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IM "?kj?v M < ??* ? ? ?
Absolutely PureTlito
powder norcr mrfcs. A marrcl nt pnrty
Mrungtu and vrholtnomuuras. Mow economical
limit tho ordlnnry kinds, and cannot bo wjIO in
competition with tho multitude of low tent, ihort
wcfKUt alum or phoaphato rwrdew. tiotd only in
mm. koyal IUiuno rot.-dk* Co., lGrt Wall itroet,
H(\w Vfl'lf fin It
Bridge Work.
A System ol Inserting Artificial
Tcotli Without I'lntos.
J )? H. 13. McCormiclij
Telephone ? ? aprl
Our third ?tock ol P-iirlug ami Pnmmer Drer.s
Goods 1? now open. ?Vo dislre to call especial attention
to these, which In comiccUon with our other
comtriuto linw, mate this department thy most attractive
its regard* yy/.K Hi VLB aNJ) J'hick, io
ho found In the city. Trimmings to match everything.
At Wholesale I-rlces,- (result ol purchasing from
manufacturers), Jh r. iattiro which wo knew would
prove latcrcHihie at this timo ol Ih^yvnr, and our
nale?of thesotodato are largely In exccas of auy
previous season. Jou cannot afford tJ purchaso
Lacc Curtains and L-ico llod tcta htfore makiugan
examination ol ouraloclr.
Parasols and Sun Umbrellas
in the Leading Shapes and Ma- i
$ 32?" We have more special
Bargains in every Department i
than space in which to quote
them. We solicit an early call.
3HO Main Street.
Summer -Hats!
Onr assortment i* nnwjriiUcd la oil tile leading
uovcUIch for sumraurwiir. Any young m-ii who
wishes to have tho satisfaction ol weaving tho best
iiud most ttylUh Hat jr.u*t buy it o{ t:s. rs \vc lmve
thefxclusivo Kftlr tI h 11 the hott and Most ttyllfh
llatn nude. l ook at cur vrludotv dliplaynndbo
couvlncid. I
_ap15 : ?8 Twlflh Street. i
CHASfB. M^soisr"
" tSOC Marliet iivfcreot. '
n t m trti v m" a tn r. i? w
Ik ;
Oitlf.o: >on. sr? :uiit "4*? Fourteenth Stroet. ]
* Now AdVnvtiiementa, ,
Wanted?Good Girl. i
Wnnte'l?Traveling Salesmen. ,
Tor Hftlo?Wmlor dx B.thinan Bflfo, etc.?NVIokbant'. 1
Healed Proposals?J. A. .Etvlng, cuporlmendtnt I
of ttio i'diltentiary.
lewett's Dry Air ltefrlgomtora?Ncsbltt & Bro.
Tnrnuu'H Seltzer Aperient.
Victor Illcyclea-j{. B Burt, Ag*nt. 1
Simmons Liver ltcguUtor?Tlurd pasc.
Saertd to tho Memory o{ tho Lost DoIIsit?G.
Meudel A Co.
For i-iuclnuali?Steamer Andes. .
Wanted?James A. Henry, ncal Estate Agent. *
Bollngcr'fi Laco-Curtain Stretchers?Frew & f
Itertscby?FonrtU pflgo
A Word About Catarrh?Fourth patje. i
Opera Jiou?0~JJlM Agues iierncloa?Fourth .
l'Ogo. 1
.JUST ltEOElVEl). ,
X lino of Trnvcleis' Protective Asso- ,
clnliun Badges.
I. tt. 111LLOX ic CO. ' '
>VE lum> introduced a new sjnicm oi
Boiling >Vutcltcs ou tho Inutallwoiit plan
wliertiliy yuu ir.n secure a watch at once i
ou easy payments Cult and Investlgato.
JACOB W. ?KUBH, Jeweler, i
Cor. l'walltUauu Market Sis. '
WE liavo just received a full line of i
Sl'llUiU OVKltCOATlXUS, anil aro tu !
dally receipt ol tliu latest Novelties lu 1
Spring Suitings.
Also, on hand a handsome Hue or Seek- 1
wear and Oeiillemtm's Famishing (Jooils. I
No. X3i!L Market Street. 1
A line or Travelers' Protective Asso- J
elation Badges. ,
1. (i. ill 1,1,OX & CO. g
Tliwpinoiuotiir Kccord, ' H
Ab reported by Christian Schnopf, drug- f
gist, Opera Houao earner, Saturday: |
' JK" " m-"' "cs"' " C'j*' 'oi"' t
Weather?Fair. c
7 A, sc. 9 A. x, 22 y, Sr. x. 7 r.?, o
w? 74J 7'J? 74? ?
Weather-Cloudy. v
"Washington, P. 0., May 2.?for West
Virginia and Western 1'onnBylvania,
threatening weather aui\ rain, freah to
brisk eonthwt&sirly veering to westerly ?
winds; warmer. A
> ? ni
Git and OoNCKatby the Opera Honso Or. al
chestra to-night, at tho Orleans Saloon,
Schmidt Bros.
Gkand Conckbt by the Opera Houao
Orchestra to-night, at the Orloane Saloon, ct
tichmidt Bros. 8c
Jjr lining lluu Into by the IJeiiver, uf the '
Tuwtiont Fl??t, at ill* LiiUelloJllll Lnnil. 00
lug?The Particulate of the AITalr*
Jiollulre Packet to be Lnld Up. qj,
Bhor^ly after two o'clock yesterday af- ch
ernoon tho towboat Beavor ou her way ^c(
lp the river with a tow ol empty coal
ran into the ^Bellalre packet Prln- a;
:css, aa sho waa landing at the LaBelle
ending and damaged the eteainor co nori- eh
>ualy that she waa forcod to tie up at that U
;)oint and,tho probabilitloa are,that it will
two or throe woekB before alio will bo a/;
able to rcaurao her place in tho trade be*
tween here and Bullairo; it will lake that ia
much time to make tho necessary repairs. ?
Tho col llolon appears to havo boon
the /aalt of those in cbargo of the Jj)
Beavor, but that ia a question that Local
Inspectors RiU and Thomas will in all te
likelihood bo callod upon to dotormlno.
The PrinccBs waa hit a very hard blow,
and Old largo number ol pRseoDficrB sho ^
had ou board, including several women, u
were greatly excited and alarmed for a
time, but fortunatoly no ono was hurt. a*
Tho Princess left the Joveo at 2 o'clock
on nor roRuwr uip iu uuuniru. as IB "
usually tho cftoe on ploaeant Sundays oho w
waa doing a big business yesterday, and 5'
had on this particular trip about forty to
pooplo on board. Copt. J. B, Campbell fll
was in command and Fred Kline, the
boat's regular pilot, wao at tho wheel, ic
Thero waa a hail Irom eome poople at tho pi
La Bello landing, and tho boat waa head- di
ed for that point. The steamer Beaver Ci
waa coming up tho river at full speed, and to
when the Princess whistled for the West w
Virginia side the Boaver answered, algnl- B
tying that tho packet could take that side.
The pooplo in charge of the Beaver mnot ct
have seen at the same time that the Prin- j
ceefl proposed making a landing. 0j
The Princess, as usual, in making a pj
short landing, Tan her head into the bank
ami tho swinging Btoge waa lowered for jn
the pasflongcro. At tho came timo tho w;
stern ol tho boot waa swung around by jD
tho current so that tho steamer waa almost
at right angles with the chore. The .
