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"iTiiivr: >' ". VA Mini X7 Fourteenth Street. |
Jx you haven't had a merry C'hriBtnias
thin year you may have next.
YtiaTKiuiAY was a sort of "half way
p'ace" between Christmas weather anil
the openfr# of aprini?.
Consul Oknkkal Mum-iak seems to bo
in a bad place?be has allowed tbo American
eagle totiu of bia voire to bo beard.
'I n?i:k is o Kt'ticul ljiiprttuiloii u.tot i?ecr??'ary
Itiiwir>'? loo* lug gl?M ill yw? back a
Yes, feu<i tbo buck of it is loaded.
Kriicy id tbe quicksilver of the backKfjuiid.
Dakota, a. yd the Minneapolis Tribune,
may not be much of a "State" just'
now, but abe ia causing more talk than j
1'iorida. One of these days our Demo
emtio statesmen win a lumuie.
Tub Ohio "lijodle Gang" is endeavor-!
iog to keep John Sherman out of the!
Senate. They can't do it. The Supreme
Court faltered in its patriotism, but the
L.'gielaturo will Bee that the right man
got? there.
Tjjjj report* concerning the cigar busings
are extremely contradictory. Thrto
large factories shut down; yet wo are asHiired
that the btoyie trade is cn the In
crease. Let ue hope that these sut-pCLsioos
will be hut brief.
i)s Christmas- tho foolish mortal ge?n
drunk, or nearly so. Then on New Year's
he swears oIF. When another Christmas
relit) 'round; yea, alas! long before, he
has foVgolien all his good resolutions
Nevertheless, good resolutions are a goo i
thin*:, if only kept for a day.
.Mi:. J. M. Mahos Uoea us th? honor 1o
say that this paper has dono him an injustice,
and then amuses tbe country by
pomnjjaa the only man in West Virginia
who kno-.vs how to run a newspap;r. j
U:foro he dies Mr. Mason will find tliat
Home men are smarter than be is, and that
they have not lived in vain.
Anil T*?w Com** a Wouutu of Uutttvur; Repot*
niitl ClHium ho Married tier.
New Yohk, Dec. 25 ?Details of a sensational
nature were related to-day in the
Supreme Court before Judge Donohue, in
jhe matter of the claim of a woman know n ,
as Marie King and also as Minnie Clark, j
for alimony and divorce from H. L, Kittson,
a young son of the wealthy stockraiser,
Commodore Kittson. The woman,
who is to be the proprietress of a di reputable
house at bi'J Sixth avenue, pnsented
affidavits that young Kittjon married
heron April 25th, but abandoned her
noon afterward, fcsho asserts that .young
Kittson is wealthy and able to support her
or puy alimony.
Young Kittocn, in his affidavit in reply
to her charges.- swears that he was under
uaeia July; that he has no property, but
isauppoited by his father, with whom he
lives nt the Windsor Hotel; that he knows
nothing of the alleged marriage except
that he went to the woman's house on
April 24, became intoxicated, lost coniciouBueee,
and was afterward told by her
that he had marritd her while in the
house, a clergyman having been called in
format purpose; tbat he repudiated the
woman's claims, and was not in his right
senbex or capable of contracting a mar
riage at the time referred to.
if..... A h'iftann thn flafpnilatlt'A
''"*1/ tt. U..WUH) ? - ?
mother, testitled that the woman King, or
('lark, called twico at ber rooms in the
Windsor Hotel while intoxicated and
claimed that young Kittson was her hnBhand,
and that she would make him live
with her. Upon being ordered out, the
woman threatened to kill both Mrs. Kittson
and ber son.
Commodore Kittson testified that his
sou has no property except what ho
chooses to give him from time to time, and
ii <iependent;on hiin for support.
Judge Donohuo reserved his decision.
Consul Katun'* Kcport.
Washington, Dec. 25.?Mr. Frederick
Kaine, the American Consul General at
iterlin, in tho introduction to his annual
report writes briefly of the rise of the German
empire. Cautiously, but steadily ho
says a new system of government was carried
into f xecution. Tho almost uninterrupted
11 ow of new laws was apparently
not retarded by even a single inconsistency.
They formed symmetrical parts of a
structure that long Uefote their ercctiou
wan planned by a far-seeing statesman,
on.l nflinr inflanfl WITH
uuiuciem uuwi,.H< HUU ?
abundantly on hands. With the establishment
of Empire uu immen&e amount
of intellectual and moral forces for centuries
neutralised by petty rivalry between
the individual States of Confederation
became available and Bismarck was
prompt in inviting and directing them to
iiigher arms.
What Ul? InUQilunt War*.
Buffalo, N. Y,t Dec. 25.?Hugo Sherman,
a mechanic, residing on Gold street,
quarrelled with his wife last night Tho
woman in order to f6eape from her huelaud
ran into a closet closing the door,
and leaned against it to keep it shut.
This infuriated Sherman who picked up a
Kun loaded with buckshot and flroti
tnrotiKh the door which was a very thiu
one. The entire charge struck Mrs. Sherman
in the left side of the head, inflicting
a mortal wound. After the shooting
Sherman but was subsequently captured
by the police. He states that ho
did not intend to shoot his wife, but only
meant to frighten her.
KntiU Uglier Kxploatoa.
San Fuaatiscj, Gal., Deo. i!5.?This
afternoon tin bursting of one of the
hnilt<rn nf (tin .<4nr<na> ValleV Water W0rk8
of Iliifl city, situated cu the banks of
J-ako Merced. a short distance from here,
caused tbo other five boilers ia I bo b|jlldingto
ex pi oil o. The building was completely
demolished. John Kyan a coal
iiraver and Phil Daffy, fireman, were in*
fltautly killed, (jco. Hunt, fireman, Chris.
Whelan, coal heaver, were daogercusly
wounded. Damage $150,001).
Cut Through the lee,
Isdiakapolis, Dec. 25.?A Journal ape*
rial reports the suicide by drowning of
Kev. John K. Elmore, a Baptist minister,
residing near Clayton. Two months ago
hts congregation learned that jilmore was
a bigamist and be was expelled from the
pulpit. He had shown symptoms of in?aniiy
for several days and last night ho
went to a neighbors fish pond, put bis
hat ami coat on a stake, cut a hole in the
ice and drowned himself.
Claim* Self Veteuam.
Pirrw?vaau,Dec.25.?Inastreetflght last
nigbt Jacob Rosenbatt seriously, and it .is
thought fatally,stabbed John l/i&ins. KosiMibatt
has been arrested. He chun?? that
IlvginK and two companions attacked him
for il.o purpose of robbaiy, and that the
yuuluj; was In sei( defense.
He from lli* Ia(i'lllK?iiOfrl* nnrt Thlnkn
I l>o "K?il?tai" U au Umt?r-4eovBd
nil Third DUlrlrt BfatUr*? Went
VlrgtLltt l'? l-tlca In 0?n?i*l.
fytdul Corrworulnict of the InftlUcrnctr.
Washington*, 1). C , Dec. l'4 ?Most of
tho Wts > Virginians belonging to tho
Government servico hero have gone to
tin if hemes in the Ststo to spend the
holidnjfl. Of oil our U?prpf.etUtivop, the
Senators ate the only on?8 who will remain
in Washington iluriojc the ucess,
Senator Caaden still being cou lined to
his house. He has been a very s'ck man,
and is convalescing s!o*iy. ' Ho ia not
disabled altogether, liowevtr, and finds
strength enough to attend to his correspondence
and entertain his numerous
Among thoio who lef* to spend Christmas
at home was the distinguished but
erratic statesman from tho county of Jefferson,
Mr. James M. Masou. Previous
to hi* departure, 1 met him nt hid hotel,
and in the course of a very pl? imnt conversation,
he took occasion to favor me
with iiia peculiar impressions oomerniug
the precs of West Virginia iu g?ner??l au l
the Wheeling press in particular. Iu his
plain unvarnished and characteristic manner
he said he did not like the I.ntkj.li.
