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?l;ilc (Glass Iflanntuetuvtvi.
Klieves, Kraft & Co..
i'o!!,li?J ri'te ?'? ?!Ilooyb Class
fur Floors anil Skylights.
t !?ctory, Including the meltlug fur<jT?ua.
itemin boller?, etc.. etc, l?
: : -<to'. Willi natural gu. supplied Jrom
: 7 tr<e company; and b?l"g the only
.. .mi 'fac.urer* iu the world utilizing
: , , pr Auction o( nature, we are enr
. < :u extraordinary netting power,
. .. ; i a ><o.tie freedom from lulphur
V . ;purltl*. to procure an article wnleh
uped uUm aunealed by thia gu,
: uipered ta uo: to lUble to oreak,
t ' - . wore durable. No coil o! any kind
.? ki
, -oi-wed i* lupjily the a?Mve make of
i.A, 411J olldt oxdere for the tame.
lihtves, Ivral*t& Co.,
v, : -. bet. i wenty-aeoond A Twenty-Third Sta., i
u ^ iHKt IX". w. Va.
iiiMivanxt Companies.
7V . VaU-EY fike ixsckasce
LA .thI Firo Iiuunuice BuilneM. Farm
. ,i uwel.isiK Houmo and content* in*
uirce of ttrv ye*n.
i- i. UnjSlln. . Jot.6i*lJs!,
..^&cb, A. B. Lift,
; tuAlier*. br. R. V> Hulett,
' Henry ilorkhtimer.
jOd. otEIDEL, Preiident
w 'Hp!. Secretary. 007
umct?No. 41 Twelfth onxrx.
CAPITAL, . - TT - - - $100,000
,'X (jtfORGKhook,
i ' j. c. aldkrson.
goskst Crahbi&i President.
j r. haull, Vlw President.
ALTIUD Pica, Secretary.
i . a. ."*:<?*>**. City Agent.
... ft.i kiudioi property at reawnable ratea
? $100,000
I: - . itxaluftt loMor damaae by tire and lightsi.
. . * /> of de?irablo property, ai*u lnaurt?
'f:i uc Western waters.
j. s Vh.m ? . Prejldeut, M. Kellly, Vice Pnxldent.
J L.uvehleln, tite'y, Jaa. P. Adama, am'I bee.
J. SWnnr*. M. Hellly, LC.Slifel,
J. ii. lloOb#, C. W. JTranzhelm.
" '
t'Ai'lTAI !175?000
Wm. a. i?rrr President
Wh. u. siai-soN Vice Preaident
Draftiou Eu^dad, Ireland, France and Germany.
Wn. a. I'ott, Wm. B. Simpson.
J. .1 Miller, Jo tin K. Botalotd,
K. if. AUiuion, Victor Roaenburg,
h.-ary apcyer,
jnr *F. P. J EPSON, Caahler.
CAPITAL |200,000
J. N Vance President
a.la.m. Laloullh Vice PraUdent
J. N" Vance, ti. Uorkhtlmcr,
;.*uj;hllu, W. Kllinftyuu,
J. IvUplAln, a. W.Keller.
John Fr?.w,
' \ u bwued on England, Iroland, Scotland and
*1. pJinU m turope.
JOHN* r. joy Eft, cashier.
?tocli gcoUcts.
P. L. srirnssiOK. Gio. I. Whitney.
New York Stock Exchange,
NCS. 812 A 614 LIBERTY ST.,
l?ltt*l>urjfli, Pa.
Watneks, Bondi tad U. S. Securities bought
*u 1 uuld (or cash or on usual margins. New York
rat?? <.f commission.
orr^pondence solicited. Refer to Pittsburgh
m':v. no'ii
Ill, de Ctiantal Academy,
The thirty-eighth year of this well-known Acad
ear. under the charge of the Visitation Nuns,
opens on the flnt Monday of September next, and
continues ton mouths.
1' iptla received at any time In the session.
Those wbo desire to fl*co their daughters In an
Institution affording exceptional advantages Is
the way of hcalth/ul and deffght/uj location, er
cellent board, thorough discipline and Instruction
at the hands of life-long teachers, lu every depart
nontof female education, including the moderr
languages and music, should send tor a catalogu*
oi uii Softool. Aaurtss,
Directress of the Academy of the Visitation.
Mt. d? CllANTAL,
?u2Va**r Near Wheeling. W. V*.
A live school, Imputing a practical business educitlua:
enabling young men to enter upon the
active dutl a of ilto. For circulars addrew F. Dcrr
-'v. iiolT-rn.*w
business (Cards,
l'l-nctionl Upholsterer,
Manufacturer of and Dealer in
parlor ktr.nirrkr.and
1 lot of Fine Fa/iy chairs on band, suitable for
t'!irl?maa I'reMnts, etc
__u No 17 EuEVEHTB ST.. near Mala.
Carpenter aud Builder,
Brick and Wooden Building! Erected.
Hoofs, Valleys, Sky Llghta, Counters and Sharing
a work promptly attended to on reaaonablt
airs Hop- Alley IS. rear of CapltoL Residence
No M Fift?onth utroet. Shop lo rear. lal
T^EDMAtf 4 CO.,
Heaeral Xachlnkti and Enflne BiIMtrf,
Cor. ChApllne and Elf kteenth Streets.
SPECIAL ATTENTION glron to Bepalr Work.
Aivt:-j lor the celebrated J ndeon Governor.
-- ?
?cnl g?tstc ^gtuts.
Q. o.
Itenl Eitato Afent
HpMil attention firen to Collecting Rente and
th>'f.tral sunacament of Beal Eatate. Can furniAh
of references.
. "Win i-?o MA1V HT- Whw?Un?. W. Ta. I
Boa.?tad ? VMZMBIB mm
Cures Coughs, Colds, Honrsenets.
Croup, Asthma. lJronchitis,\Vhooping
Cough, Incipient Consumption
and relieves consumptive persons in
advanced stages of the disease. For
sale by all Druggists. Price, 25 cts.
J^i?L C A rTTOX!-The ("?!>
MKaiwnM. laioldonl/tn nUti trrapftrt,
rjyfc'V'-rj tad lrartourr*gt*t*rr<lTKtDK
ttct*or. 1 ilia
V**%E5*2r,*ilana?urp>r<f J ?li n W, Ito 11
*4oc ?>** udA.i-.nKYKn?(0.,
Paltlmorr.^l'l-.l. W.A..Pc!err?prif^ort1
UTOD ihkuixu TOBAn:?!
Chow Lnnfire'H Plujjs,
Prlrt> to Crnl*. Aula by all Urugpsta.
i-jni .^1.1. i
Scrof'iilii ol'T^nng's '
Relieved. i
. a
I am now 49 year* old, and ha7e raftered for tte ji
last fl/Ceen year* with a lung trouble. Sereral ..
member* of the family on my mother'* side of tbc
house h^d died with consumption, and (he doctor*
were all agreed In lhe!r opinion that I bad a
coniumptfon alio I tad all the diitrwritiR ?jmj>torn*
of that terrible d:?e?:*e. I tavo spoilt .thousands
of dollar* to arrest tbe march of ibis dUcaae; 11
I have empl>5 e J all of th/j usual methods, uot only u
In my own oa*e, but In trie tre.itr.ent of other
member* of my family: temporary relief wa*, *.
all that I obuined. I wan unit f(,r any manual
labor for actcM years. By cbancc I cuce luto ^
pcca&mon of a p*mph!et on "Blood and Skin
DUcaae," /rem tbe office o! Bwlft Specific Co., At- c
Unta. Ga. A frieud re ommandid the use of
itviii'a Specific clalmln th.it he himself had been
4 ready becefl tad by its ilyj m some lung troubles. y,
I resolved to try It About four yean Rgj : turn* .
m&nced to take a. 8. *i urordlug tt? directions. I
found It an iu/Jgoratlng tonic, and have uied w
*bout flftv bo'tkM. rhorr-u'.u are most r*maik- 0'
able, ily cough has left me. my streugth has i?. p
turned, and I weigh flxty rounds more to*') I ever
did iu tny life It fca* been three years since I W
?top| i-l tue uv> of the medicine, but 1 lave rad ;d
no rttu?u?>j thed]sekse, and tt.ere are r ov?*Iuj? or ..
woukuesa felt m my luog?. I dj cQh hM?J-st k:nd
of meehmlcal wort, and /eel a* well ua 1 ?ve? telt P'
ilnee I wa* a boy These,! know. ar?> wonderful vi
statements \h make, but! ain noneit when 1 nay *
(ha: i owe my exlMieiico and health t>djy to
Swill's Bptctflc. it Is the only mcdHno that ?"
brought tue any permanent relief. I do not say j/j
tbat Harllt'a opecltic will d ?this in ever/ ra,e, but
most positively atlirrn that it hua done this uiucn
f r me, and I woulo hs recreant t.> :he duty I owe s|
to au tiering humanity tf I had failed t > benr this
cheerful testimony to the merits of this wonderful ,t
medicine. i ?m well kuown In the city of Moat u
gotnery, an i can rc.'cr to aorsc oi the boiicitixen* tr
m the city. T. J. How. h:
iloutgomery, Ala., June 23, lSSS. ^
owl t a tipeciflo L entirely vegetable. Treatise on f,
Blood and Skin Diseases mailed free. j
Tils Swift&??cjr:c Co., Limner 3, {Atlanta, Ga.,
or 157 W. 23d street, New York.
