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^g||^i;GUST24,l852. ^ VA-; '>101^1X0. AtTGliST :tlt 1885. ^ VOLUME XXX^UM^T
i ?-g
[She MMtgtmx:
J To* Hob. John ? Snllivan "is not half
lis nun now th?t he once tued (or to be."
V, Jliipronii Boston intellect Is on the wane.
Spun ot UieSulIivan-McCaBrGysetto
the AVijium- says, "there were many
ladles present." There is tome mistake
f aboat this.
' Wijrrsn?A plan for setting the silver '
dollar into circulation. Apply at the
Treasury Depsrtment. Communications !
' eanddential. I
JJjsuaeck will be treading on some- 1
body's cores it he tries to pall in Cuba.
Illi intimation is intended solely for the
* i- ,.f tho Prince Chancellor.
> * eMpg.^.T ?'/
Coxxisaioxis Sqtriu, of Grant epitaph
lime, in believed to be the person who has
| ^'diiVtoftdltMi cAut^iritli spring
E ipoetry eigoedi "Onlya School Girl/'"
I 1
; Ibe Istkujbssckb doesn't ask its
< esteemed coteruporariM for "a good send'
off," but tbo kindly appreciation comes
along just the same, tho more acceptable
. because unsolicited.
Ir is very clear now that if the Presldent
wishes to get beyond the reach ol :
tbs press he will have to find a place more
remote than the North Woods. This is
the Americw press that he is dodging.
"Ilia collection of the Grant .Monument
Fond is being pushed with energy," remarkslhelfew
York Irilnm. The footing
up to Saturday showed $00,986 75?
iota vigorous response to the energetic
As Tim I'dteo of America Cincinnati
feels bound to encourage the fine art of
' losing. It is only nccessary to perserere
la such good works and the courts
will never adjourn for lack of criminal
[ cue] on the docket.
Jib burglarious entry of Sc. Joseph's i
I,_ t&B uiacopa iiuuou uuu ui?
Convent, two squires from police head- <
qnartcre, in notice from tho thieves that
thepollce have no terrors (or them. The :
Wlows who were in that job o( deeecration ;
Cart candidates for some very vigorous
Tn? prospects for the State University
I sra said to bo better than they have been
(or yeats. The people show a disposition
to respond to the new order oi things.
The Cnireisity ought to be > great credit,
si it is a great cost, to the people of West
Virginia, and the Ixmuaxxcra believes
.. that the new management will direct its
' efforts to this end..
It kill to a comfort to nervous people In the
dty to I now tint the Quaked r,urK ar Iiu on*
dwibicrilr Ijceu caugbL. erur police autborftle*
' deserve credit tor tbe abrewdnias they have dJi*
?UyedIn faanttufllirefollow down. Itlaamatter
to feLraorhr trial. ToteJowiit dotii altlndaeM
bj siring tilui a drobla 4oae.--?r.-Paj4~ G16&& '
What a nice place St, Paul must be to
live in.. Here we spell our masked burglar
with a final s, and our police don't
. display any special shrewdness in catch:
Jr Galois Wabdiw lays down the bungj-staiter
and tiie^ gauge in (avor o( Plot
jLouis Gam,; "who; will' gauge wlilsky in
E D minor and charm the apple-jack distillers
with his magic flute.
Mr. Warden's long experience gives
k way before the demands o( a re(orm Detn
eerier. He. Warden ia one o( the most
offensive ol partiaans, to the inault ol vott
log and working for the Republican ticket
j hiving added the injury of a thorough
y maitery o( his business and an: efficient
? performance of his duties. It was not in
the nature of things that he coulil long
survive the incoming ol a reform adminfcE
tntioB. x
y His successor la aa yet unacquainted
lriUi the work, but he votes the Democratic
ticket with religions regularity and
plays the piccolo with a ravialiin? proficiency.
. ' ' !.;
TOO MUUU Qjr^axArKsMA y.
Whr WltlUi, at Droppod After
Wasuixotox, August 29.?It looked for
atime to-day av If something new under
the Democratic aun hadbeen discovered.
Mr. Wiggins, of Texas, who wn deaignited
etx: months isjgo u copyiat in the
Qiartermaater General's ofBce, came out
this morninfc in a card and several letters
tossy that he had-Seen" dropped at the
'end o( hla probation solely because ho was
. a Democrat It has caused much talk
among the brethren during the day. Xhe
burden of th? remarks wis'tbat it seemed
bad enough and quite as much aa ought
to be borne lor the Preaident to go off and
lean the White House and half the Government
ip the banda of the Republicans,
without having Democrata who hadaucalmpiy
became' t6ey 1 ww?J^moer?t*
What made it worse wai that Wiggins
Wai a Cleveland delegate to Chicago. But
. later in ttfepajMli cameont that Wiggins'
[ trouble Mb that he wai a statesman and
, not a copyist General Holabird, the
Qiartermaater General, explainod the
"Of the names presented to me by tho
Civil Service Commieeion, all were from
WuMnobuj -vn.nt Wlmini vim n<
: from Texaa. For thla roaion he waa ae?<
lacted. bat.none of Cthicandldttee had
& Mated p^CTttdyitoodtvexinilr>tlori?.
On recalling hia appointment be waa digi
Appointed tbatltrwaionljr that of a copyHwiEifedl
bright young man, and might make a very
gooa atatceman, bit he was not wtisfactoM
wanted, upon to report
Tnat'a " naSWW^WWHH^^M
| lug to do with the matter."
Til* Plttalrarfh Boy Stnnda Up for Six
Boanda Before the Boston Oluimplon?A
Vary Tama Affair?No Declalon Bendered
bj the Be re roe aa Yet.
Toi.?do, Ohio, Anguet 80.?Concerning
the Sullivan and McCaffrey still, the Com.
menial Teltgram will say to-morrow: Reteree
Jate was seen last night and questioned
aa to hisdeclslonatCinoinnatl, Saturday.
He has made no decision, fie thinks
Sullivan had the best ol the'light so far
is fighting poiuta were concerned, bat if
the Boston Boy was to knock McCaffrey
satin six rounds be failed, as the Pittsburgh
lad came up smilingly every toond.