(?kkckit. 'I; misrepresents mo and lies
about my position and actions in reference
to Mo debt question," paid he. #
on, isn't it!
"Its course is neither hum at nor fair and
I haven't a particle of respect I >r it." Mr.
Mason then launched into a lengthy and
learned dissertation upon the subject cf
true journalism, and gave me his ideas of
how a newspaper ought to be run. The
tieyutrr, iu his opinion, is no batter thau
its neighbor?it 13 even worse, if pcsdbie,
because, while protestin g to be a Democratic
paper, it is not ciurageous enough
to stand by the principles ot truo Democracy.
It ib vascilla'ing, and no man cm
tell where it stands iu i s. own party ou
the questions that are I eing discussed.
The nhole press ot Wes*. Virginia, with
one or two honorable exceptions, are
cowardly. .Most of the editors of the Stae
are a deceitful eel, who talk cneway iu
private and another way in their papers.
Camden and the coipurdtions seem to
ha\o subsidized them, and while in private
they acknowledge the truth of our
ol j ctions to him, they are booming him
(or re-election in their papers. He
wouldn't give a c-eLt for thi iiouesty of
these papers. He then proceeded to
nam/ many papers agaiust which he
seemed to hive a particular grievance, the
Wheeling, Parkeraburg and Grafton prtsi
coining in for ibo lug .at share of bin vituperation.
[ma ideal.
lie tays the Dmx.ral, of which he is
the owner, is his ideal of a newspaper,
aud fljys he receive* ou nu ave^d fifty
letters a day from a!l aeoti >ns of the .State,
from good Democrats who a^rce with hira
in that opinion.'
I am t ?id here ?hu' Mr. Mapon is making
a good thinfout of hid variou* scheme*,
ailofwhlc'i the rea'lers of the
ge.sckk are posted about. He ke p3 a
private k. crctni), wlo in h htsLo^nipiier,
aud oic ipire room* m ?.lie National. It ij
haul that he m paid 1100 pr day for his
services, ti?htueh Iiitj most intiinatd
friends ciaiiu h y ?:o not know t ie? sact
nature of the services. He is very intimate
with the n?*l.* ehcte-l Sdiutiorinj
Virginia, Mr. Unlet?, and r? yards his I
eleclitn as favorable to the debt ayndi-1
In talking with Second D's'riet Deiuo-j
crate 1 liud tr.at Judga Wm. T. Ice, of
Pn.lippj, in r ceivinx a decided boom for
Congress. 'I hey kny his nomination |
would be "oil on the troubtwl wa'ers" in I
that distil rt. Ho has leen on the bench)
for a number cf ymrs, aud out of politic1',
and has, therefore, uk<*n no hand in the
2acti(UHl tlgtl!* ol iiifi party. lie is nnuerfct
joil to he advent to another term ia his
? resent office, and will not ba a candidate,
[e is about the on y man mentioned for
CongreBd who, under the present circumstances,
could be dieted, so nay those
who seem to r?n ;z wha*. thn efltict of the
family fracas no s g- i; g on v\iil be. I understand,
hiMfV* r, tliuc Mr. Wilson is a
candidal-* fur rer.oiuiuatioD, aud expecta
to got there. Souie ??f the jripheta say
ho an 1 Mr. M.r'.m will kill eacti uiher and
Judge Ice wiil v.a-k oil with the prizj.
Judge Ice's Judicial CVcuit is now liepublican
beyond a doubt aud a Preston
county man told in*) yesterday that Judge
Hoke, of Kingwood, will be pushed for
the Judgeship next summer by the Republicans.
There in also a a rong feeling
among Taylor and JJArbour county lie- i
publicans to give the nomination to Gor-(
don Dayton. Duke Dent, of Grafton, it is
said, is moat prominently' mentioned as
the Democrat but either Dayton or Hoke:
can knock him out of time.
Things are very quiet in the Third Dis-1
triet, is the report received here. Is it not
a little remarkable that this, the banner I
Democratic District of the Stato ia not
tabling any of the sweets here in Washington
? Is ot withstanding the large number
of good placea that have been drawn
by Wi st Virginians, but one, ao far, has
fallen to the Third District.
There is likely to be an interesting little
fight over the appointment of a successor |
to U. 8. District Attorney Flick when his
term pxoires. Chairman Leonard, of Par-1
kernbuir, is well known to be favored by
Senator Uamden for the position, but the I
senior Seua'.or having been allowed to J
name every other person who b. nap to
dato received an important olliee in the
State, it is claimed that Senator lvennu
should be allowed to til this place. A
prominent West Virginian said to me;
"Senator Konna is known to favor 0. C.1
Watti for the place, and I believe that I
when the timo cjmea for the appointment I
to bo made there tfili be a contest be*;
tneen the two Seuators. I understand
also that Eustace (iibaon is Rotting a little)
rebellious, lie also id a Watts man. He j
claimed the right to name S.:ott'a euccee- |
sor in the l'arkeraburg postotlicp, but gon-1
erously allowed Mr. Camden to control I
that appointment, and now thinks the |
Senator ought to return the compliment
in t^e matter of the appointment ol Flick's1
The same gentleman says VVindy Wilson
will not be a candidate to succeed 3fr.
Camden. He says the antl-Oamdenites
will probably unite cn Juuge nnymuuu,
Judge lir^nnon, or some other man in the
Senator's end of the State, ami that Governor
Wilson will bob up serenely two
years later, when Mr. henna's sifccossor
is to be chosen. Recent publications regarding
ex-Senator Davis and the &euatorshin
ore causing considerable discus*
sion, with a general tendency toward tbo
belief that Mr, Pavjs baa no aspirations.
Among tho West Virginians herp thin
week were James D. Butts, of Harper's
Ferry; Clarence Moore, of Charleston: J.
M. Bennett, of Weston; Judge (j. JJ.
Camden, of Clarksburg; C'upt. Thomas
Prince, of Wheeling; Win. ti. Edwards,
of Weston; D. B. Hereford, of Monroe
Jounty, and Col. H. B. Davenport, o( Jeferson
b right lively little skirmish Is in progrees
between fypUjrincp and Captain
i Leatht r. The latter lias been hf re for J
! e-vornl days trying to persuade tho PosU(
I olHce Department that the mail contract:
I taken from him and transferred to Capt.
Prince cu^ht to bereturned to him. honco
tho reason for Capt. Prince's visit to
rOLtllCAh hum oils.
Me lira. Ilnddnn nnd IJ?r?hcluinr Not lie*
iuuv?d kuH Nut Mkrlj tv Mo.