For fale by Logan <k Co. and Laughlin Bron. .t Co.
nr,5 naw
Is the most virulent t??rm or iiioou-potson* i ?
Itur. Less speedily fatal, but not !? >? cor- a
tainly so, is the vitiation of the blood of ?(
which tlio fir>t symptoms are Pimples, jj
Sties, J toils, and <'ufaneotis Eruption*.
When the taint of Srrofuhipivvs
waruingof its presence by such indications, P
no time should be lo-t in using Ay Kit's ?
SaRsapakii.i.a, the only pcrfcct ami reli. p
able medicine for the i>urilicatiou uf the u
blood. o
Is a foul corruption in the blood that rots
out ail the machinery of life. Nothing
will eradicate it froni the system anil pre- tl
vent Its transmission to ??tl*-prin? but h
Aykr's Sausapahii.la. This prcpam- s!
tion is also the only one that will cleanse ^
the blood of Mercurial j>oi*on an?l tho
taint of Contagious Diseases. luipovcrbhed
blood ii productive of
A WTttehed condition indicated by Pullld n
Skin, Flaccid Muscles, Shattered
Nerves, and Melancholy. Its lirst
symptoms are Weakness, Languor,
Lossof Nerve Force, nnd Mental Defection.
Its course, unchecked, leads 8
Inevitably to insanity or death. Women ?
frequently suffer froth it. The only inedi- a
cine thaU while purifying the blood, en- (j
-'-i? J....:.i. iltnlltv ami Invlirorati'rt I
it-UIT ii nun ii'-? .,......
the whole system, is Cj
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
I'ltEPAItED ?Y ?
Dr. .J. C. Aycr & Co., Lowell, Mass. 9'
Sold by all Druggists: Price $1; v *c
Six bottles for ?0. * tc
TUff'S "
Wiiifirr-' "*i io
Tba Greatest Madical Trioaph of tin Ago! jj
Loaa of appetite, BowalaeoatiYe, I'ain In J1
the head, with a dull aennatlon la the
back pnrt, Fnlo under ttie abonldcr- U
blade, Fcllaeaa after earing, wlthadle.
Inclination to exertion of bodr ortnlnd, 1
Irritability of temper, I.oir apirita. with b<
a feeling of having ueglected aomodutr, ig
wm'Imu. nixotlneaa, l'lutteriac at tbo ,,
Heart. Dot* before llio eyes, Ilcnilacbe
over the fight eje. Ke*tle?*ne<5, with IE
dtfoldrenmn. llizbly colored I'rluciaad jg
TllTS PILI.S are especially adapted f.(
Co each cases, ono tloso etr.-cts such a
chanBooffeellntrastoaJtonlihttioufferer. rt
TtMjr Increase the A ppetlte,?n?t cause lha at
body to Take on Fleah. thus tb# Is
nourished, an-1 by their Tonic Attloa on
the l>i?c?tlreOrirnnf.lt?>jtiilar Stools are
Renovate* the body, makes healthy I'eih,
strengthen* tho w.-ak. repairs the wiut?? of
the system with pure t?ioo<i and liord muscle;
toncrt th* nerroitu ny?tcin, invigorates the b(
brain, and imparts tho vl^or of manhood,
f I by anterxfaU. 01
QFPK K 4 I Hurrmr^t.. Stry York. fr
i??K?'.iah> lUuinly tor l.nrrl'?>Di;<aii.UaiiJillac?n*?J
b? of tlfp.il Ct:Klltl?0 o( Hi# L'Taf, B* lUt. IS
SfU, On?ttp?ti??n. BUMWMti, jsumiir*, imuicav, BS
Kti?am?u.m, ?U:, It ft-cnU'*! '.<v f?m?U,pnxtIf*
?1i? tlronrtntli ? r.lrm, n?1,14 JlreXttU. ?l
Thoimandaof toatlmoniai?provolt>merit? /"
i.iTi'm'nnnT'iin rr'i,- ? . nrnmTU?N. h;
creaYBM^srh 5
AU.7. JnlUmn..- Hf^^qj.fjCOUJl
lion. Heat* Sore*, ^"EAQl ^
| Keatore* the Senae* EVER^cg t(
of Tut?, Hearing * V*jL ft'
Snail. AQiilfklu.Hf y .^JTM j|
lief. A Positive Cure
cream"balm i
hUKiJiHHlmcnrlab'.etj AV-CCri/CO A
reputation, diaplacing n^Y tLMa V b|| jj
all other preparation*. A particle li applied Into
each noatrll; no pain; afreenble to u?e. Price _j
H e bvmall oratdrujtglita. Send for circular. KLT B
MM0TUMM9, Drugglsis, Owtgo, V, T. mpi! I
Offlc*: No*. SS and XI ronrUmath Street.
Now in the lovely woodland*
There 1* a lot of ran:
And meniljr the ^julrreU Uugh,
Aud glad th chipmunk# run,
T? th?i city dude
Look down bU loaded guu.
6he wean a *weet imlle
Ah Rbe glide* up the alale
Willi the grace uf a rythmical ?uuuct.
Aud oh! ?he look* cute
In h?-r noLby uew nult
And tbat dear uuin duck of a bonnet.
Your rammer coat will greJ*c-llke ihlnc;
Aud when, your top toil Hatching,
You nurry l?r h?v\rll thit'* a ?tya
ltd length will bide w?me patching.
And now the honest /armor packs
111* apple* for the town:
Thbi it the kite ou top of aacita,
And thU la f?rther*down
b b b b b b b b b b b b b b
I am Thulmw. bos? of Ilurmali;
I'm a kuuiruinnrv kinit!
1 can alay a thousand women.
And, while tlayltig, I causing!
Whin the Irrawaddy r vcr
Kunntth blood} to the buy.
Oh, it is then 1 am tut Aappiest
On my throue at MamlaLay'
Sow and then I build a temple
And 1 plaster it with mud
Made of c ay ihu goi* hare given
And my victim* hair ana blood!
Oh, 1 do not eat the sluutihteitd.
Rut I sometimes think I would
If I was tender-heat ted
Aud so awful great aud good.
L Department Devoted to tbi Cart, Treat*
meutnnd Ailment* c( Domestic Animals.
[Thia department is conducted by Dr. C.
i. Kobinsou, a skillful veterinary surgeon,
, graduate of the Outario College of Agriulture
and Montreal Veterinary College,
ill inquiries will he answered through
bis department free of charge. To obtain
esired results all questions must be clear
ud explicit in describing the ailments of
ae domestic animals about which inforlation
is sought, otherwise a proper diag0813
will be impossible.
All communications requiring private
nswers, by mail, must be accompanied by
le usual fee of $1.
Address all communications to Editor ,
'eterinary Department of the Istkluoe.n
cr, Wheeling, W. Va.]
HboulUei Ui.iuwiioii. I
J. \V., Bialsvili.s, Ohio ?I have a six- 1
ear old horse that went lame about two '
ionths ago. The tiret time I noticed it '
as on riding him over a fence; he fell
ver, and when he got up he was lame,
he next morning he was ao lame that he (
>uld not move out of the stall, and on
mkino him iln an hn flrnm?p?l hifl lt*ir M il 1
e had no use of it. I could not lind auj *
art that seemed sore. He is very lame
et And the muscles of his shoulder art
listed away until the bone almost sticks
at. If you can advise treatment you will
reatly oulige.
A>*wer?'The lameness is due to a
jraiu of one of the muscles in the
loulder. The insertion of a seaton over
lepart injured will help it. Also the
ee use of hot water with a sponge for
aif an hour at a time three times a day.
lave the part that is atiuphyed weli
ibbed with a good stiff brush. ]f this
jes not help in two weeks write again.
C. It., Mt. Pleasant, Ohio.?We have a
aluable cow that slipped in the stable
bout two weeks a^o. She was lame ai
lie time bat seemed to get better. Yes;rtiay
1 noticed that there was a large
celling inside of the thigh, which is hot,
nd feels as if it is full of matter. iSh*
eems to be lame now only from the swellag.
What wouUl you advise?
