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COco. JU. JlitooH ? (Co.
SNOOK &co:s
Holiday |
Colored Bordered Cambric
Handkerchiefs at 2 cts each;
some of these would be cheap
at 10 cts each.
Children's Pure Linen Woven
and Printed Bordered Handkerchiefs
at 5 cts each.
Ladies' Hemstitched Colored
Bordered Handkerchiefs at 10
cts each,
Ladies' and Gents' Plain and
Colored Bordered Handkerchief
from I2'y< cts up.
An immense slock of Silk
Handkerchiefs and Mufflers at
the lowest prices ever touched.
Novelties and Staples suitable
for Holiday Presents received
In order to give Holiday pur.
chasers an opportunity to secure
a genuine bargain, we have decided
to sell our large and attractive
stock of Cloaks regardless
of value.
Commencing with to-day, we
will give away to the trade
Beautiful "Souvenirs 01 the City
of Wheeling."
gE?i=>'flease call as eariy in
the day as possible, and avoid
the great rush that usually occurs
in the aiternoon.
1110 IMA.IIV ST.
Market Street Entrance Through Atlantic
'I'm Company's Store.
lb SnhlligtMtv*
Oibvtn Not. lift ?ud a? Fourteenth htrcflU
New AcivertlaameuU.
Wanted?Experienced Clerk.
Wanted-Hecoud-uund Writtng Dctk.
For Ciuuiunatl-Httamer A tide*.
Fine FJano stool* and tt>vera-HauxAr.
riilk Umbrella*? U. Gtiudling A <'o.
BoauUIuI Bridal Freieuu?1. <1 Dillon.
Fine rjctmea?McLuro House Art store.
Mock* ?nd bond* For tfale?I livrln, broker.
For Halo?No 1 liuMu* m Stand?uco. Arklo.
ilaltimorv Si Ohio llailroad?Third j a je,
kcady Mnrtt?The Factory?Fourth tiwe.
Chatiuj Sliayli Acapeuiy of Mink?Fourth page.
Our display of Holiday Uoods Is mow
complete. Among our ?|ie?luitit>8 are,
Children's Fur sulfa and Collars,Mine
in Ladles'.
Children's and Ladles' Satchels.
Fashionable Jieckwear.
Muniers and Handkerchiefs In new
An elegant and Cheap Christmas Present
ii our Kutslan llnlr llup.
Flush Ornaments.
llrcssed and Undressed Kid KloTes, and
man) other guilds too numerous lo mentiun.
ATE caution the public against Agents
who claim lo sell goods tor us on ncetljr
payments. Their are lmposters.
JACOB W. (till lilt, Jeweler.
WE bare now on exhibit our Fall and
Winter stock or Woolens, being a complete
line or Suitings, l'nntaloonlngs and
OTcrcoatiiigs, which ne shull get up in
Hrst-class stjlo and lit, and ut lowest
prices. Also, a lull line ot Furnishing
bloods always on hand.
FOIt comfort, get one of those Best
Knit Jackets at C. 11 ESS & SONS'.
Thirmomttir Uecord.
The following shows the range of the
thermometer aa observed at Scbnepf'sdrug
atore, Opera House corner, Saturday: 7
a. u., 17?; 12 m., 32?; 3 p. m., 33?; 7 r. u.%
35?. Sunday: 7 a. u.. 3<>?; 12 u., 40?; S
i*. M., 40?; 7 r. u. 43?.
Washington, Dec. 14.?1 a. k.?For Ihe
Ohio Valley and Tennessee, fair weather,
proceeded by local rains in the eastern
portion, winds generally from the northwest
to southwest, higher barometer and
alightly colder.
For the Lower Lake region, rain and
anow, clearing in the western portion,
colder winds, shifting to northerly and
higher barometer.
A N??doil Improvement.
Martin's Ferry is a proper subject for
congratulation. Official notice ha# been
given that a fine new depot will be commenced
there by the Cleveland & Pittaburgh
Company early in the spring to
supplant the shanty that now serves (or a
station, a handsome brick structure, with
separate departments for freight, passenger
and telegraph busineae. One or two
tracks will be run into the freight depart* I
ment. The new structure will be built on |
the site of the old one, burned some time1
ago, and of the shed which has been the
unsightly substitute since the flro.
A Former Whaillng Man.
The following special to the Chicago
Timet from Cincinnati will probably be of
Interest to those who romember Mr. Mann
when ho was connected with the Jiegitier
and defunct Evening Journal: "T. C.
Campbell has sold the Telegram, the evening
paper started six months ago, to a syn
dicate o! young Democrats. They are
said to- be John It. McLean, Mark
Simonton.Uuy Weber,aud John K.Thompson.
The Secretary and Treasurer of the
old company, Dr. A. E. Reeves, while quite
reticent in general on the subject of the
sale, intimated that Fred Brown, of the
Enquirer, would bo city editor, E. E.
Mann managing editor, and John R.
Thompson manager. It will be very, very
democratic. The new regime goes into
effect January 1. It is estimated that not
leea than $'20,000 has been dropped on the
paper up to date.
Tub $15 edition of Lalla Booth, on In* ;
dia paper, is one of the many attractions
fit Stamton & Davixport's.
If Alters of Minor Homcut In And Aboot the
Two marriage licenses were issued Sat- T
"May Blossom" at the Opera House this t
Saturday wan pay day at Hobbs,
Brockunier <& Co.'s class works.
Warner Hammond had his hand badly
hurt at the hinge factory Saturday.
The Sheridan company appears in
"Louis XI" at Steuhenville this evening, ti
Tus Saturday Evening Guide has ceaaed o
to exist alter a fitful career ol three weeks, i
Miss Bird Houston, of Wellsburg. is a
visiting Miss Moliie Young, of Twentieth .
Mrs. Hiram Young is lying very sick at c
her residence on South Front street, a
Island. \
Castikk's "Widder" and Keilly's Com- :
eAy Company at Charley Shay's Academy J
this evening.
