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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, September 25, 1885, Image 3

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I eommlsfUmtti' Jktlct,
i TioVMI^lOXEK'S sale of REAL ~
I L 4>T<4 rK
porwance of tb* autbortty retted la me by a
I Aow of Municipal Court of Wheeling, mi!
I oq th? third Jar ul June. law, and an order o
I if u'.e wade ?ia tiie istb day of AvgttMt. ;w, fa *
I ?uit Ir cbanfeiy therein peudliif, la which Kmma
I TarJ?>r wlii? * " Tar.or, ?er fcu>baud, are nlaln>
I ofl? *nJ W illiam II. liaiden and others are doI
JffiilUlf. 1 *1" 00
I eoaufudaic } I" o'clock a. k? idl at public aucI
bod. to tljtf AUhut-and bnt biddrr, at the fiont
I door ot tli- tV.iirt Hotue o' Ohio munty, Weat
I \utaiA. thv foil .widk dtacribed real estate:
I 71* ?, ; oue-hal/ of lot.numbered thirty (. ?}
I Iittutf oa t.ie Njtith ?id* of Fifteenth street, in the
I jUfjurl < rm a ?<M i Uoatot he dty of Wheeling
I iu lie fitat y1 w^t Wntfnla, tether with the
k-<i,Huo and imj?rovt'T?uU thereon. The fore<MM
Jha nruocrty and real
{,j iiji- Me Ho utelu Harden, and 111 mont
AiinWe property. Tho Improvement* coiwilt ol
fvjw trick Jvrc:llng Jioumj. with brick atab'eand
iCf yut build xj?f". *I|J ?re iu excellent repair.
Ttithird of tbe purchase money
hill be l*i'l I" V" **** ot **ie>
rTca do.t thereof uthe purthaw may elei t to
?i- the U'ance shall be paid In tW) equal In
j,'cj?au, wi.h luteruat from day ot ra'e, atone
tad 1 wo j?*r? 'rem the day ot tale, :e?pectively,
ite t un hiM-r to give hii uote* for tbe deferred
mvoiiiw. with *?iirl;y to ie approved by Uie
Sa,ral?ioacr; -ad w furtner ?eeurlty the title to
L,! marl of I?m?1 iball be retained uutil the pur
ehvv oow y ?hill have bmi paid In full, und the
Jjvcjjl commliiioaer o;i].*red by the Ceurt to conm*r
fit fit bark,
tf'oi; pP Hal fommlnloner.
I Jfoe Jfalc.
J / offer fjr file my farm In Belmont county, O.,
which He4 *dj4?em to ilia city of Bellslro ind ex- j
teal* dor* the ool j r.vcr about three-fourtha ol /
I ? mile. 1 ne nver bottom him cever been over- 1
fljirt-1 by the highoit tloodi lu the Ohio rirer. 2
Tflffiuia cjutiliu |
On wblcJi there are '
TiroGood Dwelling Houses, Barns, I
Stubles, &e. _
TWO ORCHARDS of the beat qua:ity 01 inui.
Bdi.lc* b*viiitf
tiikee veins of coil,
All of Which cau be mined from tho wuth line. It
MOtio'* the Appr'-afh to the coal lauda Id Belmont
pcuntT for many miies back the Bo 1*1 re and
WcrwT'trnpiJce and ihe Bell Aire, Zaue?vllle aud
tiarhmatl ?Atlroad ruin through the farm. The
Ohli KAllto.d U graded to wlthlaatboil
di?u;icf <?l my "O'th line, but 110 right-of-way has
M yet been *rauted by me. There 1$
On the place where boat! cau land at all tinier, In
either lu tiich or low water. There la al o Lime- ant
? me aud 'Audntone of the beat quality for build- Im
lesptrpoa *. and "harp bul'dlug aand of lupeiior wa
ow/itr on the place. cot
for further iuloimation apply to OARRETT A ph
ASDKK'U.V, Pell Aire, 0 , wno will ahow the farm nrt
to tor uuu wbhiug to purchaae tpl
K. i.RANOL*. Wheeling, W. Va.
?t>!. mVr 16. lmfi. aeplH-Mwr ial>
__ ' . ? tre
got gent and ?ov jfaU, aS
? .. ? ..... . nu,
i on RENT, 5S
So. %0 Market *trvot, partly fu?nUhed If deaired. J?
Four worn* No. o5 ikveuteenta atreet. ma
So jO Alley 15 t>?l
Thrte Room*, No. 1044 Koff ftreet. po,
Tdw two roomed Uouiea ou Tweoty-aerenth oil
street, between Mattel and Mala a tree U. ^
5u 191 Alley 15 ?
Three k <oui?, v6 28 Main atreet, otl;
No xxi Market atreet. w
No. Ill Virginia atreet.
foITsaIe. '
?i? v.r,n nn Boem' Ran. two miles from ?
Forty-eighth trcct. on be bought at coat, 31,251. re".
JO Acre Farm near Trladelphia u550
Acre farm, 1 will nil or txchango for city
TPS. ftnn, I will cell or exchange for city **J
prop.-rt jr. i/un
ju vcre Farm in Wetxel county. I will exchange jjjj
^eflfug.^o^iojo EolT itreet. mo
Near DweLlugi No. 61 and No. 83 Nineteenth
ItfwL i
So 2lil Foff*trect, seven room*.
No. W Fl.leenth a tree t
Si. 47 rwenty-ihlnl itreet.
No. 311 wenty sixth street.
Btuluew Houm and Dwelling on Market itreet <
For mrUitr lnionnatlon Inquire of ft'
JAMES A. ilKNKY, Real Xataie Agent. Ml
Collector and Notary Public, oQ
an'/7 No 1<i'J Maript dy
insurance Companies. ;
t puiKyraxEKS' insurance oo.
Omc* No. a Twxltth 0i***t.
Capital, - ~ 0100,000 *
ROBERT CP.ANQLE, President. B1
J. K I'AULL, Vice Praddeut.
ALFRED PAULL, Secretary.
G. H. dfcNSKNKY.Cltj Agent.
inranaa au imiu u> pivyc*?j ??nwwi>u<?~?
Ohio valley fire insurance
07 WHEELING, W. VA. pa
Omca-No. 1308 Main Street. j
CAPITAL #100,00000 er
Dot* ft xciiend tin Iufiorsnco Bnslneas. Finn '
property, ftad Dwelling Houace and contents In* Pg
raxel for three or fire jean.
ilKarr rtlimalbACh, LtBthlllL
Joju f. c&sjpbtilt W. H. Kobmsoa,
Dtriil butnm, Benj. Fisher.
J. V. L. K01XiKB8, Secretary. ]jg .
Of WmUHS, W, TA.|
CAPITAL .1100,000 ,
ln?arw? ftgaiiut lo?a or damage by fire and light _
bLuk k11 cbutefl of desirable property, also Insures P*
ftrsou an the Wtatorn waters.
J.5, VftT.ce. President M. HeUly, Vice President
I. L. dtroehloln, Bec'y, J as. P. Adams, Aja't Bee.
. !t. Vftuoe, M. Bellly, L. a BUIel,
J. H. Mobu, a wTFmnihelm. .
mr.r. ?
jjinarulal. m,
UAPITAL. H75.000. M
Wn, A. , , , II, Prwldant ab
Wa. a dmrao.t^.^. VIoo-President
Urate on Xngland, Ireland, Pianos and Germany.
naamoas. oi
Wa. a. iMtt, Wm. B. Simpson. ?l
J. A. Mlllter, John K. Botrioid,
t, M. AUinaon* Victor Bosenbnrg.
,,,.imtw,,0Mhte, jj
uxriTji! mo,
J. k. visa. ?g?!3?"
Li;A l.Anjigrm Vlca-Praddeat
Boacroa. /
J. H. Vmce, 8. Horkhelmer, #
JcJrn Frew,
Dnu'tn timed on England, Ireland, Bootland end
til (data la Kurooe. ?.
^ JOHW j. jowqinMhfr*. |
gttgtttM (Cards.
Carpenter and Builder,
Brick and Wooden Buildings Erected.
Valleys, Sky Light*, Co untenand Bb el ring. 1
All work promptly attended to on reeeonabk J
*-snop-Alley 13, tear ol CapltoL Beeidenoe.
No M Fifteenth utraet. Shop in rear. 1**
ttencral Machinists tod Engine Bnflfors, J]
Cor. Cbapline and fifteenth Streets. ?
SPECIAL ATTENTION given to Repair Work. J
Aetata (or the celebrated Jndjon Governor.
_ mrto
0. L1BT, JR.,
** o
?ttogncg-at?gaw. j
A* i> Norxar Poatjc, Wheeling. W. Va. Boom 1 .
