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& UnMli^mx:
<?0lc?s Sot. 25 anil 27 Fourtoculh Street,
tTTkici; will be few tears shed over tl
small onion crop.
W'kks cholera struck filthy Marseilh
it w?s in for a rich harvest. No city ca
aJbnl to tfo dirty.
At last the "youngest soldier" que
tiou ia settled in favor of an Ohio wai
Jt ba3 too much elasticity to stay settle*
Matinkk in the U. s. District Court bi
jrlus at 10 o'clock this morning. The ove;
turo will bo played by the State adminij
Tita I'rMideiit is on his way to Wasl
Mcooil'hiuid hash house
uroalrtaJy gorged in anticipation of lii
arrival. _ ___
Uksti v. *ks who nro waiting to giv
tliel'rcsident a whirl on'the Wheel in
ptttoflice are cordially invited topreaer
thmstlvea at tho White House not late
than Monday, September 7. Tiio bac
door is always open.
Vinoi.viA Kei'Uulicanh are pushing th
tariii issue. No State in the Union ha
more to expect fro in a protective tariff o
Ja? front a policv of free trade. Wtst Vii
jjinia is in a like case, but some of he
people don't realize it.
if?.WiL*PKK no Italian j'ournalist is to b
allowed to hold a government position
Allah bo praiaeJ, we arc not likely t
have any of that reform in tbiseouutrj
The postotlice will continue to be ran us
iianpleuient to the party newspaper.
Tiis Ohio Wool Growero' A&Bociatioi
declares that tho wool industry eanno
thrive withont the tariff of 18G7. Thi
means that the wool industry lias nothin
to expect from tho Democratic partj
which has its knife out for the tariff.
Tiik person who went to inform Senato
Morgan of the mishap to his sou, put i
this way: ''.Senator, I have bad nows fe
you. Your eou is drowned." There i
nothing like agentle breaking of sad new
Seme people do everything with the lei
tiiat ia a good thing on Secretar
Manainj, hut wo doubt whether ho saiii
"Grand Army be d?d." It is more probi
l)l?; that some one has drawn on a fertil
imagination. Fo expert a politician a
Mr. Manning is not likely to give himsel
atwy without sufficient canse.
Tumi) Auditou Williams endeavor*'
to b.* down hard on ex-Pension A gen
iSorriff, ol Philadelphia, and got up harde
with a pointer in bis duster. Instead c
Noma bein;? dtrelict he has shown tbn
tho Third Auditor was merely lookin
around for n little party capital.
I'aukkll has Bet the English press cm
with bis bcJd utterances. They Jinothat
though Ireland cannot achievo In
dependence by force of arms she is stron
enough to maintain a state of turmoil an<
unsettle the peace of the United King
dotn. They know that if the Irish wii
aland by Parneil England will be force
ti consult her own welfare by negotiatln
lot a treaty of peace.
Whk.v Archibald Forbes visited Oinclc
naliuti Iris lecturing tour tho towndi
not bow down as ono man to do him hoa
age. Hut he was shown some polite attor
lions, among ether things being kindly r<
ceived in Mr. Trobasco's elegant home.
In his new'book "Souvenirs" Forbe
gives Mr. Probasco and his art collectio:
a turning over. He declares that Mi
Probosco has " a basement crammed wit
the uttereat impostures, with slmm ol
china, sham Etruscan vases, shatn old mai
tew, and sham everything." Of his hof
he says, "Behold this awful rubbish
nnd listen to tho old hardware merchant'
wailing struggles with art mystories."
This is not very gracious treatment of
j?enti'.eraan who has in his home paintinf
and sculpture by mauy of tho most renowi
o 1 artists, Mhoroujhlyrepresentativo co
loctiuii of what is best in art. Forbes write
his criticising witli the lieel of troojier
boot. When lie Tiaits Cincinnati agai
lio is not likoiy to see tlia inside of a goi
Human's house. It caunot bo Uiat the Ei
lilish exiwct this Icinil of tiling of the;
tiono to m Monastery.
CuWA(io,Sopt. 3.?Mr. James C. Nesbit
late business manager of thu Current, n
ceivoil a telegram from Mr. E. L. Walt
man last Hunday requesting him to ine<
.Mr. Wukeman at a town in Northern Wi
eonsin. Mr. Kesbitt at once started ft
the town in question. Arriving there 1
metthu railway station by a Hon
Vine monk who raystorioualy handf
Jlr. A'eabitt a sealed package, and the
waved him away. The package confainc
a letter In Mr. Neabitt, and another to o
the euudoyes of tho Cunwl. In tl
former Mr. Wakiman explained that t
had retired to a monastery, where 1
,.,...1,1 ^ttUamlirht nf tho WOrl
? "III l\? ICUIOUI VfUV Ul IUU -rr^? W- ? - .. nutil
his spirits revived.
The Conrt of Alabama Claim*.
BcrliXotok, Iowa, Sept. 3.?Ia in ii
tcrview relative to the recent decision i
the Kirat Comptroller ol the Treasui
disallowing all the minor expenses ol tl
t.'jnrt ol Alabama Claims, Judge Harli
proij'lins Judge ol the conrt, holds th
the Comptroller'sdecision is not only
' indict with t'>e acts of Congress creatii
the conrt ami'inscribing itsdutief ai
with all precedent* In that and oih
courU, but that it will, if sustained, rest
in prolonging the work M the court ai
increasing the aggregate exp?oom.
Th* Oolon Crop.
NrnmnnKLD, Mass., Sept. 3?Reports
the New Kngland BomattaA lndica
that tlio onion crop of the country w
bo below the average in all but favon
sections, and prices promise to be mc
rcnnmeratlve than for two yeros pa
/ rowers will hold the crop from <10 cei
to one dollar per bushel. Tho crop
both, tn sets is only two-thirds of the avi
nic, b"n; ol tine quality. Onion seedli
itood crop Jioth In yield and quality.
llaak>b?*t(jrtip D?it?y?d.
^iuaixc, Sept." fl.-For nearly a w?
past Iroets have occurrt"!. nightly north
this city. At BtowWwsi the buckwhi
crop is rcjxvtej to Ve Mtity destroyed.
= Of tlio MamrilUi Author! irn in Krpml to
Flshtlng the Cholera-A United Stn??j*
CodmuI'm Hopiirt on tho Matter?Mall
>S Kobbera Xubbcd by ttiu Authorities
a 1 ' 1 i
Washington*, Sept. 3 ?Tho Secretary of 1
State has received a detailed report from
9* Consul Miuon in regard to the cholera at
J* Marseilles, lie comments on tho false '
policy of the authorities in endeavoring to 1
suppress the truth as to the existence of !
r_ the diBease and speaks of the earprise J
j. cauaed by the rude awakening on tho 14th ,
ult., when the community wau allocked by j
the announcement that An epodeiuic pre- I
l* vailed in their widat. Tha moat ele- J
:a mcnUiry principles of sanitary cleaulineau (
w are unknown in Marseilles. j
Tho gutters of the streets flow with the 1
veriest filth and the canals and aewets are t
e infected. On. tho eastern Bide of tho old I
g }K>it is one building which contain# 700 <
it inhabitants whoee exeicmomsare thrown <
ir intothereeej-eoaof tho stairway*}. Behind ?
