the benefit derived direct- c
' ly from a small (lock, jient up in a restrict- ?
' ed yard the width ot a "sheet"?but for >
the pleasure and amusement of the young- J
R er portion of the family, and the incentive J*
? to industrial habits il'ut they would be |
most likely to create and stimulate if the 8
L* youngsters would tend to their wants and J
call thein their own. We know from our P
1 own experience, and speak advisedly, r
' wneu ViU aay umw iuu uiiuu m iuu juum ,
1 is plastic and easily receives impressions. t.
* ihe labor, or rahler the pleasing employ- a
1 ment of taking cure of a brood of '
s q hicks, 'ntjrsiug and tending them from
' the time their piping noted are heard, I
1 all through the process of lledgr
ing, watching every playful frealc with
f childish glee, cartfsing and cjoing with
* their liuio beaks and calling them by
* some fond pet name, lifcteniug to the
1 mother** cluck hs she forages here and.
* there iu quest of worn)?, seeds and insects,
ure moments of delight and uualloyeu
e pleasure which should ha encouraged, aud
" never denied our childfen. Kew European
8 persons but like poultry. We must credit
P this to their industrious mothers. In all
L> the rural districts of Germany, Austria,
' Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Ireland,
' women ilo all the raiting and marketing
I of poultry and eggs. They consider it a
part of their moral obligations, as mothers, '
r to bring up their children to practical in*
duntry. As poyltry culture is ever con.
* tiJertd an innocent aud agreeable eniuye
ment for the young, these good mothers
II show the example to their children in
' hopes it will not be forgotten when they
lj grow up.
j Two ClHNMUTitt)* Menl la an Odd Wuy. i
.illanlu Voi'idiutm. fl
o in Ihu United Stales District Court to- >
e day, the case of Dick Morris was called. J
? liu was a bold, bail man in app arauw?. j
h The indictment charged him with illicit .
!- distilling. The jury found him guilty *
is without leaving the box. The evidence ;
ir allowed that AJorriji wq* qn oli| olfender, a
il hardened violator of revenue lawn. He s
n had been confided twice before, and on *
)f another trial be had been accused of seeur* j
ing an aecjulttai by bribing a witness for r
n ?*>5 to swear for him, Uih guilt was so
d clear, anil ho had repeated his oHcnsua ho i
e often, that Judge Speer sentenced Morris i
is to one year with "hard labor and to nay a J
n tine offcl.lllH). When the builiU'took the j
it prisoner to jail he broke down. Morris f
u. belouged to a good family in Northeast ]
i- Georgia ami hat excellent advantages. ,
?- He was sent to the University of Georgia
i- and was in the class with Judge .Speer, J
:e belo e whom he had just app?aied tu rey
ceive his third sentence as a criminal. I
> Need ."onrj? I
ie Well, if you need II ever bo much, the ]
b. best wuy ia to work for it. Ami you can't i
ih work to much advantage unless you have j
ii good health. If you are dytppptic or de- ,
?i fcihtatcd, or rheumatic, the beet way to
i- begin is U? invefct a dollnr in a hottlt? of
lirown'a Iron Hittero, which will enrich
ts your hlooil and drivo out your ailments,
it Health is better than wealth. lUy A
it- hbowmaker, Druggists, Hannibal, .Mo.,
ui wjy, "Wo never sold tin article that give
(1 an good satisfaction as Hrown'a Iron liit?
e tew."
<1 ***
is As usual, many oi the showiest equipio
ageu ne?'n at Long Branch belong to
wealthy people who will peraibt in calling
n it "Lung I 'ranch."?Lake (huryr liijijilf.
r. ?*
|r lIumfortl'N Ai'ld I'lim-plintH Urniik With
v Motln Wutttr
y I* delicious. All druggists have it. It is '
!i refreshing and cooling. Try it often!
ie It is not considered good form in Boston (
r to uiwthe expression "akin game," though i
o "cuticle pastime" ia perfectly proper.?iV. i
?, )'. Daily AVim. J
)f I iiavk been a periodical sufferer from !
,H Hay Kever (a most annoying aud loath*
v> some alllietion), Since the summer of '
y 1&7H, and until I used Kly'a Cream Halm
fl wart never able to llm! any relief until
. ui.Milwir. I I'nti iiiiLbfiiilv wiv that i
rt Crwttn Kiilm cured mo. 1 regard it ah ol
i? ureal valuo, ami would not ho without it
? during tho Imy fovor nosHon.
jM h. M. Ukoiiuia, liinKlmiiiton, N. ^ . (
... ttiimw
1 Ulrica for picnics: Kirat?I>o not tako
' moro than one girl. fciocond?I'o not tnko
ly any girl. Third?Do not ko to the picnic.
Avku'h Saiih\i>aiiii.i.a in tho inont oilec''
tivo hlood-puritlvrcvordovised. It in rr^
commended by tho beat phyHiciunu. n.uv
ty Tho hfwtKalvoin tiio world for Cut/!,
OrulwH, Horod, Ulma, Hnlt Khoum Fovor
rwrun, irn?r? uunppwi u.iuwn, v>uwimiiihu,
Gornn ami nil Hkin Kniptlonn, and jkwItivcly
ruri'H I'llofl, or no pay roquirod. It
ii< KUrtrnnUitnl togtaft pnruwtuntifl/aftlon.nr
of monny refurnhxl. Price 25 cento per bos.
iih Kor Htiln by Imuran A (In.
rrt. *?? ?
iih Tiik "Want Soap," universally arknowlu(
edgud to bo thu bikini uud beat 6 cont bar.
rhe Feature* of the Xanax and Stock Mar.
<4 keta?
KX7 Yoki, July ?.-Moner *17 *t lpweat
friine .metcantUo pep?r <a> percent foreign
exchange dill but it-sidy at ?484a4tt.
UuvaawMorrBojine-Doll; quotations firm. ,
Ftati.Bo.nds?DuHaad qaoutlous about iteady.
Railroad Box??There was some lmproremttt
a buslu* 11n railroad bona*, the salts being 12.100,'OQ.
