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jtahlttg govstet,
Absolutely Pure.
Tbl? ponder never tariff. A marvel of purltj
utrongth and wholeaomeneta. More vconomica
than tlie ordinary kind*, and cannot he sold 1j
competition with tbo multitude of low teat, ah or
wei? t alum nr pboipbato powder*. Sold only f
. cant. Koyal Baking Fowokk Co.. 106 Wall street
w. v iv*
Oca, SI. Suoo'k Sc (Co.
A beautiful line of Plain
and Fancy SDK velvets m
all the new colors and effects.
A good quality of
Silk Velvet at ?i per yard.
All Colors of Novelty
Cloths and Tricots for Ladies'
Tailor Suits just
ioo Pairs of the celebrated
Canonsburg Wool
Blankets in Scarlet and
White, just received. It
will pay to buy now, as
prices were never lower.
We are in daily receipt
of f>Icw Fall Goods, all of
which, having been bought
at rock bottom prices, we
are enabled to sell the
same way.
U1U luain rau
fjlewliant guilovs,
r 1st?To avoid Uie annoyance o! buttoning c
tyourcufla. '
id.?To regulate tlio lrngtb of your cuff by mo
line it tip or cown, and ftuttnlng It to the aUt
9j youribuUleeve.
3d.?Tl?e convenlcnc? o! taking off your cuff
putting It on without bandlip*!..
4th,?Now, would you do without It for 25 cent
Ho extra rihanre for Moulds Cream*. au\2
. ;: gcixtislfiy.
ICOo Market Street.
OWccHonra-O a. m. toi p. ir.,gtoftr. m. Iy8
&h Mdtymw.
otttau: Aon, SO HUd 347 J-'oartcauth 8tre?it.
Now AdvortlaonienU.
For Kent?Furuhhol lioom.
if, Wanted?Furnlahed From Room.
4lll)W(UIUt IU WltUMM
i iiwaucUouou Piano?Mrs. Hutchlus.
I T.M. Garvin?Attorney and Counsellor at Law
L . The "Garden Spot" Din* store.
Kor Silo-Cider Barrela-lmlah Warren & Co.
Music, Drawing and Filiating
Vine UlAttwarc?Effing iho*
To ihu Mcdlcal I'mtowlou.
Farm Kor Baio?On Chap luo Hill.
Fresh Arrival of Fail Overcoats?D. Gundlin
A Co.
llanos Tuned and Beralrcl?Baumer'i.
Mums?Gw. K. MoMechutt A Boh.
Notice Woman's ForeljfU Miiulonaiy (Society.
lit Hull's Cough Syrup.
Uniod Concert uadiJail?Fourth rssc.
SILVER FL.VTtl'l Knife, Fork am
ttooiw fur School Set.
To make room Tor our Incoming Fal
/ Stock wo Hbnil offer our entire stock o
Spring und summer Saltings at greatl
reduced prlecn. 0. IU.SS At SONS.
Thermometer Keoord.
The following allows the ranee of th
thermometer u observed at Schnopf
drug (tore, 1218 Market stmt. Monday
7 a. K.104?i 12 75?; 3 r. u., 81?; 7 r. u,
WiamsaTos, SapL 1.?1 a. k.?Fo
the Ohio Valley and' Tennessee, fai
weather, stationary temperature, north
urly winds.
for the Lower Lake region, light loco
rains, followed by fair weather; north
west winds; alight fall in temperature.
Th. JLeadbuajr Optulog.
Charley Shay's Acadomy of Mnaic I
gettinfa general overhauling. The paint
era, carpenters and scenic artiita are bua;
geUlnw things reaiiy for tho openini
night, ''Monday, September 7th, ant
when finished tho Academy will be a gen
of a theatre. New scenery is being paint
ed by Thomas Follls, of Philadelphia. ne?
properties are being made by Kiwan
Kenny, of Cincinnati, and Kentfrow'i
Musical Comedy Company, the "Jollj
Pathfinders," will be the opening attrac
tion. It is a tine one, and should play tot
1 artra tPflflk'R htulnCfiS.
Paucaimoxa carefully compounded tl
tfao llardun Spot Drug Htorc, comer Zme
atroet and Broadway at all houra.
^ I f'M.i
Giu?n;OvrT*a?oi!r Limco thlt even'
l0,,er 61111 ?'
.'i* . ...
MaiUri oC Minor Mount in ud Abrtnt tho
| Tub town is fall ol distinguished visitors. I
I'nitkd Statu Court meet at 10 a. m.
to-day. a
Th* North Wheeling; Glass Works
started up yesterday.
Tub St. VlairBville Inir is held this week,
commencing Wednesday.
Tiie river was falling last evening with
a depth in the channel of 7 feet 10 inches.
Okkicbk Watson left for the country f
ypHterday to si^nd a two weeks' vacation. ]
A hkati.n'g and dancing carnival is an- t
nounced for the North End rink next Friday
night. .
A quantity of oak lumber was received
yesterday for a new floor in the Atlantic f
engine house. t
Tiituii is soma talk of turning the roll- I
ing mill at Moundsville into a sheet mill i
and starting it. J
I'kter Bohlky denies that he is a can* !
didate for Lieutenant of Tolice. He would 1
not accept the position.
Geobok Kile, colored, was fined $1 and ,
ooeta by Sqnire Arkle Iaat evening for profane
langnago to his wife.
Charles SxiTir and Kdward Kin?, two
~?li U^rnn lirirkl'iVAr* of tlllS CttV, leavej
won nuuin. ?? J .
for Weston this morning to work there,
j The German Rifle Club went to Bellaire
0 and shot another match with the [ieder<
krantt Scheutrenverein yesterday aftsr"
The month with an R having once more
arrived tho superstitious sharp will again
eat his oysters with a feeling of perfect so*
- ccrity.
Tub new polico court room in the City
Hall basement is almost ready for use. 11
will be a decided improvement on the old
fone when done.
Letters addrefaed to the following
1 named persons remain unciainwd-at the
postollice: John Cain, Miss Birdie Clinton
and Frank L. Hunt.
Co>st/iile8 Lovesnd Laurel in arretted
another member of the East Wheeling
ul)irty Dczon" gaag last night and locked
him up. He is charged with being a
melon stealer.
Tub spccial committee of Council
charged,with fitting the new City Building,
advertises /or bids far restoring all
I the walls Land ceilings Jof the inJp;iorin|
I the nouth wiua by kaUoming, etc. |
Harry Lacy's popular company, wblch
gave "The Planter's Wife" to pleased audiences
here last season, will be the attraction
at the Opera Ifo#se next weekFair
week. Two n#?w pis yn will be given in
addition to "The Planter's Wife."
A 6unJ1 lower carnival is to be held at
. the Chap] ine street rink Thursday evon1
in^. A splendid orchestra has been socured
for tbis occasion, aud no pains will
be spared by the maus?#{gent to mske the
event a pleasant and enjoyable one,
Tab VaUeblatt came out yesterday as an
evening instead of a morning paper, and it
will continue to bo sjjeh. Mr* Lepper. the
editor and publisher, believes thatfs An
evening paper it will tuit mo# of blareAden
and enable him to give more satisfactory
news reports.