.Answek?If the swelling is soft at anj
dint near ti.e surface, have an open in*
lade at the lowest place and allow tht
us to ercape, and then inject the followjg
lotion into the part: Carbolic acid,
ne ounce toaquaitoi water and keep the
? i? L*a??. -nitut nnif fmwl It..lit
oie upeu. uvi \juiuviwu .wu
aihuimuu, (
J. A., Lotdsvillk, 0.I have a cow (
liat was fresh about three weeks ago with
?r third c&lf. At the time she calved j
be waa lost for about three days, and
'hen found the udder waa caked and the
hole part very hot and iutUmed. We
nbbed the part with lard, but it did not j
Dften the bag. We could get but very .
ttle milk from her. The part ia hard yet (
nd the cow seerna to be in pain and doe* (
ot eat well. What would you advi8e me j
) do for her? c
Answer.?Foment the part well with {
rarm water three times a day, and then
ive a good hand rubbing. Then rub
ellon trie part the following; Olive oh
nd spirits of camphor,of each one ounce. 1
live internally. If the bowels are cmve
one pound each of Kpaom wits and
jmmon ealt in a quart of not water. Give
hen cold. After it has operated, give
lorning and evening one dram of nitrate I
f potash: Feed on bran mush and light i
iod, it is also advisable to allow thecal! [
? suckle, and see that all the milk is out ?
I least four times a day.
Sfelo uosla. ^
J. M. F., Independence, Pa.:?I have
gray mare about 15 years old that ha> ?
st the proper use of her hind parts, and u
is a swelling under her belly. About .
iree weeka ago she seemed to have ditii- J
ilty in getting up and down and in back- (,
,g out of the stall, and in walking she
rays from side to side. The only thing
tat 1 can notice is a swelling under the i
xty and a lump on the side of tho tail J
lat has been growing for about four jj
?ars. If you can tell what is the matter
)u will greatly oblige a subscriber.
Answer?The disease ia in all proba- tl
lity that known as Melonosis, which ie 3
growth of black tumors all through the
)dy, and it ia probable that one of theae e
situated in the lumbar region and presses j*
:ainat the large nervea and blood vessels p
i that part, hence the symptom. If this 5
the caae there is not murh to suggest, J
ore than it would be advisable to have j;
rr well examined and let me know the ?
suit. In examining take pulse, temper- ?
ure, respiration and examine her rectum.
A nOlttfhM FOOT, e
ow It Should be Taken Care of-lte Con* li
traction. ^
iilaiUlphia Rceont. jj
The external covering of the foot may 1
? divided into four parts, viz., the "wall" v
"cruat," the "bars," "sole" and "horny e
og." The external portion, named <2
:ruat," is adapted aa a defense to the
inaitive parts within. It ia composed of p
nail filaments, or hollow tubes, conilidated
fn such a manner as to preserve
leir canals distinct. These canals con- 1
itute the excrementitious outlines of b
ie hoof, through which morbific or 0
aste matters make their exit, and ti
1 tuem inaj WBU ue iuuuu uiu ?n?cia >
f which the horn is secreted. The small J
jsaeis arising from the vascular and ner- %,
jus membrane beneath the hoof, which p
considered as a continuation of the true ,
an, enter also into these canals. The 0
nail vessels allnded to technically called ?
ipiUw, possess the properties of senai- r
ility and conductibihty. They are form- ?
1 from cells, and have an allotted function t
>perform, for which, in their healthv 7
ate, they are all-sufficient, and for which d
0 other class has or can perform without
erangements to the parts. e
The "bars" are a continuation of the ex- i
srnal portion Just described. They form &
q angle at tne heels, which terminates ?
jward the toe. They serve to give strength
nd durability to the hoof, prevent con-action
of the heels, and thus aid the hoof
1 protecting the soft *nd sensitive parts,
he internal portion of the bars presents l
tie same appearance ss that of the crust. (
hey are held together by vital atliuities.
nd so long as they maintain their normal
itegrity the foot will preserve its form. <
Next in order is the "sole." It is con- <
idered to be more elastic than the crust, 1
nd is the medium oi the sensitive faculty, \
throngh which, together with its elasticity,
the percussion ol the foot against the
ground is regulated.
The "horny frog" is still more elastic
than either of the parts described, and
any unnecessary "paring" on the part of
the smith is to be deprecated. <
On the internal portion of the parts just ]
described is found a beautiful set of lamina,
resembling those found on the underpart
of a mushroom; their number is said to
be about 500, which articulate with a similar
number given off from the cotiin-bone.
Each lamime, having two sides and an
edge, forms a series of articulations, numbering
about 3,000. The whole presents
a surface of four tquare feet. Hence, the
body of the horse rcats upon sixteen square
feet of surface within the hoof.
The hoof, as observed, serves as a defense
to the sensitive parts within. It
varies in size and thickness, according to
the age and condition of the animal. Its
texture may be rendered hard or soft by
the judicious application of therapeutic
agents. Its conformation may be altered,
for better or worse, by proper attention to
the laws of animal lite, stable management
and skillful shoeing.
1 Homo people seem to suppose that a
fee's foot is as insensible as a stone,
e smith wrenching otf the shoes, often
or-ngs away a portion of the hoof with
them, and cats oil' large pieces with as
little care as a man would trim a dog, then
apply a red-hot suoe to the part, without
any regard to the feelings ot the anneal.
Many persona have had occasion to deplore
the present barbaruns system of
shoeing. Dear-bought experience has .
taught them a lesson which they are not
likely to forget.
About three years ago the agent for <
Acker's English Remedy first called at ,
this town, and since then the number of testimonials
that have been sent to Logan <
& Co., Eimund locking and Charles ,
Menkemelier concerning the merits of.the
Remedy, and the many cures effected sur- \
prises them. They wish it to be thoroughly j
understood that for Colds, Hoarseness, i
.iathma, Croup, Whooping Cough, aJj
Phthisical troubles they have never known |
its equal, and positively guarantee it.
ttiuuw 1
"Gents," shouted a small boy, as he [
poked his head into a Fourth avenue a
street car, "did you mail that letter your ?
wife gave you this morning." ?
And six men simultaneously pulled the i
bell-rope and hurriedly left the car.
Ely Bros ; I have used two bottles o! !'
t'OUr Cream Balm for Catarrh since De- a
;eUiber. A sore in mv nostril?the cause '*
A much suffering?has entirely healed;
have used uo other medicine. Thu- *
spring 1 feel better, can walk and work s
*ith more ease than I have in any spring u
lince 18?51.?Mary E. Ware, Hopeful, Va. L
:ure?i by tihiloh'a Cure. We guarantee it. P1
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia and ,i
L.iver complaint? Shiloh'a Vi.alizsr is <-'
[uaranteed to cure you. r!
Sleepless .sights, made miserable by ^
hat terrible cougu. Suiloh'a Cure ia the '4
einedy for you. s
(Jatakuh cuked, health and aweet
ireaih Eecared, by Shiloh'a Catarrh Rem- ifl
rdy. Price 50 centa. Naaal Injector free. J
fcold by Laughlin Broa. <k Co., wholeaalr j,:
igent?, Wheeling, W. Va. .
There ia an awful moral to the story 7'
hat comes from Chattanooga about "forty
:>eople poisoned by water."?Detroit Free
Purgk oat the larking diatember that 5
mderminea health, and the constitutional p
?*ijjor will return. Those who sutler fron: |'t
in enieebled and disordered state of tin ti
ivstein, Bhould take Aver'a Sareaparilla tc ?;
:leanse the blood, and restore vitality *
D.tW i;
* * Hi
Foit lame bac'<, aide or cheat, use Shi- K
oh'a i'oroua I'laater. Price 'id centa. ^
Siui.on'a couqu and Consumption Cure
a sold bv us on a guarantee. It cures K
:onaumption. 0
S niton's vitalizer ia what you need ^
for Constipation, Luea of Appetite, D.rzi- 3.
and all Symptoms of Dyapcpsia. h
I'rice 10 and 7"? centa per bottle. |j
Crult, whooping iol'GH and Bron- ?
hi tie immediately relieved by Shiloh'* '
ure. Ai
bold by Laughlin Broa. A Co., wholelale
agenta, Wheeling,|W. Va.
*'* A
lluckieu'* Atutea aitlv*. 6.
Th? SalvA in thu wnrlil fnr Hnt* ^
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Halt Hheum, Fevei
ores, Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblains, a<
.'orna and all fcikin Eruptions, and posi **
lively cures Piles, or no pay required. Ii ,
s guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, >
>r money refunded. Price 25 cents pet ..
jox. For sale by Lo#an A Co.
- rt
Liu Mr. M AUtvj-.is. d
rh? Wholesale l'rlcea uf all tha Tarloni i
Commodities. ^
Wukkmnu. Tuesday. Dec.1. I ?i
l'rlcea In all department* have been remarkably fi
teady during the past week. Not achsngeof any J?1
p^cial importance will be found fu the lf?ugiven ?'
