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I Stltttattogal.
I Selte Female College,
I ?a,'tiSS"?S.SSK
Mtiu ?!??1 b' ? """OUthlr
I SStSwrtT Murial ?4 Art 4??M?5
I SKVSffi'S to' ""?"* """ ^
3! 7^B?i an<m*i?.ut.
fLfni r-^ooabl?.
Aluornl. mtnr ol
rt?""oa?"z: coUIMi: the Clude?l, U
Udle.' Coutm.
Id?iv5.? U ? ? 'O"1 ""
n,C0..71 sake U ?m>rt w enUlf. U? *?a '
ol .'.udma. Pawwtta
laSfta*"? 4 "01 cU^?
WCal^w ? ? WOOLERT, ot
?r v prmDIjRTOK. PreVt.
musical institute
^^iSnfmSndf frnofttl toona.Uiree
bull Hup p'?jf inperior adv*ata*i? for muilc,
liur*T Bun ,SwIuIra tppumtui. twentf
?rt Md indodlflf Pif* organ. Thoi^
tor daultf W KIT. B. T. TAYLOR,
llfl-TTlUI 5222??
Augusta Female Seminary,
OpeM Sept- 2,1583. ClMM Jane, 1884.
sKff?Suti?, Uooailou, fine ?r?, myilaU
KKStel"*?3? ? ?? *?
?pp'? ?? ?
?t?UwTie. )T^
For Toting Ladies and Children*
JJn. 1202 Jacob Street. ..
jssssisk SBKSIG$??
K mTJ to the rrimary Dtpartmenu Otject
S2?iffi*?iicUltT. callihsaici will torn P?K
A limited mint* cj
iSaStn??Spi'? will b* itcel^rorojrtuu
mKiSdk uti penlcolMi apply to the PrlndpsL
; jjlinlua ?
tM Fall Fealon of thli Fchool will opon on
Ifc^Vsip'SbwT. ThePrlndpel ? happ7 to
10 iniifance to th# former petroni end
| ?ta> that in ?*auementof the ?hool he
biKcund theaialimnceof MaJ. J. *g<*
Slrlnowa u (be Unitary Instructor In the Weft
; tt&nU Unlrcfrlty-* toorooghi oi*? lotlichoUr-i
popular cduc* or and diadnilnvUn. For parfJnifwTnniiifC
of tiiher o( the undcrilfned.
4 J. OBR, A.M.. PrindpU. ; ;
, 1>u J. m L RAM.. Prtn'lnri.
Marietta, Ohio.
Th? b?t ?dneat!otuI?dranU(rt? offtrrf.
Km 8cSo5rSlJiu? tld w?^?UkUp(?.
ron uoyj i.vu youso hen,
I ?ABEK18TSRrnWN, PtklmotrCo..M^. Prnf
11. C. KI*EA?. A M. Prtndpt'. l*OM? 9KPT1T
S uBriWi. cludrtl and comm?ntf?t BoBouy
Ictonl uniutlo* lor ur Collr?? nr Busing* u >
: Un?in?>*d In UMherj admit;**. MPjjl
r u tnd iliu.1t' u iWitinrd ton iimMj
I .HkI 1210 tn MOO* tear. Circulars neat.
ItJNIVKKdlTV, LnUcton, V*.
btfmclhn In Uu uitiil tademlc itndln Md to
theprofodorul ichooU ofUvui* EnginMrim
. bxalka betllhtul; upturn modcrtte. Ecuioii
opnuiipt 1J. for aulogue, tddrtM "Clerk ol
Ite r<culty." 0. W.C.LEE,
Jj? PmiJtDt.
GEN. G. W. C. LEE, President.
Instzncilon b* lMl*b^ok* and printedffipjjj
with counei of lecture* on pedal *ubjecl? by
> emlMat Jurists. Tuition and le^ ISO for leswon 01
; Bine months, beginning ifepU 17. For c?Ulofne
au<l lull information, *dun? Cbss. A. 0fjw?
v Pmfworof Law, Lexington. V*. J^L
insurance (CompanUs.
Orrxx No. 41 Twxltth Bnnr.
Capital, - [2 #100,000
J.f PAOLLjVIoePresident.
ALFRED pXuLL, BccmUry.
cup riENBENEY, City Agent.
hwrarili kinds of property at nusnAbtontOL
at warning, w. va.
Omci-Ho. 12s Mtln aunt
OUTM, 1100,000 00
t ..tus uwuhw
Wpety, tod Dwelling House* and oontanti In
\ nadlorthreoorftTty?a.
SnfdQQcaM, Bcaj. ruber.
I. T. L. KODOm BocratarT. .W
-teanamimtlcwor damage by are and light
tiai ill times o! dcairable property, alno lniurei
DMian U? Wcrtm min
i mass? sTaisaasr
i _ ?HI ?
giSK o; tee ohio valley!
mrrit. ,? ?inim
Wlti-Imr P~l<?nl
*lB.tno?o? I ,i.mm??Tlc?-fmM?al
t PnaioBEngUnd, Iretod. rnaMiadgmuaT
BBS egg
i> ' 8p?y*r, . > P?mp,? v. j
JMl >. y. JBP90H. OMhllf.
OAWTAT. yywowL
LiTOUwwiii 1 Vt?pjSiSg
J. il. V&aofl, B. Horkheimer.
8. UorhUn, w.
?&S?I _
I ?W>lntila Europe. I
I - www J. inmot CMhWir.
[ AttotmH.at?S?w.
t iSIBKi
| k HSgffl00* *"*0^ 10 iuidpcnce?fr pcomgj
?ASS?I? are ^^TED
that he Uabout amt hii trouble, and conildert
It the gmteet* medicine* In n.c
world. He uji he bu to go or aend n
distance of fifteen mllet to obtain Peruka,
but it will repay him for thU.
Ellwood Shalfcron, former editor of
the Saturday Journal, Wheeling, \V. Va_
uyi: 'Grnlltmeni Some time ogo I
wax afflicted with a pain In my hack In the
region of the ktdnevs, and suffered considerably.
Having read your advertisement,
I went to Logan & Co;, of this citv,
and purchased a bottle of Pkruna, which
I took, and it resulted in the complete removal
of the pain. I think I can safely
recommend it as a superior panacea for
pains." /
> Mr.Aaron ShrefOer,Alma, Marion county,
III., writes: 11 Ph. S. R. IIautman &
Uo.,Columbu.?tO. Dear Sirs: Myself and
.wife have taken three bottles of your medicines
and received much benefit by the
use of them. My wife was trcubled'wHh
.neuralgia, headache, and weak stomach.
Her headache hoi not troubled her for the
last two weeks, and her stomach Is much
better. She took only Pzbuka. I used
both medicines, and my general health is
so much improved that I feel like a new
man. Mr stomach is very much better,
and the Maxalct keeps my bowels all
rignt. we inienu 10 itetp taking uramroicines
until we are permanently cured."
