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I l-riucationat. I
I He GWal Umj,
I Tbe thirty-eighth) ear of thia well-known load* I
I gar. under tbe riurj# of the VJiJuUon Hun*,
I oped on the fi"t Monday of September next, and
I continue* tea nonthr, I
I fupJ.'i received at any lime In the amlon. I
J TboM wto lo jxluo their daughter* 1q to I
1 jaititatioa affording Mceptloaal advantage* in j
Uji way or healthful asd de.igkifui location, w
I (tiiio; board, tboraurb duclpllnc and injunction I
| |i ib< haafli of UMong tt$cher$, in every depart-1
i Qeat of female (ducatlou, in Judlnf the modern
I ifogiuft* ami muiic, should acid lor a catalogue I
' qI tbfa eciool. Atfdrtu,
DirectnW the Academy ol the Visitation,
Ml. dr CU4NTAL,
tog-law Ke>r Wheeling, W. Va.
R-ooke county, W. V*., will begin Its Forty-fifth
ftwion SEITEMBKR 28, IMS. It l? the mo*t noted
CbU?*c In our 8Ute, h*vJngM0 Alumni, many of
whom are occupying high place* of trait. It luu
/oar College rcgroe Couna: the C'UwIcnl, the
Scientific, tiie A!l?lit?rlaJ, and tho Ladle*' Course.
Toe Oollcjfe I* now about free of debt, and the
Tnutcc* *1!! makeen effort to enlarge tho Endow*
at at ttd tho number ol students. Patronage li
wlldlcd from all the friends of chralc learning.
ForCtialogut* apply to
PfiOK. W. H. WOOLKRT, or
M7 DK. W. K. PKNDfJITON'. Prtt'L
First nenion ol 15 weeks oneiu ffipr*MHKR5, 1885
Bciutiltjlly and tie Willfully located, ex (entire
iHilldlogi pleauut grounds, cheerful rooms, tbr<e
lliewy cone's. superior advauia#c? for music,
irt *nJ elocution. Uctentfve apparatus twenty
pjinwt uid organs, Including pIjkj organ. Thoroaxowo'k.huuin-ukeaue,
mod era to rate. Send
j->'rituUr to
fta-nlm IV^vit |V
Fur Young Ladles and Children,
No. 1502 Jacob Street.
The School will reopen September 7, IMS, with a
full corr* ot competent trachem. Special attention
jwiJ to the Frlmary Department. Otject
teaching k *|?'clalty. Callithefilca will form part
of the ?chool exercises. A limited number of
burling pupl!s will b?? received. For ctrcutun
conUlaltiK full particulars apply to the Principal. ,
jylj rrbx.1
The university of thp: south
U located at MtWANKB, TENN., upon the
Cumberland Plateau, 2 000 fret above the tea level.
Thi*? hool, under the special patronage of the
BbDopt vl the Protectant ftplscopal Chureb In the
Booth ami Southwest, offers the healthiest residence
and the bis: advantage*, t> ih moral and
etlacatluusl. in lis Grammar Scbool and In its
Uokglateaud Theolofilcil Departments. For the
iwclal claim* <>{ tiil? University for patronage, ?ppljr
tor documents to the Kkv. TELFA1K HODGSON.
VW ( hancellor, dowanee, Tenn.
Will rcopeu her School at ber Residence,
No. 8i> Twelfth Street,
U.MVKR9ITV, Lexington, Va.
Itrtmctieu in the usual academic studies and in
the prufmional schools of Law and Engineering.
Location healthful; expenses moderate. Session
ojKms Sept. 17. For catalogue, addron "Clerk of
the Faculty." G.W.C.LEK,
Jy6 President
Qfitf. O. W. C. LKK, President.
Initriirtiiiu bT text-boob and printed lectures
with course* o( lecturcs on special subject* by
eminent jurists. Tuition and 1c* %6Q for sessiou ut
nine months. tK-ghmluie SepL 17. For catalogue
and (nil Information, address Lima. A. Grave*
l'rnf.-ynrof Uw. Lexington. Vft.- Jy<
iummct gltsott.
If, LMPflRK!
0! thU beautiful and healthful resort baa opened
very successfully.
Mtuatcd upon the 8UMU T OP THE ALU!
(HIANY MOJNTA1N8 the hark presents unsurjtosttl
climatic conditions. ho malaria. Extmp*
Hon from hay few.
Pictnretuue Mirr'ouudingi, bcautUol location,
great social, RELKJ10U8 AND JNlKLLhUTUAL
AuVAM'.KtEri, ease of arcmand rapid communication
with urn grunt cities. have Justltled the
hope<>( the proprietors that Mt Lake Park would
soon take it? place among the moat favored of
Summer Resorts.
Delightful exctiniioDS by rail and mountain read
a<ld to uie attractions of tho place.
Boarding a.commodatious are ample and reason*
able iu price.
TliolCE BUILDING LOT8 aro to bo had at
moderate coat.
Tho AMMombly
Aglns AUGUST 6 and clous AUGUbT 19.
Tho t rograuune includes a wide range of lectures
and instruction iu special branches.
The U. & o. Railroad Company offers reduced
nu? f?r inj Assembly. Round trip from WheellufllW.
'in- Awcmbly coufyrsdiplomat. aufl
jjjcal gstott Agents.
W f
Notary Fut?lto,
Ileal Estate Agent*
Huiih-s rented aud reuU collected.
1?U Offlcc-llga MARKET BTBKET.
Heftl Estate Affont
flpocUl ittcutton given to Collecting Rent* and
the general management of Real ?at*to. Can fural?!j
be?i of reference*
wrin I'JW) UATN BT,. Wh??Hmr. W. Ta.
(China, (Class and (Qutcnsuwtt.
^|I'.KAT reduction in I
English Tea and Sinner Ware,
Chamber Sots and Fancy Good*.
. nul* UFO Main Street.
^onscfurntshlUQ gacdiuatt.
Every Famuy Deodi t Filter. We haro in itock
both Jewell and Eidzle.
K10 Main 8lreet
j Kwcrra KKi?KiuisnAiv/xw
And Ioe Chest*
-Are for hUc only by
vk Bnl* Agent* for nitr.
gapct 'ggatchonst.
XCoblnaon, Farli Co.,
Manufacture and Dealer* In erery variety of
fAPKR. . " No. 1427 MAIN BTRHST,
Telephone 111 Wheeling, W. Va.
n Highest auh price paid for Ban Paper and Old
WM W?l'
Wcuepcepwta to deliver flnteleM Ioe loel]
l*mol the eltr. either bf whotale or reuHW
tlie lowest prtw. BALL BB08.,
r>?oeU Aimatmw, OoMAOo.'eBulUInf,
Cures Coul'Iis, Coldl, Hoarseness,
Croup, Astriraa,Bioncliitls,Whooping
Cough, Incipient Consumption
and relieves consumptive persons in
advanced stages oftiio disoiseXFor
sale by all Druggists, l'ricc, 23 cts.
?CAr'riO*!-Th?t.nolm I
Dr. Hull's Con b!> My ra p
liaold only in vAtt# trrappert, A
?mi bwn oar rtsUtcml TR* d?
MARK*, lo wit i A Jivft'i J/tad
Ua Circle,a Rtd-Mrlp CVm- fj
tlon-Lnb* I, and tho toc-ilmlle
llffnnturMOf John W. Rull 0:
^OCI^ UdA.V.Vin'EKAl'0., k
l!j?Illmorr,SId..l!.M. A..8olcI>roprletor?.
Clicw Lanffe'i Plng?| f
Piicc to L'euta, Mold toy all VruggUtM.
MY 7* VKTinn
JO-A written guarantee of euro given In every
case nnrtertakon. consultations Fr?e ud OJ
acred. Dr. Clarke'a Celebrated Uouk iwd Bt
Writings (In plain envelope#) Itv? ntntup*.
f.?.CtJUUffit?fPnt*?TU>gL.CtodM>U.OMa. e<
Cancer of Toneue!?
