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oner i mil. M?iid II JTuarManUiglrwt.
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JIkllo! Ciktrai.1 Are the Bell teleplienc
patunto nil right?
Tut barbed-wire men, now In convenveution,
are ureal aticklera for fine points.
Ik the aJuiinlatnttion la wiae it will not tl
mike (aces at Oerraany. Germany ha] a g
nml we?we have only a Wbitnoy. ei
Ki.nu Thssbaw is & tempting novelty (or ''
. Ilia enterprising showman. What a rink 0
attraction be would make?* real ex-king !
on wheels. ol
X ow Tim i en porters are undervaluing d
their hardware. They don't intend to be *
oppressed by a "robber tariff," but they jj
don't divide with their customers. j,.
A i ktkii ud boot, weigh in* seven
pounds, found in Pennsylvania, is to d
he placed In tfft'Bmlthioiitan Institution. ''
Vrom wMah it is MM guujuu y
period the Chicago women wore booti. It
Ejkilisu bcbmotive builder* look with U
deep ?gret on the foothold our iron horse 9'
hid gained in the British colonies, end
ttiey fee no way to shale it They might
accomplish something by building a more u
desirable locomotive.
i '
(iorin.vo? Hill will have plenty of time tr
to prepare bis letter of acceptance for p<
JSSS. 11 he should happen to have nothing
to swept he would have the letter to c'
hand down to posterity, in case he bappsoed
to have any posterity to hand it rc
down to. se
' 1 gi
iIknbiui. H l'ipskui'sk, the postmaster pi
of J'bilsdslphia just removed, was re- ,
appointed in February last. He ira one- ?
armed reteran. kMr.Harrity, who succeeds JJ
him, is chairman lot tlifc Democratic city It
?-" > it nnuliL tA Jm mid that Hui- *
c JUinmujo. v?0-. ?
dukoper is a partisan.' "
= io
It la a good sign tbat the Public Library ec
needs more room, and another good Bign ic
thrtt the Library ifi going to bave what it 01
needs. Tiio public has responded so well JjJ
t j the liberal policy off the management ej
that the number of booka baa steadily in- ta
creased, until there is no longer room jj!
enoagh for everything and everybody. 1
Jntho Library every well-behaved persua
is inado to feel at home, and this is
oue of the serrela of its buccoh. ^
Macium, the .Democratic atateamanof P<
Chinfltfo. who has made so stubborn a at;
tight against going to the penitentiary for at
election rascality, has At last reached that C
bourne from which every convict is A
anxious to return. This is hid share of ai
the victory for reform. The law has a
hard tussle when it grapples with political g(
rascals strongly backed, and in such cases b<
it ia of the highest importance that the
law shall triumph. It U never difficult to ^
put through the friendless fellow who ar
Htcals a hum.' ? . * * j .? ' of
? m
Wool-uuowjskh of this locality ought to jjj
nead no urging to be present at the tri- jj
State meeting to be held at Burgettatown ee
next Tut-sdny. if the wool-growers of this m
country expect to Ijold op to;ti<jo protection
that has been left tlieni, to say nothing of A
restoration of the tariff of 18(17} they mutt 0j
push their organization and fce heard at w
Washington. The men whoHrknt free raw ^
material (wool) aro organize^ They h*ve w
money, energyj determination. Some re- w
ctfut occurrences have encouraged them,
and they aro likely to make an assault H I ol
along the line thia winter. Unless there ^
is a sturdy defease the jwpql-growers will pi
bo routed. f ' tl
? C
As Atlanta, Georgia,' man, writing to
the New York Tribune, (calls attention to
a misapplication of the Slater fond of g,
$ 1,009,000 given, tbjctlucate ihe^cplored w
people of the Soatli.; He says that through
the influence ol Senator OolQnitt$10f000
has been applied to a Methodist college j0
in (ieorgia in which! no < negroes are edu- t
rated. If this is true it ought to be pcsai- w
ble to show it beyond any doubt. How- 0i
ever worthy an institution that may be C(
which does not undertake the education al
of ntgroes, it does hot come within the Pj
moo pa of the 81ater gift. It is only fair to ^
the memory of Mr. fiiater to suppose that w
he knew what he wanted to do with his ei
money. ' !r
Tttl-aTATK" COM VttimOS ?!
or the* Woo> Orowati of Weil Virginia, Eut
Ohio Jttd Ptunajlvanla. _
1'ittfut'iioii, Pi.,.Wot. 19.'?General J. ii
C. Mcllacy, ol Waahington county, haa 01
issued an addicse to the' voo^growera ot p
West Virginia, Eut Ohio and til of I'eon- Ci
?}iv*ni?, calling in moat euneat terma lor Jj
a lull repreeeutation at the forthcoming f1
meeting of the Stats Aseoeiatlon at Bar* e
Keltatown Hert Tuesday. All wool-grow- il
en. are enineafly urged to reCognlte the P
net-easily (or united action in lntluencin; "
legislation, anil reinlmia the wool growers j,
ulall sections of the great danger wlioih
the free-tradera in Congreaa threaten the
wool industry with.
The advocates ol Iree trade are well aup- c
plied with money and will have to be mat
y? the same ground or legislation very
iniinieal to tho wool-nroweru will bo e
passed. Tho General calls upon all friends d
"I protection to attend the convention and
look after tSelr intoreafa. ' ? p
Htthatr U?U Fit* V..is.
%rkl DiipaM u Uk Mlgon.
liiurwn, W. Vi., Uay. 19.*?John t. t
llechtner, who jraa. cbavlcled 'or forging tl
tlie uamea ol auroUoa to tha bond execo- 0
ted by him aa Treasurer ol tha Catholic
Kai^hn ol America was aentenced tie
day to live yean In the penitentiary. He ?
epUnl the aentence atolcally and bid
nothing to uy.u to wby the aentence :
ahould not be paased upon him.
Macklo In U? faaluaUarj. r
Ciuuaoo, Not. 10.?Joeeph C. Mac kin f
waj taken Irom the county Jail to the {
Illinois Mute Penitentiary at noon to-day, ,
?1 suit is not (or hie complicity In tb? clev '
lion (rauda during the l'reaidontial elec- '
lion, but (or alltKOd perjury "committed
iurinie hia trial Tor the II on otfaoae,
JU'iin waa lonnd fcuilty ol complicity |
in tlu tlcctioua (rauda and jentcnoed. to
the 1'enltentlaiy, but waa gi?en a writ ol
nrrur, and tbla waa is now before tbs '
1 uiu'il HuIm Supreme Court. The per- I
jury rue waa appealed to the Huprema i
L'jurt ol IIUoolii, which ituUloed the i
luwur court. . I
'nvonbUtolh* Adv ratMcf B?.m?tnlUn
Ii<or>M? lu Our Foralfo Gooutic*.
Judge V!bO*ut't I>o?t Caut*- (Jttucial
H !.??&' H!gU>lmi>d?<l Action.