Evan* T. Tones, Prospect, Marion Co.,
0?savs: "After having taken-medicine
from different physicians of this place
without any relief, I was induced to try \
your Per un a. which I purchased of Cook
Bros., druggists, of this place, and after
using some six bottles of the same, I feel
very much benefited. Am sure -it will
finally work an entire cure?'
T. J. Ewing, Cattletsburg.Ky., writes:
41 In the early part of lost winter I contracted
a severe cold, attended with a bad
cough; then, being exposed during late
flood, added to iny disability. I have
taken your Pkrvna with good results.
My cough has entirely left, soreness is
gone, and am increasing in flesh.
Thomas Bradford, 314 Western Avo
| nue, Aiiegneny Liny, ro^.wrues: -i nave
had liver complaint for tljrcc years; I
thought I would have to quit work; I have
taken two bottles of your Peruna, and
m well."
S. Wolf & Son, Wilmot, Ohio, -write:
" We handle vour goods,-and"they give
good satisfaction.**
Hacrrd. Dr. ClarVo'u Celebrated Book. sad
WnUDgs (In pUla envelopes) two atamp*.
f.a.rr.iir*. g. p., M8TU<9U QUe.
Cancer of Tome!
A Cms Resembling tlint of General Gnat,
Pome tan ycsi-a ago I had a acrofuloua ioro on my
riftht hand which wre me great trouble, and un
der the old lime trca'tnent was healed up, and I
Huppctedl was Wtll. 1 found, however, it had
only be -n driven two the ?r*fm by the useof potash
and meicury and in March Ihii, It broke out
in my throat and concentrated In what lome of
the doctors dennnJnat d cancer. I wax placed
nuder treatment for thin di&ca&e. Some tlx or
even of the belt physicians in the country had
me a different tiuus nnJer their charge, among
ihem three apeelaliats in this line; but one otter
nuotaef would exhaust heir akUl and drop me,
fori grew worao cootlauaJlv. The cancer had
Hiten tnro gh my fhret. deatro teg the roof of
my mouth'and upper Up, then attacked my
toiigue. palate and lower lip. destroy lag the palate
and undrr Up entln.lv and all my toaiue, mating
out to the top of my le't check bone and np to the
left eye. From a hearty robust woman of 160
pounds, I was re need t j a mere frame of akin and
bone*, almost unable 10 turn mtaelf in bed. I
c lit ti not eat any solid f..od. but rob-Isttd n
liquids, and my tongu* vai ao Ur none I could not
talk; The anuuish of mind and th? horrible anf
fertoga of body which I experienced i over can bf>
revealed Given up by rrti>Mci?n to die, with no
hope of recovery upon the part of frieuda who cat
around my bedaido expecting every moment to be
my last; in fact, my nasbaod would place hishand
ou me every now and then to ice wh> ther I wa>
alive or not, and at one time all decided that lite
was extinct, and my death was reported all over
theoou try. .
! Such was toy wretched and helplen condition
tbefirstof las October, ?1881), - boa my frienda
a OT(h"? pUc? & .ml Iml.
? process of a new under lip is proer^lnr flusiy,
and the toumie which wm alim?td< stroked Is be
ins recovered and It seem* that n?taro is supplyli
g a new tongue. lean talk so that myfiCndj
can readily understand me, and can 'At solid foul
again. I am abio to walk about wherever I plca?e
BSOT Sgffls&snES
of .raercllutlr ilearpp'y '?lbcr Udue lo.H*in'i
RpecLflc.I am a wond-rand a marvel to all my
trends,hundreds of whom hare known mr In
tense suflerlnp, and have risited me in my affliction*
While am not lutireiywell, yet my patltude
Is none the lee* devout, sad I am oonfldent
that a perfect recover* is nowln i'gbt. U any
dont?t these fccfr, I would refer them to Hon. John
H. Tray lor, btate Senator of tail district who is
my neighbor, Dr. T. B. BrsdttakL of lAdrange, Ga^
UG ante, G*., May 14,1SK.
Tr^&ooSoS^Sd ^nWwjuiwMnadtree
Gallon" our Phytician,No 151 w. bt., N ?.
Consultation tree. iSiwirr awonc Co., Drawer
a , r? liJSSSS,
25 vjJfe
Ik) GmtMt Mjdical Trlftgjpb lla Agt!
back part* Pals wider the eboald***
blade, Fallneu BftereBUnc.wUlj adi?SS353HS
At the time of the Inddept I am (boat
to relate I waa a young solicitor, with no
very considerable practice, and therefore
nnt alwivA wi dlMrwtt u I mlirht have
been iiail I been able to pick and choose
my clients. My business hours ware
ostensibly tram 10 to 6; bat the fact ot my
house adjoining the office made me subservient
to the wishes of the public beyond
the time stated on the brass plate at
my office door. In ftct it was generally
alter business hoars that my moot profitable
clients came; and although I can say
I refused many times the sgency of shady
business, still J must confess with regret
that once or twice I fonnd myself unwittingly
Involved in transactions which I
would have mnch rather Jeft alone. One
of theae I have occasion to remember too
well, and I can never think of it but I
thank Providence for saving me from becoming
on accomplice unwittingly in a
most audacious piece of imposture.
I was Interrupted one night at tea by the
servuut entering ana saying iuai a may
wished to see me. Hastily tinishlug the
meal I harried into my business room.
As I entered and bowed a lady rase, mads
a slight courtesy and remained standing.
I begged her to be seated and a?k?l of
what service I could lit) to her. It was a
little time before she answered,.-and then
it was in a nervous, frightened way, glancing
round the room as if she were afraid
somebody else were present I saw that,
although the was drcesed in good style,
kin. hml not tho ulr of a ladv: but as alio
won a thick veil, 1 could 1101 distinguish
her features, though I made out a gray
hair here and there.
"I suppose I had better explain who I
am ami what I w^pt," she began. "I am
Miss Howard, of Graham Square, and I
want you to make out my wilL"
I started voluntarily, lor this elderly
person, though I had never seen her borore,
had been the subject of many a sur- j
mlsc and many a gosup with the neighbora.
She was reported to'be very wealtnv;
but had apparently abandoned the world,
for, during the last fire years, she had
shut herself up in her house, seeing no
one but her servants. My curiosity was,
therefore, piqued at the idea of making
out the old eccentric's will Taking up a
pen. I asked her to give me the particulars
of how she wished the property disposed
-llmi is very simple," she raid. "XI
wish ray whole property to go to Mr.
Llavid Simpson, of Stafford street, here. I
have nover been married; and I want the
will framed so as to cut otf any heir who
might cltim relationship to me. I also
with you to act as my executor in seeing
my will carried Into effect."
1 made a note of the instruction), and
asked whenitwonld be convenient for her
to call and sign the deed.