A Caao Resembling that of General Grant. [
Pome t<*n yea** ago I had a scrofulous sore on my hi
right hnnd which gave me great trouble, ana uu to
Her theoid llray inniineot was healed up, and I ,
supposed I with well. I found, however, it had ^
only been driven into the system by the usoof pot- bi
Mb and mercury and in Murcii lte2.it broke out Hi,
in irfjrtbroat, aud concentrated in what ?orao o( J
the doctors dcuimmat d cauccr, 1 wm placed 311
uuder treatment fur this disease. Some six or hi
seven of tbebe*t plij>iriftiis in the country had f?
mo a different times under Iheir ihatg<>, amoug ,
them tbrea specialista lu this line; but one alter IS
anotner would exhaust litir skill and drop roe, cr
fori grew wows cootfuuailr. Tbe aticec had ar
paten thro gh my rh^ec. destroying the roof of 7,
my mouth and upper Hp, then attacked my il
tongue, ptlato ami lower lip, destroying ihe palato ca
anduud.rlip?ntirilyand t.lf my toa*ue, eating j.
out to tho top of mr fc t cheek bosc and up to the
icft eye. Kiow a hearty robust woman of ISO
r-otiuds, I ww re 'uced t) a inero frame of skiuand in
Bones, almost untblo io turn nnticlf lu bed. 1 ar
Riu'd not eat any solid food, but sub?i<ud rn f
liquid*, and my tonjjuo was so Ux *or.e I could not 10
talk. Ihe anguish of miml and tli-s horrible auf tlj
fcringHot body which 1 experienced rcver can bo /
revealed Given up by phy.dchn- to die, with no
hope of recovery upon the cart of friends who sat b
around my bedside expecting evory nuwnt to be
m* i??t? in fact, mvniisbund would place hiahaud
on me every now and thou to mhj win ther I vru 43
alive or not, and at one time all decided that life e>
was extinct, and my death was reported all over or
thnoou try. ,r
Sach was my wretched and he'plea* condition U?
the first ol Itw Octob.r, (1*81), vten my friends ca
commenced giving mo Hwtft'a Specific. In lets
thm a mouth iho eating pirns efpped and heal- ,
togcomiuenctd, aud the feer'ul aperture In my t,r
cheek has been elotod and Hun'y knitted together, rn
4 proceai of a new under lip la proerc-idojf finely, ?.
and the tomrne which was almost dtstroved la be .
iug recovered mid it aeero* lhat mture lit supplyli
g a new tong -o I can talk no that my frimJa tn
tan readily understand me, and can oat solid foid
acuta. I am ab.e to whU about wherever I pJca>e
without tho asslstau. eof any one, and have Gained P*
II ty pouuda of Uesh. All this under tha blearing th
of a mercifully Heavenly father, 1* duo to 8wlfi'a i.f
Specific. lamawond r and a marvel to all mj "
fr cuil*, hundreds of whom have known my iu 0?
tenaesuOcrings, and have visited me in my uflllc- ec
tiorw While am not entirely well, yet my eratl ir
tudu 1? noue the lea< devout, and I am court dent *v
that a pcrleet recovery la now in s'gh\ if any
doubt these fact*, I would refer them to Hon. John
H. Traylnr, State Senator of this district who is
my neighbor, Dr. T. 8. BradfHd. ol LaGmn?e, Ua., 1'
or to auy other rerzotis living in the southern part
of Tronpo c< unty, (la. Mas. Maby l. Covu. u
LaG ange, G?.. May 14, ISM.
Bold by all drug*|st?. .if
TreatiM.' ou B ood and Skin PLtsasca mailed free -e
Cfiil oiuonr Physician, No 16' W. 28.1 St., N Y.
Conriultatm iroe 1 HE SWUT Sr&umc Co, Drawer "
J, Atlanta. Go. jul.HD.tw t)i
For tale by LaugMIn Bum. <& Co and Logan A Co llt
An Efficient Remedy
In nil owe* of Bronchial nud Pulmo- A
nary Afflictions is Ayku'h Ciikhky m
l'Hcron.vi.. As such it is recognized mid
prescribed by tho inedical profession, ami
in many thousands of families, for tho
tmsfc forty years, it lias been regarded a* nil hi
Invaluable household remedy. It is n C
preparation that only.requires to bo taken &
In very small quantities, mid u few doses
of it administered in tho early stores of a
cold or cough will effect n Kpcedy cure, .
and may. very possibly, save life. There w
is uo doubt whatever that it
Ayer's Gheny Pectoral I
Has preserved the lives of great numbers e;
of persons, by arresting the development of cl
Laryngitis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, ir
mid i'luinonnry Consumption, and by
the euro of those dangerous maladies. It
KliouUl be kept ready for use in every .
family where there are children, as Is n lt
incdlclno far superior to all others In tlie e<
nt ffmnn. thn ulloviutlon of
mid Iullueii7.a, ailments peculiarly lucU
dental tochildkoori and youth. I'romptltude
in dealing with till diseases of this
class is of thi) utmost Importance. Tho A
Jom of a single day may. In many eases,
entail fatal coiisequcuces. Do not waste rfl
precious time In cx|>erli)ientlng with
medicines of doubtful cflMncy, whllo tho
malady Is constantly gaining n deeper gi
hold, hut take at oncu tho speediest and
most certain to cure, ^
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, i.
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass*
Sold by all Druggists. el
tutts :
Ik* OmtMt M-dleil Trlmnph of th* Agl! ?
L#m of appetite* llowelocoetlve, Pain In 11
the head, wltb a dull sensation la the L
hack part, Palo under the shoulder- e
hlade, Vullneas after eatlne. with adie*
luellnn tiou to exertion of hodjr or mind, *
Irritability of temper, |*ow spirits, with
a feeling ofhaving neglected sotno dntr,
Weariness, DizzlnoM, Fluttering: at the
Ueart, Dots before tho erei, Headache J
??. TtftatlananeM. with
litful dren'mV II Ichly colorod Urine, and
TUTT'fl F1XXS aro capedully adapted 6
to ouch cases, ooo dnso ctTccta such ? - 7
cbanRnafroAlingAstoaitonlslitliosufferor. ,
nourlahetl,ana by ihctr Tonlo Action on ?
Itonovauw the body; ntakea healthy tlesb.
rtrenjftbtru tbu wuuk, rupaim tho waste* ot
tho syaU'Qt wtth pure blood and hard muse la; I
tonaa tho JwrrotH oy*Uw, jovlzoratea tho
brain, and Impart* tho vi^or of nmabood. ,
Si* SoM bydm?rinM. '
OFFICK j) Murray St., RewYork.
Tttr Orlffliinl nfld Only Ucnnlne,
Il??n nWifnf U'ttrlhlrM tmlutloa*. j
"Cklrkftvr'Mi K?*IUh'* w> l>" ??*! . In il^nab't
^fss&'&ss^PILLS! ;
Will euro DImum of Uio Kidnap, GravflE Gloct, 1
fltrlctureo, and all UrluAir and urethral DImum, '
Narrow and Fhndcal DeolUiy. Seminal Wcaknea, i
Lom of Vigor, rrmnataro Decline in Man. Koxly <
Decay, Impounay oauaed by errors ot youth, oxoctton,
Ac. BypMIfr in all it* tormi, ton throat <
and nooe, nloen. arcpttan*. acrofnla, tetter. Mlt 1
rheum and aU tlood aadiklo (umomo. Tomalo i
ImVV I &nsU> H, ftjta., ?ad CreaiMT, I
m MMtgtmn:
OIHuo s Num. Ub uuil U7 Fourteenth Street J
Woman fair,
OTer them
On theiandy aborts
An umbielU
And a fellow,
Only UuM-nomore,
_ A loiiS'SUiptctlav habbyi
KtUoj?'? tar
And madain'a very lobby.
Ltwyer now.
With writikicd brow,
Talk* a uutter o" money;
H#1 pnpt'i* drawn,
Wlttiudtui nworu?
A vinculo matrimonii.
he IlrldAl Troaarnu of the American Prima
'no York )Vorld.
Instead of tho regulation engagement
ing Miss Nevada wears a bracelet locked
none arm and the doctor carries the
ey on bis watch chain. The design is a '
ve-barred gate with the fence of tiny gold .
lasping around the arm. The posts and
ars of the gate aro studded all over with
ne diamonds. Tho little prima donna,
Ice all other singers, has a great many
uluable jewels, a number of the most magilicent
ones having been given to her by
nr godmother, Mrs. John W. Mackay,
le wife of the bonanza king, .but she is
lore proud of the bracelet her lover locked
i her artn_than all the others in her pos!B3ion.