Wasiiinhton, Nov. la.?It i? anaerte
lat the President in bis mcssago to Coi
rfM will reiterate the views he expreei
1 lest winter to a mcmbT u( Congress o
le quwilion ol .nspemlingthe kilver ciii
,n lam Via Uuliavoa tViaV n nnnt'innatift
*** ** "?
! tbe present statute will tend to mail
lore ami moreinvowible any rectrnitio
[ a bimetallic currency in the Unite
!atn; that il a coin which ptstea lor
Dllar does not contain a iuadred cents I
111 fall into disfavor and arouse a prt jo
Ice against Itself. It will bo remember*
tat in the President's letter last, winte
s stated that in his opinion the bmines
iteresla would be rained unless Congrei
ipealed tbe silver coinage law. Oonurw
Id not repeal the act, and the btuinei
itereitaol tbe xouuuy bare not bee:
lined, and It might be suppi scd that I:
iew olthtae facts tb? Prealdent'a reasor
ig will not have the same weight that I
lould have with his party in Ooogrees, c
lat part of it which is cr?iy on Ihe silve
lestion. The silver men, if reports ma;
3 relied upon, are in no humor to yield
T 8?coud Comptroller Mnrnard for Bom
Luxiiilea 1 mIuIk'U In.
Wabbisotoj*, Nov. 19?'Second Comp
oiler Mpynard baa rendered three im
>rUot decUoai, *a IoIIoks:
Flrit?He dirrc'a that $02 shall bi
urged a^akst the arconnta of 'ex-Sur
(on General Wales for two portraitao
tat officer, purchased lor his office ant
aidenee, t ut paid f ?ron v< nuhers repre
nting the expenditures to b? for photo
aphing anatomical spKvtnew, and fo:
uxhaamg ponta^ \ eumpj.
Second?-He disallows aocountst of $14
r entertaining the iloueu Comcuitttu 01
ppropriations during a trip to Fortrea
onroe, on the Tallapoosa, in March
184. The Comptroller holds that then
bi no authority of lav /or &uch a trip a
ivermnent expense.
Third?He disallows accounla fo*- ?1 341
r mileage to Sargeon Billing, U .6. A.
ivcring his I urnpean trip to attend rned
al conventions aud congress s undo
den? of the War Department lu thii
,80 the Comptroller hoids that there wai
) authority for buch a trip at govern men
rpensejthat the service was not inili
ry, and that an order leaving the anaoun
travel and pi. ces to Le visited to th<
ecretion of an cllicer ia void.
Tb? Marluo t.oijn Se>rl?#.
WakIUKCITO.*. D. C.. Nov. li) ?Col. C
. McCauley, Comuiauder .of the iiaiim
jrps, in bia annual report e*ya thi
tnarna expedition showed in tin
rongiflt manner what he had for yean
ated to tho departing', that the Mariai
arp? bud iioi enough (iliiuw and men
11 the khore stations m ru nearly *tri}>pe<
id left willnuU adeqaate protection am
tarda were \vithdrawu from many ahipi
bicb gave rise to much inconvenienca
)me of the Captains of the corpa havi
sea 21 years in that grade and t*vera
\tbI Lieutenant* iiavo been 20 years iz
ie eervioe. .Unless souse increase ii
phergradtiua niftd**, Col. AleCauiey-oayft
id a better diatritirion of the number oi
lie ra allowed, this condition of atfuiu
ust continue to the discouragement o
e ambition and professional pride. Col
cCaulev recommend# that the corpj b'
creased by 500 private* He auomit
timatts amounting to $918,811 for thi
xt fiscal year.
The Fort Hy?r V ?uft .tfinict!. .
Wasuinoto.n, Nov. ID.?The rumor ha
circulation that Inspector Baird
ho was sent 10 investigate tho causes o
oublo among the "cadeti" at Fort Myei
ill report that tbe trial by court-martia
as illegal, the young men having com
ittcd no offense against tho regulation
the army. The only charge againa
torn was that they united in signing;
t tit ion to flu ir b open or officers in wbicl
iey cjmplained of treatineut they receiv
1 from tho lieutenant who was in.media
Iy in command of thxtn. Genera
aml'a report, it tho rumor lis true, * ill ue
ifflitato ft hearing of the ease by th
crotary cf War, ami possibly thaniftte
111 come before the riesidmt.
A < hancr f.?r Jobbery.
WiiHiKOTOx, Nov. 19?Another uhanc
r jobbery has been iutio luced by threat
ury officials. Hitherto, whenever i
as necessary to cm]>loy horses for tho us
! Iho Hie saving service along the sei
tost, thore has boon no trouble in hirin
1 that were wanted, but now it is pro
>6od to buy horses tor the life-savingsor
co, and keep them in stables which ar
i be bailt at tho several stations. Thi
ill necessitate an increase of the forcc o
tnployia of the service with correspond
ig increase in the appropriation*, ant
orae tradora and contractor* will have u
peaingfor busincsa.
Foreign Cciumcroii Iuer???lng.
WAaiiisoTON, Nov. 10.?NutwIlhaUnt]
ia tbo catnpa'gn arguments of Dorm cti
ratora,that the policy of the Republica;
arty baa destroyed tbu country'a foraigi
ammerce, the report of tbo Burw u c
tatiaticaof the Treasury Department fc
m p#*t year ahowa tbat the United State
i rapidly picking up in the way of foi
ign comuie|ce, apd (bat in point of valu
a export* are exceeded only by the ex
oiti of England, Uer?any and Frant*
i the ordur named. Thia report ia pre
ared by tbo Democratic ctijef of tb
Binds Mo Such i>l-eoT?rjr.
Washington, Nov. 10.?General 11-.a
r?pp, Kegiater of tbo Treasury, say a tb
iterview with him in which bo ia repor'
il MMvinur tbat the (iovernment baa r?
eemed $13,000,000 oi d?pli."4te bond
riiiteil fraudulently Iroiu uiiiKUUiel)e
Utea, la entirely incorrect. ile 1iu mad
0 such dUcovGty Jiio report 6rew ot
1 a conversation about what ho hud heir
loneral tijilnour my one, to tho cdei
bat there was not MiOklunt /iheck upo
be printing ot bonds, and (hit fluuieroy
ver-iaauea badbrt n dinrorored,
Judas Vmosm's Cm*.
WaSIIINUTON, N'JV. 10.? II JudR? Vll
got over bad tuy hipo that the i'realdei
rould nominate hmi w Obiel Juailce i
few Mexico he tina forfeited the eaiiio li
nnoutt'in/, If t Oblcago dispatch li to 1
tiled upon, that bp will seek to have Col
;reaa refuae iu confirmation ot the aj
loiutme nt ol bla aucceaaoT. Tbera is no
hinjt lor which li rover Cleveland
loleu, tod that la for gettlngn p hla bu
md keeping it there whim a lelloo-oieD
mr ot tho Democratic party starts out I
ippou hla will.
Sod/ So.ith, r.' Suit K.il?a.
Wiaamoiox, Nov.l9.--The?alt brougJ
IT Crowe, the notorious body anatohc
igaitut Dr. Taylor, domonntrator of (1
Georgetown lloJu ul College, to recor
iho balance ol an arconnt lor ''anatointa
material" loralnhed the college, wu u
tided In (avor ol the defendant yeatorda
Pmv* VM wbflbw he ft tl
owner of the "Anatomical Material ?" He
refused to answer,and the Justice decided
that he could not claim payment for propT
erty that he wonid not swear was his own.
a. Of lh? Na*y?Surgeou Oeoiral Oannall'i
Keport c f (lie Work of the Hervloa.