- mock*?The
stock has mln been deddedlr ?c
Ive but without accomplishing the same results
eachrd during the pert week. Toe aslrsaggre*
fated 874,(00 shares. At the opening the row was
veil supported wl h buying order#, wnleh caused
rices tooptn strong Same of thi m-K artlve
locks toedea further advance fiom Saturday 1
^In tffetfternoon the market was 1cm act've but ,
rrexular aud feverish with a general downward
( tifTt'tier >?iy'c(nll v fur t'nlnn 1'iirIIk'. 1 ako Shorn
ind Western Union. Western Union retched i's '
owest point About 10 o'clock, from which it I
willed over 1 percent, moit of the gala lost In the i.
sst hoar. Thl? stock closed with a net decline of
percent, u ranger* were the highest at the
ipenlng and the lowest at tho close. New lork :
:entr?r closed finally with a lots of 1 percent,
.ake Snore was weak all day and closed with*
DtH of 2P'rcout. There was unusual avtlr.tr In .
iregoaA Transcontinental, but it op*ned and 1
lo*ed with a gain of only Ml perceut. Oregon
tailway is up % percent. Northern Pacific was
Iso strong and shwvvsugoin of K percent.
0.8. aoai?: U. 8. \V- ut,w 41
aciflcCsof '95, : Central Pacific, llljj; *-rie,
ecomls, 69J$; Lehigh A Wllkesbarre, ofd, 9>}4;
oulslona Consols,;": Missouri 6s, 101H: St- Joseph,
18ft: 8L P. a 8. firsts. 121&; Tennessee 6s, old, ,
7; do new, 47; Texas fscloc Land Grants. 88%; I
0 Rio Grande, 55: Union Pacific firsts. iu%: no i
and grants, 107: doSinklug fund, 121)f; Virginia <
t, 40: Virginia Consols, extra msturea coupons, <
?; do deferred, 594: Adam* Express,119; American <
Ixpress, 93; Canada Southern,t ential Pacific. ]
Vi: Chesapeake A Ohio, 5&;do first preferred J
); do second preforred, 6&; o. C. C. A 1.86: Den- 1
er&Rio Grande. 6H; ErleJSK; dn preferred.2?; ?
ort Wayne, 183}?; Kansas A Texas. 20J4: Lake Erie i
1 Western, 3>?; Lake Shore, 67k; Louisrillo A ?
lashvllle, 8834 ' Louisville, New Albany A Chicago, ?
I; Memphis A Charleston, 84; Michigan Central, <
), Missouri Pacific, V>y9: Nashvillu A Chattaoogo,
4"; New Jersey Central. !?}{: Northern
acIfic/JO^jdo preforred, 45}f: Chicago A Northestern.
97h; do preferred. ISO: Now York Cen- l
nd,MM:Oufo Central, X; Ohio AMI*l?ippl, \l%\ <
o preferred 60; Pacific Mail, 4sJS: Pittsburgh,
II; Reading, 14)$: St Louis A San f ranclsco. 1^;
0 preferred, 8 J; dt. Paul, 76)*; do preferred, lw; I
exa? Pacific, 1%* Union Pacific, 61&: United J
tates Express, 61; W., St. L. A P., 4; do pre
tnvd. Walls-forgo Kxpren, 1W>S; Western Unin,
Hreadstnffs and Provisions, f
Chicago, Iia., Julj 20.? 'he extreme heat which 1
re vailed here to-day had a depressing ctfecton (
le bulls and bears snd buMu* ss done on the Foard
as only moderate, and about all the lnter< st was ?
jntered In wheat. S.on after toe opening the be- j
even in higher priccs circulated report* of
amsge to Dakota crops. Reports was ?lso received
001 Nebraska, Northern Iowa and South m
linuesou tliut the warm weather was damaging c
liespiiug wheat crop. All these rumors seivod t
>pui upprlcei ka??e. but st thiiadvmre neirly t
rerybouy who bad a little wheat in which there
' !? a muhII profit ttireW it on the market, aud >
sturallr the vatu:s reacted. This has betn the \
ullfst uay iu the provision pit for over a wco .
l ?ur IsqiiUt and prices unchtug^d Wheals
miewhat unsettled and nervous aud frequent
rom the K'lroiitiin market* showed a com para- I
Ively steady feeling in th?t quarter, ana the
ias.erti market* wore stronger in a general way.
'tie marled ojiened tatner easy wl b ra'lier s
reo ottering* on local ae<ount, and prices f
uled >4?%c lower. A stronger feeling wa*. u
owevcr. quickly develored, mi |tri?in rallied
galu on reports ofdamage to crming crops. f
Ills bad some cfl'c t on local operator* and en- d
minimi rather free buying to provide for out- I
ending contracts New York wit stronger and
Igher early, but afterwards cased oil'. St. Louis f
u* blither, and with b?d crop new* f.oia that
uarU-r, the report* stated |M>jr quality. Kxjorts
roiu the seaboard were moderate. About noon ?
lie market becamoeasier on rumor* of an ?nl cljm- ti
,-d lucre tse in the v slole supply and prices
ecllned ^c. The market during the last half of
lie*cn?ion was weak with more or Iom realizi'-g. s
ud tiiitti'yclo ed about ??c lower than the. losing t
u Saturday :sale* ranged: cash July t>'J& ?
iWc. closed at?Jj4c; August W^yiOlJio. closed at
September 9.%*'J ij^c'dosed at )
Hera No. 2 spring M^c: No. 2 redkSUXe; f?o.
red 'Mo (Tom, market quiet, and prion closed
tout Jfic lower than Saturday; No. 2, 4'?e. c**b "
ivjjntti'Jj closed at c bid; July ? )%*
losed hi |.*>%u.bd; August cloud
t ft'^c hid. Out*, market up tied Onsi.
utsub cquoutly dcclli od Sa'4oandclosed quiet;
iO.2, cam 8l',i31%c, clo-odnt?IJic;
uly 2i5Jia2flw, doted at2i?%e: August 2.i}?a '?Hc.
lose I ut '&Xp- Kye in moderate demand mi-1
larkct s'eady: No 2, WW. Klaismi firm; No. 1
I 2GK. I'ork quiet and lower at SU? 30a 03 : ca?t.
to ijowd et ill Mi U 3i%; August
1(1 ASitin 4Y lOitouxl at tin XTUmIO .0 l-flrrf iilllPt
t 6 (i'kiG cash ami August
loscd nt 07<jiaC.7.'K:: shoulders 4 1'h4 ??3; short
lb 5 70 :?7i^u; B'lort clear 5 U.MC 00c. Whisky tlrm
t fl 15. sugar, cuilottf TMfil graaulvcd ?% ';
laudard A 0'/'. Uutuu In fair demand and flrtn;
reannry .1 *l7c; Unlry l.'u 4c l&g*. 1 it l%c.
ifteruixin lloari?Vhent M.V July, w)c Auuu t: .
