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falling J'owflce ^
qgl .
Absolutely Pure.
Tbta powder rurfrrarlpj, A rm?YcI of purity.
itrpQff'Q anrl vib- 1-ftotnpnei. More icooomlcftl
than tbe ordlnxry kiu<1? kd<1 n'u ot b? told In
oompetltioa wit a (be multitude o' low te*t,rhort
Weight alum or pbcpbuto towdtri SoW only in
cant Eoyal b*kjm> fo* dm Co.. 1M Wall itroet,
K?w Yrirk wfl
<S?o. T&. inooh k tfTo.
&l CO.
Invite special attention to the
immensestock of Ladies',Gents'
and Children's Underwear of ,
every description, just received.
Our orices 011 Underwear are i
the lowest in the city.
Another I t of the celebrated
Cannonsburg Wool -j
Blankets rec?-ived These
are the largest and finest c
Blankets ollerc c! for the
money. j
Our Cloak Department is re- j
plete with the latest and choicest '
styles ot Ladies', Misses' and ,
Children's V'raps, which, noti
hi* recent ad-1'
nuuuwu.-v.,,^ (
vances, we t-ti'l offer at old j
prices. ,
11IO Mnin StnMnt.
noli '
Market, Street.
OUro Hmm-0 * m fn t p. v. ? t.-? ^ r, w tr5 .
gUtu ^Lducvtiscmcnts.
Un KrilflhMIUunrriv 101 l.w?M:uiniil?M.i?urolilltMiu*U I
bf adnrnhcnl ?r t??rpnl wmdH'otiof th? l.ivrr. n- Pf?- ,
I>rp?]a, (*on*tlpattmi, llUiouMi?a?, Jnumlw", llnclaclm, I
walmm, Ilti'tiiuutiini. ?l?. It rwnlalwtlK'bu\vcl?, purl- 1
ilMtlie ?'??,n?-'c "* ?lif? ? < :? Ol^r?i:ou.
Tfiottnnnduot lestimonloliprrve Ito merit.
AMY HHT?l<mT W tM. 1 r.l.l. V"1' rT?TH>S.
I will be at iny oClco iti the Public HnSMinp. from '
C o"clonlc p. m. until ID p. ac every mjehf durlnu |
thin an11 next week, to ronutve City *1 nxtu* from
thotso who d?lro lu nave* tint i! percent fll'cnnnt
All f-er-ons who cauuot *i.uru tMetlmo throu?li tlie
dikjrnlioultt nvrtil thcm'olvci "I this rpitfrunity.
Interest will ?w? added lit tlie ruio ?>f 10 psreent per j,
nuuum after th? firs'. of OT^mier. l>>f?
11017 M C It MVHi M> < l'r 'o''. rfr.
lb %,
iHliuwi Su?. !ift uml 517 Fourteenth Htrnnl.
Now Advortltewunu. j
Wnuted?Groofry Clerk.
For Kout?furuiihcd koaai.
UUmond*-1, a uillau. 1
Fur Rent?Comfort* Me H.lck House. I
For ^ale Cho?i>? S^cjinJ-li?.uJ Buggies and '
WajoL-v -Lot* & fc 1 g.
Decorated 4c*8tti?Kwlni Bro..
Budtwheal floor? MoMt-ciien.
Umbrella aisn-ls-John i?rle<lt?l.
Hojs' Kubbu-r Coals-D (JuudlluR A Co.
Ueo. M. Snook >t Co.?Head of Local.
WE caution the public against Agents
who claim to sell goods lor us on weetlj
payments. They arc Importer*.
JACOB W.UttlKH, Jeweler.
WE have now on exhibit our Fall and
Winter stock or Woolens, being a complete
line of'Suitings, I'nnfaloonliigs and
ihercoatings, which we slinii get up In
lirst-clasH style anil lit, and at lowest
? rices. Also, a lull Hue of Furnishing
owls,always on hand.
C. 11 ESS & SON'S.
FOR comfort, gtt *>n? tho?o Rest
Knit Jackets at ('. IlKss A; SONS'. J
... t
Thermometer Itecord,
The following show* the range of the
thermometer as observed at ScJmepfs
drag store, 121b' Market street, yesterday: 11
7 a. it., 1>"; 12 ?*;3 p. m.| w; / r. m.,
Washington, Nov. 19.?.1 a. k.?For the
Ohio Valley and Tennessee, clearing fl
colder weather, northwesterly winds, |,
rising barometer. l,
For the Lower Liko region, clearing h
coMer weather, northwesterly winds, z
rising barometer. a
* r n
"Cfll" CoDiirt)1* PwrlBari ^
James Ciine, "Kpgy" Condrey'a com- i,
panion in the Drowrs' Iloine till tapping c
utlair, was trtad at MouudHville on an in- R,
dietinetif for felony aud found guilty by ic
the Jury an indicted. The verdict, how- H
ever, was B^t aiido by Judge Jacob upon x
thn ground that tho evidence did not Si
justify such a verdict; that the otlVnsn, M
which apjmrs 10 have been clearly y
Sroven, uiu nw nunm i<> uie (lignuy 01 n
ilony. Prosecuting Attorney Meighen
expretwoa himself at) confident of his in
ability to ueiid Cline to tho pen, when tfc
the case Li aga in tried. Other attorney?, rc
however, hold different views, and say la
that no higher grade of crime than a mis- cl
demeanor can be ma<le of the offense. gi
Tuby are coming, the champion byci- la
cle riders of America, Mr. Clitnmce II. T1
Smith and Miss Minnie ltonchelle, at ?t
he Alliambra Palace Rink, Friday and m
Saturday evenings November 20 and 21.
Grand family matinee Saturday at 2
o'clock. Mafic by Mayer's band. di
jl * m. mj
[atlari of Minor Motu?nl to mad Aboat Uit
One marriage license was issued jester- TO
"Oli vkttk" at Charley Shay's Academy opi
f Music this evening. (J
Tiir Ialand rink was opened last night
nder the new management.
Adah Khhuond's American Burlesque
Jompany in "The HierpinK Beauty" at the
ipera House this evening. (
"a ?uu*ckiukk" is informed that Wash- Coi
ngton Hail whs burned in January, 1876. tjl?
"ho State Legislature was in extra session ,
it the time. ,ut
The claim of Johnson sgaicst Ooio Pu
ountjr is for services aa hospital steward ter
it the Infirmary instead of engineer, as est
fated yes'erday.
A regular monthly meeting of the Dr.
Joard of K hi cat ion will he held tbiB even- v
ng at the room* of the Board in the Pub- Wl1
ic Library building. of
The young ladies cf the U. P. church mi
lave arranged a charming little entertain- an
nent that is to be given in the church Vi
>arlors to-tnoirow evening. th<
Tub German Pioneer Society gave a ?n
r?ry erj ?y?.ble dance for the benefit of
ueinbers only, at the Aron Hal last even- *1'
ng. The Optra House orchestra furnish- HUI
id the music. * rai
Mr John McFall, the well known
smarnan of the Remitter, is confined to ?
iiis home at Fulton hyaaever attack of -h
ting trouble. His many friends will hepe y.
or his ppeedy rnoverv. ^
The river is falling at this point. The fiU;
jepth in the channel last night according
io the marka was (3 feet 5 inches. The cn
tmaineasdono was only fair. At all points (i
ibove the river ia falling. re,
The now gas tank of the city gas worka bti
holds in rcund numbers nearly 2,000.000 ex
-' fl-- u <1 1-.
itauor.B ox wnier- mu lire uucc ncio uvning
streams from plugs into it all day yea- bj
terday, and it was atill not fall last evening, m:
The body of the man who was killed on CJ
the llrtnj'fidld division of the B. & 0. u.5
road Tuesday night, was not identified 8,1
v-esterdav. It was at first thought to ho
that of a" resident nf Fltn Grove, but thia ,r'
man turned up alive yesterday. Bl
Ci.kpk Hook yeaterday admitted to re- ?*
jord a deed made November 18 by F. I). ^
Snyder to John William Voeckler, in con- tt
;i<k ration of $1,200 for let Oof Armstrong, W(
Hunter & C'o'a. addition to tho city, on ...
South York ttrei t, I-lanil. 0.
The Morning Star Social will hold a fr<
ikating and dancing carnival at the Island Ni
rink this evening. The new management In
tvill do all in i?R power to make the oeralion
an enjoyable one. A large crowd is
expected to be in attendance. Itl
It is proposed after all tho city departments
are quartered m the Public Building
and the furnishing and fitting up of
I.a aW/iod in nnmnlcto tn nnnn tliA hnilrt.
