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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, December 26, 1885, Image 3

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% s. ghodu k Co;
IW ?< Call cot*. new d?rk Mylar, Cc.
AH Wool Medlctted Ked Flannel, 12)*c, worth
A) en.
All Wool Gray Twilled Flannel rod tired from S6c
10 A i tt.
if, nv* Canton Flanne'. worth 10c. forte.
Jjulit^' All Wool Scarlet V?t?, 60c.
Y*r?i wide Cn-tonu. wor* h 25c. for lGc.
) onl.le width l)ri-u Good*, worth2De. forl2>4c.
. i men DrtM(*ood?, worth 20a, for U%c.
xtra Fine imtf Good*, worth 25c, for JOc
K in nan t*. Hatd Nalnaook r-neapat iOc, for 12%c
Mw -trio Tycoon Kept. worth -.?c, for 12Hc
Kxtra Fine HenuUtcbtd Handktrchiels for icon
tlimen. pure linen, wortn 60c. for 25a
i. ntk-ineu ?IIeoi?tftChcdsllkHandkerchlo!?5Cc.
(. ntH-mru'ii Initial HerottiUhed bilk lUudkcr
chick ciira flue, cnly $ 00.
hxtia Fine IU3J**? Linen Table Cloth*, with
.NniiklLM t*> Miatnh, la CO and 16 W per set, 2d perceat
les> than ever nold.
121'iecen Colored Surah Silk, new (hide*, best
ciuiiiijr, worth $i 25, for 6!c.
1 h*a'.Hk'* b;ac< Silk at 20 percent reduction.
Kiuwt hider down Qallte, covered with French
A choice n?*?>;tinent of Fancy Goods suitable Itt
Hoild*y Prvktuu.
Don't wait lint'1 Jsnnory to htiy Indies' and
C1 Man's <los*s. You cin now And a better as
?o".mt:ut aad the prlc?? u? low.
vl'<j !i?v- fjauneuwrd our Slaughter Sale of
Wr&p* to d* y.
insurance Companies.
mo valley fike insurance
Offici-No. 1209 Main Street.
CAPITAI -4100,000 IfI***
j general Fire Insurance B twin eat Farm i
l-'r.j-ony aud Dwelling Uouki and oouteute iuv^A
lot three or lire years. I
Alex. Laushlin, Jot. Speldcl,
Henry ac^iaulOdch, a. a. U-t,
J. V. L Kudgem, l'r. R. W. Haxleti,
Henry Horkhtlmer.
JOS. 8PK1DEL, President.
v.". L Mci.rRK. Secretary. ocT ,
wheeling, w. va.,
omc*?No. 41 Twxltth &T*xrr.
CAI'ITA I, $100,000
J. jr.t-.vCLL, GHORGKUUOii, I
Kobut Cbakslx, President. [
J. r\ t'AULi, Vice President.
M.rtui tfxvu, aecreury. 1
C. ti. 3l.NitU.SEY. Wty Agent. J
li;?nr?* ail kinds o! property at reawnable rate* ,
_ r-M ,
or WHHLKU, w. V4.
CAPITAL. 100,000 1
lasr.'c* kf-uukt lots or daisajte by flru and ligbtb1h<
aii du*cs of desirable property, also insure* :
autoes on trie YVt?:ern water*.
J. .\\ Vance. President, M. Rellly. Vice Prwldeut.
J. 1* -.uc-hlun, ecc'y, Jas, P. Adams, Au't ticc.
J. N\ Vance, M. hdUy, L. C. Stl/el,
J. 1L ilobtw, C. W. tmnxheim.
ii'vNK ob 1UE um? VALL?YC'APi
r.iL 1175,000
Ws. a. I?rrr .. ~. ?.President
Km. a. Vice President
Dnits on rnglaad, Ireland, France and Germany
Wn. A. I?:tt, Wm. B. Simpson.
j. a. Miller, Joan K. Bouioid,
h. y. .vuiuson, Victor Rosenburg,
Henry styeyer,
aril F. r. J EPSON, Cashier.
J.N. Vases President
bmOEL La tonus .. ... ^Vice President
J. S* V*nr?. 8. Horkhelmer.*
H.:.augliliu, w. kUlngnam,
I- 5. A. W. Keliey,
John Kr^w,
Dr^'ts L?u?rd on England, .Ireland, Scotland and
all putniN in hurope.
i'tocli ^collets.
l.siAULlslIKD 1??1.
P. L o'TJtpiitNioif. Geo. L Wnrn<ZY
New York Stock Exchange,
NOB. 612 A 614 LIBERTY ST., .
PittHbur^h, Po.
?J"*icck.i. Bond< and U. a Sccurltla bought
&nJ ?u;d for catb or on u*u*l maigina. New York
aacl cutmnlalon.
Otfr.-apoudence ?oI!clted. Befcr to Plttiburgb
Eant'T* cfiiomllT. no^
jjusiocss (Cards.
Curpcutorand Builder,
Brick und Wooden Building* Erected.
limit*. Valley*, riky Ugb to, Counter* and Shelving,
i- wor* promptly attended to on reaionAble
WTri.'op?Alley U, rear ol CUpltoL Seaidence.
po h ?Vl.;t.vntli iitrwt. ribop In rear. 1*3
i'nu'iioal UpliolMteror,
Mauulacturcr ol and Dealer In
V.\K10R Fl'tOiirt'RBand
K '.ct ol Fine Easy Chain on hand, ?uitabla lot
l'nm.au?. etc.
