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jiff, ds diaofal Academy,
[ The thirty eighth year 0/ Ihii well-known AcadI
?3y. under tb<- cti?rK?* vt the Vltlutloa Nun?.
1 cpva* oa tbe flf>l bl September next, aud
Continue* tt-ri moutha.
j'uplli r.cdre.1 at any time lu the aenion.
Thott' wfcu talrv to place their daughters in an
jo'titutlou aflonliug txccptloual adrnuUgtm in
the my ol brimful atd <lc lght/ul locatJou, er(t'Jrut
boanl, thorough discipline and instruction I
?{iht; han<ls 0' life Ioijk tcathera, in every depart-1
Beat of /ctnalo education, Including the modern I
unzuiccK and music, should kend lor a catalogue I
0/tbli school. ACdrcn,
Piivciresaof the Academy of the Visitation,
ail. de CHANTAL,
tu2V Wr Near Wheeling, VV. Va.
Brooke rounfy, W. Va.. will begin 1U Forly-fl/Ui
6t?!on .-Kl'i KMliEK 'JX, liS6. It la the mo?t noted
U "<*e la our otatf. having 640 Alumni, mauy of
whoa irv occupying high j ln<* ot trait It ha>
teat College 1 cgrte ('-out**: the Clajadcal, tbo
fticatific. the MlnUtarial, and the Ladli*1 Counw,
Tic CoJUgo 1? uuw about free of debt, a&d the
Try?? *t;l make 4,1 clIort 10 enlarge the Endow
Bernard the uurcUr of Btudeuts. Patrouaguli
*o:iclU>l Irvm all the friend* of claaalc learning.
Fcr U^oKuea apj.ly to
I'hOF. W. H. WOOLERY, or
!r.T UK. W g. rEHDUrros, Ptcm'L
FIr?t wfioti of li weeks oocnn SEITXMBKR5,1886
Brtuitlully ?n<! be Itlifully located, extent Ire
bull Horn 'olcwant grounds, cheerful rooms, thne
uttnry cour**. superior advantage for inujilc,
?ri iiu'l tiocutlon. KxtenMfe apparatus twentj
Blinoo Hii'J Including r ipo organ. Thor- ,
ot?tt wo*k, ho^t-llke ewe, moderate rale. Bend
for circular to K*T. R. T. TAYLOB,
jj.; n'i ** B/nvor Pa.
Will reopen her School at her Bealdcnce,
No. h{> Twelfth 8ireot,
y. '
insuvaucc (Companies.
V. HKHJ50, W. VA.i
Omen No. 41 Twelfth Htrht.
Capital, - - - #100,000
J r. 1'At'LL, GKOltGE HOOK,
J. K I'.vULI., Vice I'ruddent. 1
ALFRED hAL'LL, Secretary.
H. a2uN'S?N?Y, City Agent.
lucres >11 xind* of property at reaaonablo rateo
Ohio valley fju&e iksukancf
i^mca-Na 1209 Wain Street.
CAhlTAl ?- 1100,000 00
DT-.nln.wM Farm
D>.? a gtjiienu ?
pi'jwrty, kcd Dwelling Houses and content! inpji'.-l
lor three or llYe jean.
nary srnmalbacJi, aim*. lAtwhlln,
J j.;u f. ''arapbell, W. H? Robinson,
l>via liaunan, Beaj. Flahei.
j. V KQDOKB3, Secretary. Jya
OA.1'1 r aL H00.000
la.-. '.MtenloMloficor damage by flro and light
alnx >Ui ul desirable property, also lnenrw
l?rv</ji on the Western waten.
J. N. Yanoj, President, M. BoUlj. Vice Prealdent
J I. duoeMeu, dec'j, Ju. P. Adaisu, Am't Sec.
>. V*m*, M. Iteilly, L. 0. Btllel.
J.tf. -uhbs, a W. Fmniheim.
jjZnkoF iiiioiio~vIlLEyi
O-lHTiX. tin.000.
ft*, a. *.\rrr ^Praddtnt
W*. B. ;;imwo:i....? .^......^..^..Vloe-Prmitltni
Urata on England, Ireland, Franuo and Germany.
A n. A. Iiett, Wn. B. Blapeoo.
J. a. Mtiller, John k. Botrfora,*
7. M. Auiuson. Victor Bocenbnrg.
Ueaxj Spwyer,
*r.i F. P. JPSON. OMhlar.
cirnii poo,eBq
J.N. Vascx. ...Pretlden:
liiwS). Uuonxia , Vioe-FreelJoni
/. X. Vance,' B. Uorkhelmor,
8. Utlghlln, W. glllwffhilm,
i* Dclaplaln, A. W. ?dley*
John Krew,
Pra.'u* lMUtd on England, Iroiand, Scotland and
Unointsln Kurope.
IOKV ,1 ION KB. fbuhtwr.
?lumblnfl,(5aaJfe Jtcamglttltt0
fpiliilBUS 4 LUTZ,
1418 Msrket Street.
WHeatirg and Ventilating of Public Building*
Dwellings and factories a Specialty,
Gun und Hteam JFitter
Just rt* aired, a lot of Chester's Patent Adjusta
We durum.
_ji? .rti mention given to Jobbing. mrll
Gnu niid Steam Fitters,
All work done promptly *t reasonable prloec I
jBuslncss Cards.
Curpcntor niitl Builder,
Jlrlck and Wooden Building* Erected.
R*of*, VAlleyi, bkjr LitfhU,CountermandShelving.
All work promptly attended to on reasonable
<rs HOP-Alley is. rear of CapltoL Beeidenoe
No M nttiH>nU? ?tro?t. Shop In rear. la*
Itcnoral Machinist* and Enytue Builders,
Car. Chapllneand Eighteenth StreeU.
SPECIAL ATTENTION riven to Repair Work.
Amenta for the celebrated J ud?on Governor.
Jj O. LIST, JR.,
gtal gstaU
Q 0. ."MITH,
'ltoul Rotate A(ent
?pmnMMOondm laC*!'#!**** ?'
the ttuncral ma&ajreiaoat of JMata. Can fur*
ni*h ben of reference*.
??? L3? HJOX KT+ Wb*llat
Cures Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness,
Croup, Asthma, Bronchitis,Whooping
Cough, Incipient Consumption
null rolie ves consumpti vc persons in
advanced stages of the <li*imae. For
sale by all Druggists. Trice, 25 eta.
?CA TIO* ! ?Th? graoln*
lmold only In trkUavrappen.
an<l Waraonr reglslemlTR adb
mark*, to wit: A Bull'i Jitmt
intuCirtll.a Rtd-Mrip Camlion-A.jiW,
and tho fac-?l tulle
iltnaturwofJolin IV. Ball
-?oc?k and A.C.HKYKIt A t'O..
Bni|lmor?,3ld.. f. H. AxBolcProprlMor*.
Prior 10 C'tnu. old by nil Druggists,
Ji-A written guarantee of cor? riven In every
Case nu<lertaken. f ir-All conciliations Free and
flarrrd. Ur. Clarke'a CelciiraUd llouk tad
Writings (In plain envelopes) i?o Mamp*.
For the benefit of suffering humanity, and Id
bea*tfelt gratitude at th* wouderful result, 1 deem
it only my duly to give this unsolicited testimony
In furor of BwJfi'i fcpu-itlc. My wile has been afflicted
with hereditary Eczema or Salt Rheum from
Ii'.t in fancy. It hu increnml in tnteasity with
i-ach succceditiK spring, and bolug omewtm'
skilled In medlefue myself, l tried every remedy I
could thin* of for jcim?Sarwipdnlli combined
Willi! overt form of fotusLu and hundreds
of other remedies. lotion* and aliall
nil (iitvo only temporary relief During the
spring o( l?m her lower extremities t*.vame hi inflamed
an I fore that the wot obliged to Jem them
eonstantly o ntcd with a c verlng of "Fuller's
Kartb " mixed wet aud allowed to dry on. Among
other thiugs, she was afliicted with a periodical
oerroui headache, occurring regularly every leveo
ilays, sometimes follow til by an intermittent fever
for weeks at a Uiue, aa that her life be aine a burden
to her.
Thin spriu* I determined she shou'd take 9.8.
and follow strictly tho directions in retard to dose,
diet, eu\ This was about seven week* ago. Alter
ink lug t be tint large bottle the disease seemed to
liicroue: tho bunting, i'ching and inflammation
be ame unbearable, bite, however, persevered in
the use of the medicine Alter taking fie stcond
bottle the lullanimation began to subalde. After
the' tbird bottle the inflammation disappeared, and
tore spot* drlel up and turned white and so ly,
aud dually she brushed them off in an impalpable
white powder les^mbliug pure salL tice is now
Utkltnr the sixth bottle, tnree tab'espoonfuls four
times dully fcvery appearance of tho disease ha*
gone. ?tul her ileah Is becoming soft white and
smooth again; and what is more, her periodical
headaches have, disappe- red and the Is now, at >3
fears of t?go, et-Joyiwr the only g? od health she
has kuowu for upwards of 40 year*. N? wonder
she declares with t mphaait that every bottle of S.
a. 6. Li worth a thousand time* its weight in gold.