.'WcSfciiteralxT Corn, 4S^c July: 4%c Augiui;
j>V- Hiil-in lM?r. Out, 31c July: 2tef*.He?r ?'r.
ork.Sto.TS J"l>" *>ld AujiiimjSlQSSHcpisiabcr.
,sr?1,6 0 v August; 6.7.'Kc&i>p:i):ubir.
Nkw York, July 20.~Ktour, ux-uipU 81695 Uuels;
extorts tvttl barn-la; murkti dull mid In
uycr s favor: *ale? I t hou fanned. Wheat, rucei)>i?
I.-.1 u biuliel*; cxiwru lU.itW bushels; i*>.
Igher,M'Uli a luodomto ixpnrt dcm?ud: opt'oiis
?-eueu lower, Inter ruled Mrougeruii'l advanced,
losing tlrm: sail* 2911,wu bushel* future*,
nu.tmu bushels siMit: No. 4 Chicago and Milraukce
9 %\i t o. u.: Mkc ?t 're; ungraded tud tacn
.I'iSsN'o. 2 red flUlJa: X?? 1 whltu'JV; No. t
ad July nominal at 31 01%; August II Ol'^al 02??,
losing nl 11 UJJi, September SI OiS1*! ??>* clusiii*
til in!* Octoooril 06H*10(r>i,closing nt SI 0b**:
tovcidtcr il u7kal 0S>i, dotiik at Si OS: lKfaniber
t tt*%al 10. cioMlug ai tl U4%; June SI 1M1 1 \\>
losing at II 1^. Corn, oiK-m d a iliiue bellu .
ui later decllucd and closed Mcjuly; Jocclnt'
US.MO buahuk; ?xj>orUi Ifl&M l.iuimU; nalus 1.224
lit bushul* fniuKJH; 4,?,tnw bu-hels spot aud to ar
|vc: uiigratUnl iila':i^c; tteamirSlXaMJie c ( aud <
; low mixed &3j; ungraded white Me. No.
uly coHug at :ac; AUgUkt Ktna^c,
slokiiiK hi 5i>gc: September h'Makttfa ctafctiiR at
>j)^:itttobcr<-riU?&^(\uuvrii|Riil S^J. Oat*more
c?|vo; rcccljiU 77,'ad bitntiei>: export* 1JJ liufca- 1
U; uilxixl w?*teru :t7a|Uc: while doJCMlc Colli*, I
(Kit fair; ||Io blip: options dull: udi* 7,000
u|v0'J5c; Augiikt 1,0 it5 0 lohsr7.?5\ Novetaivr
"afitr. tk'iiieiuber cluaed ?i 7 CAx7 loo: Itcccm
ict 7.,At7.?.'ii; J?tit|ftty 7.-?7 3 c: February 7.uca
X'h' Husnr *|m<ly mid demand (Mir; Mr n R.md
etnil-g SJia.V^e; rcliuod dull s exir* t;
khlfjiii Hxnoileicdtie *Unduid *
nitlonl Mud curbed Otitic; powdiiud (initio;
;raiil|in:o.i ti>?o. M 'lav it> barely MtMdyitnd quiet;
(J t'.?l ll>ko. ftfre llrui mid ill uir tinjiiry. 'inilow |
toady. Iwdii tlriu. turpentine ftlendy at
C&* llrmaud in fair lu?|tilry; wejkrtt MnllXc. j
'oik firm and in mode; ate dent nod; iiu-m upot
ill .Si; fanul/ im?? 111 2foll .VO. Ned quiet. l.?rU
lull, went ru Mutm npoi 6 eta JtityC.?6n, August
i.6"nxhl>c;September i.(.Wr7U'o; ik'iober 7.IOi7. 4c;
<oveinl*T 7.'Ha" oi?n jkce-nber 7 (Wa7.0 e; city
(cmin ft.tCHo.76c. I'liceto ?|UlcL
PmuPKLruiA. I'a.. July 20? Flour nulet but
tcady; </hiti l?l 5<*i500; wlu'vr jmtetil *'.40. Mltiueol?t
cl.'itr >1 2o; do, juumti f Wbwu Una,
*o. a rvd July vna^Ji'j; Augum 0 a*>7}:?; Sep.ember
uu>?; October II t'^al Corn,
ijitidtu itoiiiliiMl . u absence otdom-.iid;*|Hit nulet;
so. 3 lotv ralxtd Mc; iteuucr No. 2 mixed toe; I
so. I lithcli mixed 5?4<'; So. 2 mixott aiytin-.
S'o. 2 IU|XmI July 6'J Rattle: AiibuhI : Hepumber
&U!*c; October m^hSI^c. Oau, demand
or KjMit <.1 iw; So 3 white no. 2 White 1
Kl>i*40?; No. I white 4'Jc; future* dull No. 2 whim 1
inly ;w^?nw; Augtut itJ&aiWe; Senium ber JWVia
It?."; u-tot*r lU^a ajfco. Ik-el, ell, family fUMw
13 Co; dupafkftli 111 uta12 (M: No. 1 mi>* SiUMJu 1
11 W. 1'orfc. incw, new, |I175b120j: prime me*,
icw, stimuli jo; Utility 9 2MUWMI. llnm?,
itnoked KMl'-U l.srd Heady; rctincd 7.:&j7.ovo;
iltnttu CfiViiL'jOc; btitcben' Ioomj OtWc. "litter
irin mid in Itlr deumtid for choice: creamery
extMitulo; llr4dford county nnd M>wYurk !.'*?
Itkr; Wi*teru (luiiy llul.V:.
iinci.n.v?ti, (>., July 70 ? Hour quiet; family
M'~>?lfAi;fancy54?? t (? WbeaUtroiiK r;No.i!r*.il
jhl *i UU, ue?v, rvtcl|'t< X Ui ; ??hlpiiiviiiN
J .Mt liUkUi'U. Corn active mik) etuur; No. '1
mixed?" Jittt c. oat* Itcavy; >o i! mixed lUitxiku.
itye heavy; No. 'J fine. Pom Htm ai J.u7.'Milo>7>.i.
Urd <|uUt *tid Itrm at 6.4 ?c. Bulk mini* euioi
liioiiliUTN 'I (Oc ktioft lib 'iMM. Bncou lu modeM*
ivittiiti'l and lit in, hlioulder* short riti
! ific; khort oUur 4.7.C. WhUky m.ady nt 81 la.
