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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, December 19, 1885, Image 3

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assignee's salt.
The Restaurant and Bar
of c1ia(?. otxo,
Nos. lo-'J and 1535 Market Street,
Will be sold In whole or In part.
Fur further particular* apply to
george CLATOit,
__ A^'.roee. |
'gov %.cnt.
ii . /*? Staa. ? W. V. )?X>X4
j; ?i ...ritetMry:. rtpia
vjfkknt-tiie elegant chick
i1 . wiling. No. 20 KlfUittutUiitrtct, corner of Kofi
! etiia inquire of AkTUUft l.miJt,
ir. T^mlMa, or of W. a. iilNEHAUT, 11G1 *aroc:!-Wis
-n >K RENT.
No. 1510 Main 8tre?t,
. (vcurlcd ty Mrn. Mary L. R??ld. I'ow^silon
ii .\yril 1. lvC?. tor tciuiit apply to El ward
i: i. So. 1323 Market htrivt.
__ JOHN P.Kin, ?k.
gor JiaU.
" jpuK SALE.
.\lucf good 5?ooi3d baud Glased Saab, twelve
iit}.'/. wiadowi. Will be .sold chiap. Cun bv
ia lrniv. ca uorditiut coctitr at TweUtli and Eotl
; H 1420 Main feUwL
J^ul: .SALE.
That Elegant Dwelling,
No. Muiu Street,
Now occupied by Mrs. iluiy E. Bailey.
Enquire of H. FOltBES,
;i No. 7, V. B. Cu?tom House.
My Place at Elm Grove,
tv - bpths anil three Houses. Can be divided Intc
tftrte ?ui*ll places.
aim) a lot ol Jersey Cowi. II. FORBE3,
.. No. 7 Cm torn Hoimo.
Valuable Kcal Kittle on N.'E. corner Twent)
fourth and Market street*, in the City of Wheeling
\V. \x Lot Hi leet by 66 leet; now occupied b;
g. J. Eliiiriti U4 a wagon and bloriamith Rhop.
Yi. V. 110GK & BKU
jyll isnn Market mrwt.
> .-I I I; fOR SALE
i\vl:is:Jlin u reasonable Pflce and upon e?*y
t too property at Uie aoutheaat comer of Mar
?. i y.v\ Twentieth streets, bett know a as the reti
dcuu'"l the late t'apt. nainuel Mason. It 1? ima
1 lately opposite tne contemplated new passvu$<*r
Hepit ol the II AO. R. R. Company, end
cooxuiiently dealrable lor biwinem purpose*.
Tdpphone >7g. ilei.s
JL situated a lew inllen from Uie City ol
\va?ltt:< in a town c int'dnlui; ubout I,'2D cr l.SOC
ln'MJiiuuls, now dointf a good business with a
licti:u.' Kocdi, cocsiaiJngof Dry Goods, tiro
MhAva. Ail. Also, h good
DV. iHcs ilocBij. lot 60x120 feet; all new usury out
Dueling*. Mlil be sold on reasonable terms
!or soiling. FOSfceSSlOll given HtOUCe.
ta'a ju or n 1 dress. GKO. AKK Ltf,
cc of the fea?* and Notary l'uollc.
Ofliiv,Fourteenth Sc., Wheeling, W. Va.
i ae following lots on Wheeling Island belong
In* to the cstfct? of the late Wm. McCoy, Tlx:
i.j> No. OU, G" an<l 72 on Broadway.
J-jta :'ii so and ti) on lork street.
Low No.?, 10D and 101 on Virginia street.
Lot* No. 1<M, 105,110 and 111 on Huron street.
Lots No. La, L2> and W? on Wabash street.
L-a No. H i on Water street
. i ' \\ v. mo-w: u imo.. ltm Market nr.
gog iaU amtj-oe gent.
Ixit No. SOS. east end of Sixteenth street, now cc
cup'.cd l?y four bntrhcra ts a slaughtering place;
Vb- :.v.convenient aid centrally located slaugAt
or tio.i-o lu tho city.
1 """o* ntnnl.??o.l 1U VIohtauiTilli atri^L
H'lii . t nup.iue aiicoi. Uoth cuuiim cua Ik
wo-irtt for si.^ix).
. :ai<l Dwelling. >o. 1S15 Jacob street.
N-\ I: ''SUlnI Dwelling, No. 1134 KoffStreet,
j1!(kiicu1 Dwelling, No. iM Nineteenth stmt
t is's liwmwl DmrUiiiK, No. 7W>^M*ricet meet;
price Sl.OJO.
?;.m?House No. 1127 Ma'.u street, ami No.
H::.?nutc trcet.
v. Mlraun Block, Business Housa No. 952 and
9>i Market street.
No. itfo M*rtei street, purtlr furnished.
N-. yj Sixteenth street, nine rooms.
il*i:y oUer small houses tuo numerous to mention.
J or further information cnqnlrcof
Jtoil Fxute Aceui. Colux tor sud notary Mihlin
N"tur>* CommMun tllud in ivnotou oittce
Vouchers Ccr titled, Depositions taken iu Claim*
!" iViv^v-vij Deeds. Leases, Agreements and other
written' instruments prepared. Office No. law
.-?tn-ol. dtflO
Cabinet Plioiojroiilis at $2 50 Per fioz.
Eqtui to the bc*t at any prise.
J>;' J133 MA IV ST.. WH EKLI.V 1.
Ouly $53 OO For Dozen,
Cf- -i thi - ru4c tn all ktmU of weather. po8
GO 50
Will g^t One Dozen Beat Satin Finished
Cabinet I^hotograpUs
And don't you forget It,
jjjusimss Cavd?. j
ftrmij-::; mcudllouqh,
Carpenter and Builder#
Brick and Wooden BuJldlngi Ercctcd.
Roofs, V olfcyi, fiky light*, Counters *nd SlielT leg
All wor* j-rompUj attended to on reanonabli
"SHOP?Alter 18, rear of Capitol. E^'dcnee.
Jo _>t } i/u-. uth Shoo In rear. <**
Practical UpJiolwterer,
Manufacturer of and Dealer la
A lot of Fine Fa*y Chain on hand, inltablo for
Cnrlatou Present*, etc.
