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Ma. Tji.t>*x'a health ii described u not
' exictly robust, bat he is able to move
tboat with areislance.
Scxator Snuuux hu stirred up the
uilsuis. then are animals that don't
like to liar the truth.
Sair York Bepublicans are going in to
lead in the campaign, giving the Democrats
a chance to follow if they can. The
effect of the bold move ia already good.
PiUBIDJMT CufVKLAUD ODght not to Use
dsipiteiully the able reporter*. The first
thing be knows they will let him entirely
ilone, and then he will hare no history.
A (rot mtn without * history la uiua
fit - ''.V,.;*
Ma. Uxoiuik William Cuktis doe* hot
i?nithtt'he'aiidlliTg-'trfeiidk have been
deceived by the Cleveland administration.
Probably not. They may have known
what via coming. Bat aome other people
?en woefnliy taken in.
X ?ax in Georgia (ell over a precipice
tlin*.'hundred and seventy-siifoetandlivea
to relate his sensatlona while falling and
how he felt when he struck. He will not,
however, repeat the feat aa it Is accompanied
by many dangers.
Tin Acting Postmaster General is the
most industrious officer of the administration.
It is a very languid day with him
when be does not remove over eighty or
ninety fonrth-cJaes "offensive partisan"
postmasters, two-thirds of the removals
idling to Ohio.
It is pretty certain that Sullivan anil
McCaffrey will give their disgusting -anti
brutal exhibition at Cincinnati to-day.
The haw and Order League have been
looking up the .law on the subject, and
find that it is 90 weak that they ?ill probI
'1 1 ?'? ?" atari fhn mn
ai)iy ilUi Ltlrtau au; vm?. ? T~
0 1
Buobt on tlie acliool (uud, and to abort
on ius Capital building {and that operations
mint ceato. The Stats administration
is hiring trouble with its Bnancoerioj.
The people were promised better
things if they would koep.tha Democratic
pju-ty in power?another cue ol misplaced
Kcilev insists that he will not resign his
commission as Minister to Austria,
aid then be goes on to tell tearfully bow
be abandoned hia practice in Bichmond
and cot himself up root and branch. As
the Government has compromised him
with two effete monarchies and therefore
ores him a living. ; If Keiley will stick to
it he may be happy yet.
Tits cue ot Police lieutenant Mullen,
ol Cincinnati, is tfall of in tercet. Sentenced
to prison for locking up a hundred
colored men unt)l aftor the polls bad
closed, sq thiftliey could not vote, he was
pinioned by the President. Governor
Hosdly, wi>o poses as the special champion'
of'the colored man, beaded the
petition.. Now Mullen is reinstated as
Lieutenant of Police?put back in his old
position bo that he may lock up more
' colored men: on' election -day. The Ohio
Democracy must be preparing tor more
missionary work among the colored men.
Tita aceno'at thViornor-of Twelfthiahd
Market streets last mgnt win someuung
very unusual In this city. Men representing
every walk of life made
np thej crowd. Unless appearance*
were veryj' -'misleading, It would
hive taken very little to engage
tint gathering in work to which this
steady-going "(Jtylainot accustomed.
Ihey went potjlaw-breaki-ra who were
gathered tliure, but men who felt that a
woman, however abandoned, deserves better
treatment throfo: bo bemten by m nun
wlio shares, her abandonment. Happily
the good lease of these indignant dtitens
prevailed,,and the law will take its course.
Tna Democracy in the Third SiatrUt
lain x fearful stew. That the faithful
. must-hy ptoajftxli tor is settled, bat Uow
to doifjth?n tifre are not enough offices
' tog^ionndis the aneation. Congreeeman-SiVdjr
wants ills father-l?4aw nitde
Revjmne Collector at Obarleaton, and
I .wises Gibson wants his man Friday,
WamWrjfiidhi tO'hav?the same office,
andtiiereria thieWb. The latest scheme
lato.liavj Commissioner Miller some to
their rescue, divijie the. ctfatrlct and make
two Deputy dojlcctors, one at Charleston
and one at lluntington. This specimen
' of reform is almost equal to Secretary
l.tmar selling the department horses?
not Intent to reform but to buy a better
Kokod; bat tho 1'rohlbltlouUU with all trr.iforlh.Campalri.
Couimblh, 0., August 28,?It la learned
Ui?i Goveipor|;floadly ifaa^gonVEikljo
nin can^gafpa^.Itwa; announce^
. J^rdaythrtjA jwoddremklo tf>;LQnj
Branch toirhwo-"wtoks, bntitppoinUDaofi
tramkde'IiMmi ng orieireA from? Bttardi*
lotbfiiC^ Sttfe
Convention bit mk* the<an<litiiig ottli*
books rioVwfr &i ie*riy ,1800^)00 mi
spsntby the Domocrntic Btato Committee
last year, and that $30,000 of it went to
tiuiinbei* ol the committee. This, with
J^fSus 3,Wao e6t'moot.oftheir
OorrerpoDflcDO* Betweentha General of the
f Amjrina the Heoretaqr Mto the JurU*
diction W Their OiHcoe?Mote Fourth'
class Poatmmters Appointed.
Wahiiikgtom, D. 0., August 28.?Sometime
ago a statement waa telegraphed from
this city tbat a conflict in authority had
risen between Secretary Eadicott and
Lieut Gen. Sheridan, alio that a aimilar
conflict bad occurred between ex-Secretary
Lincoln and the Lieutenant General of
the Army. It waa stated that the exSecretary
wrote a letter to General Sheridan
defining the authority of both.
These assertions are denied by the army
officen. That ex-Secretary Llnceln did
communicate with General Sheridan upon
thin suhjectlashown by the following letter,
dated January 17th laat, which will be
jrabflsheS to-morrow by. the' "Armf and
Nqry JojtrpaJ:. ... , . '
' Liknkimi.About a inonlli ago I bad
occasion to ask your'consideration of a
question ss to whether jn issuing an order
to a Quartermsster General you had not
overlooked aome consideration as to the
proper channel of command, for the overlooking
of which by him In case of an
officer of bis department detailed ion the
ataff of Major General Hancock, yon had
sharply criticised the Quartermaster General.