Any further information conccrntug her case
will Le rhcerfuily kIvcu by herself at her residence,
las Mullett stteet or by me.
Detroit, Mich!, AUy 16^*1&6T** *" Mi*
Te nuro to get the geuulno, and lend lor Treatise
on HI o(! and SUn Disease', free.
For sale by all druggists.
Drawer 3, Atlanta, Pa.
157 W. 22d street *. V. j*25-rv?w
fcrfate by LaqghHn Brog. A Co. T/r? A ro
The Greatest Medical Trinaph of the Ago!
Lcseofuppetitc, Dowels costive, l'aiu in
the bead, with a dull sensation In tho
back purr. Tain tinder (be shoulderblade*
l'allaeaa after cailnz, wl*b a disinclination
to exertion of body or mind,
Irritability of temper* Loir opii-lts, with
a feellngof baring neglected some duty.
Weariness, Dizziness, Fluttering at the
Heart, Dot* before the eyes. Headache
over the right eye, Restlessness, with
fitful dreams. Highly colored Urine* and
TtJTT'S FILLS are especially adapted
to aucli cosoK, ono doso cffccta sucb a
ehango of feolingAstoastonish theeufferer.
Tbay Increase tho Appetite,and cause the I
body to Take on h Icali.thn* tho system is
J k-.i.i.AiMi, infian OB |
nonrunmtwiu ?</%*<?? .
the l>lcckllve0rcatin,ltf t,'ularSlool?anj
prciu'-i d. ITI 'i' ^r?r. !< fllnrrwy Nt..:V.Y.
Renovate** tho body, makes healthy fleah.
strengthens tho weak, repair* tho wastes or
tho system with pare blood and luird muscle;
tone* tho nerrou* system, invigorates tho
brain, and imparts the vigor of manhood,
Jl, Sold by (InipgistM.
FPICE 44 Murray St., Now York*
From Pole to Pole
ATZU'S SjiBSAPAniLLa lias demonstrated its
power of euro for ail diseases of tho blood.
u Tho Harpooner's Story.
.Vew BtJ/onl, June J, 1S83.
Pn. .T, C. Arsn tt Co.?Twenty years *go I
wan n harpooner In tho North Pnclflr, whrn llvo
others of tno crew and myself were laid tip wllh
wurvy. Our bodies Were bloated, gum* swollen
and bleeding, teeth loo?e, purple blotches all
over u*, and our breath seemed rotten. Take it
by and large we were pretty badly off. All our
lime-juice was accidentally destroyed, but tlie
captain bad a counlo dozen bottles of Arxn's
BAiUAt'AKiLLA and gave im tliat. We recov*
t n d on It quicker than I have ever seen men
brouglitabouVby an v other treatment for Scurvy,
and I've uvn a good deal of^t. Seeing no mention
In your Almanac of your Sarsaparilia being
pM?d for scurvy, I thought you ought to know of
tbl", and so *end you the facts.
Respectfully yours, IUi.ru Y. Wixqatz.
Tho Trooper's Experionce.
Jtontn,J}aiutoliinJ(. S. Africa,) March 7, JSS3.
ttn. ?f. C. Art it A: Co.?Gentlemen: I have
much plcasuro to testify to the great value of
your earmpsrllla. We have been stationed
liere for over two year*, during which time we
had to llvo in tent*. Being under canvas for
such a time brought on what W called in this
country "veldt.sore*." 1 had those sores for
some time. 1 was advised to take yeur Har*aparilla,
two tattles of which made my sores
dl#ai)iw ir rapidly, and I am now quite well,
" T. If. IlnnRM.
Trooper, Cape Mounted Hijtrmen.
Ayer's Sarsaparil/a
J* tlie only thoroughly effrctlre blood-purl Her,
the only tncdtolne that eradicate* the pol?on? of
8rrofula, Mercury, and Contaglouj DUcaw
from tbo aystcm.
vntvxnzo bt
Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co., Lowell, Mas*.
Sold by nil PrtitfjiiU: Price 91;
til* twtU?s far
u.?i, KJrC/?fAM BM-WjB
AIIaj-h Inflamma- pacy;
Hon, Ileitis Sorea, v? "EADJ
tu'atorea the Senaea PW^FtVER
of Tule, Hearing & / vvjaj
Sa?U. A^oloklU-y
llof. A l'oaltlve Core
cream"balm Hp\^4fj
has ruined au enviable IjTviiCTA/FD
repuutlou, dlaplacliiK IV** E*? fc|T
all other preparation*. A particle 1b applied Into
each nontrll; no pain: agreeable to use. Price
C c by mall oratdrugffUta. Bend (or circular. SLY
RBftTHKKfl. fmorlKt*. Owrgo. V V
Will can Waaaaaa of the JCJdaw*, OravaL Gleet,
fltrlctuna, and all Urinary and urethral Dtoaaoi,
Nerrooa asd Phjritaal Debility. Seminal Weakneo,
Lam oI Vigor, rrematore Decline In Man. Early
fflta ttiliijeanx?
OUjcv i Koa* 2o and -7 I ourtceuth Street gi
: U
Before the Ivory keys she sat - fi
And touch* d the notes?but all of tbut "
Wat much ll*o other j tuple ut b
Aijraud piano; rr
llat suddenly, when ill was still.
Acjiku my heutt there wmt a thrill, K
Kcsponaive to a mellow trill
Of soft soprano.
Then all acetncd chmged. The little r?.om ^
Was fraxratit with u faiut perfume,
AB If a rose-buah burst iu bloom <.]
And showed ablossom;
Twaa only one, I knew full well - y
IIow happily It seemed to dwell, li<
While U lifted, then it fell, y,Upon
her bosom.
Out*1 retched a lltt'o was her chin, &'
A solltaty diuiple in, (J
Which swam to tmy: "When I begin
To change and alter, *
Beware! Young Cupid lurketh near!" ti;
Ahuil I did uotchooMJto iiear, uAnd
tooii my lips a timid -l??*ar ' _c
Began to falter. p
I And on.and 011. throughout that snnu.? tl
The u ile# iow ttint, now dear uu?l aroajj,? .
My heart grew rcailtM, till er louic u"
I touched her?houl<ler.
The flogert from the white key* dropped,
D??wn 1 oui htr J!p? ihctougit.r hut>,<u], ir
Tue inmic note by nolo
aim i&uu I told her.
.. Hi
A MAltV l.LUl'3 ltuoK. el
IU Pung??t PetnU Itrurihe lllood Stain lu U1
Which They \V?re ltapUzed. m
Lire Oak (Fla ) Cor. Atlan'a Co.t*tUuti?n. j'(
Ju tho western part of Jcll'drson countj wj
there grows and blossoms into eurious jt
and magnificent beauty a ro?e that seems it
to be indigenous to a small areajof country,
but which will not flourish in other lati- teJ
tudea. The bush is a strong and vigorous pr
one and the leaves are a very light but mi
glossy green. The petals of tho flower
curve slightly inward and are the color of ?*
bright, arterial blood.
The order is pungent, but slightly sick- jftl
ening. The peculiarity of this iljwer is ^
that the dew that drops therefrom is of a cr,
faint pinkish cast, n marvel seen in no ?rJ
other flower, the bailling wonder of tho^e
who have witnessed it. It is called the
(irunt rust? and has a s;ul and melancholy JU
history. Its origin is one of those mvtter- am
ies with which nature at times delights to jie:
astoniah her devoted. # ](I
In 1834 JchnUmut and Nellie Lowry mc
were married. After a happy year of
married life they and their baby were ^
murdered by Osceola's Seininoles. A few
years later a passing hunter, one of the aw.
