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r giiuattlgwnl|jj8
Chantai Academy,
. kih Tcir of tbla well-known Ac?d
WZ2SVL, ?' VUltttion Kun.
'# " i September natuM
S"?" iSSttur "mo In to "Ml?"'
r'^ 'Sfdalre to plw? tbeir daughter* In at
w* jtordln* cxceptioL*! tdvintifac lfi
^wUo\ uhful Md dc IghUul locution, er,""1
?"" u?l ""J*"- " ""r T
niu I"1"1' '' dualitoii, lndodliw l!i? H"?loro
the Acudomy of 'he VWtaUon,
JjmCtttfBOl M( J? 0U4NTAI.,
Kinr Whwlltm, w. Vn.
?e6p** -? r~ - n
I Broote room;. W. V*., wii: begin it* Fortj-flm,
ftviui SWTKililc'K 28, lsW. Ii I* the most nolal
Mf^utge la our btAle, htvltgMO AIuiduI, many oj
Mrho3??}owipyl"S high pl*cc? of trust. It h<u
Mfcf rdlrge Itytve Count*: the ClaMlcal, th?
MfduitiSe. llie MuUtorUJ, and the IadJra' Course,
mjbe (o'.lmf '* "ow Mbuut t,(V ut <1<M? *ud tbc
will make au etlort to enlarge the EndowMmat
tad the number of itudent*. Patronage 1|
jjiij|u.,i from all the friend* of rlanlc learning.
| /? UUlojuca apply to
FHOf. W. H. W00LEB7, or
^ DR. w K PKN Df.ETOy. Pr??'?.
pBlVATfi tiCiiUUL.
I Will rro]?u her Schoola*. her Ec*Idcuco,
JN'o. Hl? TwolTtli 8ireot,
| OS HEJTKMBfc'K 7th NEX f.
mmmn m lee
I'MVKIWITV, Lexington, Va.
jurtnictlfu lu die usual academic studies and Id
Ike pn/fcuiowl fcbools of Law una Engineering
^ooiiioD healthful; cipcuso moderate. Session
Sept. 17. f ur catalogue, addresa "Clerk ot
lie Fteulty." 0. W. C. LEK,
jyi Pn>*ldvnt
GKX. a. XV. V. LEE, Pre#Irieut.
Inrtmct'on by text-lyok* aud printed Iccturct,
iriiu ujiifM'4 of l?;ctua? on ?pwl*l subjects by
(alwiit Jurists. Tidtlou mid leiw SaOfur*wslou of
nine oouibi, beginning Sept. 17. For catalogue
mil full ii'ormuUun, adiirrca C'bna. A. liravcs
jW*?>rof U-\. U'slnyioH. Va. Jyj
Vrl'-lC, UK A WING
Tlir Mimes Dodubjimjk will resume thi jr CI wa
|j Kui^, Drawing and i'uintiug Monday, .Sfptcut
?rl( ?t T-e ftb n'rt-et, franklin iu-urance
BailJIa?. am! i' Ubio street Instruction given on
ami Uuitar, and lu nil brauchia of i'alntui:
m.m?I?1 Drill /or liacic*
wIm Boris.'"hik!'' i r aT-tible'rooms All ntudeiiti
bil with 1'rlurJiHtl. KWimiN C. BHOilTLlLiUijsummci*
It, lMTpark !
01 iliUU'iiiillul iititl lieal'liful rix:irt hai opened
very successfully.
FHosiCd uiMn the HU MM T OP THE AL1.E
OH ANY JlolVfAlNS the Park present* uusiir1K-vi.il
climatic couditlODH. to malaria. Excinpi)ii
lr m tiay levi r.
hcturcx|u<} unrounding*, bcautl/ul location,
frrit kjrul, KKLIltiOrti AND jN I liLLh(71'UAL
AuWM A 'b-, of aic^nancl rapid column*
utolljn wlili tlie uront cities. have Juiiillied the
bop3<>f the proprietors that ML Luke Park would
k>ju take It' place among the most luvored ol
tuinicer Kworw.
iv-lichtfiil excursions by rail and mouutalu road
?1J u toe sumeiious of iho place.
Bmnllng accommodations aro ample and reason?l>
la prke.
W.;JK>ICK BUILDISO LOTS are to be bad at
Bvi-^UUi tort.
The* AMN(>ml>ly
Begin* AUGUST C aud closes AUUUhT 19.
Tit | r u'raniDJ include* a wld j raugo of lccturct
u4 ioiuuilion in tpeclal branches.
The II. A 0. Railroad Company offers reduced
mi -<if"rth: Awiiubly. Uouud trip irum Wbeel
lu< JIM.
I'l - \ .vm>?lv rorifcm djplr?niK?. iMlfl
insurance (Companies.
ramjHQ, w. v*.,
umat No. 41 Twturra Stmut.
Capital, - rr 9100,000
ROBERT t'KANGLE, Prculdcnt,
J. F l'AULL, Vlco President.
ALFRKi) I'aULL, Secretary.
C. U. HfcSbtNKY, City Agent.
lanrei nil kinds ol property at xeaa jnablo rates,
Ohio valley fire insurance
way any
Om?-lla. 1JW Main 8lroot.
C1HTAL. ?CO,000(X
Docss general Fire Insuranco Business. Faro
property, ii:d Djrdlicg Hooks and con Urn ta in
land for Cum or lire yean.
Hfnr*?hmnIb?Ah. Aliut. lAWrhlln.
Jotiu *f. Caaiptdl, W. B. Koli]ii?ori,
Urld Gutuun, iJouj. Fisher.
J. V. U ROMKRfl, fleorotary. Jytt
OAKTAL 9100,00
luvan* hRnlnst low or diunige br flro And light
tU; ell cU?i? o! dalrablo property, also lnsoro
Ousoob uu Out Waters wnton.
I. s. Viacc. J*r?tdent, tf. Kdlly, Vice President
J.L Stroeluoln, See'y, Jul P. Adams, Aw't Hoc.
, *. Vance, H. BdUy, L. 0. BUfel
J. H. Uubbs, 0, W. Fniiuholzn.
jjakk of tee ohio valley.
OUttU ?m,mv
5*. A. Inrrr ^..Preridec
*?.&. Yioe-Pretldes
fircta oa Inland, Ireland, Pranoo and German j
WE. A. iMtt, w?. B. BlBMon.
i. A. Miii'.cr, John K. Boulord,'
JLM.Aiktuaoo. Victor Boacnburt.
Henry tower.
jam F. P. J1PBON, OMhler.
CAHTal i_i .iiii.iii*!'""! pno,Mfl.
J. H. Vajic*. ^.....^.Proilrtm
[ ? Vance,' B. Horkhetmcr,
H !>?.k.ll? 1? milnoham.
eraupi^. L-arssvr
John Krow,
Dnfu lMued ou England, Ireland, Bootlanfl an
Upolnuiu Euro lie.
jSuslucss (Caerts.
Curpoutor nn(l Builder,
Brick and Wooden Building* Erected.
RooU, VaIIoj?, Sky Lights, Counter* tad Bhclvim
All work promptly attended to on rwuwnab
^ ranop-Alloy W, reer o! CftpltoL Heeldeno
Klflmith utrtet. Shoo In nwr. M
General Machinists and Engine Bnlldor
Cor. ChtpUne and Eighteenth Street!.
8PECIAL ATTENTION given to Repair Work.
tanta (or the celohmted Judwn Qorernor.
_fcrJf) ?
X)7o. LIST, JR., "
pork paciier
rvtiurcmorrquickly Hum any o'.lier knownprro'
??Mf#Jra|[0. Ilenrlw. flora*, lTroM-UtM,
w *^i<iaS^?',n,,nfl?t??. C'uutioti.?Tlia Kt'll
^HJJSig-fct.^-' ulmi Nnlmtio* IHI U-ars our
**OC*& nifUtrrrri Tnulc-llork. uid our
fnr-?linll? Blrmtuiv. A. C. Meyer <X Cu, bolu
lYojirtotoni. Baltimore, Mil.. U. S. A.
For the care of Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness,
Croup, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Whooping Cough, Incipient Consumption,
and for the relief of consumptive
persons in advanced stages
of the Disease. For Sale by all Druggists.
Price, 25 cents.
w Atgy rr^s. i-rz?r.xt> rx..n t^rr?rtl
49-A wrltton gtjanntco of cure given In crorr
case undertaken. 4U?~A II consultations Free and
Nnrrrd. Dr. Clarke's Celvbrati <1 liook una
Writings (In plain envelope*) two stamp*.
>.P.CLAlgltM.P,C10TlasBt, ClartM?U.OUe?
Cancer of Tongue!
A Caa? Iteseiubilrg that of General Grant.
