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" gctutttt JhiUti ~
i - tw?l of Trust made by Theodore
jyrirtucol a Djeu w|. ^ ^ undertlgued
Hadeli Mj j ggp^bef, 1878 and
myu<?d*,h iierk'i office of the County Court
^Viqriida, in Deed oil rust
, . to O'clock a. u , at the front door of
Won* o? obto county, at public auoUon,
KgiJourtB? icribed property. tnatUto say.
oe following ;U? 0, groUD<i lying in M*ieA11
U??t pltw. PJJJJ on the map of the *ubK?
Jthi jiSfSidwell eatale and addition
SHaVlhi? of Wheelinjr.andkoown as
I SfLitfl bAlf 101 numoenxj WUPUU. ^
i?!0s so 6J> lu *!J *utHilrl*joiu to the said City o
*h*llng. upon which Im erect* d a two-wory brick
I houw. containing four room* and a
i'Jbta. Tiiiebc-llrml to o? perfect.
H fun or .-ALX-one-ha'f the of purchue money,
' nurh mote u ire purchaser may elcct to pay,
( ! cuts ua U ' Q*>'*uj 1110 ratldue In ono
?Af&om the-l?y of *a e, with lntereti from said
lit tie purchiuer to uivo a note with anprored
Hxurlty for the p?ymeut of said deferred
,Jttu AUOLPH KNOKK, Trrntee.
h iin.'KH. Auctioneer. no8
I """* iducattonal.
I i de Ctiantal Academy,
I The thirty eighth year of tbli well-known AcmI
f3f onder the ehargf of tho VielUtlon Nu-?i.
ppjon ou the ti.Tt Monday of September next, and
m (oQtlouei tea month*.
I h-jpil* ncdved it auy time In the smlon.
I Thot- wbo dwlre to place their datifhters In an
iQftitutloii tflordlng exceptional advantage In
I tfie myot healthful and de.'lfblful location, ex
I (client board, thorough discipline and In* traction
I n the btnd* oI life-long teachors, In ercry depart
I B?jtof female education, including the modern t
I jn'itfuafg *nd muilc, ihould aend for a catalogue '
I y( thU School. Addni*, ^
of the Academy of the ViidUition, '
Mt. de CHAXTAL, ,o25-ru*
Kef Wheeling, w. Va.
Media (P.o academy fits fob I
BimIucu or College. Hpt-clai Drill for Back- I
?4:a #>).?. ftti-'Kle <?r double room* Allatudeziti c
UMf-1 Wiih ltiLcl[*l, 8W1TU1S C. flHOHTLIUOU
iH^'vunt A.H mid A.M.) iuK-mwmv d
- K
insurant* ffiompanU*. 5
UrricK-Uo. l'JuO Main S trout.
CAPITAL. -.1100,000 00
Dot* a general Fire Insurance Busincw. /arm
Itoficrty aad Dwelliai Hotuca and coateota in
uirwl lor three or Ore jrean.
Alci. Laugblln, Jot. Bpeidel, J
HcurrHchmulbach, A. a. Li t, r
J. V. i* Kodgera, hr R. W. Haileti, J
llcury Ilorkheimer. *'
JOS. Si'EiDKL, PrealdcoL b
W. 1. Mrt.l'KB. Pecrctiiry. oc7
II, ip??.rnTnM1I1P_
um??nw, ?* -
CAI'ITiJ, - - - - $100,000 *
DlKECTOBfl. tl
J. K. t'A t I.L, O WHO K HOOK,
J. K. Haui.L, vice President.
Ai.KkUi rxvLL, bccrctary.
iii. ?muur, City Agunt.
till kinds of property at reawnable rate* '
ntM i
lorarc Iom or d*maye by flru aud lightBin*
all dtwiui of dotdrable property, alio lmurea C
oh*och ou the Western waters.
J. S. Vanco. Prwident, M. Itallly, Vioe President.
J. U strouhleln, acu'y, Ju. P. Adams, Aaa't Bee.
J. N. Vance, M. Rollly, L. C. Stlfel,
J. 1!. llnMm, C. W. tfranzhelm.
^.viTiroFrai oiiiu valley.
ai'lTAL. .._?17S,000 "
W*. A. Inrrr...... - Prealdeut
W*. tt. tiiMMwN ............ Vice President
Draiuon England, Ireland, Fnuiceand Germany.
directors. j;
Win. A. Iiiett, Wa. B. 8i*p?on. *t
J. A Miller, John K. Bothlord,
K M. Atkinwn, Victor Koaeuburg,
Henry Sinner,
rar.il F P JFP3QV b
J?XCiIAXli? iiAiNK.
CiMTAI, 1100,000 8
J. X. Vanck - President
bahcil lavuhun .........Vice President
J. N. Vance, B. Horkhclmor,
8. UiiBUHn, W. Elllngbam,
L 8. lvlaplain, A. W. Keiiejr,
John Krcw,
i Drafts i?ued on England, Ireland, Scotland and
ill point* tn Europe.
1 JOHN T. jn.Vgp. Taahlcr.
" \
Oiilj #3 OOPorDocen, J
intdo in >11 klndi of weather. do8 J
*'.?60 #C50 |
Will get Ono Dozen Beit Satin Finished
Cabinet Photographs
And don't jon forget It,
_ *! * 1222 MARKKT RTRKRT. '
gustutss ?aed?,
lyin.iHT, JK.,
JJEDHAN & 00.,
*>rnml Machinists aud Engine Balldtrt,
Cor. clupllnoand Eighteenth 8troota.
flftClAL ATTENTION giren to Repair WoTk.
I (or tho celebrated Judtou Governor.
' gcntUt*. j
Without Pain!
GEO. 0. MILLIGAN, Dentist,
Telephone No. 400. Mo. lliS Market Street.
_ ! '? 10
- *'>cat qgenu.
Uonl Eatate Agent
*r<jdal attention rlrcn to Collecting Jteata and
?c rubral manatement of Seal Estate. Can furnah
umoI rtferenoea.
mrio mi MAIW HT., Whwdlng. W. Va
fi G. SMITH,
Kj.attuknkv at law a notary roauo
No UO Market Bl. WhMllnf, W. V?.
ijzsss*"" uuatmimlmfmfl
Hutchison a garvin,
Mil Peltom- H?li,_00TOr CM?u<
.V ... u 'I'wu. "owing, n. v?
the a heeling Huilne>? Men'? Collecting Buret a.
jvr.i p?w
ins paper
?MUCU?U .meimiirar1
atedtot ^
mMHPJI ' i
Kj^wgi j,
ja^MfWrf-Sr. TixtWhc. Spmiiu, no. li-iro ^
BEr.mfni?clt. * ??tUa Hold by nil T
USSS* "A* SuInUUm Oil tmn w \
fftc-Bimllo ilffiwturr. A. C. Utrtr ft Co., Solo "
>*ro|.rlrt<>r?.TuiU??iore. Md.. U. iC A. A
For the cure of Coughs, Colds, Hoarse* t
ne?s, Croup, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Whooping- Cough, Incipient Consumption,
and for the relief of con- i
sumptivc persons in advanced stages i
of the Disease. For Sale by all Drug- ?
gists. Price, 25 cents.
Dtoesses are Prevalent all orcr the World. a
lam anatlro of Katfaud. snd while t was In A.
hat country i contracted a turrihie 1>lo( d polcou, w
md for two years wai tinder treatment at an out- H
loor patient at Notdngbam Hospital, England, but Hi
n it cured. I aunennl the mrMtMKunlr.nR palua *>
n my boucs.and was covered with uro nil oter II
aj body aud Umbt. I had vmi*? ami deafness.
rlth partial lo?? of kfght. severe pains In my head 1
.n?i eyes, Ac which ue uly ran tut* rmy. 1 lost IH
,11 hope iu ihstonuntry. and nailed for America, I<t
nd was treated at fcooifvelt In ihl- city as well as Oi
iy a prominent physician In New YorJc having no '.M
i nuectlon with the hospital*. 'i't
1 ??w th?? adTertlaemeii' of Swift's Spo'-lflc, and I t]
Icteriuined to give It a flal a* a last rc?ort. 1 had lu
iven up ail hope oi being cured, as 1 had Roue Sa
brough the handa nl tb? b< ft medical men In 11
loltlugham aud New \nik I '00k six bottle* of u
. H. 8. aud 1 can ?ay wi'h groat J?v that thtv have
nr?wt tti.? nnHr. lt* I am .k a)llil<1 rt,<! wl-11 at I
ver waTiiTirylYfe. L~ FhSOHALFuRO. "
hew York CIif Jtinu 12,18?. M
Biood ;
Jstliollfe, ami he Is wire who remembers it. Hut Et
11 Unroll of hi*i \ear 1 iout:a:ted blood
olson. and bo'tw in (Twinn*)), (in , at the time, I d(
rent into the biwplUd h re :or tr utmeiit. I *uf ni
sred very mmui from rheum a ism *t the Mine .
line 1 did not got* ell utii^r Uiut'eatment there. U1
orwu 1 cured by auv of the rsual means I i
ive uow taken *eve'? b.iths <?( *wi t's Fpvific c0
nd am sound and w -ll. uurjvv tV poison out
tiroURh boil* on the akin vaS LKAIIY. *
Jeuey titjr, K. J., au*. 7,18J5. of
Two y?'An? h?o I contracted ' !or>d pii*on. A fter ^
ikl'in prvcrlptloi * i'o > hnb-frt phv?lciatM hero *'
ml at iM!a*. 1 concluded to vbit Hot dpiit'g*. ga
nd on r. a:lun< TYxurkana a doctor recommended rij
10 t-? try vl.t's PprtdUu. aspirin* we that It
roold i cncflt me una than hoi spring*. A1 ar
lough the ed
Poison I
<d produce*! gra* holes In ray hack nnd che?t. ,
nd lud removed all the hair ofT roy he-id, yet I P*
egan to Improve in a week'* time, and the wire* ?Ni
c*an to heal and were entirely gone inside of
1*01 vrcek*.