original purty that had fonnd the bodies, ott
happened on tho same locality, and in the ja
little hollow where the blood had gathered jjt,
he saw a vigorous bush,bearing such roees cei
as I have described, lie cut souie slips
iroin it ana took tbom to the settlement, J
v,litre ho related his discovery. vie
Such a romantic and niugular story excited
the curiosity of many in the adjacent
counties, and repeated etforts were
made to secure tho growth of the slips in
other places, but they have all failed of
success. Within au area af live miles,
where tho doleful tragedy occurred, it i*
said tho rose can still he found, with its j9
strong and sturdy stalk, its pale green :
leaves, its incurved crimson petals and its _,h
bloody dew. ^
The FIx:qi??oC u liuthrouin,
GixhI lloiMkrtping, t
"In discussing the fixtures which are to ho
be placed in your bathroom, let ua begin
with the bathtub. As regards the material j
for the tub, you have a choice between tn
enameled cost iron tubs, tin and planished
copper tubs, and those of all earthenware iio
molded in one piece. Occasionally bathrooas
are fitted uu with a bathing baoin j
of larger eize, made of blocks of garble or 8ttj
of tilts, laid in hydraulic cement, the HI1
whole basin being Euuk in the floor and
accessible by morblo or stone steps letd- tor
iag down to it. tineh an arrangement
may be convenient, and it is certainly lux- A
urious, but it aleo provts to bo rather ex- the
pensive, and an ordinary-sized tub will, 1
auppoee, fully answer your purposes. The
cheapest tuba are wooden tubs, but they 1
soon get offensive tho wood rote, and an:
leakage is inevitable. Zinc tubs are uot au;
co9tly, but they do not l&3t lou^. Tin vei
tubs are better, aud also less objection- ias
able in appearance. Porcelain tic
bathtubs are much the cleanest, brightest lot
and attractive looking, and, being highly tw
glazed on the inside surface, they are cli:
thereby rendered entirely non absorbent (or
They are, as might be expected, quite ex- titl
pensive, and, if you do not care to incur
such an outlay, I would recommend you
to adopt a tinned aud planished bathtub '
of not lefs than '-'0 oz ?and better, 24 oz.? *dj
weight of copper. Lighter weight tubs are
too easily dented and knocked out of '
shape. Of course, you* understand that tra
what is commonly called a copper bathtub
is really a wooden tub, blocked out to
the desired shape, and lined with copper. ?>"<
In England and on the Continent, bathtubs
are often used, made entirely of De
strong copper, which stand without anv r
wood enclosure, and such tul>3 otJ'er advantages
in so far as they can be fitted up ^
without woodwork, being set on strong
metal legs, and standing entirely free on (
the tloor of the bathroom."
. Br
The First lluiue Neat. So
Exchange. (Jq
The first consideration was the house it- th
self, a low, white cottage that would have is
looked better (or a fresh coat of paiut, and e<
containing four tiny rooms on the ground Fc
lloor, and two above. It would be cheap,
and contain no tenants but ourselves. It
was one of several belonging to that intangible
body known aa "the corpora- .
lion," and nobody knew when another v1
would fall -vacant, bo wo thought beet to
secure it while we could. Wo walked up <
to it and looked about us. It was plain
that the little equaro parlor must remain
shut up for the present, as we had nothing w
in the world to put into it. The kitchen "
was the largest room, being long for its
width, and we decided that one
end of it must also serve for a J?1
dining-room. It was, fortunately, a .
very pleasant room, with a good
iron sink, running water, aud two shelved jV?
closets. The adjoining shed, being partially
floored, would answer for a wash- J"
room in warm weather. The tiny sitting- ^
room had also a large, shelved closet, and jy'
the bed-room a square clothes press of
ample siz*. Elnathan measured the
rooms and found, to our delight, that the ,
carpet which covered the large room we
now occupied would cover both the sitting-room
and bed-room. It had been an
expensive purchase at first, for ingrain of
the best quality cost then nearly as much
as body brussels does to-day. we had the
usual "chamber set" and decided to purchase
nothing more until the kitchen was
furnished. JM
Touching Instance.
* * * *
' A touching instance of fnsecfc instinct th
has just boon sent to us. Tbo writer says: fa,
"I found a cockroach struguling in a bowl 'fi
of water. 1 took half a peanut shell for a to:
b:at. I put him into it and gave him tw o a I
wooden toothpicks for oars and left him.
Tho next morning "I visited him and he
had put a piece of white cotton thread on Yi
one of the toothpicks and set the tooth- 0f
pick on an end 2s a signal of distress. lie B<
had a hair on the other toothpick, and fo;
there that cockronch eat a-tishing. The 0f
cockroach, exhausted, had fallen'asleep, m
The sight melted m^to tears. I had never (0
to chew leather to get a soul; I was born tic
with one. I took that cockroach out, te
gave him a spoonful of gruel and left, pi
That animal never forgot my kindness, et>
and now my house is chock fall of cock- o
Anchoring a iloctwn, ]
tktroit Fr? J'rcu. at
He drifted into a sample saloon the other to'
day, wiped his forehead, felt around his i
pocket and said, with a pleasant smile: f\
"Well, as it seems I have Just one 10-cent J
piece left to-day, I'll take a drink." When
the fonr fingers of Antioch nerve-tangler hi
had been secreted in his remotest recesee ?h
the customer fumbled among his keys and !
laid something on the counter. As he Tjj
did so be said: "Great scott! jastlookat
that now J" "I fee it," Mid (be bar-keep- n
r, scornfully regarding the alleged dime
it's a suspender button. What of It?
Why. I didn't look at it, you know;
ist felt in my pocket, and I'm blamed i
didn't think it was a dime. Ahem!
lppose you'll have to put it on the ic
ntil to-morrow. I'll drop in and fix it.'
Oh, of course you will. Take this am
x it now." And the cocktail dispense
anded over a needle and thread. " What'
iat for?" "Why, for you to sew tha
utton on with, right now. You ma;
lake the same mistake somewhere else
>w her on strong."
Who Supported that Dalterj.
wlhern Jtii iuac.
At a certain battle of the late war a Fed
ai Chaplain happened to get into thi
icinity of u battery of artillery which wa
Dtly engaged. The Confederate shell
ere plowing furrows about the guns, am
le cannoneers were grimly and aotivel;
; work to answer shot for shot. Th>
hapline addressed himself to a .Sergeant
ho was very efficient but at the saint
me rather proiane, in the followinj
ords: "My friend, if you go on this waj
m you expect ttie support of Divim
rovidence?" "Ain't expectin' it," sail
le Sergeant, "the Ninth New Jersey haj
sen ordered to support this battery.
A Poatal Kefui in aiUcumtrued.
irtj.nd (Conn.) J'utt.
Ttey were snugly eusconced before the
st grate fire of the season, tafe from tht
tilling frosts of these nights. "ilow
ce it will bo when the new 10-cent iuiediate
delivery goes into effect at tht
JSIUJUIV, BiUU UC, ttO IUV wuiwwwum
^cd. "Yes, 1 suppose no," replied she,
Lin u smilo. "ifecatise then, you kaoff,
am write you u letter aud you will get
at once." "Oh, ia that ail? I didn't
iow but it was a new idea to send ice
cam around before it melts." Such inuse
practicality bud its reward. He
oposed to some other girl the next evens'
Pr&ljca of a Waiheil Olrl.
Women are just too- lovely in newly
indried lawn dresses. When fresh from
a close communion with toilet soap and
r Bial water she has the ripe-^eacn fraluce
of paradise. When a fellow pisaes
the windward of a lovely woman who is
tug the air witfi s?eeUie/u and purity
she gracefully trips along he delicately
ills the air as if h* had got a snatch of
nveuly perfume. God blees ;ho women!
there were none on earth, bald-headed
m would be scarce.
riiKHE are two forma of chronic rheuuibin;
one in which the joints are
ollen and red without fever; in the
ler the joints are only stiff and painful,
either lorm b'alvation Oil may be reel
on to effect a cure. It kills pain. 25
Robert Browning, the poet, proposes to
at America soon.
"My love, whit miglc ?pc!l 1* th-owu
t* Lou your lui v'.' li?i iwru-b I own.
\\ ncuue maiu tay pure ><ud (early teeth?
Tliy ros*y Uj*? 1 hy perfumed brvalli?"
fchu ?uiu, lu &eceutja*e<;t aatl clear,
"fla ouiy SOZi)uONT? my diar."
Tb? Atiuuapu?i? of Love
a pure, sweet breath. This desideratum
Dtie of the results ol using fcUZOl'UNT,
lich not oaJy invigorates and preserves
i teeth, but renders the mouth as iralut
as a rose.
Si'aulding's Uluk," handy about the
ustr, mends everything. rrhs*w
Roscoe Conkiing has reduced his weight
11)4 pounds.
r?furu'* Ac d i'uulc for OverWorked
Dr. J. C. Wilson, Philadelphia, Pa.,
-b: "I have used it as a general tonic
d iu particular in the debility aud d\spsia
of overworked men, witn satisfacy
i base ball in the hand is worth two in
) eye.
Tffiutj.Kuur Hours to Live.