Tub carpet was put down in the Munici- c
pal Court room in the new Public Uuild- j
ing Saturday. t
A rm all child of William Frazier, of the t
Fifth ward, fell agp.iust a red hot stove t
Saturday and was painfully burned. i
I Bick sneh-ari), of this city, and Best, of
Marietta, will raeo at the North End Rink
thisovening. There will be good music ;
for skating. (
A nkw Bchedulo went into effect on the t
Baltimore ?fc Ohio road yesterday. The I
timcii of arrival and departure of trains are t
generally changed. <
Commodore Mats, watchman at the j
Riverside mill, was fined $1 and costs 1
Saturday by Squire Manion for a breach 1
of the peace. The complainant was Dr. '
Sheets. '
Houhkholdehk should bear in mind that '
water comsumers, to receive the advantage
of the 10 per cent discount, must pay 1
their water tax before the expiration of j
Tim Opera House Orchestra's rehearsal
last evening at Miennerchor hall was very j
well attended in spite of the bad weather.
A pleasant programuio was very artistic
ally rendered.
Dr. James E. Reeves, and wife returned
Saturday evening from Washington City, ;
where the Doctor was in attendance upon
the session of tho Public Health Atbohiation,
of which he wad President.
A tk.mrkranck meeting wh? held at the
Disciples Church last evening. Similar 1
meetings will be held this evening auil 1
during the entire week at McLain's Hall.
Tha meetings are conducted by Col. J. F.
Hoy and wile, of Baltimore.
Clkkk Hook on Saturday admitted to record
a deed made November 18, 18S5, by
Geo. B. Caldwell, trustee, to the Schmulbach
Brewing Company, for lots Nos. 0, 7
and 8 in John Koil' and Win. Chapline's
addition. Consideration, $10,000.
Bautlky Camimisi.l'u great play, "The
Galley Slave," which, with "My Partner"
assured the author's fame, will bo presented
at the Opera Hutiso to-morrow
evening -with a strong cast. Keserved
teats are on sale at Bauuier's music store.
The following arrests wore made Saturday
night in addition to others referred to
elsewhere: Hugh Boyd, drunk on the
Island; by McXichols; Andrew Holmes
and William Kit/, lighting in North
Wheeling; by Hezlop; Charles Price,
vagrancy; by Watson; Louis Schdlield,
drunk on the street; by Ditnlap: John
O'DonneJl, exposure of person in Second
ward market; by Watson.
The robbers who visited the Mt. Pleasant
bauk have not yet been apprehended,
and the Steubenvil Jo (jazelU says that even
if they had succeeded in getting into the
Rafe, tho game wouldn't have boen worth
the caudle, as tho bank seldom cirries
over $2,000 in cash, the money being
cither loaned out or depoauen in omer
bauks. There can bo little doubt that
"Eegy" Coudrey was one of the burglars,
and the other it* also known.
Thk Secretary of f-'tate baa issued a certificate
of incorporation to the Real Estate,
Mechanical ami Mcrchaatile Investment
Company, of Philadelphia, formed for the
purpose of acting as agents for the purchase
am! salp.pf real estate and procuring
capital for investment, and securing safe
and protltablo investments for capital in
all kinds of real estate, patented inventions,
mercantile and manufacturing pursuits.
The capital stock is $1,000,000.
Tjj* otlicers and teachers of St. Paul's
Episcopal Mission, of Mai tin's ferry, are
preparing an elaborate entertainment, to
be given December ?'4rd in Commercial
Hall. The first part will consist of music,
vocal and instrumental, under the- directions
of Prof. Schotield, Misses flora
Williams and Emily Warwood, aesistcd by
some of Wheeling's best musical talent.
The second part will consist of a comic
opera and "Mrs. Jariey'p jyax works."
Al. Wkllb, colored, was sent tojajl by
Squire Arkle Saturday in default of a h?e
of $5 and costs imposed upon him for assaulting
the wife of/ Samuel Robinson.
George Clifford, charged with stealing $4<J
and mo me valuablo documents from the
residence oI fi. Moore, on Water street, on
Wednesday night, was jailed in default of
$1,000 bail to appear for a preliminary
hearing before the eame Justice pext
Wednesday afternoon. Ueorge Inglehart,
charged with assaulting his wife, was remanded
to jail iu defauit of $50 bail till 10
j o'clock this moring.
gtratigw lu the CUjr And TVh??l}ag Folks
Mr. George J. Heed, ap attache of the
Pinny 1'rcu, of Pittsburgh, WW Jntfrprity
Miss Estelle May Devore, of Gravsville,
0 , in visiting her brother, Mr. J. llarvey
Devore, on Twelfth street
Rev. 8. L. Finney, pastor of the Presbyterian
Church at Morgantown, died at liis
home in that place on Thursday last.
Hon. G. W. Atkinson will lecture in the
M. K. Church at Clarksburg, next Thursday
evening, llis subject wijil be, "pon't."
Tho Wetzel Democrat suggests that the
name oi Judge Jacob, of thiB city, as the
next Deraccratio candidal for Con^rces
from this district.
Captain Kobert Cowan, for a long time ,
holding an important position in the
Wheeling poatofflce, has resigned to
accept the agency of tho Po^esti# String ,
Machine Company. ' (
Hev. W. H. Cooke and Rev. R. R. i
Swope. Mr. William are and Mr. John
Trimble, of this city, were m??de members !
of the Amerioan Public Health AssopU:
tion at Washington last week.
Mr. John H. McFal), the well known
and popular pressman of the litgitler, who i
hrs been for several weeks confined to his !
house by dangerous illness, has so nearlv
recovered as to be able to go about. His '
host of friend* will be glad to meet him 1
once more.
1 Fifth Ward Dry Uooda Store Urokon Into
and ll?bbed.