Will J 'X?. Porter Du'ou Pa-? Depot. "J
Cisco, Texas July ?8. of
Trrtti^o mi BI.hhI Hnil 8nlu DIkwm mal'.od hoe. (1v
UH< 8WIHT -d'hCIKlU CU, Drawer 3, AtUnta, ?"
l? . K. Y., 1W W 23d at \x
For^alc by Laughlin ttros. <L Co. and Lo^an?fc Co. (!
'inn VriiftriMwin nf Mnnv. vvi
Having cx;>'riinoedag>fatdcal of
' Trouble 1" from ind'ge&thu, so toucb so that I b?
smo near losing my fb
LU" ?
My Uouble.al trays catne sftereaiins any food? ^
nowercr light el
And dJgtatlble, ,u
For:wo or three bow* at a tJjjjo I bad to go ali
iirough tbe rtoit e,i
Fxera dating pains, ??
"And the ou'y w^y I over got" (a
"Baud." b?
Was by tbiowlng up all my stomach conlainod! I to
fo ono can conceive the pains that I had to go n<
hrough, until er
"At fait?" ?
I vriwiakeal '30 that ftr three weeks I lay In 11
ed a ;d
Gould eat nothing!! 1
My suffering* were to that I called two doctors to
ire mo something that would stop the pain. K1
Their efforts were no good to me. w
At la tl htsid agood dial W
"Abont your Hop Bitters 1 bi
And determined to try tueui "
flotabittle?inIourb-)un>l took the contents of ^
Kcit day I wu out of bed, and have not seep a el
''Sick!" *
Hour, from tho umo caumj i'nee.
I have rocomraeutied It to hundred* of otbfi*, f?
'ou have no ?uch
"Advocate M I am " P
Geo. Kksdail, jd
AlUtou, 1:011011, Mtua. *?
Downright Cruelty. to
To permit yourself and Ltrally to ^
"Suffer!" 18
Wiui ?t knww when it can to prcvcuted anl e?
urcd so easily U
With iiop outers'!! ti
"None genuine wl'bput a bunch of green tlojm ?[
n the white labvl. bbun all tho vile, polaououa tfl
lufl with "Hop" or "Hop*" In thuir uauio. tL
noHMwmw w
That tei.rlble en- u(
lOSs 1 ? %
** tUEtlATn moat rigoroiu con- ?
*,lrr f,flPCU the til
2*^ 5-^A Alkaloid often takou
9u1)ikIiHi l?K U>?r??t jt, quinine, ,
\fir Yc* are^nAicaly U*? gor it
? * *< remedy, not alonn In f!!
^r^^ssC\7? \v' ma'arul atilck^n re ,
/ jjT)*" K'on* on Urn uouti- ^
:.flC^r^?? those portlina of .,,
mft B<),,ih Central ai
XtoWyjHSB^&SjW Auurlca where ma- et
iHrlHl lever* are mutt nj
^ . ^ pteraleutand xuali*RihSTOMACH^r
n?nu-|B Hoitetter'a w
KS^vI^w!!^111111^ ltd ct
Q| | IrBm^ rorelUl and pro- U|
B w3 * ynuUvo pfleota aa an ?
ipponent of frrcn arc owln* to |a tonic Innueut*.
tor ?ale r?y all Druggb'i and Uealora generally. "
roa-Kwraw rt
Drunkenness I
It can be glv??n In a cup of coffte or tea without ?]
he knowledgeo' the pcrun takingIt. la absolutely ?J
larmlo**, au.1 will effect * pormnncnt and ?t>ecdjr U
lure whore tho paUaut U * modcuato drinker or ^
in alcoholic wrcca It ha* been given in thou ,
(and* of out*, auii in erorr l?*t moo a perfect ourp It
lai followed IT \RVkU /AIM fho ijrtum u
jnce impregnated with the 8pnoltJo if, becomoi an
atter IrapoMlhlllty for tho liquor appetite to exi*t.
GOLDEN SPECIFIC 00., Prop'rf, ClnclnnaU, 0.
For lalo bJ LOGAK A CO., *
DniggiiU, Wheeling, W. Va.
Call or writo tor circalan and inli j articular*. It
lyfrnwAr Jj
a *??c?lall)rifcvaMu??o _
root Until ?
Af uwiui?ur?. wrr 11M II
gftff m vitouMw*. "
BM vrdwir ^ th? Aiwli it LUfc, d
Chorijil Cfc HwUoa. V. Y, 0
Clncinn.tljgja ' #
HAk Oh,0!^^\| 8.Mhr Drujflitt.
iTl MWAF T/WAV * <*> A?ntt.
___ aA , 1,000RKWAKD.for Itching,
PJlfS testes
OtCct i Mui. 86 hiul U7 Fourteenth Str??
[The following poem which appeared In the F
am (Xniqje MuiUruu w?u writt n by C. A. Wloi
er, Jr, of this city, who ii puriulQK tii? atudin
futt Imtltutioa, und who in al?o oue of the edi
t the papvr.J
lit Jit crowned witli mitred ma jetty btttowad
f CoJ, Mho kiei* nap ubdeut court 011 high.
11'riuco ot Mother unurch now uek? tbo thr
o my bUloviug homage to the kin*;.
nth away of puce utidlovo be ru vd men's hea
ii >iult?a purity'a bright robta lie wrapned
IU xpotlcn life aud mill; tie rhoao a priest
niciii: the ehoned miiih of tlnd, rtiOUrfh great
ud honoicd, >et as e'oi the lowusto* o
lis mighty heart had fpumcd thothiug* of car
11a kuz; w?a tlxed beyond the fn tlieu ht?r
hero row the mtnr 01 th" Kterual Priest,
oserve whom, e'en on c^rili. hnl been hi* lovi
he wo ld was bloM.d the i.n/ hn saw tbe light
ud MhtiilU.rluliuiid it*caresbad purged
IU g Iden 1.fe from ail tbe earthly drots,
uu dentb wu* come, (iou's crown of g ory won
, Krui fnr br ghtcr Ibnii the suu, and more
f vu tie tbnu a world of Kohiuoora;
l won the jewel of u ipotlo a soul
llli poopleall aghast, stand rouud tbe tlirona
lie re t.me lie But; they t-lure, and aick at hour
hey grow to rtad la evry fire tbo truth
hey dreid, thnt ho. their Uud crovvntd fatl
i them to lovu on earth no more. Full oft
bryt-awhluiataud 111110113 bin Mirpllced thron
{loving ptiests to oiler, tu> of old,
bo Sacritice of love, whilu organ pools
ud lis:ka* vloudi of lucenne slept upon
he truiiud air, nud creumt that heaven wait cu
Tt e heart whose every throb wa* one
(fuiui a!lecl.on for hit prieatly ?Ute,
>ti lod for time to teen; h?t, toj, ihesinllo
'hlch, sweeter thin the Ming >bat angels king
or joy, was wont to bring 10 saddened heart*
lie gt-nlal suokhlne 01 love's sy mpHthy
The hurrying yean had bj*e l his Kt igly fran
ud yet wliea death?as loth to strike or cjmo
mid tbogUre of beartl?v? day-when nil
a* h unhed iu deepest ntllliifMi of the ulg.it,
a t gently kissed his holy koula*ay,
u lo iWi'rt nut one whit lens a nrinto- ve.i. e'en
*1 mote -tluu when lu mauho.xl h noble priz
t graced the inauful qualltv of u.eu.
Our Prince In dea-1! Yet he dl 1 o-;ly wear
ath'i tohcM uii innUuit th t hu mUlit udoru
Iu'h lawn uiih|">iicu rh his rirviu ?oul.
iriMucu Is dealVet m'?! lu IJciivcu'.s cou
Ildpwtllug "Vivam" to the iliga I'rlitsuug,
?' adoring thtouga divide to tut liiui pins
i> to the Intone, w.d hear th' Eteru*! Klug,
a teuto gracious ita eternity U long.
