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Ily tlrluo 0( a JiH.il ol trust made by Cecclla
omriplo to mo m trniteo. datwl June 11, IMS, roturJcJlii
too oltlco ol tiiu f'lcrk of ttio county
I'ourtol Ohio county, Wrat V'lrmiila, In Died ol
Tnut IkwH O, IWI1M, I will ?ctl ul public
union al the Iron! door at the Court Houh ol
Mid coiiuty, on
S4TUHDAY, tho aOlb DAY ol OOTOBHf, 1SS7,
commcncliiK ?t 10 o'clock A. v, tb? lollowlnj
proptriy, that 1? t? "ft A certain parcel ol land
tlluato on tiiu aouth aidn ul vine alloy In what la
known M tat vvhcollng, In Ohio county, Weat
Vlrninla. hem* I'irt ol lot numbered ouo bundled
mid thirteen, 111 the ylatnl thoadUlllon In tho city
nl WUtcll'iK orlglnKllr lold out hy NoabZane and
allien, fronting tlilrly-twii I'.el IWotnchuon laid
alley mil rant'iOR back noulhnwllir toward
MKblcenlll Urtct ol even wldttt fllly-four feet!
Willi therlfhl 10u?oBinl?0C|>lu repair ibowaicr
nine under llio Irout mil of >ald ol.
Al'n. tlireo Ul l lu w 1.1 ill from IhoraalaMoot lot
v*a hi iii thft nl?tnlomtlil. uld llirns fi*t ml.
lolultitf 11)0 part ol lot li;i abovo described front*
liiK on i&id Hiloy and running back southwardly
ol ven wldlh fifty-four fcot,
Tho title to tho abovo U believed to b? perfect,
but selling as tru?te? I will ooavey only tho tltlo
vented In mo by sild deed of trust
l khmn or HAi.K-Uno third aud a* rauch moro as
Hie purchaser eJccli to pay In cash on tho day of
Nile, tho balance In twu equal lustalxnoata, at ouo
and two jcwn, with Interest, forwbloh tho pur?
ohiatr she'l excculo bla note*, tosuro tho same by
deed ol trust on tho property, tho buildings to bo
kept Insured for Iho benefit of such truit
J. H. (XJWUES, Trustee,
W, J. W. Co* din, Solicitor. \
W. n, IU1.1H, Auctioneer. . seM
bhall county. .
By virtue of ft deed of trust made by Jamw A
Rice to tho undertlgnod trustee, dalal on tho 17tt
day of Juno, In the year 18*1, and rooorded lu th?
ollfce ol tho Clerk ol tho County Court of Marshal'
county, West Vfrgfnfa, lit Doodol Trait Book Ha
4, folio 25,1 will roil nt public auction, st tbo fron'
door of the Court House ol Marshall county,
coinmemJuR tit ton d'clock A. u certain tract ol
land situate on tho waters of lllckmaa, a brunch
of Kluhcrwk, In Marshall county, Weit Virginia
and bounded m follows: Beginning at a hlokorj
corner to said HlcolnthcMarshallandWetscloouu
ty lino north K?M? wcat 148 poles to a stone pile it
KtAw'ullno: thence north Sb out 60% polo# to #
slake and W. 0. buth In road, an agreed cornoi
between l'etoi sou, Klco and Elaw; thonco soutt
8i&? wc?t 23 poles lo a tlono noar tho road; thoncx
north 61? west 20 pole* to a etono; thoate south 06'
west U polw to an oak; thenco south 'ti>? west 11
polos to a hickory; Ihonco north 68? we?i 22 poh*
loW.O. cornor Between Ktce anu wavr; inoncf
Houth 80? wc?t 102S Polcfl to h bush oorner of Val
enllno Broman; thence uorlli 41 polos to a stout
vrltbin ouu rod o! a sugar marked a.1 a cornor.
thouco north 41? west U noles to a stone lu a BcoIoj ;
line on north bank of Hickman; thenco with wild
11 no north 28#? ciwt 80 polca to a Btouo near a pine;
theueo south C4? east i.3 poles t? a W. O.; thenw
85>{J east 1G poles to a W.O.; thonco north 42? caai
6C poles to a drain; thcuco north iV out 27 pole?
to h rod oak; thence north 17? cast 63 polos to $
red oak; thcuco north 80? cast 2fi poles to a buih
tbenco north W east 85 poles to t sugar; thenc*
south <;4? ciuit 180 polca to tho temporary lino ani
with tho same south 2? cast 263 poles to tho begin
nJn*. containing four hundrod and seven aoroi
and three-fourths ol an acre, bo tho samo more o 1
TERMS OF SALE?One-hall ol tho pnrchaw
money and as much more as tho purchaser ma;
elect to pay, cash, and thoicsidueiu ono year wltr
Interest thereon from tho day of sale, tho pur
chmer to glvo tils nolo with approved security, and
thotltlotu bo retained or a dcodof truat given U
secure the deferred payment.
Title believed to bo good, but sellinR m trustoe
will only sell and convoy such title as is vested Ix
me. JOHN J. J ON KM,
Je20 Trusted.
Tho above sale Is postponed until SATURDAY,
October 8, lto7, al the same hour and place.
*fi~ JOHN* J. JONE3, Trus'ee.
Hoarding and Day School for YOUNG LADIES and
83 Tvrelilh Street, Wheeling, W, Va.
Misa ANNA a. PARRAN, PrlncIpaL
Cartful training and thorough Instruction In'
everv department. Tho Fall Term opetm Sept. G.
CatoloRUcg furnished on application. Jell
tw O
Oivni s?-ptciiil?r 3fit.i xsb7. One of the hikst schools
roll you.v; Lauikh IK5.TIIK Union. A.ii l>ei>artme?iti
ttuttini^li. UuiMinat Ste^in heJt. Gw Unlit. Slttwtl'iM
l*.iut(ful. Clinutc 1'uj.il* from nineteen State*.
All lnt|Kirunl oUvantacei in one gically mluctxlchdorc. lluaiU,
W*\liinr. IJcliti. kn^lHh, I^tln, I'rench.llemun, Mu*lc. (or
IkWivIic year, (rum s**|?t. to June, tf Ullt). l;orC*tnloKU< write
" Est. Win. a. UAEfils. 1. d? FnsUat. suama, >?.
Byatcm based urou nature's laws. JfO SECRECY
?NO TRICKS. bj stem ex plained to these interested.
'leatimonlals from physicians. oflucatorg and patrone,
who have reomved benellt from iho method
ol instruction. Atltlrm,
Whs. m. 8tkven3 HART, Principal.
Wathlnglou Ucliool of Klocutloa nul English
001 M Etieot, N. W., Washington, D. C.
HtndontH boaided In family of Principal.
Wastiington school of Elocution
anb oratory,
MfcS. M. BT EVENS IIART, Principal,
004 "il" Btrect, N. \V., WasiunoVoh, D. C.
Sixth Annual Session begins Wednesday, September
Course of Instruction embraces Elocution, Practical
English and English Clawics, Latlu, Matho
maties, Modem iArguages, Vocal and lnstrumimwi
Music nud Physical culture
Tno Principal Is assisted by au cfllclent corps of
tcaclicra lu each department.
Graded classes lor boys and Rirli dally.
Adnlt eliuaes and privato lnstrnctlon given In
tho evening. .
Diplomatatntrdcd. A limited natnbcrof pupil*
acwratuodatid lit tbo family.
For circulaiu and references apply to Irrrsm*
OKNCKK nttlec. au3l
Wheeling Female College,
Tho Fall Term of this long established institution
will commenco ^
The courso Is comprehensive and vrlli be well
taught by a Flnt-claea Faculty.
New DcskF,
Additional Apparatus,
Reasonable Terms.
Boarding and day patronage solicited.
AddreEB n. R. BLAI3DELL,
JyJ4 President
(S'stera ot the Visitation,)
A school ol raoro than national reputation, offers
exceptional advantages for thorough education ol
young ladles In all departments. Library o( six
thousand volumes. Fiuo phlloiophlcil, chemical
and astronomical apparatus.
Musical Department specially noted. Corps ol
piano tcachcrs trained by a leading professor from
(kniBcrvntory ol SiuttgarL Vocal culture accordlug
to tho method ol tho old Italian masters.
Location unsurpassed for beauty and health.
Teu acres ol pleasure gioands. Eoaxd excellent.
For catalogues, and refcrenccs to patrons In all
tho principal cltlca, addreso
IT Til*
Htrdiwro and IIoubo Furiilsliiug Store
RU 27 _____
Ana all Seasonable Goods, at
GKO. W. J OH.t ROM'S 8ON0\
toll Wtropt. _
Q. 0. BillTH,
Real Estate A.gont
Special attention given cocoilccuns: Ronte and
Uio General Management ol Real &utto. Can fur
nbth tbo best ol roiercncca.
wro moo M*<n Rt. Whwllng-.W. v?.
Willi Pajior nnil Borders
To bo found at
I. 1). PRAGKIt'S,
Tho \>cll known Decorator ol Dwellings and
Public Buildings,
tnrl4 Nf*rTTTPflr Market
PRINTING ncatlr and ptoapVj uxontcd a:
ttl InUlllgsnatr 3eb bmiu.
Arc Sure to ho HenHlir If tlio Mi or net
II tho Kldnoy*do not Act Properly Um /ollowln
Bymptoina will follow: Headacho, Weakness,
I'rtlii in tho Small of tbo Uaok and Loin*,
hlunhCH ot llent, Ohll'n. witli illj?
ordered Bloiaick and Ilowel*.
