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She WlwUtuj iMH Jntclli^cnfivr.
Tun graud Tlli,d l'ul* rally in CinciaMti
on Monday *?8 largely attended by
Democrat*. They are going that way this
tear?before election day.
Now, perhapfli we shall hear what the
(barges are against Postmaster Sterling.
The Postmaster General said there must
be charges before there could be a removal.
Tint recent meeting in Washingtonof the
West Virginia Civil Service Itoform Aatociation
was not without effect. Within a
week the Wheeling poetofilcu is lifted out
of politics and given to au excellent Democrat.
Keform is the watchword of the
Kojikkt Hi.! mmi-sos is his name. And
lie is so goods party man that he won't
min.l it a bit when he goes out with his
parly about three years and a half from
now. of course he will administer his
ollice well and take great pleasure in instructing
ilia liepublican successor.
Without warning Cardinal McCloskey's
ansroacliiog end is announced. As the
one American Cardinal and a man otherwise
eminent in a great church, the illness
of Cardinal McCloskey will make a deep
impression, and his death will leave a vacancy
not easily tilled. lie haa the respect
of bis countrymen outside of his own
Fob the winner in the poetofliee scramble,
congratulations. For the hearts that
mourn, condolences. But this does not
explain why our estimable neighbor, the
fo'jiiUr, was bo coldly.left. The Intkllioeni'kh
is almost tempted never to champion
the cau?e of another Democratic
aspirant for office. II two newspapers
can't get a man an office, what is the influence
of the press with this Democratic
I'ohteuSmith is confronted this morning
with the Chief of Police of Pittsburgh,
his clerk and a detective on his force.
Against the unsupported allegation of
Porter Smith, whose desperate motive is
apparent, here Is the statement of three
disinterested persons ?comprehensive,
particular, explicit. The public will
wonder why Smith did not conccct, or his
defenders for him, a scandalous fabrication
not bo easily torn to pieces. There
are forms of madness which pnzzle the experts.
What the convicted Chiel ol Police will
do now, is an interesting question. It may
be that his friends will come to his relief
in another way and force him to resign.
It makes no difference what they do. The
Chief of Police has been induced to open
his mud-batteries on the Mayor, and he
must abide the consequences. Tho case
against the Chief of Police is not closed
by the detiant behavior of Council. There
h more in store, "for him and he cannot
escape his fate. He broke his neck when
he Assaulted the Mayor.
It may interest'the Chiff of Police to
reflect that he has sworn to his statement
against the Mayor.
Th* Trick* Beaortcd to by an Immense
Monopoly to Client the (lovarumout.
Washington,Oct.8.?-The General Land
Oifice is informed of the {[rial and conviction
of R. C. Bloomfleld, in 'Denver, Col.,
on the 1st ult., for conspi&ig to defraud
the United States in procuring fraudulent
exemption entries under fictitious names.
.Mr. Hlnnnifiold is an Englishman, verv
wealthy, and was manager of the Arkansas
Valley Land and Cattle Company,
composed almost entirely of Englismen.
This company, it' ia said, own over
300,000 acres of land, controlling
tbu water of vaat areas of country
through illegal means. The conviction of
Bloomfleld is regarded at the Interior Department
as highly important, in that it
will likely deter others from continuing in
the same illegal business. When the Jury
returned the verdict Bloomfleld fainted in
open court. H. K. Pinckney, who was
indicted with Bloomfleld, eecaped before
liia trial came off*. He is represented as
having furnished the men to personate
actual settlers. He employed cowboys
until the supply was exhausted, when he
put up paper men. Pinckney was a
clerk in the local land oUice and was of
great assistance in successfully executing
the fraudulent entries.
Special agents of the Departmont of the
Interior report ttie cuttng of timber on
public lands adjacent to: the line of the
Northern Pacific Railway by large forces
who claim to be employed by too Montaua
Improvement Company, which, it is
ajleged, is a branch of the Northern Paciric
Railway Company.; Salwmills are
said to bo running in full blast along a
vast area of country. It is understood
that suits will be immediately instituted
fttfiinBt the guilty partieb. j i
Reports are s*id to have been received
at the departments to the effect that the
Atchison, Topeka A Rant* Fe Railroad
Company, by making false representations,
tuvo secured large areas of property to
which they are ntrt1 entitled/ '
Urant's Onler,
Wauhinqtok, D. 0Oct. 6? Many of
the newly appointed Democratic officials
hold State or city officers, and under the
executive order of General Grant, made
in 1S72, General officials are prohibited
from holding State or municipal otHoes.
Inquiries are being received, especially at
the Poetofllce Department, to know,
whether this order is in force. The reply
is made that it is still in operation, and
that it cnn only be rescinded bv an ordor
of the President. As thesa officials are
members of Boards of Supervisors and act
in other capacities in carrying on the
elections, the enforcement. of the order
will be felt widely.
And a Democrat, Too !
? asiiisotos, u. u? Oct. jamee r<
Hiyden, a $1,400 clerk in the Pension 0!11
wu dismissed to-day for using groee
language toward the Executive ol the
United State*. The offense is alleged to
have been committed while he wae riding
in a carriage on Pennsylvania Avenue,
when, it ta said, he even Went eo tar u to
Willi for the death of the President. HayJen
was appointed by President Arthur,
hut claims to be a Democrat.
Th? CablHl MMUn|.
WisinsoTox, Oct. 0.?A nieeting of the
(Nbinot was held to-d|y( it wblpti all the
w?nibiri vera prpsent e?cept Secretary
Whitney1, Among the questions considered
was the SpanisU' commercial
treaty and several appointment* under the
Treasury, Interior tad Justice dtparV
How aGung ofThrreHnlldcstdaCondnclor i
anil a Trainful in the Kr)>?toi>? Slate. (
Tb?y Full tlio Bell Cortland K?co{>?. (
Tho "Police are on the TraU." C
PiTT.siiL'Riiii. Oct. 6.?An Altoona. Pi.. *
special to tho Dkputeh gives tbo following v
account of a tight with robbers on a train r
near Allegheny Furnace, this morning. jj
An unknown lady was robbed at the Hollidaysburg
depot 'this morning of her
pocket book containing a small amountof
money aud her ticket. The lady was on her |
way to Altoona aud the discovery of her j
loss was made when the condnctor asked f
for her ticket. A young man on the train t
told a companion, Peter Bradley, that ho J
knew who picked the lady's pocket. Brad- 1
ley informed Conductor Knepper and t
then Btarted back to flud the sup- i
fiosed robber. The man was found n
n the rear car and accused of tho c
theft. ,A fight ensued arid in the stTdfe'?lo d
which followed Bradley was stabbed in o
the head by the supposed thlfef. The fel- a
low then called his companions, three in h
number, who came to his rescue with a
diawn revolvers.
