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Qk Skidlijtmxi
utt"r: So** *a 5,7 Foarte#ntil Street.
N?w Advertisement*.
..ntfd-Koyi to *ct u New? Afeau.
JSitJ- fcmplorowit by a fltrwr,
...rjin?U. f. L!?t, Jr.
utu tin HiU-neebttt A Bro.
ne New Hurm?e" Hare.
H iv .iiosflU?McMWJbail.
I1 !L Kuford 4 Freinwateri.
f'1; jobbwiT" Colored Plantation Minrtrebi.
, f Mfll ? I>. Hill.
DfUtraM c*rdi-McLure Houie Art Blow.
.unl?'?'v?r Nailera. I
iVirJof I'ubllc Works
Fair lor tbo Benefit of St. Alpbotuui I
afuimM Music Booka.
Thermometer Beeord.
The following ahowa the range of the
prjnometer aa observed at Schnepf a drug
'v Opera House corner, yesterday: 7
; 330; J r. Sl? 17 r. i?.
vnraN. Dec. 15.?1a. For the
Ob:o V*iley ?nJ Tennemee, lair weather,
,;iHl?nenurally shifting to weat and aouth,
j.tr barometer, alight rise in tempera'Tor
tlio Lower Lake region, light local
ij.iot, ? ?< to aouth winds, nearly ata;:j;urT.
followed by a alight rite in temperature.
X*tteri of Minor Homint In Mid Abo at Q>?
"Tut <iAH.i:vSLAVi!"attheOperjHouae
1 this evening.
Y&tickday waa a cold day. Not a martiige
license waa iwued.
?ri? \ViwoKH"at Charley Shay'a Academy
again iWfl ettoing.
AxuiUJfaapQJiijllyeatvday, They are
coming with a rapuluy that ahoald make
the weather propheta uneaay. *
. * !.? HM* Plwa,
tlik ciiadktu u' m?uo vm.v.
Kid make the way train leave at 8:35 *.
v anil the ovemng train leave ten
minutes earlier. The morning train leaves
u JSanl.
run Clerk Social will hold a skating
, iraivnl at the North End rink this evenin
\ very pleasant time is anticipated.
Tm altair ia in the hands of gentlemen
entirely capable o( making it a success.
ci ekk ll""1 yesterday admitted to retord
a deed made December 1 by John
lvblt*r, executor, to Caroline Fritz, in consideration
of a clause in the will of Henry
iVbler, deceased, for lota 2 and 3 in square
i in Cliuicbill's addition No. 2.
By tiie ti rat of tho coming year a telephone
exchange and connection with
Wheeling will be established at Wells
ville, UlilO. weuaviuo is now iud umy
to*-n between Bellaire and Pittsburgh
without telephone connection.
The following letters are unclaimed at
the ptstoflice: Miss Mary ?. Erannon, L.
K. Jones, Henry Jones, Samuel Heffner,
M'8. Mary A. Higgins, P. J. Hanley, C.
linger, S. Conkhng. Gub Thomas, J. b
Watson, M. D., and T. li. Wheeler.
Sati uuay night being the fifty-second
anniversary of the birth of Mr. John J.
Br jwn, auil also the birthday of his daughter,
his friends tendered him a surprise
party at his residence, No. 948 Market
afreet. The occasion was very enjoyable.
Tiib AJiiatnbra Palace rink has closed
an engagement with the Powera Bros,
Combination for next week. They are in
number and aro said to form one of the
b.-st combinations on the road. They
will he at the rink all the week giving exhibition*
each day.
Oar Mpcctally Tbta Walk.
'.Hi pairs Gentlemen's 6ilk Embroidered
Slippers, at 75 cents.
:'l pairs Children's Boots at 55 cents,
i s pairs Misses' Button Phoes, all No 11,
at *k) cents at J. W. Amicic'b,
1143 Main street.
llultl u Succenful Mealing at MoLala*'
Twelfth Utraet Hall.
In response to notioesthat were Riven iD
various churches Sunday, an audienct
more enthusiastic in the cause than largt
in numbers, assembled in McLaina'
Twelfth Street Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy,
of Now York, came almost unexpected,
hnt tho reception that waa accorded them
by those interested in temperance, work
was such as will prolong their stay in this
cily for sometime to come. Arrangement*
were completed last night which will insura
meetinjw every evening during this
and next week.
Mr. Hoy is a pleasant talker, saving
what lie means in plain English, and apparently
meaning what he says. There
ran be no question about his earnestness
in the work, and Mrs. Hoy is equally internml
Meetings will be held this week at the
8amu hall on Twol/th street, and good
innsic and fpeaking may be expected by
all who attend.
(io and Boe the Gentlemen's Colored
Imitation Alligator Opera Slippers, for holiday
prewnts, at J. W. Amice's,
1143 Main street.
8toftinbo.it Hnnili Mutng from Horo to the
I'ppar Mlnourl,
Mr. Uichird Talbott, whose presence in
the city waa noted yesterday, will spend
the greater part of the winter at his old
home at Matamoras and in this vicinity.
In February early he will return to the
far North-West, taking with him twenty
men to work upon the repairs of the
steamers belonging to the Powers line,
plying between Fort Benton and Biamark,
in Government contract work. The last
of March he will return here and take oul
about sixty more men for service
on the Btearaboata of the company. The
average wages paid for unakilled hands if.
&' a month and board, the company also
tarnishing transportation for the men em
ployed, to tho upper Missouri. Temporary
wayB have been built, and the steamers
will all be drawn out and gone, over and
put iu thorough repair for the opening of
navigation in 1880.
The Ohio Central hale Confirmed.
Last Saturday morning Judge Jackson,
of tho United States District Court, sitting
at Charleston, continued the recent sale ol
the Ohio Central lailroad and certain
land). He did not tlx the compensation
of commissioners, attorneys and others interred
in the sale of the road, stating
that it was due to Judge Baxter, of the
J nited States District Court in Ohio, that
he be consulted in regard to the matter, as
the motion to sell the road originated in
the Circuit Court of Ohio. Judge JackMi
will name tho compensation to be
allowed the interested parties on the 15tb
of January next, at which time the United
fcut*s Court will be in session at Charleston.
Fob colds, fevers and inflammatory attacks,
as well as for cholera morbus dial"? **,
dysentery or blood-flux, colic or
cramps in stomach, use Dr. Pierce's Extort
of Smart-Weed, composed of best
lirana 11 1.. a II' 1 _ _ 11'. 1
tuMuuy om?n- etju, or vr ?w>r i vy
P?r, Jamaica Ginger and Camphor Water.
Thk Alhambra Palace Rink will be open
to-nijjht, This is tho finest rink west of
>ew York. Has the largeat surface and
)>fcst music,
HackUn'tf Anile* Stln.
The beat Halve iu the world for Oats,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcere, . Salt Rhoum, Fever
^oree, Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblaina,
Urns and all Skin Eruptions, and positively
cvuee Piles, or no pay required. li
?fl guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price 26 cents per
*>or. For sale by lx>ffan A Co.
