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| tkMdJ^mex:
If - oojr?: SSaiid 17 ruurtvsn tit StrML
Tbi Sfte administration gets ?*?y with
I gme Hinds more readily than it explains
| mj tie getting away with the game.
Wuv tbeygrowl.?Became therearenot
offices enough to go round, and "offensive
partisans" block the way to some ot the
. tot of them.
Birou election day Governor Hosdly
will hive reason to pound himself with a
bjnl glove for asking Lieutenant Mullen's
pirdon. Mullen ia a growing issue in Ohio.
Tin natural gas explosion in Pittsburgh
proves, not that natural gas is a public
enemy, but that carelessness breeds distraction.
This It the leeeoa ot the
' cabraity. * .
^iiaman *!n popeled. a ^reacharin
E,' Vork for preaching a Grant memorial
cirtmonj it probably a crank. Still; it fi
a pity that there vvasn'tanothcrcrank near
by to jtive him a robust doso of his own
Till ilobokon prescription clerk who
pat up morphine for (juinino may be the
victim of a physician's careless chirograph/.
There are physicians who seem to
cultivate a style ot writing that would Bet
an upert mad.
Yotrxo fellows of keen wits and no conBekfica
are getting their work in on old
fellows with more money than wisdom.
G'ray-liaired men onght to know better
than to trust their pocketbooka to chance
acquaintances. j A
Bironucax holding office by tho
jtfce of a Democratic administration
way havo the 'couinftd say his soul is
hiaowu, but of this there is no certainty.
Oat of office his back-bone stiffens at once
' i-i uiSJi?
and do wk'iua wj mcjiw um
foxruin cornea from Washington tbat
u ollen as > buroan cliiei gets Ills knife at
the throat oi an "offensive partisan" a
Democratic Congressman or Senator comes
along bis "'llooence" and Btops ifao
ha. These are hard times for the hungry
and thirsty.
i ?
Coloxil Jobs U buluvak will get
ibont to,000 for his sbare In Cincinnati's
ine art exhibition. ? Major McCaffrey,
1 who under the rales'ia'not intitled to any
thing, will bo given $1,000. by the managers
of the show for helping on tho fan
and adding to the lair lame of Cincinnati.
Talent ot this grade cornea high.
Tug death of so estimable and nsafala
dthsn as Dr. & A. Hildreth would be a
aid event under any circumatancea. The
saJdenneas of Dr. Uildreth'g taking off,
after so short an illness, will shock the
community in which he has Bpent a long
and honorable . life. But yeisteifday be
seemed to be in full health; to-day the
ialot death is upon hia lips, and the
1 .# _ ittL I- fAmnai.
raiuruui a wunujr uio ia wuneu
His good works survive him.
1 Wnis Sectary :E4dicott ordered back
to their regimenta ail line officers who hid
been enjoying "fancy Uetaila" for four
jsars, the country applauded. But the
<laa|er signal was run up, and the country
was warned to look out for the comfortable
pladhg tf favorites of the administration.
Sow the Secretary of War
oijliri to'- Wlahington, to aseiat on the
war' lirord^^" brotfier-in-law, Captain
; Lyman,' who has been absent from his
?mpiny?fo^mnej years. This is not a
. gennihe arUcTe^of reform.
Will Mute tVittiout ilie .tliltmry,
C.f August 31. The
perio<i of -forty days, fixed by the President
in hla proclamation ordering the removal
of the cattle randies from the
Cisyehne' and Arapahoe Jagency, in the
lad/an Territory.expires to-morrow. The
tacfetvyef the Ioterior has received ad;
vices (roo the Territory indicating the
purpose otthejntnehers to comply with
the lerma of the proclamation to the beet
of their ability, and thousands of head of
cattle are now on foot, en route to other
slates and territories. It is not believed
that the Airides of tho military forces will
be required to complete the. evacuation of
the territory. ? >
A .OuaplieaUd Crm.
Wjuuikotox, August 31.?An evening
paper commenting on the recent decision
of Comptroller Durham concerning the
accounts ot'the court of Alabama claims,
says: "The aeriofis phase of the matter
arises from the firt that Ilnxford, deputy
dark of the'.conrt,"has been dnwinstwo
salaries from the government in addition
iospension. He is a major on tberetired
list of the army, at a salary provided
fitrhirlaw. lift rirfttvaannnainn far iliflffihill*
ties contracted in the service, and--Jus
bean signing'theipay roll as deputy clerk
o(the court of Alabama claims.r' r J ,
i ? , i > o?->muUy. 4 ;*;
Bono*, Augnai SI<-Tha Polloo Comntinionera
have ordered til the bakeries
clo?dheH*Jtifrfat(0- o'clock on Sunday
mornings. This order caused much diseatistaction,
both among the bikers and
their customers. lbs order, though an
old one. has not been enforced before /or
yearn. The closing o( the bakeries at each
an hour will lie the means, it ii alleged, of
depriving the greater part ol the hardworking
people, who are the principal customers
of those place*, oi their Sunday
morning meal ol brown bread and baked
' - - 1 I.,
For an Onslaught on tho Cu?tom?~An Effort
to Bod ace tho CiUtom.homo Uecelpts
From Thirty to Forty Million Dollar#.
Wool Growers in Great Danger.
riui.auiu'itia, Pa., August 31?A
Washington correspondent of tho Pmt
telegraph:'..From wh?t I gather hero
from tho molt reliable authorities thu
views'of the Administration on the subject
of tariff revision may be stated ss
First?The reduction of the revenhe at
least $80,000,000 and perhaps $40,000,000.
Second?The reductlon oftheratde of
datjr inaccoriiance with this.
Third?lMeuao anxiety to revive the
drooping fndustries of the country.
How to effect this; pdiales^lhe most
astute. The representatives ofthoindustrial
pursuits, embracing Iron and steel,
WMlifO^^^^imSin^actuHng,' manufacturing
of textile machinery, chemical
manufacturing, silk and pa per making etc.,
in their replies to the Treasury DepartAI.J
s^l.l ?.?.l
lUDUt BUDauj mcu| unrc nauaij hiiU). miu
will frankly tell, the Sacretary that they,
cannot, under the existing condition ol
business and tho amount of profit arising
therefrom, submit to any reduction of
duties. They furthermore claim that any
lowering or simple redurtion of the present
rates of duty would, instead of rvdacingUftreyecue.lnyiiini
The manufacturers take strong ground
against any tiling approaching a revenue
tariff, ft will be found they say, by car#fnl
investigation ot the subject, that (lie
United Males can not wisely enter upoy a
plan that may be called a "revenue tariff
system," nor can it enter upon one that
upholds tariff lor revenue with' incidental
protection. Only one of two courses is
feasible, Protection for Protection sake,
dil.lt if yon will high protection, or its
opposite?radical Free Trade, based on the
tariff system of Great Britain.