>- to His good Hud faithful oue, "Ue'l doue
is beeu thv t j?ic u tl oe; come, llud thy reat
eruul on the I* worn of .hy Cod."
roo Polo'4 View uC uut Far Off Lane
Some Marveloua Stuxlea.
ndon Globe.
In Marco Polo's travels the Urst raentii
Burinah iti the inedhwval lantfuaxe
urope is to be found. He calls the kin
tin Mien, in Chinese fashion; ami aft
irrating his approach to it by a dow
11 journey of two and a half days, at
much longer passage through a wi
un'ry, he pauses to tell of ajjreat batt
hich had taken place between the fore
the "Great Kaan" of Tartary and tl
ing of Mien, which he describes i
aphically that it seems probable 1
,thered his account from the lips
ose who had been present at it. A
my o' the ' Great Kaan" had approac
1 the frontier of Burmab, and the Bn
eae King advanced against it wittt ihj.u
en and 2,000 elephants, having on the
icks to vera of timber, each of which o
in?d from twelve to {sixteen wairioi
je Tartar force was the weaker, ai,d tl
irtar horaps were tcared l?r the el
jants, and broke in disorder. Th<
uacradin, the i'nrtar captain, orderi
s men to lie their hordes
b<? and to lako their how?, in *hn ui
which they were very expert. The el
iant*, in their turn, could not stand tl
rowp, many were plain, and at last th<
,d with afwrrifij rijah into a jfortstjbo
iring the plain of buttla, destroying tl
wden castles as they forced their wj
rough the trees. A tierce hand-to-hai
;ht ensued, and such was the noise
ittie, saya Polo, that "God might ha1
undered and no man would have heai
" The Chinese annals, which corr
irate Marco's date, mention that stak
id been fixed in order to injure tl
aphants. After the defeat of the Bu
we, -U0 of these animals were takt
ive by the Tartars, and the great Khi
er afterwards kept elephants as auxi
iee i? war. Polo then goes on to d
ribe these great wonders of Ami<
city which uwonej ituip palpus im
? identified with O'd* Pagan), tl
were of gold and silver erect
>ar the tomb of a king. One was co
cd with gold to the thickness of a tinge
id the other with silver in like manne
ae towers sht?a? b/illiftijtlv in the sa
id to each were attached bulla renpm
ely of gold and silver, that tinkled
ie wind. A doubtful version is th<
ven of a conquest, the occurrence
hich is confirmed both by the Burme
id Ohinese annals. The ''Great Kaan
iving an overplus of jugglers'aqd gle
en about his uoiufc, sent an army
em to conquer Mien, a task they d?
t'ected. The towers of gold and silv
[cited their cupidity, but their mast*
ith the revei ence of his nation fort)
fad, would pot suffer those monumec
be pulled down. TJjfl Burmese histc
ns estimate the IJon^al Jnyadepj
icir country on that occasion as amoun
g to 0,000,000 of horses and 000,000
Ludovico di Varthema, most naive ai
itertainiug of travelers.-visited Burmi
ward the cioae of the fifteenth ceutur
it he ha# not much to say about it th
not touched upon by others who folio1
I him there. He speaks, aruoug qtft
lings, of the long and tliick timber,
ie plentifulness of civet cats, and of tl
arvflouB jewelry of the King, the rin
gold and gems about liia arms and let
le riogs upon his tiugern, and bia eu
iat "hung down half a palm" wjth ti
eight of their adornment. Daring tj
;xt century a good many J$uropeaj
urn to "have strayed into this renjo
nd. Burmah changed its divisions fi
lently at this time, First one king ai
.en another rose to protninence and d
royed or made tributary his fellow kinj
i the consequent series of wars Europe;
irtisans were engaged, notably a go
any Portuguese. About the middle
ie century there grope a great Kir
nown to fume as Brama of 'lpungo, ai
udor him Burmah secj^s to |iave attai
1 its greatest power, and to have lx
'eased all travelers with its riches ai
agnificenee. Brama ia spoken or us e
leuing tho "Great Turk*' in power, ar
i haying 1,600,000 men of war at liis coi
land. During {his prosperous tin
alph Fitph, a mercnap^ of |/)fldr
Scbed the country, and his repon|
at he ww there. He admired t
raight streets oi the capital, so protect
7 rows of palm trees that yon might wa
i the shade air day. He was struck,
lost paople were, by the houors paid
10 sacred elephants, which extend
yen to washing their wet in silver basil
ad ho menlinup {jqw wild elephants we
iptnred by anointing decoys ?{th p i
niar scented ointment. when a wtf
lephant was caught, eftch merchant h
> make a donation of half a duoat.
lack elephants of war the King had
iwer than 5,000. In tho country wc
lines of rubies, sapphires and spinell
A UooltwormU If julf?
ew York Tntunt.
The sale of Richard Grant White's
rary was continued yesterday at the ai
on rooms of Bangs & Go; No. 730 ilron
ray. TThe library is rich in Shakespea
ua, but until they are reached on Thu
ay and Friday, fow rare and valual
ooka will be offered. The prices yesb
ay were good,though none wtre Jjigh.
a Monday. French and ftalian boq
aid b jttar than English. A small JVen
Obronique SewuWetJM broum W J
volume olstorlM donelafovBTMbj, ietit
Cousin de R?be!iii?" (M50|i.O
rtre'a French Dictionary $8 60, ?nd F
io's H?l(*n-Eugll6h Dictionary, 17 <5.
'rencb book ol
eonth centnrr. reprinted at Metj} In U
ran sold tori! 3 A boijnd volume of t
rftvinjtfl, Mr. Whit*'? raottoan the cove
ru bought lor $0 80. Two ?>ple?
illchsul !)rayton'? poems, London 1<
nd 1(127. biought $10 50. A volume
Poems, by thit moefc Jftmoui Wit w
Icm Drummond of Hawthorden. wi
dS notca on the margUMi *4 flola for
i set ol George WiUUin Curt&'i wor
ix toIs*. with the lUthoi'l Autograph, i
,ought for $15 00*
r How to Bnaaro CroMoUan Jgaloit HllUki
and Wrung PrMflrtplloaa.
The number of people in thia world wh
t. are basiug their entire action and ahapin
= their whole Uvea upon mistaken ideas, 1
almost innumerable. A wrong theor
will destroy the best matured and moi
carefully conducted scheme, and it wi!
?At also ruin the most earnest and sincere lift
WM The world is full of misanthropic peopl
who have become embittered as the rem
ofmUtakoi ideat. They crowded life witl
one certain-theories, they baaed their entir
ru act on upon them and discover d to
late that they were wrong. All c
which proves the absolute importane
of shaping life upoa a proper basis,
th; But the prii.ciple can be carried to a]
the details of life. For years the entir?
world believed in the theory thut rheums
' tisui was a sliKht muscular disorder whicl
could be removed by a liberal rubbinj
l with liniments. S urtintf upon this mis
taken idea thousands of uubappy Bufferer
have endured intense agony when the}
might have been relieved and permanent
t ly cured because they have uaed thi
wrong prescription. Kbeu:natism id i
,e/' blood disease, and there is only one waj
iu which it cau ba successful}' treated
t That is by going directly to the.seat of th<
disease?which is the blooJ. A verj
striking illuatratiju of the truth of thu
me theory is found in the following state
ii.. O.n.
J.V utc oiuimi?oiis.
Constant!aj N. Y., Angwt ?0,1885.Two
years ago this next October my bub)
l9 was boro, and while convalescing I was
taken suddenly with what my physician
said was chill fever, accompanied by the
most terrific pain in the heal, depriving
me of bleep and rest and driving me almost
no crazy.
A short time after this I was attacked
with a severe nose-bleed, which relieved
the pain in my head. The fever with
rt whicu I was burning up continued, how'
ever, and rheumatism developed iu iny
hip, knees and feet, tho latter noon swelling
so badly that they would pit on pressure,
the nam in my j tints being almp'y
unendurable, a: d n< ceeaitating the use of
large doses cf snodjnes. In this condition,
tortured with pain, obligad to he
on my back, and growing weaker and
l- weaker, finding no relief from liniments,
. lotions, piasters and other external
applications, t > complicate matters au
>n abscess formed on my hip, which
0j broke, discharging largo quantities of
matter. I coula not move hand or foot.