Bsaver, after answering the Princess' eig- p
na!, i3 said not to have changed her
coarse to any appreciable extent, but v;
kept plowing right ahead in the centre of t,
tho channel. As the stern of tho Prin- z;
cccaawuvn around, it waa seen by those *
on board that there would either 00
bo a collision or a very narrow escape
from ono, unless tho towboat stopped "i
and backed so aa to allow the Princess to ci
eet out of the pocket she waa in. P!
But the Beaver, according to the story of P1
thootttcersof the Princess and a number [|i
of those who were on board her, was not b<
stopped or slowed op, but coming on, P<
drove her tow into the stern and wheol of he
the Princess. The shock was a tremendous
ono as the littlo steamer was hit by J1
the heavy moving mass, and Bhe trembled J"
from stern to stem. The passengers were to
very much alarmed; the men shouted
and the women screamed, and there was
a general rueh for the front end of the sti
boat, which was neareetthe shore. Aline
wEB.qufckiy ordered out by Captain Campbell,
and the boat was warped into the th
bunk and made fast.
An examination showed that the steam- .
orhad been badly injured. Both of her 01
cylinder timbers, on both sides, we're so
broken or cracked that it will bo neceo- "
sary to put in new ones, and this will Cfl
necessitate taking out tho heaviest part
of the machinery. The wheel was dam- br
aged some and several small parts about at
tho machinery wero broken. Not only Is!
was all this damage done but the boat was
Btrained in every part. The Beaver pass- &
cd up tho river. William Gordon, of Al- cj|
legheny, ia reported to have been at her
wheel, and Oapt. McDonald is said to havo
hnon in Hin nilnf. hnnnn trim >i5in of Mia
time of the coJlioion. ' . &
Tho PrincessKaffor*aJlong time onjoy- of
p?i ooo of the best psying trades on the
Upper Ohio, and being thuB knocked out
will mean aeriouB Ices to her owners. It JJ?
has been arranged to have tho Return, an th
I?ast Liverpool packet, here this morning <>n
to take the Princess' place till she is
ready to come out again. It is said that na
an action for damages may be instituted, co
to bu Given by Mia* Agnoa Uornilou ?t Use
Opera House. N(
Arrangements have been made by Local to
Post B of the Travelers' Protective Aeso- .
aiation with tho manager of Miss Agnea
Herndon, who is to appear at the Opera ]eJ
House Friday and Saturday evenings st>'
next, and at a Saturday matinee, whereby ^01
those performances will he partly for to
the bonefit of the Post. The mem*
bers will commence to-day to
sell tickets, and they promise to fill the co
bouse to ha full capacity on each occasion. J?
Friday will bo tho last day of tho iirBt *V.
annual meeting of th9 State division of .vjl
tho Association which is to bo held here ml
this week, and on that evening there will
(jq a Jarpo attendance of drummers. The
bill will be "Tho Commercial Tour- w.a
iat's Bride," in which Miss Horn- V1?
ilon made such a hit when she j}!1
played here in January, and which has P"
had a successful run since "then in Now in5
York. Miss Herndon, who it will be re- . 3
oiemberedis a "West Virginian, is a woman Oo
af preat physical charms and of more than at
ordinary ability as a comedienne, The inl
play is a farcial one of real merit, with thi
many funny incidents and a great deal on
that is laughable. wi
nWWVTVn /VW Wlin . T?,. lie
V* A"i!i rAllik,
foBturUtty Afternoon'* Concert by the Opera v?l
lloune OrcheHtra. t'lE
Wheeling Park was regularly opened for en
ho season yoatorday afternoon with a ^
;acred concert by thoUpera House orches- wc
,ra. Tho day was a vory pleasant one, and ob
lie attendance in consequence, waa quite Ea
,arge. A number drove ont but the great
irowd wont out on tho Elm. Grove road.
The train leaving hero at 2 o'clock je(
jonsisted of eight cars run in three 0fl
sections, ' and each car waa a^,
packed full of peaplo. The ride out and
back, and tho atrolla through the pleasant
walks in the park and the euperb music, rcj
were all features that were found to be Ma
anjoyable. A tier tho recent rains and
under the bright warm rays of yestorday'a i>n
mn, everything looked green and fresh. l'?i
The iraproveuienta made at tho Park
wrero all noted and approved, and
iudfiing from expressions heard the place Ma
promises to bo > more popular than over Drt
Juring the coming season, , Tho orchestra
trill give sacred concerto there every pleas- 1
uit Sunday afternoon. The number of
private and livery rigs on tho National
road made it livelier than it haa been /or
10me timo past.
A New Principal. r
The trustees of the Wheeling Female peJ
3ollego had a conference Saturday after- _{_
loon with tho Rev. Dr. Blaiadell, of Ken- JJ.j
ncky, the gentleman who is expected to
uceeed Professor Brown in the principalhip
of the College., The reverend aontle- jl
Qtin made an excellent impreealon on the "
oard, and it ia expected that he will bo r;r
ormally tendored tho charge of tho inetiution.
He haa had a long and eucceesful Jjn
aroor as a teacher and an excellent rec- finl
rd. A special committee of the board taJ
raa appointed to perfect arrangements
cith him, and it ia expected that he will
saurae control at tho end of the current ije
ssaion in Juno, '
Gentlemen'* Flno Shoes. -p .
Stacy, A Jama A Co.'a Genuine KsnKaroo Bj'lj
lioea are unexcelled lor style and wear,
ny one wanting a fine shoe, should ex- "ft'
nlr.o our large otock, which wo have ia " in
1 widths, and can fit any person. J,"
J. W. amick, Mb:
1143 Main street* G
Grand Concert by the Opera llouso Orlestra
to-night, at the Orleans Saloon,
hmidt Bros. Bar,
ittnrn of Minor Moment In nmt About
the City.
At the Grand to-nigbt?'"One ot the o
Two deeds ol trust woro admitted to re- x
rd in Kocorder llook'a office Saturday.
Tiik Hoard ol County Commissioners
11 meet In regular monthly eemlon this
GiuNnCoNciiBTby tlioOpera IlousoOrentra
to-night, at the Orleans Saloon,
hmldt Bros.
Iiii: LaBello nail factory will go on lull ,
Is morning, and the men aro liopin^ for
long and steady run, t(
Tiik marks on the lovco last ovenlnn P
owed a depth in the channel of 15 feet s
inches, and the river was on a stand. I
10 Andes Is duo to-day from Cincinnati, c
r which point she will leavo to-morrow ?
ternooD. I,
Dn. G. W. Ksllkv was released from
11 Saturday on $1,000 ball, James Hine t
icomlng his surety. Mo will have a pre- a
nlnary hearing before Justice Arkle this 1
ornlng ou n charge of malpractice, the c
Italia of which have boon published. ?