Laat night, sometime between 9 o'clock
and midnight, thieves effected an entrance
[ into tho dry goods storo of J. W, Ferrel,
!on Main street, in the Fifth ward,
and stole threo fine cloaks and a
number of shirts. Their presence
wss discovered and the proprietor
notitied, when an examination of
tho stock showed this to be the extent of c
tho loss. The thieves were evidently in- t
terrupted by the discovery, or they would
doubtless have secured a much larger
haul. The cloaks were line ones, and the 2
lots is in the neighborhood of $60. The c
burglars wero not recognized, and they
were frightened away too quickly to allow
of their capture. a
Wa will send the Weekly Intelligencer
and Harper's Monthly Magatine one year .
for $4 00: and either Harper's Weekly or D
Harper's Bat&r and the Weekly Iutolli- 01
eencer one year for $4 20: Harper's Young
People and Weekly Intelligencer one year
for $2 00. Send in subscriptions at once. "
4 T ei
U 6. Good & Co. sell dry goods the cheapest, D
o b? Eilnbliihril by Wlivellug Mtmbin of
IheMulUrt' Lulon and Martin'* F?rrjr
Man at tho Latter Place?Other Nail
Factor j Newt, Here and Abroad.
For several weeks there has teen quiet
ilk of a movement to found a small coperative
nail factory in or near this city,
t is now announced that tho project haa
ssurned definite shape, and that the foeory
will be located at Martin's Ferry, and
onsiatatthe start of machines. The
tock-holdors will he members of the nail |
rades rendered idle by the lockout now I
n progress and a few other men. Tiio J
mil ere interested will he from Wheeling1
>rincipally. A firm at Martin's Ferry
laving a manufacturing establishment in
Kou nifwr-fl thn nrniectorn room
or their machines and motive power at a
istisfactory rental, and it is announced
hat a factory will be in operation under
lie auspices and conditions indicated early
n ISM.
Other Co-operative 1'rojorta.
The Terra Haute Expr*u says: "Mr.
fohn Harris, a woalthy farmer of Sugar
Jreek township, offers the projectors of
;he new nail uiall a eito at Macksville
Ireo. Ho oilers all the land desired. At
,ho adjourned meeting of the nailers and
)thers interested, last night, in the organ*
nation of a co-operative nail manufacturing
company, no definite line of procedure
was adopted, although it is stated that the
movement has received the sanction and
Dtfers of practical assistance from many
)f our leading business ineu."
Says the Marietta Jiejutrr: "A party
Df nailers are asking Parkersburj? for
inducements to start a nail mill there.
Cannot some one point out to them our
iron mill below town? Give it to them,
for that matter." The liellaire ImUptndnU
adds: ''Hero is a good opportunity
for some of the cooperative companies.
Tho old mill machinery is still there, but
needs some repairing, but this can bo done
for less than to start a nail works entirely
Natl Note*.
The feeder nailers 8ay the project to
form a general union of their members
similar to the United Nailers is in good
BUape, anu iuey mjhul uic uigauunuvu
lo be perfected early this week.
Tho Riverside 6teel plant, at lienwood,
is running steadily now, anda vast amount
of metal in daily beingshipped. Six barges
loaded with steel were slapped Friday to
Achlaud, Ky.
A Notablo l?ugn|;t>ii)em ut the Opera lioaac
Mr. W. E. Shoridan, supported by hie
wife, known to fame as Miss Louise
Davenport, and an admirablo company,
appeared at the Opera House Saturday
afternoon in "Parthenia ami Ingomar"
and at night in Casimer de Lavigne's little
known drama, "Louis XI." in tho matinee
performance, more properly speaking,
Miss Davenport was suj ported by Mr,
Sheridan. Better Jngomari have been
seen on the Bamo stage. Miss Davenport
is a beautiful woman, and a fine actress,
and she made an ideal Partlpnia. The
uupport was above tho average. Evidently
the play waa put on that Miss Davenport
might share both the honors and the
labors of the engagement.
Tho evil monarch, Louit II, madomore
wicked and hideous by Uo Lavigne than
his raal character justified, waa a new
creation on tho Wheeling stage. The
audience was large and composed of in
telligent. critical people to an unusual extent.
If Mr. Sheridan was at his best or
this occasion, then the general verdict
that bis interpretation of the role is uc
great an to bn all but marvelous would b(
reversed if Wheeling were the court o
last reeort. That be is a talented actor cat
not be denied, and at times bis imperson
ation of the dying body and iron will ol
the bad King was so nearly perfect as tc
compel amazement when, in othei
tpencs, he # recited his lines as if he
did no pimply treatise they had
been written by the author and piuit
gono through only to reach another scent
more to hia taste. The peevishneea and
impatience of age, the dread of death, the
hypocritical simblance of christian meek
ness, were well portrayed, aud the tri
Utnpb of the wicked will over physical
owardi^e, whep the physician, Cuititr,
predictB Jjouu' early dobth big own
execution, and the weak old ihau, gaining
sudden strength from passion, snaps out,
"Well, then I'll die!"?this was the perfection
of art. But in the heroic scenes,
as when dispatches couriers to beai
the news of the fall 'of CJjgrlps pf jjip-f:undy,
there was a weakness not in keepDg
with the ideal to be gathered from the
author's lines. Tbo performance as a
whole, however, was unusually interesting,
and commanded the attention even oi
thoee who had seen Irving in the role.
Miss Davenport aw Marie was all thai
the dijjticujt Character demanded, ^r.
Lloyd's tfemouri was an unusually hianly
and wall rounded piece of heroic acting.
Mies Frances tiold as the Dauphin showed
considerable capacity, and Miss Edith
Bradley aa the peasant woman was natural
and elective. The rest of the aupport wu
even and fairly goo^i.
Aeadiuyof Mualc,
Charley Shay gives hia friends a grand
double attraction tjiit) week, two combjna;
tions in one. E.M. Csstien'a Star Specialty
Alliance in a carnival of fun ana novelties,
and James Reilly's superb comedy
company in "The Widder. The New
York Standard says: "E. M. Castine's
and J;}mes Jteilly's coneoljqated companies,'
opened at the Opera House last
night to a crowded house. Each and every
act of the Castine specialties received frjporft.
The compauy is made up of aonie
of the best performors in the profession
and introduced many new acts and noveltide.
was foj)ow$4 bv ?fames IJeiUy,
the popular i<om'meitiau. tyid hia nuperb
comedy company in the most laughable
of comedies, entitled 'The Widder,' and
the audience werakopt-ia continual laughter
from beginning to end. All those who
did not witness ffho Widder* jaitpvoning
ilould not fail to do so to-nigbt." Notwithstanding
this great double attraction
the prices will remain as usual.
i'mmj 1!)uiio|u.''