Tiii Andw arrived from Cincinnati
I about 10 o'clcck last evening with a good
trip. She will leavo for that point at 3
I n'rWk this afternoon. 8he is a first class
boat in every particular and deserving of
patronage,for she al ways gi\ essatisfaction.
Capt. GWlitf Mulileman is in command.
Tub Armstrong, Coeji & Co, planing
mill was not withdrawn Saturday. It
was not put up until late in the evening,
when it was cried for a lew minutes at a
bid of $12,000, aud the sale then adjourned
until inext Saturday, when both the
planing mill property and the Armstrong
I residence will be sold.
Cleric Hpok yesterday admitted to record,
a. deed made August 31 by Thomas H.
- Clark and wife to Andy and Caroline
Heirailler, in consideration of 2$50.for lot
- 2 in squaro 7 in Churchill s addition.
> Also a ueed made August 28 by Nancy B.
Porter to Joseph B. Chambers, in consid?n
oration oi $1 and a covenant for raalntonT.
ance and support, for 2111 acres, more or
o/ less, on Little Wheeling creek} .
m Tuk Longfellow Literary Society at its
regular meeting last evening displayed a
?' great amount of talent that needs only exercise,
such as' it will receive in the society,
to bring this organization to the front
as ona of the leading literary societies of
the vicinity, and will give a reputation to
the city for literary attainments such as it
has not enjoyed for som? time. There
were several applications for membership
olTercd last evening.
- Strangers in tli? City and Wheeling Folka
Rev. J. B. Reed, of Fairmont, was in the
city yesterday.
I). B. Brooks and wife, of Calhoun
county, are in the city.
Mr. Arthur Sinsel, the well-known B. A
0. official, of Grafton, was among his
_ numerous Wheeling frienda yesterday.
Governor E. W. Wilson arrived from
_ Charleston yesterday, lie is here for the
purpose of watching the C. & 0. cases in
? tho District Court.
Misses Mary and Ella Farls returned
last evening from an extended visit to
Newburg, Preston county. While thero
they killed a four-foot rattle snake.
Bradford DunhAm, General Manager of
the B. & 0. railroad, passed through the
city in his private car yesterday afternoon
, for Parkersburg via the Ohio River road.
Mrs. J. T. McNamara and three chil=
dren, and Mrs. Du Ross 0'Bryan and three
= children, of Los Vegas, N. M., were at the
McLure yesterdav. The ladies ara hero
for tho purposo of entering thoir children
as students at Mt. de Chantal.
The following prominent West Virginia
'. people who attended the prize fight returned
home last evening; Governor E.
W. Wilson, Hon. C. P. 8oyder, Congress
man jrom too imru Komcri'SNJuuai uiatrict;
W. K. Chilton, ex-Prosecuting At_
torney of Kanawha county; Ed. A. Boone,
merchant tailor at Charleston ;-Ar~J. McDevltt
anil William H- Fisher, of Charleston.?
Cincinnati ?n<jutr<*.
Tim W*?t Liberty School.
Tho West Liberty Normal School opens
1 on Wednesday, September ). The claims
of the school upon the public are strong,
and. tho facilities it offers for a liberal
education at home should be widely availed
of. I'rct. J. A. Cox, the principal,
. with a competent corps of assistant*, lias
. conducted the school ably and satisfactor'
ly in the past, and tlionld be encour'
aged by more liberal patronaga to
renewed efforts to fill the sphere of usefulness
which such a school must find in
this vicinity. Hosidenta ol this section
" should take that pride in their home fn7
stitution evinced by tbooe who liva near
: the other normal icbools of the State,
' and lend Uicir aid to enhance its influence
and power for good.
r TUey com* to U. 8. Court.
r Judgei John Brannon, of Weston, arrived
" In the city laat evening and registered at
tho Stamm Honof. Ho I> hero for the
> purpose of attending the United States
District Court.whlch commences a term
here to-day. The late defeated candidate
for Congressional honors is looking well
and reports tho prospects in Lewis county
9 aa favorable as can bo expected in view of
* the severe drought that that county has
I experienced this aeaaon.
I Judge John 8. Jackson, District Attor1
ney General W. H. H. Filck and U. 8.
> Marahal Columbus Sehon havo all arri
nn.l anil will nnan (Via fVn.i I? i
??.'u wiu n?" U|'"" knuMtfc.n vvuit iu i
' proper shape at the Custom House this i
1 morning. They are all quartered at tho I
1 McLoro. 1
r ?' j
Skatiho Carnival to-night at the Al- |
i bambra Palace Klnlt. Mayer's band will
make the music.
Gbakd Oystu 8ocr Luncu this oven- i
i ing at Gavin's New Place, at lower end of i
Filth Ward Market. <
PuscBimoxs carefully compounded at I
[ the Gardon Spot Drug Store, comer Zano <
street and Broadway, at all boqn. 1
i mi" ' "itm "" " .i i
nJ I ha Elton W1U Start Up Thli More Id c.
The Oibar Seven Factories Still Serosa to
Concede lha Worker*' Demand*.
A U'f Jubilee Over tlie ltlver.
For tho past nine months all tho glass
actories of Bellaire, Martin's Ferry and
Bridgeport have been idle on account of a
lisagreoment between the manufacturers
ind their workmen. The lockout lias
jeen tho most stubborn and disastrous to
ill the interests of these three towns of all
hat ever occurreUT"This morning the
3rst work will bo dono in any of these
.'.ictories, tho Elson Glass Company, of
Martin's Ferry, having entered into an
igreeuient last evening with its workmen
by which.work will bo resumed in its factory
at 7 o'clock this morning. Everybody
was jubilant whep this news became
public, except the ownera of the factories,
who accused the Kaon managers of
treachery to their fellow manufacturers
The general p iblic, however, had nothing
but praise Ijr Mr. l^BDn, and he was
serenaded gqij a general jubilee indulged
ma TKUM8.
On 8uuday evening Local Glass workers'
Union, No. 15, of Martin's Ferry, held a
meeting to take action upon a proposition
submitted by Mr. J/Jlson. Ttis t?as voted
down. Ou Monday morning Mr. tolBon
went to tho Factory Committee and asked
that tho workmen nut in writing the
tcrnm upon which they were wilting to go
to woik. fbji they did, and these terms
were submitted to tne oillcers of the 0 jini.any
last evening, and accepted. Capt <
KJ. Mulilemiii, secretary of tne Company
signed the paper, and the men were notlii?l
to ri pgrt Ijr duty at 7 a. m. to-day.
