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?hc WMKtig. IS!! -';
onice i No*, nud JI7 Fourt??ntli Street.
is these days holiday gifts sparkle in
the columns of the favorite newspapers.
Tim brewers of Chicago and Milwaukee
have decided that they will not,reduce
the price of beer, now $7 20 a barrel. PerImps
they have decided to put in aome
Kigutv-kiuut millions in gold and silver
are stored in the sub-Treasury vaults
in New York. Vanderbilt could have
stocked two sub-Treasuries and then had
a car fare left.
IiivoTA haa her kit backed, already to
move into the Union. She is knocking
Mil and his been knocking long. If the
isn't allowed to come in, maybe Delaware
ami Rhode Island will lie sent out to keep
her company.
!r Ii tindernUxxl that the Ohio buprcme Court
will adjourn uutil after the holiday*.?Uitylch.
The court should be in no hurry. They
have (lone all the damage they could.
The only thing .that worries ua la, that if
tlio Court aita muah longer it may do
away with the holidays.
Mk. Prick, of Wiuconain, will go down
in Jbiatory aa the one member of the House
who voted against the penaion for General
Grant'd widow?a gratuity beatowed upon
every I'r^ident'a widow. Mr. Price undereatimaterf
the aiae of this country.
The Harris-Pickett caae, on trial in
Tmlira .Tunnhi* nnnrt had COtUO to a BUd
ilea and remarkable conCJwion. It has
all the characteristics of a higi'ly-wrought
dime novel. What has become of the
girl? This is an interesting question.
There is still something hidden that ought
to be brought to light.
Tub seeming outbreak of mad?dog is
not confined to this country and France,
la Union alone one veterinary surgeon
any j he has had under hii care seventythree
coses of rabies this year. Col.
Fleming, veterinary surgeon of the Royal
Engineers, knows of twenty-six human
beings who have died of hydrophiain
London this year. The authorities are
asked to order that every dog shall be
mazzled for at least two years, for one dcg
may infect a large area.
With regard to the popular belief that a
m id dog will turn away from water, Col.
Fleming says that he has seen a rabid
dog swim the Mersey and then bite dogs,
pigi, cows, fowls and everything he could
come upon in the farm-yard. It is recommended
that the body of every rabid
.in ?Hull Uhnrnmi so that th? disease
xermsmay be entirely destroyed.
Tub Richmond Dispatch takes it for
granted that Mr. Tiiden has no desire to
possess tho bin picture called "The Electoral
Count"?"Mr. Tiiden needs no reminder
of the conspiracy by which he was
cheated out of the Presidency." Perhaps,
then, Mr. Tiiden would prefer a life-sis j
figure of his dicker in the Oregon case, or,
still better, a colossal reproduction of his
patriotic willingness to pay a Republican
memharof the Florida Returning Board
$'>0,000 for his vote, "if done only once,"
that is, if the rascal didn't intend to set up
in the business of being bought several
times to do the same thing.
All which remind! that the virtuous
Mr. Manton Marble, who telegraphed from
Tallahasee, December 2,1870, " Have just
received proposition to hand over, at any
hour required,. Tiiden decision of Board
and certiiicato of Governor for $200,000"?
that this same Mr. Marble was sent abroad
by President Cleveland to inquire into |
and report upon the monetary systems of
Europe. With regard to the monetary
system of Gramercy Park, at least, Mr.
Marble had shown himself an expert,
though it is true that after beating tjje
Florida price down to |50,000 heiand h:s
fellow-conspirators were left, and in virtuous
despiir he telegraphed to nephew i
Pelton, "Iell Tiiden to saddle Blackstone."
The point of these reminiscences is that
if Mr. Tiiden doesn't like one picture
il.... (a> an/iil,..
IliVIO ttwupio Uiawuw aw. UUIUU1
atjbl rou mumiiw obumanck. 1
BinxUr CsraaroQ'a BUI to Baoourafa lu
lUloiutm In til* Uoltad Stntai.
Wahiiiiiotom, D. C., Dec. 18.?Two bills
were introduced by Senator Cameron today
to encourage the manufacture ol steel
for modem ordnance, armor and other
army .and naval purpose*, directing tlia
Secretariesof War and of the Nayy,>e?pertively,
to make contracts, alter suitable
advertisements, with responsible steel
manufacturers for a supplyof rough bored,
rough lamed and tempered steel /or the
fabrication of lieary ordinance adapted to
modern warfare, and steel for armor and
uuior army ana navai purposes, iu quuunty
not to exceed 10,000 groM tons, in quail- 1
ty and dimensions conforming to specifications.
Itiddsrsare required to guaranteotoerect '
in the United States a suitable plant capable
ol making all the ateel required and !
ol Unfailing it in accordance with the con- I
tract, and to agree In the caae of the ord- ,
nance to deliver yearly a specified quantity
of each calibre, the time of delivery
of the smaller calibre to commence at the
expiration of not more than eighteen i
months, and that of the largest calibre at (
the expiration of not more than three
ytara from the date of the acceptance of ,
thu contract
The Secretary ef War is directed to ;
meet at Watervflet Arsenal, Weat Troy,
N. Y., an army gun factory, and the
U 1- f 1L.. J'-.7 111.. V..... .,
'KIOMtjr Ui lUDillT/MlUQ imu
Washington, U. 0., a nival gun factory,
in accordance with the report of the Gnn
Foundry Board, for the fabrication of the
heaviest suns adapted to modern warfare,
tho manufacture of gun carriage* and ordinance
equipment* for each service, at a
coat not to exceed $1,000,000 in each case.
UirHUiadrtd Indiana on lh*VsrF>U,
Hum, Mo*., Dec. II.?H. 0. Combs,
in charge of Eddy, Hammond 4 Co.'s
store, at Arlee, was aasinlted yesterday
morning by two Indiana, supposed to bs
Hpokanes, who forcibly entered the stors
and drove him out. Uembs fired at them,
killing one and aeriousiy wounding the
other. Sheriff Lane and a posse left Miainula
for Arlee in the afternoon to quiet
any disturbance which might be engendered
by the affair. Last night he wired
the authorities, .calling for military aid,
asylng that the Indians had taken from
him some prisoners be bad arreeted. A
detachment of troops has gone oot from
Mistouls. The white settlers of Arlee
havo taken an engine and left the place,
/here are some UuO Indians tbora.
Confidence In the Demand of the New
Year?Plf Iron Price* Firm?Tho Hell*
day Trade la the We?t Kemarkable
?The Vallore Record.
Nkw York, Dec. 18.?Special telegrams
to Bradtlreel't from the leadinsr centers
ltomaxcic and reality.
kougli kxporunc* of a voting woman in
hkii attire? her htory.
irontok.o., Dec. 18.?A strange story
comes from Baltimore of the wrest of one
of Ironton's young women on a schooner,
where she had shipped, in male attire,
under the name of Frankie Hains. Her
maiden name was Mary Harper, and a few
years ago she lived here with her parents,
who were industrious, respectable people.