"It you could have it written out by tomorrow
nixht, I could call then and sign
it. I would like If you could arrange to
have a doctor preseut to be a witness to
my eiitninc?a young doctor, If possible."
"Certainly, madam. To morrow night
it this umu wilt unit, and I will arrange
about a doctor being present. Is there
nothing cite you wish mentioned in the
"No; nothing," she said, rising. "But
be sure you make it so as to cat off all relations."
I assured her everything would be as
she desired; and after assisting her into
the c.ib which was waiting, noticing the
?_!%_ .1-. -V. j _ t! X~
uue tutu, cue uuu a dmkuk huiji iu um
walk, I retired to my study to frame the
will in accordance with my instructions.
Next night, punctual to a minute, she
called; aad as I bad a doctor present, the
ceremony of signing was goon over, the
doctor signing as a witness iiong with my
cleric, aad appending a certificate of
iauity, as desired by my client; and the
deed was consigned to my safe.
The affair had almost completely passed
from my mind, when I was startled one
morning by 'receiving a note from Mr.
Simpson, the legatee in the will, inform
log me tnat Miss Howard was dead. I immediately
proceeded to the boose, performing
the usual duties devolving upon
a solicitor in such circumstances, and
made what arrangements were ncceanry.
After the funeral I had a meeting with
Mr. Simpson, and explained to him the
position of affairs?that he was solo legatee
and that I was executor, fie seemed
to take the matter very coolly, I thought,
odtwas anxions that everything should
be realised as soon as possible. Our interview
was very short; and I came away
with a strong leelfng of dislike for the
man, who, I found, had acted as a sort of
factor for the deceased lady.
t _.i_ *1
rtl'UlJg wiuiiu wo uuucqjUl ui;
torabip, and also with a desire to Had oat
ii passible the relations the old lady had
btcn to anxious to cut olf, I insetted a
notice ol her death in most o! the leading
uewspapera in the aiugdom. This bad
the desired effect; tot in the course of a
few days I was waited upon by a young
gentleman, Edward Howard, who informed
KM bo *'aa a i.ephew of the late llisa
Howard, and bad called upon me, having
got my name and address from the office
of one ?f the newspapers to which 1 had
sent theadvertiaemeot. Darin* my interview
with Mr. Howard. I- was mucii impressed
with bis bearing on my telliug
him the position ol affairs, as he was much
more concerned at his aunt's death than
at the purpose of her will. He told me
that five years ago be bad married against
bis aunt's wishes-, she had refused to
recognise bis wife; and though he had
written her several letters, he had never
heani from her in reply* He thanked me
for my information, and said he wonld
likely see me again, oa be was coming into
town to a situation be had-joat been
8ome weeks after this, as I was returning
home in the evening from a consultation,
my attention was arrested by the
figure of a woman in front of me. Bbe was
hurrying along as if jtrying to escape ob-.
nervation; but there was something in
her stylflind tte limp which she had that
struck me as familiar, though 1 could not
remember where J baa seen ner. J usi as
she was passing > lighted part ot the
street, she happened to look round, and
the fsce I saw at once explained to me the
familiarity of her figure?both face and
figure belngan exact counterpart of my late
client's, Miss Howard 1 Somehow or
other suspicion flashed ?cross my mind;
my instinct told me something wss wrong,
and I determined to follow her and see
where she west to. Poshing my hst well
over my brow and pulling the collar of
my coat well up, I followed through two
or three streets, and was almost at her
heels when ahe suddenly turned Into a
public house, whin, so cloeo had I followed
her, I beard the attendant say in answer
to an inquiry by her, "Number thirteen,
ma'amand T saw her disappear
into the back premises. I immediately
followed, heart! the door of number thirteen
shut, and glancing at the numbers,
quietly opened number twelve, and after
giving an order lor acute lil^hf tolMB.
raent to the attendant, wha had followed
me, I took a haatv look around the room.
I foand it waa divided from the next one
onljr by a wooden partition, whlohdld not
reach theoelllng, and that, by remaining
perfectly qniet, I could hear that a whiapertd
conversation waa being carried on
In the next room. The entrance ofthe
attendant with my order disturbed my In.
I veatigatlona; but on Ma departure, and re
ganlltea o( the old aayin# that liatrnen
. aeldom hear anything to tlielr own ad Tan
tage, I did my but to make out the conto
be thoee of two men and one woman
{The latter I at once rtcosnlaed, or at leaai
my imagination led me to believe, to be
jBeroioe of the perron who had called 01
me a year fg> to make her will. Tho volet
of one of Ihe men waa itrange to me; hoi
alter the diacovery I bad already made, I
waa not greatly aaloniahed at recrgniainf
the voice of tho other man to be that o;
The first HDteocs I xnade oat cum
from *be stranger: ?1 told you young 8}n.
rfjif m the very man to do the work 101
job. 'Th(*o;oaiig lawreraoeveraikaol
qneationa aalong aa they got the boat'
"" "Well,well," aald Simpson, "that iaall
right now. Bat the preaent qnealion la,
h hat ia to be done in the way of liorryinji
him np with, the realization of the eetate
without exdting suspicion? The aoOner
we all set away Irom mis tie ue??r. i
am glad that young follow Howard didn't
aak any questions. Bat one thing oertaln
?we must get the old woman away from
this immediately, or she's sure to get recognized.
She's Men keeping pretty close
lately, bat I dare say shell getting tired o(
It. Aren't yon, old lady?"
"Indeed, was the reply, "I would be
giad to get away from this place to-morrow
if I could. I'm sure I ooir wish you
could have been content with bait the estate
with Mr. Edward, Instead ol bnrnlrg
the will when you found it was to be divided
between you and hire, and getting
me to do what I did. I'm sure it's a wonder
my mistress doesn't rise Irom her
grave and denounce us alL"
"Keep that cant lor another occasion,
old woman; it's no use getting religious
now. But I'll tell you what?I ve got an
idea." .. . . .
Hera the conversation got so low that I
could not catch more than an occasionsl
word, snd what that idea was I never
found out, as fie never got lue cuance w
try it on me, for I bad heard, enough to
know that next door to me were three of
the most daring conspirator* I had ever
come across, who had daped me, and
made me, though unwittingly, the chief
actor in the conspiracy. My first idea was
to lock the door of the room they were in
and go for help; but as that was likely to
canse a disturbance, I determined to slip
out and trnst to being back in time for
their arrest Aaluck would have it nearly
the first man I met outside wasaaetec*
tive whom I knew venr well in connection
with some criminal trials in which I had
been engsged. A few words explained
(titnaltnif in fhn nuarMt
IU ? Jinjpuov , BUU Olljuiliuie f **"" v"'
policeman he placed him at the door of
the shop, and both of us walked in. He
nodded familiarly to the bartender, and
leaning over the counter, whispered in
his ear. The shopman started and gave
vent to a long, low whistle.
"You'll do it as quletlv at you can for
the tredlt of the house,"wid he.