Washington, Nov. IN.?Burgeon General
Gunnell, of the Na?y, in hfs annual
reDort submits estimates of $101,460 for
j the support of the Bureau of Medicine
ls and Surgery during the next iiscal year. 9
This is $30,000 in excess of the appropria- {
n tiona for tho current year. The appro- ,
priatione, Dr. Gunnell eaya, for the re- j
pair of hospitals liave been eo email that .
n the Bureau hcs not been able to main- ]
e tain them in a satisfactory condition, and (
n the further reduction for the current year j
I may cauae serioua embraaament. ,
a At the requeat of the United States .
t Consul General at Yokohama, permieeon 1
. has been granted for the sending of sick J
j aailorafrom American vessels to the United 1
r 8tat??a Naval Hospital at that place for
h rn? dical treatment. J
,8 Dr. Gunuell Bays & complete ay6tem of 1
a iron and lead pipes, with fixtures, are be- a
8 ing laid on the outaldo of the Muaewn *
Q building from the ground to the roof, with f
- "" nK?ov?fln? nfoHnn at nm>h of Lh* thrift '
etories, for an exhaustive series of ex peri- 8
\l inenta covering all the topics in dispute J
r pertaining to trap syphonage and tbe util- 1
r ity cf the mechanism of water cloaete, c
f traps, water basins, baths, sinks, etc., as '
I, well m the numerous ones on which there *
are no tellable dsta, together with micro- ?
scopicMl acd chemical uete of the action '
* of sewei* air and dif erent waters on pipes *
and tanks. The result of the experiment* ?
will be given to the public. ~
Thetotal number of deaths in the naval n
* force afloat during the year was thirty, R
which is lutB than the average for the lust
? fifteen years. _
i\a o 3enu:? Confirmation!. ft
j Wasuinc.to.Vj D. 0. Nov. ID.?The Na b
J tional Republican to-morrow will have the \
. following; The President in cjnver- o.
r sation with a Republican Senator on
Tuesday told the latter that ?l
1 ho would esteem 4k a great ?'
1 favor if Senators knowing anything ob*
jectionable or detrimental to the pubiic to
i mtereeta ahout any person or per- ai
* sons appointed by him would apprise at
' him of the facts. Tho President 8f
expects that a fight will be made on some m
) of bin appointments, but believes that the &
. majority of tbe Republican Senators will
oppose any attempt to defeat conflrina- w
r Hons, except where unimpeachable facta o:
s are presented. to
Curo for Sllidawetl Grapevine*.
Washington, D. 0, Nov. 19.?United Jj
t SUt*&3ai?d Newcomb, at Lyons, sent to oi
a tbe Secretary of Slate a report upon the to
uae of a mrx'ure of slackeJ lime and sul- a(
phate of copper as a cure fjr mildew or j"
rot upon grapevines. This remedv is be- "
' ing extensively used in France with favor- *
a able results. *
y tuud ti Too Jlouotonona. fi]
i Washi.noton, D. 0., Nov. 19 ?J. Con- cm
9 ley, of Pufalo, has tendered hiB resigna- el
5 tlon as Appointment Clerk of the Postcftice j|
; Department. He waa appointed to the
ultiee one month ngo, ami coram# irora
activo newspaper work finds the office cf
? Appointment Clerk too monotonous (or u
bis taste. rt
3 ?
1 TKltiilULh alcjd E.V V. n
1 Frtllhig WalU Cra?b m Number of P?opl?. is
! One KllUd. n
Nkw Yoiix, Nov. ltJ.?On Wednesday
s the E npire Mil Id on Belbune street were tj
I burned. This afternoon a party of laborers $
were engaged In bracking the walls. A
jj fire company was throwing water on the ?
u smoking ruins and a number of children JJ
and people were engaged in picking up
bits for kindling wood. Suddeuly, and V
without warning one of the walls doubled h
9 up and top fell inward upon tho laborera ai
and the middle in the direction of the &
f firemen and wood gatherers. The chil- n
, dren and firemen managed to get beyond w
J the reach of the falling bricks, bat Mra. pi
1 Mary Kohn was caught and killed. The a1
* laborers on the inside had no chance to b
b run and were bnried under the falling al
? bricks. They wore dug out as quickly as ci
possible and removed to a hoipital. The ir
* list of injured is: tii
1 Archie Georgia, 28 yearfl old, compound
* fracture of the skull, severe injuries and
j shock, will probably die.
1 JameeUdtlia, 41 yearsold, both legs and
* tbiga broken and head badly injured;
B will die.
r George Marlvrria, 85 years old, severe r<
wounds on the head, compound fracture c]
of the skull, left leg and shoulder blade T
Q broken; will die.
Jamqa Chapman.USyearsold, foreman of tl
8 the gang, compound fracture of the knee a
t joint and all the lingers on both hands, tj
a left arm broken and head injured. u
, Killed?Mrs. Mary Kohn, 21 years old,
? 1
? Jackson'* Flight.
Qukiikc, Nov. 19.?The Chronicle this
* morning demands that a searching investi- e
g gstion be made into tho escape of Jack- rl
i son, Kiel's secretary, remarking that its b
j" manner is mysterious, but that it must
a not remain so a day longer than can bo
bclptd, bccauso tho plea of insanity in bis q
case appears to have been a dodge. His o
escapo and letters point to a different con- o
It elusion. p
c Le C'inadUn savs: "Jft'Vson's flight, s
u which has followed,at no great distance of u
time, his acquittal unon the demand of a
1 the Crown, so irflexiole with regard to n
>f Kiel,is exceedingly el< quest. What irony? a
r VV'hat a bloody parody on justice! Jack
s son, tho accomplice of Monday's victim, n
r* lives the life of a elf's in while Kiel died A
e on the tcafiold." p
| A Sooornrful Swindle. ?
i' New Yobk, Nov. 19.-1- A Montreal r
o special to the Poit says; It has been dia- il
covered that a gang of forgers have been F
swindling a number of hay dealers in New *
V?.l. anil W.1W Pnnlaml liu fnnnn) liilln n( ..
0 lading. The firm of Don Lefevre & Co., t
[i Ft. Johns and Quebec, havo boon in the o
>. habit of shipping largo quantities of hay r
1 to the United States, and would draw on 0
la their agents without any advice notes o
d Ijoing seut. It now appears that within v
e the iaot fpv weeks forged bills of lading e
it purporting to bo drovq by this firm, a
d representing between $20,003 and $.J'J,0U0
-t have bjen issued, accepted and endorsed jj
n by their Boston and New York agents, c
11 gqf) advances to a large amount pain on t
tbpm to thp ppUt-9 working the swindle, a
-r-r?ttt?--w r
q?MJ*ba>K VKited. i
x" Grrmauaa, Pa., Nov. Jft.?Although e
11 the waather was inclement General Wan- e
^ ccck, attended bv General Walker, o! his J
7 staff, historian oi the Second Corps. Col. J
> > Wilson, Major Miller, COL micneiurr, i
lioveininent hlntorlan of the battlefield, '
r Col, Nicholson, recorder oI the Urand
? Commandery ol the Loyal Legion and 11
1> others visited the battlefield to-diy. lien*
erel Uancct.k gave particular attention to
?- the poeitioca ol the left centre where bo
to. was commanding, identifying every point '
ol Interest. '' I
BrlllilkMal) Kant, to AaatrmlU.