I said then, i'l see no reason to absent
from the remarks made by jour direction:
tliat there were not two
channels of command to a . stair
officer serving with troops, one
through the line of a general officer
and the other through the chief of their
ataff department. 1 wish to Invite your
consideration as to whether in making the
order of October 29,-: 1884, 'the Quartermaster
General instead of recommending
to the Secretary of War action by biro,
yoix had not yourself overlooked the application
of your remark to the case of the
QaartenJaster General, who? has not been
and could not be detached from the staff
of (he-8tefeWy~df'Wtf,"and authorised
to obey the orden of any officer cf the
army whomsoever without abandonment
by of tbe Secretary of War of dutieupa^:
ciflcally Imposed upon him bv law.' He :
and the subordinate officera'tf his department,
wire not detailed to settle under
commanding^officers, are neceeearily under
the able direction of the S>cretry of
War. KlScently the Commissary General
of Subsistanoa having in a communication .
to me taken cxceptiontb'ricalvingbrdera
from tlie Lieutenant General you remarked
thereupon as follows:
' ttiiBiiipAx's LKrrivit,
"I hava no further rtrnatk to make on
the disrespectful attitude ataumcd by the
Commitsary General of Subsistence. It
does not admit of argument in regard to
the relation he bears to the commanding
General oflhe army than that he is a part
of ibe army of the United States and that
the President-placed m? In command of
the army by an drdSr-Jla^l *t the Wii
Department, Waahingtou, October i:ltb,
r deem it mv duty to point out to you
that in my npfnlon of your -'~h~ tn'iiMinT
mand every officerJ in; the army as the
statutes under terns of ss'rixnmant to
would be the imp>n>iv-odnty on the put
o( the Secretary ol War to recommend !o
the President such change in the terms of :
your uFsignment to dnty aswooldprevent
theaMSMlWof such a claim. The claim
madTiTso 7ar?s I am advised without
precedent in our history. I do not find
in the statutes any duOnUioi' i f
the duties of the Lieutenant General, - or
indeed any general officer other than
chiefs of Bureaus, who have by law the
rank of general officers. There if. of
course, a perfectly;e?tabllel)ed onder?UfldJ '
ggjfftftf* may, appropriately
tSitfaiwg^entfi? appropriate under
WtllCn 011 J?niCBVlWMauCfU4?xuy*^viu<Mo
of bureaus) tra ander'the coipniand of
Major Generals, and all Major Qpnerala
under the command of Uaotenant Gener la,
now the highest oil! fcer In the service,
luouw or tbk sicntrARY or ?in.
The Secretary quotes at length from
that chiefs oI staff corps, dipartmenlg
and bureau* w#ro ?pn?idered as withdrawn
from the oriau oI Ihe General
Commander-of the Army. He oonslders
that the Secretary of War is by law
chwged wltb civil^matters ol which the
principal relate to river md harbor works,
also with many matters growing out of
the late ration, the genual fiscal administration
relating to the army through
bunaus of the War Department and the
chiefs otUuraboreaus, and their subordinates
mutt naceesvily be under the exclnatv*
;^He andoee^Sieniorandom ol the list at
ro^tojdai b^in^^^liTCgi)laN'
concludes: I have no wish to agifrapi)iju
my own) exclttatva functions or flitplnlsb
your command. My petaonal freudaliip
aa wall as my high respttt (or you at an
officer would alike prevent such action,
but it la a July - I cannot avoid
to preserve intact the exclusive
authority reijuired by law. regulations
tary of War, and take snch measures as
will without fail accomplish this end. I
tostjtMrMtewill be tha only measure
HYItmntne put lew uajs uupiw ui uie
above communication have been sent to
the Uent?n?ot General at the aray and
;ud the Generals ?#iflfflDBdlng the various
division*. fcjg-- f
Th? Court of AUbftBk t'lalttf.
Wasihuoton-, August S8.?Jodgo Asa
P. French, of the Goart ol Alabama
01 a!ma, arrived in the dty-toJay. In regard
to the dedaion ol Comptroller Dar.
ham, Jndge French said that the question
as to tho right of the court to employ the
necessary assistants wss considered when
the oldcourtjjfis; organized ami lt waa
dedded tiirt-they had suthorfty. The
new court wis modeled noon the old with
the eiception only that tuero wore three
judges Instead of flvo. Secretary Fish
and sa(?equtntly Secretary Fro-,
lingbnystn, Comptroller Lawrence and
qtor-,0flVcs?,,: having-, .charge ol the
founts deri.l.-.i that court had a
the question was thoroughly disenssetl and
the authority of the court conceded. It
ant coun-1
eel to cross-examine witnesses in various
put^tfUu^jountry^ H^aa^tUat^SVcson
Morris, late Pension Agent at Phila.
delphla, in canning the accounting otlicers
of that department no little trouble bocause
of his failure to forward his accounts
for June last. JJr. Jiorris was removed
July 11, and according to tho Treasurer'
report, had op to .Inly 21 failed to mak
any report for advances amounting t
$170,117. -Jndge Williams, Third Auifitc
of tbe Treasury haa several times reqaeal
ed him to - forward his' accounts for ej
aminttlon, bpt so far Mr. Norris lias no
taken the slightest notice of his letter.' Ii
making h is 1bs{ formal request the Audita
celled Sir. Norm' attention to section
monthly account within ten ilaya affe
the expiration of each snccesuve mouth
and provides thatofllcera who fall to com
ply with this requirement shall be deeiuei
guilty ol embmlement and subject U
tinn and inpriaonment This letter, it i
Baid, has produced no better effect thai
its predecessors, and the otllcials are ii
ceed. There' are no iinpatations^aga&u
Norrifl* official integrity*
Fonrtli.cUaa Poctouutara.
