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H A.K INQ .1*0 WPKH? _
Jl& i
^ Hivsn^ ;
Absolutely Pure?
Thla powder never varies. A marvel of putily. I
itrenplu ?tid whnlonoinone*. Mom wjonomlc?l
IIiqii OiHordlnarr kinds, an J cannot bo ?o!d In
coinrKitXtlou wiilj the inulilludool low ?c*t, fihoit
Wflcijl n'lm or iihwphnfepowdem. told only In
(m Hoyai. Uakiso PowDkk Co., 1(4 Wall hired,
WirJr sKVwwK.tvf
10,1. SNOOK
<& CO.
in stock, and as room must be
had to properly exhibit and
handle the unusually large lines
of Holiday Goods just opened,
prices have been marked down i
oil many ol the above to less
than one-half value.
Avail yourselves of this opportunity
to secure a wrap or
Dress at January prices!
A -i- T\ T TV <T2.'TfT.TJ.' ?Sl_
' We Jiftvo tlio
JyO^V^<nfl,1C8t ,in0 ot
V,; !|0|iera Glares
A 0 ever lilacfil 011
Of-J- oilill.iliuii In
fegnaSll'tlio Cl.y or
Ccr.TvtlUb rr.d HoitctBticetf
VV whocau ilupoMt811)Eccuiiiy toactiv?
Agent* ou I'at-M ruer Trflin?. Aprly at'Union
]Si?w? f'on.pii"y'? oHIdp. H i? 0 Dorot. ' dp?
OiMccs N:?n. Ufl anil '-?7 ryVtaonth Bl-root.
M?JW AavertV'nettt*.
Holiday Cords?JoKop!}^"}^63 3??.
Oj>em ?t lutu-Joau a-^wrno,
t.'oujui H loucr'H NoU*0, , ? ,
Ko^ern" IJuhI WiitMdfta."Wftn,? i,ork3Jtosa
Oru-uu It. IfTl,' , ,, ,
AKiiKUto's date e' J?Daudoliera, Globes, Ac.?J. E.
DOlCHV AhS'KUvO/ '* f? r
It K. Uitluu <U).-A?onta for EyracuEo Clillled
^Kuo IrotiH.fieo w- Johnson's Sons,
WdUt-(iw<OlUtU Slt<C901HQ,
JiDKrdvi'fc'1 -NIcoIi'h Utatoro.
JJoViut'1 Correct btykn-1). Uundllng & Co.?
?atui?it a Co -Grand Holiday Salo of Fine
dofltuS?Fourth paso.
WE art- daily receiving Kew KovoJtles
In Suitings, raatalonniugs am! Dvircoating*,?
hicli ivearo prepared to maUo
nil in Urtt-elans stjlo at rtasonubio
\ lull lino or our celebrated Kult
Jacliola nun- in Mack.
Onr iVliu'e Unlauiidriod Shirt, douljlo
<Vn??- _4
OUUIilWW) It-tumuvu I I V/lll UUU UitW) Ul
50 eeuta, is tho grcateat bargain ever
oflcreil. 0. MEJnS & SONS,
3821 & 18215 Market Street.
Thermometer IIucord.
Tho thermometer at Sehnepf's drug
slor(*, Opora blouse corner, yesterday, registered
as follows:
7 R. ID- 4-4 I 3 p. m M;?
'J a. 4?' "l>. m 41
Uia .. -47 I ^eatlier-Cloudy.
Washington, D. 0., Dcc. 9.?For West
Virginia slightly warmer, fair weather,
light to freoh variable winds, generally
For Western Pennsylvania, warmer,
fair weather, light to fresh variable winds,
becoming southerly along tho lakes.
Tho Lon Itlc&lnnuwny Cttaot*.
Squire Phillips yesterday dismissed
Georno Bennett after hearing the cases
against him on charges of assault and battery
and carrying concealed weapons,
thero being no eviaenco of his guilt. Tho
hearing of Lon McManaway on tho numerous
serious charges against him have
been ret for December 10, and in the
meantime Lon in in jail in default of bail
aggregating $2,700 in all. There is small
probability ot his getting an acceptable
bondsmau for that amount.
To Holiday Purchasers:
Commencing Monday, December 12,
"iSST, nil dry goodo stores will Do open
every evening until tho 25th day of Do*
comber, 1SS7, and thereafter clooo as 1
usual, according to agrooment.
