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falling ?owrtet.
Absolutely Pure.
Thli powder nemr rarit*. A marvel of purity,
?tr*?D(f'h and wbol*4omcuers. Moro cajuotnlcal
than the ordJncry kln<J?. and caanot bo told in
competition witn the multitude of low twt, abort
wrlght alum c<r pbcpliate fcowdenu tk,id atdy In
ca*4. Botal Baxi.ho l'ovrpinCo.. 106 Wall ilmt,
K?? Ynrk OT*
gVco. fa., anooft & Ca.
geoTm, snook
<Sc CO.
Invite special attention to the
immense stock of Ladies',Gents'
and Children's Underwear ol
every description, just received.
Our prices on Underwear are
the lowest in the city.
Another lot of the celebrated
Cannonsburg Wool
Blankets received These
arc the largest and finest
Rlnnkets offered for the
Our Cloak Department is replete
with the latest and choicest
styles 01 Ladies', Misses' and
Children's V;raps, which, notwithstanding
the recent advances.
we still offer at old
lllO Mala Htreet.
Cli-A-S- E. MASON,
l!i05 Market Street.
off a. ?r. In I p. v.. 'ilnlM. It*
sos. Vo ui;<i a< Fourteenth Htretiu
Haw Advertiaem?DU.
Wanted?A Girl.
A 1'ocketnooi.
aparer.Lm. ?*c.. to-day? !>. C. Jr.
Henley Monarch tor Gtutv-KVoltt A Brc
II.*' Itahrrns? truest Gr-cery m the CJty.
Far ' ale or Exchange?A Farm?J. ii. JJrtiior.
Money Wanud-G o binilh.
Fv.r ciucluutt't- S turner A tulca.
"Utile Lord Fmiutleroy."
For Kanl and Fur bale?W. II. Rinehart, Kcal
Estate Rent.
vs heeling Hakery Co.- It read, Cakes, Ac.
I>lam mflh?i. G. Uilion.
Cea'n lor cilice Vte?U. (Jundling <i Co.
(a:d ol Thank*-1* ilta' aid aoir.ety.
Opera Hutue? Burr (Jam.
A bdiwl ot ahoi t an i aud Typewrlllnj-Wheelinr
Hlln.llt* OollHf.9
i Lnr.cy tibk) > Academy ul Mutlc?Our Jouathan.
TVE caution tlio public agralnat Agents
ft ho claim lo sell goods fur us ou nce*Jjr
payments. They are impostors.
JACOB IV. Uhtlilf, Jeweler.
Yf E hare now on exhibit our Fall and
TVliter stock of YYooiens, being a complete
line of .Suiting, I'antaloonlngs and
Overcoatings, which we .shall get up in
first-class style aud (It, and at lowest
prices, also, a full line of Furnishing:
?wu? ninujo uu uuiiu!
FOR comfort, ett out of those Best
Knit Jackets at 1'. HESS ? SONS'.
Thtrmomaur JUcord.
The following Bhowa the range of the
thermometer as observed at Schiiepf'sdrng
store, Opera House corner, yesterday: 7
a. M.t 2ti?; 12 m., 38?; 3 v. m.,40?; 7 r. m?
30?. Sunday: 7 a. 24?; 12 m., 3(??; s
]* ii.y 41?; 7 i*. m. 34?.
Washington, Nov. 30.?1 a. m.?For the
Ohio Valley anil Tennessee, cloudy weather
followed by IccaI rains, stationary temperature
except in the eastern portion of
the Ohio Valley, slightly warmer variable
For the Lower Lake region, slightly
warmer cloudy weather, local rams or
now, variable winds generally westerly
and shifting during Tuesday to northerly.
Fidtral Oltlc* A?ptr?nta.
It la understood that Mr W. J. Johnston,
of the llfgitln office, who wsh reported
to be blanketed for a position on the
force of Collector of Internal Revenue
McGraw, of this State, is now
hilled for the ofllce of Surveyor of Customs
at this port, which is also wanted by
ex-Mayor Kxerter and Col. M. Edwards.
What the causes were that led to a change
in the aims and purposes of Mr. Johnston
are not known.
Bridgeport OIUudi uu HemlrlcUi' L>e?th.
A well attended moeting of the citizens
of Bridgeport was held Saturday night, at
which appropriate resolutions on the
death of Vice-President Hendricks were
reported by a committee consisting of J".
E. B. McDonald, George C McKee, T. E.
Orr and Ross J. Alexander, and unanimously
adopted. Mayor Junkins presided,
and Messrs. McDonald, Alexander,
Rov. C. 0. Hayes and McKee made feeling
remarks. Messrs. Alexander and McDonald
were appointed a committee to
have all the bells of the town rung at the
time of the funeral.
VUMtnt Hlrthday Surprla*.
Saturday was the thirty-first birthday of
Mr. J. E Paris, of the Island. Aa he waa
about to leave home Saturday evening to
come over to town on buaineaa, friends oegan
to drop in by ones and two's, and tinally
about a score made a descent on the
honse in a body. Theguesta were invited
by Mrs. Faris without her husband's
knowledge, and comprised "his sisters and
his conains and his aunts" and hia brothers
and uncles and other family connections
to the number of about forty. Sev*
eral Bellaire relatives were in the party.
A most enjoyable evening was spent, not
the least pleasing feature being an elegant
repast prepared by liis bettor half "on the
sly." Mr. Fans talks of removing to Kansas
shortly, and the gathering was as mnch
by way of a sort of?farewell as anything.
Matfri of Minor Monuat ta ud Abo at tb#
Hcxtebs say both squirrels tod rabbits
are plenty.
Jakes O'Neill in '*Monte Christo" at
the Opera House thif evening.
Two more marriage licences were issued
Saturday. The boom continues.
The Water Board's new quarters in the
Public Building are being fitted up for occupancy.
Mooke & Vivian Comedy Company in
"Our Jonathan" at Charley Shay's Academy
this evening.
A colored mau drove his horse over
the ateep bank at the foot of Ninth street
I .Saturday, breaking bis cart badly.
| J. Holmes Ukoveb concluded his week's
engagement at Charley Snay's Academy I
Saturday night to a good audience.