Wabhixgtox, D. 0., August
Acting Postmaster General this afternooi
appointed the following ad&ltfoMl'namiS
Ohio?At Jeromeaville, John Scott
Bladensbnrg, lire. Emma N. Gardner
Canal Fulton, 1'. A. Leahy; Claiborn
George W. Moors; West Jefferson; Johr
J. Booth; Mulberry Oomerp, N. E. Limor
eaux; Navarre, Matthias Clemens; Wea
Mant/leW, Charles H. Hathairay; Mari.
Stein, Henry Gocke; Holmesville, Noafc
Hass; Blanohester, J. B.Baldwin; Caledonia,
Charles P. tar; Benton. Uharlet
K. Schlegel; Waller, W. A, Johnson.
Kallqr mil Bulla.
Washing-tos, D. C., August 28.?Mr. A,
lveiley was at the Stute Department today
settling hp his acooonts.'' He has nol
vet resigned as United States Minister tc
Austria, bnt will do, so. He does not deBire
a reappointments in. tLe Diplomatic
service. In fact, it was at his owueugg-stioa
that he did not go to Vienna
when opposition was shown to him, but
returned to this couhtrv.
Letter Carrier*' Lravea of A bience,
' '" WjiSflisaTOS, D'< bV'An(fiiit"28.^-Siith
Auditor McCanville has rendered an opinion
in regard to letter carriers' leaves o!
absence. He decides that they arc entitled
to fifteen days leave in oach year,
uunueuiue ui leave la in tut* uiacreuou
of; the postmaster pi (he office where rthe
carriers terra. t }'
Oltl Oonsul to bo Uoai'pttlttlcd.
jWisiHSOTON, iLOguit28.?ThaPresident
baa decided to reappoint Mr. Julius
Stabel aa Consul General to Shanghai,
China. Mr. (Suhel is now in Washington
bnifNaveof absence. He has sirred- in
the Conaular, aemce in China lor ten or
utlvd years.
Bepllu to AceoMtlon* In Rrgtrd to BU
Weakened Patriotism.
Si'hiKari*u>, Mass , August 28.?The
&nual;liWrary festjyalat jUhfleliTyeater:
day iii behalf o{ the Sanclerson^Acadetny,
was'largely?attended^iProtesaor Morton,
pTi.^am^^ge. jrMidW, for the seventh
successive year, uvr tbe banquet, and an^^tfJan*eKRMeeUa^welltan'd'Geori(i
William Cnrtis. Mr. -Lowell deprecated
>L. i fit .is fi,??
fujuicnsiuu iubii UMI Kyup ?uiwou ium
te oharras ot-ilfp ig'Hijghmd.hM in%he
least weakened the- bolir big native land
Mr. fiosell also bri<fly noted some of
the imprastloas made upon him by American
Bemocracyyaiccarhla return from
England. He ?u pleased at the tendency
displayed among the higher order of citiaus
not feto'the^ormjwm oj'the^floverom^entjremaiii^lu
incompetent or^qnacompUmilifto'
Mn Curtis forhis worlc
in the cause.of civil service reform.
TJ#o Wafi^aU Conference.
Sr. Ii?M, Mo., AW?t M-rjje resnlt
efthe conference in 2Jew_iorkbetween
General Manager Tabnapo, of the Wabash
railway, and the National Executive Com:
ipittea of the Knights of Labor is received
with satisfaction by the local members ol
the organisation. It Is stated that at the
iaentof>?Jljtbejnetpbersof their order
who were suspended or Jiephargcd by the
Wabash company on July loth last, god
will require a pledgo from Mr. Talmsge
approved by the United States Conrtthat
t&stprmJOl agreement will be kept inviolate.
mw In tin* <lnv fiTo^ Hv Hift Amnlffflmated
Association for tbe signing of the sheet
mill scale; and. filler* the manufacturer!
place'their names tothe.. contra# before
theJosipg of the mills in the evening tbe
workmen will rsftjge to work on Monday.
J[ the strita-oewwJtririlHIjrflw^ojitol
e^toymap^*-l?rp? aiwoer of raymf
are Indirectly concerned, and will be com:
pelled to?ujpend^w6ik'5ntIl^be"diaeP
ences are settled. The"irorktaen;iM confident
and. aav the trike.wiUi.be averted
by themannfacturers signing tho scale at
t eleventh honr. '
0.0ono,aolf?.M onle.cn ?lr.f
Xi:? Y^i;4ijgnrt:i8.-Fire from I
cigar that O'Djuovan Rossa smoking
in his Chambers street office, this morning,
dropped on a stack of inflammatory
aua Knglish literature, and a lively baral
on the street,
when they saw the smoke, rushed away I
Iron Bjat BaUiliag nrmAula<?r
St. Louis, Aognst 28,-The Great West
em Iron Boat Bnllding Company, Tbeo
.lnrm Alton aml'Anthdnv H. Blalsdell nro
afternoon1 forth? benefit Of iWltopi. Thi
assets aro listed at 630. Liabilities un
n* 1
BiM Ball V eat?rU?7.
Ak?-^S?Loui?, ;
At Sew York?Sew Yorta, 8; Bottaiu
naU,o. krrars, ?'itt*burub[i/; Cincinnati
^ ',8- Atji
1 ? " Bontar. Two OOem.^llregM
r Down, Md an Mot Dl>oo<orod Uottl
Hours AtlMT thm Sbo^,.
c IM
' Ir*-/
Chicago, August 28 ? A myaterioi
i doable murder was committed about 1
i- o'clock last night at Genera, Kane count;
1 lib, the victims beinj; two of tin< ti.ri
' officers who constitute the police force i
i the town. The deed was committed ligl
1 in'the centre uf that quiet place, new It
J headquarters, ami some dozen abo
* were heard by the reaidenta in tt
* neighborhood, given in quick aucceMio
| atal?utmidnight,but to one left bed i
? find out the cause of tbo turmoil, and
J was reserved for a party of merry-makei
jUl^ddiu a^llet h^^ the rento
; ofthehearL Hla revolver wUHTfive of 11
i ohaml^' fmpUed/iwas *lyifig*peiirtiin
. U.tf.lllhM** <ha .Mikne.l-./.wM.t.