Pome teu ycrt ago I bad n scrofulous sore on ray
right hand which gave mo greet trouble, nnd uu
derthcold time truimeut was healed tip, aud 1
sup|ogttl?l ?u well. I found, however, It had
only been driven i&to the ?y>tf in by tho use of potnih
and mercury, and in March. 1S82, it broke out
in my thro fit. and concentrated in what soma ut
tho doctors deu mitiat il canrer. J wan p'aced
under treatment f.-r tlilt di*a:e. Some Ma or
seven of tho be*t phytidara <u toe country Lud
men dlTcrom times uuler their charge umoug
them thieu attectnli.su iu tltUline; but one a:tcr
another would eahuust heir skill uud drop me,
for I grew worse continually. The c-tncer had
caicu ttiro gli uiy cht-ez. dotro irg the roof of
my mouth and upper lip, then attacked my
tongue,-palate and lower lip, destroying the palate
and uud- r Ui? entirely and -nil my tonxuc, eating
out to the top of mv le t chcek bone and up to t?'e
loft eye. from a b't-iiy robust woman of 160
Lbunds, I was ie ?.ced tiamcie fmtut of sUinand
ones, almost uiliblc u> turn nrself in bed. J
cou'd .uot eat hu>* solid food. but sub>i>.t<d m
liquid*. aud my tongua was no (at gone i could not
talk. Ihoanmilflh uf luindaud th?j horrible sufferings.Ot
body which i experienced covercau brevealed.
fci\eu up by i>hy?ici?u to die, with uo
hope of recovery Ujkiu the Dar; of friends who sat
around uiy bedside cxpei tfugevery moment to be
my lA*t; in fact, my fcusbaud would pUcehlsi*and
on me every now r.ud thou to ?ce wb< tlw I wax
alive or uot, and at one tlme all dcctded that li e
wiw extinct, and uiy death was repotted all over
thooou try.
Such was my wretched and Iiu'plcsi ccndU'on
t>ioflr?tot lea Octob r, (lf>#|), vt.ou my frh'iMS
commenced giving me Uwlft's Specific. >u lets
thtn a month iho eating places stopped end healiugco*nnieuocd,
and the fearul ?|>erture ir? my
cheek Iias been clO?ed ami thinly kuitud together.
A process of & new under dp hi proarc*slug finely,
and the tonuuc which was aluinii destroyed It bo
lug recovered aud it beem* th?l niture Is supplying
a new long e I ran talk *o that my frbnd*
ran readily understand me, and can <*at solid food
again. I ant nine to waU about wherever I pha?e
without the iu?Utati eof any one, au4 have gained
Q ty pounds of lleah. All this under the bka-'ng
of a inorclfully Heavenly > athor, Is duo totfwiit'M
.-1-riiio. lamaworn! rand a mirvol to all my
fr ends, hundreds of whom have kQowu my intenns
su Her lugs, aud liave yjaltod mo in my affiletiona
While am not entirely troll, yet my gratitudo
is noim the Imn devout, aud I am i!..ntidcnt
tliat a pericct recovery la uow iu sigh*. If any
doubt those facta, 1 would referibem to lion. John
11. Tray lor, Mate Senator of this district who 1*
my cciglitwr, l?r. T. H. Br?tdlHd. of JjiGrangc, Cin.,
or to any other joyous Uvuig In the ouibcrn \ art
of Xroupa ci-unty, Ua. afja. Si abv L. Uoxkk
LaG auge, G*., Alay 14,1*4$.
Hold by all drug'Lu.
i Trt-atlMJ on ? ood and Skin Disease* mulled freo
CTall on our i'hyslcian, No. 151 W. 23a SU, N Y.
Cumulation free 'HUtSwirrSrscmcCo. Drawer
8, Atlanta, Uii. Jol8n*w
For sale by Laughlin Pros. * Co and Logan A Co.
Take ull In all.
?Take ell the Kidneys and Liver
?Take all tho Blood purifiers,
?Take all the Dy*i>q>*ia aud indigestion
?Take all tho Ague, Fever, and bilious
?Ta'io all the Brain and Nerve .'me
?Take nil the Great tfalth reatoicm.
In ihurt, take a 1 the but qualitlrfi of nil these
ana the-fca*,
? Qtuilitb* of nil the test in calcines lu ilia world,
and you will llud that II->y
?HIhert h-tvo tho t*e? curative qualities and
powers of all emiccutmtcd lu ih in,
f ?And that they wl'l cure when auy-or all of
th?e,a: ugly or- cotubimd. KaU 1111
?A thorough trial will give pcaltlvo proof of thin.
llardcucd Liver.
Flvo year* ago I brako dowu with kidney and
liver complaint and rhoutatl in.
Since then I have been unable to be about at all.
My liver became haid like wool; my Hubs wore
pulled up and filled wltn water.
All the be?t phy#IcUns agreed that nothing could
cure me. 1 rciolved to try Hop Bitter*; 1 hnvc
used f>cven bottle*; thohardneis htu all t,ono from
U my liver, the swelling from my llubi, and It has
worked a miraee lu my caae; otherwise I would
i have been cow in my grave. J. W. MohiiV,
Buffalo, Oct 1,1681.
Povcrlj- and Suffering.
"I was drugged dowu with debt, povorty and
fuOennK f<ir )ua?. car bed by a Kick laiuily aud
la>u t Mill for docto Iiu.
1 wai complett-ly dlscour ?cd, uutll one yrar
' ago. by the advice of my pustor, I romtnenced
ualng Hop Bl't-jrst, and In ouo month we Wrro all
. well, an 1 none of m lmve aeeu a aiok Oaf since,
and I want to Niy to all poor uicn you can keep
your >a:ulUca well a year with Hod Bitters lor lc*a
than oue doctor'* visit will cost I know It."
?A lV0ItKI.v(!X4.V.
,1 9~Nonegfiininewriio.it abunrtrofgivenHopn
t on the wnito lab?-l. shun nil tlio vile, poUtonuiu
Hull with "Hop" or "Hojw" in their name,
r, nuU-Mwmw
Among nudic mil
fi V CEUSaATEB *CaB d torn nch Bit tori
?V . 7^ land* pro cuiin -nt.
TM\ It checks llu further
t%y\ pmg'C-s cf all <lli'
B&mE\ *f SuVs order* of thn >tonivv
ri- v J VSl the vitiii
* stamina, prevent*
jMf \~~i< *u<* remodlea chilli
it A??d favor, iuoroasn
it -y- yT- iff fM tbs activity o( the
it - nfj kkluey?, counteract*
w^Q655S^5d .3? * tonaeacy to rlivumutism.
and 1? ?
geaulpe st?y and
? >h/w fc-.lueo i> a<ed,intlrni
u. /stomach ^ ?* andnervous pernns.
H? BfiSBMPd 0Xh Hiu arllo e la more
a 8S8 H H *& ?2^P ovCr. dlrfve:l 'w?
^*0 R M (bapurrs', nud moti
reliable smnra. For iaIo by all Dn>rgt?t? and
= Dealer* generally. >cp3M?r*?
1 "* --- "t^Il-AVM^AOfl
i- uruimciiiicoo
It cin bo |lv*n lu a cup of coffee or to* wlthou
the knowledge o' the perum takluy It. i> abtwlutelj
hartuIom, !!<] will vflvt a pcrmuncnt and unecxlj
a euro where the paticut ii a modulate drinker o:
mi alcoholic wreck. It ha* boon givcu In thon
aaudi of enact, and In every 1 ml*net: a perfect cun
hM followed IT NKVKK KAILS. The ?ytten
onoe Impregnated with the Bprelflc It, bccomea ai
utter lm possibility for the liquor appetlto to txist
QOLDKN SPECIFIC 00., Prop'n, Clnolonatl, 0.
For aalo by LOOAN&CO..
Drurolatii, Whcllnjr, W. va.
Call or wrlto for circulars aud lull par l leu law.
jyft-xwar ___
nil PA I si,ooo iucwakd.forltchlni
9 Dll Lv Blecdin*orProtraduiKPile?Oi
rJLtp I
?b I
Olt1c?> "simu 83 ii lid 37 fourteenth 8lr#at
Once more tbo Urn* are heaped with bay,
The loctuu bum the livelong day,
The llllo blOMOin tal;
The glbtening Held U thick wi'h gwln,
Tcu apple UK<a a crlmnou stain
ubovu the juttorv wall
I watch the year with jealoiu cyo
a? lavish tu mater h rnenn by,
Ft r all too ?? Hi a eo-e To
la?t the hippy kmmius tun,
Till autuwuu nchaugltiK wind and atm
bhalt herald luthoaao**!
Companion dear of card cm day s.
Whoso w-rm una lot new glance bctraja
A tru'ty heart u'i hln,
Your vb'ce inn ui&de the morning* ?wcet
Alio all m% | nines leap to inect
The lightest lot. l? 1 vvlu.
When inelUrR color charms the eye
' And tsrih repeat* the suntd sky
On every pnrpllug hl'l,
And Idler ni the tuovin* showAlone
un-i lonely 1 thsll go,
And t itnk upon you still!
CENT1 1'J21>A?& ANli TAItAN l'UI?A8.
How the fr?tty Lltrin Iufcott Auiuse Travelers
In Texas.
Tenm Letter UI Philadelphia Tiuia.