He has not seen the agreement nnder
which they fought, and cannot, in consequence,
render a decision.
McGaflVay (Hands Up U?rore Salllvno for
au Hound#, nd .Wmta; Moro,^
Cincinnati, Auguit 20.?In the Sullivan-McCaffrey
contest to-day, at Chester
Park, considerable time was spent in
choosing a referee. Conferences between
Messrs. Lunt and O'Brien, McCaffrey's
seconds, ?nd those of Sullivan, were held.
William Tate, of Toledo, Ohio, was called
[or, but he declined. Subsequently be
reconsidered and accepted, and at 5:21
the men shook hands, and the first round
began amid almost breathless stillness.
McCaffrey made the first lead, but8ullivau
stopped him easily, and in the
cautious work which followed both succeeded
in setting in slight blows. McCaffrey
ducked to- avoid a blow, and as
he arose struck wildly at Sullivan and was
pressed to the ropes, where he fell to his
knee. Rising, they clinched, Sullivan
? ??3.?... vT.rwiw... htn?
IlimiHtUig JJ4IB MUVMIIV; ? ?fiu> uiun,
as they did so. This was repented and
the round doted.
. Second, ronnd?'There waa hot a minute's
breathing spell. Sullivan opened
the fight this time by a blow, which McCaffrey
arlfnlly evaded. McCaflrey then
made n tierce drive at Sullivan, which lie
lodged gracefully,' but McCaffrey gave
him a resounding tap on the back el the.
Deck as he recovered, which: started a
chorus of cheers. 'Another of the same
kind, set McOaffiry's admirers T?ild;? A
clinch followed, Sullivan getting another
blow on McCatTrey. He then pushed MoDaffrey
to the ropes, where danger seemed
imminent, but McCaffrey slipped away,
md the men went to their corners.
jThird round.?Ihis^WMr^? ??'8' 4?
McCaffrey. He struck out for Sullivan,
bnt to no purpose, and in the quick work
that iollowed McCaffrey slipped down.
Sullivan'then: began to push McCaflrey,
and tbe latter took up the tactics of running
away, bnt finally made a stroke wliich
Sullivan easilyelnded. Quick as thought
Sullivan closed on McCatlreyaud pressed
him down, firowing apparently vicious,
he drove McCaffrey towards his own corner^ancLpwhed
him across:the ropes.
Here some one called time,: and, many
thought the round 'had closed, " but'tho
referee told the men to go on. and the;,
did, Sullivan driving McCaffrey over to
his comer; where, the latter fell; either by
Sullivan's blow or tripping againstaobair
and (.lipped almost OS the platform, McCaffrey
was more cautious, and closed
with Sullivan, each delivering short range
blows oi no 101 co. aiiot juvunutuy w? 1
pressed down a second time tiie time expired.
Fourth round?Sullivan 9pened this
round with a blow on McCaffrey's jaw. It
looked as i? McCaffrey's powers were wautag,--while
Sullivan was apporeutly freab.
McCaffrey aade no ventures, bat continually
clung to Sullivan. 8ulllvan managed
to reach the aide of McCaffrey's nose,
and to bring a shower of blood. The
round end^'wittt another lallby McCaffreyVttiough.not
claimed as a knoclc-down.
Kith round?lJolh men seemed willing
to be careful. Tboy played with each
other for awhile, when McCaffrey cot a
light blow in on Sullivan. Then Sullivan
attackedichgt-iMcCaffrey raa.'awav, and
latter returned the attack, which Sullivan
escaped by bis favorite method of docking.
"After more play, with ho work, the
time expired.
Sixth round?Sullivan now seemed desperate,
though It was apparent that he
was growing weary whilo McCaffrey wan
fresher. Sullivan doeed and they gave a
number of lu-blows and separated. Sullivan
kept poshing his adversary around,
and when near the ropes they clincbod
and both fell. Arising, Sullivan cloeed
again, but this time McCaffrey got away
without* fail and delivered a light -blow
on Sullivan, who tent a terrifff blow back,
bnt McCaffrey docked and escaped, and
the time of the sixth round expired,
Wnw at ilia *ceii?i?Ooniinetttl on the
Fight and tli?i Contestant*.
After the last round a shout went up
from the vast crowd," which by this time
eemed to havoawelled to 7,000, in honor
of McCaffrey, whom they all supposed .had
won the match. He had atood np against
Sullivan through six rounds, and seemed
able and willing-to go on to a finish. He
wii overwhelmed, with congratulations,
while Sullivan win left to-be cared for by
his stage attendants only, it the crowd
understood the terms it waa a draw, and
thna a virtual victory for the young Pittsburgh
boxer. Bat after some time, when
three-fourths of the people had started for
tho train, and while the remainder were in
loud diairai8ori of the meritsof the match,
Mr. -Mnldoou made an announcement,
which only a few heard, that the referee
had dedded to give tho'matcbi to Sullivan
on the ground ^that'tohadmade the
greater numberofpoint*. Thia announcement
was wholly, inaudible at the preta
seats, and vationa versions of it wcre circulated,
among others, that it was given
because of a fonl.
Sullivan left the platform with no demonstration
in his honor, but McCaffrey's
referee's adverse decision, andthevllfted
him to their shoulder* sntf.l&reWm smid
the cheers of thespectstors to his carrisge.
The decialonwas decidedly unpopular,
owing to the doubtful understanding of
lire lemiH.11 nus KCUCI*1I_??emrpo*a
that Sullivan was to knock JlcCaflfey out
in alx rounda, or Jew, in order to win/and
McCaffrey himself anted alter the match
*n over, that he thought eo. Ho even
wanted to eo on to a finUh, but that was
impoaible, aa Sullivan had left the platform.