Twenty-one snow storms are predicted
lor this winter. Make a note of the introductory
last week and watch for the otner
Tue condition of Town Marshal McCone.r
Kriii(tt?tinrt. ia improving
every day, an J hopes are entertained o7
liia speedy recovery,
Tint superintendent of the national road
is having a large amount o( broken stone
piaeed on it from the head of Seventh
ftreet out beyond Fulton.
Hknry Siullcross will call his new
wagon, built expressly for theatrical
fcenery, the "Monte Chriato." It will be
used to-day (or the first time.
Kkv, Mk. Ulkkkt, of SL John's German
Lutheran church, lias purchased the Wilson
residence, on Market street,Fifth ward,
and will shortJy occupy it. The price paid
was $5,000.
The Central Glassworks.has presented
the city police force, through Officer Carney.
with a handsome cut-glass water
pitcher, which now ornaments the desk
at headqunrters.
W&i.tkk Maknuall was driving a horse
in a sulky on Market street above E'gbth
?ati!niiiv wli<>n th? horse ran awar and
the Bulky collided with a lamp post and
was demolished.
Mr. David Gobi:, of the Island, has received
from San ford, Florida, some fine
oranges raised in his own grove, and
shipped November 1", 1886. Tne fruit arrived
in excellent condition.
Mb. JogBru Wkbh has returned home
from the Arkansas liot Springs where he
.has been lor the past two months. For
the past three years he has been seriously
troubled with a diseased eye. ilis visit to
the Springs had the effect o! greatly relieving
the troublesome organ.
The Court house is being profusely
draped in mourning for Mr. Hendricks.
All buildings under control of the Are
departmentand the City Building
have also been decorated with
the sombre emblems of sorrow, and the
Postollico drapery was all put in place
Saturday. Several lUgs draped in crape
are displayed about town.
Tut funeral of Mr. Fredericks, who died
last Friday from the etlects of a cut on the
knee received six months before, took
place yesterday afternoon from his la-.e
residence on Coal street and was one ol
the most largely attended seen in North
Wheeling for a longtime. Several German
singing, benevolent and Biuret societies
attended in fnll force.
Thrbx will be no music at the Chapliue
ctret t rink on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday
evenings. A telegram from Chas.
Reark, ol East Liverpool, ()., has been received
by Messrs. Entler and Rose stating
that he would accept Sheppard's challenge,
and would skate at the Chapline
street rink on Thursday night next, December
3. The race will be three miles,
$%>0 a side.
auout puorle.
sftr?ngor? in tho Olijr and Wheeling folki
Mr. andMrf. M. Keilly have taken roomi
at the St. James.
State Superintendent of Schools Morgax
was iu the city Saturday.
Sberiir W. C. Haudlau returned yesterday
mowing from a trip to Boston."
Miss Kate Robinson, ol Canada, is vis:
iting Mit8 Julia Flatting, of the East End
Mr. B!ggs, of Mcundsville, who hai
been visiting in the city, returned home
last evening.
Mr. J. Cooper, cf Belmont county. who
has been visiting friends in North wheeling,
returned home Saturday.
Sam G.-llobinoon, who has been visitfag
his home in the city, will return to
U'uoo), at Washington, Pa., this morning.
Prof. W. H. Woolerv and wife and Mr.
A. H. Rumble, of Bethany, and Hon. J.
U. Palmer, of Wellsburg, were at the McLure
House Saturday.
Alex Laird, the well-known Baltimore
& Ohio otlicial at this point, and his wife,
were in Parkersburg several days last
week visiting friends.
Mr. John R. Duulap, general manager
of the Louisville Commercial, arrived in
the city Watuiday, and after seeing a few
of his old friends left (or Washington last
evening. He will be in the city again in
a few days.
Miss Minnie Bezsll, a pupil at Mt. de
Cbantal, fpent Saturday at her home in
Steubenvilie celebrating her birthday,
She was accompanied by her friend, Miss
Maggie Wright, and also Miss Daisy
Carothers, of Wellsburg. The ladies were
chaperoned by one of the sisters.
Collector John T. McGraw, of Grafton,
and Hon. C. E. Wells, of Glover's Gap,
were in town yesterday. Mr. McGraw
was accompanied by his sisters, Misses
Mary, Rosa and Minnie McGraw, who returned
to Mt. de Cbantal after spending
the Thanksgiving holidays at home.
Mr.O.G.Schotield,oneof Collector of Internal
Revenue McGraw's chief clerks, has
resigned, and his resignation was scepted.
to take tiled December 12. Mr. fa'choflela
was one of the old force ret lined by Mr.
McGraw. It is understood that Mr. b'choileld
will engage in business in this city.
A HpeclnJ Sa1? for LnilUa.
There will be a special auction sale next
Wednesday afternoon, at Franzbeim's
jewelry store, of the elegant assortment of
bronzes, clocks, mantel ornaments and
brai?9 goods that arc at present displayed
in the windows of the store. All of these
goods are ol the very b J3t and must be
sold. A better opportunity to purchase
due wedding or holiday presents is seldom
ottered. Notice of this special SAle is
given this early in advance in order to
unoVila thfl Indian tn make their arrange
ments to attend. Every afternoon at 2:30
o'clock there is an auction sale to which
ladies art specially invited. Arrangements
are made for their reception at
these sales. The entire stock, including
fixtures, must be closed out by January
12. Thus far prices-have been ruinously
The usual rehearsal by the Opera House
Orchestra at Maennerchor hall last evening
was attended by a crowd which comfortably
filled the hall, though the invitations
were limited to members and their
families. The following programme was
charmincly rendered, under the direction
of Prof. Louis Vaaa:
March. "Geots? Victor" .P. Hermann
Overture tnlUtalre H. KUug
Wall*. "Auu?u" from Nauon R. Ueaue
Selection from tbo Jourucy through
Airlca. tAlrlkftttlie) F.V. Buppe
auartette for four flutes A. Itetuha
oiide da to (Jnrtto - 0. Loew
Ovirrturo, "The Wivea of Weltuberg"...U. A. Conrad
BelecUon. "Mualcftl Review" - M. Cutl
Folkti, "Dir rohergeUt" A. Unocchl
To Uu Editor of Uu InUUUjtttetr.
Sir:?I Bee in jour morning issue a
card of thanks to me tor my kindness ind
liberality. Now, I don't see why I should
not be ns thankful to those men as they
are to me, for I cannot pave a street without
workmen, and the workiogman is
worthy of his hire, and he should have a
fair equivalent for hi? labor, so I return
my thanks and my beat wuhes.