_' N" 17 K-KVESTH BT . near Main.
General XicMnkts and Engine Bafldirtt
Cor. CbapUne and Eighteenth Street*.
arSClAL iTTKVTlON given to Repair Wort
jJj*?11" to r the rclebratcd Judaon Oorernor.
3?apte e&acthonst.
HohinMon, FarlM &> Co.,
'.Uclaren tad Pualm la r TT TulMy
Ko. id! ?iL.< Srarrr.
Ttlrpnoae Jll. Wlualln*, W. V?.
^tilSban iauh prlo# paid for Rao, Paper and OUJ
~ gstaU
Real Estate Atfent
Bpwial utantloo jlrro lo collecting Renta and
?< MtonU n>?r.*genjeut of Real Batata. Can fur
alia t**; rcierencea
I'CTVUVIIT yitwUnt. w V*.
Conking Miulo Easier and Better.
kOlaiKii BllUiT-XlJTIltSU WAST ID.
Br n?^o t vht Un I venal Contlng Crock, ''and for
ll"'?"t i\Jcirrti'?n. AtwiU mafcafl to Ma J?T
UciU ra JOU.N w. Flail BK, l!H Front Bu, N. Y.
Cures Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness,
I Croup, Asthma,13roncliitis,Whooping
Cough, Incipient Consumption
and relieves consumptive persons in
advanced stages of the disease. For
sale by all Druggists. Price, 25 cts.
CACTIO*!?The (tannine
only in ?rA</? tmpptn,
pJULI - atn!liearao?imcl?(rrr<lTn4DB
M.tnK?,to wit: A BmWl Ifttvi
1AIIIL*' f?< i,?rj Cirrlt.a Ri't-Alrip Camtlio
W. Bull
Chow Lancc'H Plucrs.
Frlco IP C'cmU. Hold by all UrucgliU.
For seven years T guiRre-i with a cancer on xnr
.'aco. All the simple were appiudto alleviate
the pain, but the plaja continued togiow
finally exv-udlrg Into my iiok, from which came
a jellu*i?h discharge very odcnslve In?harocter.
It w?s also inflamed, ami onu ij?l ine i? *re*t desL
Abo-ttightuiauf?mrol Aim In Atlanta. at the '
house of a friend. who?o strongly rto-twm?*uded
the use of awiita Spedac that 1 determined to
make ?ii offeri to procure it. In thla 1 waa success
ul, and btgau lu use. Th<* Intluer.ee of the J
medlclii'! atllist was to somen hat aggrav*t* the
sore; but noon the Inflammation was a-lajed, and '
2 began to itur>rure alter the Unit ftw bottles Uy
Kentral hi aim has greatly Improved. 1 am
stronger, aid abetodu any klud o work. lbe
ranter on mjr faf e te<an to decree and the ulcer I
to h<**l- unill ih?*r;i la not r va?iIi m of It left ?n>?
a little war mark* the place w hire it bul Wu. I >
am ready tottuwerall >|Utationi relative to tbla
cur<*. mu. Igicjc a. UcDonau). 1
Atlanta, Ga., Auguit U 1?6
I have had a cancer on tnr face for rome Tears
exteudiurf tmm one i h rk Lcue acroaa tbc note to (
tbe otn?-r. It baa smn me a y rtat u?al of pain. at
tlmts burning aud llctilQ< to ?u- h tti OXteut that j
It was ilm<vt uubcarable. I mirra'-nttd uaipg
svrift'a ap*?idc iu Jiay, IvO, an-1 have ured c.'gbt
txxtl'M It ban given tr.tf RtMir?t relief by removing
the iidlaintuail?n nod re?to:lng my crucial r
health. W. Biwo, L
knoxfil o, Iowa, Sept. S, 1S85. (
For many Tinr? I ?a?? tuScrer with cancer of
the uoa*. ard having Ik-cu cur>*d br tb? two of 8.8. 1
1.1 feel cot *tr*:u (1 by a Mjive of duty lu'suffering
liuaiaaliy to wake tbl? a^t?n>eut of my caac. a
n>lthth? fuuriteuth b?ttio the cau'.er br? an to
act1 rapidly aud boon dk>at>p?are4. au>i for ureial J
month* then* ha* b-cn n'i app^wuc- of a mre of
in* kind on my uooo or Uc*, neither i* my n<*<* at V
ill U'Udtr to the twuch. 1 bare buen about two
lcz?n bol'Jea o. 6. t>.. an-l am umndly cured. and 1 I
kn?? Uiai ? H. ? eile-Jto-i the turn after even
iluwu ritaeJy wm tried and bail Wed. , l!
Fort Gaines, Ga., iL?y i, 1;45, t
I had beard of tbo wonderful cures ot Swl't'a jprclflc.
and revolted to tjy it. J commeuoed
.tklQg It In Ap'tU W<u Mr K?neral haalth wa* j
jju n tinpr -veil. jet tbc cancer wricli wu In my
sreajit couilunud lo growMowiy b-U aure'* Toe jj
>uu*:h xrcw aud b?.ca ie t}Ul'c be ivy. X l?-It that 1
nu?t either have It cut or dlo Uut it ?"Mnmenr**?. w
(1.1)1 an.I:.i/ nii4iiti'iin of aiuiutl black, thin*
!<1chm1. It CvJDUUOftl beAiiuj? ATO'lEil the un
;11 Kebru&rj, win'U It wu cntixcJj be?.'cd up muU
rcli. MltifcV Wood.