,ng to the public,r for the inspection of W
ladies and gentlemen who desire to visit fie
it th
Bern*akd Siikekkv, indicted for stealing an
Joseph Bertolt's gold watch, and J. W vj(
K'ine, in dieted for aasanlt upon frank uu
Maloney with intent to kill, were each ad- pij
initted f> bail yesterday in Part II of the m(
Circuit Court, the bond in each case being
$500. Sti
Tiik weather yesterday was much like ge;
that of Ma?ch or April. A drizzling, din- vi<
agreeable rain began to fall early in the In
lay, and consinued until after midnight bu
Crossings,sidewalks and streets were thick esl
with mud, and locomotion was disagreo- ini
ible in the extreme. The thermometer sai
ranged about in the forties. '
Gus Williams' play, "Oh, What a toi
Night!" is said to abound in catchy airs P?
ind epigrammatic sayings which at once r?l
doss into the vocabulary of current slang ?h
wherever the nieel is given. It will be
presented at the Ojjera House Saturday N(
afternoon and evening. The sale of re- 1?*
lerved seats commences atJBaumer's music c0<
itore this morning. c0
Yesterd at' morning, at St. Alphonsus JJJ
:burch, in Ctifithi Wheeling, ex-Officer V
liiehard Wilkie was married to Miss * *
\ugusta biegmiller. The ceremony was *
Performed in the presence of a number of
Wends, who tendered warm and sincere p-(
longratulationa at the conclusion of the ''
tervice. Both Mr. Wilkie and hit wifa .
ire well known and enjoy an enviable '
lopularity in their circle of friends.
The race announced for to-morrow
iveningat the Ohapline street rink beween
Jesse Burkett, of this city, and
lohu Dobbins, of Stcubenville, formerly ?c'
if Martin's Ferry, promises to be a most
xcitingone. It is to be a race of mile
leats, best two in three, for a nurse of $50 "V
i side. Roth men are said to be in excel- mi
ent form, and Dobbins especially is PB
ikating better than ever before. A num- "J"
jer of his Martin's Ferry friends are ex- thl
>ected to he present. It is bound to be a on
lotly contested race. w'
Notion. fai
Just received sixty pairs of those ladies' tei
xtia high cut, fine pebble, raororc > but- atl
on shoes. A spf cial offer $-00 per co'
>airat J. W. Amice's, t-'11
1M3 Main street. a,
? thi
Alio UT J'KOPLB. is
itrar.gcr* Id the Cl'j and Whealing Folk*
Col. Frank Baker, of the Marine Journal, "
Kew York, is in thu city.
Mr. EJ. Hodley, of East Wheeling, is at wi
lis homo threatened with an att4ck of i>0
'ever. of
Prof. Louis Vaas, director of the Opera ler
House Orchostra, is confined to his room to
}y an attack of illness. of
Miss Susie Cozid has assumed the duties
n tiie money order department at tho
)oatotliee, formerly performed by Miss u?
Chcresa Phillips.
Mr. Frank Deshou, who has already be- Tu
oijio a popular favorite, will appear at i
Jharley Shay's Academy of Mmiic to- ?h<
8 one of liis most amusing characters and
n full of local hits which will provo in- fltr
eresting. pe<
Messrs. \V. II. Rinehart, J. W. Amiclc, are
\ K. McKco and John C. Lynch leave ^
hit* morning for Martinsburg, whero they
rill attend the annual convention of the 011
fouug M?*n'a Christian Associations of
Maryland. Weat Virginia and the District
if Columbia.
Pr< f. W. II. Seamon, eon of Capt Henry 8jD
leamon, who haa bi-en in the city for jDj
everal days, leaves to-day for Morgan- 0f
own. Prof. Seamon reports that ho has ho!
net with eomo encouragement in hia pro- 0r
ect to establish an industrial and scfen- an
ilic school hero next fall.
Flue Hhoea.
Stacy, Adams & Co.'a men's finest shoes, ,)ri
iiost stylish and beat shoes made, at cor
J. W. A mick's,
1143 Main street.
Adah Richmond To-u ght.
In "The Sleeping lieauty," to be pro- i
cnted at the Ofura House thia evening 0f(
y the Adah Kichmond American Bur- ci,j
^eque Company, there ia a Zouave drill tw<
y twenty pretty girls, followed by the ?a,
1 >uave tlag ballet, said to be full a beauty for
nd grace. There is also an Egyptian are
larch which has been highly praised. mR(
ho company has been playing to good 0n
usiness in 'Indianapolis, St. Louis and ont
himi?n. Tli? mmnmiv rnndfini ih? latent mi..
nd moat popular songs, including select- iut
ma Irom "'The Mikado," "Ninon," "Tho ton
lack Hussar," anil other new operas,
lie popular song "lload the answer In the
tars," will he given. Tho coetumea aro T
lid to ba very rich. Keaorved scats at wot
turner's. whi
a plkahant and instrnctive entertainent
will be given In the lecture room of 0f |
10 United I'reabyterian Church to-mor- uu,|
IW evening. The first part will be an al- thci
gory cdled "Seekingfur Happiness," the the
laracters being taken by lau'ea and littlo ,t,t
r's. Tho entertainment will conclude 0| c
ith the old and always popular and Mn
ughablo "Mrs. Jtfley's Wax Works."
lie evening will be thoroughly enjoy- lie
>le one, as no pains have been spared to
ako the affiir a perfect success. He
G a*? rare at Ghapllne Street Kink Fri- O
ly night between Uorkett ud Dobbins, day
posit* MonudavUl*?A V?la*bl? Krop*rty
wucd by Thr?e Fron?ln?ot M*n, Out
e( Tbetu a U?ilil? U of Wh?ll??|i
Ciruwih it tf C ami ttaaiaeaa Tbmrm.
) ia of tbe proprietors of tbe Union
al works, opposite Mouudsville, says
it a joint stock company, with ample
ids, is about being organized for the
rpDae of operating tbe works on an exisive
scale. A meeting of those inter*
ed will be held at Bellaire one day this
fk, lor tbe purpose of perfecting all
diminary arrangements, when uchaxter
II be at once applied for and a large force
minira employed and put in the
nes. This is one of the most extensive
il valuiblecoal properties in tbe Ohio
illey. The slope was put down about
? close of the war, and with the hoisting
d pumping apparatus, all of which is of
8 most substantial character, cost about
M)000. Long entries are opened up and
ppJied, a8 in tbe slope, with heavy "T"
1 tracks, cars, etc., ana everything in
mplete readiness and order for mining
d taking out coal rapidly and in large
antities. Tbe property consists of over
) acres of land, and is owned by Dr.
iwfli, of this city, Hon. Jos. W. Galjer,
of Moundsville, and Chas. Thompd,
who lives on the place.
B :t*ten D3 and 100 miners are at prea*
t employed at the Alouudsvillo Coal
imj.ayy'n works, the output Friday last
ictrng the enormous quantity of 11,000
shels. All the coal mined, with,the
ception of that aken to aupply the
:al demand, no icconsiderable amoant
' the way, as owing to the rapidly di[niahinj:
supply of fire wood in the vl
aity nearly all thu surrounding farmen
e coal for heating purposes exclurely,
and many of them in thtii
oking stoves, is dumped directly
iui the recently erected hoisting
ipjratu? into railroad cars, on the track
tending to their works, and promptly
ipped to points along the lines of the B
O. and the Ohio itiver Railroad. Mort
an one-half the present output of th<
:>rks comes to this city. Time wax, ant
it veiy long sinco, that Moundsville re
ivcd almost its^ entire supply of eoa!
>m I lie uenwoau and e nuu uuuco
aw thousands of bushels are shippec
>m there pant those places daily.
SAl U it A L OAS.
i Y.ttect on the Kauautia Coal Trad#?For
?'gu Merchant#' View*.
A. number of leading manufacturer?
im Richmond, Ind., were visitors to the
ashington county, Fa., oil and gat
Ids yesterday. To-day they will inspect
a workings and results of natural gas in
d about Pittsburgh, with a possible
sw tiw.irds investment. They say thai
lees they can get natur.il gas at tbti;
ints tlu-y will either have to quit ox
jve to Pittsburgh.
Mr. Neil Robinson, of Coalburg, this
tfe, was also in Pittsburgh with these
utlemen Tuesday evening, and interjwed
by the Dbpntch representative,
reply to thequtsiion, 'iiow is Pittsirgh
natur.il gus affecting the coal interIs
of the Kanawha Valley?" Mr. Robjon,
who is a prominent coal operator,
"It affects us badly. Kanawha opera's
have paid a big price out of' their
ckets for every gas well struck in this
jion. Heretofore we have always been
le to sell our alack and mit coal lor a liti
more than enough to pay expenses.
>w we lose raon?y on every bushel
ided. No one will buy Black nn?l nut
al when boat load after boat load of flood
al lies at every nharf down the river
liting for buyers, Since the big riae in
9 Kanawha, two big companies have asned.
That ia what we think of natural
sin Pittsburgh. Thore in no uae for
il iu Pittsburgh, and it is all run into
uthern market* at ruinous prices, to
itaburgh operators aa well us to opera8
along the Kanawha and iu the Ilock5
Oil to Compete With Omi.
fames Billings, of Boston, is in Pittsr?h
iuveatigating natural gaa. Mr.