?t Htw Vot)(("Nov. 19.?A Waehlngton '
r, special to the fM says; The Poetotflce i
department has been advised that upon i
tjxe completion ol the Canadian Pacific
?r road all the tram-Atlantic mails from I
al Jiqglaud mill be forvari)ed>oyer that road, !
o- and that a new British line of iteamars <
y. will he established from the Western ter- I
?e minuiof the Canadian faclfloforAu?tfa|la. i
la lb* Great Bill nrd Ma cb-Vlgnaux Laadi
fkbMOarb) Long 0<Ma at tba Start, bafc
tha Haw Yurkar by MognUlcaut
Sparta Finally Conma Out Ahead.
Chicago, 111., Nov. !!?.?Scbacfler and
Vignaux were contestants in the fourth
game of the balk line tournament. The
ittendance waa again very large. Hchaefer
won the bank for the lead and counted
irorn the lay oil". He missed the second
ihot on an easy cushion. Vignaux made
i run of 47 in hit* bi cond inning, stopping
rith the balls in line as he mimd the
lank ehot SchatflVr atartod in slowly
ind placed in a ragged fashion, having no
cnnck of controlling the balls.
In the tenth inning Vignaux m.vie some
uperb shots. One was a two cushion back
or position. Another a draw shot at an
>ngle acr* s? the center width of the ta"bliv
inu a third whs a combination kiss shot
round the table for live cushions. The
hree balls lay in a line dose together
gainst the head cushion. A follow shof
rssoutcJ the qatstion and a straight
;iss impracticable. With consummate
alcnlat:on the big foreigner played on the
rhiteand thereby kissed the red over tocard
the right hand comer, whwre bis
wa ball met it and counted on Ita return
rom the trip areund the table; This
reat shot was loudly cheered. At 64 he,
topped on a difficult dr^w to a cushion.
>uca mow, in hn eleventh inning, Vljj?
auz added to his biff total, this time with
well played run of 67.
acuaxffiiii away Deni.vn.
The score was 314 to 84 in Vignaux'a
ivor. Hohaeller miscaed and missed in
18 twelfth inning from sheer nervousness,
'ignaux followed with 13 missing on a
ae cushion hank.
He left the balls hard for Schar lier, who
penedout with a ficreauiiug uifttae allot,
id in one or two more shota got the balls
i hand for a good long run. lie seemed
> gather self-control *s he went along,
id although not playing with Li* uatul
roke, he did extr?'riifcly well. At 97 he
iread the balls by a faulty drive and then
listed a hard draw shot. Score, Vignaux
J*, Schaefer 131.
As nana!. Visrnaax found a a t up, and
orked itfor 21), when he finally miaapd
1 a herd bank shot. Ho lelt sctiJelfrr a
nigh b;ealr, but the littln man went after
, and got it. Another shot, and a hard
ae, too, gave h: in a good position, and with
le bept playing he hftu yet don?>, went
a with a beautiful play. At 4tt he froie
?the red and banked successfully. Again
: 100 h- froxe, but with an outward inss**
ranted amidtreaiendous chet ring. At 110
s stuck f.iit to tho red in such
position that he could neither
ink nor masse. The balls were spotted
ad he made the string show in elegant
r-pj. He stopped at 121 on a hard two
union shot. Vignaux was perceptibly
fleeted bv this unlooked for state of
lines, ard in the next four innings broke
i pieces, missing his favorite draws.
Schai ffor gave him safety medicine for
vo innings, but in the seventeenth he
pened out ores more in grand style and
tade a run of 80. There was great cheeris
as ho passed his opponent's pcore. The
ill now showed b'c hue tier 428, Viguaux
liurirg all this lime Vignaux stood near
iu table con&lantly and kept bis eyes on
chaeffer. Twico be tllaimed nO count on
sbaefferbut tlie referee ruled against
im. Bchaeffer's run of 37 in the 18th
mintf rove him a lead of 100?405 to Vig
aux'fl 305.
In the last half cf the nineteenth inning
ignaux caught bis second wind and sot
l & run of 75, miseing oh a draw shot
ad leaving the balls together for
chaefler. bcore: SchaeflVr, -108; Vigaux,
440. Schaefl'er utilized the set up
ith another magnificent run in which he
laved the balk line and worked the ends
ad corners as they have not been worked
aforoin this tournament. He stopped
1110 by a hair breadth miss of a two
jahion position shot. The game ended;
l the twentjvjixth inning. Schaeffer.
J0; Vignaux, 607.
be Kallrond nnd Talegrnph 8x?tein? In
Xlrnrty Oo-op?rft(!on.
Baltimjiue, Mb., Nov. 19.?One of the
jportfl that has been most industriously
roulatod by the enemies of tlie 11. & 0.
elcgraph Company has been to the effect
jat the telegraph enterprise was merely
plaything of Kobert Garrett's, of which
10 directors in the Baltimore <k Ohio
;ailroad Company were heartily tired
his story, coupled with intimations that
30 railroad company was soon to withraw
its support from the telegraph prop*
rty, baa undoubtedly been used to aflect
ae New York stock market, the belief
oing that tho backing of the B. & 0. RailDad
Company is essential to the perma-'
ency of the telegraph company.
The falsity of these reports is now very
lenrly indicated by the following report
f the President of the Board of directors
f the Baltimore # Ohio Railroad Com*
any, which has just been made to its
tcckLoldnrs and accepted: "The Baltitnru
.V Ohio Railroad Com Dan v has ro
etaed the-bonds aud stock of the Baltimore
? Ohio Telegraph Company for'its
dvancea; and arrangements have beenlado
for the farther extension of ita comjercial
telegraph system. The Baltimore
t Ohio Telegraph Company ia thuo searely
established on au independent and
ermanont basis. It baa made a desirable
ontract with the Baltimore ?V Ohio Haiload
Company far the use of the wires on
is system not needed for railroad puri03?s,
and including that system it owns
nd controls 7,535 miles of poles and 54.072
ailts of wire, covering all tho leading
ities. The policy baa been to reach centra
of largo population, and thus in cities
f 5,000 or over, it haa through 111 oflices
pached au aggregate population of 8,000,00.
Tho whole number of the company's
lilces is 1,144. These are at points at
rhich it is believed over 75 percent of the
ntire business of the country is transcted.'
Tho steady and constantly increasing
rowth of the Baltimore &Ohio telegraph
ompany indicates the appreciation by
be public of its valuo as a competitor. As
.11 the leading cities have now been conlected
by a complete and perfect system,
he (e)egraph company will be enabled to
fleet material reductions in its operating
ipensee, and the Board feel confident in
1?it. .U.t 4l.?
xpcutuuug fcuu uti4~? lust mo duw(|iiih
rhich they hive thai far 60 aacoeaalulljr
oatered and developed fill, aaido from
mblli! considerations and its business
slue to this company,' prove a meat reniineratlve
Ill I it
Arrested for Murder.
NmrwiiT, K. I., Nov. Ill?Allen W.
Jorsey, a son-in-law of Ben jauUn Barton,
ind Maria Done?, hia wife; ware arreatod
hia morning chaitted with the murder qI
Burton, a well known, colored man, who
it first waa anppottd'to have committed
injcjde. They pleaded not guilty and
Here committed to (he Newport county
iall without ball. It is stated that Uie
Philadelphia authorltie* are wording up*
xmsplracy phase jn the matter of stolen
bontji, and have undoubted proof that a
ptoipinent phjratcUa ttftrs i| ImpUfat^.
. ... .j _ . i.il'.
Tbe MImIoc Tall/ Hhaat In lh? U?nd<
I>laic|tut?l>l? Woman.
