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I She ilwling .'311 * I
Igfe Mdtywctx:'
offlcv: Soi. JJS and *7 Fourteonth Btr?ct.
~"Kiv. Mk. Don-.**, of Bjaton, like Ban- *
quo* glioa?, refuses to be downed.
Mavbk the Pacific coast earthquake
vavt'ri will carry off the Heathen Chinee
?peace to his ashes.
Spicakeu Carlisle will step Into his ?
f 10,000 a year this time practically with- d
out any opposition in his own party. jj
- v1Bni?n Rertiflcataa. so-called, i1
fnwr ? .
ue not mounting so high u they were. v
IIm anybody'* little ?ya<licat? gat hold ol u
m ire than it can manage? ^
O?0A.vi?tulaborshowagrowlngBtrength '<
in the Skiatii. One ret tilt of this will bo P
to Mug induatrial condition) never to an P
tonality Sorlh South. U
' ===== ?J
Sum and Bulgaria have each an effl- ?
cientcorpaof olecfric liars. Joe Mulhat- *
ton must have divided himself equally 1
between the two puny powers.
1 ' ? u
Kiif> PoroLiss says of the Mugwumps, "
"Their influence is xone, and they are no
poo 1 to either party." What traitorous ^
Mugwump haa been giving away tlie
secret)) ol lm pnrty ?
The President is expecting better treat- 0<
maitfrom Itapublicau Senators than from
s rji? Senator on the Democratic aide
Wouldn't it bj better for the President to .
atucb himself to a party ? ^
The recent Pennsylvania State Fair at p'
Philadelphia wound up $30,000 short, to
which amount the friends o! the enterp-ine
are trying to raiae. We do better JJ|
than tlila iu the State of West Virginia, ai
with le?3 population than the city of
Philadelphia. BC
Um is an "odoroua" comparison that y
ia beint! made. Pearsooiwas a good postmaster
at New York, and President ti
Cleveland reappointed him. Iluidekoper, tl.
in spite of his name, was a good postmanMr
at Pniladelphia, and Pre?idont Clove- hi
land removed him. Huidekoper was a in
soldier; Pearson waan't. Huidekoper was ?
believed to d-aire the success of his party. h.
' ' ? -? *- *?-- '
J'..'drJOn 6100U IU Willi lUO liiugnmujiD. It|
Jijt'8 it not eeera that thero are spots on m
the riain^ nun of Civil Service Reform ? ^
i . . p
Mb. 6. li. Elk ins, having business in
NdK ?n?land, said to be connected with \t
the West Virginia Central Bailroad, drops tt
in to see Mr. Blaine. At once an ubiqui- 3"
toasanil able correspondent is able to say [
that in the dreadful secresy of Mr. Blaine's at
library these two conspirators, with tho V
guilty knowledge and reprehensible con- 01
niranee of a third, did proceed to conspire
and, therefore, to go into a conspiracy,
having in view Mr. Blaine in 1888. A w
correspondent who can with so much c)
*race aaii lacility^ gtoft away^ the state se- J'
?*reta of the imperial* audience cSainber, a
siiould not hava sickened and t turned *
jjhistly pale with morticed pride when ho ?'
found himself unable-rutterly unable?to w
Biy whether Mr. Blaine nit cross-legged at )c,
the table, an<J if bo, ,Whether Mj*.j ljllkins h<
presumed upon a Ion# and intimate at- jjj
Mtuiutauctf to say "tyP; ^
A Onuahopper atorm. jjj
Hklbxa, aric.,'lCoy. 20.?At an early e:
hour yesterday morning the citizens of uj
Helena were aropsad by what many of
the n at tirat thought to be a very heavy
win storm, but on looking out they were A
surprised to see a clear skv, filled with
whit appeared to be snow flakes and not
rain that was paltering with such force w
against the roofs and windows and houses, si
Investigation proved that vthe; air was q
tilled with Krasaboppers. Citizens who .
have seen the dreaded posts .sweep down 1
ami consume whole Holds in Kansas pay m
that in numbers the visitation last night w
exceeds anything ever seen in that coun- ^
try tenfold. They were passing from east fl
to west. Great numbers of them \were n{
disabled by hitting?against buildings and A'
other ol?Btructionsv ap thqy were flying C1
very low, aud porters and dierks had to in
shovel tiu'in from off the Sidewalks into
the Btreet. They are.tho genuine Kansas ai
grasshopper. ^ ^
Impending FfalBbtlUte War.
Mii.wal kkk, Wf8,f (Not. 20.?Jn regard fc
U the cbauces of a war in freight rat* 8t
ao'l a break up injthe-' western freight as- J
Rociatiou btc iuae |>f tfte x^fu^al pf the St. p
Hani Company to allow the Hamflfond a
basf contract to be pro rated, General b
Manager Miller of the 8t. Paul says: "In Jj
niy opinion thero is too much good sense
in tlio iiFAociated roads to allow the inauguration
of a rate war on such a pretext.
In regard to the position which the St. 0
J'aul road occupies on thequestlon of carryin*
dressed beef from Omaha to Oijjpago
there Lj no change. This road will not U
report ilreasnd beef at the tariff* rates, be- >.
cause it ig not fair. We shall not inetitute
a war in rules. I cannot say what the s
otuer western associated roads may do. U
If they iMAijwrate the. war .they fill. be q
""I'unaiuio. B,
. i *1* i i ' 81
Morton Ought to Hide Ulmaolf. h
ti.iniiN, N in., Nov. 20.?A very large 6
Udeiitu'iialaatlc mm meeting of Parnell'a tl
rmpathize>"9 lu held here lut night, *
with .Mr. Patrick K<an as chairman. p
Sjeeclies wort mtie by Mr. Er>n, Judpo
Fitz/erald, of CiudmiiU, and Hon. J. ,,
Mine Morton. the Utter 'gentlemen 1
oM.'d lr, laud'a woefl upon thatprqtective P
was made bv tho Kct(Uih Government n
years an.). Twenty-live hnndred Uollare tl
were contributed to the ltarnell fntd. A s
uM 'niniu was sunt to Parnell pledging aid c
and sympathy, - o
UtlmlaK NMdi Atd., '
I'oiniiiuuji, Pa., Not. 20. ? Hon. .
Thomas P. Ochiltree, of Texu, appeared i
More the Cittxana' Uellef Committee at a a
mteting tirld at the Mayor's ollloo this c
afternoon in tho interest of .the sqtferers
by the lire in the. oitv of Galveston. In '
answer to inqulrie* Mr. Ochiltreft statu J
that Galveston rrquired ootalde aid to the 1
"tent of *100,OOO.v ?Tbo number of p?opt* r
*l.ii required asalstapoe waa over 0 000.
Alter some discussion the Commit left v
directed the Mayor to Issupan appeal to
the citizens for contributions.
- ?u?