An agricultural school for girls has been
published in France.
llunfonl'a Acid Phoaphoto for Lemon or
Lino Juloo,
>< ? enporior nulmtituto, ?nil lta uu ii
piwtirsly bouuliii*! to liultb. rrliMW
Started About m Fut-Th? Variou* Cooperative
Project and Their Pro?pecU
and Proffreee?No Offer* of a Compromise
by the Mannfactnrere.
The Pittsburgh Commtrcial Gazelle yesterday
contained a statement that "\yithin
the past few days three nail faatoriea
have offered compromises to the striking
nailers, which in each case was refused.
The factories are situated in the Wheeling
district, and the compromise was
handed to the mill committeei first, by
tbem riven to the various lodges, and by
the lodges sent to the Executive Board of
the Nailer's Union. ;ln neither case waa
it affirmatively recommended. The compromise
oifrfvd was to the effect that the
dlmu uo uhi'u ui1 n n-vouii ioid aw??^
I card, to increase or decrease 1 cent with
each '2b cento increase or decrease in the
card rate; the claoM that breakages should
bo charged, to the nailer was cut oat, as
well as the clause demanding a 25 percent
extra reduction on self feeders; but the
compromise demanded that a certain percentage
of fedder nailers ^should be retained."
It was this demand which made
it impossible that the compromise could
even bo considered, according to the paper
Secretary "Wise, of the Western Nail
Association, was yesterday seen by an
Intklliubncbh reporter. He pronounced
the report quoted above untrue and unfounded.
Another published report to the effect
that a notice bad been posted at the Belmont
mill, informing the new nailers that
they would be required to pay for tools
and machines broken by them, was also
enmhaticallv denied yesterday by Mr.
Dubois, President of .that company.
The Bellaire JndtptixdcU is authority
for the statement that "The probabilities
are that the Bellaire Xail Works will
close for an indefinite length of time the
day before Christmas?it may run a week
longer." A gentleman aaid laat night that
the Bellaire mill had offered its workmen
a longer run if they would accept a
reduction to a nineteen cent basis. Probably
this is the origin of the Pittsburgh
story of an oiler of compromise.
The following, from another exchange,
also seems to throw some light on some of
the reports that aro current: "It is now
pretty well known that at the last meeting
of the Western Nail Association, which
lasted far into the night, some of the manufacturers
not running and some who aro
using feeders as nailers threatened to sign
the 21-cent sole and go to work in full
unless tho factories who have been running
on the 21-cent scale without any*
trouble whatever cease work. This provoked
a long discussion, with just what
real result is not known to any certainty,
but the fact that the card price of nails
was advanced to $2 50, which gives to the
feeder-nailers one cent increase, and the
other fact that on the strength of this one
cent increase they were all notified that
they must now conform to the other provisions
of the Cincinnati icale, which provides
that they shall pay for all breakages,
looks as though there was something in
the wind, and the nailers are not discouraged
in the vicinity of Wheeling, though
they are expecting the present situation to
keep up nearly if not quite all winter.
Some of the feeders, too, regard this action
as a blow at the feeder-nailers that
will virtually displace three-fourths, if
not more, of them."
On th? 0<t*op?rattr? Pita to be FarnUhcd
wllh Machines from flora,
Hon* A. J. Sweeney returned home yesterday
from Bjlleville1 111., where he
went to bid on a contract for furnishing
thirty nail .machines to the new co-opei
V ... ? J
erative Company receuuy lornjea mere,
which is largely made up of atrjkirg nailers.
Tne mouied mau in the enterprise
is understood to be a wealthy lawyer,
Mr. Sweeney tecurcd the contract for the
firm of* Mweeney A Sun, of this city,
after sharp bidding ugaiust Pittsburgh
men, but it was at a price, so reported,
about 10 pe>?jnt below what machines
were made for last year. Rather
than reduce wages ho held a
conference with his men yesterday, explained
the situation and asked them to
exercise 10 percent more care and skill,
in order to let the firm get out whole on
the job and avoid a reduction o( waxes.
It iB almost needless to state that the
workmen cheerfully promised to do what
was asked of them. The finishing up ol
theso machines will involve an expenditure
of between $10,000 and $12,000 in
wastes during the next three or four
The Hills Klaewhor*.
The Sou th Chicago Calumet saj s: ''Things
it the Cummings nail mill remain in itaiu
quo. In the factory we recognisod the
usual number of hands at the machines,
:here being no increase and no loss. In
(he mill some changes of men have occurred,
but nothing affecting the general situI'-.I?
,U li nV PitAalilanf I
KllUU. I'UUDI HIU i UHU| l/? ?..vu.v.wU.
Weihe some new men have taken' their
old jobs. Tbe output of nails yesterday
was 1JK) kegs? nineteen thousand pounds.
This strikes us as not a bad yield for the
uumbor of machines running."
Tbe Steubenville Herald, speaking of
the co-operative mill there, says: "The
machinery has been promised to the company
in ten 'days. Stonemasons are at
work on foundations, which will bs completed
on Wednesday. In tbe eait end of
the laiga room an office has been built and
the lumber for the flooring ordered. The
first machinery to arrive will be the
engine, 75 horse power, and boiler, both
of whloh are entire new machines. Five
grindstones, three face and two bead
tonos, together with phasing, pulloys,
etc., are expected gt thn same time, aud
January 1st will see the naij machines
here, it is expected that nails will be cut
in th? first or second week of the coming
- mi- Talfcm.
Vice Preaident Bradley, of the Cilumet
Iron and 8teel Company, recently aald
[hat he feared no immediate outbreak in
the ranka of the striking nailtn there.
"There ia no indication of such a thing
happening," aald Mr. ttrfdley. "The
men, of course, atill continue to demand
tbo 21-cent rate, but the reply invariably
received ia that they may work at our
rate?1" conta?or nothing. Tuey feel
displeased, aa was expected, bat they have
gone to work under the idea, no doubt,
that half a loaf la better than none."
Sometime ago It was autod by a member
of an iron firm that manufacturera would
not employ atriking nailera ao long aa they
remaiued members of the Nailera Union.
Mr. Bradley waa aaked if there waa any
truth in the aaaertion, and without heaiUncyheaald:
"I do not think that the
man who made the atatement hid the
leaat athority for doing ao. Our worka are
always opened to nailera whether they
are union or non-union if they wiah to
commence work at our pricea, and I believe
that every nail manufacturer in the
Wratwill say the aame thing. Now we
have begun to break our feeders in aa
nailera, and considerable time matt necee *
* > ?'??? Kaivnma *in/v.
eariiy eiajwo UOIWIO HUOJ UCWUWb J..W- |
liclent; but when a feeder bu acquired
the work of keeping the knivea in running
order he la given a machine to
operate, and then we hire new feeders.
By spring time I believe we will have
sufficient feeders broken in to run all the
machines and jut aa.aoon aa the time arrivee
the mills will be running to their
fullest capacity."
Tm Darwinian theory perplexoa the
multitude. They object to deacendanU
from monkeys. But not even a baby objects
to Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup.