>elow. lu the grocery line a fair average ba.?iuef!? ,j
1*8 beend tie. but grain, provisions and produco
lave i>eeti decided y dull. The prices given below ,
.re subject to fluctuation during the week: ^
Corrected by J. St. CLOCtrruM, general grain deal H
r. coruer of Market and ftouth streets. u
drain?Wheat 9Ua96c per bushel. New State re
ati^aSOc; Kre 60c. none ottering. N?w stat? oi
nrn. ou the wharf, 35c; old, <5c, but verr little ou
til-ring. M
Hour? Fancy patents, (ipring and winter) 16 00 to w
25; fancy family, white amber amber and wlntei M
& CO. Oat meal?medium brand?5550 per bbl cl
incy f<5 00. Rye flour $4 00. 4V
MilI Feed?Brown, middlings 118 00; coarse do ?i
is 00: bran 51b 00; chopped feed I12 ou. ?i
Hay ami Atrauv-Prlme loosetlmotby, new, JIT 00* dc
S 00 per ton; no old offering; prime baled fl5 00s *
ii 00 per ton. by the car lo*d, Wheat ntniw $? OUa o?
u): oat straw looae, f7 00; bale J, 8JOO; verv ry
luie straw lu market. ej
raov?:o?f9. trc. ?
CorrecU.nl by D. C. List, Ja., pork packer, Four- ji
eentn street. ??
. C. Ham* 8 to 12 lb average .......... 11 \
' " 14 to 16 lb average 10k ltl
' 18to 2u lb average i i
t.'p/iV'ajI Hmct m.. 5J ,i.
. C. Shoulders 6!-* j-(
lear Sides .... - 7*
'lain Shoulders 5V, h,
less I'ork (barrel 'am lbs) til 00 4C
loir do ....-do 12 00 a..
Med Beef. <2 8)*al0k M
'ure Leaf Lard. Tierces, 350 lb??? o.:
k-tiueil Lard, Tierce* .... 7 Ci
k>logna Sausage ........ 10
osocuun. tT
Corrected by Noll A Ellkohak, wholesale gro- l*i
er*. corner Mala and Fourteenth streets. lit
Qreen Ooffie? Fancy lUo, per lb., Uc: choice do,
0, prime Rio,9Jjc; good klo,-Jc; ordinary, ?5ic;
ara. USaSfc. St
.Kutvud Coffrt?In paper, per lb. 13c: CflO lb ce
ju> V 1ms; lower grade* I2*c; in bulk, 11^; Java, 4ft
ulk, 26c. cfc
tu iar$?Standard confectioners, A. per lb, 63tf? ?t?
t'ludaor A, fl'*:; refined yellow* aajJsc; granulat bt
d. tij^c; powdered. 7} jc; crushed "l^c; cut loaf 7>^c. Xt
Syrui*?Choice tupr syrup, 35c; prime sugar 12
prop, 2m?; glucose. 2Sc. tit
Ria?Carollua c; head rlcert^; broken rice. 1c. 6o
tiew Orleans MqUik^m?Choice uew crop 50c strictly ty
rime 4Sc; prime. 45c. fn
iVos?Yoonc Hyson, per ib,3taA0e: gunpowder 'H
r*75c; imperial, &*&:; Jttj.au, 23a70c; Oolong
2a75c; ?oucnou?r. 22*ii5c. ci
Oirutir*?Star, full weight, 12c; stearin*, per set,
2c; mould, per set, lie. t>t
Waepar?Choice elder, 12c per pil.: standard dty ?,'<
rands. lOallo per gal; country 13al5o per gal., aa fn
qu allty. d,
U'oodfli Ware?No. 1 tubs, per dozen, 57 CO; No. 2 m
ubs per doten.ffiOO; So. Stubs per dozen, 15 00; Ql
hoop palls per dozen. $1 .'>0: S-hoop pail*. 1175; t,
eelers per next, 91 Uj; butler tub*. SO Ion capacity, u
t W; do. 35 lbs capacity. $1 00; do, 25 lbs capacity,
350; wsihboardj. plain, 91 50al75; washboards, Ch
a tent, per dozen. <2 fii)a.l 50.
utmntti tfoods?Pie peaches. 3 1m, |1 10; pcaches, ?
lb*, II 50al 90; tomau?es, 3 Ita. llakers, Me; sweet 2
orn 90c; Wlnslow corn fl 10; Baiert' corn II 10; ir
irawberries, 1 lbs. |1 25; blackberries, 2 lbs, fl00; m
upberries. 2lbs,flOU. f
CVese?Unquoted lu Jobbing st 10*1 tc for prime
reitern, and 12c lor lull cream; Sweitxcr 16Sa
7c, according to quality: Llmbuiver 14c; Factory <>
c; Chlmgo uat cheese mild 5c. W
FuA? So. S medium mackerel |G 00; No. 2 meHum.
#700. In
tains?Choice nary at fl 76; medium II CO; mix- Fi
d II10; Lima4Wj per lb. oe
Serrfs?Sales oI timothy seed at II 90 per S3
nishel: cluver small seed 16 U^large f7 00, m |5
o quality,
Salt?No. 1 per bbl 90c; extra per bbl.fl 56; dairy
Lne, S bushel Raciu ft 50 per sack. M
<#u*? Cbr?-fe9c t*r lo. C
Cidgr-Pcr bbl |? uu?iu 00; cnbMppl? 910 00*12 00. Z,
(hrueftff?11 K) per lb, P'
AoU*?The canl rate U t2 *0.
JVootm-IGaIoc per lb; epple butter per no
wand; icily tic per pound. Z.
.Vu**-Pwinuu 74Jc (orchoice white; walnatetia S
Oe; hickory nati II 00*1 35 per buahel. J
raonccs. b'
Theae prloes are beted on wholesale transection* ,r
uthladur.aubject to ductuatloui during the week, P4
Corrected by H. C. Mkyem. general oommiaslon
nerchant, No. Twelfth itreet &
^4gta-MfW teoj n OOai ? per bbl; demand ea
iArffcf-Good creamery 25c: fmh oountry I5al6<
common feioc
(rrtenjtu/r-Stw potatoea tfOOc per buahel. Nei
cabbage <oca|1 WJ per bbl. Onion* 60*75c p?
buahel; yellow dan vera 12 Ujper bbl. aweet potato*
fl 50al i&pecrbbL Jeney aweeta 12 3*2 75 per bbi
Honey?White clover, lfl*20c per lb; bacfcwheai
lUlfic per lb.
Choloe, 28430c per buahel; Interior grade*
CmnUrrte*-t2 00*2 26 per box: Sfl 00*6 SO per bbl
lliekonj Xutt?fl 00 per bushel.
SMUnrk$?|1 25 Per buahel.
H'irinu'1?asc per baiheL
BuckvKeat f Untr?2%a2)& per lb.
PvuUry?Wprinr chick eiu, SI 75*2 00 per doieu
old chlrkew, #2 TiaiO), turkey. sc per lb; dudu
92 50a275 per doien; geeae, 75cajl 00 per pair.
Btrruaz?3Qi&>c per lb.
Dritd Fruiu~New evaporated pared peaohea 29i
32c: unuared do. 15*16c; nupbvrrle?35a36c; black
berriealOo. New ?undried?Applca, quartera 2n;
sllccd Sa'Jc: pcachea, new halvea. 6&a7%c; do,
quartern 5>$a6 V: do- pared 15a In: ;do. black berries
6C: do. nupberriea Matte; pitted cherriea 2Sa2Uc.
J97??-Fre*h, 2laiic per doten; brlak and In good
Fmlhert? Prime live geeae, 6oa63c per lb;second,
i'eanufo?Choice white Tennewee. TtySc; Virginia.
ea?Kc green; roasted, |2 2Ua2 70 perbuaheL
Tnllow?Couatrj, 5c; city. 6c,
Tropical Fruit*? Lemona, |2 75a3 23per box; AaS
in wall banauas |2 5utU 00 per bunch; Jamaica
o, fl 5>i*2 60; Florida Oranaca, per box. f 2 75a3 25,
according to quality; Jamaica Oranges, stem-cut,
r 00 per bbl; Pine apple#, 15*20c each.
Wheeling Live 8toek Market.
Fro? the Wheeling Stock Yard*, Hutjgnn <k
lUvha. t>roDrlctora. It la reported that cattle are
very dull and alt* are a ow. Hoga are active and
range In price from $3 50 to $3 to. Sheep are dull
at lS*3c. Iambs are Arm; Rood ones bring 3a4c.
i alvrti range from $3 U) to 16 Ou per btad, according
to quality. _______
th? F?atarea of th? Mod / and Stock
New York, Nev. SO.-Money etsv at Ia4 pe?rent.
Filme mercantile par?>r parMnt.
KomiXB Kxch&uf* dull a: X n.U4 K?.
huvKRSHCxt iSoHiM-toeredult and iteudy.
hTATK Bond#?.mire and irregular
K<hju)ao liojcwn-l.esi actlr?; u!h unlj fj,>
The week opened with a dull and featurcm
n arkt't. the movements tbis Jorenoon beiug
icrr irregular with a weak tone The afternoou
ivasdeciuealy dull, but brat until near the cloae.
I'tf tiuetuatious were ail within a rang of 1^ t> rrent.
The total sil-s were, sm.jjO tnares. The
narkct cloaed barely au-a-ly. at prices lu un.?t
:a??s to percent lower than the dual figure*.