I taaYO suffered a thotuand druUm slnoo I lo
tho army, and a rooro dbeaied Liver and Kldnej
you nevur beard of. f trf*'?t a number of dlttrrcn
romodUiind spent #1.800, but I obtained n
real benefit until 1 bought a dotou bottle* of Htm
mom Mm Krgulator. flit* preparation euro
mo, and 1 muit i*y It 1* tto only medicine I wnul
R..uttivuuut m BJJPttBP."?U. 11. JJISAJM), Blc?
mond, 1ml.
His our 7,8 atop In rod on front ot wrapper,
J. H. ZEI LIN ii CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
,Bole Proprietors, l'rloo, ?l 00.
H El grwawi BKCTMWI
Do you feel dull, languid* low-eplrltcd, lifelew,
and indescribably miserable, ootli pliyslcally
unci mentally; cxpcr/cneo a senso of
fullness or bloating after eating, or or "goneness,"
or emptiness of stomach In tho morning,
tonguo coated, bitter or bad taste In
mouth. Irregular appetite, dizziness, frequent
headaches, blurred eyesight," lloating specks"
beforo tho eyes, nervous prostration or e.x-.
hnustlon, Irritability of temper, hot Hushes,
alternating with chilly sensations, sharp,
biting. transient pains bore mid there, cold
feet, drowsiness after meals, wakefulness, or
disturbed mid unrofrcslilng sleep, constant,
Indeacribablo feeling of drcud, or of Impending
calamity ?
If you havo all, or any considerable number
of theso symptoms, you nro suffering from
that most common of American maladies?
Ulllous Dyspepsia, or Torpid Liver, associated
with Dyspepsia, or Indigestion. Tho moro
complicated your disease has become, tho
greater tho number and diversity of Bymjv.
tonis. No matter what stage it has reached,
Dr. l'lorco'* Golden medical Dlncovery
will subduo It, if taken according to directions
for a reasonable length of time, ir not
curod, complications multiply and Consumj)tlon
of the Lungs, Skin Diseases, Heart Disease,
inn;uiuuuniii, i\iuuuy iJiHcnsc, or oilier gravo
maladies aro qultu Hnblo to set in and,sooner
or later, luduco a fatal termination.
Dr. IMerco'n Golden JTIcdlcnl Discovery
acta powerfully upon tlio Liver, and
through tliat great blood-purifying organ,
cleanses tho system of all blood-bunts ant) impurities,
from whatever causo arising. It is
equally efficacious In acting upon tho Kidneys,
and other excretory orgiuis, cleansing,
strengthening, and healing their diseases. Ah
an appetizing, res to rati vo tonic, it promotes
digestion and nutrition, thereby building up
both tlcsh and strength. In malarial districts,
this wonderful medicine has gained great
celebrity in curing Fever and Ague, Chills and
Fever, Dumb Ague, and kindred diseases.
Dr. Plerco'a Golden Medical- Discovery
frotn a common Blotch, or Eruption, to tho
worst Scrofulu. Sult-rhcum, "Fever-sores,"
Scaly or Kough Skin, in short, all diseases
caused by bud blood aro conquered by this
powerful, purifying, and Invigorating medicine.
Great Eating Ulcers rapidly heal under
its benign Intlucnco. Especially has It manifested
Us j>otency Jn curing Tettrr, Eczema,
Erysipelas, Holla, Carbuncles. Soro Eyes, Scrofulous
Sores and Swellings, 1 lip-joint Disease,
" White Swellings," Goitre, or Thick Neck,
and Enlarged Glands. Send ten cents in
stamps for a largo Treatise, with colored
plates, on Skin Diseases, or tho same amount
Bor a Treatise on Scrofulous Affections.
Thoroughly cleanso it by using Dr. I'lerco's
Colden jTIcdlcnl Discovery, and good
digestion, a fair skin, buoyant spirits, wital
strength and bodily health will be established.
which is Scrofula of tho lAinps, ianrrvstod
m<l cured by this remedy, if taken In the
earlier stages of tho disease. Froin its marvelous
power over this terribly fatal disease,
when flrat ottering this now world-famed remedy
to tho public. Dr. Plerco-thought seriously
of calling it his "Consumption Ci;ul\" but
abandoned that natno as too rcstrictivo for
a medicine which, from Its wonderful combination
of tfmln, or Btrcnnthenlng, alterative.
or blood-cleanslnir, anti-billons, pectoral, and
nutritive properties, is unoijunletl, not only
ns n remedy for Consumption, but for all
Chroulc Iilseuwon of tlio
Liver, Blood, and Lungs.
Vor Weflk TiUntrs, Spitting of Blood, Shortness
of IlreaUi,.Chronic Nasal Cutnrrb, lJroucliltls.
Asthma, Sovero Coughs, iuuI kindred
affections, it Is an effleiont remedy.
Rold by Druggists, at $1.00, or Six Bottlea
iST Send ton conis in Etmnpa for Dr. Tierce's
book on Consumption. Address,
World's Dispensary Medical Association,
C63 Main St., HUFFAI.Q, IV. Y,
The Theatrical VreiVjecl^,
Merit will win and recelre jniWfa recognition anql
pralae. Fueta, which aro tho ouicotno or ccacral oxporlcnco,
growing throuch years of crlUeal cnil
practical test, bccomo as roo'.ed and lmraovnblona
tliorockof OJ'iraltar In public opinion, ami Lei.c^
forth need no turllunr guarantee as to their genu,
lneness. Tlw It?llJ^utaUI? faetr (Uat Rncclflc
li tho host blood purifier In the world, la c'r.eof Uscaj
liumovablo Gibraltar reek fruits of which woha^o
njiokeii, jiml tsvtry Uny'n exi>crieneo rooijt thUconvlctlou
dwUi'P/uui piH'lKjr In jmbliu opfiifou. iivery
claw of our inx'tilg' w AmtrlcM' &ud la Europe,
every trade, caning pr.d |;rure?K,jj, Including tho
medical profession. havii liuruij roluqtarv- fe?'|.
mony to tlio rcmarkohlo virtues of H. a s. 'aail
its infalllblo cnieacy la curing all diseases jif tho
bfCKKl. < These It'iMJiouiaJs Jiro 0:1 JlJti by 1 >ju Umunan>U.
nnd ojwn to tho iiiM>ection of all. how com*,
unaHlwiloj!, two dlsUnKUlshe.l member* or tl.otlieru.
rlcalprofu?fc!"lli>vlii) Kralcf'dly te.ulfy tothevronder.
fill curative <lU.-vlltlri^ pf |?jr? Siitellla in their ir.rltvldual
ca.?o?. Their te&thu<U(fal* { Ft! herewith sub!n
thn i\ul>t!n ivlilionl ru'riliM* LUinmout?let
them f.'K'iU: for themselves. The Inily |3 n im-friiicr <>t
tho famous Tfialla Theft!rn Company, of Se;v York,
ami foniiorly of the Rp?l<leni'Q Theatre, Berlin, Gcr?
ninny, ami of HeVlcker'HKtock Cotnpauy, of Chicago.
Tho wutleuinu ( ? 4 well Known member ?>f tho M-w
York Thalia Thoatru Comrony, lUi'.i nro '.veil hnowu
lu theatrical circles ta ttitf ixilfjltry at<(! fx fcurupu.
Charlotte IZnudou'a Tentlipon*,
1 ::t\r YOUK, May 8, 1537.
Swift Specific Company, Atlanta, Co.!
Genllomofi-Ilavlujr bcrn annoyed \rJJJ> pimple^
eruptions mid roiwjineiu'of tlto tkin, from I?nd conilltiou
of my blood, j'or ?n<?ro than n year. 1 usul a
leading preparntlou of har?ii)ar|Jl:jfli;(| other advertised
remedies to no cffcct. 'illen 1 conspJtjM u ppnnluent
physician, nml ftoiitJiM I niatnuint'resolved
no bwiollt. 1 then concluded to try die tJ. S. 0. rem.
cdy for tho blood. ami five or rfx liy n
thorough eradication or my trotiblonnd reMontiR
smoothness to-jny nUu, liavo made mo lmppy.njiJ
I cheerfully give you thin-tos'.lniimlal fur auchuso
and publicity m you wUh to make of u.
C:uuu>tts It* snow,
122 Bower/, near Canal Street,
lluco Hra?aUftrl'rt Testimony.
Tho Swift Spceltio Company, Atjanfa. Gx :
Gentlemen?For two years I had 4; ecyvrn cftno of
oczenio. i VH'<i tarnoujw, sulphurmji*, jilt yjrtww
other remedied, nnd win pri*erli>cd ior by mitnljfw
of physicians, but found no relief. At lost I determined
to try tho 8. S. S. remedy, nn-l nevcn m elKht
boubu havo thoroughly relieved me, and you can
u?u this certlllcato lu any mnnuur you wish.
ilutio HiBtJKKnr,
v, ? ? Jfcmtuc pf Thalia Thentro
Xow York, May 3,18C7,
Trvuthis on Blood nnd Skin Diseases mailed frso.
Tits owtn Sfccinc Co., ..
Drawi-rr.. Atlnnni, Oa.
111 i mill's
BBBBMBBBBSO g*sy??y?g?att?.gMf
j?tvcm xi?
P.tahl gappr....d
ronis? NJro&nty and A ?
Menstruation or
ONTHIjY sickness,
If Ukea dartof Uio CHASOS OT UFll mil
refferinr and dinger will be avoided. 137"Seed fof
book " Miuioi to Womkx," milled fret.
I Beahhwu Rto tnatow Co.. AfltnU. Oa.