Ilings aays they are tlguring on a new
leine up there in Boston, in tho wav of
jl, jutt now, by means of which they
pe to copo with natural Ras, and that ia
} utilizing of carbon oil, by thecorangling
of tbo elements of which crude
troleum iacomposml, in tho chamber of
9 furnace, with a larger supply of air
m usually li ads its way there under
linary conditions. Petroleum smoke?
ten burning bi-caufe of a deficiency of
ygen to take up its excess of carbon. It
le, when lighted, to give out all its lait
heat, because tho oxygen of a single
noBphero will not 6iiflico lor tho perfect
nbination of its elements, and this difiiItv
in eiininlntfdv nv<?r<!0!iiu liv f-until vim;
large r amount by mechanical moans;
at is, by the use of an air pump which
under complete control, and worked
reelly by steam from the boiler. Mr.
Ilinga adde: "Manufacturers up there
pect to do a great deal with this
w procens, but from what I Lave aacerned
with regard to natural ras they
11 not be oblo to compete with Pittargh
manufacturer*. There wus a tent
tho Therm motor some time ago nt Sail,
Mass, water works, and it was shown
bo a success in every way in the matter
economy of fuel.''.
i Thick* the Nutlrr* Ought to Oo to Work
or l;?t Other* Do 80.
Ihr alitor ojthe Intellijaicer.
5in:?It is nearly six months now since
) nail strike began. Winter, and with
Qter want, is now coming on, and the
ike still remains unsettled, with no prosit
of an early termination if both sides
i as firm as they appear to be. I do not
> how tho poorer class of feeders and
ler low wage mill employes have manMi
to hold out as long cs they have,
my of them are now in want, and many
ire of them soon will be. The nailers
ve kept up the strike Iqpg enough, and
ce they have no good prospect of gainr
the strike soon, it is asking too much
the feeders and other mill employes to
Id out any longer. If the nailers wish
intend to work hero in the Ohio valley
y more, let them do so, if uot, then let
?m declare the strike oil', so that those
10 do wish to go to work can do so honibly
and at once. The strike and the
vation and want attending it cannot
ne to an end too soon. Nailkixukr.
Wheeling, November 18.
Thi? Ashland Nail Mill.
land IndrjxniUnt.
rhe Norton mili turned out 3,740 kegs
steel nails last week, with eighty manes
running. At the end of the week
> feeders who had taken machines
e up their job. One had been a feedor
nino and the other for ten years. We
informed that but one woald have
de a nailer. These places were filled
Monday morning. On Tuesday, aery-nine
machines were in operation.
j mill received iu all 170 tons of steel
, week, and the remainder of the 1,000
b will soon bo delivered.
1h? lUnwood Cun? piracy Crui.
he conspiracy cues against the BenhI
nailers and others, the progress of
ich has been watched with such general
rest, on account of the prominence of
gentlemen indicted ana the severity
the penally, it being made a felony
ier the act of 1882; and the fact of
vo being the first indictments under
act ever returned in this section of the
e, were continued at the recent session
ourt at Monndsville, till next term of
rt. ^
iwis Blankets. Horhx Blankets.
Wm. 8cuwkktfjcokb.
>rfls Blankets. Hokss Blankkts.
rsat nice at Ohapline Street Rink Frinight
between Burkett and Dobbins.
A Short Chat with Har 4|<ot-BirCeaiifl
AppMiaoet Hart.
Mr. Frank A. Small, agant for the
greatest o< all emotional autreaaea,Clara
Muir.'a, waa in Urn city ytalerilay. In?
abort talk with a reporter Mr. Smal
stated that Miss Morris would onlyplaj
one night in Wheeling, but bad select fi
the iuout popular play in ber repertoire
for tbat cccaaioD, which will be nex
Wednesday, the 25th. The play is thi
most successful dramatization of Wilkii
Collins' great novel, ''The New Magdelen.'
In response to an inquiry Mr. Smal
"Miss Morris ia in much better healtt
this season .than she has been in year
past, but will take no risks on losing th<
ground she has so recently gained. 8h<
will not travel and at the same time at
tempt to play more than four times ii
one week. The fatigue of travel ant
work together is likely to prove too mucl
for her, and she will not take any chance
on being compelled to disoppoint ai
audience. Her acting at present knows th>
good results of this light work, and i
stronger than it has b< en since she has beei
on the road, and is giving more satisfaction
to the public at every point we visit."
" What is her strongest phy?"
"That is a hard q lestiou to answer
Some people like onu and others anothei
yet from a bcx-olfice standpoint then
seems to be no ditference in public appre
ciation. 'L' Article 47' is a story of nati
' and revenge. 'Miss Multon' is a play o
tears, a disgraced wife with great materna
love, while 'The New Magdelen' contain
ro*lonoilnn Ambition, love, sorrow, con
, tritioo, defiance and in fact all the pat
! fliona. It gives a better opportunity to
Miss Morria to display her, wqnderful vej
i utility and ia therefore my own parucula
favorite, and 1 am not alone in thia like.1
"How ia Miai Morria'a company ?'
"Excellent. In fact it ia the beat ah
i has ever bad. Mr. Kbsn Plympton, th
. leading man, ia one of our beat acton
having been several yeara leading man fo
r Adelaide Neilaon ana Edwin Booth, bot)
; in Europe and Amerie , and haa probabl
as fine a position aa any man in Americi
Ogden Stevens, /or live years ieadin,
. man for Janauscbek, James L. Carharl
i the comedian of Waliack'B traveling com
i pauy, Carl Ahrendt, lata of Keene, Bai
I reit and MtCullodsh'B ompanies. Bjjoi
Heron, daughter of the late Matilda Hero?
1 and for several yeara paet leading lady fc
, Daly's and the Madison Square Theatres
[ Mrs. Farren, the "beat old women" ii
America, and in fact oar company a!
through ia aa strong aa any on the road.
"Where is your company now?"
"In Louisville, Ky. Wo come her
from Coluuibue, Ohio, arriving at o o'cloc
. Wednesday morning. From here we g
to Cumberland and Washington, theno
! to Philadelphia."
"Patience" and "Ulrotle-GlrollV by th
( Starr Harris Company.
Yesterday afternoon the Starr Harrl
Comic Opera Company gave Gilbert <
Hullivan'sopera, "Patience, or Bunthorne'
Bride," at Charley Shay's Academy c
i Music to an unusually large audience fo
a matinaa. Tfie niece was creditablv nre
sented in every respect. The cos ume
were artistir, appropriate and rich, th
singing all that could be desired, and th
acting really as clever as that cf any com
nany which ever produced the opsra here
Mr. Starr's chorus wins new plaudits a
every appearance. It is a little weak nu
raericallv for "Patience," but othprwigi
much above the usual chorus of tra'v
eling companies. Mr. Desbou was a bet
ter Bmthorne than has been Been here
Mr. Harvey was satisfactory in the role o
Qrotvenor, and Messrs. MacSweeney, Of
borne and Dagnal as the dragoon officer
fulfilled the requirements of the parti
vocally and dramatically. Miss Duryei
was a charming Patience, while Misse
Roberts, Knowlea and Douglass wer
ideal "rapturous maidens." Miss Kiy
mond's Lady June was a very artistii
Last night "Girofle-GtrolU" was excel
lently given, Miss Douglass personatiuj
tho twin sisters, Mr. Ofborne the father
Mr. MacSweeney Mourzottk, Mr. Harve:
ifarotquin, and Miss Duryea Aurora. Ai
tbo parts were acceptably filled, aud th(
costuming and stage setting wn3 up to th<
high standard the public has learned V
oxpect of this company.
This evening the ever popular "Olivette'
will bo the opera. The company has th<
peculiar qualifications for putting on thL
piece witu moat cnaroung meet, ani
doubtless the performance will be one o
the most succeusful of tbo weik.
To-morrow night, in response to a ger.
eral request by the public, "The Mikado'
will be re'peated. Several larjjo opera par
tics have been formed for that evening
The pretsure brought to bear on the man
agoruent to induce a repetition at niuht o
the Japanese piece was unusually strong
aud was not only from Wheeling people
Citizens of all the towns across the rivei
made the name request. The popularitj
of this opora, aa presented by Mr. Starr, ii
not hard to explain. Wheeling lovers o
opera have in it an opportunity to witnesi
at popular prices, ranging from 15 to 5(
cents, a rondition of the opera which ii
raid by these who have seen the perform
ance at the fifth Avenue, New York, t<
compare favorably with that in costumes
Btage setting aud music, being inferioi
only in number of singers, which ia t
trivial defect in ''The Mikado." Friday
night and Saturday afternoon will be tin
only performances of this opera. "Th(
aitucouu win uu mu tuueiu# upcra, n*iurd?y
A HUtorlo W?ildlnK Ureas.