David tn?i, Contractor,
Whttlmg, Aot. 28, 1885.
LJ.Good*Co. tell dry goods the cheapest.
To OritDlii a National Society for their Pro*
taction and the Furtherance of their Int?r*iU-Tb?
Work to be Computed
Next Sunday?Nail Newa Notes.
A very largely attended meeting of representatives
of the nail-feeders now employed
in the factories of this city and
other places where the seventeen-cent
scale is in force, was held yesterday afternoon
in the hall of Nallieedera' Union "No.
1 in this city, fn the McLain block. The
object of the meeting was to take the preliminary
steps toward the organization of
a trades union of the same general character
as the United Nailers before its amalgamation
with tho Kellers' and Heaters'
Association. The organization is intended
to bo national in its scope. The work
of forming tho union was only started yesterday,
and the meeting adjourned to reftsaouiblo
in tho same placo next Sunday
afternoon to perfect the organization.
President Hill, of Union No. 1, said
la?? niirht that tho meatine was a fullv
representative one, and the prospects for
the organization of a national union wero
bright. The organization wilt naturally
be comparatively limited in its membership
and influence at tirst, but Mr, Hill
thinks it will grow rapidly, and beceme a
power in the nail trade.
Mr. A. It jckerliausen, the Bellaire coal
operator, make* the following proposition:
lie will give the ground for the erection
of a natt"ralll on hia premises, and agrees
to take stock in the mill amounting to the
value of all hi? properly excepting$15,000, i
which sum is a debt against the prern- I
iBes. The Bellaire Tribune, in speaking
of this offer, saya: "At a low estimate
thU prope ty is worth $50,000 and possesses
every advantage of location, besides
being underlaid with coal which is easy
of access. VV'e understand Mr. itociorhauscn
is correspon ling with nail men in
regard to this matter, and that it is by no
means improbable that ere long we will
have another nail mill."
Tho striking nailers of Pittsburgh have
received a communication from the Mayor
of (iallipolis, O., who says that he has
been authorized by E. Beta, a Councilman
of the town, to offer the nailers an advantageous
site of four acres and 125,000 in
money if they would locate their proposed
co-operative nail factory there. The
writer speaks of the many natural aud
other advantages of Gallipolis, of its river
and railroad interests, and expresses the
hope that the ofler will be carefully considered.
_ The management of the nail works at
Terra Mauie, iuu., nave ueciueu to put
the puddlera at work single turn to-dapr.
This will give employment to 120 men in
that department. The mill does not need
the iron at present, bnt it will be needed
before spring, and it Is thought beet to
have it made now. The nail works com*
}>any does not desire to give any more
eetiers machines atprefiont, hut the management
say they will probably do bo
Boon. .Several applications for machines
have been made. There is a rumor at
Tcrraliaute that the mill will soon be run;
ning full in all departments. Thefeodersare
seeking employment elsewhere. Last
week a party of four or five went to Uantralia,
ill. The mill there is running until
y o'clock at night on the 21 cent scale.
The L?bt>r Mm* mania*.
The committee of the Ohio Valley
Trades and Labor Aeserohlv, to which was
i referred the matter of arranging for a
ma** meeting under the auspices of the
, association, has decided to hold tho meeting
next Saturday night at the Alhatnbra
rink, in tho Eighth ward. The Alham1
bra was selected on account of being the
largeat hall in the city, and the seating
capacity extensive, although it ig intended
Wttiil enlarge it by tilling the skating
- surface with benches and chairs.
A strong effort will be made to secure
i Mr. John Jarrett, tjr President of the
i Amalgamated Association, as one ci the
speakers, and Hon. A. D. Fassett, of
Youngatown, has signified his willingness
to bo present and deliver an address.
Local foc9q*t(i<|| ifo'M.
The hinge factory has commenced ihe
manufacture of garden rakes for the trade
of 188(3.
Bell's foundry will resume work this,
morning after an idleness of several days.
They have lots of orders on hanij. I
Since the now furnace at Hobbs, Brockunier
A Co.'s South Wheeling glass house
w&s put into use about thirty additional
hands have found employment there.
The members of the Nailers', Hollers'
and Heaters' Association are considering
the advisability of including the naiU
feeders in the scope of their organization.
The Riverside works at Wellslmrg
is turning out an immense quantity or
glassware, and seems to have no difficulty
in disposing of it, making shipments to ail
parts of the country, and even to foreign
The Pittsburgh la lor Tribunes^*] "A
number of the feeder-nailers in the
Wheeling factories are running six machines
each, and the managers are instructed
to 'pass anything with a head and
point to it.' ' Feeders say none of the
new nailers have over four machines, and
claim that they make aa few bad nails as
were ever made by the same force.
The Venture glass works, the co-oper
alive pon^ern started at Wellsburg
recently by a number of workmen, ii?a
met with aucceea, and promiaes to become
guite an addition to the manufacturing
interests of that town. The works were
recently enlarged by the building of a tenpot
furnace, and atarted up laat week with
an increaaed number of handa. They
make a specialty of lanterna and glaaa
jara. *
The Wellaburg U>tal aaya; "Mr. A. B.
Seamon, Preaident of the Wellaburg window
glaaa worka, states that propoaitiona
have been made by parties to leaae the
worka, and other propoaitiona have been
made to run it on the co-operative, plan,
but no decision has yet been reached.
Moat likely could the company secure a
supply of pu the factory would atart up
at once. However, by January 1, or in
that neighborhood, moat likely, an effort
will be made to atart the worka."
Prosecutor Jordan Move* lo Dismiss the
Facet In Pari II.
In Part II of the Circuit. Court Saturday,
Judge Jacob overruled the motion lor a
new trial in the case of George S. Wallace,
convicted laat term of abducting his
wife'a niece, named McKnight, and aentonced
him to three years in tho panitentiary.
Prosecuting Attorney Jordan moved on
Saturday to diamiaa the jurora heretofore
aummoned for service in criminal caaea,
and order a new panel drawn and aummoned,
giving aa his reaaon the evident
Met mat tue lormer jurors nau no aaequaie
conception ol their duties to tho public.