Tiie only transfer of real estate admit- r
d to record in Recorder Hook's office fi
iturday was a deed made January 24, '
I87j by Mrs. Mary 0. Sharp, to John S. i
aviu, iur uuotm acres 01 ?anu in xtiicmo ?
strict; consideration, $200,
Oukhcbnt I?odub No. 8, A. A. It & 8, W., J
. its meeting Saturday evening elected 1
)89ph Purcell, preoident, ami Uarry f
awkina dolegato to the convention ;
hich nioeta in Pittsburgh, June 0. The ,
rikewaa also diacuaaed; tho prospects J.
raeottlementin the near luture do not ,
>pear bright, [
Thk last will and testament of Fredor- j
k Coonrod, deceaaod, waa admitted to t
robate in Recorder Hook's olllce Satur- j
iy, and ordered to bo recorded. Louis j
oonrod waa appointed executor of the ea- ,
to at the aamo time. A bond of $1,200 \
as required and given with Coonrod c
achman aa anrety.
Tiik following is taken from a re- I
mtieaue of tho St. Louis Sitpublican: c
boraaa Campbell, an old roan formerly t
Wheeling, Webt Virginia, who was o
eked up in the atreots and Bent to St. 2
tike's Hospital, has beon declared to be \
sane. Ho has relatives in the South, c
Ith whom Aa&iatant ro3tmaalor Brown- c
g iB in correspondence. b
Aiitudr aIoNicholl and Joo Ferroll 11
id a light in tho Second Ward Market E
ouee Saturday night about midnight, D
id were arreBted by Officer Dunlap. Mc- a
fpholl in ill ft* mnn won nhnt' ??<! n
mgerously wounded some time ago, l<
hilo trying to escape from Officer Wat* t'
n, who had him under arrest. t
John Goode will be boforo Police Court JJ
lis morning, charged with selling hard
dor contrary to law. He has been dis* 3
insing this deceptivo drink at a little y
ace be keeps near Jonathan's ravine J
idgo, in North Wheeling. The neigh- 0
)ib to the number of fifteen, prepared a S
jtition to Council asking that the sale f
> stopped. This was presented to Clerk 5
awera, who in turn handed it to Captain
nith. All tho signers of the petition ?
ive been summoned as witnesses, much 1
the diBguBt of snmo of thom. 9
1 S
rangers !a tho Clty aniiJ Wheeling Folks Ji
Abroad. J
Mr. John R. Dnnlap, of Louisville, is in p
e city. b
State Senator and Mrs. N. B. Scott left 0
r Charleston yesterday morning.
Mra. Dr. E. A. Hildreth and daughter, *'
re. W. S. Brady, haro retarned from r
ilifornia. J
Mr. Harry Brown and wife will cele* \}
ato their wooden wedding this evening e
their residence, South Penn Btreet, n
land. a
l&tffftr T? V TTnrnnv <l>r> PavlmvcU.,? :?
ntinel, and little eon, pasced through tho a
;y Saturday on their way to Pittsburgh
visit friends. B
Mr. I. T. Jonce, of Massachusetts, is
ain in the city looking after Lis intereats
tho tack factory. He ia stopping at the
amin Houee. '
Councilman E. Buckman, of tho Sacond P
ird, ia proudly informing bis friends of "
e arrival of a promising aon at his house j:
e day last week.
Mr. Sylvester G. Williams, of Oincin- j
.11, waa in tho city yoaterday, having r,
mo here to Bpond Sunday with hie wife, J]
10 ia vieiting her father, Mr. George R. p
>ylor. |
Mrs, F. J. Norton and little daughtor, ci
jrma, left laat evening for Hazelton, Pa,., a
attend the wedding of Mr. L. Sancia^e n
lison, Mrs. Norton's twin brother, who I
to marry Mies Annie Fardee. w
Mr, W. H. Hearne returned from Char- ^
iton on Saturday, where had been for J{
reral days paat looking after some mat- ^
ra bfiforo the Legislature. He lfcaveo c;
day on business trip for Nashville.
Hon. J. B. Drigga, judge of the Common J
cca Court fur Belmont and Monroe ^
untie/}, came down from Olairsvillo j
d spent Saturday evening here with
onda. Clerk W. B. Cash, of 8t.' Clairs- J
Jo, y/asalao in tho city Saturday even- ^
? n
Mr, Harry Comorford, of tho B.. & 0. r
in dispatching force at Grafton, "j
,s in tho city Saturday making a
lit to hia parents. Aa usual thia pop- :??
ir gentleman waa warmly greeted by ?
j friends who had tho ploasure of meetj
him. L01
, -? ei
Mr. Prank Webster, representing tbe ef
operative Building Plan Association, is p,
the Howell Houee. He is in the city to &
terviow the carpenters and builders in tl
is vicinity. Thia association io the same
e that has boon furnishing this paper p
th the attractive plans it has boon pubhing.
Mies Clara Olark, of the South Side, Bf
10 has been dangerously ill for soxno v
ue past with typhoid fever, has recov- ii
ad sufficiently to travel, and ia going h
est to visit friends and fully recover her L
alth. Previous to her illness Miss Olark c
'>s popularly known as the pleasant and w
liging night operator at the Telphone ei
^change. Si
11' h
Work ot th? Letter Currier*. ^
L. H. Albright, superintendent of tho oi
ter carrier's department at the post- c(
ico? sends in the following statement bi
owing the work'done by them doriug w
3 month of April: 1 w
fJstoredlottera 825
tl letters 06,<11
11 post lis 24,412 CI
>P letters ... 9,477 ic
?p pus tills 6.W8 n,
wre .. SS7J8
Total 195,720 w
il letters 89,491
pilettcrs .. 8,910
ituls 23,399 CC
Kirs U,V'J3 al
Total. .. .'. 133,832 ^
Total pioefs handled 330,658
lucrtuso oyer April, 1SS?L 64,807,
Excursion ltates to llaltlmoro. '
Che Masonic fraternity of the States of ?
nnsylvanla, Delaware, Maryland, Vir- '
lia and the District of Columbia, will nf
ebrate at Baltimore, May 10th to X2tb, :g
> centennial anniversary of the organi- Jr
ion of the Grand Lodge of Maryland,
is the purpose of the homo lodges to fi,
ke this a memorablo event in the his- q(
y of the craft, and an elaborate pro
Mjiucfiuvjuuiug paroues, drub, oanquets l'r
1 orations, haa been arranged for tho P.^
crtainmont of viaitora. Tho streot pa- PiT,
e, which takea place at elevon o'clock
the morning of the 12th will include
usandaof the brethren of the myatic J;
in regulation regalio, and will be a pa- JJJ
nt worth traveling miles to see. Jj?
"or this occasion tno Baltimore & Ohio
lroad Oompany will Bell cheap exeur- JF'
i ticket to Baltimoro from all stations J?
its lines east of the Ohio River. Tick- rU,
will be sold May 9,10,11, and 12, and L?
ba aval/able for return passage until
f 13 inclnaive. ^
rand Concert by the Opera House Or- K'v
3tra to-night, at the Orloana Saloon. fn2
midtBros. ^
jainain DryGoodflatL.8.GcK)diOo'B. pel
he Subjectota Discourse Delivered nt St.
Luke'?La?t NJghfc by Iter, J. a, aunU.
