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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, October 29, 1885, Image 3

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gtpal gurtUta.
i? Ju ibe Clerk's Offl'-onf ?,< CI:P
11 liid couDly. llctubo: Halo, l?j.
'J" KitKW*-8?"1' lia C'luuii-crjr.
Kli nil K. Smith. )
1" ^''iJ'hTetoMiro'roMo Countr, Grwtlon:
you tb*t yon luwraoo KUJftb F
he U Muud io your Ulllwlck, lo?ppw
w,M.r?iofflee o( Uw Circuit ?ourt of ^hlo
* !? it ro?e? to!5> W4 I** *h? IJoun'w?R
iX'Uy 1*1 October, 18i4, to caiwer ? bill
J^SiSS Swwwd fiiLlaa ?.? wld
}? 'f* wlia' IU"1 la,U ""
v'. 'wL wrll, . .. - -w ...?
li'/tnc?* JnBU w, Mltcnwi, c-'isrs ci our turn
iv. 'fit Court uotup of raid ccuiuy, In the
ivy;{ hhrcllrg, the fflin day of Bflplamb-r, IMJ).
.. ' - us at) wr 011bt rfyite of ww. Vlrg i,ia.
1? jobsj*. unoaell, otr?
FltHHlK^'o KmUBN.
; V. S'.ilth i* :u? inhabitant of ray bnlllwlck
therein thi?5ih day of October l*f?.
B'r 1 CdAS. T. liL * JlCli A *D. p. 8.
K( r w. c. Hahuun, 8. U. C.
Thoobjttft of Uil* ?ult ii lo obtain a tllvnrc? from
n;ii nf matrimony fr?m wild dofH'<dant; and
l"?i>ioiru'K ?r >m an mlliUvit filed hereJn thai
I ,, > - miIi. t'?- defendant, lit not a itMldeutof
? W--t VfiKiuia it hindered thjtthjdj
' ii-rr wi'hiu ?>n? month ?fu.r the date of the
,'..t :! i ?tJ'>u < f tin* onto*, and do what 1*
hViv.uv in i> otect his JutertMls in UiN >uit.
?:i:iciny whereof I huve hereunto net ray
til'! -ih <1- y of Octolwr, 1>AS.
u john W. MITCHELL. Clerk.
vuii'idMx! f^r l,,e ,lrfct tlm0 8,1W5. 1
, JOiiX W. JUTCHELL, Clerk. i
IV. J. *V. fo*I?KN.
Solicitor for Complainant.
la the Circuit Couitol Ohio County, Went Virginia.
Ee>ia*K.^mllh )
vn. /In Chancery.
llijah K. Smith. J
Take notice that the deposition! cf Rebecca R.
ugjlja. Miry B;d*cod, Hu<h Crocktrd and other*
Lfie Li*? ii ?t the lavr oilioa of W. J. W. Cowden
lihchap iae street, in mc tin 01 "ivcaui,
, " v ;:i tut- sUto of Wait Vi/glnla, on the tith
,i.i til >o;vmi?cr, A. U. ISsS. between the hours of
k,,i> ? .? ?. *<id 9o'clock P to I'C read In
the *t>0V3iminvil cku*) ou behalf of
tii'l And 1'. /rum any cauu-, the using
? >] ' .4id depontlomthall not he commenced. or
Mu'-ouimeiitfl >linll?ot bocomolcttil ou tlut
,1,',', .ho uiintf 1f the wme will bo adjourned
( ? : ::u:? to time until the wine thall be comKhBKCOA
K dMITH, 1'liinUtf.
' By W. J. w. Co* URN, her Attorney.
10 V - UH K'S?I1H, HefewUlU Df-VTT
Jeustcc jSalM.
itiui'stee's balk
Iiv virtue of a deed of tnist made by John ButU*i
.'d and Mxf.v llutterUt'ld, hia wife, to me, dated
tii- :l day of October, iu the year lfttO, and recordi<|
III Trust Deed Hook No. 17, p*x? &l. iu the
i ?.iii<v of the ('ouut/ Court of Ohio county,
Wot Virginia, 1 wlUon
eoamcneinx at 10o'clock a. sell at public auot"
the highest and best bidder, nt the Court
11 i.v ..i vilit county, in the city of Wheeling, the
following described real estate, or ?o much thereof
U- netwwry, that la to say, lots numbered
c Tuinl s in J??hu E;tf and William Chapllue'a
fcd'.li-iou t-t tin* city of Wheeling, in the Htute
v! West Virginia, being the tame property
umveyed to tno said Joan iiutterlield by Ji to.
Kjff, tXKiitor, bv deed dated December 5. IMS,
:i I rtcunled in aesd book number M, page 51, of
y.. jiublic land record* of Ohio county, We*t Virginia;
rti>o the north half of lot number 136, on the
out ride o/ Market street. iu the Fifth ward of said
city, being the aame property conveyed to John
}; iCTttela by J. S. Shriv^raud wife, by deed dated
Jl.y1505, and recorded iu book 49, pago 121, of
mm pub'te teco'ib. The l?at named parcel of real
estate will he told tlr>t
Talus i if Ha i.e.- One third of tho purchase
aooey<' web parcel sold, or so much re ol such
purduue money an the purchaser may elect to pay,
c*.!i i:i hand; t.ue third thereof, with interest, fit
otwjtar. and tnu residue thereof, wltli interest. in
tat. years, from the day of sale, the purchaser jji vI:u
t? utile?, with Rood security, tor the deferred
(uymeiiU, and the legal title to b retained by th-v
uuiiernignetl trustee a* further security, until such
liules are fully j^aid. . . *...
liJiOltGE it. CAf.DWKLL, Trustee.
j . ii >x).)>imkuvky. auctioneer^ (vto,
iusuvaitcc Companies.
Ohio valley fire insurance
of wheeling, w. va.
Or rick-So. 1200 Mala,Btreet.
CAPITA! ? -.4100,000 00
mM?? general Fire Iu?urunco Btiuiiim. rarm
iTop.-ftf wid Dwelling Hoiuca and content* inlUfr.-J
for three or flvo year*.
Alex. Laughliil, Speldel,
Hcary .sc!uoulb*ch, a. d. Ll?t,
i. V. u. lUlgera, J r R. W. H&zleAt,
iienry Horkhtlmor.
JOB. 8PEIDEL, Prctfdont.
w. f. Mrt.UKE. Secret* nr. oc7
CAPITAL, - - ~ - - - $100,000
Ronuor CKiHCLB, President
J. K. PaUi l, Vice PrChldcnt.
-M.yaKO rxuih. beoaury.
11. BkSuKSKX, Lit/ Agl-Ilt.
lamina ail kind* of proj>erty at reaionablo ritea.
or wiiKtuNo, vr. va.
CAPITAL 4100,000
I'.'.su't h KptitiM lout or daroace by tiro and lightning
*i; olasH-s oI desirable property, alM> lmuiuj
oa the Wtatiern water*,
J. X. Vince. fre'ldent, M. Reilly, VicoPrcHidi'Ut.
J. L strucbletu, tice'y, Jaa. P. Adanut, Aia't Hec.
J. X. Vance, M. Rel'ly, L. C. 8ti/el,
J. 11. llubU, U. W. tf ranzhelw.
nee.rif?Kn MHVRt.KTH STREET.
CAPITAL. ZZI 4175,000
W*. inrrr President
W *. B. ."1mi*>on ?..Vlcu President
Dmilion England, Irelncd, France and Germany.
Win. A. lM;tt, Wm. B. Simpson.
J. A Miller. Jonn K. Boufotd,
K M. Atkinson, Victor Kosenburg,
Henry Speyer.
ar.'i F. P. J EPSOM. Ctibler.
CAPITAL - 1200,000
J. S. Vakck.,,^, President
fci*u*i.lAtiiHU? ^..Vico President
J. X. Vance, 8. Horkhelmcr,
H. I miRUliu, W. Ellingham,
I-.8. ik-upuin, A. W. Kolley,
John Frew,
Draia iwued on Kugland, Ireland, 8cotland and
?U poloum Europe.
jogy J. jnygj. cwhicr.
(China, (Glass and ^neenswaw.
lilt's ~
Unt I'luted Knlrcs and Forks,
$:) 50 I'm DOZKS.
Market street. opp Mcl.nro Howe.
h: a.vixtaosros i
wMW, Gold Band and Decorated Tea and Dinner
Ware, at very low prices.
Bushuss Ka<da.
C?rp?utor nud Buildor(
Rrick Hiut Wooden Building* greeted.
too'-*, Valloja, Hk jr Light*. Counter* and Shelving
Ikm WOfk ProB1Plly rwuwMbU
TKROF-Allcy 13, te*r of CapltoL Rmldwioe.
uP-^-^^'uthiitrect Bhoplnrear.
a LIST, JR.,
a TODBmrara htrkit.
Inhuman & co.,
u*?iT?l Xwbtnhts tad Engine Bslldtn,
Vj>r- ChapUne and Eighteenth Htrecta.
WCUL ATTENTION given to Repair Woe*.
Asento (or the celebrated Jodaou Uoreraor.
Cures Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness,!