Bat (our indicted parties have so far had
jury trials this term. They were Ed.
lithman, accused of complicity in the
Oeyer diamond robbery; Ed. MacNamara,
indii'ted lor the larcenr of a vatch at the
Arion hall; Fat Connelly, arretted as ono
ol the three men who boldly robbed
Gering's grocery, jn East Wheeling, laat
winter, and George Schick; chanted with
embeuleraeat All were acquitted by
aubatantially the same jury. This lias
caused k good deal of comment. One man
aaid Saturday that if Peter Heiaer reada
the Wheeling papers he will begin to
think he was a fool to run away when he
eould have remained and been legally acquitted
without trouble.
Ir yon are billons, take Dr. Pierce'a
"l'leaaant Purgative Pellets," the original
"Uttl* UTer Klta," Uf all druggists.
"Mont# Ohrlsto" thl? Evening-" Oar Job*than,"
This evening JameeO'NeiV with an el- '
ficient supporting company and a carload
of special scenery, will render "Monte
Christo" at the Opera House. 80 much
has been said of the plsy and of Mr. 0'Nail,
that little remains lobe said. Everybody
knows be is an able actor and
baa a great play. Everywhere "Monte
Christo" is presented, ita performance is
witnessed by audiences which, in numbers,
seem to be limited only by the holding
capacity of the ^ theatre. It is not
mnch wonder that, prior to Mary Anderson's
return to this country, when her
manager, Mr. Abbey, offered him twentytwo
tboua&nd dollars to piay the leading
roles of her company during the present
season, O'Neil declined the offer.
The mention in a Sunday paper of a
rumor that Mr. O'Neill used to be a
Wheeling printer, doubtless comes from
the statement, which is made on good
authority, that Mr. O'Neill did Bome years
ago work here for awhile at his trade of a
file-cutter. He is a Buffalo boy, and was
there apprenticed to a ttie maaufacturer,
and afterward worked at this trade in several
towns, one of them, it is said, being
This evening this line musical and
comedy organization win open a week's
engagement at Charley Shay's Academy
of Music, presenting a musical comedy
! called "Our Jonathan." Tha piece is said
to abound in hninor and pathos, and to
be liberally interjpersed with pleasing
musical numbers, well rendered by the
The Philadelphia Time* aays: Standing
room -only-could be bad at # o'clock
last night at the Grand Central Theatre
to see the Moore & Vivian Comedy Company
in the great nationalooinedy of "Our
Jonathan," which received rounds of applauso
and screams of laughtah Somo of
the scenes and situations are extremely
funny, William Moore is a great character
actor and comedian. Miss Bella
Vivian is a petite and dashing 6onbrette,
and the two made themselves great favorites
with the audience, receiving encore
after encore. "Oar Jonathan" has been
written to please the masses, and strikes
the public taste, as everybody waa delighted
with the entire performance.
They will draw crowded houses wherever
they go.
Among the future attractions booked
for the Wheeling Opera House are Baker
& Farron, December 10 and 11; Hartley
Campbell's "Galley Slave," December 15.
It is said that Col. Jake Kemplo has
signed with "Pat. liooney's" company for
the season of '80 and will drop. in among
liia old Wheeling friends about-Chriatmaa.
He is probably doing the burlesque
On Wednesday and Thursday evenings
Miss Louise Kial, supported by a fine company,
will appear at the Opera House in
"Called Back and ''Fortune's Jb'ool," at
popular prices. Among the good things
said by the press are the following:. 'The
l attention of the ladies is particularly eaU,
ed to the munificent wardrobe of Miss
Kial. The dresses and cloaki used in
"Fortune's Fool" alone are valued at
$4 000. They wero manufactured by
Worth, of Paris, and are marvels of taste
and elegance. The Louise Rial Combination
can justly claim for their ladies a first
place on the role of American stage beauties.
Two more beautiful women than
Miss Kial and Mias Bigger would be hard
to tlnd.
"Burr Oaks,"' an American play on the
"Silver King" order, will be presented
next Friday and Saturday at the Opera
House. It is spoken of ai a groat play
adequately presented.
ewmktt'h last spree.
A dispatch from Williamsport, Pa.,
under date of the 27th says; Joe Emmett
was gloriously "full" all yosterday afternoon.
wandering around the streets in a
(lasted condition and visiting the saloons. I
Before the curtain went up he stepped out I
of the stage door, and no one know where I
he had gone. After considerable searching
he was found in a bar-room in his
costume of "Frifa," talking to a crowd.
The curtain rose, and for some time be
wandered aimlessly about the stage. He I
declares that this is his last performance, j
Other members of the company wero
under the influence of liquor, and the
audience hissed them.
An UnaxpecUd Picking op In Polio* btuiniH.
Saturday was an unusually dull day in
police ifircles, and yesterday was yery ljte
| unto it up to dork last evening. In the
30 hours ending at 3 o'clock yesterday
afternoon, only one unfortunate was locked
up, Tom Pyles being run in by Officer
Carney for drunkpnnesa. l^aat evening
I a slight boom sot in. Yesterday residents
of the Second ward complained of the
house of Fannie Ritchey, on TeiM stroet,
aud a warrant was issued, on which Officer
Watson last evening run in Mrs.
Ritchey and her sister, Maud Francis.
I Officer' Dunlap shortly after lodged
Lou Buckhannon, the laaaaciouq
! darkey better known 83 "Old Buck," beI
hind the bars, the first time in the new
cage, but about the ninety and ninth on
, the same charge?vag. and drunk. "Buck11
was declaiming tbe Declaration of Independence
aud begging tobacco last night
j just as he used to in the old bastile, and
linally securing a chew he said. "Eat, drink
and be merry, for to-morrow ^re die,'' and
lay down contentedly. Michael Dolan
| was put in by Lieut. Junkins as a vag., and
John Kelly by Officer Deylin foy diaoider
in the ifiighttt ward. Devlin also run in
Thomas Kichardson for fighting, and
Km ma Meriken, a hard looking female,
for being on the streets for improper puvpwpfl,
The four or five colls this left vacant
were occupied at U o'clock last night by
wayfarers who were merely given free
lodging there. Tramps and others who
apply are given lodging for one night, but
on a second application are locked np as
vagabonds and arraigned in Coijrt.