There is no middle gronnd whfere the
two systems can meet , .and the Sooner the
Administration and Mr. Randall, if their
anxiety-to revive tlie drooping industries
of the country is sincere, abandon the
scheme of bringing the two ends of the
party together on this question the better,
l'ne representatives of the important industry
will be in a position to prove, even
te the satisfaction of a Democratic admin
iustration, that the present condition ol
the affaire of the country renders any revision
oi the tariff at the present time unwise
and dangerous.
A MW yjux LIST.
Shout 1 the Administration be convinced
that a bill reducing duties all round vould
(ail of support, it is said by those who
know that a bill looking to making raw
material and food products free will be
proposed. It has been stated here b/
prominent Democrats' that the duties now
levied on raw sugar may be so modified as
to cause a reducuon of the revenue from
this one source of $5,000,000, and moreover
that the sugar men have practically
consented to this. It is not, therefore,
improbable that a direct attack will
be made on the tariffin the direction of raw
material and "foodxptoducti ihcludlnra
reduction of dtherfc,000,c00,-or$10,0?),000
on sugar." The leading Democratic
free-trade papers AreaSviaionga'revialou
)1 this sort, and some of them'are already
committed on the Items which it Is proposed
to put on the free list. It i* also
understood that spch a revision would be,
more acceptable to the radical wing of the
I party, oecauao many at mum tuiu%. i/ihs a
more cflictutl blow would thus bo struck
at theprlnclplesof protection, which would
result, asthey'hope, in I complete overthrow
o! the tariff.
Shonid 'thr sugar men be wiUirig to
stand a |S,C?I0,000 reduction it is not Improbable
that they ipay bare to stand
nearly $10,000,000, wlilch, wit}) wool on
the free lisVwllf bring' up the redqctioB
to the miniSrani amonnt,$S0,000,C0p. It
will be urged that this form of ,reduction
will baya the effect of reviving
tho drooping Industries of
the country, because It makes absolutely
ire? important raw material and food product
'fhe manufacturers will be appealed
to on the one side and the wopkingnien
onthe other. Jt will cheapen the cost of
provisions, it will he urged. Why should
the great food producing country of the
world requWdhty on food products? It
Is si ridiculous as the Slwger-Slillivan
asking to be protected against his wife,
whom h'e claimed pounded him.
This proposition, which la fcjt gaining
the support of Democratio journals, will
most hugely affect the States of ifew York,
DeUware, Maryland, Louisiana, Virginia,
(ieorgia, Florida and the Htates of the
Padoo Ooant The orange and lemonr
growers of Florida would be, brought into
direct competition with the people of the
Mediterranean. Jlie, removal of the duty
on the rice would.interest tho States of
South Carolina and Georgia ami bring
them Into direct competition with the
cheap* labor of Jiutern countries. It
is, however, thought that the success
of the great economic pfrfpcjpl'* for
which the Southern people are contending
will allay'all . opposition from , that
quarter, and thai a messure looking to the
treeing 61 raw material and food products
from what the Democratrcall "taxes'' vlll
be joyfully heralded irrespective otlocalIty.
Kbonldtlw proposal for frcewool be
sucoestfulr-and tnis bos been particularly
.urged b* aojotfol Uie most promiueiitaijd
influential members of tne Democratic
party?of conns' the mterol Obio and
Penaayl vanla will be the greatest sufferers.
The plan is, however, to lsy low on the
wool question until after tijeOliio ejection,
lithe Democrats win tlifjr will fee) emboldened
to grant the demand of party leaders
and to put wool on the free list. II they
do not the Ohio Democrat?, many of whom
ut opposed to putting wool op the free
llst, will. probably be able V) pernio
their party to go slow on the wool quafc
tion. , ^,r
This programme, it Is thought, will meet
the bearty support of the Mugwump
clement of the Democratic party, for they
have been demanding free raw material
and food product for some time. ^Having
accomplished this much and thus lessened,
as they will claim, the cost of the
i primary artlclec of food and raw material,
; itla ths Intention of the Democrateto turn
, their attention to manufactured goods.
In this at tack, the leaders now urging
the scheme given above asy their hands
will b*'iMiiiUijMd>Irom':Uia lacttbft
the wool growan will have been croahad
oat and cannot loin the manufacturers.
.Moroocer that the djuth will hare repudiatad'ProtaatioD
In giving up the duty
on'lioe, Iran ore, nuta, sumac and other
unmanufactured mineral RUd vegetable
Wrong Sladlclu*.
Nxw Yon, August 31.?Drugglat Adms,
o( Hoboien.lul.evoniej put up apreecrip1
tiou/orthe JJisaea liaise, daughters ol a
well known citizen. The prescription
called furquinine, and tho dru^iBt put up
i morphine. This uioruingoni'of the ladies
died, and the other is dying. Adrno has
Ia Balmont Oontity?Mill Ulown Sown and *
Crop* Haloed.
THtprteh t60ii JnffftfQmtrr, \
' Sr.'OuinviLLB, 0., August 81.?There
iu a terrific hail utorm at Hendrysbnrg, j
this county, yoatenl&y afternoon, ait about
5 o'clock.The path of the atorm.waatwo
miles wtde.Ittraveled (rem the northvreat
to southeast.. AtHendryebuig every
Window paneexpoeed toward thenorth- ;
west, wasahattered. The atorm laated ,
only five minuter, but raged with great ^
/he old mill was blown down, one- 1
third of tbe corn yield was deetroyed and [
frnitwaamnehinjurcd. Tobacco suffered ,
severely, and Cnarlea Andereon'a crop. .
which waa rained, was- valued at five J
hnndred-dollara. '
The hailstones were of unusual aue, a c
number being over six inches in drcnm- ,
feresce and a few measuring ten laches. f
Id Stanton Till* In Tv*?-u!j-roar liouxf. j
Prominent Cltlxiua Gouc. p
etmlal DfyKM VaeTUtBtem. " '1 ' ,
Snudim.yiue. 0.. August 31.?This city t
loet -thrae8ot.ita.(dtj?ena in. tweaty-four. 4
hours, of almoet similar complaints, and '
L:_ ei..:. . V >
puuueu.'iu, U1CU,, IClUUUAUUUt UUO *' y
Stewart, wife of Richard Stewart, called ou
a neighbor Sunday evening, anil while t
sitting in a chair suddenly expired, with ?
heart disease. Slio was 02 yeara of age, J
and a native of AUalow, Scotland. "
John Yates, an employe of the Fanhan- j,
UleraUroadfor20years)had been sick for _
several months with heart tronbles, but
was pronounced better yesterday. Lying .
down this morning for rest," he was noticed ~
a short time afterwards .breathing his last u
He was a native of England, and was 49 ?
years of age.