? ocbe^ett,PI ncouth Co M m, July U ISJO.
awift'a npeclllc In entirely vean table, and ?e*nr
jo cute uuiceri by forcing cut ibe lmpuritlta trott
kc bl'Ud.
TrctttiM.* on FJo-v! PHn Dipnoi mailed frwTuK
fWiPTsmifJca>., Drawer 3, Atbwu Ga
f \157 W. Ml St. o<29 imw
fortftle i'yLotan<t rw.>na I-jtighUn >n* JfeO>
An Efficient Remedy
In nil ciwrs of Hrouchiiil uml Pulnio*
unry Alfrctioiis is AVElt'ri CHPititr
1'Kcroit.iL. As fcllcll it is r?fOiniiz?'(l . 111(1
prescribed by the medical profession. ::ti<1
In many thousand* of families, for tlio '
past forty yours.il has bceu regarded a* utt
Invaluable" bou?ehofd remedy. it i< a
t?r?-;?;?r:t:ini? l bat only rotjuirfs to lie taken
in wrvumall ?|iinntltU-s, nml o f?-w doses
of it administered in tlio early Manes of ^
cold oreouyh will effect it speedy euro,
and may. vrry j?o?ilily, save life. Tlicro
is no doubt whatever that
Ayer's Cherry Pecfora!
Has prwrvnj tin- live-? of wont number*
of persons !>y:irre-.tin'* the development of
Laryngitis,' lironeliltifl, I'neuinoiila,
mid I'unnonary ConsuinnUon.und bv
' - '* i,II,It
flliouM b.? kept ready f<?r use In every
fnuiiiv where there nrc children, as It Is a 1
medicine far superior to all others In the .
treatment of Croup, tho alleviation of
M'houiiln^ Coiitfu.iind therureof Colds j
muI lullmmia, uthnrtlts peculiarly incidental
to childhood anil jvmth, Prompt!- I
tude In dealing ullli all <li.*eases 0f th|*
elajw i* of ih'! utmost importance. "J ho 1
Jots of u single day may, in many cmc.s,
entail fatal consequence*. I.'o not waste
previous time i-i experiment hi? with .
Jnwlii'ilies of doubtful efficacy, while the
malady I* constantly training a deeper
hold. but take at onCV the speediest und
biu-: certain to euro, E
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, >
Dr. J, C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. ~
Sold bv all I)ruj,'j,'NN.
Ha Brmtat MeditjlJWjcjb of IhiAgtl
wAnnin I IUCO i
I URrlu hivtni
of appetite. Bo wela eoetUe, Palate
the bend. T?llb ft dull een*atloa la the
back ?arf. ?ai> oadcr the boulderblade.
Fallnoaa after eutlag. w?a a dieInellnatloa
to excrtlooef bud/ or sBjad.
Irritability of temper. Low eplr^wu*
o feeling of baring neglected *?"? d"tJr?
Wearlaeaa, Dlxxlueaa, Flatierlnf al lha
Heart. Data before tbo orea. lleadacbo
orer the ri*bt eyo? Reatlo??aoaa? wica
fltfal dreama, Highly colored trine, aad
tUTl'l PlLLfl are especially adapted
to recti aaaoa, one <Jo?e efTacta such a
I twi'i oy aruif nu>ia.
OFFICE 44 .Hurray St., VewYoric. *
l?a K?lnblo 11.-tin* W ior l.i*?r lompH-uUtnd iUteatu?l
HT iilcnnfMl .* lofTNl ourdii imoi th? |jv?r, w D*v c
P^frtia, t\ro?tip*iv>??. Jauwlwo, Hradx-tM, :
?te- l? r"*nl?t?ntli?bow?l?.p?jn. ?
AeaHta h ?fn>n?tK?ii? fh? * ???, ? ? rilrwtlno. ,
aw urvAZ.UA8Z.R family aixDicrsrs. F
Thouaonciaof ta^tlmoniJinurovoltamortf, .
Ajrt mtwnrr wii.i.tku?*?>" txn iirixtatiun. '
CREA^BALMmmV?y b^jfi
AliMTB "iTiUmm.- llSsdS!
Uon. 8Mb Soraa,
olTuU, n?m>c*KL '
Siq.U. ]
U.tJlPo<ii>?.Cilr.H^H^vCV^SV^B I
haa gained an enrtable |iAYaCpl/r D ]
reputation. dl*pl4Cln*1~ 1" ? I
ail oth?r preparation*. k particle 1* applied into <
each nortril; no pain: igracabUi to use- Prtre .
febr mail or ?t drujcglit*. Send fur circular. KLY '
BftOTlUiU. PruolMi, Uwefo, H. Y. Kpl7
Ufa Md
OlBc? i Nor. 90 *ji?J 37 foartcentb Street.
For the InUlUgcnctr.
, nr IIU MAX will.
Just beneath the glittering drifts where everlasting
Hound the summit of a mountain, shooting upward
fierce and wild.
From a to k rent deep and icy, Ju?t below the drifts
of snows.
Under rlitfa and banging bouldora, there's a cry?ul
fountain tlows,
Leaping down from took to rock, and winding,
ilowiug farther down
Overiloors of *hfnlug mica, snow-white quart* and
granite brown,
PiayitiK onward, darker, lighter, in the shade or
?unl ght kit*.