Drank Pdlaoaad Water, I
ilSAinsu, Pa., Novl ?0.->i.n old well ,
vhicb has beon abandoned for many yoars ,
*w opened. recently on th* farm of (
Tliom.ia Poole, in Peoaaylvani* township, ,
Chestor oounty, to -frirnlah water for an i
MiKine. Miaj Anal# Poole, Frank Town- i
end, I'M ward Madkay1 ind otherls drank i
of the water and became terribly Uli Mia* 1
I oole and Townlcnd died yesterday after t
' - ' i!? ' ? ir.??l hm /afoAtrav i
, believed the water wis JmpMgMtod With It
deadl/ minora! poiion, 1
Fllh AnUlMt Bioralary F.tlrchlld lu He* L
nnl In Thtlr lln.rnlli.i.-Yhi. UnrKMwr A
or air. Coon Tnk*a Hold of Uts Of IT
llco-Sume i>?muorutlo HchatuM. a
Washingtox, D. C., Nov. 20 ?Assistant ^
ecretary Faircbild called at the White
tou>e to-day at the request of the Presi- 01
ent and had a long conference with him ^
i regard to the operations of the customs N
iws ami the general condition of the ser- J
ice under its present organicition. It is ec
nderatood that the President wiil make vi
ivernl important recommendations to p1
ongrcss in bis fot thcomiog message look- n
ig to a general simplification andim- co
rovomont of the customs services and the at
revention of many of the abuses aud BJ
auds alleged to exist under the present fj!
ostein. Mr. Fairchild has supervision j
ver that branch of the service, and thw tl
resident pent for him so as to securo the ?
enefit of his experience and observation,
t bsiiid that the President will pursue the
uno practical course in obtaining iufor- JT
latiou on other subject* to be considered
i his message to Congress. W|
T11KNHX* lUNUltfcsU. 01
em erratic F/rjmmliou* tor O ganlxjUon hi
of the Hou???8ch?mo Propwed. ga
Wasuisgtok, Nov. 20?A leading Dam- Iw
jratic member of the next House ia re- ^
orted to have sent a circular to the body
I Democtatic members inquiring whether fii
ley stojd-pUd^fcil to aupport any par- th
uular sUte in thexKMrgauizstion of the
louse &tthe cp#uin* of ihe ststiofl. Rj- ^
lieahavobe?n ncived from 13i rnernirs
declaring their freedom from any ah
ich cut and dried commitment and ex- ^
refsing their intention to remain un- co
lodged uutil they had reached this city wi
tnlran on<rii>ii.Ilf fimrt to Ullrupv fcllrt wi
ild aud con/ ult with tnur friends aud asiciate
member*. pr
It id evidently tho dipposl'ion of the cai
emhsra elect to select the official of the eoi
louw with due consideration aul careful clt
teniion to the claims of tho several aee- ev
Dnsofthe country. his |>robab!e that tin
!? alnte, a.' i- i* finally made up, will in- trc
ud) repieeenfcitivea from the pivotal
ides, aa there in >*. decided disposition to
id for popular tupp'/rt in this.&s in othf*r oi
litial measures, of the new Forty-ninth Hi
ongress. lf?
If. is certain that an organ.'z jrt f ffort will
i made to pecure a revision of the rales of
pon l ho opening of the Moose, for the 1^
letnbcrs have been impressed with the ?
fsiro of the country for prompt oon?i?ler- Ls
ion and despatch of public business,
"preaentative Murphy, of Iowa, who
rived last night,expressed himvjlt to-Jay
i favor of the proposed amendments of t*
io rules, though he w as not prepared as
ft to eupnait any Fpoc'flc measures to
tat end. The re.'t of the Iowa delegation
expected soon, and Mr. Murohy under- e
audstbstthe (?r ?nback member, Mr. c?*i
'eavpr, will j?o into tho Democrat'c cau- po
i?? Ifuuill d-vctf* himself dptinb the wj
iminir session chit fly to s rurinj? the pas
tee ol tho lienmpin uantti mil.
It bos been ruppoaed ihat Mr. Randall '
oul.l actively oppose the proposed J.
janjje of lules ami distribution of the fro
atios of tho Appr ?i>ria?i ?tjp OHUinittee, of
at a perHnnuWri'inA ol tho IVrtflrylvanla nf
lumber mi J to night that all Mr. U *ndall jjn
oald d i wonld hi) to point out the difli- fihi
l'ty that would he experienced when w(i
rtlfa di.json committees came in. each bo
ith an appropriation bill wliico was an
aded with the pet. schemes of its mom- thi
sra and esch cliVHoreu3 for the consider- ^
ion of ita own bill fir*t. The scrutiny jm
the Ktf/resate of the hill would havt* to
3 made by tho Iicu3e, and not by any t0,
is coamnttpo charged with that duty, by
id it would be impowjiblo to tell how bn
cpensivo might 1)3 the demands made
pon tho Treasury.
Mau mid k It-rr???n? \Vif? Hhot bj a Re- Qti
vong. f il Hu?t>?i)U.
Wasui.sdto.v, D. 0, Nov. 20.?Louie ^
jmme/liold, a Pole, ajfcd 52 years, to-day a
lot rnd instantly killed Ida wifo and tjl(
oatlieb Eiaenbcum nttho Utter's faloon net
, tho norths.ern part of tho city. Som- up
erfi-ald's nife, it appears, left him some Pa
eeka ago and hao siio* been living at
iseubautfi's. This afternoon Bommer- f0]
jld entered tho taloon, and drawipga
^ barrelled revolver, empHcd all the
iambus, one of the fchofs para- cjj
iff through Eisenbaum's heart, while pa
Irs. Somra*! field wna fihot in the back. p,
As oion A3 the sliotH wore tired some of G,
le neighbors rushed in, Mrs Kisc-nbaum
vins the alarm, and they were both 104
lund dead. Sommeriield ran down the th
reet toward the navy yard. A citizen wi
miertook toi-top him, when he attempted tin
i kill him, also an officer, who then an- je<
sannhauit took him into custody. He wi
iede no explanation, fxcentiug to say in an
roken English that his wife had left him roi
ad gone to live at Kt&mibaum'e, and that do
10 had cheated him out of his money.
n tli* Fropowd Usviilou of th* Ho)** of
the Homo of ilr|?ri??outatlv*?. i'i
Washington, Nov. Speaker Oar- Ol
slo said to a lispnblicuii reporter to-ni^ht ne
i speaking of the plan proposed by Mr. on
printer to change tho rules of the IZouse, dr
iat the plan did not originate with Mr. wi
pringer. ^ "Ever since the Forty- n?
ixth fcqngreae/' ho said, "there
as been dissatisfaction at the pres- o;
Dt rules, and the movement ia ht
ie result of that dissatisfaction. From tl>
hat I hear and the strong advocacy the Jjj
lan seems to have, I shiuk it is prob.ible
jut the rules will bo chauged." He said
ie plan to distribute the approriation
bills among the comojittres is ?
ot an attack on Mr. Randall any mora di
ban on any one els<\ a s the aame dis- nl
atlalactioii was manifest when Mr. Ilia- V
ock and Mr, Atkins were at the head th
f the Appropriation Couiroittue. "It is b<
iot the deaire," he said, "to take awar w
ny of Mr. HamlaU's power, and 1 doQrt th
Kink there ever was any ?such feeling, m
'he, complaint ia that the handling of the H
ppropriation bills ia too inuoh for the
Mr. Carlisle e ?id he favored tho distrilUtion
of the bills to the proper commit- Fl
ees, excepting the sundry civil, leirfsla- eu
ive and general d? ll dency bills, as these
ea'ly belong to no other committee. He
aid be blllflvea inai wiu prupoBeu tv ?