Two little girls, one colored and the
other white, neither over thirteen jrears
ol age, but both known to the pollfce as
hard characters, were fined Jo and ro?t?
eacli in police court Saturday for Immorality
in public.
Bar* Chance for U*rf alnr,
The Auction fialeof Watches. Diamond*,
Jewelry, 8olid Silver Ware, lino French
Marble (Jlocka and Bronzes, at the store of
A. A. Franzheirn, 1209 Market street, is
still going on. Mr. Franzheirn ia deter*
mined to close out by the first of the year.
It is a fine opportunity for our citizens to
obtain tine goods at their own prices, and,
asChristwas is fast approaching, it. will
pay you all to attend the Auction Sale and
purchase what goods you want lor presents.
On Wednesday afternoon next, Decernber
'J, at 2:30 o'clock, Mr. Franzheirn
makes a special sale of French Marble
Clocks. French and Brass Bronzes. Do
not fail to attend thia sale. Notice will be
given in the papers the day the Solid Silver
will be sold.
Ol'h rpadf* am raiitioriAil about buvincr
medicines which ire not endorsed by some
well known druggist. Logan & Co., Edmund
Booking and Charles Menkomeller
have made a thorough study of Blood diseases,
and alter aicareful investigation,
and many practical tests, positively assert
that Acker's Blood Elixir will cure all
blood disorders, ridding the system ol its
impurities, and leaving it strong, vigorous
and healthy. They warrant it. It is a
certain cute (or all skin diseases, rruuw
Durino a serious run ol whooping
cough at Stillwater, N. V., the physicians
found that Acker's English Remedy was a
posltivs cure, and prescribed it very Ireely.
Logan A Co., Edmund Bockingand Charles
Menkemeller say thai in all their experience
they never knew any medicine to
eqnsl it. They gnarantee It to cure all
Coughs (especially chronic case*); Croup,
Aithina and Consumption, rtutw
Of the United lUUr, AddrMiii Thr? Mn(.
lot* In tbU City?An Earneif, Practical,
Ihooghtful Woman?The Character
of the Argnmant* She U?M.
Mre. Caroline B.Bnell, of New York,
Corresponding Secretary of the National
W. C. T. U., who haa been engaged by tho
State W. C. T. U. for one month to talk
temperance in general and the W. 0. T.
U. work in particular to the people oi
Weat Virginia, arrived in the city Saturday.
That evening aho spoke at the
Fourth street M. K. church, yesterday
morning at the Chapline. Street M. ?.
church and again at the Fourth Street
church last evening. Each meeting was
attended by good-sized audiences and Mrs.
Buell's remarks wero listened to with
earnest attention.
In appearance Mrs. Buell is a modest,
unaesumiug little person, but what sho
says is said with so much vim and earnestness
that she is found at all times to interest
her hearers, no matter what their
sentiments may be upon the topics that
she speaks of.
Iler addresaes hero have been noticeably,
practical and logical, in addition to
being earnest. She makes a special point
on this: that the controversy between tho
people and the liquor traffic is a question
lor Christians, philanthropists, taxpayers,
business men, professional men, educators,
ministers and patriots. Abovo all, it
is pre-eminently a woman's question, and
on this she lavs great stress. Her style is
somewhat of a departure from that of the
average female temperance lecturer. Bhe
draws no awful picture of the evil effects
of tho liquor tratlic, but in a quiet, dispassionate
manner presents facts and figures,
and on these bases her appeals for reform.
I In speaking of the question as one for
the women of the land to be up in arms
about, she referred in a strong, forcible
way to the fact that it was woman who
was made to feel most keenly the effects
and disgrace of the business.
Like tho majority of temperance speakj
ere she was in favor of prohibition to tho
I fullest extent, and she cited many illustrations
designed to fortify her position in
i this respect. Bhe spoke of the "fallacious
objections" to prohibition; gave her
[explanation of the "vast difference
between 'civil liberty' and 'personal
liberty'"; pictured the shame of
I a nation where the saloon was the pioneer
of civilization, and closed with an
[eloquent prophecy of the time to come
when alcohol should be prostrate and
| helpless under the loot ol univeral l'rol
hibition. She gave at some length her
reasons for prohibition, as regards a perpetuity
ol a republican form of government.
She has made an unusually favorable
reputation here.
Prominent CltUou of ClarkebarK L?ld to
Nathan Goff, Sr., of Clarksburg, known
all overtho State as "Uncle Kate" Goff,
died at his home lafct Friday, and was
buried yesterday, the funeral being the
most largely attended seen at Clarksburg
lor a long time. Mr. Goff was au uncle ol
Congressman Golf, and lias been a prominent
figure in West Virginia history. He
I was born in 179S and with his father's
family came to Harrison county very early
| in life, an'l to Clarksburg in 1831, where,
las in Morgantown, he was engaged successfully
in the mercantile business. He
was President of the Merchants* National
Hank from its organisation. He w?? for
yearn Mayor of Clarksburg, and was
elected to the Legislature as a
Republican and Union man several
' successive terms, commencing
in 1803. He was an active oud consifiteut
Methodist. Goff Chapol bears his name.
He was for years treasurer of the Harrison
County Bible Society and did much to dis
tribute the Bible among the destitute. 440
was an active business man and possessed a
large fortune, perhaps moro than half a
million dollars, ije was twloe married,
liis tlrst wife was Miss Catharine Briton,
whom he married in Monongalia county
while he was yet quite a yoijnu man.
liis second wife was tyns Mary Hornor,
who survive* him.
A Yoaog Man Literally Kuaated Allye In
Latrli County.
The QienviUo Cr?icrni of last week tells
af the shocking death of Frank Workman,
who resided with his mother on Indian
Fork, in Lewis county, near the Gilmer
line, Workman, who was about 25 years
of age, lived with his mother, in a small
cabin with one door. Workman had been
to a danco, and returning in tho morning
laid down to deep. His mother went to
a neighbor's, leaving the young
man asleep. Home time after she had left
the house some of the neighbors discovered
the house on tire, and rushed to the
scene, but were too late ta save anything
from the house. The mother had not jet
arrived and the parties were endeavoring
ta t?we the household
gouds, unconscious of the fact that there
was a human being inside unable to make
his escape. Th? house wa?i about to fall,
ant) the chimney gave way,when the spectators
were horrified to see the bodv of a
man rtrnn rlnu-n intn tho Krp nlmm. Wrtrlf.
man bad endeavored to mako his escape
from the buUdiug by climbing out of the
cUituuey, his mother having fastened the
door from the outside, and tho top o( the
chimney being too small t.o allow his body
to pass through, ha became fastened in the
cbiuiuev and died a horrible death. When
found, both legs were burned ofl'aud the
body was terribly disfigured.