. C'iNciNXiTi, Not. 10 ?Tlie Emiinj
to day baa 11m fallowing: ' It will ho
i mamharRll that when the Returning Boi
consisting of Clerk Dal loo, Justices Bl(
and 8amierdon, reached precinct V ol
Ninth ward, in the official count, tfco i
aaliunal UUcovery waa made that the
licitl envelope contained a blank ti
sheet and a Duckworth Club blauk,
the la ter ol which were written what j;
ported to be the total? of the votca caat
that precinct for the respective candidi
In that precinct. In the face of proti
thewi figures wero accented ai official, i
were placed upon the clHclal abstract. '
matter, while not forgotten, has bi
overlooked, tbe general impression be
that the clerks and jolgaa made the u
take through ignorauco.
Now com** the most startling feature
thfe entire aflfcir. Phil Albert*, * J4no
.Club messenger, and ft candidate for f
position of messenger In Governor Fc
leer's office, has been investigating I
election frauds in all parts of the city, a
has picked up a number o! aicqnaintan
in tbe lower waiku of life. Among thi
la a> woman going by the name of "LUli
ao'lnmate of Fort Mels, a disreputal
sSTdwuind bawdy-house on Walnutstrs
Several dsys ago she told Alberts that i
other inmate of the houw, known as L
lie Herbert* had in her pisession boj
election papers which she was trying
keep hidden. His 'curiosity aroUBed, i
herta managed to hang around in t
place for several days in the hope of c
tain in* tbe papers.
Last Monday evening he was pitting
the general reception room, which ope
! into the bar room, "Lillie" called his i
1 tention to Leslie Herbert, who was sittii
I near by examining a document. Albei
quietly passed behind the woman, an
looking over her shoulder, was astoundi
*Uii* Ilia nanup tffaa a mil
BvuubUTCiiug %umy nuu ]<?(/ ? "?? ?
ing tally sheet of precinct F, Ninth war
In the brief moment heconld nee tl
heading, the tallies, and caught a glitnp
of the footings. There wu no miatakii
the piper.
Alberta unthinkingly and harried
said: "I want that paper." Like a flaf
the document waa in tho woman's peek
and 6he was on the defensive. Th
niaht an attempt was made to obtaiu tl
tally sheet through other inmates of tl
house, but it failed.
a couut dpsbt
RjtheLlvcIj Conductor a Von Soaked wli
New York, Nov. 10.?While Jad(
Brown in the United Sutgs District Cou
room was hearing the case of the pilot bo
Columbia against the Alaaka, the procetv
logs were greatly disturbed by a peculi
noise. U. S. Marshal Bernbard discovc
ed the man that waa making it aud t>i
nation to mm 10 desist. rue man conm
tied it however, end pat his bat on. Tf
Marshal requested him to remove the ti
andcosse his noise, which the man did.
f w minute* later the man glided up
the Marshal and, striking him a stunnii
blow with his fist, felled him to the 11 jc
Judge Brown ordered the infuriati
man's arrest, but he fought his wi
into the corridor, where he knocked dov
a watchman and an innocent byetaudt
By this time the noise and confusion we
so great that it sounded aa if a first-cla
riot was in progress. The man was final
knocked down stairs,and then, by the a
of six Poatoffice employes, was taken b
fore the Court by the Marshal. Judi
Brown requested Dt. Renney, who ha
Opened to bo in coort,~to examine hit
t he Uoctor reported that he was suife
ing from too much absinthe. Wb<
brought before the judge he said that 1
was W, Dubernell, the proprietor of tl
gentleman's furnishing store at 125 Ew<
street, Brooklyn, E. D., and demand*
that the Russian consul.be sent for. Tl
judge, however, fined him $50, wherenpi
Dubernell pulled out a tilt full of bax
notes and paid the fine. He then left tl
court, apparently well pleased with h
An Anolent Cboatnnt.
Tolido, 0., Nov. 19.?William Ellwoo
the noted burglar who successfully wor
ed many Western cities, and who was i
cently brought here from New York ai
committed to the county Jail, has been d
uovurfU eating soap. His fellow prison?
say that bo lias eaten two cakes a day f
a month in order to reduce bis weight ai
pive him a consumptive appnaranc
When scorched tobacco was fouad in 1
ann-pita. Fhyaicians aay that tins will j
due j weight. Eilwood is awaiting trial 1
burglary and for the Bbooting of a poli(
The Western Association of Architec
is in session at St. Louis.
The will of II. B. Claflin, of New Yoi
makes bis widow and his two sons exec
tors of the estate.
George W. James, a Louisville, Kj
nowipaper-carrier, is believed to ha'
drowned himself in the canal.
George Deitwoiler recovered $21,21
damages at Chicago from the Weste
Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Signor Ettoire Barili died yesterdi
afternoon at Philadelphia, lie was a hi!
brother of Adeliua and Carlotta i'atti.
. unuervHiaauuiiu UI iimunurti nujiuju
at New York and Philadelphia havo bat
reported to the Treasury Department.
President Cleveland has not yet cot
pleted his forthcoming message, but w
begin energetically upon it in a few da]
Andrew Brown, President of the H
Springs (Ark.) National Bnnk, has be<
acquitted of making filse entries and i
The Chief Clerk of the House ol Kepi
aoutativcs has received protests against tl
admission of any of toe California Co
Peter Grieves, an engineer on tho Bal
| more & Ohio liiilroad, had b jth legs he
ribly crushed by falling under aa engii
at Newark, 0.
Tho tobacco barn of Chrisman Bros.,
NichoIssvilJe, Ky., containing over thlr
thousand pounds of tobacco, was burn
by an incendiary.
| The exercises of the inauguration
I Charles Kendall Adams, President of C<
nell University, N. Y., were successful
carritd out yesterday.
The opponents of the Bell Telepho
Company are confident that the deciaii
of the Interior Department in the pan
ing rose will be in (heir favor.
John E. Wether bee. a prominent B<
ton lawyer and politician, committed ti
cide by taking c^aaido of potassium* 8c
siuvenees io pouucai nuiuiRi w givou
The Uourlng mill ot Callender Broe.,
Greencastle, Inch, with a largo qnanti
ol wheat anil the surrounding warebou?
vera destroyed by Are. The loss will I
ceed $30,000.
U. I'.Moroeinl, the Sew York mlllic
sire, declare! th?t be will not forgive I
daughter, Victoria, who married i
father's coachman, and that all reports
the contrary are untrue.
Speaker Carl We was BO ill when he I
rived at Washington yesterday that
was obliged to t&ke to bis bed at on
Visitors an not permitted to see him a
cards are not taken to bis room.