8" My legs were being gradually drawn out
er of shape. 1 had no rest, and got so that
n* nothing could be retained on my stomach,
ul not even a teaapoonful of wator. My
Id bodv was apparently bloodless. I was re
le duced to a skeleton, and had to be lifted
e? ?ery carefully from side to side of tho
le bed, in order that it might be stirred up o
bo little, and was go weak and famished that I
le aad some kind of fit or convulsion every
of time E was takon up. The doctor said he
in could do nothing more for me?that 1
h- would not livfc a week, and at this time,
ir- enough I knew nothing of it myself, all
QO my people and tho neighbors were expecttir
ing my death at any time.
n- My sister, who was taking care of me,
s. persuaded me to tako soinn of Warner's
le uafe cure. Sne gave it to mo in teaspoon*
ul doses, which quieted my stomach, and
Jn which I followed up until about one-half
id the battle had been taken. My sister
to then sent and got a bottle of Warner's
3e .Safo Rheumatic Cure, believing that
c- to bo the special remedy my caso re
ie quired, Tho first do<n I took eased the
jy pain, and that night I had the first night's
>r- s:eep since I was taken sick,
ie J entirely recovered of rhenmatmm, abiv
scess and all troubles, and now, thank
id heaven, it is an easy taik for me to walk
of (from my home to tho villago and back) a
'y distance of four miles, without fatigue or
rd Boreness. I have take in all some nine or
o- ten bottles of Warner's Safo Rheumatic
es Cure, and no other medicine. My euro is
Jp regarded by myself aud all my neighbors
ir? ?among whom it.has excited a groat deal
in of attention?as nothtngshort of a miracle,
in Mas. Elmi ha Carb,
li- J&mes A. Baker, merchant and Poste
master, of Oonstautis, N. Y., boiug du'v
m sworn, deposes and says: That ho is wtll
iy acquainted with Mrs. Elmira Carr, that he
le sold her Owner's Safe Rheumatic Cure,
jH uiKinl, ul.a in/.lr <1i.?fno liar umkiiftNU. lltal
v- he knows of her being seriously ill, aod
ir, believes every state cent which ghe makes
ir. in regard to her cape, and the means by
Q, which she recovered,
it- James A. Bakhb.
in fcworu to and subscribed before mo this
m 26th day ot August, 1885. T. L. Swikt,
of [l. a.] Notary Public.
The people ef Borneo eat monkeys. Oh,
P- thepanibals!
of J Jtl l;
ly Thomas Manaiian, No. 82 Montgomery
ar street, Hudson, N. Y . two years ago was
ir, given up by his physicians. He wag afie
dieted with dyspepsia and obatinate conts
stipation; had lost forty pounds in weight
?r- and was a bed ridden invalid. He com?f
menced taking Brandreth's Pills in doses
r of fjve, four,'two an<i one. Then ho took
of two every night for a month, Kilned eighj;
pounds ih weight, and was ablo to attend
id to business. He took two pills every night
ih for the following six ween, and was eny,
tirely cured. hwmw
w- A pane business?The glfzier's.
of TJ>p?o l?re So]|?l Far Ui.
ue The best blood purifier and system rog
go ulator ever placed wuuin uie reacn ox
P. Buffering hamanity, truly is Electric Bitra
ters. Inactivity of the Liver, Biliousness,
?o Jaundice, Constipation, Weak Kidneys, or
bo any disease of tliO urinary organs, or who98
over requires an appetiser, tonip pf mild
te atimulent, will always fipd Electric Bite#
ters the best and oply certain ctjre known,
id They act surely and quickly; every hot?
tie guaranteed to give entire satisfaction
ffl. or money refunded. Sold at fifty cents a
*n ljottle by Logan & Co. mwfajv
D(1 *"
of The height of fnshion?A dude's collar.
id Aykk's Sarsaparilla works directly and
q. pfpnjpjJy? to purify and enrich the blood,
o.- Iwpfuye Hie i^ppefito, tyreoetyen the
nd nerves and brace up ihe system.' ft is in
ix- the truest sense an alterative medicine,
id Every invalid should give it a trial, daw
m- "
10 Baoklen'a Arnica Salve.
m! The best Salve in the world for Ctits,
ej Brujseg. Soj-es.TIleers. Salt Rheum, Fever
he Sores, Tetter. DBapjyti Hands, phijbl^ins,
mi Corns and all Skin'Eruptions, and posi
ilfc tiyely qufes Piles, or no pay required. It
a? is guaranteed lo give perfect eatisfaction,
to or money refunded. Price 26 cents per
cd box. For sale by Logan A Co.
,re The burglar always goes on bis own book.
:?e Ner*ou? Dnbllltutcd Men
ail Yon are allowed a l(*p uwl qf thirty days
Of of t(io use of Pr. Dve'a Celebrated Volbuc
no Belt with Electric Suspensory Appliances,
ire for the speedy relief and permanent enre
es. of nervous debility, loss of Vitality and
Manhood, and all kindred troubles. Also,
for many other diseases. Complete restoration
to health, Vigor <tni) mflnhood piaranII.
toed. So risk to luciureo. Illustrated
... pamphlet, with foil information, term*,
if etc., maJlodfree by addressing Voltaic Belt
ri. Oo? Marshall, Mioh, ii*m*
ru A bill poster always sticks op for bis
sr. business.
As A B.markuble K.eap?.
Mrs. Mary A- Dalley, of Tunkhannock,
J*j Pa., was afHicted for si? vi'ara with Asthma
"i and Bronchitis. during which Uipe the best
1111 Dhvsiciana could rive no relief. Her life
ot? km, eta aired of until laat October she
procuretf a bottle of Dr. Kins's New Dia*
A coverv, when immediate relief waa felt,
J}" and by continuing its u?o for a abort time
I7t alio ww completely cured, gaining in fleafa
5 ^rai??m?ru.?coreoi
all Throat and Lung dlaeaae* at Logan &
Co.'a drug store. Large Bottle* $100.
-5! "WMW jk
Ith I hays been treated lor Catarrh by emifit.
nent pby?lclan?, bat nothing hv ever ben'
ki, etitled me like Ely'a Cream llalm.-^Mre,
ru L. A. Lawia, ISO Chippewa (tree), New
Orleani, La. TTbUW
M Th? r.?tor?? of th? Monty Md Sto
0 Niv Your. Wot. 19.?Money on call 2m percei
closing at 3 percent. IMrao mercantile ptf
g percent. Foreign Kxchange steady
is oovuuf hekt Boicoo-Wero dull and Heady.
v state Uond??Were quiet and steady
* Railroad ltoNMh-NutwItbiundlnR the great i
it tlvliv In the Block market, tbe trading iu rallwi
? bonds wis lu ixcM of auyihiug known on tl
>! Stock Exchange for several yeaia past. The sal
, foot up |c 3-jo.uuu.
Sm.x?-Never before In the history of the Sto<
? Ktchtuge hai thtro bwu such an enormoui Lu
U ne>s done as at present Tbe rei o? tod sales to <li
k wo ecven Urger than ou any previous day duili
tnc preaoot movement. The transac-lon* we
0 7'.'n,4WJ nl)*riai. The extremely active stock* lod>
n embraced a Jarger uumber than at anv time her
.1 tutor*, and 8t Paul, which led the 1st lor sot
1 time rast. t ok a second place. Four siocks, Ml
u sourl. Kaniai Jt iex^s, t-ric. Like Sho e and 8
Fanlcontilbuted SulWOahares
1 The raor jmeutat tlme? ws foverl h and lmgi
lar Thoopeulng pri *s, following weak quowtoi
a from London, w?re lrrenuUr, rnnjtlog between a
- advance of pen cut and a decline of % p?rceu
. A more ?te<idy toue prevailed by il o'clo. k ?td d
cl<tc 1 advances were made iu tue next hour, bi
i In the afternoon there wa? eoniiderable weakne
. dev.lop.d ou rep ru that the l)?ltlinore?k O v
A company had dually refused t > slgu the trunk Hue
B agree uint TliU ie|?ort w*a lat?-r denied. O-ja
1 mkaioner Kink autei that <he il?ltluiore A Obi
f. had iu(iecd t >? gu tuo contract. The mark*. U
, cAtne strong and with only moden'o reaction
3 although still feverish attimis, continued to a<
t v lire vi the do?e. The Dual bgurea were gem-:
r hVv (be highest of the day.
The Krvulc?t advance was iu Pacific Mull !
el noil with u k?Iu of :?J4 percent. MiN.ourl.Kar
i m? .t Tuxut l<xik he bo?u of the list for amouut ?
,? bindue* doue and closed w!tn a K*inof V/t pei
. cent. K 1.-00'umuu cIomkI with au adv?m:u of
' percent at. I'aul do?ot wl.h an adrau-e o' ?
iH-rceut. X??'thwca era in up lkf percout and Net
York Central percent. MlubUau Central lo?t ijj
Erectit. Other dcciJcd adv?nj.? w?re Texas ?
ciUo IX, L?cka wanna 1%, i) ntrer A Klo Grand
aud Oreflou A inuwouttncutal % Wabuh pr<
forred 1%, aud Manitoba 2l/t percent. I'uIj:
' Pseiflc c.o-el wlthalo.sof ft ten:e ,t.