Idrs. Henrietta Dike, whoM sickness was 5
not known .to any neighbors, died yoster- "
day, of dropsy of the heart. She was "
born in' this clty-7$ years ago, was from n
the earliest'families, add'waa'a niece of 0
Jamra 'Hote, one ofthefoundera of 8teu- *
benvUle. ' ?
WaodflrlDK \U*ui tin, Cuimtry aid gufltalug
for jrood.' ? i'rfZ " ;j 1 S
8t. Ci.aiRsvtLU!, 0., August31.?Gilbert j
McBride, aged fifty years, is the weak- l<
ailnded brother-in-law "of' Samuel B.Tin- ?
ney, a well-known farmer, residing three jj
miles eart of town, and .with whom he t>
li?s. He issomewhatcccentricand often H
wahdes from home. On Wedurailaji <{j
evening Gilbert left the house, but his V
absence created no.uneasiness. Thursday tj
morning came, however, and still he did
not return,' and the gravest apprehensions 1
fajhis safety were aroused. ihe 'Muntrv T
for.mllesaround, was diligently searched; *
but in vain. No oue had been the missing '
mau and no trace of him could be dii- c
covered. [<
Finally it ra decided to make a more .
thorough search of the farm, Lite la3t *j
night a person passing a seclndsd spot rl
about half a mile from Mr; Finney's house, fl
heard a low, falat moan. Hastening to the tt
Slac*> where the voice came from Gilbert ?
IcBride'was discovered." , Qe-wss lying V
on the gronnd.a few yards from aspnng, 2
unable to move a muscle and almost with- "
Qnt the power of speech. He soon remov* J
ed to the home and medical aid quickly "
iumnlGhed. It was ascertained that two f
of hie ribs were brokon and he had sosta&cdotheriojnries.
H .
McBndes storyis obtained iroin Min ui
gjnt^intoiifleld whe^alot^of^atUo'^fere M
m-ftsfare?'While feeaihgWflilmsalt ?
one mado a dash at him and kno^kedhim ~
down Hop ldng he remained insensible 2
he does not know, bntupon hls'return to 5
consciousness he was not abloto rise^ He "
cried andshriekedforhelp,but no answer ,
came. Then thirst came upon him. For- ,'
tunatoly thefleldrwas on ahiilsUUt.^anda ?
^iey.belo^Be'r^l^^t^maleaies! ij
'pe??;s^W1^1t'l^WbW*ork, g
and the psin was excrutiating. Slowly "
roiling, over.and pvev'lalibribiislyorawi. ?
inc, under fences, be at length quenohed his
thirst in the cool waters of the spring, j
Thenhe> renewed his- cries,!bnt sooh ;be- ?
cgtne hoarse; HlsUbthing wsslight, and
ss'tb'e westh'er gfew colder fie Isjihlver" ?
ing on the damp gp^nd, gro%nfng op ac- ci
Tha nlaht nnuami nurav and ttmrnintt "
came. Hunger selxeA him and the lior- T
rorJ of starving to death haunted him like A
? spooler.- Thursday night came and u
went- and Friday's eon fihone npon the *]
helpless, agouiped man. lje was too wa?i ?|
and exhausted to succeed in hisoccasional n
efforts to jeaoJ) the house and had only di
moved a few yard* from the spring when K
he was found rs narrated above, He hftd p
laid on the ground without food for tony- tl
eight hours* Thedoctors say that ho will p
recofisf. '..
S4TII? Train Frwm Umiblng Outo a ffars- o
|oi B?Jlro#U Urld|to. p
Bioohuiotp*, Ih,, auutni-jlj.-kaits p
has been received here of au unsqccesstul "
attempt made by a gang of masked men, p
gulv Sunday morning, to burn a bridge ?
pn the fndljiWMlis, Bloomington & West- tl
grin^of!, Ije#r Dan'yjn. ft |s thought ?
their intenttoo WW tpwrppfc thp through "
express train, which-puses here after s
midnight. A farmer discovered the bridge I
sr> (Ire, and started to quench tho flames, ?
bufjpforyjaanded to "Move on and let g
lie drove hastily to Danverfc. three
miles distant, andgavethe alarm' in time
to ttopthe prprerr . The train approached
cautiously and stopped, and a half "
dosen men lied to the broah. Thp brfdge I
srasSt feet long and IB feet high. It had li
been saturated with'petroleum and was j
badly burped. There is np clue to the ,
perpetrators. __ J
Uljrutd lo 11 or Bon*. i
Baxoob, M*., August si.?The 0.
ciofsays: "A neighbor of Mrs. Hannah jj
Qibsop,? widow lady, residing alonjin
r>jrmbu?,'whife on bis way to patch uu
early train Friday morning, fow<J Sfrs, .
(jibson'e House Durneu to tau ground,
andtho body ol that lady la tho rains.
Itisthoaght that Walter Pain, an insane ,
nepbje v of &frv*<31faton,'sel tha home oa .
tire. >He wis taken bp th? iftsaije fcoppital '
at Augusta, this morning. r
f i
IU*. J. O. Armstrong at Home. .
Alti-tTi, Qi, Auguit ;u.?Kev. Dr. J. t
O. Armstrong, wlioje capers in Cincinnati i
bare created . great sensation here, ar- 1
rived Jfoeterdajr morning, and went di^c^- ,
won him he said be ifad nothing to say
on til the vestry met.
