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jlatc (Slas? gUnwtKCtMMg*.
Kivepraft & Co..
aoknt8 fob
makupactu&jlkb or
I'vllilied l'late ttlau, also, Bough Glass
far Floors and Skylljhta.
The entire factory, Including the melting: forme
a?ii?*lln|oTen?. it?amboiler?, etc., etc., I*
Sn by A^'l lie*ted with natural gat. ?upplied Irom
owned bj toe company; and being the only
wtU.-.:? ? Manufacturwa in the world utllfc'ag
t. wonderful production of nature we are en bird
owtoiftoiu extraordinary heating power,
iwt'tber witn iu ab'oiute freedom from aulphur
. other tra puritlea. to procure an article wnteh
ctnuot be tilara aunealed by thla gui,
be Kttcr tempered. U net >o liable to break,
and * -1 prove xnnre durable. No ooal of any kind
IIUM*! in our work*.
Wc ire pit pared le ?uppiy the a?ore make of
gU>? promptly and solicit order* for the tame.
KlieveN, Kraft & Co.,
CENTRAL planing miluj,
Ioff St., bet. Twenty-feoond <* Twenty-Third 8U., I
n"-i SUSiiSi *" "*'
insurance Corrapautc*.
OK whkkling, W. VA.
Ornca-No. 1309 Main Street.
CAPITA I -.J100.000W
lhy? n general Fire Insurance Business. Farm
Prmwrty and Dwelling Houses and contents Inland
.'ur Uiree or Are yean.
Alex. Langhlin, Joe. Speidel.
Ht-ury otUmulbach, A. M. Ll?t,
j. V. L. Kudgers, Dr. B. W. Haxlett,
Henry Horkhelmer.
JOS. SPKIDKL, President.
\v. i. Mr I,r RE, Secretary. oeT
^ wukklino, W. VA.,
CAPITAL, - - - - $100,000
alonzo lorlno, eobkrt cranglk,
J. i. f a i'll, GKOKUK HOOK,
Kobebt camel* President.
J k. Ritux. Vice President.
alVkkd fAUix, becretary.
a. si.sii.sit, City AgeuL
Initiret all Kind* ol property at reasonable rale*.
m r:?J
IuMi'o* nxaliut lows or dare ago by Are and llghtnitu
till cla?*ee of desirable property, alao la*urea
cai^oc* ou toe Western waters.
J. N. Vance, President, M. Rellly, Vice President.
J. L auochleln, bec'y, Jaa. p. Adams, Ase't bee.
J. N. Vance, M. Bellly, L. C. Stliel,
J. H. Uobbe, C. W. Franxhelm.
CAPITAL 1175,000
Wm. a. Icm .^........President
Wit. B. ami'sos Vice President
Drafts on England, Ireland, France and Germany.
Win. A. Isett, Wo. B. Slnpion.
J. A. Miller, John K. Bouforu,
K. M. Atkluaon, Victor Kosenburg,
Henry Hpeyer,
_mrn F. P. JKPBQt. Cashier.
CAPITAL ZZZ - 1200,000
J. S. Vauce - Prwldeut
Samukl Lacohuw Vice Praiident
J. N. Vance, 8. Horkh timer,
H. Laughlln, W. Klllngbam,
L. 9. Deiaplaln, A. W. Kellcy,
John Frew,
Draft* issued on England, Ireland, Scotland and
all point* tn Europe.
JOf.V /. JOSBS. Cuhlcr.
Atocl; 2colicr?.
New York Stock Exchange,
NOB. 612 A 614 LIBERTY ST.,
ttrstceki. Bondt and V. 8. Securities bought
au.l sold for cub or on uaual margin*. Now York
r?:?jcf comminlon.
(orn*pondence solicited. Befer to Pittsburgh
Putik.-m g'ii)?niliy. no34
ML de Chantal Academy,
The thirty-eighth year of thli well-known Aeedemy,
under the charge of the VlalUtlon Nuns,
opens on the Brat Monday of September next, and
continues ten months.
Pupils received at any time In the wad on.
Those who desire to place their daufhten In an
Institution affording exceptional advantages lr
the way of healthful and delightful location, ex
cellent board, thorough discipline and lnitructior
at the handi of life-long teachers, In every depart
meatol lemnle education, Including lb* modern
huiKUSgts &nd music, ihould send lor a catalogue
ci mm Bcuoui. aouiw,
Directreas of the Academy of the Visitation.
an?-tmr Wear Wheeling. W. Va.
Media (Pa.j academy fits for
BuMucm or Collefe. Bpccltl Drill for Backward
Boy*. Single or doable rooms. Allatudcati
l**rd with Principal. SWITH1N C. 8HOKTLIDOI
(Ha-vard A B and K M.) anM-wwraw
Only 03 OO Per Dozen.
PWrining? made In all klndi of weather. noS
ivioo so
Will get One Do*n Beat Satin Flntabed
Cabinet Photographs
And don't you forget It,
JYofcsslonat Cavils.
1-iMl Chc&plino Street,
omci nouns,
10 to 13 K. and 2 to 4 r. tf.
jltal g?t?t?
Q. 0. SMITH,
Heal Estate Agent
Special Attention given to Collecting Baati and
the general management of Baal Batata. Can tur
aliti beet ol reference*
nilO U30 MAIN ST., Wbaalln#, W. Ya.
reUeremorKquickly than wiy other kuownrtfn"ir
Klirmn?tl#m, NtMiralifln.
mt.-ium-p, Mur .Wk, HnilV.,
^mBkt ' -cji ToothMh*. Hpraina, deT^iM
Afl^HQaKEyttrt* ft buttle. Hold by all
?i*Iftwra**!a.ilru;rg1?t*. ftUtloa.?Tho ffrtl
l>rj!5^flah ulw? Salvation <Hl btut our
**0c rrvut^rcd Trn.l^M*rk, wxl our
f*o-?lmil? denature. A. C. Meyer & Co., 8<jk>
I'roprtetont. Tuitlmura, N<I., U. S. A.
For the cure of Courhs. Colds. Hoars*
nets, Croup, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Whooping Cough, Incipient Consumption,
and for the relief of consumptive
persons in advanced stages
of the Disease. For Sale by all Druggists.
Price, 25 cents. !
For aerea year* I aufftre 1 with a cancer on mv '
face. Alltheaimplciem<dlca were applUdtoaf* <
levlate the pain, bat the place continual to grow, ;
finally extending Into my noae, from which came .
a yellowUh diacnante very ofleuaive in character. '
It waa alio inflamed, and ann-jyed me a great deal 1
Aboot elf ht montbi ago I waa in Atlanu, at tbe j
houae of a friend, who ?o atrongly recommended 1
the uae of hwlft'a fipecidc thai I determined to 1
make an effort to procure It In thia 1 waa auceeaa'ul,
and l>egan iu uae. Tbe iutluence of the <
medicine at flrat waa to aomewhat aggravato the ,
ore; butaoontbo inflammation waa allayed, and 1
I began to Improve after tbe firat few bottlea My <
general health baa greatly improved. I am t
aironger. and able to do any kind o' work. The .
cancer on mr luce began to dccre^te aud tbe ulcer '
to heal, unUl ihere ia not a ve*U?e of u left -only I
a little tear marks the place where it had been. I 1
am ready to auawer all qutattoun relative to thia
cure. Mb*. Joicib A. Mcdojuuj. 1
Atlanta, Ga., Auguit 11,1W6. 1
I htm hut 1 cini'nr nn mr fart* for mm* mri i
extending from one cheek Bone acros* the nose to
the other. It nut given me a great deal of pain, at
times burning and itching to ?u.h an extent that
it was alinott uubnajaWe. -I commenced using
Swift's ^pecitic In May, 1S85, aud have ufcd eight
bottles It baa given the great**t relief by removing
the inliammatiwu aud reatoring my general
health. W. 1Uk.ni*.
Knoxville, Iowa, Sept. 8,1885.
For many rear* I wan a sufferer with cancer of
the uose, and baring been cured bv tht> iue of rf. 8.