Ilutter quiet; exirn citnniery l.s*?ue: wucy dulry
VM dc. Miim*il oil i|iilt-l hut ?l ady nt I u fee
?uK4r?|Uivl but nt.-ady ,iuud rt-ilm.il t?>in*?ic; New
iricMiin toil], Kk?? (lull at luaiic. Uuiwe v?*y,
Jlilo fullcienm uciory 6a7c.
B lti amuc. July20.?Wheat,w<*tern white lilrlivr
ui>t iim? tlvu, winter rr?l, ?|K?t 0i%a*.W?c; July Wc
i.Ill; *UKiUtl ?7? bid; 8e|tUU)btr >1 ??U1 i?!?; uctoi**r
ShiHKktd. t'oru, western skmly hint dull;
mixed l .'?l^*.'? f;c; aujjuM .S?jti?-ui?
Itor olfjc bid. UuU lower and dull; wcateru White
M<.:Uc; di? mixed fxilv. I'mvikIoui ttri'i; uic.n
l?or* $11 .'*M1I 7.V Urd, rt II tied 7^c. K^ga 'toady
a l.'ylik! C'oll'ee dull; Ulocarrfoe*. unhuary to
[*lr 7;tfi*)iiC
Toi.i:ik), o., July 2(1.?Wheat clonal eiwtcr fttul
lull. m? i red ouu or July Olo; AuguM yi}%e; hoplumber
tU)4o; OcIoIkt'.I7)40. No. '2 M?lt kl ui?l UL
L'oru nothing dolliK; No.iCiwh or Julv -4 H?; .\UKUkt
md M'liU iuuir Ual? dull; <w> 'i ciuli alle;
\ui!U"t 2?c; oepit iniK.'r *6,'^'.
Chicaiio, July VD-Tlio Drmrrt' Journal report*:
p-ltet* l|.tkh,'.i*? |?ml; hIiiiiiiiuiiwU.UOj uwul.
IkkI yruilc*lirio; eom.moi UK; oil; n!il|>|"?K ?Utm
suNtkcnmiiil leeilunmlow Mt|i7.*n4 40:
uiruiiKli 'IVxNIU JUi loWtfHi II0 it! 70. Hok?-Ui-:eli)U^..U?
IumiI; ulilpuiiiiU 6 WW IiimiI; innrkca
kli'Mily himI cUwIiik nrm; rough aihI- mixed 11 ww
?:ii; imckiiiK ?utiitiil|>juiigH M; ItKdt weight*,
iitu in r.ti iii*., WM?b.i. auiv|?? h*r?iiiu i.'.uo
nuul, Kiii|iiiiviila '.'.0 Jit-mi; luuikei utimly; uatl
vi* f l 7 m I :w.
Kant l.inr.Mrr, .Inly 50.?Cnltle active nnd fl??;
nruri imuu! lilkjlii-r ilniii In*, wi'i* ; ?ivl|.ti 3,1 W
iiuHii, mu|uiii'i.u> hint; uliijwuiit* ymloMny
lo.Siu York WritrloniU llotfnmill lint lotviiinl m
ir.llt* |.*\ve<; IMIml. Ij.IiIm mill Yorker*
I 70; rm?.|iu H.'iwhtfMU .?lilpiuot)U:/,7U)hwul;Mil|?iuviiIh
)v*u-riUy iu.??w Yuik JC'i'ttrlo?il*. huivjihi
lit iHr iii'iiiiiud lor lite lien it rude*; olfioni ouilmnj,til,
nxvlfW .0 WuliMiU.miiiMuetiUl, <0he?tl.
' i-mu.ti Inlv 'kl _.lliiua Drill' I'd.lilt.<111 talul
Ilxlu ?.> 7 ni fiS, i'cKiiik oi?l iHitoliwnt ft m;
rtCi'l|>U I.ISU liontl, htil|utiwUU liW) tieiul.
Oil. c.tv, l'a., July 20,-N?tlon?] TmiMlt wrtiflcMtf*
itt oiV: IIIK'"** limvMW^o;
iilii?cl mi WJ$o; Mtlt* l.o.ii.uuu iMriulu; clwir*n. i-s
;?,7>'.yiM lmrrui?: rutin W.hm tmrroU; uliltutu'tiu*
M.lll Imrroln; clmrur* ltt?rrt'l*.
Hit a ipkihh, July 'JU ?Oiwutsl nt 9l5?o; clrMi*?l
at Who; IiIkIuwI Hi'; lowmt Mfco; run* MUH2
ImrtcU. IoimI i lil|?muuU V.it.T Imrroln; dmrUm
'JtifiXi IturruU; elenrmiu* I.WI.WW bnrrvln.
Titi'uviij.r, I*a.. Jtily '20.?<?|khi??1 at lilghI*t
m?: lnmwl '.Mifcc; cIhmmI nt IM^o; kiupmuutii
01,717 imrrtU; dinner* Jii.iU'i turreW.
1'iTTNiit'Kiiii, July'.ii.-UVtrokMinulull ami heavy:
NnIIiiiinI TrMUkll? rtlll *?tu? ?i|m lu d Ml IM)*C. vIimihI
MllilghfH VI,V; luwwl Wjyt
Nicwr York, July 4).-rutroIouioMeiuly; United
cltMcd mi v;?J?a
N?w York, July 2t)-(,'oUon quiet: iuIiMUur
upUudi mo;UrlMUil0>iO! (uturui clowU weak;
Jair 9.82o; August 8 81o; September 9.71c; October
9.57c; Korember 9.65c: December9.66c; Jamuujr
9.64c: February 9.740; March 9J4e; April 9.Wc;
Jtoy 10 C4CCincinnati,
O., July CO.?Cotton dull: middling
Ihr Good*.
?*w Tot*; July 35.?There has befn * tery good
inquiry extended by a law c number of sew bo yen,
but the temnerature has been toimnch for those
who retired oti Friday and a* turday to return, and
new business has been of only moo crate propor
itcam gullets.
IKGS-iu pttce of th* steamer Ande*
during low water-tue elegant passenger steamer
C. W. BAlCilEL iR ....CHA8. Mchleiun, Com'r,
Mart F. Soil, Clerk,
Leavca for the abate on TUESDAY. July 21, at 3
o'c'ock p.m., prompt. For full particulars telephone
FttAfrK tOOTU,
Jy2Q Aggut.