This ifi an eating btution on the Southern
Pacific railroad, and stands well out on the
great Prison Plain, about mid-way between
K1 Paso and Del Rio. Old Roy
Beau, who foruieily dispensed frontier
justice of a decidedly original and peculiar
kind while acting as magistrate at Alurderville,
during the building of the railroad,
owns the eating privilege at Sanderson
and the liquid refreshing bureau connected
therewith. This business is rather
monotonous, and to a man of old Roy's -
temperament not aitogetuer pleasant. Latterly
he has found time hanging heavily
on his hands, and to assist him in whiljng
away the lagging houis that creep by so
slowly out on this dreary plain, ho has
taken up the study of natural history,
liis collection, as yet, is small, but it is
decidedly a unique one, and he is addiug
specimens eveiy day. It is hope and am- 1
bition to be the proud possessor of a living '
specimen of every mannerof creepiigand 1
crawling thiog, and all those thai hop, !
skip, jump, ruu, or fly in the Lone Star !
State. 1
In the largo glass case in the rear of Lis
saloon ho has caged more concentrated !
venom that can be found anywhere out- 1
cide of a poisson factory. First on the j
list is a family of centipedes, consisting of '
a giant nearly ten inches in length, the
[ old fellow's son and daughter, and a num- j
erous progeny of babies. The centipede 1
is not a pretty insect. He runs too much 1
to lew Once I thought them of no use, 1
hut alter seeing a lot of little Cniricahua
-Indiau papooses pulling centipedes from
their holes and greedily devouring them
legs, poison and all, 1 no longer doubted
tho wisdom and beueiicence of their crea- '
tion. In tho course of my checkered car- 1
eer I have ha/1 several adventures with
centipedes and always caine out second a
best. A centipede can raise a blister on a t
man's body quicker than a red hot t
iron if you don't immediately apply a i
remedial poultice of pounded prickly pear t
nn.l trnuroplf ill tt'ftrdl V with OOfit WhlR- f
ky?which latter ia warranted to kill any i
thing but an ariny mule-rthe resultant ef- i
fecte may be serious. Centipedes usually c
attack their victim at night when he is I
asleep ami can't defend himself. They 1
are arm* d with about 200 little lances con- t
veniently lashed to the toe o&each foot? I
of which they have several?and at the r
base of each lauce is a tiny sack of venom. 1
If a centipede crawls across your body, t
which he'll most likely do if you lie down jj
any where within a ha!i a mile of him? i
you'll have no difficulty in following his I
trail, and you'll remember his visit for i
weeks. No man ever died from tne bite a
of a centipede, but I have known ono to 1
make a roan wish he wero dead. t
Iu the cage adjoining that occupied by f
the centipedes was a den of tarantula*, ?
whose sciontidc name is Lycosa. The den (
contained two Lycoaas, but whether they 1
| were brother and sister, mother and I
daugfiterTTather and son, or husband and I
| wife, I am nimble to declare. Tney were 1
about the h'zo of a common saucer, and t
were as hairy as Ksau. Their mouths j
were blooJ-rcd, and they cach had four 1
sharp teeth, which from time to time they
snapped viciously. I was bitten by h
t.irautula once, and I ielt thankful that
thfuo two were caged. I suggested to
old Hoy that it would be a good idea to <
pull out their tettb, and tie kindly '
gave me permission to operato on ^liern 1
dentally. 1 declined. The tarautnla is
an exaggerated spider, with teeth and hair. 1
They are always ready for a tight, and
wilftarkle anything, not excluding a buzz
saw. In days gone by I have olten
sniused myeelf by teasing ono with a redhot
coal. At first they would fi^ht shy,
but after they onco got mad they would
attack that coal and never surrender until
they were burned to a criBp. I never
heard of anything eating a tarantula. If
ouo bites vou. use same remedies as pre
scribed for centipede sting, only more bo.
scraps of 8ciknce.
Cyclones usually occur about 4 o'clock
in tue afternoon.
The glass insulators so commonly used
to hold lightning rods in place are quite
usoless aud an unnecessary expense, but
are not a'source of danger. A plain iron
or wooden support for the rod is equally
A mouthpiece for pipes has been patented.
This inventiou provides for a removal
mouthpiece, covering an inner one in
ouch a way that when ono inhales the
smoko a current of fresh air will also be
drawn in from the outside, thus cooling
the stem of tho pipo.
The manufacture of solid carbonic acid
gas has been carried on for some time in
Berlin. It comes in small cylinders, and
if kept underpressure will last some time.
A cylinder one aud a half inches in diameter
aud two inches long will take live
hours to melt away into gas.
Crucibles of nickel havo lately been
adopted in some chemical laboratories in
the place of the silver ones generally used
for melting caustic alkalies. They have
the advantago not only of being chcaper,
but of being capable of resisting a higher
temporaturo than tbe latter, and the result
is said to be favorable.
Cork cuttings aro now used in the
making of bricks, which are said to be
impervious to heat or moisture. In view
of the destructive character of the frenhets
in American streams consequent upon the
destruction of the forests, cork houses
ought, says tho Cumnt, to bo regarded
with great favor by the inhabitants of the
riparian territory.
Er O. mmistioner-Lo Due gives, in the
Hutbanilman, tho formula for cheap paint
for out-buildings aud fences, to be made
of sweet skim milk, mixed to tho thickness
of cream with common cistern
cement (fresh) and 'applied to wood and
brick, it is of a yellowish stono color,
and any pigment necessary to give it any
.1?i?j /.iin Iim n.tihul without in.
juiv to the paint. The lime ol the cement
1 unit the csseine of the milk form an in1
soluble compound.
K. Bohllr, in n recent paper on the
solubility ol glass, described experiments
which showed that 100 c. o. of distilled
water at the boiling temperature will in
every two seconds extract as much alkaline
silicatn out of glass commonly used
. as will sulllee to neutralize 01 c. u. of a
solution containing 0.1 grains of oxolic
acid per liter. With some old flasks and
beakers no appreciable quantity was dissolved
in the ahoittime required for quint
titative analysis.
' Under the slow bnt continuous action of
r the sulphurous acid thrown in the air of
cities by tbo combustion of coal and the
; influence of the frequent change! In the
) degree of atmospheric humidity, M. G.
Win finds that the peroxide of red lead
osod in coloring certain placards is destroyed
and sulphated. At the same time
the peroxide of the lead thusllberated Is
transformed into an insoluble sulphite.
~ This Bait being easily analyisd a new and
certain means is tbni obtained for deter!
mining the condition of the atmosphere
1 In large cities.
:.=r> i .h\.;
Th? Faod an Athlete E?t? While Train
The Cook.
"I eat," he sal J the other day, "and i
always have eaten since I was a boy, i
plenty of nourishing, generous food, and.
am very wide in my choice, eating ss i
role any good food that tempts my appe
tite, and that is heariy enough to be essilj
tempted. For myself I am not special!]
fond of whit you call made dirties, bm
prefer food in its plainer forms. For meat*
I eat chieliy mutton and beef, and I use?
good deal of bread, of course being si
careful as I can to get tho best. My own
idea is thst so long as you hsve sound,
sweet food it doesn't make as much difference
what kind it is as how you eat it
I am very particular to eat rtowly. I eat
three times a day. Breakfast is a light or
hearty meal, according to how I feel about
it at the time. Lunch in the middle ol
tho day is always light, and dinner at 0:30
or 7 is the principal meal of the day. I
always take an hour for that. If I haven't
an hour to spare at dinner time I put oil
dinner till I have tho time.
J unu, TllOUgU, lUrtl H0IUB UUII1 lUUUb
and bread I muat have plenty of vegetables.
No man cm mako any kind of an
athlete without eating plenty of vegetables
I take all kindn, aud pretty much
of all fruit, too. Fruits are good. A man
can't stay without that kind of food. He
has no endurance.
"Ye?, I'm 8cotcli. and I believe in oat
meal, but 1 don't think you ought to eat
too much of it. I have it for breakfast
about three times a week. I am fond of
milk, too, and am especially careful to
drink it slowly. It's excellent food, but
it'a very bad to drink it fast. And it isn't
good to take much liquid any time, especially
at mealu. I have a habit of always
drinking a glass of water when I first get
up; spring water if I can get it. I don't
exactly know why I do it. I don't know
ibat it is very good for me. I guess it is
because I like it. There's no accounting
for taste, you know.
"Tea is my greatest stimulant. I don't
drink mueu eouee, but l do taice consideriiblo
tea?black tea alway3,.i never use
green?and I take it with sugar aud milk,
and never take it iced. I don't believe in
iced drinks. 1 don't mean, when I say
It's my greatest stimulant, that I never
take anything stronger. I very seldom
tlo, but sometimes, just before a race, for
instance, if I need ir, 1 take some brandy;
o malt liquor. That's bad, especially
lager. Lager U very bad.
"In training? Well, I make no differjnce
in ray diet in training. I only try to
iuwp regular hours, especially in sleeping
iYint I take no physic. Physic is tod
ilways. In training it's fatal."
Dinner Tabla Diplomacy.
lood 1.0UMkcqiin\j.
The diplomate in politics or business
lnderstamJs full well the virtue of the
joet'B lines?that
"Dinner lubricate bUHlneas."?
md many a diflicult negotiation has been
ilinched in the good fellowship that follows
lpon a well plinned, carefully served
iieal, at which the lien am produced by
he creature cusnfoits of the palate was not
listurbed by any awkwardness of managenent.