?, I feel coustraln- d br a mju#o of duty to suffering
humanity to make this statement of my case,
rtith the fourteenth bottle the cancer began to
beal rapidly and soon disappeared, ana for several
month* there has b- en no appearance of a sore of
any kind on my none or lace, neither 1* my note at
all tender to the touch. 1 have taken about two
dozen bottles S. S. S., and am roundly cured, aud I
know that H. S. ti. etlocted the cur* after every
known remedy was tried and had fai'ed.
Roukkt Hmsdi.sy.
Fort Gaines, Ga., May 1,1585.
I had heard of the wonderful cures of Swift's
Specific, and resolved to try it. 1 commenced
UkJng it in Ap-il, JJttl. My general health was
much improved. yet tho cancer wnich was iu ray
breast continued to grow slowly but surely. Tne
bunch grew aud btcano quite heavy. I felt that I
must either have it cut or die But it commenced
discharging quantities of almoxt black, thick
blood. It continued healing around too edges until
February, when it was entirely he?Ied up and
well Bk?t Wood.
uochcsett, Plymouth Co., Miss., July 13.18H5.
Swift's ripcciflc la entirely vegetable, and teems ?
to cure cancer* by forcing out the impurities from 1
i re*uw ou diowu tuu o? ui uiu%.ama* u?um uw.
Tkk swift Srtaru: Co., drawer 3, Atlanta, Ga.
N. 157 W. 73d St. 0-.-J9 daw
gor title by Logan A To. ami I.inghlln Ems. A (So.
One Experience or Muuj.
Having experienced a great deal of
"Troublel" from indication, bo much so that I
came near losing my
My troublc>l ways came afterca ing any taxiHowe
wr light
And digestible,
For two or three bouts at a time I had to go
through the most
Excruciating palm,
"And the only way Jlcver got"
Wu by throwing up all my siomich contained! 1
No one can conceive the palun that I had to go
through, uutll
"At last?"
I wan taken! '-3o that for three weeks t lay in
bed aid
Could OAt nothing!!!
My sufferings were so that I called two doctors to
give me something that would stop the pain.
Their efforts were no good to me.
At la<t I heard a good deal
"Abolt your Hop Dittera!
And determined to try them."
Got a bjttlo?In four hours 1 took the contents of
Onollll 1
Next day I wm out o! b?d, and have not seen a
Hour, from the same cause, since.
I have recommended it to hundred! ol others. '
You have no ?uch
'Advocato u I am."
Geo. Kendall,
Allaton, Bus toil, Mass. j
Downright Cruelly.
To permit jounelf and family to
"riuder!" 1
With ilviknets when it can be prevented and
cured jo eaailv !
With Hop tiltterslll t
?"N'one genuine without a bunch of green Hop? i
on the white label, tjhun all the vile, polnonoui
tufl with "Hop" or "Hops" in their name. I
nol6Mwraw [ .
^?TH*-||'VWfcsa That terrible en/ V
CELEBRATED mo?t vigorous con- |
" ? ^ ititutlon, and the 1
y%J\ after eflecti of the t
\NL\a alkaloid often taken
A' tlla. to arreat it, quinine,
Ww/nfaL saE-'urffi:
?5 rem-dv, net alone in
AwllT. f na'arfil atrlckon re <
j,n conU* '
!-tboae portion* of *
Houth and Central '
America where ma
^8a^irrMi>w' l*rltl ferers are mo?t
^ ? ^ prevalent and mall*- ,
Sk 8T0MACH.*ia^7 n&nt-ln Hoitetter's '
WBl^BmiP*P3^fc Stomach Bitter*. Its j
i D (F 5^^ remedial and pre- ,
" " renUre eficcta Man 1
opponent of fpren arc owlnir to ii? tonic influence.
*or tale by all Drugglata and Dealeri generally. <
the popular f?ror1t? fir drr- Inp
fcMHpv lli? tuilr, Itprtnrln* color when
KW/V. fra^> arJ I'fvvniinir Dandruff.
RtsSj*) It clrAn?ca I tix tcalp, ?to[!? I ho
Lair falling, iuiJ U aura to IiIoum.
Profit for Everybody.
Par leer*! Tonic kept In a home ia a sentinel to
keep aickneas out. t'sed discreetly it keep* the
blood pure, and thcatnmach, liver and kidneys in
working order Coughs and oolda ranlah before it.
?. nn lK,i hoilth.
"I sell Isrge quantities of Parker's Tonic In my I
drugstore Among my customers, a doctor, has
been prescribing it for two years Ho wm nearly
do.d himself, and tried every remedy known to
his professlon. without any relief. After be ha *
uied four bottles of Parker's Tonic be began to
grow iu tlf*h. aud the improvement in his health
wm absolutely wonaerfuL Ho now recommends
It to everyone i. K. Pakbow, Calumet Ave.
Pharmacy, 113 Twenty-ninth street, Chicago, 111.
I Prepared by lllscox A Co., X. Y.]
Bold by all Druggists In large bottles at One Dollar.
nol? mhiw
mi > #% j 11,000 RKWABli, for tchlDR,
UII | Bleeding or Protruding Piles Dk
r II PA BiS'i'H Pile Remedy faila to cure.
I IMwLiW i Sold at Logan A <Io. s Prnt fltore.
1M CflDI ?HRCKS in 6 hours. Cures lu S daja.
and Tun Bad cases wanted. Prog Store, 16 N.
. Utu Elcreath at. I'MU., l'?. .0,1 Lmn
lf> mem A Co. WhNlliw nn9S-*?wr*w
All Sorts of
hurts and many sorts of ails of
man and beast .need a cooling
lotion. Mustang Liniment
20b 2?idU?geuxei;
Offlcei Nog. Hfl and 37 roorteenth Street.
IHinU Whitney. *n tf? Chrutmat St. Xicholai.
One little gridn In the tandy ben;
One little (lower In ? field of tlowen;
Hue little ?ur in a heaven of iliri;
One little hour in a year of hour*?
What If it rnakea or what If It man?
liut the bar la built of the little gmloi;
Arid the little tlowen make the meadows gay;
And the little atan light the heavenly plains;
And the little houn of each little day
(ilteto ua all that life contalua.
Joltlog the Maehloerj of the Law In Rltohie
County?Overruling the Supreme Court.
To the Bdi/or of the InteUUjenea.
Sib:?In September last Peter B. Mich*
aelfl instituted his suit before Justice
Thomas Hess of Ritchie county, against
one George Kiley for the recovery of fifty
dollars. A jury was impaneled and after
hearing the evidence and argument of
counsel failed to agree and were accordingly
discharged. Thereupon another
was in paneled, and after hearing the
CUUCULC nuu mi^uuiciu ut LUUUKI H iuiued
a verdict in favor of the plaintiff for the
Bum of forty dollars. A motion waa made
to net aaide the verdict, upon the part of
defendant, motion overruled, judgement
Bntered for plaintiir.
The defendant through his counsel asked
for an appeal which was promptly refused,
upon the ground that the Justice
claimed he had no right to grant an appeal
from a Judge entered upon the verdict of
a jury. The defendant nevertheless filed
& bond in the office of the Justice, in the
nature of what he termed aa an appeal
The plaintilT demanded an execution,
which the Justice issued and placed in
Lhe hands of a constable for collection,
during the time of the issuing of the execution
and be/ore the return day thereof,
the defendant by his counsel requested
:be officer having the execution not to
evy upon any property of the defendant,
is he intended to apply toThoa. J. Stealey,
Judge of the Circuit Court, (in which tiie
udgement waa obtained) for an appeal
>om the judgment of the Juatice entered
jpon the verdict of the jury, but failing to
lddIt. or if am>lied for no aDDeal seems to
nave been granted by thia Judge or any
>ther so far as the record shows. But on
Saturday, the 21st of November, 1885, in
>rder to get said justice to recall the exjcution
outstanding, the attorney for deendant
brought to the said justice a letter
rom the Judge of the Circuit Court, which
vaa addrested to said defendant's attorley,
in which the J udjje stated that he
*aa surprised that fe'qirire Hess should
lesitate to recall the execution, issued
mtil an appeal could be decided, that he
lad had a conference with Judge J. M.