Th-j Company Uy eisnjjigjhii p.ipor, accept*
l'msbuigli prices and iW move
system of paying wages. The Factory
Committee is recognised, and the proposed
Arbitration Committee is done away
These terms sere tgHfjed by Local
Union No. 15, anil a committee Ft once
left for BttHaiip, wliere a meeting of Local
Union No. IU was caded, and it also rati(je4
fhe "CtiJO.
LKLCHk-lTIKO Till! fll'BAX.
Martin's Ferry went wild with rejoicing
ovor the prorpe.'t oi better times. The
suspension has been severo to every business
interest ther?, and the starling of the
Eipqn. which employs about 300 men and
boys, }8 tfip Ijrat bright streak in a very
dark sky,
A brum band was brought uui, and a
crowd paraded the streets, the band play*
in# lively airs, the men shouting and
cheering and the women singing. They
ytyited Mr.' Elson's residence and serenaded
hiaj. All evening notlisng was
heard but praifco of bis action in "breaking
the strike." Whether tliis action will
rg$i]lt in the starting up of the other
factorial is dcjjblful. Tho manufacturers
held a meeting at Jijlfaij-e last evening
and resolved to stand firm iu their former
tJjrfBU to Oaro?Altiff utom of Treaob*
*n, etp,
Tj the Editor of the hUdlxuaieii.
Sir: Stockholders in glassworks were
notified by placard in Bellaire yesterday,
that "unless they started their works,
they must ab;<J? the consequences." Had
the authors of these placards lutprvjewed
stockholders and used the same language,
they would have been informed that ss
they had received nothing from their in|
vestments in factories operating under t Jje
"Wheeling system" for the lafet tive years,
porhaps a settlement with ineurance com*
nantea would bo desirable, as they could
tiion "wind up biistneot" find enter other
fluids. This point would h'avp beef) intenui/jtd
by a Ft [croupe to the fact that a factory
not engaged i? tl)P so-called "lockout,"
bnt operating under the ''Wheeling
system," with olj>ht competing factories
out of the market, did not pa; the semiannual
dividend in July, an occurrence
hitherto unprecedented. However, no
One believes that this placard emanated
from tiK Dror):mcn, for surdy they are too
wise to wish to "kill tl;e goose which lays
the golden erg."
Next cuines the well authenticated rumor
that tho Elaon company has made
terms with tho men anil will resume tomorrow
morning. To the mauufaptures
this information is most astonishing.
When t|ie manufacturer,! on tho Ohio
side determined to ask for a change of
system they entered into atfllomneomract
that neither one would resume work, except
with the concent of two-third] of
those engaged in the movement. At that
time the KUon was tiie most extreme as
to what should be asked from our workmeo,
and it became necessary for '.he
other factories to "sit down" on them, so
raab and unreasonable were they in their
demands. Again, t)ip cnnlcfenca in
December they took a pcsitTon so far bet
yond reason that no one expected the
workmen to agree.
J.ater on.thoy declared in thostreots their
determination to destroy fho union, and
one of the party repeatedly declared that
"he conld r.uvor die happy till ho had destroyed
the union." Tiim they parne to
the manufacturers' asweiation and asked
tor permission 10 iignt rneir lurnace, saying
thpy pojjld get workmen from abroad
who were willing to work on the 'Tittsburgh
system." Later they begged trym
the association a resolution more extremo
than any that h d been thought of. claiming
that tbey had engaged ''acab" work?
men from Rochester and must bo supported.
Only yesterday they asserted that
they had men ongaged who would come
prepared to defend themselves?whatever
that may mean. And now they have made
terms, without consulting pioeo to whom
they had pledged their sapred honor (9)
that they would not resume until they
were permitted to "do to by thoir associates
in this movement. The queries are,
will the directors and stockholders of the
J4Uon Glass Company sustain men who
so readily ^roye recreant to their pledges?
and does it not seem pwhable that the
Boycotter was about right in heaping
opprobrium nnd ridicule upon certain of
the officials in that company? The results
will bo that manufacturers nnd dealers
all over the country will hold their
nofltti wh^n a certain concern is named,
and that just reasonable demands
will not be abandoned, even il tkoru $ro
traitors in the camp. A Stockholdeb.
Wheeling, Auyutt '31.
T?:e tfoii'lractopl;*,
There was little now* in the local nail
niiiifltion vpflturdav. The number of ma
otjluoa in operation in soveral of tlie factories
ni increased. and the manufacturers
claimed that the situation ? encouraging
lrom theirstandpoint. Tlie n*ii:
-ra were emwarsiieU by nova favorable to
their aid* iron? other poioie, The air was
fnll'ot rumors, but none of them shuwej
much foundation when traced to the
jourco. _____
A Triumph tor the Nailer*,
Secretary Chew, ot the United Nailers,
yesterday received the fallowing diapatch i
Tkura Haute, August 31.
il. U.CIuw.
Feeders all oat; mill Is closed to-day j
will write yon.
This means that the effort to operate
the Terra Haute nail mill with feeders in
sharge has proven a failure. Tho Terra
Haute Erpreu confirms this report, saying
that tno feeders all decided Saturday
that they wonld not return to work yeetentoy.
Tli? Iruaton Mills,
The Ironton Remitter says: The all abnrblng
topic of conversation is tlie nail
sill controversy. At Kelly mill, 52 machines
are running, and the product is
ibout 400 kegs a day. At the Belfont,
Ills moraine, about 20 machines are In
>Deration. On Tuesday, tho company
irougbt nlno nailers here bom Chatta
nooga. They vera landed at the office
iloor. A little tile ration occurred between
Mattux, one of the new arrival*,
and Cox, formerly a feeder at the Kelly .
mill, in which blows were exchanged.
Eye witnesses tell the story eo diii'.-rt litlv
that it is almost impossible to tell just A
what occurred. Some say Cox struck
tlmt and some that Mattux struck first.
Oox was arrested and will have an examination
to day, when the truth will como
The new arrivals quartered at the Delfont
mill last night. This morning three
are reported gone, leaving six on duty. B
. o
Against Two Youo? Minor Criminal si
Vlitbb Y<tat?rd?jr. v
Q. 8. Wallace, said to bo one of the Q
Wallace brothers who figured in the lynch*
ing episode in WeUal county several years ^
ago, was arrested yesterday by Constable v
Stamp on a warrant iassed by Bqnire Pe- fi
terman, on complaint of a countryman
named Knight, on a charge of abducting I
a female child for immoral purposes. He .
was committed to jail to await a hearing 1
Friday next. The story told by Mr. *
Knight is t)jat Wellape bt*rted ffdm the J
campmeeting at Gaston's orchard to take J:
Knight's daughter home, but instcal of 11
taking bt?r home, brought her to town and J
stopped all night at a Market Square ho- 1
tel. Knight was very angry, and tried to a
agjault Wallace in the Squire's office. J!
Frank IfMlpy, son of a well-known {
miner of List Wheeling, was arrested J
yesterday by Constable Lauchlin, on 4 f
f *rrant issued by Squire Aikle. ly&sley J
is uha?ged wjtft pomplipity ji) the outrage J
upon Lola Mas jn in Jaly, on tu?[renlu- *
aula, when alio wasassaulted by live men. j|
His hearing takes place to-day. *
Mr. Dilbrugge, boadsraan of Andy ?