So the housshold diplomate will
eckon human nature into tier items oi
jousideration, if she wishes tj produce
hut moBt admirable result of a home to
vliich ail the different members of her
lousehold turn as to the Mecca of their
leartp, with not only faces set in the diection
of their greatest ease and pleasure,
>ut uu?p8 eager to devour every umtsuity
lint stands between them and the prompt
^tliering of all at the family boara. Such
>rai<eworthy end ia reached only by snob
tarmonious adjustment cf the household
nncliinery and such presiding inlluence
t?s makes an atmosphere of comfort and
lappiness. if women would only set
hemselves to acquire this rarest of all
uts, as they have sometimes set them*
lelves to conquer wider but less rich kingloins,
recognizing it as a line art and the
ouudation of home lifr, and educating
h tinsel via for its mastery, instead ol
huiking that all sullicicnt grace 0f wifehood
and motberhood would come by na
uie, there would be more perfect homes*
ind fewer wide-roving, discontented busuands
and Bons,
Htockliig Willi fur Winter.
The season of autumnal drouths and
short pasturage always brings lo!s of sheep
upon the marker, which their owners conclu?!e
not to winter, and tint may often
b& very profitably bought. Blieep of good
constitution, with goou teeth and healthy,
may be safely bought, if one has feed for
them which he wishes to convert into
manure in the easiest and cheapest way.
For instance, a large oat-grower has straw
which will carry quite a Hock through the
season. If he buys ewes that have had
lambs this year, and has them served
oarly, by a long-wool or Down
ram; though thin now, they will
rapidly pick up probably give
him one hundred and twentjfive
per cent of lambs. Of conrte, such
ewes will need some grain; all the more,
if the wheat straw instead of oat is their
principal fodder. Wo have known lambs
to bring in the spring doable and triple
what was paid for the ewes, while the
ewes wero worth fully as much as they
cost, and the manure as much more. This
is hardly the usnal experience, but tinder
advantageous circumstances, the experiment
is well worth trying, recollecting
that October service brings February
Iambs, which, if well pushed forward, may
be in market by the tlrst to the middle ol
May. Earlier service will,of course, bring
earlier lambs and greater profit.
ThU ttoltlea It.
lldlairc Tifbune.
Of course the wood cuts illustrating
Talmage's sermons in Europe aro sent
over by cable. How else could they get
them, seeing that tbe sermons are sent
over in that way and printed next morning
after their delivery, which would make
it impossible to get the illustrations up
after the sermon arrived.
Nervous Debilitated Men
You are allowed a free trial of thirty days
of the uee of Dr. Dye's Celebrated Voltaic
Belt with Electric Suspensory Appliances,
for the speedy relief and permanent core
of nervous debility, loss of Vitality and
Manhood, and all kindred troubles. Also,
for many other diseases. Complete restoration
to iiealth, vigor and mannood guaranteed.
No risk ib incurred. Illustrated
pamphlet, with full information, terms,
etc., mailed free by addressing Voltaic Belt
Co., Marshall, Mich. vwnv
Baoklen'a Arnica Salve*
The best Salve In the world for Cote,
Bruise?, Korea, Ulcere, Salt Rheum. Fevei
Keren, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and positively
cures Piles, or no pay required, II
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction^!
money refunded. Price 26 cents per box.
For sale by Ix>g>n A On,
Silk hoso of one solid color ought tc
match every shade ol the fashionable
woman's numerous toilets.
Tu > gloomy fears, the desponding views
the weariness of soul that many complain
of, would often disappear were the bloot.
made pure and healthy before reaching
the delicate vessels of the brain. Ayer'i
Sarsaparilia purifies and. vitalises th<
blood; and thus conduces to health ol
body and sanity of mind. UK
"As under a hot iron creases disappear
so does tho weight of adversity press on
ol a man bis pride and'vanity.'
TbouMDd. Say So,
Mr. T. \V. Atkins, Glrard, Kan., writes
"I never hesitate to recommend you
Electric Bitters to my customers, the;
give entire satisfaction and are rapid sell
ere." Electric Bitten are the purest ant
beat medicine known snd will positive!]
core Kidney and Liver complaints. Purifj
the blood and regulate the bowels. Ni
family can afford to be without them
They will save hundreds of dollars in doc
tor's bills every year. Bold at fifty cent
? bottle bylogan & Co, hymi
. Tli? P?bIwm of ill- Money And Block
h*iw You, fcpt 3.?Money eaay at lal% Per[
cent Prl ?e mercantile ptper 4a5 percent FOrx
uovc&M xk -t wiine?Have be*n doll but strong,
r Btatk Bonds-Have been neglected.
1 Railway Bond*-Were again more active, the
. sales amoanllnf to M90.0JH
Stocks?The stock market wis dnll and firm
nearly all day until the last hour, when then was
, a decided break In prices, during which In a
r majority of ca*es the earlier advances were lo?t
r and something more. Thero were only alight
changcs lu the opening quotation! from the closing
t prices veste'dar, hut the upward m vemsnu
began almost immediately after the opsnlug, and
> wJth onlremall frsctlonsof Uguns continued to
i climb alowly higher unt'l 1 o'clock
The market was then steady until aftw 2 o'clock.
I The gains in no case however, amounted to as
. muchaa 1 percent. Thegrangirs have been dull
1 and closed with only ii!?bt changes Reading
was down lp*.<ent and Lackawsnna % percent.
Keporta roeardlu* the p-e eut condition of the oool
buslnea coutlnue ve y unsatisfactory. It li un teratoid
that lackawauua made further concessions
i lu prl.-es durtn< the last two days, and that the reduction
has been met by the i.eblgn \ aliey. The
ma'et closed steady alter a alight rally aud gen
: crally %a% poc?-ut above the lowest of the day.
TramJi'Uuui 192.313 fbsres.
i U. a. *. 103: U. d. 4?*a. 112%: U. 8 new
13: Pad tic 6s of *95, 128; Central Padflc, tlniis,
H/7;: Kris, seconds, M%: l?ehbih <St Wilkeabarru,
oi'd. 05; Lou l iana consols. 80: Missouri 0.1U1>^:
' St. Joseph, 116; St. P. ?St H C first*, 121%: Tctim-sace
Cs, old, 47%: do new. 4 k; Texas IWlllc Land
lireu(a 48: do Kio lirande. to: Union Pacllic flrtti,
11 >%: do Laud grants, 107%: do Hosing fund, 1 8:
Virginia ?*, 40; Virginia Consols extra matured
coupons 49; do deferred, 10: AcUuua Kxprexa,
142: American Ex rue**. 97; Canada Southern, Sfl%:
Central Paddc,8?%; Cnesapeake it Onto, 7%; do
fin.u picferred, la: do seooud preferred, (?> ;
C. O. r.dt 1,19; Denver & Rio Grande, 11%: Erie,
16%; do preferred, 85; tort Wayne, 187: Kansas
& Texas, 24; Lake Erie & Western. 7%; like Shore,
70%; Louisville & Nashville, 4ft%; Louisville, New
Albany it Chicago, 80; Mem phi* A < harleston, 86;
Michigan Central,61; Mlhaourl Pacific, 91%: Naahville
dt Chattanooga. 48. New Jersey Central, 48%;
Northern Pacific, v0%. do preferred. 4G%: Chicago
A Nortnwcatern, 98; do preferred, 129%; N'ew York
Central, 9<<%; Ohio (Antral, I: Ohio 6 Mlsalsnli.dI.
'IPC', do Dreferred. 78: Pacific Mail. 49Ti:
I'ltuburgu, 140; Heading, iSJj: St. Louis di8an
F-ancliico, 19: do preferred, UK: C., M A ?t.
Paul, 77%; do pwemM, 112; lexai Padfln. 17H:
Union Pacific, 49%; Unittd Stawa Ex prom, 63;
W., Hi. L. it P. V/t\ do preferred. i&; Woila-Farso
Express, 118; Western Union, "Oft.
Breadstuff* and Pfovltlona.
Chicaoo, Kept. P.?Speculation wu v*ry alow
on Tha* go during the gro.tjr portion of thedny,
but bocaino more acdve toward ihj close of the
regular session when values nuiped aomewbat
weaker o<i a report that very littlo xport demand
appeared to exut. There wu no other feature of
b|*c!ol interest. lUceiptaat primary poluts continue
very light a$ compared w.th last )car, but
iblnment'continue only moderate. Flour quiet
aud uui banned. Wheat ruled quiet and ?t *dy, :
and early Bold up %c. but fell buck and a? d vli
closing a* uuder yesterday; sales ranged:
September clow-d at 79^0: October .