, tho Mario is a school foryouug girls poison- \
* cdbvtho exhalations from tu* vault of
neighboring cloaeU', and aired only by *
windows opening u pon a dark closed court '
e which is a veritable Hink. ?
B From tho iirst lo the nineteenth of Au- 1
gust there were 7-1 riosrflw, or an avtrago )
of 38 per day. The diseaso lias also ap- \
" poared seriously in the suburbs of the c
r city. The malady has been la a relatively
more fatal ratio than last year to sailors
of vessels in the port, and has bean partic- i
0 ularly serious with seamen from Euglaud.
Tho disease manifesto its characteristic
' preference fur the dissipated, the insane r
o and the unclean. Tho present situation
r. aod tho record of the paa-, secondary epi- r
" domic3indicatothacthM8cour^o hasrtaeh- {.
ed its maximum fatality. J
tl ?c
Two Youth* wlici Khv? Itnlllml thr l'ofttufticb ^
Dcpnrlnient Arr?n?t?d. j
s Washington, Sept. 3.?Jnspicior Hen- n
g dorson, of the Poatoilice Department, has r
jost returned from North Carolina, where "
ho succeeded in causing the arrest of two j
mail robbers, who though mere lada, had
* by the neatness auii dexterity of their
operations, bullied the skill of the Iuspecr
tors a loug time. Since Jane 1 a number
H of complaints have .leached the Depart?'
ment that registered letters passing be"
tween .Salisbury and Albamarle, N. 0.,
have been riilad. These tovns are cony
nccted by a fc'car routo over which the
I, mails were carried by George. II. Eagle,
aged 17.
After a carefni examination the iuppeeie
ots concluded lhat Eagle v;is robbing the
s mails. Decoy letters containing marked
i money were placed in a register poach.
Upon Eagle's arrival at the end of the
route, the di cov letters were found to have
, been rifled and Eagle was promptly arrested
and searched. ??o money was found on i
't his person and the inspector was forced to
r release him for lack of eyidonco, though
f confident of hfs guilt. On tho night of
hi* discharge Eagle bought a honw and ,
lt ainappeared in tho pine woods. J
g Some timo afterward, while digging at f
tho bottom of a well on tho premises of v
one Armoud. tbo well-digger heard Jothro
y Arinond, a lad of 16 yoah, confess to hi* 8
father that he had tbo money st">Jep by s
Edffle. The father told his son to keep {
l" the money. Armoud has formerly carried c
g tho mail over tho same ronto. The dig- ^
j ger informed tbo inspectors of the facta and ,
Armond was arrested an4 the pi oofs of t
the criiuo secured. Eigio w*s arreted
'* yesterday in Kansas. It appears that t
d tho boys met in the woods and opeued J
? the pouches with home-maio tools. v
An old knife had boen converted into an c
exceedingly keen servicuablp gaw. With o
! Iii3 tool tho clasps of the pouuhcs yvere i
l" aevtred on one side, bent back with
d another inctrument and room tbusse- t
i- cured for tho insertion of .a hand iuto the t
pouch. The Utt^/f were skillfully openod, r
tlie money abstracted, qu?] with the uid of *
* a bottle of mucilage the entelopa neatly
sealed. Armond s?ema to have p>eii the
8 custodian of tho stolen funds. Inspector
Henderson sjiys this was one of the
cleverest device** far ivhbiog the mails he r
had ever discovered. 1
h c
j Mnny Culled, Snveu t'2iiia*i). J
}_ WASiiiMiro.v, September 3.?Tbo exam- \
(t ination of candidates for appointment as a
. cadets in the revenue marine has been 1
g concluded. Fourteen candidates passed, j
but as there are only seven vacancies, it 1
was decided to appoint the coven who at- j
a talmttl the highest averaged in tho exaini- t
nation. Tho names of too successful can- t
i. tliilateB are; John IS. Hull, of Virginia; 1
, 8tanleyil. liandroy, of fiuliaua; Preslon i
II. Uberrotb, of Pennsylvania; Jv'ijsworth
? P. Berthalf, of New York; Gordon H.
'b Wilcox, of Pennsylvania; Richard 0.
" * ?i i urnuam n v. .
n Ufisp, OI iiuir/iau\>, BUU n ,
j Jacobs, of Maryland.
1- Trau?ft?r ol U. S. li.nula. 1
ir Washington, D, 0s-pt. 3.?Tho j
acting Secretary of tho Treasury lias re- <]
icinded the order recently prepared by g
the Registrar in regard to the transfer of 1
t, U. S. bond?, which repaired w a pondi- 1
e. tion precedent to tho issue to any trustee, (f
executor, administrator, guardian, fa,
that the beneficiency shall bo named in '
-l the application and in the assignment of <
a- tho bonds. J
*+ *
>r Mnnnltiy'N Opluloi) of. tb? O. A. It. j
ie Albany, N. V.,Sept 3.-rJt is reported <
a' that duriug Manning's stay here he was
^ called upon by Postmaster O'Leary, The
I" magnate complimented the postmaster j
,11 upon his administration of affairs in the .
to otlice, and finally abrwpUy paid: "1 see t
16 you still have Z<>llman in the office. Why 1
|? is he not removed?" "Weil, ho's a pretty j
lu good man, and besides he'd a Grand Army J
man, and the order hijire requested his de- !
Itention." was air. v i/'myn rupxv. umnu
^rmy be damned/' Mr. Manning is ye- <
to have sententiously remarked. J
0f -'.Remove liim atonce, and put Mike Qor- |
m*n in his plac?\" Gorman is a practical
y politician, after Manning ovn beart.
ie ???, ?. i
in Hamilton County Republican CodtouUom.
at Cincinnati, Snpt. a.?The Republican
In County Convention reconvened at nearly
jg noon and has just completed the uowtnaid
tion of the ten candidates for Uepresontaer
tives in the General Aas??rabiy. Tho list
dt stands: Oliver Outcault, Jrred Jjiker, .
id Theo. F. Nieman, 11. Krockman, i{. 8.
Wydman, Dr. J. F. Bailey. Dr. T. W.
Graydon, Robert Uarlau'i Walter Ilartpence
and John K^gers.
UJ ?
iJntlfSt MoIItaIqm Uecllce*.
.jj CoLUUDUi, 0., September 3.?Judge G.
;il W. Mcllvaine, of the Hupremo Court, and
ire a candidate on tlie Republican ticket for
t re-election, has sent his declination to the
committee on account of ill health since
the nomination. A meeting Ku been
01 called for September 9th to fill the rn,
^ cancy.
President Cleveland'# NoreMist,
Pawner Horns, Adiiioxdacks, N. V.,
. SipL 3.?President Cleveland returned
b?re lul night. It ia exported that be
01 will remain until Saturday morning, whan
Mt he will leave for Albany and WaiiiBjton
vi? Platlabnijjb.