From John Kulin, Lafayette, Ind., who
nounces that he is now in "perfect
alth," we have the following: "One
ar ago I was, to all appearance, in the
t ptages of consumption. Our beetphyians
gave my case up. 1 finally got so
v that our doctor said I could only live
enty-four hours. My friends then pur
afieu a bottle os nr. wui. iiau b uaiBam
the Lungs, winch considerably bene:ed
inc. 1 continued until 1 took nine
ttles, and I am now in perfect health."
rus "Want Soap," universally acknowlL'ed
to be the biggest and htat.5 cent bar.
rhe greatest roam man of them all?the
Fcb the prompt and certain cure of
t'sipelas, use Ayer's Sarsaparilla, which
:he specific endorsed by the moat emint
medical authority. daw
riiKuWant Soap," universally acknowlHed
to be the biggest and lust 5 cent bar.
Sncklan'c Arnica Salv*.
Hie best Salve in the world for Cuts,
uiscs, Soree, Ulcers, Salt Rheum. Fever
rc8, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
rns and ail Skin Eruptions, and poeiely
cures Piles, or no pay required. It
guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,or
mey refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
r sale by Logan A Ho.
i Unfailing Safeguard Agaltut all Xnfecllou?
Use Caraphorine Soap freely in washing
A clothes and all clothes worn closest to
9 body. See the big reward we offer on
apper. S. Stku.nz,
* Originator of "Wax Soap."
Counterfeit money is plentiful in the
Fly's Cream Balm was recommended to
> by my druggist as a preventive to Hay
ver. Have been using it as directed
ice the Oth of August and have found it
ipecific for that much dreaded and loatbme
disease. For ten years or more I
ve been a great sufferer each year, from
ifiint Oth till frost, and have tried manv
eged remedies for its cure, but Ely b
earn Balm in the only preventive I have
cr found. Hay Fever sufferers ought to
,ow of its efficacy. F. B. Ainhwokth,
Df F. B. Ainhwokth A Co , Publishers,
h&tw Indianapolis, Ind.
Flies don't like oil of lavender.
Thouaauds Say So.
Mr. T. W. Atkins, Girard, Kan., writes:
never hesitate to recommend your
ectric Bitters to my customers, thev
ve entire satisfaction and are rapid sells."
Electric Bitters are the purest and
st medicine known and will positively
re Kidney and Liver complaints. Purify
e blood and regulate the bowels. No
only can afford to be without them,
icy will save hundreds of dollars in docr'e
bills every year. Sold at fifty cents
mottle by Logan a Co. mwpaw
Nerroua Debilitated Men
du are allowed a free trial of thirty days
the use of Dr. Dye's Celebrated Voltaic
>lt with Electric Suspensory Appliances,
r the speedy relief and permanent cure
nervous debilitv, loss of Vitality and
anhood, and all aindred troubles. Also,
r many other disease*. Complete restora*
)n to health, vigor and manhood guaraned.
No risk is incurred. Illustrated
unphlet, with full information, terms,
c., mailed free by addressing Voltaic Bell
Marshall. Mich. xwraw
Ba Droao, Pa., ? pu 7.-Opened at II01 doee<!
tl 01; hlfheit fl 01,S; :ow?nt fi ootf; rum
,'M UrrvU; total ihlpmcnt* f7,<MS barrvli; char
n I2,2i2 barrel*; dearancoa 3,486,000 barruls.
Da Crrr, Pa., Sept 7.-Op?o?d at fl 0J%: hlghesi
0;>C; lowest tl (4Jh: rloerd at tiOi; clurten
2?i barrel*; MhJpmeuU txvrtlm; sales 1,061,
l barrels; do* nuu e* 6,641,0 ju barrels.
rrnnviLU. Pa., Sept 7.?Opened at tl 0OK;
xficet tl 0 %\ loweat tl 00>4; dotted at fl u;
IptnenU, 83,Ml barrels; charter* not potted.
PirnauMn, Pa., Sept 7.?Petroleum quiet boi
ady; National transit ccrUflcatca openeti at 1101;
and at fl 01; highest tl 01*; lowest flOUJi
Saw Yoaa, Sept 7 -Prtro'wn iteadr; Uolud
01H; ?ud? 7jja7Kc; reflatd ?Ho,
Tb? Feature* of the Money Mid Btoeli
* X*rkeu.
' New You. Sept. 7.?Money oa call tuj at lal}<
I peroent. Prlne mercantile paper 4a5 percent For
e titra Exchange qut?t at ft p-'jU &.V
it | Goymnmk t howca-Wer* doll and strong.
fcTiTJt Bokd*?Ther* were no salea to-day.
J | Railway Boiroa-Were only moderate, the salea
r amounting to I J. IM,000.
I iftcuu?Tbe devclopmenti of the pant week, in8
eluding the heavy brvik in freight ratei and the
t bed ?howlng of companies reporting earning* fur the
v ps?t month, the demoralised condition of the f o U
\ trade and the threatened light between the West>
era Union and Baltimore &Obi-,all proved too
much for the bull operator* In the stock market
to day.
There was a am all decline In the opening tb!s
mo nluga?coaptred with tin* fltial prices S4turild]
evening, which was followed or a dc'JdeJ
* wt ftkueaa in the whole list, but exp-CMiv in J ney
a Central and <?r*ngeia with only light reactions,
aud tb? market cojt'nued moderately active and
8 , weak all dev. The highest price* w. re generally
B at tnQ cpeuiPg, fttid In the case* of Union Pacific,
i Lackawanna aud Louisville A Kaahvillc. the lowest
prices were made about ? u. During the next
Y hour there w?s n rally of % perc nt, bu*. In the ln>t
y hour another break carried quotations down ?i to
'* The fluai operntlo^a were accompanied by cou
sidtntbl ferer shntu nnd another effort t j rally.
I Tbi market ?lo?*d weak The heaviest d-dines
. were made by the cod stocks Delaware A Hudson
' bvlug down percent. Jersey ? eutral 3 p-rcent
* au J Lackawanna 'iX ptrccuL G ringer* aud Pa.-!lie
1 Mali were next iu tlie dec! ne, Nenhwo?u rn do#
, iug 2 percent, tfu Paul \% t?-;rc*ut an 1Pacific Mall
' ?i Percent. Union pacido was co i parstively
steady aud cJcsed % percent higher th?u Saturday.
West* ru Union aud Mi'anuri, KanwaJc Texas are
down % percent each. No theru Pacific U dowu %
percent (or c? *moj<ia and l% pen eat tor pre/erred
Cleveland, Columbus Cincinnati & Indianapolis
j is hUo 2J4 percent lower.
. Transactions 207,411 shares.
' u, a. SB, 103: U. S. U2?<: V. 3 new 4?,
' 123: Pacific (is of '05, 128; Cenind 1'aclflc, lira's,
. ll*!i: Erie, seconds, to: Lehigh & Wdkeaharre,
, ol d. U5; Loublana conxiU, 80. Missouri 6s i01%;
St. Joaeph, 116; dt. P. & 8 C. flr?U, 122; Tennta*
i see da, old, 46^: do uew, 46U; Texaa Pacific Land
, Grants 4M\ do lUo Grande, t?7; Union PacificUists,
llfr; do Laud grants, io'S do "Inking fund, 1 8;
Virginia 6*. 40; Virginia Consols extra matured;
coupons do deferred, 9: Adams Espn**,
, 140; American Kinross ?7; Canada Southern, SM; \
Central Pad lie, 36%; Ciieaapeakeyfc Ohio, 7^; do :
nrsu preferred, 13y,: do second preierrea, ism;
C. 0. 0. & I, ii; Dourer 4 Rio Grande. 10>g: Erie,
15%; do preferred, 85: fort Wayue. '.Z6%\ Ksniss
4 ie*as.i?4;LakeKrle4 We^etn 7^;LAkeahnre,
03: l4}Uimlle 4 Nashville, 44; Louisville, New
Albany 4 Chicago, 30^: Memphis 4 Charleston, 80;
Mlchl^ Central, Missouri Pacific, 91; Nut*
rifle <s Chattanooga, <3. New Jersey Central, 41;
Northern Pacific, 15^. do preferred, 45K: Chicago
4 Northwestern, 9:%; do preferred, 120#; New York
ecuiml, *7Onio Central. %\ uhio 4 .Mississippi,
2iy%; do preferred, 78; Pacific Mm], 4i;
Pittsburgh, Mojj; Reading, 17K; 8L Louis 4 San
Francisco, 18%; do preferred, 83 C., M 4nt
Paul, 74?; do preferred. III; Texts Paclflft, 10>%;
Unlon Pacific, 47JJ; United StaUs Express, 54;
W., Si. L 4 K do preferred. 1SX; WeUfrFargo
Express, 115; Western Union
BrendMtulTs m*d fiurltlona.