So. 1401 C'lmpllne Street,
Scat Fourtreutli 9u?L
"Sin Aeli1on? nt m nhnlnlin'a HIPOMC la the
tiatlinouy of bin patlenta. The Increasing donand*
for my professional service* prove that Iuave
leait honorary uod fairly with those wli* have
jonsulted mo. 1 never use a patient'* uarae with>ut
permission. though I have many hundred eerJficatcs
from thou1 whom 1 have cured after they
lad been pronounced Incurable. A thorough meacal
education with many yean, hospital experience
ind familiarity with theiaputic agent*. a clow oblervanceof
temperamental peculiarities and strict
ittentlon to hygienic management insure* success,
i euro i* possible, and J Iraukly give the patient my
Home I'roof.
Kidnry and Liver Diseases and Rheumatism.?
iu tiered terribly?"Nothing seemed to help me;
lould uot get out of bed. l)r. Smith cured me."
ZKP11.PHILLIPS, Wheeling, W. Va.
Catarrh, Polypusof Nose, Impaired \olee.?Sufered
fur years; intent medlclite failed to help me.
)r. Smith completely cured me."
Of Speldel & Co.. Wheellnjr. W. Va.
Pyspepfla and L Iterated Stomach.?"Treatment
or years fuilctl to give me relief. Dr. Smith cured
ne.1' THOMAS HOLT, inxurauce Agent.
Fits.?Had them forfourteen year*. l)r. Smith
Scrofula. Running Sore# on Head.?"My son was
.Qllcted for fourteen year*. Nothing seemed to
iclp blm. Dr. Smith cured him."
Market Street, Wheeling, W. Va.
Cancer.?"Suffered for yeaw with Cancer. Had it
ut out three times. It returned after each operaion.
Dr. Smith cured mo without knife, caustlcor
aiu." Mm. H. M. ORCUTT.
Piles, Fistula of Anus.?Flat on ray back for 18
reeks. Reported dying. Dr. Smith curcd me
without knife in five weeks.
Wholesale Grocer, Main St., Wheeling, W. Va.
UlcerHtiona of Reetum, Prolapsus aud Pile*.?
!Was given up to die aud pronouueed incurable.
)r. Smith cutis! me without anile."
Rev. II. O. Ladd writes:?"I)r. Smith'* proicfiional
service* iu my family have been most satis*
sctory. ami 1 commend him to all as a geutlemau
ud a MKiUXul physician."
Mrs. Margurct Kolk nays: "I had lieeu suffering
or ncveu yean and treated by many physicians for
lyanepsla. Dr. Smith wild 1 nad a taj>e worm, aud
u eight hours removed h mounter 1(W feet long."
Female ComplaiuU.?'Three years iu hospital* for
emnh*, give me peculiar advantage* in such cases.
l'ersous cured 01 catarrh, diseases of heart, liver,
tomaeh, kidneys, skin, bloiHl, nervous affections
,ud weaknesses of men aud youth, scrofula aud
Atlunu testify to my success.
Files cured without the knife.
ltotienu at a distance may be treated bv letter and
utisfaetluu guaranteed. A churl for solf-exuminuion
sent on receiptor two three-cent stamps, and
4vice returned tree.
Consultation at otllrc free. Olllce hours from 9 a.
i. to 7 f. a., daily. Call uu or address.
No. 1101 Chapliue St., Wheeling, W. V?.
Dyspi'ivsla, IHHonsnfss,
CoiLstlpution, Heudaclie,
(jpiioral Debility
Liver Complaints
CTHKI) UV THE 1*38 0I-'
One testimonial from thousands we have iu our
washington cltv.
'TicAre send mo a box or two of your pills, they
in ujy NtAiiil?bv athI always kIvc wo more relief
;han Anything eW
Vice l'roldeut of the Vtilted Slat's.
09'For sale by all UniBjfots.
solk phol'biktoils,
No. 1208 Muin Street.
_j)1i thi.h
WU1 euro WAeaAe* of tho Kldnojp, Gravel, Gleet,
Stricturoi, andaUOrlnary and urvtkral DUcaia*
Nmoui and Ph)>iwl Doblllty. t'ewlnal Wcakne*,
Lorn of Vigor, Premature Pecllco in Man, E*rly
Ihwir. Imwnenry ww*' by trrnra of youth, or
oowve. JMJ. Syphllla lit ?U iU form*, wn? throat
and now, ulcer*. eruption*, cruftila, tetter, wit
rheum and all Wood and akin dl*uw*. Pewalo
Weakmwi ?pccdlly cured. (ionnrrhca cured In 8
din. Prim V\ 00. Sold la Wheeling, W. Va., by
B.7. Bochiko, Looak Ik Oo., DragKiNtc. Sent by
Wo will Mate for the benefit of the Tubllc that
limine 'ho Cholera of 1<U thu original Choi".**
Mixture, manu'acturcd by I>r J. U. Howard.
w*'|ch <nv?1 thousand* of llvi* at tlmt t'in??. hI.*o
in Cho'era of 18t!? *?"' ISfilV, can Ik? had of the sole
manufacturer* |'U,1?)nK ?fc CO., Rftt Fulton
rt*ect. Br?nfclvn, N. Y., at SO rent* a bottli\ or by
n?<ni?nmiii k ttiti'm a till mnlhe**. the out
mif rcmoijr I? uowr off?re?l to jou for Cholera,
i Imlora Moron#, l>ymi*cry, OiaiIupa, ami nil
bnwei wimplAliit*. Al'ciiU wwntprt lv>
IIV I Curi-Hti uiiiU* in Slo t clnyn.
Ill 5?,,r ('ruKKiKt ?
111 Si?niu>nnyn<Mn,KHfop$l.r?0
HJLfiJ malvdor mfg, co, spii?rieia,o._
Tlic <>rl|cl"*l mi'l Only ( VtMiliir.
S?fr *inl ?: ?! i. M?!I! \\ nrllilt" lniiUII?ti?.
i:ncll.U"?n II.. I? mt lr. In l|.|.i..?h t
Vft i it MmOUim* "n.l'htlml*. I'm it I Sola
A favnrtie jucM rii?ii?.n of one of the m??t
noted ami ?t;iieulul ?'-cci.?ltM? in tlir l) S.
tlow rrtiir.') for the rurr ..f XcfVMtu Itelilllty,
.?? ! HI ii itltiiitil* MVoMien :tn.l llecny. Sent
tit pUin ?ci.lnl rii?el'>|>e I'l'i'i1. I Ininr.w* ?: "> fttl iu
AriHr^its PR. WARD A CO.. I ouiwlnnn. Mo.