'Just now she is greatly interest*
1 in her trosseau and many and elaborate
p the wedding clothes.
The same modiste that made Miss
Lacaay's trou&>ctu is being employed to
inke tho wedding dresses, while Worth,
le great, is making the gown to be worn
; the ceremony. Worth is also making
tine elaborate confections to be worn on
te concert stage next season. The weding
dresi itself will be of white uucut
dvct, made very dimple, but with an
iiuaually long train. Tben there is a
savy white ottomau silk for a reception
ilet, while among others are a pale pink
tin with oink crape draperies, sdadinjr
inches of silver grapes that climb up one
(le; another, niuk satin ami cashmere,
tailed in valuable real valencionnes lace; 1
tother, pink dress on coral tint, also pro- (
sely trimmed with lace. In blue there 1
pale crepe de chine trimmed with pale 8
ystaie, a blue in two shades of velvet
id tatin, with a petticoat of cut blue jet. 1
*'0 other blue drefiats with soft creamy 1
shmeres and a pare mauve used in the ?
aperies. r
A white silk with silver threads woven fl
a part of the fabric i* used in the bodice
id draperh s. Several other white toilet* c
r various occasions and several black c
esses, these being composed principally t
law and j it and then there are a num- t
r of Kedteru cloth walking dresaos that a
ill be in great demand, as Miss Nevada
a great lover of walking aud outdoor a
;ercises. With all these gowns there v
e gloves and boots to match, and the fl
tintiest bonnets, most of a peaked shape fl
lied tho Nevada hat, and of a style the -v
ager ha:) lately made the fuihiou. After
esst'H, of course come the white gar- .
ents and these are all fashiont.d of the (|
iest linen and trimmed with lace and v
tnd embroidery, with an embroidered '
oncgram on each article. Thero are 1
iziiis of everything, all in set?, and com- 1
ise the daintiest mats of needlework
at would make the heart of any woman *
ippy. Nome of the chemises are worth S
vtuty-five francs each, and tho petti- \
tat? and night rubes ail the way from r
10 to 300 franca. I
A i'nrrul'4 Death.
\iladtlphin Times.
Thomas Green the proprietor of Green's ?
otel, allowed hiH poll-p;irrot to walk j
xmt"on the window-ledge of one of the t
cond-story window laat night. Th.
indow *hs open, and polly lost her
i aiica and fell on her head on the Chest- t
at street navemcul. As she fell she ut- a
redaslwlek which attracted theatten- <
on of R\ serve Oilicer "Dougherty, who
as btanding on the corner of Eighth
reet. He ran and picked the parrot up.
s he carried it to the hotel the parrot
Tolly's eick."
BlooJ trickled from its green-feathered
pad as the oliicer handed it to Chief
lerk Diamond, and the bird said again (
iit closed its eyes: ,
"Polly's flick."
The wife of the hotel proprietor, who ,
lought a good deal of tho bird, soothed j
in hor hands and stroked the wounded .
ead. |
'Tolly's aick," said the parrot again, and
len, as the blood lined down into its
res, it tried to brush it away with its j
aws. Whilo its bleeding head was be- j
tg washed il repeated a number of times:
Tolly's dick."
For an hour it lay porfectly quiet, with ,
a eyes closed, and then suddenly repeat- (
1 a?ain:
'Tolly's Bick." * ,
A moment later the parrot fell over dead, j
l'liinttt ion Pbllosophy,
rJta/uas Tiaix'.er.
De man whut tells de truf wid er effort
nine times outen ten er easy liar. i
De eye often misleads people. De hawk's 1
it a better eye deu de game rooster.
Yer ken impose on er enemy an' he
9an' think much erbo^t it, but when yer
npoees on er dear frien' ho is dun wid yer
ir life.
Er man may larn to Iub er 'oman, buter i
liila kain' larn ter lub his fodder an' mud
er. Ef do lub ain't born dor it ain't
wine ter come.
Do wildes* man sometimes becomes de
aietest citizon. Dor ain' nothin' more .
kfttisfc den h young deer, but once ketch
im an' be w de ea?iea' thing in de wof-l'
)r tame.
It 'peers dat all through life de hardest
liinc ter do is de bes' arterit am done,
t.takes de hardes' sorter work to split er
notty piece o' wood, but arter it is split it
Hakes do bes' tire.
Some chillun kain't b3 teached how ter
erhabe dared vea. Yer may take de wile
arkey's aigs and hatch 'em out un'er de
iimest turkey in de lan', but jes' ez soon
z do young ones gits big eruulTda will
ise an' ily erway.
A Youthful Penitent.
fetman Independent.
A philanthropic lady aaw a couple of
irehins pulling each other's hair, and,
eparatiug the combatants, she proceeded
o lecture them kindly on the evils of
Ighting. Both boys seernod truly penient,
and before leaviug them tho lady
"You wouldn't pull Billy's hair now,
fould you, Johnny ?"
"N-uo, mam," faltered Johnny.
"And you won't null Johnny's hair
igain, will you. Billy?"
"No, mam," replied Billy, "but I?
"That's right, Billy. Yon would rather
lin him, wouldn't you?"
"Nft-m&m; 1 wouldn't! I'd rather broak
A lllg Fl?h*? Dig Jump.
Hartford Courant.
Aa John Frayno, mate of the schooner
traveler, and a companion were rowing a
rawlboat In the river off against the Fortand
quarries last Monday morning the.ir
ittention was attracted by a violent oomnotion
in the wator. Examination ahowjd
a tight in p-ogrees betweeu a sturgeon
tnd Borne other tlsti, the nature of which
[hey could not determine. The aturgeon
muently getting wonted In the combat,
when, making a desperate effort to eecape
tils enemy, he Teaped clean out of the
itater and plump Into the boat, to the
treat surprise and consternation of the
ither inmates. When taken ashore and
mesaured be was found to be 6 J feet In
length and 31 in circumference,ana weighKUW
Raw meat, If f?d uparingly, ii as good u
cooked f v laying bens.
The cattle ranches in the West occupy
4,365,000 sqnaro uliles of land.
Jersey bolls are Bow held athlgfiflgnrw,
I son of Enrotaa deriving * fee for bis
owner of $1,000 for bis services alone.
Whenever rust or smut attacks any ol
the stalks cf growing grain, such italki
should be Immediately cut wd burnt.
Wban any farm crop commands pay*
ing price it Is folly for tb? farmer to (urn
apeculstor and hold for a possible rile,
Three carloads ol live chlokiu (13000
la number) were recently shipped from
Maryrlllc, Mo., to New York city.
England produces $180,000,000 worth of
milk annually, and furnishes the world
with many of the best breeds of beef cat*
Plums and cherried may be budded until
the middle of September. If the sap
seems thin and watery, wait a few days
until it becomes thicker.
The honey boxes should be removed.
No more surplus is likely to be stored, and
tbe bees will only darken that in the
boxen, if they do not carry It below.
The public recognizes only a few varieties
of potatoes, and when tbe new sorts
are shipped they are sent in under the
names of the kind that they most resemL!?
Not every man can make extensive and
accurate experiments in farm work, but
&I1 can take a good paper aud keep themselves
posted es to what other people are
Th3 period of gestation in the ewe is
About five months, and if the sheep are
coupled now the lambs will be dropped
in February, and, if well fed, may be
marketed in April.
It is noticed that as a result of free culture
birds are becoming quite numerous
in parts of Dakota. In Kingsbury and
some other counties quails are making
their appearance.
California papers report the discovery ,
5f a new wino?peach wine?made from
the juice of soft, ripe peaches. It is said
to be the finest flavored and most deli- ,
aous wine ever made. j
Pigs fed upou grass and middlings will j
iwve larger frames and grow faster than
:hose fed on corn, especially in summer, J
when fat should be avoided, if possible; in i
eeding young pigs.
The milk that is to ba used in the dairv j
nust not be mixed with that from sick J
:ows or dry cows; and the milk should ]
lot be used in tho dairy until the sixth or <
leventh day after calving. <
The following is recommended as excel- }
one tor keeping blood-sucking tiiea from J
nii'l "o^lai twontu norfa nf '
;lycerine with one part carbolic acid and
ub lightly on the hair, but not on the
A Georgia dairyman hits figured out the
ost of good butter in that State at 12$
ents a pound, where good pisturage cau
ie had on easy terms for ten months in
he year, and the Gutter sell* fof 25 cents
> pound.