iftiaa would work Rood reunite. cc
... ol
Tke V*w Awls ut NfertUrr. is
Washington, D. 0., Nov. 30.?AmM- 10
,:it RicroUry Smith, ol tho Treasury, bu
eturned to Washington from New York, jl
ind formally asimned the duties of hit ei
illlco to-day. Ho was designated by 8?.
alary Manning to Slim Treasury warants.
end to pnrform til the other duties ,,
sblefi htil been assigned to Ids prederee- ;
ior, Mr. Ooon, lncluiiag the supervision "
uyler the direction of the Secretary of Y
juration* relating to appointment*. Re Ic
rill also be designated by the President n
o act as Keoretary in the absence of the ?
ifcreUrr .and dsabtaui Secretary Fair- ti
itOld. *
?trolt 8ecure? the "lilf Voiirf'ml Wail
ington Fonii?llyTftke. HuOilo'* Place.
Nkvv Y(Jkk, Nov. 20.?'The the tenth an
ual Convention oi the National Base Bai
fcague concluded its labors at the Fiftl
venue Hotel to-day. The next annua
tooling will bo held in Chicago, ulthougl
meeting of the Schedule Committee
imposed of G. H. Bmoltz, of St. Louis
, A. Marsh, of Detroit,and Harry Wright
[ Philadelphia, will bo held in New Yorl
1 the first Wednesday in March, 188G
.esare. Rogers, of Philadelphia; Day, o
ew York, and Young, of Washington
ere made members of the Arbitratioi
atnuiittee. The fcpalding ball waa adopt
1 as the Leaguo ball for the coming thru
sais. Th? resignation of Honorary Mem
jr A. G. Mill, was accepted, j.ne iuiiow
g resolution were adopted:
"Before the release of a player from i
mtract with any League club, in accord
tee with the fifth section of the National
[reement, the services of audi piaye:
iall be exclnHively subject to the League
lib that shall, within ten days frooi the
ite of such release, signify in writing tc
q Secretary of the League its acceptance
said services.
"It more than one League club slgni18
said acceptance within the said ten
iys, then the accepting club that shall
e with the secretary of the League the
ritten assent of the release of the player,
er his own signature to contract with
id club, shall be exclusively entitled tc
s services, provided in aiJ cases thai
Id assent be signed subsequent to his reise,
I( more than one League club siglies
such acceptance within the said ten
ys and the written assent of the released
*yer to contract with either be not
led with the Eecretary of th* League for
irty days thereafter, then the secretary
the League shall decide by lot which
the said clubs shall be exclusively enled
to the services of said player.
"The siguing of said written absent by
y released player to more thau one
ague club, or his refusal to execute a
ntract in accordance with his lawful
lU'JIl UBOCUb IUCIGIV, ui IU ovwiunuvt
th his assignment under ibis resolution
thin a reasonable tiuio shall, upon
oof, satisfactory to five League clubs, bo
use for his being blacklisted, as prcribed
in section fourteen of the League
iba conaMtutior, provided, that in the
ent of a failure to blacklist such player,
h services of auch player shall be con?lle
l by the c.'ub to which his assent
is given.
The special committee reported in favor
allowing Brouthers, White, Howe and
chardson, the "big four," to go to De>it,
and the report was accepted.
No action was taken on th?* application
Lucas, of the Sc. Louis club, to be al*etl
to play games on Sunday. The
ashingtou Club was admitted to the
axue in place of the Buffalo Club.
The Convention then adjourned.
ro Faraoar Iiutaii.1/ Klildd and Flr?8trlou'l/
Evansvillk, Ind , Nov. 20.?A terrible
plosion occurrcd at Richland City,Spenr
county, Ind., ten iniles west of llockrt,
at 1 o'uloot this afternoon, by
?ich two persons were killed and Ave
re wounded, one probably fatal,
rhe boiler of the gribt mill belonging to
F. Mclaughlin in exploding was lirted
m its bed and passed through the walls
the mill and tbtwco through the store
McLaughlin, kiDiny - Mra. McLaugh,
thence through a blacksmith
ap, killing Charles Fither who was
irking at tbe anvil. The anvil and the
fly ot i? JSuer were camea some uwuuice
d the shop demolished. The boiler
i?n psflflfd through a barn GO feet disit
and was stopped by strik!
a large oak tree, over 300
it from where it started. McJ?innoy, a
vnship trustee, was struck on the head
a brick but not seriously hurt, Hildeand,
Jooep, Bennett and Fortune were
tided. The first named probably fatally.
Sinned with Conditions,
Baltimore, Md., Nov. 20.-?President
irrett lias signed the contract in rogard
freight over tho trunk lines without
ndition, and he has to day signed the
esenger compact upon the condition
it the Baltimore A Ohio Railroad pastigers
shall be taken into New York
iou the same terms an the forme r pomct.
givinii that road equal facilities for
idling New York. Unto that condi*
ui is complied with bis signature goes
nothing. _____
Tho PenaftjlvAula Gad.
rillLADEUMUA, yA., i^iov. au.?xxu Mill'
il of the Pennsylvania Railroad Com*
ny, upon being shown the A esc elated
OAs dispatch announcing that President
irrett had signed the trunk line agreejnt
conditionally, said ho understood
at Mr. Garrett had signed thepapor
th the proviso mentioned that there
ere waa-nothing to be said on the subit,
and that there was no obstacle in the
ly of Mr. Garrett making a permanent
rangement with the Pennsylvania railid
to get into New York if ne desires to
Co.operation Willi Workmen.
[Toledo, 0., Nov. 20.?The snnouceirat
was made la^t night that Wm. .T.
nloy, the largest individual brewer in
lio, has decided to incorporate his bus!88
under a capital stock of $800,000,
le-half of which ho will to give his huned
or more employes. He is ono of the
ialthiest residents here, and proposes
l-aln mwi inhii iitmu) hv him
id helpedfhim eflrn his wealth. Every
ap!oye end all bin agents, scattered all
er the country, will become stockholders,
> retaining onerhalf himself. Th's ia
e most extensive co-operative scheme
the country, end one that will be
itched with great interest.
Will Nat Load fiuolctug VmIUj C?r?.
PiTTKiiuRou, Nov. 20?'The strike of the
bio minors may cause trouble Inthto
strict. Daring .the past few days a
imber of cars belonging to tho Hocking
alltsjr syndicate have been delivered at
e mines on the Panhandle railroad to
i loaded. The miners say they are not
tiling to load them because of tho trouble
ere, and meetings will be held at each
ine to consider a proposal to boycott
ocking Valley cars.
Will Not Aid Ohio Operators.