?u -> N<?- 17 HlKVESTH ST., near Main.
tieaeul fliichlnlnU and Engine Enlliers,
wjr. ?..iapuui' uiu uguwsuui ??? ?
SMDCIAL ATTENTION giren to Bcpolr Work.
Ascr.'j lor tiio celebrated Jn<i*on Governor.
gcal gsfctlt .Agents.
Haul KHtnta A.gont
SjwcUl attention given to Collecting Ronta and
t" k> ncral mn&agnmeut of Kcal ?it*to. Can fur
naij \i?t cl rctercncm.
iw MA TV or.. Whaling, w v*.
So. U? **rket St.. WhaaUng, W. Va.
*"< ouo?lon? attended to and proowda promptenrt*
Odd Fcllown' Hall, corner Chapllno and
TweHih Ktreeta, Wheeling, W. Va Attorneys toi
H?ej\buailng Buainuu iteu'a Collecting Bureau.
y ca tcai. i
ds^11o ars^>sj]
Croup, Asthma.IJronchitis, Whoop-B
1 ing Cough, Incipient Consumption 9
f and relieves consumptive persons in fi
advanced stages of tuc disease. For J
Bale by all Druggists. Price, 25 ct?. |
?n1jr in tchiU *r<irr*rt. M
sicn!i:ur Jr-f JolinIV. Hull U
#4ec *&* aotl A. V. M I:VEK& (U? R
Baltlmoro.?d..U.H.A...y)?Propr!?tcr?. B
KTOI^ 1 t'jiKwi^mrno tri
Chow Lanffe'H PIups,
Prlco IP C'ruu.. Bold by nil l?ruggjgta?
AAlim i ATATTft - i
?5 und 37 fourteenth ?Ur??t.
Sweet In lit* hour that brings ut uoup,
Wbaro All will spring to meet us.
When hands are striving as wo coma .
To be tbe Ami to greet u*.
When the world hss spent IN frown* and wrath
And care txen sorely pressing,
Tu sweet to turn irora oar roving path
And find a flreiido blenslng.
A b. Joyfully dear Is our homeward track,
If we* re but sure of a welcome back!
What do we wreek on a dre.iry way,
Though lonely and benighted,
If wo know tbcrc aru lit* to chid# our stay
And eyes tbst will beam love-lighted?
What l? tba worth of your diamond ray
To the glan<? that fla?hc? pleasureWhen
the words that cotae lark betray
We form a heart's chief treasure ."
OU, Jojfully cicar Is our homeward track,
If we arc but stire of a welcome back:
aue waa a little old man, dried anil gritsled,
with gray hair, thin and scraggy,
which matched hie board And suited his
tanned completion and wrinkled face as
if it had been ordered J or that especial
"Thirty years in one shop," he mused,
tnoro to himself than to his vis-a-vis in a
cosy little up-town chop ;housu the other
evening. "That's a long time to bo a
pawnbroker. "I btgau," he continued,
?fter a short pauie, "in a shop in i'aria
jver forty years ago _aa. errand boy, aud
worked my way np to tho proprietorship.
Pawnbrokers' shops in France,' an you
nrnli iK'n }>o littiFil ni'? nnt mnnmuil K*
Diseases ere Prevalent all over the World.
I cam native of England. And whilo I v.aa in 1
that country I eonvrut ted a tcrrib'c biood polton, ?
and for two years vrai nndtr treatment hn an ou> ,
door patient at Nottingham Hospital, England, but
wan not cured. I suoered tbemo?t agonizunr pains
in ray bones. and was covered with *ar?i all over 1
my b>*y and limb*. t Ua?l vertigo and dt*'m*3. |
rritu partial lo:* o( ?lght, severe pain* In m> head
jtn<i e^o*. .Sc which no irljr ran nio crusy. 1 lost (
all hope hi that country. ard sailed lor America, i
aud vw treated ftt toosevdl In UiU city. ok wellat .
by a promlncut physlctau In New York havln? no 1
connection with the hospitals. ]
1 mw Uio advert 1m.men? ?,t swift's 8peclflc, and I ,
determined to give it a t/Ial as a Ian report. I had
given up all hop?? ol beln< cured. a* I had gone 1
through the hand* of the beat medical men In (
Nottingham and New York. 1 look nix ooMlm of .
8. s. 8. and I cm fay with groat Jot thit they have
cared me entirely. I ivm ?? soun l and well as 1 1
ever was In try lf/e, I- FKED HALFOKD. I
New York City, June 12, lsS5. 1
Blood i
In the life, and he I* wise who remembers It. Bnt t
In ilarch of last rear (\H64). 1 contracted bloo<l .
rf'isor., Iind beinjr lti Savatinnh. lia , at the time, I
went Into tho hospital tb-ru ior treatment. Isui j
leied very much trom rheumatism *t tne same i
time idid not get-well under t no treatment there. .
uorwu I curtd by auv of the usual means 1
have now taken k*vcu tallies o( 2 wilt's specific 1
r/.viuunj x.v-.w, " "J
:he Jews exclusively. I was born in LonJon
ami went to Paris a boy. It is a business
which develops shrewdness if a man
any of that quality in his composition,
and if be bwu't he bad bettor retire
irsellouttosomsman whohHs. The Parisan
rogues are ui sharp, unscrupulous and
leoitful as those you have in New York,
ind the methods of swindling are marvels
li ingenuity. Even the most experienced
nouey-lender ia imposed upou at timrs.
IVhen I was young in the business a
roung mechanic came to me one day with
i ch?.*ap silver watch which he wanted lire
rancs for. It wasn't worth over that, and
[ loaned him the money. The next week
le reclaimed the watch, telling me it wai
in heirloom in his family and money
:ould not buy it. He was an huncst
foung fellow and I believed him. About
i week Inter he came in and borrowed
ive franca again, which he renaid with inere?t
at ttie end. of the week. This aort
>f thing ran on for Ave or six week*, until
[ began to look on Mm as a steady cusom?r.
Finally oce day ho came into the
ibop overcome with emotion.