Croup, AsUmm,JlroncMti8,\Vlioop-i
lug Cough, Inciplbnt Consumption jj
nut] relieves eotiBiinmtivc persona In S
advanced stages of the (Visomc. l'or jjj
sale by nil Druggists. Price, 25 cts. I
CAtTIO*!?Th? gtuninefl
i lmwMimlyIn wAlfe writ;-/* . fa
HKiirTi ?iwlbwr?ourrcgUtcredTiUDrH
Xi$D8r^'i? ^""'0
tlr.n-/.-i.'flli<> f.ir-ildiileB
JohnW. Unit ?3 I
II*ltlmorr.7!<i,,U.f). A.,SolcProrrl -ton. B
Olii^v JLan^oVf PlujjSj
frlr?? lO Ollll. ftulti by ill J itvugl(lMia, j
Forccv^n year* 1 su litre? with a ciarir on vnj
faro. All thosiinp'.cKmediai uorc Hf pHod'oul- c
ievlnto the pulo, but the i?iu-o muUuuHl i" grow
finally cxtrndiiic into my note, from wlifch nrne r
a 7?!Jlo?l'b dlarhii'KO v? ry mipoive fu liaracter.
It w?* alcolulUmeJ, an1 tan .yed * kn?i d?l
Abonteiyh* tn?at%,saco I wan lu AMmta; nt the t
honso of * friend, who w itrotiglr raMn.jn?:'!o-l ?
the it?o of fc.wi't> r-poci ic that ) detcrm ued to t
mkeueflbrtto procuro it (n tbii i wm me '
com'ul. and b-v'Aii !u us-. Hp Itillitci cc of the *
medlc!n<iatil-sl was t-> Kiraewlnt t? ttio
ore; butaooatho JoUadhqiUod wu allayed, and t
I begun to Improve Rlttir tijM tint f?.w holla's. .Vy *
fcfo Ml UVhlli r.na Iirt?iiy iMl'i'iiui, i UUI J
Istronger,aid abotodotrtiy kiad o1 work. The *
cancer on uiv fucu be$aa ('?dwcrtuee and tfio tifoir J,
lo b<al. until th'tro Is a-v a ve?llr o of tc h-ft only
a lltt'e acar irark* the place where it li.*.d been. I e
am ready (o answer all <|u-.>tio!-i? relative to chip j
cur?. Miw. 'f ic E A. ?eDo*.iu>.
AtlnuU, Oa , Augu>( 11 1W6
I hnve bad a oancor on my fA*c for rornc years ?
extending from one cbcek bono acro*? the u<n# to .
tbe other. It has kIv. n 111^ a j. rva'. deal of paiu ut 1
tlaufc burning and itcniut t > tu h hit extent Ihat ft
It wttf ftinutL-UsbMriiblf. I i-iuiu?iced un i*g
..wilt's -pu'IQcfn Mix'-, 16i\ and I?v? uiod eight
bottle* It bMglrcc the g*oat?.?t r-iiof byremov ^
ing 'ho luliAuma'ton and re*loric? my jren?ral "
heallh W. Uifctfi*.
Knoxvlllf, Iowa, Sept. 8, 18S5, *
For many veara I v a*- a mflcror with cancer of "
tbe now, and having Iwuu cur.-d by thn lis - of d. S. b
d., I feel constrain d bvo serve of duty to sutertog _
humanity to make thb sutoniei.t of my ?*>;. .
tWth tfc? fonricenUi bottle the canter b.g-n <o A
hca' rapidly and sooa dI?Aop*:ared.au4 for Mivotsl
mo&th? th"re has b"cu uoapp>?rii:c- of a w>re of
any kind on my none or face, nelhor is my nrs-1 at _
all teudcr to tbe touch. 1 have taken a'jout two J
d< jurn bottles S. ri. 6., and a>a kcund'y cutd, mid I
know that ti 8. *. efleutel ?i;.? <*? after every
anowu reme-'y w;s tried and hn l fal'od.
itciiKWo*Uir.sy. )'
For: Gaines, Ga, May 1,1*85.
I had heanl ot th? wonderful cures of Swi't'a
Specitiu. and resolved to try it I commenced r
tilting it lu Apl:. 1MI. My geti^rsl twalth was 1
mu m Jmpr ved. yetthocaucer wkicrt wts i t my
breast con tin (n't ?o sr>jw >! ?? y but nut.' y Ti.o j.
bn?'*Vi Krow and h in *c quite bwy j lei* thst 1
mirft either I hve 1: rut or >li? Hut it < nimeneed
discharf 1j/ iu\ntMe? cf ilmot M?c* thick 1'
hlood. :tc/iul?uc?i nciirRiifuuwl t-i'ix>20i tintil
Febraar . wlfn i: was ejtlr.l; tin and
well. Be lay Wood.
i. oelieJCtt, 1*1 zcoulli Co M ? , Juty n, 1N<S.
Swift's SpecinclsrutiTdy vp^-ta'dr, and aeo ns
to cure caniew by fi-rvhig t ut ;he idipuritlM frjm .
tLe bluow
Tr^a'lsM o i lilo'-d an %. rOntn D u'' s-s niaUcl ire-*.
Thk -wiKrFpyc:pjc rX? I>.a*er 3. atlart'-u Qa. Bl
N Y..JHW Ms t oi."V DAW ?
F?>r?ale livL'v u'i^Qo wiul t.ntigh'in Hr ?< Jt<to
25 yearsjpjL USE. E
Tfco Oreatcat Med i-: uL^riajn ^lx of tlia Agot ^
IjOsanl'avt>?*(itOt iSoweio cojtlrc, l'aln In )'
tho head, with e dull onaatlon In tho
back purtt 1'uia uccu-r tuo unct.'ccrtlQilr.
Fullaeaa after oat! a sr. wltb
Inclination to cxci tloc of LpUy or wind,
Irrltabilltrcftemper, Lorr fiplrltai vritb
a.fcetiax of bavins aecleetcd hobio dttty,
Wcarlace?t Dlzzlnrs** Fluttering at Che
lloart, Dots birfarotho eyes. Headache
over the rlgbc cyo. U??tle*?nt-nn, with
tj:ful dreams, llisidr colored l*ria9f aud ?
TTTT'S I'lIAS aro especially adapted
to ouob curs, one doao effoou sucU a
They Znrrcoae the Appetlte,andcaiuetho u
body tr> Take on FleuM, Uiim ibo ?y?tcia Is p
nourished. on?I liy (heirTonic Actiou on
tba HlKMUvflOritaiu.K'JJulcrSJouUar#
pro.luii'r!?' ? Ur?r? > I Mttrray St??IV?Y? ^
Renovate* tho body, maUtn; lioCltby Ik'-sij, *
cJiensthen# tho weak, repair* the waste* or
tho systoai with purw blood ami lard muscle; ,
ton?M tho nervous ivstem, invigorate* the *'
[ rain, and Imparts tlio ri^or of ciauhood. 1)
(il. Paid by drmrtjlsM. ? . g
OVVIVK 11 IflurraySt., New York*
Surface Indications 1
What a minor would very properly term
"sur/neo itnlieutiotts" of wltat is bene.*itli, c
tre iho I'itiipIt'H, Stirs, Soro Jiycs, ,
} toils, and < utattooes Kriiptions villi i
which puopio uv? nmjnyvU in ppriux ami 5
eariv summer. Tho diet o mutter iiecutnu- J
luteu (luring the winter mouths now
makes its preseueo felt, throu^'Ii Kit lure**
cuueavors i?? c.\|?i u *i<hii mu r
While it reunite;. it if ftpoi>cii that footers *
(11 the blood and may de> i :<?j? into Sorof- s
uln. I'liirf coinlitioh onuses derangement t
of I ho di,,'i>"!ive mid u?iir.llulary organs,
wlfli n fceliii'/of enervation. lumnior. mul
weariness?often llirlit ly xpokfti of ?> "only ?
nprln.^c fever." TIk.hj *?! ?! evidences tliut f
Nature Is not able, unaided,to throw off ii
the enrnmt atoms which weaken the vital" ?
forcos. To ivpdn health. Nature must l?o 8
ttf<!rtl hy it thorough blood-purlfvhur mcdJeiuc;
tiud Uuihiiy cku is tu cil'eetiv'0 t? ^
fryer's Sarsapar/J/a, j
vvliieh is sufficiently powerful to expel I
from flu* system evcil tile taiut of Hereditary
Scrofula. r
The mcdieal profession imlorw AYKU'S
fv\usAi?AKtu.A, tmd tuwty atti>tutUius of ?
the cures efti'i'tcd hy iu-otuo from nil parts 8
of tho world. It K in the InuiriTfipTof B
the il-.n. Frauds Jewctt. cx-Stato Ken- I
?!?>r of JI,'i??:ichusetM ami ex-Mayor of ,
9 Lowell. 'Mho only preparation tha{ doc* .
real, lasting good." 1
rnnrARnn JIY ?
Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co., Lowell, Mass. c
Sold by all Druggists: Trice $1;
Six bottles for $5. g
1 : i
TO M*vc. S?r ALTIt THr I ?vrn vi.sr "P ?* nne??. 0
nwiwnfisffllflmoira :
IIIIM V IJ^J'C/du.ruu \w/uu .
i?a U?li?blc R?m?tr io? Li'1'Oimp'sinU act illseau?#?l
bjr aJenxrvl <>r torpid l.jvtr, w I?r*E;< !*,
CoB'tlpatlAa, j. J*-util? Hfwlnrho,
Una, Hh?uin?ii<i?. ?i<*. II r?t nlitrath# l*rvil?, pwt?
fir*III* ?"?' 'k'?? ?v"m,
Tftou?omi*of 'eKtlmonI-its orovu ltd
AXT wrimnrwii.t. tr'.i. v .< 1 rw ::rroT?rt'i*.