Being asked if there waa any ground
for a claim tor a foul, in that he had kicked
Sullivan, he nplled there wa? none
whatever. On the contrary, he said, at
one time when Sullivan wai getting up
from their fall and had hia back to Mm,
one of Hullivan'a f rienda cried "Look out,
JohnT* but^betold tlremnot^tobe con
thaUie is tlurrirtijal winnr^ lie fough
Anolhor right TalkMl Ot. . \
CISCIXXATI.O. August 30.?In hiachal
ienge of laat nlnht to John L. Sullivan, foi
G'affroy offered to pat up the same amount
as Ui adversary. To-night Sullivan issued
adial]enge fpri," flght to the finish, with i
or without gloves, to take'ptKe'InBde of (
three weeks at a privtte place. As to the
stakes, Sullivan offered to put up $5,000 to ,
McCaffrey's $3,000 that he will whip him. 1
The man and money are at Snllivan's
ndoon, Grand Opera House building, this
OofeBonnd right In Finurlrula.
Nxw Yobx, August 29.?Apprise fight
took plaoe at an early hour this morning j
at East Chester, between Pete Mc- ,
Evoy and Billy Mclntlre, for $250 a ,
side. About forty sporting men Irom this
city, among whom was Paddy Ryau, col- 1
lected around the ring. Only one ronnd n
was fought, McEvoy winning the fight g
easily. He punished Molntire badly. jj
Knocked OutlnttixtySccoiid*, y
Dm Moines, IX., August" 29.?Mike d
Haley, the champion middle-weight ol t
Iowa, undertook to stay before Jack JE
Burko four rounds, to-niuht, for $250, but 1<
waa knocked but by Burke in one minute, s
. o
Woldtiff for tho ltoK. lt of the Chemical *
5^rJtg?lTm-T4. Pg?W. Tjit..
Kansas City, Mo., August 30.-?Tlie ,
Tima' Emporia, Km., special says: The L
community lias been in suspense all day a
awaiting the announcement of the result *
of the chemical analysis by Prof. Jones, of
Kansas City, in the Walkup case. The
report has been forwarded by registered
letter, and is now in the postcfilce here.
It will be delivered to the coroner to- 8
morrow. Nothing can be learned as to 11
the contents of th? document. T
Mrs. Walkup remains in the Sheriff's tl
quaiters at the Court Home. She is not
in confinement but, as a relative express- <r
ed it, "is sliuply residing with the Sheriff _
andliis family. Her mother, Mra. W'al- K
lace,-who . has been with,her for several .
days, will return soon to New Orleans, bo- ?
tag called there by the illness of another G
daughter, and havlDg become convinced ?
that Mrs. Walkup is being well provided j
lor. J tinge iiouBion anu -ur. ruiiey, ui
New Orleans, relative ol Mrs. Waltap, ,
will remain here. The Sheriff states that a
hen cousin, young Willis, who is tinder M
arrat, will )? released to-morrow. <j
To satisfy themselves and the public re- a
girding the theory that the deceased g
mightrliave; baen poisoned byaraonlo in
ub-nltrato 91 bismuth that was adininis- ,,
tcrod, Doctor Jacobs, tho attcndine phyei- ?
clan, and County. Attorney, -Kergban u
last evttairig took. 00 grains of the .com- ?
pound from the same package as that ?
given the patient, and have felt noillef- j
feels to-day from the dose. b
Dr. Dewey, the One iteferrecl to In the gl
WUttttfibarre Letter, Believes lc Genuine. ?
Bcito.v, August ,29.--The young Eng: *
liflh surgeon, E. H. Graham Dewey, ot ?j
this city, who is referred to in-the letter j,
received a day or two ago by Maxwell, the cl
alleged murderer of Preller, which letter S
purports to have been written by Preller nimself
from Wilkesbarre, Pa,, states that
ha knows nathlngof the letter.or of the .
St. Inuls mystery, *nd calls attention to ]_
several characteristics in the letter pecu- &
liar to Eoglishmen. These characteristics 111
bethinksTie'recogntrea as 'belonging ex- g
clusively to Preller, whom he knew quite pi
well. The mention of Tewksbury in the g
Tatter rehired to by Dawey, is a stsrtliog J'
ooirioidcnce, inasmuch as a conversation of
that klnttreferred to in the leltersctually
did take place between Maxwell and ~
Pewey, to which conversation Preller was
a liatener- / , ^ _
but is much mystified by the peculiar <1(4 ?
velopments in tho'case. He knows that ?<
Preller carried a heavy Insuranco on his j!|
life, because he was .told so b^ Preller. n,
1)T. 1/ewey (iocs not uhqk mat aiax- oi
well's real name is arooks. He rays that
Max veil, as ho knew him,was very e&em- _
lnate, and was ontirely devoid of courage.
Ifit'be Maxwell, he ears, who is under
arrest in Ht. Louis, ana who presents so
bold a front, he mast be very sure of his T
ground. Dr. Djwey further-sayi that he n
does not believe that the^ body, supposed B
to be Prtller's wis ever satisfactorily idea- k
USed, 2
A Highly Oouueotod Ilobbsr* . 81
MnAVAtix**,-August Stt-A wouid-be "
express robber captured at Elroy, July 25, in
a cunningly arranged box of his own
mannfutnre, and which he had caused to a
be shipped with himself secretod inaide, ?
from Black B!ver Falls for Chicago, baa u
been identified as Robert O.Niccola, mem- lJ
ber of a respectable and well-to Jo family, f,
Two years ago Nicools was a student at the si
.Orchard Lake Michiganmilitatyacademy. "
lie left his home early in July having
fn'^tho cattle buslnesTin Dakota. m
supposed that he lost Uf money gaming
and resorted to this shrewd but uniuc- u
cessful scheme to rob the .Express com-: pany.
He is now in jail at Munston, this
*** $20
Moody nad buuitoy darvlcAa.
Xi .moiit, K. I., August 30.?Several (i
thousand persons were present at the ?
Skating Uink this afternoon and evening, It
on the oo&sloh of (religious services conducted
.by Moody and ' Banker. . Hin- p
iiteis of the . Methodist,. Baptist {>
and Congregational churches were "
prrai'ns xuu imiumuavdu i? m?h . ,
services. A -trained choir ol fifty $
voices Sana several popular hynjnj, in the ?
last of which the congregation joined. ?l
This afternoon and evening Mr. Sahkey
sang several bymng and Mr. Moody *
preached. Three thoaiand persons were tl
present. "
BolI.iV gcaliglf o?d. 01
Pirrsntmarv'Angust' 20.?All but two u
sheetmlllsihthij district signedtho roll- "
erf scale to-night, and this averted* gen- '
eral strike on Monday. The two firms p
' vho hive not yet placed their signatures is
to the agreement are Shoenberger & Oo. w
and'tbeU. S.Tio.plate Company. Work n
in the miile where the stale his been p;
signed will be'cobttnned without interrnp- L
tlon. The scale is the same u'hat year.