Professor Cook says flies do not like the
.tmosphai&ilibia. stable. as the barrel in
ihi-Jh he makes his mixture of carbolic
rid and soft Boap is kept there. This is
hint to those who find Hies troublesome
a the stables.
It will soon be time to cut the corn fodler,
and far mere will find it to their adantage
to carefully store it. nsing it in
ho winter by cutting it with a fodder cuter.
As a rnle, one-half the crop is antually
wasted under the feet of the stock.
When you are ready to sow your wheat a
fleet the choicest and plumpest grain. *
ihriveled seed should never be used. a
Vith good seed one-half the difllculty is I
emoved. Make the seed bed iiao, and J
lave all the conditions as favorable as {
tossible. <
Philosophers say that affairs should J
,1 ways be conducted with a view to the \
reatest good of the greatest number. Dr. i
tail's Cough Syrup does the greatest good jj
o the greatest number. 25 cents. j
It is a notable fact that the inventor of *
he Gatling gun peacefully resides in thf i
amenity with Juaik Twain.?New York <
Graphic, j
IIKit f >rm wan ylph-llkc, and bsr inco J
Wm ]u t a miracle of k nee. ?
Th ?l * why I thouirht it very itranue
Ko kn tilted vrltb her atsuuhlong r nge.
Aha! bad teeth! Her b eam wait tainted!
With tfUZ'JlX).sT flic wasn't acquaintsJ.
Th( Oaty tintuedrThose
who sutler from foal breath are
ipen to the charge of carelessness. it ia
oi oHence that can be epeedily abated, ao
i single bottle of the fragrant S0550D0NT
vill unmistakably accomplish the work.
STo toilet table should be without it. It
vill preserve and keep the teeth white,
ind tiie breath pure and sweet. Trh&tw
Every morally conducted family should
lave an "upright" piano placed in the
ront pailor.?Hartford Sunday limes.
Tub gloomy fears, the de sponding views,
he weariness of soul that many complain ;
)f, would often disappear wero the blood nade
pure and healthy before reaching
he delicate vessels of tiie brain. Ajer's
^arsaparilla purities and vitalizes tBe 1
olood; and thus conduces to health of
body and sanity of mind. daw
Songs for the drowning man: "Ob, For
\ Life on tli9 Ocean Wave" and 'Tall For
lhe Shore."?Ecanmlle Argus.
Hertford'* Acid rhnipimtefor Women and
Dr. Jos. Holt, New Orleans, La., says "I
have frequently found it of excellent serin
in <mi<5ps of dohilitv. loss of annetite.
tie] in coorelejcence from (xhatutire illness,
and particularly of sorvlce in treatment
of women and children."
Biiokl.n'? Arclc*S&lv?.
The boot 8alve In tho world for Onto,
Bruises, Sorea, Ulcers, Salt Rheum. Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Honda, Chilblains,
Corne and all Slan Eruptions, and positively
cures Pilea, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect aatislaction.or
money refunded. Price 25 casta per box.
For sale by 1-ogan A fin.
An Unfailing 8nt>gimrd Against all Infec*
Unm Uliettei,
Use Camphorir.e Soap freely in washing
bed clothes and all clothes worn closest to
the body. See the big reward we offer on
wrapper. 8. Strvkx,
Originator of "Wax Soap."
They contemplate building an insane
asylum for circus clowns and minstrelmen
at Chestnut Hill.?Lowell Citizen.
Ely's Cream Balm was recommended to
me by my druggist as a preventive to Hay
Fever. Have been using it as directed
since tho Oth of August and have found it
a specific for that much dreaded and loathLV
*an Vaa*o r.9 T
DUUID UlOCUBi *WJ WU J vtiio v? wuiu o.
have been a great sufferer each year, from
August Oth till frost, and have tried many
alleged remedies (or its care, bat Ely s
Cream Balm is the only preventive I have
ever found. Hay Fever sufferers oaght to
know of its efficacy. F. B. Ainswokth,
Of F. B. Ainuwohtu 4 Co., Publishers,
rrhaivv Indianapolis, Ind.
Tin "Want Soap," universally acknowledged
to 1m the biggest and beat 6 cent bar.
They raise fine bananas at Yama,
Ariiona. Yougothero and see for yourself,
if yoa doabt It?Elgin Enry Saturday.
A Quick tuconn.
It gives as great pleasure to stats that
the merchant who was reported to ba at
the point of death from an attack of
pneumonia, has entirely recovered by the
use of Dr. Win. Hall's Balsam for the
Langs. Naturallyhefeelsgreatfalforthe
benefits derived from using this remedy
forthe longs and throat; and in giving
publicity to this statement we are actuated
by motives of public benefaction, trusting
that others may be benefit in a similar
manner. ttuuw
I Tas Want Soap," universally acknowledged
to be the biggest and best 6 oest bar.
TIi? Fentaras of tb? Money and BtocJ
New Yen, Auguat M.-Momt eaay at 1 pe
cruL frlaemcroantllo paper 4a& percent. Foi
?kQ Kxcnang- dull at $J Mfcal ?5.
Govejwmewt homd*~arw dull and ateadj.
HTATB Bom* - Are dnll and itwd*.
Railway Bomw-DuII ; aalac fum;OOfc
btocxa?At the opening the atock market wa
excited, faverlah and w*ak. and during early deal
lnjta there were fractional decllnea, but iteradu
alJy ateadled and became atioog before midday
the whole liat,with two or throe exoeptiona, i teadll;
th? lut boui
p ranger*, lMkwwSat, XorOieru Pacl/Jo, Ceo &
mine a. d Onion A Tr*ai?oonttowuu raacliw
too bUhmt in the final wanaciiow, The chin**
thl> evening ? compared with ineSalurday doting
are aLoutvqtialiy <ll?ia?d batwMoedVancei ant
declluie L ckawanna ii up34 itrcent, Omahj
preferred IK Percent and North weaternfc peroent
fit. Paul la unchanged. Among ibe decllnea N?ha
wtitern preferred and Omaha tommoii are down ?i
percent, Lotll-Vllle & NaahVlla % percent an<
oih-/? am?]ler /mctlona
Id th??fteruoon the upward movement waam?d<
in the face of ruiuor* from Chicago and circulate
on tne Hoard, at.tng that the freight w in thi
West *a* b. in< waged apparently without regard
to conaeuueucca. hlumenu Wing made aa low ai
tfc from Uiioigoto New York.
Transactions 258.866 shares.
U. 8. 3a, 103: U. 0. 4Ss. MS^; U. B new 4s
121%: Pacific fa of '95.12%; Central Pacific, flra a
113: Erie, seconds, 66H; Lehigh 4 Wilkcsbarw
oPd, 99: Louisiana consols, 80: MLaouri 6f
101K; Ht Joseph, 119: 8t P. A 8 C. firsts
121ft: TenntKKce 6a, old, 47)*: do new, 47^
Texas Pacific Land Grants, 46; do Rio Unuide
?>6; Union Pacific flist?, 11 )&: do Lund grant*
107%; do Hnaing (and, 1 ri: Virxinia fa, 40: Vir
Slnia Consols extra matured courona, 4S; dt
cfcrred, 9J{; Adams Ex- rem, 144: American Ex
ureas, 97;Cauada Southern. Central Pacific
96%: Chcsapeuke AOhlo, lx:,\ do Qrnta preferred,
13; do second preferred. 7%: 0. C C. & I, V7K
Denver A Kio Grande, lOJi Krie, 10%; do pn>ter
red. 32: fort Wayne, JS7; Kansas & Texas, 23*;
Lake Erie it Weatern 7; Lake bhore 7 i-^ula
vllle & Nashville, 4.)i; Loulsv'lle, New Albani
& Chicago, 30: Memphis & uharleeton, 36: MichiSn
Central, 60; Missouri Pacific, V2k; Nashville A
atianooga, 44; New Jersey CeutraT, 4HM? North
ei n Pacific. '0}i. do preferred. 47. Chicago di Nortnwestern.