She was an intelligent little black-eyed
girl, and no one gueased that she would
ever turn out to be a rough tramp in male
attire, which her subsequent life has
Sroven.- When arrested on suspicion of
eing a female, she confessed and told the
following story, which in the main is true.
Some of ner relatives live here, and only a
few days since her husband was seen on
our streets. The wayward girl had been
missing so long that she was mourned as
"I was born in Mason county, Ky.; my
father removed to Ironton, Ohio; I taught
a class in Spencer Chapel of the Methodist
Episcopal Church; November 21 was
married to Lewis Kiley; I ran off to
Greenup county. Ky.. to Db married. The
this week, report in portions of Went and
Southwest unseaaonbly mild weather,
which reanlted in bad roads, of necessity at
various points a check to trade with in*
terior merchants. In the wholesale lines
there has been 110*special activity but
none has been ozpected at this time.
Merchants generally fell confident
that the new year will bring a better demand,
which fact imparts n firm feeling to
most markets. At Chicago business is
tnore qtiiet and the weather is bad. The
diitribution of woolens and other seasonable
staples has felt the declining demand
most. The request for holiday goods
there is said to be the heaviest for three
years put
There are no features from St. Louis except
the increased firmness of pig iron,
which is believed to promise an early advance
in prices.
first of February 1 left him on account of
cruelty. In August I gave birth to a male
child. He waa adopted by my uncle. I
commenced binking, a minister being the
cause of my downfall. After that 1 be*
came hardened, and didn't care for myaelf.
During tbo summer I visited every
town on the Ohio river, and in the fall I
went.to Cambridge. A conductor on the
Wheeling & Lake Erie i-o&d proposed to
me that 1 put on male attire and go as a
brakeman with him on the focal train; I
was brakeman with him for two months;
while coupling cars I was knocked down
and run over; when I recovered I went to
work on Duval's dam, on the Muskingum
river; while working there an ex*
cursion came up from Parkereburg
and one of the young men revealed my
identity to the boss. I quit work,
and Monday night went withThax Duvall
to a country dance. Charles Dawaot got
jealous wkile I was dancing with the girl,
and was going to thrash me, before he
cot a chance I cut him across the left
In the northwest, at Minneapolis and
St. Paul, the "wholesale movement is in
f;ood volume. In the South dry goods
lave been pushed with a fair degree of
success. In the Jiwt there are no developments
of note beyond the advance in
Glendon and Andover brands of pig iron.
This is in part attributable to the fact that
they have always commanded one dollar
per ton more than other varieties of forge.
The demand for dry goods is for nearby
wants only, jobbers and a^euts reporting
a small volume of business. It is,
however, better than a year ago, and
about equal to the volumo disposed of in
December J 883.
The breadstuff'* markets are weak and
declining, English wheat is selling but
one cent higher than tidewater prices.
Hog products are dull and lower. Petroleum
is quiet and featuroloas.
Eastern pig iron is unchanged In price
and <J,??jiand. Kails are firm at .'(5 at
iho mills.
The movement of grocery staples in response
to a demstui for consumption is
below that of last year, p&jry products
have slightly improved. Anthracite coal
is being cut in price to some extent and is
only fairly active. The production already
equals that of 1884.
The Failure Kaoord.
breaat and abdomen. I was arrested the
next day, but young Duvall's father got
me out on bail, and told me to skip, which
I did. One night I jumped on the cattletram
at Parfeersburg, and went to Grafted
Saturday I met Charles pean, wl|o vas
with a crowd. Ue said I was such a
young looking boy that he took pity on
me, and said if I wanted to go hast, to
come on. We boarded a freight train and
came to Baltimore. We started out to get
employment on an oyster-boat. I begged
Charley to stay and tj-y to get employment
op the same boat, as! didn't v&nt to
be alone. JJe djdn't know that I was a
girl. We had both been shipped, }je xuj a
dredger and 1 as a oook. When I forgot
myself I spoke in my natural voice, which
caused suspicion and 1 confessed my sex."
A Vaaro BayUbcr njifrilaror #??t to
J>e?tb witb Oluba.
NisnviLLB, Texn., Dec. 18.?0ne of the
moat dastardly deeds ever committed in
this State, which was followed by swift
retribution. is reported from Putnam
Nsw York, Dec. 18,?The total number
of failure* in tho United Stales reported
to Bradilrul't this week, ia 217, against
321 last week, a decline of 4; as compared
with 305 in the like week of December,
1884, 280 in 1883, 280 in 1882, and 105 in
1881, thus continues the marked decline
in the total number of failures weekly
during tho jsst quarter of the year as
against J 88/>.
Tho grand total of t'aiJffes irj tfre Unitel
State* from JannRry 1st to December 18,
in 10,771, against 11.088 in a like period in
1884, a decline of 310.- The totals for tip
tifty weeks of 1883, 1882 and 18#I respectively,
were 0.501, 7,702 and 5,030.
Tj Pravont $en?c '?W Ijvlplng Applicant?
t ?r OAtc*.
Washington, Dec. >8?The following
is the full text of the bill introduced by
Senator Hampton to day to make It unlawful
for Senators or Representatives to
recommend or solicit appointments to
Wjibcbas, Additional legislation is
necessary to carry out the intention of
the tenth section of lh? not of Ujngreaa of
the lUth of January, 1885, entitled. "An
act to regulate and improyn the Civil Mervice
of the United States," and,
\L'>>?... . r, Tim cannminamllnunr anMfit
county. airs. yosepk ffrojyj); a wen Known
and highly respected woman, while totarHRTg
Ijojflo from the residence of a
neighbor, was met by Tlwpas $obinso#,
colored, who assaulted her. being in a
thinly settled locality, her cries for assist*
jjnee were unheard, and Robinson, after
thrijL-o outrqgijig her person, atoned Mrs.
Brown to deatlT. ifarkg on her throat in*
(ijcated tbat she had Ijeen choked, and
thorp is evidence of a desperate resistance.