81&81HC. c!o? d at 81 Yfi) November 83>?aA?J^c.
elo^rd at 83)$c; No. 2 spriug 'dflio: No. g wring
Of34c; No. 2 red 85c; No. 8 red 79J$c. Corn
ruled tinner on report* <f frost from
various auctions aud cloied a shade higher than
yesterday; ciuih 43%c; 8cpUnnbo< -l^aWXc, closed
lit 42J4c: Oc ober It&u.'ttc, closod at 41Jic; November
3<Jclosed at W}fc. Oat* ruled
steady, price* snowing very Utile change: cash
21H0: September 'Ayjaifa, cloaM at WHc: October
cloaeaatu%c. Kyc ateady;No.2,
06%\ Flaxseed ilrmer: No. 1 fl 20. Meat pork
ruled itronger, ea?ly was 15al7Xc higher, receded
and clo?ed 2K?6c higher than yesterday; cash 88 co
ih cs, October <8 com 77ft. closed at fa 65; November
H 60ax 7 closed at 18 65. Lard ruled steady
uud a stmde higher; ca h 6.2CaG.22Sc: October
Agn*ft2fc. clo?ed at 6.20s6.22Kc; November 0.16a
817 %c. Boxed moats steady; shoulder* 8.85o3.90c:
a 4>ri rib 5.8i%ad.85c: snort clear 615a0 20a Wbbr
kt quiet at ?11 u Sugar* firm and unchanged
US cr ruled tirm: creamery 13o21c; dairy Uai7e.
Ees atwg at 14XAibc. Aiieruuou Board-Wheat
eaisir; Tvyio September: 80jj*8le October: 83c
Norfcmbor. Corn h!g(ier. Oats >ic higher for
September. P..rk 5o higuer. Lard 2)$c higher. I
Krui Vnur f5-.nl S - Klnnr mftilnU O 7RS har. '
rcls; qxporta 4.67i barrels; market (lull and weak;
mile* U &uj barrel*. Wheat lower ami din-lug
heavy; receipt* 11)9,382 bushels; exports fcc,>.u bn h<-1k;
milt* V.'JTti.OlA) bUKbulN future*; loO.OtO bUHbt'lH
[ xpot; No. 2 spring No 1 hard 92%e; ungraded
t upriuR hsXuMu: dj red 75aW)%c; aieamer No. 8 red
SU^c; No H red NJftK^e; lUeawcr No. 2 r.d toVCo:
No. 1 red '.)?% ;; No 1 white 91a: No. 'I rod Hupteiuter
cIusIur at October 'jj^a
wjfrc, eluhiutf at Jrjjje; November oIob- i
> 11k at December UGHa97%c, cloning hi %y?c; \
January cUMuk at i&5?o; Februaiy
II0 y4ut 01, vlatfug at SI Dol/4- Coru &klcr, ch?liu
weak; rweJpta 117,-too bushels; exports :;'.'.572
bushels; sales 1,2i38.uoo bunbola futures; Jfrl.oiw
bushels spot; ungraded *0ii51%c: No. 2, 60ajo%e;
yetlow r?l>yo: No. < Heptemtier 4'J%a5 U?c. timing at
49jgc; October closing at 4v%c; November
r.piitbuy^, during *t &0e: Uectinber-j->!4iU*>Sc,
cubed at <oytc; Jauuaiy 47>$e. Oats heavy; receipts
22tf,:w bushels: experts 4S?,U Lu-Jiela;
nixed western 3Ua&!c; white do 'SidiJt'. < oflec, *j>ot
fiir; Rio tlrm at S-KaK^c; ptioUK fairly active;
ul'.-H IV 7M) bags: September t;iUad.%e; October
6.90:; November g.95e; DecernDor
|7.(Wc; January 7.t-6a7.loe; February 7.16c. !
Sugar Arm aud lu fair demand; relluwi flrm;C
5W?^e; extra Aftll lCc; white extra C tSabJic; i
yell w 4?ia6V*c; standard A Ojfo; catloaf aud
crushed 7>gc; rowdered G%a7c. Tallow tlrm hi
b%c. lbmln dull. Turpentlue stccdy. at 86c.
b jigs very Arm; receipts 3,294 paekagea; western
I6%al6c. Por? flrtn; faintly utuvfll 26. Cut menu
strti'Jy; pickled bellies Cc. Lard moJewtely
active; western steam viiot 6.60c; September 6 46
afl47Hc;Octobcr 6.50o; November 6 4Ga6 47c; December
6.45c; January 6 61u; city steam 6.10c. <
I'lULAbKLTHU, Pa., Bcpt. a ?Flour undwugid.
Wheat steady but qui ;t; No. 2 red ScptcmU-r b7^a
88^[c; October w)>4uw;;c; Noveinter fcittrtrjfec;
December WKaJH^e. i*?rn, spot dull uuu woik; '
No 2 high mixed nud yellow 5lo: steamer/iOkaMu:
So. ?, GOa 0}^o; No. 2 mixed 4D%c; options easier;
No. 2 mixeu H-ptcmh.T 4i)V?.u4'>>^e; Ootoocr IJ^u ,
4'>^o; Notch her 4!${a4!%c; l>ecembcr 4Ga48c. >
0*a, Hpct Steady: tew uo (jr.de Itfc; new rejei ted
inUo<i2<e; o d No. 2 mixed a&s; uew rejected white
27){a2to: No. 2 white &u; futureaqulet out steady;
No. 2 whlto eepioiubar 32)?a?lfcu; October
3-$<o; November 32%a:u>4u: Detcmber KtoKlttti.
Luttt-r steady but .quiet. Cbcee llrm and fairly
act.ve; Ohio lair to prime 6H*7Ke.
Cincinnati, O., Sept. 3?Flour dull and unchanged.
Wheat firmer; No. 2 rtnl fcyfaille; reeelnt*
1,100 bushels: ?blptnenti 5,500 bushels. Corn I
ens cr: No. 2 mixed 45>$a4oc. Oau strong; No. 2
mixed c. Rye firmer. No. 2,6cC. Hurley firmer;
No. 8 fall Klc. Fork dull at 3'J '0. L*nl in fair demand
at 0.15c. Bulk meats quiet; 8r.ouldeM3.7Dc;
short ribs 6 80c. Bacon firmer; shoulders 4.26c;
thortrlbg 6.o6c; short clear 6.76c. Whisky irrccuJar
at f V6<tl 07. Nutter mrcug and higher; vxfa
can nery Ha 5>i; faucv dairy I6al7e. feugar firm
and ui cnangc<l. Kgg* In good demand at ll%ul2c.
cheese strong: choice mould Ohio factory 7%a8o;
Baltihorx, Sept. 3.?Wheat, wettern higher and
fl-m; No. 2 winter red sp t hiass^c; September
89){aSS%c: OctoberCO^aCU^c; November y.^a'J3c:
l)e? ember 94%c. Corn, wwitorn a shade easier and
duli; mixed spot4H^i4l>c; September 48Kc; O t'?f>er
?754a<8}?c; November, now or old, 46>fo: year
43}?a44c; st?amtr 40c bid. Oat* steady nud qu et:
western white Xla82c; do mixed 28a2?c. Provisions
firm. Coffee firmer.
Tolkpo, O., Bcpt. 8.?Wheat dull; No.2caMi or
September 86V; Octohcr 87asked: November
8 %o asked; December 90c OAked; No. 2 soft 8>%o
Cora rtoady: cash or September 45){c; October
4?VJc: May SP^c bid, 39}# asked. Oats unchanged;
cash or September 25Kc: Hay 3-c. Clover
seed qulot; cash or September 85 30 bid; October
{3 861 November 8o 40.
Lire Stock.
CHICAGO, III., Sent. 8.?The Drotxrt' Journal ro
?>rti: Cattle? Heed pus 9,WO head; shipment*
LOO head: market s'ow: common grades weaker;
hipping steer* 14 00*0 Yl\fa Blockers and feeders
S26?a4 CO; cows bulls and mixed 817544 00; through
Texas cattlo Kc lower at 82 60o8 50; western rangers
slow; natives and half breeds f3 OOu t 90; cows 8260a
4 00; wintered Tcxam 13 15 i* 63. Hogs?Receipts
1,400 head; shipment* 800 bead: market strong and
a thade higher; rough mid mixed S3 90*4 20; packing
and shipping ft 9048 55; light weights it 00a
4 7S:sklps$ifiM?i5 Shue]>?Rcoeipts 2,80J he d;
khlpineut* 600 head; price* urn-hanged; natives
ft ?0*41<?; west "ra 82 50*3 50; Texans 81 75a3 00;
lambs, per head, 75cs83C0
E?ht Liberty, Kept 8.?Nothing doing ineattlo
to-duy; all consignments th'ougli; receipts 589
head; shipments 1,121 head' no shipments to Now
York yesterdsy. Hogs dull buttlrm; Philadelphia*
8t60a470; Yorkers fltrai65: growers8180*
4 4J; receipts i,00 head; sbiproents 2,600 head;
shipments to New Yi.rk yisterday 14 cars, bheep
very dull; 1-ttb doing with prices about 25c Jower
than yesterday; receipt* 3,4JO head; shipments
1,600 head.
Cincinnati, O., Sept 3.?nogs quiet; common
and light S3 60a4 53: picking and butchers <4 10
mi fti? FMcints l.isso head: shlnments 629 head.
BiUDFoiu>,PA.,Sopt. 3.?Opened at II OOk; dosed
at 91 01%; highest ?1 ?K: lowest 11 00W; rum
not reported; total uhlpmenH 68.894 barrels; chartorn
Ci,748 barrels; clearance* 4,474,000barrels.