3ttcvchimt H'iiUovs,
W) i~a7v is it iyoitv
Int.?To KVold thu aiii.oynnro of bitHoning on
your ciiIJk.
To rrgulrtto the length of your cuff by moving
it Up or i mvii, ttliil fitMUillig it to tliti nil of
your ?h>rt ?locvi?.
;ul ?Tlio fonvonk'inv of taking off your cuff or
piitlliiK It on without i n' <111 v i .
Uh.-2\o.v. would j on iio without It for 25 cent*?
?. iiichs .si honr.
pun dodubiu and small hand
uomitoikrhiuomon job rooms, nm.?
uid n yourtmiiut iinwi, whan ira em m moo"'
nmkm ?t nhort iwi'w.
(Groceries, fee.
Pork Packer and Cam at the Celebrated
"Red Bird Ham,"
Nos. 1309 AND 1311 MAIN STREET,
Wheeling;, W. Va,
My mm Cora of Choice Smoked Keats received
dally direct Zrom my Pork Homo at Manchater.
General GJ-roceries
In tbe State.
Sole Agent In this Cltj tor
BumlonTi Ywwt Powder In Bottles,
MeKamara'i "Glory" Tobacco.
McAlpln'i "Onward" Tobacco.
Lottier"! "Sllrer C?ln"Tobocco.
DuPont'i Sporting. Mining and Blutlng Powder
Celebrated ^'Soal Skin" Clean.
ROYAL 1ATENT, Brawra'a BotL Bat In the
mArkut. 'OW
Market ltukeU,
PICUIC Bftikt'U.
Lunch Bwkot*,
SoagruMi BaikeU,
l'alni L?ai HajikcM.
I'loihoft Baskota.
Wakli *a>krtA.
Katun lUukoti.
Chip Bmkpw,
Splint HaiikcU.
The lanrent itock ot Tuner ttukeU Ja ibe city.
All uew, and pilcea low.
]f3 for. Market and Fourteenth 8K
insuviutcc (Companies.
Omci No. 41 Twsurn Stbzit.
Capital, - ~ #100,000
J. F 1'AULL. VICO President.
ALFRED PAULL, Secretary.
0. II. BEKdttNKY, City Agent.
Insure* all kinds of property at retainable rate*
Ohio valley fire insurance
Oincx-No. 1209 Main Street.
JAPITAL...^.. 1100,000 00
Dot* a general Fire Iniuranoe Bu?lnt*s. Farm
jioperty, and Dwolllng Hou^en and oontenta In*
turtd lor three or Ave yuan.
Henry Schnmlbacb, Alex. Laughltn,
John P. Campbell, W. H. Uoblnaon,
David Gutmau, Bonj. Flaber.
J. V. L. B0DQEB8, Secretary. lyffl
tmie franklin insurance co,
japitai*..... .. noaoco
Insure* agaiuxt lou or damage by Are and light
xiog all claw** of dudrable property, also liwurw
argoes on the Weitero water*.
I. N. Vinoe. President, M. HelUy, VlooPresident
t, L. Btroemda, Sec'y, J?*. P. Adaiaa, A*'t8oc.
N. Vanoe, M. E?illy, L. 0. Btllol,
?. H. UobU. 0. W. Prtntbelm.
mrJii ______
CAPITAL...., - ?8175.0CC.
*K. A. Ikutt Preridonl
V*. B. SucmiH.............. ~ Vicc-Preddont
Oittts on England, Ireland, Frane??tid Germany.
Wm. A. I#ett, Wtn. B. Simpson.
J. A. BHMer, Johu K. Bofelonl,
2L M. Atkinson. Victor Koacnburg.
llenry Sjwyer,
mm F. P. JKP30N. Cmhler.
CAPITAL.... ~.?200,0e0.
I. N. Vauct ~ President
larc*L Lxoflttus .. ^.."Vlce-Pretldenl
J. N. Vane?, 8. Horkhelwer,
a Laugtolin, W. KUinxhara,
L. 8. belaplaln, A. W. Kelloy.
John Frew,
Draft* tamed on England, Ireland, Scotland And
(11 points In Europe.
TOT1K J JOKVS* Cashier.
I.i'a vps of Shamrock.
A new, choice and very tinikieal collection of 105
of tbu i exi IRISH MhLOI)IK% niMnurd forttic
1'Iano or Orgm. Ihty are cot difficult. and togut
her lorm n volume of very btUllantaud valuabio
Frlce, Cloth fl.M, Bo?rda 51, Paper 80 cti.
lor KI" 0F.K0 aktk>f HUd fmxaky *Clt<K)lM Hy
Ka*i; 1>ou?i as wnuii?, of the Calliorula Kiudcrga'ttn
TrainitiK M'hooL
a book ot lino aptcannre, with valuable
RUKSestiona to leather* by a p'actleal and onthttMm?
Ic "KlndcrKariner" who al-o has a flue aud
correct tas'e In poot-y ami iiiurIo, at.d provides
for the pl?y and Hudy of the cotldmi S7 aweet
homn. 't here Rte /'lao Snifff, Mnrehing, U{ft, ttamr,
! (food ilornnip, ami oilier a uk?. uoo<1 aiiAmipatiliupih*
for l'tauo or Organ. Price, Jl.wCloth, tl
I'Unn Clnaair*. A truly tr.irt ami hcRUtihl rollection
of ?ric piano piece*. fl.tO Cloth, $1
Collou?< Song* (W) ot* ), 91lnatr#I Soi'ga ($2),
and *v?rSoiiK? i ti?u.), please everybody, aua
even hody buya theui.
IN PHFmt-A NewTVmperanec Song Book,and
a Male Voice thorax Hook.
Any boo'i mailed for the retail price.
OLIVER DIT80N ?t CO., Doaton,
C. IT. Dmog A Co., J. K?Ditcom A- Co.,
SK7 Broadway, New York. l;U8 (:hu?tuut St., I'hila.
fflTJTCS TJ A TJITTJ may fouml on flit- nt (i?v
iUlO A iii XjXV j\ lUnvi-ll Co'* Niwouipcr
Ailvi>rtlHtnir ltureaudO Spruce RO. wtH*r*>ntlv?*riUluit
wulraclK may Ik' iiiuiIi- for It IN' SIHV VOttli.
plumbing, Was* .Steam fitting
1.118 Murk At MlriwL
9-llcwUng uid Ventilating of rublic BallAtni*
Ovrelllusa and Fuctorlct? Specialty.