"'Mon Dieu,' he exclaimed, 'I am
"'What is the matter?' I inquired:inrllv.
for I r^irardtnl him a a au old
anu am sound unn wen. it a rove w? poiwn nui
through bolw o-j tkeokin. 1/aN LEAHY.
Jeaey city, N. j., An*, t, ivjs.
Two yew* aco I contracted b'ood noiron. After
taking prr-tctipdoo* from tho beat phvaidans here
acd at Dalian. I concluded to vlatt Itot Spring*,
and on reaching Tesarkanaa doctor recommended
me to try nwut'? Specific, assuring me that it
.vonId benefit me mare than Hat hpriuga. Although
had produced great holes In my bark and che?t.
and had removed all the hair 01Y my head, jot I
began to lmprore In a week's time, mid 'he *ore?
be*an to heal and were entirely goue iniide ol
eight we.-i".
WoiJoNW Port or Union Pass Depot.
Cisco, Texan. July 13, lJ?>f>
Treatise ?n Blood and iiklu Diseases nailed free.
1HK SWIFT WKtfFlC L\>., drawer ?, Atlanta,
Gf , S. Y., 157 W. 2Bd St
For Hale by Laugh) In liros. & Co. and Losan A Co.
"My faiher is tin psison, and I must
lave money to pay hia iin??. It wis not
iio fault tnat he was arrested. He iuerferred
to save a man fao never saw beore
from being killed, and was arrested
jy the officer* and lined for disturbing
he peace/
"How much coney do you want?'I
" 'Fifty franca,' ha anawered,' 'but I
lave no security save thia poor, little
iratch ct mine, ami it is not worth a fracion
of that amount.'
"'tiiva it to mo,' I replied, and I
:onnted out the money.
"i ha?e the watch to thia day."
"Some yeara after trW continued the
Did man, "when I had b*en in thw business
long enough to be a judge of charicter
aa well an dianionda, a well-dressed
young w?%nan came into my ahop apd
uked to aeo mo personally. I ought to
have told you thittk'o the polica exerciao
i atiict aumillance over pawnshops in
Paris. for it in there that the cluej which
lead to the detection of many a criminal
i y @ g
nrrr-- "rrrr-i
Tit QfgstejIj.V. :Y'^l|'a <?f li}3 ?gel J
LoeBofapprtitr, L'ovrr!? costive, 1'uln la
tho litcJ, trirli a dull scmutlcu In :bo
buck parr* I'ula act!ev tuc>
LUrtc, i t.ti'-c wUUrwUa*
lnciiuittloato exertion of bu?5jr or ciJy.f,
Irrltabllhroirftupcr, f.nw aplrlM, wl.U
afceliosofbaTiutfae^lcctcd nmtaduty,
W<jwiIho<i, Ufex^tcM, i* littteWnk* nt ?uo
llcurt. I)q(9 bttihre tho ?roc?^lcttdacfc?
over ttoti rlgUi vyo, Tte~t'raiaca*, with
dtful Ctezmt, Highly colored (/ilae, aad
TUTX'S PlLLflorn especially adapted
to bucIj cutcs, cno <lo<e effects finch a
Tlwy Sue: .-aao th.- A pi?lltefand caum tho
tod/ f?> T?Uc ?:> FI? Oi. the syetem la
Mpurtahart, a*<1 l>f lh?irTfinlo Afiion on
prrwluiV'l. tvi Wc. 44 Hiamy ?t..!V-Y?
Renovates the body, jnakt-s liraitliyjlush.
tra uncovered. Aa l was about to any,
-his young woman, who appearod to befong'to
tlio cppor cla?s of noose servants,
naked to Bee me, and when I stepped into
the rhop she implored me to prant tier a
private interview, oa wetft into my
oack dttoo where we would be quite
alone. 1 didn't at this cime think anything
of tlw.-, so acunittomed was 1 to such
requests from women unacquainted with
pawnshops. After wo had seated ourselves
she Hiked me if I took diamonds in
plcdfce. X said that I did.
"Then sue reached into her dress
pocket an J drew out e silk handkerchief
which wai knotted and bunched. Thia
sho undiJ, and in a few minutes spread
oat upon her lap the most gorgeous display
of diamonds my eyes ever beheld.
Chey wero of all sizes, all unset, and in
the sunlight they shone and sparkled
darz ingly. I was amazed. At once a
suspicion flashed aorosa my mind.
'Where old yon get these?' I asked.
'Mv father, sho replied, 'is a diamond
merchant, and ho received tlie?o stones
atroogtlteos WW wouk, jvpjura mo nasun >jj.
Uvj kj,'!w? with uuro lilou't and Kara imiitclri;
tOuss liit? rorroua gratein, lnrfarornto* tlio
brain, find import* tao vi^or ui manhood.
$1. Sold by ilnrccirfts.
OPFiCi: 11 Murray St., Xcwlork.
la the most virulent form of blood-poteoih
iiur. Lew speedily fatal, but not leas certainly
to, is iho vitiation of the Wood of
which the first Aymptoms arc Pimples,
Sties, Boils, and Cutaneous Eruptions.
When the taint of Scrofula iriv?-s
warningof itonrescnceb?such Indications
no timo should be lo>t in using ayeh's
S.VR9APARILLA. tlic only perfect and reliable
medicine for (he purification of the
, blood.
| Is a foul corruption in tiie blood that rots
out all the inachincrv of life. Nothing
llUkll M uvvi. |
heuded twice by tho police, and doea not
dare dispose of them. There can be no
danger, though, In yonr taking them, for |
' o one can identify them, and I will sell
them to yoa atsucli a low figure that yon i
will lind jt prolitabie to buy them.'
"After ft long argument upon the price
? he wanted 10,000 francs, which was
marveloualy cheap, for they *ere worth!
live time* that much?we cimo to a nn-1
derstanding. 1 took the jewels and gave
her ihe money in gold, fine gave me her i
name, which waa Marie Blanc, and told I
her residence waa at 21 Rue Colbert"
"I went to bed that night rather well
pleased with my bargain, but when I was I
confronted with a government detective
the next morning I felt apprehemlvo regarding
tho outcome of the affair. The j
ctUcer questioned me closely concerning
my visitors cf the day before and what
loans I bad made. When I told him that
r 1 1 *- ? l/lrtflA o
win t'nuiicuu: it Hum
I vent its transmission to offspring but
I Ayer's Sausapa ri i.i, a> Tlifs pn-purnI
tlon is also tho only one Hint will cleanse
| tho blood of Hercurfal poison and tho
taint of Contagious 1 Mgcnses. impoverished
Wood fa productive of
A wretched condition indicated by Fnllid
Skin, Flaccid Musclcs, Shattered
Nerves and Melancholy. Its Unit
symptom* uro Weakness, Languor,
Loss of Nervo Force, nud Mental Delection.