? iub'UM? i?jr m uio nwiikuoaov wiuor ui vu
1 Court House, and several rods away, 01
- the sidewalk, was found Officer Granl
1 also with a bullet-hole in the breast, bu
1 still breathing slightly.
1 tie was take home, a few blocks dis
tance and died on the \ way. There is ai
1 yet n# clue to tfte^'perpefrators ~of .th
crime, but it is surmised that both officer
'died in. the discharge of their duty.
There have been several attempted burg
1 laries in tho town of late,' the lastone be
cutting but an boor or twobefore. It i
supposed that last niglit the officers dis
< 'covered the burglars either at' wbrk-'ce
leaving the scene of their unlawful activ
1ty and .that in the attempt to arrest thtm
' the offiSgH being separated, the fatal shoti
1 were tlredby the thieves.
m'CAffiutv-?m. i.ivan fight.
UoOaffr*}'! ComltUun-bulllviui Arreitet!
# Yesterday bat IS?ll*d Out. A,'A ?.
Cincinnati, O., August 28.?McCaflrej
is putting on tlie finishing touches toi
his meeting wi.il .Sullivan to-morrow. Hi
Baa slightly; (jctended hia nalking'an'c
sprinting exercises, nsea the dumb belli
more and has Itjbger bouts witl
the' rubberbail.-His ixcjllent~coursi
of training and diet is: having tlw
: d?sir?kl !:e0eit bF'.pecf(Ctihg his line con'
iiiuon. lie is eximoerunt in ppint, ana
.views the approaching contest with con
fidenee. Crowds ire around hiatndnlnf
place all ^the time, .Men fa into the
in wttingadbance*
woikrSuUivari arrived atOincInnatl atl
yesterday and,wm metat the depot byar
immense crowd. The platform on whicl]
the tight is t j take place was built y ester
A* constable was sent out to Cheatei
Park at noon'wllh a^arrant ior the'ajrea
of John I,. Sullivan, on the charge
of being about toengagei in a conten
lion, commonly called a prize fight
When.the constable,; found Sullivan anc
notified him to appeal before Judge tths
ton, the pimiiist started at once to the
hotfho'fever, appear in person before,the
couit, but his attorney appeared and gave
other statute sgiiiut glove contest*
has an exertion in the case ol
public gymnaalumj'or athlotio'cluba, and
ft is claimed: tiiis/*Ul be under the au?
pices of the'QheaterPark Athlete Club,
recently formed. The general feeling tonight
u that there will be no furtbei
oflOrt to interfere.
tBurtlu& st OUtagB-tki?ri.(a Dm^
* by False Promises, . ; ; j
t^OmCAao, Ius,. Auguat ?&?One 01
more employmeBv agonclea in thia dt)
haveadveitlsed of late for large n'umbe)
(if IfthArani to vn to Manitoba, tn wnrL- on
t)>? OMijUfMl PacUii Railway. The itate<
! ment Is given curreaayhere today thai
| rait numbers of laborers have been r?
I centlv shipped into that far-away region
i only to discoyerthat it was impossible^
pruenre work t^ere. ^They declare thai
uponas an organ:gad swindle.
In a published statement, Frank Mci
CaKhy, of fan Olare.^ysoltheiadveii
tares of-too m-n who were taken out by
of a^kfndf'onba'po^^etftiKf ever
St shoveling. The contractor wtfdthej
iew nothing about us. We bad great
difficulty in getting back over the 1,000
jnilea.to Winnipeg, bat managed ,to<gel
pisses as far as Winnipeg. There were
about 300 of us back in Winnipeg by
qs pntU August g; when we had-to, look
out for ounel)iei.--Onl^ odtqparttivelj
; few of ns' could, get.away.lSome of,mj
; companionspawnedtholr,watches andb
i get money to get back to Eau Claire."
I '> -vU*. '* '-?
Ciiabl**" ? T c? a" rtT-The re
vised estimate of the losses by the storn
wharves and $600,000 of private property
. The remainder of the loss indndos: Ship
! plug, $200,000; on Sullivan's island, tlflO,
I 000; cotton presses, $35,000, and city prop
; ertv, churches, railroads and phosphate
Aullr^.alvVcTrr"' ?
Uarsiial Han^^ollandFattempted to/ar
<?ere roughly handled. One of the psrtj
obtained a (hot. tan,. covered one of thi
men and compelled him to eurrender
; mfymmiA
I Oalvnm.*, Ausjust lia.?K special U
I the Xrict from McGregor, Texas, uyi
Thin morning abont 3 o'clock the veal
bound passenger train on the Texas ani
t St. Louis railroad run into a bull on tin
Th? Sonth P?on?ylT?nla Muddl*.
- rniLAuHLrm^, IV, Augqst 3J) ?Tb
Sheriff of Dauphin County visited tb
- Pennsylvania Kailroad olhre to-day an
aeryed npon severnl of its officers n notie
- ol the court's Injunction, restraining tb
y consummation of the South l'ennaylvaai
and Beaoh Creek Iijilroad transfers.
Mat Keboat, bo. Able to lb,
Abont With AuIiUdo*.
? NiWYoBK.Augort28.-C3onfllcUt.gr
;f- ftk present influences in politics. 0
Lrc Charles E. Simmon
a' Mr;^en'e;phjBclan,*<yi& upon hit
Jf ?jj^888S6^5Q^<iMf ex-Go'
" r;?lW^,lomn^JS?h^
10 and >!00<1 spirits Dr. Simmons left an
la drove with his daughter to the 8:3
? o'clock train for New York. There wi
no appreciable change in Mr. Tilden'
" condition. He W no complaint, t
f make regarding hit sleep and appetit.