The conductor then, desisted in his at- b
tempts to arrest the man, and one of the a
outlaws pulled tho bell rope, stopped the p
train and getting off, beat a rapid retreat, n
The train came ou to Aitoona, and a poese 1<
was sent out immediately afterwards, but d
Dili no irace 01 ine guug uuuiu uu iuuuu. u
Tho Waahiogton "foil" Telle What It
Kduwi Hlj.mt Ohio Politic*
WABHiyoToy, Oct. 0.?The Washington r
1'ott, the Democratic or^an here, is again p
worried about the Ohio Democrats, for g
fear they do not intend, if they carry tho *
legislature, to ntorn Allen G. Thurman j,
to the United States Senate. The Foot t?
thinks it can discover an intention on the a
part of thosa Ohio Democrats, whom it '?
terms "ringstora," to elect some one be- |j
sides the "Old Roman," and it has a good w
deal to say about bossism.
It says that "as Governor merely Hoadly
is reBpectable'and harmless, bnt as Gover- c
nor-elect ho is a most convenient person
to pit against Judge Thurman as a Stmatorial
caudidate with a view to the final
election of a man who shall be of and with T
the Democratic ringateis. it is the inten- ir
lion o( the ringaterft to use Mr. Hoadly iu ^
just this way. If there were any man- .
hood in the Ohio Democracy it would by "
necessary only to state, these facts to V
arouse a spirit of patriotism which would m
make Judge Thurman *h return to the Sen> flJ
ate a line <jua non of Democratic succees. r
But such a consummation is not to be v
hoped for. The Democrats of tho McL?an' h
Hoadly era nre joined to their bosses." U
l)r?peruto Alttiiipl ut suicide. 0
Washington. D. C., Oct. 0 ?The bar- fi
tender at Meyer'* Hot?), on Pennsylvania ?
avenue, was horror-stricken this afternoon y
to see a guest of the hotel come into hia U
barroom and aski '' Where is the Potomac a!
River? I want to drown myself." From
an ugly jraah in the man's throat blood ?
was bt reaming down over bis clothing. "
He a&M lie had tried to commit suicide p
with a razor, but could nut mtipter L
strength enough to wield the weap m. The P
police patrol wagon was called and tho man
speedily stmt to Providence Hotel, !j
where medical ajsistancu was rendered
birn. An examination of his room reveal' s'
ed an awful picture. B'ood was every- w
where,va though the man had daahed here ,
and thvro in the apartment, ami a wash D.
basin was nearly half tilled with clotted 11
blood. Ills name is August Hons'*, and ?
ho is registered from New York uity. He ^
He is a mathematical instrument maker. c<
According to tbe story of a clerk in tho v
naval hydrographic office who knjws the .*
stranger, ho is partially insane, as tho re- "
suit of breaking his leg by falling from a Jc
New York street ear a):ne thrpe months j1
ago. It is thought that ho o tnnot recover. ?
How Whitney Work* tho Yards. n
Washington, 1). 0., Ojt. 0.?It has ?
bun sot forth in these dispatches over r(
and over again that tho roovp Secretary u
Whitney made against the Advisory
Board was for the purposo of ahifting th?
control of the new cruisers where it would a]
do the moot political good. It is now
stated that tho Washington Navy Yard
will bo closed in a very short tmjo be' w
cause there is no woik tor the s
employe* to do. The force employed
at the yard hpre h*3 always ti
been considered aa superior to that em- lj
ployed in most of the yards of tho navy, |j
and the equipment* aud facilities it affords c
are unsurpassed elsewhere. The trouble ai
is that few of tlie men employed bere
have a vote, and for that reason tho work li
is to be done at places where the most ei
votea can be influenced. Secretary Whit- b
nev is determined to uso his cilice for all tl
it is worth, notwithstanding all that the ^
President may say about ''reform" of the
civil service.
A Flrad Out (juumil.
Washington, D. 0., Oct. 0 ? Dr. Tueo- J
dore Cauisius, cf Illinois, after having .
spent twenty years in the consular service
o! the government, the laat three at c
Samoa, has returned here broken in C
health. He brings a letter from the King j1
of Homoa and some gifts. I>r. Cauisius tj
was an eye-witness 01 ijie. reueaw sueiupi. c
of Germany to obtain poamaiou of the y
Samoan islands, nnd the letter which he a
brings from the King is a p!ea for the pro* ?j
tection of the United Slates against those
who seek to annex his kingdom I)r,
Cauisiuaand the Diitlsh Consul when the
German war ships arrived at Natnoa erect,
ed a fort and planted the German ihg 1
there, made a very energetic protest that a
North Germany should seise the group of n
of islands, and undoubtedly it wgs in a c
great measure due to the vigorous protests t<
of the two consuls that the German ex per o
dition of conqu *bt stopped where it did, ti
, t;
Fraridaittlul h
Wahhinuto.v, D. U., Oct. tl ?The i'resi- l
dent to-day appointed the following named *
presidential postmasters: Wra. 0. Butt*, J
at Valley Forge, Kansas, vice Albert G.
1'tUickj resigned; Sjinon A. Jacobs, at
Chicopee, Mali., vice Arthur 1'. flayior,
resigned; Win. Mllncr, at Carteraville', C
Cia , vice 1. K. Wikl?, retired; Alfred H. ?
Storey! at Dixon, C?1, vice Win. Hall, re- ii
algued [ Ubaa. poorr, at ton Myliaon, I
low*, vice 0. A Utt?, reigned; Wm. II. i
Tatum, at Glasgow, Mo > vice Wra. W- n
Dewee, resigned j Harrison W. CfilrJc, tt |
Jackaonaville, Pla, vice Wu). M. Led with, t
impended; I? ibrrttimpaoii, at Wheeling, a
W, V?? vloe Hujh Stirling, suipsadid. J
Sniur OM Facet,
Washixciton, Oct. (I ?Secretary Lamar
baa recovered Iroin bla spoil o( sickness, a
and there was a great crowd about bia door (
to-day, and the employes wore reminded (
of tho early dnys of tbo aduiln'slration. ?
Qne of the^e lalter rein?rkei| fo-day, |'l a
jay tbi> jaitiO (aces that t r.?od to se^
?bfli)l liers last baring. Tbiiy seem to
liavo come back villi new energy. I supposo
tliat tbev stayed around hpre as long c
as tbey could utMr.il their winter -clolbea,
and now that the weather ia cooler they I
pre back again." t
\ - - ~
rh? Conf?Mlou of m Uurdwir-Tlia 8>otj
1(1* Hi range Dead.
Cmcxco, Oct H.?The strange and w
itory of Johu M. Wilson, who staggei
nto the Twelfth etreet station on .Sat
lay night last, proclaiming himself a m
lerer ia true. Tho following dispatch
:eived last night from Philadelphia, c<
irma this tale: "Hold Wilson. He
vanted hr the murder of Anthony Da
vho disappeared mysteriously in F<
uary, 1684, from his farm in Montgomt
ounty, near Coy Hill.Cemetery. >\
end on for him.''