Special sale of blankets continues today
and to-morrow at Cattell'e, Martin's
r?'y- j
1, S. Ucod&Oo. coll Dry Gooila cheapest. '
iktUrs ut Minor Momnnt In itml At'vut
I ha Cllf.
'Xwo marrlngo llceoeea weio Issued yno- ]
Ins Gband thlii ovonlnj?Oorlnno la .
Jbkkfit loll o( Myer'o band at Arlon
'all tbla t.vyulny.
Exuiiiition of fancy candy mnUcR in
ont of L)arol'a window, 1217-1219 Markot
met thin evening.
The Oonnty Commissioners meet in
?clal r-ecolon nt 2 i\ M. to-day on tho 1
'niou litllroad Biidnu matter. I
A. cow bt'lonulUB to l'etor Miller woo
track by n freight train near tho Top thlll ,
eeterday morning anil inetautly killed, ,
bo tody beluK knocked over the orabanlilent.
A KivitYBAROi.ii daughter of August
lawkuhaft, llvlun in tho country a, few
uilpn fibovo tbo city, fell into an old well
iVedneodny and wad badly hurt. She will
CoNKiDKitAiiLB work waa dono by tho
Elcctrical railway people yestorday, both
a track laying mid paving iliat port of
ihe ntroot on which tho track hud before
boon completed,
A. motion was m?do in tho Oil cult Court
yesterday to sot aside the non-suit in tho
Uiiles caao ngainet the l'ire nud Marino
Insurance company. Tho rnotiou will bo
argued on December 10v
Mn. Charles Ooi'J1, of thia city, narr(> ',
ly escaped being shot while out hunting
Wednesday. A. companion's gun was
accidentally discharged, tho ohot tearing
a hole in Mr. Oopp'o hat.
Mr. Andrew Morgan, whilo worklngat
theuhoara yesterday at tho Standard mill)
had an iron bar rau through hia aroi bo*
low the elbow, breaking tho boncaaud
lacerating the lleah in n torrible manner.
Suuibb Davis yebtorday had boforo hiin
Mrs. Mary Kutter on a peaco warrant
sworn out by Mro. Mary Holmes. They
Jive in tho Sixth ward. Mro. flutter wag
required to p.ive bond iii tho sum of 525 to
keep the peace for eix months.
Tub hop givon at Franzheim's Hall laat
evening who u charming affair. Young
and old members of eocioty mado up tho
assemblage, which wua ono of tho moat
congonial and merry evor gathered in the
city. Killinyer furnishod tho inoaic,
i Harry Williams1 own company, which
is to hold the boards at the Grand the
drat three nibble of next week, has eomo
of tho finest paper ever displayed here.
The company is very highly spoken of by
the press everywhere it has appeared.
Tub house of OeJia Williams, on Market
street above Tenth, was raided by the
polico at an early hour yesterday morning,
and she, fivo girls and four men were
arrested. In polico court they were lined
$5 and costs each, excopt the madamo,
who paid $20 and coDte.
'p..i.inn.l?(liana5B nt fhn olfr? nffctnnf
Georuo-Muldooa, aupualod from tho Polico
Court, end tried in Judgo Jacob's
C:nrt, failed to agroo yo3terday afternoon
and waa at'jonrned over until th.ia morning.
Anotner of the Kuldoon-city ao?
riea of eases is to bo triod to-day.
Tna caso of the Stato against Harrison
Bietell, appealed from Sqnire DaviB's
court, where he wan Hood for his part in
the famous row at Fulton one Sunday, in
which the Campbell brothers took part,
waa tried in' Jndge Jacob's Court yesterday,
and tho jury acquitted him.
Aiiout six weeks ago C. C. Farsors, who
lives ii??r .Proctor, Jumped off a train at
New Mariiauvilio, breaklop: hia left leg.
Mo was brought to tho Wheeling Hospital
for medical attantion. Yesterday morning
he had recovered autllciently to tnke
tho morning train on the Ohio Ifcivor Railroad
for his home,
City Health OrncsR Reed weut over
to tho Iskud yemurday in puraaanca of
the action of Council, to inspect the garbage
deposits in tho Back river, which
have been tho source of eo much complaint.
Ho camo back with tho impreaeiou
that the indignation of the residents
waa well grounded.
William Cox and Albert Mcrcor, two
Sixth ward lado, wero put undorbondo of
S1C0 each to keep tho peace for sis rnonthB
by Justice rhiliipaiaat night. Tfaoy wero
arrested about nix weeks a*o by Officer
Carney. Their oli'enre coneiated in throwing
bricks at a mac named John Neary.