Sew York Central i?ilo?u I percent. Union iuiirtc
lH percent, Oregon Navigation 1)4 percent. North?e*tern.
hole ware A Hudnon, Manhattan and
Vo tbern l*aciilc common, gained % percent'eaeh,
'acidc Mail, c?nad? Southern, New \ork ?i New
rlujl ml are up H percent each.
louring the month. which closes this erenJn*.
here lit* been no abatement in activity, which
vak Mich a coiwpicuoua feature of the dealings but
nouth. deported salt* this tnonta have amounted
o 13.45.1,too kburef, against t'.VVtt i*a) shares iiut
u nih. The ouiine <J the marcel hu been turnerhat
irregular; Vanderbiiu and coal atocks have
?en coukpi.uoiit for small advances. Chungs
re w.tuin a rang-iof Jets th.n 2 p-r?nt, except
j?ke Shore, which is percent niKtier. Union
'aclflc made an tonal advance. Western Union
? down 31* percent, Pacific Mull Mined lo%
ercent, Northern Pacific preferred 9% percent,
flswuri, Khuom Texui 4<i percent, Oregon
; Transcontinental 6% percent and el. Paul iU
V. C. 3a, 102%; U. a. 4X1.113%: U.S. new U, 123W;
aolflc Cs of ' *?, 126%; central Pacific flrata, liw;
r:e aeconda, >a?,; Lehigh & Wilxeabarre, of'd
li; Loniaiaua tunaula, b": Miaaouri 6a. 10.%;
t. Joseph, 117; St. P. A 3. C. flnta 122; Tenctcee
6a, old, 62; do new. 62; Texaa Pacific
and Granta, 4fl; do Rio Grande. 64: Union Pacific
raw, 116%; do Land Granu 104%; do Slaking
ind, rJ0%; Virginia 6a. 4.'; Virginia ConaoU, extra
latured codpona, 51; do deferred 12%; Adama Exreaa,
140; American Expreu, 103; Canada Sonthm,
43%; Central Pacific.4 %; Cheaapeake A Ohio,
% do Ortu pre/erred. iy%, dotecoudt, MJ4;C.C.,
. ? L, 61; Denver A Klo Grande, 21%; Erie, 25,%;
3 preferred, tt!hi Kort Wayne, 141%; Kanna dc
p*a?, i5%; Lake Erie A Western 19%; Lake Shore
i%; Louisville A Naihvllle. 4S%; Loijiavlllfl, New
iLany A Chicago, 35; ilempku A Charleston, 36;
ichigan Central, 75; Mhiiouri Pacific, 1C4%;
aahvilie A Chattanooga. 46%- New Jeraejr Central.
r?4; Northern Pacific, io%: chlcago A Northweatn.
113,%; do preferred, 137; New York Central,
i?%; OQia Central. 25; Ohio * Miaaiaaippi. 24%; do
reterred, 90; Pacific Mall. 67%; Pittaburgh. 142%;
ading, 23; rt. Louia A San Franclaco, 2'%; do
referred, 47; C., M. A St. Paul. 'J4;,;do pruftrrod,
?; Texaa radfic, 23%; Union Pacinc. 5?%; United
Latea Expreaa, 60; W. St HP., la%; do prefer <L
23; Well* Fargo Exprew, 116; Wesura Union.
/r Brcsditaffi and Provlalons.
Chicago, 111.. Nor. 80.?On 'Change thl? mornin
at the opening the tendency lu the wheat jilt
*m beatwh and We absence of any frtshtalaof
laklngauy large increase In the vWlble supply
tit 11 (lie crowd had tmwl for two or tfcroy days
int. htartf<i a spirit of short covering, which
roved coutageoua, aud by in JU o cioc* nearly nil
ic crowd were o'a the buying side. Naturally
it* mad* offerings lew fr^e and prices slowly
tountvd upward, being strung, even around x?^a
iJic for January. The demand coutlnuud, hc> *
ver. up to the close of the morning scsniun. Jauur.
having told aitt>}*c. The maritet vras htroug
1 thia figure, an average 07t*r Saturday of lJ^alSo.
lourduU and unchanged. Wheat acUve, str?'Tig
ndnlgher, altqongn the feeling w? Utucttleu;
ilea ranged: Soremter MJiasa^c, closed at 85>fc;
nxmber Sl^a?&Hc. closca atatfcc bid; Jauuary
c, closed at w4c bid; May yu*'J2%e, closed at
le bid; No. 2 tprlng, 85c: N'a 8apr' vfiglaWjft.
urn active, tlrin auu Uifihet; caah 4. Sovein
?r 4l^a4l?<c; December and year ajiailfcc,
<*ed a;40;*c; January3TkaS.SHc, cloa at35?ii
lj?c; May cloacd at &Sa3* c. oau
lgher and moderately at live; cash 2y)$c; Novemit
'fj^aStc, ciosed at 2>}$c; lJecetnoer 2?5>a/Jc,
<i?L*d at Oft^eAic: January 28Via2?Jic, cloned at
ij^c; May Sl^a1.f4'c, cfo>ed at 3l%c. Kyenteady;
o. '2.61c. H*rl*y in g;od deiuaud; No. 2, Sic.
laiseedeMy; No. 1, 81 10}^. Pork fairly active
nd higher, caah 9J OQaSOTi; November and L>e. mner
19 00; January SiO OTSalO 10: February
1 IT^alO 20: May $iU tfaiO 57S- Urd fairly acveand
higher; caih. November and December
OT^atlOc: January 6.17>ifl6.,-l'c: February 6.25a
27V?c; March 6.32V,a6A*:. Boxed meats,shoulders
70aJ.75c: ahort rib 4 .Sja4.3Jc; ahort elear 5.16a
20c. whiskey Arm at >i 16. Butter and eggs
raily and unchanged. Alleruooa board?Wheat
Hire and easier at 8S0 Dccemb?r; 85Kc January:
ic Kebruaiy ; s;jio May. Corn a shade easier at
c "ovoaibtr; 405ic l ecember; 40?;c year; asj-^c
inoary; 39>^c May. Oa:* nominal, fork heavy at
1 yo ecember 510 00 January; I1012J< February,
a .1 easy at 6.10c Incumber; b.l7>*c January; 6 3Jc
>aw TORK, Nor. 80 -Flour, receipts 31,094 barils;
exporta S,Sa4 barrels: 1G.9M ?sek*; market
uli snd wuaIc: common to good extra western
?d State *$ 40a3 9?:good tocnoicedo *3 9ja5W;
ramon to goo.l extra Ouio 4<)aS common to
lolce extra $.14Ca5 50; patent Mlauesota I50>a5*).
heat, receipts ; 01.650 bu.hela: export*68,216 bu?h*;
spot Ha%c higher; optiona opened depressed
nd iiaWc lower; later ruled stronger and adtnica
IftlJic, cloiiug tlrm; sales 7,728,uCQ buabela
[ futures; tt.ooo bushels of spot: No. 2 spring
c. ungraded red 7d*U0c; No. '1 red nominal 93a
ike; No. 1 white 97c: No. 2 red Novenioer 91$4a
/*'.; December 9lKa*ic. closing a flV4c: January
lV!i4c, cloalng at WJ$c: February 9554a9?%c,
oalug at iWiuc; March yiaMl^c, clo.lng atsaVjc:
orll V?J4caSl 00% dosing at *lO??i; Mayfl Ouj^a
Otfo.clos.ng at9L01ts; Junefl OlJaal t3,Closing at
OJ; Jul) fl u3al 04. Corn, apot lower and fairly acre;
optiona k?J,c better, cioaiug with a aiight
aciion; recefpu 26,4'jo bushola: export* 91,746
uahela: aaies 1,704,UU) bushels of future*; 2Gu,O
bushels of spot; rejected 41c; ungraded 5Ja
c; No. 3, 4 >Ha4oc; ateamer 4ym9J%o: ungraded
h".?45c: No. 2 November 54Xa.5c; December
HaMHc, closing at Mftc; January MafiOHc.
using at 5<foc: February 49a49?*c, closing at
s; MaT4A.lka4s>feC, dosing at 4S*4e. Oa.s cigher
id mouera'.ely active; receipts 133.360 bushela;
;porta 125 buanela; mixed wcatern 3J!^a.T7c; wtilte
> 2SaiJc. Stocls oi gr?in in ature November28; :
heat. 5.970 iwi bushels; corn, 5,!>7J,4d* busneis;
its. 1.4-JV.271 bushels; barley, ! *'.0,011' bushsli;
? , 112.12* bushels: peas,4.171 bushe.a; malt, 121,- ,
J bushels. iUy steady and demand fair. Coffee
cherand fairly active; sales W.000 li??r Doeem
:r 1.50*6Sac. January 6.60c; February 6.70c:
arch 0.76a6b0c; May 6>.'ia6.'JOc; Auguat 7.00c; I
ptember ~.04c. Sufar itcady; refined quiet; oil'
6 3-16c. Molaaiea quiet. Rice Arm anu in (air
ijuiry. Tallow ami ami w?ak. Kotln ateadv. 1
nrpeutlne dull at 37!^e. 15/3 arm and In fair
round; rece pu 3,lift pack.*e?; wet tern JCc.Tc.