I U.H.H.1 8H;U.d.4H?.m^;U^.UtfWU, 12%
. laoifle 6c of MO, 128M; Coujal Parfilc firm, 114
1 Krle accouda, #9; Lehigh ?s WUxeabarre, cf<
t 1 M#; Louisiana uoQ>ola, e6; Missouri 6#, 10ift: St
Joseph, 117; St P. A 9. C. flr-M 1 2; Tea
nuMee 6s, old, 62; do uew, (2. Texas Paelfi
Laud Grants. 49: do Rio 0nude, Ul Union Paclfl*
find*. 115)4: do Laud Grants 1Q>>?; doSiuXiuic fund
1-1; Vltvlnla tfr. 48; Virginia Cous de, extra ws
tiircd coupons, 68 do deferred Stf; Adams Ex
pni?, 142: American Express, 1W>S: Canada South
eru, 46 Ceutral Pacific, 47Ji: Cuubapcake A Ohio
II do flrnto preferred. 'tl\ do second*, U3A; G
C..C. A1., 63#: Denrer A KioGrande. %K\ Erie
27#; do prefer?yd, 61: Fort Wayue. 140; Kansas d
Texax, J>; Lake Erie A Western 19; Lako dhon
8J)<: Louisville A Na?hville. 61}*; Louisville, New
Albany A Chicago, 8Memphis A Charleston, ?
Michigan Ceutral, ?: Missouri Pacific, lunjf; Nash
vllle A Chattanooga, 40V^; New Jersey central,
4tH{; Northern Pacific,31. CnlcajpA Northwestern,
113. do pre/errel, 136>{; New York Central,
lf<?; Ohio central, 1%, Ohio A MlwlMlppi, MS;
do preferred, 90; Pacific Mail, 69. Pittsburgh,
1.0&, R<ailing, 21;i: 8L Louis A San KrancUoo,
aji; do preferred, ii%\ C., M. & St Paul. 1/7%;
do preferred, ll-"*; Texas Pacific, '2*H; Uulou
Pacific, C1J4; Lulled 8'ates Exprwa, 5'J W. at. L.
J: P., 18?H; do preferred, 2VA; Wells-Forgo Expro**,
117; Western Uulou. 7y%.
Bread-tuff* and f rovlalona.
N*w York, Nor. 19.?Noar, reouipte 23,990 barrels:
exports 3,*19 barrels; 270 neks; market
steady; superfine western and Stat) fi lja3 60,
Wheat, receipts 2,15 >,00) bushels; exports uou t;
np?t lourtrrabut very quiet; options declined
T/^c, clo Itig heavy at about luside reUa; sal a
2,381,000 bushels future*; 27,?<J0 busheU spot; No.
2 spring 96c; ungraded red b-alWc; No. 3 red 9Vs
U) arrivo; No.2 red Vftf/c rail delivered; No. 1 white
99c; No. 2 red November uumlnal; Decernbcr
'J7>imU7Jic. nloslnga* 97Hc; January wV.uiJl 00!*,
elosiug at ii9Kc; February il 01 ^al 01 y? cioslng at
?i 01X; May tl ocj;ai 07tf; cioalu* at 91 06*.
(Jin-, snot lot* )<aj>$: and options a shade lower,
closing heavy ;rjo> lt>t? 214,896 bushel*; exports MSJ
bu?heU;s*le* I.WOOUO bushels futures; 194.000
bushels spot: unmerchantable 2 a4Ic rejected 4lu
Utys ung-aded 4l>aM,Scj No 3 47a43^c;spot47??a
he; .November steamer.2c; No.2 MfcoM^c e'erat-jr;
51Kattc alloal; No. 2 white W^c. jcliow
ol%c kild dried Ii2c, No. 2 November M>4a5 e,
cosing at M%c; e bcr 51 !^a55c, closing al,rlJic;
January St^a* fcc, rioting at 6iSc; rebruary
4iJ4a60>vc. do 1 g atSo. Way 4#iai9c closing at
4tfj;c. Oa a H^c hhh r: receipts 27,550 b-ubela;
exports 66,207 bushels; sales W,0 0 bushels fut
ur s: 122.000 bus' els spot: Qiixed western 35 37c;
Wlllte OQ 37a 43;. l|?y firm and deajan 1 fair.
Codec, spot lair; Mo wo**; option* balo m?1 ?M
lower mark-1 falls* sotlve; No 7 Ilio spot0.70o;
sties 28,ooo ba<s: N ivembjr HCOaGtttc: Dvcemfrr
(JOaOCc; January 6 65c; February G7U-; March
6 75aflfe0c; Augu-t/.0>c. tiu<ar steady and qui t
eeuuHugal 6fie; Eugllsh i?land 6 6-16c: St. ir.ix
bfrc: rvtiued st*a-ty; standard A 6 3-16c; granulated
6}Ca6 9 16c. Molasses ate^oy; New Orleans A
a."#*i; choice and fancy itio firm and in bir demand.
Tallow s eady. Turpentine firm at 87%c
Bgga firm aud in gooi demand; receipts 3,016
paeKagua; wnteru /5a26^ VoT* very qqlet <>ufc
|)i|d Ijlghar; mow quuUd at f1000 fur unlimpot ted
nu*lo;J6atu5o for ltite.'ettcd Bojf, hini?,tlru una
qukt. Cut meats steady; p.ckleu bellies 5)ia5j*c.
Lard 9ill pilots higher, contract gr<ule6 50c; uetieuibcr
6 49a6.54c; January 6 56ut>.66c; February
6 65art 75j: Aiaich 6.73*6.8Jc: April SBOaMSc.
Butter qu'ct and a eady for choice. Cheese on*
changed anddemaud light.
Chicago, lix., Nov. 19 ?'Wheat was a very Hat
article to trade to-day. There Vfere no janrp quuq*
tltjfs f.>r sale. at|d ml a fcjugle (wurj "oJld be
fouud in public or) ri/are aivices to lndueeany
mov incut, except pos ibly It was thedecrea ed
axountof wheat reported on postage. Even this,
houev r, had U'? firming effect on thomarXi t. The
eutlrer uge ftastouUucd to He Flour quiet aud
un hatucd. V\ her t qui-1; sales ranged: ttv)&a90)4c,
cl- fceJ at 6?%c November; vo^avo^u.c o?el at !A%c
December; w^a^ljic, do^ei at 9 a^lKc
So. 4, :'Jy6o i orn quiet but rather Ann. s.uua
rauge<i; 4j%all>ic, il ?ed at 44>^o November; 4.'a
42J4c, closid a. i&ft December aud year; 3^a39c.
closed at 88^0 bid January; 89%a4o^c, dtAcd at
40c bid -May. Oat-, qul-t and a^out steady; sal. a
ringed: 2?X*^Sc? < loaed at 2?>Jc Dctxmber; siJia
M'/g: c.o ed at 31^a31j%c hi ay. Kyo quiet aud
steady, No. 2, 61kc. uarley fairly acUyo aud
stwdy: Ko; 2, fi7V^c. tt%seed (julcli No. 1,
1114>J. Mess iiori, more active aud nlguer; sales
range> 19 0M9 12H, cosed nomiually bkh-rat
20*9 25 December; t9^5al0 24. c.oied at flu 20a
10 22H January; flOOoalO i\ clo ed at f 0 ^J^a
10 35 February; ftO 45al0 70, Ooel at 910 6.Sa
10 70 Miy. Lar 1 moderately active and stronger;
sales raugod. 6 22tyai 25c December; 6 Z7ka6 37Hc,
Hl?scdi?t 6?W37hc January; (I4'*ifl45(j, co?pd
|t 6.*2>4aC^ C rt^.-Mary ; ^5.fl6.52Wc Jjarcb,
boxed rnuiu modi!rat 7 active wi u urlioa a;i htly
advanced, dry saltcJ shoulders #.75a3.v0e; loug
clears 4 90a4'J5c: snort clear Mdes 5..0a5.2.c, short
ribsldM 4.(JOa.VOO Whisky, 1115. Si.gar, cut lo?f
7>s,?7?io; grauulat d 6)^0;/Undard A 6%c. Gutter
iu ll<ni aeuiaud ani prices steadK-r; creamery,
medium and faiK-y 14a25j; dairy, fino I3al?c E/gs
(low at 14a:Cc for pickled and fresh stock. Afternoon
tMxtrd?Wheat lower and ne kat 8'Jkc for
November. Corn uuUr Oa<a a shr'e paaTer at
Lard uuch-ingeo.
PuaADgx.:?u. Pa., Nov. 19.-Flonr, demand
s ow and unsatl factory. * he?t opened Uc tower
but altcrward made small recovery and do cd
s oady; No. 1 Pennsylvania rtd II01; No. 2 rid No
vember91Hav2c; December WVJtc; January ?! %*
96c; February 93>?a9SXc. Corn, prion were vrhr lly
nominal; choice mixed 48a49c; old No i mixed
tfo; No. 2 yellow fi8o: No. 2 m!x>d &'?; No 2
sttong with advance tf Hale; No. 3 mixed 32c;
No 2 mixed S3o; rejected wnite 32aS4o; No 3 white
3<Mc; No. 2 white38c; tuturet strong; No. 2 white
Vni'jtmliof HiwitrnVur aNML'n * iMliliuru
38a39c: I- ebruary 38a40c. Cheese dull; uh'lo fair io
prime 7)?a8>fcc.