A. Hevlevr of tlio Church's History?A
Horiuou hy ltev, N, h, AtwooiU
The Bubject ol the dlscoureo delivered
t St, Luke's P, E. church on (ho Island
ist evening by ltov. J. Gibson Uantt, rec>r,
woe "Tho Protestantism ol tho Eplscoal
Church," The announcement that
uch was to bo the topic attracted tho station
of a number not members ol the
burch or conurbation, and the curiosity
roused served to make tho condonation
truer than unual.
Mr. Uantt opened with somo lutroducary
remarks, during which he expressed
desire that tho prejudices against tho
episcopal church were removed, which
ould be laccompli&hed by a familiarity
rlth her history, her ordinances and her
itual; he trusted that bis paper would
how distinctly that tho Kpleconal church
raa l'rotestant, representing clearly and
without compromise tho truths-lor which
he.lu company with the church universal
ind earnestly contended, since eho reoivod
the commission to boar 111m witless,and
dcclaro tho truth as itio in Jesus,
ilr. Uastt first gavo tho facte pertaining
0 tho hlfltorv oUthe ehnrrh'a nnma
'Protestant Episcopal." Until the Amorcan
.Revolution, tho church hud no
ithername than tho "Church ol Engand
in tho Amorican Colonies," but
rom tho Church lievitw for February,
887, it appodM that the termor "Proenfant"
and "Episcopal" woro combined
nto tho titta Protoataut Episcopal, in
iloryland iu 1780.
At a general ineoticir of Episcopalians
n Now York Octobor 6, 1784, tho account
if their proceedings bogins aa folio wo:
'At a convention of Clergymen and Lay
)eputieB of tho Protoatant Episcopal
hurch in the Unitod t?tatea of America
ho name title was assumed by tho general
laaembly in Philadelphia on Septomber
7,1785, when Doctor afterwards Bishop
Yhite, reported a draft of an ecclesiastical
onatitution for tho Protestant Episcopal
hurch. From that data this American |
iranch of tho English church lias been!
lolversally recoguized aa Protoatantby
;ame, aa she has always been such by i
laturo. Tho sooakor than quoted oxten*1
ively from history showing that tho
lother church of England was none the i
sea Protestant, because aho did not assume
ho distinctive title, any the less bo than!
he churches ol Calvin end Lather. The
rord Protogtant which, since 1529, had
ieen applied to all who had protested
gainst the errors of tho Church of Homo,
raa by common consent, and with comaon
recognition of its propriety, made
leliberately a part of tho conslitntionand
orporate title of tho Episcopal church,
n proving the history and propriety of
ho name, he incidentally, from a lioman
;amonc writer, answereu me ouun reiutd
chargo that .tho Episcopal church owes
tsexistencoand reformation to tho divorce
i Henry VIII from Catherine. The Lon'on
Tabkl reviewing a book entitled "The
'roth About John Wyclif," -written by
tophenBon, Baying: "It has been a favorto
idea oven with Catholics [Roman] that
lenry VIII had to deal with a good, eimle,
believing people whom he aundored
y unparalleled violence from the unity
f the [RomaD] Church."
"The book we nro reviewing leaves no
oom to doubt that long before tho name
f Protestant had been invented, Pro'testnt8
might have been counted perhaps
y many thousands on English soil. Had
tiat soil not been prepared for it, not
veu the strong Tudor will could have
lado the evil plant take root. ProtQ3tutism
has had a long pedigree. It had
a riso in the Cs*3arism of the Conqueror
nd his descendants."
The Bpeakor declared that although this
toman guide carries ua back fivo cenlries
boyond the reformation, wo in
racing the Episcopal pedigree find ourslves
with fit. Paul, when ho declared:
I withstood him (St. Peter) to the face
ocause ho was to be blamed." Passing
orn history, Mr. Gantt said he" would
rove from the Book of Common Prayer
ow lull, fair and positive is the Episco*
al Church, the representative of those
octrines and that discipline and worship,
iveaiea in uoua wora ana exercised Dy
lo church, be/ore tho Holy Word was
erverted and tlioao customs overthrown,
[o began to contrast the actions and deisions
of the first council in Jerusalem,
ad the six general councils of tho church,
Ith constitutions and canons of the
Ipiscopal Church, showing that there
aa no lack of uniformity, and all disnctively
Protestant, tie gave a hurried
mew of tho many ofticea in the Book of
ommon Prayer, showing their Protestant
haracter. Ee called' especial" attention
) tho thirty-nine articles of the church,
uthorized by the Protestant Episcopal
DnveuUori in 1801, which, busidea baing
,10 church's commentary on her faith and
iscipline, embody a decided protest
?ainst the errors and heresies which from
io days of the Apostles would underdno
every article of revealed faith,
welling upon these articles at considoralo
length, ho drow his congregation's
tention to the fact, that in every inance
whero the church denied an error
io as persistently atlirmed the- truth;
hen she protested against an innovation
io with tho same breath contended
irnestly for the faith. That upon every
ssential in dogma, in disciplining or in
srsonal religions, the church had a clear,
efinito and decidod opinion.} He showed
lis in the church's viows on the fciaeralents,
Holy orders, elections and tho
radices of tho church.
In concluding he ro/erred to the vain
itempt to change the name of the church,
lying: Wo contend that if tho Episcotil
chnrch ia not Protestant, she la nothig,
Upon Protestantism Bho anchors
or hopoB, her welfare, her oxistence.
ikehersuro foundation and chief coror
stone, she protests against the world
hich knows not God, and against those
rrora which are but vanities of men.
lie is by her constitution, her creed and
or ritual, Protestant. 80 long as we have
ue regard to antiquity, to revolation, to
ir present noedo, to tho orrors which
>mbat ub on every side, to the groat rejonsibilitiea
we aro under, and the love
e feel to our separated brethren, there
ill not be one among ua dispoaod to eeo
le word Protestant stricken from our
>rporate title. But wero we disposed to
lange our narao, it would not be "Ameran
Catholic"?a self-contradictory title;
either "The Ohurch," which is a bold
laumption, nor the "Catholic Ohurch,"
hich ia untrue, but in porfoct agreement
ith her every characteristic, aye, with
jr life, she would acsume a title just and
imprehenBive, direct and poaitivo, wore
1 men to know her byname as she proataahe
ia: "The Protestant Ohurch of
The ConscIouaneKa of I'nrdon.
ThoBermondelivored at the DjtclpUo
mrca yesteraay morning oy mo liov. r?. ,
Atwood, pastor waa a very interesting ;
10. lhe topic was from the latter pait i
the fourth chapter of Leviticus, where ;
described the sin offering. The object
tho sermon waa to Bhow that when a
raon under tho Jowish dispensatiou fol- (
tved out all tho instructions given by I
)d. in regard to making an offering for
1, he knew boyond a doubt that he was
rdoned. But the instructions wero to
followed out in every particular, and (
a details wore made so plain that no i
stake could be made. Theso offerings (
iro emblematic of the promised Men- f
h, especially as the lamb should f
without blemish. The Jews woro I
aply looking forward to the one (
ind and fiual offoring for the whole
irld; it waa an offering pure, spotless
i without blemish. If the Ancient
i9s could, by carrying out Qod'a com- ^
md'tf, oblaia aa aumiatakable con- 0
Dusneaa of pardon from their sins, aa /
i promise reads "and it shall bo for- 8
en him," why should there be j
r doubt in this matter under the Christ?