Odd Fellow*' Block, Cor. Cbapline and Iwelllh I
Bu. r?>n wtiona promptly a-tended to. eepiD*w I
relievemore quick It Uuui *ny othrr known rem ' '*
Ithfunuiiuni. NuurnltrU,
BSWUK s&fsc
fl RcUUca. Wound*, HmuUuW,
tt*CTlff3<}lfclnuitlit<. <nuU.m.-'Tho R?n
'fcTMS^K** ulD" Salralhm oil bean our
**** ^ rnfUtrrr.1 Tnule-Mairk, and our
fKHrfmlU) kraaturu. A. C. M?yrr A Oo- Sole
I'TuprlrtormiiVilllmorv, M(L, U.St A.
r or ujc cure 01 v.ougns, ^oias, n oarseness,
Croup, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Whooping Cough, Incipient Consumption,
and for the relief of consumptive
persons in advanced stages
of the Disease. For Sale by all Druggists.
Price, 25 cents,
t&~\ written guarantea of cure glrcn In ererr
Jc undertaken. ?2rAII coniultatloiuFxwe and
icrwl. Dr. CUrte'i Celebrated Book and
^tUngi (In plain ertvelopef) iwo itaap*.
P.S.CUBU.H.IUi*aTlMBC.ChtlM>tl, 01b.
contracted a fearful cane of blood polnoo In
3. I wu treated by aorne of the beat phmcian*
Atlanta. They used tbeold rcmedleaof Mercury
1 Potash, which brought on rhcumatUm aid
paired my dUuitlve ofgana. Kv. ry Joint In me
au-nllpti ntul (till of iaIu. I wits lu a horrible
idltlon. When I hiul Wen given ap to die. my
isiclans, who bad seen tlio workings of me
dictne in other cam*, thought it would be a
endid time to tc*t the vlrtnrwof fiwifts Hpeeiflc.
i?;n I commenced taking H. 8. 8. the physician
j I could not live two weeks under the ordinary
atment lie commenced to give me the medie
btrietly according to directions, which iconued
for several months I took nothing ebe.
1 commenced to improve from the tint Occa
nally 1 would have a backset from imprudence.
id tue rheumatism left me, ray appetite bicame
right, and the ul< en, whiun th-j doctor said
n the moat frightful ho had evt r seen. b?*gau to
U, and by the tlrst of October. 1884, I was a well
n again I am Wronger now than 1 ever wan
or*, and weigh more. Ihtvcnot failed to re
rt for duty since that time, being engaged in the
warehouse o: CUhbs Carley Company. 1 hare
?n, and still am, doing ?omeof Uie hardest work
y mau ever did, and am ready to answer any
nation that may be asked concerning this case.
Ill's Specific has saved me from an early grave.
Ltlanta, Ga., April 18,1385.
,em McClendon has been In th? employ of the
[!?Carley Company for some years, and I know
?above statement* to be true. At the time he
pui taking Swift's Specific he wm in a horrible
i lition, and at my solicitation bis treatment
;h 8. 8. 8. was undertaken hj a physician alter
eral others had decUred his co>e to bo hopody
'icuiable. lie took noUiing but 8.8 4.. and
I been as K-uud as a new dollar for 'several
raths. I regard his cure almost miraculous.
W 8. CKU8BY, iianager.
Chess-Carley Co., Atlanta Division.
itlauU, Ga, April 18. 1885.
tonsumera should notconIu?e our Epcciflcwlth
! numcruns imitations, sub?uncui, i'otash and
ircury mixtures, which ore gotten up to sell, not
their own m. rit, but on the merit of our rvme.
An Imitation is always a fraud and a cheat,
d they thrive only a* tney can steal from tho ar
le Imitated.
'or sale by all druggists.
P-mil.onn Ul.uvl miH Hkln DIsAIM* KialltMl f?y>.
ras Swift Specific Co., Drawer 3, Atlanta. Ga.,
Y., 157 W. 2*1 itreot. J j2-MW
!*or mle br Logan A Co. and laughlln Bro?. <k Co.
Advertising Clients!!!
'It hat beco^c to common to bejln an article in
eleg*n\ intonating style,
Then run It Into some advertbicmont, that wo
Did a'l such,
'And simply call attention to the merits of Hop
(ten in a* plain, honest terns as pcadblo,
'To indnce people
To give them one trial, which so prove* their
lue that they will never use anything else.".
The Remedy so favorably noticod In all the
aeligious and secular, U
'Having a large sale, and li supplanting all othmcdlc
There i< no denying the virtue* oI tbo Kop
lut, and the prnprluora o( Hop Bitten have
o*n great shrewduesaaud ability * ?
in compounding a mediclua whoso virtues are
pilpab'.c to everjr one's obacxratiou."
Did She Die!
She llngcicdaml suffered along, pining away
! the tlaolor)e*n."
Tho doctors doing her no good;"
'ADa Si UiSl v?M UUiVa UJ lUlfl UV)> unwig Mig i
pers say so much ibouL"
'Indeed 1 Indued!"
'How thankful we ihoold be for thai medicine."
A Daughter's Mlnrrj.
'Ik ven years our daughter roffered on a bed of
"From a comfltcatlcu of kidney, liver, rhenstlc
trouble and nervoiu debility,
'Under the care of the best physician*,
"Who gave her di*easo various names,
"But no relief,
"Aud uovr she is restored to us In good health by
simple a remedy as Hop Bitters, that wo had
iiinnid for years before uaiug 1L"
Tn* Parxxt*.
M"Kone genuine without a bunch of green Hope
i the wnite Ubt 1. fthuu all the vile, poisonous
utt with "Mop" or "Hops" In their name.
xpu Mwraw
? t~-r >~rWSF>^1 Amo?* BWdlolMl
| W ^cunuTti" iW|?i?;>? c b m > > e"
' , Ktauds pre-emtn-ut,
jljrt It checks iho further
ttSTV progrea of all dlsf-*
? V VA nrilura of tho atom
iSjk Wfll ?cb,liver an ! bu*eli,
vlt1 Wy^n^v revlvel tbo vital
-fj?''J^sStSv vt'iiamina. prevcnu
4Z*i-' and remodlt* chill*
jr ?VMjw >v jf and lever, lucrc&sea
j9 Z? *he activity o( tbe
. 1/9 kiauoy*, ooanuricu
' '"Swf 11 tendency to rbeauntltm
and 1? &
genuine ?t-?y and
?iUoo to nxsd.lnArm
AC^9 over, d. rived Irani
3 0 5 & Die purest mid mo?l
iv> nr?^
ui ui mci ii icoo
It can be given In a cup of coffee or tea without
le knowledge o' the person taking it. In absolutely
armlet, and will effect a permanent and apeedy
arc where tho patient laamodeiate drinker or
a alcoholic wrtclc. It haa been given in thou
ind* of caaea, and in every lmuucu a perfect cure
as followed IT NKVKH KAMA fho ayatem
nee imprecnated with ihe Specific it, becomea au
tter lmpoaibllity for tho liquor appetite to cxiat
GOLDKN SPECIFIC CO., Prop'ra, Cincinnati, O.
For aalo by I/XJAMAOO.
Druggists, Wheeling, W. Va.
Call or wrlto for circulars and full particulars.
Will cure Diseases of the Kidneys, Gravel, Gleet,
trlctnres, and all Urtaanr and Urethral Disease*,
lervoua and Physical Debility. dsmloal Weakness
Asaof Vigor, ramatuie Dodlne In Kan. Sari)
>oo*y. Impotenoy aanaed br errors of youth, ex
Msea, Ac. 87 pulls In all Its forms, sore throat
ad nose, nloors. eruptions, acrofala, tetter, salt
houm and all blood and akin dtsessss. Fomali
g& ssssm?.^
l F. Bocetmo, Loaui A oo., Druggist*. Bent kj
I llv I denoe. Nervoua Doblllty. oared ta
IIA I Botanic Menrs Bitters, BOe..at 15 K
LUU I Wwntti Bt . PhtU.. and nm?rtat?.
*21 FORI BSaBTbSBSrtt?
?ta 'SkiiMi$tmx\
OUIc* i So*. U& aud '41 FourUanth Street. j
Aim York Sun.
Ob, the enormity, the round ?n<l con lint uul enormity
of Hubert O. Tboinp'o i!
The Inexcuuble Imbecllltr ?nd Imbecile lnexcuMbllity
of Collector lied lent
The wall-eyed rar:uanship of Hans 8. Teittlf, a
rolltlcau from the word "go!"
O Bacon, Itarun, and bow nh?!l wo save our Bacon?
We oplue we shtll have to bump ourselves.
Who will httip u?? \\ ill tome gentleman- b?lp us i
out of thi? slough of <lc*poinl? |
Throttle us witn skippliii; rc|?e if we know.
Cry out, stone* of the Ctntom Houie, and you, too, <
tstaiueo' George Washington.
Look from the gub-Tnwffury to the corner of Wall ,
and Willi uu street*. 1
Get off your base. Jump your pedestal, smssh vour- *
self into smlthereeus, j
F.ir asiga aud protest against this most wickcdctl ,
This supplanting of a U .publican by a Democrat. <
And thin SterMng, this supplauter of lMcou, thia
new bolder 01 the acalisChlef
Weigher iu the Brooklyn District, wbut sort
of a hairpin la he?