Nrw York. S**pt. 7.?Flour, receipts 17.S87 barrels;
exports 10,136 barrels; market dull and weak,
w mm higher; receipt' 12f?,uuu bushels; exports
s-',lM bu?utls; sales 3,6j0,uuu bushels futures;
-V3,(Xo bushels spot; No. 2 Chicago 84c; No 1
hard 90%a9li?c; No. :2 spring c. t. 41.83c: ungraded
red 7UA90^c:s;eamer .No. 2 red eCXc; No 2
rid No. 1 white Wfc; No. 2 red September
w^,*8?>?c, c osing st 8 %c; October ?0S?91!*c,
doting at tt0>bc; November 'J.%t3Jc, dosing at Wfcc;
December MrtaVte, closing at January
y6)ia!X%c, closing at 96>?c: March 8100}-;; April
11 l)l%at oiy,: Jnue 81 U3>$aiu%. Corn, steady
aud moderately active; receipts i'J3,900 bushel*;
exj?orta 60,63a bushels; sales t-W.uwi bu?bel*
fnttiMu. 10) mi hiuha!< *nnt- iinrrulikl
No. 2 white 52c; ungraded while U)%c; No. ^ September
liOvU'^c.cluied ?t4Uta iX'tooe.4^afi0^c',
closing at tCUc; November 4'JJiay^-', cluted at
W>ic; December 4?H**?Hc. c u^d at ufac. oats *
shade better: rtcelpu 23',750 budicl*; export*
W,MV bushels; B>le? 415,U0 bushels futures;
1MUU0 busfaels spot, mixed western MaXSu;
white do tf*4Jc. Stocks of grain la (to e
September 5. >\he?t, 6,43.',418 bushels;
torn, ?j.l 4 bushels; oat*, .',187.735 bushtW;
rye a,28. bushes; malt l b,.51 bushels; peas i4,M.'t
bushels. llajf tlrm and iaiiiy actire. t'olce. ?|>o
fair; EioiuieratbXo option* AalOpolotabiguer
and vurjr quiet; No 7 Rio ?vot 6Wj; sale* sau
nags; September 6 70a6.75c; October 6.7&c; November
d.&uc; December 6*0e; January 6.t?5??.(JO*
February G.%c. Sugar tlrm and In uir demand;
ceuirifugai refined tlrm; cuuicctioaen' A.
?%?; standard A t??tifce; gntUul ted 7?7Jv-\
MoIau?*.a nominal;&J test i7>$c. Klec steady and
quirt. 1\1 ow Mcadyat f?He. lu*dn du 1. lur
pcutlaedullAl.4Hc. iigg* stronger aud ingtod
demand; receipts 4,PJ> package*; western 17 Vl'orc
steady, See/ dulL Lara higher; western
iteam B|>ot 6 5;a?.i7V. September 6 49c; October
WMtaM; November MbaoSOc; receruber 6.46a
6. Wo. January 6.&C. Butter quiet but very tinn
Chi cm; steady and quiet.
Chicago, Sept. 7.?H heat ruled a trifle firmer
to-day in consequence of the predictions of war
contained in theSpanbb dlspitctie<, eucuura lug
so we buyers for long accounts and frighteuitii,'
tome of the "thorla" to cover. The market open
ed with nu urgcut demand, which advanced priu ?
to 7V;*c forOctoter or IV above the eks.ug on
.Saturday, followed by a reaction to 7b}*c under
heavy ottering* The market closed o i toe regular
board V higher than Saturday, but (ell off at the
afteruuoukcttion aud tuuml ? *.>-. 1- l-.ur qulot aud
uc changed. Wheat opened strong on rumors of *
*|Miui?!i uo man liabmKitu. pr.ies aovaucicg c
over S?tuid*y'a. reacted }?c, rallied He a"d cloned
Ha*?o higher than Suturuay; tales rauKud: Sepu-uioet
77>,a77^,c. closed at 77?fi: October 78)$a
Vj^r clos d at?sT?c; November W}<a8.Wc. clo^l
at H)%c: No. 2 spring <7^a77^oj No. 3 spring 67c;
No. 2 r^d 8t%c; No. a rot 77c. Com opened strong
la i>* to pa thy with wheat, rtlvaaeed He, sold oil
\e, II.actuated aud c used Kafcc uudtr Saturday;
cash 4ln44%c; September HlJia44Jic, closed at
4lj;e: Oc.ober iAW/p, closed at 4JKc; November
X9&*4Q}f% closed at Oats ruled
quiet aud ru 1; near dil.veiics wee y,
a>fcchlgbtr, with distant futures show-ng llttkCUUUKC.
cash "itJfca26c; September 2 a^5>ic, closed
at A>?c: October :&a2&}y'; May 29c. Kyequkt:
So. 2. 66x Flaxsoed heavy and lower; No. 1 SI 19a
1 Mew pork opeuet Llglier, with li^t.t
trading, e?sea off aud c os?d at about .Saturday'*
flgure*; ca*h 18 e5*8 VO; October 18 80as 92W, closed
at 9s 87%u$90; November f? Was 85. cWd ai
?>fU%a9 85. LardquKt aud firm aud prices a
shade cipher; ra-htt.2 )?r&33c; Ort?l>er C.A??.2fc:
cloned at 6,27\a6100; November 6.22%c. Boxod
meals steady; shoulders3.B5a&90o: suort rib 5Wn
5.97^c: suort clear 616a6 20c. Whisky quiet nt
II 10. Sugars strong: rutioaf 7}?o: granulated TJ-^c;
standard A 6%a7c Hut er iu cd arm; creamer}
IUa21c: dairy j'?al7c. Egxs arm st 14fcal5c. Afieruoou
Board-Wheat ealser; %clower, f'oru
lower. Oats unchanged. Fork *)fca5c lower. Laid
2j*c lower.
PHiUPStFHU, Pa.. Sept. 7.?Flour steady; St.
Loulsand .Southern )>JJuois dear H 00*4 50; winter
wheat pateut it 75a5 25: Ulnuoaota baki n' clear
81 2*4 75; it^rliK patents 15 00. Hye flour dull.
Wheat opened firui, hut close! dull; fto.2 r?d -7c;
No. 2 re?lSeptember84Ma??i'5;October 87V<aS7^r;
Novcrafer 8Ay.8K^c; December Corn
steady; No. 2 high mixed ale; No. 2 mix- d 5l)u50>Cc
st'amer<9Xa60c: l*o 2 inUed September. October
and November 49}<a49^e; December 45a47c Oats,
spot a shade stronger; rejected white 2?fca30c; No.
2 mixed V8>yc; ho 3 wi?i<e 31>^a;iJc; No. 2 white
35c; t iture? quiet but steady; to. 2 white tfcpiemb;r
SiTtaXSKc; Or to be r 32^*3 ."&c; November 32#a
33c; Dciembcr 33aS4c. butter aull but steady at
6a22c for poor to choice. Eggs stroncer; western
cxtnu lfic. Chee e lirm and Mrly active; Ohio
llat? 7}{a9%c. Provisions In fair demand and
Meady. It ef. city family tl2 0Ual2 SO. Poik, new
mes S10 Wall 00: do /amliy til OOall 50 lard
steady; city rtflucd 7.25a7.tOo; steam G50a6.*5?.
CwctSNATt, O.. Sept. 7.?Flour dull: family 3 90a
413 fancy 14 30a4 !0. Wheat easier; No. 2 r?d 88c;
receipts 9,COO bushels: shipments 8,000 bushels.
Corn steady; No. i mixed tec. Oats la fair demand;
?o 2 mixed 2fa27c. RyesUady;No 2,68c.
barley stronger: extra No. S fall 87c. Fork quiet at
t-May 75. Urd firm at 6.20c. Bulk rneaw flrm
wi hafar demmd; shoulders 162Kc; short rib
5.85c. Uacou st ady; shoulders 4.25c; short ribs
6.?Xj; short clear 6 75*~ Whisky nominal at tl 06a
107. butter?te?dy and firm; eitra creamery a*
25c; fancy dairy IGalgc. Linseed oil In fair demand
attatic. eugur tlrin; h?rd refund 7J$a7$<c. New
Orleaus 6a6c. Eggs strong at l!al3>ic. Cheese
qu:et; choke mild oalo factory "Xaao.
Baltimore, Sept ft.-F.our steady and quiet:
wtstern lUperfluo St 00* I OJ; do extra S3 5<M410.
Wheat, wtaieru h'gher, cloalug quiet; No. 2 winter
red lev t eft*M?*4c: Septumber WaMtfc: October 87*{a
hJjc; November W^aUOHc; December 92X&J&.
Com, steady and cull; western mixed spot 4s>?a
l^c; September 4ftKa46^c; October 49c: year 44a
44 V- Oats, steady; western white 81a82e: do rolled
aia.Sk". irnvMons firm: mm pork 111 25.
liulAiucat", shoulders 5}^a7c. Bacon, shoulders
ny4c; clear rib 7&c; hams Irac. Lard, Ktlned '%c.