Qun and Steam Fitter
Junt rtvrlvM, a lot of ( hi'iti r'n Intent Articulable
tiuriion. v
Sfoclwl atu utlon nivtm to J?>lililtng. mrU
^yM." MARK A SON, '
GnN and Stonm Flttern,
All wor* nunc pnnnpuj ? pnn?
Louisiana Slate Lottery.
For TlckeU i\t further Information of the abort
Lottery aiMrvm,
J. If. WILSON, flovlnitfon, Kjr?
or II, 1*. CAKTKR. Wlmlaor, Out., Canatla.
A mouuu of 16 00 aud oror, bj Kxprtct at my e*
peuK. ]?l
Time table corrector to JUlY ft, lsSo. Trmlni
leave Panhandle station, foot oi Eleventh ?:ree?,
near public lauding. MloUow?-Contraliittii<1ard
Time-which li 36 minute* flower than Wheeling
fiEE :
oowo norm.
ball} UiUljr AOl
aw. Paw. com.
a.m. r x. a.m.'
Leave-Wheeling. ?:? 3:v? 8: SO
Arrive? BenwcKxL... :? 1:45 8:55
Moundivlllo 7:15 4:1* 9:40
Clarington. ?:? 4:46 llsto
Proctor <07 4:6v 11:45
New MartlnfTille...~.-.Mf. .... 8:? 5:15 12:26
6*nils. .. 6:2'| 12:60
Blatemille *:Wi 5:40 1:M
Friendly .Matatnami) 9:03 5:W? 2:C6
SL Marys 9:W>! 6:? 8:80
Whliamitown (Marietta) 10:'jn 7:lo 5:20
farkaraburg. w. Va 7:4.'? 0:20
|Dally Dally AoIHu*.
11m. com.
A.M. r.M. A.M.
Leave?Parkoraburg. <1:0 3:80 6:1ft
Arrive-Wllllanutown(Marl'ua) fl:30 4:ft? 7:30
Rt Marys *?:I5 1:60 ?:.*
Fri udly (Mauunora*. 7:<h 8:l*> 11:IW
Slstunnllu 8:0U 6:40| 11:25
r *.
Sard la ... : 8:10 5:M 12:07
New Martinsville- 8:?6 6:0s 12:30
Pioclor 8:4/ 8:? 1:1*
OartoKton 8:85 8:87 1:43
Moundavillc. ; 8:46 7:20 8:26
R-uwod ~ 1":? 7:40' 4:16
Wheeling ' lO^yl 8:00: <:?0
PiMengor train* dally including Sunday. Ac
commodatlon trains runs daily except Monday.
Ttckot Agent. Wh'i'Ung. W. VA.
I * mm ! * nwtyingwwqan -HHiwi ..i?n i
Coudouaed time-table of nmrentor trains' cor*
twi.tri m \I v Y "4. ? Ontrnl Mtanilfttl 11mo.
lAW AND NOftlll TO rtmBL'ROH AND ri.kVKl.ANI>.
~ A.M. A.M. | a.M. f.M ?7MT
Bollairo. 6:CX) 8:21) 10:20 3:25 4:30
Bridgeport.. 6:12 8:3* 10:82 8:3f. 4:43
Ma*tin a Kerry 6:20 8:41 10:40 8:4? 4:51
Brilliant 5:M 8:lt? 11:11 4:1 f< 6:27
Sleubenville, 6:10 9:36 11:2* 4:S< 6:44
Toronto 6:20 9:6ft il:4ft 4:61 ti:03
McCoy'a 6:8V 10:05 li:&6 6:0U 6:12
Yellow Proek f.:BQi lOilff 12:<V. 6:12 6:28
Weluvilie 7:1b, lo:Jty 12:vu| 6:6"; 7:05
Kwt LiremooL 7:26' I2:4S f.:un 7:20
Rocbwter 8:20i 1:35 6:M>
Allc#henT. 9:10 2:aul 7:i
Wtoburgh 9:20 2:W>| 7:4f
r.M. | |
Alliance 8:2.'. 12:45 3:50
BAVPUHR. 9:tie 1:4V 4:43
Hud win 9:3? 2:13 6:07
Nflwbunc 10:14 2 :? 6:41
Cleveland 10:45 8:20: 6:lf?|
j A.M. j A.M.I A.M. I'M.! P.M.'
Bel A'rc I 6:00 ?:2o| 10:20 3:2f.' ?:30
BriiUciHirt .. | 6:12| 8:33 10:32! 3:3ft 4:43
Martin a Kerry- ! 5:20 h:4l 10m0' 3:4:* 4:51
Yellow Cm'k j r.:.v! I0:lf.| 'l2:l<l! fl:?0
Welbville i 7:i&; 12:20 7:05
Bayard 7:57 l?:l* *-.?
Alliance ?:2ft 12:N' 8:M?;
CantOU 9:43 1:3% 6:00 ....
Maaalilou 10:0* 1:56 6:lb
p *. I
Manaflelil 12:01 4:5.' 7:40!
Crest! Ine l*:2& 6:26 8:10
Lima .. 2:31 10:N?j
A. M.
Fort Wayne 4:(ft 12:40
Chl<-?g'? *:.to C:(Xij
AV train* dally except Sunday.
Train* leaving ll.-l Jjjeport At 5:12 a. tn. (6:17 city
Ime) arrives at <:hi ago Ht K:*0 p. m. lame dny.
Trains iCHVo floveiand for Wht-i'llnjfatSiOUH. m.,
3:06 p. w , arriving at 2:?ap m. ami t:45 p. m.
J. O. TOll I.I NHOS,
Pawuxer A>:cnt, Whwliug, W. Va.
fien. l'aw and Tlnket Agent, l'ltuburgh, Pa.
WM. A. H*MAVIS. Manager.
LOUUJ H \II-H0A1>?I'hii Handle Route.
Time talik- for Ka>: ami We*t corri-cted to May
21.1S85. Train* leave Pan Handle station, foot of
Eleventh street, uewi public lauding, ?o> follows,
Central htaudr.nl time:
|K' Kftst i Vast I'ne.
BTATIOX8. |Kxp'? Exp'ajKxp'a fc.Xp'8
|A. MIt.M. r. M. P. if
Lmve?Wheellug G:N'| 12:45 8:05
Arrive?Wellnbury.- 7:2i 1:2.'. 4:14 8:40
Steubt-nvUiu....: h:0C, 2:M> 6:20 0:U8
Httaburgh i S:3o G:lo
| | A.M. | A.M.