, menttotESpfflS*eeV'nrenC0'1 *'
U* TtUan'd nkmliMl nnnititlAn ml* ti
n niU), healthy. He hu sufllcient strengtl
sko iret ia toil oat ol h's carriage withou
S VDy aaristanoe other then the rapport c
* pi right arm remain! partially Ibelpleet
U bnt he ia able to uw hu left In makioi
\ M$ZS?
I wttM. On a fair day.ilie risea~at aboa
- 7580 a. v., and ia aided in hie toilet by hl
valet Louis. At 8 o'clock the first meal ii
> served in the breakfaat room on the wee
aide of tbe boose. He usually takei
JSreekiaartera'of-.an boar for tbis^meal
- then he. goes Into his library at tbe reai
" pfitheubpaae on the, first floor, andaeatlni
* pqufelf u'the'deep bay wlndowilancei
- through all the New York newspapers ant
r such letters as his secretary thinks necea
* buy for-him to boo*
i This hqnr Mr. Tilden always enjoys
> Alter 10 o'clock be enters Ms carnage ana
ride* about the farm, or if the weather ii
particnlerlyiCool,pasees th? remainder ol
the morning in reading. The afternoon ii
I spent in various ways. As a rale, however,
Mr. Tilden takes a drive np Broad'
, way, going sometimes as far as D.,bb
, Ferry, Irvington, or Tarrytown. After
his drive he usually retnros to bis library
1 and spends an boor or so in reading until
I dinner is served at 5:30 or 0 o'clock. The
I evening is passed with Mr. Androw H
I Green and tno other member of bis bouse>
bold. -HoTetirtelor.thsnightat between
1)^0 and 10 o'clock.
Mr. Tilden's yacht, Viking, is not need
I often nowadays. Last Monday he steamed
down the Hudson aboard of It and passed
: the day in the b?v, watching the last ol
> the America cup trial rac*. lie greatly
i amused himself,^id^rettmied^homeat
L' ij9?*ss last seen in the town of Youkers,
t about a month ago, when he came from
f CQfaynono for the ptupoM?GMUBSn|
in bis yacht. It ma then noticed that
: WlBoked ill and "extremely feeble. The
t recent repoits regarding his health have
f annoyed,bltn?ibcc>use 'she} beliertshlm
self to be in better condition than be was
I Jpnloslied to the K<ntor.
, Atlanta, ua , August 28.?A threaten1
ed duel between editor Larry Ganett, ol
i the Athena Banner- Watchman, and lion.
1 A. B, Connell, member of the LeginUturo,
\ has beenaverted by lb* award of aboard
\ o! arbitrators. k Inthe Honse Mr.Council
f withdrew bis strictures on Mr. Uanett and
apologised, and Mr. Uanett's paper will
. contain his amende to-morrow.
"""iy ua"ar'
Vary little d?mute to crops is reported
by tbe cold in tbe Noitbwest
Catt'einen are reported moving as rapidljr
as possible from Indian Territory.
1 Salvatore Fietta, allied fazitive' froin
I OindSi^^^gwnjneiisU inNew York.
Almon Cole was crashed in a atone
V qaarry at OEardoiuO ,bji afallingdetrfck,
' :Blfxbt' fro?t?aj? repmtadiin Mppeiinoe
i uinnty, Ind, bat no damage has been
, dono.
' to Rochester, N. Y., are under arrest in
! left for Florida Keys upon^a filibustering
lara ter d til id IA I
VThe7itn?bMd Distillery ami ice house
ol the Garnier Brewery at Ltwrencebarg,
Ind., mi destroyed by fire.
; Jennie Kalp was burned to death at
' Perkioinen Junction, Pa., on Tneeday, by
: gpeettiM >penBlKmiSm5MHIMMBi
. the Salvation Army were fined $10 each
[ and ordered sent to the BridewelL
^iSJPeiraon, of Brooklyn, do<
nies the report tbat be is to bccome Post
master General In plane ol Mr. Vilas.
> The body of Joseph B. Neally, wealthy
citizen of Burlington, la., was fonnd in
i. the rirer t&sre. Disease bad effected hit
? mlnd.?v. *
' ?. K. Staooy, senior member of the Arm
> oi Etacey, ielnh'ut 4 Oo., ofPlndleyjO:,
t httmysterlobsly,. disappeared, and - fool
; J ?
i wu hanged it Lonoke, Ark., for the
. murder of Nelson Anderson, alao colored,
? lsHFebni^r-'^.;-' v
1 h? H.n?
i uiot.aMa bf ttebrv
; l^odwjn^oonntotea wild film in teleAafdemarte,
the Mbtoondiog ffab*Treuurv
clerk and Shepherd, the autoed count*
crfeitur, have been lodged in Hie pariah
I priaonatNew Orleans.
: 'Bit^TOM&Ptekerton haa retnrned
to Chicago with the confession of Marshall
> Barker that he murdered llarvey Keith
> at Bloomln((dale, lIic^,
* toe ImprownehtfofiWetMra Wt/wtwiri
i jt^^aawias
3 The Ohio Live Stock Commiaaion, aftei
: a thorough examination ol 0. N Mitchr
ell's herd o( Jeney cattle, near Davton,
i are prepared to report that there is 0(
a pleura-pneumonia in Ohjo,
Charles Chamber., an escaped lonatli
honted bimseif m having encaped fron
heaven, an.i ("loaded to atart on a tec
e thousand mile walk.
? A Philadelphia shipping n\erchaat an
d nonncea that the Caiubnan ?l*amahl|
e Company haa decided to run a 11 wt o
o steamers ftom .Swansea, England, to I'oil
? adelpida. The departures will he mad
vHfflw 5 ' -'tCTM
6- ' ????