Ban V*lt TMUrdar. t
Detrolts,d. <
York, 5. pT^Philadel^hla,^; New
Yorkl lei. vmtn.'vjfand. ffW* 1
^|t Now Vork-M?ropoli|an^lj Ajh-^ j
' fd - ' ft? I V" tij '
ttoialUng la thi Horlous Barnlaf of fin
Person*?Whit* Kiparlmentln* Around
' - An Ov?a tha Oa* U Saddanly Tarnod J
Od, and tbo Flamos Bunt Forth.
PiTTsDt'HQii, Pa., August 31.?The ovenoom
in S. 8. Marvin & Co.'a large cracker
etablI?hment,on Liberty street, near
'onrtb, was the scene of a frighUpl exilosion
of natural gas about 11 b'ciock
liis morning. Five persons were badly
inrned, and two of them are thought to
is seriously injured. Crowds of people
ollccted about the place, and within then
ras the greatest confusion. A reporter
rrived at the place shortly after tbo exilosion
occurred, Theinjured people had
ast been removed to the West Penn Has ital.
The employes about the plsce
re re recovering from the^exd tement of
beexp&eioh were" learnedijfrwm ?S;'of
he firm: and from some of the employes
rbo had witnessed it.
Tlmrflrm hoi? infrrn 'nnpi! nnfnral mn in.
3 the ovens about tea days ago, uuUat
no of the ovens. a large one at therear ol
lie baking rooms the engineer, Samuel
laflord, ancLthe foreman, J. T. iluggins,
rere conducting' a series of experiments
1 regulating the heat for a certain kind oi
ie machinist, VV. B. Krabbs, was assistig
them. Iho oven is peiiups ten fe<st
>oh way in its interiorrfiimenslgns, and
lrongh it ran a numbiir of . gas'pipes'for
ipplying the heat. The men had been
gbtlng and turning oiT the gas, and the
lit time they did it, it is supposed, for
ous of the men knew, that some one
[ the number bad turned it on
ccidently sometime before, allwing
the oven to fill with the
us. An open lid at the bottom
I the oven hung down, leaving an aper
uoviu. tug nuuv wugbu ui uio uvcu
ad aboat eighteen lashes in heisht
(afford; and vHnggins were standing
irsctly in front of this opening, and
joking in, when the gas was ignited. A
idden flash wu the result, and a sheet
I flame poured out of the oven with a
till roar. -Hoggins arid Staflord were
town down to the floor by the flame,
lack ol them stood Krebbs and a young
ker named John Olark. All were in a
irect line of the flame. Stafford and
logins with cries of pain jumped to
leir feet and ran towards the door.
They presented a horrible appearance,
heir faces and hands were shockingly
limed. The hair of their heads hid been
impletely burned. A light cap that Staf>rd
wore, had nothing left of it but the
'est. Krebbs and Clark were burned Beously,
but were further away from the
line.' Standing back fully thirty-five
let from the oven was a young girl, Mary
harles. The flame reached her in its
miss and she was burned about the
ce. Her hair was singed, but she
bs not seriously hurt. Several ol
to employes of the flrmB had narrow
icapes. Fortunately none, of them were
i a direct line of the sheet of flame. The
ish only lmted for a mom ant And. left
shind it a dense cloud of dust. Through
were seen the injured men, running
jout wildly in their pain. The pans
jedlnbaklng were on a talflalnfara^bf
le oven, They wero blown about the
10m by the force of the explosion, and
tiling about, served to make the oonfuon
The employes of the firm in the other
apartment* and the clerks rushed Into
le place. The injured men were mistedI
seats, and a physician summoned. Mr.
umsey, of the firm, had a carriage there
i booh as possible, and ti)e men were
iken to the West IVnn Hospital.
condition or Til* injuaan.
All 'were able to walk to the carriage,
he examination of the wounded wu
lade at the hospital, and the physicians
iported that all,' with, perhaps, theex ption
of Stafford, who Is terribly horned
jogt the tags and body, would recover,
aey have stroug hopes ofqaviog St ifforii.
one of the men inhaled the flames. The
ijnrled men, so far ai can be lea ned, are
i uiarhed. Stafford lives in Allegheny
jd.Qhgghu in,'Uaneheater. The others
yo in this pity. - Everything that can be
tine forthetp-will be dons by the firm,
o damage wis done to the oven or to the
torn by the explosion. The opening in
te oven saved it from being blows to
None of the employes knew what had
insed the explosion. The pipes have
een pot in with the greatest cire and no
oe is to blame for the affair, but the
eisoff wbese carelessness caosed the exlosion.
lt was one oittie inland pep
>ns, hot no one knows who it was.
Vor on hotjr or more after the exlesion,
the street in front of the btiilding
'as crowded by people who had heard of
ia mwlilaitf klnma 'fcaJ
nretsl persons had .been killed. 8nch,
irtunately,was not the case. j . fete
fh|s ftlieraoon.a telephone meeere
rating easily, and, that- tlioyhad
ood hopea lor the recovery 6f.8tafford.
W??tern Union fined.
N*i*jMSffip 31.?the principal
ffioers ot the Weeterfi Jfnlog. Telegraph
loin j^y ;jeSre, iateryieired ; todayin retfian
fo {he oUWfflent pabliehed tb4t
he Bankeni and ijerchantaTe)?pmph
Jompany had eaed iliem lor (2,000,000
Ismagi's. They denied that thiawaaso.
Lt the {Sanken tod Merchants offioe the
'resident, KUard Stokes, aald,"Yes.it
Th? Suutb rmnqrlTUl* Bowl,
PiIIladiipuii, Aqgnat 31.?Nothing la
fflown at thej?eipii|jd*ant| isllroad office
I orders having been issued lor t)p comik'lion
ot the South Pennsylvania railI
?aa understood that the contractors had
lot been ordered to atop work. He had
10 doubt that ii the read passed into the
>perat?d. __
rti7ii.MMB Aa^iru ^A HewBrigh>pedsi
ollhot Jroqi the royolver of policeman
:> . who fired ialo * crowd of dee?
krite clunu'Mn, who were fighting an
Saturday ni^ht. The bullet missed its
nark and struck l'oe, who tu an innoont
spectator, in the abJoraen. lodging
n the bowels.
Uakota'a rupoiatioq.