IJerit, who is chaired with robbery, ves- *
terday gave turn Iftro uutUfdy', ' '
Flora Lewis, the landlady of a home on J
Sixteenth street, who nas nnt.nn ~
* charge of keeping a houoe of ill-fame, "
wa| yesterday surrendered by her bonds- J
man, William Poravtlie. A rnsu who 1
claimed to be hor lather, and who gave '
his name as MisOtimmina, desired to take c
?? In?? flKift ?a V>o?- hnma ho until
His story was tWicuiod f>y tho authorities.
Flora is in jail.
A Ulft'ltOW
In the Eighth W*ra i.<Mt Nighf-Omccr
ISrlukmuun Uied Up,
Shortly after midnight lust night a
regular riot wa? started on the commons
south of the LaBelle mill. W hat the flght
was about is not known. Thore
was a crowd of participants and spectators,
however, variously estimated at
from fifteen to 'twenty. The fighting
was of tjje h^mmej jjruJ ton*B qrdef, accompanied
by the most frightful profanity.
The racket attracted tlie attention of Ottlcer
Brinkman, who started in to quell it
but with poor success Ho was knocked
down and thumped once or twice in
a vigorous manner. Rfgiining his
feet he pulled his gun and ilred
two of three c}?ot$ into the crowd, and
then had his revolve* kriqbiijd qutqf hw
hnnd and way uirain downed. Getting
o^t ot (be (crimDin lie reached the J
E'ghth ward boae house and telephoned
for aid. Officer Buam at
once dispatched Oflicera Wilkle and
Croaghan and notltied the South .
Side men to be on tho lookout for the riot- ,
en. Eriukman lost his hst and revolver, '
and hail o^e ftii'b'uri, BO thai liewalir*"'
with difficulty. Iteacliihj tho l/|(hth
ward thooiiictrs ijuiitijty.l i (eaich (of tho
flghten, and one of the Ulattncr boys was
locked up.
Ha Wa? Not an Applicant. <
To the Bailor of the InteUiQtnccr. '
Sir:?i never made applicatiou for the
position of Ganger, and was not an applicant
for said position aa stated in your issue
of to-day. lam at a lost to know 1
where your reporter got such jnfQrmation. {
I made application in writing for a clerkship
in the Rovenuo Department, and
have given the matter no cosideration j
had no petition, letter of endorsement,
never saw Mr. McGraw and would not !
know the gpn^lonjan should J meet liim :
on ?he 6treet; would not hqve aucepteii
tl^e appointment of Gauger had it been '
tendered to me without any solicitation 1
or application. It a l, mi Ahklk,
Wheeling, Avgutidl. j
The Hlaert' Si Jo. '
To the Editor of the InUUioencer.
Sir:?In a card over the signature oi r.
I?. .j^iraberly published ia fco-day'a Int|5luubkcku
he intimates that bis sole object
in tho wholesale reductions which ho is
now making in wages for mining ia to re
Sain his lost trade. Now I want to see
ow far the facts bear oUt tbip assertion.
In 1883 he paid Q$$ cents per car for win- <
ing, his selling price then being nine
(jents for clean ana 81 cents for mixed coal j
per busljel, delivered", ftince that time he
reduced the miner* first to (}0, then to 55, ,
and now to about 40 cents per car, and
yet he ha9 only reduced the selling pries
one cent per bushel, delivered. 1 submit <
these facta to the public for their decision.
A Miner, i
Wheelingt Augutl 31.
Skating Carnival 'to-night at the Alhambra
Palace liink. Mayer's band will ,
make the music. J
Qbanp qpe.vj.Nq at Gavin's Ptyoe,
cornor oiTwenty-tpird and Market streets, '
thia evening. '
SU^te Fulr, (]<iltm)t)us, Qhto. {
On August 31, September 1, 3,3 and 4, <
the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & St. Louis
Kailroad Company will sell excursion ,
ticketsfppoJnmlMjs, Q..Rt the rote of SHO c
for the round trip. Trains leaye Wheeling
at 7:25 a. city time, arriving at
Columbus at ]2:35r. M?1 s20 p. i|., arriving
at Columbus at 8 p. w.and at 8 :40 i\
m., arriving at Columbus at 1:45 a. m.
Don't forget to call and see Gavin in his *
New Place, this ovening; oysters will be
seped in first ptyfe I
?? rri =rrr <
An Important Dlncovery.
The most important Discovery it that (
which brtmn the moat good to tho greatest
number. Dr. King's Now Discovery for t
Consumption, Coughs and Colds, will
presorvo the health and savo life, and is a
priceless boon to tho afflicted. Not only f
does ii positively cure Consumption, but
Coughs, Colds,lJroiicliitis,4stlinia,l(oanse- "
neas, and all affections of tlio Throat,
Uuest and Lungs, yield at onco to its won- v
drug store. . uwpdv 1
Aanoe im Moinan. j.
Are 700 disturbed at night and broken ,
ol your rest by a sick child suffering and ,
crying with pain of catting teeth t tin. ,
setldft once 4ud get * Iiotfle ql ifa. Win- 1
Blow's 8oothing Syrup for Children Teeth- ?
ing. Its value is incalculable. It Till re- ''
lieve the poor little eufforor immediately. 0
Depend upon It mothers, there Is no mis- 11
taKo aiiOHt i*. IV ;3?ts dysentery and *
dlarrhtea, regulates the stomsch and bow- p
els, cures wind colic, softens the gums, re- a
duco< InSttijpiatloas, and gives tone and 0
energy to &e whole smew. Mm. Winslew's
Soothing Syrup lot Children TeethIngls
pleasant to the taste, and is the pre- f
acrtptuip ?[ <?ue of the oldest and best (e- 1
male nunta and physioUm In (he United
gtatffl. and id lor Bide by til dxanRlflts
throughout the world. Rise 26 cents a "
bottle. nwsaw *
f"M <rr
Vtrroql nanuiuiua aren
Ton are allowed a free trial o( thirty days I*
ol tho use ol Dr. Bye's Celebrated Voltaic a
Belt with Electric Suspensory Appliances,
tor the speedy relief and permanent cure
ol nervous debility, loas of Vitality and h
Manhood, and all kindred troubles. Also, n
for many other diaeases. Complota reiteration
to health, vigor and manhood guaranteed.
No risk U incurred. Illustrated ii
pamphlet, with full information, terms, f
etc., mailed free by addressing Voltaic Belt
Co., Marshall, Mich. inrnw
??? ? p
Colombo*, Ohio, State Fair.