Washington, Dtc. 2.5.--Some malicious
idiot, who has access to the columns of a
New York paper and who was able to {
palm off upon the editor tho Impossible '
etory that tho President had removed Col- '
lector liedden and District-Attorney Dora- '
beimer, lias given all tho New York cor- {
respondents and tho occupants of tho 1
White- Homo some unnecessary annoy- j
.anee to-nifcht. It whs scarcely neevbeary 1
fur anv onu who knows that tho notnina- 1
lions of Mr. Dorshehner ami Mr. Hodden '
(are before the Senate to *o to the trouble (
of asking the President whether he had
ausprnded either of them from office. If J
auch a thing were to be done it would be <
the fi?st awkwardness of which the Prebi- j
dent bad been guilty. It would not only j
! be a gross disregard of all precedent, but i
I would provoke the Senate by its discour- ,
, tery. The regular coursO would be, if the t
! President had any purpose <?> remove an |
Hicer whose nomination had been s-.?nt to |
the Senate, to sen-1 a request to that, body f
withdrawing the nameot the clUeertoln
j remov* d. Ah m'ght havo been expected,
?the President Ima replied to all the dis- ,
Iimtchee (I inquiry: "Perfectly absurd.
Not, a particle of truth in the report."
New Yowk, Dec. 25.?'The story as to
the withdrawal of Collector Uedden's '
name from the Senate, and the eubititu- *
tion of the name of Hubart 0. Thompeou (
therefor by President Cleveland, was the
one topic of distuvion among the politicians
last night. Of minor importance J
was the industriously circulated rumor l
that District Attorney Martine had been j
, nominated for United States District Attorney
to succeed William Dorsheimer.
j Neither the Collector, nor Mr. Uoraheimer, '
nor Mr. Thompson, nor Mr. Martine had t
[heard anything on the subject, and dis- ]
' patches from Washington showed that .
I there waa absolutely no truth in the
stories; still the politicians profoundly (lib- "
cussed the question ss to why the changes
( ought not to have boen made. (
The arrival of Col. Daniel S. Lamont,
the President's private secrUry, from
Washington, soon after 10 o'clock, gave 1
some color to the c'aims of certain county *
Djinoaracy leaders that there was "some
thinir in the wind." Col Laraoat came to c
the city with Assiatabt Secretary of th** ^
Treasury William K.* Smith, of Clinton 1
county, and went at once to the Hoffm tu c
, Uoubh. Mr. Smith, after registering vX 1
the Fifth Avenue Hotel, called on Col. v
, Lament. 'J he latter gentleman waaasked 1
: about the stories regarding Collector Hed- *
den and Diatric* Attorney f)orsheimer by H
a reporter ai he walked up to the r
clerk'd deak in the Hoffman House. c
"The stories are all news to me," he re- r
plied. "I have heard nothing abou', 11
Wtm ho bad genu te his rOD*n a reporter's
card was bent to him, aud it was
returned with the following explanation 1
of Col Lamont's vit-it: t
"I am here on privato business in the t
way of a l.ttle holiday shopping, and my .
visit is of no public interest whatever." 11
... 8
j l-AIIOIt IN I'hllKn 14 IN CON'ti ICE8S. c
I WorkloKUeu Gouier With Speak or Carllalo w
? to CommUifit-a. f
| Washington, Dec 25 ?Committees rc- ?
presentiuj the Trades Congress, recently A
held hero, and the Knights of Labor of D
| the District of C jlumbia, last nijht waited H
on Speaker Carlisle and laid before him t
resolutions in relation to tho make-up of C
| the House Committee 0.1 Libor and other 11
I committees in which the labor organiza- t;
tions are interested. The Speaker was i<
1 -f ? ah 1,
I uryeil to app >ini as cuairmau ui mis cjui- *
mitteo Mr. Foran, of Cleveland; also to b
retain on that committee Mr. O'Neil, of a
Missouri, and Mr. Louring, of Massachu- >
setts, ile was further informed that if ho ?
could not put all of these gentlemen on the r
Labor Committoo the labor organizations tl
would be pleased to have them placed on 1
tho District Committee or on the Commit- n
tee on K'Jucation, in which the working y
people felt deeply interested. The Speaker t<
promised to giva their recommendations C
careful consideration. ' c
Speaker Carlisle denies that ex-Mayor C
Powderly, of Scranton, Grand Master of a
the Knights of Labor, suggested to him on ii
a recent visit to Washinntou the names of u
men be desired appointed on the Labor o
Committee. Mr. Carlisle says be met Mr. t!
Powderly for a few moments, but in tho <4
brief conversation that took place between ii
them Powderly did not request the ap- 1
pointmentof any individual member on
the Labor Committee.
GOVliltSMKM'l'KuNTlNG. p
rta# Work of the OfflcM m* Performed Uuder 6'
the Jlaimfc'uni-iit if Mr, ItonuUa. 0
Washinuton, Die. 25.?Although there y
has been quito a heavy pressuro for the p
removal of Public Printer Rounds there b
is no likelihood of an immediate change u
in that office. Mr. Rounds has proved an b
excellent executive c ilicer, and the busi- a
nees of the Government Printing Otlice si
was never bo thoroughly, effectively administered
an dow. The rapidity with J1
which the Preaident'amee&igo at:d there- ti
ports ol the various Cabinet Ollkera were t<
turned out this year woa reiuarkablo and *'
and strongly commcnded Mr, Rounds' c
administration of affairs of those officials. ,
In tho case of the report of the Puutmas- ,
General, it is learned that tlie manuscript f,
received by the Public Printer on a Saturday
night, and that the whole book, con- r
taining some <>00 pages, much of which G
was table work, was placed in Mr. Vilab'
hands, completely bound, on the follow- %
ing Tuesday morning. *
The Cuiisul'* ItlgUt. ?
Washington, I). c., Dec. 20.?Tho re- j1
cent report of Coutul General Mueller, b
which has caused so much comment, was n
nn* noun bv Secretary Bayard until he
read it in the newspaper?. He was inter- J
estod in it an on item of information and <1
news, but officially he did not concern ?
himself about it. a
Mr. Mueller is a very competent of- ti
ficial, eaid tiopernor Porterassistant Seere- u
tary of State. Siuce his appointment in g
May last he bad answered very ably and H
very satisfactorily all the calls made
upon him. There was nothing unusual
in the manner of his respict. lie took
no unwarrantable liberties and violated no j
principal of diplomacy, It is not only his
right but his duty to discuss and report *
everything that may effect the commerce *
of this couutry as far aa his observation h
extoudi an 1 tu h an .obiervaut nun, far* r,
seeing find of keen insight. },
Ofr for Jsfatr Orl?at)a> *
Washington, Dec. 25.?Tho Congress- j
men and journaliiti, who with the ladies n
of their families were invited some days a
o?o to accept the courtesy of the Baltimore ?
and Ohio lines for a trip to 0)9 Now Orleans
Exposition, left Washington at 10:15
this evening in the elegant sleeping
coaches provided bv Major Pangborn. the
Assistant General Pasoeuger Agent of the &
rovd, who will accompany the excursion- c
i*ts and have charge of tho arrangements d
for their transportation and com fort, h
The Mldolght Alarm .Star! lei n Teurnnrit!
Houae-The Fomlljr are Arnn?cd i?u {
Ln1f?Tlitee of the Children Fell
Vlcilmt ti? tbe Furlou/i Flumes.
New Youk, Dec. 25 ?Kire atarted at an
jarly hour this morning in a two-btory
fraino <1 .veiling in 0no Hundred and
Sixty-sixth street, near Kinnbrid^o road,
which wta owned by Daniel Phelan, and
jeenpied by Patrick Dripcoll and hia faraJy.