Butter Una; western packed l.'sMc. Eggi higher
at l?>S*l7c. Sugar higher; A io!t 7c. Whisky dull
at tl lftal 17.
Toledo. 0., Sept. 7.-* Wheat ea*y and quiet; No.
2 cash or September 8 l%c; October WVc; Novta*
berb6>4c; December fe7%c:No 2 soft tfc; do October
hi?e; November *?Kc; May ?7fcc. Com
dull;ouD or September 45c; October 44*c: year
88i bid; May 3%?. Oat* steady and unchanged;
cash or September 25fcc bid; October 25c bid: May
81c. clover seed dull and ateadr: prime medium
cash t5 50; October 15 SO; November IA33; mammoth
Live 8took*
Chicago, III., Sept. 7.?The Drews' Journal reports:
Cattle? Beolpta 7,000 head; shipments
2,400 head; ma-ket generally stronger; shipping
iteen |4 COafi 00; Blockers and feeders U <Oe4U>;
cowi,bulla and rolx?dfi 00,4 0J; through Tezatis
stronger at |260*350; western ranger* firmer
natives and half breeds |3 <J0a5 00; wintered Texaus
H000.7J. hogs- KtcelpU 17,000 head; shipments
0,000 head: market opened strong bat closed weak;
rough and mixed U V0a4 2i; i?cEing and shipping
|4 ?*4 CO; light weights It OUal 70; skips
VJ7.%a3 7). Sheep?Hecelptai,.0) he d; shipments
J00 head: market stiady; nativesUOOat Oj; Texaus
$L 75*8 4J. Cables from Liverpool reporu
Amerlcau cattle steady at lie per pound dressed.
Estr Libkbty, Pa., Sept. 7.-Cattle dull but
pjiees 13a2.se better ou good, with (ommon un1
chauged; rvceipis 2.4ny bead; shipments Kit bead;
I ahlpmcnu to new York eaturday and t-uuday M
caia Hogs active and firm; Philadelphia* ft wa
IW; Yorkers f 17. at dO: grassm S4 60?6 Gj; rv
1 eel put,5 ohead; shipments 2,OW head; shipments
to York Saturday and Sunday 32 cars, hbeep
demora'ls'd; Very neavr iut, eoionjy lewieninj
atas&adelowerthsn U?t week's prices; reotdfu
- MX) head; shipment*\jMl head.
Cwcucmn, 0.. Sept. 7.7Hopsteady; common
[ and light l* 6^*4 60. packing tad butchers 94 10a
476; reoelpta 1,4)3 bead; shipments l?l bead.
Dry Goods.
New Voek, Pept. 7 ?With Jobbcra there is a fall
attendance of buyer* and a largo business Is In progress
with agenu; the builoei 1b of good motortloni
but very much restricted because of many
i deniable suplesaal seasonable sgerjaltioi. The
produc Ion U well sold ahead and dally deliveries
! forwarded from the mlili a e a very poor I dex to
what is doing. Agents have advanced blackstone
. XXX bleached cottona to 7fcc and are sold ahe*d
1 of that, abo F-rget Me Not bleached 2X percent.
1 Billon solid blai k and color prints adranced He.
' Ftannts, soft wool drt*t nunc*, home ipuaa, dms
goxls and underwear are in lane demand. Prices
; are hardening and iiock* nomiuil If any.
Niw To**, Bept 7.?Cotton; fotnre dellve lei
l arsrsryq-'let; September 9Mo. Octob.r 94?c;
i November ?.60o: December tJio; January 9Mc\
February 9.00c; M*rch 8.71c.
I Ctwcwwiti. a. Sept. 7,?Cotton is (air demand
but lowc?; mWdilnf lOo.
?os. jfoeidtl tc (Cc.
Grocery House
We are Solo Aeon's for the following celebrated
Braii*8 of FLOUH:
Pride of West Virginia,
Electric Light,
ritu'iiix Patent,
Uuiding Star.
r,oo BAflS Cholcs Timothy Seed Id slock and for
saleatbottm nrlee*.
Send irial orderaud be convinced that our prices
are the lowest.
Merchant* are cordially Invite 1 ti make our
ofilce their ho*d?ju*rt:r* while In the c'.ty.
Wliolefale (Jroocrs & Seed Dealers.
Exposition ami State gait.
The Grand Reunion of the People of the Ohio
Valley and Lower Luke Region at the (treat
which will be held at WHEELING, W. YA.,
SEPTEMHEIl 7, 8,9,10,11 & 12, 1885.
The Grande*: DUjday of Hordes, Cattle. Sheep,
Swine, Poultry, Product* o' the Farm Wor^hop,
and Fireside ever zhlbltvd In the ohlo Valley or
Lower Lake Region.
10 Great Rare* *lth 80 Ilone*. all fintchui
Trotter*. Pocen and Kunneni, engaged on th?
Klomt Half-Mile ?(aoe Trait In the United States.
The l4uve Kxpor'ioii, Machinery. Floral aud
Horticultural Had*, with tboir grand displays of
Art Textile Fabric*, Machine y. Hare and Beautllul
Flowers, Aqu4rium with 500 Live Fish, Products
of the Fann, ac., will bo worth the co?t of
the trip to see.
bpecuU arrangements for reduced fare and special
train* on all railroads.
?peed entries clime September I. at 12 a. k.
Live Stock entries clo<e September 4. at 9 p. m.
Addras Secretary for Premium List or in'ormatlon.
A RKYMA.NN, l'rwddeut.
M kSTl.l.V. Pma't nrr> torn.
OROROK HOOK. Benraury.'nn:Vp<t?
got; gent and go* Sale,
No. 1KU Jacob street, store-room and dwelling.
No W Alley 15
Two Room-, So. tOM EotT street
Three Rooma, VCM Main street.
No. rfiO Maiket street. 1
Tbree JloU'cs on south side of Twer ty seventh
street, te'.wren Market and Main streets.
No. 935 Alley C.
60 Acre Farm in WeUel county. I will lell or j
exchange for city property.
Mu Acre farm at Beltou, W. Va., I will sell or
exch-iiRo for city property, and will divide it if
desired. .
:,n \cro Farm ou Bogg?' Run, two miles from
Porty-Hghth street.
Small Dw> lllug, No. 1(W) KolT street
No. a 113 Alley l\ a live roomed Cottago Kramo in
good onl r.
Business House and Dwelling ou Market street,
ground 80 feet fr?nt running back litt feet. I
Five piete* of property on Slxteeuth street, rang-1
Ins In prico f'om SI.M3G to Sft.OOO.
No. 47 Twenty-third street.
One Lot on Boo street, south of Trenty eighth
For further information inquire of
JAMK8 A. HBNKY, Roal-Estate Agent.
Collector and Notary Public.
mi27 No lfll'i Htret
- - 1862 || 18S5
rr~ ? 4"
\ per y
\ I A I A/TV\ I /\.l /
FlortdftWlnt** Home* at EDOE WOOD, n<
burb to JukMovllJe. Hend two i(?dm and redire
a Map with a bndteye tlew of Jtcuon ille.
Reier to ?ny b*ak here.
tnafrwmw p. o. jw>g m. iT.knooTillw. yu
p bills?
Go to Um QfTKLLIGKNClft JOB k00m8, Kim. 91
' Better Than An Insurance Policy.
I !
OI) BERT'S CholeraAntidote!
Diarrliira, Djscntory, Flux,
Cramping Pains, ?
i/UoiiTa Jioruus
And Cholera, 5
It tux kaved many Uvea
VttA by many Phjilcians. a
% Ci
2 i
sou: FHoi?Ku:roiw,
No. 1208 Main Street
anl? Tthas ?
Dr. J. E. SMITH, I
No. 1404 Cbiipline Street, {
Near Fourteenth street '
The bent evideoeo of a physician's snccew is the ?
teitlmony of bit patient*. Tho Increasing demands
(or mr professional services prove that I hew
dealt honorably and fairly with those who bavr ?
consulted inc. I never use a patieut's name without
permimlon. though I have many hundred cer- tf
tificates from tnone whom 1 havo cured after thev Ar
had been pronounced incurable. A thorough mod- su
ical education with many years honplul experience P??
and familiarity with therapuue wtcnt*. a clohe ol>serv&nce
of tcmperouieuul peculiarities and strict ?
attention to hygienic management Insures oucces, Jf*
a cure is possible, and I frankly give the patient ay ?'*
opinion. "h
Ilome Proof. ^
Kidney and Liver Diseases snd Rheumatism.?
Sufibred terribly?"Nothing seemed to help me: ?
could not get out of bed. I?r. Smith cured me."
ZEPH. PHILLIPS, Wheeling, W. Va.