. i
How the Df*n?ter Ofloiirr?l-41! PoiMnjf?ri
Safely I.anri?rt.
St. Johns, Nkw Fou.ndi.and, Sept. 15.? 11
Very meager details have thus far been
received from the wrecked steamer Han- a
overian. No statement can be obtainod
from Captain Thompson until he arrives
bora from Trepjssy, to which point a
sealing eteamer has been ?ent with articles
of relief for tho passengers and crew,
who must have sutiered great hardships. p
The place where the ship struck is some e|
six miles from that fishing village and ao n
alio is reported to havo been going at n
speed, it is hardly possible there was time ^
lo remove either provisions or clot hing to .
the shore, and tho rough coast oilers
ao shelter. The passengers have JJ
now been t^kon to Trepassy, where J.'
they will remain in comparative com- r'
fort until tho steamer sent to bring them w
to this port uriives. It is the general
jpinion among seamen hore that tho j*T
Hanoverian miutopk tho light of Cape Jjj
Pine for that of Cape Kaco and without
iounding proceeded to lay u courso for
his prirLwhivh ran her into Portugal
Jove. Tlu re are shoals bofcween tho range ,u
)f the lights and the cove, and if the usual w
lonndings had baon ma-lo tho mistako 01
vould havo been speedily discovered. m
flu-re is uo otber tenable theory of the n,:
lisaster without charging gross and crimtir.l
carelessness upon the oflicors. A dis- cr
atch from the Signal Station at Capo M
{ace, which is tho nearest telegraphic nJ
?/???* In H?n Kfano r?f flm Jmjiufvr. hrvrIIio ?tl
"0S3(j1 will bo a total wreck with all her
largo. :l<
I&ul?d Up with a llouud Tarn Aftsr Milking A!
Lightning LuvCi
Ambricus, Ga., September 3.?Prof. H
). Dewelss, phrenologist, lawyer, Cinein- ?*
tail Enquirer reporter, traveling photo- 00
;raplu r And bigamist, is in jail here, in
lefault of $200 bail, charged witli marryog
Stella Stokes, of Smithville, daughter
f Captain Stokes. Dewaiss made love to tel
he yirl while he photographed hor, and be
I riving across the country the couple were c0
oarried hero, ftows of the marriage
cached Mrs. Deweisa No. 1, at. Savannah, j'
.(so Captain Stokes, and the latter tracked w
ho ouple to Sehnn, Ala., where the I'ro- ?
Essor was arrested. m)
The original Mrs. D3we!98 was atone
[me Mir.s Kliria Williams, of Wilkes
ounty, Alabama. She Jirdt married John ?j
.loore, a man of moans, who shortly aftertard
died. She took for a second mate a
1r. Ifitchnnok, from California, whom sue
net in Mobile. Becoming embarrassed, t.'
10 threw himself into the Alabanu river,
t fuw days after Duweips appeared in
'amden, Ala, an I became the third bus- ]
land of too bereaved widow. People
fere so incensed that they hung tho Projcwr
!n ant! llie counltJ tliOli Dllll
ill stakes for Savannah. Iiora he sallied Mi
orth into the adjoining comity to pr:?ao- xii
nte 0:10 of his numerous purauife, and it ,(a
las on one of tl?es-i trips that he enacted ba
lis romance with M ita b'tokes. 0p
311L LION A1111C MACKAY. foJ
lumura Circulated iliut lie Want* to buy th!
tho New Vot k "HcroM." W
New Yobic, Sopt. 3.?'Tiio Tribune thisooruing
soys: "A report is current that ?a]
obtt W, Mackay is negotiating with Mr. Vfl,
bniktli-for Iko purchase cI tho Herald.
rith tho luiention of putting John JJue- <
ell Young at the >.oad of the editorial tj1(
taff. Mr. Mackay is interested with Mr.
{ennett in the Commercial Cubic, in tho ^
onstruction of which $8,000,000 is said to 1 .
lave been sunk. Por Jfr. tfujioett's shnre 1
a this euterpriee Mr. Mackay ia'rwported
a hold a mortgage on the Herald. V
Mackay's wealth is much talked of in 1
his pongee tipn. Ho is said to have $21,00.000
in securities locked up in his safe,
'iz: $5,000,1)00 in Unittii St&tea 4 per- i"l'
enta, $5,0^0,000 in French rentes, $5.000,
00 in English consols, SG.000,000 in State
londa and similar American securities,
uuping 5 to 8 percent. In addition to ]
his, is bis cable investment and bis inereat
in tho JJaiiI; oi Noviuia. The gos&ip n;
una that he could back the Herald with ?f
>30,000,000. erl
A Now Comet. *0'
Ro?ijB3K|in, If. Y., S*pt :j.?On the
irening of August {si,* \V. R, Brooks, of th
Whelps, N. Y., discovered a suspected gn
:omet, which to-night was verified by
'rofi^aQt l^wia Swift, director of tbo ! '
Earner Obwr^atory, of this city. Its portion
is: Might astvnsion JU hours 14
uinntes, declination, North 21} degrees *}0 i
ninutes. It has no tail nor nucleus and K
8 pretty faint. It is moving Southeastery
and citfi easily be seen through a four- ra'
ucb telescope. ).t ia in the compilation of wi
he Hunting Dog*. This disooyery, if not ag
inUdated, entitles Mr. Brook* to the aq
rVamer piizaof $200, making the third sti
ton by him in tlie pant three years. ag
Die Fire at Uluclanatl.
CiXjCiNKi.71, September 3.?About dusk
hia evening the entire fire department
Vfls called to the corner of Sixth ami wi
ioadjy ctrcets, where a lire had joined da
nuiih headway iu the freight depot of the ht
Cincinnati, Hamilton DayOjn Jiailroad. an
CheJmilding extended from i/i/tlx ?0 Si^th fa
itreots, a distance of 500 feet. The lower
loor Is ojacupied as a freight depot by the
ailroad company, vbile the upper stories x
ire used by tho Cincinnati Milling and
Warehouse Company, J. It. AfcQrice *
Jo., proprietors. An immense quantity
)/ grain was stored in the byilding, and "
villi Urn building was totally destroyod. do
Hie freight on hand was also badly dam- en
iged. A rough estimate places the loss at '
>ver |80,(KX), but this may bo modiiilod. <c
fia-irurllvo Fire In Ilaltiaiortv ^
Baltimoue, Mp.f ?ej)tember 3.?Tho
.ouratory brick building, comprising }C5, w;
107 and 469 West Pratt street, was der iijj
itroved by tire this afternoon. It was oc- us
mpied by four iirins of.wood-workers, and ag
iieir stock and machinery is almost a total pt
loss. K. G. i/inley $ Bros., saw and plan- to
ine mill, lose $3,000 to $10,000, insurance hi
M,000; B. J. Sparkling, manufacturer of ?u
jornicea, loses $20,000, fully insured; cl
frw/n (jack it O*, desk manufacturers, tb
loao to$lfl,Q0Q, insurance $4,000; at
Bailey Bros., dealers in builders' supplies, or
lose 17,000, inaurance $2,000. The build[ng
wspowne<4 by Mrs. J. C. Morgan. It so
-* ?<?e nnn -.?,l iin rvin
W(L4 y^liueu Blj.w,wv, iuouivu *w? |riv,vw. It.
tic* $jOfM00f 111
New York, Sept. 3.?The New york 8B
flaily Commercial Bulletin, of September gi
<, estimates t)jn Ore losses in the United n<
suii'd and Canada darinj; August at ?