The occupants wero ia bed when r
;ho fire Etarled. They wero awakened t
jy the amoke pouring into tin f
rooms. Tltu 6inoko was so thick t
Jirou^h the rooms and h-?lla that i
sficapo was made moflt ditlioult. Patrick v
Drificoll, inwover, luumi nu way oui anu 0
tave an aiarui. When the firemen reach- 0
'.(1 the icene the building was iu Hunts. fi
Soon after the eutiie structure was con- ?
mtoed. Mr. Driscoilr'Lij wife Mary, j
md bju Patrick were severely burned #]
while escaping. Three children, bow.% ,0
>ver, were I urned to death. Ihey were }<
John, Julius and Mary, aged resptctively e'
17, 14 and 7 years, fheir charrtd re- j
nains were found soon after tHe tire was p
iubdued. u
'iOTllKSfil, 11
1 PrrJ*ctrd bhlj?-llail?ftjr <0 PIIU- ti
burgti Wl'li the Oceati. '
Pittiiithou, Dec. 25.?The Commercial g
JottUiBuys: Iu 1872 H. Clay Frick, the A
wealthy coke manufacturer, and Dr. Frank ^
'owau, the scientist and traveler, with ^
>thers, par.ially organized the Trans- u
lllogheny Canal Company. The scheme
vas abandoned as much on account of its ^
mpracticability as of the financial depression
ol 1873. Mr. Paloi ti. Morrow, of g
Jniontowu, now suKgebti the constiuc- tt
ion of a trans-Allegheny ship railway, j;
3is plan, of course, io not original, bt ing c
hat of Captain E*da transferred frcm tl
Cehunntepec to Eastern America. c
The routd propote-l begins near the j,3reat
Kalis of th< Potomac above the ci'y a
if Washington, ruas up ti>e rivtr near the H
own of Oakland, in Garrett county, Md , ^
ind theie enters tho valley of the liver a
foughiogheny. Folio Aing the west bank *
if said s ream sevrral milts into Penr sylrania,
it leaves tho rivt-r, runs nearly
hiriy miles through a narrow ?ap u^ Ci
?v?r the low mountains if Uniontown, 0.
nence uowu iijuhouo crtex 10 urownt- ti
'ille on the Mouou.' hula, and then down
heeastbauk of the lust named liver to Ct
'iitaburgh. \VLierevor a railroad rnna a)
,lrea<ly uu one side of a stftau, tin ship
ail way takes the other, Tne estimated jv
os'. according to Mr. Morrow, including lL
oiling stock, would b? aiout $300,000 ptr n
oile or nearly ninety million doilara.
The route from the Atlantic ocean up tt
he Potomac, over the Allegheny moun- t;
ains and down the Yougbiogbeny and w
he MonongaheU to tho head of the Ohio
ias been a highway forages. Nature her- ^
elf marked it cut. The red man wander- b,
d over it on a number of wilJ trai's. The in
liiees, therefore, had little difficulty ia Ti
blowing i\ noU-bly Washington in 1753 *
.hen he vibited the French fort uu Liiu [\
ilh gheny. In 1754 (ien. Braddoc* cut a ;7j
jilitaiy road for Lin ill-starred expedition Ul
iiich of the way along one "f these
ucient trails, part of which in still mainlimd
nnd traveled. Tho Father of hia
louutry. with prophetic oje, forese^im:
lie yroAth of the mighty West, recornlended
the conatruction_of a cinal over
tieue mountains. lu 1783 the You/h- P1
)gheny was decUrod nayigabh by fo
iw, and in 171)-', as well hb d(
t subsequent date*, appropriations ?
rero vot*?i for its improvement. From .
bout 181G to about 1820 the grout 0,1
tational Pike, from Baltimore westward, hi
a constructed partly over this general fa
oute, and for two or three decades was
be artery of travel for the continent In .
826 the Federal Government, looking to in
atural advantages for communication, as fr
rell as for manufacturing facilitiek, con- G
L'mplat'.'d the ercction of an armory at w
bio, Pyle Falls, and Pennsylvania in
eded a cite, in 1827 the Baltimore <k la
>hio railroad was chartered by Maryland, er
ud in 1828 permitted to extend its lines b<
ato Pennsylvania. Because of the deter- tb
lined opposition of many of the residents go
f the latttr State, the- road waa built B
hrough Virginia. In 1837 the Pittsburgh ar
c Connellflville railroad was incorporated, o;
n 1S54 built to Connellsville, and about cr
809 completed to Cumberland.
Mr. Morrow says: "The plan is very
racticable. No other northern route is 01
o feasible. Pittsburgh would become one k<
f the foremcst cities on tho continent for J1'
Foaltb, population and commercial imortauce.
If capitalists can be induced to m
elievo that the construction of so vast an ai
ndertaking will pay tho money can eaaily P*
o secured. It certainly will bring profit- ja
ble returns when all advantages are con- {.
idered. in
" 'No other river than the Mississippi,'
iys a late writer, 'lias such a vast drainge
basin; from Matyland and the Atlanc
seaboar.l, and from all the country bewean
that and Idaho and the Pacific iE
lope?a spread of fortv-tive degreea of
mgitude. Hundreds of small streams, til
avigable only by fiats and keels, and fifty>ur
subordinate livers navigable by 0f
teamboata, drain their waters from
?renty-eight States and Territories, a baain
s large as the combined areas of England, ,
reland, Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Jr
rcrmany, Auetria and Turkey.'
'By this great sent me," contmuod Mr.
lorrow, "billions and billions of tons of
re, oil, coke, iron, grain, flour, oI'
wine, cheep, cattle, lumber and other
reight from the great central plain of tho ba
Jnited States, instead of finding the ocean wl
y railroad, or by water thousands of
liles out of the way by New Orleans, pl;
lirough the Gulf of Mexico and around
'lorida, can be carried in bulk, steamboat
nd all, right over the mountains, and be .
?livered direct from tin vessel upon tho J~'
hnrves of Washington, Baltimore, Phil
kelphia, New York ami Boston. In reira
tho products of nearly every eountry 'el
nder heaven ean be taken right into the *D
reat valley by tho Trans-Allegheny Ship ?D
A Fight With Trnrapi. n(
Pittsburgh, Dec. 25.?a Ditpalch't pi
ohntown, Pa, special saya: A derpsrte
battle between about a doxen unnown
negroes aud tiamps occurred near jj,?
ere this afternoon. The fight was tho
?sult of an attempt to drive the tramps x\
ora their encampment. It lasted nearly |e.
n hour, and clutn, stones and revolvers h(
rore froely used. The tramps were finally ai
riven off, but not before one of their
umber had been mortally wounded and
nother quite seriously injured by being J*
hot through the shoulder. The negroes Jj
Kapcd unharmed. ?
Xlainaced by rir?.
Milwaukks, Dec. l'5. ? One of the jjj
chlitz Brewing Company's storo houses *
ontaining 1120,000 bushels of barley was ei
amsged by fire Unlay. Lom $76,000;'pi
isurance $08,000. w
){ that Halt* nmt Hw?oii Hie KsobBi {? .!
f???Hlinb!? rr?nk*.
N*w Yoiik, Dec. 23.?'There Whk great,'*
an ou tbe Exchanges yesterday. The
jrokers indulged in their customary ante- 11
3hjH!mas pranks with a vim thatfchowed j
bat they had merry hearty even if many
4 them hail loot their margin? by being
aught on the wrong aide of the market
luring tbe recent Uactuation*. Although
be fun was of the most boisterou* kind, o
!ju participant declared that thuv inttnd- R
id to have a bii.'l noisier time Tt xr, week Q,
a honor of the advent ol lbs New Year.