The discovory of the crime excited the
greatest indignation a?i*ong tfje citlgans of
^ekin, and steps were at onoe taken to ef:
Ucl the arrest of the perpetrator ol tho
Bobinson was taken into custody on
suspicion, spots of blood having been
found on his cigt[ung. A young white
man named Hayes was also arrested. The
prisioners were arraigned before a magis.trate
and Robinson was bound over for
trial, while Hayes was discharged. Owing
to the ejpeitenjent that prevailed, a
posse was summoned to convey Robinson
to jail at Cookvillo. U pon nearing Double
Springs, a few miles from Cookvilie, the
posse were met by a large number of citizens,
who secured Robinson and beat him
to death with clubs. When tho news of
Robinson's fato reached the negroes in
the county, they declared the7 would have
revenge for the killing of Robinson aifd
the discharge of Hayes. Later reports
ing appointment* to otfjce by .Senators or
Representative* is not ouly contrary to
the spirit of the Biid tontb section, };ut
also interferes seriously with the perforjpanceof
their legislative duties; now,
U<? it entcladt etc., That it sba]] be a
misdemeanor for ar?y Senator or Representative
of the Congress of the United
SUites to recommend or solicit, directly or
indirectly, the appointment of any person
ot any oflJco under the Government of the
United States aijd (.hat iWJ be convicted
of making such reuomtneuilationor solicitation,
shall be punished by a tine of not
more than $1 000 aud not less than $500,
one-half of which shall go to the persons
upon wfco^e testimony aucti conviction shall
h.HVo been obtained, and (he other half to
the United States.
tiectjoi; ?. That wheneyor ti^e appointing
power flhfll call on a Senator or Representative
for information touching an applicant
for oitlce, ha c&alj <Jp ao ia voting,
and such information as may be give#
hall be furnished in writing over the Bignature
of such Senator and Representative,
and shall be filed in tho Department or
Bureau of the olljce at yljflfte request it
was furnished.
Mention 8. Kothinc in this act shall be
iron) jtkiii huiu ui.ii uio exuiuuieu is
very high, an4 treble ia hourly expected.
picuiiiAK syTcTp^,
A Man Shoota Hluiielf la Had Two Days B?>
for* It la Dlacov?r*d.
In?ianai'0M8, lso., Dec. IS.?The cireuwstancee
ol a very' peculiar suicide
came to light tbia n}orait>j by (he death
pi the victim, K. T. Adams, a well-known
retail groter ql (l)ifl city. For several
yeara he haa been a constant sull'eier from
neuralgia and at times was delirious,
tfoadgy he attempted to leave the house
ina disrobed pon^ioo, but waa prevented,
parly Tuesday morning a smothered for
port w<s heard, but nothing unusual wng
seen when parties ep|?red tho roqm
where he was lying In bed. Au hour alter
Adams was lound to be unconscious and
the pbyaician called and gave restoratives.
Se grew no better, and yesterday, in
ruing |)im in bed, a pistol shot wound
was ducojreteU iipinediately under the
heart, and a small pistol ViM found by his
side, lie had sccured the pistol and liad
tired i; ijnder the bed-clothes on Tuesday
morning, (tie Milo \ybich attracted the
family at that time being, nv dou|jt, the
of tltn ii'aannn Ha Miwalnnil mm.
construed so aa to iorb|d any senator or
Kepreaentutive of the Qongraw of the
Unitdd Sutes fro in forwarding to tbe ap.npintiug
power any application for office
th%t hfi /pay recoive, but any endorsementa
be rnty make thereon shall relate
only to the facts of th? or the charac*
tcr of the applicant."
loaof uraUa bj? 0r?ftC Utukppreheatlaa of
ot rieti.
Wabuikutov, D. C., Dec. 18.?There is
% brot-xe in the Konttu Committee on
Foreign Relations. TJny wanted the
papers in the case of an Ohio appointment,
indflocretary Bayard, supposing tbo Republicans
were hunting for a case, re*
(used to let them have the papers
unless every member of the committee
united in asking for them- Then he
nrduld let bis private secretary bring them
lown for a brief inspection. Bat it aoon
turned out that it was Senator Payne who
- * * -? " ---i ik.t n
irtntea 10 iook >i me chjiujd, ?uu ib
was a family fight This puts the State ]
Department in opposition on ita own
side in the Senate. The Republicans
are enjoying the fight. It bai not
become known what diplomatic appointment
Senator Payne ia gunning for, but !
those of Judge tjtallo and Mr. Hughes, of
Hamilton, are auggeeted. It is certain,
however, that the Republicans will sustain
the Democrats in iniiating upon aeo- '
ing chargea against men removed; and if
they are needed lor Information, the
recommendation to office, too.
In the present case the Bepnblicana are
keenly enjoying the amaiouient of Mr.
I'ayne and the scrape in which Mr. Bayard
finds himself. Mr. Payne can be depended
on (or two tilings?to help all the
Klda and Ooal-oll men in, and to labor to i
prevent the confirmation of the few Democrats
in Ohio who are neither Kids nor
Ooal-oil politicians, and who have managed,
in spite of him, to obtain ofUce,
That the Republican committees of the
Benate are giving close attention to the
character of the new appointees and the
circumstances attendlngtheir appointment
Is sullclently evident from the (act that
while nearly all the recess appointments
have been sent In, amounting to several
hundred in number, not one has as yet
been confirmed, and, so far as known, not
pas has been reported from committee.
ITI'UJ t ut tuv nv?|ivu< iciuvmeu uucouacjoijfl
till ttiia morning, when death
enauod and tt+o Mta in the caaocame out
Hiu family relatione were 0/ (bp fflQft
pleasant character, and ho was nndotJDt:
edly crazed by disease. Adams came to
this city in 1872 from LaSalle, 111., whero
he nras engaged in the banking business.
The case U a very peculiar one, and the
Coroner is now Investigating.
A U tlon ( Taiti,
Elizadbthport, N. J,, Dec. 18.?The
Singer Sewing Machine factory shut down
it 4 o'clock to-day and the 2,600 employee
were informed by a placard that operations
were euipended until further notice, beLiAuid
of a tax levy by the city. Outside of
the employes of the company the action of
the city is endorsed by the citizen. A
public mooting of the employes has been
called for to-inorrow ovenins. The com
pauy owea $20,000 in taxes and refuses to
Ibl W?J.
I'lttfl in'r.oii, Dec. 18.?James Barton, a
coal miner, accidentally ahot anil killed
Philip Berda'd, a Frenchman, at Hanslicld,
Fa., this afternoon. Barton wu
hooting lit chickens, and Bernard passing,
on the other aide oi the street received the
contents oi the gun In his bead, killing
him instantly. Barton cave himself up,
but was exonerated by the Coroner's jury
and released.
Salvation Oik quickly finds its way to
the sest of the disease, allays the inflammation,
and, by removing the cause, effects
a permanent cure. 25 cts.
Come Wilts, Beards, etc., for carnivals
and mask purposes at
JSaoumas's, 1123 Main street.
Thirty Haa Inprlsoned In a Mia* aad Surrounded
by WkUr- Tha Ohaiical
Acalnat Drowning aad Botcao About
von-Tho Ilallaf Corps at Worlu
Wilkmbabrk, Pa., Dec. 18.?'The disaster
at Nanticoke is more serious than
Tb? Bcoaot iUUruitd Collision?Ttao Story
of tha Koglnocr.
Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 18.?The death of
two more of the victims of the Georgia
Pacific Railroad accident swells the list to
fourteen. In regard to the affair the engineer
says: "I know there was death in
that collision, and I was ready to give
my life to save the innocent in front, but
it was no good. I had no idea that the
train was short of Austell till I saw tho red
light. Then I was on it and couldn't stop,
When Mr. Pierce, the Texas man, rose up
after the accident he was blind, lie said:
"Here's my money, $1,000. Send it to ray
folks at Abilene, Texas. Tell them I'm
dead." lie lived but a short time.
Mr. Bernard Peyton, one of the killed,
was born in Virginia, and received his
education at the \ irginia Institute, Charlottesville.
He has been the leading counsel
for the Georgia Pacific Kailroad, for
was at tint supposed. The theory that
the water broke through the bed of the
river has been dispelled by the fact that
the place whence the water came is over
4,000 leet Iroai the Sosquehenna. It flowed
from a pool on the surface.
It followed the rock to a fault
in the seam, ran into the gang way and
ilopes, and thence to the lower working of
No. 1 slope, where the water was discovered
rushing into the slope. There were
nearly 1,000 men and boys at work in the
various openings, but at the particular
spot where it iirst appeared, there were
not over thirty persons.
It is reported that there are now about ]
thirty men in the face of one of one of the 1
gang ways, who are shut in by the water ,
and rubbish that have accumulated in
the west gang way of the second drift of j
the Boss seam. It is impossible to say '
what their fate will be. A rescuing [
about lour years and waa a gentleman admirably
fitted for the position. He waa
thirty years old and a gentleman of tine
physique. He waa social in manners and ,
made friends .with all he came in contact
with. His father, mother and sister live
In Virginia and his remains have been
shipped there for interment.
When Dr. Koy and his aids reached the
wreck no one had yet died, but an old lady,
Mrs. Banks, was dying. She and her
msband were side by side in the smoker
>n the floor. Their faues were hid from
riew. The wife was dying and the husjand
was not much better. Soon after
Dr. Boy reached her the old lady
wreathed hsr last The husband waa
till alive and able to talk. "Where is
ny wife?" he asked. "Here," said Dr.
toy, "beside you." "Pat your hand on
ue May," he said. But she was dead,
ind Dr. Uoy kept the secret from tfye old
"Where is my child, my daughter?"
ib aaked soon. ,-bne is nere," answered
lome one who wanted to ease the old j
nan's last moments. "And my son?"
'Here, too." "And my grandchild?"
'Here with its mother," was the reply.
[*be oid man was silent a minute, and ?
hnn trvincr tii raiiui hifnoulf nn hia llinu?
iim kj 10 iuiiuniu|( mo tawo ui tun uuauibers
of that part of the gang
way with hopes of reaching them
somotime during the night. The official*
say there is no danger of the men suffocating,
as they will get plenty of air from
the TaceB of the chambors that are not
clogged. The pumps were put into operation
to-night. They have a capacity of
removing 2,000 gallonsof wateruerminute
and it is expected that the mine will be
clear by Monday next. Old miners are
of the opinion that the men, who are shut
up will be rescued alivo.
A Coal Via* Jnyadcd by m Blwr-Many IUporUd
Drown Ad.
Wilkmbarki, Pa., Dec. 18.?The water
in the Bucquehanna river at Nanticoke
broke through the workings of the No. 1
slope of the Susquehanna Coal Company
this morning, and at noon there was ajjout
six feet of water in the slope. An alarm
was sent through the workings when the
danger was apparent, and all the men except
seven Hungariaus, who are believed
to have been drowned, hurried to the
xpouth qf the slops and were rescued. The
mules and mpif qf thp toolg were saved.
Accounts from Uanlioolce are conflicting
Ad vices received this afternoon were to the
}e said: ''Mary, Mary," aud dropped j,
jack dead. The aged couple were covered
vith a single blanket.
Near them lay their son-in-law and his J
irifo, the old couple's only child, and near J
hem a grandomid. Before leaving the 1
iver Colonel Kane telegraphed to town and
lad a hojjae nour tUo depot furnished t'jr r
he injured, and also telegraphed and Bow- r
len to uicei the train with seven cotlins. >
iVhen the tram rolled up to the Georgia J
Pacific depot there was a large crowd pres- J
int. When the train stopped the hospital }
vaa on one side and tne undertakers j!
vagon on the other. Qarefally M?*. ?
3rowu and Mrs. bright were lifted out and c
aken to the hospital. The dead were laid f
ide by side on mattresses in the under- }
aker's wagon. 1
Wno is responsible? There is no way to
letermine this. Only the moat thorough
nvestigation will ahoy if qp. 'bo rnau a
iquld have acted more Bravely than Eogileer
Owens. ' When he saw his engine a
;oing into the sleeper he held l^is hand on e
hp levpr apd tfp&t with it and stayed t
hero until everything was still, I
A Very Pr?uj {Jojkrral.
Nkw Yoke, Dec. 18.?The Sun's Wash- \
ngton special savs that a bitter quarrel iB t
n progress between Postmaster General 1
pilag and Bepresentatiye JJfflgg, of Wis* !
effect that twenty-nine men employed on t
rock work in No. 1 slope were imprisoned
on the upper lifts by the rapid rising
of the water. Several miners entered the :
qlope at 3 o'clock with boats, intending to c
u.e every ffieufts |oach t|,e off. A
despatch received here It i. o clock this
evonj from Nanticoke ?tiled tjjat sixty- J
one of the miners were unaccounted for
and that itwassuppossd tliuy were drowned.
Later advices state that all of the
men are reported to be out of the mine except
twentj-four. The fate of these is yet .
suuows. 1
. i
TUK-ViN alts' s 1'KIKC
DIcittUfftctJon Id I'll* If'unqqyahtU Vall?] ? (
'*ta? ProUabJs (JutpoiQ*. j
PITT8UUROU, Dec, IS.?Reports from the (
Mouongahela Valley to-day state that all ,
is quiet around the mines. Meetings were ,
held at various points along the river to- I
day to hear reports of delegates who at- '
tended yesterday'j conventioi).
Cqpjiderabje dissatisfaction prevail; <
among a large number of strikers over the c
action taken in ordering a continuance of '
ai i.tL. i .f ?u? : j i t
tonain, regarding the pcstofBee at Wau- j
te6j)a. Cqlonel ^aoa, a Stalwart, baa hold I
he office many years. Ueneral Bragg re- *
tarda him aa an offensive partisan, and ?
franta Mr. Bergeler appointed in hia place, .
jut Mr. Vila* baa aaked the President to
ippoint K. L. Gove, a well known Wiacon>in
Democrat. The special aaya it ia beieyed
that Mr. yilaa ia trying to weaken
ieneral IJragg'a politipal influence in Wia- 1
:onain. and to get enough strength himelf
to be elected United Statea Senator by
he Legislature in place of Sawyer, whose i
erm expiree in 1887.