Till 'tis liwi in MhllvlJeo'a dread and fathomless
Wber*that crystal spring li welling, says tboatorj
that la told.
Once was all one gleaming galaxy of lands ana
drift* of gold,
'Ifong the rucks and eddies ahinlng, in the whirlpo
1 and the ?pray.
Bright aa rainbows on a cataract whe:o sunbiaaa
dance and play.
lu that diubiug rvulet the golden graius were
httliertd dovrn
Richer i h?u the gems bedecking Syracuse'a tyraut'a
And the long and silent ages volcaleta came and
j? toed away,
Bringiug yeers wi'h change of seasons, tprlug aud
summer and decay,
Bringing winter with its avalanchcs down thi
mountainside, 1
Ku.?blmr rain alt before and devastation far'and
And tLe iml* ttrvnui wu dmhlng still aloug from
WhlxpcrlpR to it?clf content# d inluao'itudoalone.
Human fact had never trodden uy the roughueaaof
the ?te*-p;
Human eyes hwl neverteen thecryatal water* purl
aud leap;
Human thlr?t for gain had never pillaged o ar the
? >lden aauda,
All there reded u jmoU&t ,-d la the anowy mountain
B it they can** a: lait, the daring men who never
turn or yield
rill all uij v.cnare laid open and all lecreta are
\nd they came, and ranucked over all the monntaiua
wild olid bleak,
found the vein of qu irt/. and traced It upward town
rd the aagiy peak,
Traced it ov-r mite aud canon, up the steep and
cold ravine,
* here the gulden drift* were bidden an 1 no eye
hid ever aecn.
t was their#! Ihe rude despoller* In their era?*!ei
and jjyp,
Vhen they aaw the gold-bars shining, laughed and
clappjd their bandi like boys,
! hen forgetting the long lolling upward from the
river'? brink
'ar, far. far a town beneath ,thea, where the very
day cloud* sink
Jut of fight Delow in distance, aud the roaring of
the tide
lad k.'0?ii liinW to a whisper and at last had
ccaseJ auddi d.
?r the gulf of Nlblividea they a bridge of roj?ca
ha j apMUUttd,
llcntcd to the tliift projecting o'er the chasm on
either hind,
Locking upward irtm bc'ow the facing clifla from
s de to aide,
eem< d t > touch almost, asuodcred scarce a half a
fathom wide:
md the bridgs coul \ not be ?een from there, oxctpl
by windi-'twoa swaytd
Vhia the ?uu>h nu cltaraud freely on the humpea
cables pin) *i:
htt it luokod Ilka lome frail gosaamer upon a
IrilMaut wmie tie sun Is shining in the br.'ghtnesi
<>( ttuaawD.
UHdius by th* b-ldge. the lronling wills frowned
bick ?ii'i forth, in mxt*.
I'isiil ua 1 M-nriv J by stortus and earthquakes,
and y delude mu.j by aga:
mvl ttu lurgiv, hearing vitw.ng, did they seem
a!tno?i t j meet,
lut were juruil lit hate subllmo /our hundrc.l
yswuing f-.t-t.
ar Iwtwith. itf (jam vrts flying like a storm of
driven ?JtOW,
I'erth* rock* that v-'xed the rire*, down live
ih'>u<|tnd ftct below.
.lUea thrv?l the : bridge swayed and kccvued
no nrtner.Unriatlire.id
tret-lied front cliff tj cliff.aero* the rrurlrg
river's wnott-b-d;
inly two of the lightened cibles that composed
the bridge cotnii.eteUt4
to cilu'.* t? w.tlt the hands, the other for the
fearless feet.
'el artvi UU ar?ulf tl bridge, the during miners
took their way
,'o nud tr?iii ilie ?nowy mountain at dawn and
llOM3 0( tlltV,
f perch nee tnu bulu ifew giddy at the fearful
depth below,
liey looked upward *t the sky or stars or clouds
or ?eak? of ?.uow.
itul intMvit ?murd to the rock<r*t? where thu
ie?rt (ubld Olid A rest
hi the cjiiimu clustered pillars c< the mountain,
i f lhe.\Vt?t.i
a the morning w'en the sun ha! lighted up the
glacier streaks,
ragli? swuiipsd from hidden serif s a~d went
scr?an:ng 'niftig the pe*ks,
Vheel'ng round and round the tummiU, cross and
an a at.gry to be flr>t
)t the moiwrohs of tae mountains, where no
human evgrdttpU,
'o he tjra'.u of tae wlldarnen w|jiro cedars
dwarfed and rl?l
n the crurlcas if cliCS with roots Ilk j twisted Iron
.'rook'd and crataoM with the decay and the decrepitude
of sge,
fangimc there deiying texpeats and the whirlWlc4*
rusfi and rage.
Hien the eagla found the brtdga suspened there
Iron wrtlt to wall
'he7 flew rushing, screening round it wilh their
ho*r??ly demtn call,
lUlng hUh a Dove sad j lunglog down in gyraiory
rlcr>e and furious to find that huaan .had such
skill mduenre
letting with their wings, battling with a hate and
.ike the Jungle lions teir the snares found spread
alo?H \bt\t patu.
t wm autumn. Jt was twilight. Suukenwastho
tvenlug mm.
ind the toll worn mintra rested?labor far the
Aij wiut aone.