Col. Hot, of Baltimore, Md.? Is holding
gospel temperance meetings every
night at 7:30, in McLaln'e Hall. He is
not in the Interest of any political party,
and talks no politics. Seats free. Everybody
Christmas Announcements la an Attractlvi
- The Intxllioknckr preaenta a somewha'
unuaual appearance thia morning. Cbriat
maa la coming, and people are debating
what to purchaae for their frienda. Every
body, from the baby in the cradle to the
grandparenta in the chimney corner, can
be anpplied by consulting the attractive
announcements here spread before the
thouaanda of readers of the Intklliokncir,
Jewelry is a popular article in the ChriBtmaa
time, and Mr. J. W. Grubb's store
starea you in the face from the middle
of the page. You need go no
farther if you seek a reliable, enterprising
dealer, with a large and varied
stock. Musical gifts, from a piano to the
lateat popular composition, are announced
by Mr. fiaumer. Fine furniture, in a
great range of styles and prices, gives a
-rare chance to please and benolit a friend,
and the Messrs. Mendel speak of something
that ought to interest all. Harrington
& Go.'s mammoth stores certainly afford
aa wide a range as can be demanded
by tbe moat divers tastes in ury goous ana
kindred lines. A suit of clothes from
Moffatt?what could be more acceptable
to father, husband or brother. Mr. Gundling
calls attention to specialties always
in liberal request in the holidays.
With "Ease" a man or woman
can select at Frew A Bertachy's storerooms
a car-load of presents. Their furniture
is all new, and necessarily just in
the style. Of books, stationery, Christmas
cards, dainty and elegant, periodicals
and novelties especially fitted for tbe season,
J. B. Wilson speaks. Her stock
speaks more loudly for itself than tbe
boldst type and blackest ink. The Factotorv,
1142 Main street, can fit out all tbe
male members of thefamily with clothing;
their facilities for pleasing in price and
styles are worth examining. Mr. J. BrilI
lea J also offers special inducements
I on clothing; lees expensive articles in
bis furnishing goods department.
I flats are useful presents; see Mr. i
| Dinger's card. Slippers?TOuld Christ-1
1 maa be Christmas without them ??shoes
-I -II us-.i_.4i 1 ...A I
Ul Ml KI3UI j UIO uauiauu ?ui lucou uuitut
to make Mr. Blond's stock light before the
25th. Mr. Schnepl's announcement is
well worth perusal, and don't stop there.
His stock la still better worth attention.
Mr. Schwertfeger, also, offers many suggestions
of interest iu his attractive advertisement.
Nor will a visit to Laughlin
Bros. & Go. after looking at their sign in
this issue, be regietted by the reader.
And though Messrs. Rhodes & Co. speak
from the bottom of the page, they will be
found near the top of the trade. K.J.
Smyth or Warthen & Tiemann can furnish
everything requisite for th3 Christinas
dinner, or any other meal, or other
hoosehold purposes. As beforo remarked,
that is a comprehensive page!
To the gentlemen, a word of advice:
For Christmas?and at other seasonssend
your linen to the Home Laundry if
you want it returned ''like newgo to
Lewis & Clemens for a clean, satisfactory
shave; buy your cigars for your own or
your friend's use, at Loos's; get your cutter
lor a Christmas sleigh ride at Luke's;
that box of candy you want when you
mako that lengthy call, at Durst's; and if
you need direction in their lines, read the
tempting remarks of Messrs. Kraus, McLaughlin
& McGinley or John Sheekey.
ii Biui you are not sauBueu, wum uuuiu
better pleuae an old Wheeling friend now
faraway than the I.ntklliqknckr as a regular
visitor? Think this over.
The Wlildcr."
?. M. Castine'aand James Reilly'a two
companies consolidated opened at the
Academy of Music last night to a big
nouse, and well did they deserve it, for a
better performance, a more talented company
of artists, and a funnier comedy
has'not been seen in Wheeling. The audience
fairly cried with delight, and
round a fter round of applause greeted
each act. Mr. Reiley as the WiiliUr is very
funny, and his singing of "Papa's Baby
Boy*' with a wide awako, crowing baby
about ten months oldiirhis arms, made
the audience rise and cheor. lie also
tings Scanlan's "My Nellie's Blue Kyea"
and other popular songs. Mr. Dick Uhalfant
has a tine voice; Hairy and Ida
Trice's sketch is very funny; Miss Teinpluton's
rendition of Kmmeti's songs ia
much b9tter than Friu's own: Conroy
and Dempsey and tiwift aud Chase are
very funny, and Miss May 'Smith is a
charming soubrette. The picce abounds
in fun. and choruses occur irequentiy. It
hntilfl draw na/>kft(l hmiACB all Week.
Bail air*.
Branches of the Thirty-eighth street
sewer are being made through Horn's addition.
For those who don't get the Mayor's
place there is thepoetoiiice, and vice versa.
The Ohio Valley Cement Works, the
Belmont Goal Works and the Pittsburgh
Coal Works will soon hive switches ol the
Ohio Valley Railroad.
The Baltimore A Ohio is systematically
Oiling up the creek bottoms wherever included
in their ground, and similar work
is going on by both the nail works and
the Cleveland <k Pittsburgh at Indian run.
The Independent has the following list
of aspirants for the Bellaire Postmastership:
Judge Anderson, Hermann Hartenstein,
Dr. J. F. Smith, John 0. Mitchell,
James H. Darrah, Andrew Wiley, Clinton
Milligan. D. W. Cooper?with the first
two in tne lead.
To-morrow the District Court will consider
the Belmont street crossing over the
Baltimore A Ohio tracks. The campany
now has an inunction forbidding the city
from crossing the tracks and consequently
the eity is cut in (wo by the railroad, with
onlv one bridge to connect the two parts
and that bridge under the control, as far
as repairs are concerned, of the railroad
company. , ?
Notiiimo but speculative merit can account
for the phenomenal reputation
achieved by Salvation Oil." It kills pain.
Price JJ5 cents.
dropped into H. J. Schulz's South Side
shoe store, at No. 2127 Market street yesterday,
and there witnessed busineee
rushing. Mr. 8. carries a large line o(
boots and shoes and sells at such prices as
induces the working class of people, as
well as others, to patronise him. In laut,
his store abounds with a tirst-class line of
goods, especially adopted to suit the wants
of his many customers. During these
bard times he will endeavor to sell at
prices that will afford all to buy. and there
is no use doing without good foot gear
when it can be obtained at Mr. Schula's
prices. Call iu and be canvinced.
There are 3,502 Jesuits engaged in missionary
The Tcatlmoajr of m Phr?lclan.
James Beecher, M. D. of Bigourney,
Iow?, says: "For several years I have
been using a Cough Balsam, called Dh.
Wm. Hall s Balnam fob tub Lunos, and
in almost every cmo throughout my practice
I have had entire uccess. * X have
nsed and prescribed hundreds of bottles
since the aays of my army practice (1803),
when I was surgeon of Hospital rfo. 7,
Louisville, Ky." tthiaw
They now make bread out of lumber.
This explains why it is called the staff of
Logan & Co., and Charlee Menkmeeller
tell of a remarkabe, cure effected by
Acker's Blood Elixir: A gentlemnn was
literally covered with sores brought on by
neglecting his system; ulcers or boils
came out all over him, bui a thorough
| course of. Acker's Blood Elixir cured him.