One of the most picturesque and pleasing
plays ever put on the stage at tho
famous * Madison Square Theatre, flew
York, waa "May Blossom," which was the
intcees of last season. This play will be
presented at tho Opera House this evening
or the first timo in Wheeling, with all
its original wealth of scenery, much.of its
jriginal stiong cast, and under the origijafmanagement?thdt
of Mr. Frohman,
irhoso name is a guaranteo of merit. Its
luthor, David Belasco, wrote Hoarne's
'Hearts of Oak, "La Balle Rusee" and
)ther eucceasful plays. Miss Georgie Carran
and Mr, Bep Maginley, who take'.the
jrincipal parts, are aotora who havo fairly
sarned an unusually high place, and to
heir presence in the cast much of the
>lay's success has been due. Reserved
eata are on sale at Baumer'8.
Dr. Bull's Oough Syrup eurei croupy
ough that sounds to like nails driven into
he child's coflin.
Old Folks Enteetainmknt at St.
laiuews unurcu lo-wgui. tome one,
orne all.
The 00 and 60 cent book counters, aro
great attraction at
Stanton & Davenport's.
Rac* at the North Kud rink to-night
etweeu Beet, of Marietta, and Sheppard,
[ this city.
Notiiinu could be neater or sweeter
lan those sateen books of colored flow's
at a very reasonable price' Stanton 4
avenport have them in great variety.
A PolletuaD'? Kuii-Klgbt Poker Flayara
The flourishing and notorious gambling
house at 1206 Water street was raided by
the police Saturday afternoon. Otto
Tyson was in charge at.the time. The
eight other men in the room put up
money to cover the usual fines, and
Tyson to cover that of a keeper, and all
I were released. Had they keen women ot
the town, without influence, they would
have Hpent the night in the lockup. It is
said that their right names were recorded.
This ia probably so, as the record was
concealed. Occasionally au officer reproaches
the press for not printing
the names of persons arrested
on pulling expeditions. The factis "Chief"
Smith is too cowardly to allow it to be
done when the parties"arrested aro of any
prominence. Kyn the Kcgiiter, his personal
organ, expresses its disgust at his
vacillating, silly, unmanly discrimination
ngainst the weak and friendless in this regard.
The raid moutioned waa made by
Officers Watson, Dunlap and Lukens. The
last named tirst secured entrance into the
room disguised in civilian garb. The
rooms aro carefully guarded, and are considered
bv the oolice hard to pull. The
proprietor has certainly enjoyed a fair do-1
?ree of immunity frorn annoyance?almost
us much as three or four well known!
houses of ill fame which Captain Smith I
never pulls.
Daclded bjr the Supremo Court of Appeal*
Luit >V??k.
Among the cases decided at the final
flitting at Charleston of the Supremo Court
of Appoala was that of Johnaton vs. The
Commercial Bank of Wheeling. The history
of this case is as follows: B. R. Johnston
had been in the habit of giving his
notes for furniture purchased from the
Riverside Furniture Company of this city.
A note purporting to have been made by
him was discounted by the Commercial
Bank and Johnston afterwards discovered
that it wes a forgery. Philip Metzner,
connected with the furniture company,
finally acknowledged that ho had forged
the note. iMetzner died shortly afterward?,
but JohnHton delayed a long time
in notifying the bank that the
paper had been forged, and when
such notification was made ho demanded
that tho money which ho had paid on the
note ho refunded him. This the bank
refused to do, claiming that it was an innocent
party in the transaction; that it
had discounted the paper in the usual
course of business, aud Johnston having
paid the uote, the Commercial Bank was
*- - ? .J-? ?1 -1 fn vafnnil ami fhura.
UUl. uuum uui^auuii ?.? iwuuu ?uv.~
fore declined to repay, and suit waa
brought. Tho case waa tried in the Man.
ici pal Court hero and dec ided against Johnston.
Ho tbon appealed to tho Supreme
, Court. This tribunal last week remauded
the case back to the Municipal Court for
' a new trial. The Supreme Court in rendering
ita decision said:
' It ia an established rule of commercial
law that the drawee of a bill of exchange
is presumed to know the handwriting of
' tho drawer, and a fortiori, the maker of a
negotiable note ja presumed to know his
, own signature, and ir the drawee accepts
or pays tho bill, or tho maker pays the
negotiable note in the hands of a bona fi Je
holder, to which the drawer's or maker's
name has been forged, he ia bound by the
f act, and cannot recover the money bo
i paid."
Circuit Court >Totnn,
| In Part II of the Circuit Court Saturday
Burnio Brown, for keeping a house oj
, ill fame, was sentenced by Judge Jacobs
j to a pay a fine of $4;) and be confined in
r the county jail for Bixty days. Andrew
, Mertx, convictod of attempting a robbery,
; waa sentenced to pay a tine of $100 and
bo confined in tho county jail for eleven
, months.
t fn Part J tho breach of promiso case of
, Elsie Jjixon va. W. Clint Pickett won re,
aet for trial on January 11. Tho Dick?
f escbeid suit to nettle tho ownership of tbe
, late Dr. Schuchardt's silver com ia atill
on trial in this court. The evidence for
[ the defense is in progress. A motion to
t exclude all the testimony ottered by the
. plaintiff waa overruled.
Col. U?mplo in Trouble.
, ^ special telegraiyi (rora ^ufcutita, Me.,
, to tiie Cincinnati "Hmmirpr of b'^tijrday,
says that Col. Jake JCemple, of this city, ia
, under arreat at Thomaston. Me., for debt.