>arkne.?s <tiled down around them ;.snd ;the*?ky
fu blue above,
>nd toe moon was softly shining with a light of
peace and lore;
un were hi arc lug pale and tranquil, silent o'er
Ihd roclsluatthrew
iaduwa down along themouniaia where the ap?
cient cedars grew.
t was twilight and tbe raiusrs in the shade of
riitf ai^t Ti^H?
!estrd e:e tfiey xiught their;campe..hcyond the
giduy. swinging -ridge,
uddenly the Hasn of r.ilt-s broke from] every
tnd tbe mluc.s aa they rested, in eternal rost were
but one- he headlong downward o'er a high
mid tocky wall
long hlmseli-a clump of tangled manzanita
broke the fall;
tnd he lay concealed snd listened as tho bandits
dQwuward rushed
*0 sACurc thet-pojls, all buisterous, with their savrge
victory IJusljed.
iud he knew Jo?iuiu wa* with (hem, and the
story all wa?told;
'hey nere robbers from J'enoche pillaging the
mine* fur gold.
'aused they but a moment viewing .that tho. dead
w ere dead indeed,
'hen pessed down the winding pathway toward
tbe camp with hurried speed,
.nd he bend the:n, and their words were, borne
upon tb? alrafai:
Etta uuuM' ttfa bue*o!tl}iuno tempo dt Knar!"
p he sprang aud drew his dagger, and wjtjj desI
erate dettga
'ollow-ed tliu.u ud^wu the pathway under boughs
of flr and pine
lough ?ud gaarled, aid In dead silence hurrLd
on 'ueaih cJlir and ridge
ind came up while tbev were erasing o'er the
ciesking, swinging bridge.
topped bo ktiU and looked out at them. Not a
* ord be breathed or spoke;
lut he looked, and w'.tli jjis dagger slashed the
cabiM *aa uiey oroaei
V'itb r yell like tor- urvd demons in the world of
Death and Night,
bey went flown with awlal cuttings, and in
mitU were iO'l Iruia ?intit~
lungrd and whirled adown the dark ftbyai into ,
toe Ccp!h? bdow:
lchot? an*wered back ihe awlol groan* o! horror
and of wco.
Icfcpoi cfaM.nl, and all waa orer, and the gulf bo"
ne*Uj wa? dark,
ind the iu:k? tea; loosntd tUve it kung In
ilence till! aud tfara
I'er the yawulugcl}a*m; and farawgy Iheta oam*
a murmured uu an
!p tltwiti*. a w?a ih? ther charting 'galnatlti
walla of itone.
hen Uu.- night wind whijp??rcd oftly, monoicams
fell with gentle kits
in the W'ld ciltb trownlug SlUllvldcu't dari
l)oci It trer occur to yoa tbmt many ro
nances reel in advertisements, as poems
n books? I presume tb%t this is vpry
>rettily said; at all events 1 have a diainct
recollection of having read something
if the kind somewhere.
How, when and why I was led to seek
omance in t4ada.," aa they are familiarly
ailed, baa nothing to do with the moat
>ecaliar tale I am about to offer, except
hat it ia based upon an advertiaement
Isaac Hamilton?of oonrse that was not
\is name?was one of my moat interestng
patients, and, good reader, if yog have
iny favorite disease,, yon may aav that
Isaac was suffering with it, for, you know,
i physician moat never tell his patient's
&ame or troubles,.
Isaac'a father was wealthy and a miser,
jret not the type of a miser we usually expect,
for his pecuniary meanness extended
to every one except himself. He was
in ep'care, in fact, a gourmet, or almost if
not entire!/ a glutton. This led him to
the not unheard of resolution of marryinj
I hie cook, to which preformauce Isaac wai
'naturally an impediment So one tine oi
rainy day, I do not remember which,
Isaac was called to his father's room,
handed $500, and received a brief pateraal
benediction in the sbapo of two words:
"Get out."
Isaac knew bis father too well to stop to
arguethe question: he eimplr left, and
would have left gladly could he hara
taken with bim Lucia, whom he might
have considered his sister II he had not
desired to make her more. She was the
daughter of one of his mother's friends
who died when Lucia was born, and the
girl had been raised as a part of the farnUy.
Isaac started out in the world with ail
the hopes, aspirations and ambitions that
youth and $u00 can bring, yet be wondered,
as he trod the itreets, why the
bells were ringing so merrily, until be
met a friend who wished him a "Merry
"Merry Christmas, indeed," thought
he, "a merry Christmas for me this is,
with poor Lucia at home Tefying ou the
tender mercies cI ray delightful father
and his red-faced kitchen acrobat."
Isaac understood that to return to his
former home in quest of Lucia would he
woree than folly; therefore, as scon as he
hail found a modest little apartment commensurate
with his means, he wrote her.
In due time ho received no answer, nor in
fact hnd he the remotest idea how Lucia I
?a/?, nor did he have any information,
about her for several weeks; then by mail
w?s returned his latest letter, marked, I
"Removed, rojidence unknown." Full of
apprehensions of all kinds he hurried to
his father'-a house to tind that no one re\
sided there, and none could give him information
of her whom he so ardently be'
sired to see.
| The position he had cbtainpd gave him
opportunity to seek for her, but his search
Hue fruitless. Finding that his little capital
would soon be exhausted, ami that his
salary would not make up the deficiency,
and "furthermore, prompted by the laudable
desire that every American has to be
his own lord and master (until he i* married),
he looked for a means by which the
f300 that were left cjuld be profitably invested.