They alio say that tney mu warrant mis
a* being the beat blood medicine that
can be bought. It is always certain to
cure Syphilis in its wont form. It is positively
guaranteed. . TTHMW
I havp received great benefit from Kly's
Cream Balm for Catarrh. I cannot express
the suffering I have endured the
past year from Nasal Catarrh.?0. L. Robbins,
Caraway,P. 0., Randolph county, N.C,
| Federal and Other Prisoners Received?i
B. A O. Brakemaa Hart?Vatloas Other
I Local Matters oC Oorreat latere!tla
i Marshall County's Metropolis*
Two United Statea con vie to were re
ceived at the State prison yesterday froir
Oharleaton. Tbia addition awella the
number oPlninatea to: Males, 277; females,
10; total, 287. The largest number
ever confined in the inatitution at one
time waa 291. Thia waa for a portion ol
one day only, aa one man waa discharged
on the same day the population reached
those figures. The number of State prisoners
is now largely in excess of what it
ever was before. At the time the number
of prisoners waa 2?Jl there were over sixty
United States prisoners confined there.
At thia time there are less than one-half
that number of convicts of that class.
Rev. R. G. Noland, of Wellaburg, was
in town a few day's ago, the gueat of Rev.
K. Hammond.
Marshall Union Lodge No. 8, A. F. & A.
M., will hold its annual election of officers
Friday evening.
Professor May, Principal of the lienwood
schools, spent Saturday and Sunday
in town, the guest of Kev. Mr. Stewart, ol
the M. E. Church.
Charley and Lulu, Hon. Sep. Hall's littie
son and daughter, of New Martinsville,
came up Saturday morning and spent the
day with young friends.
V. A. Weaver has brought hfs family
back from Allegheny City, and will again
make his home hero. lie will occupy the
Curtis cottage, Second ward, till spring.
Private advices from Logan county report
the prevalence there of a most malignant
and fatal typo of the (lux. A lame
(number of deaths have already resulted,
and the disease is spreading so rapidly as
I to threaten to become epidemic.
Amoa liaber, of Marion county, who
was discharged from the prison about
1871), after serving a ten-year term, is
again an inmate of the Pen to serve a fiveyear
term, to which the Judge of the Circuit
Court here may add another five
years at the expiration of his present
Town orders aggregating about $2,000
are floating about the village. As the
Town Sergeant muddle has at last been
iizeu up ana me tux uius 01 idjw nave
placed in his bands for collection, and
that ollicar reports unusual success in
gathering in the shekels, it is safa to assume
that the indebtedness of the town
will soon be materially reduced if not
wiped out entirely.
George Hendershott, son of Colonel
Hendershott, of the First ward, who has
l>*en running as brakeman on a Baltimore
& Ohio freight train for the past three
weeks, was unfortunate enough to come
in contact with an overhead bridge, knocking
him from the train, resulting in injuries
that are serious, but not supposed
to be fatal, lie was brought home and
is resting easy. The physician reports no
bones broken, and does not think the injuries
received will be serious.
To be Rendered here by Uorne Talent?81fnor
1)' Aarla'a Labor*.
Prof. D'Auria, the accomplished musician
who lately located in this city, has in
the short time he has been here met with
very good success in securing pupils. A
number of ladies and gentlemen are having
their voices rapidly developed under
his direction, and trie prospects are that ii
they continue, the timo is not far distant
when the complaint about the scarcity ot
good voices that has been heard in Wheeling
of late years will cease. In addition
to teaching, the Professor has formed
an oratorio society, that is intended
to form the nucleus cf
nermanent Philharmonic Society in
the future. Many of bis pupils have
joined and there are several others. Last
night thii society bad its second rebearaal
in the concert room of Baumer'a music
tore. About forty were present The
work being studiod is Roaaini's Slabai
Mater. The purpose is to give it entire as
the second part of a concert to be given in
January or February. Considering that
the rehearsal was onlv the aecond one, it
ran very smoothly. Prof. D'Auria knowt
how to handle his people and bring out
all that is in them. The membership
ought to be one hundred instead of forty.
1 Good fifty nail fttvedered.
Balafoo's pleasing play. "May Blossom,"
was given at the Opera House last night
for the first time in Wheeling. A good
company laide the moat of excellent opportunities.
There are gome strong situations
in "May Blossom," and the audience
showed a ready appreciation of them.
80good an entertainment deserved a larger
From thdfe'astor of the Olivet Baptist
chuiyh, Philadelphia, Pa.: I was so
troubled with cat?rrh it aeriously affected
my voice. One bottlo of ElyTs Cream
Balm did the work. My voice ia fully restored.?B.
V. Leipsner.
*ta|i of the Water and Movements of the
The Katie Stockdale is due down this
During the past two days a number of
towboata have passed thia point with (rood
sized tows of coal from the Monongahela
region for Cincinnati and Louiaville.
The Hibernia, which has been chartered
by the Bay Bros., will be brought back
from Indiana and take the place of the
Hosedale in the 1'arkeraburg and Charleaton
The O'Neal raised steam at Steubenville
yesterday morning but did not start out
on her regular trip. A large quantity ol
ice had accumulated on the hull and all
morning was spent in breaking it off. She
will bo down this morning.
The Andes is this afternoon's packet for
Cincinnati. Her hour of departure is 3
o'clock. Capt. Charlie Muhletnan is in
command and Measrs. Mart Nolh and
Charlie Knox do the honors in the office.
The Audes is a deservedly popular packet
and enjoys the full confidence of ail who
have ever patronised her.
The Km ma Graham disaster occurred
just a few rods below where the Sidney
burat her steam pipe three years ago.
The Graham was the boat that picked up
the ntutaemrera of the Kidnev at the time
of the occurrence. The Graham will
doubtless prove a total loss, aa she will be
completely submerged by tne coming rise.
The old steamer Hudson has met her
fate. A few days since in attempting to
get over a bar a few miles below bt. Louis
she ran hani aground and was tinable to
get off. It was reported to the steamer's
officers that there was seven and a half
feet on the bar, but this was a mistake.
The steamer was well loaded And drawing
over five feet. Afterrunnlng on the river
commenced falling and at last she broke.
She was insured. It is understood that
she was to have been sent to Pittsburgh
this winter to have her machinery and
part of her cabin placed on a new hull.
uapt. Kees, oi ntuuurgli, is a urge owner
in the steamer.
The river was still falling at dtuk last
evening. The depth in the channel waa
IS feet y Inches. A rise may be looked
for, however, within the next twenty-four
honra, notwithstanding the cold snap that
set in last ovening. The Signal Service
officer at Pittsburgh reports that all the
confluents of the Allegheny and Monongahela
are rising and there nave been anow
and rain etorraa along each. At Pittsburgh
last evening the river was 0 feet 8
inches and rising; Morgantown, 12 feet
and rising; Parker, S feet B inchea and on
a stand; Lock No. 4,13 feet U inchea and
riaing; Jlrowaville, 13 feet 6 inchea and
rising; Oil City, i feet and stationary;
Greensboro, 17 feet 1 inch and riling.