One hit h?ru and hurt him quite severely.
Geokge Fay, of East Wheeling, waa arretted
by Oliicar Bsll yeatorday chargod
with stealing iho lunch from baskets belonging
to tlis workmen at tho Orescent
mill. Fry ia 17 yeara old, and is said to
ho a young tough. Squire Davia eent him
tojiuiforBi'x months under the ill famo
act in defaultbond in tho earn of $200.
Corisnk Jjud another crowded honso last
evening, The furoro eho hco created
anion? tho pccploof Wheeling is simply
uny^alloled. More people have witnesoe/
tho line poriormanco of "Arcadia"
^hau ever before witneesed the presentation
of 0110 theatrical piece in Wheeling,
end the enthusiasm increases instead of
diminishing. Doublleea the houso will bo
, packed anain this evening,
i A caii'i'le who gavo bin nnrao as John
| McCaudkea, arrived in tho city laet ovenj
ing on a Pan-Handle train. Ho was
I found about tho depot by Oflicor Dunlap.
Tho unfortunate waa eo sick ho could
ni.n../.n1- UAIJ -.. rpl.?
iuuuivoj/ uuiu Ltia ucoit wy. iUU Uiiiuoi
had him conveyed to Central Station,
whoro bo remained last night. Ho Bays
j ho has been working on the river. Ilia
cbbq will be investigated thio morning, aud
he will either bo turned ovor to the
marine or county authorities, tho former
if ho haa any kind of a claim on them.
about people.
Strangers iu tho City ami Wlioollng Folks
Miss Foot, of West Alexander, is tho
guest of Mra. 0. R. Tracy.
Messrs. T. D. Hursey and 0. 0. Anaby,
of Olurkaburg, aro at tho Stnmrn Houso.
Mr. A. W. Lorentz, of Morgantown,
was among those registered at the Stamm
House yeBterday.
Fredorick \Vin?.9nriad,fathorof the Market
fitreet jeweler, died at St. Clairsville
yesterday at tho ripa age of 35 years, His
remainB were brought hero for interment.
Col. 0. H. Beall, tho groat Brookocounty
wool-grower, was in the city yesterday.
Like all tho wool-growers of tho country,
irreepsctive of party, he is fall of juat
wrath at President Cleveland's unfair and
unreasonable blow at the wool industry.
Young Plumbers' Hop.
There wr.3 n big hop given at the Arion
hall last night by the younger membora of
the plumbing j'ratornity of the city.
Tho directors of the entertainment were
Thomas Redman, Frank Thompson, William
Schambra aud Bob Kylo, who left
nothing undono that conld add to the
ploaauro oi the occasion, whilo Harry HcKown
and E. OhriBtman filled very acceptably
the positions of mactors of ceromouiea.
Kramer fnmisbod the music
and there wao nothing that interruptedthe
pleasure of those preaeut during tho
entire time.
A Feline Fireman.
Tho men at tho Vigilant ongine house
have a pet in the shapo of a cat that they
consider a wonderful and intelligent quadruped.
Her favorito resting place haa always
been on tho eeat of tne hoBe cartj
and recently Bhe haB plucked up nervo
enough to go out with tho boys when tho
alarm Bounds. Tuesday night when the
alarm occasioned by tho tire in Taylor's
dry goods etoro came in oho kept her
plcco aud Btayed with the boyg till they
got back to the house.
Fifty dczeu^dies' fancy linen Collars
/or 50 cents irtf tho Popular, 1111 Main
Sek onr Gentlemon'o Leopard Holidav
Slippers, at $1 25 per piir,
J. W. A mick,
11*13 Main Btreet.
Don't forest the Mr nupper nt the Hebrow
ladies' bfizaar this ovcnlnc (iom 6
:o 8 o'clock nt Odd Follows' hall, corner
twelfth and Qhaplino etreets,
* .
-tut r.vonlns-A Fast Express X'lnngcs Into
n Ffifglit tuid Henils Things Flying.
Fortunately no odo in Bcrl.
onsljr Hurt-'IIio Particulars.