Recently at the residence of Mr. Henrj
P. Morris, at Morriatown, Belmont county
Mr. Lewie Q. Uutchioeon and Mr. Morris'
daughter, Miss Ktntna E. Morris, were
united in marriage. The hrido wore a
drew which waa an heirloom in the family.
It was imported in 1742, having been
made for Mire Edith Way, tho great-great
grandmother of Miaa Morris, in I'aria, and
was worn by her at hor wedding in Philadelphia
in Uiftt year. Her daughter, Miai
Hannah Webb, again woro tho dross in
1770, when she bcCimea hrido. It has
nover been worn ainoo until the other
day, when Miaa Morris, the greatgiandaughter
of the last wearer, donned
it at her marriage. Not a stitch
waa ever altered in It or addM to it,' and
it is in aa good condition as wn?* tfrat
brought from In Bal!o Pjiria.
Tiixrx will be a supper and festival
given at the new Mission Sunday School,
corner Labelle Avenue and Jacob streets,
this evening from ((till 10 o'clock p. v.
by m*mbera of the Disciploa Church ana
officers of the achcol. Admission and
supper 'J > centa. Aa tho proceeds are for
paying for the rchool room, it is desired
that all will attend.
Gkkat race at Cbaoline Street Rink Frl
day night between Burkettand Dobbins
Bptclal 5oilee.
For the next three daya I will sell Ladies'
Sue Hixiblosole, Hurra JCid, Button
Show, made on opera, French and common
seneo laeta, at $2 25, worth $3'(S0.
Thtae will bo told lor caab only.
li. V. Bwkii.
Skatb Fatcukui. Fkatk Satcihu.
Wii. FcBWEBTrsoaa
Gh?at raceat Cbapline Street Rink Friday
night between Barkett and Oobblna.
Tiiouam makahan. So. 33 Montgomery
atreet, Hudson, N. Y , two yearn ago was
given up by hia physicians. Ho was afflicted
with dyaprpaia and obatlflkte constipation
; bad loat forty pounJB in weight
and waa a bed ridden Invalid. He commenced
taking Brandreth'a Pills In doaes
o[ five, lour, two and ono. Then be look
two ovwy ulglit for a month, gained eight
pounds in weight, and was able to attend
to buainess. He took two pills every night
for the following six weeks, and waa entirely
cured. iiwmw
L,8.Good&Co. sell dry goods the cheapest.
l la Monro* County?As Intoxicated Man
| iilrtp In a Vance Corner Is Klddlcd with
I preaalon that he I* ? Wild Uauat.
t Rufus Huffman, of Monroe county, was
J returning to bin home just after dude. As
) bo was driving along, bin horse shied and
be noticed a dark object in the corner of
the fence which he took to be a bear.
, Turning about ho rode back to a farm
b house and notified tho men there that a
3 bear was up the road. One of the men,
3 Jacob Fine, productd two shot fcuos, and
loading them heaviiy with buckshot, he
j and Huffman started after the baar. The
dark object wan found and both charges
J fired into it. Upon investigation they
J found what they supposed was a bear
J to be a man, John Kains by name.
B His fl :sh was torn with small shot aud
J three buck-shot had pierctd his body, inJ
Acting mortal injuries. Nothing could
1 be done for the poor fellow, and af:er
lingering a few hours in an apparently
uncontcious state, he died. It seems that
; Rains, who had been shucking corn for
Huffman during the early part of the day,
b had procured a quantity of boiled cider,
' and had become very much inu xicated.
. In this condition it is supposed, he dually
'{ wandered into the fence corner, inviting
* the dreadful mistake which cost him bis
~ me, me a-ceucu n?a ?u uumm man
about 40 years of age, of inoffensive ]
r disposition. The two men were arrested, <
* charged with murder, but the evidence not 2
' sustaining the accuaation they were dia- i
, charged.
Q Accident* and Incidents In West Virginia j
jt and Vlclotfjr. <
r Gas at Cambridge, Oiiio, is to be re* I
b duced to $4 50 par thous ind f jet.
7 The Salvation Army people are trying J
L to gain a foothold in iiarneaville. i
? The Guernsey county, Ohio, Common
I Pleaa Court commenced last week with
* 200 caaes docketed. J
B The Council of Little Washington has 1
n appropriated $150 to James Hammed, J
r the Chief of Police "who is on trial for (
!y murder, to be used in defending himself. ]
a Gentlemen who are well posted esti- j
II mate that the oil men have already ex- j
" pended $300,000 in the vicinity of Wash- j
ington, Pa., in the purchase of lands,
e leases, lumber, machinery, labor, dec. '
^ Osmer A. Parish, of the St. Marys Ob j
0 Krrer office. claims to the most rapid type <
0 setter in West Virginia and isaues a chal- '
lenge'to that effect. It is claimed that :
fifteen thousand eins per day of eight
hours is just a inoderato task for him. j
* Moundsville is undergoing a week of
drama by the Waito Comedy Company. J
8 The people there are enthusiastic in their ;
t praises of it. To-night "Ingomar" will be J
Si veil, to-morrow nigiit "t/arrotte, oaiuray
night ' The French Spy." and Satur>f
day afternoon "Solon Shingle." The comr
pany has its own orchestra.
|. r
Various Item* of Cnrraot Newt from th?
' GIum City.
S. D. Talbot ahipped a car of cattle from
t here yesterday to Iowa.
i" Dode Cochran has taken a place at the
i office of the Ballaire Nail Works.
The First wari bakery will have a new
' building put up on Belmont street,
t Miss Nettie Battelle has been transferred
to a place as assistant teacher in
J the high school.
8 The Police Committee of Council still
i insists on increasing the salary of policeg
men from $35 to $00 per month.
b The Liberty and the Good Will Hose
- Compmiea are both arranging for bails,
c one December 22 J, tho other Christmas.
Tho Woman's Christian Temperance
* Union will held a meeting tiiis afternoon
? in the Y. M. C. A. rooms in the telephone
I buildiog.
j From the numbar of permits asked of J
Council to occupy pirta of streets for :
hnildint? oiirnnses.'there must be consid- i
! erable Improvement contemplated yet j
this year.
' The Hess opera troupe kept the Pitts,
burgh train Lulf an hour beyond ita leav3
ing time yesterday forenoon. The com1
panv came from the east over the B. & (J. c
} road and went to Steubenville. c
The charges that have been mentioned ,
- to be pieft-ried against Ofiicer W. M. c
' Meek were presented to Council Tuesd -y J
night, but tna^ body declined to have any
. tiling to do with them and referred tho
complainants to the Mayor. a
[ j ? r y
, A New Jeiihkt man once said that the ii
. people in the fctate rather liked mofqui- *
r toes, bccauao they felt ao good when they J.
r were gone. There must besomeauch feeling n
i in the minds of those who havesufiered the J
f pangs of rheumatism, and been speedily J
relieved by tlie use of St. Jacobs Oil. 3
? I _ K
j Closing out at coet?Genta' English J
- Waukenphast Shoes, in Lace and Con- f
> greaa, at L. V. Blond's. jj
Trunks. Trunks {
l Wm. ?'cu wkltt keg er. . n
r Trunks. Trunks. J?
j ? j,
j GRBATraceat Cbaplinc Street Kink Fri- I
- day night between Burkett and Dobbins. J'
* ' u
HI* Frelcbt Wreck.
Indianapolis, Nov. 18.?A local freight J
train on the Cincinnati, Hamilton and c
[ Indianapol's railway, which left here at !
i five o'clock this morning, went down into jj
1 Big Back creek, seven miles from this city, t<
' dangerously injuring Charles Holland, ?
. engineer, John Macnaughtnn, ijreman, J
I and John Frauklin brakeinan, ull of In- "
, dianapolis. Eighteen uirs were thrown c
i into the run. In order to clear the way it c<
was found necessary to burn the entire *
i wreck. -
Stubbatl at n Hall.
Pitthduhuu, Nov. 18? A Beaver Falls, 3
Pa., special saya: Frank Tress was raystoriously
and fatally stabbed at a German p|
Catholic ball held last night in Turner's S
Hall. lie was standing with others where ?
there was some crowding and good natured
jostling, when ho suddenly felt a sharp A
pain in his side. An investigation showed jj|
a dangerous wound. It is not known who h
did the cutting. y
Advice to Mothnri. 97
Are you disturbed at night and broken w
of your rest by a sick child suffering and aI
crying with pain of cutting teeth? If so, 3
send at oiiceand get a bottle of Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup for Children Teething.