CW&MtTl, 0, Nov. 19?Floor quiet and uncharged.
Who*l iiroogi No. a fed tfjairtp; repeipn
2.5UJ buttiel?; Ihlfittcilw 3.40Q l$?b?lj/Lwn illVHi
and blither; No. 2 47c. Oats vtropu; No. 2 ralxeq
2U>$c KyoHrunger; No. 2, 66a67c. Barley In talr
demand; ox|i? rso, S tpriug 6Cc. for* quht at
10W). Lard higher. Bulk meau Armor and unchmitf-d.
Bacon a aroo, Arm and unchanged.
>Nh.?*yaWady atll 09. Butter rngar and cheese
ttady aud uuih ug?d. Eggi Arm at 19*:9>$a.
To lux), 0.. Not. 19.?Wheat cloaod active and
caay; ca?ih or November 96c a?ked: Deo-mborlffifcc;
January V7J^c; I-ebruary 99){c; Mayfl 03^1 Lorn
n? elected; ca*l- 40c; Noveinbtr 44j^c aaktd; year
41^c: January ;WV; May 40>?c. Oau Arm; caah
?jc, May SiWc Clover seed itrong :141b orNpvem.
ruaryVw J*na?rJ ? Wi'Feb
Baltimom, Nov. 19 ?Wheat, woat*rn atcady and
dull; No 2 winter red apct 92o: November 9lc;
weeember 9$?a91c; January 9^Hc; February 9:a
V8J4C, Corn, western-Arra< r and active: mixed
p>t 61aWc: year 49%a4.^c; January 4?a48Kc;
February 47fcatlfto Oatt very Arm; weetarn white
43a*6c; mixed Klatfo. Proviilouisteady and ^ulef
f I4v# Mlocu.
CitiCAflo. III.. Not 19 ?The Drown' Journal reprot*:Cattle-KcccjpU
C.OCQ head; ablpinouu 2,IOC
head; market airougor an 1 active; ahippiug itoon
uatefi T5;Mook?ni *ud Iwhi in $i SM4 00: cowa,
bulla and mixed 1160 4 00; ihrouvh Tuxaua
atruug. wuatcro rnugur* * toady; natlvea
and b?ll biv*d? |<HO 4 60; co#a 12 75a3 30 Iloga BocelpU
44,000 bead; shipment* 7,00) bead; mar
ift att? ugaud loc higher; rough aud mixed S3 451
S 75; parkin* aud ablpplug S3 *0*4 03; light we.irbU
93 2Qa3 65; akipa fi f<*3 ft 8heep-Ket*lpU 3.0U
h?*nd; market steady: na tiros 12 50*3 <0; w-atern
|itM?00;DtfxajAfr7&a3U}. lamha |3 0?n4 60.
Ka?t Ubxxtt, Pa., Not. iw?Oat tie dull and
uotblng doing; allcooaUomenta through, reoelpti
l.dtu bead; aulpmenta 1,530 brad, no ahlpment<
to New York yeati-rday. Hop fairly active and
tlrm: Philadelphia* |i 7laS !W. Yorkera 1360*3 65;
rucolpt* 4 600 bead; ablpmenta to New York yea
tcrd?y 28 oli ehoep dull and un"hargod; ie
celptal,20>head; iblpmenta 2JJOO bead.
and tii&t' 12 MM8 66V packtnx and bUtcUer* $3 {Ml
3 76; receipt* head, ahlpm<mt? 1W head.
t_ Ft traUma.
Baaoroan. Pa., Mot. ll.-Opanad at tl 07K; doe
od at II my,', oigtatwi |1 06H; lowest H 07. rum
62,W3 buTeli; total ablpmeuu 6\2<? barrel: cbar
ton W,M3 battel ; clearan.e* 5,Cui,000 barrel*
Oil City, Pa , Not. i0.-Op?n?d at ii <m$; hlth
eatII08^! lowest n 07K: dneed atll 07K a*lei
1,965.000 barrela; clearanoe* ll.O02.COJ barrela
cnarteia 69,64) banal*; ablpmenU 65.21G barrela.
. iairoawL??
: fel&5?SSSs3
I mi* You. Not. >1 -rciroletfm iiudjt; VnltW
doted tifioT^.
i oimoimnati. o . Hot. i?.-Cotton, ami;; mid
! dllni??o. ^
Hornfortf'j Aotd Pho?pb?t?, for Wftkofol
D* VTu. P. Clotbiu, Iiaffilo, JJ. y.
?jg: " j pff?c{ib?d l({flr ?OitliQlic prie?t
who wu > hard itudent, for wekefnlneee
extreme nervouneM, etc. Be report!
greet benefit," TTbHW
?. gamfttl & Co.
ile What the people are lroking tor, and we
always mauago to bo the K1K4T DXALKB8
^ ia Uiu city to get Uia New Styles of
I Furniture,
rt -i
r uarjJBis,
jj Rugs,
jj Oil Cloths
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I New Fall Stoci
g .Iioomlnglnnow.and wewouldbepleMed
to bare our frleodi look ore; oar itock before
; 1134 MAIN ST.
10 Sacks, just received by
nol3 18 9 Market 8'rect
rr*T=\ n-RTi A TVT I
No extra ch?rgp for Mnulriod Cmmi. miH
Capital DiningRooms
Qtabltohwl Sept I.1178.
PtranEet* and visitor* coming to Wheeling will
remember that the '.*j>lul Mmhk Rwini are now
In ncrfwt running order ond good uicali can be
bod Rt all hour* of the day or night.
spvofcssloiutl (Ciivrts.
-pjARRIET B. JO-NE-S, M. P.,
I4S1 CliapUuo Street.
10 to 12 m. and 2 to 4 r. u.
-= 1S6S 4 1885 - f
louse fits;
Winn X m/ cur* I do not mun mor?ly to ?lop ih?? for 4
Um? *b4 th?a Lava tb?m rvluro ?c*!n. I nu?n ? tulle*] car*,
i h.T. m?d. ib? diM?M ot rrris, MiMPit af PaUJKQ
B1CXN IMS > :if-looi ?m;.' 1 >^ripl my Mawdy ? cvi
ibo v?r?t wmi. S?c*bu otUu h<y? UtWd u do ft??o? far
|S1 tt?V JMtlVInf? ru.t. fcn4 ?t oat* for* irMiiM and *
J^rtflMlit qi my ImMIU* r?medy. Olra Kiprttatod foil
<rt.fr.Mpr. II. 0. HOOT. HI P??rl St,Miw Yorfc
KDo Tour Own Printing.
If LVVmATB I l(Miy perfectt*[f inkina
nniurptrntd. Print! VtrfrUv- JtobjUln??nui
bouldbSwIthoutone, xiljri
Antrti Oaialoi/u" ?nd U*tlmonl*l? frtr. i'rk?
Omnutnolv low. Refer bir perm I m Ion to Hoi.
loncb.WorimansliIp & DnraMty.
* Nc* 1M and M W?t Baltlmnrn Str?ot, CalUmoro,
? Ha US Jflfih ATcnn*. Now York. *
- Solicitors of lift Insurance,
BcJldtori lor the * (JUITA fll* LIIPRA-HOi
1 ot eratlre company with the boat endowment plti
now In u*?. Popular and eaally worked- Bu?ii?cai
; eaUbllahfd Premiers required lennanunt em
: ttWATASffl
I Manager ifarttnabnrf. W?t Va.
IHin *-? ??!? t'HiMr Uf ? ?'?? il<Mw| t; lm w
tmwli t(MM of IM want kIM m4 of Umi tftWi
ImtMinni f*w.?-#ir??rUnit f?uh I* \\
. uui i wta m*4 two ottum riu&'MH Mf wt? ? tip
. *g"?4w
ilnrteonly of <ho flnnt nndltMlQntl'
ity of uljuts fur wltli.Undliift beau
Every good thing is Counterfeited,
and oonsumors are CAUTIONED
against IMITATIONS o t
these Chimneys made of VERY
POOR OLASS. See that the ezaet
label is on eaoh chimney asabove.
The Pearl Top is always clear and
I bright Glass.
KouDfulnml OXLY by
nttubuivli Lvnd Oloiw Work*.
Wo are lu receipt cf nuoihcr lot of
which we o "er at atlil lowr prta* tban,*ver.
nolS 1'iiQ Walu 6treet.
T).. ln?A
& uiuuu vy\/?i* T iimui*
In tho city, and at Lowest Price*, at
OPjU 13H Mwrktt B'twt.