Q, Dadn Mental AbnrUlan, what vi.iiIdc In
The first name on the register at Hunt'a
Bl Hotel lor Wednesday is "J. G. Armstrocn,
a man himself is more remarkable both Jn
j history aa<l appearance. As ho atoo.l in
n front of the hotel waiting for a back which
>8 he had ordered, curious people gathered
i to.star? at the stnoM loi>l^ mati ratand0
ing there, hia fierce black eye fixed im>,
movable on the Areaile. Apparently he ,
> waaunconscious of the attention heat?
tr?t?i?;"Who /B;ih,e?^-. wa afrtquant
e queatbn. finally one man, starting for- 1
t- ward, exclaimed: "Uy Qod I it must be 1
1 J^Wlikea Booth/' and the crowdcruahed ,
t forward to catch a glimpae olthemanaa ;
if he climbed into the hack and drove
u rapidly away. Men ga??d after,'the <
i, yehloleafifchiirtned, and torned away
[ to dlaousethe, wonderful ^resemblance be?
twMn this nnknowtfind the murdererlof
r President.
i I 'tiring tHe'lut5half 6f(?b^paatorate at
t Blch'mwWJioinethlng-of asawaatlon wi?
i caused By a rumor nartou ny a genueman 1
. from Washington,U>the effect tjiat^Arm- j
! Booth. Tho pspera discussed it mildly, >
I and commented on the notable resem- J
I bianco. He left that church, cirrying f
witmhim.thelrood wUhesofall tohianew >
pastorate at Atlanta. f
! m~,Z7?ZZ.? :
[ fnl one from the stait 11 id eloquence, hie
i commanding appearance, his (octal quail- j1
' ties, his conversational powers all contrl- ,
i buled to this end. Jnst about one year ^
ago, daring the morning service, theslngn- j
lar actions of a fine-looking man in the r
audience vaa the' subject of wonderment J
' among thoee who eat near him. lie 1
watched Dr. Armstrong with a femieh *
- MxietjSnSFwhf-n at last the preafcheiy ?
limping, walked to the chancil rail, the 8
stranger sprang to his feet' and startled a
the congregation by crying aloud "He is 0
J. Wilkes Booth.'' Tue services ended, f
and the pros of the country rang with the {'
' sensation. A description cf the famous M
S preacher created In the minds of many *
j thatihe Is none other than the assatlfia I1
named; ' ' ' b
About throe weeks ago a 1'otUr, attract* j,
cd by a small row at the corner of Plum ?
; and Fourth streets, stopped to inquire ?
i into the matter, and was surprised to see f,
' Rev. Dr. Armstrong one of the dUrputanta.
i He was championing a boot-black who
hid heen wranelinsr with a fllinrt tMeb
set man. A few words onaed the quarrel, ?
and th8_i?p5ftopMBW^a-?nili;i0t)!0t Hie i
occurrence. Several days later the earns _
' member of TWoKataflVawthia reverend J
doctor on Fourth street. Yesterday he 11
poke to Dr. Armstrong at Huut'a hotel,. a
' and jraaiOTHs^ tcLfliidalnfoppaTOpto $
' HlgfiUy^a the influence ofliqaor. tl
The remarks of several gentlemen about J
the place induced The foil representative j>
to follow the Doctor, who drove almost ?
directly to Longworth street. P
The ant place at which Dr. Armstrong ?
Stopped waa Maggie Melville's place, 150 ei
Longworth street Here, according to the
madame, ha kiased one ol the girls, twit- j]
ted her on her fided appearance, and w
drank one glaaa of beer. One of the girls n
i accueed htm of being a Uethodiat preach- 9
ov - anil ho IhhkIimI Wn(l>rft?a1? lUfj!
quired for "Lilly Shaw," but wu told she
was not there. At Nos. US and 1W he
place, according to tho girls. At the Gem ?
1 entered No. 140, but finding be had made ?
a mistake, left immediately and wont to .
Kale Wilson's pi are, where he found the *.
girl lor whom he was seeking. Testimony f
varies u to the length of hts stay here, J!
Thehackraan says '* short time." The .?
girls say Irani (en minutes to half an hour. J
A'mon' who' iraTwatihing. says 'lie was in,' s
tbe hdfie3?ily>two hours. All the in- ?
mates of the place agree thitihe'treated
thegirls anddrankrhlmselt Ihe'particd^ ?
lar female for whom he Inquired denies
that anything improper occurred between *
themyand says iM never saw himbefore^ ?
and, can't imagine'how he learned'htt $
name. . ; (i
About 5 o'clock Dr. Armstrong left the
street, going north on Central avenue, >1
and nothing is known oi him until he uppeared
at Hunt's hotel, where he went to
tied and was still sleeping at a late hour f.
I g
Armstrong. The only ones found by the ?
Potl were D. 8. Hounohell and wife. Mr, 6
Hounnboll is the well known attorney at
No. fi Fourth street. Mrs. Hounshell was ti
, a' member. offMsooriinegatidn ">t" filch- I
mond. Mr. HounsheU-ww?3&?H&httoai; '4
Or. Armstrong passed out, to start on his
drive, and was greatly shocked at his ap- .
pearance. It may be that this remarkably
v gUted and ecM^tnc man.'TenUrely^oorrect; 2
' and mnpUiy-vhen aoMr,.i? uuaoeount-; |
ame xor nis aouons wnen unuer ine in- "
I.IVHD IH iri.i.ir, v e
Man Valli Ovar a Praclploa 37U FmI and
?,?rss^ F...