Its value is incalculable. It will re- ?
lieve tlie poor little sufferer immediately, tti
Depend upon it mothers, there is no mis- cl
take about it It cures dysentery and *
diarrhcea, regulates the stomach and bow- w
els, cures wind colic, softens the gums, re- 'n
duces inflammations, and gives tone and JJ
energy to the whole system. Mrg. Win- at
alowrs Soothing Syrup for Children Teeth- ?*
ing is pleasant to tbo taste, and ia the prescription
of one of the oldest and beat fe- .
male nurses and physicians in the United jj?
Statts, and is for sale bv all druggists te
throughout tho world. Price 25 cents a 1
uwraw ip
v HI - ? *
Bemarkablfl Eaeapa.
Mrs. Mary A. Dailey, of Tunkhannock, ?i
Pa., Ill alltirted for sU years with Asthma JJ
and Bronchitis, during which time the best ,
physicians could give no relief. Her life blj
was despaired of until last October she ?ni
procureu a bottle of Dr. King's New Dls- 1
coverv, when immediate relief was felt, c"
and by continuing its use lor ? short time ,
she wu completely cured, gaining in flesh itj
(0 pounds in a few months. cet
Free Trial Bottles of this certain con of 10all
Throat and Lung diseases at Logan ft
Co.'a drug store. Largs Bottles $100, ?n
xwirjw U?
Hi Mini of th? Monmj aad stock I
lutna. It
Nnr You, Nor. U.-MUCT on *fii2fii2KSS2;, W
ImIdi ? Hi portent. Prime m?c?nUl? l?? I
*8(Ltw?al ,or"*? J .Comt
Cior*a*?ij?i Bo*D#-8irooi. eve
ftatk Bond*?Active. ...??? o
KtiLKOiu Conw?Active. Totalities SMSMNO. 8
Snx.it*?Never before in the hlstaT of tlie |
ItchtUK* wa?tbe market ao active aa lor a MOI?
oday. Ttoe total r-ported at'e? for the nrit toaj* vv
mtir ufl'i* 157.otw diirea and for tne hour JS5.000 V\
htrwr. lletweeu 10 and 12 o'clock the reported X' \
let weru?).600ibareiL The market continued?e-! Si* \
Ive throughout no t of iho day. and the toMl | J
aim were among the latgea*. ou lecord 774,2"0 if
bare*. i?L Paul continue* in the lead, Wat em . A>1
Julon. MI?ourl, Kio*u a Tcia\ Northern Harlflo I j
treferrod, Norihvre*Ujrn, Oregon A TranacontlnenLiki
Short ai?J Pacidc Ma?l f llowa. The /
note nrnt of price* during the day wen un f
uuaily Irregular. Frouilnent I r their ndvan^e* , ^ M
re e Pacific Midland New J-rsejr C ntral, each fouj
omj '1% perc.nt ?laao'i*i Pacidc \\L per ent. ptin?!
kllMouri Pacific and Kan* w A Texaa 1??, 'Manhat- and ?rj
?n Conaolldatel lif, We tern Union. St. Paul,, one
>cnrer *fc Rio Grande and Oraf?u Navigation 1. 1 ent. at
In the afternoon the ma ket be a-ne we?k fol- of all?
on d 'ater b/ a mode ate rally mid again lower < u,eJ
ntsr lu the rfay. The closing price*, compared c*. pj,
rl h tboM) of jreat rday. present a v.ry irregular ?
ipt'Vatancv. 1'acitlc Mail shown a net ade?n?*" of ywi
! pelcen'. New Jeraey < entr.?l 1 ya Miwot ri, Kav .
ai A Texai 1 % percent. l>enver dc Kio <it.nu ia
lown IX percent. Wabash preferred 2%. Lake
Ihore It down percent, and Erie, New York
>utral and Michigan Central, Unlou Pat Itlc and f {
)maha common, frae'ional amounts. Jar Gould \ J
i%j? he haa advised hi* frienda not to buy anr ? *
tocka, aa the present movement la a apeculatire
iraxo that muat end In listater. tn*rv being notb- '
ug iu the aituatlon to w&rraut the hUh prices that
iaro been made during xhe past ten dart. nn*
U. n.Sa, 1 3fc; U.8.4>vi.llbW -U.S new 4a, 123^:
acltic 6a of 'tto, 18%: ' entral Pa inc flrata, 113^:
frl?? seconds, >8: Lehfgh A Wllkabarra, oPa
06JiLouiiiona oodmjU, 86: Mi?aourl 6a, 10-%: St. ^ -
uwjpu, uu^; Ok r. ? o. v. uhm ?w.. H w
>es*ee 6*, old. 61; do new, ?2; Texas Pacific J1
jind Grants, 49; do Rio Grande, 61. Union Pacific ???
IraU, 11W: do Land Granu 10>H: do Sinking fund. TFO
,2M; Virginia 6a. 44; Virginia Conaoli, extra ma- J? j
nred coupon*, 53. do deferred U; Adam* Ex- ward
jres*. 140; American Express, 103: Canada South
irn, 45**: Ceulral Paclflc, 48; Cheaapeafce A Ohio, O (
; 14 do first* preferred, )9W; dowcond*. 18%: C., Efc 1
2,C. AI., 61: Denrer A Rlouraude, 22: Erle,26K; BRO..
lo preferred. 6l><: Fort Wayne. 140: Kanaa* *
r-xiN. i }A\ Lake Erie A Western 17; Lake Shore
\TH, Louisville A Na?hvllle,60K; Loularille, Mew
Ubany 4 Chlcaito. 36: Memphis A Charleston, 88:
rflchlxan Central, 76; Ml*aouH Pacific, 1WM; Nuh- TT7
rllleAChattano.ga,46; New J?mj central.46X; VV
Northern Paclflc, 80j(; Chicago A Northwestern,
1W; do preferred/ lMWVNew York Central, c*r< 0
C0>?; Ohio Central, 1: Ohio A Mlaalnsippl. U|ati
lo preferred. V0; Pacific Mall, 65,4. Pittsburgh, W M
U0%i Ktadlng, 24)<: t. Louis A dan Franclwjo. tDi\ ,
3*; do preferred. 47*: C., M. A at PaQl. rilJcc
lo preferred. 11#; Texaa Par Ific. 23; Union Paclflc, htaN
KI; Uulted S'atM Expreaa, 60: W. St. LA P., 18fc;
10 preferred, 23>$; Wells-Fargo Express, 116; West- *~
srn Union, 7v. UIAI
BreadefnlTa sod Provision*. ^ *'
Nxw Yoax, Nor. 1?. -flour, reoelptx 52,054 bar- Mn?h
els- export* POi barrel*; 16,669 a-cka; market
iteady ;?ale? 17.000 ba rein; common to good extra 0
Tisterti and Slat |3 4 n.1 SO jjo ?1 to choice d'> f J V5 ,tamP
i5 -0: comrno i to choice white wheat western ex- ? ? 6
ra 15 0015 25 -f^uey do f5 30a5 60. Wheat, rc:etpu
41,708 bushels; exports 60.3 4 bushels; spot
ota J<a c lower, orer 31. 00 buahela taken by rollera:
opt loni opened lower, Uler advanced '4c,cIo-lugi>te*dyat?a&:und*iout?lderat?*
1,0)8.000 buahela future*. 890,000 bushels apot; No.
I Chicago 96c: No, 3 Duluth t?c; ungraded red75ca *1105;
No. 3 red 9iKa9l?; No. 2 red V7>4c; tio. 1 ~4
vhite99c: ungraded white 8Sc: No. 2 red Novemj?r
nominal; Oecambsr y7^aW>^c, closing at 98c; l?hj
lanuary wticatl 00K. closing at 91 03%; February tcr 21,
11 OlHal Oifc. cioaing at ft 01; May II 0G*.tl oTJ-,. swocn
rinsing at $1 (fift. Con.arot lot< advanced Kaic tbecli
Ltid options K?-4c. clohlog with a?llgbt reaction; and ni
recoiito C6 000buaheJi exjwrta29,500 ouahela;aalee tome
(,016,000 buahela future*: 1*0.000 buahela apot: re- pany.
lected 4lV?a41Sc: ungraded 4fta55>4c; No. 2 white pri pei
<6'^c. Jow mixed 5 c; No. 2 November 55a5b%c, Ten
s oring at&5c: ecember54%a&6ke,cioaingatt>4^c; Iga
lanuary .1lka52c. (lo-lng February4^ia lienac
OM, clod: gat 5 'jC. M*v 48^ntvc closing at 4J>Jfcc.