: Manhoodl#^
| tried in vain every knovni rero<\lj\hM rtlwTMetfS
Imple alUmre, which lie will Bond i'lUiU to hi*
Jft j'ttiSoSitSii l53o? B?nHiN?irXorl(JlijJ
~ fb SMlqmm.
Onirot Nob, VButnl tf7 Fonrt?eHtb Street.
tub yjtvr iiauy. *
Whatitrango llttl? nun can this be,
Ho weird wid 10 wizenwl and yrUe?
What myiticil tblun? litis be aoen
With those nIdc oj>?u wondering cyesT
What trea*nrc<i unfold, Iram what Jatutr, i
B Do hlnoft baby QnjroracnftUdT.
What word doei ho bring from afar,
xiiii straugtr ?o youug yet no old?
Does ho bring uh ho mo tneaiago (rom spheres
Unheard ot. from worlds wo know not?
ritarrj couutrltM wo dwell In, mayhap,
As babies, and uow luvo forgot?
!i Who cau toll what ho knows, whit ho thtuki?
lt lie says not a word, hilt ho looks,
n In a minute, more wisdom, I'll nwear,
Thau Is ihut lu iho biggest ot hook*.
a ?
J THJC l'-f.NMIO.N llUltlSAU.
NumlUiHA Delaji and Orou Injustice?Chios 1
of 111artlship. '
Kau York Tilbune,' , 1
If only ono in [ten ol the [complaints j
made by ponaion .claimants and ponalon- j
era on account of tho^unreasonable and ?
neodlcea delays in Iho adjustments their j
bueinetB by tho Pension Bureau ia true, (
there rnuat be^ROod many ecrewalooso ]
in the ollicial machinery of that branch of 1
tho pension service. Of conrae, in many L
caaos delays aro unavoidable,'.but aa a mat* s
ter of fact they can be traced in thousanda I
of ca?ea lo official jhootility, neglect or in- i
dlflorenee, to lack of '.bucineaa methode, t
and, unfortunately for the disabled veteran fc
or the noody widow, to tho deoiro of the (
Commissioner of Pensions to nee hisolli* <1
cial position to piomote hin political am* t
bitiou and the (ortunes of his party. It ia a
extremoly difficult for any poraon to ob- v
tain from tho records ot tho Pon* a
aion Baroau itaelf.j proof of its own ti
inefficiency, and BUtToring claim- lj
ants themselves are restrained from p
making thnir grievances kuown b7 fear of
placing their interests in still greater
>eril. Several months ago a Western
Congressman rotated this incident: "A P
disabled voteran who held an honorable &
dhcharge applied to mo for assistance, fii
tie informed me that tho Commissioner o
of Pensions had called upon him nearly
two years before to supply certain teati- h
mon7 to parfect his claim, and that ho d
had furnished it promptly. The only an* g
awer to several urgent appeals to the Pen* ?
sion Bureau was a demand for tho addi* ?
tional evidence which had been famish* d
ed. When ths case was finally calledd
that evidence, which had been filed witn tl
tho other papers in tho case many months a
before, was discolored. It had been over- U
looked and two or three demands for it
had been madoaEtor it had been received. Ji
That was an eacamnlo of gross official b
npglect, Probably the applicant himself
might never havo been able to drive it
into the heads ot the officials that the demand
had been long beforo satisfied.
Many Kepresentativea in Congreea can ^
give scores of incidenta which have fallen
under their observation where applicants
have been subjected to long and vexatious
delavs through. tho hostility or neglect of K
the Pension Bureau, but they are unwill- ^
ing to disclose the particulars for fear that ^
the beneficiaries will be compelled to etif- ^
for. More than ono applicant whose lot- g
tera of complaint have found their way to ft
the ollicial files of the Pension Bureau haa ^
had cad reason to regret the writing of g
thorn. b
A pensioner who made a bitt6r com* 5
plaint against the Pension Bureau for ?
atriking his name from the rolls haa vain* j,
ly Bought restoration. Ho is suffering
from cruel disabilities incurred in the ser- ,
vice, but they aro attributed by the pen- n
sioa oliicials to a folon or something of tl
that sort which he had before he enlisted o<
in the army. A. disabled veteran from h.
California informed the Tribune correspondent
that tho disease which rendors
him iucapablo of earning a support bv
manual labor is absolutely progressive in y<
its-nature, and was bo recognized by the ft
pension surgeons who examined him and ai
recommended a largo increase in his tt
rating, and yet the Ponaion Bureau holds
that hie increased and increaaing dieabil- w
ity ia due to "old ago" alono and that no y
proof to tho contrary will be admitted. A
Another case shows that tho complaints
against como of Black's special examiners c<
are well founded, and that they are zeal- ol
oils and eager to prove ihat overy die- ai
abled veteran who drawB a pennon ia a gi
scoundrel. It is the cbbo of a poor, de- w
orepit old man," tottering on tho vorge of tc
the grave, whose natto was atricfeen a:
irom the ioUb by the Commissioner. He c<
appealed to tho Secretary of tho Interior, e]
not only for restoration, bat for an increase tl
in his rating, wbich was clearly his due.
The case was referred to a special examiner
of the Pension-Bureau for inve&tigation.
His report was go clearly unjuBt "
that it drew Irom the secretary?General s<
Black's superior c$cer?three comments: c5
''The impresaion cannot be avoided that p
ho [the examiner] apparently entered up- ?
on the investigation in the full belief that J1
the claim was a fraudulent one, and that
his special mission was to prove it such,
rather than to obtain the facta and be
just to tho olaiinaat. . ? * Hia con- c<
elusion that it is a fraudulent claim, with- S'
out a veatige oi merit, ia unwarranted." ai
Che old man's name was reetored to the
rolls, but hie rating wap npt ipcreased.
Several years ago a pensioner applied to
the Pension Bureau to have an examining b<
eurgeon Bent to examine him at hia bed- w
yide, aa his disabilities had eo increased oJ
that ho could not leave his room and he G
desired to ?pply for an increase in hia it
rating. His application was tiled with the tl
other papers in the case, and never an- ai
swereu. Ho died shortly afterward. In si
another casa, through inexcusable care- hi
leeeneps, a por.glop certificate which had B
been iesued was nut mailed to tho bene- ti
ficiary until after a lonjj delay, and when h
It rC5f-hed its destination the war-worn g<
veteran wan no more. He had had died bi
"uupeusionod. Moreover, when tho certi- ft
ficato was repeivpd, the son of the deceased
applicant, vbp otherwise might
unvu Jttunuu i>uO tfiuuuj ouu uuwuibu "
pension in hip fight, had just passed"
the age of 10 year*'. * '
The Union veterans cf the war, whother
pensioners or applicants for pensions or
not, will be interested in knowing some of
tho specific causes of delay in the present
administration of tjio Pension Bureau.
One jb the inefficiency 'of tho Goiamiar jj
aioner. A second has been the employ- _
ment of a considerable part of the clerical ?
forpe in tho preparation of Democratic ^
campaign litature a$d of ^atofigl upon e
which tho voto of privato pension uilla
could be bafied, A third cause has been
General Black's extraordinary and indefensible
rulings in cases where claimants ii
had been technically charged with (
desertion, had beon uniformly hold q
by nil his preitepessors that aplaimaut p
who held an honorable dischargo from o
the 4-rmy OF Ifavy *as entitled to a pen- t
sion if othor oouditfonij xjava fulflllod, g
General Black haa attempted to reverse n
this lou" lin9 oI Precedenta. A fourth I
cause of delay haa u~n tho systematic I
"milking" of the files last year and tht I
rushing tbipugh of as many "easy cases" t
aa practicable in order to ipalcea great C
showing of malts, and the order whiuh I
recently followed It with the, same object
in view, that all pending applications
shall bo treated as rejected in which the
additional testimony required shall not be o
filed within one hundred days from the q
dato of tho order. The order la illegal and q
cannot be enforced, but nono the lees will \
it diehearton many applicants whose i
. claims aro just and subject othera to ]
SrievouB hardships and long and needless r
elaya. In very many cases tho effect of t
it will be a virtual denial of justice. <!
Another fruitful cause of delay, as well b
as tho sourco of many acts of injustioo to- e
ward claimants, waa General Black's "xe- s
organization" of the Pension Bureau, s
" Formerly the claimant had to run tho i
gauntlet of the Adjudicating Division, the i
Medical Division and the Board of Re- (
view. To these haa been added a law- <
division, from which have emanated nu- j
merous decisions, opinions and rulings, ]
the objocts of which to a disinterested obncirvor
would nccm to bo toboloR both law
ami equity and "down" tbo claimant.
Ueneralillack lias abolished the "Miscellaneous
Division," wbicli van one ot
the best organized and efficient branches
ol tho office. Tho Medical Division, as
now constituted, lo a terror to claimants.
Some ol Its dicta are astonishing. In one
case a man applied (or a pension on account
ol disease ol tho lunge, and tbo surgeons
who examined hitn recommended
that the pension be granted. Tho ModicaI
Division changed the findings and ?nvo
tho applicant a pension lor dlsiase ol the
heart. Subsequently the man. applied (or
an increase ot pension lor a trouble resulting
(rom heart disease, and his application
wr.i rejected on the groaud that he
never hail any hoart disease, but did havo
illseoso ol the tangs.
Tho Apple Crop.