Dr. J. E. SMITH,
No. 1404 Chapllne Street,
Near Fourteenth Street,
The beat evidence of a physician's snroeas U the
testimony of hli petlcnto. The Increasing demand*
for mrproleodonal services prove that Ihave i
dealt honorably and fairly with those who have
consulted me. 1 never use a patient's name with*
out pcrtnlarton. thouvh 1 bavo many hundred cer* ;
tlflcates from thoee whom I have cured after they .
had been pronounoed tnourablo. A thorough medteal
education with many years hospital experienoe
and familiarity with theraputfo agents, a clone ob- i
servance of temperamental pecuflaritlt > and strict
attention to hygienic management Insrrea anooeaa,
a euro is poesiblo, and I frankly giro t hf patient my i
Home Proof.
Kidney and Liver Diseases and Rheumatism.?
Buffered terribly?"Nothing seemed to help me; i
oonld not got out of bed. Dr. Smith cured me."
ZKPH. PHILLIPS. Wheeling, W. Va.
Catarrh, Polypus of Noee, Impaired voice.?Buffered
for yean; patent medicine failed to help me.
Dr. Smith completely cured me."
Of 8p?Idel ?t Co., Wheeling, W. Va.
Dyspepaia aud ulcerated Stomach.?"TrvHtmcut
for years fulled to give mo relief. Dr. Smith cured
me.1' THOMAS HOLT, Iimimuce Agent.
Fits.?Ilad them for fourteen years. Dr. Smith
cured me." LODI8 F. WASHINGTON.
Scrofula, Runuingflorea on Head.?"My son wm
afflicted for fourteen years. Nothing seemed to
help him. Dr. Smith cured him."
Market Street, Wheeling, W. Va.
Canoer.?'1 'Bu fforcd for yean wi th Cancer. Had it
cutout three time*. It returned after each opera
tlon. Dr. Smith cured me without knife, cauntie or
pain." Mu. H. M. ORCUTT.
Plica, Fistula of Anus.?Flat on mjr back for 18
week*. Beuorted dying. Dr. Smith cured m?
without knife in five weeks.
Wholesale Grocer, Main 81., Wheeling, W. va.
Ulcerations of Roctum, Proupan* aud Pile#.?
"Was given up to die and pronounced Incurable.
Bat. H. 0. Ladd write*:?"Dr. Smith's profce
sional services In my family have hoen most satl*
factory, and I oommcnd blm to all ua gentleman
and a skillful physioiau."
Mrs. Margaret Kolk raya: "I had boen suffering
for seven years and treated by many physicians foi
dyspepsia. Dr. Smith Raid I nad a tape worm, and
In eight hours romored a monster 109 foot lone."
Female Complaints,?Three yean In hospitals for
females, give mo peculiar advantages in such cases.
Persons cured of catarrh, diseases of heart, liver,
stomach, kidneys, skin, blood, nervous affection*
aud weakness* of men and youth, scrofula and
asthma testify to my snccessL
Piles cured without the knife.
' PationM at a distance may be treated by letter and
satisfaction guaranteed. A chart for self-examination
wnt on receipt of two thre<H?nt stamp*, and
advtoe returned free.
Conciliation at office free. Office houn from
M. to 7 r. M., dally. Call on or address,
No. ltOj, Chapllne St., Wheeling, W. va.
VJoAKWft* I /?.<?&:
f Mtarfa
A RADICAL CUBE rOR?j/loo fie?lndulipnpo,or
imTTATTC a/ oror brain work. Avoid
NERVOUS ^bstlio lror??Uionol prtton*
Organic W?ataB,fl0ssSi dXSSis
a physical
& DECAY, fJUaKlTjiF. i:cMi:nrth?tu.ia
inV/Minn M llMftlaliiVCuBCD tiiouuwU, doM
lnYqyn?4Wlaai?Mnct Inttrfrr# wish wtenAscumon.
H^tion to builtw*. or hum
v ??? -urn p.wll^i i*in or InconTrnWnr? la
TCBTtO FOR OVtHBIXJKfl,nr m. I'oundrd on
VtARSOVUSflNMAHVaAflKfcntlflc rordlcl prlnclThQUSAHP
CASES. BgFo^e '/i
"CP'CC? |a:ir s
?' TRiat BjR'iNl f'tnctWnuof the hu.
?facJo^ |aw^?3Ks
OnsXlontb, - *8 OODSBth* p*tlfntl>rcomc?ch*er
Two Months. 4.ooK7arul?n.l r*pl.llrs?lnf l.i.th
I Thy?llontfcs, 7.0ommitrfugthmdKimlvlpjr.
800* H. Tenth fit, 8*. LtUIS. JCO.
no unnio rnrurui onu/ncDC
?r i-Ktfci
"reliable self cure
A favorite pmcrintion of one of lh? mou
noted and turceuful ircculiu^ in the U S.
I foow retired) lor. the cure of Jfervom Drblllty,
wtt BlnnhiHxl, WrnUnrM ami Ileeny. Sent
r in pUin Mated envelope Free. DnigiptU can fill it
' 0R- WAW0 * c?- LouiaW Mft.
Ill ^wreflOumlUinlilo-ldayf.
1F | Ask your (lruKglflt fl>r It.
1 I HcnttoanyntlrfrcHM Tor $1.60
i 11 "" V"n? HF6. CD. Miflllflf tt
, 4ft CflDI utuu*? tn boun. ouiwui nun.
un. muii o rntnuu runutno.
Will onre DIkwu* o! the Xldncn, Qravel, Gleet,
atrlotarcfl, and all Drlnnj und Cretirnl Dlaoama,
Nerrotw and Plmloal Debility. PomJnul WoAknww,
Loss of Vigor, PnunKtnrfl DocUae In Man, Early
Decay, Impotcncy caused by errors of youth, exOMM,
Ac. Bypblllx 1q aU Its fornu, wrv throat
and non, ulcere, eruption*, Korofula, totter, tali
rheum ?ud all blood and ftktn Heraale
Weaknea ipeedUy ourod. GnuorrUo* on rod In I
daw. Price ti 00. Sold In Wbfxllui. W. Va., by
X. F. Booxme, Lmv .4 Co., Dru*si?t?. Bent *y
mall Mated *
| H IBk M.tmL-Ht lutein.
B ^ Insane Ptrsoni Restored
i B ^ NerveRestorer
BdM/ra//BWAtM?NBKVwI?l!.HA-.llS. Oityturi
I <?rt /or AJtitunt. Fit I, Ffll'fiy, III,
HI iNfALlfULS tfUken > directed. ft* Fill a/lir
wm/frit d.<y t Kit. T>p*tlM >n<l ft trill tattlo fuc w
aflkteri to n^KUNJUu Atrh *..WilUd?!phU.P?
Tli* Original nu<l Only (Ipnulnr.
IU?-an.t r.'?krr?r WarlklrM tnliMloti.
StttttJpA vbtliott,
Oondeu*<l time-table of pMMnrcr Ualiu oar
rtctttl toAlWPBT8Q, 18?~C?ntr?3 auwltnt Time
BtslUlre 6:86 S:'X 10.QU l."Jh 4:28
Bridgeport. 8:4? 8:11 10:12 8:K 4JS
Marflu'i F?rrr 8:V> 8:41 lOr* 8:48 4:48
BrlllUnt 8:2? 8:18 10:5} 4:18 8:88
JtcubcurlUb. 8:46 8:88 11^ iuV\ 8:48
(toonto 7:01 ........ 11:86 441 4.QJ
7:14 ....... 11:16 6.U) 8:U
Vellow Cm*.7:28 > ...?.I 11:45 5:12 fl.28
I I r. m.
WellirUla. 7:U| u:'M ?:6M ;?
Kul Herrrwvi) 7<M1 10'Ki fl-raii
Hochoster.....?? S:60| l:l3 :wL .
Hl?cb?nr 9:40 ~. 2:06 7:?. .
Pittsburgh 9:601 2;1?
Alliance 10:26 4:16
Bar?un*. 11:08 4:6o
Hudson 11:30 6:1? .............
Newbury 12:15 6:49
Clcvclaud ri:?5| 6:'JO
A. M. I A. K. I r. M. r. It!
Bellalre I 6:d 10:00 8:28 4:26
flrldjreport.. 6:47 10:12 8:S6 4:M
Martin's Ferry-.-... 6:6* .... 10:2W 3:4:: 4:43
Yellow Crock 7:%! 11:4.%| fi:yj 6;H
WellntUle *7:43 12:2o| 6:M 6:40
dayanl 9:67...._? idWHM
Vlllauoe 12:25| 4:20 ......... .....
Ctaton 1:40 6:00...
Mmlllon... 2:f ' .. 6:lsLM~.
Mansfield 4:C2j 7:4tf
CreiUln? 6.-2W i:ld
Lima. Z\ 10:66
L. X.I
Fort Wayne.... 4:06 ......... 12:40).,..^...
Chloigo. ~ liKH
111 trains dally except Sunday.