The Baltimore A Ohio will nellexcursion
tickets on Angnst 31 and September S
I, 8, S and 4, for $4 40 round trip. w
nd An .Honorable, DUtlnguUbcd, I7??ful F
Carver Com a* toa8odd?nKud-A ltarard ol
of High Aclilivement* lu HclouceaxU W
Litters, nud Public Herrloe. h
Dr. Eugonius A. HJldreth, one of the J
lost prominent physicians and citizens U
(Wheeling, was taken suddenly ill Sunay
morning, and his symptoms grow
teadily worae until yesterday afternoon, f?
:hen lie died. Dr. Uildrolh'a death re- it
jovefl from Wheeling's professional and *r
ublic circles a central figure, aud he will J
a sadly mlsse I and sincerely mourned by a w
ride circle of associates, patients and a
riends. He was sixty-four yearn of ago, ti
icking a few days, and for over forty j-,
ears led an active and urn ful life in E(
Wheeling, whore ho was horn September v
3, 1S21. llis father, E?jkicl llildreth, a
/n_s q man of high scholastic attainments
nd a granite of Harvard. Hi.i mother was j]
he daughter of Jonathan fcano, oue of a;
iu ninnwip hrnlhiiM a ll i f.Htiiilxil llio i.
ity. Dr. iliidreth conpletrd h'a educa- ?
ion at Kenyon College, Gaiubicr, Ohio, h
ail in is III began the study of medicine c,
,'ith Dr. Towusend, of this city, and con- 8(
inued it undor Or- T. 8l)otwc|l, also a
iking two coucsej of lectures at the Obio f,
Judical College, at Cincinnati, graduating ?
tiers in 1844. lie obtained tlyj Rn'x;iut- 0
Mot thai year ,",a mMosi phyelcUu of r>
be bomineruiai Hoiplul and Insane Asy- j,
ain, in that city, by a competitive exam- |,
nation, and held it ono year. In 1845 be 0
pencil an ofllce in this city for (ho ^rac- e
ice of bit) nm'owiatii and hail been In con- a
ibudui practice here since. Ho was a u
iiembar of both the Wheeling and Ohio tl
V?m>W State Medical Society j,
nd tiie American Aswmtioo. aau wa? B:
'rcjhHt of tho gonntySoiiely in 1675.
le was also mode an honorary memljjr ol p
ho California State Medical Society. and R
if tho Victoria Institute, of Great Britain, s
Mo was one of the Directors oi the (.
iVest Virginia State Hospital for the In- \
iane at its arganiz ition, in 131H, aud of ?
.he Puf.itenU^ry at Moumtovilio front 18(iS j,
tolte Ho had also, held many positions
of the highest honor, among liners (
.hat ol a member of tho Beard ol Ex- j<
iminers of Surgeons Keeking appoint- y
incuts in the arm)', and fjf years until (
rery recently one of tbe pension exami- c
oera bore. He was for many successive ii
terms a leading member of the Board ol s
Education, and served satitf Mtorily as its (
fresident in 1S78 9. He was an active v
[riend of edncition, and an intelligent 1
ldvocnto of alt itq intert-jt?. ' ?
Asa tfriter; Dr. Hildrotn acquired con- a
liderably more than local repute. His c
lonlributioDa to the proceedings of the C
National and State Medical Societies were ?
specially valuable. He was a minute ob- ?
lerver of atmospheric, meteoric and a
iliiuactic phenomena, and his writings on f
:hia and kindred lines were pefqljarly in- o
creating and useful, tfunn year? ago he t
iccothpauietf a party oi physicians over
the It-icky mountains, and wrote gn in. t
tereptipg eericu of letter* for the Intblli t
jEsoEKon the trip. He waaa frequent
?nd valned contributor to tho I-ntkujoks- t
:xb, his writings taking a wide range, but r
belne uniformly both instructive ftp-,', v
it" 'possessed, with his other talents, a 11
mechanical turn which stood him in good 0
service in preparing surgical appliances u
and the liku, and nad invented several g
Improvements of value. 3
Or. iiildreth was married in 1851 to Su- t
aan McMechan, who, with their live children,
survives him. The children are a
Messrs. Ben, Frank and Eugene Iiildreth, a
Mrs. W. S. Brady and tyisa pora. for a a
man of his peculiarly high mental ao- \
ijujrements and intellectual tastes ho was r
notably successful in worldly affairs, and c
leaves a comfortable competence to his c
family. In addition to his good practice, c
lie had investments in steamboats, in the f
Commercial Bank, of which he was a di- ']
rector, and in other directions. Few citi- 2
Bens of Wheeling have filled so large a $
part or left ou record so long and so hon-r f
arable apareerof usefalotw to theirleljow
men. \
A meeting of physicians will bo held at 1
the Public Library thisevening at 8oclock, n
:o take auitablo action on jDr. Hildrefch'a c
The funeral will. tako placo Thursday 1
forenoon, and services will be held at ??, t
MathewB Church. " c
llll 8orU of Now* rucI Gonip from tlio Glati I
City. c
^ child of William fjeslou died yester- J
lay. ]
John flynn is able to walk qbout towu f
*sain, a
The Niagara Falls exclusion lata got back c
pesterday. 1
D. Colbert is moving into his new resi- *
lence on the hill.
B. F. Cockayne ia moving into tho new ?
store room of Mr. Wassman. t
James B. ftyan, the bamocratio caudi- r
late fot* Treasuter, was here ycaterday. j
A. P. Tollman, cashier of tho First Na- i
.ional Bank, is back from a westorn tiip 1
)f some weeks. 4 ?
A child of Jfamcs Duffy, of the Fourth
?rard, was lying at the point ol death yesterday,
from typhoid fever.
John Gil martin a diatyrbance D
Sunday night on guernsey street, and was
)nly arrested with some difliculty.
Tho change of time Sunday on tho Ralt|. S
nore <fc Ohio ra|lrQ?\d. m^de very little v
li^eren^e in passenger trains here.
pitlsent op Thirty-eighth street are
ilmost unanimous in opposing the laying ?
it present of a sewer on that street. 1
A bridae will be built on tho hillside
vest of rink's orchard, over Gulch run,
or the new road being opened there, ?
William nat^o^ta and James Boyers ?
irought to town yeatorday a drove Qf g
taiue w> snip 10 me ^asiJjiu.eriy niarget. ?
4 watch puddle r did cmlto a good jucding
business yesterday, which shows J
hat Eome people in Bellaire still have :
noro money than tlicy need. '
Mr. Lou. Merti.wbo wasthought to have ,
omplctely recovered from his attacks of
icmorrhage, was again prqstratod Sunday _
;nd is now in a very critical condition.
Under the now arrangement on the .
Neveland Jt rittsburuh railroad, Cant. ,
lavid Vftilijni; and William Shillilo ran "
egnUrly an tbo Pittsburgh accamiuodaion
trains, /
With the best stage of water ever ^
noun in a melon season, the rivor water
aelons are so dear here that eastern
aelons brought by rait <jro sticceosfnl ?
t* (b tk.. _
4* la m?iAin?iu nugiuii iuu uiu&ci ?
neeting will take place in the afternoon '
r evening of September 0. Arrangements
will bo made for trains to return
isitora if it be in the evening. The Ii2iub|ioan
ward committeemen and others A
til called to meet at James Tollman's "
llicotbis evening.
ftiMim OwiNisa at Gavin's Place,
orner of Twenty-third and Market streets, <
his evening.