0 (ivil trot vice lie orm! Wil they head, put bat
ting iu thine e?n?: i
Take a walk around the block If you feel well '
enough?vamow?, mote/. }
Keep away from (bin rw r*on.
He Jua Deuiocntt. and tbey say be baa iu hi? time
gone to n dog fight.
Pilot and Crib, pcrUnps; nuybow, a c'axhlug of
Thiiis horible.
Shall fcurb a habitant of Brooklyn got Bonn's job?
Not if wc know it. %
Not till we h?vc raised heaven and earth, and particularly
The head ol iiuddeu in a charge*, the bead of
lteattie in a charger;
These two beads of "lie spoilsman's argument
Them will wo hire rr wo won't play with the
Democratic party any more.
Ho, there now!
"" 'Oil, DAT
A Dark?j Dttalli the Corrrct Method of De*
vourlng ThU Delicious Dlah.
Talbotlon (Ga.) Km.
Yer look at do 'posaum and amack yer
lips, for he be a big, fine fellow. Den yer
take 'em and go rite back hum, and jess
'io' yer get ter de do' yer take yer axe
handle and put 'em across de neck and
break de neck by pullin' ob de tail. Den
yer take him in do 'ouse, an' de ole woman
done lelT great big lireplace heap full hick- J
ory ashes. Yer take3 de bhubblo an open t
bit; hole in dem pile er ashes an' drape ?
dat 'poesum in dnr, an' when yer take him
outer dar de har dea pull oJT dee ua
easy, an' yer put him in some hot a
water an' scrapes him wid er case- r
knife, an' ho cuuis cleau. l)en you takes u
out de iutrals, hang him up an' wash him t
good, den yer (tails him down an' puts
him away twel Monday morning. Monday
morning cum, de o!e 'oman takes him out 3
on' parbiles him good, den sho git 'bout .
peck er taters an' den slices dem taters an'
piies 'em all over him, an' den she bakes
nirn twel tie grease run all fru dem titers. *
Den she fakes him out an' puts him in * '
the big dish an' sets him on the dinner 1
table wid de taters piled all ober him. c
Yer ciim ter dinnor fum de fiel' an' yer fi
walks in an' set9 down to der table, but *
yer doan eat dat 'possum den! *
No Bah, doau eat dat 'possum dsn! i
Arter dinner yer dea takes him an' de I
taters an' sets him up in de cupboard, g
Bimeby yer cums hum frum de day's hard
wuk ter yer supper. You're mity worn 8
out, fer yer been wuking in the tied' hard
all day. Yer sets down outside de cabin
do' au' takes yer pipe an' smokes. 'Fore I
long Sam says: "Daddy, supper ready."
But yer dea sat dar; yer doan go in. \ er ,
wait twel do ole 'omau an' do chillum go
oif ter bed. Den yer knocks de J
ashes out yer pipe an' goes in. J
Yer moves de leetla equar' table front 1
de lire au' puts yer c'oa'r close up dar by f;
it. JJeii yer goes ter uc cupuoaru an gits :
de 'possum an' de taturs. Yer puts 'em *
on de table. Y. r tell de ole 'oman ter go J
out an'leek de do.' Dendaryeris. Yer 1
an' de 'possum all by yeraelves togedder. f
Yer frows de ole hat on the flo', takes yer j
seat in dat cha'r by de table an' gibs yer
soul ter yer God!
SclenilUc View* of lia Formation?Its Farmaucoce.
Brad*trtri'l. 1
I The best scientific view of the case, 1
avoiding scientific technicalities, is that '
this gas is continuously formed by tbe ,
common presence of the hydro-carbon 1
oils and water, and this without limit of
quantity or prospective exhaustion. The ]
whole body of these carboniferous Rt.-ata '
abounds in free oils and in hydro-carbons, '
which constantly chango their forms by
further hydrogena'ion or oxygenation, or
both. The deneo liquid form becomes '
thinner, and if exposed to the air it '
changes rapidly to the volatile or
gaseous hydro-carbon. If this change
goes on in the presence of water
the resulting gei is carbonic oxide,
which is the best form of iJhimina- '
tion. And the change in this form is increpiingly
favortd by the boring aud extracting
of petroleum. It is in part gener- 1
ated when the pressure on the subterra- '
nean oil is relieved when a great new 1
"gusher" is struck in boring. The general 1
conclusion is in favor of permanence in '
the productive capncity of the g?9 oven
more than the oil. It is probable that atmospheric
air would bo derived of iti nitro- (
gen, and would acquire hydrogen and carbon
by contact with these formations beneath
the surface could this contact be
brought about. The force with which the
overflowing gas is thrown indicates con- \
atant accretions of like manner. There
would be more ges if there was room for
more. 1
Dccajliif Fruit*
It ia a grief to go throngh our great fruit
market to see the enorinons waite and
think of the disappointed shippers. All !
over the country, people who send fruit to
New York or other markets, expect the
topprices. They often got a bill of expenses.
Why? The fruit wai picked carelessly,
bruised in the handling and packing,
and worse than all, great quantities
picked too ripe. Thousands of crate3 and
baskets of peaches aud pears, tens of thousands
of crates of tomatoes, thousands of
barrels of apples and melons are thrown
away every year, and this year has been
especially bard on fiuitofall sorts. The
moist weather has forced a succulent
growth, which perhaps is the reason for
the rapid decay. The lesson to be drawn
from this state of things is, not ship fullv
ripe fruit; to pack with great care, handling
every article separately, even though
they may be apparently hard. Time thus
expended is money saved. Do not unjustly
blame the commission merchant for
what is your own fault. It matters not, if
vear after year you have shipped in the
same manner and received good returns,
hi some conditions of the market, anything
that is fruit will Hell well. In times
of abundance the caw is quite otherwise
The prime article sella at a fairly good
price, whilo inferior goods barely pay expenses,
and somotiines even net a loss.
Vood and Slop.
Good llouMktepitw.
The adage of ''Early to bed and early to
rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and
wise," is a good one if carried out, that is.
if the early to bed, induces early rising, of
itself; but the waking of children to have
an early breakfast with the family is an
old-time notion that, like many others
held to extreme strictness in youth, is apt
to be departed from in later years. Sensible
people sometime talk of sleep as
though it were an accident of life that
overtimes us?something we must at times
succumb to. but as of no importance to
our well being; its hours can be broken in
upon, or be done away with, as well as
not, forgetting, or not realising, that sleep
and pVoper food are absolutely oeceswj
| for our life. If sleep comes not, we die; if
i we eat not, we die; theref ire it is essential
, to health and comfort that both be /arnisb*
ed in sufficient quantities and at regular intervals.
The writer has known an excellent
mother who brought up her family
wiaelv and well in every other way, except
in regard to these two points. To
the aarly breakfaat at 6 o'clock, both sum:
msr and winter, the children must come,
or go withouttad the very (act that
Always going to bed early, and they were
inclined to aieep longer in the morn!air,
allows it was needed, and they should
have b?en allowed to awaken of themThen,
too, the older children, coming
home hungry from school and finding the
dinner distasteful (salt fish, perhaps,)?
dinner that must be eaten or have nothing.
"It was good, wholesome food, *0*1
enough for anybody," therefore the logic
wa*, "You must eat it," and so the child, j
nibbling the distasteful food and finishing I
on the lighter desserta, leaves the table
unsatisfied and really unfed, for, when
luo tmarppncu appemu ia mcs uy uiruSiCf (
able food, tho pleasure of eating causes
saliva to fl?w readily and mixing with the
food is made ready for the stomach's work
Df digestion- Much of the discomforts and
ills of iater years come from the utter ignorance
or disregard of these truths; and
shiidren should be taught, not by strict
rules in regard to it, but by pleasing conversation
in the family, that sleep and
sating are God-givin blessing, not to ba
The Heat N'e?t? for H.n?.
,[mtrican Agricultural.
An empty barrel makes tbe best nest
for a sitting hen. It way be set out in the
^ard or the orchard, and be safe from rain
)r storm; and if closed by a loose door
n the front at night, there will be no
langor from vermin. A tbur barrel is
sunk in the ground for one-fourth, or one;bird
its diameter, sloping it a little forward,
to prevent rains from beating in.
Piie excavated earth ia filled back into
:ho barrel, a nest being made in the center
>f it. This makes a very convenient arrangement,
and gives an earth bottom to
:he neat, with overy'facility for controlling
:hc hen aud the chick. It these nests are
Mattered about the vards. hens will take
po&sefiaiou of them, and when one takes
.0 Sitting, she may he furnished with eggs,
ind closed up with a slatted door, or a
:oop sot in front of the barrel, and proected
from disturbance by any other hens.