"ho Lord set up a beautiful and c
feet system of am offering whereby 6
his pcoolo could know that tho
were pardoned, and if the Christian ayt
tem wonld not furnish tho namo unmli
takable twuranco ol pardon to the ilnne
now ?s it did then, then the plan ol salri
tlon could not bo as plain and poriect ?
the one ol the old dispensation. But I
believed that the sinner could obtain jm
an sure a canoe ol pardon now as tho Jo*
did In tholr time, Still thore aro man
persons perplexed with regard to this ma
tit. II tne way is so mystified now, whei
on tho othor hand, It wan plain to th
Jaws, Uodls not dealing justly with ni
The roverond gentleman said ho woul
continue the subject next Hunday mori
inic and show from tho Scrlptureo thi
Christ has lelt just as plain and perlei
a Byatetn ol obtaining pardon Irom bI
as oxlsted botoro his time.
At IIrUlj;o)>ort Bnturdiiy livening-A 1M?a
Hiit Affair?Now# Hewn,
Saturday uvuniug Heinlein'a ball wi
tho econo of a very enjoyable double pr
Bontation. Mr. Harry Northwood and M
Henry Fendt wore tho recipients of an
stantial compliments from the omployi
at the LaRolle glass works. Mr.' Nortl
wood has boon manager of the LaBolle fi
Bevoral years, and it is reportod that 1
will coutlnuo as encb, notwlthstandii
the statement made last week that Lo hf
accopted a similar pooition at the Bucl
eyo works at Martin's Ferry, and whic
the Buckeye people claim to i
tho case. Mr. Fendfc is floor mam
Ror ol tho factory' under M
Northwood, Mr, Northwood attends
the |olly Rntherlnp, under the impresoio
that all that would be reauired of hii
would bo to present to Mr. lendt, on b
half of tho men, a handsome watch chal
and K. of P. charm. This ho did, muc
to Mr. Fendt'fl surprise, who was there 1
surprise Mr. Northwood. While enjoyit
Mr. Pendt's surprise, Mr. Northwood wi
addressed by J. R. KelloRg and placed i
tho Bame predicament Mr. Fendt was, I
having a handsome gold headed cat
handed to him; with a fow appropriate *
marks. Refreshments wero thenservi
and two or throe hours spout very plea
Tickets for the abating carnival at Ma
tin'a Furry to-morrow evening are on sa
at all popular business places. Tho earn
val is to be given for tho benefit of the c
clone sufferers.
a nuinuor ot now accessions to the j
M. E. chnrch were immersed yesterday i
the river above the 0. & P. depot. T1
coromony was witnessed by a number <
intoroated spectators.
IntoroBtliifc Tonclier'M Mooting?Goner
Newa Notes.
Artificial gas is now one dollar pe
Win. G. Barnard is preparing to reaun
shipments of coal by river.
Thoro are public sales to-day of real e
tato in the First and Fifth wards.
Mr. A. B. Battelle died Saturday afte
noon, lie will be buried at Nowport.
The workmen layiug natural gas pip<
aro using the gas to melt their sbldor.
The Odd Fellows went to Ban wood vef
terday to attend chnrch with the!
Tho Glass City Building Aosociatio
will have monoy on sale to-night, in Oei
tral Block.
Capt. R.*L Devries was in town Satui
i day attending a directors' mooting ol tt
Bellaire Nail Works.
Rev. P.O. Thyholdt preached at the Sei
ona rreBbyterian church yesterday, an
will occupy that pulpit by appointment (
liev. N. S. Hooy was able to preach on
sermon at the X'irsfc Presbyterian churc
yesterday. There was no preaching i
the evening.
If gas were struck here, tho indicate
are that the city would have so little cor
cern in it that ahe would get no benefi
from the find.
The grand jury has summoned mor
than one hundred people from Bellair
and .ought to find out something abot;
tho doings hero that are not in accor
with law and order.
Why the health officers do not stop tfa
throwing of slops into alleys and compe
the use ot the sowors, is what several wac
to know. Insomocssesa whole alloy i
spoiled by one family.
Miss May Nolson, daughter of M. Ne*
son, who had almost reached her sis
teenth birthday, died Saturday altornoo:
of consumption. The funeral will be thi
forenoon at 10 o'clock.
The Dow law, bucked by a strong put
lie sentiment, is decreasing the number c
saloons here. Some saloonkeepers boi
rowed money to pay tho first installmen
of tho Dow tax, hoping the Court o
Legislature would repeal th% law. Noi
another payment muotbe made; they ar
in debt, their business has decreasod, am
thoy are in a bad shape. Same have a
ready dccided to quit.
Tho Belmont county Teachers' Aseocia
tion met hero Saturday, and tho attend
ance wab large. Barnesville, Bridgeport
Martin's Ferry and 8t. Clairaville wer
fully represented. The reading of paper
and consequent discnosions occupied a]
the forenoon. The visitors were given
bountiful dinner in tho Central fmhnr
bouse.- The principal paper in tho after
noon was by Miss Bollo Bsazle, o? th
Bsllaira schools, on "Sindy m the Schoc
Room." It has been ordered printed ii
the Barne3ville Enterprise.
Martin's Perry.
A light in Lafayette Hall on Saturda;
evoning resulted in two arrests. Botl
left $10 for their appearance to-day.
Rev. A, B. Morrison, of the M. E. churct
and Rev. Mr. Walker, of the Preabyteriai
church, exchanged pulpits last evening.
About forty Martin's Ferrians took ii
tho "Shadows of a Great City," Satui
day night, the steamer Climax making i
special trip in order to accommodate them
8aturday morning aa Mr. M. M. Sheet
waa crossing the ferry boat in'.his carriage
the breeze carried into the rivor a new hat
which v/as wrapped up and lying on th<
seat. Ono of the ferry hands soon got i
ekiff and succeeded in recovering it abou
two hundred yards below tho point of th<
Mrs. James Brandt has opened an i?
cream parlor and confectionery in tho Got
troll building on Fourth street, and is pre
pared to serve customers with all the aeli
cacies of the season, and the beat ic<
cream in the market. Mrs. Brandt alsc
carries a fresh etock of the finest candies
Those desiring the coolest cream shouh
give ner a can.
Wilson & Wagnor, plumbers and gas fit
tore, corner First and Hanover streets
now have in stock the Murdock hydrant
in connection with a full line of gaa ant
water fixtares. and are prepared to do aJ.
kinds of work on short notice. Theii
basins and appliances for heating purposef
are the best in uao, and being practical
plumbers and skilled workmen, they respectfully
solicit an equal share of the
public patronago.
Grand Concert by tho Opera House Or
jui'tiirtt wnignt, m tfce UrJeana Baloon,
Schmidt Bros.
Cheap Kxcur?ion? to Clnclnuatl.
The steamer Andes leaves Wheeling fox
Cincinnati every Ttieaday at 3 p. m., and
vill sell excursion tickets to parties of five
ir more. One week of pleasure, beautiul
scenery and good muBic on the ' largest
md best Bteamer that comcs to "Wheeling,
for ratea apply to Frank Booth or Capt.
)harlea Muhleman, Wheeling, W. Va.