Killed by Uanhal, ?
Ikduiufous, August 20.?At Braail, a
Ind., this afternoon, City Marshal Hen- Q
derson was escorting Jesse Varner, a J
prisoner, about town, the latter being "
engaged In seeking some one to go on ~
bis bond. The prisoner made an effort
to escape, when he was fired upon by
Henoerson and fatally wounded. Varner ti
had been lined for carrying concealed'ti
weapons, and had jost been honorably a:
discharged from the regular army. 5
. A ITflit VlnluiAo Bobbld.. ti
Cincinnati, aag^j&~a'mliiiving
his name ai John Oitentadt, bom Host- t
inatnn, W. Va., was attack.'.! by a crowd
of roughs, at Uo corner of S&vanth nnd 1
CulvertBliwtaj and a watch and chain, the
bio tojBnd the miscreants, 'and no arrests <
SUook Ula Wrong Mid. a j
Cnicino, August M.?Two young men, ;
names unknown, got into a fight near Van (
Bnren and Halstcad streets tbis morning.
Onu diu'liargpil a pistol at hia opponent,
bat intend ot hitting him, struck William
Mott, agod S-. Mott died to-night. The '
two young men havo not been arreted,
: t
. ,
took and Nock tor tba l?|iii Fannut-8t.
I*ooU StUl Holds Fir.i Flaoo la tho
American AisacUUon-OiniH at
Home.?Ooulp of tho Diamond. ?
Chicago dropped one game to Detroit ?
ut week, and New York, by winning "
ight along, has polled np pretty oloee to Jv
Lnson'a .team,.. The straggle between M
hese two' clnbs will from this on be the fli
lost memorable in tbe history of the A
ame, and will be watched with intense
a teres t. Providence has been meeting
rith hard inck at tbe hands of the Phila- t,
elphias, bat still has a strong taid lor
bird olace, with the Quaker City fourth, c,
loeton, Buffalo, St. Louis and Detroit fol- t
>w in the order named. t!
The coinlngchatnpions have a,clear le?d (j
f twelve games over the Alleghenjs, and m
anuot be dislodged (ram their position. t
he contest between Pittsburgh and Cin- K
innati is very warm,'' with the ifauM
shade the best of it in the peraww*.
?niavlile is dropping back, and will have
11 the work it can do tolioIdfourthpUce, ?
I the Athletics and Brooklyn! are notiar A
IT. . se
The experimental game with the Globes
tthe fair grounds last Saturday wsa not ^
glittering success, tlio Bellalre men win- u
ing as they liked by a score of 14 to 0. ge
he young players did pretty well, but
te vets, were entirely out of practice and J?
ded materially in increasing tho score, co
he team will be revised tand made to th
ractice together, ifthe boys want to con- to
nne to experiment, and probably, with tri
few changes and a little team work, we ha
lay fix up a cl ob yet. The playing of the
lobes was excellent in all departments,
ad but one error marred their record, ''j
he battery work ot Dunn snd Westlake
as exceptionally fiae, fourteen of the ?*
iland club strikingout. The Globes plsy Lt
steady, even game, hit freely, and movo th
i if they took an interest in the game, th
hey can, without doubt, hold their own tic
yflinnt anv club within a hundred miles. ?ii
arrlng the Alleghenys. it
The Globe base ball dub hare proposed
iplay any number of tames that canbe us
'cored at the Fair Grounds with any ^
same that can be induced tovisithere, it
royided a guarantee fund is raised .witb mj
bicH to defray guarantees to .visitiog ta
ube, in the event of rain. The-BeUalre hi
?ya are willing to take one balf of the m,
roflta and after ail expenses are pald the y
smaining half to go to the credit of the
narautore. As tbe fund is more tban n0
alfsubscribed, the chances are tbat there
ill be two good games of ball the latter
wtof tbia week at tbe Fair Grounds, '
gainst either the Ciockery Cities, of Etst ,
iverpool, or the T. F. West's, amateur 'J
lampions of Western Pennsylvania. tnc
: mi
iLj . jlj vtlj "li
* 2 S a 2 s j Ba
*ton..._ ~ ... # Til all
Itnuo F ? .. fi 4 8 1 12 gig
?:= ==- li1 -i" 'J 51" ?
Won. Lout. Play- I'ccent* Foil- ral
. . erf. to. Itoa. ^
ton 83" a ?" M { 5
lltalo SI K M JS1 ?
llMRO 67 111 85 .781 1 001
strait.. 25 61 SI S06 8 tei
LllUlelKllU 41 ? so A'i i
" ycnce. ? B ?! 3 ;
iwYork.. a 10 8C .777: .? .??
Look... 26 88 I St ,.8W I ; ral
':'C AamidAit muteoKSHip.: j; x'bjy
yislAiiri 1
iltimort1 5 . J 7I li Sj 71 S 1
?3Kp"" ? . n ?|... j i\ s s 011
InolnoRti " e ?l I'?! c 8 !??
otropolltim ft 0 4 4 2 ... t 8 ,
iiubSnstr.;.:::."" ": .::... f w? o s... o of
. 1/iuli....?: j Uj?le 1&1 ?1 ioj... n
r^~. . Won. Loit PUy- Foment Fort?d..
Ma. tlon. ;A
?l 49 ?0 .? ' e
lUiinore 84 M 88 .8;-6 7 Pi
rooklyn- - 40 48 BS .4M 6
lUkTlUa 47 48 in .511 4
InolntuiU. ?... SI. 41 n m-r S. 86'
etrupollUn 21 M ? .841 8 go
Ituburgli 11 B 10 A a
M. V'- .91 JUSS . v> '
. yorxs* . ??