>r? utrunjjer but quiet; iucm t.O oualo SO for inccted.
&*{ aieauy. Cut meau a;eady: pickled
ixua 8H', do ahoulders 5c. Lard opened hitfber
id clo*.-d weak; at*?m apot t.40a6 60c; December
Wnfi.uc; January Mfef50?; February C.ab*6.5!kj;
arctt 6 to?6.6*c; May 6 ?Ci6 toe; city iteam 6.J0a
J5c. butter quiet and a lead y; western &*27c.
iee*c dull ami ea?y; weatcru Hat saDJy-PntuiOW.?MiA.
Pa.. Not. 30 ?Flour quiet; westJ
|4 to*'> 00; winter patent |5 ?*5 50; MlunfeoU
ikers II iSaa 00; aprlDK patent 95 23?6 50. Wheat
m; No. 2 red November 87a*bo, December 87Ka
c; January ?0>4aai>^c; February Vi^tuZc. Corn,
>tloui firm but quiet; new November Mc; new
a 3 yeLow43c; >0. :?mixed Novern berWKc; De
mber 4S?J>495ic; January 4.a47Kc; February
,'ja47c. oati, apot firmly beld; No. 2 white 33ke;
1 ice ungraded white 30c; futures quiet and
sad;; No. U white November 3?%a3?Ko; LecemirSfiiaffiHc:January
3aa3j)<c: February Kfca
Sc. I'rovlalon afady; mta* pork. new.tllflOa
uu; do f .mliy $115ualJ0J. L&rd quiet; city reiwl
7.C0*7.:Jjc; do iteam 6.6'Jkc; butcher* locae
. Hutter Arm for hl*hfr grade*; Iianlf >rd eoundairy
extra 20c; packing 0a7e. Kjyj* Arm for
?h; western .Cc. (neeae quiet; uliiu llau choice
4al0c, do fair to prime 8,l?a0)Sc.
CiMci.HMaTi, O, Nor, 30.?Flour dull; family
0ua4J5; fancy l4 Ma4 7&. Wheat firmer; No. 2
d 9Jr.'; rec*lnu ti.WO butbeJi: ihlnmeuU 5.000
ishela. Corn heavy; No. mixed46c? Oau flrmer;
j. 2 mixed 3oSr. Bye dull; No. 2, ?c. Barley In
od demand: extra No 3 spring Mc. Pork quiet ]
it Arm at flOiO. Lard iteady at 1.00c. aulk
esu tlrmer and nomlually unchanged. Bacon (
>jilnally firm and unchanged. Whisky iteady
SI ??. Butter neady; extra creamery 2&a2?c; 1
npr dairy HalSc. Llweed oil quiet and atenly ,
?lat2c. Eggs easy at 19}*c. cheeae barely steady; j
lOlee !>HaUc.
Baltwoeb, Not. 30 ?Wheat, weatera iteady; No. ^
winter red spot *7c; December STKaMc; Janu7
'JO^aUlc; February Wj^M^c. Corn, firmer;
Ixcd spot ?ai'Hc; year 47)<a47Sc; Janu7
February 4&?4A&; tteaaer 47<r.
iu strong: weatern white 87a?:; mixed 35a36c.
orulo'ia steady; me* pork $10 ?. Unl reflned
fc. Egjrn iteady at 24a&o. Coffee unlet; Rio caries
ordinary to (air T^a?>iC.
Tolido, q.. Nor. 3d?Wheat opened firmer, cloeo
iulet; caahor December Wc: January iM!ic; '
tbruarr 9 Jkc; May W)?c. Cora dull; caah or De
mDer40c; May 3t*4e. Oatifirm; caablic; May
W-. bid. Clover aeed quiet; caah or December
M; January |ft 57}{; February |SU.
Lift Stock.
Chicago, III.. Nor. 30.?'The Drtmnf Journal re>ru;
Caule-Hecelpta 4.000 bead lablpmentaZOCO
Mil; best ateady; common 10 to L'Sc lower; shipng
steera l.JMaI.300 <bs., tSOtt M:*ockenand 1
eaen fi 30e3 40; cowa, bulla and mixed fl 7-a
00: through Texana steady. Hogs? Beoelpt* O,
0 head; ablpmenu&.OCO bead; market stronxer;
inxb and mixed fl 46aS 75; packing and shipping
1 ruaS 9S; llafat weight* ii?a3 70; aklpa fi 60a
J0. Bheep?Eeceipta VOo head; shipment* TOO
Hd:tnaflT?> U 00*3 60; Texana |aiQa2M: cable
om Liverpool quOee beat American steen 14c
ir lb. drtaa*!.
Kaar Lnnrr. Pa., Nor. 10.?Cattle Is brisk
smand and a shade stroogv.but unchanged; re
;; S3 75*3 90; receipt* 7,aoo head: shipment* 3.2a
hud. bheep active aud unchanged; receipts 2,?
w haul : shipments 1,000 bead.
,r Cn?a*3*ATi. 0? No?. 30.?Hoa steady; common
and light |3Ufe3tii; packing uid hutcners S3 65s
[ 3 90; receipt! 7,000 bead; shipment! bu) bald.
i? Bradford, Pa., Sot. 51 -Opened at 93c; elated
at MV;c; highest 93\c: lowest 87fte- run* 107,219
. barrels; total shipment* 03.85?6 barrels: charters
not reported; clearance* 1,356,000 barrels.
PmsBrauH. Pa., Nov. 30.?Petroleum un*ettled,
fairly active and weak; trading weak; National
traniilt certltkatcs oppued at WS??; clcaed at 68)fc;
1 highest 93?^c; lowest ss^c.
' Oil City, Pa., No*. jo.?Opened at 93*4c; highest
93*?c: lowest 86c; closed a: ?He; sales 5,130,000
. barrels; clearances 3.5ci.c0q barrels: abipmeuts 63..
.r>4 barrels.
TrrcsviiJJt, Pa., Nor. 30.?Opened at 99"ic;
, hlKhett s^ic; low?*t 8*c: cloaed at Ntyc; shli*
i meats 61.644 barrels; charters, none posted.
Niw Yoax. Nov. *0?Petroleum firm; United
1 closed at ss^ic; reflned 81c.
PiuiaitELi'iiu, Nov. 80.?Petroleum quiet; 70
abel test in barrels 7jy.\
Dry floods.
New York. Nov. 30,?There ha* been no general
activity Jn the mark-t. still moderate orders and
like selection* have taken a f ir quantity of good*,
agrecitbly to the announcement tlutlt'Mlmsn Mann*
factoring Company, on December 1, will tnake the
price of Humuoldatdoiakiusa-cisst. Nicholas 30c.
New Yoke, Nov. 90.?( .otton, futures steady; Decern
be* 9.41c: January 9,18c; February 9.5>c; Aut?u*t
lO'JOc; March v.'oc; May 9.91c; June 10.u3j;
Jill* If) 1 In
CmcniKXT!. 0., Sot. so.?Cotton quiet: midtin
me ?y ^
gos. Spciilcl St ffio.
i*13 a WIS MAIN fll^l ft WW SDUTHSTS
Sew Crop Xew Orleans Molasses
Arriving Dally?Straight Good*.
fiole Agents (or tho following celebrated flour*:
Pride of West Virginia, Guiding Star, Fkiunlx
Patent, Kiev trie Ll<ut and Bakart Irou Clad.
U or TTlu-i
(6.ftXcnrtct tc Cor.
What the people are If oklng for. and wo
alwayi manage to be the FlKfT DKALEBd
In the cltj to get the .New styles of
Carpels, :
Oil Cloths,
And everything die pertaining to
New Fall Stock
Is coming now, and we wonld be pleased
to have oar rlcudi look over oar stock before
1134 MAIN ST.
gojjan St Co.
Common Sonse
1. Dr. Mott, of New York, fed a [
number of dogs for some weeks on .
bread made with Alum Baking
Powders. In every instance the dogs
lost appetite, sickened, and J
tome died. At the same time he
red other dogs on hrcad made with
pure Tartar liaking Powder, with
no injury to appetite or health.
2. The use of alum in bread is
prohibited by law iu some places
because it has been found to injure
3. Some people buy Alum Baking
Powders because they are _
cheap! Is It real economy, which >
to sare a few pennies now, lays a foundation
for ill health and doe- r
tor's bills later on?
You are on the safe side in using
L06AN, LIST & CO.'S '
ftalHnrf Daw/Jot? !1
Which Contains no JiLUX or
other injurious ingredient.
See that onr address is on each
box or label. Address all orders to '
Proprietor! and Xuibctaien,
BDMon to Lofu, Llit * Co., WfcMlnfc W. Vfc
? gggggg. I
lofant Cordial!