Opciilng?3It. Bellevlew Hotel
rill open next Monday, May 2, by order
f "Tho Ht, Belleview Stock Company."
ill persona wishing desirable rooms
hould apply early to Frank Walter,
Gbasd Cososrt by the Opera Honse Orhestra
tonight, at the Orleans Saloon,
[the national sport.
18 '
0 With tlio Hull*, of lMtUburvh-Ten Inning#
't Inquired to SetU? the Cout?it-Op?nlii|f
" of the League Benson AtSteabenvlUe
[. TO'tliif-A Now Pin/or
1. ??
? Saturday's gatne with the Hello was one
j of tho most interesting contests that has
i- yot been witnessed on tho home grounds,
Jj Up to tho ninth Inning the Whoelinfls
q played an almost faultless gamo. Tho
visitors, howevor, tied tho gamo on their
half of tho Inning by doing some torritlo
batting, but tho Uroon Stockings finally
? crawled out of tho holo. Tho /eatoro of
tho gamo was Moffat's one handod catch
M in right lleld of what seemed a clean hit.
e* Mallory pitchod very elloctlvely and Klliff
J* caught him vory nicely, About 800 peo?"
pie were present. Following la the score
in detail:
WHMUNU. 11 H. 1'. A K. 1IKIXS, >1. 11. I*. A. K.
vtJ CrogUl, 1 12 4 0 1 Maddeu, 1... 0 0 U 1 2
,,, Dunn, r 2 ;i l o 0 MlUcr. 1 1 a 'J 1
f? Malfory, p;.. 0 0 111 0 Costello, a... 1 1 v C 1
IU KlIKT.c 10 0 2 I riuUb, 1I.MNH 12 10 0
spoluol, l..? 2 0 lo l l l'atteraon, c 1 2 6 :t 2
. Dudley, 2. ..00481 Conway, 1U. 20100
n Nlchol, m.M 1 1 l 1 0 Mceuiiu, m.. 0 2 10 3
)Q Steel,?. llloi MolTnt, r 1 I 6 1 O
Diihlmnr, 3, J 1 0 0 J Kulbftui, J... 110 0 1
rf loUl1 1? 10 aj "c Total S 10 30 ID 10
J Inning*. 1 2 3450780 10
in WbCOUug 100000500 8-9
:n Holla 0000000002-8
9? J-jtrned ruua?Wheeling, 2. Two towo li11??Cr?n
R>u, Dunn and Smith, btolcu baaes?Dunti, Bj*ei1
del, Nlchol, Madden. Smith aud Patterson, llase
u on balls?Mallory 'i, Hmlth 1. Struck out?Maito
lory 7, Smith 6, Left on bMM?Wheeling 0, Bella
.? c. Tlmool gamo 2 hours. Umpire?Itobcrt Mc?
* Nichols,
,y The Duluth team is to bo overhauled,
le Harry Finnell, late ol Detroit, has signed
a- with Manstiold,
>d Dick Van Hant, of Kvansville, has signed
a* with Kalamazoo.
Kalamazoo has sot tho bftlanco of the
teams to thinking.
f* Goorgo Gumming, of Pittsburgh, has
I? eigned with Manetiold.
L Akron on baturday defeatod tho Graphics,
of Olevoland, 8 to U.
Y. Zinesville will carry thirtoen men, in[q
eluding three complete batteries,
le Zanesville released Sawhill, Hubbard,
of Thnrsby and McQairk to Akron.
Kalamoxoo defeated Duluth three
straight games, and by a one-sided score
each time.
Stenbenvillo won a well-played game
with the East Liverpool clnb on Saturday,
>r by 11 to G.
Dushane has been granted hiB release in
le order to accopt a poBltion aa clerk at the
Howell house.
a- Thnrsby, who was released to Akron by
Zanesville, is doing excelieut work in the
r. pitcher's box.
Sandusky made a good showing in lier
,8 exhibition games. Steubenville and
Akron are unknown quantities.
j. Noble Brothers, hatters, will present a
tr fine Knox hat to the member of the home
team making the best fielding avorage.
n There are one or two conflicting dates
j. in the echedulo as finally adopted, but
they will be arranged by the interested
r_ clubs.
e Duiuth did not make oxpenBea injany of
her Ohio League games, excepting at
? Columbus, where Sunday games are
'i played.
,f Zaneavillo opens the championship season
at Columbus, Akron at Mansfield,
Wheeling at Steubenville and Kalamazoo
k at Sandusky.
n Abraham Lincoln Moffett, who baBbeen
playing with the Nashvilles, and who diotinguisned
himself in Saturday's game,
? haB been signed by the Wheeling club,
t Mr. Jacob W. Grubb, the jeweler, will
present to the player of the Green Stockings
making the highest batting average
? during the season, a handsome gold
J medal.
d To-Uaj'u Gnino.
The Wheeling club opens np the chnme
pionship series at Steubenville to-day. A
1 etrong nine will bo put in the field, Dunn
it occopying the pitchers' box. The boys
g Jeavo on tuo 1:20 train and a number of
friends ot the club ancl lovere of the sport
i will accompany thorn. On Thursday the
home team will ryturn when they open up
"" the season in thin city, playing with Steu8
Pittsburgh Dnwnu tii?
PirrhHOKOH, April 80.?The Leaguo
>f championship was opened in tliio city today,
alter being postponed two days on
account of bad weather. A procession
r through tho two citice and a brass band
K concert at Rocrsr?tion Park preceded the
J game. A fine day attracted over nine
* thousand spectators, who became alraoct
wild with excitement when the Pitta
burghs took the load iu the Ural inning,
and held it throughout the gamo. The
!- playing of both clat)3 was brilliant. The
only fielding error WA9 a dr ippad bairby
b Smith, which he ran after out into center
s field. Tho fielding errors of the Chlcagcs
I were excusable. Sunday dropped a hot
a fly after a hard run, and Daly madoa wild
il throw to second which lot in a run.
Galvin and Clarkson both did well
a nndor the new rules, especially tho former,
il The Pittsburgha made two runs in the
i first inning on a triple by Dalrymple, a
single by Brown, base on balls, long fly to ;
Barklev. One in the second on a single
by McKinnon and a triple by Whitney.
7 Two in tho fourth on a hit by pitcher,
i McKinnon's triple, a single by Whitney,
and long fly of Smith, and one in the i
i eighth on Sunday's mutt of Miller's fly 1
j and McKinnon's double. (
The Chicago's made ono run in the
seventh on Anson's hit, Pfefler's double
, and Williamson's sacrifice, and ono in the
" ninth on Sullivan's three-bagger and An- ,
son's sacrifice. The ecoro wa3 G to 2.
3 A Hard UiUtle. j
, St. Louis, May 1.?The veteran catcher
Snyder's influence with tho Cleveland
3 kids la remarkable and they play vory ,
i different ball with him at .the helm,
t Cleveland gave the Browns a hard fight
a to-day, and nearly downod them. The
champions played carelessly in the field
a but their hittfug was again brilliant. The I
. best features of the gamo were 0'Neil's t
. magnificent slugging making (our safe i
. hits, including two two baggers, Com- i
j iskoy's home ran, and threo bag drives, 1
, a brilliant left liana stop by Latham,
, Welch's backward running catch, Mann's
1 goneral work and Strieker's brilliant fielding.
About 6,000 people were in attendance.
Score?St. Louis, 14; Cleveland, 13.