Washington, D. 0., August 31.?The
*nsus Ukgn in Dakota shows that the
wpulation of the entire Territory is about
IW.OOO and not 2U3.M5 as provionuly
lUtcd. The latter ti^urea show the pupuatiun
of that part ol the Territory south
>f the (orty-eixth parallel,
At Cincinnati?Th? lUonlpil of lh? Show Not
Cincinnati, 0., August 31.?There has
bey aMt^caUed'in. the .aqptUttoni lot
r cloelBgnp tWbnsinMpoition ot the tjullivaa-HcOafirey
contest. The money lies
1 inja&e'here, and'McCafTrey and hia
Wveentered.? ^protest against its
going toSnlllvan, on the gronnd (hat the
referee his not made his decision. Keleree
Tate has been sent for to come here and
make* decision, and nntii that is done
the' moneyiWiU remain in the safe.
It is true, as stated in theee dispatches,
tlwt'the reuiree did not see the'aracles oi
agreement.and did not pabliclrrender
anydecision.' Wliathesald on the platform
was addressed t< Muidoon, mister of
ceretnonles,' in response tb that gehtleinan's
question. "What do yon think of
tht flg^t ?l^and Moldoon'tthan;mad4: the
public announcement that the referee decided
in favor ot Sullivan.
On Saturday night, after reaching the
city, Tate said publicly to a camber of
ind'thatwas repeated ih a; dispatch from
Tuledo. McCatfn-v's backer,Billy O'Brien,
culms that it should at least be declared a
Jhe conditions, which have never been
formally published nor accurately stated,
are ln the form of an agreement, substantially
that Dominick McCaffrey agrees to
meet John L. Sullivan in a six round glove
contest at Chester Park, August 2!>, Marat
the time; principals to appear between
lue noara al z ana 0 r. u. rue original
draft ehowathesUuaetscientiflcpoIntsita
instance of Sullivan. It alao ahjws tbat
ttloves were to be'? atre?d upon '.at
the time o( meeting. ThU U
stricken out at Sullivan's summation, and
threeouuce, gloves inserted* " O'Brien
claims that with the elause ("scleutili
points to count") stricken out of the contract,
would make it a draw at tho end of
six rounds unless one had'won before-that
time, and they moat either so declare it or
no onto a tiniah. "McCaffrey wanted to
BhishUfheen'dof .the'siith'round, hut
SuHlvandecUned. as the decision" wasln
hia favor.
McCaffrey claims that lie is not bound
to takenotic?;d?tha<?imterohallenge of
8ulUvan,-menUon?dialaat Right's dltpatches;
nntilalter 8ulUvan replies, to his
ot Salnrday,1iy ^.coveHng,hia depoeitof
forfeit money. Besides, he aays, the man
slrhojnaae the challehge ia not authorised
to do ao by Sullivan. The principal! arc
both here yet, and will await the decision
McC*ffr*y Bufhl 10 Hav? Had V,
Cincinnati, 0., August 31.?George
Campbell, leasee of Cheater Park, who had
tho gate money In custody, decided this
afternoon to make no farther trouble for
bioiseU by holding the money, but to pay
overto Sullivan hia share, and let McCaffrey
make good hid claim to a portion
of it! in court if he ehoee. He
haspaidto.Johnl* Sullivan15,88360
as his U0 percent of the gate monqy. The
difficdltior is the way of getting the devil?
ion changed.by going.to law are 00 great
that it is Lot likely that it will be undertakes
. V s-* So
DMliton VoL
Tolsdo, 0., August 8L?W. 0. Tate,
referee in the Sullivan-McCaffrey prize
fight, Bt.ttcs tliat no decision as to the reby
him, farther than that contained in his
exjffiud'fppinion^ tint ^rvM.tasnhe:
beet oi^U Tate haa not yet ?een tlie ani'gle?\i^rijMM&^t,;Udt7em%.tt^tvUcO?fi
with a oopvofthe artlcles. and'tbot no
iurtheracHbu'will be had in the matter
audi he arrives. |
... . J * * 1 /I/*':,I
4. - A?toe'(MflOullougti,? Condition.
Niiv York, August 31.?ltegarding the
reports that John McOulloush is rapidly
sinking, antfthifhis death isbut a quest
tionof a few mpntlie, Dr. Nichols, Superintendent
(if the B.oomingdale Asylum,
raidyestqnlay: "Mr. McCullough isgener.
ally paralysed and quite weal? He will
not lire yeara,'and may not lire months;
but, tosajr that his death is but* question
of a few months, conveys the idea that
he is'nearer hU end than- he probably is.
Ilia case ic.of course. ho Deless.and should
hold out to his friends not the slightest
hope of hjs fecovsty."
Bouua is a iiaraug wnw,
? Oikciskati, August 31.?This morning;
early, Martin Jlrockman's livery stable, In
OumminsviUe,thenorthwest?rn ward of
the city, burned, and alter the fire was
eatfnguislfad'ithe'.oharred remains of a
man were found. It Is supposed aTyogag
man whose naiqe Is'unJtuowh. but who
had been sleeping in the stable for a few
nights, and whose home Is In Cleveland, is
the victim.: Be wairburned beyond recognition.
PrNtd*no;at Bf *rlott* Oolleg D?alln?d.
Hostok, Au^uit 31.?I'rolessor George
F.Moore, D.D? has deoliae I to aoeept
thePreefdencyof Hariettabollege,Ohio,
which was recently tendered him by the
Trustees of that institution, on the ground
that his duty is to the work ne has undertaken
-y-: ' ' ' i |'j ' r'- NKW8
IN mtlEF.
A number of persons in the Jail at Versallies,
Ind,, neaped by digging out
. Telegraphers titGalveston, Tex., have
struck for old hours and extra pay for extra
A young son of Martin Oaskey, of
Wooeter, 0., ohoked to death while eating
Fire in the Panhandle ongine-honso at
Newark, 0, caused damage to the extent
?'*fh?U?rank, a wealthy farmer living
near Mnenville, Q, was swindled oat 01
$9,800 by three1 sharper*
was arrested at Kpringfield, 0.
son, of the railway mail servioe, though a
itupublican, will not bo removed.
The strike on the Gulf, Colorado and
8anta^e^tallmy,has.ended by, tlie company
granting employes' demands.
r vn.,,: a ,?,i ..
Bockford, 111., (or pasging counterfeit hall
dollars. tje h*l two liondrgd pieces.
Dr. JJelamator Hmlth, of Cleveland, 0.,
haa been arrested ou the clurjte of manleriog
Carrie Franklin by producing abortion.