PiTTWbUBUii, Pa , Nov. JJO.?Secretary
lannery, of the Miners' Association, is
led a circular to-day to the railroad
iners in reference to loading cars and
ling contracts for the Hocking Vallej
isl operators. He requests thsmlnen
! tbo railroad district not-to fill the Hock
ig Valley contracts, and thus be instru
ental in defeating the strike of the ml
us in that section. "At one place on the
anhandlo the miners have struck becauw
ley were asked to nil car* iorHjmoop
ttors. > n
Will Swing Arouml tb* Clrolt,
Pirnint'iuiii, Nov. 20.?John L. 8ullivat
10 pugilist, has sigued a contract hen
iU week, with John Cannon, of Ne?
ork, under whoae management he agreei
make a tour of Europe and Auatralfi
ixt year. He igrees to meet any mai
ho may be brought against him at an;
me, under any circomstancea, with o
ithoat gloves, and under tuy rulw.
i- TI1E Ilia Fit KN CUM AN Wl?fi
b A Gum* From Slaaaon by a Hcoro of OOO to
i lJ(l-Tho Grea<?*t Kuu on ltvcord?How
1 the UoDteat Staoda?f?hat Mnafc bj
I, Doue-Au Incidental Match.
'< Cuicaqo, Nov. 20.?Slosson and Vigt
naux met again to-night in the balk line
tournament before a large audience. This
i game was of especial consequence, as, if
Slosson won it. he captured the big pjt of
1 money, while should Vignaux wiu, there
j would still bo a chance to tie all around if
- flchaeffer beat Slofcson to-morrow night.
In the betting, which was quite brisk,
Vtgcaux commanded odds 01 $luu to $SJ.
! Slosson appeared in a close fitting
[ cardigan jacket, while Vignaux doffed
r his black dress coat aad played
5 la his shirt sleevos. The bank
j for lead was won by the Parisian,
> who qnlcWy gathered the balls on the left
haud.sidi where ti?ej lived after theO.h
shot and he failed on a m.une stroke,
i tilosson foand them fairly grouped, but he
I lined them in bis Ural shot Ho massed to
i the cushion aad counted, securing a good
, position thereby. He soon organised the
ivories at the head of the rail, and by jui
diclous and cartful drives to th* tidra
: and end, he best the record oI
the tournament for the biggest
opening run which ended at 77, with the
miss of au eaay d rect carom. Ud left 1
Vignaux a very hard crosa the table i
cushion shot, which he niad-t, but after (
making the second shot the---balls
broke absolutely na(e and he stopped.
Slossou's run of 24 i 4 the second inning <
ended with the iniss of a very mean draw |
shot when his ball waa against the rail.
The call was Slosson, 101; Vigaaux, 11.
When Vignaux commenced his. third ,
inning he fouud the balls very stnbbornly (
inclined aud a succession of the toughest t
oossible brcakp. hut ho overcome them (
with masterly power and kopton clubbing
out billiards. The balls stopped in line at
least a dcs-jn times, compelling liim to
play rnassj and back shots. lie proved
equal to every emergency and played.a*
il ho would never atop. A tar a time
the balls grow morn tractable and at
one hundred and sixty he had a handsome
balk liue poditjon at the lower
end of the table and held it for ]2 shots.
Then he changed to the side rtil and
kept on. When he b^at his own high rnn
of ICO tho audi'inco cheered vigorously.
He stopped at 193 cm an euay one cushion
shot. At filosson's first shot the balla
lined safe on him and he mis*#?J. The
call was now Vignaux 20(1, 81os8on 101..
Vignai x made a territic draw, nearly
the length of tho table, for the opening
shot of his fourth inninjr and stopped at
32 on an easy spread. Slosson had to go
r*und the table, and he missed. The
French terror now cracked out another
big run, making his billiards ?s though
nothing could be easier. At 99 ho narrowly
missed a simple masse. Slosson
oould do nothing in his ne*i t?vo innings,
and Vignaux mitsad a long one, a cushion
shot *ith english, in his sixth, pt. the
end of which inning the score was 337 to
111 in his favor.
Vignaux caught on again in his Bevcnth
inning and pounded out a )ine more stunning
billiards. There wag very litt'e balk
line in this mn, but there was aome tremendous
execution: There is nothing to
say of this big run except that it was count,
nnnnf /rnniit oil lllA lima arith (nnrt iKivaa
and short drives, draws, masses, forces, I
follows, hanks and all the know? \
technique of billiards. Slosaon, wh?
Haw $o,000 slipping from his grasp, 1
stood by and watched his downfall with 1
a wan and hopeless face. When Vignaux *
had finished the run of 174 he was exact- *
ly 400 points ahead?511 to 111. Slossbn
aceuied to feel lighter hearted now that he
knew that he was beaten and In his
seventh inning played very prettiiv until *
he failed on a long one cushion stroke and ]
left tho balls in a huddle. Vignaux then <
proceeded to run out the game, having ac- <
compliahtd the greateat record ever known j
at billiards. The game occupied one hour t
and tifty-ffve minutes. The feeling now I
is that Vignaux has nudtfrplayed in prate (
tlue and that lie is ur questionably the
greatest billiard player on earth.
Score is: Vignaux, 0, 2, 195, 32, 09, 0,
174,89?000. Average, 75. i
High rutin, 105,174.
81omoii,.77, 24, 1, 0,2, 7, 23?130. Average,
19 0 17.
High runs, 77. J
another match. j
Way man McOrcery, of 8L Louis, referee
in the balk line tournament, and Capt. A.
O. Anson, of the Chicago Baso Ball Club,
filaycd a match gitne of 300 points, 14
nch balk line for $50 a side at Slosson's I
room to-day. Anson won by a score of t
300 to 200. To-morrow Kugene Carter is to
play Anson 50 points, 3 cushion caroms, j
Carter betting 300 against 100 that he wins.
pcfAuUnr Brought to Grief.
Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 20?James j
Black burn, lonnerjy paymssier 01 me
Lako Shore ?& Western railway wca arrested
yesterday at Wausan. He became
superintendent of tbe Like Shoro Traffic
Company at tho time of ita organization,
and also managed for tbe Company a saw 1
mill at Nerrie, Mich. lie wad acting in
this capacity last spring when he waa arrefltod
chilled with a ahortage of $20,000. j
The matter waa Bottled, however, it is said,
by his turning over $12 000 of hia.property.
lie went to Hurley, Win., whore he open- ;
1 ed a general storo. Yesterday A. L. Carry
1 the solicitor of tho road and l<and Agent
Shyer camo to llurley and cauBed the
Sheriff to close up Blackburn's store on
an execution of $20,000.
Agnlodt the UaoiUleri.
i Loso Branch,' Nov. 20/?The indictment
and finding of Phil Daly, the owner
i nt ttto nolnflAl PunnRvlvnntii fllnh hnfiw.
, for Belling pools at the Monmouth Park
Pace course is only one of the results that
are hoped for from the crusade begun early
last summer against tho gamblers and pool
sellers in Monmouth county. Other indictments
will bo passed against him as
well as against tho owners of other clnbi
at the Branch. U.ily pleaded not guilty
on the advico of hit counsel, and it is said
that others will d J likewise and will an'
peal to tho 8upreme Court. The tight is
1 likely to be a long one and a great deal ot
i money will bo tpent by the gamblers.
laotnritary Fir*.