THE W. P. B. 80C11UT
Adopts a Nsw Plan for Replenishing Its
Depleted Treasury.
Yesterday the Women's Union Benevolent
Society, ol this city, sent out
l through the mail 2,000 circulars addressed
to citisens. asking for a contribution of one
dollar from each. Attached to each circular
is a aiip on which the name of the
contributor is to be written and enclosed
with the money in;thr addressed envelope
that accompanies each circular. It is not
1 expected that those who feel that they
i can give more than one dollar will confine
. themselves to that sum. The mors re,
ceived, the merrier will be made
the hearts ol the ladies of the Society,
1 who are engaged in a grand good work,
! that benefits not only those forced by unfortunate
circumstances to sppeal to them
forbid, but in a general way the entire
city. Nor is it expected that those who
failed to receive ope of the circulars and
who feel themselves in a position to aid a
worthy cause will refrain from contributing
because not asked; they may have
been accidentally overlooked in sending
the requests out, or their names may not
have been know^o the committee. AH
contributions wm be gladly received if
directed to the Society, in care of the Exchange
Ever since the cold weather set in, the
demands of those in urgent need of aid '
have been ateadily increasing, and the
funds of the society have as steadily de- '
creased, until the treasury is at a very
low ebb. Instead of giving an entertain- ,
ment, baziar or festival, as in the past, <
which entails much hard work and a i
large expense, not only to the Societv but
those that attend, the present mode has
been adopted. It should prove successful. \
This society was organised three years
ago. It is non-sectarian and it provides
only those necessaries of life, food and '
clothing, which are not furnished by the
city authorities. No money is given in
any case, but all charities are distributed
by means of orders for the articles to be
supplied. All cases are investigated, and 4
care taken to pervent imposition, by the ,
various Ward Committees before the J
society acts.
Th? r?atnr?a of tti* Money and Stock
New York, Dec. II.?Money on call eaay at 2*1%
percent. ram* mercantile paper 4*5 percent.
Foreign Kxcbauga dull at 14 ftuurt.
Tolkiuj.O., Dec. 14.?Wheat little doing: cash or
December Blc asked; January I'JIJfe; February
95Ke; MayvOtfc. Corn steady; 88>?c bid; year
39c asked; May 40&c bid. Oats firm and unchanged:
caab 31e;May 33%c. Cloverseed quiet:
caab 9> 4) asked; December I* 43}f; January 96 6U
asked: February 96 66 aaked.
Uovku.hjkst Bonus -Were dull and iteidy.
State Bosui?Were uegUcted.
lUlhROAli lloNiw-Tbe total sales of railway
bouda amounted to 9'J,56l,0UU.
Stocks-WereVtlve and weak and at tlmea feverUb.
Tbe general Idea 1? tbat a strong "bear"
party was formed lasi week ai)d{< operating with a
growiug vigor. They have no far uut with
comparatively little r?slatauce from the late leadlug
" mill." Tbe eausi of tbii la variously interpreted
llr many it U claimed that tbe backbone
of the bull" party wai ftroken by tbe deutn of
Mr. Vanderbilt, aad tbat much lower p:ice? must
follow. Othera think the "bulla" who are favored
by pleuty of money ai hw rate* are holding oil' till
a autlLieutly long line of ahorta are out when they
will come In aud give the market a boost.
At tbe opualDg lira morning there were only
alight changes In quotations, aud in the early
dedmga there was ?omedi?pUy of -trengtn.ihe general
llat advancing fracdoual amounts. A vigorous
ra d iipoo Lake Shore and Northern Pacllle prefer
ed, waa started, however, in a short time after
the opening. Lake Shore, which bad op ued
at Si and utvaured to 84JJ, broke
in the forenoon to SIX, aud Northern
Pacific proferrel. which wild early at C0a6US>
yielded to WJi. Tbe whole lint sympathized wun
this downward movement which culminated, however,
during tbe Unit hour, lu moat rosea the
lowest price* were ietched late In the afieraoon, f
but 1'aciiic Mail, Erie, Cauada Southern, Missouri, |
Kansas A TVxax touchedslight.y lower (|Uotationa. V
lu latoldealioga there wan a slight advance wlih the I
uiarkU somewhat Irregular, active aud unii'tllul
ai small motions above the lowest figures of the day.
Northern 1'aciUc allows a loan ol 'J% percent,
while comm<iU la down 1. Lake Shore Itf, New
York Central % Mkhigati Central 1, Northwestern
and St. I'aul 1J4 percent. Heading 1* consplo- '
uouaforan advance of ^percent. Sales ol slocks
D-day were 7U3.U8J aharei.
U. S. la, 101)?: 0. a. ifr. 11%; U. 8. new 4a,
I'AV.i'aniAcCsoi '95. 12%. Central raclflc flrata,
ills: Krle aeconda, 8CI4: Llhigh ? Wllkesbairo.
0 *d, iltt; 1-ouIninua consols,66: Missouri 6h, 10i; et.
Joeiph V. o. a. vj. finta liJ;T>muts#?e 61,
old, cT; do new, 51; Texut 1 aelllo Laud Uranls, >6; x
do Bio Mraud*, 57; Dillon Pacific firsts, ilti; do
Laud Grniiu, 1WK: dobiukiug fund. VMM', Virginia
On, 42; Virginia Consols, extra matured coupom,
60; do deferred, 10>f; Adtmin Express, 140;
.tiaeilcau Ksprws. 103: Canada .Southern, 88^;
Ceutral Pacific, l)}^, Chesapeake & Oiiio, 12: uo
HraU pref rred, 20, uo second*, 14; C.t c., <1. <k I..
W; Oeuveri KioGraude, 18)4; Krie, 2A$; do pr*
f. rred, 47; tort Wayne, 14i}<: aamasifcToxas.2*>?:
..ake i rle & Western, J*; i.rtko ahoio, H2%; Louiv
tiiie <k N?hYi le, 4*&; UmUrllle, New Albany &
Ohieago, 37; Memphis di thur.erton, 31: Michigan
Ccutrnl, 71; Misouri Pacific, 104%: Nashville &
Chattanooga, 46; Now Jersey Central. 42>i; Mrthern
Pacific, 26k; do preferred. 57)4; ( Ulcouo &
Northwestern. 105&; do preferred, lifcBi: Now vork
Ceut al 101ft;? luo Central ll/7; unio Jt Mississippi,
/ljtf: do preferred, M; raelUc Mail, 62jfc; Pittabuigh.
143; tvfadiuB 20; fet. Louis tic tau Francisco, _
i-H; de preferred, 44J^;C., M. ikSt. l'aul, 90; do I
p.eliired, 115)4: Texas Pacific, 13>?; Union Pacific, I
:]%; I nited Hiate? Express, 00; W., St. L. *fc 1*., BK; I
do iin'f-'T' d, 18; Welle-Kargo hxpresi, U7; Western I
Union, 7JH- 1
Hr?ad8tufr?>nd Provisions.