J. F. Brown and F. P. Ltrne. salesmen
in the "Bankrupt Storej" Chicago, h*vc
been loond tq Wp bepn robbing the
store. Several more clerks are involved.
The distillery ot Spencer, Wado 4 Co,
pear Nashville, Tenn., wss bnrned. Loss
$70,0(10. The chair (actory ol Qardjior,
Holmes A Co.. New York. was ul?o Imrned.
I.oea$fj.OOa John Enni?,a lireman,
ips killed.
Helen Ooon, an octoroon living at 4011
Butlertield btroul, Chicago, died from
starvation and oxpoauro. Sbe was considered
very eccentric by the noixtihora
and depended entirely upon her neighbors
lor lood, hut refined to partake ol any
offered during the last three orloqrdays.
She had $30Qon deposit in ono ol the banks
iltpTurpiT nir lfTfi liiiiriiii^"tfiMi<ri^ii|ni^iiiiTam
A Hoom StraeX In N?w Caatle, I'a., and
Badly Wrecked?Several Pereone Fatally
Ii.Jured-A WMhliiitOB Comity Man
and Wlf? Sti token by tha Fluid.
? ,r"
PiTOBtBOH, Pa., August 31.?A New
Castle, Pa., special sa;s: During a severe
storm in tlils oity last evening lightning
strnok the hous?ol Timothy Hack with
most disastrous results. The chimney
was torn down, a portion of the' weather
boarding knocked otfand plastering torn off
each of the five rooms. Joe Carver, a boy
about 17 yean of age, was sitting in the
door of the house, and he was knocked
down by the shock and recelved lojuries
that will reenlt fatally, Timothy Mack
wiiaso",badly shocked that he cannot recover,
while hia wife and John O'Brien
were leea severely injured.
Man and Wife Killed;by Lightning.
WjtsmxoTON.Pa.,August 31.?During
the progress of the thunder storm yeistei^
day afternoon, William MUteiyiwhoiie
farm lies near Lindley's Mills, Norris
township/, wa? alttiug on the porch. In
company with hia wife, when a blinding
flishoftheekctrlclluld struck the'house
and killed i.the couple. Instantly. - Miller
was a Well-to-do farmer and a respected
Rhode Inland ? atari M?r Solemn Protect
Against Tariff Agitation.
_ PaoyiDsxca, ft l^Angust 41?About
one ImuJred manufacturers of this State
met here to-day to consult on the question
ol making a joint reply to the late circular
o( Secretary Manning, asking informaHnn
anil uiirmnniinnu In fannnl lAlkotstlff
A preamble and resolution ni offered
setting forth.' that as the manufacturing
interests of the Stats were jnst beginning
to show signs of recovery from a long
period of depression,"lint were still in aeondilionofntretuessnaltiveneM,
the meeting
believed tliat any sncb attempted general
revision of the tariff (as that oontemplated
in Secretary Manning's circular; would
be exceedingly disutrons to the entire industrial
interests of the coon try, and therefore
Kiu'.vtd, That this meeting hereby enters
its respectful protest against any reopening
of the tariff agitation at tha coming
session of Congress.
The preamble andresolniion were adopted,
and a oommlttee of fifteen waa appointed
to reply to the questions in Secretary
Manning's circular.,
thk walkuf l-oilonlno CASK.
The Obem'it Vlndi PoIiod la till Stonsohi
*h?i laquast Be-opeued.
Euposu, K.vn., Aagust 31.?Following
is the certiflcite of the analysis received
by Coroner Frost, in regard to the Kansas
City Medical College analysis of the remains
of J.S. Walkup:
Stale of Nittouri, Cwnly of Jachton, u
William Jones being duly sworn, on
oath states that ho now is and has been
for one year psat Professor of Chemistry in
tne K&natB uity Moaicaiuouege^ana uiat
detection ol* poison; that on or about
August25f 1883,thl8a/fi?ntSeoelvMJTOiffi
bethose'bldno Walkup.cf EmpMs^Kah.';
deoisued, consisting of BtomacbJ'oheildney,
portion ol the intestines, cootenta ol
thestomach and >? portion &(<" blood jj that
tbis affiant has made a careful analyais ol
the contonta ol said stomach and a portion
ol the liver lor the detection of arsenic
and mercury, and has discovered therein
" WlLLXA*. ''
Subscribed and sworn to before mo tbis
29th day^ August, 1S85. ?A .
[Signed] W. A.^AuiEimx,
The coroner's jury met at 8 a. u. and
Walkqp, to give her testimony.1 Tho inquest
will no doubt terminate and a verdict
rendered to-day.
* .^-7
A Pal of Westars Scago BobbMS OltM
Away the Plot. , ' -.i '
Hslina, Moxt , Augnst 31.?The llarysvillecoaob
was stopped by two highway,
men about olght miles out of-Heleiu,'oii
Saturday.and thetreasure cars containing
about $13,000 in bnllion from the
IVnm I nmninn mlnn talrnn Tho nao.
eengeins were relieved ol t><eir valuablei
Oneolthe robbersrhad given Uie plat
?wajr' {o^offlceo-and ,when-tbe treasure
box wM'baiag broken'open, the aherlfT
and posse eaptared the robbers iiH iicovered
tHe boblyi'The passengers had
beenmade to stand- in line afetbemttiule
of a gun held by one of the hialiwaymen,
while the other went through them in
tho old-fashioned manner.
The prisoners are named Jackson and
Gonlqu. Gordon will.be relumed and get
the reward of $009.Jackson haseerved
seven years in the Calif jrnia ponitentlary
for stage robbing, lie claims that Gordon
has worked the same scheme before,
giving away plots far robbery and gatdng
rewards. < 11
An Klophiuit Loom.
riIILAi>?i.PIIUt August 31.?Abont two
o'clock this morning a large elephant'in
one of O'Brien's circus tents, on -Strath'
Broad street, broke loose, and palling
down put of the tent, rushed:aroand-the
the encloauro wildly. Great excitment
ensued, being increased by the cries of
other animals, and the employes ran ont
bout. John Kimberline, a resident of
Altoona. was piekod Dp by the elephant
and harleil a loon distance, rooelving Beriou3
itijuriua. He ?m ttkento' the Ptuuc
sylvsnla Hospital.
Th. Anj.lour Win..