Ottawa, Kaks., Nov. 20.?Fire l*to last
nljht destroyed two stores, one occupied
by Webster A Co., and one by Soper &
Coltmin, icil the Adorns Express Com*
pjny. The lore If $15,000; inftiiranoe
f4,000. It b thought that thVjPllliansB.
Grimes'* dry goods company^ ol Kansas
City, a?leavy loeeis, as tfiey wen W!
terestedSl the Webster property, wblch
has been nnderlitigation Hue weeks.
The safe was opened and. everything
' points to an lnoeniUay firs, "?
! '???
> .Till use of highly aeasoned animal food
i and aloohollc driscs are the pftfHsposiqg
> oinwinl <rnnk Whan award rtl Ita tiMfe,
r rnceloMno time in procoriot Salvation I
'Oil. It kills p?ia. S5cenU. 1
*Vy |
la ArkiatM-Th* Baltimore * OhU Bud
on. iU 0?ark Bight#.
tiptcial Dkwtck to Uu AUeUUjtncer.
Litti'h Rock, Ark., Nov. 20.?Alter five
days conflict between tbe employee of the
Arkansas Telegraph Company and tho
Iron Mountain Hallioad Company, the
telegraph company has ceased work on
its new line to Hot Springs, the railroad
men bavin# pulled down the poles as fast
as erected by the telegraph men. An ap*
plication has been made to the Chancery
/... ... Ulnn?tlnn in n avant fnrHior
interference on the part of the Iron Mountain
Railroad Company and other parties
with the work. The court wiU prcbibly
hear the case Saturday or Monday. As the
Circuit Court, under the Arkansas tele
grayh law, baa already ordered the tele*
graph company to baim a line upon the
railroad company's right of way, it ia believed
by disinterested parties that the
Chancellor will sustain this right.
It is supposed that the action of the railroad
compiny in lu^ifering with the
Arkansas company's linn ii being inatigatW
by the VVeetern Union Telegraph
Coofpany to prevent competition. The
Arkansas Telegraph Company i? the local I
company organized for extending the l
Ualximore ?i Uuio Telegraph Company's i
linea. , i
O. A? ,
X??tlng at \V?tt Virginia Rud <
Dlitrtol of Onlaubl* Vcmbon.
Special Utijxileh to the InltUlytncer. \
W Va Vrtw 9rt__Th? *
Bret business session of the fourteenth (
ianasl convention of the Young Men's
uhrUtiaa Association cf Maryland, West
Virginia aud the District of Columbia was 1
opened here this morning. After an in:roductory
speech by J. G. Amer, of ^
Washington, D. 0., President of the Con- ^
mention, an interesting conversation ' On
what good will I get from this Convention" ^
was held by the delegates. Tin disjus- t
lion of topics of vital importance to the ?
iseociation's work occupied the balance
A tho worm ok and the afternoon session. '
In the evening Rev. Alison, of Hager*
:own, delivered an eloquent address on I
How can the study of the Bible be made v
attractive to young men," to a largo audi- s
:nc% in the Biptist Onuroh. a
An overflow meeting in tho Methodist i
Church was addressed at the same time c
>y Ed. Ingersoll, International Secretary f
iiuong railroad men. %
HtaubonrlllA la <u*trial No*#. c
}ptcinl Dbjxdch lo the Intelligencer. r
SriUBisiviLLK, 0., N-j/. 20?Twelve li
dedera, a heater and a roller left this 0
aoraing for William-sport, Pa., having J
ecu red positions there. The Jefferson j
ictory has made no incre.w in the num- ?
nf r?>a/iWJrno thia u'aalr (ha aui'an ma- *
shines turning out about seventy-five
lets per day.
The minora at Bustard's shaft have
>pen granted the ten cents per ton ad- s
ranee asked for, and consrquently Will ?
lot strike.
Gn.fi.ui Uflit. ?
ipreinl DUpaleX to the InUlliuenccr.
Gfurtos, W. Va , Nov. 20.?-Allison 8. c
Martin was to-day sentenced to two years Q
n the penitentiary for forgery. Martin is ,|
rom Marion county. Ho forged an order B
?n a merchant of this city for $1 50.. 0
A man by the namo / of Fan ley waa in- p
nred tc-d.?y by his r'unawav team. Three y
ib.4 were broken, and it is feared that hia ?
njuries will prove serious, ,,
Chief of Police Cleared. ^
Rectal DUpalch to the Iiildlhjcnccr.
Washington, Pa., Nov. 20?The trial of
3hief of Police James 8. Hammond, for
he killing of John B. Wolf, on the 23d of 0
aat July, came to a close this morning a
fudgo Hart's charge was rather favorable fi
o the prisoner. After an hour*a dellbera- p
ion a verdict of not guilty was returned, n
ind Hammond was discharged from ti
Texas tUtlroftd Sold.
Tut ah. Nov. 20.?Tha Totm .
junk railroa-1 was sold at public dale
r<*tcnlav for $250,000, to W. W. Weigloy, c
)f New York, who at once commenced its ?
>xtention to Athene, Henderson county. L
It is the intention to complete the road c
X) tidrt water eii her by building to Sa- v
Mue Pas*, or by connections with New
frleana. '
A Vht?kjr lUunlac'n Deed. '
Jersey City, N. J., Nov. 20.?O'to Kob- t
ink went to his boarding house drunk a
ast night and began to abuse his land- r
ady Mrs Hccfeney. He finally seised a
cettle of boiling water and poared it over
,he unfortunate woman. Mrs. Sweeney Is
in great agony and oannot recover. ^
SuiftlJpo In New Yorlr. V
New York, Nov. 20.?-Reports of ball a i
Jctan cases of smallpox fn houses in the *
tenement districts were received at the
janitary headquarters to-day. Physicians
wore promptly seut out to investigate l
them. _
Dr. Elmoro E. Loy, a well known young \
physician cf Cincinnati, is dead.
Eight,prisoners escaped from the Greenville
(O ) jail. Two were captured. 1
Thos. Hance has been acquitted of the 1
murder ot his wifo at Annapolis, Aid. $
Jacob Thempson died from the effects t
ot swallowing a fishbone at Madison, Ind. t
Ex-State Senator Audrews, of New[(
York, is dead. He was a life-long journ- (
-Tbore is still speculation upon the or- [
ganisation of the m-xt House on ofllces 1
outside ol the sjaskeitMp.
William Walter, of Riverside (Til) dairy J
farmer, is qiissiug, leaving a number of
fraudulent mortgages behiud him. .