[Signed] . F. H. Kelly,
Chief of Detectives
In his drunken talk Wilson told of t
lorribln manner in which ho killed A
hony Daly, a farmer of Joy Hill, Pa ,
'ebruary, 1881; how alter he had work
or him he asked hiw for money, and
ieing refused visited a neighboring villa
nd got crazy drunk. Kelurning,
tealthily. entered the. sleeping-room
)aly and picking up a meat-ear verb rain
ha sleeping victim. The^ details folio
Dg are aiinosi 100 nornuxe 10 remit*, i
uurderor deliberately hacked the body
lieces, sewed the severed members in
lag ancl<lumped thfiniinlo|tho Wl&Itflc
n river. When sufliciently sobered to i
lize the terrible deed be had committ
e fled tho country, arriving in Chica
(ter almost two years' wandering?.
Wilson was seen in his cell at the poli
tatioh last hlght. He la 27 years of a
,ud a native of Nova Scotia, where 1
larents and relatives now reside. He ii
u?n ;of Ismail Btature and slim /ran
joking anything but the horrible mi
erer he apparently is; * Since he came
bis city ho has worked for a milk man i
Ventwcrth avenue, ""fttioufc twb^ee
no he met a child greatly resembling tli
f the murdered man. 'At the bight
bo little one the old feeling of femor
Bturned, and he BayB .drove him. into
reuzy. Since then he has known i
eace of mind, and onJteturday night J
ot drunk and hired a boy to take him
police station, where he made his stai
ng confession. When told that his ato
ad been verified by tho Philadelphia c
ictivcs, Wilson expressed no surprise,
nything he appeared pleased at the i
>rmatlon. As to his punishment, he a
ears carelesa. He says he would rath
ot bo hanged, but seems to think th
ill be his fate.
now ALLCK mwtmsi 1.1 fb.
uptutn Taj lot'* HUilriutfut of the Chf ptai
Klvor Cams
CAMBRimjg, Oot. C,?Captain John '
aylor, cf tho oyster sloop Daniel A. Nefl
ig, from which boat a German known I
10 name of Aleck wflS drowned on F,
ay moraine last white dredging on B!a<
Walnut sauds, came to Cam ridge to-di
nd made a statement of the tragedy. I
ated that Aleck was shipped by Capta
as Langrell from Biltimore, who is on
alf owner in the Daniel A. Nearing, ai
lat lie ruluaed to bo transferred to h
oat bpQftutt* of his intimacy with a hat
n the X) -at of "Captain Lafigrelt. Ho w
oally induced to separate from the pc
in whom he called his pal aud cau
boarJ. This was on Thursday nigl
n Friday morning he began work ye;
izily, and at length relused servii
Remonstrance with him proved of 1
vail, aud Caotain Taylor, endeavoring
>rou him to labor. ?n met with reaii
net1, and finally dealt Aleck a bloi
'pon this the German promise'! to woj
rovldcd the captain would go to tl
ern of the boat, but instead of doing i
e rushed to the bow and leaped ove
jard, wishing, It is thought, to be able i
Aim to the boat of Captain Langrel
hich was dredging nearby.
Jvvery effort wug made to save tho ma:
ut to no purpose. (Mptain Taylor sal
i9t ho wanted to make a full confessic
f the whole att'air. and consulted Cc
lement Sulivane, 01 Cambridge, as to tl
aurie (or hW to pijrgije. J4q wa? ty
ised to set sail Immediately for E&sto:
here the case Hill bo tried, and accor
>g)y did so, leaving Cambridge aboi
>ur o'clock this afternoon. He express*
is innocence of any criminal intent at
ia deeirt* for the affair to be speedily se
ed. The siaiement ot Captain Tayloy 1
iad? on Friday differ* in some partici
irs from the one made to-day. A.
oble states that Captain Taylor, whi
bating the tragedy to him, bunt in
? rti
A Himletj Seonatiou.
Cleveland, ;0., Oct. 6.?The town
gogover the story of the elopement
[enry Frederick, a prominent politicia
ith a hanrlMnmo vnnntr wnninn nnmi
uaie J'inkf to whpm bp has heen attepti'
>r six jnonths past. On Monday ho lc
jo city hurriedly, giving aa a reason th
0 had to go to New York Oily on politic
ntinees. He haa not returned. He w
mployed at the poatotfice and g&ve t]
uthoritios no notice*of his departure. 43
>re he.left he threatened to kijl his \yil
1 now transpires that iMiea JTink ieft tl
ity at the sauie lime. The pair ha'
een traced aa far aa Buffalo. Frederick hi
ie reapect of the community, and pc
^sed much' political influence;
1 ml I nn Troubles,
MilsV Citv, Mont., Oct. iJ.?Four cor
anies from Fort Custer, under Capta
ackeOtj, are guarding the Yellowstoi
'alley, near J unqjion tJity, against t]
epredation of Indiana, and have alrtat
apturtd and sent to tbt> front about for
Irowa. The iV^au# aud Uhoyennes a
Iso found oil' their reaei vations. A vie
int watch is being kept upon them I
tie cowboys and military. A roport no
omes that the Cheyennes are raiding t]
lispah Valley. The lo?|iana will pro
bly be Bent from Port Keoirh to retu
hem to their agency on the JfoBebud.
. >tr .
Soldier Hadly Ileaten.
St. Louib, Ojt. (J.?Gen. A. j. Smith,
Jniun Brlgadlar soldier in the Into w
ud sow Auditor of tbo city, was assault
nd badly beaten yesterday by aq ir?
on tractor named J. 0. Murphy.'The It
t*r lifts had a bill of fOOO lu the Anditoi
tiice for the Inst three months, and y<
erday ho went to the otlice and demauui
hat it be audited. General Smith tri<
3 pacify him tvnt) finally triad to eis
iim. Murphy wi?9d the Qeneral by tl
lifoat, and jwumed his head tiimugb
lasa door and pounded him until he w
lwost senseless. Murphy waa arreatt
rtr- ?
Ul/rcAio, N. y., Oct. U.?Bev. F?th
Ironiu and James JJooney, of this cil
> ho are among those uafccil by (he tnci
ig last night In New Yorfe to uropeed
reland for t|m irarpoa* of assisting In i
'arliamontary puivoss thero, express tl
aornlng their dleanuroval ofaqch acnuri
'iwy agree with Alexander Siflliy^n t(i
lie |ri?h pepple need fum|s(toot oratoi
nd that they favor the policy of aidi
reland j# the direction where ahe la poi
? m
Uaoam, Oct. A duel with pisto
rising oat of. a 'political dispute, w
ought by two garrison ollicara to-di
)no waa killed and the fjlhoj ^ugwuiij
fonndfd. Tun Uta caoatq a et
' .
1(U0 iun VoHtetdnr.
At Cincinnati?Eiliibltlon game?Ci
Inna(ls, >: St. I.ouls, 3.