At * meeting of the Cabinet to-day ea
membsr submitted a statement o( the
{sin it) hja department deemed of so(11
ent Importance te be brought tothaatti
tion of Oongresala (he freeideal's (or
TQl hi
ard, The Berflan A ccounfa ef the War Said to be
Uor?ltat?li?? Milan Meet* with Rtroriei.
the The Terrible Slaughter Itcfore Met* E
Jen- ullxi?An Jrtulnllco Kuuiored.
i Of- 1 18
*"y T V 1(1
qjj JiUAIWH, ilW, IV. uuiguui 10 uvuuuiug [q
,ur- thu Turkisti frontier of troops, and is send- wi
in ing >11 her available (oreta to the front to
J1?1 combat the Servians. The public are allowed
to go to the depot* en routs to see *jj
'Ilo tlieir relatives and friends. Many o( the th,
sen villagers tramp long distances and wait at In
'."8 the depots several hours, and in some ?v
ciaes, whole days and nights, in order to
i of see their friends and give them fljweri t0
oln and presents. Prince Alexander's sue- art
:be cess before Slivuitsa has revived the to
ra- courage of those going to the front, and '
tbo they undergo extreme hardships with re- tin
nd markable forii'.ude. In many places they j>,
ces are compelled to march loi g distances in pH
em bad weather, and at night camp in open trn
e," spaces where they are thelterlen, not 35c
>ie having even the ordinary tent to protect 200
et. then irom the severity ol tbo weather. nrc
in* A rumor prevails that an armistice baa 0f
es- been agreed upon between tier via and tbfl
ne Bulgaria. brf,
'o BbCssls, Nov. 10.?The Independence jot
il- Beige to-day publishes a dispatch iroui ita *
he correspondent ut Sofia, mating that the u?u
ib- Servians attacked the third Bulgarian
regiment escorting an ambulance train u
in and bayoneted the wounded soldiers in the
ns atnbnlauces. The correspondent also states iy
it- that Prince Alexander submits to the /
ag terms of the Saltan unbodied in the Ut- t
rts er's reply to ihe Prince's appeal for help u
dj and bege the Sultan to sanu it at once. ^iiij
!8_ Servian Account of tU* ellvnl's* MbiUo. Sad
d. Vienna, Nov. 10.?An official Servian fw*
ie report received here says: The accounts anj
80 telegraphed yesterday that the Servian The
^ troops menacing Slivnitza were repulsed Tay
[y by Bulgarians under the immediate coin- ^ec
in mand of Prince Alexander are false. The ?J
et Bulgarians succeeded in approaching tho
at Servian positions undur cover of a heavy
ie fire, but after sharp fighting were repulsed. Pal1
The Servians drove the Bulgarians to the
Slavinyi entrenchments and in tho whole 3d
engagement had 500 killed and wounded, itinj
A reconnoitering force sent in the direc* G
ti, tion of Slavinyi ukirmiahed for two hours a f?*l
with the Bulgarians aud then retired. dot
A UulK?riiiu Account. Ti
rt Pemlin, Nov. 10 ?Reliable reports state n?*
at that the Servia i loss at Slivnitza venter- j||cJ
u- day was three times greater man tnat q
ar given in in the official accounts, and actu- war
>r- ally exceeded the previous total lo??e rpw
n- since the outbreak of hostilities. Prince outt
n- Alexander win in the thick of the battle M
ie from beginning to end. The Servians Bari
le noticed that he tirot rode a white horse hen
A and afterwards a brown horse. It is be- bioi
to lieved that the white horse was shot from the
)g under him. ^
Partial srrvtau Ueports. eHy
iy London, N<jv. ID.?British Consul Laa- wai
,n cellos, who ict at Belgrade, and wbo keeps J***1
T. Lord Salisbury informed of everything that *
JJj tranBpiree in connection with the war, jog
ly makes no mention of the reported captnre ftjv
id ,W"iddin by the .Servians. It is note- and
a. worthv that almost ail the war accounts prin
,e S ) far have emenated from Servian Bources, Ecie
p. the 8eivian authority forbidding war cor- pub
q( teapondenta to accompany the Servian- Hieti
,1 forcea. ______ of l
m SutvUu ftUviiraea. Ap{
BjclgradXi Nov. 10.?To-day's disJ?
patches from the front are adverse to the
Servians. Gen. Ne6kovitch failed in liis t^e
jo attempt to capture 8!ivni!s>t, and was an- hel<
>u able to join the forcee at Hlivnitz.t. Mill- Ag?
tary cireltSBare d*-Jejted in conarquencd (if t?
the revBTsea. It is reported tnat Gen. tnei
is Benilzky's division has occupied the road the
between Saving! and folia. drei
.?? fitar
Or?pljr L?ctur?a In Edinburf. Wh
EniKBono, Nov. 19.?Lieut. Greely lec- tlm
turcd hero to-night beforo the Scottish ^on
e~ Geographical Society. Two thousand per- waa
fu sons were present including many of dMja*
w" tiuction. Earl of Itoseberry presided. The adv
lectnrer gave a history of the expedition
. to the An,vie regions. He complains that 1,101
tlm Encyclopedia Brittanic* credited the B"tu
British .witiuiio results of his expedition.
; * He exprei*^ de?n -gratitude for the aiJ ?JC
J extended by the .British Government in 8(10
sending the Alert to tako part in the ex- 4,|e
pedilion." and for sympathy anoTn by 'ff?
Qaeeu Victoria. He urged that farther
explanations bo made in the direction of
. FraLX Jostf land efct
its ... rani
Th? l(r|>iiri?r
k, London, Nov. 19?Sampson Jacqnrs, a N
u' reporter for the Pa'.l Mall Qazetle, sen- 1
tencod toQne mouth's imprisonment in u"
rM connection with thu Armstrong abduciioa 8*W
case on the 11th inat, has been released, hen
Gtrmau-Auorlcaua ttnitOo. '"P*
rn Kixl, Nov. 19.?The authorities have
received renewed instructions to order (ji,{
German-AmcricanB to quit the Wand of rea*
u" Foeiir. duo;
ad A. Hl'KKKT MK>tAHO.V,
!U A Baltimore Olrt at th*S!ght of liar Recre. UTlt
Hut L-iTiir riliuola Uflrntlf. Ion]
n- Baltimore, Mi)., Nov. i).?At v o'clock l'ie
^ thia morning threo richly dreaaed women Mt
waikod down Groen Btreet toward Ger?
man, and aathoy woaaed Baltimore atruet, L
o- one of them gaxid intently for a moment exp
at the ocjupantaof a hack that was juat o'cl
e- about stopping at the sidewalk and said; tlie
ne "My God | There he ia now.f) fom
n* Her two friend* hurried her on, but and
when she got to the corner of German abo wer
ti- turned, and looking buck aaw two women jois
?r- and a young man get out of the carriage mo1
ae and enter a house. Without a word ahe cat*
drew a revolver from her pocket, place*! Tht
at the muzzle in her mouth and pullod the t'.et
ty trigger. Before any ono could catch her
ed ahe tell to the juvumont, bleeding profusely
from the mouth. C
J_.? taLan ir,
q( mo H'CUa'JlU Hilt trma w Jg Q
)r. Maryland Univereily Hoapilal, where she ,,,
]. gave her name as Mary (iilehrist. Hor
' companions were bar sinter Sadie and a hav
Mm Wolff. Ala
ne Maiiio Gilchrist aUUd that ths young Una
r man abjve referred to was \Vm. H. L)jt- ben
dale, reaidinjj at 2tW Hollies s'net. He eha
bad been paying marked atteotlon to ber cha
?- slat;r Mary lor two yeara pi>t, but recent- Tti<
4i- ly deserted her. Thia to preyed upon ber poo
?" mind that abe frequently threatened to
> take her life. Tbu nature of her wound
has not yet been determined. Tbe affair V
at canted a great aeniation in tbe neighbor- m,<
ij hood* ,T, dlsi
Liability of ttcronnilU Aganoisa. Mp
Baltimore, Md, Nor. 10.?In the Hiv
,n. United States Court here to-day Judge tbe
' ? ?L- ? I XT v.'u. dq1
bit Mama tieciueu m mo c??o ? u. ?