As scon as tbere was h lull in the
egular busiues3 of the Stuck J.'xchauge 1
wo teams of eta]?art young men preirepared
for a tug of-war. Due team was l,
;amtd "Pretties" and tbe other "lilies." .
i rope was procured. Much cobfujion
ras caused by tbe fact that the "Pretties"
ut-numbercd the "Ugli'/a" abjut t*o to ^
ue. Tbe captain of tbe latter team in- "
isted upon having au equal number of o<
leu on each side, and me result was a tt
raft from the "Pretties." Then the C|
ignal was given ami the struggle comlenced.
Tne rope was apparent- u
/ strong, hot there was a treachrously
weak epot in the widJie. It bu>1- fr
,euly parted, and tbe contestant*, uaex- th
nustedly released from the atrain, execu- II
ed all eorta of eomeraaulta and ground and 11
jfty tumbling. The brokeu rope waa fr;
phced and an at her tug-o.'-*ar ensued, he
lie result of which waa a victory for the or
Ujjlua " The next feature in the pro- vc
rain me waa a game of football. 'I ho ball va
ilia kicked bo vigorously that it hit the
'alia aud ceiling tf the Long Iijom. th
iller one of the chandeliers had been
roken a member of the Governing Coiu- yc
littee appeared upon the beetle and or- tii
ered the game etjpped. The vieitora' vi
allery waa crowded with apt ciators, many vi
f whom were ladies. th
aon afu r noon a man with a hand organ
nd monkey appeared in tiie Petroleum or
Ixchanxe. He took a pDBitbn in tie n<
.'nter of the pit and struck up a lively
ma. He waa soon surrounded by a to
rowd of dancing bears and capeiiug bulls, m
or the time being all thoughts of rite ??<
nd fall of prices for Pipe Limq certifl^aU a ^
ere binished from the minds of the ,)
rokeis A1 were bent upon having a j0
lorry ante-Christmas celebmtion. Tftero |n
ere hundreds ot ayeotatyra in the gal- jtJI
iries, and all ecj.yel tin apart t> toe ^
lllfcbt exicnt. 'ioe orguist turned the
ank asrapidily as ho could, and when- B0
irer his energy fl iggod for a moment the ()|]
ie merry brokoid would shout /or on
quicker time," and the poor fellow waa ce
imp-jH-d to renew U.? UsK WHU might uf,
ii i ai?.in.
After ? * hi!e the nrgania' wa= oraplete- :01
1 exhausted, and then the broke s took ^
iruo at itie ciauk, and me tuued were m
ittled otf with railroad speed.
iMtoouca and orro.v kxciiaxgk to
On the Produce aud Cotton Exchanges ee
ie fan waa not as uproarious as axo:i>*
ie stock and pet:oleum broken*, but it ;j(
as purely enough in all onhcious. The ce
rjduce mon disobeyod all rules of their ra
_i ._i :..t. i ..u..i?-u:n.. ?i.? BE
iiilding, ami the j?*-anks wore very amusig
10 dolh participants aiul spectators. ?f
n? cotton brokers uintupd themaelves by Bij
8 ?nta Clans frolic. One of their Lumber .,t
04 clothed iu a costume of cotton batting. jfl
e looked like a blow imagj of Santa 0?(
Lus. ?
? ah
A CllttI<? I'M AH FtNI). to
Man Fnuud Nearly Ala jlored?Colored
Men Charged With 1% 8["
Cleveland, 0 , Dec 23.?D. J. Begncs.a ^
'omioeLt merchant at Canton, 0., was no
und this morning in his room nearly th
fad from the effects of several murderous e,l
its in his neck and face. When he jj*
osed his atoro la^t night Begges gave to th?
a chief clerk the greater portion of ca
io day's receipts, taking about $200, t0
ostly silver, to his o*n room aJJ
i a building a short distance elt
om his store. A colored man, Gto. in
reen, who had charge of Bpgges' rooms, cai
ent to the place at 10 o'clock this morn- no
g to sweep and dust. A few minutes en
U*r ne anuounceu on iuu huuci. mm mi v*?
nploypi had been murdered, lie taid tin
i found Begins lying iu bed with his no
iroat cut, and that there were numerous upi
tabes in hia (ace and head. As soon aa eai
egges' friends arrived they caused the el<
rest of Green, who has a hud reputatiou, thi
i suspicion cf having committed the thi
ime. > no
There la strong circumstancial evidence qji
)inting totho guilt of the accused. En- ap
area had been gained to the room by pn
slocking the door and Green was the iai
lly person besidt-s Begges who had a lai
>y. All the money, together with ha
eggea' watch and revolver had |>y
ion stolen. Green had spent >or
msiderab e silver money during tho to
orning although he had none yesterday, co;
id when arrested $27 woa found on his
:?8on. Begges is still unconscious, and
is not thought he will survive his in- <
,ries. Thrrtj is a strong f eling againet _
reen and threats of lynching are freely
dulged in. "Oi
~ pli
At Orlando, Florida, Enoch Carter shot sjx
id killed L. D. Btaslv, a policemau. ou
The foreign markets for breadstuff con- op
nue in a very unsatisfactory condition.
Fifteen hundred miners in tho vicinity g|(
Pittsburgh have decided to stand by the yj(
rike. UI
The Fiak University Jubilee Singers '
olored) were refused hotel accommoda- ter
>ns at Troy, N. Y. po
There is evidence that special police- let
en headed gangs of repeaters iu the last WL*
action in Cincinnati.
Dorlin F. Clapp, a rceVnkill (N. Y.) VV
ink prraident, died suddenly in his chair
tiile talking with a friund. \
Two fast line ocean steamers will bo fift
it in Aorvico in April ai an express be- \ri;
een New York and Liverpool. ter
iDUianapoiiBUOuuciimen cuirenn iu rmv- (u>i
12 been olio red money to vote (or a Dotn- tn<
ratic candidate for Ci'y Attorney. 13
Rev. Down*, of Boston, has tnado a
jal demand for possesion of hie church,
d, being refused, will institute proceedGeorge
F. and Samuel Work, two Phila- fQ,
ilphia brokers, havo been found guilty
a conspiracy to defraud the People a 1
issenger Railway Company. Pa!
It is ruled by the Land Commissioner sui
at lands occupied by actual settlers or boi
ild under claims of r< turd are excepted to
)in railroad grants and withdrawal. fee
It is propoeod to pursue the murderous 8'f
pacbes with a strong company of exper- w"
need Indian fighters and a pack, of blood- yal
>unds, the U. S. Army having been un- 'ot
ile to capture them. on
Ben Blsnchard. the real estate dealer,
ho left Terre Haute, Ind., about three :[jj
onths sgo, leaving debts variously esti- :[J
ated from $75,000 to $200,000, arrived [f
>me Thursday und gave himself up. '
The Abolitionists of Brazil are demandg
the immediate and unconditional free- 1^
>in of the slaves, and the Kmperor is ch
ith them in sentiment. He advises the an
lecution of the law pas?ed in 1871, which wi
rovided that children bom of slave st(
others after that date should bt free, pr
1/ n 'chera* to Nit Organ!*? 11?? <Unnto? A ^
Orrni Klltbtwrwrlnc hint 1h*t Will *wt j
Carr? ?1 he <ir?rit FI'iAool?r Will J ?