At Detroit?Ejelrolta, 2; Bostons,
Jrrorp, fl each. Bites, Uitroite, 5; Bi
ona, 3. Pitchera, Baldwin'and BufflogU
Ur- Thi Mitupjr Klemunt lu the Camp*
Uf "Bom" McLean'* Conspiracy to Hot i
re- the Flua far thn Beaatortlilp-llow
)n- the Uoudle It to b? Divided.)
ly, Columbus, 0, Oct. 0.?Thero is i
Jb- abundant evidence that since John
irv McLean's return from the East a lc
amount of money lias been thrown i
the Democratic campaign fund, to be <
ployed in the election of Democratic c
he didatcs for the Legislature who
plodged to vote for McLean for Unl
eij States Senator.
on This money is being sent in the cl
Ke counties by special messengers from
Democratic State Committee rooms
fc(j this city. The fact that $2 800 has b<
w- sent to Boss county for this purpose
he beeu shown. Following close after tl
to to-day comes reliable iDfjrmation.fr
a Zinesviile that $2,000 has baen
k- ceived there to bo employed
e" the canvas of the two Dei
e? cratic candidates for the I^egialat
go from Muskingum county. Thatotherl
amounts. 11,000 for each legislative cat
ce ,iatef have been sent to the other cl
^ counties is certain. Mclean ia biu
enought to know that he will get full va
> ft for this money if a Democratic Lygislat
>?. is elected. Tbo tactics employed are si
ir* lar to those of 1883,. when 11. B. Payne
to clared till long atler election that In \
not a candidate for Senator, but dil
ka from those of 1SS25 in that the legislat
at candidates were secured before their nc
luauuuo turn ) cut, mill tuny iud uiui
yet t j be distributed will all be put in
a insure their election, as it will not
30 necessary after election to bay men
l?o already owns. The question of their el
to tion is now clearly whether John Sherir
rt- or J >hn It McLean shall be the next Si
ry ator from Ohio.
It- The State Committee's taking part
if this special effort for McLean inilica
11 treachery to Governor Hoadly, and it v
P- surprise no one familiar with the mo'
ments here within the past few days
at acting under instructions from the tit,
Committee, the Democratic manag
through the State would between now a
election day throw off the mask and op<
ak ly propose to trade votes for Governor
Democratic candidates for the Legislatu
llow tli? Dnu erratic I'kiidlriato lias Alwi
7 li?wu Oi>|io<cil to Worklugmen.
rl" Golujidcs, Oct. 6.?Every wago worl
^ in Ohio is interested1 in knowing the r
l- oxd of each candidate on the labor qu
,e tion before casting iiis vote. It has lc
in been the habit of the Democratic party
e" howl about the rights of labor precedi
every State election. They are profase
j,I their promises, but never fail to go bs
as on them when an opportunity is afford
'* to advance the interests of the wage wo
a? c-rs. The habit of nomiuatiug a man
* somo important office, wlicf* oppositi
r? to the interests of michanics and trad
1:6 men has been manifested openly, a
then endeavoring to secure the votes
j? that class of citizens by mlsrepresentatU
S? is frcii'ientlv resorted to by the Democra
who love the laborer for his votes ou
VL: Ibis canvas is no e sorption to forn
r* yearn, and the Bourbon party lio&ioc
ie candidate for Governor
to on tho labor question, Governor Geoi
Hoadly, who ia just now pacing and i
n hibiting himself as tho friondof the wo;
i j ingraen of Ohio, pleading for their vo
>ii and influence to re elect him to Llii bi,
est oflice in the gilt of the peoples1
I? Stftte, has never been known to vote;
D or favor in any manner whatever a
jl measure calculated to benefit tho con
ut tion of honest labor, but on the contra
jQ lias, en every occasion offered, oppoa
[j and voted against any and hIJ rucafiqreii
t. that direction). Tills is no idle talk, h
fta ihe i'ecurda sUow very clearly the respi
fl? and interest George Hoadly has in t
workingmen if the State, whose votes
le now pleads for. The following petiti
?0 was presented to the Constitutional C<
vention in 18(4;?
u'kaiiej) Ahskmhly, \
Cincinnati, January I'd, 1874. j
18 To the Conititutional Convention of Ohio:
Gentlkmbn:?The Trades Assembly
n> Cincinnati, composed of delegates fr<
id the several organized trades of the ci
,.p niimljerinp pvpr four thousand mechan!
,(l respectfully petition your honorable bo
at to insert in the Constitution a section
,aI clause making it tho duty of the Gene
M Afseinbly of the State, by proper legie
|,0 tion, to organic a bureau of jaqor etftl
Iq. tjcf for the purpose of gathering, oo
0< piling, and publishing, at tho exjense
\xq the State, statistics in reference to I
vo mental, moral, and financial condition
tbe workiugmeu of the State, and y(
,fl. petitioners will ever pray.
Yours rejipectlully,
William oakkin, President
H. G. Walls, Secretary.
n- ' This measuro was
ie at that time a member of the t'QUVentii
10 who, by hfs intjqenco end vpte, aided
iy its defpqt. A contirmation of tho abc
V yan be found In part 1, page U97, deba
ji. of the Constitutional Convention,
jy page 522, volume 2, is the record o
lW memorial presented by the miners of \
}e State, praying (or thp odoptjan of the
U* port of the (jotnraiUee on miscellanec
rP subjects, providing for the protection
miners, and also praying lor the estabUi
ment of a bureau of labor statistics. TJ
measure also mot with the disapproval
? * Governor Hoadly, who fought Wilb
ar usual vigor, and exerted himself in on
0tj to senure itdefeat.
ite Now, the same Hoadly who opnoa
it. these measures calculated to benefit t
miuiliafilnj mlnan *n>i ntliuH amnlAii
I>rg UIBVUMIIM) luimir, oiia uuivia Biufiiuj
?8. at various callings has the assurance, i
b,l to say ipipudenee, to uentwhul^te up a
e(j down Utt> State and tag vo en of thu wo:
1|jt ingmen, whose friends ho is not and n<
he er was. The action 0! tin Democra
k a candidates in opposing the propositi
03 above referred to is on record, and tje ^
d. not deny it. Wii| (he worfcipgiqen of t
Bgpkefe Citato te lioodwinked into v
Jng far him by his present falso represi
er tations'of interest in their welfare?
y? Ihar?a?u,?
Jt- Pp(.y?Kua, a., 0ot. lj.?Jqdge 11}
W row, on Mug Intfqdijced V? A l?i
.ij aiidienjfl ftt T^le^ft, ft, to-day, beg
go. h|s otxecfa by reference to I
at Mount Uilead speech of Senator 8h
7, man at the opeqioz of th? oarapal]
"S vblcb, bo aald, ww an tudlotment of I
South and' a revival of the charges
?.|mn .?,! n?>. ma,|a in i,aartlnnna I
j He quoted the words of Garfield in <
' position to the revival of sectional hati
?? and mid the !?e? itf?We*U?l yiuVwi
IV- \ij a H?poWlt?o oau?lil?t?
fly tariff do till) chief l<sue,but belorotho ca
ill- palgn closed this was dropped and I
blood* shirt rained as a hann^ oi oerti
Republican jictflrj, |o
D". log ju' tlJo dust, i'articu lar stress was li
upon the sentiments of Grant that I
3. passions ol war were at an end and ama
is- mentexpressedjthatamao speaking o1
in, his tomb should he so audacious as (o i
that there is no reconciliation; that th
rebellion in not at an end; that the onl
effective way to suppress it is again 1
SG send the boys in blue to the South.