II? /til with a thud la the plating rink
And tho Accident cauted a wild turmoil,
Bui he pulled out n bottle and quick a* a wink,
Ilia bruliea were ScAled by St. JACob# Oil.
Tub ladles should attend the afternoon
sales at A. A. Franzheim's jewelry store.
They will lind many tempting articles, and
the afternoon sales will be conducted with
special reference to their accommodations.
ItlVKlt KEW8,
Stage of.the Water and MoTeminti of tht
The Ironton Regitttr savs that the Bay
Brothers are talking of building another
steamboat like the Minnie Bay.
The Sootia passed down Saturday morning
in good time and the Katie Stockdale
passed up yesterday about noon. Both
had medium trips.
The Louis A. Shirley got away Saturday
evening with a good trip o! iron,
glass and general merchandise. Charlie
Reeves, a former well known Wheeling
boy, is clerk on tho Shirley.
The coal shipments from Pittsburgh on
last week's rise amounted to about 1,000,000
bushels. There is more loaded aod
rnndv to mine out of the locks on the next
Tbo Marine Journal says: "Some
freight! are taken lit -Now Orleans at Cincinnati
at 8 cents a hundred, which will
not par any boat to handle. Twelve and
a hall to fifteen cents per hnndrsd weight
la the rate on other freights, at which
figures there doee not seem to be a prospect
of any of the steamers coming out
even on the trip of l.UOO miles."
The Andes is due to day from Cincinnati,
for which point she will leave tomorrow
afternoon at 3 o'clock. The Andes
is staunch stem-wheel stesmer witk commodious
quarters for the traveling public
and shippers. She is commanded by
GapL Charles Muhieman, one of the most
careful river men of the present day, who
is ably assisted by a careful corps. The
Andes enjoys a deserved and enviable reputation
all along the river.
4ecld?nU and Incld*nu la Wm( Virginia
and Vicinity.
Tobacco buyers In Noble and Monroe
counties, Ohio, are paying from $3 to $5
per 100 pounds.
During the holidays the students ol the
Glenville Normal School prepose to pre*
sent ''Jalius Cwsar."
Hon. G. y. McFadden. of Moundsville,
has had a stroke resembling paralysis and
lost the use of one arm.
The wife of Mayor Scott of Parkers*
burg, died at Pittsburgh, where she was
visiting, last Thursday night
Over half a million barrels of oil have
been taken from the Macksburg, Noble
county, wells Bince January 1.
The Charleston Star says that there are
twenty new divorce suits booked for the
next term of the Kanawha Circuit Court.
D. P. Kegley, a sewing machine agent,
was arrested at Huntington recently at
the instance of his manager for embezzling
Governor Wilson has issued a proclamation
ordering the State House flag placed
at half-mast and the building draped for
thhty days in honor of ex-Vice President
The last place in this 6tate that the
school house incendiary got in bis work
successfully was in Randolph counter. A
recenwy uum uoust) was ueairuyeu uuo
night last week.
Loper, a Sarahs ville, Noble county,Ohio,
saddler, carried a roll of leather from
Caldwell on hie ehoalder. It rubbed a
bo re on hie neck, and blood poisoning set
in, causing bis death.
Postmaster Scott, of Parkersburg, has
tendered hifl resignation, to take effect
February K and it has been accepted.
Mr. Scott, it is understood, will at once
engage in active business.
Miss Gertrude Sharp, daughter ol Beceiver
Sharp, of the C. A 0. road, Manipulated
the throttle of the first passenger
train to pass over the big Pt. Pleasant
bridge. The event occurred on Thanksgiving.
Messrs. Budd and Nelson, two progreefliue
and thriving farmers of Jerusalem.
Monroe county, Ohio, recently purchased
105 head of Spanish Merinosheep in Wash*
ington county, Pa. They paid about $4,000
for them.
Petitions are being circulated and
generally signed in Marietta asking the
l*. S. Court to remove Keceiver Pease
from the Cleveland <k Marietta Railway
for discriminating in oil rates in favor of
the Standard Oil company.
It is reported that the Congreesional bee
has begun to burz in the judicial bonnet of
u'.n t t/wt j
null. " m. I. 1V.O, Uk UB1UVUI V.VJUUVJ, auu
that his chances for making it interesting
for Hon. Wm.L. Wilson, the present Second
district representative, are good.
The gross earnings of the Parkersbnrg
Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio for the
past year were $547,757.35, and the working
expenses $498,909 45, leaving the net
parnin'gs $48,847.90. The earnings were
$95,406 21 less than lust year, and the expenses
decreased $2,530.98.
Dr. Thomas J. Prichard, of Huntington,
and Attorney Z. Taylor Vinson, ofCeredo,
have returned from Kansas, having in
custody William Newman,* fugitive from
justice, accused of burning a store belonging
to himself and his father and then appropriating
the insurance money.
At Wellsburg, Saturday evening, one of
the Wellsburg Gas Company's wells, the
Barclay No. 3, exploded. A short distance
down gas was struck and it rushed up and
took lire in the derrick, burning down the
structure and damaging the machinery.
One of the men, James Buty. was painfully
but not seriously burned.
A iew days ago Hon. Levi P. Morton,
of New York, visited hia Red Sulphur
Springs property, in Monroe county.
While sugaeating improvements andmaking
plans, he remarked that he intended
trying the experiment of a tobacco patch.
Before leaving he directed that one hundred
acres of bis best land be cleared up
and prepared for the railing of tobacco,
A few daya slnoe an altercation took
placo In Marshall county between Charles,
son of J. A. Rice, of Board, Tree and
James Held, who resides near Belton
which may cost i<ice his life, George
Meyers gav? a oorn "husking,'fwlowed by
a d^iice. Bice did not go to the hnsking,
but went to the dance. He asked Meyers
if he had any objection to his taking part.
Meyers said no, that he was perfectly welcome.