Mm nimnn V Ifilimrn a farnula In v. !
yer, was rtfased the "right to practice in
the Common Pleas Court In Philadelphia. ,
A tcliool mtatresa at Somorville, Mm, 1
compelled a boy to chew a quantity of |
pepper. Diphtheria rel lilted and the boy I
Considerable anxiety la felt over tho disappearance
of Colonel John 0. Sloan, '
formerly a leading politician of North
Carolina. <
Fome sharp international correspondence
is anticipated over a complaint of a
foreign Kovernuieut against an official of ;
the United Btates. |
The imports of drv goxls at lie* York .
during the past week were valued at SI,- t
241,107 and the amount thrown on the
market at $1,315,45$,
Rev. W. W. Downea has been dismissed
from the pastorate of tha Bowden Square
Church, Boston, in view of relatione developed
In the recent Taber divorce salt
I A number of the employes of the I, M. ;
- " " ' ' 1 I- 1 T-.l
tit I. nauruftu .iouuu iu uwumuu#, <uu,,
that their wuea bid been g?rni?hee<l In
Irtniaviila, Ky. The legality ol the Uw is
to bo tested. (
The Preaident'a #rder excluding oflScoafalura
lrom the White Home hu been
f?uo)l to be very effective, although t
number of violations of the privilege are
eompUintd of.
Tb? buaineea fail area occurring throughout
the country daring the laat week, aa
reported to R. G. Dun & Co., nnmber for
the VnitedRtatea 212 and tor Canada 28,
aa agalnat 228 laat week and 171) the week
At the (Uprated Rrpulaeaof the Bulgarian
Who nro Much Kathuaed Oret T#m.
poia'jr Bucceae-Th? True Storjr
if the Uattle of MllvuU**.
London, Nov. 20.?-Dispatches receive
here state that the Servians have becom
dispirited over their rccmt revenes. Th
Bulgarians on the other hand have bee
arouiod to tha highest pitch of enthusi
asm (tin rvimnln nf Prtnia A lorantla
naui uj urn ? aiujj'iu vi ? iuiw
and the victories gained undt?r his leadei
ship. They have gralually driven bac
the Servian advance line until the Bui
g&rian forward line o( entrenchment i
within a mile of Dragoman village. I)
the fighting yesterday the Servian loe
was 800 men killed and wounded. Oaec
Prince Alexmder'ri aides w?a killed dur
In# the brunt of yesterday's engagement
Belohadr, Nov. 20.?a bervian offlcia
dispatch irom Tzanbrod says that thi
Servian repulse at Slivniuiis attributed
to the action of General Jovanovitcb, com
mander of the Danube division, who madi
several tactical mistakes and foiled to ex
scute a certain strategy movement. FoUi
livieioos of Servians have now- been con*
jentrated just beyond Drfgoman and wil
renew th-? attack on the Bulgarians da'ending
Slivnifsa to-morrow. Genera
fovan ovitrb, ccmn.anding the right winj
>f the Servian army, is entrenched within
i iewnoara marcn ui ouu?.
The DaUlla of the b'i?h? on Tburidny
Sarr'naa Voiced to Retire.
Sofia, Nov. 20.?The following are ad*
Litional details of the fighting yesterday:
?he right wing of the Bulgarian army
eaterday morning advanced from its fortiled
position and attacked Servian posiions
between tiilvnitza and Dragoman,
'hecentre column of Bulgarian army soon
allowed in order to support tho right.
The fighting then became general,and the
lulgariuni not being ab'e to drive the 8erians
from their entrenchments towards
toon the left wing of the Bulgarian army
'so advanced auU assumed the offensive.
in obstinate battln ensued lasting till G
'clock in the evening. The Bulgariacs
aund it no easy task to d-sloigft tho Serians
from their positions. The former
'Uizht desperately, however, and finally
ompelled i lie Servians to retreat to Draw
nan, the Bulgarians holding all the roads
sading thereto. The latter took 403 prisncrp,
including several officers. Up to
oon to-day th?re had been no further
ghting. the Bulgarians deeming it pru
ent not to atttckat present the Servians
t Dragoman, whijh his strong natural
Ornw'i Omw.
London, Nov. 20.?"ba press correpondent
had au interview this evening
ritli Mijacoviuh, tha Servian Minister at
iondon, who ridiculed the iJea that the
tulgarians had achieved any important
ictory at SHvnitaa. Ho said that the so*
ailed victory was simply the repulse of
n attempt by the Servians to storm a reloubt
with an inadequate force. The
tatement that .'1,000 Servians were killed
r wounded was in the Minister's opinion,
are boeh. "However," he added, ''the
lervians are delighted to find the BulariaiH
displaying lomo tenacity at Slivitaa,
for that may enable King Milan to
apture Prince AUxander and the bulk
f his army."
Servian Gcnt-rel Canrt-ltartUladi
Tzaridhod, Nov. 20.?General Jouvanvit*ch
has been tried by a court martial
nd dismissed from his command for his
iilure to execute the order given him
irior to the Servian repulse before Slivitza.
A council of war is now discussing
ho situation of affairs at the front.
TUreatenrd by Feulaaa.
Dublin, Nov. 20.?A laborer named
galley has sought police protection in this
ity, alleging that the Fenians had threat*
ned him with death unless ho shot ex
Jrown Solicitor Bolton, who secured the
onviction of so many of their friends for
arious otfeucea.
nftatonlug IoWUnu'i Reacnr.'
London, Nov. 20.?Otttolal admissions
rom Belgrade show that a panic exists
here. The siege of Widdin has bfen raised
nd General Leeebjaoin who with his division
has been currying on the siege ia
tow marching to assist King Milan.
Important Ltlvmiy Discovery.
I o.ndo.v, Nov. 20.?The complete cor?
esponilenco of Carlyle with Goethe has
leen discovered in the Goethe archives.
Copies ol the original letters of Goethe to
Carlyle were also difcovered.
^jpboit IIOV8K VUBSKP,
five of tba Iomi^i t'orlah la th? llulld*-<'
Inc?'Tli? Total Luna.
Ci.^VKLAXu, 0, NsV. 20.?A social dis
??rh tA the Leader from Sandcsky, 0 ,
ays:.Tire broke'outin the Erla'^ountj
nflrmary to-night and destroyed the main
mlldjng. five ol the ninety-eight in
natea perishod in the dames. They wore
ill in the northwest wing 01
he building, where the lire origin
Lted. As the institution was twc
niles from tho city, and as thore were no
adliticB there lor tx'.taKuiahing the
lathes, considerable delay was experienced
n getting water on the tire. Two engine*
wont out from tbis city, bnt on their arrival
the firemen found the building a
dors of fire.
Following is nlifltrf the burned inmates:
Mrs. Newcorab, of Berlin Heights; May
Qpp; Mrs. fichaeffer; Mary Letcher aud
Mary Miller, of Sandusky, Ohio. While
endeavoring to save .he inmates Suporin:endent
Matty was injured and lies in a
ir?>cariou8 condition. Loss between $15,)09
and $20000. The iceurance cannot be
iscertained to-night.
The fire was crawl, it is supposed, from
i defective flue. The nearest supply ol
water woe in the creek, about a quarter
}f a mile from the building. A line ol
hose was speedily lai l and a stream wai
soon playing on the flau -js. In the moanJme
a large crowd had gathered anc
worked hard to rescue the inmates and
lave the Household eOccn. Thu Inmates
who wore retcued were ptsced ia a stable
ind made as comfortable u possible.
Attwpt to ffr?ck TimlD.
St. Tnotus, Out , Nov. 20.?An atUirap
wu made to wreck the Olencoe express
three miles weat ol this city, on the Ai
Lino road, thia morning, by piling obstruc
tiona on the track. Three brothers, Kellx
Arthur and Henry Graham,o( Wyandotte
Mich,, were arrested on auapiclon. It I
believed, however, that they aro innocen
at the charge.