He tells most wonderfal story, all of ?
r (li^t^nj qp^^ ^lti'st'the ildWrf the ?
down an incline oMOO M Md then (ell j
I Wto a ?
tfor more than thirty hours he remained
whsrelhe fell?nnable>to movelMjjBjnoat U
, too weak to can lor araisunce. Atone ?i
> time ha uigamU)er?ot^>?>iMiw;imirf l<
within 30yerde of him, butwaauuaUletb a
make hlm?U liearJ. fyJiAoatel^ he WJ
a^pica coat "which lie wonfand Sit
sort of pail for his haul to reat upon. The
distance he (ell has beau measured end ?
' all hie itatemeuU have been fulty^ife^. j
, B1UZ1LIAN >Q? ypBOKniES. J
! Bow the Ooo.lorl.lUoj wm l>laooT?re?. i
All ma I'artlea CfiytprxJ.
Kew Yokj, Atiguat as.?Seuor Salvador 1
. lie Memlonea, Braiilian Consul in thia "
1 city, aaya that the attempt ol tfco Whlto e
' brothers to flood the country with Braaii- i
ian counterfeit money was brought to hie t
' notice on the 14th Inst., through a? order !
( given by A. L. White to an engraving and ]
- lithographing ttrm of this city for 3,000 i
e labels lor ci^ar boxea. They were to be
executed in imitation o( a Braiillan note, '
oalbVoanhk ? TW^mMj'lnT^onf^bo
dipped off, leaving tlie note prfect The
matter was then lftid^jSfonfS theV.Govinioient
detectives, ? w?
cl the brothers.
It wis also dircovered th*t similar work
was being done in St Louis and New Orleans,
and that in a short < line there would
have been printed $300,000 in these spuriooa
notes. One of the brothers at one
time owned a coupio at: farms in Brazil.
It is believed that all the guilty parties in
this country are under arrest, but that
they haraseo^ptteei^BnutUV' ;
MmNE?irf (WBR .
Th. Dliclusea
lai iuwiijni " ^ ,18 '
Ciiicauo, August 28 -A r-orning paper
pubiiahea the following special from Lincoln,
Neb.: >=&&
A moat remarkable discovery bas recently
developed in this county. It la of
inch an astounding nature that the correspondent
hesitates to give the circumstances
to the public, on account of being
barred at present from giving names,
ll though there is no good reason why it
ihould not be done. However, the genJeman
who has made the discovery reOertftfo^^a^WMnre
by ecientiflo means,'the exSenceof the
jmnanaoul. ?
ror me enKO 01 cunvuutenca ine gonuenan
(llad^to.mU^I^Mlle^Ur. Holland.
,ian, possessing a peculiar belief that the \
oul of man Is a counterpart of the body
tself, and in this theory of tiie dual man
18 sought the key ot life and death. He
ind Blnew was yet another body existing i
o vapory form, which death alone should 1
ree.'end that hy^a niuigle micrpeoopio de- i
>enetrato the uiinutest particles of the '
Ir we breathe, and see the son I take form' I
nd flight to the boundaries of another 1
His attention wu.first attracted to this,
le says by a man lying upon a sofa suffer- ,
bg with a pain in his foot, and yet there
rere no feet there to suffer, the leg having
een amputated nearly to the hip. "For
ears," says Mr. Holland, "this incident '
in through my mind until at last I re- t
ilved npon an experWint. X procured t
lie most poweifal lenses I could find J
nd completed an invention of my
wn, and when I had my light '
rrangftt pjrfectly so I could ex- t
mine the microbes of the air, I called ,
pon a friend wlio had lost his arm and ,
xplained that 1 wanted him to pnt his ;
naginary hand where I directed. He '
ingliingly accompanied die to my rooms J
nd did as 1 desired. The moment I ad- J
uted the glass a world of revelation 1
roke upon uie. The dual .hand lay be- .
naginaty fini^$He did so, and to his !
onder and aatonishment I spelled the ,
jateuceB he wrote. That was coneluslyj ;
El Paso, Tlx , August 28-W Itior- ,
>n, the newly. appointed Governor of ~
owor California, was interviewed here ,
eiterday on Mexican affaire. Governor q
MS*# MOrefe) SM VT???' ?it AWmBMRMffi U
liorson pays that American business men ,
nd mannfactnrere may^iook for a decided J
Jtwnerce. President Diaz has informed '
im that 1.0 favored and would urge '
eavy taxation of real eatate in order to '
ermittl.is reduction o.'duties on imports, *
nd he would bring his pereonal influence ;
bear on Congress, which is soon to as- J
grable, to bring the change abont. Baal !
state in Mexico has been very lightly
lied, while import ilntion arc more bur- '
ensomo than in almost any other conn' '
7- The Governs ttlnla the change '
ill be brought abont.this year. Hem
alive of Texas, and enjoys the confidence J
I President Di.i to a very high Oegree. J
itment prevailed yesterday in Sturgis, the y
:ene of the lynching of Boss Hallls, the
ilored soldier assassin of Br. Lynch. A
timber of the tailored soldiers of Fort
feade, memlieis of the Twenty-fifth 1
'nited States infantry, armed themselves .
d proceeded to the town of Sturris,
ireateninc to born the town. On hafna* a
ilormed'ollbe, trouble, however, General j
torsi*,' commandingit "lftitt Meade, de- e
died ? patrol of the Seventh Cavalry,:
irning the disail'ectanta to the noetlm
lediately after the bnrial of Dr. Lynch. I
mmftlWn? r- *a : q
[ad ()f?r the IteniiH ol YaaUrdaff'. M?.t>
1.1,: '
Morel Nelaon Is home with his family .
om a visit at Bethany. e
John Ehler Is btek from a trip down1' v
is river organising lodge* of nailfeeder*. i
Ur. Edward Mnrphy, the son of the t
reat temperance orator, was here yester- >
, , I V ' . 'i \
The marriage Is announced of William
Isder and Ml** Tillie Sweifaer for Sunday
^ WFmh.' -.*( r
Bev. C. W. Fraxier is announced to lec- >
ire on the CtlUo tribe of Africa, in City I
[all Monday evening. I
The funeral of Mrs. William K. Long \
x>k place yesterday and the interment f
as at Davia'a cemetery. c
TKe Henry building at the foot of Rose J
Ifllis finished. OhajriiMKunnemund has .
grocery In the fetore room p^' i i
Efforts are being made by .tlTe clerks in- c
treated to have a continuation of the \
Bev. William Weir, of the Martin'*
erry United Presbyterian Olmrab, will
reach here for Bev. B. G. Wallace Son- r
,^,:i : . ' j
The reeelpta of the Seoond M. K. camp ,
teetink. ahortiy'to'begln on Indian Kan, ;
ill be half osed to pay the balance doe !
iepa?tovBev.KIIjah Henderson.