, He waa about to leave Afaine, with his
wliAm lift movi^Arl lin.n u*(ian ?i
[ warrant waa issued for him on complaint
of a hotel keeper. He got ont of this
ccrape on the plea that his father waa
- dyipg |wo? bqt another man whom he
' oweu a board bill at onee had him rear!
rested. Jake's friends hero will bo surprised
if he doesn't "bob up serenely"
. about tho holidavp. It will be a cold day
when ho lets a Maine landlord down him.
| On last Sat urday a Russia leather pockot
| book containing $12 in money, a valuable
breastpin, watch key and two posses to
the State Fair. Finder will oblige the
loser by leaving came at this office.
Btfflv, 01 Marietta! "and {lick Sbeppard.
of Wheeling, will race at the .North tinu
rink this evening.
XlBltimoro & Ohio CUaoge of Tim*.
On and after Sunday, December 13,18S5,
Baltimore & Ohio trains will leaye Wupeling
dppot follows, pity time;
tor Washington 1). C., and Baltimore,
0:40 a. >i. and q:25 p. u.
For Uritlcon and pqqber]and, 8:16 a. m.
Aloundsville accommodation, 11:36 a. m.
Maunington accommodation, 4:00 p. y.
way freight accommodation, 0:05 a. m.
West?For Collumbus, Cincinnati
Chicago, 'J:-5 a, H.j 7;G5 and jo.au m.
ifanes^llle accommodation, 3:40 p. u.
For Pittsburgh, Pa., & :05 and 7:35 a. m.,
1:0u and 0:25 i', m.
tyasjupgton, P*?? accommodation, 4:45
p. M.
Old Folks Kntkutainmbnt by 8wope
Guild, to-night. All are invited.'
Pkano's Prize Xmaa cards, as well as
all hia novelties, for Bale by
Stanton <fc Davknfort.
Stage of the Water mid Movements of the
.Steam l>onta.
Tho Louis A. Shirley got away Saturday
afternoon with a (a|r trip.
Tho W. N. Chancellor is laid up in the
mouth of the Little Kanawha at Parkersburg
for the wiuter season,
Clever Jeff Martin, the well known and
popular steamboat clerk who ran for so
long on the packets between here and
Paraereburg, and who went South on tho
Now Courier, iB home on avteit,
Saturday the rlvpr ro?e rapidly, Yesterday
morning it was stationary, but last
evening it had commenced falling. The
depth in the channel was H feet one inch.
Yesterday's rain will probably havothe
effect of causing another slight rise.
TKa tarpv hint it WnllV Forrv. Want
Wheeling, wiu uear.theraiddloofthe river
Saturday morning, when the wheel broke.
Tho Princess, which was Bear, responded
to the whistle of distress and took her
aahore. It will be some days before the
can be repaired,
The Andes is due to-day from Cincinnati,
for whlch^point she will leave on hei
return trip to-morrow afternoon. This
excellent stern-wheel packet has such an
enviable reputation that extended praise
of her commodious quarters, able otBocrs,
etc., ia not necessary, The Andes aims
and seldom falla to give the utmost satisfaction
to her patrons.
Oapt. Dick Talbot, formerly a well
known Ohio river steamboat man, now
connected with the steamer Benton, of the
Powers Line, plying between Ft. Benton,
Montana, and Bismarck, D. T., spent yosterday
in this city, the guest of his friend
Charley Van Ksuren. He leaves this
morning for Matamoras, bis old borne, to
make a short visit. He is very much
pleased with the West
In a Waat Virginia Town?at Ulntoa
Kiollod Ui?r? lilg HchuUkI?In? Bella
of the Place and her Father Sua Iter
Falthleaa Lover, who Una Left.
Tho town of Hintou, in Summers county,
was thrown into a stato of groat excitement
S'aturdar, when two Buits that had
been brought in the Circuit Court became
known. The parties to tho auita are well
known in Hintou, and have moved in the
best society. Tho defendaut, Robert
Flannsgan, came from Virginia, but lias
lived in Hintou a number of years, where
he had accumulated h considerable
I amount of property, and had become
(popular with both Boxes. Mr, G. W.
Adams, the plaintiff in one of the suits, is
| a merchant, and also has a considerable
(amount of property. Miss Sue Adams,
uaugJiier 01 Jir. auxini, huu piuiuuu in
tho other suit, is about twenty years of
age, a blonde of voluptuous form, and
acknowledged to be the prettiest gi/J in
iiinton. At one time she was courted by
all of tho young meu of the place, who
hoped not oniy to get a pretty wife but to
bo aided financially br the father. Among
her admirers was Flanna^an, and it
was coonseen that lie was the favored ouo.
Iler other suitors then withdrew, and aociety
hue been expecting tho announcement
of their engagement for some time.
It came in an entirely unexpected manner.
Of the two suits mentioned, the
first one is brought by Mr. Adams for $16,000
for seduction, aud the afchor by his
daughter for $10,000 for breach of promise.
When Miss Adams found ahe would not
be able to hide the ovideuce of her weakness
longer, ahe urged Flannagan to marry
her. lie promised to do so in three
days, but before they had elapsed he
deoded his property, amounting to $30,000,
to his brother, aud taking a west-bound
train, left for parts unknown. When
Miss Adams found alio could expect no
assistance from him, she told her father of
the follv, and tho two suite resulted. Much
sympathy is felt for Miss Adams, and a
great deal of indignation for Flannagan,
who has always had a reputation for strict
Accident* ana mcnieniH in >vt?t tirgiaia
find Ylclnttjr.
The price of gas has been reduced by
the Council of Parkersburg to 15 per
thousand feet;
It ia estimated that 1,400 barrels of crude
oil are daily consumed by tho reflneriee
of Parkersburg. It ia nearly all shipped
There nre seven United States prisoners
in jail at Parkersburg &waitiug the coming
session of tho court, which commences |
there on the 10th prox.
John Grog?, sr., of Pocahontas county,
has been arrested, lie is wanted in Hardy
county, wheye he ia charged with perjury
and stealing a portion of tho county rec-1
A terrible wind atorrn passed over the
Macksbnrg oil field last week which blew
down at leaat fifty derricks, and did other
daiaaga. A a the loua on each leveled derrick
is not leea than $50, the aum total ia
The present daily production of tho
Mackeburg oil field ia three thousand bar.
: rela per day. This Held iu developing
rapidly. In January of the present year
the daily production was but seven hundred
barrels daily.