The last monthly report of tbo depart*
tnent of agriculture e&ya: The apple crop
will l)B very short in every Btclion where
Jxtonslvelv grown. Proapeota have been
unfavorable from the beginning of the
etiHon, una mo condition luu steadily defined
at cach report. Only In Now Enn- '
anil anil No* York was tUoro nt any
iinu a prospect ot oven a medium crop, 1
mil tboir conilltiou has oorlonsly (alien
>1T, eutluriiig n marked decline durng
the past month, Elsewhere genirally
the product will be very
imitod. The Atlantic and gulf Statee
use from tbreo to eighteen points :
luring the month, variously attributod to '
Irousht, rottlnir. and dropping from in- 1
ectinjurleo. Unices our correspondents 1
lave exaggerated the roductlon, there will 1
n none of this section be fruit for more !
han homo consumption, anil in some t
itatos not uvea that. Tho returns from
)hio westward are of a similar tenor, conitiou
in moat cl tho States standing at I
be lowest figure ever reported. Thero Is ?
u exception in the cdbo of Michigan, t
(hern a crop but slightly unilor the avor- 1
go of non-bearing years is indicated. Oil '
lie Pacific couit couditlon Is comparative- i
t high, indicating ft crop of medium pro- j
ortlons. ,
The Fnthor of BInuj Ills.
Constipation loads to a multitude ol (
hysical troubles. It is generally tho rc- c
alt o! carolesBness or indiflorenco to tho 2
mplesfc ruluof health. EuRoxie McKay, 1
! Brantford, Oat, writes: *
I had lor several years bees a sufferer j,
om constipation,'had takon a groat many 1
liferent remedies, Bomo of which did mo 2
ood for a timo, bat only for a time, then t
ly trouble came back worgo than ever. I 3
raSxindncod by a friend, whom Bran- h
reth's Pills had benefited, to try them. I 0
id so, taking two each night (or a week, 1
:en one every ninht for about aix weekB. J
ince that time 1 have not experienced t
3e slightest difficulty whatever, fcnd my
owelsmove regularly everyday. I be* J
eve Urmly that for slaotgisliaeaa of the $
owels and biliouBnees Brandreth's Pills
re far superior to any other.
*1 , t
'Fhn vft?Iroafln a*a n
w.w Jjuiwuiug Uy IUD JJOO" o
snger car stove in anticipation of the rcg- J
lar fall and winter tradu. The/ aro also 11
egotiating with undjytakera and ceme- ?
tries for reduced ratee. \
SttVM(l IIIh Life.
Mr. D. I. WilcoxBon, of Horse Oavo, Ky.. J
lya ho was, for many yeara, badly afllictecl d
ith Phthisic, alBO Diabotea; the pains
ore almost unendurablo and would some- J
mea almost throw him into convulsions. *
[e tried Electric Bitters and got relief p
om first bottle and after taking six bot> v
es, was entirely cured, and hud gained in ti
esh cighteon pounds. Says ho positively
olieves he would havo died, had it not J
een for the relief afforded by Electric a
ittcra. Sold at fiity cents a bottle by 5
ogan & Co. 4
The average woman thinka a great deal 5
lore about the condition of her crimps *
lan she does about the condition of her J;
ml, and the average man wouldn't like a
or half so well if she didn't. 2
1 5
Glvo Thorn a Chancet
That is to say, your lunga. Also all ^
3ur breathing machinery. Very wonder- b
tl machinery it.is.- Not only the larger t<
ir-pocaages, but the thousands of., little
thes and cavities leading from them.' J
When these are clogged and choked s;
itli matter which ought not to bo there, '
our lunns cannot half do their work,
.nd what they do, they cannot do well, d
Call it cold, cough, croup,.pneumonia,
*tarrh, consumption or any of the family n
(throat and ncso and head and lung obiructlons,
ail are bad. All cagUc to be
at rid ot. There is just one sure o,
ay to get rid of them. That is *
> take Bonchoe'a German Syrup, which j
oy druggist will sell you at aeveny-five U
mta a bottle. Even if everythiug
so has failed you, you may depend upon
lis for certain.
" 3
Iluclilcn'u Arnica ShIto.
The best salvo in the world for cuta,
ruises, sores, ulcere, salt rheum, fever 0
>res, tetter, chapped hande, chilblains,
jrns, and all skin eruptions, and poai- a
vely oures piloo, or no pay required. . It
ttun?tmtctju iu gtvo uaritjui Baueincuon, "
: money refunded. Price 25 centa per si
ax. For bsIo by Logan & Co. b
. 34
The flies stnp buzzing, tho office boy 5
jaeosto ohuflla hia foet and tbore ia a &
ineral and solemn hush when Mr. Gould Kt
ta down to write his check for $4,500,000.
? ? e<
IJontou'h Hair Growor* ^
All who are bald, all who are becoming
lid, all who do not want to be bald, all J{
ho are troubled with dandruff, or itching
'the 6calp, should use Benton'a Hair i*
rowor. Eighty per cent of thoee using
have grown hair. It neyer f^Us to Btop b
to liairtroin failing. Through sickneeB
id feverB the hair sometimes falls olT in a ?
lort time, and although the person may u
ave romained bald for years, if you use P:
enton's Hair Grower according to direcquo
yo;; are euro of a growth of hair. In n
undreds of caaeo wo have produced a ?
jod growth of hair on those. who have
Bon bald and glazQd for years. Wo have
illy substantiated the following facts:
We prow hair in Mcasss out of 100; no matter
how lonj; bald. "
pnlllic other pwpa rations, It contains no sugar ol 8<
' ldad,' or ycKOiablo or mineral polsonB. 3i
It Is ft specific lor filling hair, dandruff niid itch|n?
C|l t]jo tcf^ln. '
TheHnir proHt'r'la ? hair food, nud its coin'
position isalmost exacUy llko the oil which
supplies tho hair with lis vitality.
Sold by drugRUts orient on rocclpt of price, 5100.
Dknton Hair Grower Co..
daw Cleveland, O. "
* * * Si
George B. Maledon, of Fort Smith, Ark., s
aa pvoqajily hacked more raen?ftfty-one
-than any ot&er pemri ih thau world, t
[e ia a Bavarian by birth, and hia 'work ?
as been done lor tfcre TJnitod Statea Goy- R
rnuiuui, ' * J
Don't Experiment.
Yon cannot afford to waste Umoinexper- d
menting when your lungs are" in danger, d
Joncnmption always soems, at Srsi, ouiy !j
culd. Do not permit any dealer to im- 5
osa upori'you with some cheap imitation 8
I Dr. King's New Discovery for Conoump- "
ion, Coughs and Coida, but he miro yoii
el too jjen^ine. Because ie cau mtko
aoro profit he may tell yoix ho has somo- ,
hing just as Rood, or just the same. Don't I
10 dccoived, bnt insist upon getting Dr. c
Tinc'a New Discovery, which isguaransed'to
Rivo rellei In all Throat, Lung and I
ihest affoctions. Trial bottles free at
,ogan 1!c Oo.'a drug store. t
Advice, to Mothers'.
Are you diaturbeil at niirit and broken J
[ your rest by a nick child snflerine and
rying with pain oi catting teothv jf c
0, send at once and get a bottle ol Mas;
Vinblow'b Soothing Syiiit i-on Oiiil11ms
Testhiso. Its value is incalculable,
t will relieve the poor little sufferer im- 1
aediately. Depend upon it, raothors, J
hero ia no mistake about it. It cures ;
lysentery and diarrheas, regulates tho
tomach and bowels, cures wind colic,
aliens the Rums, reduces inflammation
ind gives tone and energy to tho whole
lyotem. Mks. Wisslow's Soothing Svrop
?ob Oan.DiuiS Teething is pleasant to tho 1
aste, and is the prescription oi one ol the 1
ildest and best female nurses and phyai iana
in tho United States, and is for sale
>y all druggists throughout the world.
Price 25 cents a bottie, itwriw
OF.jrrst?About ntno joars njro I hud ft c
yours old and almost dead. Tho doctor 1 bad i
liur could not toll what allod bur. 1 asked him
not think It vu worms. Ho satd no. IIow<
dlil not satisfy wo, u I felt convinced In tnjr o
thatihohad. I obtained ntnittleofDr.C.Mc
her a teaspoonful In tho morning and another
alter which alio piuscd sevcnty?two worms n
well child, filnco tliun I havo never boon with
my foully, Tho health of my children ten
good thatl bad neglected watching their act!
nbotittbreo weeks ago, when two or thempresi
aamu sickly apnoaratioothatl'auny dUlnfno >
Ho I thought It must bo worms, and went to
onco with ? boitlo of Dr. C. Mo LANE'S 1
. FUG It between four of my children, their 14
' as follows! Alice, 8 years} Charley,4 yearsj
yearn John, t? years. Now comes tho rvsul
and Emms canio out all right,but Charley post
llvo and Johnny about sixty worms. Tho ro.su
gratifying that I ?j>e?t two days In thowlng
(lerful eilect ofyour Vormlfugo around Utlca,
huvo thu worms ou exhibition In my store.
lours uuiy.
Ihfl Wholesale Prlceit ?f all the Various '
intkluoknctb ofticb, 1
Wnnuno, Tuesday, Kept. 27. > ?