Tackeon, and that notwithstanding the de:ision
of the Supreme Court an appeal
vould lie in some cases from the judgenent
of a justice where there bad been a
ury trial and j udgement entered upon the
A very remarkable letter, both for the
nanifest ignorance displayed in its orients,
aa well as a disposition to ignore and
raraple under foot the decision of the Su>reme
Court of this State in the casa of
3arlow vs. Daniel A Co., decided April 4,
i885, and reported in 25 W. Va. pp. 512.
it will be observed that thia Judge desired
,o screen himself behind what he says is
;he opinion of Judge J. M. Jackson after a
lonferenca with said Judge. Now every
>ne that knows Judge Jackson will be
o:h to believe he ever entertained any
luch opinion aa is announced in said let;er,
because he is recognised as a good
awjrer and a profouud Judge, keeping
sace with not only the legal decisions
jf our own court, but with the
courts of other States. And he would not
ntimate any such an opinion ae indicated
jx said letter. Why should Judge Stealt-y
ase this expression io-the letter to the detendant's
Attorney, which was shown
Squiro Hess for a purpose? "lie wao surarised
that Pquire Hess should hesitate to
recall the execution issued by him until
in auneal was decided." If he had granted
m appeal why did be not issue bus order
inder tbe statute, directing the Justice to
ecall the execution, and. if as be s*ys,
Fu lge Jackson entertained the opinion be
lid, why did ho not grant the appeal ?
Here was an attempt to override tbe de:iaion
of the Supreme Court. And then to
;ry and lay it at the door of another Judge
ihows a total disregard and violation of
confidence (if any there was) reposed
in him by tbe Judge whom be says gave
tbe opinion.
Public opinion will not indorse such
:onduct, and an outraged constituency
will rebuke it at the polls when the opportunity
presents itself, if not rebuked before
then by tbe law making power of our
State. Justici.
J'tnruboro, November 23,1885.
For the Men?Something the," Ladles Can
Philadelphia Pros.
For gentlemen who go out much and
(rear white neckties a cravat case is a nice
present. Take two pieces of pasteboard,
ten inches long and four inches wide,
ind cover each piece on the outside with
jrown linen ana on me inaiue wuu buccu
>r silk of any color preferred, overhandng
the edges very neatly with ailk to
match the lining. On the eutside cover
paint a snowy branch with two or three
birds perched on. "Merry Christmas"
nay be painted on in bold colors, or a
wintry landscape can be sketched in sepia
ind Chinese white. Outlined or fllled-in
ambroidery may also be employed for the
lecoration. In this case the work most be
lone before the linen is pasted on the
cardboard. Fasten together at the back
crlth a ribbon bow, and put on ribbons
iritli which to tie them together.
Photograph cases are very useful for
holding a few imperial photographs, and
ire often used nowadays as a substitute
for the cumbrous and expensive album.
Handsome ones are made of plush, satin
ar silk, or a combination of two of these
material!, but very pretty ones can be
made of the ever useful brown linen.
They are made like the old-fashioned
handkerchief sachets, having a pocket at
either end to receive the pictures. Take
a piece of plush, or whatever material you
intend using, eight inches long and eighteen
wide, and lold over three and a half
inches at either end to form a pocket.
Double the plush in the middle now and
put your ornamentation on the oblong
piece thus formed. A spray of flowers
worked in arrasene or in ailk or crenels,
according to thematerial employed, may
be used for this purpose. A apray 01 lorget-me-not
in ribbon embroidery with
leaves in arraaene would be appropriate.
A ntin ribbon about an inch and a ball
wide can be put diagonally acrosa the
pluab, and on this a simple spray be
worked or painted. In tbe left hand upper
corner work "Counterfeit Preaentmenta"
in large scrip letters, using gold
thread or heavy yellow silk. In tbe lower
ri jht hand corner work tbe initiala of the
friend for whom the case la dealgned.
Now line the entire piece with silk or sitin
of contrasting colon, and, after turning
up the pocket, overhand the edges very
neatly together. Yellow pansiea on a
purple ground are beautiful for such a
case. This case may also be used as a
handkerchief-holder, but the legend given
would be inappropriate for auch a purpose.
Mr. Lincoln ana ? saving* omk.
Botton Budget.
Mr. Lincoln wu found one morning by
i \iiitor counting several raullpUo of
greenbacks on bfi Ublo. This, sir, said
he, noticing the gentleman's surprise, "is
(Omething out ol my naual line. Bat the
President of the United States has a ran!tiplicltr
of datiea not specified in the
Constitution or the sctsof Congreei. This
la one of them. Thli Hooney belong! to ?
poor negro who is ? porter in the Treasury
Department, and i> at present very sick
wiU> the smallpox. (He did not catch it
from me, however; at least I think not.)
Sell now is the hospital and could not
draw his par because he coald oat sign
hli name. I Live been at considerable
trouble to overcome the difficulty and get I
his money for him, and have at length
succeeded in cutting red tape, aa the
newspaper! say. I am now dividing hia
money and putting by a portion in an envelope,
labeled with bis name, along with
my own funds, according to his wish.
Lcinonads In tb? West*
W'all Strut Kewt.
The Children's Aid Society sent a regenerated
newsboy to some far distant W estern
town. In his days of sin he bad often
been regaled at ice cream and lemonade
festivals, ami had learned the secret of the
concoction of the latter beverage. So
when the Glorious Fourth arrived he invested
$11 in a lemonade layout and
reaped a profit of $32. Some day he will
learn the secret of watering railroad stock,
and then the finger of pride will be pointed
at him all round.
i|? B?for? V?r??l?y.
Scim York Sua.
Husband?"The census-taker was in,
dear. He demanded the age of each of
the family, and I was obliged to give him
yours. He said it was the law. Wife
(enraged)?Law! What do I care for law ?
John Smith, did you tell that man my
age?" Husband (hurriedly(?"Yes, I
told him you were 23." Wife (mollified)
?"Well. I suDDoae the law has got to be
i respected."
Th? Tallica* Uuloe.
Jriaruai Traveler.
I doan know why er pusaon wants ter
cut oiler dog's tail. If Natur hadn't wanted
de dog ter had er tail she would n' bab
gin him one. It 'a er pitvful eight ter see
er glad dog try ter wag his tail when he
ain't got none. It puta me in mine o'er I
man dat hah loa' bof arms try in' ter shake
han's wid er frien'. <
Straw hat and linen duatera will not be i
ao very popular aa heretofore; Dr. Bull's i
Cough Syrup, however, will be as popular j
as ever at -o cents.
. i
A cr?zj quilt show passesaea new ter- j
rori for the man who in acquainted with
the ''jim-jama."?New York Journal. i
"Doctor, I can neither lay nor ul. j
What shall I do?" "I think von had bet- c
ter rooat," waa the reply. Now, if the *
doctor had Dreacribed a bottle of Salvation i
Oil, for the poor fellow's rheumatism, it
would have relieved bis patient at once.
L'3 cents.
Thore are more chestnuts in political
platforms than in the funny columns of a
newspaper.?Boilon Courier.
Purge out the lurking distember that
undermines health, and the constitutional
vigor will return. Those who suffer from
an enfeebled and disordered state of the
system, should take Ayer's Sarsaparilla to
cleanse the blood, and restore vitality.
An accessory before the act?the orchestra.?PitUburgh
Chronicle Telegraph.
Strained hi* Side.
No. 11 West 126th street, \
New York, March 5,1885. J
I am pretty well known in New York as
the one-armed baggage-master at the New
York Central depot. Three months ago,
in lifting a heavy trunk, I strained my
side dreadfully. I immediately procured
an AUcock's Porous Plaster. Every hour
felt less pain. T wore the Plaster three
days, then applied another, was well in a
week and attending to my business.
mwfaw James B Kennedy.
m fl
That hacking rotraii can be so auickW
cured by Shiloh'a Care. We guarantee it. <t
Will you buffer with Dyspepsia and
Liver complaint? Shiloh'a Vi.aliiar is
guaranteed to cure you.
Sleepless nights, made miserable by
that terrible cough. Shiloh'a Cure ia the
remedy for you.
Catarrh cured, health and sweet
breath tecured, by Shiloh'a Catarrh Remedy.
Price 50 ctnta. Nasal Injector free.
bold by Laughlin Bros. A Co., wholesale
agenta, Wheeling, W. Va.