C-n-Jh. tloaa, fvcr(m bm^I
Aiur. ila"mro"-K^/J^UR?SCOVUl
tlud, Heal* 8i*r??, rm i
Iteatorca the betiM* Jjo/iyFEVEfl ?^2
of Tiute, Hearing J> fefe. 1
Hmoll. Atfolck He-j^L y ^49
lief. A Poaitlve Our*
ckeam" balm
ho gained an onrU>)!i- t.H AV-,IPPI/cn
reputation, dUpUciiiK 1*#%T CJB* VKajrf
all other preparation*. A particle hi *pplle?l Into
each ntwlril; no p*lu: agree* bio to use. Price
frchrmalloratdrugglaU Hem! for circular. KLY '
juwthjum, Pru?t*u, uw?*>, x. y. Kpn i
Silt MtdlwVML
SSiiuil V7 FohrtoeMh Htr??U
The Proof Which lis fubmlU?<l to tb?
IktroU Frtt /Yen
For some years put the driver of a
milk wagon with * routo la tbe etilcra
part of tho city hu baen enfugei to a girl
living at homo on Sliiatnlh street. The
marriago day has baoa act two three
times, but something hu occurred to prove
ut a fulfillment. The girl probably sot
dixcouraged, and tha lirct thing thu mi;krnan
knew ho heard a report that she wis
to he married. He traced this report to
an authentic source, and farther learned t
that ?he was to fatep oil last night. Such j,
treachery filled his soul with frenzy, and c
he armed himself with a revolver aa Ion# 'j
ii" his arm and put in hia appearance at c
th^j hooae just a3 the invited uuefita began ,
to assemble. The object of hia wrathy af- _
fectiona met him in the coolest maimer, 0
sayinyr. \
"Weil, it isn't my fiult I waited for |J
foil three years." I
"But why didn't you send mo word that e
you were going to be married?"
"Oh, 1 hadn't time. You havo no idea u
tiow busy I havo been." ?
"But tuis must be stopped?it shall bo g
itopned!" i\
"Please don't?my head aches," said tbe d
firl. o
"I tell you I'll kill somebody I" ho d
ibouted. h
"Well, wait till after supper?come, *
lou't be so noisy." f <
Her lather came into the room jnat t<
hen aud took the revolver away from the g;
'ouny man, and then threatened to thrash 0j
dm it he didn't shake hands with the j.]
;room. When he had done this ho had
o stand by aud see hia girl married, and ti
0 afterwards eat supper with the others.
ht? more beer he swallowed the more of Rf
1 philosopher ho bccame. J? going home f.
i? was picked up by an cllicer, and in n)
nnrt yesterday morning ho said to the fc
udge: c(
"1 kicsed the bride, phook hands with ol
he bridegroom and lent 'em my horso to (j
o on a bridi! tour. If that don't sho* 0<
hat I'm a ?ood man you may send me up C1
)r a yoar." p,
tiwerl Sklrtul^luj- of Young LoTerr, CC
m Francisco Chrvnlde.
Did you ever listen to a younir couplo
forking up to that point of affectionate
itimacv at which th*>y rail one another i
y their Christian names ? .,
"It haa been a lovely party, hasn't it,
liss Jackson?"
"Lovely, Mr. Wilkina."
"I have known you a long time, Miss
ackson." "
"And I have known you quite a while." *;
"I've often heard my water *peak oi '
ou." pi
"And my' brothcr is tlways talking
bout you. .
"Is he ? I h*ar so much about you that \
ieel quite at bune with you."
"It is a lovely nh<ht, isu't it, Mr. Wil- ?.
Ins?" * 5
"Beautiful. I Think Edith's sush a love- ...
y name." p
" I)o you ? I don't like it."
' What uid you say ?" f
' Oh, nothing. I was merely repeating V
be name."
"I don't, liko all m?n'a nirniw, I lik*> u
dine. I like Philip and Ferdinand, and?"
"What do you think of George?"
"That's your name. George!'
"1 beg your pardon." P
"Ob. nothing; I was only repeating the JJ
" What a lovely night it is, isn't it, Miss
Idith?" . c0
"Oh, thore! George Ayiikins, what did
on let me slip on that cobble stone for?" cc
"'Pon my word, I didn't do it, Miss
"Well.?ire are home, or I am, Mr. w
ieorge!" u"X
?*:u very sorry." 11
"to am I. I'm very much obliged for s
our escort; I've had euch a lovely time."
"And en have T."
"Good niirht. Mr. Wilkins." t
"Goou uigiu, i?iwa Jackton." m
"Good night" nt
"Good nigUt." m
"Good night?Edith."
"Good night?George."
FAC'i'tt FOll FAUMEItd. yj
The hay crop in the northwest has been 8t
n abundant one, and will largely com- w
ensate lor shortage in other crops. ai
Every dairyman should have an ice ^
ouse well filled. Nowis the time to erect J
tie ice house and be ready for the bar- f
est. J
The value of the horses and mules of ^
lie United States is placed at $1,014,770,00,
mules bciug worth $101,404,000 of the
ggrcgate amount w
If, upon weaning a calf or other young At
nimal, it is to far separated from the darn 5j
bat one cannot bo heard by the other, I)
rom one to three days will suffice to ren,er
them quiet.
England is estimated to have lost from
outagious lung plague, between 1S42 and
800 o,54S,7f>0 head of cattle, valued at
400,000,000. During the following nine
ears the loss is estimated at $1,000,000.
Lettuce and spinach are winter crops, w
,nd the aced inay bo sown even as late as "
tow in some sections. Spinach may be w
own broadcast, but the lcttuco will bi
brive beet if transplanted in cold frames.
Bets can be bafely wintered on their V
ummer stands. if properly packed in dry ,
crests leaves or dry sawdust. Dry sand w
3 good, by making a hollow wall or case
round the hive and tilling it with dry
All who havo good, movable frame a
lives should know that you have at Itatt $
wenty pounds of honey ior each stock to Si
ast through the winter. This .will apply
o all kinds of hives?round log or equare
iox. a
Tho whey that is left after making ,li
hetse is not a sufficient food by itself for PB
tigs or calvea, but its deficiencies may be !Jfj
implied by the addition of pome bran or Jj
hipstuff; it ia then a passibly good food Oi
or pigs or swine. g
Unhealthy milk may be divided into
wo classes: First, unhealthy because vi
ecreted by an unhealthy cow; second, by J.
bsorptiou of disease from tho atmosphere, m
ir by becoming contaminated from the 0]
iddition of impure water, etc.
Professor Mayhard, of tho Massachusetts
Itato A#ricultuml Experiment Station retorts
that repeated applications of murate
f potash, and judicious pruning, have c?i
e^torcd peach trees to health which had
badly effected with yellows. to
A good thoroughbred Berkshire boar r<
rill greatly improve any herd of common
,04s' Almost any farmer cau afford to 1
my such a boar at the price now asked,
n'fact, we do not see how any farmer
rho raises hoga can afford not to buy.
X nnil nnu'v tnnkhrwl of hlaar.hincr irr
elery, where grown on a level surface, it. jj
o inclose it by a 4-inch drain tile clipped m
ver tho plant when a foot hteh. The ?i
eaveo grow over the top, affording sultt- jj[
iontshade, and the contined btalks whiten M
When pigs are allowed to sleep in damp Ji
laces tho result will often bo stiirueaa of a
he joints, rheumatism and diseases of the
pine, due to taking cold. Dryness and
varmth are essential to the thrift of young
mrh, especially on tho approach of cold |j
veather. u
To insure safe wintering of your bees cut JJ
wo holes through six of tho centra brood
tombs, near the centre or about one-third A
>f the way from the top of the combe, so a
he bees can naes and repass and thusreach '
heir food. The holes should bo about an
nch in diameter.
The New York Sun says it is very I]
itrange that so many farmers still adhere !"
o tho practice of allowing the grass in J
heir meadows to become over ripe before it
jegintoing to cut it The result is hard, ti
woody hay, that is so indigestible that it is J
lot healthy for any kind of itock k
Koa) Goixl Tltlngatu Uitderatniid Uow Tl.
bliuuld be borvi?d,
Thf /Mfi \!a'l
Baiter to bo Kvpt somo time of cotir
thould have salt added to it, but for ever
lay use is much better without salt; tl
lelirate flavor of butter in mined the in
nent salt ii added to it, and it is a fc
unate batch of butter that does not tal
rom the salt a rank, fishy, or other fc
sign fhvonthe moment they are blonde
Tar'ioos reo!pe? for cooking i*eet pot
o?a are glvca, but only ?n old aoMI
sho cl!mo?l the inonntahM a T?mh?
ind marched through GeoJyia, kuot
vhflt this vegetr.bfr i* when property pr
>areJ; i. e., I)?m! 1 slowly in tho aehwj'
rood (fence rail) tire, and served hot wil
ixpendition sauce.