The coop will serve for feediugand waterng
the hen. and allow her a place for
ixercise. As one rarely has things ready
then they are wanted for use, it is well
a iOvik after such things ad these in time,
specially when early chicks are raised.
Vlife re barrels aro not to be had convenently,
coops made in the shape of small
beds, and wether-proif, with loose doors
0 close them at night, can be made
hrough the winter, in ro<uiine?B for the
arly sitters.
"Lay thy sweet bauds in mine," he
aid, but she ouly remarked that she bad
teura'iKia and must hold her head. He
:avs her Salvation Oil aud now he holds
ier sweet hands by the hour.
The South is expoudiug ?10,000,000 a
ear on public schools.
A Wundrrful DUcovery.
Consumptives and all, who suffer from
tny action of the Throat and Lungs,
an find a certain cure iu Dr. King's New
)iscovery for Consumption. Thousands
if permanent cures verify the truth of this
tatement. No medicine can show such
1 record of wonderful cures. Thousands
11 once hopeless sutferers now gratefully
iroclakn they owe thei- lives to this New !
discovery, it will cost you nothing to
;ive it a trial. ,
Free Trial Bottle at L->gan Co.'s Drug
itore. Large site, $1 (X). mwfaw
India women do not like to be doctored ,
>y men.
Kanrnui DebllUuted Men
foil are allowed a free trial of thirty days ;
if the use of Dr. Dye's Celebrated Voltaic ;
ieit with Electric Suspensory Appliances,
or the speedy relief and permanent enre
if nervous debtfity, loas of Vitality and
Hanhocd, and all kindred troubles. Also,
or many other disca&et). Complete reetoraion
to health, vi^or aud manhood guarantied.
No risk 10 incurred. Illustrated
)amphlet, with full information, terms,
>tc., mailed free by addressing Voltaic Bell
3o? Marshall. Mich. Mffww
The first man to make a base hit was
Jain. _
Very Kem.-trknble ltncuvory.
Mr. Geo. V. Willing, of Manchester,
Mich., writes: "My wife has been almo6t
lelploss for five years, so helpless that she
xrald not turn over in bed alone. She
jsed two Bottlei of Electric Hitters, and is
to much improved, that she is able now
;o do her own work."
Electric Bitters will do all that is claimed
or them. Hundreds of testimonials attest
heir great curative powers. Only fifty
:enta a bottle at Logan A Co.'s. mwfaw
The life of a Chicago car horse is twenty
rears, yet even that sedate city is adopting
:he cable system.
Warden* A. A. Bruah, of the Sing Sing,
New York, State Prison, says Brandreth s
Pij13 arc the most valuable cathartic he
jver used. He haa been a great sutTerer
from rheninatism and blood poisoninar,
but obtained very little relief from medicine
or doctors until he commenced using
Urandroth's Pills. Ho took fifty Pills in
en days. They not only cured bim of
rheumatism, but gave him a vigorous appetite
and purified hid blood completely.
Up in Vermont $17,000 skatingrinka are
jffered for $800.
The tenacity with which people abide
by their early faith in Ayer's Saraaparilla
can only be explained by the fact that it is
the best blood medicine ever used, and is
oot approached in excellence by any new
candidate for pnblic fsvor. mw
Buckleu'i Arnica Salva.
The best Salve in the world for Outs,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum. Fever
tores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and poeiLively
cures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,or
money refunded. Price 25 cents par box.
For sale b? taron A On.
rhe Feature* of tho Money and Stook
Kiw York, Sept. 24.?Money ou call ceny at lalX
percent. Prime mercantile paper 4ma |?rwut. Fuieiuu
fcUcbaniro riutet ami unchtnui'd.
oovkknmk*t uondt?Were dull aud ?teady.
fcTATE Uonub?Dull and steady.
Railway There wssa k<x>1 bttttafw; to*
lid mU* were little more to-da> ttiau ou two or
three other dull days durlug the past mouth.
stocks-At the Stock Exchange the Uuct'iatlons
today In ito case, except Ltckawanne, amounted
to as much aa 1 percent. It is beginning tw leak
uut Uut 'he niecUi got the Presidents of the trunk
l'.ues o i Tuesday wm uot haraonlou i. It Is stated
tint M broke up ia a row aud tlut there was no
temblanceof narmonv during the lalt r part of
the proceedings especially Toe earning* of the
railrostls makin* total ic.orts show that ihey are
doing le?s profitable bus! ess *h?n when price*
were 2i percent lower than tln.se now ruling
Lickawsnna clcs.?l with a g.iin of % perceut
The geueral list touched the hi* lust figures
either at tin opening or before midday, it) the
aiternojn bu tuess was extremely dull, and the
final qu^at ous, howev* r, are a sr.ade higher thau
the buttoin figures aud from J* to perceut lower
thau hue evening. 7 he market clued dull and
barely steady.
Tiauiactluus 203,COO shares.
U 8. as. IU8K: U.O. i\p, U2K: U. 8 new 4s,
123ft; Pacific Gsof'A Central Padflc, firsts,
1UU; Krle, seconds, 67^; Lehigh A Wilkesbarro,
of'd, 'Jfljy, Louisiana consols. 78; Missouri 6s, i02.
it. Joseph, 118: St. P. A 8 C. firsts, 123M; Tennes*e
Ca, old, 49; do new, 49; Texas Pacific Land
Grants <*, do Rio Grande. 70; Union PadCc
fimts 21 K; do Land grants, 107};;do?lnting fund,
119; Virginia 6s, 40; Virginia Consols-extra matuwt
coupons, 4S; do deferred, 10; Adams Ex ore*
UJ; American Kxorem, 98; Canada Southern,
37 >4: Central Pacific, 87; Chesapeake A Ohio, 7k:
do flria preferred. IS; do socond preferred. 8;
C.C.aA 1., 46. Denver A Rio Grande. 12; Erie,
16S: do preferred, 31; Fort Wayne, MX; Kansas
A Texas, UK; Lake Erie A Western,^; Lake
Shore, 71%; Louisville A Nashville. 4^; Louis-,
v:lle. N't* Albany A Chicago, 40; Memphis A
Charleston, S&; Michigan Central, (; Mlesourl
Paclflo, Nashville A Chattanooga, 45; New
Jersey Central, 41ft; Northern Pacific, 21&, do
preferred, 47k: Chicago * Northwestern, 97%: do
preferred. lStf: New York Central. ft*; Ohio
CeutnO. 1; Ohio A Mississippi, 21; do preferred,
78: Padflc Mall, 4734; Pittsburgh, 141; Heading,
17?: 8l LouUA SanFaortaco, 17^; do preferred,
jl u* ? do preferred, 10J*:
Texas Padflc. lift Union Paclflo, 4%: Untfil
Statuitom, M; W? tit. L. A P. 7*f; do preferred,
18K; Wells-Fargo Express, 114: Western Union, 67Ji.
8rssds(afr?s< d Piovisions.
chicaoo, Sept 34.?A weaker feeling succeeded
In the wheat market to-dsy, and dnrngthe eeesloo
price* dccllucd to a point J cents under the
h'?he?t prices of yestcr sr. The feeling was stroog
at theopening owlog t?tbo showing of a decrease
of ROW bushels lu the amount of wheat afloat
destined for England and the Continent Under
the Impulse of this showing tie November delivery
advanced to 87fcc, an advance of Ka aa
too pared wl'h iho May JWWUj, bat it ww
found that the offering! were free, and under tome
Rnrrare prices fell off to MKo. rallied to 87J<c,
ieu dropped off to M^c, which was the inside '
trading forth: da? There was an advance of He
and the market do ed on the regular board He
, umler yesterlay. Fuur *ti?d> ana firm: winter
I wh at flour, |4 40a490 for sauthern: U40a4?5 lor
Wisconsin. and tl 51 for Michigan;
oft spring wheat S3 40*4 00; Minnesota bakers ?3 AO
at SO: pateuta |4?0a62S; low grade* Ii00*300.
, Kyo flour IJ <6aAOO. Wh-at open ?d strong and He
higher, decllurd 1c, rallied We. sold off lc, rallied
He, fluctuated and closed He under yesterday;
' sales ranged: September NKawfc closed at Mc;
, October *4Ka85*$c. cloeed at WHo; November 83 >?a
I 47}ic. clo"eo at MKc; No 'i apt lug Ma S4Hn: Mo. S
1 spring 7oKc;No. 2 red 88c: No. 3 red mc. Corn
ratal ?troug aud : higher, early offered (or T
u ar opilons; closed Irregular; cash 4i^c; Pep*: 1
! tcmbc; closed at 42^c; October 41%* 1
41$<c closed at 4l??c; Novemter S9%a40^ cW> d
at iwitfe. oat* quiet aud st-ady: cash 2SKa2>Hc,, 1
closed -t2rV4'a;OuU)ber2&>.a2S^c closed at 25ft r;
May 2&H*2i&c. cl'j?*d al 'Mfc. Kyenrm; Ho. 2, \ <
W\ Barley quiet; No. 2,70c. Flaxseed firm; No. i
1,9* 2C. Mev pork ooened weak, derlluel llj<c.'g
rallied and c'o-cd Arm; cash $?65a?7 , October;
$& C aS TO, doted at to 67J^a8 70: November I* 57H. |
a* 70. dosed at |SC."4a8G5: January (92Sa
9S2& clou ad at fJ :?*9 32H Lard, trail- i
lug fairly active aud prices Jai^c lower; 1
ca b (SlUaUttfc; October C.10uM5c, dosed at 6.1 j I
afi.rJkc; November COO C.Q5<% closed at ttOJ^a
0.0>c. Boxed meals flr.ii and unchanged: shoulders
8.75aI.OX*: snort rib 5.60c; snort clear 6COifl 15a
dugm sturdy an l unchanged. Whisky romlnal I
at II 10. Mutter dull and u chsugel; creamery .