I Trains leave Cleveland for Wheeling at
2:10 p. m., arriving at 4:88 p. m. and 7:61 *. xa.
Paranger i^nt, Wheeling, W. Va?
Gtm. Pbm and Ticket Ajwnt. Plttiborgb, Pa.
JAMK8 McCttKA. OcncralManwgw.
uuum imimwAii-mn nanow noma.
Timeto Augim
80. 1855. Trains Icare i'an Handle station, foot o!
Eleventh street. ne*r public landing, u follow*.
Central Standard tlma:
fttta. East Paat Pao.
rations. Kxp'? Exp'* ?cxp't fxp'r
^ k' * T> *
Leare-Wheellng- 6:50 12:46 8:85 8:05
ArrlTO?WeUaburg.-.....^.. 7:2fi 1:25 4:14 8:40
Steubenvlllt.... hi. 8:00 2:00 6^20 8:01
Pittsburgh : 9:16 8:80 6:10
a.m. a.m.
Harrlsburg 1:10 1:10 ?,g* , ,
Baltimore. 5:26 6:20 M>WMM
Wuhlnyton. 6:40 6:80
Philadelphia. 4:2fi 4:26 6:86 ...
New York. 7:00 7:00 8:a>
p.m. p.m. r.u.
Boston ..... 1:00 3rQ0 8:K
00150 wihi.
fac. |J)enn Wiat A5
stationi. Exp's Exp's Mall, c'm'n
P. m. p. M. a. m. P. If.
Leave?Wheeling- 8;06 8:36 6:60 12:4ft
Arrive?SUM benvllle 9:08 5:20 8:00 2:09
Cadi*..... 7:10 8:60 4:80
Dennlson 10:40 7;20 9:80 4:06
Newark _ Mad? 11:86 6:68
P. H.
Columbus.. 1:45 12:86 1:09
l^eare-Oolumbui 2:00 .... 12:66 MIMMM
Arrlve-Dayton ... 7:80.,.^.
Cincinnati 6:10......... 4:46 ,,M1?L
Indiana poll*. 11:46...mm.. 10:??.^
a. *.
Bt Louis.....?. 7:80 7:00...^
ObIcago.. 6:V| 7:16
All trains dall v except Sunday.
Pullman'i Palnco Drawing Room and Rlooplnft
C*n through without change from HtCQbeoflll^
East to rblladelphla and New York. Wert to (Jo."
umbos, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, IndlanaiK
alls ana St. Louis.
For tbrouirb tickets, bajnriuro checks, slwnlnt
car accommodation*, and any further information
apply to JOHN 0. TOMLINBON, Ticket Agent M
Pan Handle Station, foot of Eleventh street, ora
City Ticket Office, under McLure Hon*?, Wheeling,
Manager. iltlatmrxh, Pa
flen'l Pa?. and Tlckot Agent, Plttabnrgh. Pa.
Time table oorrected to JULY 5, 1S86. Traloj
loare Panhandle Station. foot of Eleventh (tree,
near public landing, a* follow*?Central Standard
IImo?which 1? 85 minutes alower than Wheeling
GODiO iocth.
" Dally Dally Ao
P** Pass, com,
Leave?Wheeling....... ? 6:85 H:if 8:St
A rr!ve?Ben wood .. .. 6:M t:?5 iM
UoundsTllle...MNN...MMM..?...M... 7:15 4:06 9:10
Glartngton. .. 7:55 4:45 lltfl Proctor...
8:07 4:57 11:41
T. U.
New Martlnirllle 8:% 6:15 12:88
Pwdis. ~ 8:84 5:28 12:50
ijUlorwvlUe .. 8:50 6:40 1:19
Friendly Matainoraa) 9:03 5:58 2:01
flt Marys 9:85 6:25 gJO
Wlillanutown (Marietta) -10:20 7:10 6:20
1'arkon.bnrK, W. Va. ..... 10:55 7:45 6:20
qoino no am.
Dally Dally AoPaaa.
Paca. oom,
A. M. P. K A. w.
Leave?Parkersbnrg ~ 6:0 8:30 6:16
ArrlTe-WillianutownlMari'tU) 6:80 4:03 7:80
St. Mam .. 7:15 4:60 9:25
Friendly (Matamoraa) 7:48 5:28 11:00
BtatenrWe. 8:00 5:40 11:20
Bardl* ~ 8:16 5:58 12KR
New M&runxTlU&. 8:25 6:08 12:30
Proctor mm 8:42 6:2& 1:11
CUrlncton 1:56 8:17 1:41
MonndsvUle. mm. 9:4.5 7:20 1:28
Benwood mm. mm. 10:06 7:40 4:1S
Wheeling-. 10:20 8:0e| 4:48
Passenger trains dall* including Sunday. Acoonunodaflou
trains rum rtallj oxoipt Sunday.
Ticket Agent, Wheeling, W. VA.
On and after MAY 8. 1885. passenger trains will
ruii as follows?Wheeling time:
No. 85 No. 1 (fcJU
X4BT BOUND. Local. No.37 Dally No.83 Daily
Leave- a. m. r. m. A. m. a. u. r. m.
Wheeling 5:1ft 4:10 6:40 8:1ft 5:80
Bellalre ? 8^8 ...mm.. 8:01
Mannlngton..m.. 7:80 ...mm.. ...mm.. m.mmm
Arrives at t. m. r. m.
Qraiton....MM 4:00 m.. llrOfi 1:10 10:11
r. M. A. M.
Cumberland- ? 2:40 7:00 9:M
Washington City. 6:80 *.
Baltimore 7:80 ...mm.. 1 lM
No. 86,83 sud 87 RtOD at ail Htations
No. 2 No. 4 No. i
wtar bocnd. 'No. 14 No. 12 Daily Dally Dally
Leave- a.m. t.m a.m. r.m. t.?.
Whoeling 7:85 8:40 9:15 7:50 10:21
o.iv ?.u> iv.iu o.ti u.vm
Arrive at r.u. x. K.
ZanucvUlt 11:20 7:00 12:18 10:70 1:10
Newark 1:20 10:W 2:00
Columbua....... 3:40 ll:6ft 1:10
Cincinnati 7:2f> 4:00 7:80
Bandmky 6:80...^... 8:6&
Indlanapollt. ~. 11:00 7:0R iM
A. X. P.M.
8t Lottta ? - ? 7:80 t .<(> 1:10
Chicago 6:40 \(Xi 7.-2I
P. K.
ganmClty ~.| 8:00 >:S&| t:00
aoaudnvllle acoommodttion leave* WheoJln* at
11:35 a. m.. and arrives at Moundirllle at 12:15 p.
m. dally except Hunday.
Wannluirt/?n aooorarnod&tlon at 4:10 p. m.
ZaoecTllle accommodation leavea wheeling
7:86 a. m. and 1:40 p. m. Bellaire at 8:10 a.m.
4:16 p. to., dally exoept Hunday.
10:25 p. m. train to rough to Cincinnati without
cbmign, with W. A o. elcvpcr through to Cincinnati*
B. 3t 0. Flooping Can on all through trains.
TLrongb Uoach from Wheollng to Cincinnati Oft
No. 2, leaving Wheeling at 9:16 a. m., arriving at
Cincinnati at 6:60 a m.
CIom connectlona are mado for all polnU Boat*
and Houthwot, North and North wan, making thtt
a dadrablo ronte (or oolonlata and nmona moving
to the great Weal, and to whom particular attcntios
la given.
Tickets to all principal polnta on aale at Depot.
Sleeping tar aecommodationa can be wmrwJ at
Depot TleXet Office.
TitOU <!. BCHikK, Tlckct Agent B. A 0. Depot.
JOHN T. LANK, "mT. PuMugt-r Agent.
It T. DKVKIKB, Qenwrnl Agent, Wheeling.
T BION, B. A 0.
Oo and alter JUNK fl, 1886, paaMnger train* will
ran aa followa-Wheeling time:
ForHUaburgh?1:40a. m., 6:86p. n. dally;7:46
a. m., I:X p. m., dally except ftunilay.
For Waaiilngtoh?6:06 p. a., dally except Bnnriay.
From Pittabonh?ll:Cl a. m.. COt p. m., dally
xcept tfnndar; 10:16 p. m., dally; 9:06 a m. dally.
From Waahlaitou?fl:06a. m., dally; ll:u6a. m.,
6:06 p to.. dally exotptBnndav; 10:16 p. mM dally.
C. KjLOKD, (ffutial Fancngqr Ai,ent.
D. DUNHAM, General hup't.
J. T. I. A WE, Trey. fw. Agt, Wheeling.
BommlMlra pltixhantj,
a. DiTnroB, O. p. luijnon,
Gen.nl. Of D. ZQlMtoo A 80M, fipecW,
OtttaM la O^^rto^^^fnrrWau, Cbtm
m i? wktmrHam* m.. pm<??
W^SSS^SmS^^ ammM*

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