Advice to Mothers.
Are you disturbed at night and broken
of your rest by a sick child suffering and
crying with pain of cutting teeth? If so,
send at once and get a bottle of Mrs. Winglow's
Soothing Syrup for Children Teething.
Ita value ia incalculable. It will relieve
the poor little sufferer immediately.
Depend upon it mothers, there ia no mistake
about it. It curea dysentery and
diarrbcea, regulates the stomach and bowela,
cures wind colic, softens the gums, reduces
inflammations, and gives tone and
energy to the whole system. Mrs. Window's
Soothing Syrup forChildren Teething
is pleaaant to the taste, and ia the pre- \
scription of one of the oldest and best fe- i
male nurses and phyaiciana in the United
States, and ia for aale by all druggiata ,
throughout the world. Price 25 centa a t
bottle. mwsaw ;
Bucklen't Arnica Salve.
The beat Salve ia the world for Cuta, c
Bruisea, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever 7
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblaina, r
Corns and all Skin Eruptiona, and posi- ?
?I t*M-_ t? s
uvuiy cures jtiicd, ur uu jmjr icijuiieu.
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by Logan & Co.
"A hint is aa good as a kick"?and t
great deal.better to the recipient.?Lowell
Never Give Up.
If you are suffering with low and deSressed
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ebility, disordered blood, weak constitution,
headache, or any disease of a bilious
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bold at fifty cents a bottle by Logan
For lame back, side or chest, use Shiloh's
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Shiloh's couuh and Consumption Cure
is sold by us on a guarantee. It cures
SniLon's vitali/KB is what you need
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and all Symptoms of Dyspepsia.
Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle,
Croit, whooping cough and Bron
chitia immediately reliefed by Shilohs ?
Care. ,
Hold by Laughlin Bros. & Co., whole* i
tale agents, Wheeling,|W. Va.
A "pound" of ice may be referred to as \
a winter "rap."?PiUtburgh Chronicle Tel- i
egraph. '
An Enterprlalng, Reliable Hqom.
Logan 4 Co. can always bo relied upon, |
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Science, we invite yon to call and get a
Trial Bottle Free. mwmw i
Dr. Mary Walker has a residence in
Oswego, bnt has not lived there long ,
enough to vote.?AVw York Journal.
Xarroai x>?bUluud Hm
Yon are allowed a free trial of thirty daya '
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Belt with Electrio Suspensory Appliances,
(or the speedy relief and permanent rare
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Manhood, and all kindred troubles. Also, j
for many other diaeaeM. Complete reetora- ,
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teed. No risk la incurred. Illustrated
pamphlet, with fall information, term*,
etc., mailed fret by addrealiig Voltaic Belt
Co., liaiihall, Mich. uwnw ,
Politic* too Moth lor Him.
A lady on Fifth Avenue, New York,
quickly summoned a doctor:
"Oh, Doctor, my husband is nearly dead.
He attended a caucus last night He made
four speeches and promised to be with his
fellow citisens again to-day. Bnt oh, doctor,
he looks nearly dead.
"Has he been in politics long?"
"No, only last year. He worked hard
for James McCaulay's election."
"He will get well, madam! He has a
stomach for any diseMe, if he worked for
Political life, of short or long duration,
ia very exhausting, as is evident from the
great mortality which prevails among
public men. Ex. U.S. Senator B. K. Bruce,
who has been long in public lifa, says:
"The other day, when stepping into a
car at a crossing, I found Dr. within,
who eyed me up and down in a surprised
way, remarking:
" 'Why, Senator, how well you look!'
" 'Well, I feel pretty well,' 1 answered."
The doctor uttered an incredulous reply,
when the Senator frankly told him, in
answer to an inquiry, that it was Warner's
cafe cure which accomplished for him
what the profession had failed to do.
Senator Bruce says his friends are very
much astonished at this revelation of
power.?The Globe
Overwhelmingly Defeated,
Tho F?ator?a oC tho Mono/ and Stock
N*w You, Not. 2<.?Money on call 2*1 parccut.
Prime mercantile paper 4>,a6K perasut.
Foreign kxchange unchanged.
Govts* MIM1 Bono#-Were dull and itrong to-day.
mati Bokdj? Fairly active and steady.
K tiLEuiu Bondo-Fairly active; aalea only 12,r'Ji.y.o.
The bond marlcet Inactively baa aympalhlz<d
thia week with the itock market, and (he
ial? have amounted to 117,368,030 against 132J
.O.wjO la>t wee a.
brocat?Dullncas accompanied bT a strong unJertone
was the prevailing feature of to day'a stock
market. The total tales wero 300,200 sharea. Trice*
M-ereiomewhat irregular at theopouing, raugiug betwecu
an aavanc* uf% percent aud a decline of
K iwrceut, with exceptional weakneaa In one or
two ttocka. Thia was (allowed by a rally of %
percent to over 1 percent A amall decline,
which culminate t by -j o'clock,was succeeded by a
iria (one. Tae final u*u?*ct.ous, however, vrote
xade generally on alight reactions from the best
if ures, aud tfie market cfoaed heavy.
The more active stocka show advances this evenng
at compared with yeaterday of %*% percent,
vhile other* exceptional gaiaa of laiS percent,
sortheru 1'ucillc preferred showed au advance of
Va percent, Uteguu Navigation l1*, Northern Pa:iac
\i. The total aales for the Ave buslnesa days
if llie week were 2,664,MO shares. The loweat prices
rcre generally made on Monday aud the highest
fueaday aud Wednesday, the active stocka being
ibjutaa usually divided between small advances
Lud equally amall declines.
U. ?. u, nri^;U.b. 4Sa, 113*4: U.S. new4a, 123^;
aoiflc 6a of '*5, l&J,; Central Pacific flrsta, 114,
irie aecouda, ??Ji; Lenigh A Wllkeabarre, of'd
071-4: Louisiana consols, 85; Missouri 6a. 102H:
it. Joaeph, H6J-4; SL P. A 9. C. flrsta 122; Tenleasee
6a, old, 52; do uew, 62; Texaa Pacific
-and ttrauta, 45; do Rio Grande, *4; Union Pacific
Irsta, 116; do Laud Grants 10j; do.Kinking fund.
20Ji; Virginia 6a. 42: Virginia Conaola, extra ma11
red coupons, 52; do deferred 11; Adama Ex
iruaa, 140; American Express, 103; Canada Southrn,
43%; Central Pacific, 45)4; Cbeaapeako A Ohio,
lji; do flrsta preferred. 20)4; do aecouda, 14K;C.C.,
:. i I., 61; Denver 4 Rio Grande, 22%; Erie, 251/,;
lo prelerred. 63; Fort Wayne, 141H; Kanaaa 4
UM, W/2. 1*?C r.riu ai oiciu MI(S ouun
7; Louisville A Nashville, 4); Louisville, New
Llbany A Chicago, 15; Memphis A Charleston, 3*4;
llchlgan Central, 77%; Missouri Pacific, 104%;
'ash rill# A Chattanooga, 46^; New Jersey Central,
6; Northern Pacific, 2%; Chicago A Northwestern,
12%; do pre/erred, 1M>?; New York On ml, 10%;
>hlo Central, 2^; Ohio A Mississippi, ?}f; do presrred,
90; Pacific Mail, 66%; Pituburgn. 142H;
l? ad log, Hi. Louis A tfcte Francisco, 2%; do
ireferred, 47; C., M. A tft. Paul, Sift: do preferred,
Id}*; Texas Pacific,23^; Union Pacific, M>4;United
iatea Kxpreas, 60; W. St. L. A P., 13&; do prefered,
21%-, Welli Farxo Jtxpros, 116; Western Union,
Breadstuff* and Provision*.
New Yoac, Nor. 23 ?Flour, receipt* S3 074 barela;
exports 4,078 barrels; market dull and heavy;
ood to choice extr* wc?toru S5 59. Wheat, receipt!