Tr?vel between thla city and Bonwood
ivnr tint Tlftltlmrirn Ohln rnnil. vcan in.
terrupted for a time laet night by a wreck,
the rceult ot another collialon. It occurred
on tho north-bound track about
opposito tho Jtlvoralilo bla.it furnaco,
Bbortly after '5 o'clock. Fortunately no
ono was klllod or tieriously liurt, though
thoro wore thrco or four almost miracuIoub
Shifting engino No. 85, in chargo of
John Yost, engineer, and with Harry
Drummond aa fireman, loft Bonwood
about 0 o'clock with a train of about
twftnty-flva empty cars, mostly coke racke,
an thoy are called, for thla point with in*
fitrnctfoufl to cut out or leavo nevcral of
tho can at tho Uivereido blaot furnaco and!
Btenl plaut. The tralu^ wa3 in chartfj cf
Hurry Jackuon, conductor.
Tho train made its way up tho road at a
modorata rata of opead and reaching the
furnaces, waa ntoppod, and proceeded to
cut tho care na ordored.
a fart BXMtESfl.
As soon an the atop was made a lhgman
was etartod towards tho rear to guard that
end. He had gotten about fivo teloaroph
poles toward the rear when train No. 47,
adailyfaet express from Baltimore, ubjiI
for carrying oysters and other periahablo
fr/.i/iVit ninui l\AAti\lin. Utamin '1 ? mmmma m
nui?iit, v.?vjjvj uuuiuiij^; uiuuuu u uuivu u
short diatanco nouth of wboro the train of
emptier) was etanding.
No. *17 was drawn by engino No. 740,
MiltStovor, englnoor, and Oharlio Bjwore,
fireman, rnd conaiated o! an cxp/osa
car and one pacsengor caach. It waa
nearly ono Jbour behind time, and was
coming up at a good, lively rato of spaed.
Tho llagraan algnallod frantically, aud
Stover threw on hia air-brakca and reversed
hia lover do auddonly that (or a
flflcond it doomed as though hia ontire
train would leave tho track. Bat tho momentum
of the train waa ao groat that it
wa3 imposaible to check tho opeed to any
great utxent, baforo the engine plunged
into tho rear of tho freight.
Engineer Yoaf, hearing the alarm, looked
back, aud ooeing at a glace what tho trouble
waa ahouted to Conductor Jackaon
and those of tho crow who wore between
tho cara uncoupling, and then pultin? his
levor open, hia ongine fairly leaped foreward.
So great a jump did it make thai
tho draw heada were pulled oat of some
of the cars. He managed to get away
with aoven or eight cara and ran up the
track half a milo before ho could etop. $
When Fireman Bowers saw what was
going to happen ho jumped, and fortunately
for him landed all right on hia feet.
Tho engine, au ata'.od, plunged into the
train and piled coven of the cars np into a
moat elaborate wreck. Tho front worko ol
tho engino were broken olf, tho track torn
up and tho engino derailoi. Aj luck
would have it the wreckage fell to tho outaideand
did not blockade tho south-bouud
track. Word waa Bent to thia city and a
forca o? men aont out to clear away the
cara and repair tho track. Connections
wero mado with the two tracks both above
and below the wreck, and altar a abort
aolay trains were able to g9t by on time.
Tiio t'iint U1hl?!? Worker#.
The troublo between tho American Hint
glasa manufacturers and their employee
remains unchanged. No ctrike baa been
ordered and it is stated none will be ordered
until after Sunday next. It is settlod
among tho employee tbat they will
not accept the rule which opens tho factory
to non-union mon, and unless thla io
modified there will bo a atiiico. Tho only
question agitating tho men ia whethuror
riot to give their employer the thirty days'
WW I *' A It.
The James Nobis Post No. 348, G. A.
R., of West Alexander, liaa elected _ the
following coairadco to tbo positions
named: Win. A. Barry, PostComuiander;
B. J. Vermilion, Senior Vice Commsnder;
Jamea ?Vl. Chancy, Junior
Vice Commander; W. F. Whitham, Chaplain;
Dr. Win. Li. Grim, Surgeon; John
W. Murray, Quartermaster; E. 8. Alexander,
Oilicor of tho Day; John yiuia,
Odicer of tho Gnard; Gcorgo W. Rickey,
delegate to the Department Encampment
to be held at Allentown, Pa, February 14
and 10; \V. F. Whitham, Altornato. No
instructions wore given to the delegates.
Tlio Teoi^eranco Work.
Th8 fcemporanco meeting at the Fourth
Street M. K. Church last evoning waa well
attended, end did good. Rev. Dr. Randolph,
in introducing Major Camp, made
a briof, enrneet appoal for earnest efforts
on bohalf of temperance. Major Oamp
raado one of hla beat opcechep, and was
followed by brief talks of a timely chcroo*
ter by Ray. M. F. Dryden and Hon. G-. \Y.