To Fight UUffftl VoUra.
jgo. Cincinnati, 0., Oct. 0.?An active nor
up partisan movement is in progress to d(
r tect And punish frauds in the regiatratio
of voters for the coming election. Mone
lias been liberally subscribed and leadin
citizens of the different parties have ap
10W pointed an executive committee to dc
K. Mfct and prosccute all cases fouud.
gQ1. NcaUerlng; Cu>;a of HiuniUPoX Continue t
bo Ibapotted?F??t? far th? Future.
:an" New Youk, OcL 0.?Six or seven case
^ ol small-pox in a city of two million ia
habitants is not alarming in itself. Bu
that, in spite of the most rigid regulation
and c?reful precautions, new cases shouli
, continue to appear, points to possibilitle
m recognized as dangerous by the Healll
een Department. Even in its present incip
ient condition, with the threatening invaa
llk? ipns-from Montreal and the impossibility
om of inatitutingarailroadquarantine fromthi
irifqcted districts, there ia need of activ<
prtwwtions. Winter in the season whec
ut>* emall-pox is most prevalent. We are or
the tbreshhold of the months that, in th<
11* history of the disease in this city and else
where, have produced small-pox epidem
ica. It is hardly possible the distresainj
, scenes of the p-st few months in Canadj
nrA bereenacted in New York. Nor will
J"? the spread of the disease assume the pro
portions that it did in this city tweive and
uc" thirteen yeara ago. A ayatem of all-tbeyear-around
vaccination in the tenement
. diatricta saved the city in 1883, and may
IV0 be relied*upon to limit the diaeaae thia
,m" year. However, with the tide of affection
aetting powerfully from tho North, and
1,0 because it haa attained a foothold already
Jj& here, vaccination can not entirely check
.nj* its apread, aa it haa proved powerleaa tc
ec* prevent it* outbreak.
,an At the Health Department thia mornen"
ing, in tho Chief Inapector'a rooms. there
. were evidences that the diaeaae waa feared.
,n Though comparatively few have hitherto
HJ[ como there for vaccination, there were
nu many applicants thia morning, men,
k'?.* women and children of all azea. and anl,?
parently persona of different conditions in
al? life. Others, who have been vaccinated
drJ within the last few weeks, came to have
na their scara examined by Dr. James B.
Jn* Taylor or his assistant#.
Ior Dr. Taylor said: 14 We are vaccinating
xe. very freely. Thia, however, is nothing
new, Aa the work ia going on throughout
' the year. But we are having many applications
now, since the breaking out of
the disease. Our doctors go from house to
leer house, and visit every inhabited room in
ec. the tenement diatricta. The record of
caaes thia aeason dates back four weeks.
,e*!* A Polish Jew immigrant waa found with
tng the disease near a Jewish school. The
to succeeding cases all came from this one.
;D The week ending September 5 developed
K two caaea; the next two weeks, four more
*n and one death; September 26, three more
ick were recorded and another death. Last
led week there were six new cases with three
ilnntln VcetAriiuv nnn now men an.
r ' peared, in the Charity Hospital. Thin ia
*or a good beginning from nothing."
on ,tt
es- Brought It Upon Uaitclf.
n(j Uobokkn, N. J., Oct. 6.?Geo. Dieque, a
saloon keeper, surrendered himself to the
to) pollco to-day saying he had killed his
ly. wife. An investigation proved the truth
ier of his statement. lie Bays ho went home
its this afternoon and found his wife drunk
with a strange man in the house, who
hastily left;that a quarrel ensued; that
0 his wife tried to kill bim with a knife and
* that in the struggle for its possession,
IX" the weapon accidetallv entered her throat,
rk- The wound is eight lnchts long running
tea from ear to ear.
;h- kuwi i> lilt iff.
\|Q ^
. St. Louis's anuual festival week began
or yesterday.
Mambrino Pilot, the famous stallion and
trotting horse, is dead.
SI. A. Djialynaki, carriages, Jacksonjn
villi), I'la., lias assigned.
nil Sherman 11 arter, in jail at Canton, 0.,
pet 'or highway robbery, escaped Monday,
he A fierce snow storm, wilh the temperahe
tare below the (rat-zing point, is reported
on from Michigan,
>R" Oyrus Hendensou, a wealthy farmer,
living near Wooster, 0., was relieved of
$1,400 by burglars.
Merrick A. Hichardson, hardware, Chi
( ago, and Julius Mendolson, furs, Now
of York, have aligned,
nu TheJ. V. Shumate Publishing Company,
ty, of Cincinnati, with a capital of $75,000,
icp, has been incorporated.
I(*y President Brinkerhoflf, of Franklin OoJ01[
lege, at New Athens, 0., was (oqnd dead
in bed Monday morning,
Mra. Bui la, of filvracuse, N. Y., yeaterday
im. concluded tho fifty-sixth day of her fast.
, 0f She is partly unconscious,
ho A citizens' committee of Pittsburgh ljas
of obtained a perpetual injunction in eon>ur
nection with a bond issue of $4,500,000.
Commissioner Atkins and the Holmau
Investigating Committee have begun a
a tour among Uie Indian reservations.
K. C. Bloomflcld, an Englishmans is
charged with violating l^u pijbjic JaqJ
laws in Afkagfiqs, and wiH l)e prosecuted,
an Sixty conyicts in Texas made a break
J for liberty. Twenty-live of them were
killed or wounded. The balance escaped.
)ve Jay Gould denies having had an intertefl
view" with Broker Heath in an entjeayoj
Oa to adjust tho indebtedness of the li'rofcefl
f a tirtn.
the Y' H. fcacseU, mine time-keeper at Vulrer
can, Mich., has abecondud with $7,000 hems
longing to miners, for whom he acted as
of banker.
Jh? At Vjmcennea, Ind., in asaloqp, Joseph
tiis Miller and Joeia^ Myef bepame involved
of in Ruuarrel, and the former was dangerb|s
oopjy stabbed in the back.
'er Lake Mistassinl has been surveyed, and
. found to be. instead of larger than j^a^e
!p Superior, only one hnndre^ aqd twenty*
five miles long arj4 fcW?nty wide.
iot According to the figures of the New
jl(j Yi rk Produce Exchange the visible supi.
nlv nf u-hpnt vpiitnrdftv vnn 43 ftf'i.Hlft
av] bushels, and o! corn, 6,182,41$ bqajiflfc
tic The Attorney Genm(i of Qhio has gWon
en an oni^i^n {hat it is unlawful for Oounm?
W Coplinia^ionerato appropriate money to
!he defray the expenses of teachers' institutes,
ot- Frederick Fishel, bwk-kee;#? (of August
m Barnheim & Ba?u\ tfofk, la wn u\
"fasA^; vwMM mm,
wUic^ 13, honeyec, fljimsd to be au exat.