Kavsloped In Mystery.
Saloxjca, Nor. 20.?Turkish troops ani
batteriea ol artillery are continually ai
rifing here, and the authorities are mail
tainlng the;greatest secrecy In regard t
the numerical strength ol the forces, th
number ol gnna and the eventual move
msnta ol the large army being mind 1
tbii vicinity,
Martin's Vrrtj Thieves Convicted In tin
Hrltnonc Onuofy Court*
P Sptcial DUpaleh to the InltlUffmrr.
St. Clmbsviluc, Nov. 20?"Snetter'
f> Coee, late of Martin's Ferry, tbis county
supposed to lie one of it gang of pett)
thieves who have annoyed the people oi
Martin's Ferry and the contiguous couutrj
for tlie lut year or two, who his been in
d the clutches of the law numerous times,
but heretofore hss efcaped conviction,
e on trial here yeiterday and to-day, wa?
n found guilty of burglary and larceny, in
, breaking into tbesmoke house of Alexandei
King list spring, and appropriating hit
1 (King's,) summer supply ol brcin Ac
William Bursch, WllUm Wood and
It George Heicu'e* were j lintly indicted
I. with Coss for tbU huglary, and who with
finam nlenri ''tint onilt?" to thflincicimftnt.
but after the verdict of the jurv in Cess's
a caee, Burnch and Wood came into court
8 and withdrew their plea of not guilty and
> entered a plea of guilty. Hercules ex1
prcteed a desire of also pleading guilty,
- but oaing to the absence cf hia attorney,
hia case was not before the court.
[ A Fa?hlon?bl j Dratted Woman Found Dead
* lit Lake Michigan.
Chicago, III* , Nov. 20.?Last night W.
r F. McClure, while making a call at a
| house on Oak street, beard the appealing
criea of a woman from tbe Lake. He ran
[ to the shore, and seeing her struggling in
; the water, summoned the police. The
1 patrol wagon arrived, and with a hook attached
to a rope, got her out of the water.
She was not far from the pier. When
taken out she waa dead. A heavy cloak
and th? furs she wore kept her from sinking.
She is a handsome looking, dark
complf-xioned woman, about thirty years I
old, with black hair. She was finely and I
fashionably dressed. The body was removed
to the morgue.
Mr. McClure says that on nearing the
Like hes-iw a man jump into a buggy near
the spot and hurriedly drive away. This
ifave riso to the suspicion that the woman
ttiu.n fnnllu /'nnlt u ItK Kilt nil tka Be.
rival o( an officer who K'id he had met
two men liimstl! drivin*; iu a bupgy, who
told him that they had hoard a woman
scream in the Like at the foot oI Oak
Street, tended to destroy that suspicion.
It is believed the woman committed suicide.
On cue of her Cugeis she wore a
plain gold ling marked on the inside, "F.
W. B., to M. L. 0. II."
Forolf<g WumM to Slgo.
Cleveland, 0., Nov, 20.?Mrs, Margaret
Giw lives at H3S Willson avenue, applied
t> the police for protection to-day. Her
stojy is that last eveng two stalwart men
called at her home and asked to be shown
some rooms she had advertised for rent.
Before she could ask them to call again
the men rushed in, blindfolded Mrs. Gaw,
threw her on the lounge and demanded
to see some pension pension papers of her
husband, who is in an insane asylum,
Th-8e secured, the men removed the
Inndageaud compelled the woman to attach
her bignature to certain pupers. Mrs.
Gaw did notlewn th?porpcrto( the document.
but feared she has renounced the
guardianship of her husband, and that the
Btrangers intend in some way to diyert his
pension to themselves.
Nrwr York'* Ppenkoralilii Content.
New York, Nov. 20".?The cmtest for
the Speakership of the Assembly has
taken such a decide 1 turn the past few
days that the election of ex-Speaker
Halted is now regarded as a certainty.
O/eradozm prominent politicians from
all par's of the stato met in the (iilspy
U >nuo to-day and discussed General Huated'a
chancs. The ex .Speaker, who was
present, has counted on tifty-five votes for
some days past, and his forces were increased
two to-day. Assemblymen Cole
and Baker came out for him at the conference.
He has but e'x more votes to secure
his election. Ex-Speaker Irwin is
General Huated's only opponont in the
fltfht. He claims to have over thirty votes,
but has not yet informed the public where
they are to come from.
Corruption In N?w York City.
New York, Nov. 20.?The Excise Commissioners
have baen summoned to appear
before Governor Hill in Albany on
Tuesday to answor clurges preferred by
Mayor Grace and founded on the report
of the Gibbs Investigating Committee.
They are charged with having licensed
places cf ill-repute becauae of the political
influence of tba proprietors and to have
otherwise abusjl their official trust. It
looks as if the investigations of the Gibbs
, Committee would result in some startling
disclosures about the conduct of tbo city
government^ It is said that charges will
be made against Mayor Graco for failing to
1 enforce tbo law against doors opening into
saloons from theatres.
. R?M?mer Steel ProceuM Cheapened
fr rrsuuaaii, Pa., Nov. 20.?An improvehos
been made on tho Bessemer steel I
process at the Elgor Thompson Streli
i Works, which, it is said, will have the
effect of making Bessemer Bteel equal in
i quality to cruciblo steel, at about one-1
, tenth the price. The change consists in
" * mS'Ihi. aMKq onalmil Irnn I
Hit! tliUIUU^U 1U w? tuu .. w~
1 or manganese with the molten iron in
f the ladle, so as to] uniformly carbonfxu
it. Bessemer steel can be produced at a
, coat of a cent to a cent and a half a pound,
while that 'made in crucibles it costs at i
least eleven cents a pound.
> .??
I BirUiqnRke Waves on the Pnelflo Coast*
i WA8111NOTON, D. C.f Nov. 20.?The Secretary
of the Treasury to-day received the I
1 following messagej from Mr. Coloman,
Assistant Superintendent of the coast sur-1
vey: "The coast survey reports great i
I earthquake waves on the Pacific ocean at
San Francisco as indicated on the coast I
survey tide guage. These earthquake'
waves were noticed yesterday between 11
And 8 o'clock p. u. They were 35 minutes
apart and were us great as thosn observed
during the great upheaval in Java some I
yeara since." 1
A Big Haal.
Oasa Graxde, Abu., Nov, 20.?The
1 stage bound here from the Silver King
I mine was stopped by masked highwsyi
men, armed with shot guns, two miles
? *-1 TV.
Bouin oi x in?i iwuw' "??
* is believed to have confederates obtained
two bags of silver bullion worth $5,000.
Officers from Pinal are now in pursuit.
t Consumption Cured*
' An old physician, retired from practice,
r having had placed in his handBbyan East
> India missionary the formula of a simple
, vegetable remedy for the speedv and peri.
manent core of Consumption, Bronchitis,
s Catarrh, Asthma and all throat and lung
t iflVctiooa, ?l*o * poeitive *nd r?d!c?l cure
for N'ervoua Debility and >11 WvomOotn
. ?. 1 : 11, xiniarinl
Li unifl, auer xxrviuk whuu i? bv?ub..u.
curative powers In thousands of cases, has
1 felt it his doty to make it known to hiBsufler.