Catarrh, Polypus of Nose, Impaired Voice.?Suffered
for yean; patent medicine failed to help me. ,
Dr. Smith completely cured me." ^
Of Speidel <fe 0>.. Wheeling. W. Va.
Dyspepsia snd Ulcerated Stomach.?"TreaUuent U?1
for yearn failed to give me relief. Dr. Smith cured
me." TlHiM AS HOLT, Insurance Agent.
Fit*.?Had them for fourteen years. Dr. Smith
cured roe." LOUIS F. WASHINGTON. pol
Scrofula. Running Son* on Head.?'"My nou was
afflicted for fourteen years. Nothing seemed to
help him. Dr. Sxclth cured him." yJJ
Ctr.w.t IVhiuiIlnir \V Va
Cancer.?"Buffered for years with Luucer. Had It
cutout three timet. It returned niter each opera*
I tluit. Dr. Smith cured mo without knife, causlicor 1
p*ln." SIM. H. M. ORCUTT. ?
Plica, Fistula of Anas.?Flat on my back for IS c*.
weeks. Reported dying. Dr. 8uilth cured me
without knife la weeks. ^
Wholesale Grocer, Main St., Wheeling, W. va. ?
Ulcerations of Rectum, Prolapmu tnd Piles.?
"Wairiven up to die and pruuounred incurable. -Iiri
Dr. Smith cured me without knife." til
Rev. H. 0. Ladd writes:?"Dr. Smith's profca- '
sloualsorvfcosiu my family hare been moat aatIsfactory,
and I commend him to all as a gentleman
and a skillful physicltu." i
Mr*. Maigaret K.?lk nayt: "I had been suffering ?
for seven years and treated by rauny physicians for
dyviie]?ia. lir. Smith wUd I nnd a tA(<e worm, and I ,
In et?!it hours removed a mounter If ' feet lou?."
Female Complaint*.?Three year* in hospital* for n
females. give me peculiar advantages In such ohm*. ??
Persons cured ol catarrh. dlM*M* of heart, liver, ...
stomach, kidneys, skin, blood, nervous aaectlous , '
and weaknesses of men and youth, scrofula and J*
asthma testify to my succtm
Piles cured without the knife. _ .1"
Patients at a dUtanco may ?>c treated by Wlter and J?iS
satisfaction guarnuterd. A ( hart for self-examlna
uou seni on rox-ipioi iwo uuee-ceut emiujf, auu
advice returned free.
ConxulteUon at office free. Office hoars from 9
U. to 7 p. daily. Gall on or add res*. ?
Kg 1404 Chapllne St., Wheeling. W. Va. Lei
I Insane Pcrtoni R?tor#d 4,10
H H wnerveRestoreb JS
<r?4B!tAt!C&KKIlVBDlSI'*S8V Onl/turt .
f.-r J.'rrrt Jjrrtwii h'tit, F.tUt/ty, "C. 2~.'
M.LIDLK if t.ilm m directed. A? Fitt ap.tr PTli
4,n't utt. Treat iw ?nl #? trUI bottle free to at.
SSSiSiiSfiVi&tiSgma |p?saa
IIII Cure* G and Gin2?o4days. ?n
B ft I *^slc your tIrntfK,st f'?r it* Kri
II 8enttounyaddrcnBibr$1.50 Sljl
aimiynfiHurann MiirfifMn ^
The OriRiitnl .mil (Inly Genuine. F
JUVaryt ?lw?f rriliM.- i>??rr..r \V?rttilr?? ln>iutlnn?. 001
"Oilfhr*trr'? Unjctl.b" ?f thr I?t m?lr.
TO LADIES. IirM???.(?u?ppOfcr??rttoeUr?.l??tt
siteSaWLLS? f
favorite prescription of cue of the nuwt '
1 " noted ami lucceiiltil f? fcdi?t* in die U S. ~~~~
(now retired) for the cure aft Xcrwou* Debility, k
Munliuoil. WriiUnrMatHl llrcny. Sent WD
in plain se&led envelope Free. Druggttt* can Oil it Bel
AdHr#?* OR. WARD ft CO.. LfliilftUna. Mo. ^
- - On
Ufttljr, SemMVeelilv and Weekly. '
The year 1886 hrinn the conntry to a new depar* Wfi
tare. A party out of power for a quarter of a ccu* Bel
tury xocs into control. A new color i* to be giren A
to the pob'ti ol our national h Ik to nr. Kviry uau Zai
tnd woman ought to follow that hh-tory u It U Ne
mule. It will touch every condition if life, Col
whether for weal or woe.
Willcorer************** Will be
,h. who'.* 1S8B. JSfM 8t
-iffiffilQMF DOLLAR ?
N??r KO * UI'L UULLMII *j??. KorVr K,
mtionaL ???********?*? aulL ?
In a career oI thirty-two yean it hu made itoel/
the UmUy paper.
It li taken by families who have taken It tlnce ,
iK? inimhor *
It bas full market reports and looks well to the
Kara en' Interest
It laveryitrong In Its Washington correspondence. ,
It bw the lead In Suite matters.
It U unsurpassed lu lt? Industrial features.
It believes in the American policy of Protection. i
It labors for the Development of Went Virginia. N(J
One Dollar Pajs for the Weekly YutelU- **
gencer lor a Whole Year* an
Bead the following terms and premiums. * ^
The Weekly Intelligencer, tingle cony one year J100 }"
5 copies, one year, atid Daily two month* Iree- 6 00 UJ
10 copies, one rear, and Dally two month* or
ouh copy of the Weekly, one year free? 10 0! J;
6 copies, one year and Dally six month*, or ,
three copies of the Weekly one yemr free 25 00 j
The premium conies will be sent to any addroo i
desired. It in equivalent to a cash commission, ss ?
they can readily be K>ld and the money retained by "\
the setter up ot the club. It is not net-ovary for l
all the uames in the club to come from one office, <
aor is it necessary to send *11 the subscribers stone rui
time Subscriptions mar be sent as faat u re- j
reived, one or more at a time, and a reoord of them *.
will be kept at thla office. The premium copies \
irlll be sent at the request of the agent a* soon as ]
be has sent sufficient subscribers to entitle him to Cz
"m TX&Md or TEX saa-WKZXLY. 4J
One copy, 6 montha_H 601 Two copies, 1 year. J*. 00
Ooeoopy, 1 year s 001 Fivo ouples, l year JO 00
rases st mail, rovrioi mrxw.
One month f 661 Bix months......,?.ft 00
three months....?.. 2 001 One year ? a W '
Specimen copies of cither edition of the Intel- fuosacsa
tent free and pottage paid many address. ^
We want an Ageut at every Postoffice in West
Virginia, Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.
hemlttancea xhouhl be made by mistered letter, ft
postoffice money order, postal note or shock.
rmxsain iArauoncn, L
grnnspor faction.
oLsvKuu?i0*nTSJiTBon ?. s.
Coudooied Utn^UbU otpMMonr traU* OOf
cctwl tPAD a,BT30,188&-C>'Utr>l awidard Tlm?.
urT amd korih to rmavwan avd ounrwun.
* *. I A.K. | A. M. | r. M. | f. M.
leUxlre 6:?ft l? "loToo) iM 4:?
trldfcport- 6:47 :? 10:12i l:M 4:1*
U-tinV Ferry 5:WJ 8;41 10:JW 8:41 4:48
IrillUnt - m.. 8:? 9:1? 10:? ?:lW 6:28
UsobonrUlc. 8:49 9:86 11.01 4 M 1:41
omnto 7Ai| ~. 11M 4:81 1:02
leCoy'i. 7:14 ...mm. UMi 6*>0j ?:11
'oliow VmkmM.. 7:2m m. 11MLH 6:1? 6.21
'elliTllle. 7:4?j 12:20| 6:6*1 1:40
jut LlvcrpooL 7:6612:90) 8K#Lmmm.
locbeater .......... 8:60 1:16 6:60L.?m.HcKhcuy.
9:40 2:Q& 7:86 .....M.
ltttbuigb.. 9:60| 2:16| T:48|...mm..
llUnce IO^kJ 4:'Jm.?
amm*. 11:08 4:50 ....mm. .MM.-.
leveUj!(i.'.'.T"."l!nn! 12:461 6:?)|1T.....L.M~..
wnrr to aluaxcb avd chicaqo.
XTiT I A.M. r.M.| r.M.
ell aire I 6:36 10:00 S:? *t25
rldseport. 6:47 10:12 S:M 4:18
iran'i Ferry_ 6:? 10:? 8:41 4:48
ellow Creek .... 7:ft 11:46 6:12| ?38
'ellnrille. 7:4? 12:?J 5:58 6:49
ijrard ? 9:47 a
lllance - 12:26 4-^?
in ton 1:40 5:00j
ajudllou .... 2:M ........ 5:1ft L..~^.
ansfleld 4:12 ....~~ 7:40L..?_
re*Ulne .. 6:26 8:10
Ima. ~
)rt W ayue 4:C6 12:40L..~......?
iteago gaol........ 6.H0)
AH tralui dally except Sunday.