{5,300,000. This is a deefded iinjjroye- "
mefjt upon former records, the average ?i
sggrfgato ?f lire Iowa in August for (he "
ten years past being $j,OQO,000. In August, >i
)SSJ, the tire loss was about $10,000,000. n
The Uulklin thinks there is ground for en- ei
courageinent in so fayorable an exhibit cj
Noverthelets tho Are losses of theypar to
tiie end of August foot up tto.tWO.ClOO,
with four months yet to bear from.
PUMIIIM Homil?n, K
Albany, N. Y., Dept. (he bniid- ?j
jngson the block bounded by Booth, ,,
pearl, Cros>J and Alexander streets and f|
Fourth avenue, were bjjrned to^lsy, expept
three brick ones en Pearl street. The
wsll of one of the buildings fell at 3:43,
and tbe firemen narrowly escaped being a
buried. Fireman Frlendenhill, of Truck p
No. 1, was badly burned about the head. I
Treoty-flva to thirty families are burned u
t Ironton, Obto-Trontole in the Shawnee,
Ohio, Jtfluee?Tho Monorgshela Velitjr
Coal Mluem Split on the Qaeitlon of
a Strike?General Labor Notea.
I ronton, 0.. Sept. 3.?Great excitement
revai<B here to-day. An organized mob,
itimated at from fifty to ono hundred
i i
)en. Hupposeu 10 uo uuiupuauu ui buiiuuk
till men, went to the Bellfonte mill, At
i? close of Foraker'a speech last nipht,
i<l capturing the guard, whom theydia'mod,
compelled him to goto tho door of
te wareroem, in tho upstaira, of which
vo Chattanooga "blacksbeep" nailers,
ere bleeping, and ask them to comedown.
The nailery, however, suspected trouble,
id refused to open tho door. A shot waa j
ed, it ia claimed from tho outside, when
ic men from their inside barricade openl
up a rapid llring from the heavy revolira
with whicji they were armed. Some
teen whota wore tired, and tho svindowa
ero badly riddled, but fortunately no"
w waa hurt, ao far 110 known. Tho watchan
claims that tho men were masked
ui all armed.
Tho probability ia that most of the
owd caiue from Ashland, where tho
mo trouble cxista. Tho better class of
tilers, heatero and rolleia, who are on a
rikf, aro not in aympathy with such
[ tho.is atd aro louil in thoir denuncia>na
of tho raid.
tjjjs sur jsi- .uu.i.n.
St. Loiil* Firm isltfa* Hid Scnlo?The Acinigunm'p.l
A?Nucl(ttii>n Encouraged*
Pittsbuugii, Pa., fc'ept. 3.?The oflicials
tho Amalgamated Association havo reived
intelligence that the Neidering
lose stamping company, of St. Louie,
3 signed the sheet mill scale. The
idering house is one of tho most exisivo
sheet mills in the West, and,
ing the tirst to sign the scale since the
n/erence in this city, it is considered of
cat importance inasmuch as it will
ubtlees have the effect of swinging the
eatern manufacturers into line.
Hie executive oiiicers of tho Amalgaited
in the several districts are now
jretty engaged in strengthening the ornizatiou.
Within the past three weeks
ree lodges were organised in tho Pittsrgh
district Reports from other di?t*ts
show a large increase of memberip,
and new lodges were organized sluce
j scale convention at Wheeling, W. Va.
DlrMmift tu tt??- Jlluers (liink<i.
PinsHuaaif, Sept 3.?'There is a divin
among tho Stonongahela Valley coal
liers that will reault disastrously to the
iners Union of the Knights of Labor,
to hitter haa ordered a strike on gatury
for an advance of three cents per
she). Qllioihls of tho Miners Union are 1
posing it. It the men go out the conation
of tho miners association called
the 15th will not bo held. Thoeo who 1
iakthey know the liver miuera pretty
ill,say that it ic hardly probable that they
11 assume tho resjKinaibility of a Htrike
this time, as with divisions in their
iks, the prospects of success would be
ry small.
Trouble nt tliw blmwnce mine*.
jjiawnuk, 0., Sept. ;i.?Coyle, one of
i Kenney sympathies; will leave town'1
s coming week. Stanton and Gallagher,
) other two who have had notice to |
ve, will stay and face their foes. )
Sows has jnst reached hero of a horrible
me having been pomipittcd near this
ice. Charles Eiclmerj who has been
rking in one of the syndicate mines. ,
itrary to tho rules, was taken ont ana
aten in a horrible manner, and it. is
red will die from tho eiTects. No*'one
i tell where it wijl en*.|BXuolder4
Galu l'hclr Point*
Philadelphia, Sept. 3.?The striking
tuUlara nf the two large stovo foundries 1
Lohrant McDowell, and Thomas Rob ,
Stevenson * Co,, retjjfnec} to work
day, the firms agreeing to the payment
the v n percent advance demanded.
> conditions, it is said, were exacted by
o employers. Five firms havo now
jnted tho ten porcont increase. The
julders feel Jjrp^lv enpjqrazed and
ink thai before many daya all tlio estabhmenta
will again be running.
ltnllroud Strike landed.
Galveston, Sept. 3.?Tho strike of the
aighu of J,*bor agaipat \\\e Golf Colo?
jo and Santa Fe Railroad Uompany,
th the mutual signing of articles of
r6ement regulating the rates of wages
4 guaranteeing immunity to all the
iking employes. The schedule of wages
reed upon has apt yet Heap made pttbiip.
Two I)a7< In Advauee.
Pittsbuuou, Sept 3.?A McKeesport,
, special says: Tho coal miners strike
is inaugurated to-day instead of Satury
ao intended. On? thousand five
if id red ineri in the second pool quit work
u it ia exported by to-morrow evading
lly 4,000 miners will be out.
A ?QNMA.tt'iVar K.^tuyg.
Uonemi oior?uieni m mi ncii m ins
Kate of Five Hundred a Day.
PiiitiDsu'iiM, Sept X?Tho exodus of
ungarlans from this Stato to tho West
iring tho past two months has been
oriuous. Jt has not been more than a
ar slope they |)QCke4 intQ the mining
glona at a rate which thoroughly alarmed;
a minors.