Wise leads Boston inhomerun getting. Knight
baa been- signed by Providence.
' The Athletics relsased.-Lovet but Sat- in
The Athletlos bad their eye on KuU, .Ck
iryiiiiii's crack third baseman, but while 10
:ey were thinking, Boston secured him. .
Sutton's injury will lay him np iorsome
me. He was strnok on the thigh by a
itchedhail, so that he cannot bend his
ig. y.
i he poor play of tho Maroons is attrlbted
t) weakness b.-hind tbe bat, BriodyV 8,1
ands having given out and Sutclifle beig
doubled with rheumatism, be
Tho Xouisville papers say that their na
ub will have a now first bsseman, and rei
erins wilicstchHeckerj.alao thatothejr a>
laUKes will be announced later. vll
The Buffalo Cminer nays: "There will b? oh
Leaguednb in Buffalo neat wason. all Mi
le croakera tothe'oontrary notwtthitapd. fc
ig,' andaatronger team than, theweMnt VJimO'Bourke
ha? been on ItiaiSUBjjfog 2]
iftiu of the League six different seaaons.
inning hack twelve years, via: 1873, '74, _
5, >77, '"8, '71), amLit U not altogether im- f
rubable that he may be on one thia year.
one of Uie problem* the National League
Ul have to wreetlewith at ita next annual mi
leeting. Three cities wane the 25 cent sic
rivilege Philadelphia enjoys, via: St. hi
ouii,Bu(V.ilo and Providence,
A remarkable play waa made In the late 0g
raduiky-Detroit game. Mulholland, ol (0,
ie8ancmak7;U t?e fonrth-taninfmade ^
jumping catch of a hot linerfrom Mc- j,
aery's bat and catching Wood and
hompaon, who had run on the hit, both V
t third baae, executed a triple play nu- "
inon/the'ponjav^ ^
At^ C^ncln^?10;- ^jttaOr?at
lUitttA PnmtHd.' ?
Boeroji, Ao^st 29.-A great regatta is ?
o b3 Klven bv the management of Point |,
if Finea on or about Monday, Septomber lo
,4. The regatta is to bo for ainglea and
loulilPs.nn'lnmonKtheentrifaare Hanion, (,
Jonley, Leo, lIo3mer, Courtney, Hnmm, t<
McKay, Ten, Eyck, GrilBn, of Bnflklo, g
jaadaur, Teemer and Rosa. v
Hlitlu ClijiUengen Courtney. w
Nrw York, August 20.?Haalaa haa IJ
challenged Uonrtney to row three milee, 10
with a tors, on any suitable water, within h
ix weeks, for $1,000 a side. Ho also ofle
arowConley the next day on the no
ngns. Alio, to row with a mite aiaiu
!ourtnev ana Conley for $1,000 or $2,00
liree miles. He has deposited forfeits o
ach challenge with Mr. Busby. ?
London, August 30.?George, the clian
ion amateur runner, will compete i
iitle Bridge, on Monday, with the prt
ssional Cummins, In a one mile race fa
600 a side. Both men are in splendi
indition and the betting is even. 8
ghtt'AsUey will preeent a gold watch I
is Winner. The match createrajggteS
it interest. George's supporters are cot
Jeat0' Tictory:
maricani Win u International BoatS^<i
Constantinople, August 30.?An Intel
itional boat race "took place to-day b(
reen crews from tho various men-of-w?
iihe harbor. The cutter from the Unite
r>..?k... .. nixtnxVm
He race ni witnessed by the officers c
m steamer, United States Minister Ooi
jnaul General Heap and moat of th
embers of the American colony and b:
large cro#d of spectators, who sppland
[ and congratulated the victors.
E.Paoiton Agent Ngjn-U' Account! Straight
Hmtiuau-ui*, Anguat 29.?With rc
ird to tbe reports that the late Fenaioi
gent, Colonel A. Wilson Norria, had no
ttled lor the month of Jnne, Genera
avia. hia successor, said to-day: "Then
nothing wrong in Colonel Norria' ac
innts, and it is a shame tha
e. impression ahoald go out tha
lything has been done by tha
n'Jeman that would be of a dsmagini
aractar. There is no embezzlement
id I doubt whetherlt could be made ti
pear so technically. Whenihis account!
8e to be finally, settled it will be fount
everything a straight. It is a big jo!
get up a report. The accounts are in
cate, and some 20,000 pieces of pape;
iye to be bandied."
Brazilian Vtitm Forg?rl?a.
St. Lours, August 30.?It having beei
mad abroad that the statement-made b]
icien A. White and now in the handa o
e United States District Attorney is o
b nature of a confession of his connee
in with the scheme to counterfeit Bra
ianjiotes, the Assistant-Attorney sayi
ie simply a voluntary statement, anc
nnot be pnt in evidence or in any waj
ed against White, nor can the Dlstrici
itorsey testify as to what it oontalna
ie only value it possesses is giving infor
ition of confederates. While in an in view,
III which he repeats much tbal
a already been published, he esys thl
U wti/i flint K rteitliiu) in Inm f 111! Tivniaul
ill nu? wgi u wuueu w hum
haviu? the Brazilian noted imitated lor
tree labels ma his" brother Joeeph, tad
t Love as heretofore stated.
Plead tog fur Kiel.
Rochester, K. Y., August 30.?A largeattended
and enthusiastic meeting ol
(French Oantdlam of this city was held
day in behalf of Kiel. Addresses were
tide by prominent Frenchmonof tfab
y, anu a petition addressed to Secretarj
yard asking for the interposition of the
lited States Government, was onaniinsly
adopted. Thepetiuon,iwhich h
:ned by all the French residents, state!
it Kiel is a citizen of the United State!
d that his trial was not a fair one.
> Tralgbt Bat? Changs*.
n of one cent por pound in the freight
e on bops from the Pacific coast to Easti
points has been made by ail trans
itineutal roads. The oidratewasthre?
its.u.The'newrategoeaintoeSect Sep
MostesaIv August SO.?The forwarding
Bpauiee?have decidod to increase thi
tes on grain September 1, from Kinreton
.Montreal, to cents per ousnei 101
teat, and 2\ cents for.com.