An advertisement that saemed just calculated
for his purpose struck his eye. it
read thus:
"An honest, respectable young man
wanted with ?.'09, lor the purpose of completing
an invention which will produce a
fox tun* to both parties interested. Address
lie answered, giving innumerable references,
anil also stating that he had the
ready cash if the investment should prove
desirable. The following morning's mail
bronght him a note requesting him to call
at 0153 Fulton street, * hither he proceeded
at occa.
To his surprise the number indicated
was at an open lot, fenced in from the
street, and certiinly otTeriog no meann of
investment or business, unlets it would be
through the splits in the fence. While
industriously peering through and successfully
seeing nothing, a rude gate opened
close to him, and a Utile wtietzing old
creature, whose girb was the only
means of indicating his sex. piped
"Are yon Mr. Hamilton?"
"Well,'walk right in. and 1 will show
yon that what you and 1 aretobrcome the
richest men in the country. I have eci?nce,
age and experience on my part; you
have youth, energy and capital. Now my
invention consieta of ttiis; 1 iiave discov<*r<*'l
a nifUQM of urefltrrin? cornpcs in a
safe, natural state for an indelluite, imtneaaurable
period of time, and it baa bat
oae dt fee t, and that it) that the body take j
on & slightly greeniBh tinge; otherwise it
not only remains of a natural appearance,
but even of the natural warmth of a liv- ,
in* Wmg. With the money yon will invest
I can purchase the material to remove
that xreeuibh tinge. It will prove
the most taking thing that has ever been
offered to the public; would you not like
to see your dear father so succeufuly pre- ,
cervtd (or all eternity?"
"Never mind that, sir," said Isat?j "i
want to know about your invention."
"Well Bir, I can show it to you. I have
here the corpse of a young girl who was
tiahed out of the Hudson six months ago,
and if you do not nay she looks alive 1
enough to ?a)l in love with her, despite 1
the greenish tinge, I will not ask you to
out up a cent and I will eat the oorpte.1' 1
With this he led the way to a sort of
peddler's van that was moored in thouen
lot. After uncovering a number of
cloths he baredjhe arm of a corpse and
aaked Isaac to feel it. Overcoming his
natural repugnance and auljduingthe feeling
that the plump arm wu marveloualy
like Lucia's he touched it and found it
pliable, soft, silky and even warm as in
life. "Sow, sir, you take until this evening
to thitik about it. You live at No. 135
Sixth strtet, do ycu not? If you wish 1
will call on you this evening and we will
settle the little business."
Hardly knowing what he said, Iaaac answered.
"All right, sir, but I should like
to sea the face of the corpse."
'/WtainlvMaid the nld fnllnnr. nn
covering the girl'a /ace."
'Lucia, my poor Lucia," screamed Isaac,
as he ran from the place. Like a madman
he went about the town. The object
of his existence wta gone and used as a
means of demonstrating an old wanderer's
invention; what hope, what comfort could
there be lor him, what aspiration, now
that be could not look forward toward
Bharinit a happy life with Lucia?
Again the Christmas bells rang out good
cheer, and pease and happiness?it seemthat
there eould be none for Isaac.
How is it that when in suffering, care,
mental strain and worry we will sometimes
fly to the very means that seems te
afford us no relief. Who can explain
why I'aac, instead of seeking the assistance
of friendB in his sad bereavements,
ehould ||y to a pcene of jollity or what resembles
jollity? Without attempting an
explanation he found himself, not knowing
bow, In a theater witnessing a Christinas
pantonine. A Christmas pantomine 1
without a ballet would not be what it
claims; thus the myrmidons of Terpsic- 1
hore came on in graceful poses with songs
drowned bv cU&hing cymbals. What
was that? Were his senses leaving him?
Who was that fairv being that fastened
her eyes upon him? He would not
believe his senses, yet convinced he must
be. He could but cry, "Lucia." though
he knew that he had seen her corpse a lew
Again, without knowing how ho found
himself on the street roaming about aimleasly,
not noting that the minutes lengthened
into hours; then he felt convinced
that he was all, and that he most call me.
Unfortunately for me, for I lost a fee bv it
I was not at home, and therefore henfowly
wended his way toward his room, intending
to visit me early in the morning.
At the crossing of a street he found himself
hemmed in by carriages. He coald
neither proceed nor turn back, and looking
about for an avenue of escape he could
not but notice a cab, from the window of
which anxiously peered Lucia's face.
Making eveiy effort to be calm, he went
home, let himself in and groped through
the dark hallway up to his room. He
noted a peculiar pertume as he entered.
He had hardly lit the gas when two soft
arms were thrown about his neck and
rapturous kisaes of love were showered
upon him.
|t tu Lucia.
"Isaac, my darlirg," she sobbed, "this
is the Obristmas present I so anxioualy
wished. At last, thank God, my search
is rewarded."
Isaac felt sure that he had gone mad;
he coald not believe the evidence of his
senses. ,
Lie submitted to her caresses with a
species of stupefaction, while she explained
all the occurrences. Did he appreciate
that it was really his Lucia who
held him so lovingly in her arms? In
brief, sho told him thst his father had
married the cook, tamed her out in the
street without money, and that having
vainly endeavored to find Isaac, from
whom she had received no communication,
she had sought employment, finding
it with the old swindler, who carted her
about, where she feigned to be a corpse
during the day and at night played the
part of a chorus girl. As she wis return
[ ing from the theater she bid seen bin
i through the tub wlndoT, and Lavin,
?' hetrd his address from the swindler, shi
, had driven directly to his house ant
, waited for him. About two o'clock in the
'morning my night bell rang. To mj
question through the speaking tube as tc
; what was wanted, Isaac a voice responded
"You are wanted quickly, doctor;" and
when 1 descended I found him with i
' very pretty young lady.