Altweiss Gentyen died very myaleri- _
losly at Tifl)n, Qbiq. ' ' ' 8
\ trawp mined Meirwaa badly manned e
>y cars at Lima, Qfoio. F
icneeland T. Adams, an Indianapolis *
;rocer, committed suicide by shooting. e
Mre. D. T. S. Parnell, mother of the d
rish agitator, ia seriously ill in New York, e
John Doran waa robbed and badly in- n
red by highwaymen on the glreeta of e
findlajr. Qhto. ^
The schoola at Colnmbua, Iud., have \
>een closed on account of the prevalence L
if scarlet feyer. J
In a row between itinera at the Beavgr ,
reek minas, neqr Somerset, I*y? three ]
pen were killed, 0
Jamea Bodine. a wealthy farmer, has \
>een appointed Hsceiver of the Farmers' e
mo BiriJto, auu DuiiiD ui tut: uiiuura um:iuru ^
that the pita voting for peace will resume
work to-morrow or Monday.
As there were sixteen delegates who
favored resumption at the operators
terms, that number ojf p|ts to return c
to work would break the strike,
^raong the residents of the valley there is t
a feeling of unetsinabs and an outbreak is
feared it part of the pits resume work .
at a reduction while the rest are out.
The operators are determined and say
no coal will bo mined this winter at a J
higher rate than 2} cents.
Y??r|jr a Tr?5?(t J. j
Upecvil Diipclch to Iht IntfllUic\u(r.
Cqablkston, W. Va., Dec. 18.?Laat t
night Col, John 6. Cunningham, a well c
jrngwp politician and wealthy farmer, reHiding
at it. Albana, tlijg county, became '
involved In * diapute with 8. C. Blair,
Town Sergeant of St. Albani, over a mat- t
ter of tax tickets. Cunningham becoming i
angry, Blair turned away to leave. He
bad cone but a ahort distance when Can- ?
)aui, 01 urrvine, unio.
Jacob Stair and ? man named Aumen '
ire under arreat at Orrville, 0., aharged K
vith robbing Stair's grandfather.
At IndinnapoHs Obarlea Mitchell ahot '
nd fatally wounded SimonOox. Jealousy '
the cause ol the trouble. Both are
olorcd. "
There ia a atrong opposition developing i
imong Kepuhlicans and Democrats to the
ontirmatiou of Chenoweth as first Audi- c
or of the Treasury, ,
The Western freight pool fa to be re-en- d
?tad, as decided by the representatives of 1
Eastern and Western railroads in confer- a
nee in New York city. i<
The cost of criminal prosecution in the t
'arious counties of Ohio for the fiscal year ?
mding November 15 was $134,116? 54. ?
'ho number of prisoners convicted was 0
# 11
Seventeen persons are reported" as snf- ?
ering from trichinosis by the Health Of- "
leer of New York, contracted by eating *
lam at a birthday party, given liy a (ami- [
y named Weilael.
ninghatn cried, "tftop, speak," whereupon i
he drew a pistol, shot at Blair twine, one
bullet prising the right side o) Blair's
head. Owing to the prominence ol the
parties great excitement was created.
Cunningham was arrested and held in the
Um ol five hundred uollaia lor liia appearance
before the circuit court. Cunningham
id an pf-member of the Legislature
and was recently a candidate fdf State
The Plot of tb* Mormoai to K a trap Federal
Salt Laick City, Dec. 18.?The Tribune
says tbip morning concerning the remarks
in Eastern and Morton papers respecting
the Federal ofliciala whq h^ve been disgraced
l;v Mormon snares to entrap them
into lewdness;
"One man has been arrested charged
fith |ewd conduct who was appointed Assistant
District attorney to attend one
term of the court. Anotlter man hag beep
arrested who was Deputy under Marshal
Ireland. They are neither Federal offlcers
in.the sense usually intendod. Neither
lias been conspicuous as opposing Morttir>n
1 Aa.'1auvrn?na ?nd nanftnaaa Of tliA
Wash Jones, Jiving near Libertj, Ind., j
nil a leg broken, and seriously in- ,
ured in the stoipsch by being oaugbt be- ?
ween one 0/ the bones anil wagon tongue ?
rhile bitching bis team. ?
The meeting ol tbo Western Export A?- a
ociation at Chicago reduced the price of
aw spirits one cent per. gallon, and deided
to limit distilleries to thirty-three
aH one-third -percent ol their capacity. e
The Creetlino, (0.) o||)cials hare oriler- v
id saloons to be closed promptly at IQ
1'clock r. a Trouble is anticipated, u e
everal ol the saloon-keepers are reported j
is determined to ignore the ordinance. 1
The Kentucky Court ol Appeals has al- [
Irmed the desnion ol the Woodford Cir:uit
Court in the case ol OlUe Brown, who ,
>as convioted for the murder of City '
ilarshall Freeman, in Versailles, two years ,
110. and sentenced to the nenitentiarr for
ourteen yeare.
Thirteen National banks of Cleveland,
k'oungatown and Klyria, 0., have filed
n the United States Court at Cleveland
heir prayer tor an lnjauction to enjoin
.he County Treaanrers of thecountioa in
which they are located bom collecting ex:eaaive
The Bureau of Animal Industry at
Washington is gathering Information
looking to the establishment of a cattle
quarantine line in Northern Texu. The
Bureau baa no knowledge of pleuro-poeumonia
weet of the Allegheny Mountains,
except an isolated caae in Kentucky. i
Mr. Roskik thinks there is a great fu- i
lure for American art?but he hardly reilixes
the enormous demand orer here for
Dr. Poll'i Cough Byrup.
other citi?i'in arrested,none have ever been ?
anti-Mormon in the sense, which the '
HerM and AVtri wish to convey tq the
country as ijien who have assumed a rir- e
toe they had not. The Federal officers c
and citizens, lor whom the conspiracy s
was organized in the hope ol catching, a
have never been disturbed, Not one of
them, though, in addition to furnishing {
houses (or public women and bribing c
them to do the work, whlob only the ,
lowest ol their class ba employed to do, ;
special and large bribes were offered 11 ,
certain men could be canght. The at- f
tempt, although produced in many forma,
and under all sorts of disguises, failed in .
avnrv f>?an "
Volunteer Soldlara' Home. t
Waimxotox. D. C., See. 18.?The 1
Trusteed of the National Home (or Dia- j
ablod Volunteers are In leiaiod in this
city, preparing their annual report to '
Congress. The new home at Leaven- ]
worth, Kansas, Is said to he rapidly ap- i
proaching completion and the affairs gen- 1
erally under the control o( the trustees i
are repreeented as being in a very sstis- i
factory condition. The trustees will ask
Congress fo( sn appropriation of $1,84",*97
to uovercurrent expenses, Including I
construction and repairs forth# fiscal year i
ending Juno 30, lSdi.