"Schrod," said Gen. Benjaniiu F. Bull'
o a representative ?jf Tlir Cook, "ia a die
mown well iu Boston. .You will tind
?n the bill of fare of good Bjston hotel
."ake a email codfish, clean it thorough!;
ipi'n and draw it, bpiit it. and lay it J
nth the back down; pour Rait ami waU
-h prepared brine?over it. and I^t it li
niuht. In tho'inornim? ilrrJn him. nil
iroil bun, llrst faro down and theu wit
tack down, in pier ty of good buttw
t ian's froth cod and it isn't Bait cod. It
The topic of hou-cakes and corn-dodgei
i tbns settled by a S nibem writer
When tho old negro took nuikej a dodge
lie mixed home water with corn inval i
he bread troy and works it up in a sti
ongb, take/) h handful and pats it into a
biong ball between both hands, an
ropa it into tho pot that ia boiling th
icon and greens, and a* the pet boils th
hito ball of doui<h dorlgts up and down
[once its name, dodger. Tho hoe cakeo
)-day i:i corn meal dough baked on ;
riddJe, Hr?jton oneai?l?\ ?*.nd then on th
ther. But in old colonial tha^ the ne
ro(.'H made griddles of old casta >vay weed
ig how, an>l baked their min-bread 01
lem. llence tho hoe-cake."
At a diuuer party iu Fr.v c\ not loni
51, dv&S'rt was brcnght in in n new
r:n. A long fray wfeen Fp^iari-d to In
lied with hard boiled eg*a wvui placed bo
ire the hosted, who gave eacfi gueat ?
mple, and nuured over them fiumn air
' syrup or dresaing. In aetrango countr:
10 tourist is always on the lookout fo
lil things, but this seemed to cap tbi
iuiax?hard boiled e?gaat aawell dinne
irty for dessert. But it waa aoon dis
>vered that the white of tbia bogus egi
aa blunc utaago and tho yoke was madi
: quince jelly, egg sheila being used fo
iliiEi'MATisM, and similar disease-a, eaua^i
y a low state of the system, ato cured bj
ring A yer'a Saraaparilla. da w
Medical science ia able merely to akir
iiah on the outakirta of human maladies
le progress of which is to often depend
it upon peculiarities of mental anc
liyeical organizatir n.?Albany RiprM
I would recommend Kly's Cream Bain
? any one living Catarrh or Catarrha
sthma. I have suffered for live years s<
could not lie down for weeks at a time
nee I have be*n using the Halm I car
9 down and rest. 1 thank God that yoi
re r "in vented such u medicine.?Franb
. Burleigh, Farmington, N. H. ttLmm
It is proposed to lay pneumatic tubei
r conveying letterj in one hour Iron
jndon to Paris.?Chicago Ntwt.
ooford'4 Achl F>.oi?|tSitet*, Valuable It
Dr. Daniel T. Nelson, Chicago, says: ' ]
id it a pleasant and valuable remedy ii
digt-slion, particularly in overworks
. n."
It is time that the postal autboritiei
irre :t it or stop the pretense of fast mai
)t?een the ureat b-isiness centers of the
mutry.?Philadelphia Timet.
MvBon, aged nine years, was alllictet
i*h Catarrh; the u*e of Kly's Crean
ilm ellVcttd a complete cure.?W. 12
amma.v, Druggist, Kiaton, Pa. 50 cenU
package. See adv't. rrhsjkw
In England the belief of our propperitj
so tirinly fixed that an English com
ission is about to btgiu an ixvrstigatioi
our labor system in order to atcertaii
tr secret.?Omaha Ret.
A Cftio Nut llrjruail II? lp.
Dr. M. H. Hinsdale. Kenawee, 111., ad
see use of a remarkable cure of Con
imption. lie savs: '\A neighbor's wift
aa attacked with violent lung disease
id ptonounced beyoad help from Quid
nnsumption. As a last resort the fatnilj
?? p^reuaded to try Dli. WM. HALL'I
A lis AM FOK THE LUNGS. To the as
nianrnem 01 an, uy uiu time biie nut
led one half doz?n bottles she waa abou'
10 house doiu# her own work." rrh&iw
Tho Chinese will, wo hope, be cordially
elcomed in the East. In fact it wonl<
nonnt almost to a national blessing i
QOO Chinese were to sot tie in Boaton.cnier
Bhkstepped down from the *toair.ei'adeck,
Am! trod the * oucy Island suid:
Her glittering teeth nbowed not u speck.
Her biea h whs ike tboxephyn bland,
The*.- H crt'ects were csii?ed, we know,
By SOZODONT'd twice dally How.
Lad leu
ho use SOZODONT have only to opei
leir lips to piove its excellence. Thei
Lute, gleaming.spotless teeth, and fragran
reatli will tell the story. There is mori
3iuand for this wholesome and unexcep
onable preparation than for any othe:
antifrice in the market. One day its usi
ill be universal.
HalUtnoro Liv? stuck Market.
Dmci or tb? Cjoaxktok Live Stock Y am*, \
aioNUiY. yet im; l&a. /
arcrtPT* or tux wkjuc.
serc? - ; 2.01
leep and lambs ~ -. 4,39
Total - ....13,17
[The quotations given in our llva stock report* at
oae ot the retail market, except when oiherwii
UCK8 or BKf CATfTJC AT Tilt MAESlTf T#? WDtt
jry bent on Mle Uvday C0&5 CO
iumj generally mted tlr?t quality .. 3 SOM AO
ediumorgood fair quality 2 ?6a1
diunry thin itcery, oxen and cows 2 C0h2 SO
ctrcme range of prices. 2 0Jn5 (o
oat of the aalc* were from 2 Sua I 3
Irginla. ? 2,?
tut Virginia. .'. 14
aryland 3
;?lo - 2
Total 2~9I
The arrivals during the week amounted to 2,91
*d, against 3.&V1 l<u?t week and 3,6aI head th
rn?tK?nding week of lrut year, and the mile* wer
>11 head, against 2,010 Imit week aud 1.WJ he*
e corresponding week of hut year, and were h
> Baltimore butrhera. ........ .. O
>country dealer*. .. .. .. ...1,2!)
> JbuUsrn buyers......^..... 7
Total tales. . ....2.01
Th* number f i go<*d cattle offered on iho Hill u
iy was quite ilifiite I, ranch of the greater portiu;
iheo'erings consisting of medium and eoinmoi
,ul? s. Trade wugenerilly fair. The betu-rffnidc
iow little change in price; f.?r, being in lightsuj
y. value* were well maintained. Other grade
ost dealer* thotiKht, were off a slight r action
mattering quality and make-up of bunchei
ice* ranged at 2*4?l'h a lew ettra heav
!eves, a"Id by Myers Ji Houseman, at Sc. Mot
lea ranged from 2H? to Vftu
rrlvala tbU week .. .........~..5,<w
rrivala Urt week .. ?...5,27
rrlvala one year ago ^.....^......6,71
There if aomo saall incrcoao la the rceclpl
:er tat week, theoflerlug* proving to lie luqnat
i v fair kinifilv. 1 h? nti?Htv l? niiitA a* mw>l
vru la?t week. Tradeu fair toRo?),ftt?ii?vliai
i compared with tat week'* fl?ur.?. of
rlnat t >-day i\i toSHn, wita cxtm * ?bado hljjhe:
uuo time tat year h<** wild at CaY^c,
the iiiur KiUrr,
nival* lb ! week .. - 4.X
rrlval* tat week * ..??. 4,8;
rrlvali one ytarago b,<
The oflerlngi though K m In number by MO lieai
re In ex-tin of a v?ry "low demand, a* butchei
v buying very ajxrluRly. and Ultra Is little or n
ntride demand. Tho<in*Uty 1< generally re (mite
v dealer! a\ not m R?wd * ttie ollerlng* of lai
louday. Price* ranuc at '2a3^c for sheer*. few *el
ir at tbe Utter price; lambs 2%a*, and few i
itbor extreme. Ht ck aheepare <|untod at fl 00
*0 cacb. Bams lltno tat voir shoftp wld at v
Sc. and limb# at 3a6)tc, the latter lor vx'.rcu
y The Fotturen of iIim Mudej anil Stock ~
New Yopjt *vt. Jh - M'?ney rwy at lka3 pcrccnl. f
J'tlrue tiu'rmnti'c -tici pem-nt. horuxn Ei- I
clmnirn ?iull Mt SI kiUmI *
?.. <iovr.KM?K.N i Won- dull and Mtwdf.
f ktatk Bonjk*?Active hm.1 rutlu-r heavy,
tie ItAILWAYUuKI*?Active. '1 he ml? h were 8-1,711,
? 00?.
?" feroco-Tbo Slock Market continues moderately
,r. active. Tbotalcs were4*1,471 aha et. At the op< ulog
prioee were generally % to K pvrceut
CO hlghsr. and wblletho marketwa?generally bwv/, m
_ after limited fluctuations at 2 o'c.ock, It waa firm
,r* ciurlnu tnott of tUe ait hour aad doted somewh t
IU? irrogmar at gains over last ev. nitig of X to K v*tcumfortttp
roost active nocks, with wtomiiro-l
a adraaw. of 1W t*rv<,m In Delaware A HudnA
4* ,u..' Wl'alJlftl 1? (u fifftdlnj, WJlUo Ao?ra Tort
tr a ?Vf*' ftj^ia.sdf?aowa. itylno c'wed with
eh m!V<n r i.l IX > er*ml !{*r?hW**Ufit e mM M
fervor High r, Cleveland, Columbus Cincinnati
hj 4 latJlduBvoIls cloietl with * uetjnm o(3H i crrcnt.
e- V.+.&, 1 :??{; U. 9.4SR.113K U?u-wo, im;
..r Pacific C* of '95, VA\4i Cetrrni i*n>in?? It wis,
' Kite tftcouds, >' %: l^chMt At Wllfctab&trr. oi'd
lu li/J>4: Louisiana rjia?olfl. fU; MiM*ourl<>, St.