"Of course," said the detective. "Show
us in."
In another minute we were inside the
room, with our backs to the door, the de*
tcctive dangling a pair of steel bracelets
and nodding smilingly round the room.
The woman fainted, we had no difficulty
in securing the men; and in half an hour
we had them safely housed in jail.
Before their trial came on we had worked
out the whole story. The woman who
hud called on me and siiraed the will was
Mrs. Simpson, Mi?a Howard's housekeeper,
the mother of Simpson, in whose favor
the trill was made; and the .other man
was a lawyer's cleric who hod suggested to
them the feasibility of such a eoherae.
The fact of Was Howard'sself-conflnement
and my own imprudence had nearly
mode the plot a success, but for
my accidental recognition of the
housekeeper. Each of the prisoners
olTured to turn Queen's evidence; but ss
we had uo difficulty in proving the case,
this was refused, and they were sentenced
to various periods of penal servitude. 1
nad then the pleasure of handing overthe
estate to tne rightful heir, younv Edward
Howard, who, notwithstanding that 1 had
nearly been the means of depriving him of
nis inheritance, made me haagent.
Tho estate turned out to bo mnch larger
than I had at first thought, as I succeeded
in proving that a large number of investments
in Simpson's nsme really belonged
to Miss Howard, aud the management of
so large a properly fairly put me on my
feet as regarda business. J bava had
many good clients slnoo then, but I have
often thomrht that mr Veiled Client was
my bcit one, as abo w'u the menu of givini
me Crot letMn In prudence and my
Ida G. Abbas, 30s ?. Chase street, Baltimore,
Md., writes: I have beensuflertng
for years with dyspepsia. I was advised
by my physician. Dr. Milton N. Taylor,
to try "Dr. mafia's German Bitters"
and alter taking It but ? short tiroo, I feel
greatly benefited. I have a splendid appetite
and am gaining in flesh. wis
?!l ?~
Are yon disturbed at night and broken
of your rest by a sick child suffering and
crying with pain of catting teeth? If so,
.-tend at once and get a bottle of Mis. WinBlow's
Soothing Syrup for Children Teething.
Its valas j| incalculable. It will relieve
the poor little sufferer immediately.
Depend upon it mothers, there is no mistake
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diarrhoea, regulates the stomich and bowels,
cures wind colic, softens the gums, reduces
inflammations, and gives tone and
energy w tue wuuie Bvmt'ui. airu. ninslew's
Soothing fcjyrup for Children Teething
is pleasant to the taste, and is the prescription
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noises and physicians in the United
States, and is lor sale by all druggists
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bottle. ?wsaw
Fonr tons of tea-lion skins are among
the proceeds of a six weeks' trip of B
Santa, Croi, Cut, sealing schooner.
Dm gel Ml'i Story.
Mr. Isaac 0. Chapman, Druggist, Newburg,
N. y., writes us: "I have for the
psat ten years sold several gross of Dr.
William Hall's Balsam for tbc Lungs. I
can say of it what I cannot say of any
nthaf ms*ilti-im>. T lift VP nfVHr hPRfll ft
customer apeak of it but to praise its virtues
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recommended it in a great many caws of
whooping cough, with the hapoleat effect*.
I have need it in my own family for many
years; in fact, always have a bottle in the
medicine closet ready lur use." rrhsaw
An observing tonrist writes that he finds
New York families of "wealth and distinction"
in all sorts of out-of-the-way placet
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llorsford'a Add a Valuable
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Dr. C. C. Olmstead, Milwaukee. Wis.,
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years, and consider it a valuable nerve
Bscklwi'a AnlnMn,
The belt Salve in the world for Cuts,
Braise*. Sore*, Ulcer*, Salt Bbeom. Fever
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Corn* and all Sun Eruptions, and positively
cure* Pile*, or no p?y required. Il
1* guaranteed to give perfect satiafaction,oi
money refunded. Pace 28 cent* per box.
Far aala by Lncan * (lo.
It ia fnn to *t*sd on a itreet corner on I
Sne afternoon and watch thcfmen all ruh
ing aronnd trying to make money, and the
women allfloatlngarouud trying tojpend It
A UOY write*: "I have n?ed Ayert
Sarasparilla in my iamlly for many year*
and could not keep home without it. Foi
tbe relief of the pain* consequent upot
female weakneaaea and irregularitie*, ]
conal<l?Titwithnntan?qual." w?
\ .... :
' J
Magnolia Balm
| ness to it, who would rather
SilUOiS cOKM?Tae QtUIKUOUl *? Oat;
: Iggl MS
' pv.-veuL I'Blon.PtcllKl i&wl? dwllut <K Hv?
; la^Ss m
Ljuid fnuiUi UKX; dolUnklflC foaiLUlK; Vltguiii
??, 40; vlijtlnU umaoli, am Buuunu coupon*
?J:?o dcXemd. 4-, Adu? Kipn?. Ha-, Amettou
Eftpran, 9i| Canada Boutnern. 8&H* renuai m
vjflc, CDcnntke & OU&SK: do fint preferred
idjg: do wood preferred, G. 0. A I. SO
Denver* Bio Graude 8*4; fcne. 15K: dopreferred
80tf: Fort Wayne, 134: JUoui <k TexM, 22: Lak?
Krlock Western, 8; Lake Shore, 70}fi; Loniavillo d
Naihvllle, 40; Louiaville, New Albany ?k CWchko,
2J: Meraphli?fc Charleston. 82- Michigan Central
G$f; Jllwourl Paclric. 91%; Na?hvlilo & Chatta
nooga'l; New Jeney Centml, 45)$: Northern Pacific,
22; do preferred, 48.V Chicago A North'
weatorn. Wj oo preferred 18!: New York Con
tral. m\ Oolo Central, ?: Ohio dt MMtalppi,
i?;.: do preterm 1. 76: ficiflc M*iL <?! ?: rttu
hnrgh; Ml; Beading,lt%i 8U Loul* & ten Frandaoo,
UK: do preferzed782^: Ht Paul. TOK; do
preferred, iiOS<: Texai Pacific. 14K; Onion nclflc,
43; United titatea Exprew. S3; ?V., St. L. & P.,
6: do preferred 10; WelU-Fargo Xzprea, ill;
Wartera Dnlon. ?*.
BreadatniTs and Provfaioiui.
Chicago, III, July 31,-Boporta from1 Northwertern
wheat field* continued uniformly Ind
ukkIu to-day, and It w<u earimated that a pros,
pectlve yield wonld bo redutud unywhere from
*00 to 20 percent as compared t ustlumt-.H made
on inly 1. Some of the telegrams averted that
many rield* were In a critical condition and that
the continuance oi the present hat wtather would
completely ruin wh.'at proipecu in certain localities
The maraet ?tar ed up on tb a new* but fell
hack on rumor* of hot or mu-ty wheat in Chicago
elevator*. TheatorytlHtthewheatwaaoutofcundi'
tion in some of the Chicago elevators urns given cur*
reucy m themo nlnspaper* hero and tie r port
was ?8 d by the bean In the eDbtfato dej.rea?vrlcea,
but thG inmr.r certainly had it* eff* t upon the
oojim of tne markoL The Amu t future beg n
selllngac adlcouutof from 2tf to 2M& aa uoru*
pired w<th September, but at tab difference
there wa* a freebu>lnr or august, which In a
meaaure tailored oootidence, On the afternoon
Board, however, the ditterence again widened to
'.%c. The receipts were light and .shipment* limitHi.