Thla Time?II Turn* tlio AflTilr Or?r (o 8
th* 1'olloe, who do Qaod Work?A 1
Schovio DIacloaod to Harder tho i
Heir to tho ISrilUh Crotrn. 8
London, Dec. 18.?London lias had a 8
genuine sensation to-day. Early this t
morning a young man and his wife, John ^
and Sarah Magee, were arrested at Kens
ingtou on the charge of having attempted K
to procure money from the Prlnaaof Wales J
by writing threatening letters. They y
L Suaplclou That Some Confidant Kxpoatd
th? Mx.premlar'a Flan.
London, Dec. 18.?There is a puzzling
ibundance of descriptions of Gladstone's
chemefor granting Home Rule to Ireland,
rhey are bo widely different that it ia evdent
that they have no common origin
ind they may all be guesswork. The
fernellitea are happy over one fact reading
theae forecasts. Each one of
hem, inclading the least favoraile,
CDncedes more to Ireland than
.ny British party would have
ranted or l'arnell would have ventured
0 demand even a few weeks ago. The
'arnellites believe that Gladstone has not
et formulated hie scheme in his own
lind, aud they suspect that he has aljwed
inklings of it to escape for the puroae
of having them published and critiized,
by which means he may be guided
1 the completion of the scheme. It is
lear that the scheme has not yet
een reduced to writing or proosed
to anybody in set terms. It
i hftliRVrid that thn Slnutlnrd at.
were taicee into court ana lormai coarges a
were preferred against them, and they
were remanded to await examination. J
It appears that the prisoners had writ- h
ton two lotteri, bat as they were not read cl
in court it is imposaible to give their exact ^
language, except to state in general terms P
what they contained. It is known, how- 11
over, that the letters made a demand for P'
*750, and intimated in unmistakable terms u
that unless this amount was forthcoming 'J
the Prince's life would be in jeopardy. f?
Vhe Prince, it is said, paid only passing ^
itteution to the first letter, which the J.
Magees sent, but when tho second uame,
reiterating the demaud and the threats, $
lis Koyal Ilighnuss turned the letters ft
>ver to the polios and left them to do "\
whatever they thought beat. w
sure, although mildly repudiated by
ladstone, contains many elements of
uth, and that its publicatioa was due to
le batrayal of parts of the programme
f some one of Gladstone'! recent guests,
itli whom the subject of home ruie was
scussed. Opinion is divided as to
hether this leaky confident was Lord
>encor, Lard Granville or Mr. C. T.
ike-Ackland, a friend of Gladstone's,
lio haa just been re-elected for Cornwall.
The St, Janus' Gazctu says this evening
at Herbert Gladstone, a few days ago,
ardodJy imparted to curtain Liberal toirs
a sketch of hit father's plans. This is !
saible, but not probable. If Mr. Gladme
desired to take any nowspapor into |
?confidence it would, undoubtedly, be 1
i own organ, the Daily Newt. That
per has not yet spoken, aud until it
es it may b* assumed that all forecasts
the now scheme are more or less un- '
thorixed speculation. 1
Died by a bau'i Hand. |
Cincinnati, Dec. 18.?a Parkersburg, ,
. Va., apecialsays: Richard Neal died I
it night from a blow from a poker in- 1
L'ted in salf defence, by a Iti-year old i
n fif tko ,Ln^.aa,l Tl,? k?.. V...? 2
The police at once quiatly set about .
>lanning the capture of the blackmailers
I'hey sent a message a* though coming ffu
rom the Prince of Wales to the address 101
;iven in the letters, directing the author P?
ir authors of tho letter to appear at a JJ5
perilled tirno and place. Tho assurance
ras given that somebody would meet mi
hem at the appointed hour prepared to Pa
land over a package containing the Jo
uouey they had demanded. 01
kkll into tiigtxap.
The Majees at odco fell into the trap
rhich had been set /qr them. They aj.
eared at tho spot designated this inorr.- W
ogand were presented with a package lac
f farthings. As they started to leave
rith their supposed treasure the police J01
hrew off their disguises and i\rregted
The woman thereupon made a voluutay
confession of the whole plot. At any
ate the police say that the confession de
ras voluutary. The woman, however, >'Q
las since declared that she was forced M
ly the police against hey will to oon- "to
dss something. U \s thought that she co
ears the confession made by her in the ^Ul
irst moments of consternation after her
.rrest, may be bad for heron the trial, mi
on arrested.
Stabbing firay, 1
Abont U o'clock lust evening Will An- J
rson and Oharlie Jtall, two well known 1
ung colored men of this city, met on 1
irket etreet just below Twelfth, and
>pped to talk to each other; they
mmonced joking, but presently the 1
ti grew to be more serious and Anderii
becoming angry over somo remark
ide by Bell, pulled oats knife and stab- (
d Bell in the breast, making a deep and .
juibly dangerous wound. 1
A Nail Factory f jrtiale. I
The Terre Haute Exprm of Thursday
<8 the following;
The new nau mill company was given '
intimation a few days ago that the t
irre Haute Iron and Nail works would t
tertain negotiations looking toward the j
le of the works to the new company, y
le new company appointed a committee j
confer with the Nail Works company, j
le company met Mr. Nippert and other \
gkholuera Tuesday, and were iuformed j
at the works would be turned over to ]
n nhW i>nmi\an? fn? "tllifl (UV> >
ium nMw ? wuiviuio VI/lUg IU Wl'MH.Ull "v
ta effect by asserting that it waa forced po
rorn her by the police,
Tift V'? STORY.
A *opreaentative of the press ealled upon jjfl
,n Equerry of the Prince of Wales this
iternoon, to learn any facto obtainable an
^bout the afj'aif. The Kquerry know aornehing
of the ooatents of tho letters. These, JJjj
io declared, represented that Mageo waa Tt
in emiaaary of a secret society, aud that ho to
jad been ordered to kiii the Prince oi Tt
A'ales, but the letters further intimated st<
hat Ma^ee did not wiah to obey the th
nandate. There vfas uo help for it, th
lowever, unless he uoqld get money bU
inough to go to America. He wanted $2
:25Q therefor. If this amount reached as
lim he would at once bid a lasting good- re]
ire* to aecret societies and conspiracies, co
ind start across the Atlantic. It is believ- ce:
d that disclosures of an important nature ati
nay be made when the case comes before gri
ourt for thourou^h investigation. ca
:he Feeling Agaluat Mud lJugi InteuslUcd.
Interviwws with I'liytlcfiiui.