Wd. Alexander was TO town y ester- i
ay awhile. He left lor Armstrong1! ,
iQIVi^UCOmpuIrd by bis family imd ,,
taoAakew, of Kansas City, to uh In (
Thomu Mason, the owner of one ol the
OkmdnaniUJur the city taopen T7nton S
reet for the now bridge, has bought a 1
ibSiSr*wiU i\
A. Pole who oima here the other day I
om Wheeling to more his hoowliold c
ooda to BnOalo, }J. Y?t? now being bont- i
Bto( furniture that he hauled directly
rem the Wore to the can. not putting
16ui into his fortsor kwue at all.
The foment among the glaa workis
here yesterday wan Kmiethingtreiuenioua.
In fact, but little else baa been
alked about here tl.i? week. Th.
U(14?n caU lor a meeting ol th* local
Hons at Wheeling yesterday morning
ng took a great many up there jbut neary
allbad to walk to gut th-re in timo
ok d2ap?Ltsd in ' JwiMthe matter
o the glass houses beie oonld start, they
?ere pretty gracr.illyol the opinion that
hey bad been out-voted by Wbeellng bejtuae
it is in the intwusiof both Wbeelng
manalai turem and workmeu to keen
Isllftiro factorial i?Ua. Thero arc now all
ortaol lu-nora afloat about the actum that
will probably bo taken by the Ueilaire
Onr a Horiewlilpplpg Affair-\ Woman nt
lb* Bottom of It ?Tli ? Cltt'l C u I no liu,l,
Unmrd?4 Sortou Blot La KUtouoj
County, Inland ? Furalgn N.w?.
Duiilin. August 28.?A great sensation
was caused in fashionable circles here by
the thrashing of an oflicer and the horsewhipping
of a deputy lieutenant by Mr.
Jolm Pollock, of Tismary, Balliniole,
Gal way, a gentleman poaaessed of largo
property, and well-known aa the High
&jgfii&\uy itoriMhereafe *orrefit!
wvertl oj which couple the name o?
tiflH^andTwn^ofHxjrd Justice Barry,
gluoion. county Gilwty, a deputy lieutensaissssesst
seas?*"""1** "
He met Captain Burr leavinn the Kil*
dire 8treet Club. He pulled him off tlin
outride of the ?r,M be was getting ou.
truck him on the rack, and then ou Unheal
with ft (tick. Friends interposed at d
separated the contestants, Pollock calling
out: "Barry, you know where to flocl me
if you want any satisfaction, lollcxk
then drove to a house in Burlington road,
where Blakeney was to dine, snd wniU'il.
A? Biakeney drove up Pollock Beired him
in front of the home and thtaahed him
roundly with a horsewhip. The deputy
ientenant bellowed for help, but nm'B
not the slightest reiistanet. TlieJ driver
cried: "No use thrashing a man *ln>
won't light." Pollock is waiting iu town
or a development of the events courting
egal inquiry. =:,y:r |
1 Miutinr Trained lu Act u? m Uodjguaul of
lat, despite the efforts to male it appear
hat no dread of personal danger .>> Ih?
liar was entertained, Alexander was
eaUy alert and uneasy, and he added to
he s?cret precautions arranged for his
afely more thau one device of his own.
Je was pale and careworn during his
ntlre stay, and be himself suggested euvral
precautions to the Austrian authoriles.
A few nuimnnrUnl. ?
lade daring hiaatay.
The Cur owns a large mastiff possessed
[ uncommon strength unit intelligence,
rhe mastiff has been carefully trained as
bodyguard, and, as is weil lunwn in St.
'eterabure and Moscow, *a'chw beaide
is maatePs couch every night. This dog
ccompanted the Cxar to and Irotn KrernsASnlouItlsC.
Ddbus, Augujt 2fl.?Thero was a snriua
riot to-day at the village ot Murlina at,
county Kilkenny, in connection with
he eviction* at th# eatate of Ilallyfaiaey.
The chapel bells here, rang carl) in tlio
ay, and when the bailiffs ol the police
irrived a crowd of two thousand coniroutrate,
oiiloreil tbo parish wh to top
inKin# tlio bell*, but tho priest refased,
nd when thi> magis!rate said he would
borative, owing to informality. When
lodkin returned to the station, atones
rere thrown at tlie railway earnum ?n.l
nodowa amaah d. Liter hi the evening,
n angry mob a tacked the police in tlio
Slage. The ript act waa read, and tho
oljca charged the mob with bayonets
i almost Hrpre'hriiip
.ho benefit of tbo inilnl l'olw, *lio are
ImIdkdriven oirt of tba ronntry in ureat
japttal of A,5w?p*i*r hu bttn
roar Hundred M?*t Thrown Out ?C Work.
I/indos, % igtostThe inanufrdtimU>K
establishment ol 8. Maiet, Nil: &
Thompson, rankers ot ?ur/onn'? instruments,
lint, trwllr* UoUt?? ami dragcuita
Miui.lri.-rt, at Nob. 7 to 12 Alderegato li. 0.,
was .lwlrny.-d by lire this afternoon. Tbo
Iom it i'AAOOO, Kunr hundred employe
tttu thrown ootot wort
" -

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