17aJ0r; dairy lOalGj. Egg* Ann at 17c Aftcruouu 1
B ard -*lieat firmer nml Ha^c higher Corn, .
oats and lard unchanged. f*orx2Ha5cbl-her. I
Niw Yoaa,8ept 2t -Kiour, receipts 17,i85 barrels;
exporu 3,139 barrels: market ra'herwiak;
sales 20,000 barrels. Wbca', sp-t lower and dull; j
option* opeuel hlghfr, sftsrwards weakeucd, but
rloaed ft -ady; receipt* I92.NM) httabels; export* 3J.- <.
CJi bu?hels; sales 6,610,11)0 bushels futures: lMj.a.0
bushels spot; No 2 spnog>9c; No 1 hard 93?9rtftc: f
ungraded rc<l 78a97c; No 3 rod 92U*93:: No. 2 red _
itfe, No. 1 white ungraded while 8-c: No. 2 t,
rc.l October S&:j$a9.c, cIokIiis at Wj^c: November
97%*99?c, cloMug at 9 *ic: December 9?3-ic*|l TOMI, f
("uaing at 9J}uJanuary 81 OUSCal 0J>?. cluing at
51 OOji: February ft 03)5; May 5107aI 0 dosing
at II u7>4. Corn opened heavy aud Jia^c lower,
cloaed ?ie<uly; receipt* 1*2,70u bushel*; export* 13,'
732 buih'.la; sale* l.lto.Ouu bushels future*. 1?7,01M
bushel* spot; ungraded 47Ka49%o; No '2 white 49c;
No 2 October cloaing at ?Kc: November
4?>4at?J4c. closing at 4sj?c; December 4734a
WA clialuic at4i>?o: January 4>9^?46)4c, clo?lug
at 4A%c: February 4^c; May 4Sfic. Oat* stesdy;
rccelpu 65,?0 biuhels: export* 10,822 buahela; 1
mixed western -28aI2c; white do S3*4:c I
Hay steady and in fair demand, foffee, fal-ly ac- I
tire sale* 77,but) bags: September 6 80c: October J
O.TjaCooc; November 6.80c; December 6bS*8 9.c:
January 6.90c; March 7 05c Sujrar dull: redutd
?iuict; ?' 6H?Cc; extra C C 1-lfcafisic; htandart A
trKc;cuili)t( aud rruah.d 7}<c; powdered 7a7^c;
cubes 7%a7^c. Rice steady aui fairly active. n
Ru.<du sttady. Turj-etillue quiet at 3?&c Kgic* "
quiet and flrra: leceipu 1,741 paciNg-i* rork dull;
mew spotfiOOJ. Cut meats tirm; pickled bellic*
6}*c: do moulder* %*4X: do b*n?*10)icc J-ard ?,
lower and mure active, clotlng ?tcadl.r; western "
strain spot ??5i; October 6.ua6.19c; November
S 22atf.20c; December C 29a6.80c* January 6.87a6 39c; f
Februiry C.45c; Mirth ti.Wc;4 city steam 6.10c. I
Hatter quiet and weak. J
Cincinnati, O..Sept 24?Flour quiet: family
II 4<Ml CO; fancv$l?0a5 00. Wheat iui? tive aud
ilemaud firm; No. 2 red 9t%a93c; rcccipta ?,0C0 _
bushel*: shipments 460 boauela. Com lirmer; ol
No. 2 mixed 4ac. Oau in good demand. *o 2
mixed 28c. Rye strung aud.hlghprt'No. 2, 62aClc. ?
liarley lu fairueman'1; No. 3 tpriug 5/tfiOc. l*ork
nominal at |9 CO. Lard easier at 6IOj. Bulk
meats i ejected: shoulders 3.25*3 SOc; short rib
?. W Rinm alMiiltf' ahniilriiin CI "iV khnrl rih
S-> 9); short clear |o 65. Whisky stronger at fl 04: J
finished goody huei on tl 03. uutwr quic: Mid f
michmged. Cheese and sugar unchanged. Eggs fl
?teady at 14c. ff
Philadelthia, Pa., Sept. 24.?Flour Arm with a
fair demand. Wheat weak and un?eltl<#i; No. 1
Pennsylvania red UhJ^c: No. 2 rtd September Vl^a
92c; u-tober 92a9^o; November 9S%*9 c; December
%\c. Corn decllued about kc under
the iu.-reaslng receipts auu light demand; steamer
No. 2 mixed aa^c: No. 2 yellow 50)?a>LHo: No. 2
iuix*d September 4H!^aW>.ic; October aud November
4sl/i<4Afa; December 40Viat6,tjc. Oat*. st>ot
qu et; prl-es unchanged: futures quiet but B eady;
No J while September 33?33>?c; October 32%a33c;
Novemucr iUa&iVic DecernOer 3^aXlSc. flutter .
dull and wiak; western duirv extra italic. 10
Toledo, 0., Sept. 24.-Wheat doted active and ^
case.-; >o. 2 ca h 90j asked: No. 'J soft ca hand w
Dctober 9JV4c Lid; November 94c December 95>?c;
May fl U%. Co n easy a dquiet: cash 44?; October
4i!*fc bid: sear 37c bid 37%c asked: May 3sSc. f
L>aln duhau i tirxn cash or October 2Sc. Novem- I
bt-r 2?>jc; May 31&c. Clover sc*.d ittlo doi ig: I
cash or October fc>35; November 15 45; December I
fc&O. *
Baltimore, Sept. 21.?Wheat, western lower,
cloitng dull; No. 2 winter red ap- t90%c; October
9 jHc; November83Ka9^C. December 90){c. Cora,
western irregular, closing dull; mixed apot i'iia
47^ic :v c toiier 47jKa4Sc ;year 44Ha4%c; January 44S
a(4Hc; steamer 45>ic. Oau higher ?ud Urin;we?t- r
eru arhlte 3JaJ6.:; mixed aiUilc: Pennsylvania 8ta l>
iuc. 1'rovU.oua steady. Eggs higher at I8al5%c.
Live Stuck.
Chicago, III., Sept. 2L?The Drovert'Journal tc.
porta: Cattle?Receipts 9,400 head; shipment*2,500
xicid; market slow and iOc lower: shipping steer*
& > fOaii 00: MoeKnrR and feeutrs 92 G0a4 00; cows,
bulla and mixed 81 GOaS 75; through Texan* t2 50a
jW; cotvafSlOalCO. llogs- ileceipu 18.WJ0 head;
shipments 0,1.J head- market ?!ow and 10al5c
lower; rough and mixed S3 50o3 80; packing and
shipping W 4a4 2i; light weight* <3 &0a4 50; skip*
S2 4(Ja3 40. Sheep-keceipta 2.000 hiad; market
stronger: natives 52 uoat 10; western 92 &0aJ 40; .
Texana 1200*3 20. Umba 8103a0 00. I
EaiT Liukkty, Pa., Sept. 24.?Cattle, nothing do- fl
iug; all through cuiisignmeuts; receipts 1,197
Bead; shipment* 1,102bend; no shipment* to New
York yesterday. Hogs active and linn: Pbiladel
i>hiui and Yorkers 94 5>m4 U); receipts2.5C0head;
shipments 2 SOO bead; shipments to New Yurk yetleril*y
12 cairn, fheep dull; prime St (Wat SS;U r ?
Vj gcod 13 25s3 75; cornmou #100*2 00; Intuits 5?50d
4 50; receipts 1 200 head; shipments 1.200 head.
Cincinnati, 0., fiept. 21.?Hop quiet; common
*nd light 13 .1VU 45; packing ana Dutch en |3 75a
45); receipt* 1.784 bead; shipments511 bead.
Petroleum. f
Ba *DFoan, Pa.. Sept. 24.-Opencd at fl 00%'. and I
cluhod at 91 U??; highest It Oi: lowest I. OCK; I
mnsGJ.AJS -arrets; total shipments not reported;
char ten 82,857 barrels; clearances 2,210,000 oarrels. ?