Thoy were known to havo no affiliation
Itli trade unions and to accept work at
jiirpe f.qr [telow those npon which tho
itive miners could pretend to live. So
grcssivo was the feeling against these
on'.e that agitations were began looking
legislative enactment which would ford
their emyloymont in any capacity lor
uiji Iqt'or t|)an those paid to the same
asa ol lalior. *rhey wetu uncleanly ip
eir habits, hmldied together like sheep,
id as many as twenty-five would occupy
10 room as a sleeping apartment In
any instances they have been known to
ibilst upon otta', aud possetjed tip quall;s
that assimilated with thone ot the
There were a* many as twonty thoaJld
of these people in the mining reons
of l'ennsyivanin at one time, and
)W they have boen seised with the dere
to migrate, and are leaving at the
to of five hundred per week tram the
lthr?c|te regions. They are destined for
le western btates, vl)cr? {l|ey will follow
iricultDrai pursuits upon a small scale,
early every one of them having saved
joogb to pay his railroad fare anil pursue
a small piece of land.
|r?n Sblppid to
Elk mrii?, Minn, Hep', a.?Tho Klk
lipids Iron Company hare received an
rder lor 400 tons Of charcoal iron to be
dipped to England, probably tbe first
o? of woftprn manufacture eyer shipped
om tola country.
A M?w Vori Ou W?)l>
JiKMTOffH, W, Y., Sept 3?The drilling
n the (treat gag well at Majrvllle was conleted
lut night, at a depth ol J,811) feet,
'he well was plugged and the presanro
sated, when It was found to Range 130
Further Detail* of tho Outbreak in Wjomini
Rawlins, W. T., September. 3.?The
largest coalmines in the entire Union Pacific
system are at Kock Springs, 11*0 miles
west of here. The road has recently been
importing large numbers of Chinese to All
tlio places of white men. Yesterday afternoon
the entire force of white miners,
numbering 150, organized, and armed
with shotguns, manned to that portion of
the town occupied by the Celestials, and
after Urine a volley into the air reloaded
and ordered the "pigtails" to leave. The
order was obeyed at once, the Chineman
fleeing to the hills liko a drove of sheep,
closely pursued by the minets.
Several volleys were flrod at the fugitives
with fatal effect. The Chinese
quarters were then sot on fire and thirtynine
houses owned by the railroad coinnauy
wero destroyed with their contents.
I Tho miners next visited the various mined
in thu camp, unearthed all the Chinamen
| At wotk therein and bade them tide lor
there lives. They fled.
Of some four hundred Chinamen who
jjiAilo Itock Springs their home the day
|Di?fore, not oue remained. All ore in tho
I hills, heading (or Groen River, 13 miles
further west. Seven Chinamen were killed
outright by the shots fired by the
miners and many are wounded. It is said
also that several sick and feeblo perished
in the burning of tho Chinatown. The
IS her ill' arrived from Green River by
special train last evening with a posse o/
deputies, but they were too late to prevent
tho mob from carrying out its plans.
The miners quietly dispersed after making
sure of the departure of the Chinese,
and all is now quiet. The railroad officials
appealed to Governor Warren for
protection, and Assistant General Superintendent
Dickenson and Superintendent
Wurlell are en route for tha some of the
trouble by a special train. Both of these
men are popular with the miners, and will
probably be able to quell any disturbance
likely to arise now. The Chinese have ,
now been run out of Rawlins, Carbon,
i^aramie and other points in Wyoming.
Tvro thousand eases of small-pox are
ontil /* pvlnt in Montreal
Tiio hostile Apaches have been driven
over the Mexican boundary.
Thirty thousand people attended the
Changers' picnic near Harrigburg, Pa.
Tho report that lite Indians In Colorado
have assumed a hostile attitude is denied.
Officers dony any probability of astriko
of Western Union operators in New York.
Mand S. attempted to b-?at brr former ]
time yesterday, but failed, only icoring
ii:13 ,
Delaware and Lackawanna Coal com- i
pany has rcduoed tho price of Scranion j
coal. (
Hail fell in Pennsylvania to tho depth <
of two inches, seriously damaging crops I
nud fruit ,
The City Mills, of Greensburg, Inil,
burned lost night. Lous, $13,000; insurance,
Captain Simmons^ of the yacht Puritan. ]
i'r confident of winning the race with the (
Engliflh yacht Genoeta.' j
The ax factory of W, C. Kelly, at Louis- 1
ville, Ky., waa burned yesterday morning, t
Lose $25,000. Insured.
It ia thought that tlio sentence of Pay- *
? n i ?:n i.
uiiusivr vrcurrm uuuw t??h uvuitu;, jiiuuBbly
dismissal from tho navy.
At tho reunion of the Sherman Brigade,
at Lakeville, 0., a large crowd listened to 1
addresses by General and Senator Sherman.
The Western Union has brought suit i
against the B. & 0. Telegraph Company {
for infringement of the condenser in the .
duple? system.
Mrs. Elizabeth Clayton, wife of a promi- {
nent farmer of Newton county, Ark., lias 1
been arrested charged with murdering '
her fflothpr-in4aw. \
Investigation of the supposed caso of c
cholera, near North Industry, Stark
county, 0., develops the /act that it was 1
merely a case ol cholera morbus. 1
The Hager floor mill, on Antietam J
greek, near Hageretown,Md., in operation '
over one hundred years, was almost enr ]
tirely destroyed by fire yesterday,
Richard Board, recently appointed '
clerk in the Railway Mail Service, New !
Mexipo, lias been dismissed un on evidence
t|Wt lie is both a former and a thief.
The Miami Christian Conference, in
session at Enon, 0, adopted a resolution ,
recognizing local option as tho beat practical
means of obtaining prohibition.
A general advertisement will be issued
on the 15th inst. bytjie Fpstmafter Uen- i
eral calling for pfopoeala for rendering
etnnmHnnt moil BArvicn in flll nnrtn nf th?
United Stales.
The Uhlo Wool Growers, in sesaion at
Columbus, adoptpd resolutions reaffirming
the resolutions of lust year, ami asking
Congress to reatoro the tariff ot I8u7,
or ita equivalent.
Herbert Fa; of Golnmbns, 0, has been
notiOed by the War Department that the
records show him to have been the youngeat
man enlisted in the Union army in any
Rf the Stamen (]ming the febplliqq.
John Lohruiu, a wealthy farmer, of
Dnqueane Heights, near Pittsburgh,
hanged himself to a tree yesterday morniwt
because hjs nephow accnM him of
swindling n|a slater qat ol some property.
Mr. and Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Blckuell
are held In bail of (6,000 each at Salem,
III., <jn a charge ol abortion upon the
daughter of tho former. Dr. Junos Is also
held in $5,000, and Mrs. Cicknell in $3,500.
It Is repcrted that several prominent
Qiembera of Dr. J/Connpl'o congregation,
at Springfield, O., have written to the
Bishop protesting against the Doctor's re
- .i ?..?v.; ~ i
lUlii Ul IUO poaivtguiji vi mis vcuutu
Mrs. Iilobard Mains, of Delphos, 0.,
plaped fl>0<) |n naper money In a Liod far
nip kepplnfc. Being about to tuove, tbe
children emptied tbe atraw from the bed
ud get it on fire. Tbe money was consumed.