London, Dec. 18.?The mad dog scare ^
ias intensified. Letters to the papers pro- 0q
eating against muzzling have now ceased, 1
jidmuzales are popular. Scotland Yard A1
eggards \\\q epistolary outbreak as a
nfinln. ftf nanlnn A J
_ - --"-r?'? *'?w,wvvi *??; I
ited to tho company. that tiie mill coat j
UQ,000, and tbat they looked on the offer
very reasonable. The committee have
ported to the stockholders of the new
rnpanv, but the proposition is not reived
favorably. The members of the
w company say that machinery is
Batly reduced in price, and that they
n duplicate the Terre Haute Iron and
ail works for less money.
Tha Lodge ?( Perfection.
Wheeling Consistory No. Hi, A. A. 8. R.
,, last evening organised its Lodge of Person
by thd election of the following
Thrice Puissant Grand Master, Ross J.
Deputy Grand Master, Dr.S. B. McOoriok.
Venerable Senior Grand Warden, J. V.
Venerable JuniorGraud Warden, A. J.
Grand Orator, George GifTen.
Grand Master of Ceremonies, Frank
Qrand Captain of the Guard, P. B. Dob*
as. '
Grand Hospitaller, R. M. Brown. i
fhm I lnrnln rinh nrnnl.ul
(icktvo ynuiuv VUlinpUUU*
nt interviewed \)r. 8utro, tbo consulting L.
ihysioian of the German Hospital, celeirated
for his knowledge of nervous dia- ,
ases. He strongly approved of the police i
ecree and thought muzzling dog* could Jo
(ot predispose them to rabies, while it i
auit diminish cases! Talking of the treat- bii
iio'nt of hydrophobia, Dr. Sutro said: i
I have never known a case cured whore
iad appeared symptoms of hydrophoiia,
however slight and intermittent. I 1
,m inclined to belieyG that M. Pasteur iu 01
icht, and hope England and America ev
nil qena doctors* io study his method, g*
!he reported death of a little girl after in- Cc
culation under him proves nothing ad- th
eree to M. Pasteur, if thirty-six days liad ha
lapsed before hiB treatment began. Peo- Vj
tie cannot do better than try M. Parteur. Sp
lis inoculation is harmless, ar\d it may do ret
ood. Cauterization will best prevent co
iydrophol|iat but must be thorough, so Tr
hat the part bitten may be absolutely de- co
troyed. This is best done. I have found. J.
The Board of Directors of the Lincoln
ub met in the office of the club last
ening to elect officers and perfect the ornization
of the club for the ensing year,
il. George B. Caldwell was re-elected to
e office of President; Hon. 0. D. Hubrd
was elected Firat Vice-Preaident;
ctor Rosenberg, Second, and Joieph
eidel. Third; John Zorn was made Corjponding
Secretary, P. B. Dobbins, Herding
Secretary, and John J. Jonea.
easurer. The Finance Committee will
Deist of W. A. Iaett, Ed. Rogers and W.
McLuro, and the Room Committee of
D. Seamon, A. H. Beach and William
iley. The club is nowou a sound basis
d its financial prospects are growing
ight daily.
Thomas Allen has sent a tioket to Engid
for his girl to come orer and marry
m here,
The public schools had apecial exer- ^
es yesterday and wero then diaiuisaed
r thn hnlidnvH.
rith fuming nitric acid. A hot iron A.
ai^ht only destroy the'surface. Nitrate Bi
f silver, in my opinion, ii utterly worth- an
eas." bri
pr. Oharlea ft. Dryadale, aenior plivaiian
of Ihe Metropolitan Free Hospital,
rould hate dogs all over the United King- 1
lorn muazled for seven months hence, lai
ie believes that in this way dogs which hi
t present have the disease in a latont '
oriu would dovelop it and could be dee- vis
royed at once, ttabies might then be foi
tamped out as iu New Zealand, Australia >
nd the Island of iienthou, and be kept
way from the Uritiah Island, by insistHg
thai all dogs imported should pass ,
ome months' ouarantine. He says the ,'
ite Sir Thomas Watson mentions in his Ua
fork on the abolition of aymotic diseases co
bgt, in addition to Australia and the la&nds
of Maderia, South Brand, the Hud- bu
on Bay territory, and lar^e regions of
Lfrica are entirely free from ruhipn. It Hi
Ihe Episcopal church had a festival in
9 Manchester storeroom, on Belmont fl
eet, laat night. J
3ome of the factories will shut down t
ring the holidays to take the annual ac- j
ant of stock and make necessary repairs. c
Mr. Ghas. Mayer, who lately sold his a
jiness here and moved his family to I
.ris, France, writes that he will return, c
i is disappointed in the "old country."
In order that our town shall havo tho 1
st goods possible, the popular druggists
>gan A Co., and Charles Menkemeller
vd arranged to sell Acker's English Preriptions,
among which is Acker's Dys- t
peia Tablets. They act upon the ays- i
n when suffering with Dyspepsia, Bad
eath, 8our Stomach, Flatulency, Heartrn,
Ac., Ac., with a wonderful cerinty,
hence they guarantee them to
re always, or will refund the money.
ttusaw (
Baroains in Solid Silver and Silver
ited ware, at Hkukaxk A Bao.'s. ]
o j1 !
\juuima, ujutcur, Duopruuuio, uouuur* I
liefs, mnlllere and neckties suitable for ]
iriHtmtuj presents, at I
J. Brh.uk', 1158 Main street.
All DUcord* of Marrlad Life ,
e happily avoided. Harmony, peace and
internment prevails in a home that is unir
the magic influence ot the sweet tones
a Ghickerlng l'iano. Tho above preription
promptly filled at any hoar by
C. A, Housa,
1320 Market street, city.
Wit will send the Weekly Intelligencer
id Uarper'a Monthly Magazine one year
r $4 00; and either Harper's Weekly or
arper's Bazar and the Weekly Intellisncer
one year (or $f 20 j Harper's Yonng
eople and Weekly Intelllgoncer one year
it 12 GO. Send in subscriptions at once.
"Love," says a writer, "is a great levelir,"
Bo is Mr, John L, Sullivan,
great slur, he says, on the civiliiation
i England, France and other nations
rhich are iu the van, that such a terrible be
nd preventable disease should exist Lc
mong us. ha
" sci
Ad Araoaloff Kl>Uode. pe
London, Dcc. 18.?Another amusing tei
piaode in the art life of 1'aria has Just ds- J5'
eloped in addition to the matter* connect- tJJ]
d with the Lonrre ol which I cabled you cu
'ealerday. The Faria Salon haa adopted a
lew rale which ought to hare been put ia
orce long ago aa a means of self-protection. pli
The discontent of artists at the work of
he hanging committee has usually found
upression in Parla in a way not at all be- ch
toming to the artists thewaolvea andcaua- CI
tip i/reat annoyance to the rantlamfm in
iharge of the affaire of tho balon. It liu
requently happened tbat a painter wlioae
fork baa been accepted and who ij, of ar
none, unable to withdraw it after it baa co
seen placed os tbo walja, finding bis can- di
rats bung too high to auit bim and con- of
lidering that bo baa been ili-uaed, baa re- ic
orted to tbe trick of defacing hia picture.