Nothing definite was developed during the
day ai to the u nth of the statementa coacernlng
wheat, beyond the denial by the elevator people
tnatany of the wheat hid been Injured. Flour
unthauge*. Whe?t was unaeit'ed and nervous,
owing to d'gquteilng rumom aa to the condition of
easier, doslug VMio under ytatcrdsy. Sales
ranged: July S6#a875<a closed at 87c; August :7a
87?-,c, closed at e7o eeptembei 89&oo?c, dosed
atSHc; October 91 JiaWKc, dosed atjhfto: No. 2
spring87a87Wo; No.8>j?ring 80c; No. 2 red Maine:
ho. 3 red ?7;4c. Com r led fairly active sod a
shade easier but closed well up to yesterday; rash
atiftc, closed at 45ftc. Oats, tHeantlciptbrd coruer
iu Ju.y oils did uot materialise, anu the price
fur Uut optiou clossd 2o under y.s.erday, thcr
options ruling a.eady; c sh 200; July ?la^c. closed
1129*9; August 2 batata,closed at .6K?, September
2.Ha24J*c, doted at M%o. hye steady: ?0. 2.
58^c. Flaxseed ste dy; So. 2, ?i ?i%. Jiesepork
ruled 5a7kc h gher early, bat fell biCk aud
closed Meady; cash tlO lOalO 10; .August 110 05a
101A, closed at flO 07Ha)0 10: September <101'*
10 ttk. dosed at *1) ifiaio 17K; October *10 zt}fa
10 82* closed at S10 28al0 27}* Boxtd meat* Arm;
itiuulden 4.28a4J?e; suort rib 6 0.a5 67Kc; short
dear 00546.10c. Lard steady; c*sh fliu*B.52i<c:
August dJoa8.52Jic; September (&a0 (KMC, closed
at 0 ritypfai'e: October ff fca&'Cc, closed at 6 6%
8.fi7Kc. Whisky tirm at tl 15. Siuats unchaujttd.
? utter rulediu?dy; creamery ISa'.Sc; dut jr a? Sc.
Egga stead) It I.e. Al.urujoa Boa*d?Wheat
iJwer lor Ju T and Augtuu uora tfa&c tigber.
0*ts XaJ^c i lgh-.r. For* unchanged. laid J>?c
lower for September.
fixw Yokk,Juiy 31.-Fiour,receipts 10,057 barreUexport*
8,105 barrela: sales 12,400 barrel*; market
hetvy a.U in titer ea?ler Wheat, spot Una: optoui
weak; woeipt* 63 fi?2 bushels; exports?,785 bushels;
sales 4.392.COO bushels future*. 7i.000 bushels
pot: NaaCbkJgoMBS^Xo; ui graded red e"m?c;
-o. 2redW>*a9j^j; .>o. I white usSo; No. 2 rod
JalytflaWfcc cloiinf at wfto: August w^awjife,
OlOkiag at ?%c; September n < o?i o?, eiwdoK at
bur I V7*\ v WuSiiig June It lfa
1i6& cjcsmg nominal. Ifcrn.spot l?*sae.lve; o?>tfo;
opened * shade better, .-fterwards declined,
clodug heavy?; teceli>t? Ot.o u bushels; -Jcporu
htf.wo bushels; saler7& .000 battels future*; v?o,000
bushels spot nud to arnre. ungraded fo\n
6 e: So. 2, S.jw^c; Xe. 2 while ttfc; low mixed
aiJiOikc; high mixed Mfcc So. 2 July Ma; AuNovember
&?Kaa%c, clodug at fi2)<c. QstaeAsv;
receipts i9Qa) bushela; export* tOGw.0 i>u?hela:
mixed western 37|3$c? white do ?k?c.
ouw, optlaQi moqera'ely active; sjles 17 ZA
bags; August7.2Ju; ttetdember 7.xic: ( ctober7.2 c;
auvtunuer <.* iw.<hkj; i/ecemuw <.3017.300; ruuiu*
17 745c sugar quiet refli-ed qukt and osay;
off A oXa'Ho; moul(W A.%e; wulu extra u
iU-l'c ouUo?f anaornsbed Ws: powder dt#;o;
tteady. KoginduiL ForadulL LuM doll: oun
true; ^ravlo spot fi.7oa6.77J,,"" cnoice680c; August
o.7&w.75e; eeptetnb r 6.80*6 90c; October oil a
6Wc; floveniber 6SJaG,9ic; December 6.06e&9U3',
dry steam &5Sa6 65c.
PHiLADKLrBU1PA., Jnl7*l,?Tloor dull. Wheat.
Spot III fa|r dti&jaua nucl spyce; ateamor No. 2 red
Julr WHaWSc; August WX?w5c;September
97}ulftko; October D9%c. Oorn, spot quiet;
No. 8 ufgb mixed B5)$c: sieamcr No 2 mixed --0$a
55c; No. 2 mixed 8#{ii5te-. options quiet bat ?>;> viy;
mixed July ftifcuW^u; August(K)*40io;BeptemmttiSMsus
8S>2q: ruturwilnacuye; No. 2 white Julys ?3%c;
iugust J?ka3si4c; September Si?$&?He: Ocober
S2aJuj*c. Pruvlsion< iu fair domaud and steady.
Butter Arm for choice; Bradford county and New
York extra lttsj wtirtQrnaainr extras 14*1 c: wen*
era good to choice ?al3c. oh&ss dull and casters
Uxdo Hits choice <5>$a7c; do Mr to pdm? 6)?wiKuCisciNU
\7fi 0., July St.?flour easy; iamlly
41 25a4 AQ; fancy S? 60*175. Wheat In good dotnan-i
and steady; No. 2 red. new. 95c; receipts
5,700 btubola; ibfpmenU 7,000 bushels Corn iu
fair demaud; No. i mixed tfetfe. Oats (a goad do
ua?d; *?a 2 mixed new. tic. Ryu fu fight demand;
No. 2, Clc. liirl y jn fair demand; No. 2
spring uewi 67c. Pork dtjU and nominal atllO ti.Ji.