This incensed Reid,'and he tried to
raise a fuss with Rice, who is a boy. Rice
| told him If nothing else would do be
would fight him. Reid told him to q?me
into the yard. As eoon as Rice stepped
oat Held plunged a knife into his back,
above the left nip, within one and one half
inch of the spine, reaching one lobe of
the liver. Rice is in a very critical condition.
Reid crossed the line into Pennsyl
The Monteflore Society's ball will bo the
noxt big affair. It comes off Wednesday
Kobert Brown found the trunk stolen
from him in a shed at the rear of the Atlantic
tea store.
The Red Men had a regular war dance
at the rink Friday evening, dressed in
Indian costume.
Ernst Schoen, the miner embed at the
Bellaire Nail Works bank by a fall of
soapstone, died of his.'injuriea.
Twenty-three cars of live stock left here
yesterday, coming from points on the B.
& 0., and going to East Liberty by way of
the 6. A P. R. R.
The change taking place te-day in G.
A P. trains would seriously incommode
passengers for Bridgeport and Martin's
Ferry, no passenger train now leaving
after 3:20, were it not that the evening
freight will carry passengers to those
Look in the window of A. A. Framheim's
Jewelry Store and see the fine
French Olocks and Bronzes to be sold at
auction on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30
Complete Treatment, with Inhaler for
AYArv form of Tfttapph. 111. Aak fnr
ix^srv S7 He*d Oolda, Eatery
Vs. fr' k > ?\/ff Placharjiee from the Ncee
"*v \ _ *nd Kr?. Rlnrln* Nolaea
A XMjjc **?#/Jrrv In the Head; Nervouj
<7. VC"*. " ? oJR .SUeadacbe mad Fever inrelieved.
' jj^f Choking muctu disI
J/JiJlodged, membrane
A " A* -^TT c,?*n*ed and healed,
/y*) JS/ breath sweetened, imcll,
/ ( ^Tar uuto and hearing reatored,
and ravages checked.
Cough, BroochlUa, Dropping* Into the Throat
Palna In the Cheat. Dyrpcpala, VVaatlng of Strength
and Fleah. Loaa oi sleep, etc.. cured.
One bottle Radical Cuie, one box Catarrhal Bohr*
entf and one Or. Banforda Inhaler, In one package,
of all drngidita, for il. Aik for Kanfoid'i Radical
Cura.a pure diatlllatlon of Wltcb-Hajel, Am. Pine,
Ca. Fir, Marigold, Clover Blouoma, etc.
Potter Drag and Chemical Co., Boaton.
"KIDNEY PAINS" and that weary
"IB aeixaa ion ever preaent with thoae of
TV painful kldneya. weak backs, overworked
f M or worn out by atandlng, walking or
X l^the aewing machine, cured br Cuncuax
) JL> i?n-Paih PLAirTca. a new. original, elegant
and apeedy antidote to pain and lnflamma'
lion Atdrnggiata, 28c.: live lor 11.00. Hailed free.
Porrxx Oauu and Chuiical Co., Boaton.
nn2 MThiw
m ob roar uura.
Henwn'i Capclne I'laaten are wlle'y Imitated
That la the (act. Now, why are tbej Imitated?
1W ante they are the only porous plaiur In exlitenoe
that la really trustworthy and valuable. Ben*
aon'a Platter* are blfhly and aclentlflcally medicated,
and care In a few hour* ailment* upon
which no other* have any efleet whatever. The
public are therefore cautioned ag&inat plaatere
Wrlof the name* of "Cepsldn," "Capsicum,"
"Captain*." or "Capudn," whtan are meant to
paa* (or * Capclne" \pleaae note the dlflbrenoe) and
alao a?alnat plaater* oearlof the names "Denton's,"
"Burton's." etc. When buying ssk distinctly for
Benson's Plaater and protect youraell by a personal
examination. The senulne has the word "Gap*
cine" cut or neroused In the body of the plastsr
and the "Three Seal*" trade-mark on the faoe
eiatb. ao?x*M
We have promise!
but) lower price.'
House in Wheel;
our word good by
The selling of o
dollars' worth of
even less, is a s ma
comparison to kee
patrons, and altho
have tried to argi
afford to sell at lov
can, the fact still r
We will give you
tered guarantee wi
purchase of us to
i than the same qu?
elsewhere. We i
should you, for ai
dissatisfied with y<
it back to us and
refund the money.
This is square c
This is the hor
way we protect ou
1143 MAIN
g^SSlfltlJCCJg SXotiCJC.
All person'! luring cUlmi ag&lmt J. C, Dcxcan,
of Kim Grore, will preaent them to me at once.
_no2? Whwllng. W. Vt.
OScncral Jtoticcs.
The annual meetlB? of the Lincoln Club will b?
held at their room*, Thursday, December S, in?5.
at 7:30 o'clock r u. All Republicans are e?peciaily
Invited to attend tbli meeting ai the future exist*
eace of the Club will depend on our action ?t that
time- r. B. DOBBINS,
no28 Stfcrrtarr.
anted-copying to 1)0
by a prompt and reliable party. Addreai
A., care thla offloe. noM
Wanted-an experienced
Notion Palesman to travel Watt Virginia
ana cout'f uoua territory. and one who haa the ac
qualntance of the merchants and can command a
trade; none other ne?l apply. Address, JOUN A.
11UBNER ib Co., SO* w. Faltlmoie street, Haitimort*.
Md. no'ii
j-ot jtUnt.
t7<0r bent?booms with board,
J? at No. 17 Fifteenth street. noil
Rooms for rent-in horn.
brook's Block. Apply to W. V. HOGI 4
BBO., 1100 Market street dea
jj^or rent.
The Dwelling House, No. 62 Virginia street This
Is in one of the but locations on the Island. LolBQx
120 feet to an alley. The improvements are a two
story frame house of seven rooms and bath-room,
llitn And hank nnrxhua vrwv4 n?11ar and nwuuin
outbuilding, all la good repair. (irape arbor,
brick walks. ihade tree*, ihrubDery, Ac. Fossee Ion
girea October 1. Apply on premises.