Atkinson. There will bo another meeting
in thoBamo church thia oveninc, which is
looked forward to as an enjoyable season
which can but result in much good. Jjast
night thero waa eome spirited singing and
good work was dono toward raising the
funda lo continue tho work throufcn next
An En Jojnblo IJvoninjj.
Mra. V/ittonger, tho National Inspector
of the Woman's Relief Corp?, inspected
the Oorpa auxiliary to Holiday PoBt, G. A.
R., yesterday .afternoon, and last night
she delivered a lecture to a fair fcizsd
crowd inGermania Hall, the ltdlief Corps
being present in a body and oleo old
soldiers. She gavo an entertaining talk
on her work as a nurso at the front during
the war, and concluded with a resume ot
the objecto and organisation of the G. A.
R. and Relief Oorpa. She yea followed
by a song by J. M. Richards ana* brief
talks by Meeorc. Crago, Seamon, Meek and
other prominent G. A. R. men.
?iu umuiiiicB jL-rwiupicu atoouug.
The protracted meeting that vaa commenced
at Iho Disciples Church in Centra
Wheeling nearly two wooko ago ie gtill in
progrew?. There has been a great interest
taken in the meetings from tne very outeet,
ani the re6ulta that ore being achiavod
are very gratifying to thoae who have been
working bo hard and eatdgstly praying
for their success. AnothorimmorBion took
place Wednesday evening. Kov. Mr. Mitchell,
of Wellebu?^ who ia asaioting in the
ineetingp, will preach agaia this evening.
Ho ia an .interesting epeaker and a largo
congregation will probably listen to him,
The llarent of Combinations.
True delicacy of ilavor withtrno efficacy
of action hasbaeu attained in tbo famous
California liquid fruit remedy, Syrup of
Figs, lta pleasant taato and beneficial
eflec.a have rendered it immensely popular.
It clensea the system, curea coative
V.W. ..*vno?a. ot uu., auion r.
Hecs, R. B. Butt snd C. Monkemellerhave
been appointed ogenta (or Wheel,
top, W. Va.
La.dihb' Jersey Gloves for 14 cents at tho
Popular, 1111 Main street.
Don't forget tho big supper at tho Hobrow
lcuico' bazaar thla evening from 6
to 8 o'clock at Odd Fellows' hell, corner
Twelfth and Ohapline streets,
Spcclr.l Imluoemeutn. ,
Da not fall to read otir "Happy Thought"
and "Timely Suggestion." Sea advertisement
elsewhero in this paper. Having
received an order for a Oaligraph Writer,
also &n order for a Sewing Machlno intended
for Christmas gifts, wo are prompted
to make the special inducements offered
in our advertikiment.
Very truly,
Edvtaud L, Kobe & Oo.
Get your Handkerchiefs for 1,2,3,4 and
5 cents at the Popular, 1111 Main street.
At Ike Nlnunra Uun? llount (or Almnx o
from lila Poet of Doty,
Charles Klovln, engineer at the NUtarn '
engine house, was uuspondod Ijy Ohiel
Dunning yoBterday for absenting himself i
Irom the house without permission, lie
loft ttio houbo Wednesday afternoon and
did not put tn an appearanco till 7 o'clock
yesterday morning. Thoenglno was practically
out of service all that time. The
now horao lor the engine team van
taken to the house Wednesday morning '
and the old one taken away by its
purcuHuer mas iwoiugon. xnore vrao no
collar lu the harness of tho Department
that would tit tho new horno, and ono had
to bo ordered. It ronchod tho houao
about 7 in tho evening, but owing to
Klovifl'a nbsonco, tho tools to attach tt to
tho harnees were cot to bo had. Ohicf
Dunninn woo notified and late that nl^bt
got tho harness rigaod up temporarily till
morning. Uhes Dunaway, engineer of
the Atlantic, was in charge of tho Niagara
last night with a cubatituto in hla place
on tho Atlantic.
j A. IJoom lu the Grnuud Markot lia*
purcjilly Bot In.
Clerk Hook yesterday admitted to
record on unusually largo number of deeds
in loo, bcaldoa ono deed of trust. The
tmusforn of real c&lntu wore as follows :
Deed made Novembor 10, by Jacob
Horabrook, of Philadelphia, to Henry H.
Hombrook, in consideration o( 55 and
natural love and aUectlon for his eon, for
the proporty known an "Sunny Bide," located
near Elin Grovo.