^ ? (
, Cincinnati Downed, i
> Louisville, ICr., May 1.?It was as ]
J warm as upon a summer day this after'
noon, and the ball park was packed with i
r a crowd which numbered between seven j
| and eight thousand people. The home a
1 club put up a great game all round, v
" Hecker's work at the bat was noteworthy, 1
1 while Kamsey and Kbrrins played bnl- \
liantly in their respective positions. Cincinnati
idled to size up the delivery of
the former, but Louisville for once batted C
r Mullane freely. The latter was fined three
times by Umpire Walsh. His delivery li
was illegal, and the fines were due to the ?
angry retorts when corrected. Score: t
Lonisville. 8: ninfin^n*s .1
I Umpire Uauer Keiigo*. j.
Looisvillb, Ky., May 1.?Umpire A1 p
Bauer forwarded hio resignation to Preai- J
dontWykoff, oftbe American Association,
late last night. Ue complains that he
has been unjustly censored and treated
unfairly. h
American Association Game*.
Clubn. Won. Lost.
Brooklyn..., tf ? r
St. Loula 7 3 1
"Cincinnati G 3
Athletic. .... 5 3
Baltimore.....?.. ??? 6 3
i^uUyllle 5 ;?
Cleveland 1 'j cj
MeU 0 9
Ono Clnclnnatl-LonlavUlo gamo in donbt -It b!
vrlll probably be Riven to Louisville, making tno
earns Uq lor the nltb place,
A Word About Catanh,
' it J* iho mucous membrane, that won
aornl lluld envelope lurrounding tho tlcllc*
iuc* of l ho air anil food pamgi*, that O
makes lta atronghold. Onco catabllshed, ]
luto tho very vltala, and renders life but n
drawn breath of mil cry and disease, dullli
aeuaeof hearing, trammeling the bowerot hi
destroying tho faculty ol amoll, taint In {the I
and killing tho refined pleasures ol u?to.
lously, by creeping on from a simple cold i
head, it anviuiu tho membranous ilnltiK an
velops tho bout*, eating thcouKh tho dotlcatc
and causing luilaminailou, sloughing and (
Nothing abort ot total cradlcailou wlU i
health to tho patlont, and all allevlatlYCs ar
ply procrastinated suircriuici, leading to n
termination. Hauford'a lladical Cure, by 1
| (ion and by infernal administration, haa
failed: even when tho dUca*o hag made frl
fnroarts on dclfcato constitutions, hearlug,
and tasto have been recovered, aud tho tho 0
thoroughly driven out."
Banli>rd's ItadicalOuro oonsUUof ono bol
tho Itadfcal Cure, one box Catarrhal ttolvcri
ono Improved Inhaler, neatlyt wrapped 1
package, with full dlreotioua; price, 8100.
POTTKtt lJllt'O AND ClIKMKUT, CO., BortOlt.
Worn out with i?aln, but altll com
/t*^r by atom ueotwlty to aland u|>lo th
MA \ beforoua and bear tho pain, lie
S^sAl nno miuuto-iu a Cutlcura Am
I PP? Plaster for tlio aching aides and bat
hrr weak and painfnl muwltw, Ujo fort
aud haoklug'cough, uud every pain and ?
dally toll. Klegaut, now, original, speedy ?
fallible. At druggist*, 'ilo.; aw tor 91W; oi
ago frit1, o 1 Potter Drug and Chemical Uo, 1!
Protective Associatit
Friday and Saturday Evening May (
Miss Affnes Uerntl<
whoso dramatic genius and beauty Jiavo bcc
theme of admiration in all the Metropolitan
wlli present en Friday evening an J fiaturaaj
ineoher Great Laughing bucctss,
The Commercial Tourist's Bride
And on Saturday Evening the new Heroic Cc
Drama, eutltled
A Great l'lay, Comblulug Laughter and Tean
pronounced to bo as stroug as "Fedora.'
Tickets, good for any of tho above performs
can now bo purchased from tho members t
Association, or at Baumer's mu?lc store, fiea
bo Becurod at Biumer's music store on ?nd a
o'clock x. m., .Wednesday, May 4, without
charge. :
Bool's Kepaircd anil Paintci
Leave orders at the Slamm House, nna the
bo promptly attended to, and best of refoi
apl8 R. C. GAT
With flfl np/?nm?jjn>frtn nt nnvn)
Three Times I
with all his "Blush
"BfenOLD, THE yc
Adam Forepauj
Retain nil the Rrahd and magnificent attri
Hippodmino-ou- K*rth, - These have Ixmu-s1
New York . : *.$ .
In which will bo bcsu lor the first time oiitai
)t the Little Hit? Horn, fought in Montana, In
somraand perished Juno 26,187G.
With such an aggregation of culmlnatlvo'
muj w open out uio streets, make wido tho gi
Alter tho most brilliant aud rechcrcho conq
tvorid, Philadelphia's native citizens-tether c
Wheeling, ft
Compared with wlilcli all former efforts pa
ako place on MONDAY, MAY 1), at 10 o'elock
You may tell It in New York and publish:
opB and Bead the Joyous news to tho uttermos
Ino than Julius if) has crossed tho Motropolit
nlUtary me?sage. Multitudes at home have
riiltors during nineteen necks in New York v
The amicable contest ol comblucd forcea
resulted in tho
Gri-eatest "Victox^
How was the victory won? 'Twos simple i
Jid it. The brillant equestrian and acrobatic
t, l'ho Ulondln horse did it. Piccanluny dl<]
lompletely knocked them all out'. Tho Quad)
Jouoltj Juugle Menagerie ^largest lu tho work
Tho SlnunlDccut Wardrobeand specfacula
atest European sensation, did it. Tin Haco I
Sands of Music did it. Tho only Trotting Mo<
lack the Somersault Dog, did it, winning tho 1
,ny slnale feature, and yet lis N antoug the lo<
vord. all tho Uraud Aggregated Attractions ot
few York people will tell you candidly wero i
If.only a Circus, Hippodrome, Menngerlo,
vhat may not Whceliny expect when they tec
trandor and tnoro sensational thau Buffalo Bl)
ias been ?ddod at a cost of 8200,000, wldch
nee. A. H. BOG AItD(J3 AND HI8 fOUiieO
ho WJld Went, so will Alexis, the feinalo Crac
Couts, Soldiers, Army and Cavalry 0Ulcers.
Horr Xavier Orloisky and Charles Walch,
Hack Uussara, will appear in their great Broai
Bold"* tho usual spectacles of Uolden Ch
Iress, Wild West Indians, fcouts, Cowboys, M<
roecsslon there will also appear the famous 0
ild Harness used by James Buchanan when a
Id wngon wa3 exhibltodat the Ce?tennjal aw
Adam Korepaugti, Jr., will appear lu publl
GREAT twti
.n oyerwholmlne Equestrian Climax of Mul
oreeman aiuco tho world bcgauT^
For lull particular! .co BIIU, ?,ognmma
wo-Gmml, full anil Oomiriota l'ort?ru
Admissiou, 50c. * .