,or Smith, of Cbarleetown, W. Va., against R. wic
G. Ban & Co., tor libel, that ttia plaiqtlff aa j
matt furnish a bill ol particulars aa to "
when, libera and to wkom Uie alleged 111,8
beloua pablication *u made. Tbla deda- (
M; ion la ID* United Btatea Court confirms cr,
"J similar (ladings In Btate Courts. It holds St.
that In order to mako a privileged comeh
manication lihelous, the party obtaining V
a!" the report from the Mercantile Agency am
d- moat be dlaoloaed. Subscribers to an Ob
so- agency who dirulgo information ma; Co
U>- thna be mad* jointly liable with the err
feaqr, Mb
eciilrnta aort InrMi-nu la W?ft Virglol
and Vlclt.ltjr.
The President of tbo State University
u offered a prize of fifty dollars to tbi
mlent wno will writo tlte new essay 01
le "Genius of Shskespfsre," and peMlii
?t rumination on tlie "Literature o
The Pres'ou county Journal says that il
retinitttcd that 10,000 bushels of chett
its will be shipped out o( that count)
is wagon. The moat of tliein are aenl
?et. The crop baa been an enormous one
The mosebacks in Mason county are
goroualy lighting the voting of a comratively
small appropriailon to furnish
a right of way to the Ohio River road.
Tyler county the road pays taxes on
er 185 000 worth of property, and in
laon county, should the road lie extend,
there will be a third more property
pay taxes on. ft is strange that there
i people who will oppose such benefit
their locality.
rhe following figures are In relation to
i new railroad bridge at Point Plesarot;
p.gth of Went Virginia Iron trestle apnolle*,
1,52152 feet; length of iron
' s Bridge snan No. 1, 248 23; No 2,
181; No. 3 250 83; No. 4. 420; No. 8,
i; total, 1,370; Ohio iron trestle aplaches,
Ohio side, 1,092; total length
bridge, 4,828.30, boing a fraction less
n one mile. The total weight of the
dge and approaches ia 3,273.028 pounds,
al cost of the bridge, $000,000.
Villie Becket, the 13-year old lad who
ed Clay Seale, another young lad, in
oil county a lew days since with a
ck (f wood which be threw, and which
ick Neil a right over the heart, was on
dnesdayevenincarquittedofthe charge
aurder oil which he was tried in court
Parkersburg. The evidonco faikd to
w an; malice or premeditation in the
inir# and was conclmiva proof that the
affair was the outgrowth of a boyish
rreJ, such as happens every dav.
ire was no argument on either side
the jury was oat but half au hour,
i boy wsB defended by Messrs. L. N.
lener, John A. Untchinaon and Judge
rge Loomis, all of whom volunteered
r sorvic-s gratis.
ktar Hurt?-Frew Trade Talker?Temperance
Me?tlii* and other Notes.
rs.W. II. Ferry, of Steubenville, is vis({hersister,Mis.
eorge Cook, the painter, was hurt by
II from a scaffold while painting on
t. J. D. Tay lor's heme, Cambridge,
be bicycle-skates race at the rink Wedlay
evening wan a failure on account
?collision that resulted in a broken
t?o. H. Muth's coal house in tho Third
d caught fire ye?terdny. It is surided
by housep, but the fire was put
ajorDinefa advertised to lecture at
leaville. The Major is remembered
?as the lecturer wiuHjave such a hard
e at a protective tarifTul his lecture on
Rhine. t '
fie many frlenctybfVohn Bean, formforeman
of Lhq C. jfe* ffjhoos here and
:er Works Tr?s{<^ jfll l>e sorry to
r of his havjqM. circle of paralysis,
is now atOuS^O.
Iiere will bo a union temperance meet?
?Ko CiH? VI V. xknrnli thla ouanina
. Mr Keoler, John A. Gallaher, Esq ,
others will address the meeting. Tne
cipal topic for the evening will be
titiflii temperance instruction in the
lie schools, and the importance of agog
in the establishment aod support
i free reading room in this city,
krr.priate recitations and music by the
eti choirs of the city will add interest
le evening.
esterday morning at about 3 o'clock
coal minnrj of B^llaire add vicinity
I a meeting and rcanlvod to go in a
y to the Wheeling Grpek mines and
their influence tqJtpface the miners
a to demand the pttcrtagreed upon by
State convention. Abont one hnu1
miners equipped with lanterns,
ted for Bridgeport, and thence up
eeling Creek. When thnv approached
lands of tho Wheelitffe Cruek Mining
apany they were mot by Sheriff Sod
Ir, who, with Marshal McConaway,
instructed to forhid tho minora' tres*
ling upon the premises. The 8herifT
ised the men lo retire peacefully. Tho
iers informed him that they were not
re to do violence or damago, but
ply to hold a conference with tho
>erB to psrsuade them, if possible, to
iperate in an ofFort to secure the
p'.ion of tho (?0 cent rate. The Teat
to bt? allowed to hold a conference
i noi granieu, run punsuiia uuuuwiuu
>i the raiues advised tho men that the
RtioQ of the ad ranee would be conoidI
bv the company and aatibfactorily arged
at nn early date.
That ilulnrt Raaitrrecii.in Story.
kw Yokk, Nov. 1U.?A special to the
from I'ortlQnd, Me., Says: Investion
of tho resurrectiou story telegraphed
.celnst week h? resulted in thedisery
that it a mistake. Blanche
rards, who told the story, has niadeon
irestiutf confession. She loved one
tries Archibald, and for some unknown
ion he courted her under the name of
eph L. Dyer, the person laid to have
irned from the grave. Is seems she
ored to the story in her own interest
il concealment of the fActs was no
ger poafible. and so after fabric itlng
som-atiouhl narrative was forced at
to a-lJiit th-j ua'.ru-.h of th.) story
Hoypltiil D?ira*x0(l'bj Fire.
ouwvillk, Ky., Nov. 10.?A stove exloded
in the City Hospital at 2:.'i0
ock this afternoon and ttarted a fire in
elov*tor tpay between the third and
rth floors. The tiro burned fiercely
there was much excitemeut, aa there
e many lielphsi patients in the adling
wards. Theso were, however, ro?ed
and the fire, which had communi d
to the roof was soon under control.
>lofs will not b^ heavy. All the paltd
escaped unhurt.
Murm in Convert* Flock to Utnb.
hattanooqa, Tkxn., Nov. 19.?A liegi1
Mormon c inverts front the South to
h occurred yesterday, The converts
o been gathering here from Georgia,
bama, Southern Virginia, North Caro,
nnd East Tennessee. The party numed
about one hundred, and left in
rge of Elder John Morgan, who has
rge of the Southern headquarters.
> converts sue 'representatives o{ the
rest and most ignorant clus of people.
DliMlroui Frulrlo Flril.
Ficuita Fall*, Tex., Nov. l!t.?In/orlion
has been received here ot very
istroui prairie fires in Indlin Territory,
A_t.lt.. ?ko u<iilAii Ittina north of R?il
CVIOMJ >uu DbvuwH -j
or station. An our as can be learned
lire started at Wild Creek station and
ned down to the bottom lands of lted
r. The Bro belt ii from 40 to CO nillea
le and the loss to cattlemen Is placed
ilghM $400,000.
SUmavad to A Higher Court.