Ja aM?ScbI<h'r: recc-Jpt* 52,250 b'i?hela: export* W 1
10,125 buabel*; aalea570,0 0 buahela futurra:272.000 - 1
iiia-els a|X)t: mixed western S3?85Hc; whiu> 3Sa
lie. llav firm and fairly active. Ho|? quiet aui
iu?cttlid. Coffee, apot hit; Rio quiet una w??k at
iKc: option* lower but moderate!? active; No 7 /\n
itlo spot C.70c: aalea 21,000 bava; No\'ember 6.70c; I ,
December '.70c; January 6 75c: February 6.60c;
tfarch 6 h5c: April 6.90c; May 6 05c. Hugarateady T'
indquUt: Trlnl>lad6kc oentrlfugal 6Kc; refined '
it?a?y; white extra 0 5^*513-16o; oil A5^?*Cc; fProp
itandard A C3-16a^c; cube* (rfcabj^o. Molaaae* city*
lull. Kicc quitt and atea-ly. Tallow steady and *lllb<
)uitt at 4%c. Turpeutlne a eady. Egga firm and
n fair dej and; reoelpU 2.740 packago*. Pork quiet Eacl
md firm. Bejf. ham* stronger and q oted at 11660; bushp,
ierca b? ef dull, city ext a aud Indu men 17a20c. chanU
*ut meausteady; pickled bellies 5Hc; nmokcd do All I
l>?c; frtahdo5&c. Lard 4a6 poliiu higher, con- Tne
ract grade tpot 650c; December C 45a6.i7J,c; Jan- 2.he
lary 652a6.55e; February 6 59*6 63c: Match 6.60a The
1.72c: April 6.76c. Butter quiet and weik; wcat- Any
ru 8a25o. ChetAC unchanged. The
Chicago. Ill . Nov. 18.-Ninety one cent* was pnV?f
>ld on the curb this morning for I)i cembcr wheat, ?L"
>ut the moment th* b. H tapped for the regular
railing it became evident there wa* no necessity .,
if keeping at this figure, for if the Idea was to take
in a little b avicr load the averago could be easily
ess 'md, to buyers quit and let toe seller* open
he market, which they did at 90%c for December, ___
ocn sending the price down to 90s t9?ic. Finally XT^O
)ecember closed at 93^c Flour quiet and dull. JJ
^ best fairly active with price* rather firm; sale*
anged: W>iay0>6o, cl. aed at WJiO November: S0}fia
1 Kc, c.oaea u 'JJ%c bid Dcoecnber:
lose J at 90%c bid Jauuary; 0S%a98c, closed at
"l/ic Lid May; No 2 spring WJ^iivOfco; No. 3, 72a TEN a
6c; tio.2 rod 94c; No. 2. kOc lorn active and threes
troug- sales rauged: 42H*llc, cl<?edat43Sa4^ic Also
a-h and November: 42V<a 3^c, closed at 4'2^c De. oo2.?
ember and year; 3?Jia:w%c. clcaod at 88HaJW>$o r>trrr
anuary; 4:atoXe, cio&cd at 40*40Ko May. imu, WTC
le r.aua goud. prior* firmer; sal?* ranged: 27T^a KJ>
>Ur. cloaed at 28c November; 27Ka28Vic, closed at
Sc bid December; 81}^aX2o c!o ed at Slko31J$c .. C1
lay. Uye llrm; No. V, 61J4c. Barley dull and J?
io?,i?'Nn ifi;p. Meu nork active and blsher:salra i?
ausel: $87drl M. c o?rd at W Mas *6; Deoember:
J t!+0 WH. clwctl at19 hJa'J f2K January; 19 91% 1 "
iou.% tlo.cl at 19 92!^a'J9j February; |10 10a ? ..
0 83. do-el al flO /?%ilQ30 May. lard ?otlve 0<"?
nd steady; ??Im rai'B^d- til7?^a6 jOo. cloind at -ryr\
15uC 17}$c N?'VemUr nod Pecrmber: 6 I7^a6.30c, H u'
losc'd at 622U*(U c January; 6 TTI-iaCi a7kc, c oad
at 6 35c reh uary; b 35h6 42Rr< clood at ?.,no
tfrti^^c May. Boxed tnoau eaay Mid lowtc; _
boulder* Jw.ntf/Xta; long clean 4 85*4 90c: iliori .Krfi8
lear 5.15a<,*)c nhort rib 4,mu4?:c WhUkr,
115. 8i'gar and butter urn hanged Kggi In fair -1C.?
luuiatid at l'j'/fa "c Afteruouu board?Wheat '
trong; adranred u>rn >U:?tdy aud ~i.i80'
ilgher. Oaui>i*^c higher and firm Pork steady w*"111
ndSch'gher. Lard firm and 'Itffl higher. n]
Philadki'iiu. Pa . Nov 18.?Flour ftrady, ?~
Vhe?t opened firm, adyaured Xc and doted){a>?c CJTG
3wer than yctferda y: No. 1 fVmuryl ran In red II01; o
'a. 2 rtd November 91 Ka^iKc; December W>U93c i
auuary HjaWXci.Fetrutt'y iW^aWc Coru Hrm: 80 8*
- v" At*' Vn i 1KB*
slxed-tfc: ol3 ungraded 60c; old No. 8 ralx?-d 8 Ht
'tXa\ No. 2 mixed 66^0: No 2 mixed November 24 Bt
3a&4c: December L0}$a5l$<c January 4da4'jj; Feb- 20 bt
nary 47U(4t>e. OaU, nbout Ic higher; No. 2 mixed 80 8h
2a32%c: rejected white 81%o: No 3 whltu 34a&5c: 2,COO
to. 2 white 37c; future* alv-uced J?lo; No. W
rbli-j November 36^?37c: Imvcm bur36>4a37o; Jan- no3
ry37^75ic:Fiibruttry37SH;w;^c. Butteratoady. " r\i
g.b firm f r extra *>h!o and other western freah at H wJ
baXu ' liecx- dull atd e aler; Ohio lUu, choice, X?
fcalCc; Ohio (air 10 prlmo H>fa9}f?. The
Cisasmri. 0, Nov. 18 -FJour Jlrmcr; family J]"5*?.1
111M4 85;fanuy li Mai S5. Wheatstring; No. 2 {J"**1*1
ud 85aOCc: recelpU3,W bukheh; shipments 4,100
ushela. Corn firm; No. 2 mixed 4'c. OaU Urorg; "SS11 *
lo. 2 mixed 2Us30o. Rye steady; No. 2, G6a B*rjy
dull aud unclanged. Pork quid and firm at n*?J?
10 CO. Lard firm at 6 :5c. Bulk meais quiet and - ocw
ncbangid. ll*cqn Arm and unchanged. Whisky
^adyatflOfc llutter sugar and cheese Arm and H
uchug?,d. 1^4?trougerall9al7><c,
IUltimo**, Nor. 18,?Wheat, western' eaaler and Valu
ull: No 2 vrlnfir red spot frftsa*; Daoember Ma fourth
9l%e: January February VsHattjKc. w. Va.
tira, western high*r. tlusiuf dull: ycariya49Mc; a . _
anuary -IXat'Jc; February 47%at'Jc. OaU Arm; 8,J?B
restorn white saa'to: do mixed 8Ja83>$c Proriaioaa
rmer; mc*s pork f 10 j6. Lard, rofined 7^6. Km uii
mat 24i2.Sc. Collet easier; lllo cargoes, ordInary - ' )
fair, 7Xa8K". T710J
Toi.xno, 0.. Nor. 'Wheat closed easy with lit- X;
o doing: oa?h or November 96j$c;i>fopmberwjiic: ti,? i
in nary- February Wfco May ft 04!*. Corn in- ?
omhal; ca*h 4<>c; Novomlxr 44c year4Vo: Janu* [?i?
ry 3J^c; May 40>{e. OaU quiet ;ca*h 2Dc: May 81>$o. Lo?
lover aeed strong: <uh or November $5 65; lie* t^iZ
amber 1^6J bid; January)) 67S Mi; February T^?t*
> 7lx/% bid. Lou
T.tva Hlnrk. FT.*
CnicAQO, III., Not. 1??'Tho Drovm' Journal re- .n2o
tow. Cuttle?icoelpta 7,010 head: shipment* 2,0X)
cad; murkct suauly; ahlppwig steeri ft 50a5 40:
ockor* sad feeder* 9J 60a4 ti): ihtowh Texan c?l* 3
e Heady; weatern ranger* um hanged. Hogx-Ke- g
slpu4G.OOO Load; ablpraent* 6,400 head: market i
cuk, cloied lc higher; rough mid mixed 1320*3 00; J
icklng and ?b|tipliig $3 COa-l 90; light wefebu
! &0|v3 IU: aktl* 1/ '<M 10, Mliesp-Kecslpu 5,000 n_.v
eaai ?hlpmeut< 0,000head; common 1 VOo lower:
all v?-? *2 00a3 M: weatern II Kta'i 90; Texana II 7ta
HO. Iamba|'2fit,a4 50.
East I.ibxbty, Pa., Nor. 18.?rattle active and
rm; prime fiifiaS 60; Mr to good H&ouiVj: uomon
|l6Cal'2fi; receipt*670 head; ihlpinenta 570
ad. Hblpment* to New York jreatrrday 51 cam.
ogu in Mr demand; Philadelphia! 13 8 a4 00; . n ,
orkem |3C0a3 70 recclpU 'J,700 head; ahlpmenta __VT. ,J
200 head; ahlpmenta lo New York jcaterday 27
im ehecpdull; pilmg|J76a4 00; fair to good
uodl 60; common |l 00*? 00; lambs It OOat 60; ie? wiu?!