77,150 buaheli; exporu7,9?3 bu hels; spot lower
rilh more doing; options opened steady but
oou weakened, doling heavy; sales, 70 l.OUO bushIs
of futures; 190,COo bushels of spot: No. 2 Chijgo
'jlc; ungraded spriug VZ%: ungraded red 69a
Jtfc; No. 3 rod JvSc; .So. a red 93%c; No. 1 whits
7c; No. 2 red December 9lJ',a93e, closing a Vic;
auuary 93%aMc, closing at 9?ic; February 95}$a
?4c, cioslug at Wifl-, March 97>?a98)*& i-lodng at
7Sc: April IW^caSl 00. closing nt 99J^c; May
1 (W??a; OA closing at tl 00;,; June Si 02al w.
losing at 91 02: Augui* 110J>?al 04U, closing at
1 v&A: September Si Olfc. Corn, fairly activo;
ptioiis closing a shade lower; receipts 144.800
mshels; exporu 41,99} bushels; sales 1,072,000
mshels of futures; 246,000 bushels of spot: unxaded
MJ^c; rejected tOc. No. S, 46)4a46%c; do
>eccmber 4l^a4ic; No. 2 55fcc; No. 2 white 57c;
teamrr wh'te 51c: yellow 56%c: No. 2
November 55a*5)$c. closing at 55c; Decern>*r
5#ta?3Kc, closing at 53ftc; January SQ^c,
losing at|50Sc:; February 4n^a49^c. closing at
i?^c; May 48c. Oa?a lower: receipts 90,250 bushels;
?nito do 33aHe. llay in good demand. CoOee
tetdr; tile* 15.250 bsgs; December ?.45aCi0c:
tlarcn O.iiSc: April 6 70c; June 6.55c. Sugarsteadr;
vflued dull: standard A 6H?c; granulated ??<?.
JolawKM quiet. Kico steady aud demand (air.
terpentine at S7J$e. Fgg* Arm and demand fair;
ece'pt*2,423 package*: western 2Ga2?c. Por* Arm
ind <iuiet; ir.es ?J h7JsHlO 25; 'fttnily men S10 25.
'ut meats steady; pickled belliea 5c; ptcklel
tain* 8>i; do shoulders 5c. Lard lowerand dull;
vestern st?am spot at 6.40aC 42%c; December 6.37c;
lanuary 6.46n6.6<>e; February 6.55a6.57c; March
> 61 6.66c; May 6.7aa6 S0e; city steam 6.65c. Hutler
Ckicaoo. 111.. Not. 38 ?The price of wh'at
ion tinned on downward to dar, closing l%c under
esterday. Trading wa* again on an enormous
cole, tremendous lines being thrown on the mar;et
<>winv to the continuation of large rcccip s aud
he fear tutt the next Mipply statemont will dispose
a Urge iticrease. The general situation was
ery like in that of vestorday aud the market was
;ovcrned by nearly the same influence* The martet
has now declined about b)4 cents from the top
>rices reached during the late boom, January havng
wild on November 16 at WJ6C. The rally
'<ward the close w? attribute*! toa rumor that
>inetecn boat loads hail been taken at New York
or e*port. Flour dull and nominal. Wheat weak,
insetilo 1 and nervous; prfcos declined 1%c under
esterdayaudclosod t^c lower; sales ranted: November
83a85c, closed at MJic; December
kW^e, clo?e1 at 84*8 iV<n: January MHaWw.
losed at 8434:: May 9oy;ayiJic, dosed at W^c; No.
! spring. 8>%a83$ic; No. 3 spring CSnWc; No. J
*d nominal. Corn weak pries declining %c for
tear options; cash, tic: November 4la4l%c, close!
>t 41c; year 40a40??c, cloeed at 40s40?,?; MaySV^a
9^c, cWd at S^aSU^c. Oats nuiet but firm;
ash ?^a?Hc: November 2?^c; December 2SKa
!h\c, closed at 28>?c; May 31^a3l^c. closed at 31a
IMc. Rye easy; No. 2. 61c. Barley quiet;
<o. 2, 65c. Flaxseed dull and weak: ho. 1,
1 llal US. Meai pork firmer and f?7^c higher,
arly and closed steady; cash 8s 80a8 85
or old and 99 60a9 87k fur new packed: December
a 82^o8 85; January Sv 8 >a9 90. cloaed at 19 82 Ha
85. Lard, trading light but prices Arm: cash6 Q5e:
tocembt* 06c; January .l^t6.17>^c,cloaed
,t fl.U'jao.l.v. BOX runout I Bicwy; anoumeri
.7ua3.75c: abort rib 4 M*4.90c; abort clear 5.18*
30c. ?hlikey Arm a; 1113. 8ugar qalat; lUnInril
A 6^0. Butter quiet and unchanged;
reamery 14a25c; dairy 12)?al6c. Kgga firm at 30c.
Philadelphia. Pa.. Not. 29.?Floor qulej.
Vhe*tlo*er: No. 2 red November S7^a?Sc,' Deember
87K?Mc; January StMaSlc: February 92? Ja
3Hc Corn irregular; new No. 4 mixed k?a39.i:
icw No. 4 high mixed 40c; new No. 4 yellow SHfl
Sj{c; new No 3 mixed 4&; No. 2 mixed 53c: lie
em bar 4'Jl?a49f4C: January 47a4YXo: February
6^a47c. (>*ta, apot aieady; domaud llKbt: No. 3
rbiteSraSftfc; No. 2 white 3*c: futureadull bat
toady; No. 2white Norember37jla38j<c; DecernKjr3fjia38Sc:January
3*aS4fcc: February 38Ha
9Kc. Butter firmer lor higher grade#; cwtmery
Utra a7#2ljo.
UifcisiHATi. 0, Not. 28 ?Flour dull and unhanged.
Wheat heavy and lower; No. 2 red 91%a
>2c; receipt* 13.700 buahela; ahlpmenta 11.000 buah:1a.
Corn quiet; No. 3 mixed new U)4aS7c. Oaia
laaler; No. 2 mixed 30*3tt. Ryeeaaier; No. 2, (Ac.
ttrley in good demand and firm; No. 2 (all 99c.
ork nominal at f 10 fO. Lard in (air demand at
LOOc. Bulk meata quiet: ahort rib 5.00c Baoon
Inn and unchanged. Whiaky ateadr at 91 (M.
in tier quiet aad unchanged. >iugarflrm and uni
hanged. E?ni? eaaier at 19c. Cheeae quiet and unRanged.
Baltmori, Not. %.-Wheat. wfatem lower and
irtlve: No. 2 winter red root ?7a?T>;e; horember
ifia87We; December 67^*87)^3; January 90^a90Jic:
February ?2*>W?iC. Corn, weatem lower and
iulet: new mixed apotSOc: Norember 50Kc; year
I7^a47^c; January 46a46?-c; February 45Ha45%c;
iteamer 4?Kc. Oat* firm; weatem white 86a3Sa;
nixed 33a35c. Proriilona ateady.
Toledo, O., Not. 2?.?Wheat quiet and atody;
Alh 92a92V?c: Dec?rnb?r92e; January 93Kc; Febru
iry 95c; May 9*Hc. Corn ateadr; ca*h or Norember
lOo; year 39^o: May 40c. Oataacarce; caah SO^e;
May ItUe Clorer aeed quiet: caah or December
ia 45- Jannarr 18 55- FplirnarT Vi tQW.
Uti Htoek.
Chicaoo, Iu.. Nov. 2* ?The Drovnt' Journal titan*:
('atile-Recelptt 2 MO bead: ahlpmenta 10.800
load; market iteady; ahlppinx iteera S3 70a5 K>:
anckera and feeders S*>25a3 75: com, bulla end
nixed II 7.*a3 76: through Texana U 00*3 70.
3ogi-Ber?ipu 25,000 head; ahlpmenta 4.100 head;
itrooi and &o h'gher; rough mixed la 45el 70; packnc
and ibtpplug S3 70*3 00; light weighu fc 20a
|A5;aklpa 91 Uu 15. 8b?ep-K*o*lpu C00 head:
i*tlve* tl00a3 70: western 13 25*323; TexanaH tt*
I CO: lamb* tl 50*4 50.