Joseph,ilCAi; .St 1'. AS. <'. Sr.-ts, lelf. T'juUc?en ?
?, fa, old, 52; do u*w, W; Texas Pacific Land
\ U rants,do Ki<>(irande,'u. Union Pacific Uinta,
ill UNj?;do lAlulUniit*. 10."), do Sinking lund. V20%:
it Virginia fa. ?u; Virgin'.* Consols, extra matim-i*
H coupon*, do deferred i&: /.damn Express,
* 14'; A mertotu Kxprtatf, 101: Canada Southern,
Yt 44%; Centritl Pncltlc. 43; Chesapeake A Ohio. t%\
n dotir>t*preferred, 18%;do mosd.-, 11%: >!,C,U.
_ A I., Denver A ItlO Grande, llfjfc, Erie. V2!VA\
r do prefer*d, -?5; Fort Wayne 1JW^; Kama* A
I? Tira.. '.T^i; Luke Erie A Western HJi, Lalae Shore,
el 81 !4, I-ouisviilo A Nashville. 415?: LouUviIIi%"New T
t, Alb.vtiy ?v Chicago,XS; Memphis A Ch*r.e?vm.'?UV4: L
11 Michigan Ceu<rat, 71*^; Missouri 1'a'illc, Mi; F
r Nashville A chatUuo ga, 41V,; New Jersey fen- f
'a tml. 40!-4: Northcr.i tactile, Chicago A Northwestern,
10%'; do pr?.forre J, !&>>;: NVw York Cen*
tr-1, 10 \y. O&Jo t.cuti&l, Ohio A MiMdwdppI,
r? ViJi do preferred. VJ; l'a."iiic Mail. 56% - l'tts burgh,
in: fUadlng, 'i\%\ -t. Lou!* A S?n Francisco,
2%; do ; reierrct, 40; C., M. i: f t 1'aul, 8t; do '
r preferred. 1 <3%; Texas Pacific, vl%: Union Pacific,
tt &.%; Unltwl ? aten Express. \\\, s?t L. A P.,
|f 10; do preferred. 17%; Wells-Forgo h'xpre?*, 117;
n Western Union, 76Ji
l)r?iiil?iulf4Hnil Provision*..
Nkw York, Oct. 2?,?Flour, receipt* 10.025 btr- |
e r<U export* 4,oi? iwrn-ia: Mcka: market I
ft dn 1 ami weak; bales 11,000 band.*. Wheat, lower; L
I receipts lW.'iuo bushuls; exports, nones; hi h 3,714,
I 0 0 bushels (uturts. >,0 o bushel* rp?)t; No. 2
' sprlii<;v4c; uiutruaed r j.l?JK;a1l0i; Ho. 1 whtte?"c;
R ungradnl wlilwlWe: No. J ritd Noyemlter OGaU'^c,
losing at Wrif.i lSjoerabcrUSaWc, closing a S8J?c;
JhtiiiHiy yy,Vn?l 00;^. uio.iul'?ti ji o.^ Febnitry
!* ;; oi^ttl ICS, Clod- ? at si 01 yA\ -??y <i W<a
- 1 07);, cIociuk a1. Com, hlsUer; rwje??>w
, .'fl.sou bushel<; exi>oru bushels; wile* MS,en
bosbols future*; '."J ,im> buahel? sn.it and io
arrive; ungraded 4i*.r?l!4?:: No. i. lie: November
i Hea<aer 4Go; DeccuilKT So. -J, No. 2
\ wti'l*'. 62'^c; No. 'I DcmUir, nouxlual; hov?mtH-r
il cioalax ut hl%c; I/eoember W'fri'oc,
!* cli?sJi;K 439jp; Junutrv <&V>40^c, cIosiuk ut
-. 4t%c; February 40^a4(^c, clo*Ioj{?t 4tl>>c; May
, 46'4c, doing at 4U>$o o?uh higher und more
. active; receljit* '&.7M l>u>he!s; expOTlR. 18C5H ?
1 bushel*: we?tern SUa^uto; white ?lo. 33s4Cc Hay tr
7 quiet and kteudi y held. Colleo options fnirly 8
. active, c losing llrtn: mucs ? ,IXW bags; Oetobcr fl
, 6.itoa703c; .November C.l)ja6 U'c: December i
i ti 'JS*7 00ct Ittuiintv 7.ftk>' VcKrtmrw l.ctmt 1<V?> 4
r March 7 16c; Way 7.JCe 6<Kai dud: refined dull:
. mould A 6 11-lCc; fttnnd-trd A 0 ;MOJ* granulated
ij^iG 'J-lGo: cube* C7/h i7o. Mo>a*S3a quiet aud
? steady; New Orleans no* crop, 6JafiSe. Turpeui
ttue dull at 3t?%c ?.hkv:d. ?gg? fctoady with n fair
- demand; receipts va.lto package*. Pork dull and
Koiuowlidt nominal; me-a spot St MM iu for lutpucied.
Bejf tierce dull; city extra India mm
817bGa'200-J. Hulk lneuU llrin talcs: pickled
t tliouUlcra 4^,; d<> hum* Lard lower
and lca? active: weatern steam hpot quoted at
f 6.17)?c: sales. November* t> 14-6 lie; t>eeeiol?er
C.lLati IGc: January 6 tic: February 6.31 aT> S2c;
Much O.Wc; city steam 6 lOalj'JKc lluttcr firm-ir;
weatetu b*2Ic. Cheasedull and nondnal. #
Ciucaoo. Oct. 28.?'The wheat market lluctuntel
i rather wildly to-day, withlu a moder-t-i niuge.
. The marktt opened at H%c for December and rosj
i Hiidd^uly to bifac, but tbe pnisure to se'l wum very m
sharp at the outid e Ok ire aud the price foil oil" flj
quiealy t? 7;y:, fiuevuutlng between that jh>Iut |
and to>?c for an i our. The prediction of llght.-r I
. ecelpts at all primary point*, Mid thefictthat X
| 1G5 0 0 btHiels had u-en taken for Bhinmcur.causcd
> a ralv which aent Dcccuiber up to 'J>ic aud cl. a.d
) at 8S>fc Hour steady and unchau.^d Wheat
u. euio H" low? r, adduced ?ic hoI i oil J?c under
' largo ouering*. udfanretl ltfc under u gooddtI
mind, aud, influenced by the report of whtat b?I
I gtaken r.ere lor Miljm cut. declined %e. rallbd
. Vfi aud dosed >?c higher than ye tc.uuy; salea
L ranged: November eb*tu u\ >t?ia8eiic:
< December S7j?sM>V?c. c o-o l at 8-5ia.V?Jic: May
n'.Hj^v, closed at yoJ,o: No. 2 spriinc 8CH-iW5%o;
, No.3?prina7 a7lc; No.2red 9 c; No.3 re > 7*c C ?rn f*
' opened stiong jmdJ^hlghcrand closcd about tha *
I >a?re a* yesterday cash 4 yjUl^c, cloocd at ll'<$e;
Noreinb*" 8yJ-Ja$?jJ*s, cloml Mic: year ?7l^a:i7^c,
closed at 37&C. Oati quiet aid firm; c*sh 2b}io;
, November /n^av^o, cK?*d at 25^c: May^^a
1 2l>J4c, closed at.iattjjc. Rve?t*uiy; No 2, Glc. JBarl>
y quiet: No. 2, ws'~ Flaxseed ca-y; No. 1 fl 16.
r Mess jiork ruled active aud e:i y i-arly, but clcted
1 at only flight dtel ne f:om y??terday; pa*h
I s HA Noveuil>er S* i7>;a8 20; December |8 2>? ?
I Jmiiary f3LOa'JOl>:, closed ui9i 02i<a0 u5. J
T*rd in fair dt-mauH.' ln*fu< a.^bade oa>ier: ca>h I
5.86c; November 5JJ0a5 December 6 8-Kft I I
6.85c: January (i.'Jb&flXp Boxe?l meats quiet:
J hnuMom 5 4ai:t.S0c: ??>ort rib 4 8Cc; i-hort c ear
I 5.l0d-'?.l?c. Whisky itsady at gl 13. Sugara un,
changed. Butttr in goo<! demand and f.rtn;
' creamcry 14a28c; dairy 13i20c. fggs steady at 18a -i
lsJ4c. Afternoon board-Wheat rulml easy but -I
clos.d nncbancod. corn lower. UaU ana lard oc
j uuchat)ged. I'urk 2Ko higher. ~
, PiitniiKtritu. Pa.. Oct 2S ?Floor, snriu? g-ndes
quiet; ttintergrnde^lu good demand. U'heatopcn?
ydeteHdy.thendvcliaeti^c,laterr a t*daudclu?ed
a Arm; No. 2 red Octof*r NovemberWJJia
aW'jc; DticeinberJanuary ^
Corn, optlo'J market dull: ?xport demand light;
No. 3 tnixud Mc; steamer No. i mlxtxl tOaW>^c: No. F v
? 2 mtxud No 2 mixed October JVVja ^
a l^c; November 4'J^a4'J>^; December 4C?^aJ^c;
J?uuary45%a4b>.?c. ?-aU. ileniand lair auu priciM *1
firm: rejected wuite33a.'ClJ^c; No 2 mixed 3:li4a
1 31c: No. i white 37V4a3S>6c, Willi 4;'c bid aud Ijc &sski
d for Mo\p*e No 1 while; iuturea firm: OcUdier
cl-*ed iic h'enur: No. 'J whit.- OcluU r ri
November3i%a&Xc; December 3ia35Ko;'January ?