Sutltnnu IIia (Inma. (Dura Pnln. I!(>ilni>i>i
Iiiflamiuutioii, Controls the* Bowels, ,
Curiiigbjrsenterj,I)Iarrh<L>a,Flat? J
ulence, Wind Colic, &cM Jtc.
??Thii Preparation la Guaranteed. (
1208 Main St? Wheeling, W. Va.
nol* rrlua Dr.J.B.S3IITH,
So. 1404 liuplliie Street, i
Nov FoanecnUi Street, j;
The bat evidence ol a phyilclan'i ncoeta la the
testimony ol hi* patleut*. The lncrwulng demaud*
for my professional *erricta prore that Ihave dealt
honor* oly and fairly with tbo?e who hare
consulted me. I never use a patient's name with* L
oat permission, though I hare many hun<l:ed cer- A
Uflcaie* trom ititxe whom I hava cured alter ther S
bad been pronounced Incurable. A thorough med- I*
leal education with many year* hospital experience
ind familiarity with tberauutlc seenta, a close ob- fl
tervance ol temperamental peculiaritle* and trtct K
ittentlon to hyricnic manaaeineui Insure* suocesa, YJ
iimnilxaiulhlj ?ni1 t FntKlr *4r^ thu ?tl?nt mi P
aptnlon. ' N
Homo Proof. B
Sidney and Liver Dtacasce and Rheunstlim.? Suffered
Jerri blj?"Nothing seerJed to help me;
?uld not get out of bed. Dr. Smith cured me" ZEPH.
PHILLIPS, Wheeling, W. V*.
Catarrh, Polypus of None, Impair^ \ oloe.-Su,*- _
ertd for years; patent medicine foiled to help me.
Dr. Smith completely cured me." T.
Of Speldel JL Co., Wheeling, W. Va. ft
Dyspepsia and ulcerated Stomach.-"Treatmeut
or yean failed to rive me relief. Ut. Smith cured
ae.' THOMAS HOLT, Insurance Agi-nt. s.
Fit*.?Had them for fourteen year*. Dr. Smith *
Scrofula. Running Sore* on Head.?"My sou ?u /
iflllcted for fourteen yearn. Nothing aeemed to ~r
ielp him. Dr. Smith cured him." /b
Market Street. Wheeling, W. Va.
Cancer.?"Suffered for year# with Cancer. Had it et
;ut out three time*. It returned alter each ojteraion.
Dr. Smith cured me without knife, caustic or ?
*in." Mm. H. M. ORGOTT.
Piles, Fistula of Ann*.?Flat on my back for 19
reeks. Keporwd dying. Dr. Smith cared me Ct
rlthout knife in five weeks. En
Wholesale Grocer, Main St., WhoelLng, W. Va. oil
Ulceration* of Rectum, Prolapsus and Pile*.?
'Was given up to die and pronounced Incurable, ca
)r. Smith cure.*: me without kulle." an
WASHINGTON DELANY, Martin's Ferry. i'e
Ber. H. O. Ladd writ/*:?"Dr. Smith'J pro.'ee- ci
lonal aervlcce in my family have been most rattis.u.tory.
and 1 commend him to all u a gentleman
aid a skillful phrsiclan."
Mrs. Margaret Kolk says: "I had been suffering
or seven yean and treated br many physicians for ?
lyspepsia. Dr. Smith said i nad a tape worm, and /
n ei*ht hours removed a monster 10a feet long." t
Female Complaints.?Three years In hospital* /or
cmales, glvu me peculiar ad v?uUgc* in such caws. r
Persons cured of catarrh, dlceawa of heart, liver, t
tomacb, kidneys, skin, blood, nerroua affections
Lnd weaknesses of men and youth, scrofula and v.
ikthmu testify to my sucoom. '
Piles cured without the knifo.
Patlenu at a distance may be treated bv letter and u.
atlsfactlon'guaranteed. A chart for scH-examlua- ?
ion sent on receipt of two three-cent stamps, and
tdvlcc returned free. ?
Consultation at office free. Office hours from 9 a
t. to 7 r. Jf.? dally. Call on or address,
rnifv v auiTti w n
No. 1W OmpUne St.. Wtodlmi. W. V?.
Will cure Disease* of the Kldneji, Grarel, Gleet, UjJ
lectures, and all Urinary and Urethral Difcasei, Pr
s'arvooj and Physical Debility, Sexainai Weakneas,
^ ms ol Vigor, Premature Decline in Man, Ktrij N?
:-3C*y, Impotoncy caused by errors of youth, ea- t*
una*, Ac. HyphiJl* In til Its forms, sore throat *' *
ind nose, uiocr*. eruptions, scrofula, tetter, mlU Fr
heumand all blood and skin diMMoa Female HtA'eaknea
tpeodliy corod. Gonorrhea cured in S v i
lays. Prion 53 CO. *>ld in Wheeling, W. Va., by r*
L r. Bocaise, Logaji A Co., Druggists. Bent
aail?aled- ?*_ _
PEftftfHUlTAL \
The Orljclnnl ??nil Only <i?>nn!nr. pt.
i*Vao<1 al??* rrii?hl? IVarthlroa Imlutiatu. yr
"ChlebNlrr1. Knall?l?"?ft ih?V?i a?.lr. iulup b?*M?
TO LADIES. 4?. I i for parttailM*. I??il ou
-H^^B^PILLS! *
>8ia <m..|'kUaJn. I'g.g BftiUlV |
ff* FREE! 1
A favorite pretcription of one of the roost 00]
noted and luCCCMful ?*ecialitt? in th? U S.
(now retired) tor the cure of 2ler??in? Ilroiiifjr, __
I,o?t nnli"oil, Wcnknru and Deeny. Scnl _
in plain ?ealed envelope Free. l)rugj{J*w can fill it L
nP WAPD A CO.. I.nuiftiana. Mo.
= ?
Restaurant. c
- ? - - - nn
EiUbliihed Bept. 1,1S7J. I
Strangers and rlnltora coming to Wheeling will Be]
emetnber that the Capital Mnlng Room* are now A
a r*rfi*ct running order and good meal* can be Ziu
ad at all boun of the day or night __ _ Ne
antf VP H.M < M-irt MARKET *T Co]
pianos, (Organs, >Vc. S!
Boxed and Stored, at Ka
The itanund for th? Jmprore?! IIamk 4 H*wu* 7:3
ru>,. w now *. Urn that **c?nil aditition l<? llw 4:1
factory baa twcotn'imperative. I*> not require ?n?- i
quarter nn much tuning a? Hanoi on the prutaillaf -n,
wre?t.pln ajitem. Consult '? *. - . f
100 stylet of Omani, ttt U> IWO. For Ca?b, Eaay ?
Payment*, or Rented. ^
Mason & Hamlin Or&an and Piafto Co.,
flnmbitig.&asjkjittam fitting ?
1418 Market Street. nJ
Vdeatlaf and Ventilating of Pnblla Bnlldlngi a-]
hrelllofi and Factorial a Specialty,
ao34 ?*
A Fine Anortment of
\jruvo?i9| ?
which will be aold at reasonable prices.
nolO 1416 Main Street. ?
rrrm. hare & son, *?
nucnciL FLCKim, *
Gaa and Steam Fitter*) J
xn work daw promptly H maooablt prloo, U>
gtatMprelalion.'S 1
Voa4?iU*d Um*-lMb)0 ot p*uca:tt tmiu: c*.r"
wcted to NOV. 29. IMS?< Centra! Standard Time.
A.M. A.M. A.M. r.M. f *7
BellAlre...^ 5 ?0 1C:C0 aiy "TtO
Bridgeport ft M ?:B) 10:12 3:*; 1:12
Martin i Kerry- 5:.0 S:41 iO:V?? *;jo i:.o
Blllilaut S N 9 1*| !0:M 4:1" 1:U
Bteubenrill?....? ?:10 9U5 11:08 4 3s 2:;o
Toronto 6:."j ......... ll:jr 4 .y ?..;
MeCof?.?...? ?-> ll:Sf> vo? a..rj
Yellow Creak. Il:4i 6:2! 3:0J
WeUtrUl* TiicTZZZ g/Tt ?:iS
Kwt M'erpooL 12: SO ^.)S
Bocfacfter irlO- ? 1:1.. 6:! fii
Allegheny t:usj 2:0rl 71
Pltttburffa 9 i>, anal no,
Alliance 10:4%' 4:l.v
RMreuod. ll:Zi 4:'.T
Hudion 11 :.Vil 5:!T
Newbur* 12:*: 6:M' ..
Jereland l.ocj 6:231......
a.m.|~ ;a.m. r.H. t.u.
Scllaire 5:001 .... 10:001 3:2n 1 OD
Bridieport - b:U 10:12 3:22 l:li
)f?run a Ferry- 8:?!...?. 10:'Ji 1:2)
icuovt iTee* I o:sc; | 1; 5:;tj :t:03
I r. m. | I
iVellrrllle ?:R'i 2:4,V GO? 3:15
hrard 10.l:i! I:4i
vliiaac* - 12:10 4:?5
p. *
Janton ... 1:3)
Hjuallloa J:to 5:ir
4au*3eld ....m... 7:?u
iwattine 8:25 K:lu ...._
-Una .. ....... ..... 11:12 ...mm.
k. v
folcago - 6
All traini dally exccpt b':mda7.