Km course, unchcckcd. loads
Inevitably to insanity or death. Women
frequently Buffer from it. The only nicdi*
duo that, while purifying the blood, enriches
it with new vitality, uud invigorate*
the whole system, is
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
nr. j. c. Aver & Co., Lowell, Mass.
1 unu luaiiru ?v,uw u^u? ? ?'*?
lot of uneet diamonds he demanded the
privilege of fxamining them. Of course
[ could not refuse. After looking at ihem
carefully, making ooj loin note*, taking
the namo of the ycunj? woman, a deecripMon
of her appearance and such other information
aa I cou d give him, he weut
away, leaving me in a very unpleasant
frame of m:ud, I can tell you. Later in
the day he returned to the ahop with a
UlJ, cleanly-ibavea roan wearing a pretjrnaturally
grave expression and carrying
under his heavy black eyebrow* a pair of
rcfctles* eray eyes, which steadfastly refused
to look you straight in the face. I
didn't like his looki. He was introduced
to me at M. 1'r.ul Uenaia, business manager
of the aifairs of Mme. Medil, whose
handsome residence on Rue Voltaire is
one of the features of that avenue. He
looked at the diamonds which the ollicer
hud asked me to procure and identified
them positively, without question, as belonging
to Mine. Medil. When I told
hun who had pawned them he identified
the y<n;ng woman as a frequent visitor at
the ho'isc of hisemployer und an intimate
friend of one of the butiers named Jac
(jaea Vaison. At theso revelations you
may ba certain I wy much
amused.. I felt sure nemo fri^htial
crime had been committed. I gave op
my franca a* tcpelessly gone, and would
| have feit grateful if I could have been assured
that I, too, would not be involved
I in tiie trouble. Alter the two men had
I finished their examination of the stones I
begged them to tell me what bad occur?
red, when the officer took pity on me and
told me with great secrecy that Mine. Medil
had been found murdered in her bed
?strangled?three nlghta before, and her
Jewels, togethe with a email fortune in
money and securities, had been stolen*
Suspicion waa fiatened upon the business
manager, who had been in the honso that
afternoon, and he was promptly arrested.
He. however, protesting his innooenoe,
had induced the officer* to allow him to
assist them in discovering the real culprit,
and bad visited, with anoflicer, all the
pa*nehop? in the city, with the reaoit
above stated.
"The officer gavo me a receipt for the
diamonda which he carried away, and I
Jold.byall Druggists: Price #1:
Six botUes for $5.
TP H/tVg HCM.TH TM < uvr?? W.f M INO|??rrt.
l??K?lub>Krm?NJr I(" Liml'nciiliiiii'jiawllllicatu**
bit dernrur.t or turjud ectuliticitor ih* c# J)??Cou?tii*ti?i,
I'lltuuMirM. J.iuii'lic', Mrnl?nf>o,
?tc. t- t.-s-iUtwtlir iwr*!i,piir}?
to* th* h' ?I, tT'i'fn-n* i*t?t?r?!nn, ? ? 'JWiilntu
AN IKVAMUll&a rAHXtT K-Spjl'Wff. ,
Thousand!" of testimonial* pro% e l:a it.
ANT DRL'llUlkr WI1.I. TCIX TOD Hit i.Si-VHTluH.
kly's ..catahhh
cream balmg??fcrs^sj
n?a, BAiWfl
MOB, B?J? SorM,
lUrtorMUi*mB'PjWFtVER^ 3A
elTMU, Hwurlng ft jg? j flS
Sm.M. AOm*" B* XLV
U?f.A Po?UIT. core
bui>in<?i m.aoritfti? hay-eever
, tz'rmss.'^1-'1' " IS"
1 iSSn: ?rc?f ? "? W<2
' ^^oV.tV^V^J^'ClrouUr H.ir
gyiYTIiKBfl. DtttgglM* Owqfl>. N. *. wp!7
wan placed under bonds to appear when
wonted a? a witness. In the course of a
dsy or s<> the facta of the murdor were
given to the uewHpapers. It was then
discovered that L'i Itue Colbert, which
Mnrieillanc baa given as her address, was
a hatcher shop, and she was totally unknown
to the proprietor or the neighbors.
This puazled the police great!v. It was
a ruonth befor? they were able to learn
where she had jrone. Jacrjues Voison,
whom the business manager had associated
with her in hia testimony,
had also disappeared and all tracen
of him were lost too.a At last
thnv found that Marie Blanc
1 j Till F?ftta?i of lh?t Mouejr and Stock
i niMiktttn.
| New York, I>cc. I*.?Moneyeasy nt2i'Jii percent.
1'riioc mercantile pij>er lo/> t%>rnl. Korign lix;
change quiet but firm at Jl as 54.
Govct.nhknt Jiosra?'Were fjnlet and strong.
Stat* Were ucjclccted
iUiiROAi* Hour*? Dull. Sale* only 9J.20i.aX).
Jiiot'K??Tlio ?le?liiiK* In a.ockahare auddenly
n>Ia|ited late extreme dullntu skaIu. fie total
sale* being only WAV aham. The mmt active
to>'kN were iftoouri. K&naM ?fc Tcxa*. K. 1*11111,
Northern facldc preferred. Lako Shore and ljickitwanna.
There wa* at the opuilaf a Iota of1. ta %
percent In most ca*es. ami in the eafly dealing* u
further decline in tome liutatice* of % to M percent,
tiut from that time until thecloae iuhowed a very
decided flrmar*< aud moved *Iowly upward, with
only a moderate mrUon in the afternoon.