Deod rnado November 0, by Jacob
Ilornbrook to Garinno H. Wilson, hio
daughter, in consideration of $5 aad natural
lovo and affection, for part of lot 1 in
equare 6, .on tho eouth side of Twelfth
street east of Main.
Deed mode November 9, by Jacob
hombrook to India H.Kelly, lila daughter,
in consideration of natural love and
uuecuon ami to, ior lue remamuer 01 lot
1 above deecribad.
Dood mado November 10, by Christian
8toohr, trustee, to Houora O'Kane, in
consideration of $2,855, for lot 6 in Eqaaro
, 24 ill liitcbiBtown.
Deed made Octobor 17, by Martha L.,
Robert H. and Xillie 1C. Vance, of Waahiugton
county, Pa., to John iibbert, in
consideration of $165, for one acre of
ground on Middlo Wheeling creak.
Deed made December G, by Nicholas
Schreiber and wife to Joaoph Beaso, in
consideration o? $500, for u fraino house
" on tho city commons, batween Alley 0
' and the weal line of Ohaplino Btreet.
Deed mado December 6, by Mary E.
Combo to William Oarnoy, in couaidera1
tion of $3,000, for the south half of lot 90
' in Uhaplioo and addition to the city,
on Market street south of Twenty-third.
"Fron Frou," which will bo prceonted
at tho Opera House on Tusaday evening
1 next by M'ile Rhec, 5b ono of her ntrongest
characters. She u?ea the original Parisian
version, from tho manuscript presented
to her by Aimeo Deeclee, the fa;
moos French actreag. The Hartford
: Courant Bays: Ehea was Frou Frbu, and
woll did soo stand the test on thia etago
where Sarah Uarnhart had played the
same chnracl3r. Full of animal apirita
andgayety, foil of brighmeaa and wholly
1 without depth eho caroled through the
first and second acts. But in tho third,
1 how hor charactor deepens and intensifies,
to what dramatic heights she leaps at
1 a bound, w.'iat a world of femininity and
P&sbiqh she (llscl039a, and witu what power
oho tears her artificial 'position to pieces
and dares tho world anditn menace! 8he
is the grand, tho intense, tho absorbing
1 artioto here. Nor docBher presentation
dccl ne after that. Tho fourth act ia masterly,
tho fifth an appropriate finish. And
through all tbie, ehe is remarkably well
supported. Afl lor Rhea herself, she was
applauded enthusiastically, ami recalled
1 again and again. It was decidedly one of
her graat art efforts laat night, and she
wag as heartily admired aa over..
Ithea's coa1 uines were the psach-bloom
of magnificence and taste Ono excolled
the other, and some woro fairly r^yal in
Olarko, Anierieu'a Urealeat Cotnedlau.
Tho eminent comediau, Mr. John B.
Olarko, ia one of the few whoao interpretation
of comedy is made irreaistably fanny
and r.t tho aatno time artistically harmonious.
Tho simple turn of his head,
the wave of hio hand, the roll ot his eye,
and ilia majoatically funny wait, all with-1
out one word epoken, have eonvalaed his
audiences with laughter. Mr. Clarke is a
great master in the true school of comedy,
and delightfully teaches many convincing
lessons to those who wish to bo well taught
that "fun ia better than physic." He
preaonle the moot amusing of comedies
and with his distinguished comedy company,
including the beautiful English a?Lrocs,
Olga Brandon, the charming Mario
Hudapath, Theodore Hamilton, Creaton
Olarko, sou of the comedian and nephew
of Edwin Booth, to whom ho bears a great
resemblance, and others will appear at the I
Opera Houua Wednesday end Thursday ,
evenings, Decemb?r 14 and 15. j
We aro astonished at parties who introduce
newremodies for coughs when they
should know the peoplo will have Dr.
Bull's Cougli Syrup.
S-VS rry
Eeceived 25 dozan whito Aprons at the
Popular. Only 12 cents,
Stajje of the Water aiul Movement* of tlia
Tho Elano la thia morning's packet for
Tho Acorn and Maggie pasaod up yesterday
with tows of einptic3 aud tho -Bolle
Princo pRased up with a tow of ties.
ThcCaraeB Gilmore was announced to
leave Pittsburgh yesterday with a small
tow of coal lor Marietta and Parkersburg. j
Clerk Will Knowlca, of tho Bonton Mc- j
Millin, who ia iu the Marine Hospital at
Cincinnati with typhoid foyer, waa better |
at last ac'county. ' j
Tho Courier for Parkeroburg and the I
Abnor O'Weal for Pittsburgh, woro both
late in getting nway yesterday, being detained
by extra heavy trips.