OIL CITY, fa., FepL J I.-Opened at II01; highest Z
II OIK; lowest II 00><; chsed at II 0jJ<; s&les J
1,113,'juu barrels; elm ranees 3,9.10,000 barrels; char- I
ten 32,057 barrels; shipments 80,W? barrels. r
Tmnrvnx*, Pa., Sept. 24.?Opened at tl OO^sJ;
highest II01; lowest $10 Jh: closed at |l charter*
3.',MoT barrels. shipments 80,819 barrels.
FrmBCBQU, Pa., Sept. 54.?Petroleum quiet but
Steady; National traUMt certificates opeueo at SI 01;
closed at |i Uft; behest |i Cl>$; lowest.|i f
New York. S.-pt 2L?Petroleum firm. J
Dry Moods. \
N*w York, Sept. 2t?Although the cencnl demaud
Is of an average character (or thli season,
through deliveries on account of orders pressed
for execution, a good bi?iue?s b-sbeen reached.
All rUsu-s of wool fabrics are d )lug well, boih for
autumn and spring delivery.
(Dottou.i 0
N*w York, Sept 24.?Futures closcd cur: Sep- timber
unchauged; November 9 54c; April 10 09C. 1
~ ~
<6ent's gucniihinj) <6oo?Is. *
Children's, Boys' and Hen's
In complete, and the Fiuat ever fhomi in Wheeling.
h<?r?4 *6 Twwtfth Stwt.
General gotLces.
All persons to whom Alexander Coen wu IndiTiiluHliy
indebted on July 1? 1SH5, ore requested to
prcent thrlr c alms against him to the undersigned
before October 1,1&5.
seplfl TrmtH*.
got glgnt. ~~ "
nnnvift for RENT?IN HORN
JCV brook's Block. Apply to W. V. UOQS6
CBO., 1300 Market street. dctf
Brick Dwelling. adjoining residence ol
Imic Irwin, *jq. on South Front street. Bent
reasonable. I'ossesstoa October 1. Inquire oa the
premiica, or at the otflou ol LA BKLlK 1BON
WOBKfl. Ml*
The Dwelllnz House, No 52 Virginia street. TTiis
Is In one of thxfrst locations on tin Island. LotSOx t
120 feet to an a ley The lmpronmeutssrea two
itory frame home of ?cv n rooms and bath-room, q
?Me and hack porches, good ccllar and necosary
outhulldln<8, all in good repair. Grape arbor,
brick wslks, shsdo trees. shrub i-ery, Ac. Posses* Ion
gtvea October 1. a pply on premises.
sepi4 ww?r ^
SjuiX" 8 TO as with dwel'lnz attached.
La bob Dwkjjjno, No. 17 Fifteenth street.
Several Single Booms. Knqiilreof^^^
No. 7, Custom House.
Telephone A-1*. W
Bend tor
Bend (or specimen number. ;
gmttcU. i
Combine parity of told with rtrencth of rub- .
ber. and i-e u ooatorUble and 1cm ezpenilvc '
than a Gold Plata
GEO. C. MtLLIGAN. Dentist,
No 1141 Market Htreat
(Roomi formerly o?npkd by Dts. Surgiaon A i
too). Ttlephcxw Ka 99(41 '
. gpflgtx Se Co.
Common Sense
1. Dr. Mott, or New York, fed i
lumber of dogs for some weeks 01
iread made with Alum liakiui
Powders. In every instance th<
logs lost appetite, sickened, am
lome died. At the same time In
ed other dogs oil bread made witl
rnre Tartar linking Powder, witl
10 injury to appetite or health.
2. 'J he use of alum in bread ii
irohibitcd by law in some places
cciiuso it lias been louud to Iyjuri
3. Some people buy Alum Bab
ii(! Powders* because tliey art
heap! Is it real economy, wliicl
o save a few pennies now, lays i
bumlutiou for ill health and doc
or's bills later out
You are on the safe side in usiiii
Ming Powder!
Which Contains no ALUM 01
tber Injurious ingredient.
See that our address is on each
ox or label. Address all orders t?
/~v A t T /-1/-V
-UUA1N 06OU.
Proprietors and Mauiitictniers,
icccMon to Logan, List ?fc Co., Wbcollng, W. V*
grew Sc gcrtscha.
Tne undersigned, hiving lately withdrawn from
ie firms of Friend ?fc Bon and Arbenx, BorUchy A
>., have formed a oopartuerahlp under the firm
une of
?rew & Bertschy.
For the pnrpoae of carrying on the)
urnitnro Pornofo 9. IInrlortol/inrr
They ato now receiving and opening dally
In the lateet and most modern detlgm,
nd will be plcofed to see all their old friend*,
and tu many new ones as may fetor them
with their patronage.
jirimblk & lutz,
1418 Market Street.
"Heating and Ventilating ol Pnblio Bnildlngi
welUngi and Factories a Specialty,
3ras and. Steam fitter
No. 1416 MAIN 8TKEKT.
J oat melvfcd, a lot oi Cheater's Patent Adjusta
le tfurcun.
8pedal attention given to Jobbing. mrll
Gaa and Steam Fitter?,
All work done promptly at reasonable prion.
-1852 ^ 1S85-THE
\ PER /
Wo are prepared to deliver flnt clue Toe to a
part? of the city, either by wholeule or raUii, i
the lowert price. BALL BROS.,
Office la Armstrong, Coen <k Co.'i Building,
WT? Tanth Btiwt n**r MarfcM.
r billsgo
ind 77 Fourteenth iuoch where joo can beaoooi
~ Dr.J. E. WMITif,
| No* 110 4 liwplii.c Street,
J Near Fourteenth Street.
Tfie best evidence oj a phpJdiu't sutxem Is thj
testimony of hit patients. The iueniulnu do
msnds for my profe*ioual *. rvlourrorc tbnt f hart
dealt honorably and fairly with thine who ban
consulted me. I never tu? a patfcut's us me with'
out pormLsalon, thougu I have ciauy hundred cei>
a Uflcaks from thow whom 1 h*vo cored after thei
had been pronounced incurable. A thorough medii
h1 education with many yenn? hospital experience
11 and familiarity with thcrsnuiic areuia. a clow oby
servance of teionuramenul ponmui'Jes and itricl
3 attention to hreicnlo mautrauiMit i:uaire? tocceo,
H a cure (a possible, and I franki/ fcl vu the patient my
D opinion.
J Home I'roof.
? Kidney and f-'ver Diftrases and Rheumstisxn.~
D Sutten-d terribly?"Nothing seemed to help me;
i> could nut get out of bed. Dr. Smith cured me."
1 ZKP1I. PIIILLIP8, Wheeling, W. Va.
I Catarrh, Polypus of Nuw, Impaired \olce.?8uf?
fered for year; intent medicine ftillod to help me.
Dr. Smith completely cured me."
q Of Sncidel At Co., Wheeling. W. Va.
Dyspepsia and Ulcerated Stomach.?"Treatment
for yearn failed to give mo relief. Dr. Smith cured
' me.*' THOMAS HOLT, Insurance Agent,
a Fits.?Had them for fourteen year*. !>r. Smith
Scrofula, Running Sores on Head.?"My son wm
afflicted for fourteen years. Nothing seemed to
help him. Dr. Smith cured him."
) Market Street, Wheeling, W. \ a.
Canccr.?1"Suffered for yearn with Canccr. Had It
I cut out three Urate. It returned alter each operation.
Dr. Smith cured me without kulfe, caiwticor
I p*in." Uu. H.M.ORCUTT.
Piles, Fistula of Anus.?Flat ou tny b&ek for 18
weeks. Reported dying. Dr. 8mlth cured me
without knife in five weeks.
Wholesale Grocer, Main St, Wheeling, W. Va.
, Ulcciutioxu of Rectum, rrolaptfis aud Piles.?
"Wm rIvqu up to die nn<1 pronounced incurable.
Dr. 8mith cured me without knife."
Rer. H. O. Ludd write*:?"Dr. Smith'* profcailoual
sendees in my family hare been most satisfactory,
and I commend him to all as a gentleman
and a skillful physician."
, lira. Margaret Kolk says: "I had been suffering
for seren years and treated by manjr physicians for
dyspepsia. Dr. 8mith said I had a tape worm, and
in eight honni removed a monster 109 feet long."
I Female Complaints.?Thruo year* in hospitals for
females, give mo peculiar advantages in such rases.
PeiMin* cured of catarrh, diwaaes of heart, liver,
stomach, kidneys, skin, blood, nervous affections
and weaknesses of men and youth, scrofula and
asthma testify to my mioceas.
Piles cured without the knife. ?
I Patients at a distance may be treated b v letter and
satisfaction guaranteed. A chart for sulf-examiuaI
tiou sent on receipt ol two throe-cent tUmps, and
advice returned free.
Consultation at offico free. Office hours from 9 a
u. to 7 r. u., dally. Call on or addrw*.
JOHN E. SiliTH.M.D..