A number o! important ehangoi la quotation! ,
will be found in almost every department is re- (
ported thin morning, Choice augar syrups have i
idrtticed, Provisions havo declined, and several
lues of BUgirs nave ihadod oil a trltlo. In the Jj
iroduoa market there aro the usual number of *
ihauges Incident to tho season. Coffeo remains t
my llrm. Business na a ruio la good in every da- *
>artment and collodions aro prompt. Tin quota* *
loos oru subject to lluctuatlous during tho week; J
QKAUt, l'lOUM, KfC, ,
Grain?Now wheat 70c per bushel. State oats t
soa.120. Now oats 27o. tiUto corn, on tho wharf, t
0i53Q. D
Ftour-Fancy patents, (spring and winter) It 00 to V
100; fancy family, white amber, amber auu winter t
O 86 in paper: wood 15c higher. Oatmeal?medium
-55 75 per obi; fancy so00. Rye Uour 81 25,
iiay and &raw?l?rinio looso timothy, 110 00al2 00
>er tou; prime old baled 811 OOalU 00 per tou, by the
ar loud. New baled 8403al0 03; straw looso, $d 00; r
lalod, 3'i 00. Mlddllugs per ton 810 CO. Bran per i
ou 810 00, I
obocsrisb; ;
Jilcc?Carolina head G^c; Carolina choice Go g
Jarollna prime 5}?c; Louisiana 6a5>$o; Java pear t
Xo j Broken 3*c.
eiyrupi?choieo fiogarSyrup Sla37o: Sugar Syrup
la^to; Honey Drips 80a32c; Jtfaplo Drips, ilvo gal- q
an kegs C5o; ten gallon kegs CQo; half barrels fiSc; n
larrel 60o; Blxby MadIo Syrup (barrels) 65c; Bix&y n
Japlo (% barrels) 58c; Blxby Maple ^10 gallon *
Vfco. vw, OinuiUliJ gttUOU KCKHJ WOJ illXDJf W
faplo (quart cans) 80c. tiugar House (dark)
0a22u; (2fl additional to half barrel*).
Jaw OrlcaiiH Molusscs, Fancy5U53c; choice48afi0c; A
rime 45c; fair 4Mlie; mixed goods New Orleans A
8c: baker's goods *264270. C
l^ovislons?Largo S. C. liams 12>?c; medium 8. 0. O
,ams l'2%c; California hams D^c; u. U,*breakfa.st ba- 0
on 12)4q; H. (J. shoulders s>?o; boneless hams
Oallo; city sides 10>?c: bacou shoulders 8c; ham
eel 13SalftJ4ct ordluary beef 10c; country 0
Ides 9%c; family mess pork 6 lb pieces 817 00; D
icau porn, duo cloar, 817 50- H
/Mrrf?l'uro refilled, fu tierce, fc; half barrels
tob^o; tubs 8|ko; Chicago lard, In tin palls, 3 F
M., b^o; tin pails, 5 lbs., bKc; tin palls, 10 lbs., K
u; tlu palls,'20 lbs., 7%c: tin palls, 50 lbs., 7>ia L
Cu;?ned Uooda?Standard 8 lb table peach 82 OOa L
50; tiepcaches 8 lb 8160; plo peaches 6 Jb 52 25; L
lo. 8 tomatoes, now, 81 10; Uutledge corn, none In L,
3arket;doWluslo',v,s,2lb,8125;do'2dKrade2lb.8llO. M
trawberrlcs, 2 lb, 81 10; blackberries, 2 lb, 8110; M
aspborries, 2 lb, 81 03; Damson's 2 lb, 95c; lima M
cauj, 2 lb. 90o; cove oysters, 1 lb light, 60a; do 1 N
b lull weight, iWcaJl 00; string beans 2 ib 85aWc; N
uccobuih, 2 lb, 90ca?l 25; early Juno peas
125al 85; French peas lac oach; pineapple 8150;
Inrrowfat peaa 2 lb SI 80a210; gooseberries2 lb 90c
$100; 8 lo sweet potatoes 817b. ai
Wooden Ware-No. 1 tubs 86 00; No. 2, 85 OD; No v
, $1 00; 2 hoop palls 8146; 8 hoop 81 G3; single fil
;ashboards 81 50; double do 82 60; flue crimp a)
ouble do 8275; single 82 50. ^
fruit*?.Sew Valencia Raisins 8aS>4o; old
'alencia, G%a7o; Layer Odora, 9a9Xc. London b
lyer raisins 82 CO: Look Muscatels, $1C* to 8175. j0
runes 4Xc. New evaporated apricots 20c. Pitted ui
lums 15c. Pitted blackberries t2o. ai
Off?Lard, extra western strained, 80c: carbon, jj
10,7c: carbon, 150, he; white miners' best win- v,i
ir 50c; while miners' No. 2, 49o. . ^
fiuf/arai-Cutloaf 7c: cubcs 7c: fruit powdered 7c; h
raiuary powdered C>ic; granulated s umdard 6>$o; a
tandard confectioner's a. G^c: standard Windsor C]
. G>|0; Rldgewood whlto A Cc: white extra O&Xc; n
lAuUard yellow 6%c; New "Xork 0 5cMi: golden O e]
VeO; fruit sugar i%a; New Orleans ciarilied 5c- bi
Cotfa?Green coneo-Fancy Uoldou Klo 22>?c; gj
incy green 22%c: Peabcrry 23%o; choice green 5;
;roasting crudes'20c: Java '2to. Roasted in pack- n
ges?Ohio valley Klo '25%c; Ohio Valley itio 300 53
as. lots 2lVJo; l'an llandlo 25%c; Arbuckle ?S? Co.'s b:
lasted'25%c. Bulk roasted?Old Goverment Java ^
Jo; Peaberry 27o; 'A" Rrado lilo 24>*c. jt,
leas?Young llyson, per lb, *250590; gunpowdor w
Sa75c; Imporia, 85a50c; Japan, 23a70c; Gcbag ?i
2&75c: Souchong, 22aG5o jj,
Oxndto?Siar,iull weight, 9c; stcarine, per sot, 53
Lc: mould, per sot, 10c. 17
Finder?Choice elder, 12c per gal.; standard city n
Mnu.viu&uo per gai; country 13al5o per gal., a* jg
> quilliy. is
vimac?Ib quoted In Jobbing at 12a for prima di
eatern, ana iSa for full cream; Hweitier 131
5c, according to quality: UmburgorllXc; Factory ?r.
y.? Now York Suite Hal5c. . ,i
rUh?No. 3 medium mackerel 31100} No. 2 mo- ce
lura, ?13W. aI
&id*~Sales ol timothy 8?cd at 82 CO pci bushel; d
lover small seed 95 25; large CO 00, a In quality. sv
ttalt?No. 1 per bbl 'JOc; extra per bbl 5165; dairy g j
o, 3 bushel Hacks $1 GO i?cr tack. b(
&jxct Coth?CbM) pgr ft), gt
HA.ua bt
NaiU, Fence and Brad*?10d to GOd, 8215; 8d and ^
1.82 10; 6d and 7d, 82 05; 4d and 6d, 821)0; 3d
105; 2d, $4 40. ct
Uamlr^A iucb, 83 40: % inch, 8U3; 1 inch, 15; w
% iucb, 83 05; inch 83 40; 1% inch, 8315; IS lo
K'.ti, $2 'JO. dl
>'<nWmj7-l inch, !C 15; 1VJ inch, 8515; ty, inch. te
140: lV, tolj* iucb, S-l 15:2 iuch, 831)0; 2% inch, di
} 05; 3 inch aud over, 83 40. q?
OailM and Ita-iOd to 30d, 83 40; Sd, $315: 6d cl
30; 4d, 83 65; 3d, 84 C5. 3
fBODOCa. ^
Thoce priccs arc based ou wholesale transactions m
t this day, subjcct to fluctuations during the week. 2,
Buticr? Uomand fair; country choice 15alGc: to
ood country 10al2c; common ShOc; supply/air and aj
smuud good. 45
Maim?Saw haudplcked navy* Si 40al 50 per 2^
ushel: demand good. k
jDriid FniUa?Mow evaporated pared peaches 80a
>0; unpared do. 15al"c; raspberries 20o2.?c; black- jfl
srrioa valOc. New 3un dried?Apples, quarters 2%a o<
j; sliced 4a5o; peaches, new halves. 6>?a7c; do. 0.'.
aarters 5aCo; do. pared 15a ISc; pitted cherries 12 cj,
L3c: new evaporated apples 10a Wc. Market 011
rleu (rult nouiiUHl; demand moderate. gl
iii^-btrlctly ircah stoejt at 17c par doz.; jj(
xpuly light and demand good. at!
<Jholco Wa55c, in original packages; 4a
) more iu small lots.
lloiKtj?Uholco whlto clover, 13al5c; choice
uctwneat, 12aUc. h
I'ovMrij?Liyn chickens, $300 per doz.; spring T-.
iickeua 82.WJa2 60 pir doz,; domaud good; suiiply f'
toug. ,?
./toys-Steady at lKal}{c ior white wUod cotton;
\.l%o lor all wool l?al&c {0; mixed.
J^ini-Country prime, 0>?a"o; cioinand /air. Z:
Ay&et? Green, per bbl.. homegrown, 82 60 per
bl; laucy 8310 demand good; supply light. $
Vegtiabia-Potatoes, new, bomoralsed,$2C0a2 25;
dr band: Oulous 31 U0 per bushel; gooi de- r;
land, Cabbago 812ial to per barrel. Cucumbers "
lal5c per dozen. New com iflc pcr.doscu; sup*
ly fair.and demand goo<\. '^oaiiitocB G0o per cl
ushol." tc
Trtplccl iVuiU?Lemons, 84 50a 175 per box; As- 83
Lnvvall bananas 8175a2 50 per bunch; oranges, 0<
'enfllna, 82 75a3 00 per box. m
Home ir?iermdons-8G OOalO 00 per 100. W
iVut"iifl8-8l OOal 25 per barrel; supply lfgV,t, n<
Pcoc/ks-Scarce at 81 60a2 00 p<jr craW. ca
Whoallog live*8toolt Market. 7^
Coitk-1.000 to 1,100 lbs. stock 8Xft3>Co per lb.; a?