Unrrl.ibtirg 1:10 i:i0|
IUItlinnru 6:2V 5:'.^
Washington 6::w)
Philadelphia. 4:2> 1:24
New York .. 7:fX. 7:00| ?;?>
r. m r. m. i r. m i
Boston 8:0C 8:00, 8:331
ooi.no west.
S'nc. {Deiiti Wc*f | AcSTATIONS.
Exp'*i Kip's .Mrtil. jc'lll'n
r. U. 1 P. U.| A. M.; P. M.
Leave?Wheeling 8:05| 8:35 6:50 12:46
Arrive?Steubenvlllo 9:08 s:tVi 2:"0
7:10j 124UW
Donuison 10:40 7:U)i ?:?) 4:06
A. M.|
Newark 12:40) ll:8.'? 6:60
| P. M.
(Mumbiu. 1:1V ; 1^:35 8:00
I Leave?Columbus 12:55 ....
Arrive? Iiityton 6:10'
C.ljiriiiimtl 6:10! I 4:45 ...
I IndhtUN polls 7:00 ' 10:??
p.m. | ; A. il
fulfill* I 2:00 7:M..???.
Chicago ... 1 f.:30i 1 7:S0
I All train* dally except Sunday.
Pulltnnn'* r?fnw drawing Room and Sleeping
Cur* through without change fwm MtubenvlU
I Kimt to t hlmdelphla and New York. Wen to Co I
umbuti. i iiiciiiUHUf Louigvuia vmwgo, luaiannp*
oil* and St. Louis.
For through ticket*, bnpjjam checks, r1ec|>tas
; cat HccniumodAtloiift, mi l any further infonurttlou
apply to JOHN <?. TOM 1JJfeoN, Ticket Agent ut
'inn Handle station, foot of Eleventh Mut't or at
City Ticket Office, under Mcl.nro Unuse. Whecllug,
Manager, Columbus. Ohio.
E. A. FOK1),
Ocn'l faw. and Ticket Agent. Pittsburgh Pa.
On and afur MAY 8. lw'n rawe tiger train* will
run m follows?Wheeling tire:
.no. k'i i " No. r ;Nc li
S4PT ntu.HD. Local. S'o.X "nllyiNo.83 Hal.7
Ixmvo? a. * r.* a. m. ' a. m i r. *.
Wheeling 5:?ft 4:10 6:4ii 8:1. 5:?)
Uellatre 6:55 6:0ft
Man Dilution V:;? :
Arrive* at P. *. i r. m
Grafton !;*) ; 11:0;. 1:10 10:15
r. it a.m.
Cumberland- 1 2.10 ?:C0 2:M
Wa*hinjrtou City I C:3.'? V.
ikutimoiv 1 ?:"0 J?
~So k'l. X\ Atnl 87 ?ton At all tfiatl-'tn
I I No. 2 No. 4! No. 6
WkM BOUND. No. I t So. 12,0*11" Ibtlir Daily
l-cave- a. M. r. m a. m p. *. p.?.
Wheeling 7 X\\ 8:4ol ?J:15 7:50 10:24
Delia]re.. 8:10, 4:15 10:05 8:27 11:08
Arrivom p. M AM.
Zaitiwillt IW 7:ft) 12: ?S 10:10 1:10
Netvark ; I :vi? 10:.V) 2:00
Coluinbua 1 1 2:40 ll:.\>, 8:10
I (a.m.;
Cincinnati ' I... ... 7:2Ai 4:U): 7:M
ganduaky ; ! 6:sto *:5fc
p x.
ludlanapoll* - 11:^ 7:0f. 4:45
A M. ; P. * I
fit. Lou if 1 7:S0 6:45 6:30
I I A. M |
chlcaflo 1 6:40 9:00. 7:2G
i ' * I i ...
KiwwwHty -J I I ?:<?l n-oq
MouutlsvlHo accommodation leave* Wheeling at
11 a. hi . ?n?l arrive* at Mound?vtUo at 12:14 p.
m dally except (innday.
Maunltiatoti accommodation At4:10 n m.
ZhiiovUIi- am>muu>datl"? leave* Wheeling
7:Us a. in. and HMD p. m Kellalro at 8:10 a. m.|
4:15 p. in., dally except Hunday.
lOi'A p. in train through to Cincinnati without
change, with 11. A 0. Sleeper through toclncliiuatt.
it. & o. Bleeping (>ni on nil through tralnn.
Through Coach from Wheeling to Cincinnati on
No. ?. leaving Wheeling at 9:1ft a. in., arriving, *t
Cincinnati atO.K) a m.
t'lo>A connection* arc made for #11 point* Fo'ith
Mul <outhw?wt, North and North weU.Miiklm; ttiin
a desirable i oh to for (Ml??til*U'*iMliv!5t.n? moving
u> the great Went, and to wbjm particular attention
Ik given.
Ticket* to nil principal point* on mIc at Depot.
Sleeping ear accommodation! can bo Mscured at
Ptpot Ticket oniw.
T -OS C. BUKKK. Tlckct Age-it II. A 0. Depot.
JOHV T l.ANK, Trav. Pawx-tiger ?gvut.
K T. DKVRIKfl, (leneral *gent, Whivllng.
H. .<! 0.
< It! dti.t art. r J V X K Jt. IMft i?u.?.>m.r.r Imlm will
run m follow*?Wheeling ilme:
For lltuburgb -?:lOa. m.. 6:36 p. m. dally; 7; 15
n. n.,? -Jt- p. ta? daily except Sunday.
For Washington?5:06 p. m., dally except Sunday.
From I,H0>burKh-ll:0& a.??., lavs v. m.. ?iiiliy
except tfunday; 10:16 p. m.,dully: v>:(v?a.in. daily.
From Washington?v:0Na. tu.,dat!>". 11 :(V? n m.,
fl:05 p m.. dully cxccrtSunday; 10:16 p. m , dally,
t:. K. LOKti. Ueneral nufcencer Agent.
iUDUNll Ol, Uoneral sup'l.
J. T. 1.< VK. 'Pnv Vivi ViM. WhivMnc(Commission
a DATiwrvrr, c. n. Kooi am)N,
OonunU. 011). Sainton A SON, Hpcdnl.
OMlen la Grain, Flour, Seed*, rwrirtoM, Cham
and Drtod KrulU.
lit 117 WASUmuTW It, CUimio,

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