"Whois ill?" I asked.
I "Both of our hearts," answered Isaac,
, "Come, Doctor. I offer no apology, bul
I want you as witness to our marriage at
I went with them and cheated Isaac out
I of the first kiss, of which he did not seem
I at all jealous. Why should a handsome
I young fellow be jealous cf an old man oi
my appearance; there is no occasion at all
for it, I assure yot?.
When I returned home and woke my
wife to tell her why I had b-en called out,
she was not at all vexed, m she usually is
when her rest is disturbed by my nighlbeli,
and promised that she would be a
friend to the young couple.
It wss near daylight when my bell
ramraiMin. Dreamily my wif* said, "An
other Christina* weeding?" Bat no, it
was old Mr. Hamilton who lay very ill.
His cook's wifa had left him, and deeming
himself in extremis, he begged mi to find
bis son and Lucia. Iu my haste to bring
about the bappv Christmas reconciliation
I forgot to prescribe for tho old gentleman
and he recovered, perhaps the sooner
for that reason.
Ythnt "Old Kril?" Said.
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MonmuriU*. ic 4 7*i
Bcawond ? H:0? *:f? 4:S0
Whorilng.,. H:V"| 8:i:.| 4:.tS
PuMusor trilai dt.ily Inclmltn* Handiy. Ac*
ooaaodatloa una* ruun <l+i:j txoopt ouudtr.
TIckct Atfont. Wheeilat. W. VA?
CLRVKUNn <i fitthbhrnh R. R
Corulenwl tlme-Uibie of |*<?<ni{cr tr<uu? corrected
A.M. A.*. a.m. I Ml. r. M.
BellAlre 5 0; S:2C- 10:00 3:2T~7:00
Bridgeport. 8:1/ ix !0:12 *:V 1:12
Varum Fcrrj 6.20 b;0 10;*. J?:io i:vO
Brilliant S M 9:1* 10.61 4:lS? 1:54
^teubenrllle.?? ?:lu 9:15 11.0k 4-3> 2:10
Toronto .* C:V, 11 :Jf\ 4:'.? 2:29
MoOoj'a....~~....~~. 6:T? 1J:M 5 r? 2:311
Yellow Creek 6:M ll:t?. 6:21 2.0U
I f.M.I
WcllavU 7:10,...^. u-:mI 6.-*2, :>:i5
Kmt LJrerpooL. 7.a>: ?2:30 e;J.I _
HocUatcr 8:10 1:1.'. 6:tti
Allegheny. 9:05 2:06 7:40 ...
Plttaourgn ..... 9:10| 2:15| T:tO
AUUnoe 10:4'- 4:1ft...
Savanna... _ ll:Zy 4:fff
Hudson ll:&u 6:171...^..^..^.
Newburg ~ 12:K ......... 6:64... ....Upland
v.ft-1 -:e\
17*71 a.m. r.x. r.m".
Bellalre 5:00| 10:00 3:20 100
Bridgeiort 5:li: 10:12 S:J2 1:12
Martin ? Ferry- 6:2r.| 10.-2& 3:40 1:2)
Yellow Creek 6:?l, )lr<h 5:2) n:03
F.M.I !
Wellnrillo J?:h*... 2:45 6 01 3:15
8?Tard 10.13
Alliance ? 12.ifl 4:15..,.^ 4:15
r. M. r. M.
Canton 13) 1.01 5:01
UMilllon ?. i-.to 5:lt M*
Man?field ? 4:/*...~_ 7:407:40
Crcatllno 6:2ft ^.10 ^?:10
****** ****** 1. M. I ******* A.M.
fort Wayne.-. 1:15 1:15
Chicago till f.:W
All train* dally enwpt Hunday.
Train* leave CleveJtfirt tor Whosllnt?t 7:10 a. m.
J: 10 p. a., arriving it 4:3ia. m. and 7 5-J p. m.
Paaen<er A&sui, wbwiiing, W. Va.
1L A. foal).
hot. rasa ana iickpx Agent. muoargn, ra.
JAMKB McCKK*. General Manager.
LOUW B AILKO A D?Pan Handle Route.
Time Uble for East and Went corrected to NOV.
29, W86. Tralna leave Pan Handle station, foot of
Eleventh street, near public laadJu?, a* follows,
Central Standard time:
rttta. *ast K?t t*?r.
ttkTlOVt. Rap's Kip's Exps Pip'r
a. k r.k. r. k. f. m.
Lcato?Wheeling- 6:50 12:45 3:30 fi;06
Arrive?Wellaburg 7:2K 1:26 4:14 S:<0
Stenbenvlliaa .... 8.-0T 2:00 5:20 9:03
Pittsburgh 9:40 *:? 6:10
a.m. a.m.
Harrlsbnrg 1:10 1:10 2:86
Baltimore...... ? 5:25 ..
Washington 0:80
Philadelphia. 4:25 4:26 5:82
Hew York 7:00 7:00 8:0e
t. m. p.m. r.u.
Boa ton 2:00 ?HX> 8:?5
cow? war.