' Henry Oernum, an old man, slightly
* demented, attacked Warron Winters witfl
t?n a knit* on a (arm near Troy, Q., and the
[he latter, in self defense, struckOernum with
a cln(j, killing liim,
.. Erneit Uaggatt, aged 45 years, was shot
' and perhaps fatally injured by a young
,n? man named Davis, who was under the ijj.
fluenceol liquor, and earalfml] Uaxllthg
?? a revolver, n?r Sidney, 0. ^
..j \Vi(li*? Ortb, the filth victim to surijn
render to tho terrible effects of the recent
!? boiler explosion at the Solar Iron Wuks.
,m. *' Pittsburgh, died tot nljbV At leajl
,h? }W? fflW *f? WP ? W? received
tin ?Diuri,ea whioh they cannot recover,
tea U. i). Lester, a shoe dealer, committed
til- snlcide yesterday at Burlington Junction
nld Springs, Wis. lie w? a well known a\an,
;he and an old friend ot President Cioifelanil'e,
19- having been deputy sherlllof Erie pounty,
rer Saw York, and nerved when be waa aher
jay is, No caoso is vaigned for tt(e dee<J>
l* Now at Ibe Folut of Death-Tk* Lmt Sacra* 1
m?nt AdmtuUtcred tothilllgh Prelate. I
11 IIIh 8uccc?aor?The Late-t llalle> t
y tint Regarding kl? UooditloB. <
1 (
New Yobk, Oct. 0.?It is announced this fl
morning by Archbishop Corrigan that *
Cardinal McCloskey ia very ill. Tho pray- 8
era of all the congregations of the diocese *
? aro askerl in his behalf. The Cardinal's E
health has for several months past been ^
failing. bix days ago ho was compelled to r
. take to hid bed. He haa no specific ail- ?
8 raent, but his strength has been severely B
I tried by the hoat of the summer. He is o
74 years old. *
Dr. E. 8. Keyes, the Cardinal's regular 0
medical adviser, haa been constantly by c
his bedside since last Tuesday. Hftsaid 1<
early this morning to a reporter: "The
I Cardinal's condition is seriods. Though B,
, there is no radical disease, his illness is ,,
k critical. His dissolution will be slow and j
, gradual." a
j Oae of the priests in attendance added ?
. that the Cirdinal was able to take nour- c,
. iphment/waa conscious and maintained ^
. his cheerfulness of mind. He recognises ?
i the gravity of his situation. The Cardi- n
I nal is a native of Brooklyn. He became ^
. a priest fifty-two years ago. He is the jc
I first Cardinal appointed in the Western
; World. rc
The following bulletin was issued from ^
, Cardinal McCloskey's residence to-day by
! the clergy in charge: "Ilia Eminence, tho
, Cardinal, haa had for over two days a je
, change in his condition which renders ai
him very weak and apparently in great w
danger of death, ao much so that it was
, considered prudent to administer to him
the last sacrament" v(
R^v. Thomas G. Preston, Chancellor 0j
, and Vicar General of the diocese, admin- ai
istered the last rites to His Eminence. In
I conversation with a repoiter thin morning, V(
F.ither Preston said: "The Cardinal was _i
a littlo bit brighter to-day, and while very ^
low and weak, was qtxito cheerful. His
condition, however, leaves nslittle hope.
His advanced years, and the diseose from to
which he has been suflering forsooie time jjj
past, together ith a bad cc 1 J, recently con- jQ
traded by him, have had a tendency to g,
haatm his end. He has lived a long line
of usefulness, and his reputation as an U(
ecclesiastic is world wide. Of course, in cr
the event of his death, the office of Cardi- at
nal will not be vacant long, because of his to
Grace, Archbishop Corrigan, is Coadjuta- m
tor Hishop, with the right o! succession, :n
and he would become Cardinal immedi- ,u
ately without the necessity (f confirma- j0J
tion by the authorities in Rome. A circolar
has been7 issued by the Cardinal ^
functionaries to all the churches in the wl
diocese asking lor the prayers of the faith* ?.i
ful for his ominence. While there is life mi
there is hope, and we can only await tf,
God's will." JJ
The Xtght liuUeUn. flt
The following bulletin was issued at 0 ui
o'clock to-night by the Cardinal's eecretary:
The Cardinal to-day made his usual en
profession of faith and received the Holy tic
Viaticum by the ministration of Arch- J?
bishop Coriigau. There were present Kt.
Iiev. Bishop Laughlin, of Brooklyn, Mon- 80
aiguors Qiiun and Fatley, lUv. F. Don- P.?
breace, b. J. and the Cathedral priests. 111
A dispatch from the Popo was received
pxniwtftinis his dt>i?n mrrnw nrul wivine his 10
"Apostolic blessing" ? ^
Dr. E. L. Keyes said to-night that Cardi- WJ
nal McCloHkey waa weaker at 9 i?. m. on
than at the same tline Monday. The
patient was conscious bnt not able to
npeak. He was able to take liquid nour- Tfa
ishment without dilliculty. The Doctor
felt positive his patient would not oid during
the night. A Sister of Moray and an q.
aged servant are in attendance as nurses. ^
A Mouey-Lender Arrented for .Qbta^olof U <
Muury Under Falae Pretencrn, ' 0(
Hahiusbukcj, Pa., Oct, il?-Charles Q. he
James, au Euflliahman, who has been Ck
prosecuting the business of money lend- *j
ing in this city for about a year at exorbitant
rates of interest, was arrested hero se
this afternoon by Detective Hoops on a da
charge of false pretenses and larceny by
bailee, -*?d committed in default of .W1
14,000 bail. Ludwig Nisson, of the Arm bt
of Ludwig Nisson & Uo., of No. 18 cu
John street, near Broadway, New York,
allenes that in June, Jamw appeared at ^
his Btoie and secured diamonds valued at u
$2,101). Wo paid all. but $400. Subaeuuently
lie made a purchase of 16,000
nmatU ,.t /]Iclmnn/lo Itnm ^Knnntna Ami An I
wuiiu ui umiuuuuo "uiu uionuimjuiui, uu :
representations that lio owned two houaeg "!
in this city worlli $4,000, and that bli en- *
tire poseeesions (Upounled to $10,000. He !"
said he bad an ollir for bia houses of bI
; W.tfW, and nave the names of two respon- "J
n.blu Harrialmrg merchants aa references. J1!
Tlie New York firm Bent him $1,KQQ ?!
worth of diamonds, and stated thai it
I would ship tho rest HH )ba receipt ol
the amount he expected to rioelve J!J
(or h|s property. James telegraphed for
the gootia, Wa'mg that be had remitted
1 the amount demjuded. A check was reoelved
by the diamond lirm drawn on the
Farmers' Bink, of this city, for $3,477. ]ls j?
i genuineness was suspected ?nd the diu- J"
monJs were dtUmed at the express of- 'H
lice, \\t arotot tallowing, Ludwig Nisson J"
i'jiuu1 U) tlarrisbu'v Saturday to inquire
, further into the financial circumstances of J"
James. lie was unable to find the !!l
diamond dealer until thia afternoon, when ln
Detective lloops dlscoranfl bin) biding u
, in a small hoipiti i? this city. None of the a
<liftO)PHda b?ve boon discovered.