J>npcm jtiosh carefully compounded at
he (iuden Spot Drag Store, corner Xsno
treet and Broadway, at all houro.
Don't forget to call and see Gavin at his tl
lew Place, this evening; oysters will bo jj
erred in first c>W9 stylo. u
Skating Oabmvai. to-night at the Al- '!
arnbra Palace Kink. Mayer's band wlU ?i
lake the mnslp,
Guano Oyster Sour Loxoit this evenis
at Gavin's New place, at lower end of
'ifth Ward Market Tri
steamer Diarnal Is tho Farkenborg I
aoket, leaving at 11 a. x. i
Don't forget to call and see Gavin at his 4
lew Place, this evening; oysters will In i
srved In fintolais style, 4
- TH* STAteFAlH.
Ins Froap?oU for Nut Ifiik'i Big Kxhl
bit loo.
A well attended meeting of the Board
I Directon of the West Virginia State
air Association was bold on tlie grounds
[ the association yesterday afternoon. It
as the last general meeting that will he
bid before the opening ottlw fifth annual
ilr, which tabes placo next Monday, anil
large amount of work already done was
ppruved and thoremalning work ordered
> ha done at once.
'l'ho Directors, notwithstanding the cry
[ hard times, are very much elated .over
10 projects for the success of the coming
ilr. All the indications are favorable and
i U conflienUy expected that its success
1 every respect will eclipse that of lost
ear; and tins is saying a good deal, for it
ill be remembered that last year's fair
'as thelnrgeat, both ir> the way of attend
nee and exhibits, over belt) In thin secon
of tbe country anil pleased and
rought uus Uvorablo oornment from
irflnuom ?* well si homo people. The (.iorahle
etfVct proJurail hy last year's fair
innot {ail to result in good to this year's.
Neither Washington county, Pa., nor
Irooke county, this State, aro holding
ny (airs this year, and the people of thaso
walltius will not only be exhibitors at
ext week's fair, hut they will attend in
ir?e numbmfr lte;orts from tbo
auntry fairs that have been held in this
action' are to the ftCsct that the atteudnce
has been very light, as the people
sel that they cannot afford to attend
lore than one fair this year, and that
oe Is going to be the Wheeling lair. THe
illroatls have displayed a cotn?ond?b!o
atcrest in the big h1>ow, and by ottering
>w rates nnit psovitiing for tbe tunning
j epeuiol excursion trains aro offering
very encouragement to people to spend
n enjoyablo day, cheaply, and with pleas,
re and profit to thenvn^JM. Vast year
he railroads bjouijbt over ?,CO0 people
:VM ,ui' *"* JULQ y*1 ,u?y wiu UO
The tare is something that not only the
?ople ol Wheeling but those ol the Stat#
t large should feel an interest ii\. It la n
i.ate affair, and aa such l^ialta live years'
xistenco WOQ a>, enviable reputation.
i0 v {aire were ever held that excelled the
no held hero last year, and as stated boore
this year's is bound to excol that,
Thfl fjued entries cloaa ())l? evening.
Iharlie Hose it) jp (Mumbiis to-day, and
! expeotpd to send on a big baieb. List
ear he secured nearly aixty horsoa at
lolumbus. The stock exhibits entries
lose Friday evening next. Tin display
a all departments is going to tax the asociatlon'a
accommodations to the utmost,
'attle aro coming from t'Ahio, Fennsylania,
Eastern Virginia and Maryland.
:i|e poultry display will bo very exteniye.
Already over 800 fowls are entered,
nd in Order to |Mvlde the 900 teet of
oop benches required the southeast angle
if the main building has been rooted over
rith canvas aid the coops located there.
Iheds have been built for all the hone
talis, an accomnjoils*ticm tU?t wlli be very
pehly appreciated by the horsemen. All
if the stables, stalls, pens and all the
gildings have been put in first class coalition,
and aw only wanting the applicaion
of tho whitewash brush to make
bom entirely complete.
All the space in the main hall hia been
aken. This year's display* will be more
eflned p,ni', attractive' than ever. Five
uusto'houses have space, so that there
"'.I be no lack oi mUBlc. In machinery
tall thero will be the usual interesting
xhibit. The %k|ra will he on hand as
iiiual, but no wneeia ot toriunu or ouur
[ambling for money such as formed a
lisagrceable feature of last year's fair will
le allowed.
The big aquarium will b9 stocked with
ibout 200 fish and with its growing plants
ind ferns will prove as attractive a feature
s formerly* It was sleeked' about two
reeks acu.iiut at tbe same time the river
cse and the water became muddy and
lily and a number of the fish died. Then
ine got into the overflow pipe ana the
iqqarium overflowing several of the fish
lopped over on tbe rocks and were killed.
Chen one of the glasses broke and of the
100 liah first put in qnlj two were left
iliye (tr,<l go it was that it bacamo nectary
to restock it,
This year's oommltteee while smaller,
rill he composed of experts in each class,
rho second crop of grass is now being cut
ind the grounds eleaned up ai.d put in
Secretary and Gapera! Manager Georgo
look bar, been indefatigable in his efforts
o mtike the Fair a grand success, and if
inything should go wrong, which is not
>robable, it will not be his fault. Minis*
ers of tbe gospel will be furnished corn>limeutAries
tty mnUnjj'apuh cation to him;
ilao memberaot the press from outside the
:ity. In this connection it must be oald
hat the Fairmont I I'M i'i>j'tt""> in its
Qst issue contained a very uniair critilistn
upon the {loard. charging it with
idvertising only in Democrat c papers
lutslde of tho city. This is not ao; tbe
3oard has advertised in papers where it
vas thought tho most good could be done,
ind an examination of Utfi Met of papers
hows that th(i dlvlsiuu between Repubicqu
and ueroocratio papers is just about
iven. The Hoard, however, did not for a
noment consider the politics of the paters.
The Board looks to the public lor
ts patronage, not fa any political party.
Phi) JFf?i tyjmian, it so happened, did
tot'receive an advertisement.
Skatixo Cabsivai. to-night at tho Allatnbra
Palace Kink. Mayer's band will
atut-u uiu music.
U. Si, Q.
Cheap excursion to Pittsburgh every
\\nvUy. P>ound trip only $150. Social
ast tuain leaven at 4:10 a. m., city time.
Ghakd Opkniso at Gavin's Place,
ornerof Twenty-third and Market streets,
bis evening.
ThouftamU a?>t
Mr. T. \V. Atkins, Girard, Kan., writes;
I never hesitate to recommend your
electric Bitters to my customers, they
ivo entire wtWfftctfon and are rapid sollra."