The kittle J/'red pwaetl down light yosr
terday on her way to heln the big VV. \Y.
O'Neill up with her empties. It haa been
several months since the O'Neill has been
in her pool at Pittsburgh,
Tho Pacific, after being laid up at Point
Plonfjnnt with a tow of empties during the
low water seas on, baa at last managed to
get back to Pittsburgh, She may got out
for Cincinnati with a small tow of coal on
this rise.
As soon na there io sufficient ^ater ip
tho channel to admit of through naviga?
tion again,the Putabureh-CinpinnAH n?n?r.
eta v:iil consist of the Jvatio Btockdale,
leaving Pittsburgh on Monday; Fashion
on Wednesday, and tho Scotia on Friday.
Theflo boats are all in first-class condition
lor butinees.
It is Captain Charlie Muhloman'6 intention
to start out from Cincinnati with the
Andes at 5 o'clock thin evening. Ho will
ba due hero Monday afternoon, and if the
water holds out, will leavs here on hia return
trip to Cincinnati Tuesday evoning.
The Andta will be tho first packet for
that part that has steamed away from here
for many ft day.
The river rose quite rapidly yeatorday,
and last night there wag a depth in the
channel, according to tho marks, of 5 feet
4 inche0,-.srid tho river was still rising,
though not bo rapidly as it did earlier in
the day. Ittver men were of tho opinion
that uulees there should happen to be
more rain, the rise would not exceed G
feet at this point.
The reporta from abovo wore an follows:
Oil Oity, 2 feet 1 inch and falling j Lock
No. 4, 5 feet 11 inchos and stationary;
Rice'a Landing, 3 feet G inches and stationary
; BrowEBVillo, 4 feet and falling; Parkor,
2 feet 10 inches and falling; Careensboro,
5 feet and otationary; Morgantown,
3 feet G inches and stationary. The
weather was cloudy at these points.
Dloiea After a Bucceufal Ran of Tfcroo I
Nlghti?Lait Erenlag'a Special Attrao* i
tlont? A List of the remand "Wlio I
Were tacky la tta Untiloa.
Tho Hebrew Ladles' Bmar was brought
to b eacccoslal cloie last sight alter every
thing had boon disposed ol and every one
present bed enjoyed a pleasant ovenlng.
At ono time It van decided to continue
tho Bauer to-night, but tho Udleo who
had beon oil duty in the booths and
various departments for three nights and
ono afternoon, -vers so nearly worn ont
that itwnsdeouod odvliabie to abandon
tho Idea ol continuing It, especially as
there had been such a rushing demand
Inr Mm wnrtiln 4k?t
>? ? WMW.WU IKI umu tlUb uuuriy
everything bad beoa disposed of,
Tho attendance laat night wao almost
equal to that of tho previous nights, and
tho patronage wr.a ua liberal. Anothor
olegant Biippor waB served. Mrs. SweoneyPalmer
sang two or three Bolectlona and
UBtial. 12a accoinpaulat waa her BiBter,
Mine Sweeuoy. Mr. Gharloa Harding,
of Baltimore, alao gave two or threo poloa
that wero warmly received. Mr. Max
i Mllligan gavo some piano oolecliona. The
promonado nmalo waa farnlabod by an
amateur orchestra under tho leadership of
Mr. Joo Biiur. The members of thia organization
aro Dr. Morriaon, Dr. McOluro,
Mr. Boaaleyi Arch and Irwin Paull, Bon
audJoeBaor, Joo Pollock, Kilburn List,
Eugene Warren and Benjunia Horkhelmer.
Tho rnuBic made waa very acceptable.
As coon aa it wsa decldod to close tho
Bezaar all tho ralll ;a were wound up excoptthatin
which a sowiug machine donated
by J2. L. Hose is the prize, and
prizes awarded as follows:
Blue pluBh conversation cbalr donated
by M . J. Klapheck, drawn by Mrs.
Jacob V, nohoimor, sr.; wine act, donated
by Ewiog Bros, drawn b7 Jadge Melvln;
cane chair, drawn by Hollo Jacobs; trunk,
donated by William Schwert(ei?or, drawn
by Sarah Horkheitner; gold headed umbrolla,
donated by D. Uundling. drawn by
Joaeph Woiegerber; gold headed umbrella,
drawn by Mrs. Quofiell; gold headed umbrella,
donated by George E. Stifel & Co.,
drawn by Ben). Baor; toa set, donated by
Oharlea Fraczhelm, drawn by Beesie
Beekman; chair, donated by Mendel &
Co., drawn by Jeanotto Kraft; Turkish
table cover, donated by Georiio M.