Tralni leave Clevtiainl fur Wheeling at 7:10 a. in.
!:10 p. m., arriving at 4.51 p. ?. and " 10 >?. tn.
Paawnger A^snt, Willing, W. Va.
K. A. XoRD,
Gen. Pms. and Ticket AgMit. Fittsborgh, I'a.
JAMES McCKE*. Oenonil Manager.
LOUIS RAILROAD?P*u llandle EouU.
Time table for Kaat and We?t rorrrctt-l to NOV.
9,1W. Trains leave Tan lluudU statlou, foot of
:leveiltli atreet, near public landing, a* lullowi,
entral Standard time:
Plttt. Ke/t i Kant 11'ac.
rrATtoaa Kxj/i ?>p'? Sxp's Pxp'r
a. u. r. u. v. k. r. x.
eav(H-Whc?I!ng 6:f-C 12:45 3:?.S S:05
rrive?WelUburg? 7 :2> 1:25 4:14 R:?0
teubonvilie 8:00 2:CO 5;-.*0 9:13
ltUburgh 9:10; S:30 6:10 .........
1 a. k. a. H. i
irriaburg 1:10; 1:10 2:3.*>
altlmore. ..
faahington -..I t:Hj\
Uiiadelphia. 4:J5i %.X 5:851
ewYork. 7:00 7:00 8;tr I
p. K. p. m. p. JK.
mton ? 3:00| 5:00 8:351
eowo *r?rr,
i?C. 1 UCUU >U>1 ?\C"
iffATto???. Exp's Kxp's Mali. c-ia'n
p. u. r. v. a. a. r. k.
ear??Wheeling- 8:iK 3:? 6:SC IS 45
rrlve-flteubenville. 9:03 6:^ 2:C0
nils ~ 7.10 b:M *; JO
i-cnisou ? - 11:0C 7:*20 0:4."> 4:15
a. h.
ewark ..... li.Od Ii;i0 S-J0
)lanbtu .. lr'i'i S:C0
javo?Columbus. .... 3:4d 1:2*1
rrlve?Dnyion 6:k
ncinnati 7:lt 5 :C0f
dlauapolis ll:4o 10;jw
. Lonla 7:30 7:00
llcago - 6:6' 7:30|.
All trains dally oxcf.pt Sunday.
Pullman's Palace drawing Room and &lcoflng
ira throngb without change* lr*>m StoabenviUo
lit to Philadelphia and New York. Weat to CoJnbUJ.
Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, Indiana p<
is and HL Louis.
For through tickets, bsj^ncfi checfcn, ulecpltg
r accoatmodatlon*, and nuy further information
ply to .lOHN G. TOJILLVtfON, Ticket Agent it
in Handle .station, foot of Eleventh struct, or at
tr Ticket Otficc, under 3fcLr.ru House, Wheeling,'
JAilK-i ilcUUhA,
Manager, Pittsburgh, Pa.
?. A. FUfcU,
Gen'l Pasa. and Ticket Agent. Pittsburgh. Fa.
riao tabic corrected to JUiiY a. fciSo, Triini
lye Panhandle .Station, foot of Efaraith stree".
*r public landing, as follow*? Cer.tsal B'andarti
me?whlcb m &j minutes slower than Wheeling
0*lly iHlly Ae-~"
raw. ieta,
A.H P. V. AH.
Wheeling 6:3ft i \js J:8f
rive?Bc-nwocd .. 6 :M 3:45 8:55
mndsriUe 7:18 4:0ft 9:40
irington .... 7:56 4 45 lltfJ
octor....^ .. 8:07 4*7 11:45
P. V.
m afartljyrrille...... W-. 8:15 12:3
rdi? 8:84 5:- 12:50
itorsvUl? 8:50 6:4'' 1:?
loudly .Malamorm) 9:(tf 5:58 2:Cb
Maryi 0:ff> C:M 8:80
llliaawtown (Marietta) 10:20 7:10 5:20
rkernburif. V,'. Va. 10:ftftl 7:46 6:20
Going noetu.
rally Daily AOFa*?.
A.M. P. U A. It.
live?PBrkonhurR 6:0 8:30 8:13
rive?WiUlamJtown(Mari'tta) 6:% 4:03 7:30
Marri 7:15 4:60 9:'J&
iendfr (Matamoraa) 7:?8 5:2S 11:00
ilemvJiJe $:00 5:40 11;2?
r. x.
rdla 8:16 5:88 12:07
w Martinsville. 8:tt 6:0* 12:30
ortor 8:4'i 6:25 1:11
irington 8:55 6:87 1:43
mnorriUe. 9:45 7;j0 8:25
nwood 10:05 7:40 4:15
Reeling- 10:20 8:0* 4:40
PaMengur trains dally Including .Sunday. AO*
ninodaUou iralni run* dally escont Sunday.
Ticket Agent. Wheeling, W. VA.
)n and aft?r MAV 3. IMS. r?a?eijter ;r*lna will
n u follow*?Wheeling time:
No. M>. .No. 1; >'o.U
?a*tboc?d. Local. So.37 rigiiy .Vo.33 Dally
X*TO? A. K. r. U. a. It. A. M. P. V.
leollng 6:35 4:10 6:40 8:lt 5:30
ll*lro 6:56 5:9
ianln*too~.? ? 7:90
krrlvM at P. M. r. v.
if ton _....... 4:00 11:06 1:10 10:13
P. If. A. M.
mberlaniL. 2:40 7:00 2-J0
isblnirton city .... 6:30 2?.
1'Jmore 7:80f 8:?C
to. nb, 33 and 37 itop at Ml Htatlona
I No. U No. 4 >o. I
wvrt BOPWD. So. J 4 No. 12 Pally fail/ DaJJy
-cave? a. u. r. * a. *. p. x. p. x.
leellnf ...... 7:35 3:40 t? i:> 7;60 10:28
ll*lre 1:10 4:15 10:0& 8:27 11
irrlreat p.'v. a. ?.
i?vlll6 11:20 7:00 12:3> 10:10 1:10
wark ...... 1:20 10:50 2:0C
lombua 2:40 U:M t:lff
a. m
icinnatl ... 7:2ft 4:00 7:80
lduaky 6:3)......... 8:61
Uanapolto..... ll.oo 7:05 'il5l
a. X. P. MLonia
? 7:20 6:45 <:I3
J. x.
lca?o..~ 8:40 ?:(? 7:?
nwuClty - 8:00 i:X fl:C0
foundarllle accommodation leave* a hodlng at
36 a. xa.. and amw at Mouadarllle at U:16 p.
dill* KVKnnt >lnni1a>
1 tnnln?on accommodation at 4:10 p. m.
lanwrllie accommodation learefl Wheellaf
5 a. m. and 3:40 p. m. Bellalru At 8:10 a. in.
5 p. m., dally except Htinday.
0:'i5 p. m. train tnrough to Cincinnati without
uice, witn M. a O. Hlecpcr through to Cincinnati.
S. A 0. Hleep'.ng (.'an on all through train.).
rhrongh Coach trom Wneclln* to Cincinnati on
. 2, leaving Wheeling at 9;li a. m., arrlvlug %t
lclnnatl at6:60a m.
Hoae connections axe made for all polsta fouti) .
d Boathweat North and North went, tsaXinj< tnu
Leslrable route (or colonist* and penona mo "lag
the great West, and to whom particular attention
r.ckeu to ail principal point* on n!e at Depot
lleeplng car accommodation! can be accural at
pot Tlctct Office.
Pn08 C'. BU&KE, Ticket Agent B. 4 0. Depot.
OHN T. LANE, Trar. Pajamiger Agent
IT. DKVH1K8, (General Agent. Wnu-.lng.
8ION, B. AO.
>a and after JUNE 21. IMS, paaenger traini will
a m lollowa?Wheeling time:
tor Pittsburgh?4:40 a. m.. 6:35 p. m. daily; 7:48
m., ?:* p. m., dally except Buaday.
For Waanington?6.06p.m.,dallyexccptSunday.
From PltUburgh?11:06 a. m., 6:06 p. m.. dally
oxpt tfunday; 10:15 p. a., daily; 9;<r, a. m. daily.
From Washington?4:06 a. m., dally; a ;06 a. m.,
16 p. m.. dally exccpt Sunday; 10:15 p. m., dally.
C. It. LORD. General Pawenjcer A* eat.
B. DUNHAM. General eup't.
J. T. LAWK. Trmv. Pm?. A,t. bcellni.
No. 1163 Market Bu. Wheeling. W. V&.
WToUjpioo. atmndM in and prompt*
See, Odd Fellow*' Hall, corner <h*iJlneand
?elfth aiTMU. WheallM, W. Va Attorney* lor
? WbMUa< BoalncM Jus'i Colltctini tomii,

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