BojcoltXot Yet Bailed.
St. Louis, August 30?A dispatch from
Jalia, Mo., contradicts the report sent
t bom there last night, that a talegratr
d bora received from Secretary Turner,
the National Committee of the Knlghti
Labor, directing Chairman "Draw t<
ise the boycott on the Wabash and Mis'
ui roads.
k1w? in hillkt.
The ran on the Sprint Garden Bank, ol
liladelphis, has ended.
[da Dingman, of Seymonr, Ind., aget
irenteen, took a dose of Rough on Jiati
id died.
tlon;it is stated, Tuillaipear as nsna
Another case growing ont of the assip
But of Archbishop Purcell has boen diet
the Ohio 8npreme Court
A fire in CindiinatidamagedthePionee
ioper<ge Company's baUdlng and (tod
the extent of 918,000.
JamerMemli a'bridge carpenter 01
iall froma treetlenearCambridge,'0.;
At I'.dk, (),, Willie Mooa, used uini
am, shot his sister Jennie, aged six
th his father's mosket. killing her In
wily. .%*&&
B. F. Coates. of Portsmoutb,0hio,lbai
co ppolnt6d 'TeoelTer ofrthe OHjcin
tiA Bittern road, vice John B. McLean
lle/lnd., in<Sault of^ $3,000 bail, on i
arge of ravishing his tUirteen-year-oU
FroddleDoWih, a two-year-old boy, fel
>m tbo BMond story^ plarforiuj>f a Ciu
In a reunion of the Stnbba family, neai
ktoh; Preble ooonty, 0., over three bns
tdrelativeiwere present, representing
;ht different StfttOB*
later. atPor?wll5im, 0., wifo hv& beei
ik and deepondentfor aome time, endoi
misery byhanging himself,
the Washington Park slab, of Chicago
'era|5,000 foraraoabetwiwn Hlae Wood
rd and Freeland, or $0,000 between tbes<
o and Pontiio. Oorrigan, owner ol
eeland, will accept either proposition.
fr? F. Powers' frame fnmitnro factor]
Portland, Oregon, burned yeeterdaj
arnlng. WM ?12,000; insurance JIB,).
An open whirl o( the Oregoniab
illwiy company was damaged $10,000
t insured.
At Mnncie, Ind., Saturday morning, af
ange of abou that followed Galbrait!
trd accidentally ahoi himself in the leg
The fnrnitnre factory of Gardner, Holme
Co., at 380 and 310 Siity-first atreel
ew York, waa burned yeeterday morn
z. Fireman John Knnis, of Compan
o. 8, was killed by the falling wall)
iroman Andrew 11. Doavitt,also of Ooni
la fnjuriea have not proved fatal. Th
as ia estimated at over (100,000.
The exploalon on the ateamerS. M. Fe
in, at Philadelphia, baa been diacorere
i bavo been the work of one Adrinnc
pears, who waa himself killed by it. It
estigation ahowa that it waa part of
:beme he haa succeasfully pursued fi
eara of getting himself Injured forth
ska ol tho aeddent inaurauce involve
f which ho carried ?15,000 at the time <
ia death,
In General BoainrM?Wool Bailing Wt?ljm
Villi Frloen-Tbo Demand V?rj BrUk.
" Thn Financial JCxebnog* ? The
Fall l'ri.iir la 111* Eut.
J" <
n* t*-*?BS BHfl
If :
& Niw Yobk, August 20.?Bradttreets it
be lbs commercial summary says:
0 While the generaltrade situation as re?
ported this r week in special telegrams tc
* Bradilreeti oontiuaes to ba favorable, then
is leas to be said of tlie indication, as to
; permanence in the increased activity
^ shown. In addition to what has been said
T of the improvement in textile lines, the
j demand lor pig iron at/Philadelphia, and
, generally West of the AUegheniee, except
if "at Cleveland, has shown .some gain. In
the East this la not the case, and while
e there may have been some improyement
I in the Inquiry,'there is none in prico or
- demand. Sealers in Eastern markets are
inclined to the opinion that, unless the
?. competing (Southern furnaces.are.eutdff
- by finding ample market* nearer home or
i by higher freight rates, Eastern pig'lrons
t are not likely to advance' much in the near
1 future. Steel rails are etronger.butnotso
mnch higheras irresponsiblereports have
1 mentioned. The miu qwners have avowj
|dtfieirJntentlon?of putting'raila tip to
' in the Eastern dry goods market andtSe
' upward tendency of prices some mannfao
turers continue to curtail production.
' There are others making -preparations to
' enlarge their output. The strength" of
1 prices in leading lines continues.
' In grocery staples sugar has shown an
* improvement, buttea and cofflte are atill
f behind last year. .-Oairy products are improved
and higher. Wheat "has been
somewhat Btrooger. at times sinceVthe
severe dep'remion'of the two preceding
1 weeks. The small advance made hits
' served to check exports and stop business
[ euffidentto indicate that, however short
, the crop may be, foreign consumers are
not yet>ready - to assist in'a material ad'
vanctt.'- 'In North Minnesota" and Dakota
' it is believed that a.two-thirda crop will
' be harvested.: Spring, wheat farmeraare
1 better able to hold, thslr.graln this year
' than last, andlnvlewoftheabort crop, it
' ia expected that they will market no more
than compelled to." ?"' r >
The'demand for money at 0hicag)js8t.
' Louis andatr'Sau Francisco isligbt, con'
slderably lees' than'a radical increaae in
1 the' demand for merohandise would "warrant.:
Tho Prodaot S?lllaff at Fall Prices.
Haven' W?eki BaUi.
Bono*, August 29.?The Advertiser in
i its weekly review of the wool market says:
; The firm tone which has been manifested
| forthe pastfew weeks continues, and wool
, la still selling freelyatfullprices. Daring
the past seven weeks the sales footnp
about 29,500,000 pounds, against 22,600,000
' pounds tor the Bams time last year, and
I 21,300,000 pounds forthe aame period in
; 1883. The continued demand tor wool by
manufactureris'rather.'more, than,juts
been expected,'aa it' wu suppoeedthat
' most of themillawould be filled upj alter
their heavy-buying! bat they are atill in
: the market) And dealers find ni difliculty
to sell tieir. wool aa fast as they can open
' if The' demandfor woolen goods con'
tinues brisk and manufacturers ure taking
i orders freelyatlaat'year's prices, while
raw wool ia folly lOi if not more, leas than
a year'ago, 'wbich leavea them a fair
; chance for a profit, and. they are talcing
i full advantage of it, asthe laige sales (3
i wool prove.