The Ills Actor'. Uildr. W
San Francisco, Oct. U.?Miga l.iulia nc
Thorndyke, whom 0i?t Houeioault baa 3"
married i? Australia, is ?7 years old. Bouvlcault
ia 6a. She was playing juvenile
lady parts in travelling companies ia the **
Southwest before she came b$>i< ?nd put In
heniolf under Bjui(tjitji'l tuition for the u,
part of iliif Simnilnv in his play, "All For
LqY? t1' Wo Sell in love with hie pupil and .J
alie aecouipauied his party to Australia.
The lady is a daughter uf General Kitks,^ '
Thorndyke, of the British army,
Uct. (J.?The pictures stolen (j(
from Mr. Frederick L. Ames' county seat p(
at Northeaston are the following; J. P, Ik
Millets.' "Ibe Goose G(rL'< housieaus' J"
"Sceneon the Oise," Meyer Von Bremen's ??!
"Young Mather," and a small canvas by ?
i'eybek. The burglars also took Borne
vatuable articles ot bric-a-brlc. 'the* ""
nlan tirnlrn intn thn hntittn iif Amn?
mother, ball mile away.Md took a pair
of vaaea. They t hpn e^oii ahindoar from
the railway ttuiion and trinslered their
VftOty to the outskirts of Boston.
The Kentucky Code.
IjGUIhvillk, Oct. (>?.puf. Wsa. Jo?M, a
prominent jAjltcian oi Livingtton county.
, ww shot and killed to-day at Southland
' by Alex. Smithaon, a watchman on the
Tenneaseo river bridgo. The two had
been drinking and were >?li*K tugetker
1 wben without warding Sujithuon abot hta
victim. <
I A Chance (ur Loatir|.
' Tommtone, Aai., Cfct. (v?Thft cltlwna
have created a fund aud offer two hundred
a(ty e?ch for Apacho twlpa.
UiMjr Galn? by the UuuncrvatirM-Thi Oj
port oiiiatatn 1) Unity.
Paris, Oct. 6.?-The results'of theele<
Jons throughout Franco ytsterday fc
nembors of the Chambers of Deputies, a
ar as officially reported up to noon tc
lay, have created great surprise an
jhagrin among the members of th
Cabinet aud their colleagues. The Cob
nMitn t!?*nn An tint SlftltAW K a (1 1 a ra irili
wth enthusiasm over the fact that the;
ucceeded in polling a much larger vot
ban tho moet sanguine anticipated am
uaking changes in the Cabinet requisite
"he returns show that the Conservative
lave won sixty seats in seventeen of th
lighty-seven departments, and have alsi
isaten two Cabinet ministers and made s
econd ballot necessary to decide the fati
f two others. M. Goblet, Minister o
'ublic Instruction, and M. Herve Mangon
iinister of Commerce, are the Cabine
fficere who have been defeated by th<
Conservatives. The Opportunists have
jst many seats, which have been gained
y either the Radicals or Conservatives
'he elections in this city yesterday re
ultedas follows: M. Brisson, the Pre
lier, and M. Allain-Targe, Minister of the
nterior, head the liat with 10,000 votei
tch. AI. M. Fioquet, Lockroy, Barodit,
tflafosae, Olemenceau and Paul Burt reuived
7,000 to 9,000 votes each, and M,
1. de Caauaguac aud Herve, editor of the
olielt 0,000 each. In forty-nine depart
lents, including the *Nord, the Conserva
ves have gained thirty-six seats and losl
It is said that the loss of friends and
datives in Tonquin immensely influenced
le provincial electors in fivor of reaoonaries.
The Jfessagtr (le Paris attributes the de*
at of the Opportunists to their extravagice
in colonial adventures, their war
(ainat religion, aud their ill treatment of
te magistracy.
The Orleauists elected in yesterday's
>te were chosen on the basis of promises
protection against American cereals
id bacon.
In eichtv-one departments. 105 Conser
ilives and 141 Republicans have been
ected*. The Conservatives have gained
l seats and lost ft. It will be necessary
have 202 second ballot*.
The proprietors of the Uauloit, in order
eigualize the Conservative 6uccesnef?,
uminated their office this evening. The
scrfption, "One hundred aud seventy/e
Conservatives Elected! Vive la
ranee 1" formed of gas jets were conspic>usly
displayed in ttie windows. A
otvd soon assembled and threw stones
the windows. Tha police were unable
disperse the mob. Editor Meyer
ado an 'attempt to leave the buildg.
He was warned by the comissary
c f police to abandon the idea of
aving, but he persisted, and was seized
' the mob. The Rtaff of the Gaulni$ then
ade a sortie and rescued M**yer, who
is severely bruised in-the scuflln. Meanliifotb*crowd
increased, and iho exciteentr
became intense The police were
infprced, and the preset of police order1
them to clear the streets. After the
eat est efforts the jfolicd succeeded in
sperain?r tbe/m^. during the melee
0 rc vol vera .yero flrfed at the windows
the OaxilnU office.
London, Oot. tt.?The Paris oorreaponditoftbe
Daily Newt forecasts theelecm
of 200 Royaliata and 1G0 Radicals, the
maiader being Moderate Republicans.
e adds: "Olemenceau is leading the
lid Radicals and becomes a political
iwer of the first magnitude. No repub:an
government is possible without him."
Bkklin, Oct. .U.-~Tbe Bourse was dull
day, consequent upon tho gain of the
maerrativea in the French elections,
aich is not regarded in a favorable light
1 the Exchanse.
>?> C'lne of Mrs. Draav?The Horrible SUrderofKer
l!unbAuU. ?
Bomb, ^N. Y., Oct. 0.?The Herkimer
>urt House was crowded this morning
people, oi both sexes and all atrtflgto
ten to the sentence of' Mrs. DruseSfAt
D'olock Mis. Drnse was etcorted into the
)urt room by Officer Wilson. She looked
iggard aud worn. On Uie opening of
mrt Counsellor Luce made a motion for
new trial, which wai denied by Judge
jlliams. The prisoner was then told to
ind up. tihe arose, and Judge Williams
ntenced her to he hanged on Wednes.y,
November 25. Mrs. Dru8e never
nched nor showed any emotion until she
as going out cf the eouit room, when she
irst into tears. Counsellor Luce will sere
a atay of proceedings aud appeal tho
?* on a motion for a new trial.
The Druse family consisted of Mr. W m.
ruse, a farmer of moderate means, his
ife, her daughter, aged 20, aeon named
eorge, and a nephew named Frank
atea, aged 14. December 18 Druse asked
a Knu Volou In (Nil nn ami htiilfl lliu lira
bich he did, Airs. Druse and her
Lughter arising at the same time. After
eakfast Mrs. Druau sent George, her
d, out cf the house, and then calling the
tphew bunded him a revolver and told
ra to shoot Druse or she would shoot
m- The boy then fired at Druse, and the
Dinan, snatching the pistol from him,
ed at her husband until it wan empty,
le then took an ax and pounded
m over the head, afterward decapitating
e body. Tho bay and George Druse
ere VJ?n compelled to build a large fire
both stoves and were set on watch at
e windows while the body was being
irned. The flesh, after being boiled and
irued off the bonce, waa given to the
>gp. The hog stated that the next morngall
he eaw of Druse's body was a large
)AO| and even that was eventually placed
the stove by the daughter Mary. The
hes and few remains were then put into
bag and a tin box and thrownictia
ighboringswatpp, and the ax and pistol
ing consigned to a pond, wheiethey
ere afterward found. Mrs. Druse bid
)t roomed with Jier husband for ton
A Big Mmuxilc UAihwrlog.