.. ing follows. Actuated by tbls motive and a
; dealre to relieve human etjU.nnsr, I will
send Iree.ol charge, to all who deaira it,
o this recipe,In German, Frqpch or Knglisb,
with (nil directions for preparing and
y oalnu. Sent by mall by ad^reeelnit with
n stamp, naming thla paper, W.A. Noyea,
IW FoffWf' Block, Uochwttr, N, Y ?*,
fUld to b? Seeking ? Cotferenco with tb?
' Nailer* and Other Htnk*r?. with a View
f to Ueamnlng In Tim a. to lU?p the
Present lilch UMVMt-Ktpt UaUt
A gentleman who camo from Pittsburgh
yesterday brought a report which seems
1 very strange in view of tho fact that none
1)1 lite papers tutre nave rtierrtu to toe
| matter. He esys, and gives ao many details
that bis story baa a strong air o<
probability, ibat a secret meeting
was held at Pittsburgh early tbia
week between the nail manufacturer*
and the striking employes,
for the purpose of talking over the ti: nation
with a view to arriving at some compiomise
by which the strike there could
be settled. He did not know at wliooe
instance the meeting was held, but said
his information was that the object of
tboseinterestedinmaintalnlngsecreuy won
and secure the (id van Use of an earlier
start at Pittsburgh than here, thus coming
in for the fruits of the nail booru. It was
said that all tbe prominent nail manufacturing
concerns of 1'ittsburgh
were represented, together with sll
the branches of skilled . lsbor
aSrc'ed by the strike. Tb?
rumor was 5 bat Zus & Co. and Cbecs &
Smith were willing to eo to worie on almost
any terms, but too Schoenberger
mill held off. The supposed rruaon of
iheir hesitancy is the fact that they am
orectiuk a steel plant which in not yot
completed, and they would be in a poor
shape to start for several weeks.
After the ronferenne mljiurned without
any immediate result,
thk unitxd nailers, hollers and bkatxjts
of the dty met in separate neemon, and
after telegraphing to the general officers of
their na'ional association here, reafHrm^d
their determination to stay out nntil the
twenty-one cent scale was acceyted by
the manufacturers without regard to the >
length of time tiie strike lasted.
1i)6 Pittsburgh nailers were represented
as jubilant over the evident desire of the
manufacturers there to put an end to the
strike at an early day. They expect to bo
invited to another conference with the
manufacturers at an early day, but will
not listen to any proposition of compromise.
If the Wheeling nailers hud hpard of
the mreting which the. Fittsbnrgher
talked about, as he said they bad, tbey
have kept it strangely quiet. Thev have
shown considerable renewal of confidence
lately though, which inav be attributed
to this n-wa. Tho report was heard too
late to interview any of the parties interested
in the strike here.
Elfgant flat* Ulaaa.
One of the most notable of the many
handsome features in the handsome and
elegant Reillv Mock just erected at the
corner of Fourteenth and Market streets
is the large sheets cf plate glara that are so
lavishly umd in the front and Fourteenth
street sidfs. Nearly every ono supposes
it to be the genuine French article and
this supposition is a perfectly natural
and excusable one, for the
glass iu clearness, finish and general
appearance is calcultUd to doceive.
it isof American manufacture,
however, being made by the Pittsburgh
Plato Glass Company nt its ?orks at
Creighion, Ph. Klevis, Kraft & Co., the
builders, are the agents for this firm in
this city. The windows in the Keilly block
ore worthy of indention. *
J'.'sse Randolph, B & 0. Yard Master,
has been laid ay bouiu days with orysipelas.
J. R. Purnell was given a supper in his
honor by his brother Masons Thursday
The larjro cog-wheel of the shears at the
Bullairo Steel works is broken, and that
department is idle.
At the E'y.-dan Rink thero will be a
matinee to-day and this evening a box
race with overture by a full brass band.
Miss Nellie Hoge got homo yesterday
tmm a trioSt fn nhiminn HliA vol IPKAm. 1
paniod by Mrs. Martin Cowen, of Chicago,
| Burglars have been making several attempts
lately to get into dwelling houses*.
Thursday night thoy tried William Or*
Warnock'a resideLee, bat without success.
William .Sinraui carno down yrsterday
i with a broken arm. In coming down the
hill to the depot at Pittsburgh before day|
light, he fell and broke one arm at the
wrist and bruised his body very badly.
Ills Wl.hwlllb# Gratified.
Hudson, N. Y., Nov. 20.?The jury in
the Breckwith murder case came into
court at 0 a. m. to-day with a verdict of
guilty of murder in the first degree. The
prisoner arose excitedly and began a
tirade against the Freemasons.; He was
quieted by the court officers. Whenaeked ,
if he had anything to pay the prisonor
spoko in an excited tone for twenty-five
rninntos and bepged the court to allow
him t-> go to some "warm climate" and ho
would never again open his mculh. Judge
Ingalls sentenced liirii to be bangdd on
Friday, January 8,18WJ.
Don't Monkey With the YalcaoU?r.
Coldwater, Mich., No?. 20.?Dr. Allen
Cope, a prominent dentist of this city
while uBing a vulcanizer yesterday afternoon,
had his left arm blown off and was
severely wounded in the breast by the explosion
of the vulcanizar. His- nun was
amputated above tho shattered fragments
and near the shoulder, but ho is in a
critical condition from the wound in his
He Didn't (Jet It. *
Troy, 0., Nov. 20.?Last midnigl t
Washington Rice was awakened by some
one trying to enter his window. To his
query as to what was wante i, the reply
lit 4 II Dl?
and the man (til but rose anil ran a short
distance when he (ell again. He had been
shot ill the tide. He gave hl> name ta
Joseph Porter, and said be came (ram Illinois.
Oftnj* ot DMlh Unknown.
Lakcastib, Pa., Nor. 20.?Benjamin H.
Longnecker, Director o( Poor o( Lancaster
county, disappeared last March alter embeziling
$3,000 of trust (unds. A body
foundirecently in Los Angeles connty, California,
has been Identified as that of Longnecker.
The caoao ot his death is unknown.
Never Open Your Month
except to pat something to eat into it, is
an excellent motto (or Ihe gossip and the
sufferer from CJtarrh. But while the
gossip is practically incurable, there is no
excuse (or anyone's snQerini longer from
catarrh. Dr. Sage'a Catarrh Bemedy i? au '
unfailing care (or that offensive diaeaae.
It heals the diseased membrane, and remove*
the doll and depressed aenaationa
which always attend catarrh. A ahort
trial of thia valuable preparation will make
the sufferer feel like a new being.
HOWLCT-On rrUtaj. Norontor SO, IMS, at 12
o'clock a., it hU reahiM. No mt Worta Mmt,
FiTalcx Howm, Jad p yean,
Fanaial from ttUgkJhlilanoe Bandar at a r. K,
I Rlwdivf UttjjgHpiM.

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