Bacon neatly: shonlderi $> 80; ihort rib Sd&v
Whisky quiet at fl IS. Batter firm aa<l u|<her:
extra creamery 1% f?n>y dairy litaHo Sugar flrra
and uuihjingtd. Ejj? dullttksc. Cheese steady
And unchanged. ' t
Batnoas. July at?Wheat, western opened
higher, delloed and cloned (rteadyj No. 2winter r#d
berHQS hid. Own, western iteady end dull:
WOS'flrn xnlVcd sdci blW&Xc; AngustSi?^-,1#:
Santember 52e asked: OntoberUVoaiktd: itnuntr
ItMjsaKd. Oats quiet; westeri while 87*880;
mixed Matte. Prorkloni steady and fairly acihre;
mew pork fit 30*11 73. Lard, refined V/tn. Ken
atetfyaud ?ulel at 12al2^c, Coffee steady; alo
canroc*. ordinary to (air. 7%?J4?c.
' Toucdo, 0., July V.?Wheat closed doll and
easier: No 2 ?ed csah MKe; Augurt ttKo: September
?j$o; October Wto ^OTOnber iTVlc bid: No.3
soft, cash or Annul 96J*c ssked: September 98c
silked: October ftyfBufidXbm dull ;No. 2 osaband
August 47o; September ?0>Cc hid: year 8M4c asked.
Oaucssy; no. 2 cash 2QHc; August 28jJ>asked:
s.pwntojfic. uwgtMfc
Cmcioo, July IL?The Dnsxnf Journal reports:
Catt'e-Rw IpU e.fOO head; shipments2^0) need]
market slow and weak; shipping steers 14 80s5M;
rocker* and feeders <3 20*1 15; cons, bulls snd
mixed fl 7Sa4 25: through Texss cattle lOsUe
higher at 12 80*4 20. Hop-Receipts 18/00 headj
nlnmnnla A (KYI hniA maflrot (utim till f?l(V
higher; rongh mixed $4 lfiefi 25; packing und ifclp
pint 14 56*4%; light weigh t> M 65?5 Mirt tp? 83 2W
l 425 Sheep?Receipt! l.?y> head: ibipmenTi 20C
, brad; var.et it ody; native* 11 QOat'iV Lamtx
per head 8106*8 6U.
kait i.inunv. July IL-CMlJe dull nd on
f banged; receipt* W head: *h]j?nent? 627 bead ;n?i
thlntmintayMterday to Hew York. Hog* firm tod
I higher: PfcUaiWphtu and Yorkm SSlOrf 18; r?
Mlpn *,000 heed: shipment* 1600 heed shipment!
to New York >eaifnlty 18 oar* t-heep slow at uu
changed j>rloee; receipt* L400 head; ibipaenti
L?ctKN?tl, July al.-Uogi Arm andrtronrr
comaoa?Ud Ugbk8480*5C0, p eking andbntchen
|4 40MM; receipt* AS howl; ahipmenU 439 head.
Pel rnlriUU.
,0a Cmr, Pi., Jslr >L?Kukul Trault ?m
ass aswtej&iffiss
(LSfiUOO t?rre!i; rani 7LS62 berreJ*: .shipment!
M/W barrel*; ehftttm tertU Tno Dtr
' trelU computed, 216, deurea,r, xfij new production
, 8.9(4, dtcrtw, Hi; dry bol?i?*4, decreue. tf. .
Bninyosn, Pa~ July SL?Opened at 97%); clorerf
i asbentbfclwyfil^sojbemtiss*.^
PmsBunoa.Juljr si.?Petroleum dull; Nation*
' es^suswihoiksv ?
,?wr You. Jnlr umiri Onto
cloaed at l*it36Xc.'::: " "
f NswYonx, July 3L?Cotton Ann, oflVriogi tight
UrMto: nortmber ISr December ?.?e: Ju
1 sum AST" *?*???isssash*-^
*-couod ,w4r""
ir^v - UtY'GOOdS.
NiwYom, July 8L-There h*i be^n ft fitir t
ssafsswiffis gs&v, las
data ey?P, wonld b^better thtn no m?
Tii rfiTfiii
f Io,UMOt^tet
r ^^Thjlmt?y?M?olij&Tiltfjffl'iraaw h Cj?
. mandilora>iirriMtoiiil?wlwiTOwihtlib>Tt
>? ?? SSI WttJSg
, had been pronounced Incurable. A thorough med|
ui - .iii'iu to hvKienlc uiaiiHL-riueut Injures iuccuu,
o <toto? *franEy gtr**1* P*M?I ?J
' Home Proof.
Sidney and Liter Diseases and Rheumatism.?
Buffered n?rribly- Nothing seemed to help me;
could not yet oat of bed. I3r. 8mith cured me."
ZEPH. PHILLIPS, Wheeling, W. Va.v
Catarrh, Polypus of Noae. Impaired Voice.?Buffered
for rcan; i*tent medicine tailed to help me.
Dr. Smith completely cured me."
Of Spddel 4 CO., WheeUmt wTVft. '
Drvpepdaand ulcerated Stomach.?'Treatment
for yearn tailed to five me relief. Dr. Smith cured
me.f' THOMAS HOLT, Insurance AjeuL
fits.?Had them for fourteen ww. Dr. Smith
Scrofula, Running Sore* on Head.?"My aon was
afllictcd for fourteen years. Nothing seemed to
JKlphta. Dr.Smllh^Um.^c^
Market Street, Wheeling, W.Va.
Cancer.?1"8ullfered for year* with Cancer. Had it
cutout three time*. It returned after each operation.
- Dr. Smith, cored me without knlta. caustic or
P*Piles, Fistula of Anus.?Flat on in jr back for *18
weeu Reported aytng. ut. amim curea me
without knife in fire week*.
Wholesale Grocer, Main SL. Wheeling, W. Va.
Uloeiatlona of Rectum. Prolapaus and Piles.?
"Was given up to die and pronounced incurable.
Dr. Smith cured me without knife."
Bar. H. O. L<tdd wrtiH*:?"Dr. Bmlth'a profcsaloual
aenricea in my famUy have been moat aatla?
factory. and I commend him to all aaa gentleman
and a skill/ul physician." , ^ ^
Mia. Margaret KoUt says: UI had been Buffering
for seven years and treated by many phjTddana for
dyspepsia. Br. Smith aaid I had a tape worm, and
in eignt hours removed a monster 109 feet long."
Female Coraplaints.-Tbree year* In hospiuda tor
fesudea, gite me ueooliar advantages is tueh caaaa.
Pertoui cured oi caurrh. dine*** of heart, liver,
atomach, kidneys, sUu, blood, uervoua affecttooa
and weakneaaea of men and youth, scrofula and
asthma testify to my auoceaa.
Plies cured wlihout the knife.
Patients at a distance may be treated br letter awl
satisfaction guaranteed. A chart for self-examination
sent on receipt of two three-cent stamps, and
advice returned nee.