? lo 1)00 lbs. 3a3^c per lb.; 700 to UUOlbs. 'Vfr m
3 per lb. D
iiogn?mctkoi aotivo; ^05c per id. =
(iood at bXfl&Q por lb. OciLtx*?to
per lb.'
Btap-2>iMu per lb. ~
live Stock*
Chicago, Sept, 57.?Drover's Journal reports: Cate?Receipts
0000 head; shipments 2,tW head:
larket good mid lOo higher; fancy 35 20a?25;
lipping steers 53 C?a5 O'J; Btockera and Icodero
L 75a'i hO: cow*, bulla and mlx^d H $3a2 80;
oxas cattle 51 M>a3i$: Western rangers S210a3 90.
[osB~B?>flclp?S 10,000 hoad; shipments 8,000 hoad;
jarkotslow aud weaken mixoaSt -joa^ ao; heavy
i 55iv5 CO; light Si 95; rough aud ski pa 53 uo
\ .io. fchfceifcltacwipts ti.OOO head; shipments 1,000
tad; market steady; wwitorn 83 00a3 90; Texas
3 CUi3 03; lambs 84 00a4 50,
East Lidsbty, Sept. 27.-CttlI&?Rewinta MM
ead; shipments 9S8 head: market lait atyester.
ay's prices. No catt'fi pipped to New York toay.
HM3-I?eoeipw 1.200 Head; shipment* 1.0C0
e*d; mlrkot slow; l'hlladelpblas 85 40a5 60;
'ozkers $5 10*5 2a; common to /air and light )$4 80a
05. Sir cars of hogs shipped to Now. Vork to-day,
bocp?HocrlpW 3,400 licyidjshlpmcutaWJQ head;
mrket steady at yes^rday's p^Iccq.
On, Crrr, PA., Bept. 27.?Petroleum oponod at
Be; hlcbost 683; lowest CG%o; closed at 67>?o;
ules 085,000 barrels: dearance* 1/02,000 barrels; I
harters 43,W7 banels; shipments 50,238 barrels. . I
IfrTBBniww, Pa., Sept. 57.?Petroleum dull and
reak; National transit certlQcatea opened at 680;
losed at G7>$; highest 680; lowest CO^c,
BftinrottD, Pa., Sept. 27.-Opened at cs>^o;
***> <*?* p
Nsw York, Sept. 27.?retroloum dull; opooed X
G8c: highest C3c; lowest CQ>Jc; closing nt wytfu
ales 77,000 banels.
TrrcsynxiJ, Pa . fcapt. 27.?Opened at 680; highst
C3o; lowest 6%c; dosed at 67^a,
Wool. ii,
Philadelphia, Bept. 27.?Wool, fine fleeces dull,
ow and medium wools Id improved demand;
Ine washed dclane X and XX S6a30c; medium
vashed combing and delano 3<&3SKc; coarso do
teaaso; Canada washed combing S6i37o.
Nxvr York, Sept. 27.?Wool Arm; domestio flceco
?a3lc; pulled I4a33c; Texas 9a22c.
Dry Goods.
Nsw York, Sept. 27.?There was a moderato decline
iu tales. 'Dry goods were ueglectod because
Df tliQ very general iutorcst la tho International ,
jrachiraco. __________ r
Ootton. * __
Nkw York, Bept. 27.-Cotton easy; uplands,
WiT, Orleans, t^oj sales ?57 bales; futures closed
ers ^81
I^rr A t\ i>
hlld two ill J 1
i jlp
itnPgbl, RsJ. '
ml w n.i a V'iSJ :Jc" .1^1
out U la D V
jaJned to liiflAwf "sZiiXr I
ons until *!?- .. JI
mtcdtko p/^4|ljmr ' J f |
cars ago. lii^W.ttXUg " .
work at ; i/SuSfflkil U H
^bo"" j '
Tho ceuiilno DIt C. MelASE* VI
nu* INO liltOi, I'ltUl,until, I'ii., anil l*?r
111103, It in norur made lu St. LouU <
'IPER, ^l'rioo, 25 ccnta a bottia,
rh? Features of tho Money and Block
N*w Yobk, Bcpt. 27,-Money on call e**? at 4 to
i per cent, la?Hoau at 4K per cout, cIohIur offered
it 3 per cent. Prlmo mercantlio paper at 7a8pcr
*ut. 8toiUng cxchaugo quiet but steady at
Tho yacht raco left tory JJttlo interest Ju tbo
took market to day, most of tbo operators being
,b?ent,audlhe deal lugs wero almost entirely of a
irofcsalonal cliaracter. Tbo market wu lasrly noivo
at tho opening, with advances over last ovenng'a
fljfumvt Iroia Mlo % per cent, but there
ra* fiomu prcMuro la tbo early tradings. A, rally
luickiv followed under tbo lead of New KigUnd
ud Missouri l'aclflo, tho advanco ranging up to 1%
ier cent. The market thcu becamo stagnant, anu
oward tbo last hour animation Mas displayed aud
sicca rose small fractious. Tho oloso was dull
lUtflrra to stroug at tho best prices of tho day.
Villi but few exceptions tbo ontiro list la higher
blsovcuirjR. Baiei 209,417 a barn.
llallroud bond* drill but fitm. Sales 8281,000.
Uovcrnmcnt bonds dull but firm lor li.
btato bonds dull and steady,
r.s. 4?coupon- .-125 Northern Pac. flnU-U4X
f. B. 4S ooupoo....J08VJ North. Pan. Booonda-iozji
'aclflo m of '95... 122 Northwest, oonxoltj&j
ouislana stamp. 4s- 81% N. W.debontures,ffi.l08
[iasourl Ca 101 Bt.L ikB.F.Oen. M..U3
onn.6asottletnont&10l st. Paul consoU...?.i25S
do 6a ?. 102# St. P., O.dtP.i flraUullH
do 8a - C9* Tox.4 Pac. land gr's. 40y,
entral Paciflo firetadU% Tex. 4 Pac. B. Q. ox?
i. 4 K. G. Qxsts 120 tra coupons........... 02K
.A R.ti.Weflt.firsts 70 Onion Pac. flrats 11 as
tip aeoonda ? 08% WeatBhoro wA
[.K. AT. gen. 6s? 92
ayjiyu*?vuKIl) BUI,
dams Express- 140 Northern Pacific..,.,, 24K
meric&n Kxprcss...l05 do preferred 4'iH
anada Southern-... R3% Chicago A N. W ..112
antral Pacific 85 do preferred 141^
besapoako A Ohio- 5 New York Central...lG8%
do antpraJorrod.? 10 Ohio A Mississippi... 26>6
do seconds G do preferred......^, 85
0., 0. A 1 62 Pacific Mail?........... 38
enter A B, 0 .-. 25 ^ 1'ltuburgh 162
rle....?............ ...? !?R Reading 10%
do iiroforred....^. 64 8t. L. A B. F.....^...'. 83w
ort Wayne - 143 do preferred 67%
ansa* AToxm - 23%- do first preferred... 109
Hie Krle ii WcaL... 15*2,0. M. & 8l Paul. 78*1
ake Bhote 54$! do preferred ?..114%
DUixrlUe A Naih... cut Tozu A Pacific 23#
? N. A. A C 37 Onion Paclflo. .- bty4
em. &Chts -?... 48 United States Ex 70
iohlgtin ?Joutral..,.. KG W.. Bt. L. A P..<mM<N 17)4
lssouriractflc-. 92% do preferred 31
ash. AChat 73 Wells-Firgo Bx....??125
eir Jereoj OontraL 71% Western unioa.?~~. 74}$
UrcadstntTd and Provisions.
Nkw Yobk, Bept, 27.?Flour. rereiDts 32,020 pack;es;
export* 11,083 barrels; 23.401 nackH; market
jryflrm and fairly active; sales 24,200 barrela;
tocrflnc %?50a310; common to good extra western
udBtnto S3C0&3 50: good to choice do 83 60al*JI)
'heat, receipts 109,450 bushels: exporti 89,8:6
usheU; BAlca 5,923,000 bushels of futures; 180,000
tishels of spot; options moderately active: spot
its n elude better but less active: ungraded red
aS5c: No. 1 red 68q; No, 2 red SlaSl^c, closing
; 81 Jtfc; October 80 15-l?ftSiKo? closing at 81 J4o;
ovomber 82%aS2%c, closlug at 8296c: Decernjr
83^aS4 t-ltic, closing at 84>?c; January 851-16
I5%c, closicg at 85%c: February 8GKtSGJ?c.
osiug at SG%o; March 87&*S7ftc, closing at &7%o;
prlUSJ^HS'Ju, dosing at SSJyj; May 89Xa90l2c,
oelugatS'jjBc: Juuo OOaCO&c, closing at OOJtfc.
sru, receipts 76.GOO bushels; exports 161,714 buths;
sales 712,000 bushels of futures and 220,000
lshols of spot; options closed steady; ungraded
Vj052e: No. 2 October 5jKa5T>%c, closing !at
%o; November 5C%i51^c, closlug at Bike;
ccember 5U51%c, closlug at 51%c; May
! 13-16c, closing at 52Jic. Oats, receipts 124,500
osbeto; exports4,fc03 bushels; sales SSu.OOO bushs
of futures and 187,00U bushels of spot: marit
active aud a shade higher; mixed
cstcru 32){a3lo; white do 35i40o. Hay
ilet andlsteidy. Hop#dull, toffee, spot fair; Klo
rm at;i9>?o; options moderately aetlvo and
.10 paints higher; sales G8.500 bogs; September
.M)o; October I7.70al7.85c: November 17.9oal8.10c;
eocmber ld.l5c; January and February 18.20a
i.3Qc; March, April and May 18.25al8.4uo; Jane
; qr?, n
uu(>n. uiiu nuu quiui; rcUDCU StOaUy; ]?W
:red 6J<nbMc; granulated GMGc: cubes ti^c.
oImscs qulec; ordinary black strap llo. Uico firm,
dlowfinn. RosluEtaaay at 8107^*112>?. Turpenoc
firm at SJjJ^o. Eggs firm ami lu fatx demand: re:ipta
5,9 4 packngts; western 17al9c. Pork dull
is easier: uiesa $i4 7Sal5 CO old; $15 75alC 00 new,
jtmrntaactive; pickled shoulders 6aGJ4c. Lard a
i<de hlsUer. cloted firm; western steam spot
S5o: September 0.77a6,85o; October 6.7&j; Novemsr
6 0^ati.72c; December 6.CSiC.71c; January c.74a
76c: city steam G.7to But'er quiet aud generally
eady: wtstern 18a21c. t'het'ij firmer; western
Chicago, Sopt 2".?Cables were again very enmraulug
Jor the bulls. Spot wheat and com
ere firm and In fair demand at lower pool, aud
.r futures the demaud was called good. Wheat
d not reach before noou as lilRh a point as yesrday.