Train* leave cleveUnd for Wheeling at 8 KI0?. B..
L0 p. m., arriving at 4:18 j>. m.^ndT^M^n.
Gen. Pua. and Ticket Agent, Pittsburgh, Ft
WM. A. BALDWIN. Manager.
_ LODIS RAILBOA 1>?Pko Handle Bocta.
time table for Kait and Wert corrected to Anguit
, 18S5. Tialna leave Pan Handle itatlon, foot ot
eventh street, fnear public landing, aa follows,
ntnd Standard time:
Pitta, beat VSTTKS
BTATioi?a. Exp'* Exp'a Exp'? Exp'i
A. M. P.M. 77177"
are-Whwllng 6-JO 12:4& 8:?W 8:05
rive?Welliburg.- 7M 1:? 4:14 8:40
ubenvliie 8:00 2M bit* 9:01
.taburgh... 9:? 1:80 gaoL..?.
A.M. A.M. |
-rruuurg. .. i:iu i:iui ^l1"1
^.in^on::::::::::::::::::::: 'z"zz e-S eisoiizzz
iiadelpbiu. 4:25 4:% 5:88L.?.
?r York. 7:00 7.-0W
p. m p. m. p. v.
nop...... n.-oo i.-oo)
going wot.
Psc. Deun Wert A?
stations. Exp'i Exp'i c'm'n
P.M. P.M. a.m. P.M.
ire?Wheeling? 8:06 8:85 6:60 12:48
rive?Stcubc-nvllle 9:13 6:25 8:05 2:00
li* ? 7:10 12:05 AM
nnLwn. 10:40 7:20 9:80 4:06
irark. 12;40 11:85 ?:M
umbua. 1:45 12:88 8:00
tvo?Columbus 8:4? 12:56 ....
1vo?Dayton - 6:10
irtnnati 6:10 4:45 ....?
lUuapolhi ... 11:45 10:80 MMMN.
. , P.M. A.M.
Louia .. 7:*0......... 7:00
r*go- 6:aoj.w.^. 7:iol...~~.
.11 train* dallr except Sunday.
ullmau'* Ihufirc Drawing Room and Stooping
s through without change from Hteubenrtll
t to r hludclphla and New York. Wert to Col ~j
bus. Cincinnati. LouUvllle. Chicago, Indian* pnud
rit. Louis.
or through ticket, baggaeo checks, sleeping ;
accommodations, and any further Information
'iy to JOHN a. T0ML1X80N, Ticket Agent at
i Hanrilu Hut ion. foot of Eleventh em*>t, orat i
r Ticket Office, under McLure House, Wheeling. - i
Manager, Columbus. Ohio,
E. A. FORD, - j
Ben'l Pax, and Ticket Agonu Pittsburgh. Pa.
Ime table corrected to JULY 5. uwft. Train*
re Panhandle fetation, foot of Elwenth strueL
i public lsndJag, u follow*?Central Standard
ie?which la 85 minutes alower than Wheeling
tiOIMG south.
bally Dally Ao>
Paw. Pass, oom.
i.M. P.M. A.M.:
ive-Wheeling 6:86 8:26 8JO y3j
1 re?Ben wood 6:56 8:45 1:68
und*rt))o....^. 7:15 4:06 9:40 tf
rington 7:55 4:45 11:20
ctor 1:07 4:87 11:4ft M
r Martinsville 8:25 6:15 12 J6
ill*. ? 8:M 5:28 12:50
crrrlllfl ? 8:80 5:40| 1J6
-;ndly Mftlamenui).. ? 9:08 6A8 2:06
Mary" 9:tt 6:25 I JO * ?
jlwnstown (Marietta) 10:20 7:10 6:20
kemburg. W. Va. 10:66 7:45| 6.-20 >5
ooma norm.
D.Ur U>11; lo- I
Pan. l*aM. com.
a.M. r.K. x.K.
ivo?Parkcraburg.......... 6:0 3:80 6:16
1ve- Willlanutown(Marl'tta) 6:80 4:0* 7:80
Marrs 7;15 4:50 9:26 $
. ndfy (UaUmoras) ? 7:<8 5:? 11:00
lemillo 8:00 6:40 11J?
dto 8:16 6:68 12:07
w Martinsville- 8:26 6:08 12JO g9
ctor 8:4'i 6:25 1:11
rlnctnn 8:56 6:87 1:41 '
uu&rille. 9:45 7:20 83S
iwood.... 10:06 7:40 4:16
ccllng~ .. ... lOJOj 8:0I| 4:48
?cnger trains daily Including Sunday. AOamodallou
trains ram dally except Bandar.
Ticket Agent. Wheeling, W. VA.
n and titer MAY a. 1885. raaaenger trains will
i m follows?Wheeling tlve:
noTS! RoTi Hc3i
UIT BODMD. Local. NoJ7 r?ally No.33 Dally
eare? a.*. r.K. a. . a.m. r.K.
ecltng 5:85 4:10 6:40 8:15 5:80
lalre ? 6:56 6:01
aolngton- 7JO
.rrlres at r. k. r. k.
ifton.? 4:00 11:06 1:10 10:U
r.K. a.K.
mberland-.. ? 2:40 7:00 2:80
shlngton City. 6 JO ...^ V.
ttinorr .....Tl 7 J0| ?:8B
Jo 85.3S and 87 ?top at all Butiona
i ; No. 21 No. 41 No.
mt boqkd. No. 14 No. 121 Dally |Pally [Dally
cave- a.m. f. * a. . r.u. r.u.
mellng. 7:88 1:40 9:15 7:60 10:21
lalre 8:10 4:15 10:06 1:27 11:01
rrirett r.u. a.u.
lesvlllt 11:20 7*0 12:16 10:10 1:10
wrk 1:20 10:60 2:00
umbua .. .. 2:40 11:56 1:10
iclnnatl 7:60
iduaky _ ? 6:80 8:6*
lianapoli*. 11:00 7:06 4:41
a.u. r.u.
Louii ? 7:10 6:46 ?JQ
Icago.... ... 6:40 At5o 7:26
r. k.
mm city g.-ool saol 9.-00
(oundirllle accommodation leave* Wheeling at
38 a. m.. and arrive* at Moundcrlll* at 12:16 p.
dally exoeptdnnday.
Janninatou accommodation at 4:10 p. m.
ADonrlUe accommodation l?ra wheeling
8 a. m. and 8:40 p.m. Bellair* at 8:10 a. nM
6 p. m? dally except Sunday.
0:25 p. m. train through to Cincinnati without
uige, with B. AO.Sleeper ihrough toCincinnati.
). A O. Bleeping Can on all through traina.
fbrough Coach irom Wheeling to Cincinnati on
i. 3. tearing Wheeling At 9:16 a. m., arriring at
icfnnati at 6:30 a m.
floac conucctloua are made tor all points Booth
j Houthweat, North and North WMt, making thl*
Inlrable ion to (or colonUu and nenuma moriug
the great Weat, and to whua particular attention
flckeu to all principal point* on aale at Depot,
ilccplur car accommodation* can be aocurcdat
tot Ticket Office.
f 108 C. R'JKKK, Ticket Agent B. A O. Depot
OH* T LANK, Tr*v. HuM-nger ARrut.
t T DHVKlJg. General Agait, Wheeling.
'V 8I0N, B. A 0.
)u *nd after JC.SE11,1M8, puMnfer taint will
a u foUowa-Wheeling Ume:
'or HtUborxh-?:?>a. m., 6J5p. m. dally;?;46
m., S:X p. m., daJIy except Huuday.
"or W?Ahlnffion-6:05 p.m., dallyexceptSunday,
from Htubunrh-11:? a. m., 6:05 p. m.t dally
cept *und?y; 10:16 p. dally; 9:C6 a. m. dally,
from Wafthington?0:06 a. m., daily; 11:06 a m.,
bp m., <laliy except Sunday; 10:16 p. n., dally.
C. K. J.OHii. General Ptaeenger Agent
B. DCNU AM, General anx.-tT
J. T. LANK, Ttav. Paw, kgt Wh-etlng.
(CommtMUm fflletxhanti.
3. DiToron, a O. iMumw,
SwenL 01D. IcilMton <ji SON, Bpedil.
itlm i& Qmln, Flow, dwdi, Prarliionf, 01 mw
lad VrUd Train.
** ?* w * mnwHw m tibUm?
- Tfi[u"iiTV-Tnir*"^ "

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