No. 1404 Chapllne St. Wheeling. W. Va.
pnop. /$3tffekHEHVCU30EDIUTY
HAkKIq [??r*(l>oca7aatintia?rou?
' Bfc 3 f6l)*con?Ul**a3o?, baf?
A RAHOU-Oum FoalJ/iM
OTftTOpffiiOBCt prcten- ]
Bfggate Vtto.Bsgasgr&agi
DECAY* BMSl'Rl! 1U. U tliY thU HAS 1
|.Vn,i?_ JL (W!f{il?Katl.'KKri i"i.mtsr4?, rfuca |
,nY?/iUBM; Iftlnfrw *Uh ?iUnAgefl
won. HMJ;:0n tn bmir.cn, or c?u<0
YfARaByuSflNMAWYH^^^atirt? nwdlctl rrlneK" \
ii" TDJftt rl'.V'iril funrtirnt&f (ho huOfnouio''
KiBntnofsnlnaiJititMid. 1
PACKAGE &lf|Tte etenienU
On? Month. - ?)"! C'jipqi'upaU. iitbfcomnchw
Two KontUi, - B.OOHjJfultJianipldlyBUPibojJi J
gbrwaMoatln, 7.00gSfeitmirh>ndwxuaXTicof. 1
300* N. Teeth H:? 8T. LOCT3. MO.
Dll (QTURED PERGOMS! Not a Truefi.
i\Ur Auk for of o-ir Appltanco._
U CarcfiGnmlU in 2 to 4 day*.
9 11 Ask your druggist Tor it.
IB | Scnttonnyn(Idr<!B.sfor$l.50
B B B I Mil YHflB MFR. fill. Snringfielil. a
U vr?corti?tly teeensjeno I
j??Sy* ** .Jfj Ycurti k% thrift mktly
MVrrmila^ tm,?ntuufo.Ccao.ihu-A
m*8&t i in & days
nei iofl We ??* ?o{d consider. I
KtSB f?mw Hlrl-'rfT, B ?l le.uwlln e??Tjr cat? it
mfiq ___ tusgitea utltfectico.
t?3 nrj?lrbrOt JUe.lt i Ll.k,
W'^ctcafa; _ , Ifab-H.r.
HUt Plni-lnn ' Atl
Sold hr Drueshu.
^gg^r p,*9 6>-00.
jyl m*at LOO AN A fy>.. Agents
fSSW E?*a tSk STflPPFfl FRFF
BB B 0 W iferw/lw xuettts. "
H HQ Insane Persons Restored
Miw ftraunvt AW & N?*V? DISHA4M. Ontyiur!
cure J?* A'm AJtctwt. fut, He.
He iNr.M.i.ini.K if t.iV?? at dirertot. Kt FUt after
I /?// mt. Treatise M'l f j trill bottle Ire.- to
1 R9 Fit patienU.they ruyinj? e*prci?ch*rs?*onl?o* ?h??
MB rrcelved. Ssnd name*. P. O. atvl en*e*? addrca* of
! Manhood Restored
RitsiEor Muse.?A victim of youthful imnradnnca
e*u*insj Prrmhturr Decs jr. NerrouaDeliilti v. I?o?t
llanhooit, Ac., Iiarinjr trird in vain ovary Known
r?tnadr,hMdl?o?*?r?>d a 'implo ru?an*ot ir If-curo.
which he williSnd FRKK tobin fallow-wtfTerani.
Additaa. J.lLUKKVTKa. <3 Chatham au,Xaw York.
PA I ai.ooo UKfVAKO for ltchtQR
' 1188 Li1 Bleeding or Protruding Pllo D*.
rll rA BIN ij'6 Flic Remedy fail* to core.
I I ! ( W I Sold at Logan A Co. Drag Store.
The Atlanta CoiiftUutiun, vpeaklcg of the Mystic
, Owl*' d'splay, adds:
The perfumed bull room was one of the ncvol
and graceful features of tbii grrnt event. Ai *he
guet t. entered the Opera House they were greeted
* with the most delicious o^orn m from a freshly
bloom I g b?-d of a thousand flower*. The air wa*
ladnn wl.h the soft, sweet pcrinme that seemed to
" be the very breath o? the uoddem of plcasuro and
a wooing to thf gtietits of the occasion. A fountain.
neatly plswd, was playing ill tbe evening.
the cologne which gave terui ilia prmme. ana
the practiced nentta of the ladles at o^rc I'etflcwd
what It wdc. Vic need hardlj- my -hat the fountain
and the two a'omlwrs weie di.-pca*iug lo the atmo*i'here
the odor of
TaTLOR'8 premium colooke,
. an article of fr-uthcrn manufacture that ha*
promptly won h* \?aj lulowideiiinadpopu'arliy.
This Cologno H of trie f.ntst q??llty, lusting aud
dtiMclous; and an tstcim?l article on the toilet
table of all that bate used It. The quick and d? 1
icateiensicf lb- "MyiticOwls" atouco dlirov?re?J
it* merits, and they Iwd no hepp'er conceit to
ofer their gncut* tbau then" fountain jets of delightful
perfume. t'.o fair dancer* who found so
grateful a refr.ihcr las*, evenlug will plo?u* themscire*
ard honor th?*lr entertainers by keeping up
the sensation throughout the twe. vermouth by
n? ana of tlila dellghtm! aient ??2f> mwmw
Solicitors or jjio iusurance.
ill| IITCn A 'c* cl,w" racn whohare faith
WAN rli in femM'vefl to act an I'Utrlct Man
fci# tgerltai special tiolldtorn /or the
Eqnltablr Lite Aa?oclatl?>u of WmI Virginia,
a to operative company wi'-h the be?t endowment
plan now in u*e. Popular and eaaily worked.
Bu-inem established. References required. Permanent
employment and food pay ipirnnteed
For further particulars upply at once to U H.
Wiirrux k, Manager, Uar<inaburg,\Vtai Vlrgl&U.
nri An comb to sta* i
I I . In th^Unitcfl ftitai In
L-F A LiV/ it) 'aS, 2.1001
How to build for and all about tbo >yite?.
Excellence tbat coat me huudrc-ds of rfolNrs and
v vrillpay yon moro u> follow, for FIFTY CEfcTOI
1 811 irrts. but ci mplo t, Catichj-x of Evbilaob. k
licenta. Prlc* of book return* d if yon abandon
I Hilr s after trill. Beferencea: Mcm H. O. Ilru
/ Deep Park, *d , and 8. B FJkin-, Mw York.
Addreaa Pioueer alloUt of *'c?t Virgin!*.
= T. R C.\ R-K'AWK.
angWwiw Kryer. W. va.
Fl?iida Winter Honiaa at EDGE^OOD, an
burb to Jacksonville. Send two ?t?mps and tv
ceivc a Map with a bitdVeyo rlew of Jactaon
^ Tllle. Beier to any bank hew.
BJOHN T. TiLHQIT, Secretary,
an3B-wwr*w P. O. Boy 1M. JwkiwwTille. Fli
rLEvxLANn & prrraBraon e. b.
, Condensed time-table of pMNiyrcr train* cor
: rectid to AUGUST HQ, WS-Oontral Standard Time.
. " A.X| A.?.|A. M.| f.M. |r. M,
Bhilairo ..... 6:35| 8:30 10:CO ?:W'4dB
Bridgeport.. 6:47 1:88 10:12 l:M iXS
i M*"Un a Ferry b:W 8:41 \0M l:4fi 4:48.
Brilliant 6:? 9:18 lOidl 4:W 6*
; m&ubearlUa. ?:4U 9:86 U:0? 4Jd 6:41
, Tort.uU) 7:0* 11:* 4:6M 8:02
Mr<>iy? 7:14 U:K| BtfM ?:ll
Yehoff free* 7:26 ....... ?:12j
WelUrllle. 12^M ?:6t>{ 6:40
Eut IJrerpooL. 7:M I2:8M 6:0W
Kochater 8:50...^?. 1:16 6:601..,^.
Ar.fvliv.iT- 9:4CL.M_ 2:06 ?:8GL.~~.
Pittsburgh 9:60|....~.. 2:1B|
Alliance 10:25 - 4:'N ?I
tUYvua*. 11:08 4:6u........ ......?
Hadwu 11:801 6:1
Newburg 12:15 6:4? .
Cleveland 12:4S| 8:2n| U?
A.M. A. M. | r. M. r. M.
Bellalre. ...I 5:33 10:00 t:26 ?:2S
Bridgeport 6:47 10:12 3:30 4:M
Marti n't Ferry.. 5:61 10:3> 8:43 4:4S
YolUnr Creefc 7:25 11:4*1 f>:12 6r.8
Wellsvlllc *7:44 12:?| 6:58 0:10
Bayart ...... 9:57 ?:8<........
A lflauce............... 12:28 4:20
'Canton 1:40 6:00
SCAJWlllon ? 2:01 ...._ 5:1H ...
Mauifleld ? 4*2 7:401
CroNtllnc 6:258:loL..~~.