Ulcbael Smith, a young boy, was shot
by IJenry fiersayer whilp sVeaitue applet
in an orchard in the town ol Calumet,
south ol Chicago, two days ago. lie died
from his wounds last night. Bersayor is
in custody.
The fonr-etQry brick building, corner ol
Federal street and Western avenue, Lynn,
Mass., occupied by Nicholas Webber as a
morocco factory, was burned early yesterday
morning. Tbe loss is 1100,000. Two
bljndred hands were employed in tbe fact
The conference at St. t<ouis yesterday
between Col Talraam of the Ooqld lines
and Measrs fowdiirly and Turner of the
| Knights of ^abori >B regard to the itrjke
on lue nauayn roan was iruiueoo, mo
Utter rejecting the proposition ol Col. Talma( ,
The Nstional Convention o( the Masonic
Ijodge o( Relief, in aeaaion at Baltimore,
yaetepday, ele#ied the following
offlcen for the year enauingi President,
Martin Collins, St Lonis; Vjce-Preaidento,
I. R. Pope, New York; J. Mitchell, Montreal,
Canada; Secretary, Dr. D. F. Pennington,
Ballimore; Treuurer, William
P<!*m|ter.B?w York; Advisory Board, W.
II. jeaac,VirKlniailaaaclliiBch,South duo.
Una; N. T. Hlggine, Wiaeonain. St. I<oaia
waa fleeted aa the nejt place ol meeting.
r*y 4
Pliaiakt to the taste and surprisingly
qnick In relieving congha and cclds, it la
Hot at all atrsnge that Or, Bull') Cough
Syrup alwa^aiweeda,
. SSjlili
The Colombian Rubel ban Short Shrift Altai
the Court Mnrt'nl Talent Hold of hla ,
C(u??THed oue Oay and Hung tho
N?xt ISetdrenu Iuitncuae Throng.
New Yobk, Sept. 3.?The Spanish
columns of the Panama Star and Herald
of August 20, contain a report of the proceedings
of the court-martial that met on
the 17th inst. to try Pedro Prestan, who
has since been executed. Four witnesses
were brought before the court and declared
that Pedro Prcsian was tho principal
author of the destruction of Colon on
! the 31st of March last. These were Juan
Beltramo, an Italian, Clement Du Puy,
acting superintendent of tho Panama
Railroad, Hugh Dieterich, a German, and
William Connor, agent of tho Pacific Mail
Steamship company in Colon. The four
gentlemen after having given their evidence
against Preatan, were confronted
with him. These different declarations
show that Prestau waa the author of the
firtf iu Colon, although hu strongly denied
aU tho charges kid tigaiimft him, actually
naming persons who could testify as to
his innocence. He nevertheless did not
lay the blame ou any. other person, nor did
he nay that his followers had not.
The Chairman of the court martial ordered
the witnesses named by Prestan to
be brought into court 6o that they should
make their statements. After the lapse of
an hour tho court was informed that all
the persons named by Prestan were not to
ha found on the lath m up. as they had left
after the burning of Colon. Iii view of
this and as all the witnesses agreed on the
ono point that Prestan was tho author of
the lire, the court after having heard the
prisoner's defense, ordered the room to be
cleared and then deliberated as to what
sentence they should pronounce.
AH the votes but one were forthe hanging
of Preplan at onoe. The death warrant
signed, the prisoner was called in
and he was informed of his sontenco. He
heard tho sentence read with great composure.
When upon the scaffold Prcgtan
apoke a few words, calling upon Colombians
to believe him innocent of such a
terrible crime. Notwithstanding all his
repeated protests of innccouce there was
but one vote of unanimous approval,
when the car was removed from under bis
feet and the body lelt to s.ving jn tho gallows.
Prestan was hanged eooo after midday 1
an the 18ih ult. Tho sentence was signed
it 7:30 r. M. in the evening of tho 17th '
?#! ?>ou iimmlinAnalit onr.mooil 'I'll a
jxecution was witneasi'd by an immense
:rowd of all colors and nationalities, the
greater part of which probablv never wit?
leased tuch a scene before. Iteath aeems
o have been instantaneous as ao show of
ife was apparent three minutes after
Tliu &tar and Herald says: It is to he i
hoped that the execution of Frestan will
rove as an exemplary lesson ever to be
remembered by those who in an eyil hour 1
forgetting the rncft sacred duties which
:hey owe, not only to their country aud ,
'ellowmen, but to society at large, pride
bemsplvea in astonishing the world with ,
;hcir criminal decile.
south amkicica.
rho Delayed Mat!*?The Optr&t'.oni of the ,
Military ia Peru.
Panama, August 23.?A loading topic of
nteroat hero at present is the continued
irrival of Pacific Mail steamers without
;he customary New York and San Fran* ,
:isco mails, which onuses much incouve*
lienoe in the commercial oomm unity.
rhe Now York maila of dates oi the 1st
net, came via Jamaica, by a royal mail
In Peru a great deal of comment has
been excited by tho publication of a proclamation
or manifesto signed by General
Daceres, at Talasma. Caceres deolaroa
his only objeot is to restore peace and tranquility
to rem, qu tho b*3i3 of ber future
honor ami happiness, and that when his
Jeaign is accomplished he will retire to
private life^ satisfied with paving complied
with bis d'Hy an a gx>d citizen. He
jtqtea that on various occasions he has
proposed measures which, if accepted,
would assuredly have brought about the
desired eud, but that he has been met
with resistance, and even contumely, as
when his Commission, sent to Cullao
from Mollend* on the United States
steamer Shenandoah, was even refused a
Important military operations aro now
being carried on in the north. In addilion
to the detachment of GOO men
stationed at San Pedro observing tho rebel
garrison occupying Trojillo, a division of
1,000 soldiers, horse, toot and artillery,
under General Ramirez, tho chief of the
general staff, was sent up to Pacast*ayo a
few days ago.
DUeiued Ung? Condemned.
Chicago, Sept. a.?The statement is
tmhliahud here that twentv-one cholera
stricken hogs worn cut down and condemned
nt the stock yards last night, and
that ou Tuesday forty others were oon.
detuned in th? sauw way, making sixtyone
in two days. Tho hogs had been
shipped to the cityi n a diseased condition.
Doable gcull Knee*.
Rocicaway Biacii, H. Y., Sept 3.?Ar.
rangements* hare been completed (or a
double scull race between the (allowing:
Hsnlan and Lee, Courtney and Conley,
and Teeraer and Itoss, to be rowed on
Jama'ca Bay, September IS, (or a purse o(
A 8w?- plug Offer.
New York, Sept. 3.?In the Spirit nj Hit
Titnn o( Friday will appoar a propoaltion
miulo by Wm. 0. France, to trot his
g"lding Harry Wilkes a raco ngiinstany
mitre golding or stallion in I tin world,
thus including Maml S. nud Jay EyeSeu.
IUm UMl YwUrdaf.