W%: do preferred, J?0ft; New York Cen
trai, iyyy*\ Ohio central, 1; Ohio dt Mississippi,
21}$: do preferred. 76; Pacific Mail, 49; Pitta
buigb, 140: Reading, 20)/?: St. Louis Ji San K ancisco,
19; ao preferred, 84^; C., M. & ft. Paul,
77%; do preferred. Ii2>$: Texas PacifR 1G&;
Umon Pacific, tOJtf: Uui'ed StaUi Express, fis;
W., dt. L. & P. 7; do nre-ferrivl, 14; Wells-Fargc
Express, 116; Western 0ulon.7G%.
Breadstuff* u>id Piuvtslons.
Chicago, August 81.?'The day on 'Chango was
one of dullness, with prios ruling newly. At the
reguIarseMlon th?r?t wasan unusual oirth of rumors
and fiuctuatlons werd kept within uar.ow
limits iu consequence, but in aidlcipattou of large
deliveriesto-murrjw the feoiiDg in wheat on the
tfteruo*4i boird was quit? weak. Wheat o|?eni-d
lower under forefgu 1: toles and Urge receipu both
ce-e and at other points Flour quiet and uu:h*ng<d.
Wheat opened easy and sold off 54c,
jwiog tosn luciotse of uearlv 70J,000 bushels in
jtocx at New York, but r<li(ed%o undergood buy[
ig, fell back }.jO, fluctuated ond closed under
Saturday:safes ranged: August 79%u79,tfo, ci ted
it 79ke; September 79)$sM*fc, oloaed at
October 81fts8.-}jo, clustd at felj?c: November
tt%aSI%c, clotui at 83Jii81c: No. 2 spring
r9Sa?J?c: No 3 spring '.2c; ^o. 2 r*d MJXc:
S'o. 3rua80r. Corn ru'.ea lower; market opened
say. sold ofT %c for uear futures, rallied Sc and
ilo'cd steady at %uHc tinder Saturday; cash 43Uc;
August 42Jia43^c, closed ?t 43^c; Scptembe 42%a
H>?c, cloned at 4toAS%c; Goober 42al.%c; cU*-.d
it 42jtfc: November Sw/awyf/e, closed at &%a8J%c.
WaniiiAtant Hull u'tih At unlit ntidmia weak
ind closing >jc lower; cub 2tKe; August 21){a
\\y$ \ ciOftd at 2iko;SeptemberM><aM^c,cloB?-d
it 24J<c: October *fttiu4}?c, dosed at 24J4C. Ryo
teady; No.2, 56>Ji. Flaxseed easier; No. lfink.
dent pork opeuea woik and 10c l^ver, dot liued
%al0o addltioual. rallftd 7>j4l0c an I closed
t ady; cub 8a hoah W; September S8 7.a8 ho,
iloaed at 18 75*?77X dosed at 8 82Ka
i.85c; October $8 7oai85; November $? .la
clou d at $8 77J<a3 *0 Lard rulod
re k and 5*7Xo lower, tarly tallied 2Ka5o aud
lo?ed steady; cash C I7}$afi.20o; coptember 0.15a
20c, cloned at 0.17>ia6,J0C; October 6.20a6.25c,
lotted at 6.23^0 25c; ^ovembjr 0.1ft 46.20c, uiosed
it 6 i7fcafl.2uc. Boxed meats qui t; sbouldew
;.85a3.90j: snort rib 5.80a5.?5c; snort clear OCOa
i.Oi. Whin Icy dull au1 nominal. Hut or la gool
lemand: creamory I6a20e; dairy llatt. Eggs Arm
it 12)$alSHc. Afternoon Board-Wheat a shade
osier and %c lower. Cora Heady and higher,
tats essy and ke lowerfor August ftrk So lower,
.aid unchaugtd.
Nkw York, Augurt 31.?Flour, reoeinta 19,093
larrebt: exports -,'??! barrels: market a Iittlo more
dive; sales 16,coo barrels; superduo wtr.eru aud
,t?toS3 I0o3Nj; common to choice extra St Louis
145- 5 40. Wheat lower: options dosed firm; reelpU
215,(20 bushels; exports HU.tiOX buibels; sales
1,781,100 bushels futures; 148,0Co bushels spot; No. 2
;hi ago86)?a?0Hc: No. 1 hardline: ungraded rod
.a 9>fo; No. 8 red 88c; steamer No. 2 red 87ka
ic: ao. lwhltovoc; No. 2 red Septemier l*%a
4)ic, closing at Ql^jc; Octobcr 93>{aujjic, closing
t 93kc; November 95i9a^c, cloning at ttoWc;
)ecembcr 96H*jr,**\ closing at97>4c; January Wa
t%c, closing at 99&C; February It 00VA\ March
ir.% Corn 1 wer, closing steady: receipts iU5 300
lusbcls; exports 133,7t0 bushels; sales CW.OOO bushils
future; 19/,000 bushels spot: ungraded 61a
i2Xc; ungraded yo.low We; No. 2 August filafil&c,
lorlng at bio; September &Kaftl?c, closing at
Ufto; Octobcr WJsaMJte doting at oc%o Oats
ower and fairly active: receipts 403,705 bushels: exerts
81,8 8 bushels: mixed western 82a34c; white do
U42c. Stocks of g-a'n i istore August 29: Wceat,
,827,11 ftbusheli; eo'H, 228,386 bmbts.*: oats, 1,652,4?
bushels; rye. 2,?W bushels; malt, IP,0*1 bu?bls;
peas, 16,bushels. Hay steadier aud m h .-r
luiet. ottec, sjwi Mr; K.u ilrm at S^c; options
uoderately active; sales 18,750 bags: Unptomber
ieois; October oso?0.85c: November e 85a6.w)c; Dc?moer
?,!M?fi.86c; January693c. Jsugar Ann and
lUlet; rcfluttd le>s sotlve: extra Bftaa 1&-I6c; jcrwiered
ey^C/iX Rice quiet. Tallow fir<n at 5a
n-160. iu+ui dull at *1 Oflal 15 Turpentlno quiet
it 86c. Iggi Qrui and in fair inquiry, Pora du 1
ind easy; neai spot 110 OQalO 6j lor inspected;
li 75a 0 UU f tr uninspected. Lard dull; wratero
team wpot Cfi&e; September 64.Satf.fiOc; October
I.52a6.57u; Nuvetnber ? 4?; December 6.48a6.tfJc;
lanuary 6 55u6.b7o; city steam 6.4jc. Butter llrm
ind In fair demand; western 9a22){c. Cheeae Arm
lud iu k oi inquiry.
Philadelphia, Pa., August 81.?Flour quiet;
Kinnesuia sprijg patent V> Oma SO. Wheat tirio,
nit quiet: No -i r?d August Mfaii&c; September
ITXmsc; oo lobar OOafiOXc; November viaafyp
loiu dull and weak; no. a ycltuw No. 2 high
nixed &i%c; No 2mixedM}iu; No. 2 mixed AufUft
60A5UKc; September fiOo; November 40Safi0c.
jats. spot No. 2 while atroug, advanced under
inuuipulatfon* ag?iust August slioi ts: lower gradci
luict; /uture* beyouaUiU month dull, but sternly;
lew No. 8 white 8 c; No 2 whitj August 5zc;
eptcmbjr 82%aa2Kc: Octobcr 32%a3J%c; Novum)er
wiyjMMi. Provisions in fair demand, "iocf.
:ity family per burd |12 iOalS CO; do No. 1 men
Ho Willi ?u; prime mess new $10 00; do famllji
(110 all fiO. llama, amulced 10al2o. Larl steady;
iliy refined 7 2 so; do steam 0 !&; butchers Ioom
5.UU6. (o. Hitler suady but dull; Poansvivauis
tic Kgtfs firm; fresh su> k scarce; extra* lfi%il7a
Uhce e nrm ?nd in (sir demaud; Ohio liau, cnolw
ia7>4c; do fair to piitne 5>?a(%c.
Cincinnati, 0.. August 81 ? flour qniet: family
13 00ai2 : fumy 8130a4 60. Wheat KteAdy; No. 2 red
s'ju'.Oc; receipt* il.feo bushels; shipment* o.ttk
Dusbela. Corn weak and lower; No. a mlxc<l
itf^aio^c. Oat* in f ir demand and firm; No S
mixed 2 KaSGKc. Rye dull; No 26-u.VJc. Uarlej
dull: citm No. 3 fall Mc. Pork firm at W60. Lnrc
in f ir demand at G,15c. Bulk meats finu; a ould
rrs3.7oc; shortriba 5tOc. Buconsteady; shoulden
1.25j ; short rtbs iiie; short c.'ear fl "5c. Whltkj
caroo at 9 06 Butter atuady; extra creamery
22a23c; faucy dairy i&altfu. Linseed oil In fa'r de
maud at 42a43u. Sugar firm: hard re lined 7a7)^c
New Orleans 5a6c. hggs In fair dctu .ml at l>%a
Cheese quiet; choico mud Ohio factory 6){a7c.