There ?u decided aUength exhibited in thel*?t
hour and the market close 1 firm and dull at or
n-arthe hlfhest OgUica of the day. Northern Parifle
ihowa au adv?ucaof \% percent. Lackawanna
CauidaUoutharu IJ4. The other VandatUUU
wvruqubtacd New York Central waa weak, closlu{
with a net lota of }? percent. Lake Shore 1> <ip
percent. Mlmonrl. i.ay?n A Texan advanced 1
had failfd for England the day alter Belling
the jewelu ana hail not been 'since she
landed in London on the night of the same
lav. The disappearance of the butler and
tho youug woman, taken together with the
pawning of Jthe jovrels and the lack of any
direct evidence against M. L/onais, induced
the police to release him, although for
months afterwards ho was kept under
atrict police surveillance. My diamonds
in the meanwhile reposed ia the vaults of
the government waiting for further developments
in this very mysterious e^ae.
"It ws.3,1 think," continued the pawn-1
broker, "at least six months after thejoiurderthat
tho police received notification
from Brussels that a lot of diamonds precisely
like those which belonged to Mme.
Medil had bten pawned in a shop in that
! c ity/or a largj sum of money. Tho Parii
i police at once sent a detective to invest:
rviuvilk. II1U * rHCI li J? u??u ircii-mt, PUU
Union Pariflc >{. Northwest rn advaawd# percent,
wbilo fit Paul ii up }. pe.veut
U. H 15, 103??: II. ti. 4K'. ll'iii: U.8 new IK
I2?)f: ?'im!UIc feoCdft. 123%: Central Huilfic Hisw,
11V. Eric ?m>nd* ST%\ Lihlgh ?t WlUestaire,
o.'d. 101; I.onWamconkol?,87; Missouri 6a, 101; ot
Joaiph ll.HX; :L I'. ? 8.i:.firsU 122;Tetine*?e56?,
old, do now, Tenu racitlc !-aud Uranu,
i'C; do bio Grande, &7; Onion Puoltlo Anita, 110; do
Land Grants. 1 '> 1 . do Hi irk in# fund, 12UJ4: Virginia
fis. 43; VIntlnU Consols extra matured C3Uponi,60;
do deferred, 10>^; AdtmiKxprea, 111%;
American Hxprv*#, 131: Canada Southern, 41:
Central Pacific, 4iy?;l'be*apcafco&Oblo, 13)4; do
tlr?t? p/vbrred. vi*; do tuconde, 15U; 0..
vV. I &>)$: Denver A KioUraude, 19: Erie, 3l!{; do
preferred, 4*3$; rurt Wayne, 143: Kan?a? A Texas,
M'i- Lake trie & Western. ITi-i: Lake eLo.e,
6iV?: Lotiliviile A Ntabri le, i"?%: Louisville, New
Albany <fcCbicflKo. 82: Metnpbl* Jit Cbarlcaton, JM:
Michigan Central, 7I&; Ml ajuri PucUIc, 111:
Nanhviile ?fc Chattanooga ;46; New Jersey Central,
43"Northern Pa-jitlc, .**$: do preferred. 61 k?:
Uisca<o a Northwestern, 107>?; do preferred. 134;
New York Cent tal ' bio Ceulrui 1?4; Ohio &
Mbataippl, ?4: do preferr.d, 'JO: Pacific Mail,
tntlahutgh, 144". headlut '^0: 't LouLt iV
t-uu FraicifcCo, 'i 13-4: do preferred, 43*4:0., M <fc
Ht. Paul, 'j:!1,; do preferred, #7^: Texas Pa::lflc,
l-*i; Union Pueifc, <a{a: I'uited States Kxorcxi, Oa);
W.. Si L. 4 P.. luX: do i?r;f-rred, isK; W-.lu.
gate tho matter. 8urely enough, the
diamonds were identical with those I had
'bought, cvea to those blsmiabes which
marked my purchase. Then, too, they
had been nawned by a young woman
answering the description of Marie Blanc.
Tiiegoods were couliacatcd at once, the
pawnbroker was arreated and the city
scoured fur tho young woman. This tiui3
diligorce was rewarded.. The police arrested
her just aa she was about to leara
the city disguised aa an old market woman.
Aa soon aa the neWB was flashed to
Paria the officers hastened to the heueo of
M. Denais to arrett him, and they were
none too aoou, aahe waa about to leave,
and probably would have made his escape
within a very few minutes.
"Now," said the pawnbroker, "here ia
the slrange part of this long story. Marie
Blanc had concoaled about her person
three more sets of diamonds, each exactly
F*r*oHxpretf,li?i AVMterriUuloa, 74%
1JrendatuIf* and 1'rovUlaon.
C'iitcAGo, Iu.?, Die. 11?The prara Vine ton# of
tho * tK'i*. tasr-tet to-di* was wtAr.tr uud there
wts a lighter volutnu ot trade. Th?i uia?kat started
with a moderate fttbOf tone. and gcod auyiug advau
ed in* price cf May from 'jlc, nt which It
opened, to 9lKo. Offerings were loo l*n$e. however,
and th* price br?tfa .steadily tj SvJkC, but
rallied again to Vljjc, f-il bnelt lo W'fcand closed
oa the regular board J?c lusher. Flour dull nn?3
unchanged. Win at nerTona*ttduu>ettlvd, clof>iui{
%?lower tnan jwundsy; ?*le.i rmured: Dotemtwr
S4S?SiJ4c, closed at Uyic: Jcauary SJVjx
oscd at SlS-ie; February rityix*??c, I
closed at MjgiSftc; May 9i%h9]%c, closed at iO}Bo;
No. 2 vpring Ki/iaS-t^c; No. 8 uosIuk 60a&}\>4c; >o.