Kawt Lixutt, Pa.. Not. 2ft.?Cattle, nothing
lolng; all ootulgnmentt through: rec*lptaS55 head;
ihlpmenta SOI head. Ho**, active: Philadelphia*
p'AJa4 00: Yorkera W 70*1 80; receipt* 3.100 bead;
ihlpmenu 4.600' head. Mheep. nothing doing; re*lpu
l.OCOhead; ahlpmenta 2.600 head.
Cincinnati. O.. Not. 2ft.?Hon firm; common
ind light IS 00a3 St; packing and butch en is tie
195; reoelpU5,800 head; ahlpmenta9,100 heed.
Oil Crrr, Pa.. Not. as.?Opened at Stye; high eat
MHc; loweatSSHc; doaed at MKo; aalea ItflOOO
barreU: clearancee 5.878.000 barn la; charter* 86,071
barrel!; ahlpmenta 82,141 barrel*.
Prrmcaa*, Pa.. Not. 28.-Opened at mhe;
doeed at M*b; hlgheet MHe; loweet ?*c.
Haw York, Not. 2S?Petroleum Arm; United
doaed at UHe.
Dry Uonaii
K?w Tom. If or, *- Urgent order* for many
moderate aaeorunent* of * rauoellaneou* character
ba?e called far a food quantity of ituffof rations
kloda, while forwarding* on old order* (or lamellate
dlatrtbuilon have abeorbed a laige percenti?e
of tbo receipt*. Tnere la more tone to *110 market,
and apparent Indicate* more bualaep In the
near htfnrc.
CDfCCTWATi, a, Nor, a-Cotton it?4j; mid
(6. fttnulcl Sc (Co.
What the people are lcoklos (or, and we
alwaji manage to be the FIRST DKALKBfl
In the dtj to get the Mew Stylos of
Oil Glottis,
And everything else pertaining to
New Fall Stock
Ii coming now, and we would be pleased
to bare our rien^i look over our stock before
1124 MAIN ST.
Made only of the finest find hMtqnsl*
Ity ofUlowi for witliotunainK Inut.
Every good thin? is Counterfeited,
and consumers are CAUTIONED
against IMITATIONS of
those Chimneys made of VERY
POOH GLASS. See that the exact
label is on each chimney as above.
The Pearl Top is always clear and
bright Olass.
Manufactured ONLY by
Plttabnrfrh Lrnd OImi Works.
The moat popular WftOkly nawanaper devoted
to Mia nee, raachanica, encineerlnc diacoTfrie*. tn?entiona
and patent* aver pobliihed. Every number
Illustrated with aplendid en*r?Tinc*. This
publication furnfahea a moat valuable encyclopedia
nf Infnmtiilflii which no nennn ihould be without.
The popularity of the 8ctr.*Tinc American U
such that iu circulation nearly omala that of all
other papers of ita claaa combined. Price. 2D a
year. Dincount to Club*. tfoldb* all newadealere.
MUNN ? CO.. Publiaber*. ho. 361 Broadway, N. Y.
pructieo before
the Tatent Offlce and bare prepared
<nu. .nil ,'Cl
Waring to inventor* their rightt in the
United States, Canada, England. France,
^ (iermany and other foreign countries. pre
pared at ?hort not lee and on reasonable term*.
Information aa to obtaining patents chwiN
fully given without chare"- Uand-lfMika of
information aent
through Munn i Co. are noticed in the bcientifie
Amwfcan free. The advantage of anch notice is
well understood by all persous who wtsb to dieTHE
The Atlanta ConttUuivm, speaking of the Myrtle
OwU' display, ad da:
The perfumed ball room *u one of the novel
and rrmceful feature* of tbli gTeat event. Ai the
guetu entered the Open House they were greeted
with the matt delicious odors. u from a Ireahly
bloom in | bed of a thouaand flower*. The air wu
laden with the soft, aweet perfume that teemed to
be the very breath of the Koddea of pleasure and
a wooing to the gaieties of the occasion. A fountain,
neatly placed, wai playing all the evening,
the cologne which gave forth this perfume, and
the practiced senses of the ladle* at once detected
what It was. We need hardly lay that the fountain
and the two atomizers ware dispensing to the atmosphere
the odor of
in article of Southern manuiacture that haa
promptly won 1U way Into wide apread popularity.
This Cologne la of tfio finest quality, laiting and
delicious; and an esteemed article on the toilet
table of all that have used it. The quick and delicate
tense of th* "Myatlc Owls" at once discovered
lta merits, and they bad no happ'er conceit to
offer their gueats than these fountain Jets of delightful
perfume. Tbe fair danccra who found ao
grateful a refrtsher laat evening will pleaae themaelvea
and honor their entertainers by keeping up
the aenaatlon throughout the twelve-month by
mnan* nf thU delis html a^ont auM wwraw
$uslite*s Cauls,
Praotloul TJplioliiitcror,
Manufacturer of and Dealer in
A lot of Flue Kaay Chairs on haod, aul table for
Chriitmai Presents, etc
noM No- 17 ELEVENTH ST., near Math.
Carpenter and Builder,
Brick and Wooden Bulldlnga Erected.
Boots, Valleys, Sky Lights, Count*ra and Shelving
All work promptly attended to on reasonable
OT8HOP?Alley It, rear of Capitol. Bealdsnoa
Ho M Fifteenth afreet. Shop in rear. )al
nuonu xacuinuu uu nnfine Dnuaern,
Oor. Chapilne and Elfhtecnth Streets.
SPECIAL ATTENTION glren to Repair Work.
Agtnti tot the celebrated Jodioo QoTcroof.
Without Fain!
Gold 1.1 PUtflt.
GEO. C. MILLIGAN, Dentiit, |
Telephone No. 406. No. 1141 Market Street.
All kinds of plain and fanch
9m. u tod V tVOMttlM
Dr. J. ?. SMITH,
No. 1404 ChapUne Street,
Near Fourteenth Stroefc
The beat erldenoo oi a physiclan'a suooeas la the
teetimony ol his patients. The increasing domanda
lor mr professional aerriooa prove that I have
dealt honorably and fairly with those who have
consulted me. I uerer use a patient's name with*
oat permlcsion. though 1 hare many hundred oer?
titles tos from those whom 1 have cured after they
bad been pronounced Incurable. A thorough medical
education with many ytart hospital exnerlenoe
and familiarity with theraputlc agents, a close observance
of temperamental peculiarities and strict
attention to hygienic management Insures auooeaa,
a euro Is possible, and I frankly glre the patient ay
I-Iome Proof.
Kidney and Liver Diseases and Rheumatism.?
Buffered terribly?"Nothing aeemed to help me;
could not get out of bed. Or. Smith cured me."
ZEPH. PHILLIPS. Wheeling, W. Vs.
Catarrh, Polypus of Nose, Impaired \olce.?Suffered
lor yean; latent medicine failed to help me.
Dr. Smith completely cured me."
01 8neldel A Co., Wheeling. W. Vs.
Dyspepsia and ulcerated Stomach.-'Treatment
for years failed to rive mo reliei. Dr. Smith cured
me. THOMAS HOLT, Insurance Agent.
fits.?Had them lor fourteen year*. Dr. Smith
Scrofula, Running Sores on Head.?"My son was
afflicted lor fourteen years. Nothing aeemed to
help him. Dr. Smith cured him."
Market Street, Wheeling, W. va.
Cancer.?"Suffered for yeais with Caucer. Had It
uuium uinvuuvn. ikictuiucuHKi vw,u uwnr
tlon. Dr. Smith cured me without knife, cauiticor
pain." Hu. H. M. OBCUTT.
Piles, Fistula of Anus.?Flat on mjr beck for 13
weeks. imported dying. Dr. Smith oared me
without knlie In five weeks.
Wholesale Grocer, Main 8t, Wheeling W. Va.
Ulcerations of Rectum, Prolapsus and Piles.?
"Wu given up to die and pronounced Incurable.
Dr. Smith curvd me without knife."
Ker. H. O. Ladd writes:?"Dr. Smith's professional
Mnrlcoa in my family havo been moet satisfactory.
and 1 commend him to all aa a gentleman
and a iklllful physician."
Mn. Margaret fcolk says: "1 had been suffering
for seren years and treated by many physicians for
dyspepsia. Dr. Smith said 1 had a tape worm, and
in eight hours removed a monster 109 foet long."