Baltimore. August at.?'Wheat, western flrraei
and dull: No. 2 winter red sty t 86tfa87c; 8eptam
ber ?6j4a87>i?: October fflKafflJGc: November 92t
92.Sc. Corn, western steady and dull; mixed spo
49KaWXv; Aug tut wx c wo; eepiemner Tj^mjy-4c
year 44a44^o; steniutr 47o bid. Oats steady mic
firm: wectori white ?U32c; mixed a/7o29c. Pn\
vMons firm and active. Messpotk|U23. LarJ. rc
iiucd >*Kj? higher at .4aM)to CoQVm quit*
aud tlrmer; ilia cargoes. ordinary to lair 7%aH%c
Toledo, 0., August 81.?Wheat dull and lower
No 2 soft (a?hor October 89c: November 9l><<
asked; No. 2 red cash or September WKc; Octobei
87c bid; November88}$c. Com dull and easy; No
2 cash or September 46c; October 4i%c asked
year 3 $#: May 89c bid Oats quiet and un
changed; No, jcash or September Mo: May 31o
CIovm seed negl ctcd; prime medium 8eptcmbei
16 ?0; October aud November |5 50 bid.
Oil City, Pa., August si.?Opened at tl Olff
highest fl OiJi; lowest 91 COS; closed at ft OM
isles 2,Cjj,OOj barrels; shipments 89,514 barrels
charters2 ,111 barrels; clearances 3,448,,OJO barrels
Bb imutt, Pa., August 81.?Opened at II 0156
closed at SlOi^: highest II 01ft; lowest ?1 00ft
runs 80,.67 barrels; total shipments 96 905 barrels
charters 21.1 tl barrels; clearances 1,610,000 barrels
PirrnBL'RflH, Pa., August 81.?Petroleum Irrcgu
lsr and fairly active; National transit certificate
opened at fl OBf: dosed at tl0.%; highes
1101ft; lowest 11 lOft.
Trrusvnx*. Pa., August 31.-Ooened atflOl^
highest 9i 01%; lowest SI 00^; closed at 11 el#
shipments not ported; fhartcn 21,111 bar.el*.
New York August 3l-Petroleum steady;United
closed at f 10i%.
LItb Stock.
Chicago. Iiu. August 31 ?tho Drorert' Journal n
ports: Cattle?BeoeipU 8,COO head; shipment
2.100 head; market stronger; shipping steers 14 20f
6 00; stookers and feeders f2 75a3 W; cows, bull
and mixed II 60a3 75; through Teiaus 92 50*3 60
nativesand halt breeds l< G0a4 85; cows |2 50a3 CS
Hogs-Kereipfs 21000 head; shipments 6,000head
tra Ing- slow at 10al5c lower; roagb uud mlxcc
13 7te4 0i; packing and shlpyingW 15a4 ?0; Ugh
WUlftHUi *> om. omwjv? ? ???
4,000 be d; Moments *00 head;market weak; a*
lives S2 00*4 03; western ?2 OOsS 60; Tcx*usll78<
8 00. Cablet from Liverpool report* American cat
tie lc per pound higher thtn last, week and m
higher th-in two week*. The lupply is light, bee
Auer leant selilug at 14c dre se<L
Em Libxstt, Auroit 31,?CatUe artlve and on
changed lor go id grades; uommondull at a decUm
of .fie from lest week; r?ceip*s MM head; ship
menu 1.27ahead; shipment* to New York Satur
day and Sunday 70 cars. Hogs dull and slow
Philadelphia* *4 78a4iBi; York.w W 8<k4 80
passer*$4 40a4 63; receipt* M.0 head; shipment
U00 bead; shipments flatorday and fcundtr t
New York 40 ears. Sheep actlre and a shade be
ter than lattweek; reoelpts 5,00.head; shipment
jioo head.
4 SO; noeipti 1,4I& tuu; ihlpmnlili 191 bwd.
CjJfCMHAn, 0? August 81.?Cotton nominal
mtrtdllhs lffkn.
Louisiana State Lottery.
foe Tleketi or hirUnr lnJonnAtton ol the ibtn
Lottery addnsB.
J. a. WILBOK. Oorlnfton, Kj?
or H. T. c\rtkr, wiadtor, Out. Quad*.
" ? ? ># "?< ? **!** u *\g
&to. g. Jttftl k ?0.
: GEO. E.
I & co. I
f 5
4 .
> '
We have placed on a Special X
; Counter our entire stock 01
Remnants and Short Lengths d
! of Black and Colored .j
Dress Goods. I
As we desire to close them
out at once we shall offer them at JJ
Parasols, Coaching
Sun Umbrellas!
1114 MAIN ST.
Market St. Entrance, Through Geo. I? .
Durnt'n Confectionery. ^
<6. Jttcnrtcl :$c (Co.
The ChMpeil and Heat Article lu the World
for the Enjoyment of Fre?h Air.
Hammock Chair,'
Strong, Durable and Light j
__________ I
, The White Mountain Hammock Chair dlflbra
from all other stationary or reclining cbairs In ~
; that It I* better, stronger and simpler, la adapted I
to thehouao, Jawn, porch or camp, and la chuck '
full of quiet comfort and bloraea rent, la far an'
perior to the Hammrck iu evoty way, and can be
put up ao aa to be alvraya in be shade.
i By Its peculiar construction It la balanced in all C
positions, requiring no faateninga to keep 1* In
' place. Tho foot rest can be quickly and caally ad,
justed to anit the shorte?t or tallest persons The
, scat la made of strong canvas, fitting perfectly the
eutlre length. without oiawinc the clothing tightr
ly around the body, thua making it much cooler
f than a hammock: wliilo the annoyance of catch.
lng buttons, tearing down the ladica' hair, or in
, auy way diaplaylng the limbs la avoided.
16. MENDEL & CO., >
1184 Main Street. n
; icig
; (Camlg fflanufajctoca.
100 Boxes Fine Rodi Oranges* a
100 Boxes Messina Lemons. ,
_ - _ - I
: !Xicliolas Scliiilas,
. gtnwbtnfl.giag&Stcawgttttng ]
; 1418 Market Street.
1 Mr Heating and Ventilating of Publio Bulidinn
' Dwellings and JTictorles a Specialty.
; aaa? I
[ G-as and Hteam Fitter
i Jnxt ncdTod,?lot of Cbccter'i Patent Adjutebit
?ned?l itteotlon tlrm to JobblM. mil (
rucnoAL FLvrantB,
Gw and Steam Fitter*, j
* AH work dona pranpUr at naaowble ptUm,
======== 1
t XX PBINTiyGniytlyand promptly VUMtm
r>r. .J. JE. (SMITH,
No. 14041'hapllnn Street,
Mow Fourteenth BtroeL
The best eridenos of a physician's iuoce? Is tho
MClmonj of his patients. Ths incrtasiM d*
aanda for myprofs^nal services more that Imti
lealt honorably and fairly with (bote who hap
omul tad ma. I new qm a pattsoVi name .with*
ot penatadon, thooxb I haye many bundiM tm*
Ifloivmbm ihOM trtwtn I tort quad tto
caroU poatible, audi frankly fire Ute pausnt ay
Home Proof.
Kidney and Liter Diseases and Rheumatism.?
offered terribly?1"Nothing seemed to help me;
ould not set out of bed. Dr. Smith cured me."
ZKP1L PHILLIPS, Wheeling, W. Va..
Catarrh, Polypus of Nose, Impaired Voice.?8 uisrod
for years; patout medicine failed to help me.
ir. Smith oompfetely cured me."
Of Speidel & Co., Wheelius, W. Va.