bo Ilia Ohu ^acof??or. c
CisctssATt, l)sc. So?A correspondent b
f the Cvnuntrciul (Jmrtte writes: The a
nnonnoetnent in the Comuifrcwl Gazette n
f the vaii.-iH efforts of the boodle gang fj
1 Ohio to defeat the election of John }
liertuan to the Senate, have been resd P
itli very markeJ interest by its friends ai
itbiscity. Ths e^cinlly so in rrgaid a.1
?the diapatches from Z ineavillo in the ti
vmmcrciul Gtuc'leoi Wednesday, -wheie- b
y the Djtiiecraw were aiid to nave cou- e<
implated a scheme of filibustering to r<
revent the j lint fiction of the Legiala- n
ire. Several gentlemen who havo bad le
;casion to examine the law relating to tt
tat cause, seeui to think that the Demo* tc
ats have undertaken a great deal more qt
tan they cau posaib'y accomplish. bi
"I do not believe/' said a Republican di
om Ohio, who was here to-day, "ihat ni
10 lllintjia tactics resorted to in .Senator to
arlau's case cau be repeated in Ohio, at
tie Democratic plan stems to bu to re- ti
ain from organ r. ug the Sjnate, and a?
jnce def a'.ing j<. iut action of both houaea
t tne day of eiceiion. This v.oald be all if
itv tcfll if it wmu'o?to a tote Ale. fe'tifii. I Wi
in?for the law." co
"Von Unnkf then," was asked, "that ,a
io action w not possible ? ' yc
"1 do not believe ibo j-.l m presented by
mr Z inesviile corrt-npondent can be car- ^
jd out. tiections H and 15 of the He fl"
aed Statutes of the United States pro- l|s
de very dearly what shall be done in
ese cases, and it would aeetn ex retnely 1?
flicult for a Democrat to succeed. la the 60
si place they s*em to contemplate a resal
of the Senate to a?:t with tho llouae m
i the ground that the former body has *?
it been organized. Now, thia Section vo
of the (Jlined Sutwisaya: Such.'eleC- ari
>ns (meaning for United States Sena- K*
r) shall bo conducted in tho following
anru^r: Kich huuse shall open by u cu
t-a vocc vj e of eacn member prffc.?nt, pi
tui* one person for Seuator in Congresi! )n,
jm tuch a State, and tne name of tho
irdon ao voted for win received a ma- ev
rity of toe whole number of votes cart co(
each house shall be entered on ttoe
urortl of that houso by the clerk or W1
creury tharejf; or if either hoaaj fail aH
give auch m jority to auy pet'- Pr
n on that day, the /act chall be entered 11,1
i ttiejournnl. At \'l oVlock meridian Wl
t the day following that on which pro- UF
euinga are required to take place as at)
oreaatd, the metubara of the two boaaea
a 1 convene in joint aaaembly, and tho ?"
urnal of each uouae sba'l ttien b^ rea l, j1,
td if the earn 3 joreon has received a 13
njority "i all tne votes in (tea house,
! ntiall be declared duly elected as S_?nar.
But if the same pewon hm not re- eri
ived a majority of tne votes in M-ch is
line, or it either h-m-so has failed to Vl
we proceedings as rrqu'red bythiisrc- 112
>n, the j^int awarobiy shall then pic- Da
ed to chouse by a viva voce vpte of each ^r
either present, a person f.jr Senator,
id the person who nceives the m>-j ?rity w'
all toe votesof tli9 j lint asaemoie of h ll?
ajority of all tl.u mombera eKcted to ,Ul
i*M huuipp, being nreaent and voting, PM
all be declared duly elected. If no 'h
raonieceivea *uch majority on the flrat fei
iy, the joint aaat-mbly ahull meet at 12 in
u'ock ineredian ou each succeeding day an
iriug the st8sion if tbe legislature, anil c0
all take at least one vote until a Sena- *al
r be elected. all
"It would therefore eeem re though this w'
itue had been inado txpr? paly to meet
eexin^encieaof thiacme. Inoticeihat ,,e
o Democratic plan om'emplatta the th
in oigauization of the Senate, of *hich M
ey luve <ontrol, but the law there is tri
lally to the point, f ,r I tlnd on i x irui- av
lion -that-should there be no quorum wi
eaent at the c^mmeocrfrotnt cf a session ?'
b l'r??hident of the Senate, who in tbia )'&
ia a Republican, after calling the body i
order, is directed to Bend the S* riieantArjaa,
or, in t?ie ab.ence of that ?tlicer, bo
ybody after the abrenteea. Xotf, the an
iclion takes plica, no*; in the Senate, but coi
the House. The Detnocratic Senate at
a not cloae up ita doors and s*y it will
t permit its Representatives to lar
tor, but. they are comp iled for
go to the House, Vnd if there is indica- w?
n of fiiibuJterinu on the part of the mi- die
rity, the staure 1 have juat quoted ?v<
scitical'y says that a inaprity, not of del
uh house, but of both ncuies, shall ot*
set a Senator. There 6carcelely seems. wl;
eroforc, to be a loop-hnle of eacapa for lh(
a Democratic minority. Of couree, if tor
election took place there would be no to
eation as to whom the Governor would ior
point, after Mr. She)man's term had ex- J'O
ed, but I do not b.-lieve thut with tlva eec
v, which, heaven be praised, is not a ter
v which the Snp><uie Court of Ohio th<
a anything to do with, but is laid down th<
tho Congress of the Uuited Statee, bo- th<
e them, the Damccrata will be likely <5
l'O forward with tho scheme they have iai
ate m plated." a
m? on
VlgOSDX Willi.
rnicxao, Dec. 25.?The game to-night J*1
the balke-line billiard tournament was tV
tween Vignaux ami SIobsod, and was, br:
lyed before an assemblage of scarcely*
) people. There was no betting to
iak of, as offers of 10 to 7.
Vignaux found no takers. The game no
ened up tamely, Vignaux requiring [ei
ren innings to reach 103, against 04 for
tnsou. A run of 35 in the ninth brought "Jj
'sson's total to 144, six lees than Vig- (
ux. fJ
The game was horribly slow and tinin- "J*
eating,Vignaux having made but 202 J?
intsinan hour and a quarter and tif- J.1
>n inning*. The billiards oa both sides J"
re rough, neither player seeming to
ve any life in him Vignaut did manage
wake up in tbo twenty-second inning J?,
a run of 83, aud the call was Vignaux ![,
); Slossou 233. {"
Vignaux passed to his last string in the ]L
y-faurtli inning with a run of 80. Fcore, ~r
gnaux, 777; fclossan, 054. At 12:25, af- **'
considerable uninteresting 'play, Slofl- "u
? ran 3 and Vignaux made 3 points and
?eame. Score: Vignaux, 800, average ,4
10 01, highest 80. bloasou, 710, aver- . .
j 11 50 00, highest run 73.
"* bei
Tl'o Hurled Mlncra. \i
Wilke^baurk, Fa., Dec. 25 ?After coi
ther discussion and consultation by the Prj
^ineera at NanUcake to-day, the com- un
ay decided to sin* a new shaft from the u,,
face at a point directly above where the Ym
dies of the buried minora are supposed Pr>
be. This shall will In about 175 P?
t, and will tako from four to rel
weeks to complete it, even Pri
th tho most rapid work. The exca- "P
Ling of the blocked gangway from the ar!
* n( <l>* iliina iu liuliiu Knanilv f>arriu<l Wt
day and. night, but it ia a very alow
sccBJ, and monthH wiil elapse before
a mine ia cleared, i'rayera were offered '
ia morning in every church throutfhont trc
9 Wyoming Valley for the uulortunaie tic
jn* ,,, 1U
riis New York 5 and 10 Cent Store, wi
i'l Main street, ia tbo headquartora for hu
eap and good articled. In tact almost ab
y article known in their line of gooda io.
il be found on thtir counter#. The tw
H-k embraces good tiuware nt hall ita wi
lotuff of lh? llvtMU i'f lli*? All?u*dcon.