President Turner, of the State University,
has been choeen to deliver the annual
address at tho distribution of tho Prager
and Citizens' Prizes for tho Parkerabtiri?
public schools. The ceremony will take
place at the Academy of Music, January 1.
Two hundred and lifty-four tracts of delinquent
lands in Raudolph oounty, Weat
Virginia, are advertised for sale iu the
Enterprise. Among them is one tract of
114,000 acres, two tract* each of 100,000
. acrc-s, aud a dozen others of more than 20,000
acres each.
Capt. N. M. Lowrey, of Summers count
tv, ex-member of the ^egifllature, ex-State
tfiaU Pommlsaioner, lawyer, hunter, hero
of the cuspidoro light in the National
Hotel at Washington, and well known
generally all over tho State, has gone to
Abeline, Texas, where he expects to locate
and practice law.
A circular from Mr. C. P. Huntington,
President of tho Chesapeake & Ohio
Railroad, says that with the resignation of
Mr. p. W\ Smjth thy position of general
manager is abolished, and that the executive
duties pertaining to that position will,
be a?8umeu by General \Y. C. Wickbaw,
Second Vice President,
Pick Noale, the Wood county man who
was wounded by his sixteen-year-old son,
who in self defense throw a poker at his
father, the point of which penetrated his
skull for nearly two inches, is reportod to
be in a very precarjojuj co^ditiou. The
nature r? the wound is such as to almoet
preclude tlio possibility of his recovery.
A barrel a minute or 1,500 barrels a day
la me rate at which tne pipe line between
Macksburg and Parkereburg is running oil
into the latter plaice. Tbo tankB between
Macksburg and Elba, which hold jmmenBe
quantities cf ojl, are lull, and arrangetuputo
have been made and workmen will
proceed to build right away Ut| large tanks
to bold to 35,000 barrels each.
The Arqu* oftlce at Kingwood, with a
large portion of its contents, was destroyed
by the last week. Editor Dawson, of tho
Journal, in assisting to save property was
hurt by falli ng timbers, ana Lawyer Italphtniuer
*11 struck by falling rubbish aud
slightly injured. Mr. Potter, the foreman,
was in the building when the roof fell in,
but escaped in itoine miraculous manner.
Parkersburg's new water works are at
last completed and in working order. Of
all slow, bungling, disappointing and
aggravating works these uave been the
woruf, and now that they are finally ready
to do tho work designed for them the
(own is to bo doubly congratulated. As
TIIK Oreat Burnmoio Di*
tfWatlon of WltdHfuel,
American Nno, Canada Kir,
Marigold, Clover Wlou-oms,
/^" *?clc*? called Hamohp"* Kadi*
/ '-W&s/ CiL for the immediate
i?> fJlK* relief and permanent euro
/>&?< ?f every form of Catarrh,
*/)} I from a umple Cold In tho
y < \ Head to Low of Smell, Taste
and Hearing, Cough and ( a1
tarrhal Uommmpuou Com
pleto treatment, conaUtlPg of ono botUo 1 tad leal
< ?> mm K/?w I'nlorrlnil Knlvnntlllil nn? lmnrni?il
Inhaler. in one package, inny now bo bad of all
IriiKgUU, for (1. Auk for fan/oid a Radical Cure.
Complete Treatment with Inhaler, $1,
"The only absoluteipecltlc wo knowof."?iletl
Tinvt. "the beat we hnvo found Inn lifetime of
ufiforlng."?i*r. Wlpgin, Motion. "After a long
atriWRle with Catarrh the Itadirul Cur? hM conquered."?
Mcv. 8. II'. Monroe. LcuHiburfjh, Pa "I
have not found a rate ibnt It did not relieve a',
once."?Awlroi Lec, Jtanduiter, ilau.
Potter Drug nod Chemical Co., Iloiton.
t*'I MUST GIVE UP. I cannot boar
thla pain. 1 acne all over, ana uothlug
I try tiwi me any good." Back ache
wcakxuas, Vtirlnu palna, Horeucua,
Lament**, Hacking Cougb, I'leurUy
and Cheat paina cured by tbat new,
criKiuaiaadelesantantldoiotoiuila and inflamtnaUou
the Cuticura Auti-raiu hatter. Kapeciallv
adapted to ladiea by reason of l<a delir ate odor and
Jente medicinal actiui. At drwwiiiu, 25c.; five
or t> 00. Mailed fi?o by Porna Dauo amp Ciikx.
leu. (Vv. Rem on. dtilMThAW
One Ucaaou't Capalae flatter
U worth a dot in of auy other kind. Between the
nuueroua varieties of porou* piaatora there la bat
one obotco Heuiou'a plaaUir la modern, iciontiflc,
prompt in action, iafe, pleaatut to wear, cleanly,
and curca allmeula In a tew houta which no other*
are able even to relieve. Thla fact la tettlfled to by
6.COJ phjaiclaua, pharmacUta auddrusgiita. voluntarily,
and over their own written aiiruaturea. Imitation*
of Bonaon'a plaater, under the namca ci
Capaicln," "Capelcum." Ca?ucln,,,,,Ca^ciolne.,,
Ac., are offered lor tale. Theae are ahameleaa
1'urchaaera may protect thcraa -Ivca ngiinit impoaition
by examining the article tendered by the
dealer. A it for fit-naon'a Piaater aud mm that the
"Three ffeftta" tradetntrk In on the face cloth and
the word "Capdnt" U porauaed lu Uw middle of
the plaatu 1*11, dcVMWM
Parkeraburg is twelve miles below any
other town the water is exceptionally
There is a man in jail at Charleston
charged with being a pension fraud. He
save the name of Dr. Jones, and is being
held to appear at the next term of the
United States Court.