Nkw YuRKi Hec. 14.?1'iour, receipts 37,633 bar- a
reis; expor s 075 bands; 1,710 sacks; market dull; 0
sale* 12.000 barrels: superfine. western and
State 13 UOal M>; common to good extra western and
State S3 40a3 80; good to choice do$385a5 50; common
to choice extra Bt, Louis $340a5 50. Wheat
lower: receipts3,850 bushels; export* none; sales
44,302 bushels future; 4J.OOO bushels of spot: No. 2
springB4c: ungraded red !5a8Cc: No. 2 rsd WUc;Ne.
1 wklte wojjc; No. 2 rsd December VJ^aOSc, closing
at93c; January D3Xa94Kc; closing at Mjjc; February
eloeiug at KKe; March V7>
V7%r, closing at 97Hos May $1 OoVial ooyu. closing
>i Si runs. in?iini?i nil/ ain?ln> ?i mi'.
II01% Corn lower, cluilng heavy: receipts 346,178
bushel i; export* 52,62J bushels; tula* 818,C'30 bush
els futures;2W,0C0btuhel? of spot; uajtraded 48*
51c; No. 2 ?*42%4} do January 44c; iteamer 4G>{a
4 c; Mo. 2"white 52a; iteamtr y*llow 47*47>4c; I
steamer white 47#M7Kc; lower mixed 5la51>fe: No. I
1 D*c*mber50Jift5.Sic.coalnjat60?'io; January -Wj-ja
4^c,cloklDg at 49Sc; February 48%*48%c,elo*lng at
4k'?c; Mara* 48>ia48fte, closing at 48) .c. May 4?.'-4a
iljic, eloslug at 4K>ie. Oats (airly active; reoelpt*
40,850 bushii*; axporu 1.800 bUBheU; mixed wa*tera
!6^tl7o: white do S7a4S?. Stock* of grain la
store December 12; Wheat, 9,783,700 bushels; com,
637,Ml bushel*; oat*, 1 445/258 btuholu; rye, 112,581 _
bushels: barley, 139,877 bushel*; peas, 4,171 bu?hel?;
malt, 131,952 bushels. Codec, option* dull;
sale* 5,500 bags: December 6.70e; January 6 70c;
March 1.80c; April 1.85c. Sugar firmer and in fait
demand; fair to good refining 6Ka5J$c; refined
quiet; efT A 6c; mould A 7c; atandard A f%c;
irauulated ej8c. Uico Heady and fnlrly active.
I'allow firm ?; 4 15-l#c. ltue>n steady. Turpentine
dull at87c bid. tgs" dull; receipt* 1,000packages;
western 2fia25j^c. Pork firm and moderttely
active; mess IV 87>*al0 *7^ Cut
meats 6c. Lara aull: tales to arrive i
o sue: January l.4Uf.4te; February 0.49a6.60c;
March ?.58c: May 6.70a6.72c; city steam 6.35c. Butter
Arm and In good demaud; western 10a32c; Klgln
creAmury 32alio. Cheese quiwtaotl firm.
Chicago, Ills., Dec. 14.?The feeling in wheat
was weak throughout the entire sessiou. accom
pauiod by * steady decline in prices. The market
opened >^a^c lower than Saturday, _and fell one
ceni aauiuouai uuair trie largo onering*. Tlie
January delivery touched 84%c aud the May delivery
Vic, but milled a little in tne late trading
from those flgun* Flour dull and uuehsuged.
rtheat weak and lower; tno market opened Ua^a
lower, declined lc additional, rallied )fc? cloning
l%c uuder Saturday; December St)a8&e. eloaea
at January SV/iaSWic, eloeedatl,We; May .
Olatt.c, cioatd at Olfo; Mo.3sprlnp (M%8&o; ho.
f (print Ma70c; No. 1 red nominal. Corn In
light demand, year delivery declining Jic, other
options remaining steady: cash Wfco: l>e- Tl
ember and year Wfca3IJic, elowd at I
WKc; January asHa3Sj4c, cosed at 38^c; ?}
day 40a40)*e, cloaed at 40J^c. OaU dull andeaay;
eaan aud December 38fcic; January M?ta'^'ic; u
May IlKallUc. Km steady; Mo. 3, 60a. Barley 3
quiet; No. 3, tit. Faxaeed Arm and Ikaite higher; Jf
no. 1. il leal 1GK. M-ea pork In (air demand:
opening vales made at a diollne cl iQalVJSc, (ell oir <r
6cadditional, rallied 5j?c, closing steady; caah ?.
19 lOalUOO, according tonga; January 9JM&100Q;
February f 10 O&alO 10, closed at flu 07&10 10. t.
Lard quiet and a shade eaaler; cash ft.ttl&aofe; ir
January 1.07^0, February I.13a6.17<^?. Boxed
meats steady; shouldersl.?0al.76c;shurl rib 4.90a e,
4 Die: short clear fi.'JOaS vie. Whisky steady at 1116. M
Buiars unchanged- Butter firm; creamory Ma'iOc;
dairy UHaWc, Hffs 'iJaiSXc. Afternoon Hoard?
wmat eaay aud uu-hanged. Corn uuihaufed.
"ftcl' *? tjT 1'ork 2^"aic higher. Lard
1'iiiladklpiiia, Pa., Dca. 14.?Flour, demand
light and aleady.^ Wheat weak and unsettled ;_No.
a icu wwoiovr wmv,?; jmiuarr avenue; noruaryllJ$tfJe:lUrcbMi6a#4o.
Corn firm I mixed
40}{a4*V<o; yellow 4UWc; (uturua lower: No. a
rolled December 4fi%a4Uc; January 4G$ia47o: Feb*
ruary U^allJic; Marcb4fla4G?ic. Oata.apot higher:
While 40*MVic; future* quiet but atead?; MO. 2
wblte He emnerW^Alo^c.January 3i??a3#iio: February
W^a?o; March saasvkc. Provialona ?t>ady.
Park, uu-?s, new, 111 tOall M; do family 11160*
12 4). Lard quiet: refined 6.75*7 OOc. Uutter firmer
for high gradua; Bradford county. Pa . and New Yorkextr?a
21c\ do dairy extra 20c. Kna firm; I
Pennaylvaula freab 28c; Ohio and oilier wvttcrn
fre*b '/7c. ( hone dull and eaay; Ohio Uata. choice
W&S Ohio fair to p. (me Have. I
Cincinnati, 0, Dm. 14.?Flour dull, family
II 0Ua4 25; fancy II 50a4 lb. Wheat dull and drooping;
Mo. J, red tic; receipt* 6,500 buaheU: ahlp- J
meuta t.OOObuahela. Corn firm: No. I mixed ttKa '
16c. Oata In good d*mand; No. 3 mixed llatto Rye ,
firm; Mo i fil^atfc. Barley In fair demand; t
aprlng fiM'Jc. Pork nominal at 110 26. Urd la .
Sr demand at ?.(5c Bulk meata firm; partly cur J
shoulders 3.80c; abort rib 5 90c: abort nicer a 20c. .