Ipu 1,40)head: ihlpinenta '.MOO bead. Kour
CINCINNATI. O., Nor. 18.?Hop dull; common renal r
id ligbt V0i3 60; packing and butcnera S3 45a Four
76; receipt* 10,300 head kblpmuuU?93 bead. Five ;
Dry Un-<1?. Hlgbt
Kkw Your. Nor. IK-Tho buMiiraa of H. It BuUn
jQlnA Co.ppanjr will be coiitluucd under the 'our
me firm uamo In New York and Kurope, Two 1
c etUte of Borate B. Cluflin by John Pour
llin mid the remaining i?artuor>, with the ex- MTontfc
iptlon of Wm. 1' Dunu, who will ret! u from tho Three
m during tho mouth, under arrangement* made No. If
lih the late Mr. CI?Un. t'loiblng woolleni are For ft
llgpt demand, but considerable builneaii It la
rtrfti** ihruuib deltvurlea an orders Cotton I Bfol
xjdaaw autlve: aud three yard cottons noil
p la hotter khap? tbati for nmo time and the !
umx are wilt oocuple I on older*.
Patrolann. Bradford,
Pi.. Not. M.-Openedatfl 10^; clo?- rpkt
at II 07H; HlfhMi |110%; loweet II d>h rune X
,W3 barreu: total ahlpuieuU 71.49 > barren: char'
ra 63 671 barrel*; clearance# a.Cfl.COJ barrel*.
PimvuKQiii ?*.. for. II?Petroleum excited
id Irregular to-day; opened at II 10J$; loweat
i?; hhtb(?t II 1W ckaed at 11 07fg A lirgo G
aount ol oil c^auied hand* dutiog the d*y.
i77,0w barrel!; clear*uoia 6,940,(01 barrel*; ahlp- ?
inta 78 4H0 barrels; char tern 63,573 barrel*. "CM R]
rmnnus, Pa., Not. ll-Opened at tl 10?: X?
(beat II U: Ipweat II ifijf; cloaed at |1 07&: i
Ipmcnta 78,490 barrels; charier* 58,671 barrel*.
?iw York, Not. W-reUoUum Arm; United *00Bo
WdMlimi- GottOB.
law Yoa*. Not. m -Cotton; futum cloaed
adf and I to MOOc lower than yesterday; D> -?017
nber 9.4Jc; February 9.1*; April ?J7c; July a tx
(uw York Kov. 1A?L?Ui?r In fair demand ud **
ilete Trratment, with Inhaler
ri form ol CtUrrh, $1. ilk
yr Heed Gold*, Watery
/ V? ,'>V^ DI*ch*Tei from the Nrte
IfKA/i Ak^C. and Km Rfngln* NoUea
t1'* Head. N?-rrom
JE"* "V xJ?.,Stlei4d*che and Ferer Inr^rntf&v
?KjzJ rboklng mncui dief?*"!
jjp& lodged, membriut
{ " iV* -4?\7 cleansed nod lieal?d,
W) ,jgjr breath aweetened, smell.
/ ta?teand bearingreatord
javsgia chicked.
rh, iliO'icbitiM. Dropping* into the Throat,
In the Chert. Dypepala, Waiting of Strength
Iwib, Ia?h of Sleep, etc. rured.
bottle Radical <u.e, one bo* Catarrhal dolrid
one Dr. San ford 's Inhaler, In one package,
Irugtiat*. for It. Afk for anford a Radical
i pure dUtillatlon r f Witcb-haiel, Am. Pine,
, Maritold, clour Bloaioms, etc.
tier Drug and Chemical Co , Boa too.
"KIDNEY PUNS" and that weary
Q lonia Ion erer preaent with thoaa of
p painful kidney* weak backs, overworked
i r worn out by landing, walking or
ML the sewing machine, cored by Cuncuiu
anti-Paic Plxsttm, a nsw, original, aland
speedy antidote to pain and lnfiammait
driigmata, 23c.: lire foi 81.00. Mailed free,
s Dkuo amd Chemical Co., Boa'.on.
go* sunt.
x Ho. 87 Fifteenth street. noli
Booaa, 1210 Byron street, Third
"o o ocmt__IN HORN. I
SUiun run ????> *?? ? .
srook'n Block. Apply to W. V. HOGI 4 ;
1300 Market atraet drtf j
WUnted. I
prompt tod reliAble party. Addrww A.,
t tali offlce noil j
i'TEI)?An actiro Man or Woman In ere7
rnuty to nil our goo<<*. bal?rjf7& per mouth
>xpenae?, or commission. Expenses In ad*
. Outfit free. For lull particular* addreaa
DAKD 8ILVKK WAKE CO., Boa toe, Mi*.
ITKD?Young Ladies in city or oountj to
ork for uj at ibolr homes; fascinating em*
eat; no latlrvclioni to buy; work can b?
T mall (distance no objection); 96 to 19 per
can be m?do. No c*nras>inff. particular)
r sample of work mailed for four cents In
a. i'lcxse address, Rons Manufacturing
rwtnn Ma?a P <> iqh ?*>n.VrrhMW
public Sate*.
toamboat aud Hargog.
ill sell at public auction on Tuesday, Norem,
Hs5, commencing at lu o'clock a. k., at
oy's Landing, nortn of tbe public wharf, in
y of Wheeling, thodtpam Tow boat "kugene"
lueteen bare ?, part of the property aligned
by the Dion) or Towboatsnd Lumber ComAlso
the tenant house upon the Nichols
rty at th? Monitor Landing.
ni of Hale?Cash
arantee that the aaid property la free from
>r debts of any kind.
TU03 O'BRIEN, AsJgnee.
t. Hallkr Auci longer. nc9
lie Public Sclioola.
xxals to supply the Public Sohoo's^ of the
lth Coai for one year irom me ku n mm ,
5 ThnnSu 7v- un^ersf?n>ol unUi 8 o'olojk
f Thuridnj-, NovembiT 19 18S5
?e Hchnolh |R the Mr.tJet, or
SCiioou Lor to of tbo Citek;
Hc-haota south of too Oifck:
School on the dand, or
whool soi-aretoiy. /
right li ru>orv?Hl to r*Jeot Hoy or ill Lida.
<*U? chonld b4 enqWd lolMa^ntaiiM
I'd. "PlOpOiaU In Soppv Coil" ?nrt El
U; M. PLndl^ION, I
' lurliHn.nl Kiln^tlon.
g;ot Salt, I
Hy Place at Elm Grove, I
^ * UT|i"a i"io I
lot ol .'enej Cow*. H. TOR 1S9,
No. 7 Custom UonKft. I
I Will Mil
iarw Exchacro Bank Stock.
iarci Pea bod j JniuranM Stock.
>arr? People'* .'lank Stock
?P Mill Bond of ll.OOa
Telephone m. I
R sale! 1
*e?T ?"dc b)r u"I"idK'1.
ko.?.l^ |
larea National Bank at Wellaburg.
inrtt Ohio valley Bank.
iarea Commercial Bank.
larea -Etna Irou Works.
iarea Jeflenou Nail MM.
ana Manufacturer*' insurance Company.;
City Bouda, new 6 pen cut.
L IB WIN, 8 lock Broker,
No. 24 Twelfth btreet.
li SALE.
Property Numbered 930 Market street, being
itbcaat corner of Market a'netaud Alley C.
i lot 'a a tbmcatory brick houae and aereral
tuildiDK*. the aggregate rent of wblcn baa
500 per year and over Price S3,500.
ii, Il.coo caib; the balauw tAuo per year lor
ira, with alz percent interest.
JAiTL. HaWLKV, 1430 Main 8U
ft BALE.
able Real Estate on N. K. corner Twentyand
Market atrouta, In the City of Wheeling,
Lot 123 feet by 66 feet; now occupied by
Jlirlu u a wagon and blackamltb abop.
1800 Market BtreeL
following LoU on Wheeling Island belong?o
eaiaU) of the lato Wm. McCoy, ris:
No. 86,67 and 71 on Broadway.
No 86 and W ou "York street
No. 90,100 and 101 on Virginia street
No. 104,106,110 and 111 on Huron street
No. lift, in and 14) on Wabash street
lo. 144 on Water streot
w v. hour & RRO.. lann UarkrtBt
ov Salt and go* gent.
ling Houses No. 83, No. &5, and No. 87 Biz*
ilrable Dwelling, No. 92 Sixteenth itrect, '
ting pine rooms and bath room.