?l>lrloy 4f?lnm Hm Life.
New Yobk, Dec. 2o?1 correspondent
rlegrapbe: A larj;e crowd saluted with
roanse a prison vun aa it left Bow strett
ourt yard list evening bcuod for tho
Herkenwell detention prison Tho van
ontained John Majce, wh^hadjust been
ommilied for trial for attempting to
lackm&iithe Prince of Wales. Magee ia
photographer of small education, who
larriid two months *go a woman of good
imily, with a email family allowance,
lagee wrote long letters directed to tho
rince of Wales at Sundrirgham,
ud marked "Private, impDrlaut."
Ir. Knoll)?, tho I'rinee'd Bi?creiry,
swore that tho Prince invar iiiy
DpbLO.i all letters addr?**ed to him?lf.
1 give txtracts from this letter as
jE'.l by Mr. Poland, the prosecuting attorey;
"Your Royal Highness: Take these
tU rs aside and read them in private, as
ley contain matters concerning an atimpt
on your life. Five intn were renired
to carrv out the order for your elimination,
and for that purpose lot* were
r wo by twenty-seven men. The five
en, of whom I am one* after being bound
i eecrtcy by fearful oatbn and
ipplied with money from tho tody's
fundd, sailed for England and
rived in London a fow daya <
;e. We tiro tu got ?300 o?r:h for the j-.i? (
carried out. 1 am mt Englishman, and ;
m va.'o; to an Iris'* nob.'enatn. 3/y four
lupaniona aro Irish* Americans, and vil- \
im of tho first order. Originally it was ?
mr mother's life that was in iaug? r, but c
she was getting old it was thought bet- c
r to dispose of the future king, and pas- tf
jly the shock wight kill your mother, v
erebykilliug two birds with one stone, o
>r XI 001) I will supply the necjseary o
formation??500 diwa and ?500 as r
on >s my confe Jerat- a ric;iv*e their ren- t
ace. I will also Rive myself up on the i
suranco of a free pardou. The weapon t
be used for your murder in a Colt's re- fi
Iver. Now, your royal highness, if you <j
b willing to accept my iuformation ro- i?
rding what will turn out to be one of ii
0 most horrible and extecaivo cjnspira <*
>b oi modem times, yon must carrv out 1
y instructions to the very letter. Insert C
the standard of December 10, 1885: t!
. 3 F. agroid. .>00 S., 7 i\ m.' Ou the 7
cuing of the 10th seuit a female to the h
rnerof Bro.-k street, Kensington road, ji
The female is to take a nab, and bring g
th her a b*g containing 500 tovereUns tl
d such instfuclions as you consider ti
oper. When ehe arrivts she is to dis F
icntMHiaband instnicthe cabman ti *
lit for her at Christ's Church, and take F
1 her position at a signpost which atauda p
out a dozen yarua from a public lious* v
or. She uiu-l ba there by 7 P. m , and tl
e is to wail Otteen minutes, bat a
a female comes forward and says,
od save the Prince,' she is u
deliver up tho Lag and take in return i<
o sealed packets which are to be deliv- o
I'd into your han is only. One package ri
for you ami ill3 other for ?kcjt!aud a
ird. The pnekag s will contain the teal c
,m*sof my four cnilfederat? s and tho ci
incs under which tuey pats, their ad- u
t-8f>ep, the names of the prime woven, e
nl the iiHtncH of the American cities in t>
tiich they niottly reside, and all other u
c?69ary information. Ah soon A3 the o
en are arrested and 1 am essured f a b
idon,?and you inuit enclose with G
e money a document to that tfjf,*
signed by yourself >o iv
the tirst place,?I will come forward
d give all the evidence nece-Fary to ti
tnmit the whole gang. If you play me
so, look to jourseif, for 1 shall not again P
tempt to save yon. Act in the way si
nch 1 have pointed ou',and I shall give a
psslf up at Scotland Yard, but I will 1
ver be taken by treachei v. K'jclose in a
a bag sjme tok(n by which you can o
mlify me. A signet riDg or some such tl
lie. lastly, till the ar/ests are made a
oid the cluba, when in town, and I here- tl
th swear before God that all I have a;
iiten is the truth. May God preserve
ur royal highness.
^Sigiied] - "C..F. G." (l
L'he Chief Commissionnr of Police in ted
an a?1vt riiatmeufc in the Standard,
d a female detective was given a bag
r/m t ,,.v.;n..u 1,-... u:\
.uniuiufc uuu isjigub iiiukiui; ?
ni^ht lime like sold. TIih priaoncr'a w
fo took the bag, and was riven a ?cot- 0|
id Yard n&te oi tliHuks, telling the in- ,
mer that ho would be still btt'.er rerdtd.
On thia cccaeion the husband w
I not turn up. The det?ctive, how- tr
?r, followed the wi/c,':and her resi- p(
ace waa identified. Aa expected, an- 1
ier letter came addressed aa before,
lich wan fully read in court 1 give fur- "
jr extracts: ''The only effect of the w
thini* dodge is to increase my demands u,
?1,500, and to take extra precautions
my own safety. We could have shot
a the other day at tbe' cattle show, hut "
ape would have been impossible. My .
ins are now ?750 down, and ?760 when f1
j affair is over. On tbe 17th imsert in ''
? Standard: 4Abcx\z, 750f, G p. m. on ?(
j eve 17, at same place as before.' At I(
the eatno lady who brought the *
things is to ba in waiting with 11
box containing ?750 in sovereigns r!
ly, wLich ene is to give to fj
i famalo who gives the pissword. 'God
ire the Prince.' If tho conteuta ot the n
g are corrccf, at 10 o'clock the same *
tming at tho eatno place the lady who 1
[ Kb the money is to be waiting with a H
vered carriage and detectives to cjnvey 11
i wherever it has boen decided on, and
juarant-e that my associates are arrested ['
12 o'clock of the same evening. It will Ic
tsutlice that the bag contains 750 sovegnu.
It muht pho contain a promise of C1
!o pardon for my slure In the conspiracy, *
d unlets that promise in in the bag I ['
II not turn up at 10o'clock. ?
On the second occasion another adver- u
ement was pot in the Standard, and n
lice were sent to shadow the woman
th the second bag. Tae prisoner and *
i wife weroseen in the vicmity, but no 11
empt was made by either to set the bag
to come near tho cab. It is now be- w
ved the prisoners had "pals" watching
10 Raw the police and gave some signal,
thing was left fur the police but
arrest the pair, and this was done. ri
0 prisoners were taken to his house,
lere wero found two Standards of the is si
?a he had mentioned, each with the adrtisetnent
marked, and undfr the first R|
vertieernent was wriitiu "damned vil- f.j
d." More ot his handwriting was
ind. Also on a scrap of paper on p
lich he. had written ' final instructions," ...
iuga phrase used in one of the letters.
1 expert in handwriting testified by
jiprmou that there was no doubt tho *
Isoner wrote tho letter. 11
rho wife was discharged as having been P
der martial coercion, and it is believed ol
it she was entirely a dupe. Scotland
ird finds from his antecedents that the V
isoner was sane, and evidently the b
lice, with the Prince and his friends, w
jard the matter seriously, oxpecling the T
isoner has, as he alleges in his letter,
als." The case will be tried in Janu* u
and evidently will be a eaute crftbre, t<
ien the Prince must himself testify. n
ChtUtmmt irt? C>*uiatc<l. ^
Chicaoo, Dec. 23.?A huge Christmas
ie, bearing all kinds of gifts for the pants
and attendants at the Presbyterian K
jspital and lavishly illuminated with ^
ix caudles, caught lire to-day while a 0
indred or mare people were packed
out it. The ties and its contents blvzed
, furiously that the clothing of some
unty persons caoght fire. The flames 1
are soon extinguished and no one ftr- . *
rioualy U'jured. {
The Full Torqnln L'Muilt I'miihI by the
Fi'ftcli Urpaiiw-A Nniruw Mnja?tiyof
Pug* Oat it 044 Voti?-*'?"
o?iy bccort of Lxcltcinont.