At Boston?Boeton, 11; Projidcnce, 1.
llmfnn fi? I'mviilnniw It IIuomi.
lioston, 11:I'rovidaace, 7. Pitchers, Whitney
and Shaw.
At St Louie?St. Louis, S; Detroit, 5.
Errors, Hi. Louis, 1; Detroit.' 4. Baaes,
St. Louis. S; Detroit, 8. P.tchere, Boyle
and Wei'lmaa,
At Uhioago?Chicago, 10; Buffalo, 4.
Errors, Chicago, 7i Buffalo, 4. Bases,
Chicago, ID; Buffalo, 7. Pitchers, Clarkeon
and Connciy.
At St. Louie.?St. Louis, 4; Louisville,
0. Hits, St. Louis, 11; Loaisrille, 3. Errors,
St. Louie, 2; Louisville. 4. Pitchers,
Hecker.snd Cara there.
At PhlUdelphU?Athletic*, S; Baltimore,
4. Base hits, Athletic ,8; Baltimore,
T. F.rron.Athletir.3'.Baltimore.2. Pilch
era Knonff and Henderson.
At Pittsburgh?Pittsburgh, fi; Cincinnati^.
12. Errors, Pittsburgh, 2; Cincinnati, 6.
Pitchers, Morris and Peebinery.
At Ner. York?Now York, 18; Phila(telphis,
3. Errors, New York, 7; Philadelphia,
13. Bises, New York, 18; Philadelphia,
6. Pitchers, Keefe and Ferguson.
At New York?Brooklyn, IS; Metropolitans,
14. Errors, Brooklyn, 7; Metropolitans,
X Bases, Brooklyn, 0: Metropolian!,
13. Pitchers, Porter and CaruUiera.
A MUimittl MY8TKBY
la Olilraxo? \ 31j?u Koumi tn the Lake Wl
Oaoaottia I 'entitled.
Chicago, Sept. 8 ?The dead body of
man was fonnd by tbe late at the India!
avtnuo line yesterday. There was a bo
let wound in the back of Irs head and all
a braise on his right cheek. Several pepie
thought the boJy was that of a scho
teacher named McKinuey, of Wheatiui
Ind., although his wife failed to ideritfi
it. It is alleged that on Monday nigl
McKinney assaulted two little Polla
girls, and as lie has been missing since
is thought that ho may have been mu
dered by the friends of the girls, who wer
greatly excited over the&upposed auaulti
McKiuney'a wife gave no information o:
the subject of his disappearance, and th
matter as yet is shrouded in mystery.
The identity of the man found dead i
still regarded by some nooplo as by n
means settled. Several friends of McKir
ney called daring tho morning to look a
the remains, and though the features ar
in a sufficiently *ood state of preservfttloi
to make recognition no dillicult matter
they all said that the remains were no
those of MeKinnej. Tho charge tha
McKinney hud committed the aeaault 01
the little girl is to be substantiated, am
seems to rest mainly on common report
The wife of McKinney declares positively
that the remains are not those of her n us
Tackled tho Wrouff Mad.
Baltimore, Mo., Sept. 3.?To-day i
party of Italians entered tho saloon o
Walter Welch in the western section oi
the city and passiug into a rear rooir
acted in a disorderly manner. WelcL
ordered them out and drove them from
his premises at tho point of a revolver.
Five of them returned, a part entering
through the front door and the others by
tho rear. They were armed with duircenj
and made a break for Welch. Welch
had his pistol at hand, and raising it
llrt-ditat the foremost of lib assailants,
and Frank Dintonio fell dead. The
others ran, A jury of inquest rendered a
verdict that Welch did the killing in self
Good Wur<l? fur Uolhrnl.
St. Louis, Sept. 3.?A dispatch from
Abilene, Texas, tho homo of J. J. Holland,
who shot and killed Tom Davis in
Now York a few days bro, Bays: "Nearly
every resident of Abilene knows Holland
well and be is almost universally liked.
He is a man of considerable meano. For
a year past, it is now called to mind, ho
has been on intimate and confidential relations
with State rauzera and city and
county officers, aud ho is bolievjd to have
beooue possessed of important information
concerning criminal characters both
in and out of T^xis. Holland left here
two woeksago takingiUrahall iiill along
with him, but not stating his business, but
bis friend* generally understood that it
was aomoth]na of a detective nature."
. Dl? n<ar?xl and Will Die*
Geneva, Ills , sept. 3.?Henry A. Ferson,
of St. Charles, who has for some days
been in a despondent frame of mind, attempted
to commit suicide yesterday by
placing his chin above tho muzzle of a
shot gun and then kicking the hammer
with his foot His head leaned fiack and
the charge carried' away tho front of tlie
lower jaw, part of the tongue, the entire
nofio and part of tho oheekbonea, leaving
the eyes all right, and plowing a holo
About two inchts wide throngh the front
of hisfaco. He still lives, but will hardly
A CruMd iSlackkmlil).
6t Loins, Ma, Sept. 3.?Thp lastacoounta
from Kirkwood, tho scene of yesterday's
excitement and tragedy, are that
Buccbel was not killed, but was mortally
wounded by Sheriff Allen. It also appears
thatBuechel wascrazad with drink;
that he shot Mrs. Randall while Eho was
entering his shop, and thatiu tho attempt
to arrest Buechel bo emptied two revolvers
at his pursuers; that he attacked the
Sheriff with a large pruning knife and
wao only overcome uy a phot from the
ollicer'fl pistol. Mrs. Randall's wound is
not serious.
A Len?an to lloodlumi.
Jackson, Micii., Sept. 3.?Arnold
Moorey, a colored school teacher, attended
a church festival near hero Tuesday
night. On his way home with two
young ladies he was set upon by a party
of hoodlums. Moorey retreated and one
of the attacking party drew a knile.
Moorey then tired his revolver into tho
crowd killing Isaac Maxey and wounding
Bill Anderson and Albert Startley, The
Corouer has returned a verdict of iusti
flable homicide.
Shot HI* at?p-f?lh?r.
Cedar Rapids, Ia., Sept. 3.?A young
man named Winney, living with hia stepfather,
Georgo Daniols, Uireo miles north
of this city, shot Daniels with a shotgun
during a quarrel over a board bill, this
morning, and killdd him. Ho then came
to the city and gave himself up, claiming
that his step-father had rushed at him with
% club and threatened to kill him, and that
he shot him in self-defense.
The Puiauiicd Druggl**.
Houokbn, N. J. Sept. 3.?There is no
change in the condition of G. M. Amende
the druggist whose mistake caused the
death of Gretchen, Margaret and Ellen
Heltz, and who attempted to commit suicide
by a large dose of atrophia, lie it
believed, however, to ho out of danger
Ho has not yet been informed of the deatL
of the second victim, Miss Ella.
Dlwl In m If rotli?I.
Louisvillk, Ky., Sept. 3.?W. B. Snell
formerly a business man of Ciarksville
Tenn., was found in the house of Malvini
llinur, a courtesan, in Motcalf, county, Ky.
with hUthio.it cut nnd horribly p;a?be(J
about the head and body. The Hiaoi
woman, who waa his mistress, has been ar
ruMted and charged with the crime.