On. Crrr, Pa., Fc t 3,-Opcned at tl 00K; highest
fl ttSf; lowest 91 COM; dosed at9t 02%; charters
oi,74(i barrels: shipments 85.874 barrels: sale*
4,850,00) barrels; desrantes8392,030 barrels.
Tmnrnu, Pa., Sept. 3,-Opened at 9100}$; hl*host
9i 02S: lowest 91 GO*: cfoaoAat91 Ml# ?hlpment*.
tidewater, only 18,020 barrels; charters not
Pmsncium, Pa., Pept. 3.?Petroleum dull, but
Arm; National trausu certificates opened at
II o>if; closod at 91 Ui^; highest 91 02%; lowest
91 OOjf.
Nkw York. Sept. 3,-Petroleum steady; Unltod
, closed at II00}$.
New Tore, Sept 3.?Futures clo.ed ntcady; Sep*
. tembcr 0 71c; October 'J.GGc: November 9.61c: Fob*
ruary 9.71c; Match 9.81o; May lO.Oie; Juno 10.12c;
) December 9.54c: Jamury 9.01c.
Cincinnati* o., 8ept. 3.?Cotton qulat; middling
An Important Discover/.
I Tho most important Discovery is that
; which brings the most Rood to the greatest
| number.. Dr. King's New Discovery for
, Consumption, Coughs and Colds, will
[ preserve the health and save life, and is a
Sriceless boon to the afflicted. Not only
oes it positively cure Consumption, bnt
fVmorhiL CJol(liLllronchitifl.A8thma.Hoar8e
t new, and ill tflections of the Throat,
Chest and Lungs, yield at once to lie wonderful
curative powers. I! you doubt this,
net a Trial Bottle Free, at Logan A Co.'a
: drug store. mrnw
' The Florida Timn remarks that Florida
Is three times ss large and twice as hippy
j as Mwachnsetts.
\ Jptcial gotlces.
' FITS*?.All fill aunped (res bj Dr. KUu1! Great
Kerre Reatorer. No Flta alter Oral dan uae. Mar
niouseura. TreatKe ?od 13 00 trial txiula tree to
j?m? & ggextschH.
Tfie undcnlgned, having lately withdrawn from |
tha flraii of Frtcnd A Son and Aibens, flcruchy A i
Co., havo formed a oopartnenhlp under the lira <
name oi
Frew & Bertschy.;
For the purpose ol carrying on the
i i
Furniture, Carpets & Undertaking
They are now rcoelvliig and^opcnlng dally
In the lat?*t and moat modem deslgm,
And will be pleaaod to roo all their old friendi,
and m many new ones m may favor them
with their patronage.
- . ? u
Cll iS rw t. - #. /r*. ti
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For 30 Days Only. .
J. S. Modes SCo.
The best makes of Imported
Black Silks at 25 percent less
;han ever known.
Lot IVo. 1 at SOc.
Lot No. ?i at s~*l OO.
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iiais.c uiciu uiuvc ijuicivi^. ?
J. S. RHODES & CO. 1
lice MAIN ST. g
?2 "
JttisccUaucous. 2
The American Male Choir.
K Oolfbotfon of Pftcrprt a*d Sccular Iftudft, for Male
Chonw mid Quartet (holm, Club* Colugp# uud
Singing Hocluiita; twisting of Qunrlcti. Oo#jel
Botigp. AntnuicB, Chant#, Olei*, Song? and i'atiSoitc
By I. ii. TKNNEY, acompo???r who limhid great
nuccf-Bi in thU#tyle, h'n iiiUKio forming uu^itiruc
live fiat urn in many very popular oootx. _
Itt) Urge octavo pagw. 100 jileccs Choir* containing
*a'o Qnarteta will tlua tno book atmunre.
and all wxdal hinging circles will find in It Sacred
and tecular mmic to their Ust?.
trice In Boards 81, or i* per dux. Paper 80 eta.
U/AD Oni'fi? Tho extraordinary revival of
TV AH uU'Uui millUry and pitrioti-t feeiiug
ly pi tied by the iuc eaia and energy of urand
\rmy orgauiztUon*, ins bm'u-ht tut# collection
into very gn?at favo'. It contain# t-ouga for the _
ili? Uuw>1i Mum/irl?1 KmiDi unH In
fact the choicest of all ihn (without blitcrnosj
awaken tnumorici of the great war Kvtry family
should hive a copy, chorines aro for male voices,
and tbcro if an &ccompaulmentiorPianoorOrg*u.
Price 50 cents. ________
merry students' Hong*, with a truo college vim to ,
tnera. aad Including the favorite popular Mings of *
the day, m "Ro>alle," ' My Bonny," "Solomon .
Levi," ''Clementine," ctc. Price GO cents. <:
Mailed for tho Retail Prioe. OLIVER
DIT80N A CO., Boa ton.
C. H. Droow & Co., J. R Drraow & Co.,
867 Broadway, Now York. 1228 Chestnut St., Phlla. 1
an?c wfttw r
? - ? i
Tbo Atlanta ConttUuilon, speaking of tho Mystic
0*It' display, aid*:
'1 ho perfumed bill room was one of the ncvel
and graceful foUuros ol thin great event. Ai 'ho
guei!? entered tho Opera Howm they were greeted
witb the moat delicious odora. as from a freshly
blooming b? d of a thousand flowers. Tho atr was
laden ?t h the soft, sweet perfume that seemed to
ho tbo very breaih of tho trodden of pleasure and
a woolug to the g-ieties of the occasion. A fountain,
neatly placed, was playing all tho eveuing.
the cologne which gave forth this perfume, and
the practiced senses of the ladles at oire 'eterud
what it was. We no?d hardly say <hat the founuin
and the two atomlrers were diipcnslng to the atmosphere
tho odor of
an article of Southern manufacture that has
promptly won its way into wide spread popularity. r
1 his (Jolognn is of tne finest quality, luting and ji
dell clous: and an esteemed arilcle on the toilet h
table of all that havo used it. Tho quick and delicato
sens j < f th* "Mystic Owls'_* at once discover* :
edit*merits,and tbajr had uoaapp'ercouceti to
o"er their gueau timu tbem fountain juU of delightful
pcrfumo. The frtr dancer* who found po .
grateful a refr. aher la*', evening will ]>l?a<re thornReives
and honor tntir entertainer! by keoplngup
the RenMtlon throughout the twelve-mnoih bj
m^an* of 'hi* deHnht'ul Mont au2* vwraw
dqiiciuiib u1 ui1c lllbuiouvdi
III I ftlTCil A few flrtt cUm men who here faith
W All I r II in tbeaiM'TM to act u Diatrict Man
IV nil I UU agenatl1 gpecUl HoMcitnr* for the
Kqaltabla Uf? AMoeUflnn of W?at Virginia,
a co oporatlve company with thn beet endow irtent
plan now in u?. i*oputar and eaatly worked.
Bu-ltcu established. Keferencux required. Permanent
employment and food paf jr-iarantfad.
For further panicu'am apply at once to B. II. :
Wiiitmx x. Manager, Martlnaburg, Wtst VlrgiuU.
Florida Winter Home* at EDOBWOOD. anburb
to Jacksonville. Bend two aUmpe and receive
a Hap with a biul'aeye view of Jaeiaon*
ille. Safer to any bank hem.
?n?K?Mw f. d'Boi
Xo. 1401 (%ap1Ine Street
Near Fourteenth Street.
The best evidence of a physiciaa'i iuoomi i? th
testimony of his patients. The increasing dc
mantis for my professional services prove that in**
dealt honorably and fairly with (bote who hay
ooninlted me. 1 nevrr um ? patient's name with
out ponnlalOQ. thoueb 1 b?vo many buudred mi
Uacatei from thoaa whom I havfe cured after the;
bad been pronounced Incurable. A thorough med
leal education with mauy yeai* hospital experlena
ind familiarity with theraputk amenta, a clone ob
icrranoc of tcmpemraenW peculiarities and strlc
itientlon to hygienic management Ineuressuooecs
i cure Is possible, and I frankly give the patient nj
Homo Proof.
Kidney and Liver Diseases and Rbeumatlsm.lufered
tcrrIMy-"NothlnK sevmed to help me;
?uld not get out of bed. I >r. smith cured me."
ZKI'H. PHILLIPS. Wheeling, W. Vs.
Catarrh, Polypus of Noem. Impaired Voice.?Sufeivd
for years; imtetit luedluluc failed to help me.
3r. Smith completely cured me."
Of Boeldel & Co., Wheelta#. W. Vs.
Dyspepsia and Ulcerated tftmuach.?'Tfcatmcnl
or years failed to elve roe relief. Dr. Smith cured
no." THOMAS HOLT, Insurance A Rent.
Kits.?Had them for fourteen years. Dr. Smith
lured roe." LOUIS K. WASHINGTON.
Scrofula. Running Sores ou Head.?"My son wai
ifllleted for fourteen years. Nothing teemed to
telp him. Dr. Smith cured him."
Market Street, Wheeling, W. Va.
Cancer.?"Suffered for year* wl Ui Cancer. Had It
ut out three times. It returned after each opera*
ion. Dr. Smith cured mo without knife, catutlcor
ialn." MES..H. M. ORCCTT.