Female Complaints.?Three years in hospitals for
females, giro me peculiar advantages in such cases.
Persons cured of catarrh, diseases of heart, liter,
stomach, kidneys, skin, blood, nerrous affections
and weaknesses of men and youth, scrofula and
ssthms testify to my success.
Piles cured without the knife.
Patients at a distance may bo treated by Jotter and
satisfaction guaranteed. A chart for nell-exam lnatienseuten
reoefpi of two Um&ceat stamps, and
advice returned free.
Consultation at office free. Office hours from 0 a
u. to 7 r. mm dally. Gall on or address,
No. 1404 Chapilne St.. Wheeling. W. Va.
VT /% -DnTa' mR?ii(itNicWu,LKr.ii
c /youthful indbemion.
A Radical CURE FOR1! J/too fn*lndulpoc?.or
flrtsnid ff 6akM33,ias;SfR?J,SJI5,.S;
,*JS25SSdi. J S'iJasrisa
InYqungA Middle A n0| icurfrrr with *tt*nAged
men* i tion n t,Q1.n?*?. or run
TesttdfoTovebBix I
YEARS BVUSIINMAHV ft KlentlBe tnwllftlprtaeiThousand
OAsga. =
TJI MA A iprclfle Icflurae? U fell
M n without dtUy. ThautU
w*p2il., u uril function i of til* to.
raiisa.vr. i ?A"KSa53
OnoMoath, - $800 J Hi# p*il*ntMooBMch??
Two Month*. - fl.ro fjl*nd npUl!yj:?inf both
Tbreo Montha. 7.00aMi?a*pgtii tad mzuaI vlfor.
80GH N. Tenth Ht.. 8T. LOUI3, MO.
D 11 DVURED PERSONS! Not :t Truos.
l\Ur A?k for torm? of ojir AnpllmcB.
It on be given In & cup of coffce or tea without I
the knowledge or therarson taking It. la absolutely
harmleM, aud will effect a permanent and apeedy
cure where the patient laamodeiaUs drinker or
an alcoholic wreck. It baa been given In thou
tand* of caae*. and In every inatance a perfect cure ,
haa followed. IT NEVER FAILS. The ayatem
once Impregnated with the Specific It, become* an !
utter Impotfclblllty for the liquor appetite to exlat. j
GOLDEN SPECIFIC CO., Prop'ra, Cincinnati, O.
For aale by LOGAN A CO..
Drugglata, Wheeling, W. Va.
Call or write for circulars and lull particular*.
JyfrMwar amh
ensaisynppFn frff
I mF MsrrtUut metai.
Insane Persons Restored
L b nerve Restorer
^ />r?//BRAm&N**V?DU*A?v Onlyturt
twt ftr A/r*t Af retHHt. ftll, tPtirpty. tie.
H INFALLIBLE IfUke* t< direct*!. A'? htiafltr
/Trttdmy't -it. Trritite ?n>t it trill bottl* free !
Fit patiaati. they p?yinr ctprruchirgeJoflboi -he?
r?r?i?ed. Send n*mrt. f. O. ?n>l eiprrit iA4r*w*m
Afflict* to Dm.KLtSE.yit Arth St.nu?^tc*u.r*
Will cnre Dlsoawea of the Kidneys, Gravel, Gleet, *
Btrlcturee, and all Urinary and Ureteral Dlaeaaea,
Ncrvoua and i'lynlcal Debility. Bemlnal Weakness,
Loss of Visor, Premature Docllue In Man, Early '
Decay, Im potency canned br errors of youth, ex- .
oeceea, Ac. Syphllla In all Its forma, sore throat '
and uoac, uloeni. eruptions, scrofula, tetter, aalt ;
rheum and all blood and skin diseases. Female '
Weaknoa speedily cured. Gonorrhea cored Is I ;
daya PrloefSOO. Sold In Wheeling, W. Vsl, by 1
K. F. DoCTuao, LMkS A Co., Drugglsta. Bent ky ,
ullaealad W_ !
u we r-#t.n;y ir:uaBien4
Tour < ??the J?*t retnnly .
MUfffurti |a ^?i| km.?ntou*fc?Gc#o?rh?r?
i to & iiitilh h"1 lileet.
We h?e Mid cwtiJer.
os ckba9ait-kun. every cam it
H _ _. h*?civ ta utufectiau
m Waool; W7U>. AleeU* I.Uk,
chtslal Co Hu<ucb.s. y.
vA. Cine!r.n
0hio-^V^ SoJrihyDrucr'tt*.
^ftlaigy \ Price ft.00.
jyl Mwar LOGAN A CO Agents.
a ah Uivttnnn vnnrnin'i TUPDrr.
IIUT dence, Nenroui Debility, cured by
IIA I Botanic Nerve Bitten, SOc., at 15 N. ,
LUU I Eleventh 8L, I'hlla., and Logan A" ;
Co.. Whaelior
ZiUbllahed Sept 1,1878,
Ptrancen and TinHon coming to Wheeling will ;
remember that the '".apltal Itfnlng Room# are now 1
in perfect running order, and good mcali can be
bad at all houn of the day or night.
auG NO 1134 11? MAREKTT.
JPianos, (Organs, Sec.
3VE O/V E 3D I
Boxed and Stored, at
Th- dm and for the Improved MaiohA Hamum
Piajiob It now ao lam that a aecond addition to tb<>
factory baa t*cotn? Imperative. Do not requlra on*,
quarter aa much tuning aa Planoa on the prevailing
wr??t-pln ?jr?ti?m. Consult Otalojra#, fw,
ino Stjrlea of OMAira, fib to WW. Jor laab. Eaijr
Payment*, or Rented.
Mason A Hamlin Organ and Piano Co.,
10 Sielu, jnst recelred by
nolS 1319 Market Street
Ifo uln charge tor Moulded Cretan, ?uia
Oondenaed tlme-uble of pMMncer train* corrected
to AUGUST 10,1886?Central Standard Time.
A.M.| A. II. [ A.M. f.M. T.U.
Bellalre. .... 6:86 8:2M 10:0o 8:25 4:28
Bridgeport. 5:47 8:83 10:12 8:86 4:SS
Marturi Perry 6:6W t;4l 10:20 1:43 4:48
Brilliant 6? 9:18 10:51 4:15 8:28
Steubenrille. 6:4ft 9:86 11:0b 4:8S 6:48
Toronto 7:04......... 11 :X 4:61 6:0a
McCoy's 7:14 11:8ft 6:00 6:U
Yellow Creek 7:36 11:4ft 6:12 6:28
I jr.*.
Wellirllle.....^. 7:48 L^| 12:20 5:fts 6:40
EMt LlrerpooL 7:56. 12:30 6:0*
KochMter..1:60 1:16 C:6C ...^
Allegheny- 9:40......... 2:06 7:8ft
Pltttporfn 9:60|... I 2:16 T:45
Alliance .. 10:2a 4:15
Ravenna. 11:08 4:50
Hndion 11:80 6:11 .......
Newburjc 12:1W 6:49
Cleveland 12:45| I 8:20
I A.M. I I A.M. r.M.j P.M.
Belltlre I 5:8s| 10:00 8:25,' 4:25
nnajrepon 6:?7 10:1a. a:?> 4:n
Maruu a Ferry- 5:5*1 io;;o 8:4.1 4:48
Yellow Creek 7:261 11:4&| 6:12 6:V8.
I r. m. 1
Wdlirllle 7:48 12:20, 6:&? 6:40
Bayard 9:67 8:52..
AliUnoe .? 12:26 4:20|
r. m. |
Canton 1:40 6:00
Uualllon ~. 2:01 6:18i ?
Manaflald 4:C2 7:40i
Creatllne 6.-26 8:10
Lime 10:50L.mm<
A. M.I
Port Wayne 4:06 12:40L..^.
CMoago - ?:30j 6:00|...^..|w
All trains dally except Sunday.
Tralni leare ClereUud for Wheeling at
2:10 p. m., arriving at 4:88p. m. and 7:58 n. m.
Paaaencer Annt, Whoellng, W. Va.
4. A. FORD,
Gen. Pa*, and Ticket Agent, Pit lab org h, P*.
J A MEM McCKKA, General Manager.