Dyspepsia and Ulcerated Stomach.?"Treatment
>r year* failed to give uiu relief. Dr. Smith cured
je." THOMAS HOLT, Insuwnco AgenL
Pita?Had them for fourteen yean. Dr. Smith ;
ured me." LOUIS F. WASHINGTON. 1
Scrofula Running Sores ou Howl.?"My aou was ,
Sllcted for fourteen year*. Nothing seemed to
elp him. Dr. Smith cured him.' <
Market Street, Wheeling, W. Va
Cancer.?'''Suffered for year* with Cancer. Had It (
at out three timca U returned after cach owsra- ,
on. Dr. Smith cured me without kuUe, caustic or
ain." Mas. H. M. ORUUTT. \
Piles,-Fistula of Anna-Plat on my beck for IS .
eeis. Reported dying. Dr. Smith cured me
lthout knife in lite weeks. (
Wholesale Grocer, Main St., Wheeling, W.ya
Ulcerations of Rectum, Prolapsus and Piles.? \
Wss given up to die ana pronounced incnrable.
OmllkmiHiH niawllhnnf Iftllh "
Rev. II. 0. Ladd write#:?"Dr. Smith's profesoual
BerrioM in my family have been moat satlaictory.
aud I commend him to all u a gentleman
id a akltlful physician."
lira. Margaret Kolk says: "I had been Buffering
ir seven years and treated by many physicians for
rspepela. Dr. 8mlth said I had a tape worm, and
t eight hours removed a monster 109 feet long."
Female Complaints.?Three yuan In hospitals lor
malea, give mo peculiar advantages lu such cases.
Persons cured of catarrh, diseases of heart, liver,
omach, kidneys, skin, blood, nervous affections
id weaknesses of men and youth, scrofula and
ithma testify to my sucoess.
Pile* cured without the knife.
Patients at a distance may be treated by letter and
tlsfactlon guaranteed. A chart for sclf-examinain
sent on receipt of two throe-cent stamps, and
I rice returned free.
Uousultatlon nt office free. Office hours from 9 a
to 7 r. m., daily. Call on or add raw.
No. 1404 ChapUne Bt, Wheeling, W. Va.
Better Than An Insurance Policy.
*hnlni-n Aniirinto '
iarrhea, Dysentery, [,
Flux, CJiolic,
Cramping Pains, i
Cholera Morbus '
ind Cholera,
It has saved many lives
Tied by many riijaltians. 1
No. 1208 Main Street. >
anl* Trhia
III ICaraflGundGI?2to4th^T
Mill Ask your druggist for it. *
1 |sonttoanya(I(Irefi8for$1.50 <
111 mi ynnR ufr nn, spriMfieM. 0. j
k&r '
A fuvnnie prescription of one of the m?m 1
* noted and mcceuuil * ecialut* in the U S.
iow retired) tor the care of Xervnnm DHiJIlty, ?
Uanhixut. XVciiknvM and Urcuy. Sent <
I plain Killed envelope Free. Druggist* can (III it.
Iddrata DR. WARD A CO.. Louisiana. Mo.
insurance (Companies.
omca Mo. ii Twbjth Stuot.
Capital. - ~ 0100,000
J. F PACLL. Vice President
ALFRED PAULL, 8ccretary.
a H. SENBENEY, City Agent >
Insures all kind* of property at reasonable rates.
OmcM-^o. 1ZV Msln Street '
APXTAL. 1100,000 00 ,
Does a general Eire Insurance Business. Farm
ropcrty, and Dwelling Zlmuea and oontcnti la- '
ued lor three or fire yean. \
onuMnoiw. ]
Henry Bcbmnlbacb, Alex. Langhlln,
Jobn P. Campbell, W. H. Eobliwon,
Oavld Gutman, Ben). Fisher.
J. V. L. RODGSRB, Beoretarr. lytt
or wBXUJie, w. ta.,
APITAL 4100,000 ]
Insure* Against loca or damago by fire and light '
Ing all cIrmcs of desirable property, also Injure*
irgota on the Western waters.
, X. Vanoe. President, M. Bellly, Vice President. ]
, L. Stroehieln, Boo 'y, Ja P. Adams, Asa't Sec.
DiaiOTOai. I
!f. Vance, H. RoUly, L C. Btliel, .
, H. Hobbs, a W. Franzhelm.
gluaneial. >
0aptt1t* ,176.000.
fU. A. Tnn f....,., ??????????
J*. B. Simpsok I Vloo-Pruldent
Drtfti oo XncUnd, InlAsd, FnaoeantlQcnaaay.
Wm. A. belt, Win. B. Simpson.
J. A. Mllller, John E. BoSiocd,
K. M. Atkinson. Victor Bownbuiy.
Henry Bpcycr,
mtn F. P. JXPSOtt, OMbtor.
OAWTAT> .^4300,880.
. r. yaitol... j^ldcnt
aim lkthkwt vk?-Prwld?it
J. H. Vinos.' B. Horkhelmez.
H, lAngtiii? w. EWncham.
U 8. Dolapimln, A. W. Kaller.
John Frow,
Drafts laraed on England, ItoUnd, Bootland and
a polnti la Karopt. jnrrfj s jrnneH cmnh^.
atul &vt fllattrlal*.
Portraits or General Grant,
Jwry flno* rU?20i34 inches. Port paid for tl 50.
eu8 X.-L. Ktoou, Agent,
in:: , v. L V ,
5 pollution,
i wro^^to^JPLY19M^ Tmtna
MVMbUf (lillllll
Tlm??which la K mlaatai ilowtr than WhMUag
WhedlB^""?M WW j9&| |1W
If lilt' JMMDWiiiihwiw'iiwiii. VlvV4 iJWi #511
latUQdfTlllOiiMmM J||g ||SI jj{?
nOOiOfiiiHiMiiimiiiHiMMiiiHMUHHi Ii07 4:67! litis
R?w KtrtmirUlt I? l|u 'll*a
Uniu. l!84 lis 11:11
BI.Ujt.TlUa, 140 5:40 1:M
Friendly vMatamerM)...........~.. 9KB 6:53 9:06
BLMujt. 9:95 tM 9:10
Wliliamitowu (Marietta)... .... 10:30 7:10 6:20
Ptikenbnrg. W. Va. ....... 1OM 7:*&l
BBS NI aoPut
Pin.| com.
Leave?P*rkcnbun.-...~ 6KX 8:80 6:'<5
Arrivo-WilllamktowmMart'tta) 6:80 4:08 7:80
SLMarye 7:16 4:60 9:25
Pritndiy (Matamoraf). 7:*? 3:2* 11:00 Vffeg
UitmnQ* ~ ?. 8.-00 5:40 lias
3ardl? 8:16 5:58 12KT7
New Martinsville 8:25 6:08 12:80
Proctor 8:4V 6:26 laa 91
I'larlngton 8:85 6:87 1:48 . ?S
UonnainrlUe. 9:46 7:90 8:96 ..{
Ben wood -...- 10:06 7:40 4:16
tybeellpf- ~ ?10:201 8:061 4:40
PuMenger train* daily iwniniHiy Sunday. Ao?
?mmodation tralni ram dally except Sunday.
Ticket Agent, Wheeling, W. VA,
IjAa Wf WW r ) ^S^gaa-t
gfTr.1yyrr^fg "M ' ' ? H' *W^WE
Conden*ed time-table of pa?Mnfer tela* oof
eotcd to MAY 24.1886^Centnd Standard Time.
sir awd nortn to rmuuBOH and clxvelahd.
A'IA,M' IA* "* I r* " f* *
Jellalre... 6:00 8:aol 10.-9w" 8^6 4JO
Irldjreport. 6:ia 8:83 10:8a 8:86 4:48
i?a'tm1i Ferry- 6:2(H 8;41 10:d 8:48 4:U M
irililant 5:54 8:18 11:11 4:15 5:27 ^3
itenbenrille. 6:1M 9:86 11:28 4:88 6:41
toronto 6:2W 9:56 U:4rJ 4:61 6:08 r ?
icCoy'i. 6:89 10:06! 11:55 5:00 6:19 \
fellow rrcek 6:Bo| 10:lf[ 12:061 8:1j 6:91
Ydltrltw. 7:231 io.-aw 53w 6:5? 7.DB
Cut LlferpouL. 7?612:4* 6:08 7:20 fl
tocbwter 8:20 1:85 6:60
illeaheuy- 9:10.....-J 2:2W 7:88 . SSjH
Ittebunch.- 9:201 1 2:*o| 7:46
ir.x. I j "
dliance - 8:25 12:45^ 8:6d $
tawnna. 9:0b 1:4W 4:48 -.. ?' >
ludaoD 9:81 2:18 6:07...? ..
lewburg - 10:14 2:56 5:44?..
loreland 10:45) 8:201 6:16|.~......