Lilui Bridoi, Eia?ji.agast 3\.- The
nee between Oqiqininp and George has
been flxed for (| o'clock thia evening. The
ffl?th%,oi^h 8Mn CUm"
George started well and at once got
slightly In advance ol Cummings, who
never succeeded In pawing liira. The runmal
Who had himself well under
control, spurted and ran away from his
competitor, and Waited the tipe at the
end of the coarse Jqlly thirty yards ahead
of Cumininga,
An Answer Wanted.
Can any one bring ns a case of Kidney
or Liver Cumpliuut that Klcctric Bitten
will not speedily cure? We say they can
not, as thousands of cases already permanently
corod and who are daily recommending^
Klcctric lUuem^wllt^provc.
and act directly on the diseased parts.
Every bottle guaranteed. For sale ai 50c a
A Wdl.knowo Character Shot by a MildTexan.
York, August31.?About 2o'clocii
thiaafternoonSam Davis, otherwise
known u Wiu. Warren, was abot and
killad Ina rooinVat 118 ' Head a atreet, by. a
man named Jaa. T. Holland, who aaya be
la a Texan, and that he come here from
Albilene, Kaniaa. Davis la a well knswn
sporting man and occupied this room for
several years, conducting an alleged
brokerage boalneaa. inv mining, ana other
etooks-.Theroomlsonlyaboot sixfeet
by ten,lightedby:a stogie window sod la
filthy In the eztreme.'"Xbe" Davis, brother
o! them ordered man, vis preaentot the
time ofthe aliooting.ahd tumbled down
twoflighta 0l atalrs .in 'his; haste to get
Aa Aolland was walking rapidly away
from the scene, "The" Davia pointed him
ont to a policeman who arretted him.
Holland waa reticent abont tho matter,
merely aewrting that the killing was justifiable.
It la suppoaed the shooting ?rew
ont of soma trahaactionainatock. . When
aearched at the station a heavy revolver,
$l,E00in money andj two- gold witchea
were found on him. In tbe right band of
the'deadmau was a $5 bill ana acattereU
abont the floor were bonda of the face
value of $500. In his ileok was a large
quantity ol apparent securities, among
them $20,500 in bonds of the city of MattMh.llla7aignedbyThomaaB.Iiane,tia
pervisor. The deek alao contained blank
shares of the Santa Keta Silver Mining
Company of Nevada, and of the Insklp
Mill and Mining Company.
Davis wS8Bbot twiee, dnce through the
breaatnear thfi heart. and mica intlin neck.
SSBHSfepothiait is known of Holland. It
is said hp liaa used several natnes and
oomefrom Colorado. He is about Sleet
11 inches in height, light complexion and
well built Ho has straight light brown
hair and light moustache. He claims to
be single.
1118 11ASU ACT.
A Man Attempts to about Hit 91other?ln?
law uu.1 then Sulcldon. ,
Isoxtox, 0., August 31.?In Texas Hollow,
thirteen miles from here, on Saturday
night, W. E. Booth made an ineffectual
attempt to kill two women, and then
killed himself. He was married a year
ago to Alice Montgomery, against the
wishes of her parents. He took her to
his lather's house, where disaffection
sprang up between his mother and his
Wife. Alter a while be joined his mother
in mistreating his wile, and the girl's
father took her home. S:nce then he has
made threats against her reiatlvee^and'
has begged her to lire with hlm.'buBnS
Sllnhlavnlolll Wlli*lnln*tmlu1 UmIL
went to the hoaMo! fiorrftt Wittle, who
married his wife's half-sister, and lound
his wifo'a mother. Mrs. Montgomery and
lire. Willi* eating a midnight inucti. He
immediately fired two shotsat Mra. .Montgomery
and one at Mra. Willis. Both
screamed and fell, and Booth, thinking
he had killed both, ran nearly tohfi.
father's hotue, and there shot himself
through the head. He was an only son of
a respected farmer, and had been well
educated. A paper in hla pocket outlined
bis purpose ot murder and ralcide.
Mrs. Montgomery was not bit. Mrs. Willis
received glancing wound in the side.
In nu Palpit ftip Pre* jhtng a Memorial SerWinteratown,
this county, yesterday
morning. The pastor had announced that
he would preach a memorial sermon on
General Grant. A man named Fulton
aid no such sermon should be preached.
When the pistor, Rev. Mr. 8chnlU, began
in his sermon a reference to the heroes of
Mro'just placed in his last resting place,
SjaUoCiiwllaid'out to him to stop, at the
nmfr'tlme advancing to tbo pulpit The
preacher continuing, Fulton seised: blm
and dragged him away from the pulpit,
strikinz him a 'blow with bis fist and
knocking him down. Simon fcnulebreoht,
who intarfjreJ to save tko pastor from assault,
recelvedjme^ot Fuliou'eblowion
his laws. ItteteTOgreateidtement-and
alter a time korder was restored-ana the
servicesprooeeded.' Fulton;itls reported
this morning, bus skipped over the line
mto theState ol Maryljmd.. -' "; , 2;
Of Mi Old Maa Who IVa. Very Tired of Llfl,
and Wanted to Oo.
OntcAoo, August i 81.?"I'll do it, and
yon ain't stop me," oried an old man to a
poiieeman at tho Kinxie street bridge,
about six o'clock last evening. Ills bair
and beard were'white, his form was bent,
did his limbs shookwlthage. Tbepollceman
had aeen tho old man wandering
along the railway track, picking up coupling
pins and other pieces of iron and
placing them in his pocket. The old man
walked to the river, and was about to
throw himself in when the offioer caught
"lean swim." said the oN man, when
asked to explain; "and as I want to die, I
^Theoldmansal^lliewas Johnson Johns,
6( Erle, Pai ' 'The pblloemahtook him to
a lodging house aau collocted a small sum
of money for him. Johns U 72 years old.
Ho will be eent home by the; authorities.
la MLuoatl?N?(ro?a Cont*M to MardtrSog
two M?a.
>. 8f., Louis, August 31.?Gaptsin liutc
tljnrn an ovlansltra fatmnw llninn nan.
Kiddor,in Caldwellcounty,Mo.,was?bot
and Idlled yesterday by somo unknown
penoi conoealed in the ' brush. Some
complications with Capt R 8. Kennedy
and members of his family, regarding the
property on whicl^Uenry lived, and which
arebelieved toltave been the came ol ilfe
Josephs and Jacob Tobler, two negioei,
were arretted yeaterdsy near Eaotala,-Indian
Territory, for the murder ol Messrs.