Rooms. No. 21)2 Wat rstroe*.
three Roomed Dwellings In rear of No. 2112
Roomed House, No. 157 Alley IS, in good
Roomod House, No. 60 Alley 15. 4
Roomed House, No. Ill VIMnla street
Boomed Mouse. No. 95 Market street 1
itM Home. No 21C3 Main street
Roomod House, No. 1112 Baltimore?treet 1
loomed House, No ?J Twcnry-vevooth st.
Roomod Houso, Alky B,south of Twenty*
i stree'.
i Rooms, Ko. 1044 Eoff street
4 Al'ey 15.
irther Information enquire of
Fstate Agent Oolle. tor and Notary Public,
No. mi2 Market Bt???t j
Without Fatu! ,
Gold Lined I'll La*.
!EO. C. MILLIGAN, Dentlut, J
bone No. 400, No. 114J Utrkei Street >
>? Jiut reculvtd lor llu llolUaj Tnde, at I
:ktt ?la, bf
G. 8. FEENY,
1410IU10 Blrtet. I
gott nits.
"Wedoheribr mtlllth.l; we fprniwn,,.
nnstmuiu tot m. the Moultilv 1. .
"Swlnnoi in? UwMmu -i.k
and Inpcrwii m?n???Kl cwiiro! ih.- w.ffi; i
keixnefvee end thMlhe Mine ?te conducted iS
houeny. Ulrtiw, ?nj In bock! n th lo??m
tie* Mid we nuthorisj tnu ' omi*ny n? um iff' j
ouiioaue. with luilmllv ol out Uinuoi*;
uched. InluadTtHttiemcitU.' 4'
Over Half a Million Dimributed.
Louisiana State lottery Company,
UMurpomed in IBM tor ? jean t<j the l^i.
ture for Educational and Charitable pur;,**.vi
a capital of fl,000.000? to which a rwcrvt luad'^
over IM0.0U0 ha* ainee been added.
By an overwhelming popular vote lu tnnohto
waa made a part of the pr?*!Ot State t.ouaututi^
adopted December ad, A. D.. 1373. u I
Jti Or.od Single Number Dra*iug? *ll| U(
place monthly It new tctlta or po?t j*aei. U,;
at the following DUtributlua: 1
1871b Grand Month!/
AND Till
Extraordinary BemMnoual Drawl,,
la the Acwemyof Mu?!o. NtwOrlfwu
1 uaanat, Dicembkb It, lisi
Under the peiaonaiaupeivUioa am! inanitta-of
liKN. tl T. uBAUi**G AUD n? l-oubliti ..j
UtfN. jrB iL A. AAKLY. vt Virginia. 1 M
Capital Prize, $150,000.
ftfotloo ?Ticket* *re Tea Do'lart only. h?1tm
a. fUUu.M. Ttcihsm:
1 Capital Priko of I1W.COO |l?{ Y?
1 oiand Pr*nof to OX) to'oou
1 Grand Ituns of 20 000 A
2 Giaud IrliMot 10,(CO.. .... 20Uu
4 Lurg-tPxzeaif &.OJ0 '-Otto
:o i'fie-^oi 1.001) aoooy
50 Priieaol too 2SOCO
ico Priifi of aoo iaU(.
SOO Prises ot Jco 4orm
(OOPrJffo! 10u tytu] I
looorrixmoi ao jqi0w
IOO Approximation Prttra 0! STO..
i n Approximation IT'aea of 10 10W)J
110 Approximation PrUcaof 'b 7 ^
Prim, amounting to
Application for ratef to clubs nhoulii be mi.it
only to the offlw of the Company in New urltajj.
For further information trnteclwrly, sirtngfofl
addresi. POSTAL NuTKS, Exr.rtw Menu Onion,
or New York Exchange in ordinary letwr. Cw?
rency by Expre* (all aumi of S6 and uj.wanU 11
New OrlvtUit, La..
Washington, B. C.
Make P. 0. Money Orders payabli
and address Registered Letters to
Now Orleaui, U
New Orluu, U.
nnll-wiuw NV?rOr|.M,i?. l|
One Kxperlofice of Many.
Having experienced a gieat deal of
' Trouble!" irom Indigestion, so much Mhi'I
camo uear losing my
Lift I
My t.ouble always came sftereatin/auy fo?lHowever
And digtatlble,
For two or three horns at a time I ba?l to |e
through the most
Excruciating pains,
"And the only wsy I ever got"
Wu by throwing up all my atomach conUtodT!
No one can conceive the pains tliat 1 timl *.)fj
through, nntll
At laitf"
I was taken! ' So that fortbrcv weeks 1 Uy fi
bed a ;d
Could eat nothing!!!
My suflerlngi wereio that I called twodrntonSi
gire me something that would stop the i>iiu.
Their efforts were uo gocd to >ne.
At la 11 beard a good dral
"About your Hop Bltfers!
And dctermtood to try them."
Got abrtUe?In lour hour# 1 took the couttntid
Ntxt day I iru out of bed, aud ba>v not m??
Hour, from tlio aame cau?c ?'n?.
I have roeomraeudtd It to Luadrtds oi otidt
You have no such
"Advocate m I am "
Allium, Bo?tou, I'm
Downright Cruelly.
To permit yourself and family to
"fttfferl" . .
WI?h clknea whin It can to prevented ul
cur?*<l no cully
With Hop Bitters!! I
WXono genuine wl'hout a bunch of ijrenBo^
ou the white labt-1. Khuu all tho vile,
atufl with "Hop" or "Hope" In their name.
nolflxwraw ___
Tlie Model ii^m*
Tho attention of practical teacher* I* dlrtc'd
this carefully prepared hook, by K"<*l cooiM?
and practical men, W. 0. Pawsa " tL
The whole 192 peeea haveupcclal reference to tw
Singing School, and contain 57 Uktu and nr.
Songs, JS Hymn Tunea, IK Anthema. * ' b*L,t,j,1
Modulator uie Mauuaiuigiu, anu ui ui??" ?
I'ricc 60 ctfl. $6 00 per doxeu.
Song Bells, bj l. o. exkk><>.n.
A very favorite collection of kciiUI Hodri t*
Common School*. Price 60 cu.
Song Greeting,
A. perfect auoocM u a compilation, lmvlitf ?
Uatefulcolleoilon of part notion, vo!i:eux erci.cf.it;.
Prtoe 80 ct?. f6 00 per doicu.
Halfdan Kjerulf's Album of Songs.
83 Bonn of tbo liigh<t>t order, by # fain ??f"3
po?er. Hug l?b and Gorman word', 1 lie raw*
appeal* to the highest and m<*t niklvnU J u>:-.
J rice ft 50.
College Songs, War Songs,
[60 ota. tadi) m>U crerjwbfre, and
body. ' rm.7; i< ? t ,
OIJVKB piJ^ON A CO., ft?!oo
C. H. Duron A Co., ton Broadway, New Yuri
Bond to John O. Haynm A ?'o.
bouiu of 0. Dltson \ (5o.)_for ynuid
tiojruo or au Munfcai innnimouH. -? Inanilnp.
?T1|? AtlUlU CmMUvtian. ipullnitol UK
Dwla' dlKjiUy, add*:
The perfumed bull room wm onu nl the "<
mcJ graceful feature* of this Kn*t < u nu *? ?J
fueeu entered the Opera Horn* Um y wi rv r/"f)
with the moat deilcloua odor*. ?? Iron; n r?--i
Qiooinlug bid of a thouMaud llowtrp. i : <
Wen ?ub the aoft, ?weet perfume tl"?' .
be tbe vtry breath of the twliJoi ul |.i-i*ure
k wooing to the gdlctfei of the oa-awon. A *
hln, neatly placed, wm playing fl t,r-' ;
Ihe cologue which gave fwrth ?hl> v' "- ', "j
the practiced kiwx ol DieJ*dl?? "t " ;
?hat It wu. We need hardlym/ thai tu- \'
md the two atomlirra were dUp???iHS M
moepbere the odor of
m article o! Southern manufacture
promptly won iU way liito wide ii.r-N'l ,
jhlj Cologne la of Uie quality. > :? 'r,
lelldoua; and an eatcemwl ?nlHe"...
able of all that harp uiedlt^ 1 '?;
cave mum oi Ux? "Mjriuc w?" - 0?
>d IU merit*, and they h*d ... , u <>!dr>Fer
their |ut?u than tb?*o '0j1"-*4h ; /,udJ w
IghUu) perfume. The fair lUnwn; * J ?<
[fateful a rtfr, aticr laat eireu.?K ,1 ,:.sup
circa aod honor thelr entcruin?" *1
he Mniatlon throughout tht t* ^ , *?m*.
nean*of thto dellthUul a^;i?t- tuvKP*
I AAT MAMHOOI?, ^7%^ij
LOST 55^
PILES Mss&fe?
1IHJ C/IDI GBUSCJM lu ? fc<wr?. OMO* jjV- j
**X> yry Uth HU, Phli*. w
l?|Mtll| Druclitt.

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