Pac. iDenn *Ve?i Ac- "
ftatjolrt. Ezp'a Kxp's Mail, c'm'n
P. X. P. M. a. U. r. M.
Le*?e?Wheeling- -... 8:05 3:36 6:50 12-45
iwive?9teuber?-7llle 9:03 5:20 8:U) 2:00
Cadli .. 7:10 ?:50 4 JO
Dennlaon 11:00 7:20 9:45 4:C5
Newark.. ? *12*00 ll:S0 6U0
f. m.
Colnmboa- ? 2.30:......... 1:05 8:00
Leave-Columbna 3:40 J :2ft -..
Arrive?Dayton 8:10 -
Cincinnati 7:10.,..._. 5:00
IndiankpoUa - 11:46 10:20
i' a.m.
St. 7:301 7:0C
Chicago,. .. -. 6:5*1 7:301 ~.
All trains dally except Sunday.
Pullman'i Palace Drawing Room and Slceying
Car* through without change from steubcnviilo
East to Philadelphia and New York. West to Columbus,
Cincinnati. Louiarille, Chicago, Indianapolis
and St. Louis.
F\JI uiiuuhu U".?r?, i>m(Kuc i uurpi&K
or accommodation*, and any further Information
apply to JOHN 0. TOMLINSON, Tickct Agent it
han Handle Btatlon, foot of Eleventh ttrcet, or at
City Ticket Office, under McLum Houxe. Vt heeilcg,
Manage^ PUUbnrRb. Pa.
Qen'l Pml and Ticket A rent Mtttbuita.' Fa.
On and after DECEMBER 13. 18S3, pa?engcr
train* will run u loUow??Whet-linn time:
No. hi. No. 6< $o~H
laiT BOUND. Local. No.M Oailj No.W Daily
L/tare? a. v. r. n. a. v. a. x. r v.
Wheeling 6:0} 4:00 6:40 |:lf ft:>t
Bellaire. 6:56 5x6
Mannlnglon ? 7 ....
Arrlroi at r. *. r. n.
0raftOD...~~~...... 4:00 .... H:0r> 1:10] 10:15
r. m. a.
Cumberland- .. ? 2:40 7:0P 2:30
Wuhlngton City 6:*> 5:20
Baltimore 7:8o|........ a:JO
No. Mi. 33 aud Ti ?to& at all riutlmm
No. a No. & Noioft
wwr bochp. No. 15 Dally Daily Dauy
Leave? p. k a. u. t. % r. x.
Wheeling. 1:40 9:2. 7;.1> 10 SO
Belial re -- 4:15 10:ur. 8 ;T, 11 OS
Arrive at r.u. a. k
Zanearllla 7:00 12:18 10-.1C 1:10
ooiumbt?.71I.l*~!! "" iao ni?< 3-10
Cincinnati ... 7:2^> 4;0bj T-.VJ
Sandujiky.. .. 6:JU j 8:5a
Indlanapotla. ? 11:00 7:06| '<"5
a. u. r. u.
Bt. Loola 7:80 ? ? 6:30
a. i
Chicago 6:40 9:00] 7:20
imimm ?:0G H-Jo| 9:(Q
MouncUrlllo a/xommodatlon leave* Whet-liar ?t
11:15 a. m.. and arrive* at Moundavllle at li:U j>.
m. dally except Sunday.
Mannlczton accommodation at 4:0)p. m.
ZanearUle accommodation lea vet Wheellrg at
3:40 p. m. dally except Banday.
10:25 p. m. train vn rough u> Cincinnati -without
change, with B. a O. Sleeper through to Cincinnati.
B. i O. Bleeping Can on til through tralru.
Through Coach from Wneellng to Cincinnati on
No. 2, leaving Wheeling at 9.2* a. m., arriving at
Cincinnati at 6:50 a m.
Close connection* are made for all point* Booth
and South wart. North and Northwfet, making th'e
a detlrablc route (or colonUta and wraona mortis
to the great Watt, and to whom particular attentk n
ta riven.
Tickets to all principal point* on aal4 at Depot
Bleeping car accommodation* can be teemed at
Depot Tictet Offlce.
TM08 C. BU ft KI, Ticket Agent B. A O. Depot,
JOHN T. LANE, Trar Pu?nger Agent
K. T. DgVRIlM, General Agent, WheaUng.
8I0N, B. *0.
OniMiHalim. n, uk, iKMCTUti mJawll 1
ran aa followa? Wheelln* One:
For Pltubargh?6:06a. m., 6:25 p. m. dally; 7:86
a, m., 1 p. m., dally exoept Hunday.
Tar WaaMngtcra?I A\ p. a., daily exceptBunday.
From Plttaburih?11:30 a. no.. 6:20 p. m., dal.y
exoept tmnday; 10:^6 p. m., dmliy: 9:25 a. m. dally,
From Waahlngton?9:25 a. a., dally: 11:20a.m.,
6:20 p m., dally except Buuday; lO.'A p. m.. daily
C. K. LORD, Oenerai Pafaenger Agent.
B. DDNHAM, Geuoral 8ap'l.
J. T. f.A NR. Trar Pam. Agt. Whaling.
S. ___ _
No. HO Market Be. Wbacltng, W. Va.
VCollectlooa attended to and praneeda pmnnW
A7TORNHT8 * 00nN8KIJ.0B8 AT LA#,
Office. Odd Fellow*' HaU, rorner ( hapltnc cud
Twelfth at/ecu. Wheeling, W. Va Atior?ft}i for
the wheeling Btulxuaa Men'iColltcUug Bureau*
0G23-D4W #

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