Piles, Fistula of Anus.?Fist ou my back for 18
reeks. Reported dylug. Dr. Smith curod me
rlthout knife In live weeks.
Wholesale Groccr, Main St. Wheeling, W. va.
Ulcerations of Rectum, Prolapsus and Piles.?
nugiveuupuj aio anu prvnuuuuea inourauie.
>r. Bmllb cured me without knife."
Rev. H. 0. Lcdd write*:?"Dr. Smith's, profue*
loiml service* iu my family have been moat satlaictory,
and 1 cummoud him to all aia gentleman
nd a skillful physician."
Mra. Margaret Kolk sajra: "I had been Buffering
jr seven yeara and treated br many physicians for
yipepala. Dr. Bmlth said I nad a taj>o worm, and
3 eight hour* removed a monster 109 feet long."
Female Complalnts.r-Threeyear* In hospitals for
molea, give mo peculiar advantages In such ca?*.
Persons cured o? catarrh, dlfteasa, of heart, liver,
;omnch, kidneys, akin, blood, nervous affection?
Qd weakuotoa of men and youth, scrofula and
ithma testify to my kucccm.
Plica cured without tho knife.
Patlenta at a distance may be treated by letter and
Ltlsfactlon guaranteed. A chart for self-cxamlnaon
sent on receipt of two threo-ceut stamps, and
Ivlce returned free.
Conaultatlou at offlco freo. Office hours from 9 A
. to 7 r. x., dally. Call ou or flddreai, ?
No. 14M Chapllne Bt, Reeling, W. Va.
! ess
A Rascal Cure f0n<R5/too im?iodnl?oca,or
^rrnirnnc ovorhralnwork. Avoid
BiiKVHDS gin1 ? Itupoiitlnnol prrten
? "SB"'"1 si iss
sphtsioah ISK.SiteJSlf'MK
? DECAY, BMlhl!,(F- RnumrtlwtrttS
AMMduKlCURED tSwuMBilj, ?i?*
InYounK A Mlaaicfca^, i?Urfm with *ttcnAgca
wien? tf.TV?onto bu?in?-??. or mum
Testo, ,on o?nen.ra?>? "^fSSS*.1!
VcAr:30ruseiMMAKvaiy., t so twilctl prlmlT"S?Sa
T^e? saffiUtr^E
U* TDfAt XunKliiiiiof thi? burl
- '"i,**4* { At, ncr-Tlini l<f!?tor*?t. I
PACKAQE* L^C'l ^r Aiiloutlnr rhrmctiu
_T, T. life, whlrh Juvo twon 1
TJtEATSUSyr. ' J*rvplvm h*ck-?nU i
One .Month, - JO OOJjJJihopctictitfwwirinchw
Two Month*. 0.?OS(*afhl ?n<l WpkUjftlJU both
Thrt.0 Months, "00IirW ?trw?ctl> nuU mini Tifor.
300(t' W. lentil 8t* ST. X*>TJI3, MO.
llUr A as for ti-naanfo'ir Apnllftoca
WJfl Grivifl Ir'ZtKU Ti-lIAli.
)v]9-v vrrAvr
^ I Cures G. un<l G in 12 to !(lays.
11' a Ask your rtrl|K8,8t for ,f*
BB H Wnnt to it iiv n<lil ri'tu lVir!"*! .r?0
K a.B IjjALYDfla MFG. CO. Sprill&field, 0.
Will euro DLaouKX of ths k Iduera, OktoL Glcot,
rloturci. and all Urinary and Urethral Dukomm,
arvoua and Phytlcel lability. Poraiukl Wadena*
[?of Vigor, Premature Dcolluc In Man, Karly
ocay, Impotency catucd by error* o! youth, cxmen,
Ac. Syphilis In all Itt form, sore thrwt
id noae, uloc.ru eruption*. acroTiUi, tetter, inl*.
tenia and all blood and ikln ilbcan Female
caknevt ^peodUy cured. Gonorrhea cured In I
iva. Piion 83 CKJ- Hold In Wheeling. W. Va., by
,V. Bocuzro, LeexH A Co., DrnireWs. Bent fj
all mwIm! M
IK H H v\ M.tTXtl*MS lUtttit.
tfr U fcj \-\ Insane Horsoni Restored
HHI/-"- -//niAtN ft Nrnvit Diseases. Ontynri
tun J*t N'rvt AjfKtmm. fut, He.
HI lNPALLint.R tf tikfu a? directed. As Fit* a/,if
tut. Tre?rf?# and 5* trial bottle free to
Fit p?tl?nU.t!*r W* e*pfe*icltt*B?oi?lm when
Kfl rerelre-l. Send mnci, I'. (). ?nd addreM nl
BH afflicted to nn.KMNH.4it Ar.-h SL.HillaiMpbla.l'a
rj Vr??wdial1v rcconmcna
yC?y''?}wla,uiel..| remrdy
/*L j^Cera In i.iu*i't'?Mfo?(*60?.Uu-a
/myiio6I?ATR.>0 *??!.
B?t W?1 Helu?o sol J rnnsider*
S3 ctu^atrlffuirt. ANe.Mdtnewr taw it
Bog ... .. luk^tvca utufatiicu.
Kfl wt?!i>rb AIc.uiil.uk.
W?"S ltujtcn. x. v.
Soldi* Druggist**
}yl XWAT I/WAN A CO.. A gen to.
Maniiood Restored
ItiaiKDY PllBK.?a victim of youthful imi>rudanc?
Caoalnu I*rf nutnro Dewy, Nrnroua Debility, Loat
M*nhoo<!. Ac., bavins tried In Tain every known
nmiidr.hu dlacerered a alinpl* raeanao! aelf-cu r?,
which ho will a*r?d VRRK to Ida fellow-mlferti*
triilnr'% J.li.RKK VKS. 43 Chatham HU.Xawr York.
Its COD CHKCKH In 6 honra. Cures lit Sdaya.
' lUn 7*d caiet wanted. Drug Store, 15N.
^ IICM 11th St., rhilA.. P?., and Wheeling
t-U IBCH Vrnn\nta
I deuoe. Notoim Debility, cured bT
I JA I Botanic Nervo Bitten, 60c.. at 16 N
,U<U> I Vlnvr.nlh Ki Phil* inil
Xnablblied 8ept. 1,1878.
Strang ni and visitors coming lo Wheeling will
emmoer that tho GmpUO Mning Room? mo now
a perfect running order. tnd kot<J meala can bo
?d at all houn of the day or night.
?n< Nil nw ? IVY. MAnk'KTt-T.
Louisiana State Lottery,
For Tickets or further Information of the above
Atterr address,
J. H. WILflON, Corlnstou, Ky.,
or. H. P. CARTER, Windsor. Ont, Canada.
Amount* of IS 00 and nror, or Rxurem at my ex
RoMnnon, Farls & Co.,
Kanuficturers and Dealers in every variety of
Telephone 81L Wheeling, W. Va.
Highest caah price raid for Km. Papor and OIC
Vw>Va 2212
lUal Estate Ancnts.
Q. 0. SMITH,
Real Estate A^eut
Special attention siren to Collecting Rente *n<2
the genural mannguracnt of Real jfetato. Can fur
alsh beatol refemnoea
wrtrt taa? WATY PT. ttWHwr. w. v*.
a*h Notary Poivuc, Wheeling, W. v*. Hoom j
Odd yellow*' Block, Cor. Chapllne and 'iwejfU
Bt?. Collection* promptly a lendrd to. *epl n>w
8 0. SMITH,
^?rtoS^n??5?S?il ?bMd prowwutrogjl
V S&iv** ??V,' .
cLKV*uifi0fnSSnBOH % s.
Condensed tlm?iab)< of im?ihm tndnt oor*
reeled to AP'UJBT10,18?6--C?ntrilgtlPdMd Tint.
BelUlra. "7i86"T?loIoo 8:? 4*8
Bridgeport. 5:47 8:88 10:12 liM 4:t8
Mvun'i Ferry- 5:86 8;41 10.-JO *:48 4:48
BfflUent - ... 6:2) 9:10 10:81 4:10 5;?
Sieubenrllle. 6:46 9:86 11:0* 4:88 8:48
Town to. 7.-04 JIM 4:51 t.W
MoCoy't......... 7:14 11 :M 0.-00i 6:11
Yeliow Qrcuk 7:2a t u. | 5:12| 1M
Wellivllle 7:?12:? ?:6t| 6:40
But LlrcrpooL 7:88........ 12:30 6:08.
KoohMter 8:W......... 1:16 6:60 ...
AUwhenr- 9:40 2:05 7:85
I Pittoburnh 9:50) 2:16 TH6U??..
Alliance 10:28 8:5oL.J
. Hateon*. 11:08 ... 4:48|........ I......**
, lludsou 11:80 5:07
Nowburs 12:1ft 8:44 ..I ..
Cleveland 12:48) 6:16|.........|........
1 zzzznun * ** r.*. *.*.
' Bellelre 8:88 10:00 8:25 "715
Bridgeport. - 6:47 10:12 8:8* 4:88
' MarUn'i Ferry- 6:8? 10:20 8:43 4:48
1 xenow uren i ?:? 11M6I ana ea?
p.m. i p?