Whlaky steady at 11 09. Butter barely steady; I
extra northwestern creamer? S3a36c: good to I
Sri me Ohio at 2fl*30c; fancy dairy roll at Malta. I
ugar easier: hard refined 7Xaf%c; Now Orloana 5
4Ha5Uo. Linseed oil quiet and steady at 40a41o. 4
Kgg? dull at voe. Cbe?** In light demand; eholco
cured Ohio factory at ?X?i0e. 1
Baltivohb. Dee. 14 ??heat, weatera lower, olo*- 4
Ing dull; No. 2 western winter red ipot Steffie "
frtah: January 88VfaMJ{o; February tlaOfc*. Corn,
weatern lower aud quiet; western mixed apot and J
December 4?fH&Hci January 4&ft*45J|o; Fsbravy M
4MAU6%c: ateamer 42?{aISc. Oata firm; w eaten
white saaiOo; mixed 35a37c.
Chicago, III., Dec. 14.?The Droren' Journal reuu
w: Cattle-Beeelpu 7,7ou bead; ahlpmeuta 2.90C
heed: market dull at lOalfie lower: Ciirlitmu cattie
9600*6 76: shipping steers IS 0*650; Htoeken
aud feedera ?2 SftwvK); cows, bull* aud mixed f 160a
4 00; bulk |2 75a3 25; through Texan* alow aud
ateady: ateera $3 00*3 76; cowaand iiilxai 12 50*325.
lloga?Receipt* 62,000 head: ahlpineuU>8,000 head:
market ?low aud 5al0c lower; rough and mixed
S3 4Ca3 72)<: packing aud ahlpplug 93 75a3 95; light
?ar>a3 76; akipe U 50*325 Sheep-Receipt* 6.WU
head; ablpmeutM 1,000 head: market alow; uatlvee
?03*42 V weateru fl75a350; Texan* 1150*3 05;
tuba per bead $3 00*4 25.
Km I.ibkbty, Pa , Dee. 14.?Cattle, reoelpta 3,883
bead: ahlpmeuta 3.KOO head: market over aupplled;
'25c off from laat week; 66cara*blpped to New York.
Ifoga, rucelpU10,30Jhea<l; ablpmuut 10.V00 head;
market alow: Philadelphia! U COal 10; Yorkera
$3 70al 75: ablpmonu to New York 41 ca?a. Bbeep,
recelpta 6.40) bead; ahlpmenti 3,00) head: market
Tery dull aud ice to 15c oir from the clone of laat
Cincinnati,0? Dec. ii?Hoga ateady:eomaou
and light 13 lOalbO; packing and butcher* if 80a
410; reoalpu 0,300 head; ahlpmeuta 1,308 head.
Bjudtoho, Pa., Deo. 14-Opened at 90>foaud
cloeed at 9mc; hlgheat 9lKc: loweat 90Jtfc; ruu*
6<.8S8 barrela; total ablpmeuu oS.377 barrel*; char*
ten 19,017 barrela; clettrauoc* 1,462,000 barrel*,
on. City, Pa.. Dec. 14.-Opened atfOKe; hlgheat
uaiici*. cimiiutn <,WI,>AAJ usticia, ui)iyitua
S3,377 barrels; ckart?SB 151,047 barrels.
Titusviur, Pa., Dec. 14.?Opened at WJfc; hithwt
OlHo; lowest 90',^; closed at W?c: charters (or
the 12th and 13th. lv.019 barrels shipments (or the
same 18,*77 barrels.
PrniwuituH, Dee. 14.?Polroleum quirt hut firm:
ffstioual transit certificates oi>eu?d at 90)4c, and
elcMd at 90%c; blghwt Vl'ic; lowest 90%c.
niw Yokk, Dec. 14.?I'stroleum steady and unchanced;
United closed at WJic.
Dry Goods.
n*w Yokk, Dec. 14.?For Immediate wauts there
lias been u. verj light trade, but in spring supplies
[lie request is well maiuuiuvl In all departments
md considerable busluuas is In progriU.
CiKciMNan, 0., Dec. II.-Cotton quiet; mid*
lllnK 'Jo. .
Imw & gerfcsehjj.
We are showing' some
very elegant new styles
in this line, which will
be found surprisingly
cheap, thoroughly made
and finely finished. Especial
attention has been
given to quality, and patrons
will find throughout
our stock thoroughly
reliable goods at prices
within the reach of all.
Please call; we shall |
be pleased to show you
our goods. Remember
the place,
VourChildren <
Infant Cordial!
oltens the Gums, Allaji Pnln, Redacts
Inflammation, Controls the Bowels,
CurlngDj8enterjlI)larrhi?atFUt' '
ulence, Wind Colic, 4c., &c.
WTbls Preparation li Guaranteed.
1208 Main St., Wheeling, W. Ya. 1
noH TrhM j
Arc Still Triumphant.
For flfte??\yeani thejr hare steadily wined In fa- i
sr, and wrth aalct constantly Increasing havo be
>me the most popular corset throughout the nlted
States. a
The 0 quality is warranted to wear twice aa Ion* 2
i the ordlna1 y Corsets. Wo have lately introduced le
0 and K II grades with Kztra Louf Waljt, and V
e ran furnlih them when preferred.
Highest awards from all the World's freat Faint
be lMt medal received Is for Pint Degree of Merit,
om the late Exposition held at New Orleans.
While scores of patents have been found worthss.tho
principles of the Glove-Fitting have proved <
Retailer* are aathnrlsed to refund money, If, on I
Lamination, these Co-sets do not prove aa repre- 1
inted. For sale every where.
Catalogue free on application.
Thomson, Langdon I Co., New York.
m> watetUiaiiy ikihibm C
J yourUa?lh(bnt KtMdf
m ?1 "
>,ih. Ainu X LUk.
"Y- I
Ohio. Mdhy D?f*l???.
jylMway LOGAN A 00 Ajrenta. ;
Th* Original nnd Only Urnnlnf.
I??m4 ?! ?? r?il?W. IW??r? ?f U artklrM lt*luu*a?.
'CThUliMtrr'a Kn*IUb"?r?t>.?b#.t ?Mr. I?llip*a>akl?
syg^^kPILLS! =
III PA S1.000 BBWABD. for UhlOC,
111 LIP Blading or Pro trading Pilet Di
#|| PA BINU'rtPlte Remedy fall* to our*.
IjLfcrw /old at Logan A Om Drm 8 tor*.
I m cno ^HKCKS Id 6 hourt. Curea in I daja.
.MI) lUn Bad oaaet wanted. Drug Blow, llV.
: " yen Eleventh fit. Phi la., Pa., and Logan
lO MEN A Co.. Wheeling. noSS-Mwraw
EX^ PMirrn^^rjmdjoapiiy moated <
>| g.?. Staff at &??.
& CO.,
27 Twelfth Street
Full Assortment
' /
Prices Low 11
I.e. MOFFAT & CO.,
No. 27 Twelfth St. I
gogan it <So.
Common Sense
? . lf.ii _? %T -*r 1_ - 0
1. nr. noil, 01 new xorn, iea > ?
inmber of dogs for some weeks on
bread made with Alum Baking ,
Powders. In eiery instance the t
dogs lost appetite, sickened, and ?
some died. At the same time he ?
red other degs on bread made with J
pore Tartar Baking Powder, with i
no injury to appetite or health.