Electric Bitters are the purest and
ost medicine known and will positively
ure Kidney and Liver complaints. Purify
ho blood and regulate the bowels. No
unily can aflord to be without them,
'hey will save hundreds o( dollars in dock's
bills Qvory year- Sold at lUty cents
Ixittlb by teun <fc Co. mwimw
Sew gulqcvmcmtntt.
Oat tho Kntional Rood, bojlnulnjr
Vctlnesday Evening, September 2,
mumo oy wo upera ucu?e oann.
^-Reymatin'a and Klagaia Falls Boor on Up.
H ?r? Invited. >opl
It can be glv*n In a onp oI ooffbe or tea without
10 knowiodfroo' the ptnju taking it. in absolutely
irtnleu, anu will effect a permanent and apeeriy
in whero the patient l**mod<uate drinker or
i alcoholic wrwie. It baa been given in thouAda
of cuaee, and In evory inatnr.ue a perfect euro
u followed IT NKVXR FAIW. The system
joe impregnated with tho Hp^olflo if, becomoa an
iter Impossibility (or the liquor appetite to exist.
GOLDEN SPECIFIC CO., Prop'rs, Cincinnati, O.
For sale by _ ^ .LOOAHAOO..
Druggists, W he-ling, w. Va.
Gall or write (or circular! and loll particulars,
JLtO SEWafes
A. CAE,3D TO :
To tlio ladles and (ieutlcuion and Xj X
Fnfotiraffcd by boine palronl* J by the largest
Viae of anuwomoii lu thin ilty, 1 ahall thta year tr
by giflug them nonjetblug now. a Vint-ouua P*m
Itcsnrved Scats, 35c. Dress Cii
Matinees, Hcsfvved Seats 25c.
As arc charged at tho family Tlieitrea In New 1
not jeo why our people thould wjr anymore for th(
wiilj landing the o \E*\ LOW ritlUKH, I nave bo<
tloui In the country, both Opera. Dramatic and Hit
GOc, TCc ami J5?l OO
A gcnllem*v can now lake hi* hWb Saxnlly lor
ticket. Hut I nuit roct-lt* your I'beral pitrouafo
hou?cicnu rdudcr It rcuinnerAttTe. Nothing nhtll
re of the mat rdlnM and n*p?cUible character. i
done or Mid to oflond tho mmt fauidlnu*. The rep
aranivul In the paat, ?h?U bo a goaran'to for the m
1 ho l'eople'a Ob
^ a*ai
State gal* JXallets.
gTATE FA lit N011CE.
All pononawho hnrcsp-icc in tho buildingsand
PVtvllW* o.' tho jtrouuds ant rtqu'red la have
their exUlblu and privileges prcpued 1>y Monday,
Bcyiemocr 7. at 10 u clock k. u. To avoid oontu?<
:on wo dcslro everything readjr tlio U?t day oi
thy Fa r. OKUlUiK HOOK.
f.u31 8ee?c*ry.
To tlie Exhibitors In llio Ladles' Textile
suil Art Departments.
Mra A. W. Kelly and Mrs Bobttt White, Superintendent*
oi the Eighth Department, will Lo on
I'm li rounds "Ihumday, Friday and Saturday, 8c?I?rob^r3d,
4th mid 5 h. tor the pur pose ol receiving
and entcrirg all artiil'ntobj exhibited in thai
depar meat No atticl* for competition will be
eatjrel after Saturday, Scomber ft, in this derailment
utonus HOOK,
aull P*crwtanr.
gspoaittou and State gate.
Tho Graud Re union of the People of tho Ohio
Valley and Lower Lake Keglon at the Ureal
?hl.h ?lll !?, t,?H .1 WHRW-IVn w.va
SEPTEMBER 7, 8, 9,16,11 * 12,1885.
The Grandest Display of Horses, Cattle, 8bc?p,
Swine, i'oultry, Proau-.tj of the Farm Workshop,
and Fireside ever exhibited In the Ohio Valley or
Lower Luke Itcglon.
10 Great Kara with 80 Horses, all first-class
Trotters, Pacers and Runner*, engaged on th?
Finest Ilalf-Mllo Race Track In the United State*.
Tbo Large KxpwUou, Machinery. Floral and
Horticultural Halt, with their grand displays of
Art Textile Fabrics, M*rhino;y. Ka^o and Beautiful
Flowers, Aqu<trlum witn MO Llvo Fish, Product*
of the Farm, ac., wtU be worth the oast ol
the trip lo see.
HpeelRi fuVaiueraents for reJcced fase and spe
claj trains ou all nulroids.
pood entries clow fe-ptnmhpr). at 13 A. u.
Live Stock entries ole* 4. at 9 p. m.
Address Seavtwy wr Pjcmlun List or lu'ormatlon.
A H&YMANN, President.
M. RK1LLY, Pies't pro torn.
uPORQIC PO-'K. ftwisry.
Sterne a'aelijcts.
Po'kor.jjiinr. I'twerur, GilUpolii, lira-,
ir^itun, H,'nllu?U)ii.F<irUmoulh.Havii-e^T?^Ft?
viilc, Cincinnati and Louisville. the ju
elogAnt passenger skaww
I ANDk8.,.,,^. Cius. Munuaua, Com'r,
Makt F. Noll, Clerk,
! will leave for above i?oJn soul u'sd<y. September L
a* 8 o'oiot-k p m. hwowngeri and freight receipted
through to all points West and South.
For freight or pattingo apply on buard #r to
an31 KRANK BtMiTH. Agent
ncv and splendid pwseugur btflamer
Captain, T. J. Fundi. Cleric, T, j. if astin,
Will leave Whetling for Pj\;Ver?burc nud all way
points on Mondays, W*tnevda)s nud Fridays at U
a.m.: returning, kave Ptt'kersburg ou Tuosdajs,
Thuwdays biid Saturdays at5 x. m.
For freight or piiuage apply on beard or to
au'24 FRAr?K Booth. Agent
-{- 185S ^ 1885 - THE
r4?-CD-8-a 1
; weekly ;
\ PER /
FllEW, CAMI'llELL A IIART, I'rop'n.
All kind*-both who o and ground, at
R. n. LIST'S, 1010 Main ritrcct.
ffrlglit'M Handkerchief Extracts,
Colgate'* Toilet soaps, at
, 1010 SIAIS BTRSEr.
No. 1318 MARKET ST.
[any Ft lends:
rBMBER 7,1 wks.
and moat fMhi"n?bto atjdlciicc* ercriocn in?n,
jr U?e*c?lmy prevlnm fcffmtt \n pinto \<*v. *?'
lljr Th'tttro tt tho?c very lor prion: '
rele, 25c. Gallery, 15e.
Dress Circle, 15c. linllory, 10c.
fork, Philadelphia, Boatnn. nnJ n*h?r ?m~. .
sir amuMtm-n's than they "clo 1 ?i2'
oked, aa-1 ktuli produce weekly, \h? luuUri/,-^,
utrels, many of which you have paid
to 800 Elsewhere.