Consultation at office free. Office hours from 9 a
ic.to7r.il., daily. Call on or address,
Wo. 14M Chaplinc St.. Wheeling, W. Va.
luiui mil imuunwuui i
Pjspepsla, Biliousness,
Constipation, Headache,
General Dcbilitj
Liver Complaints
One tetttmonUl from thousand* we bare in oar
Washington Cmr.
"Ptarn ?nd me a bot or two o! your pills, they
are iu} aiaiiu-ur aau niwk/i hito uic iuvic nun
than anything else."
Vice President of the Cniied States.
8* For uIq by all Drag jiats.
No. 1208 Main Street.
la a Doable Dtstltletloh of over twenty dliti<rrat
kln'U of (he befit German Herb*, ihU being the ,
. ncly True aod Reliable proctst by which the entire '
(5real Medical Virtues and Curative rrojxrtln ot
the llerhacaa be produced. We are cooOdeaUhat
thlt Great German Toalo win be ftmnd the tnoit
Honlili-OIvlnir erer placed befbre the public.
A?a Re>llabli? it nil ptraaqnt InTlconmt .It
l? abwlutely wilboutarlrnL and affordalnaraUT
"Rett iv, and a Prjipect ecu a guaranteed In all
MOf Dr^a.Lo^/i^lte. Kmw*^
Weak new, Cramp*. Dysentery, Cholera Mnrboe,.
N.vttvn, Marthaa, Aithma. Blct Htomaek, Bllllauv
n?. A*ae and Ferer and all other Malarial Dlaeaata
Tl?l* Grant Medicine For SuloE v??r j wliero
L.PETZOLD & CO.Prop'#. Baltimore,!!*
For sale In Wheeling by Logan & CO. and Richagdgogj
Goodwin A Co. aprfrwaa .
A POSITIVE tssjsgsj^
n I UuIIIVL Ono box will can the mo*
Allan's Soluble Medicated Bougies.
Hotwunotii iIomiof rabel* cojaMi, or on ol
Hiuulnood, thartnoeraln topro<Sui?dripg?l?
ty destroys* the MetlnjN of the ttom&ch. Riot
?LM. Bold trj til ornuUedonrtaUptol
nr'ro. For farther tmruooUn lend for efrcalar.
' ROBnW,
J 0. AIiLAH 00 CURE.
John Street, New Tork. UUHUl
. DritSHJvnnvAi
rcraft msuiBWL
Th? Orfclnul iu??i Only Genuine.
JUfcwtWorthlm f?hat(M?. ,.
I If I I^O^OandOinSMiS^
II I U^7onr dragglitftr i'tii '/';
III ISent to anyftihlrewafor$1.50
ail mALYDOB MF6. CO. SpringfleU. a
i .??*-? cpcci
1. ,^?ndimH?t~ UnwrnucmOU
i ^**lf**? OH- WABD fcCOIt Lealohia. Ma. -'
: ?MB SCSUt! ^
SB B ??^4. i
j itiTpripc
Lonisiana Stat* Lottery Company.
MWe do hcnhy cartifythat we supervlae the armngementstorall
the Monthly and Semi-Annua)
Drawing of the Louisiana State Lottery Company,
and In person menace and control the Drawings
themnelvei, and thai the tame are conducted wtft
ilea, and we autnoruotne company to oae tali cerat
oar aignaturte attached.
InoorporatedlnlMlor J6 yean by the LctUfr
ton tor Educational tod Charitable purpoaea. with
a capital of 11,000,000-to which a reaerre load of
orer *560,000 baa alnco been added. '
Bran overwhelming popular vote its tranchlae
wm made a part of the preaent 8tate Conatltottoc
adopted Deoemberad, aTd.,1879. " .
Tne only lottery ever voted oo and endowed bj
the peoplo of any Bute, it never acalea or poat
pone*. Ita Grand Single Kumber Drawing tatea
plaoi monthly.
A relendid opportunity to win a fortune. Eighth >
New Orleans, Tuesday, Auftut 11, ltf83-lt?Ud
Monthly Drawing.
CAPITAL f SIZE, 175,000,
t#0,000 Ticket! at Tire Dollars Each, Fraction 1
In Fifth In proportion.
ur or nuxo.
i2i5S?fc=T?=9S8 \
^0^iz=z~- SSS
6 Prises Of 9,Pig, 10,00b
10 Prllfliol 1,1100 .. 10.0UC
20 Prises of 600?.. 10.00C
100 Prises Of 100 30,000
100 Prises of 100 BOfiOO
600 Prises ol 00?, 26,0?!
1000 Prises of 36 ? Sfcc
ArraoxnuTioic mza,
I Approximation Prises of 8760. 6.7E9
9 Approximation Prlsce uf 600 4,MO
9 Approximation Prises of 200 VJSO
1987 Prises, amonntlagto, ? ,>868.600
Application for rates to clubs should be made
only to the office ol the Company In New Orleans.
For furtntr information wnte clearly, giving loll
addras. PuSTaL NuTKS, Express MonoT Ordurs,
or New York Exchange in ordinary letter. Cor*
rency by Express (all sums of 16 and upwards at
our expense) addi cased
New Orleans, La.,
607 Seventh St, Washington, B. c.
Make P. O. Money Orders payable and address
JylSwssw New Orleans, La.
Louisiana Slate Lotteryfor
Tickets or further information ol (he abort
Lottery address,
- J. H. WILSON, Covington, Ky.,
or H. P. CARTER, Windsor, Ont, Canada.
Amounts of IS 00 add over, by Kxprass at myjsx
?to ec ties, tec.
MrtTk Du'ruf Anil Hniw nf th*
"Bed Bird Hams,"
Has. 1309 AND I3ll MAIN STREET, :
WheeUng, W. Va.
My own Con of Choice Smoked Mettt reortred
Ully direct tram my Port Houae *x Mioichartcx.
GeneraJ Groceries *
In the BUta
Sole Agent In tfcla City tor \\
Hnmford'R Yeut Powder In Bottle*, 1
MeNtmar&'a "Glory "ToUoco. I
KoAipin't "oavrawi" Tooaooo. '
Lottior'a "Stiver C?ln" Tobocco.
DuFont'a Sporting, Mining and Blasting Powder, i
ROYAL PATENT, Branson's Bart. Best.lnthe market.
" . fab6
Market Baskets, Plcnlo
Lunch Baskets, ,
Seagram Baskets,
Palm Leaf Baskets,
Clothes Baskets, ;
Wash Raakets.
Battan Baskets,
Chip Baskets, ,
Splint Baskets. ,
The largest stock of Fancy Baskets In the dty. '
All new, and prices low.
JeS Opr. Market and Fourteenth St* i
Strictly Pure.
lower than ever sold In the city,'
Jyn ; AT BfcttKCffKWa .
-p-8-H ;
- -1853 j ^ 188S -}- .