Welkvillo ~. 7:4? 12 ' '0 6*8 6:40
tiajrard 9:67 ......... ?:fil ....._
Alliance 10:2ft 4:2)
T. m.
Canton 1:40 ft:00...^
UMaillon -... 2:01 5:lf
Mansfield 4:(2......... 7:40 _
Crestline 6:28 8:10.......M ...^
Mmi, 10:80
Fort Wayne 4:06 12:40
Chicago 8:801 6:00
All trains dally except "Sunday.
Train* leaving Bridgeport at 6:12 a. m. (6:47 city
lme) arrives at Chi ;ago at 8:10 p. m. same day.
Tralna learo rieveJaud for Wheeling at 8:00 a. m.,
8:06 p. m, arrtrlag at 2:41 d. m. and ff:48 . m.
J. 0. TOMCiNabs,
Paawnger Agent, Wheeling, W. Va.
E. A. FoB D,
flen. Paw. and Ticket Agent, Pittsburgh, Pa,
WM. A. BALDWIN, Manager.
Time table for Kait aud Wad corrected to August
30,1H85. Tralna leave Pan Handle ntatlon, foci ol
Eleventh street, I near public landing, aa follows,
Central Standard time:
Pitta. East | Past I Pao.
RATIONS. Exp'* Exp's Ezp's Rzp'l
a. m. p.m. p.m. p.m.
LC&TO-'Wheeling.. 6:60 12:45 8:86 8:06
Arrlvo-WelUburg 7:28 1:261 4:14 8:40
Stcubenrtua ? 8:00 2:00 6:201 9:01
Pittsburgh.... 9:36 8:80 6:10. .
A.M. A. m.i
Harrlxburg 1:10 1:10
Baltimore 8:25 6:ro...w?
Washington 6:40l 6:30,.....MM
Philadelphia 4:26 4:2W 6:86L<MMM
New York 7:00 7:00 8:00.
p.m p.m. p.m.
Bomon .. > 8:00| 8:001 8:8&j...~~.
oniNO wnr.
Pac. Ihmn Went A?
htatioks. Exp'a Exp's Mall c'ra'n
p. m. p. m. a. m. p. m.
Arrlve-8tcubemTlYe" 9:13 5:25 8:06 3:00
Cadiz . . 7:10 12:05 AM
Duuubou 10:404 7:20 9:80 4:0ft
Newark. 12:40 11:85 6:50
Columbus. 1:46....... 12:85 8:00
Leave-Columbua .. 8:40 12:65 ......
I Arrlvo?Daytou G:10...?. .......
Cincinnati 6:10 .. 4:45
'Indliuiajiolls 7:00 10:30
p. *. A.M.
St. Lou to 2:00 7:00 i&sE
Chicago- 6:80) 7:80i..~~?
All train* dully oxccjit Sunday.
Pullman'* I'rtfmt) Drawing lloom and Bloepint
Cure through without cbaugo from Stcubenvlll
t>u?l to i Jiiiiitlfljiliiii and New York. Weal to Ool
urn bun, Cincinnati, LouUvIIie, Chicago, Indianapolis
and SL Lnuk
For ihrough ticket*, baggoffo chocks, sleeping
car occouimodations, and nuy further information
apply to JOI1N U. TOMUKSON, Ticket Agent at l
'.in Handle HuiUon, foot of Eluvenih birt-et, or at
City Tickot Office, under Me Lure House, Wheeling,
JAMK8 M( <'P.EA.
Manager, Columbus, Ohio.
Oen'l Pan. and Tickot Agent. Pittsburgh. Pa. r
Tlrao table corrected to JULY 5, 1885. Tralm
leave Pauhandlo Htatlon, foot of Eleventh street,
near public lauding, u follow*?Central Standard
rirao?which la 85 minulea slower than Wheeling
?onKJ no urn.
Daily Dally Ac* *
Paaa. Paw. com.
a.m. P.M. A.M.:
Leave-Wheeling 6-J5 *:? 1:80
Arrlvo-Banwood 6:5P 8:45 8:55
Mouudsvllle 7:15 4:06 9:40
Clarington... ............. 7:85 4:45 11:20
Proctor. 8:07 4:67 11:48
Mow Martinsville 8:25 8:15 12:28
SardU 8:84 6:28 12:88 Si
Slstcrsville 8:50 6:40 1:88
rnenaiy imuoioiu ... *;w dm s-.w
St. Marys 8:85 6:25 8:80
Wlillamstown (Marietta) 10:20 7:10 6:20
Farkentburg, W. Va. 10:56 7:45 630
Daily Dally Ao?
Pass. Pass. com.
' ?? ? 1
a.m. p.m. a.m.
Leave-Parkersburg . 6:0 8:80 6:16
Arrive- Wllliamktuwn(Mari'ita) ?:S0 4:03 7:80
PLMarr* . ?:15 4:60 9:28
Frl-ndly (Uatamuraa) .. 7:'ft 6:24 11:00
81atenville ... 8:00 6:40 11:26
Sanlln 8:16 6:68 13:OT
New Martinsville. 8:25 6:08 12-J0
Proctor 8:42 6:26 1:18
Clarington 8:66 6:87 1:41
Mounusvlllo. 9:45 7:20 8:26
Ben wood 10:05 7:40 4:16
Wheeling 10:201 8:09 4:40
Passenger tralna dally Including Sunday. Accommodation
trains runs daily except Sunday.
Ticket Agent, Wheeling, W. VA.
On aud after MAY 8.1885. passenger tralni will
rnn m follows?Wheeling tlmo:
SoTSt SoTI Sell
iabt bo dud. Local. No.B7 Daily No.83 DaLy
I*ave? a.M. r.M. a.M. a.M. P. M. \ '
Wheeling 6:36 4:10 6:40 8:U 6:80
Bellalre - 6:66....... 5:06
Mannlngton.. 7:80
Arrives at r.m. r. h.
Grafton...... 4:00 ... 11:05 1:10 10:16
r.M. A.M.
Cumberland. 2:40 7:00 8:81
Washington City. 6:J?n K
Baltimore 7:801........ 8:80
No. (5J 88 and 87* ton at all Stations
~ NO. 2 No. 4| No. f
west bocicd. No. 14 No. 12 DaUv Dally Dally
Leave? a.M. r.M a.M. r.M. r.M.
Wheeling.. 7.85 8:40 9:16 7:60 lOdl
Bellalre 8:10 4:16 10:06 8:27 11:08
Arrive at r. m. a. m.
Zanesvlll* 11:20 7:00 12:18 10:10 1:10
Newark 1:20 10:50 2:00
Columbus.. 2:40 11:66 1:10
Cincinnati. .. 7:25 4:00 7:50
Banduaky 6:80 ..aM~. 8:61
Indianapolis. 11:00 7:06 4:46
a. m. r. m.
St. Louis 7:80 6:45 6:80
a. u.
Chicago.... -... 5:40j 9:00| 7?
Kan?Ally 's-ttj 8:801 8:00
Monndavllle accommodation leave* Wheeling at
11:3S a. m.. and arrive* at Monndivllle at 13:14 p.
in. dalljr cxcept do nday.
MauuliiRtou accommodation at 4:10 p. m.
ZancKvIUo accommodation leaves Wheeling
7:85a.m.and8:40p.m. Bellalreat8:10a.m.i
4:15 p. m., dally except Sunday.
10:25 p. m. train through to Cincinnati without
change, with B. A O.BIoeper th rough to Cincinnati.
B.iO. Bleeping Can on all throush train*.
Through Coach from Wheeling to Cincinnati on
No. 2, leaving Wheeling at 9:15 a. m., arriving at
Cincinnati at 6:50 a m.
Cloao connection* are made for all poluta Booth
and Houthweat, North and Northvreat. making thia
a dealrable loote for oolonlata and penwn* moving
to the groat Wert, and to whom particular attention
li given.
Ticiota to all principal polnta on aale at Depot
Bleeping car accommodation* can be secured at
Depot Ticket OOlce.
T?OB C. BIJKKE 'Ticket Agent B.AO. Depot.
JOHN T. LANK, Trav. Paaaenger Agent
R. T. DKVRIEB. General Agent, Wheeling.
On and after JUNE 71.1885, paaKugertralna will
run u followa-WhwlIug time:
For HMabur*h-4:40a. m., 0:85p. m. dally; 7:45
a. m., 8:X p. m., dally ezoept Honday.
For Wa*hlngton-$:06p. m., daily ezoept Sunday.
From I1ttabnrfh-U:(? a. an.. 6:06 p. m., daily
ezoept Sunday; 10:16 p. m., dally: 0:06 a. m. dally.
From Waahlngton?0:06 a. m., dally: 11:06a. m.,
I 6:06 p m.^rtaUy^raoe^t Bundar; 10:B p. mM daily.
B. DDNHVlfnJnenfaSflf"
j. j. wnn, i7?y. rwa aki, waeeunx.
CommtjMton gtCtechattlg.
& luraran, a D. iMUnoi,
UflienL OfD.ftxUMliaaOM.Bpeclll.
M wwittorenwmottww '
tSi r' ' .1:

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