LOUIS RAILROAD?Pan Handle Route.
Time table tor VmmX and Weat corrected to Augtut
90.1885. Tralna leave Pan Handle atatlon, foot of
Elevenui itreet. near puouo landing, u follows;
Central Standard time:
Pitt*. East Put Pac."
stations. Exp's Exp's Exp's Pxp'r
a. m. p. m. p. m. p. h.
Leave?Wheeling. 6:50 12:4ft 8:35 8:06
Arrive?Wcllsburg. ~ 7:2m 1:25 4:14 8:40
BteubcnvMe 8:00 2:00 6:20 9:01
Pittsburgh 9:86 8:30 6:10...._
a.m. a.m.
Harrlsburg .. 1:10 1:10
Baltimore. .. 5:25 636
Washington 6:40 6:80
Philadelphia. 4:25 4:25 6:35 _
New York. 7:00 7:00 8:00
p.m. p.m. p.m.
Borton 8:00 8:00 8:86
Pac. Dcnn W5S XTstations.
Exp'a Exp's MalL c'm'ti
p. m. p. m. a. m. p. k>
Leave?Wheeling ~. 8:05 8:85 6:50 12:41
Arrive?titeubeuville. 9:03 6:20 8:00 2:00
Hadls ~ 7:10 8:50 4:80
Dennison 10:40 7:20 8:30 4:0d
a. m.
Newark...... 12:40...^.. 11:88 6:60
p. m.
Columbus. ~ 1:45 12:K 8:06
Leave?Columbus 2:00 12:56
Arrive?Dayton - 7:30 ._
Cincinnati....... 6:10 4:45 ...._
Indianapolis. 11:45 10:SG....^,
Jt. Louis 7:30 7:00....^
Chicago. . 6:5? 7:1ft
All trains dallv except Hundav.
Pullman's Palace Drawing Room and Bleep'r*
2ars through without chanKe from Hu'ubeurll^i
East to Philadelphia and New York. West to Go.'
imbus. Cincinnati. Loulsviilo. Chicago. Indianap.
)liii and 8L Louis.
For through tickets, ba*gage chocka, sleeping
jar ncoommodntlona, and an/ farther Information
ipply to JOHN G. TOMUNSON, Ticket Agent at
Pan Handle Htatlon, foot of Eleventh street, or a
31tj Ticket Ofllce, under McLurc House. Whi-ollcc,
Manager, Pittsburgh, I'a
Qen'l Pass. and Ticket Agent. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Time table corrected to JDLY 5. 1883. Trainl
eavo Panhandle Station, foot of Eleventh stn*k
scar public landing, aa follows?Central Standard
rimo?which la 86 minutes slower than Wheeling
eoixa booth.
Dally Daily AOPaan.
Pom. com,
.si. p.m. a.m.
>avo?Wheeling 8:86 8:25 S:8C
irrlvo-Benwood .. .. 6:6ft 1:45 8:55
tfouudsvlllo. ...... 7:15 4:06 9:40
Jlarlngton. .. T.bf, 4:45 11:21
Proctor 8:07 4:57 11:45
Sew Martinsville .... 8:25 5:15 13:*
Sard Is. 8:84 6:23 13:60
ilstornvlUe - 8:50 6:40 I'M
Priandly iMatamoraa) 9:03 5:58 3:05
3L Marys 9:8ft 6:25 S:I0
WiilJamstown JMarietta) 10:30 7:10 5:30
ParkeniburK. W. Va. 10:55 7:4ft 6:20
eoixe worru.
111, lit. I n?tlrl In.
Pub. Pus. com,
a.m. r.K. a.K.
Leave?Parkenbnrg.... 6:0 3:30 6:15
Arrive?Wlllianu to wn(Mari'tta) 6:30 4:03 7:80
3L Mann 7:1ft 4:60 9:25
Prltndfr (Matamorai) 7:48 5:28 11:00
Slaters rille 8:00 6:40 11:21
Sardii - 8:16 5:58 12:07
New Martlniviile- 8:? 6:08 12:80
Proctor 8:42 6:25 1:18
Clarincton 8:5b 6:87 1:48
MouoaiTllle. 9:45 7:20 8:25
Benwood 10:06 7:40 4:15
Wheeling- 10:20 8:08 4:40
Putenger traina dally Including Sunday. AO*
oommodatlou tralna ruru dally except Sunday.
Ticket Agent, Wheeling, W. VA.
On and alter MAY 8,1585. paiaeagcr tralna will
run aa follow?Wheeling time:
No. M. NoTl Soli
bait bound. Local. No.87 Daily No.88 Dally
Leave? a. m. r. v. a. m. a. m. r. u.
Wheeling 5:85 4:10 6:40 8:15 6:80
Bellaire. 6:55 5:01
Mannlngton......... 7:80 ..
Arrive* at r. k. P. v.
Grafton 4:00 11:06 1:10 10:11
P. M A. M.
Cumberland- ... 2:40 7:00 a JO
WMhinifton City ? 6:90 K
Baltimore 7:80 8:80
No. 85.83 and 87 ?top at all Btatlona
No. 2) No. 4 No. C
wnrr B0D5D. No. 14 No. 12 Daily Daily Dally
Leave- a. m. r. u a. x. r. *. r. m.
Wheeling 7:86 8:40 9:15 7:50 10:*
Belial re 8:10 4:16 10:06 8:27 11:01
Arrlre at p. u. a. u.
ZancarllU 11:20 7:00 12:16 10:10 1:10
Newark 1:20 10:80 2:00
Columbus . 2:40 11:66 8:10
A. M.
Cincinnati ? .. 7:26 4:00 7:50
Banduaky .... ? 6:80 8:51
Indlanapolla..... U:00 7:06 4:41
A. K. ML
Bt Loula 7:80 6:46 l:8Q
a. v.
Chicago.............. 5:40 9:00 7:20
p. u.
KanaaiClty 8:00 8:80| 9KM
Moundarllle accommodation leavra Wboelln* at
U:Sft a. m., and arrives at Moundsvllle at 12:lfp,
m. daily except Sunday.
Mannlnxton accommodation at 4:10p. m.
Zancsrlfle accommodation leaves wheeling
7:tta.m. and 1:40 p.m. Bellalre at 8:10 a. m.
4:16 p. m., dally except Sunday.
10:25 p. m. train tnrough to Cincinnati without
change, with B. AO. Sleeper through to Cincinnati.
B. & O. Sleeping Can on all through tralna.
Through Coach Irom Wneeling to Cincinnati on
No. 2, leaving WheeUugat 9:15 a. a., arriving at
Cincinnati at 6:50 a m.
Close connection! are made for all point* South
and Southwest, North and Northwest, making this
a desirable route lor colonists and persons moving
to the great West, and to whom particular attention
Is given.
Tickets to all principal points on sale at Depot.
Sleeping car accommodations can be secured at
Depot Ticket Office.
TtiOH C. BURKK, Ticket Agent B. A 0. Depot
JOHN T. LINK. Trmy Cuwiimr Avont
It T. DKVRIKB, General Agent, Wheeling.
B. AO.
on and after JUNK 21,1*88, p?engir tralni will
ran u follow*- Wheeling time:
For Pittsburgh?4:40 a. m., 6:S5 p. m. dally; 7:45
a. m., i:'Jb p. m., dally except Sunday.
For Wainington?6:0b p. m? dally except Bandar.
From Pituburgh-ll:0o a. m.. 6:0b p. m., dally
except Sunday; 10:14p. m., dally; 9:06 a. m. dally.
From Washington?4:06 a. m., dally; 11:06 a. m.,
1:06 p. a., dally except Sunday; 10:16 p. m., dally.
C. K. LORD, Oeneral Passenger Agent.
B. DUNHAM, Oeneral Bup't.
J. T. LAKK, Tray. Pass. Agt. Wheeling.
No. 1161 Market Bt. Wheeling, W. Va.
VCollectldns attended to and proceedi prompt*
TtwttUwi snrOfe
Office. Odd Fellow*' Hall, corner Chapllne and
Twelfth streets, Wheeling, W. Va. Attorneyi fur
the Wheeling BusIqcn Men's Collecting Bureau.

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