2 red nominal. Corn dull and lower; large xeeaipts
and estimated la'^o arrirala for to morrow
caused freB?elliug; awhile; Deoembor and year
WXaStjfa closed at Sy^s'l#-^:; January OT&i&Uc,
L-lonedat 37>*t#?)?:; May aiJ^tOc. closed at
ivJic. Out* tyealc and lower; caah l>c
cembcr 2g>?US%c cio??J at 2?!,o; January 2S%*
e!o?od at 2V ;c; May r>l>?aU5*c, closed at
St^c. Rye dull; So. 2, 60c. Barley slow; No. 2,
55c. KttX?oe<l woak; No. 1, fl 13. Mom pork, market
o|>?!icd Ac higher. destined 12!-U15c and closod
tame; cash 19 Omk'jvu, according to agtj; January
{> Walt) CO, closed at Ji>Ma9H7>?; February Sj
10 li%, closed at g'j 'JMU Wit Lard op?ued 2J<i?6c
hixher. declined ami closed steady: ctuh
S.'J'J^aftftje; Jauuary 60'ati.Ojc. closed at
5.00*1'. OJWc; February 6.07>jHJ.15c, closed at
i.07}**& W*. Boxed meatN steady; -boulder*
t.7.W.2iJi!; ahort rib 4.8&tf'J3c; short cl-ur
i'JUa5.23c. Whisky higher; dUttliers finished
f;ods |1 16. Suuant quiet; cutloaf V54e: trranulatui
like th? one I had, and M. Deuais alao had
a set with him. Tho two prisoners were ;
taken before the Magistrate without either !
having an opportunity to communicate
with the other. Both maintained a brave ;
demeanor until they were fetched to- ;
gether, then they bioke dowa eutirety. :
The aix seta of diamonds wero produced, ]
and it waii found that the one which M. i
Denais had in his posesaion wua tho 011I7 '
genuine set, tho rest being made of paste, ,
but 80 cleverly dono that the beat expert <
could not have detected the imposture. <
When confronted with such indubitable J
proofs of tbeir collusion, each confessed. )
.il. Denais was tho murderer, Marie Hlanc i
hia mistress. Jaquea Voiaon bad left :
tho house a week before the murder to j;o !
upon a sheep raaoh in Australia, and had <
nothing whatever to do with the crime. ,
The real diamonds were neatly counter- t
feited by JDonais, who had learned that '
trade in his younger days, and Marie had
been sent out to pawn toe jewels for two j
reasons. One was to raise money and the ,
iJic; standard A. Cjcc. liuttur turn; ciean^r*-.yH
tec: dairy Jtlatllc. l-^g* -?&UU>{c. Afternoon itomd
-Wheat we.ik and i^iCio lower. Corn unchanged.
Jat* lower, Fur* Sc lower. Lard 2jj<: lower.
New Y".i',u, Dec. 18.?Fiour dull nnd h%avy. |
iVbrut* upot lower and dull; options ooonod strong |
i.-id weakeued, dosing heavy: No. J HprlnK'W}#:
So. 1 hard Si OOJ{c: ungraded wbllo 78c; ???.<; red
lomlnal: No 1 while 96c: No. ?! red Janu^c*il.^t 1
cy?o. clewing at wuc; rebruary W/jaVw. clo??K
at Ol&or -March closing hi 95?^:
\prU 'JTfc'JT^o. cloning Mt'JTo; May Uhl$m?}?c, clol
<>? ntyi;: June8tUH? Cora lowar.clojim,' heavy:1'
invaded tfaVSc; roitcied tK??c; No. 3.*1 Saline:
.emier 4<iyjzW/4c; nieainer yellow 47c; steamer
?hiie 4"Kc: low mixed 46>Jc; No. '2 December 4.~;yi
lOo, clotlng at 4l^io; Jauuury Ivj^aMc, clot-lug at
ia%c; February 4hS,%toH& clonlug at UVOi; Mivr; W
i5/4rt?^ic. ciosiii},' ni ISJ-4C: May eloslmc
it 4i,Ok Si rather quiot: mUw western 3?.l<4
lie: wulte do :l$a4.<c. Hum ^oll. Coflee, spot fair,
lull and weak at options dull nud barely
J'.eady: No. 7 Jtto *pot 6.?j<?; rnli-s 4.'iW bag-t; l>ewnlje?
tSflc; January c53a6.cj?': Februaiy ?'.60a
J.ft5o: April C.75e: May ti 75a(Lfi0e; Jutte tkh5a
is7J^c: July <5 e5j?C.i?Cc. Buear, rctinul quiet;
U S'.v^'/nC; mould X t Kraimlv.e.1 (j^c i'ur
pentinedull at:i7}*u. ijp* steady aud quiet; receipts
1,107 rackuge$. Fork more active: mess
fj .>7)&tl0 U7H- Uira fairly active, salts Dcromber ,
J January Ii aiati.iic; February ii.4lUG. Ui;
March fvl?a6.5le: May 6.ti3*f.c?c; city stenai 6.2oC
Hotter rtrra and In air inquiry; western lii'Jic;
fciKin creamery 33c. tlime lirm and demand (air.
<,'t!?UN.VAT!,0., Den. 15 -Flour ?uiy; lanilly <M(JUa
1 ttf; luacy Si 4Ua? (A.. Whoa: bar?!; stejuly: No. v
new Sic; receipts 6.l(U busl'oJs: snipmenl* 5,500
bushels. Corn strong; No. 3 mixed o*w
ilrai; No. J mixed Hye easy; .\u, l, mJ-ia'i^C.
Karley In fair dtciftii i; cxra No. 3 spring cjv.hc.
Pork dull at 8l?aj. Lard, n^glccted at ?.coo ll.lk
nuMts nominally unchanged. Union quiet and
unchanged. Whisky, |l 10. lluttor dull; k'ood t?
pumecjvamery tiiaaio; dairy lOivUc. Sugar aud
chotjH steady and unchanged. Fg?s lOa.oj.
SaIjixovc, Dec. IS.?Wheat, wesiern lower; No.
'J winter red spotaud December bid: January
U.I/..UM ... u.wk II J/.*.:/
other was to divert BuapicioQ from the '
real criminal, who would have fled the ]
country directly afte^ the murder had huh- ?
pjcion not been directed to him. It only '
shows that uo matter how carefully 1
planned a crime may be, 6omo loophole is i
always left. Murder will out."
"Did you over get paid for your loan 1" !
aaked the listener, after the tale wai .
ended. i
"No," replied the pawnbroker. '-'My !
only pay was a ti^kal which admitted me
to tun execution oi the murderer.
Cud Liver OU, with liypuuftoaphlUi?, Ia Excellent
In Trouble*.