Corn was moderately active and firm toiv.
Oats were stronger. Provisions were rather
ilct. Flour In holier demand and prices uulanded.
v^hoat, cash No. 2 spring 71a71J<c: So
spring fifioi No. 2 red 73o; September 70%a
V*c, doting at 71%c: October 7ja7l%c, cloulug
, Yl%c; December 73%a74J/?c, closing at 71 }<c;
ay TofaTfyVi, closing at 7'Jj^c (torn, cash no.
42c; ceptember 41?ia42%e. oIosIuk at 42c; Ociber
41%aU%c, closing at 4lKc; November 11
ij^c,clolug at 4l%c; May 4i^a45Kc, closing at
Vic. Onto, csgh No. 2, 25%c; September 25ka
>4c; MaySJWc. Rye, cash So. % <So. Barley
o, 2, C&tt. Flaxseed, No. 1. 81 C6%. 1'rimo tlmoif
seed 12 20. ?less pork, cash 815 00; year {12 03;
inuary 31230. Lard, ca*b, 6.45o; September and
stober 6.40a6.42&c, closing at 6.42%c: Decembor
57WuG40c, dcalng at 0.40c; January 0 42%a6.4Sc,
ojing at 6 45c. Bacon, short ribs 7.67%q: shoul:w
5,25aij.3Qo; short c!car 8.l'5a8.1Cc. Whisky 8110.
iRtiw, granulated 6%c; standard A C>6c askod.
ltter easier; creamery 17a23c; dairy 15a20c, Eggj
roug at 17&17%c.
Pnu.A.ouLrHU, Pi., Sept. 27,?Flour, Iresh
ouudold iprlng wheat scarce aud firm, now wlar
quiet bu\ stoidy. Wheat quiet but steady; No.
red Scpt?oiber fc0%a80%c; October 80>?aS0?$c;
uveinber 8'.'a32>ic; December M%i83V;c. (Jora,
ot Hrm, with a fatr demand; futujva dull; No 2
ick 52c; No. 2 mixed September &i>Jia5lKc: Octer5DiAlc;
November49a5QHo; December 4SJ$a
Y/i. Oats, spot firm with a /air demaud; ao. 2
lxeil 32r. No. S whito SiJ4o;No.2 whlto35o: fures
firm but QiUot: No. 2 red September 84%a
c; Octoljer &t%i35Q; November Ss^a'SSKc; l>ernbex
IVUftGHs. l%gs firm with good demand;
us tern Urals 2Uc.
Baltimobi, Sept. 27.?'Wheat, western Armor,
oslug dull; No. 2 winter rod "Dot 79tfa79%c; 8epmber
TUMc bid; Octobcr 79%a79%c; December
a83tfc. Corn, western dull and nominal; mixed
jtober 49J{a495ic: December new 49c asked; year,
;w o? o)u 48>io asked. Oata steady and quiet;
estern white 3?aS5o; do mixed 82a33c. Provisions
jminally steady. Coffee steady and dull; lUo
rgoes ordinary to lair lS%al9^c,
Toledo, Hcpt. 27.~ Wheat firm and higher; cash
q; November 77c: May 8l%c. iktrn firm: cash
td September 45c. Oats quiet; cash 22%o. Clovered
lower aud steady^cash 8t 00; October $1 C9>$;
gcember 8112K: J*nuiry8-120.
riNJB 8HOK^?ir? V. BLOND.
11 hi
nijffln |i
2 r g 2
61 CT"ReB74 -1 ,
? CK.PRC55C* ron, m H
1 3&3T.B$4oml |
*f WHEELING,'W.Vfl. j
i BaaBmsatE^^
dsit.br m
.adiss' and Gents' Fine Shoes,
Unquestionably tho Leading House In the
Blato la Fine Foot Wear.
1185 Sain Street, Wheeling, W, Ya.
Bolo Afjontfl lor Qontlomen b Qcnulno English
orpotso Sbooa. ' myia
. I H - Insane Persons Restored
a a w nerveRestorer 1
Ej/Vi'a.VDEA!H It NBKVK DIjKASES. Only ruri
curt fir A'trvt Ajftctum, fits, EMItfty, He.
lNFAU.mt.il if taken 11 dlretled. N? Ftts afttt i
ftrtt J.ry't utt. TieatUo and Si trial bottle free ta
Pit tutianto, they wytnjr eroreuchxr2?ionbo* ?heji
te<eircd. Send n*tnet, P. 0. and extncii tddmt ot
iffllcted to DR.KUNEfax ArchSt.PhUtdjlphl*/*. 4'/
TO pflENS'Sto
roinliood, etc. I will kdi*, jrau * ?*lu*lila trtntlu upon
Iho ?l>o*# ddir?ctinn? (or Mlf-carn, f re* of
K H KOWI.KR, MAW/>W., fViww
Neatly and urompUj executed it the
KM 91 and 77 JeuitttnUa.&tmt.
\^EjJXU i
IKMIFUQB Is niBiiufacturoJ only t?>* FLKHtho
Mgnaturci ore. McLANti and 1'LKMI NO
)r Whcoling,. Bo auru you get tho gcnulno,
Power o! the dollar can never ha truly known
until you visit
6, Mendel Mo.'s,
1124 DVEA.I3ST ST.,
Garnets,. Furniture,
Oil CLOTHS, &cM &c.
You will theu find that you have tho
to mako one dollar go an far as a dollar and a hall
uaed to. Thtilsno theoretical talk, It has been
prove I by practlco. It is there you will learn
Bargains that will giro you a thrill ol pleasure and
make you feel on gool terms with storekeepers, the
world in general, and Q. Mendel & Co. In partloular.
Purchasing power of tho dollar is not always
known by tho quantity secured in return for it,
the quality must also bo thore. Q. Mondel & Co.
makes a happy comblnalion and gives you both.
Give them a trial and they will save you many a
. RC-22
Successors to Thompson & Illbbeid,
Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters,
Specialties.?Natural Gas
Supplies, Steam Heating and
1314; Haricot Street,
"All work promptly done at most reasonable
prices. roy28
Special attention givon to
Fitting ol Mills, Factories and Dwellings.
Steam Healing, Plumbing
141G & 14=18 Market St.,
Reasonable prices and prompt attention given
to ail. ' Jul
Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter,
^Jobbing promptly attended to. ap7
HARE & 80N,
Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters,
A11 work dono promptly at reasonable) prices,
With three yean experienro with Natural Gas In
Wellflbuig and vicinity, am prepared to do all
vrork in that lino. A line ol Natural Gas Fittings
on hand lor tho trade.
mv2fl Plumber. Oiu and 8toira Fitter.
Savings Bank
Docs a cenoral banking buidnesa. Rccelvw mjy
amount from ono dollar upward* on tho aaTliKii
system, and paya interest on samo at tho rato 01 3
P?.r W ^r,*n?lun' J?P0n 'or business daily from
8 A. M, to 3 P. M., and on Saturdays until 8 V, U,
N. B. Scott, President.
Geo. Hook, Vice Presidont.DIRBOTORS:
N.B. Scott, J. B. Taney,
O. P. Brown, Foter Caradl,
E.Buctmaa, Alfred Pauil, j
Alex T. Young, JohnH.Welty, I
Bernard Klievcu, W. J. W. Gowden.
Geo. Zoockler, Sr., B. K. Giflln,
George Hook.
?P16 P. B. DOBBINS. Of jhlnr.
CAPITAL ?m-i 200,005
r! "~??-~......Preitdent
^ ?..M..?^vio>-maaeni
j, V. Vanoe, B. Hoikhotoer,
J. M. Brown, W. EUlnnham,
L. B. Delapl&ln, A. W. Kcllcy,
John Prow. .
Drafts ifisnod on England, Ireland, Scotland, an 3
all points In Europe,
JOHN J. JO'/Kg, Cuhier.
jgank of the ohio valley. j
| wm, A. lam.*....*........ ?^..M....Prceldcnt1
W M. B, Bixroos - 'Vlco-Prwldcnt
Drain ca England, Ireland, Franoa and Gerrnny.
17m. A. Ifiott, Wm. B. Blmpson,
j. A. Miller, John K. boUiIord,
B, H. Atkinson, Victor Eoscnburg,
Honry Bpcyer.
m?Jl F. P. JKPflON. flash!*?.
long felt want.