'levklaru, Nov. 10 ? A sensation was
ated bare to-day when the United
tea .District Court referred Ilia case
ilnst Hon. 8. A. North way, the alleied
brisling I'mldrnt of the JtfTerton,
lo, National Bank, to the Huprome
art of tbe United NUtra. There were
on la the drafting of the indictment,
ich made mob a course utoeaary.
J, Bat J fttnrtrdi Kcrautil by ? Band of
[ Dciperndoea, who B??b tbo Drputjr M*rthal-Thi
l)?atructlvc Work i f ttcoc*
t gudo ludlaiia Ih Color udo.
Tulka, Indian Tkumtoky, NoV. 10 ?
I Two days ago the noted hone thiovn,
John Triuton and Bilae l)?ie, were ar1
rested near Tulsa. Immediately 6n learning
of their arreet a posse of <!sttle men
met near the southeast boundary of the
Sic and For lesemtion, intending to
? it.. i...a ti: M i ?._. -
no AO lit 0 uuago ti'i'ivo ? u i |-aa ^ iu- ui ug
the ollicen puwd tlist way. Tne d> spuradoes
of this section bearing of the intention
to bang their "pale," made a told
daah Tuesday and rescued theia from
Marshal Curtis and three Caddo Indiana,
when they were about twelve mike from
the Wichita Agency. Among the rtaculng
party were the notorious Tmstons, brothen
of John Trustor]i and Frank Starr, an
outlaw from Texas, who has killed six
men. Two ontlaw Cherokee Indians alto
asaiated the dtapmdow. Thev overpowered
Daputy Curtis and his Indian guides,
robbed Curtis of all bis money nod. two
horses, and avcared the deputy and'his
thnepnards, and left them In the hu- Ilea.
The deeperadoea then visited the 8ao and
Fox agfnoy, and finding Agent lfeii absent,
raided the village, stealing imoney,
horses and frightening the Indian women
almost to death. Several Indians who attempted
to resist the desperadoes were
shot down, and it is believed two" were
killed. Among the wounded is Charley
Keokuk, the ten y?ar-old >onof Keokuk,
hoad Cbiel of the Sac and Fox tribe. The
desperadoes all eacaped with their plunder.
wokk or jtkn>-qADH8.
Cattle Itauchea Un> ntil ami Qatna Dutrojid
to Colo'-ml*.
D&KVEii, Col, Nov. 19.?Information
has readied here from the clerk of the
District Court of Gross Mountain, Routt
county, to the effect that the old Chief
Colorow and a party of his renegades
numbering fourteen lodges are encamped
on the Yamphe river, abont twenty-five
mile abovo that point. As they change
their location, thev barn the winter
r?ngo? all along their nuto, thus depriving
the c*?tl?raen of feed for their stock.
Folly 75,000 head of cattle have been fed
in that country, and these depredations
are a serious matter for the stock interests.
The Indians are butchering deer, elk and
antelope in immense quantities, killing
th?m for their hides alone, of which they
have secured an enormous number. Colorow
is one of the worst of bis class. He
belongs to the White River Utee who took
part in the Tbornburg massacre and the
murder of Agent Meeker some years ago.
The settlers, wild over the destruction
of the frame and ranges, have assembled
and will order Oolorow to leave, and in
case of a refusal, a general extermination
Is expacted. The Indians are well supplied
with rifl w and ammunition.
Child Kldotppvd la Philadelphia la
llroad Daylight.
Philadelphia, Nov. 19.?Three men,
onoof them is said to be Cornelius* A.
Lane, of the firm ot Allen, L\n* & Scott,
alighted from a carriage at Eighth and
Buttonwood streets, about 8 :.ri0 this morn- ing,
and, seising a email boy who was
walking down Eighth street with a woman, <
placed him in the vehicle and drove.off. ???. ?'
The child was Cornelius A. Lane, Jr., .
sged about three years, and the worn in
who accompanied him was his aunt. It is
stated that Mrs Emma Lane obtained a
divorce from her husband about a year
go, and that ever since he has endeavored , ,
to obtain custody of tbe child. It is also
asserted that Mr. Lane was obliged to (rive
$20,000 security for support of his wife ?
and child, and the detectives have ever 1
since the divorce kept. a watch upon tho
former wife, who claims jiow to be married
to a policeman named Loughrcy.
A boy who followed the abducting parly
to Eiglith street and Girard avenue where
the team was lost sight of, states that he
heard ono of the men in thp carri&ice say:
"Drive to Third and BerkB streets." Tho
police have been informed of thy abJoction
and have advised Mrs. Longhr*v
(Lana'? divorced wife) to obtain a warrant
for her former husband's arr<*t.
Oat of H?r
Nkw York, Nor. 19? A poorly clad
woman, with two small children, presented
herself at the Brooklyn nnrsery yesterday
and begged to be taken in, as aho and
her children were in a starving condition. - ki:"
8he was admitted and gave the name of
Mrs. Johnson. This morning.one.of the
attendants looked into Mrs. Johnson's
room and saw her in the act of sulfocaling
her eldest child. The attendant seized
her and took the pillows from o(? the little
one, who had become unconscious.
Doctors wore sent for, who restored tha
child to conFciouiness. Mrs. Johnson
had stuffed the child's mouth with rag*,
held her nose and placed pillows over her
head. The baby was lying dead on the
bed, having benn suffocated in tlu? nimn
way. Mrs. Johnson is thougbt.to.be out
oi.nerneau. .
Lively SklrmUh (i>r a Prisoner.
Salt Lakk, Utah, Nov. ID.?A special
to the Tribune from Franklin,, Idaho,
dated November 19;b, saya: Deputy
Marahala Bennett, Green and Stalker
made a raid here last night and axrvaioU >?
Thomaa Lowe lor Illegal cohabitation.
After the arrfat a mob endeavored to rescue
the prisoner and drive the murthaln '
from town. During the meleo which followed,
Kobfnaon, one of the ringleaders,
was shot, but managed to escape. J. L.
Webster and others were arrested and will 1
be taken to Oxford for examination before
the United States Commissioner.
Bntcld* or A?el4?at ?
New York, Nov. 19 ?Dr. Frothingham,
one of the best knows phyaicUua in this
city, committed suicide by shooting himiu>lf
thrniivh the head. It is an noosed
that the deed was done ilurinjj a temporary
attack of insanity. Dr. gnatbljiKbsig ?u
the physician that broughtCharles O Connor
back from desth's duor wlion every hotly
else had xivenupali hup 1. furihyr
investigation by tbe family ami the police
baa convinced both that the Doctor's
doath was dne to accident rather than stiicide.
t ^ |
l^?voor?d 11/ Wolr-t,
Hilku, Most., Not. 19.?James Dampley
reached this city yesterday from Fort
McQinnls. lie tells a piteous story of hit
two companions tain* devoured by
wolves while on the way acrora tin mouutalns.
Their names wera Johu Hon* and
Jacob Scheller, Damps? y says he chuibud - ;
a tree and saw his dommdei torn to
pieces and devoured. Hoag was a resident
o! Cleveland, 0., and Sjheller, ol
Lafayette, Ind.
Who Would Have Thought It*
Kastos, Pa., Nov. 19,?G. W. 1'oraeroy,
aboolcag?nt ol Chicago, died hero last
night from the effects of a light with a
bartender named Luifunl Kelly, in October
last. 11a hu suffered Irom hemorrhages
aver sinoe.

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