Goodykoonts ami Cam, two prominent
merebuiti^.VeaiU, near the Uao and
EoxAgency, on the ftth inst. They will
be taken to Ft. Smith by United States
Marshal Jones, who bos them iu charge.
Burglar* C.g.d,
TOLKDO.0.. Anpimt. ai.?D^turtivpn havn
reached here with Wilaoa and Eliwood,
arri'Hfi (I in
oi whom shot and badly woundod a pois
had aome liifBoaUjr.
in getting the prisoners aboard the care
in Jersey City, as they appealed to the
crowd at the depot to iecare them Ironi
being kidnapped. They are believed to
be implicated In reeent burglaries in St.
Pan!, Minn., and offljera will be bare to
identity them. .
Antelnpaa M lh? Track.
Bismakk, Dak., Augnst 31.?While
paming through Bad Land*, yesterday,
theoastbound passenger train was stopped
by a herd o( antelope*, which stampeded
be/oro the engine. Over ooe hundred of
the animals kept on thutrai'< ahead ol the
engine lor over a miie, refusing to leave
the track until the train was stopped. A
party of hunters on tliu train killed three
and woauded one,
Orchard* In 80 >tl?nd and ibm Nortl of
(in ailj Damftfrd?TbaPro*
? " "" Hfe.
Pisa, Italy, Angtut .11.?A tumble
thunder etorm vieited this city yarterdiy.
The lightning was awlnl, and calmed greet
destruction. It struck and shattered tbo
tower of the Church of St. Cecilia and
that of the Obnrch of San Guiaaope. Tbo
formerwas so split that ilia erpccted to
fall at any moment. Although subjected
to tbe hardeat atorm known in l'isa during
the present generaUon, tbe Leaning
Tower remain* uninjured.
London, August 31 .?During the great
atorm on Saturday trips across the OhanGreat
damage bas been dono to Scotch au d
North of England orchards, the ground
around the trees being strewn with wind*
falls. The West Indian storm predicted
for to-day and subsequent days causes
anxiety and fnrnlahes comments for ihe
London and provincial press. Tho openair
dancing festivities of tbe Crystal Palace
have in consequence of Ihe wrrniug
been arranged to take a place within
dottn. The Globe aaya: "There seeuiH
to hi 1 novelly in store for ns
in tbe way of weather. A Weat Indian
hurricane of great intensity ia making for
our shores at the rate of twenty miles an
hour, and will be due between the 31st of
August and the 2d of September?jost, in
Uuwfarthe first day of partridge shoot
in*. Mue inun occasions a uroadlnl accident
at Dawlisb, on the Devon rait,
near Exmouth, Saturday morning, blowing
down * Urge portion of rock from a
cliff ?ud burying a number o' peoplo. Two
ladies and two lads have been taken out
alive, having eecaped death inamiracalong
manner. The bodiea of a la.ly ami a
baby were al?o taken oat,dreadfully crushed.
It is believed that othera an still lying
under the fallen rocks.
Ihs DUeeaM Bnaka Out In IBU-SHnaH
of DmiIii In Tooloo.
Madrid, August 31.?The numbar o!
new cases of cholera reported for the pnst
twenty-four hours from the affected diatricta
of Spain aggregate 3.83U, and the
deaths 1,248.
Bona, Aognijt 31.?Cholera hu brokin
out in Panaone, near AcquL Eleven per on*
have been attacked, four o! ?iiom
have died. The contagion waa bronght
tothatplaco by^afamUyotrelugees Irora .
Totitox, August 31.?Cholera appears
to be decreasing. But nine deaths occurred
from the disease during the'fifteen
hours ending at 3 o'clock this afternoon.
There seems to be little if any decrease in
the panio among the people, however.
One thousand workmen have deserted
their places at the Arsenal and fled before
the scourge. Both divisions of the
^^^^^H^nadron havebeen ramorthe
Madrid, August SL-'The statistics of
cholera in Spain lor the past week show
ronghly that there was a daily average decrease
of 300 new cases, and 14 new cases
in Granada. This decrease waa most no^w^iVanJfMK?eS
ami Ziiuora there wm an^ocreasa in the
LOKDOK, Au^t??"-^"'if?iri UM
Expnatj in its weekly review.^ the British
l?raiu trade, sayB: Ua ea and showers prevailed
list week.' The crops in the northern
and western coasts ire itiU nncnt.
The Bales ol Engl ah wheat during the
past week wero 3^*7,52) < uartcra at thirtythreeBhilliiig',
a(ja nst ",KM quartern at
changed. Trade in CarKOtsoff the coast Is
virtually unchanged. There we're nine
arrivals. Fivec-Wgoes w ijewjld, tlx were
cargoes are dne. A tb-dav'amarket wheat
wm sluggish withe >nofemont Flour
Ut ut the I'renllio'vernmentjias
jeqp(tod England to investigate
the clrcaisianoM (attending the aliened
murder of [Olivier Pain by British Sf
olUcers in tbe.Sontfan, and to obtain the
fallest^ pibjyi ^formation concerning
Pittsburgh, S, i An lost 31.?Bernard
Deroy, a child 18 months old, son of
Emanuel Deroy, if Allegheny City, was
taken suddenly 11 w th symptoms of
poisonings This inora u shortly after
eatitig his breakfast of oatmeal^ ami after
girls who partoik free y of the oatmeal
were also taken violently sick and are now
I in a: serious condition Ffayiicians who
hive nuyl* i i j cftrafql examination
state! Tth3fc! fU! 1 have
?d. A oolored nureo named Mary
ukMvlio bad
a great friend ol tho liiany operators who
mmra bU lo* His remains, accompanied
were taken to
Onicjofet'Ahjnit 81.?'Tie lnt/r-Oernn't
special sari: "JTbu blast [nrnace at Bay.
tIbw, Wl?., waati have started np to-day,
alter .everal' montha' idleness, but the
hrirkJiniDil at the Inmaco^snddcnly colA
MirtrVallloc KlMMIonr/.
IaDiASAroLii Isd , Aogust 31.?Thl?
morning a train on tiie Hi# Four road ran
oror and killed Hinry llkbn, completely
seveiing bis faekd from his body. Mr.
Httbn was aefenty years of age and a
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