Dr. Enoch Calloway, LaGrango, Ga.,
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enaenn chr?nl<l ho a linnwhnlfl rnmi??Kv
Com, wcsUitu lower; tuUuf spot 4STlai?i;,o; '< ocemwf
45%e: Jauimry nnd tebrtuhr tftjatas:
tcauier42!*a43c. Outs steady; wmiuuu wUitu a*A
iOc; i&lxcd rrovujoii* q-jot; roeii pork
I'O iV Kkjh vjjiii'fic. OolTce qulc: atd
etny; lliycturgoea ordinary to /air
Tou>o, O., Dcc. IS.?Wheat eailer and quiet;
c*&h'Jif^?31J4?; December 9lHc; January WJi:;
February 94c; May wt\ Corn stwidy; ovsh or juar
January Sic; ATey iOXc. Cat* du'l; cash
#JSc: May aJj^o, Clovortced quiet; caah. Si 43
bid; I??*c;mi.erur January ib W. ureiH-d hufiH-tO.
Live stock.
-ClllCitp, IiX.Ujo. li.~Tho Proven' Journal rcpom:
Cattle ? Uoc'uipU 5.40U head; ihipmentx 1,7)0
nend: markit Heady; chipping steers $33Ga540;
txira 95 Hi; Mockers and feeder* j.' 40t4 20; ciw-i,
bulla mid mixed ?17.'m4(X>; bulk f2 iUill 10.
through Texan*82 7&a.1&9. ilogi?^booclp!* .17,000
bend; shipment* 5, too hoad; market oj-ened
stronger and vlum*1 btrely tfeatly; rough and
mixed t'.?iM.l7U; packing and shipping $1 7(M
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bend; ehlpmenu 632 head: all through consign*
menu; no Milpmeuuj to Now: York Unlay. Hon*.
r*?cc'li?tn )><h?1 ; shipment* 4,000 bend; market
?Iow;PhliadelphItt3>:] MNUOO: Yorkers $:i fiUiJ 70:
lA (M? ?UlDpe<l to New York tu?lsy. sheep, receipt*
hOi hend: fchlpmenu 1.4X) neal; market
veiy (JuUat yc<ter<Hy,? Jirlwa.
CuicjN.f ATt, tl, Dvc. IS.?Hdfei firm; common
and light 93 OUw 75; pacctng and butcher* 13 76a
3 93; receipt* 3.7CO head; uhlpmcnu boo bead.
Bradfobd, Pa , Dec. l.s.-Opetu-l at OO^o and
elon-d ut soj^c; hlgheJt lK%o: Jovve*t nuia
70.2W barrels; total *ai|>incnt<i 81 iW barrels; char
lent tr>,?<M Urrels; cleurances 1 ,'AU.OCtJ barrel*.
oilcnr, Pa., Ucc. li-(Jpen<?d atiM%c: highest
'J0??o; lowest 'JOc; eloped Al DO'.o; salc-at fiVJ.OO
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Wn. Hau/s Balsam fohtiis Lus?s,and
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Mttlounl truiifii ceruncatea openuu ut W%v, auU
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Every good thlntf la Counterfeited,
and consumers aro CAUTIONED
against IMITATIONS of
these Chimneys made of VERY
POOB GLASS. Seethatthooxaet
label la on oach chimney as above,
rho Pearl Top is always olear and
bright Glass.
Hnnurnctnrwl ONLY by
rittMtmrxh Lvwl CHowt WoelUU
& Monroe Chicago. ja
!^(Znj W ill J Tfcu kVk
/J\? >UU. ft.tt.try H.I Oil Ma, lujVHni // VI
/X \H.M?uitik ? ? ? ii.fUJn lin'M^ ?? ! // 11,
A '..! "> IU. ? ?..l?'"- uV<^jjl
Btranrw *nd rUitoj* coming to Wheeling will
BOitoMr that the Capital Pining Boonu are now
it t?rfect running order, ami good ratal* can be
ad at all hoara of the daj or nljfht.
au6 WO H'JM << 1ia? MARKET PT.
China, (Glass and (Quccnsioace.
A large aod elegant lino o( Pancj Gooda tot
Jhriauna* Preaentu now ready for inspection.
Plcaae call aud examine trior.* t>urt*ha?lnff clierhere.
delQ litf Main fliwet.
' I
Aro Still Triumphant. (
ror. anl with sales conaUntly lncmuing bare become
the most popular tenet throughout tue
United SUte*.
Tbe 0 quality U warranted to wear twice an Ions
u tbe onilna y Cortcu. Wo liare lately introduced
the (i and ll H ir*d$s with Extra Long Waist, and
we IdVnlah wem when preferred.
I Highest awarda f rota a!l tbe World's (Mat Fairs.
Tbe Mat medal retired la for Flm Dean* of Merit,
from the late KxpoalUon hold ai New Orleans.
While acort? of patents hare b*en found worthIrn,
the prlncipicaof tbe Glore-Flttlni hare proved
diallers are authorised to refund money, If, on
examination, then? Co-seta do not prore u represented.
/or sale orery where.
Caulor.se free on application.
Thomson, Langdon k Co., Sew York.
orl.vrrhas Jj
glanos, ?rgans, Sit. '
factory b?i befoine Itnptratlra. Bot mplj*?*?
qu?rt*r aa mofh tunlnic as Hsaes on th? pn.valUaf
wrr-t-nln ayattm. Con^t Ceulofw, frr*. .
tw> ?<vlca ol Oao**s, R3 to POO. For Ca?h, Easy
Payment*. or ItenUtf. <
Mason ft Hamlin Orpan and Piano Co.,
>00tl5, gtffttom. See.
:c hard ar.d wc want everybody to be ?ble to bpy a
i-e, IVo. 1104 >Inin St.
lyinany other home lu the city. No Humbug. No
fold on oarccuulvrt.
ir Unbleached Uiulin lor 610).
rfl OJ.