' lea money than ho ba*_p?ld before for a iin*t?
to ?upport mo In this uudertAkluc. Only ufz
be lackiux on in* part. Krerr |*r orniauc?.
utd produwd in the Ii3t itylo. Nvthlajrsltallttl
utatlou of the Acadciny of MuUe, uud? ?y ?,.?
lure. a'
edletU Serrant,
with lis ui wK^iiitr, tii jet if n,.,, ,MU
ontraiu. Apply (BUNION KKWB UO..M liK? ;
"Oiw _ .air :
EKAL noumjworc lu a family of itue*
Mun come well ^commended. Aptly at ms
Clmpllmutreet. mi.-7
All penotu indebted to Armstrong, Cocn A Co.,
both rid aud new Aran, and to th Monitor Towboat
and Lumber Company, are hcrebv reflated to
call ut once at the oflloj, corner of lYnUi aud Mulct
atreota, and male payment, then by
coats. T804.0'HRIKN,
auftl *fl-iuv
dealt <1 Proposals will be rccclvcd aUhcCUy
Clerk h ofllco up to ft o'clock r Medmvday.
September 2, latf. for Cleaning, Bcpa!riri|j and
Atabasterlng the Walla and Ctlniiifc <n the t.juth
halt of the Public huildlDK tfiHyltlcaUcn* tan
be h?u a* the < Ity Cletk'a ottica. ihe couimliuo
icwrvts the riKht to reject any or nil bid*
au81 Ch?irman Tom- on l"iii||- Hui'iUngp.
go* &*nt.
t>nnMfi trnR rpvt urnmv
K ' * v" 1 >i ixu i'V/AnU.
i? at fltt Main atreet '
brook'i Block. Aprir to W, V. Hixsra ;
BRO., 1800 Market street :
Room over tlic Main Mrm enln&cc t,?
JftlQGB liotoi. KoquIro.it 31'. J AMIS lloricu
Bxaia Rroa* with dwulHwr vt&chcd.
luxes Dwillwq, No. 87 moeutb Eire*.
HevenU Single Room Knqulruol
' l?o. 7, CuiVjiij litmm,
Telephone A-UML
goc .gale. "
The nu Olivet Dairy.
A rare chanca to cot * n?od bu*iaca (hew.
Good slock. Old wo'l eHiibluhc*! mule. for fur?
tlitr lnioruiatloa Inquire of
anftl ar.M.?r>.tKttfft,
The Bealdennft No. 1C8 on Rcv?itwnth Utret,
owued and formerly occupied by Je late Mr ivur
85 OCO City of Wheeling lloud*, Kioo of lw, ami
a Bulldinj Lot oil I bliluoiilh sirm
1'Mu.s. O'SHIWf.
>027 Tclephrwelft.
Tbo following Lota on Wheeling hlatul Wonglug
to the waw of tbo !a'e Wm: McJoy, vir.
Lot* Wo. M, 07 nnd 7! on Brcudtvay,
Lot* No KG and K> on York street.
Lo* No W, 100 and 101 on V Irgmln st'fcL
lots No. KM, 105,110and 111 o:i Huron n'rcot.
Low No. Vit, U0 and 1M? on Watouh fclmx.
Lot No 144 on Water* trceb
auifl W V. HOO K & liRQ., I 'd) M? /h i FL
4 Shares Commercial Br.uk.
90 fc lures Ben wood Nail MfU.
to Ubarua Junction Nail 3Ii>.
1 Share Brilliant Null Milk
15 Shares Bank of 01\W VaiW.
12 BhsrwR. W. Ky KaJ'.iond.
10 Sharta Wcll*l>?vg Ua? e'emrany.
1 UlWlN. huick Broker,
?024 Ko. '.M Tvrim. *t,
Engino, 10x24 l?fh cylinder; boiler, 21 frcil/r# J
lucbe*. villi one 15 intb line, all lit ?><*! cmif.
Will bo sold low to make room for more joncr.
Enquire at
Ten acrca of choioe high bottom latd. rix &1M
below Wheeling, on Ohio River und li. a O. R. B.
Improved by a subcUntlal brick bouse, 11 mostf.
kitchen ana outbuilding!, situated fu a pore ei
maple, sugar and poplar tro*. Abo, a good arl?(*
(Ion of fxult trcoa. Apply to
W. V. HOUR A BRO., 1.V0 Market St.
Or R. W. MORBOW. on tlm p??mlM?. mtl_
V.ln?>illl T?n?l Pxtain nn K W MfllM
/ourth and Market street*, In the City of Wfeecllof*
W. Ve. Lot 122 feet by CO /eel; now ooocpfad If
8. J. dlilxitx us u waguu and blackball!* shop.
_ Jyl4 law Market mwL.
The Fine Jtafrfdonce vow occupied by I*. Far?
desty, corner Twelfth and Eoff street*. Aho. U>?
dwelling adjoining and uumbcred 1136 hon strut.
Also, the tenement house at No. *j;tO .Market street*
arts na.vniiifirrft,
about 147 aciea. *ell watered and In
farming condition. There i? a new imme
on the place couttlning (our room*, kltchcn ??
cellar: also, oue small frame hoiife with i?<?
room*, good stabling and all neconary "utbiilMhim,
situated on the Valley GroveTuniplke. sboot
half mile from Valley Grove. Term* ? ?'}'. fi?r
further iuformatiou Inquircof or addrew> (itOIUil*
AKKLK, Kcal KMatu Agent. Notary Publle sad
Justice of the l eace, No. <2 Fourteenth strut.
Wheeling, W. V?.
" L
For Sale Cheap!
Good Old Kails For Me st 5110 per
one JMIon-e Power Tilt Engine in
first-class order.
One Large Two ITorw covered Truck
Wagon ami Heavy Drsucht Horw.
BnafUng, Hanger*. Pulleys,
Bash. 1-arge Oak Timber.
And Bunuddo tat ore*.
go* ?cnt aucl go? s;Uc.
foifrea t.
No. 1KB Jacob street, store-room nnd dwelling.
No SO Alley 16.
Two Koomr, No. 1014 KofT street.
Three Itooms, ?r?28 Main street.
No. *60 Markot street. (h
Threo Howes on south side ol T?ycriy kncbui
street, t ctwrt-u Market and Main starts
No. 986 Alley a
BO Aero Fannin Wetrol county. I trill ?? {r ,
0XC!1?1I?U lur UIJ iwmuiij. ... ,
M0 Acre Farm tfMtou, ?. V?., ?? " ?
rxcht n(o lor cltjr property, ?nJ wl" Jm"
''jo Acre Ftrrn on Bob?' Bun, 1*0 mll? ,r?a
'smifl1 Ulur^N"0- KH Fnuncin
No. 2119 Allor 0, > (lv? roomed Cotut" i
'BM'OW/homomiI D"111?'C0,*"';!1 ,UlA
ins io jirlcw from 11,MM to IS OU).

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