Paris, Dec. 23.?Tho Chamber of Depu*
ties adopted tho Torquin credit by a vote
of 274 lo 270. It i3 rumored that, owing
to the ckaenrti* of the vote, the Cabinet
has rrHigiu-d.
The iirifson Ministry bus accomplished
a smart stroke of political a'.rate# v. Next
Monday tho French Senate and Chamber
of Deputies are to elect a President of tho
French Republic to hucejed M. Urevy.
The preaeut Cabinet otlleers are natura'ly
solicitous for the rejection of M. Grevy,
iuid up to a month a#-) it looked as though
the latter would have almost a walk-over.
Within the past few weeks, however, a
question has come to the front upon which
he Government found itself arrayed
igainst a mpjority of the Chamber of
Deputies?the old qdfstion of remote
ttlonial enterprises ami the expenditure
)f Fieiich blood and treasure to establish
nrotectorates in Torquiu and Madagascar,
die enterprises were legacies from M.
jrambetta. which wrecked M. Ferry and
rhich have constantlv throats?ned tJ ruin
MM. Briasou and de Freveinct.
When the recently elected Chamber
vsh organized special oommittet s were
.ppoitited on the Tonquin and iMadagnaar
questions. Bothhndieaopposed furuier
redits, and were iu tavor of closing both
uu-rpmeH. Uf the Budget (J.numitteo*
vhich consists of thirty-three members,
inly four were in favor of the continued
iccupation of Tonquin, aud practically
lone wished the further proseeutiou of
he Madagascar project against the Ilovas.
11 tue fdCd uf mis kuoa'u opjoxition, M.
Jrisson asked for a creuit of 75,000,000 "*rare
j to continue the operations iu Tondin.
The Tooqu'rf Committee decided
) recommend a credit of 11),000,000 franca
astead of the 75,000,000 asked. This
rassubmitted to tiiu Uliamoeroatho lt?th.
"he next day it was announced th#t the
Jabinot had decided to treat any redituion
c f the demanded Tonquin credit cf
3 000,000 franis as tantamount to a deciration
of want of coulideuce. Tnat was
ist a week ago. Now the cause of the
overninent's confidence is revealed by
lie ofiic'al publication of the outlines or a
realy said to have beeu made between
ranee and Madagascar, the terms of
hich are wonderfully advantageous to
'ranee. The B issou" Ministry is now
oiniiog viitb pride to thin achievement,
'ie Parisians are applauding the result,
lie French greed for glory is agiin aroused
nd the Tonquin credit was voted to-night.
Now that M Brissou has won his vicjry,
although by the narrow majority of
>ur in a vote of 544, there is a glowing
pinion in Paris tnat ttio trea y was overbed
to enable the Government to trimph.
Several newspaper* directly actum
MM. d? Fr?V(?irint unit Rrinunn nf
oncoetirig certain paragraphs of tho
outy published which uro not in the
enuine document. However thin may
e, theootnuwa'itn which haj beenBtimated
by this tapposed gloriou3 ending
(ihe Malagasy war is invaluable to ihu
ioveroinent ami probably iusures M.
irev/s rt-fclccu'oD.
The Uu?s?ru-;?i vUn VTnr.
Lot uotf, Dec. 25.?A correspondent of
,lo Potl who visited the Servian lines reorts
that a startling lack of discipline is
nown by the army and that an outbreak
mong tho troops is not at all improbable. ,
he life of King Milan, tho correspondent
Ids, ia coiiBtahtly threatened. A portion
f th? Bulgarian army has returned from
lie front and entered .Sofia. Triumphal
relies had been erected in the streetfl and
le victorious Boldiers were enthusiasticlly
welcomed by tho people,
[? Drctnres Tlmt Kotlilog Would Have Iodaeetl
lltin to Kill 11U Wire.
New Vohk, Dec. 25.?Gerard Frannin
orman Murray, the young Englishman
ho professed to be related to the Duko
f Athol, walked into the Jefferson Maret
Police Court to-day almost aide by sido
ith the charming young wife whom ho
ied to persuade to join him in taking
[)ison last Tueeday. Both are unusually
)od looking. He is tall and manly, with
id cheeks and a slight brown moustache;
bile the two weeks' bride has light
rown hair, large open eyes and a
>sy little figure. She is not quite
i. They were both styliahly drfhsed.
Mrs. Murray testified that she had
banged her residence bo as to eccapo her
usband. On Tuesday lie learned her
tldrt'Pfl.m 1 about S):H0 came to the house,
irced hia way into her joom and pleaded
ith her to return to England with him?
not as his wile then as hia sister. She
t fused and he left the room, but returned
hortly afterward with threeb ittles labeled
opium," "chlorine" and "whisky." lie
lixed their contents in a tumbler hiuI
'anted her to drink half, while he took
tie rest. When he |>resenkd the pistol
be ecreamed, and the landlady camo?iuto
:ie room. He handtd the revolver to her.
Mrs. McQuade, the landlady, then teatied
that Murray said as ho taw her: "I
>ve my wife too much to harm her."
Mr. Murray, laboring under evident exilement,
told bis story so earnestly and
ith so much feeling that it watt plain
ja'.his troubled have cpftid.o,a^ of his insnse
love for the girl.- Ho said that for
ko nights before discovering her he had
either slept nor eateu. "1 was half
lad," the young h.usband continued, "but
had no idea oi shooting her. I would a
inusand times rather die myself."
The trial was not ended, and Murray
as remanded to jail.
Manufacturlug Nut?a.
All the Bellaire window glass works are
inning bat the Union.
Almost all the factories of this vicinity
mtdown for Chriitmrs.
The new Manganese iron ore mine in
fienandoah county, Va., tiuds ready Kale
r all its output.
The Benwood blast furnico, at Martin's
erry, blew in late Thursday night add
ltd-j its first metal yesterday.
The Coshocton, Ohio, iron ami steel
orks have closcd. tho proprietors rlaim
ig inability to make a'protlt at present
rices. One hundred men are thrown out
[ work.
The employes of the Hartman Steel
fire Nail Mill, at Beaver Falla, made the
ingest output ever made in oje day's
orkat that institution on Wednesday,
hey turned out 167 kegs of ait siz?s.
The Bellaire nail mill shut* down Janary
10. It is said that Mr. McCortncy i?
) tind a purchaser for aU the etecl he
lakes among the other mills in the Westrn
Nail Association in compensation for
is shutting do* n.
Tin proprietoro of aalvation 0,i|f the
rqateai cure on earlh fbr pain, pay tt
irge reward if any Cdrtiticp'^ published
y them is found rot g* duine. It cost*
nly 25 cents a bottle.
*!H*I&A?FIR-?HROB?.-At fit. Matthew**
U. church, by iuo lcjior. Itav 11. Uuth
VoluwUy evfculiiK, uewmbor 'U, IMS. Mr. J??w
; HiuiutAri-CB una Mu* Lavua Uahikn, both oI
,h;> u?]\

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