, ^0,000 Si-nln. ic0Hur
K OrcnlCoMblncd Bhom w irSti'uT
""bohliitqbe^ I j
? (IMfHOVtD] (
d?,ui jniace Curtain Stretchers m
mil: g I
n'ufo ^l*.tS7?rrvv^=i: rtfp
(1 OU* CUt Of fOLDINQ f RAMI* j
icoatt wilt Save you Money, Time nnd Labor MB
^slra* any lady can operate tlietn, KH
? fatal r-tw-i
Minla- Hicio unlfjuo Curlalu Slrctchcr* will ittctch til I
never itjn<is of Uco Curtains. either wltn or without M
RUtiul HCHllops or f?l?KrH. atnl arc strong cnoiiRhtnitrcich hDI :
ftuioll Rnd dry Blanket*. HhawU and 8ham? of all j*. I
llioaao Borlptlon?, aud lu fact all other Rood* that roar ^ h ;pM
, , stretched and drlod by a itrctohlnR miohln? 1
lllo of ihoy raay alrobouHcd for the purpo*oof aqmit. 11
t, and ju? Kratuo, and bclitKConitructed of au ai!Ja?ubl? WW
n ouo naluro, cau bo placo<l to auy 1U0 rcqulrod. Thtr ?W
n?.? mailA nf thn hn?l flltUhml ?\nnla? I IEm*l
a* uarlor" byVo voTi'citi tTtir i uoh c?* * vr oTT'^oAiouM [IB
. atiu uill not w*rp, rtud icvcii by foartwu feci in figjfl
blZO? F ' 1
| Frew&B ertschy g
r. Wliolcfalo ami ItotaH Dealers in H
toaioii. IBM
No, 1117 Main St., Wheeling, W. Va, ?j
, ttjTSiteclnl Attention lo UndcrlaHnj |jj
uud Arterial Embalming.
Bt V V to fioll vaj uovT ROodg^ i?_^er week Ralary, Hfl
ESJ* uii Ituin uu U1U UUIIIU VMIUUIUWlim. flO COD) to. I
|M tltlon. lUiro chance. Address with stamp lot I
H terms, F. M. \YKAVKR, m N. Division itreet, Buff. I
H >lo. N. Y. mrl?
Tho well known firm of'Hudson ?t Bayha, dolnK
W busfnew'aa LivuStock Commission Mcrcbanw, will
* bo dusolved by mutual consent May 2, ISK7. ah
pcrtons owlug thin flrm will pleaio call and settle
immediately. All just claims against this llrm
i will bo settled promptly.
Beapccttully thauklog drovers and butchers for
tbeir patronage, wo remain, Yours truly,
"""? _ap30?; HUD3QN A HAVHA
>11 Xfcol>ei*t Luko
_ ,JJ! lWsocurcd a fl ret class man as a driver (or a street
H.f"? hook. Ho can bo found at tho Now McLnro House
at >"?y Wme night or day, ou and alter Mourinat
rf|iy, March 7,1887. Any persou wishing his ker*
vices cau telephone to Wo. 124 or the McLnro House, ! $
f Uo will meet alio! tho trains ou this bldoot the iir'i
i i river, mr?
tmcdy - ? - 11 - i-~
s, and j? collar lormcrly occupied by Shollhaaao A fcon,
comer Market and Uleveuth streot. Enciulro at K.
IIANAUEH'8,130C Market stroet, McMechen's old
stand, I
GUANE^ desiring more commodious rooms
?uuwr ,yj (cuv iuo ruuw uuw uucujuuu uy mom, ;vo, f~]
' lOtH Malu street. Apply oil the piotnUea, or to p
Mr. JtH. LA.WtiON, Agent. ap'.T-xw.ir
| | No. 41 Fifteenth sttect; or For Bale on long time,
1 Two Business Booms.
y will T?ro flvo roomed Mouses on Twentieth street
encoa Three Ofllcca. Enquire ol
CH. mrt6 No. 7 Custom House,
Jtlons, rendering his already Great Show absolutely
jarger Thau Ever!
tug Honors Thick Upon Ilfm."
ictlous ol Three Times tho Largest Circus, Menagerie and [ 1 1
upplomoutcd for Iho campaign ol 1SS7 with hii grwt |
do of that city, with all Its vivid roalism, tho famous
which tho bravo Ouster and ovory solitary soldier ia his K
wanders, Will it ho presuming too much to a?k alJgori- |||
ites, lengthon tho borders, strengthen tho stakes.
uest ever known in tho sawdust annals of tho (spectacular K]
tud sou?will make their grand triumphal cntrauco into graf
tfonday, May 9,
k day;oivjl,y,
,1c and glimmer with a feeble and uncertain light, will Eg
, tho ronto ol whloh will bo published horeaftrr. H
It in tho streets of Wheel IukI Proclaim ii from the hoine- ffl
it parts of tho earth I A Modern Cmiar, greater In bli H
an Ruhlcoul Rome has caught the spirit of the laconic B
gathered tho iossirailon. A million ol Metropolian H
I endorse tho verdict, j
iu Now York, ai ovorybody who; saw it will tcstUji ffi
y 4.- Paws Ever "Won I
is a twioa-told tale. Tho elephants did it. Tbo hor?* pfl
stars did it. Tho animals did it. Tho Hippldrome dU
lit. John L. Sullivan, tho Pugilist Kiophant did It. Hj
illo J.lephau's did it. Tho great ! Paw Trlplo Circus and $
I) did It. I
rDfspfay dfd ft. The great "Ouda," Aereal Gymnast. the .?
lotses, Roman Charioteers, Giant Horse. tho splendid >
mo in tho world, tho fastest against record, did it. Kven
(uMi 10 mo oiopuants) ever recejveu "J g
?t of Adam Foropaugh'H groat novel attractionsin ? >n
tho Foropaugh show. the equal ol which a million ? mlCver
before exhibited by any show on earth, di?l it.w
Trained AnlmaU, lu Now York, could do this tuiUR. HI
t added to these Forepaugh's remodeled [
Hover dreamed of in liia iron tier philosophy, ii wee thf h
will bo reproduced to tho llfo at each and evory jierform* B$
'NS, Cham t>lon" Wing Shots of tho world, will take part in Igi
IcShot. Whofo Tribes of ludlans, Mexicans, Cowtoji, rp
lato of the Prussian and Bavarians Karaslers and the
Uward Contest on Horseback. ? , fei
arlots, Cavalcades, Glided Vans, Elephants, CarulrM t,
ixlcan Vaoueros, Graud Bands of Music,. Ar., Ac. M
en\uuulal fc.tnijsr.iut Wagon, 141 Years Old, with the moo (g
boy, and by his Grandfather be.'ore him. ThUTcncraW W
I also at tho Cotton Kxpotltfon In New OrleauK.
lc for the ilmt timn i~
Uplied Horscmaiwhlp never before attempted to/
i, ifagaduo?, scattered everywhere by tho million. I'
iftuoo* ut a und 7 l\ M. Doom Open at I nnJ 6* f ;',
- Children under!) years, ioc.
ved Numbered Chalrtt Extra.
Jeslro to avoid tho crowds ontUo grounds Reserved StaU
usual sliKbt adv?>ice. . ?
lour In the West with all th* AecreaiUed Attraction' o> rlc,
Monthly. Juno '47, ^ i^eQulto pcricnl.
lauroftd wul be ron^ ^ greatly roduced price,.

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