2. The use of alum in bread is prohibited
by law in some places,
because It has been found to injure
3. Some people buy Alum Baking
Powders because they are ;
cheap! Is it real economy, which i
to save a few pennies now, lays a "
foundation for ill health and doc- tor's
bills later on? '
Tou are on the safe tide in using
Baking Powder!
Which Contains no ALUH or 1
)ther injurious ingredient.
See that our address is on each c
wx or label. Address all orders to
r nn.AN^.nn
UV/VI1 &A1 vw V/V/I
Proprietor! and Manufacturers,
laoMMon to Lofin, LUt A Co., Wheeling. W. Vi.
ffUamjgitttttfl pEIMBLE
1118 JUrket Street
rHsui) ml TeoUlattsg ot PubUs BolUlaa
hreUlnn mil /Ktortoi BptdilW.
?nM |^UKE
1411 M1I*;?TKMT,
'radical Plumber, Gas & Steam Fitter.
wrjobblng promptly doae. del *
nuorxoiL rmxsDs,
Oas and Steam Fitter*,
AU work done promptly at reasonable prtoat
Will core Dineeee of the Kidum, Gravel. Gleet, r
Jliicturw, andallUrlkaiT and urethral Dwene, i
fferrona and Phriioal Debility. Bwntnel Weahneea,
Jam of Vlfor, Premature Decline In Man, larly
[)eoay, Impotenoy ceased by errors of youth, exmm,
Ao, Syphilis In all lM forma, eon throat
ind mm, nloen, eruptions. scrofula, tetter, ealt
beam and all blood aad akin dleeeeee. Female
Weakness speedily cured. Gonorrhea oared In I
Ian. PrloeHOO. Mold In WbeaUnf, W. Va., by
If. Booum, Lee ax A 00,. Dmnfrte, Sent by a
m? m m
jjg?. Jpctfltl * Co
Miaauis main aiwz a ww south sts
Ken Crop Sew Orleans Molasses
Arriving Ualljr-atraigbt Gooda.
Bole Atenta for tho followlnR oolebrsted floun:
Pride of Wot Virginia, Guiding Star, l'hujnix
Patent, Klcctric Light and Baker'" Iron Clad.
D07 TThi<
g. 3. ghotlcg & (Co:
Bo t be Calicoca, dcw dark ntylcf, ?c.
All Wool tfedicatcd Red Flannel, 12\c, worth
AH Wool Gray Twilled Flannel reduced fiom 35c
Utary Canton Flannel, worth 10c. (or 80.
Udlon' All Wool Scarlet Ve??a, 60c.
Yard wide Crctooea, worth 'Ac, for 10c.
2*ouble-wldtb L>rc?? Good*, worth 20c. forl2>Cc.
M Inch Drcaa Good*, worth 20<\ for utifl.
fxtrm Fine Drcu Uooda. worth 25c, for JOc.
Remnant*. Ha'd Nalnaook "beapat i'Oc, for 12^0.
Now ?tylc? Tycoou Pepa, worth ;0o, for laifc.
JExtm line llemitltchcd HandktrchUfa for sonlpmen.
pure linen, worth 60o. tor 25c
Gentlemen a lieiraiitc bed Silk ilandkerchlab&to.
iirntlemcu'alnlM*l Hemstitched Silk Uaudker*
thieb, extra fln?, only f I 00.
Kxtta Fine lUmaa* Linfri Table Cloths, with
Capkina to natcb, fa GO and l? WO per aet, '25 perient
leea than ever aold.
12 Plecea Colored Surah Bilk, n?w ahadea, beat
[Utjltj, worth II25 for K5e.
Beat makes Black Silk at 20 percent reduction.
!all an 1 Bee them.
Flneat Eider down Qnilta, covered with French
atteen oniyllOOO.
A choice a<aortmoi\t of Fancy Goodi auitable for
[oliday Prueuts.
Don't wait unt'l January to bny Ladiea' and
hlldren'a Cloaks. Y?u cai now flud a better aasrtment
and the price at low.
We have commeuQtd our Slaughter Sale of
Frapa to day,
Mt. de Chantal Academy.
The thlrty-aighth year of this well-known Acadmj,
under the charge of tho Vialtatlon Nana,
pen* on the flrat Monday of September next, and
ontlnuea ten month*.
Puplla received at any time In the aeaalon. *
Thoae who deaire to place tholr daughter! In an
nitltntlon affording exceptional advantage* In
he way of healthful and delightful location, ox*
client board, thorough dlaclplltu) and Instruction
t the hand* of life-long teachera, In every departlent
of female education, including the modern
inguagoa and mualc, ahould send for a catalogue
f thia School Addreaa,
)irectreeeoI the Academy ol the Visitation,
au2Huw Near Wheeling, W. Va.
A live achool, imparting a pract'cal bunineaacduitlon;
enabling young mou to enter upou the
ctlvo dutlea of lUe. Forclrcularaaddrewii'.Dui'r
; Sowa. nol7-TUiw
Jnsuratue (Companies.
no tvtiwr run ? vi
Ornci-No. 1308 Main Street.
APITAL. ~ -.4100,000 00
Doea a general Fir* Insurance BoaIqcm. Farm
roperty and Dwelling Houses and content* luirod
for three or fire yean.
Alex. Laughlln, Jos. Bpeidel,
Henry Bdunulbacb, A. B. Ll?t,
J.y.L. Kodgcr*. Dr. B. W. Haxlott,
Henry Horkheimer.
JOB. 8PR1DRL, President.
W. 1. McLUBE. Secretary. oo7
OmcK-No. 41 Twiijth Btmr.
'APITAL, - - ~ - - - $100,000
Bob**t Cbansli, President.
J. F. Paull, Vice Prealdent.
Altmu) Pa dll, Secretary.
C. 11. SINIKKKT, City Agent
Insures all kinds of property at reasonable rates.
a pit al 11 ttl (mo
Injures against loaa er damage by fire and lightlug
all cluft* of dotlrable property, alao iuiurta
ngooa ou lht Weatern waters.
, N. Vane?. Frotldent, M. Rcllly. Vice Preaidcn t.
, l. ktrocblelQ, Bec'y, ju. p. Adams, Am i Bee.
J. N. Vanee, M. Rellly, h C. Btlfel,
J. H. Uobbe, C. W. Franzbelm.
CAPITAL 1175.000
fu. A. IiXTT Prealdcat
tu. B. BiMraoR Vice Praldeut
DrafUon England, Ireland, Franoeand Germany.
Wm. A. Iaett, Wm. B. Bimpaon,
J. A. Miller, John K. Boufoid,
B. M. Atkinson, Victor Rosenbarv,
Henry Speyer,
mrtl F. P. JEPBOH, Cashier.
CAPITAL 1300,000
, N. Vakcb..imm. President
xmvml Lauodux VI co Pmldent
J. N. Vance, B. Horkheimer,
B. Laufhliu, W. Bllinjham,
L. B. DtUpUln, A. W. K el ley,
John Prtw,
Draft* iMued on Xngland, Ireland, 8eoUand and
11 polnti la Europe.
JOHN i. JONES, Cuhltr,

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