35Ho3cc, rrj
. Cincinnati, 0,0ft 2*.?Flonr in Ulrdcmard; 33
family 1Ua4 35! fancy 515^4 85. Wueat in f*lr ?*
domand and stronger; No, 2 rediMaUic: receipts
5 ICOUO buabel*; ?hipmeuyi 17.(00 bushel*, corn -s
dull: No. 2 mixed 4?>{c. Oatnteiuly; No.2 mixed 5'
27>{c. ttye firm; No. 2, GoC- Barley <iulet kiul uu1
uhani{f>d. l'orfc dull ut }4 75 l*rd firm At 5 8'c.
I Hulk meat* quiet: jdmulders 8 00c; ?bort rib f? 10c. 7:
l JIacon steady: aluulden 3.75c; Hhprt rib 5.75c:
short char G.lOc Whisky firm at 1107 Hot er '.
* heavy; ext;a treamery liia Oe; fancy dairy Mi.8c.
I SuK*r quiet ami utulutugel. Ftjgn Heady at 17c. '
t Cheesj eatier and unchanged.
r B.vi.tixobk, Oct 21?Wheat, wstern higher and T:
quiet; No 2 winter ted apot'JlaiWe: Novemlwr VA? Jl
W%c; December 'MV^i'JSKc: January %%att7o; Feb- ""l
J runry f-v^cafl 00. Corn, wostern a'eady awl mow
1 active; nixed ifotSfnTiOVtc: October toe; Novem,
b-r-Uvj^Mfo; yoir45l?ufcc: Jauuanr4i%a4>%c;
1 February 44%!i4-l}4o: Oatt steady and dull; weaturu
- white $ia3V.; do. mixed 2)*SGc. FiOViMmia easy.
Mlm pork 810 00. Lard, redued 7%c. Fix* firm Ht ?I
4)Sa 1c. Codec quiet; itio carubcK, ordinary to
fair 7%a-%c
Tolido, O.. Oct. 23.?Wheat eloTCd quiet aud
firm; So. 2 caah or November 9 yic: L?eo*mber
90Ki:Jiuiuary88c; February99><c; Mayfl 0IJ4 bli, _ $1
anted. (lorn du!l anu eaijr; No. 't caah 43 S*?: g?c
November 4*Xc; year S6c afkoi; May ffJo n>ked. ft
Oau uncvangci; No. 2 canh 2fic; November 2?1fc'c; May
Clover *teady; 1 rime mtdluui and 1 mh
|5 50; .November 15 55 asked; December t5 57 J$;
1 Jauarv $3 0 j.
r Lire Stock.
5 prt*: initio? Roocij'U 8h00 head; ?lilpu>ent* 2,- OH
. 000 head; market weak on nil but best shipping jJB
? steers; ahlppitiK siccra 843*5 50: stocken nud vr*
r fester* ti i'mS 6': cow*, bull* And mixed fl Mb riju
9 3 SO: through Texans 12 0 o3 OS; wertrrn rangers
fctcody; native# aud half breed* (.H25alt0; cows S 82
7.S.3 12k wintered Texan* 8' ".Sua 25 Hogs >
liereiptj 40,000 bead; shipment* 7,000brad; marki t ??]
active ntid 10c lower; rooah and mixed ?i 2fl?8 40; '""J.
parking and shipping 83 4u*3 CO: light weights it 20 m
a.< ?i?; Hklpa 52 6o*3 tw. Sheep - HeceipU -1000 brad; ""
hipment.1 l.uoo bead; znerKf-t dull and *t ady;
3 unlives 12U)*360; western ?2 0J?3 20; Texai.* 82 00
1 a3 *.0.
2 Eakt Libxxty,Pa., Oct W.~f'attlo slow; ptlrre
- ?j Ota.% 50; fair to good SI 60*5 00; common 11 60*
6 4 60; roCi-lntA ?7s# bead; shipment* 456 bead; ship- ^
c menu to New York yesterday 20 ear*. Hop fafrljr R
c ?c: ive and tlrm; Philadelphlaa W 'J *4 03; Yorker* I
fj 70a< K5; receipt* 2.SUJ bead; shipment* 2.0(0 B1
bead; ihlnmcnu to New York yc*W day 17 earn.
-beep fairly active; prime $3 50ut 75; fair to goo-i
f:? 0jh3 A); lamb*82 60a 1.0; receipt* 1,400 bead:
shipments 4,COO bead.
Cincinnati. O., Oct lis.?Hoffs Mow; common
and light 8275*. ('.*?; packing and buichcta 3 30*
, a 05; receipt* 6,SCO head shipments 8oJ bead.
3 Oil City, Pa, 0>l 2*.-Opened At fl 10; Qrj
hlKbeat 8111%; lowest fl COjj; closed At f 110K; II
, mIcm 1,351000 barrel*; clearano* C,022.000 barrel*;
^ charter* 20 Mi barieis; ahipmenu 7S.MM barrels.
IlHAbPuKD, Pa., Oct. 28.?Opened at 81 closed
3 at 81 I0>i: highest fl 12; lowest fl U)?; r.tna
71,'J."? (arrets; total shipment* 7.4.SOJ barrels; char Sal
ten 2 J, 365 barrela; cioanuicc* 2,OJO,UXJ ban el*.
3 PrrwBi'Boit, Pa. Oct Petroleum, active and *
' irregular; National transit cer ideate* opened at by I
e 81 lOjf; clcsel rtroug at 8i 10>?; higbeat 81 12;
1 lowest 8100.
' Titcsvillk. Pa., Oct. V.-Opened at fl 10k; odi<
hi,'neat 81 11%: lowest fl 09?: cloned at 81 10,S;
1 shipment* 78,600 bariela; charter* /J.3C5 barrel*.
" Nkw York. Oct. 28 ? Petroleum Arm; Unltoi T
" ckaod ?t IllO.S. I
1 Dry Oboda. O
> New Yf*ic, Oct 28.?There haa been rather moro
a bualneu through t>um- rati* onleni for aupplerDent?
?ry awrtineuwof * mlscjUAirooiacluricitr. With
* ngeutft ami JoUtnr* tbl* kind o( \>u?lnw? in gen- ?
' cral, and ft vetrg>xxl tr<tde la la proKruM without
ftuy activity reflected. Ou the part ot agenu there
i. U cotulderable being done for account of aprlag ^
* apocUlllc*. f
J Cotton.
New York. Oct 2S?Cotton: future* cloaed
doll; Januarjr9.de; February 9.60c; April 9.91c;
,2 March lO.OJc.
3 Cincinnati, 0.,Oct. Cotton In fair demand; .
1 middling* 9%c. J*
Land. ai*J
t New York, Oct 22.?Lead quiet; common 14 05ft ""
J "? =
An Knterprlalng, Reliable 0noae.
r" Logan A Co. can always bo relied upon, T
not only to carry in stock the best of every- *-ji
thins, bat to secure the Agency for such <jw
{} articles ss have well-known merit, and are the
1 popular with the people, thereby sustain- _2
in? the reputation of being always enter- r?
!; prising, and ever reliable. Having secured 0
o the Agency for the celebrated Dr. King's
d New tfiscovery for Consumption, will sell i*,
, it on a positive guarantee. It will surely r=
it cure any and every affection of Throat, Tj
to Lungs and Chest, and to show our. con- J?
.J fldeuce, we invito you to call and get a
Trial Bottle Free, mwfaw wo
$. C. JlXaffat .* (Co.
r n unrrii
h Ui IflUiTn!
& CO.,
17 Twelfth Stroei
fnll Assortmenl
Vices Low I
No. 37 Twelfth St.
gjog. SpcitUI ft
^ V
irocery House
Solo Agent* for the Cdhbratca
lit of West Virginia Flour!
08 500 Sacks Per Day During Angnst,
rRvcry Merchant can doublo bla flour tradt
sand.lag it.
. rc'-ar.U arc cordially Invited to make oui
* their bo*d<iuart?rt while la the city.
Wholesale Groccrs.
p!2 TTb Ja
SQ?>?Y 1 ?v???*+?r
Kent Estuto iV^eut
pedal attention given to Collecting Rent* and
general management ol Real Katate. C*u fur
h ln?t of rdcreuu*.
irin 1?n VATV ?T.. WhMtng. w. v>.
ct?. Old Fellow*' Iiall, corner Ghapliae nu
elltb utrcfta, Wheeling, W. Va Attorneys fo
i Wheeling muinMH Men'* Collecting nurtwti.
No. HO Market 6t. Wheeling, W. Va.