A Wife Murderer*! Lut l)f|i.
Cotuanos, 0., Sept. 3.?Patrick Hart
nett, ol Cincinnati, wita murderer, will b<
executed at tho Ohio panitentiary about:
a. v. to-morrow. Ila spent a quiet night
la totally indifferent to his fate and assist
inz in tne preparation (or bis execution ai
if it waaan onlinarv hnwlnrw Irmwaftion
Dictctic Table Waters!'
Of all Greta*, Druggists,
ll- Plana* the RrltiaUera Equally aa W#1I 01 .*i
? Lovr?U'a-Hli Vlowa on Koonomlo Mat*
tor??Fmnco DUclRlm* any Dailra to
Bte Oermnny nnd Spnln Look Horii*.
V - - . A 11 it.. Imn.
, London, ttept. ?.?as uwuhhw o j
. quet, at Sheftteld.this evening,Mr. Pbtlpa ^
jt replied to the toast, The American Minr.
ister, and was heartily cheered, lie said jj
e he regarded the welcome as an indication g
' of a similar feeling thronghout England
g toward America, which reciprocated and
echoed the Bentiinents ol love, honor and ?|
s devotion just expressed toward, the
0 Queen. He was glad tbo Govern- jj
ment had instituted an inquiry iflto
e the trade depression, which wss equally
1 existent in America. Ho thought that
-, the depression was somewhat duo totho SK
t haste to get rich, luxurious living aud tho v
t flooding of the world with goods not rei
quired. Iu conclnsidn Mr. Phelps said
1 that if any word of his should linger in tho
. English mind, histirst and last wish was
? for a continuation of the brotherly fueling . j
- between the English speaking peoples of J
tho world, whose peaceiul demeanor gavo
tho best hope for an enlightened, noble
} and Christian civilization.
I Tli? Caroline ikIhocIh.
[ Paris, Sept. X?The I'arii publishes the
, following aewi-ofllcial note: Several Gar- " ^
t man aud Spanish newanspers accuse
i France of seeking to stir up strife over
tho Caroline Islauds. That accusation is
: absolutely false. The great burden of ^
public opinion in France earnestly deBirea N
an end of conflict, which tends'to cause v
fresh trouble on the French frontier. Tlio
truth is, the hostilities between Ger- '-?!
many and Spain are fostered by the violence
of Spanish and German newspapers, '
and by parties interested in embroiling . V
France and Spain, as witness tho National ' ?
Zcituwfs recent malicious warning to <:|S
Spaniards that France seeks to part Spain ,
ana uermany m oruwr w stem niuxucco. "
* G?roulmo'?l>Atiug,
Ti'scon, Ahmosa, fTcpt. 3.?A Fort
Bowie special says: Lieutenant Guy E. ^
ileise, just returned from Mexico with
twenty-two men, having made 1,000 miles
frince May 19, haain charge liCteon of Qero- ' J',
nimo's squaws and children aa prisoner?. ;->j
lie reuorta that in the late fight (Jeronitno pickcu
up his favorite child and rushed
oat of the camp. Then he was fmrprised
and had to run the gauntlet cf fifvy rifles, $
the beat Hhota of tlio Ohiricshuas and Han
Carlos tribes. He waa shot twice, and
dropped the boy and rau, covered with ;j
blood, and with lila left arm shattered.
His tquawssay he waa shot through the y
body; same of them aay he is dead.
Mlni.tor Ph*l|>? n? n Speaker.
I.ondo.v, Sept. a.?The Timet, in com- H
menting on the addresa made yeaterday
by United States Minister Phelps on the
occasion of the opening cf.a workmen's
club at liugby, raya that ho is treading r
with success in the footsteps of Mr. Lowell.
He has readiness in the use of 8peech
and aa remarkable a power of interesting : ^
histories on public occasions, and he mav -J
ba congratulated on hia manner of avoiding
the utterauceof anything that could j
givo offense to either political party or to
to the country.
Ac American liMreatcd. ^
Pakis, Sept. 3.-?An" AcioVican named
Link was arrested here about a month |
ago on a charge of trying to sell worthless
Mexican lands and waa sent to prison. };*J|
The prison ofllcers ill-treated him with
the view of forcing him to make a confession
and would not allow him to see $
his wife. Although lie proved bis fnnocenco
he was retained a whole month, and . a
has just'been released ;nt the instance of- .:*m
Mr. McLean, the United States Minister.
Editor Blend Alone beopouslble.
London, fiopt. 3.?Mr. Stead, editor of
the Fall J/all (JttseUe, telegraphs from
Switzerland that he alofto is responsible
in the Eliz.% Armstrong case; that Mrs.
Jarrett was an unwilling agent, and that V
he will return to London at once and
answer for himself, and that he is certain
to clear himself fh>m all blame.
KUl?d While Shooting.
London, Sept. 3.?Lieutenant General
John U. Melville Babbington, of the 1
British army, was killed Unlay whilo
shooting grouse in tlio County of Dumfries,
Scotland, by the accidental discharge '
of Lis gun.
After Train llobbera.
Kaksas City, Mo., Sept. 3.?Tho ?pect?l
train sent out froin hore to the acene ol the ']
robbery last night on the Chicago & Alton yS
Hallroad, near Blue Sprint's, left shortly
before one o'clock this morning, and alter
i some delay, reached there about three
o'clock. Tne car contained several officials
and employes of the road and a
strong poseo of detectives and deputy
marshals, arriving ou the ground here
wero secured, and tbe officers started on JS
the track of tbe robbers. Blood hounds
have been procured to aid in the search. ' ij
i At noon, tbe time of the latert report, ;i
, none of tbe robbers had yet been capt
Fait Traveling.
Buffalo, Bept. 3.?President Sloan'and . 0
i his family arrived in this city list even.
ing en route to Niagara Falls. The trip j]
1 over the Lackawanna from Bingbaraton
to East Buffalo, 197 miles, was made in
210 minutes inclusive of 22 minutes stop- via
pige for water, oiling and railroad croralng,
miking the actual tunning time exactly
' 11)7 minutes, or a mile a minute. Mr.
' Sloan expressed his satisfaction at the One
. condition of the Lackawanna's roadbed
I and rolling stock. lbs party went to -Tit
Niagara Falls over the New York Central
- from here last night
Kl s?Dalor Olvln Diul.
New Yobk, September .1-Ex-Senator |
' Givin, of California, died at noon to-day
> at the New Park Hotel. Senator Call, of
I California, was with him at the time of hla .a
, I death. Tiie dead inah's son hu Iweii tnl
- ejfrapbod for and will arrive Monday. No
11 member of hie family waa with the da j
ceam-il at hladpaUi.' ' ' .3
yt? 'BMatec. .1
imris j
eigtis, atom among Natural
L JOUfctiAL, May 31, 1884. Ji
and Mint rat Water Dtaltrs. ~\

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