The Mt. Storm correspondent of the
Hardy county Esprtu tells of a man named
Jamea Cooper, who for several years past
has lived a very invsterious life. At c
present he is in a critical condition. He ,
lives by himself, anil during the recent I
cold snap did not have any fire in his f
house and did not eat anything for some
days, although he had both fuel and food 2
ih the house. He refuses to talk or give c
any reason for this. His extremities were
badly frozen. Those who found bim in
this condition had great difficulty in getting
him to eat. <
The indications are now that the lucky
man to get the Parkeraburg postofiice will
be.A)*. N. Williams. Mr. Williams is un- i
derstood to have been Senator Camden's '
favorite all along, but he was fearlul of the y
howl that would go up from the other candidates
Bhould be recommend Williams'
appointment, and therefore called the
i/ciuutmvii- uicvukim uuimujihvu u> * ?* *ercburg
to his aid, and the election by the |
people vraa ordered, but the manner in 1
which thia waa done rAieed auch a riot
that the order waa withdrawn. Mr. Cainden
went to Washington and Mr. Williama
fallowed him. Mr. Williams haa returned
home ainiling and complaisant, and it ia
rumored tljat the Senator will chance it on
him. It is needless to add that when the
prize is awarded, no matter who gets it,
l'arkereburg will be badly torn up.
Bk snre and attend the entertainment,
to be given by the Swope Guild, to-night, 1
Best, of Marietta, and Biclc Sheppard.
of Wheeling, will race at the North Ena
rink thia eveniug.
Skth of Dickens, Scott, Eliot, Bulwar,
Victor Hugo, Marryatt, Hawthorne, Preacott,
&c Ac, for sale very low at
Stanton* & Davkn port's.
Mkkcuants visiting Wheelingare especially
invited to call at G.S. Feenv's wholesale
house, 1410 Main street and, examine
the extensive stock of plain, assorted, fine '
candies Ac., &c. His factory is the
largest in the State, and, with the addition
of new machinery, is daily turning out
great quantities ol fresh confectionery.
Don't fail to call whether you want to buy 1
or not.
Rack at the North End rink to-night
heiirimn llaof of Mnrmffn. and fihnnnarri.
of this city.
Standard diariea for the pocket and
desk, 1880 at Stanton & Davenport's.
Old Folks Entertainment by Swope
Guild, at St. Mathew'a Church, to-night
New Orleans sail Jacksonville Excursion
Choap excursion tickets to all Southern
pointeon sale via tho Pan- Handle route.
For ticketa and further information call
on or addreea J. G. Towlinaou, Paaaenscer
Agent, Pan Handle route, Wheeling, W. Va.
Don't forget the Old Folks Entertainment,
at St. Mathew's Church to-night,
gaUine gowdeg.
Absolutely Pure.
ThU powder nqvor rarlca. A marol of parity,
trcagtn anrt wholMKnnenm. More economical
than the ordinary kind*, and cannot be sold in
oomneUtioa with the mulUtado o( low teat, thort
weight alum or pboftphate jvowdera. SoUi only in
eons. Royal Baking PowduCo., 106 Wall itrMt.
Sew Ynrk. ncM
2>CUJ ftflvtytlscmcnta.
Wheellng'i Papular Ksmllj The*tr?.
} MONDAY, PecBmbSi 14.
Grand Double Attraction.
Star Specialty Alliance,
In a Carnival of Fun and Noreltioe,
Combined with
James Reilly's Superb Comedy Co.,
In the moat laughable mu ileal three aot comedy
now before the publlo, entitled
"Family UaUnett Wtdntaday and Saturday.
People'! Popular Prloea?Night, 15,25,85 and 00
Ct?. Matinee*. 10.15. 26 and 35eta.
Next Week?J. H. Kcane, the Great Actor.
goofts, Stattomtjj, ice.
We bare completed
?OM Till
And Invite an earl j lmipoctlon of our atock.
Larjfer Stock
Lower Prices
d?12 1801 MARKET BTK1BT.
All the lending Dally, Weekly and Monthly pub* (
licationa furnUhed to city and country aubicrlben
at publisher'! lowcat prlcea by the year.
Now la a good time to auUcrlbe. Fleaae call on I
or aildreM, 0. B. QUIMBT, !
nofr Bookseller and Ntwidealer. jj
g*uti*trn. c
1COS Market Street. ?
O&oc Hoait?9 x. x. to 1 r. m., 2 to 5 r. x.t lit
gtu gai
There's mighty little of the "i
lucts of The Factory," as may
ooking. Now, don't say you "ca
or, although they fit a great man
i bag on me." We've heard tha
;ame objection a thousand times.
You CAN find something in ;
it The Factory, 1142 Main St.
You CAN find what you wan
/ou CAN'T have it to fit like a 1
von't let it go out of the house.
1142 Main Stre
Tool Boxes Given J
Sale in our Boys' and C
g. (So
We bare roduccd tho entire stock. As timet are
tonrlouLble ChtUtmu l'r&icq t at the
New Dry Goods Stor
We will tell you 25 percent lower than you can buy
locunmlated old stock. Only lint-class Roods aro?ol
We will give yon 21 yards of Bleached or
Twenty one yard* of Canton flannel for 1
Ten yards Good Toweling for 50 cents.
Two and one-half yards Table Cloth, all I
Ten yards Blasltc Good Dress Goods for f 1
Twenty yarts Good Gingham for tl 00.
Ten yards American Cajhmere for tl 00.
Ten yards Double-width Cashmere for II
Ten yards SS-ln. wide Cashmere for S2 50.
Cloths, all wool, M cents per yard. Velvets, Dros
els, Comforts, Ladlea' and Children's Wraps, dec.
We invite everybody to cal I and examine our sta
l. js/l:
dog I?
g. (C. gqgftat U Co.
mil in wine.
& CO.,
27 Twelfth Street
Full Assortment
Prices Low I
No. 27 Twelfth St.
"skin, scalp, blood i
Jleanied, Pnrlfled and Beautified by the
Cutlcura Remedies,
?0R cleansing the Skin and 8calo o( DUdguring 1
Uumon, lor allaying Itchipg, Burning and Inlammatim,
for curing the nrit symptoms of
tcxeraa, I'lorlaslp, Milk Unut, Scald Head, Scrofula
ud other Inherited Skin and Blood Dlscaus, Cutl- i
ura, the great Skin Cure, and Cutlcura Soap, an
xqulalte akin Beauvlfler. externally, and Cutlcura g
iMolveut, the new Blood PoilBer, Internally, are
We have been selling your Cutlcura Remedies lor
tie put three or four years, and have n?rer heard
tight but good word* in their favor. Your Cutl ]
ura Soap U decidedly the belt aelllng medicinal
mp we handle, and u highly prlud here for lu
?thlng and softening eOect upou the tkln.