The country market is strong, and many
lota of wool:>old during the paat Jew
i weekacouldnotbe replaced attheaame
figures as they brought, which also
i strengthens the views of dealers who do
; ndtwant to j>eeatirely cleaned out The
stock in this market ia still liberal, however,
and while many dealers are sold
; largely ahead of their deliveries, they
i have yet plenty of wool to meet the wanta
1 of customers as soon is - they-get'their
' goods opened; In Ohio and Pennsylvania
fleece wools the sileashow somefauing ofif
involumeof business,done, while thetrans
actions (reported, areinnumbers.of .inF
stances atadvanoed prices- " J.
The stock of'fine ioreignwqpls in this
I market la meagre, and prices'bere cannot
. oompete with quotations 'abroad,' which
will cause importations to rule light, so
: holders of fine fleeces are'not offering their
: beat gooda ezoept at better figures. r One
1 sala nf Jill llftfl nnnnda X V PAntiRvlvnnto.at
?4c shows that this class of goods is steady,
while No. 1 Ohio fleeces were sold at 82}o,
I against sales repotted last week at sot
, over 32c, and some dealers are now holdr
ihg No. 1 fleeces ss high as 83c. Michigan'.
fleeces are also firm, and sales of X are rfr
ported as high ss 30o, the range' being 29a
30c. A weex ago aome dealen were aak'
ing u hlnh aa 80c,' but sales were made as
1 low as 28.129,!.
| A Temporary Lull In tha Improvem*nt?A
Comparison with '84.
, Niw Y?bk, August 29.?The Commercial
. and Financial Chronicle in its Issue toi
day says': "Oar telegraphic returns
of exchanges tor the five days indi'
cate a temporary lull in the improvement
I which has oi late been so promlnont a
(eaturo of the returns. At all points there
1 is some decline from the figure of the pre
' ceding uve usys, iub tailing on wing quite
1 heavy in New York, due, of course, Iargoly
to decreased speculations In stockn. In
r comparison with 188i there is a gain in
the aggregate of two percent.
; Five ilaVB ending Five dRji ending
Augusts*. Augiutsu
ISM. 1881. IsSS.
New York. SJT-WCl BTS.Wl.W (IU,214,737
. Si ?
; &BS
Tool.,,.,, ,KbJ!Mg-r WMfl.Wl 0 7,lSfl.7?l
sEpEp&fi ws& ASSsS
r Outoiu W. Y....17l,U9,l)i) 1W.U50.77I .190,JJV?
, Prnlpcat Very Kncoar.jInf-Proml.B at
PropmsatnuU ul AdeaoMdFrteM.
N iw Yobi, August 20.?As the Western
- merchant must lay in his supply of fall
' jcoodi long before cool weather, to tall
j trade sets in in New York long before it i?
. thoughto! by individual consumers.
me opening oi lau traae is, uoreioce,
B already underway here now. Martini,
i Cooley, oi Batea, Heed A Cooley, leading
" dry goods merchants here, said to-day:
I "The prospects for (all trado seem very
' encouraging. Thero ia no boom, but there
p promises to bo a prosperous trade with adII
vanced prices. Crops are good, and in the
Sooth especially the cotton crop baa been
far ahead o! many previous years. For
1- Mvoral springs preceding the last ipring,
d floods have broken down the lereca,
:o swamping the low lands and making coti
ton planting impossible. An Arkansas
a cotton planter who waa here a few dayi
>r ago tola ino ho expected to realiis a beta
ter crop this year than for any time in the
d, list six yean. Tho people of that sectioi
of I find are cheerfully paying up what debti
are outstanding. I have not seen a bettei
1 "S . , " , . _
trade, that is sostiong *n,i healthy, for D
ten years, as baa been experienced lately. 1
"The buyers are pnrclisslng ju?t wbat 1
? they want, and with a feeling that the
? i^a^^dfapfseddf tb advantage" y\ *
Albert RWhyland, of Thurber, Whyl
&ad>& Co.; said to-d?y: '"There' ia a Oi
a brightefoatl&okthiaa^aaotrthan baa been '
experienced for many.ryeva. Bnyen (eel
easy, aa they do not expect any shrinkage
tbia season in valgt They feel certain
that they can pay Wr their goods, and do
not enter into any calculations as to clearing
themselves by a settlement of fifty
canti on ;the dollar. -Iherehave been
more bayers from the Sonth and West til
here thla aeaaon than have visited the city
for a long time. They have generally a .
foeling of confidence in the future. Prices ,
are. finn/ .ud Vphrchuea .are made with . ?
caution as well as freedom. The outlook be
ia for a strong, healthy trade." In,
Mr. T. J. IVinc, of N. Millard & Co ,
"' IJ . i IJitL '.. fasSellS a. I WO
I""1 iWf'lf nPi? JfpmiHlVa .HWU
amongthe countrybuyers. 'It b evident ?!
theyhavereali?ed"th6v fact that prioee bli
have touched bbttom;andthstthere will l>0
not be shrinkage this fall. Tbey therefore f ,
buy freely ofwhattbey^ actually want. - !
Stocks have ran down; and tbey have ^
nothing old on hand. With farmers doing Ml
well, the grocery trade must bo good thia "?
season." <?J
... liti
!- ~ ??"*? ' : . * *
MUi andainoii'Appiaia in a, von i.iuc r,
Supported by Her Own Company.
Loxnox, Augurt 29.?Miss Mary Ander- 0w
son, with her own company of dramatic of <
artistfc gayaa performance of "As Yon P
Like It" at Stratford-on-Avon, this afternoon,
lor the . benefit of :the Shakespeare
memorial fand. Miss Anderson, never
having seen tbe comedy played, toacertain
eite?((. created the parfof, RouUind,
also Bang3ta.Mng,,'uaually.omitted by :"1
SimlindtShat making bisr debut as a eon- mo:
The company comprised those who are oli'
going ont to America with Mies Ander- .
son, <hd"include the following: F. H.