VCoUoctiona attemlM to cod psoc?*U prompt
>0 to the INTKLUOKNCER JOB ROOBffl, Noc. 1
IJ7 Fourteenth street, where 70a aea be mom
lated *l than notfcej
S.'ogait Sc (Co.
l Mmon Sensi
? 1. Dr, Mott, of New York, fed
number of liogn for Rome weeks o
bread made with Alum Ikkla
Powders. In every liwtaBM th
doga lost nppcthe, slcliened, an
some died. At the same time h
fed other dogs on bread made wit
pure Tartar KaMii? Powder, wit
L ?o injury to appetite or health.
2. The use of alum iu bread 1
prohibited by law in somo places
because it has been found to injur
3. Some people buy Alum liali
' ins Powders because tliey ar
, cheap! Is it real economy, wliiel
to save a few pennies now, lays i
foundation for iii health and doc
tor's bills later out
You are on the safe side in nsini
Baking Powder!
Which Contains no ALUM 01
oilier injurious ingredient.
See that our address is on eacl;
box or label. Address all orders t(
Proprietors and Munufiiduier*,
Succewore to l.ojpin, List A Co.. Wheeling. W. V*.
Belter Tliau An Insurance Poller.
Diarrhnta, Dysentery,
Flux, Cholic,
Cramping Pains,
Cholera Morbus
And Cholera,
IthMRUTcJ many Mtcr.
V?cd by many rhyslciaus.
No. 1208 Main Street.
aniS Trh.Ut
I)r. .X. E. S3IITH,
No. 1404 Chapllue Striwt,
Near Fourteenth btrect,
Tlio bout evidence of a physiclan's sucttjsi 1* tht
testimony of bin pitieutx. Tuo Incrnuiiue demand*.
(or my proto?*loual uirvle<s provt that I h*vt
dealt honorably and fairly with those wbo bav(
consulted me. J never uw a patient's name with'
out permission, though I have many hundred oor
tiflcktc* from thone whom I have cured after the;
had been pronounced Incurable. A thorough mod
leal education with many y?ir*hcwpital expertena
and familiarity with theruputio BKcntt, adlom oh
serranceof temperamental peculltirliics aud strict
attention to hygienic management insure* mora*
a cure In poMible, and t frankly give the patient raj
Home Proof.
Kidney and Liver pbeanes aod Rheumatism.
auueruu lerrjuij?-^uiuiuk wviuw w? uvip wo
could not get out of bed. l?r. Smith ?*ured me."
ZEI'U. PHILLIPS, Wheeling, W. Va.
Catarrh, Polypus of Kose, impaired Voire.?Sni
fered f or yean; witcnt medicine failed to help me
Dr. 8mith completely cured me."
Of Speidcl A Co., Wheeling, W. V*.
Pppopsln and L leer At cd Stomach.?'Treatment
for year* failed to irivo me relief: l)r. Smith curoc
me. THOMAS HOLT, Insurance Agout.
Fit*.?Ilnd them for fourteen yi?ni. Dr. Srnltl
cu red me." LOUIS F. WASH INGTON.
Scrofula. Running Sore* on Head.?"My Hon *aj
afflicted for fourteen yean. Nothing teemed U
help him. Dr. Smith cured him."
Market Street, Wheeling, W. Va.
Cancer.--"Suffered for year* with Cancer. Hud I1
cut out three time*. It roturned after each opera
Hon. Dr. Smith cured mo without knife, cau*Uco]
pain." Mm. h. m. ORCUTT.
Pile*. Fistula of Ann*.?Flat on my back fcr D
week*. Reported dying. l>r. Smith rnrad tn<
without knUe in At? weeks.
WholwuiJo Grocer, Main St., Wheeling, W. va.
Olceratlonjt of Rectum, Prclaj>;u? ur.d 1'ih.a."Wa*
given npto die and pronounced incurable
Dr. Smith cured me without knife."
Rev. H. O. Lodd wrlu*:?"Dr. Smith's profes
slonal services In my family have bu-u m?t satis
(MCtory, and I commend him to all m ? Kt-ntieauui
Mid a ikillful physician."
* "Mm. Margaret Knlk n?7?: "I had be* a irofTerini
for seven years and treated by many phydciani foi
dyapetaia. Dr. Smith said I nod a tape worm, and
In eight hour* removed a a?oiut?r 109 feet long."
Female Complain:*.?Three year* in honpluJs foi
female*. gire me peculiar advantage* in mu h >a?ea
I'erooux rured of catarrh, dImams of heart, liver,
ktomaeh, kidney*, akin, blood, nervous affbullon'
aalhrna UMiify to my
I 111m cured without tho knife.
lutlenu at a dUtance may 1-c trc*te?l hr letter and
natWvrtlon guaranteed. A churl for eff-exAmlittlion
seat on receipt of two thrco-cent And
advice rem mod free.
Confutation at office (rue. Ofllrehour* from 9 a
u. to 7 r. K., dally. Call on or addren.
No. 1404 ChapUuo fit, Whaling, W. Va.
Will core IHaow* ol the Kl Jnrfs, Gravel. Gleet
Stricture*, aud all Urinary and urethral Mtww
KcrToui and Phynlcal Uebtllty. Bcmlai'l Wcaknma
\xm of Vlfor, Premature Deollpe In Han. KatIj
Decay, Impou.ncr catucd by error* of youth, ex
CesPCM, dec. tiyphllii In all it* lormi, ?cr<- thro*'
and naao, ulcer*, eruption*, acrofnia, tetter, atl
> rheum and all blood and uln dlw.^w. Kema'j
WeaknMi apoedlly cured. Sonorrhft* cured In I
daya. Prim 8 00. Sold In WhwIU.g, W. Va.. h]
S.P. Bootras, Ijjqap A Co., Druxzlrt. Beut ]
: mall^led ?*
^ ICuit'uO anilGlnlitol dnys.
Ill your (lrtigttivt for it.
HI I Sent to unyn?Idri?NH rorSl.no
! Ill Nil YflflR MF6, CO. SpriClflilll, a
"r.wirwrtiTfR^ FNP.I IRH?
Tin- Crliriitnl ntiil Only (imoltif.
Ratruft ! r.1.: *?e.f H .irllilrM ImtUIWn*.
"Chlclir-U-r"* r.??:u!i*v< i1
TO LADlEtt. < I
> . ? *??? >?. iv-tt BifaBaV 1
" r-ffy A fj*?>?iie prcw.ni tu.n of one of the moil
) '* * noted '? ! i iWui * rci dift-in lh< U S.
frtn* fr'ifci!' lor tlir curt <>f Sf?fV?ni It* blllly,
? Manii?w?t, WtfMknrM uM ><ni
l, in pi tin tckM erwl??|i?! Ft*rr. I>rui;giji? r^n fill it
Mdreu on. WARD & CO.. Louisiana, Mo.
(nrt* 4T.*v??
CooticuM't titnfl Uh!p oi ptnen :- i trua* ?
reded loAUHL'tfTaO. lidf" L't line.
4.*. k.n. a. *. r.u. r, u.
a B?11a1I* ^ S:S5 8:20 10:OpT:?
BridKfPoru. :?7 I ;? 0:15 |.M 4i?
T1 ;fo i;il S;2 4;?
ttrtUUlit......)? ilU U:e: 4:16 i.M
0 ft Wt?nTtf&,:? i.fl? 1:6. ?;0
* ;? M i;w
:C 5fc*>0F InioMi.iiiKiiit :H; *;cii jj:?: S|lI
^ icuotr crow WJ.ti.it.,. n:;2 0.&
n ?:<>: .... K-jr. S:Jvj
w LirerrooL 7:.V.i i2:Wi ?:?
1, Hocbcrtcr......^. a:6t' I:JM
" AlicshvoT ?:10 a:v<.j
I, Pltttburgh 9:5o| 2:J6J 7.t
i....j i ....i i
RaventiA. '.1:08 -J:.'-.;
u Hudson 11:80 5:1'
a Sawburjj..^.. 12:251 6:
J, *3?TQhmd 12:V>| C:,*'!
p wbfft TO aluasci a.nd chicago.
a.m. A. V. [ r. m. | 1'. u.
AclInSre 6:26 lU:Co! 3:^. ~
> BriilKi-iort 5:47 10:JVj A
. M*rtiu ? Ferry?v,... V.5< 3.4" 4 . is
b Yellow Cr*>lt 7:2? liMftl r 1
|i r.tt. i i
11 Welbfvllle 7:4? 12:20 !?:'> f>:lO
& Bayard 9:S7 a:5.
11 tiuanco 32:25 4:fcj ..
r. *.
Canton _ 1:4ft S:C0 ...
Hamilton .... 2:M .VI*
Mannfltild 4:12 7:40
J OtosUilte b:25 8:10 ....
* IJlflfi 10:50
Port Wayne 4:0ft 12:40
Chlc?ro 8:aoj 6:Q0U.~..1.....~.
All train* dally except fcuuday.
Trains leave Cleveland (or Wheeling kt 8:00a. ci?
*2:10 p. m., arriving at 4:SS p m. and 7:58 >. -n
k J. (1. ToMUNskW,
| PiuKuger A Rent, Wheeling, W. V*.