A.M. A.If. A.X.|r.M. Ml.
lel alre..- .1 5:00 8:20 10:2tJ 8:26 4:80
Iridjreport - 6:12 8:83 10:32 8:86 4:48 ;;
larUuVPerry- 5:20 8:41 10:40 8:43 4:61
P.* VrS
'ellow Creek 6:60 10:16 12:061 5:12 63i/ t
i'ellivllle - 7:i5 10:8C 12:20! 5:M| 7n?
r. *.
avard - 7:67 12:18 8:26 . . _
Klanco 8:25 12:50 StflOL. <39
'anion 9:43 1:85 5:00L? ?jj
Uaalllon 10:08 1:56 6:18.? . 5 SI
r *. I aaa
ranrteld 12:01 4OU 7:40.......
ratline 12:2ft 6:25 8:10.......
J ma - 2:81 ...(MM. 10:60.........
ort Wayne 4:06 12:40]
blcago 8:80| 6:OOU......
All trains daily except Sunday.
Tralna li avIhi/ Bridrenort at 8:12 a. m. (5:47 dlT
me) artvM at\'hl aj^at 8:R0 p. in. name day.
lnuns leave Cleveland for Wheeling at 8:00 a. m.,
?p.m.,^rrlrlcf 1m.SgtUgm.
Passenger Agent, Wheeling, W. Va. |
Gen. Fan end Ticket Agent, Pittsburgh, Pa.
WM. A. BALL WIN, Manager. w.
I LOUIS RAILROAD?Pan Handle Route.
EwMSSmaBiacaOiwawiK --m
Time table for East and West corrected to May 1
L1885. Trains leave Pan Handle station, toot cfi ;
Seventh direct, near public landing, as follows, j
eutral Standard time:
Pitts. East Fast PacT ]
rrxTioas. Eip'n Exp'1 Kxp's Rxp's s. ^1
k. u. P.M. P.M. P.M.
eave?Whwlfng- 6:50 23:45 8:85 |4B *?2
.rriT&?Wellabiiig..~........ 7:28 1:26 4:14 8:40
teutonvihe ? 8:00 2:00 6:20 9:08
Ittabuigh 9:S5 8:80 6:10 i
A.M. A.M.
Tarrlaburg 1:10 1:10 2:86 :a
laltlmore 6:25 5:2^ !i
Washington 6:40 6:?\ .
'bllodolphla. 4:2ft ifi6 6:86 ..? (M
lew York 7:00 7:00 8:00..
r.u P.M. P.M.
loston 8:00 8:00 8:8S(WWM?
ooiko WIST.
Pac. iDenn West Xo*
stations. Exp'H Kxp'i Wall, c'm'n
P. M. P. M. A. M. P. M.
/**re?Wheeling 8K* 8:85 6:50 12:48 H
l rrlvo?Steuben vtlle.? 9:0b 63 8:06 2:00 .1
fcdiz - 7:10 12:06 4'JO 33
teanisuu ... 10:4tf 7:'J0 9:80 4M
iewatk - 12:40 11:16 i-M
P. M. 3 ffffl
tolumbus. 1:46|......... 12:86 8:00
<eavo?Columbus 8:40 ......... 12:66 ......... . .. ,r&
Irrlvo-Dayton - 6:10 .................. ......... .. 9a
;lueiuuail 6:101 4:45 , ^
ndianapolis 7:ffi).....?.. 10:80 . 'iie
P.M. A.M.
It. Louis ~ 2:0w Z:S9? Hi
Iblcagq. 6:80)....^.. 7:80|.^^?
All trains dallv except Sunday.
Pullman's Palace Drawing Room and 81oepbif
iws through without change from Bteubcnvlll BgaBj
iast to Philadelphia and New York. West to Ool . rJ
imbUH. Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, Indianap* i
?lls and Bt. Louis. , i
For through tickets, baggago checks, sleeping
ar RtcoinmmlftUous, and any further information !
ipply to JOHN O. TOMLINSON, Ticket Agout at . ffl
'an Haudlo Station, foot of Elcvouth street, or at W
Jlty Tickot Office, under McLurcH ou^Wboellog,
Manager, Columbus, lihio.
Gon'l Pass, and Ticket Agent, Pittsburgh. Pa.
ltlt g] U? eg^rridtaji
On and after MAY 8.1885, passenger trains will
nn ow f,.Ihiu-s?WhccliiiL' time:
No. b6. No. 1 Moal gjfl
IHT BOOKD. Local. No.87 Dally Wo.83 Dailf
Leave? A.If. P.M. A.*. A.*. F.*. J
Wheeling 6:86 4:10 6:40 8:lt 6:80
Bcllalre.!.... 6*5 6:Q
tfannlngUm... 7:80.........-,p
Arrives at f. if. f. *.
Jralton 4:00 i... 11:06 1:10 10:18
P.M. A.M.
2umberland~ ? 2:10 7:00 2:10
Muhlngton City- 6j?...^ >
Baltimore 7:80|....~~. 1:86
No 8ft. 83 ftn'l 87 ?top at all Station!
No. 21 No. 4 No. 6
wkit bocmd. No. 14 No. 12 Dailr Daily Dally
Lcavo? A. M. p. M A.M. P.M. P. Mi
Wheeling 3:40 ?:I6 7:60 1031
BellKlre ..... 8:10 4:16 10:06 8:27 U:00 H
Arrive at p.*. a.M.
Eancevilla 11:20 7:00 12:18 10:10 lUO . 9
Newark 1:20 10:60 2:00
Jolumbu* ? 2:40 11:66 1:10
Cincinnati ? 7:26 7:60
Janduaky.. .. 6:80 1:68
P. M.
[ndlanapolls.... 11:00 7:06 4:48
A. X. P.M.
itLoul* ... I'M 6:46 Oft J
A. M. CM
'hicago.. .... 8:40 9:001 7:26 Sfl
P. K.
Can*** City AM 8J0| 8:00 . .irji
Mound?vlllo accommodation leaves Wheeling at
11:3^ *. m.. and arrive* at Hoondsrlllo at 1208 p. h
m. dally exceptSunday.
Mannlngtou accommodation at 4:10p. m.
ZanoKvllle accommodation leave* wheeling ;
7:88a.m. and 3:40 p.m. Bellalre at8:10a.m.)
1:18 n, m.. dally except Sunday.
10:26 p. m. train through to Cincinnati without
change, with B.AO. Sleeper through to ClnclnnatL a
B. a O. Sleeping Cars on all throuah train*. 0
Through Coach from Wheeling to Cincinnati on
No. 2, leaving Wheeling at 0:18 a. m., arriving at
(Jiadanitl at 6:60 a m.
Close connection* are made let all point* South
and Routhwiwt, North and Northwest making thil
a dralrable route lor colonUta and person* moving .,
to the great West. and to whom particular attention
Is given.
Ticket* to all principal points on ale at Depot.
Sleeping car accommodation! can be secured at
Depot TtcVct Office.
T |08 C. BPKKE, Ticket Agent 5.4 O. Depot.
JOHN T. I.ANE, Trnv. Passenger Agent.
It T. PgVftfKB. General Agent, Wheeling.
On and alter J UNB 71.1885, paMenger train* will
For Pltuburgh?4:40 a. m., l:K> p. m. dally} 7:46
a. m., ?:* p. to., dully except Runday.
For Wajhinfton?6:0S p. m., dally exeept Sunday.
From Pittibtirfh?Urn a. a.. 6:06 p. m., dally
except SaadMr; 10:15p. daliy: 9Mm.a. dally.
From WohInfton-9:06a.m.,dally: 11Ma. m? -S
?M p m., ditly except Buudar; 10:16 p. m., dally. - i
C. K. LORD, (ieueraJ PtMoxurer Agent
JB. DCNUA.M,'icntral 8up't.
J. T. LAlfl, Trar. Pm Art. WhwHnx. . %
B. JUTixrorT a D. XMunoit,
8nnl. OID. fetatonilK)!' BpwbL
OMmIs enln.Jto^to^Prorliloci, CUM |j

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