Robert Luko
Hob soenred a first-clwa man as a driver lor a etrxt
Ihock. Bo can bo lonnd at the New McLuro Howie
at most any time night or day, on and alter Moav
day, March 7,1887., Any pcrwn wishing his rorrlocfl
con telephone to no. 124 or the Mclure Hot: sa.
Bo will moot all ol the tralni on thli iidoof t he
rlTti, mi
*< ' * < WW! IWI .1...... mml ', -k
Tho only bmtid ot laundry Soap
awarded n first class medal jit tho
x\?\y vciwius jwcposuion. uunnuv
tcod absolutely t?\ire, and for pcnortU
household purposes Is tho very best
I "Wo do liercfcy eortlly that wo lupcrvlMi lht> Br*
1 ranRcmeiiU lor all tho Monthly nuil Beml'Annu&l
Drawings ol Iho Lonblaua Stato Lottery Company,
ami In puriou manage and control tho Drawl nu?
I thomnQlYCN. HUd that tho samo aro oonilnoted with
honc#ty, ftilruap. aud in t;ood faith toward all
partlofl, an J ve authorixo tho Company to uso thla
certltleato, with faealmlloB ot our Blguatutoa at*
taohod, in ltaadvurthwmonta."
Wo tho andonlxnod Banks and Bankers will TR?
11 1'rlrrt.^Fownlr, Tfc? I *
vrlUcU may bo presented at ouMjouutors,1*"1
J. II. OGLK8UY. Pres. Louisiana National Bf-nk.
P1ERRK LA.WAUX, Pk*. State NationsBank,
i. BALDWIN, Pre*. Now Orleans National JJack.
(JAKL KOllJSt Pres. Union National Bank,
Louisiana Stato Lottery Company.
Incorporated In 1868 lor 25 yeare by the Leglila*
raro /or Educational and Charitable purposes, with
a capital of 81,000,000-to which a reservo lund o!
over 1550,000 has uluco been oddod.
By an overwhelming popular voto Its franchise
was made a part ol the present 8Uto Constitution
adopted December 2d, A. D., 1673.
Tno only Lottery over voted oa and endorsed by
tho pooplo oi any Htato.
Jt na.tr scales or pottponu.
Its Omnd Single Number Drawings talc
place monthly, and tho Semi-Annual Drawlugs
regularly every Bit months (Juno and December).
Tenth Qtiind Drawing, Class K, in tho
Academy ol Music, New Orleans, Tuesday,
Uctobur 1L, 1887??ODth Monthly Drawing,
* Capital Prize, ?150,000.
*?"Notick.?Tickets are Teu Dollars only. Halves,
S3. Filths, 8?. Tenths,
LOT OS* riuzra.
1 Capital Prized 3150,000 ~.J150,000
1 Grand Prize of 60,000 50,00(1
1 Grand Prize Ol 20,W0 2D.0C0
2 Lame frizes of 10,000 a),COO
4 Large Frlxoa of , 6,000 20003
20 Prizes ol 1,000 ; 'JO.CJO
50 Prizes ol 500 25,000
loo Prizes ol 800 80,0<J0
200 Prizes Ol 200 40,COO
500 Prizes ol 100 UI.CW
ArraoxiMJLTiox phizes.
100 Approximation Prizes ot 8303 C30.000
100 Approximation Prizes of 200. 20,000
100 Approximation Prizes ot 1Q0~. 10,000
1000 Terminal 60 60,000
2179 Prizes, amounting to 552J.OOQ
Application (or rates to clubs should be made
only to tho ofllco ol tho Company In New Orleans.
For further Information wrlteolenriy, giving lull
addrees. POSTAL NOTES, Eiprow Money Orders,
or New York Exchange in ordluary letter. Cur?
ronoy by Express (at our expense) addressed
New Orleans, La,
Washington, D. O,
Address Registered Letters to
New Orleans, La,
That tho presence ol Generals
ntmClflDLn Beauregard and Early, wno aro
in cbargo of llio drawings, Is a guarantee oi ab?jo?
into fairness aud Integrity, that tno cnouces aro aU
equal, and that no oue can posilDly dlviuo what
number will draw a Prixo.
IlEMEMREK that the payment of all Prlies Is
BANKS ol New Orleans, and tho Tickets aro
slimed hv the PrftsMnnt nf #n inciUntin? ?t.??
chartered rights aro rocognlscd iu tho highest
Courts; therefore, beware ol any imitations or
anonymous schemes.
For Uokota or further information address,
"JAMES 31. WILSON," Corlngton, Ky, Jt you
have not bo&n fortunate elsewhere try xno for a
Mention thU paper. bc2S-\tsiw
Ohio rivep. kailroad.-timb
tab Jo taking effect SUNDAY, JUNE 20, 2887,
Passenger train will rim as foil own-Con trnl time:
~ No. 7. No. 6- No. 8. No. J,
p. m. a. m. 4. m.
IttW-TOJoelIag-.?~ S;S0 11:15 C:i5
p. m .
Benwood. ?pp. Bollaire .... 3:15 12:01 7:00
Moundsvllle- 4:05 12:20 7:20
ClarinctoD ...? 4:15 12:55 8:00
New MaittnavUle 5:12 1:20 8:30
Stotcwvllla 6:35 1:40 8:5.1
Friendly, opp. Hatam'ras 5:47 1:50 9:W
Bt. Mary's .. ... C:15 2:15 9:40
WlHlamsUwn,opp.Mar'ta 7:C< 2:57 10:M
|Parkor8barg..M .... 7:30 8:80 11:05
I BcUeviUo- - .. 4:22 11:53
MnrrajsvIHe CSS Pjaai
a. m.
Ravensvrood.. 5:45 5:10 1:00
Lctart. 8:33 ........ 6;M 1:47
'NewHavea 7:00. . CM 2:10
Hartford-. .... 7:06 C:98 2:15
Mason City, opp. Pomeroy 7:16 0:3? 2;2i
Clifton, opp. MiddlcporL T'X C:& 2:30
ArrivoPoiutPleasaut 8:00 7:15 8:0S
" K. <fc O. Junction 7;20 8:10
" OnlUPOliS 4:45
" Ch&riofltoiu ~. 8:25
"* White Bulphur- | 6:0Q
No. 0. No. 4.1NO. 2. Ko. 8
a. m. a. m. a. in. p. m.
Lcare?K.& O. Junction- 11:251 4:30
Point Pleasant. 11:80 6:CO 4:30
p. m.
Cllflon - 12:18 C;40 5:10
Mason City, opp. l'omoroy li:20 0:48 5:15
Hartford...? 12:30 0:62 6:23
New Haven 12:54 ,7:00 6:28
Lctart l:rol '7:30 6:M
BavonBwoo<L-? 1:45 8:16 6;45
Murray*rlllc~. 2:15 8:1?
Parkerebtirg - 0:15 3:30 10:00
VfUllamutown.opp.Mar'ta 6:45 4:0ri 10:30
St. Mary's...?. - 7:30 4:50 11:70
nnrx ILIo. W.K"? t.Ortl 11.in
BUtcr?v(lJe~ 8:1C 6:85 12:00
p. m.
Now Martinsville ?... 8:30 5:55 12:28 ........
Clarington.. 8:58 6:20 12:65
MounujrlUe 9:? 7:C0 1:10
Eonwood. opp. Eollalro... 10:05 7:15 2:00.........
Arrivo-iVht'eliflff. 10:20 7:S0 2:26
p. m.
Arrivo?Cleveland 0:15
Pittsburgh-. 8:20 6;M
ft. ZD. t. el
Harrisbnrg-. 8:20 2:06 ....
Philadelphia ?..... 5:00 ?. 6:00 .........
New York 7:E0 .... 7:SC ?
Wwt and Northwest, p.m. p.m.
Newark - ?...?. 11:50 ......... 0:20
Columbus w ...... 7;40
a. m. a. m.l
Cblosgo ..... 9-to 5:80
Sunday trains on K. & U. Ry. arrive at ?Jbarl??
ton at C: 10 p4m, walling lor O. R..R. R. train No,
1, at l'otnt Pleasant. Tula Is tho short line, an d
parties purchasing tlciota should uk lor tJctcts
via. the Ohio River Railroad. Bat lnloraatlon regarding
rates, routes, eto. addrem
W. J. ROBINBON, Gon'l Pa/g. Agent,
Parkcnburg, W. Ya.
jbed, btjsemkli,
Tray. Paw. Agent. WhooHng.
LOO 19 RAILWAY- CO.?Panhandle Route,
t'udcr ichedule In effect MAY 23, W7, tralni
lc. we Wheeling, Central Standard Uxoo: For Bleubeu
vlttoand Pittsburgh, C:85 a. m , 12:85 p. m.,
3;20 p.ForBtcubcnvlllo, 8:05 p.m. Thu 0:a
a. m. and 8:05p. in. trains make direct connection
lor Cc lombus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Chicago.
12:85 P*m- train makoa direct coniiboHon
for Coloabuf and Chicago.
Trains arrive at Wheoling,*6il5 a. m., 10:00 a. mM
2:if?p. m. .and C:00p. m. * tnv24
?Under Bcbedulo in effect may 22,
1687 trains lcftv0 Bridgeport, Central Htandard
time- For Pi.' tAburgh aud Cleveland, 5:10 a. m.
H2 o m. *? * Pittsburgh, 10:17 a. w. For Wellsvillc
4:12 P. m. For Btoubenvllie, 8:80 a. m, For
Mirtin'i Forry, fl:45 a. m.
TnUni arrivo ?t Bridgeport at 7:63 a. m., 10/32 a
xn., U'.U p. ip., 6:\9 P. i:M p. m., and 7;33 p,?

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