The annual meeting of the Stockholders of the
Weal Virginia Exposition and State Fair Aisocla*
tlon will be held on the
at 2 o'clock r. u, at the Court House of Ohio
county, for the purpose of elteting thirteen Directors,
and to transact any other business which may
be brought before the mooting, according to the
by-laws. GfiOBUE HOOK,
noM riorreta rr.
got Sale fttul go* gLtnt,
Fire Roomed Dwelling, No. 740k Market street,
lluilness House, No 2101 and 2103 Main street
liuilneis Houssand Dwelling, No. 1784 Market
Business House and Dwelling, No 2241 Main si
No. 83 Nineteenth street, now Brick Dwelling, S
rooms and finished attic, gu throughout and water
In kitchen.
Dwelling No. 2328 Market street, i rooms and
No. 85 and No. 87 Sixteenth street, new houses,
I rooms and ba< h room to each house; tUhci bouse
can be bought lor ft 000.
7% Acres si Kim Grove, a four roomed house,
new stable, 100 fruit tree*, good water: it is a desirable
small place; can be bought torfl.fioo.
Dwelling No. 2123 Jacob street, 6 rooms.
A Desirable Dwelling, Mo. 93 Sixteenth street.
No. 950 Market street, pertly furnished.
No 179 Alley IS, four roomod house, ? CO per
No M Alley 15, (our roomed houic, S8 00 per
Four Boomed House. Alley B, south of Twenty*,
seventh stree . 17 00 per month. I
Three roomed House In rear of 2112 Water street,
K 00 per month.
Ne. Ill Virginia ifeet, II00 per month.
Two Roomed House, No. 22 Twenty-seventh
street, 15 00 per month.
Three Roomed House, east end of Nineteenth
street, 17 00 per month.
Three Rooms, 17& Seventeenth street, 1710 per
No. 1M Alley 14, W 00 per month.
Four Roomed House, No. 1112 Baltlmoro street,
99 oo per month.
Three Rooms, No. 209 Eighteenth street, 17 00 per
No. 206 Eighteenth street, five rooms. 111 00 per
Two Rooms, 1301 Woods street, 14 00 per month.
Real Estate Agent, Oellec tor and Notary Public,
aW No. 1IU KsxUt stmu
N*= ^
the people to sell
IG for (not as low
; than any other
ing, and we make
our actions.
ne or two thousand
goods at cost, or
ill matter with us in
iping faith with our
ugh other clothiers
le that we cannot
/er prices than they
cmains that we do.
a signed and registh
every article you
be lower in price ,
ility can be bought
ro further and say, ;
iy reason, become j
Dtir purchase, bring
we will cheerfully
icst plan, and the
,r customers.
tVlieeling, "VV". A'ii.
got Sale.
Tbat Elegant Dwelling,
No. Mniit
Now occupied by Mrs. Alary K. Ballot.
Enquire of H. FOKKK.-.
aoa? No. 7. c. fl. <'ti?tom llounc,
26 Bharea People' Bask Stock.
10 Bharea Pea body Inanranoe Stock.
5 Share* Exchange Bank Stock.
One Building Ixjt, Eoff atre? l U-twcen Twr.
and Thirteenth atreeta. TIHK u'HMKN.
no28 - Telephiiav
25 fiharea Jefferaon Nail Mill.
10 Share* Ohio Valley Bank.
8 riharea Commercial Bank.
6 Share* Pea body Inaurauce Co.
80 Shares Manulacturera' Inauraucc Com pan j.
24 Hharea AStna Iron Worka.
I.COOCityBonda, newfipercenta.
L IKWIN. 8took Broker.
no20 No. 34 Twelfth
My Place at Elm Grove,
TKN acrea and three Houaca. Can be divided law
three amall placea.
Alao a lot ol Jeney Cowa. II. FOUBE8.
. oca No. 7 CnMoni _
Tj'OR sale.
One Sprint Wagon, without top, suitable for on#
or two bones, made for undertaking buMum.
One Platform fcprinc Wsfon with top, pole
BbaHi, anitable for delivery wagou for gn?w
The abote wagons were made by DonaldMD,
Lewis A Co., Wheeling.
Also, on hand new and second hand Bungle,
witn and wlttaoat tops, and one n?;w Muck w?kud.
PQ14 No. HO Msrki'i Htrtet.
.The Property Numbered 930 Market itrwt tela
the ao&thettt corner of Market ?'r<( '. u;. ' AllrjC
On this lot is a three-story brick house uii?I m?"T*
frame buildings, the aggregate rent of whlcfi tii?
been 9600 per year and over. Price ?a,aoo.
Terns, 11,wo cash; the balance I&00 per year <*
lite rears, with si* percent interest.
Valuable Real Estate on N. E. comer Twenty
lourth and Market streets, In the City o! Wheeling
W. Va. Lot 122 feet by ? feet; now oocupUd
8. J. EllUrits u a wagon and blAcksmiib 'hop.
W. V. HOGF. ii BRO
J7*? 1800 Mark-: ?tr?t_
The following Lots on Wheeling Tslaud Wo"** .
log to the estate of the late Wm. Mi-Coy, rii:
Lota Mo. 8?, 87 and 72 on Broadway.
Iota No. 86 and 89 on Tork street
Iota No. 9t, 100 and 101 on Virginia ?tr. ? :
lota No. 104,106,110 and 111 ou Huron >'nfet.
lota No. 128,129 and 1W on Wabash meet.
lot No, 144 on Weier street.
au? W. V. HOOK ? BRO., 1800 Vh-"'
By order of the Board of Director* the I * ^ 3
Natl Company desire to negotiate r '' ol
135,ooo oo on December I, lKtt, an'l wi
Bands for that amount, jayablo at tl??* c*i
of ten yean, bearing Interest at the rate 1 I<r"
cent por annum, payable on the flr?t ?' nai
December of each year, la wrastooupou* attain''~
reierrln* the right to redeem aportlouof tl?c* #?me
after five year*.
These Boadi witl be leeured by morfp iv
the entire property of the Company. Jncludln*
acrea of surlaoe, 1W ac;ea o( ooal, 1W a* ? '
chinos, Ac.
PropoiaU for the whole or part of the ! *1"
be reoelTed unUl Iieoember 1, \n&.
Tot further Information apply to any meinf-*.'n'
the committee or to J. J. Jonea, at the F*";ao|?
Bank, W.L.0LE8SXKU 1'twldeut,
M. L. OTT.
nog - (. omrri"-*' _
BCBacBiiiK rou I

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