Macklin, Forbes Kobertsnn, J. U. Taylor, ant
Mrs. Biflington, Miss Ziffle Tilbury, Sid- P?>
hey Hayes, Henry Vernou, Arthur Lewie cjP'
and Mr, Wilson, the baritone. Miss Til- P*1
bury is a daughter of Ly^ia Thompson, enn
United States, wSiherLydlaThompson fve
herself intends (o go next winter to pro- ">6
duce a new burlesque. , 1
..The yokes family in their coming ??'
American tour.will include in their reper;
toira a dramatic version of Anstey's t?6
^Bnted;i Venus;" "composed-by Oscar ?'
'Wilde'sibrothMWPe'WuS. el
Uicar wude now says He will name nts
heif,c,uril-JJ .
Miss firaddon 8 eldest eon, George, has
decided to adopt the stage as a profession,
William, his younger brother, will soon "a
make his debutes an author*
fMiss-Kate. VaugbanbasretnrnedJrom '
her holiday tour in itaia, much lmprov- *'?
ed in health. Indi
Mr. and Mrs/ Bancroft have decided to "'<1!
make.atour inthe UnitetLStatea. ?x?
Mmt tt??pwc tha L?w. Unll
Draux, August 80.?The Earl of Car- (ieci
narvon, Lord Lieutenaut, threatens with ^
promptand condign pnnishmenttherlotara his
who recently Interfered toprevent evio-' -
tions at Mullinavat. He says the people
most respect the law. K|oi
roitEio.s g LAaima. ^
Bismarck's organ nays thatan anglo-Chinese
alliance would cost Russia Manchuria
de Freycinet, French Minister for Foreign city
Affairs, to a personal conference at Dieppe. <]ep
A Are in the timber yard of Thomas on .
Farm an, 148 Kennington road, E. 0., , w
London, caused damage to the amount of uc
$_50,U00. nati
Three people were killed and Several Mar
injoredbytbe fall'of acllffyesterdayat wre
the village of Dawlish, Devon county, ami
England. sou
Mr. John TV. Fester, U. S. Minister to T<
Spain, bade farewell to King Alfonso Sat- died
urday. Mr.Foater ia about to return to thoi
the United States. and
?Geroiana de8troyed the boatof anatna- Dut
teur Frenchiyaehtmab, eaiUue injhe twe
Rhine at Cologne, because the boat was lbe
flying the French coiora. M
Henderson, Frean&Co,, grain and floor. '5?
commission merchants, at No. 5 Corn Ex- uay
change Chambers, ^London, have falled.
Their liablUtlee are statedtobe $160,000. ;
rresiuent uaraenas- denies mat tne - j,
Panama Canal Companyhas offered him lui
26,000,000 francs for the obstruction of the .
projected canal through Nicaragua, and J!88,
that the offer had been accepted. > t m
It js- almos' certain that peace between
EugMnd and Russia, on the Afghan quea
tion,is now completely tsanred. The two
Governments are at present busily en- L
gaged;In arranging the last details of a i.'
mutualunderstanding, and the negqtla- " "
tiona are proceeding npldly ' ud harino- rBI
niously. abd
/The Medlcal Congress in session at Ant- tail
werp has adopted a resolution asking the of I
Odvtratnent of'Belglum 'to 'use Itagood cap
offices to induce the powers to reorganize just
the International Sanitary Council of 440,
Alexandria,for'the purpose of:stopping bee
theentrance of cholera into Europe by say
way of the Sues Canal io the future. bjr
What th? laTMilgatoni Foam!. Star
Bicuiio.ni>, Va., August 30.?The legislative
committee, which has keen invest!- _
gating the affairs In the office of the AndK -J
tor of Public Accounts, made necesfltry
by the defalcation ol Firet Clerk Wm. K.
Smith, have concluded their labors. Their Jj"
report showi. that the general invettlga- aw
gation cavers the period of seven years the
past, but the ihvestgatlon of the indebtedueas
ol the . bank goee back fifteen $$
vean. During that time the ahortage ' '.j
foots up over $141,000, and the State has cha
recovered $81,000 from delinquents, be- lar
tides $30,000j given up .by 8mith;whd la the
nowln jiil awaiting tlie dedalon of the
motion for a new trial.be having been baa
convicted under an indictment and given WOi
two years In the penitentiary. There are is r
thirteen other indlctmenta agalnat him. tim
Id Koough to Know n.tt.r. a :
PniLAnaLmiA, August 30.?A special (o pet
tbtt>T&iw<from*'Atlantic Oty,N.J.,says: bo.
Cbarlea Fielda, Sr., who ia over 85 yeara
o! age, and who haa been In bualnesa In
Philadelphia for over SO years, waa to-day J?.;
by *brace 01 \
over jmjujl, otncr i\ih\
I ??
1 Of all Grocers, Druggists, and
f-Mvernment so that t m ^
jUiad for once midet misUke taaUttcticaily
Doited people! to impale a firm
o on proposals that were fatal to the inrifr
? agitator^in^his ^movement jfated
rPsio'sa^^^murder is very aniu?
u o M4UIUUWUVD, luo cuiwr gave na
:hefort also OMd to accnae Fain of be^
a secret traitor to the French Kadical
W* ??m of money,^imrusted to him
inst the^Kliedive, bjr holdjn^ out?to
iarad, even If alive, would sever reap?
r while there waa an; prospect of bia
: obud^inga pension or indemnity for
ising cholera mortality having driven
people were
ntyfour daatlis^rom Cholera here to.
^AttlwJ'naro^HoipUal flwpjtienta
ices of the robbera would permit
Talmaga'* Popularity In Ireland.
Mite,J:K?v. Mr.
maze preached at Sti Enoch'* Chnrch
hte?-ity "mi'10 p^sam
lO^hocontdnot gain admittance to
City i^tinl.J
Water Dealers.

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