* Geu. Pm* and Ticket ARpf t. Pittsburgh. ?'?.
j '.lamks mcckk K. <.? >>?" *' v t?i? r
f I LOUIS KAIl.ROAI??Pho Handle Kent- .
lime table for Eu*t mid Wot corrected to Au?;iwl
) SO.i&S. Train* Icare Tan UanCl'i nUlloa, t of
Klcventh fclrvc-t. near public landing ca fallow,
) 'lentMlgtamUrd t<t<ie:
Plttt. Kiw; ti~< tBC.
utatiom. Exp'a FLtp't "xv' '* 'r
a. m. r. m. r. k. r. y.
Lcavo?Wheeling. C:W 12:16 a:3.'> K:os
Arrive?Wellsburg... .... 7:28 1:25 4:11
Btcubenvllie .... 8-00 2:00 5:*} U:C4
, Pittsburgh 9:30 8:30 6:10 ....^
a. y a.m.
: ffatrliburg 1:10 1:10 2:%
Baltimore : ...... 5:2a 5:25
Wtuiblujrton ~ 6:40 6:3C ....
. tblla.Iulnhla....... 4:?s 4:2$ 5:?
Now York. 7:(X5 7:00 A:u ...._
r.M. r.m. p.m.
Borton 3:00 3CO m/a*.
ooino wjcsr.
r'?c jlKun u t>r I
KTATioj't. Kap u Mxp'c Mall, e'ra'r.
p.m. r.m a. V. km
f^ave?V/hoellug^. 8:^ 3:ii 6;j?. I2:lt
Arrive?ytcubeuvllle 9:03 b:2t> K:?o 2;'<1
Cadiz ? -<i h-.vi i :>i)
Dennlsou........ 10:40 7:20 9:30 4.06
A. M.
N'cwxrk - .. ... 12:40 U:S> G:5?
r. ji.
Itolumbujt. 1:4.% 12:.tf S:0C
Leave-(,'olumbun 2:00 12:66
Arrive?Dayton ~ 7:30 .. -
Clnciutiati....... f?:10 ......... 4Mf> .........
Indlauajioll* U:45 ......... 10:2f; ...^..
A. If.
3t. Loul#,...... ?. 7:30 7:1*
'Chlrayo *:r?' . ' '
All train* dally except Sunday.
Pullman'* FaWcc Drawing Koom and Sleeping
Cars through without change from StoubCttvlUo
Kast u? t-hlladelvhla and New York. West u> Coiumbtu,
Cincinnati, Louisvkle. Chicago, In.Uaimj*
oils aud St. Louis.
For through tickets. baggago checks, abiding
car accomn:odatIuu>. and any further information
V3 JOHN . lXJMUNSON, Ticket Agent At
Pan Handle Station, foot of Eleventh street, or At
City Ticket Office. und<jrMoT,'?"" nnnw ^'>?oo1Ibk.
Manager, FltOiliurgh, Fa
fe. A. f'OfcD,
Gan'l Piua. an'l Tlr'<?'l Agnnt. F.t tabling ? a.
Timetable corrected to Jt'iA a, iw?. fr*,ui
leave Panhandle Htatioa. loot of Eleventh a'.rret.
sear public landing, ?a follow*?Ounti&l standard
riae?which li 85 inlnutai alowe? thaii Wheeling
oo:::o moth.
aH *li> Ac-'
w? Pa? com.
a.x. p.v. A.U.:
Lcaro-Whecllng. 6:3* 3:25
Arrlro-Bauwood 8;5s 5:tf 8:65
Moun-brrllle ... 7:15 4;to #:40
Clarlngton. 7:55 4:45 11M
Proctor....? 8.07 4:57 11:43
New Marti iwrillo 8:25 5:15 12:25
" Bardls,........ 8:34 5:23 13:60
SUlenvllie ... 8:50 6:40 1:?5
Frlsudly MaUunwraa; ?:C3 6:Vk J:HJ
fit. Mary* .. 9:Si G:25 8:?0
Wlillamstown (Marietta) 10:20 7:io 5:10
Parker>bnry. W. Va. 1U:M 7:45 g-30
oowo Kotrni.
i 1 |D?iiy|l>*lly| Aci
I Pan;.! Pua. 1 mm .
A.M. r.m. A. hi.
> I/*vft-P?rkeribarg. - 6:0 C:18
Arrtvo-\VUli4nuiU)wn(M?rrtta) f..A. i .Oi i:M
I St. Mary* 7:1 ? < >.'
. Friendly (Matamow)... 7SS 6:'^ 11 :CJO
t tilfltcrkTlllo 3:00 6;t0 11:25
. r. m.
I Hardl* 8:U b:W 12:07
New Mirtlnivllle.. 8:*? t:<? li:Sfl
Proctor R:4? t:% l:li
ClarliiKton s:w 6:3: 1:48
MoundBTlllc. ...... 9:45 7:? S:'.3
Beawuhd I0:0r. 1.?5 4:15
; Wheeling.- 10:20 3:0* 4:*0
PaKicnger tr&lnn dally Inclqdtn* Ki;uday. AOcoumodatlon
trains runs daily cxcctk'fruiter,
Ticket A<o:>t. Whgc:lng, W. VA.
On and after NAY 8.18M. pflMcnyer trains will
1 run a* follows?'Wheeling tic*'.1:
, No. i&. No. 1 Kc.il *
, *a?t bound. Local. No.87 DaJly No.83 Dally
leave? a. m. p. X. A. V. a. m. p. x.
Wheeling ...... 6:36 4:10 6:40 S:lo ' 5;?fl
. BeUalre ..... 6..v> 5:?
. Mannlneiou^. 7:30 ...?
r Arrives at r, x. r. x. ?
Grafton. ...... 4:00 11.-Or. 1:10 10:18
! Cumberland- 2:40 7:C0 2:W
WftMhiugton City- ft:?) i>.
Baltimore 7:tt) 5.30
No. SS. IH and 87 >t?i> at nil Htatlon* ~
No. 2 Hoi 4) No. 1
w*r. BOUND. No. 14 No. 12 Dally Daily *uli7
Leave- a. m. p. x a. *. p. v. r. x.
Wh^Uno 0-4? ?.!f- l.-u.l
1 BelUire... J. aho \':V> lbitt. n'm
Arrive hi mi. ' a. x.
ZaneavlU# 11:20 ?:0l> 12:1ft 10:lu l .10
Newark 1:J0 10:.Vi 2.00
1 Coluinbu* 2.10 11S.1C
r Cincinnati 7:2s k\w 7:W
; .^unduiky ? 6:30 b:.*
\ Indiana poll*. U:oo 7:y,
' . A- M. f. Jt.
8t Lonla ... 7:rX) C:iO fl:M
| Chicago., _ 6;40 A'j:0n 7:26
1 KaraaaClty a;ro y;r? 9;oo
llonu?L.vIi;o accommodation 1mt?* Wheel!:!* ?t
11:85 a. n.. an J arrive* at MoundarUle at U:!6 p.
m. dally except Sunday.
Manulugum accommodation at 4:10 p. nv.
ZaneaTilie accommodation Icavcb Wheeling
7:tt a. m. aud 8:40 p. m. UclUlro at 8:10 a. m.
4:15 p. in., dally excx.pt BurnUy.
' 10:25 p. m. train through to Cincinnati vithout
. chance, with it. A O. Sleeper through toCincinnavi.
B. A 0. Bleeping Can on alUlirotigh trtCu.
r Through Coach from WDeeJIaz to Cincinnati on
No. a, leafing Wheeling at 9:li a. w., arrlviug it
t ''iiiclnnatl at 6:60 a m.
t Cluac connection* arc ma.lc for all point* Socttt
f and Houibwt?t, North and Nortbwvat, maim* tot*
i a dealrable route for colonhla and wr-oiji noting
r to thff great Wert, and to nhuic particular attention
r la given.
Ticket* to Ml principal point* ou iuIc at Dej-ot.
Sleeping car accommodation! can bo stcurtU at
tapot Tlckct Office.
T**<yj C. BUKKK,'Tlckct Agent B. A O. Depot.
JOHN "T LANl?, tr*r. IWu.-r Agent. 1
R. T. LKVKIKH, (teuctxl Agent. Wheeling.
V bon. n i o.
On and after JUNK 21. IMS, pamnpjr tnslm will
run aa follow*---Whittling Urn**.
For Pliubnrgh?4:40 a. m.. 6^5 p. m. dally; 7:45
a. m.. I: JO p. a., dally except Sun Jay.
Kor W aaniiigton?5:06 p. m? dally except Huu Jay.
From F?Ubnigh-lJ:u6 a. m.. 6:06 p. ni., dallf
exempt toftfur; 10:15p. m., dally, o.oi a. m. dally.
" from Wa*hlugtou-9:<* a. in., daily; Il :(6 a. m.,
?.w ?> ui., u-?n/ uiviit ounn?y; p. iu., Oulif,
K. L/JED, GeucraJ Pamnngor Agent.
H. DUNHAM, Otaer&l Hup't.
J. T. I.AS^TTHT. PAW. Apt. Vli-H"..'.
(Commission ftttecliants,
fe. DwiMroci, a. D. Ko-ii poon,
GoocraO. Of D. En!wton A yoN, SpccU.',
mleri In Oniu, Klour, Bead a, rrorMon*, ChMM
and Dried Fruit*.
M IT w>gmwfiTnM?t (l'_v*rn
PRINTING ncftUjr and promptly eiocuMal |t
<b? IxnUMUGU J 04 OVFlOfc

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