J. CLlfTO.N WHEAT, J a., Druggist.
ctotrg. _ j
eady made look about the proeasily
be proven by a minute's
nnot mean ready made clothes,
iy other people, they hang like
t before?and we have met the
a neat Business Suit for $ 15 CQ
t if you'll only look for it; but
oag, for if it fits that way we
Ain't that fair.
set, "Wheeling.
Vway with each $5 00
hildren's Department.
ads, ?pttim#,
fTTT ?_
hard and ire want ercrybody to be able to buy 1
i - . ? : > P ;
e, No. 1104 Main St.
In any other houio la the city, No Humbug. Xj
Id on our countcr*.
Unbleached Muilis for II00.
Jnen, (or .SO cent*.
Silks la all color*. A flue Unc o( Bhawl?, JMaai.
;k before purchaalng elsewhere. Respectfully,
LQ4 Main Street,
gra glent.
Rooms for rest-in hobs.
brook's Block. Apply to W. V. H00/i
BBO.. HOP Market tT^rt. ia_
The Dwelliujr House, No. 62 Virginia itrwt. Tbli
is in one of tbetxst locations on the Island. LoUi
120 feet to an alley. The Improvements are a tw>
atory frame bouse of seven rooms and tmih-roon,
ildo and back porches, good ccllar ami utosmjj
outbnlldlnp, all In good repair. Grape arbor,
brick walks, shade tree*, ahrubDcry, Ac. hm?
alou givea October L Apply on premlsca.
gov Salx.
A Druji Store
In a large, thriving town of two thongs ml liUi*
ltanta. Price low. Terms very easy.
Address, X., this oil
A lot ol good Second-hand Glased Saab, twdn
light windows. Will be sold cheap. Can be
In house on northeast corner of Twelfth and Eof
street*. JAR. L. 11AWL&Y,
dell 1420 Main btrrtt
iirttr.mifa TAP TJAO om?
I will ?cll 10 Shares Pcabody Inxuranco etcck.
25 Bharoa People** Bauk Stock.
One Bulldlof Lot, Eoff itrort between Twlltt
and ThlrCeeatn ?UocU. Tllui. u'BlUtS.
del Telephone A
That JUegant Dwelling,
No. 03O Main Htroot,
Now occupied by Mr*. Mary K. Bailey. I
Enquire ol II. F01U1&,
noM No. 7, P. B. Cu?tom floiufe_
My Place at Elm Grove,
TEN acree and three Houaea. Can be dlrldtd into
throe '"'H piaoe*.
Alao a lot ol Jeney Cuwa 11. FOHBE8,
oc2> No. 7 I'uitom Hou>e._
One 8pring Wagon, without top. ?uiuble lor one
or two bono*. made for undi rtakiug butinui.
One Platform Bprinx Wago a with top, i?ole
ihaiu, tultable for delivery wagon for grocer.
The abote wagoni were made by Doualdioa,
LewlaACo., Wheeling. ? .Alao,
on baud new and second hand Bagiw
wltn and without tope, an d one new Buck
u/mkUT I.I kK.
P014 No. 1430 Market hint^
Valuable Beal Eatato oa N. E. comer TwesT*
fourth and Market atreuU, in the City of Whwll*
W. Va. Lot 122 fo?t bj ft) loct; now oecuptrt W
8. J. KllUriii u a wagon and blackamlth ahop.
}yl4 1300 Mark? mtrwL
The following Lot* oa 'Wheeling Wand belctf*
log to the estate of the late Wm. McCoy. rU:
Lota No. M, ?7 and 72 ou Broadway.
Lou No. M and 89 on York street.
Lota No. W, 100 and 101 on Virginia utmt.
LoU No. 104,106, llQandUl"" Huron ?tN&
Lota No. lfe,12* and 1W on Wabuti aireet.
Lot No. 144 on Water itreot. ,
antt Vt. V. HOOK A BRO.. 1800
Groceries,Dry (? oo<ls
And Boots & Shod,
Thlj li a good om>ortunity for a party with W*
Ited capital (o focure one ol thuhMtatandilnO*1*
wuu?/. 11 bui sum on or uciorc ???wnole,
I will eell lu lot* to ault purchaaen, o?to
L'lotod oat.
de7 J. V. MAIWK1 I
?? JwU and goe gent., ^
l OIt SAL.VJ."
Lot No. 208, Mat end of 81*tenth. >treet, uo* <*;
:upled by lour buutoera m a ala- jittering !>*?
Lhe moat oonraulont and central1 y located ?IaugBi*
:r home In the city. ,
Dwelling Houaea numbcrod Eighteenth
md 1803 chaplluo atreet. 'joth oouiei can w
>ought for |l,?u0.
Saren Roomed Dwelling, *Wo. M5 Jawb ?tn*t
Seven Koomed Dwelling. No. 11M Kofl itrcet
Four Koomed Dwelling, .So. 12H .Nineteenth >t?*?
Fife ltoomed Dwelling* No. H0% Market iwwir
rice 11,600.
Iluatncaa Houae Nu 1427 Main atreet, an<l Va
iti Mouth atreet. .
A. Mlrabeit Block, Bualncsa House* No. '>S2 *?*
W Market atrecL
No. 960 Market atreet, partly furnlahcd.
No. 92 Sixteenth atreet, nine room.
Many other mall houaea too numeroua town*
For further Information enquire of
, . . JAM& A. HENKY,
itoal Fa late Agent, Collet tor aud notary
Notary Comimaion died In Fewlou ? ?**
Nouchera Certified, Depoaltinna taken i? <
lorBeualou, Deeda. Isaacs, Agreement*
written laitrumenU prei?arvd. oiflce No. J"
Market Street. "e'*

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