U tbii man tbe appearance of the Salon,
t baa been cuatomary in such caaea to reno've
the pioture. to tbe artiat gained bis
point by a puerile action. Tbe new rule ai
a tbat tbe defaced picture aball be left fu
banging in ita place to the painter'a shame, II
ind that tbe offending artiat aaallbepro- gi
blblted, temporarily, from exhibiting any p
jther worka in tbe Solon. fc
Linui UAiDtaucuiar'a below cost, at
K. Koui'a, Main street. It
Jlio Rflyolatlon In Moaterojr?Tho Kx* GoTCinor
Imprlaoutd?Aiuerlcaus lusalted
fiud Jailed Without Caui*.
A Umi for ImmodUU Action.
Mostkriy, Mm., Dec. 18.?The whereabouts
of ex-Uovernor8epulveda have not
been generally known lor the put lew
days, and It was supposed among many of
hia friends that he waa confining himself
to the privacy of hia reaidence. The fact
now leaks ont that he is a priioner in the
military guard house by order of the Federal
Government. Much indignation Is
felt At this second breach of faith on the
part of General Reges.
The revolutionary forces, which have
been in thia city for some days are gradually
leaving in small bands nnder subcommanders.
One of these companies, on
arriving at Sabinas, north of thia city, endeavored
to enforce the municipal authorities
to pay a sum of money. A fight
occurred in which the revolutionists were
defeated, losing their captain. Fears are
entertained that these small bands will
resolve themselves into banditti, greatly
to the detriment of travel in the country.
General lieges, Acting Governor, has
appointed Manuel Rodriguex, late chief of
the revolutionists, as Federal Alcalde of
Lampasas, in the Northern part of the
State. This is a great surpriso" to the citiseus
here, but ia voncidered aa a stroke of
food policy on the part of the Government.
Omi (or Aottoa.
El Paso, Tax , Dec. 18.?Woodford, the
foung American, who waa aaaaulted and
robbed in Paso Del Norte, and aubaeluently
imprisoned in a military dungeon
by the local otticiala, secured hia release
luring the night and iled to this aide of
the river. He aecured hia freedom^by obaining
money from frienda to bribe the
juard. Tho matter will be laid before the
stat9 Department by American Conaul
Brigham. The rutfiana are bolder and
nore numerous than at any former feaata,
ind insults and threata of violence are
jlTered to Americans who refuse to be
iwiniilml. Viirilflni?i? nnmmlttea ollr {a
ommon in the city.
rhe Unread Boqh-An laaaus Man Murdarad.
Detroit, Dec. 18.?The coroner's inluest
in the case of the murder And burnngof
Frank Kuoch and family was resum>d
this morning. Becauae of suspicious
ictions Mrs. Knoch, mother of the murlered
man, and hia brother, Herman, were
aken into cuitody to await the result of
he inquest. Gua Knoch was wanted
>ut could not bo fonnd. Mrs. Knoch
lolds a note of $2,800 in Frank's name,
irhich is said to be forged. The Knoch
amily and the family of Mra. Frank
vnoch have been at sword's-point, and At
imsa came to blows. Frank sided with
i?s wife's family. The actions of the
ftnochsthroughout the investigation have
iMn nirnlfiM anil InHiffiiMnf Thai* Kniiw
b being searched.
Dxtroit, Dec. 18.?About two week*
ig., late at night, ;Cornelius 1'lynn had a
ight with a fellow-employe, and was
itrack on the head with an iron bar. He
rent to the hoapital,but apparently recovsring,
afterwarda went to hia uncle's
louse on Humboldt avenne. His condiion
soon became worse and he was renoved
to tho hospital, where he died
wo days ago, after Buffering terribly
ibout the head and neck. His death
ras said to have resulted from erysipelas,
ind the burial was to take place to-day.
Chis morning the Coroner stopped the
uneral to hold an inquest, which repealed
the fact that hie skull had been
xacturod. His assailant, Thomas Davis,
vss arrested at the time of the fight, but
ifterwards released and his whereabouts
ire now unknown.
A Yootlifal Criminal.
iwuiAAAruuii, IHD., uec. IB.?ai nest-,
leld, Hamilton county, to-day, during the
loon receM of the public school, John
3arver and Harry Steed, each 10 yean of
ige, quarrelled, and Garver struck Steed
>n the head with a (tone, killing him initantly.
Garver was arretted and given a
ireliminary hearing, and the evidence
ihowing a case of self-defense he was
round over to court in $1,000 bail. He Is
l son of Judge Garver, a prominent lawyer
of the county.
Wltta?r*d riowars.
The chilling blasts of winter wither the
lowers and they fall. So does it affect
he human family, and if precautionary
neasures are not taken, being chilled is
ollowed by evil results. Taylor's Cherocop
Itemedv of HwpaI flnm iml Mnllnin
Till euro cough*, colds and consumption.
Special inducements in Diamonds at
Hkurank A Bro.'s,
1317 Market
For the latest novelties in Christmas
Free trimmings, go to Dcrst's,
1113 Market Street.
Merchants visiting Wbeelingareespeciilly
invited to call at G. 8. Feenv's wholeale
house, 1410 Main street and, examine
he extensive stock of plain, assorted, Une
andies <Scc., &c. His factory js the
argest in the State, and, with the addition
if new machinery, is daily turning ont
rreat quantities of fresh confectionery.
Jon't fail to call whether yon want to buy
)r not.
For the latest novelties in Christmas
rree trimmings, go to Durmt'h,
1113 Market street.
Munic every evening this week and at
Saturday matinee, at the Capitol rink,
idiniaafon, adaita 15; children 10 cent*.
Fakcy Bidboni below coet, at
E. HoDY'e, Main street.
For the flneet line of Ghriatmu Tree
jimmlnga, go to Sukst'd.
Tux haadaomeet line ol Suapenderi,
Linen fiandkerchiefe, Necktiea, Muillera
indMen andBoja' Underwear tobofonnd
int hn rltv frtr tlnliHav nnoanta at B
Uabks' McLure House fiat, Capt tad
Seal's Furnishing goods atore.
Tin $15 edition of Lalla Rookh, on Indim
paper, is one ol the man; attractions
at Stawtox & Davem-oht's,
Tin New York 0 and 10 Oent Store,
112J Main street, is the headquarter! for
cheap and good articles, In (act almoet
any article known in their line ot goods
will be found on their counters. The
stock embraces good tinware at half its
Tmtii milk baci to-night, at the Alliambra
Kink, between Ueorge Ferrol .and
John Watson. _
Are making four beautifnl bonton tintypes
(or only H cents. 113S Main street.
Wheeling. ^

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