H? ?ED-S-E3?An
\ /
\ PER /
A 0 JV /T\ /T\
I V I V VJO-' V I V I >
mrtl??w ^
V " A^aJr.K. juk." S
tom?Wheeliog.... ?:?] las I JO j
^ ~- jjgl j|S Is
w^fermssr? }S|' 7i| 2|
fmenDoiji w, vt.^...^.^. ii?iwi 7!<6j dw
aoo?a kokts..,.
' ' ftuw pro.
"T a.al A.M. '
U?re?P?rker?bor?. 6tf 830 6:15
Arrive- WflllaiitttowiUlUrl'ttt) ?:? 4KK 7:80 H|
*Utum? ?..... t>M ?.-? J
Frl. ndfy (JUtamoru) 7:<j 5:> U:00
Siatetmll*?B.-Oo 6:4C 1136
. 8:1C 6:56 liSff' $$3fl
Kbw Martlnrrllle-... 8? 6:08 13? p Proctor?_
.... 8:4 636 1:18 HftHH
CUrtMVm^.^. ? %-M ?:?7 v.a :
jtopndirtlli., ...', 8:4! 7au 8:26
Ben wood WM 7:40 408
Whe?Hn* ......... IIMM MM 4'<8 :%
JL- " - ^T'-HomAtnwp .3^w/
rriiWfirwit?,? JrA
^^saE: ? S
wnr to AiLiAjrcB axd can^oo.
: ,, . j'A.M |A.-K.1A,*. 1rvM.TST
5KXN 85W10^J:|-B :!>iM-5v?iS
Iridjcenort.... 5:12 8J3| 10?d Sdft 4:43
HtfUaVFerry,?;. 5:58S:4l|^0rio| .8:48
follow Crcek...^ 8Jo| lO^gl MSj''6:ia 8:fr 8?
r?Il?Tllle.,.....ZZ 7^ MaS-PS'
4*a?uion^^ io:OB ltKH O:I*
iiuufirid 12*01 4:W! 7:40
;mtilna.w 12:26 S.*?l ^|10 ii?4HM
lme) urlrea at cbi ago *x 8:30 p. m. umedarm#- 'feijgviral
Tnlon leave (ftrtUnd for Wheeling nt 8:00 a. m*
i:05 p. m, arriving At 2:43 v
TkWUW AMUJ! Whjglm, W.' V?.
Gen. Pus and Ticket Agent, Pittsburgh, P*. I
WM. A. B*LI>WIV. Mww,
Time uoio for nut ana watt corrroiea to nay ; ?
4.M Tmlai U*nPan Handle rtatton, foot of gg
aercnth etrwt. near public lauding, ox follow*
^?tnt18 : , -tfttta: tun. EWI Eac." S
trinOOT., " Erp'i Btirt Exp1! Kxp'l
A. K. P.*. r.K. F.M- 8
[/ Tfr-WhetUog-. 8? ?? -; gSM
Urivo-WelUburg 7-> !:? 4:14 8:40
itonbcnvlUw. 8:00 fcW 5? 9M
tMtbburgb........................ 9&> ^SjJO
1:10 l^O 2^ .~-~
TATiow.' BxjftgfiS^paa c'm'n
Leare-Wheeling?^ %?C6 *8:5 *6X0 fiJtt I
UTlTft^ttabavUle,^ 8l 8jg jjjO
Kcwtrk I2:? 11* CM
i.4r. I i<i>M s-m . H
Lwvfr-Cdumbus ....?1 ajjo U'M
OndDnig]M oM... 600iZZHZ WMI.V^j|a
3t toall 'i.-S 'i-Cf ...__
Cbfcaaa?I eaol~~~.| 7i?H-~w -' ,
AH trains daily except 8undar.
FaUaaa'i PaUas Drawing Boom and Bleeping
Can through without chance Imm Steuben Til I
Eat to Philadelphia and yew York. West to Got !
ambus. Cincinnati, LouUvlile, Chicago, Indlanap* ' , %
ills and 8t Louis. % ?...r . M5SH
For through tickets, baggage checks, sleeping
ear acoommodatiooa, and anv further Information
ipply to JOHN G. 10MUN80K, Ticket ARtOt at
An Handle BtaUon, loot of Eleventh street, or at ?
City Ticket Office, under McLur^ouse. Wheeling,
Oen'l Paw, and Ticket Agent. Pittsburgh. Pa.
I> - - 'v*
?. v NO.aiP^ Nc.l (>Q41 '
lAiTBOgyp. Local HoJ7 Patty WoJI oaUy
imr*- Lie: tin. a.il jlk. r.u.
Wheeling......^. 5:35 400 6:40 8;lt 5:80
BelUire"' ~ 6:66 ......... 6:01
Mjuinlngton .. 7JO ??.
QwSSJ!?.*!, *'& lljOB Yuc Wju
Cumberland _? 2:40 7:00 2M
WMhlneton City.. 6|ao?.??. \W |
Baltimore........... .. . 7JO ? 8J| V BK
Mo.^tttndW?lop?tiuiltotloii? i
; No. 2 No. 41 S? 1
WISTBOOKD. No, 14 No.13 DtJlr Dally jmiIt ;"j?|
Lom>- a. ?. t. > i. u. r. *. r. a.
WttMltaj. 7:JS I:40 S3 MO 103J
BelUlra. _. I:U 4:14 10:06 ob 11:m "S
Arrive at * * fiaSH
ZMOTIIU 11 at 7 M 12:18 10:1C 1:10 >#&
N?w>rk...__?... __ 1:20 10^0 2:00 ra
Cotamtu. : 2:40 YIM 1:10
Cindonitl ?? _. - 7:25 7ao
tjftuduikr 030 .. 5
iDdlinipoUs. lijjo tm <:4t
at Looli HMj gjg 030
CblctfO..- . 5:40 0:00 7:20
Kf"1 city......... iao nao >s<io
Moondivllle aoeomouxUUon Icarea WhatHfl* ?
11:35 a. ra .and itrrircMBi MouUdsvIUo At 12'M P. gj
m jlanlflrc^u ac^mrnrvlatlon at 4:10 p. m.
XanMTllM Meomuodatfam laaret whetlln*
7:3.r?a. m. and .i:40p m lkllalroAt8:10a. mj
4"lO&prm*&?SroSto,6lnclnnaU wit&crat
chant*, with b.*0. Sleeper through tnOlndnuatt
Si^KS^'S""34 aBiigttig
Mom oonnecUoM are Bad* for an point; Ssjitt S
55 ("owhireB, ?ot?h txAgoiCmtV maifcm W?
a dralnblo ifmte tor eolonUta and vanpaa ?oTi?I
to the m*l W?at,andtowhjtn ptrtlooUi attention SB
sa to *11 principal polnti?in tale *t Depot. S I
BlMpIni cw MOonuwKUUOM MB U KCnnd?
I^Os'c. BC?KE. Tlekrt E. 4 O. DtpOt.
gUtctantg. I|
^.^ o.aiaASaSPSta
? t*> a vrnNPnwT a& no.. ?
--aat!? ;

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