Chicago, Oct. 0.?What may be said to
> the largest legislative body on earth, 1b
session to-day at the armory of Battery
* This is the Grand Lodge of Illinois A.
A A. M., and of which the session is
e forty-fifth annual convocation. Theeo
9 At present flSft lodges of the fraternity
this State, with an aggregate memberiip
of 40,000; and as the Grand Lodge is
imposed of three members from eaeh
ibordinate lodge, thero are nearly 1,1)00
ritgateg In attendance. Several implant
measures will come before the
>dy for consideration, and the cession Is
>e of unusual interest tq tho mystic
r ?" ~
. . . &yol?tK?
f. J. p- v v V
"Apollinaris Water is an
Nature and is not thi /tandi
and not an artificial Water 1
U. S.
Of all Groctrs, Druggists,.
18 In Favor of the Labor KJomant?ThaSlfnlfl*
) cant Tranaparaodoa?Tbo Sharon Kali
d Work* Startup, Slgntog tha Italla^a
e Settle?Other Labor.News Notes.
Dktroit, Got. 0.?To-night ft labor
Y demouBtration was made in this cily
a which was a great success. About 2,000
4 nion were in line, comprising flvo divisions
' or twentvlive organizations, and embrsca
ing all kinds of labor. The demonstration
0 was orderly. Upwards of one hundred
* transparencies were carried. Among the*
q mottoes were th? following:
f "Convict contract labor must go."
? "Eight hours only for a day's work."
"When capitalist's conspire poor men
must combine."
"The employment of child labor should
be a State prison offense."
"Equal pay to both sexes for equal work"
"Kent, interest and jtfofit are robbers."
"The laud for the people; not another
acre for railroads."
"Child labar is the product of our boasted
"Schools for children?work for men."
"Employ the unemployed and reduce
the hours of labor."
Similar mottoes were printed in German
and Polish.
Knights of Labor Aasembly.
Hamilton, Ost., Oct. 0.?But little was
done at the day session of the General
i i.i.. -1 iL. _# t _i
Aoecuiut/ ui iuu rvuiguis oi Jittoor, yeBierday.
In the evening all lbo delegates
from the Western States met at the Franklin
House, and for several hours had a
heated discussion on the strike and lockout
on the Wabash Railway. When they
dually adjourned no conclusion had been
arrived at, and it was decided to continuo
the consideration of the difficulties at
somefuturo time during the convention.
Thw geuml sentiment oi the meetiug appeared
to be that the majority oi the other
American railways are backing the Wabash
up in tho position it has assumed.
The business of the Assembly wai resumed
attt o'clock this morning.
Glum Worker* Strike*
Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 0.?About 700
glassblowers are now on strike in this city,
a demand for a new scale of wages, averaging
about $1 50 per week higher than
had been paid having been refused. It ia
stated that there was also dissatisfaction
among the hands because of.the refusal of
the firm to discharge some non-uniou
hands. The firms effected by the strike
are Gillender and son, Itjhrbecker & Hornan
and Gilland Murray.
Dllke Speakv.
London, Oct. 0.?Sir - Charles Dillce
spoke at Chelsea to-day. He tainted Lord
cttjwuury wiia weaiciy concurring witb
the German annexation everywhere and
warned the government that Franco intended
to dominate Burraah. He advised
the Cabinet to confer upon Ireland the
widest elective self-government compatible
with tho integrity of the Empire. It
was impossible, he said, to justify the castie
Powderlj'a 'Scheme.
Hamilton, Ont., OjL 6.?The General
Assembly of the Knights of Labor reconvened
-this inornteg.- Waster Workman
l'owderly, in his addrees, said he had prepared
a draft of a bill to be presented to
the United States Congress, which will, i?
adopted, prohibit the employment of inmates
of Stafe or county prisons on Government
work of any kind.
The Kiiterlug IVedgr.
Pitts iiuiiatij Oct. 6.?Tho nail mill df
Kimborly A Co., at Sharon, Penn., has resumed
operation at last year's wages,
giving employment to several hundred
persons. The striking nailers here regard
the break as the entering wedge to a complete
Cool Miner*' Strike Ended.
.Brrrsucuuu/ Oct. 4.-rA' Wood's Kun,
Pa., special says: Work was resumed today
in live coal mines in the third pool at
the advance demanded by tho strikers.
Several other pita are preparing to start
up in a. few days;
Tho Tencli?r#' Institute.
Cortetpoiulcnce of'the Intcliloaiccr.Fabmingtos,
Wj Va., Got. 0.?The Institute
opened'here to-day at 0 a. m. with
prayer bj Kav. Marshall Ice. The teachers
responded to their numbers in appropriate
sentiments from ther writings of
various aumoKB.
15. 8. Clayton, Lownie Buretvd, M. E,
Toothman, Anne Lulu Morris aad Mies
Fairfax wero appointed a Committee on
The regular programme was then taken
up, and the subject of "Reading" wa?
opened by Hi v. Ice, followed by Prof.
Sipe and others.
The topic "Arithmetic" was discussed
by. Mr. o. Snoderly, W. W. Sine and
The regular programme was further
pursued hy a diucumion on "Geography,"
ppened by Prof. ,H. Lerov Bturm, followed
by others. The Institute then adjourned
till 1:30 p. m.
The afternoon session was opened by an
interesting talk on "Spoiling' by County
Superintendent Carpenter, followed by
Prof. 8ipo acd others.
"Language Lose ana" was ably diecosied
by Prof, fciipe.
1 . *
I r> J tired on th? Ball.
Special Orrwijmtlenct of (he InUllvmcer.
Uiurrox, ;W. Va., Oct. 0.?Fairmont,
W. Va., October 0,1883. Mr. C. T. 8mith, .
a prominent citizen of Blvenlde, this
county wan probably fatally injured to
liny on tne r. n, <s r. Kauroau near ins
home, lit wu riding on the construction
train and (ell off. The can ran over
him cutting off both arms and one leg,
besides inflicting other serious injuries.
lUjeolctl Overture!.
Loudon, Oct. (J.?Tho Oldham employera
at 1 meeting to-day rejecte.1 the proposition
mad* by tho workmen that a
reduction in mgtg of only Gvo per cent
bo made. The employee insist on a reduction
of ten per cent until the advent of
better time). The strike has listed eleven
Weeks and 20,000 hands are out of employment.
\% WatUie.
i article which is produced by
'work of man; it is a Natural
i '
TREASURY, January j8, 1884.
, ,10 MILUI0N8.
nnit Mineral ifntrr' Pfntrrs.

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