Lima............. .... 10:50........ ...~?
A. M. I
Fort Wayne 4:05 12:40 ...~
Chicago 8:80| <:00i...~~.
All trairuidAlljr exwpt 8uuday.it -
? imium > 1CTCUM1U MM ITUCUUUKBtOiWUB. in if
2:10p.m.,arrirlngat4:88p. m. and 7:68 ?. m.
Puunger Agent, Wheeling, W. Va.
z. a. ford,
Oen. Pom. and Ticket Agent, Flttumxgh, Pa.
WM. A. B ? LP WIS. Manager.
LQCLS RAILROAD?Pan Handle Ronte.
Time table for Eut and West corrected to August
30.1885. Trains leave Pan Handle Italian, loot ci
Eleventh street near public landing, u follow i.
Central Standard time:
Pitts. Eut Past Pro.
stations, Exp'* Ezp's Exp'i Exp r
a. v. p.m. p.m. p.m.
Leave?Wheeling.. C:C0 12:46 8:8ft 8:05
Arrlve?Well* buig_ 7:2* 1:26 4:14 8:43
sumbenvllie 8:<x 2:00 6:20 9il:
Pittsburgh .... 8:36 8:80 6:10^ ,
a.m. a. m.
HArrtubarg 1:10 1:10 2:?...^
Baltimore - 6:26 6:2*
Washington .... 6:40 8:80 ...^.,
Pbli-ululnhU. i:% 4:25 6:3d
New York...... 7:00 7:00 8:00..... %
p.m. p.m. p.m.
Boston 8:00 l:00| 8:fe.?
oowo wist.
I r*t:. I Dorm I West I AFBTiTtns*.
IfCrrt'i K^rn'a Mitll In'm't.
r. x. r. u. a. v. r. n.
Leave?Wheeling ? 8.0i 8:J? 6 60 12.45
Arrive-Steubenvllle 9;OJ 5:20 8:00 2*fl
Cadis.. 7:10 8:60 4 90
beunuon .. 10:40 7:20 9:80 4:0b
A. U. I
Newark. ..... 12:40 11:35 6:St
r. u.
Columbtuu 1:45 12:86 8:CC
Leavo?Columbus 2:00 ......... 12:65
Arrive?Daytou 7:30 ......
Cincinnati fi;ll>L..~~. 4:45 ~
I Indianapolis .... 11:451......... 10:20...._?
I A.M.
fit. Louis 7:20 7:00...^.
Chicago ... 6:.vl 7:1ft ....^.
AU train* daily except riuuday.
Pullciau'fe Palace Drawing Boom and Sloeping
' nnt through without chauge from Steubenvlile
Bant to frhil&delphla and Now York. We*t to Col*
u-nbun, Cincinnati. Louisville, Chicago, Indiana i>*
olis aud St. Louis.
For through tickets, baggage checks, sleeping
car accommodations, and any further Information
apply to JOHN G. TOMLINSON. Ticket Agent at
P*u Handle Htation, foot of Eleventh street, or at
City Ticket Office, under M c LureH mnre^Wh oclln g,
Manager, Columbus, dhlo,
Gcn'l Pass, and Ticket Agent, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Time table corrected to JULY 6, 1885. Trains
leave Panhandle sutlon, foot o! Eleventh stroet,
aear public landing, as follow*?Centjal Standard
rime?'which is >5 minutes alower than Wheeling
Daily Dally AoPaaa.
Pass. oom.
a.m. r.x. a.*.:
Leavo-Wh?sling ? 6:88 1:25 8:10
Arrive? Bouwood .. 6:66 8:46 8:66
Mcmidj?villo...~~.....? 7:15 4:06 9:40
Cloriiifton. 7:66 4:46 1130
Proctor.... 8.-07 4:67 U:tf
New Martinarille - 8:25 5:15 uSi
Sardli .. 8:84 6:? 12:60
Slater* vllle ... .. 8:fi0 5:40 1:85
Kricndlj Uatamoru) 9:08 6:53 2:00
St. Marys ~ 9:85 606 1:80
W'lllamatown (Marietta)............ 10:20 7:10 6:20
ftirkcnbuTg. W. Va. 10:56 7:46 6:20
Daily Daily AoPata.
Paw. com.
A.M. P.M. A.M.
Unxc?ParkcTsburg ~ 6:0 8:30 6:11
Arrive-WllllauutownlMarnu) 6:30 4:03 7:M
fLMnryii 7:15 4:50 9:25
FrUndfr (MaUrnioraa) 7:<8 5:2S 11:00
SUtcrarUlo 8:00 5:40 11:05
SardU -. ... 8:16 6:ft 12:OT
New Martinavllle.. 8:25 6:08 12:80
Proctor.: 8:42 6:2 108
ClarfMton S:55 ?:87 3:iJ
MonndaviUe. 9:45 7:20 1:30
Btnwond 10:06 7:40 4:15
Wheeling loaoj 8K? 4:40
Paaaenger traiua dally including Sunday. AOcommodalloo
tralna runa dally except 9 on day.
Ticket Agent, Wheeling, W. VA.
?5 W g5^Sgt?3i5^BtaF'iaB
Ou and ?fw*r MAY S. 1885. paaaenger tralna will
ran aa follows?Wheeling time: ~
I Nu. 1 rSoTTi iUcIl
mast bound. Local So.Sl Dally No.83 Dally
Leave? a m r.m. a.m. a.m. r. m.
Wheeling 5:85 4:10 6:40 8:16 6:10
BelUlre ? 6:56 5:06
Mannlngton.? 7:30 .........
Arrives at r. m. p. m.
Grafton 4:00 11:05 1:10 10:11
p.m. a.m.
Cumberland- .. 2:40 7:00 2JO
Washington City 6:80 V.
Baltimore ........ 7:fiU|...~~.| 0:1
So. M&. 'Si and 87 stop at ail-Stations
' No. 2 No. No.
wm BOUND. Na 14 No. 12 DaiJv Daily DaJly
Leave? a. m. T.M a. m. p. m. p. b.
Whittling ~.. 7:85 8:40 0:15 7:50 10:21
BalUire 1:10 4:15 10:05 S.-27 Ufl
Arrive at r. m. a. m.
Zar.e*vtile lJ:2t 7:00 12:19 10:10 1:10
Newark ? 1:20 10:50 2:00
Columbus 2:40 11:55 1:10
Cincinnati -. 7:25 4:00 7-JO
Auiduiky 6:30 8:51
Indianapolis..... 11:00 7:06 4:4?
a. x. p. m.
BL Lottis ? 7:80 6:45 0JQ
Chicago:- ~... 5:40 0.00 7rJG
p. m
KansaaHty ~ E.-od ?:?! ?:00
Moundsviile accommodation loaves Wheeling at
11:85 a. m-.and arrives at Moundsvllle at 1205 p.
m. daily except diinday.
Mannlnrton accommodation at 4:10p. m.
Zmiearille accommodation loaves Wheeling
7:85 a. in. and 8:40 p. in. Bellalre at 8:10 a. m.|
4:15 p. m., daily except bund ay.
10:A p. re train through m Cincinnati without
change, with B. AO. tilecpnr through to Cincinnati.
B. <v O. Weeping Caw on all thruuah trains.
Through Coach itwn Whedlag to Cincinnati on
No. 2, leaving Wheeling at 9:15 a. m., arriving ?t
Cincinnati at 6:50 a m.
Close connections sro made for all points Sooth
and Houthwest, North snd Northwest making tbU
a desirable loate for colonists and oersons moving
to the great West, and to whum particular attention
is riven.
Tickets to all principal points on sale at DnpoL
Bleeping car accommodations can b? secured at
Depot Ticket Offlce.
TV.08 C. BUKKK, Ticket Agent B.40. Depot.
JOHN T. LANK, Trav. Psmeogw Agent.
E.T. DKVRIE8, QeueraJ Agent. Wheeling.
v V B1U.1| P. ?* V.
On ind titer JUJfK0,1885, pumice? tialni will
ran u follow*--Wheeling time:
For Pittsburgh?4:11 a. m.. 6 JH p. m. daily; 7:41
A. m.. 3:30 p. m., dally wtcvpt Ruuday.
For Washington?6:0ft p. in., daily except Hunday.
, From Pittsburgh?U;i* p. m., dally
, cxrwpt Sunday; A0;15p. m.f daily: V:06a. m. dally.
From Wwh'airVm?9:05 a. m., dally: 11:05*. m.,
' 0:05 p m., daily txneptSunday: 10:15 p. m., dally.
C K. LORD, General Itatcnger Agent
B. DUNHAM. General bup't.
J. T. LaWR. Trar. Pan. Kti. Wheeling.
Commission HmJiants,
8. OATnran, a D. Emlotoh,
(Muni. Of D. Balaton A ao!i,8p?cM.
' Xxkn la Onto. Floor, Beeda, ProtfUona, Cttwt
and Dried Frolta
? irwurmworrwt

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