1 LJueu, (orfiOcentr. r
1?. .
l*j Silki in all colors. A One Hue of dhawl?, lllHUkock
before purchasing elsewhere.
leavy Dress Silks, Cloths and
V?iii3ll'Y UEUtWARE, UHIU.
f hRa!.l 8 ? Tt.,.? tl.r |r? ^,??|i ..l|. .. .
nail x|*n??. unmrpam I niI?nnUi:t? f?*r a fn? <
rrpnrniorj. >ormnl. Omunrrrlal ami Art
*lp. E!??*iunow for lndl??.with iff tirr?. Bi-twury
btgliu Jaa.ltb. CaUloRiw free. II. I'AYNK.
g. j. Rhodes .V (Co;
I5j t Ec Callcoca, now dark rtylc*, 5c.
A'.l Wool Medicated Red Flannel, 12S0. worth
-JO c.s.
All wool Gray Twilled Flannel reduced from 35c
to ?> ClM.
lUavj Canton Flauno1, worth 10c, for 8c.
J adku' AU Wool Scarlet Yeota, 50c.
Yard wide Cretnnta, worth 25c, for 10c.
?ouble-width DroMi floods, worth 20e for 12J{c.
-I Incu Dreti) (ioodx, worth jo?, for Vl%a.
xirA Fme lirw* ?iooda, worth 25c, for -JOc.
Item nan w, Ha:d Nalnaook cheap at 2uc, for 12j^c.
Mtw rftvlea Tjrcoou Kep*. worth iOc, for 12kc.
Kxtra h lue Hemfttltcbed Handkerchief* for gentl?raeu.
pure linen, worth Sue. for 25c.
(itutlemen * Hemstitched Hilk Handkerchief 50c.
Gentlemen's Initial Hemstitched Silk Haudkcr*
chief#, extra Hue, only Ji 00.
Extra Flue lumait Linen Table Cloth*, with
Kahlua U> match, ft 00 and S6 03 per net, 25 percent
len than ever sold.
12 Piece* Color^l Surah Silk, new ahadea, beat
quality, worth Si25 lor Sic.
Heat tnakoa Black Silk at 20 percent reduction.
Call an1 hh- them.
Flnoct Elder down Quilts, overed with French
Saltern only S!0 to.
A choice aoo'tment of Fancy Good* editable for
Holiday PriienU.
Pon't wait nnt'l January to buy Ladle** ard
ChPd if n'a Cloaks. Y ?u eau now tlud a better i s?ortment
anil the price ??low.
We htvo commcnccd our Slaughter Sale of
Wrapa today.
j. S. RHODES & CO.
0?-k'AlfirAL l*Hl/.ftS,
Tlckota only (share* la Proportion.
Louisiana State Lottery Company.
' We do hereby ccrtify th** wo nuperaw the arrangement*
for all ttic Monthly and Quarterly
Drawing! of The Louisiana. State Lottery Company,
and In perron mauoRe aud control ihe Drawing*
neuatuvca. and thai theiame ar?? conducted with
lionwty. falrncs*. anil in good ratth toward all partial.
and we amborlw the f'ompany to um thin
certificate, with facsimile* of our ilgnaturea attached,
in iu adrertiiexcenta."
We the underlined Bunks and Bankers will pay
all I'ri/jfl drawn in The Louisiana Htato Lotteries
which may be prmanted at our counters.
J. II. OGLPSBY. Pres. Louisiana National Bank.
S. U. KENNEDY, Pr**. State National Bink.
A. BALDWIN, Pres. New Orleans National Bank.
Incorporated in 1868 !or:fl> year* by the Legislatnre
for Educational and Charitable purpose*, with
a capital of 91,000,000-to which a ruservo fund ol
aver 15S0.000 htu> since been added.
By an overwhelming popular vote ltx franchise
wua made a part of the present Btato Constitution
adopted December 3d, A. D., 1879.
Tlie only lottery ever voted on and endorsed by
the people of any State. It never scales or postpones.
Its Grand Single Number Drawing takes
plaoe monthly.
Iti Grand single Number Drawings take place
monthly, and the Extraordinary Drawing* regularly
every three mouths instead uf semi-Annually an
heretofore, beginning March, 1n&
A splendid opportunity to win a fortune. First
Grand Drawing, Class A, In the Academy of Music,
I New Orleans, Tuesday, January la. 1888 ?
1188 th Monthly Drawing.
100,000 Ticket* at Five Dollar* Etch. Fractions, In
/llths In proportion.
I mrr or PRUIS.
1 Capital Prla. ITO.COO
1 Capital PrlM....~.........~-. .... 25,000
1 Capital Prize 10,000
5 Prizes of 2.000... 10,000
I 10 Prises ol WML .... 10.000
I 20 Prizes oi BCD _ 10,000
100 Prizes of 900 30.000
300 Prist* of 100 .... 10.000
WJifiMaol 60 26,000
1000 PriK* o! 3b. 25,000
AmoxouTinN man,
9 Approximation l*rlw ol 1750. 6,750
9 ApproxlmaUou Prixaui MM 4.&00
9 Approximation Prizes of 230 ? 2,250
19G7 prlies, amounting to ... .1266.500
Application (or rat?* to clubs should be made
only to the office of the Company in New Orleans.
For further Information write clearly, giving full
addrw*. POSTAL NOTBH, Express Money Orders,
or New York Exchange In ordinary letwr. Currency
by KxprtsM (all sums of f& and upwards at
ourexp?QM> addlMMd ^ x. DACPMN,
Now Orleans. La..
WuiilDtton, D. C.
Make P. 0. Money Orders payable
and address Registered Letters to
t*eV. WSAW Now Orion*. Tjl
Jftocli ^toltets.
P. L. Stzphjlnios. Geo. I. Wiitojit
New York Stock Exchange,
N08. 612 A 614 LIBERTY 8T.,
PittHburgli, Pa.
"Stock*, Bonus and U. H. Secnrlilee boutht
and sol'l lor ca*ft or on usual narglni. Mew York
rate* ol comnliwiou.
Corrmipondenco olScltcd. Refer to rittuburgh
Ranker* in?nor?llT. no34
XCobiiiMon, FarlH Co.,
IHanulactouan and Dealer* in r~trj variety
PAI'EJL Ho. 1427 MAlif HTRXHT.
Tciepbono *11. WhocHnf, W. Va.
HUbett cun prlco paid (or Bap, Paper and 014
Book*. ajU

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