Hnook <Sc Co., drawn by B. 8.
Horkheicnor; embroidered silk shawl,
Kt? A T. j. n~ J
by Blancho Blum, of Philadelphia, Pa.;
braea stand, donated by Jacob Grabb,
drawn by Simon Horkbeimer; statue
(African head), drawn byMre, H. Hirsch;
fancy embroidored cushion, donated by
Mrs. R. H. Hays, drawn by E. Locking,
jr.; box line cut glass ware, drawn by Fanny
Jacob; toilet sat, drawn by Mrs. Mina
Neuor;aill: table cover donated by H.
Etnsheimer, drawn by Flora Krana; piano
cover donated by Moses Cohen & Son,
Baltimoro, drawn by Will Fiachel; album
drawn by E. Bocking, jr.; bronzsplacque,
donated by I. G. Dillon, drawn bv Stella
Krana; fine cake, donated by Wheeling
Bakery, drawn by I. G. Dillon; Japanese
tablo cover, drawn by L. 8. Good; pair
pink blankota donated by J&3. Haines &
Son, Pittaburgh, drawn by Alfred Rhoinetrorn;
braea clock, diawn by Mrs. James j
Speyer; "tho bride" (doll) donated by
Mrs. Horhheimer, drawn by L..
M. iKabn, of Pittaburgh, Pa.;
fancy sicca aet, presented bv Mr. Friedo),
held by Mro. Haller, city; fancy toilet
box, presented by Miaa Rose Rosonatein,.
hold by Mr. Meaaine, Bellaire, 0.; fancy
toilet caae, held by Mra. Meyer Horhheimer;
fancy painted banner, presented
by MiB& Eella Jacobs, hold by D. Holliday i
Oo., Baltimoro, Md.; pair of fino I
feather pillows, presented by Mr. J.
Hart, oi Messrs. Tulley cc Go., hold by
Mro. I. Ieeuburg, city; plush toilet eet,
presented by Joseph Homo & Co., Pittabnrgh,
through Mrs E. Emohoimer, held
by Mra. Geo. K. McMechon; ebony stand,
preaented by Friond & Son, held by L. M.
Kahn, Pittsburgh; painted mirror, pre?
oontod by Miso Clema Rosenburg, held by
Joseph IiJmsheimer, city; brouzo ornament,
presented by Bonn &. Go., Pittsburgh,
throngh Mra. E. Emaheimer, held by
S. Brilles, city.
The Bazaar waa hold for the purpose of |
starting a fund that shsll ovontually enable
the Kebrew congregation here to build
a synagogue of ils own. In addition to
all tho articles donated there was donated
about $000 in cash. The Bazaar will net
about $1?500 in all.
A Groat Eiitertaluuicut Promised.
The grand excursion of tho Zaoe 8treet
M. E. Sunday School to tho "Home of
Santa Glaus," that waa to have been given
last year, but waa abandoned by reason of
tho Bad death of one of tho members of
tho school, will bo given on Wednesday,
December 28. Tho proper rendition of
thia cbaiming cantata requires a large
stago with scenery and othor stage paraphernalia
thnt north! nnh V>n V??<1 ir? Hn.:?
church, and they have secured the Opora
House in order that they may give their
friends an enjoyable entertainment.
In addition to this, tbero will be recitations
by (several well known peroona of
this city. Bell chorouoea by the children,
"Liulit Honso" concert, which includes
a beautiful light house, built by Mr. John
Plant, cf this city, and ia now receiving
tho finishing touches at tho hands Qf Mr,
B. F. iliKginsj tho painter.
I'he programme is being carefully rehearsed
and io in charge of a gentleman
who, with his experience in conducting
entertainments of this character and the
wide reputation this echoo! enjoys of singing
with a spirit, will iurniah an evening's
enjoyment during holiday wes^c that will
not Bpon be forgotton.
Call and rco oar Ladies' Wool Hose
for 14 cents at tho Popular, 1111 Main
-Models of S
Fine Ready Made Clothin
Foreign and Domestic Fabrics, <
of excellence and perfection in fi
! AiipnAAivj* i I
| ui'tmioii
Every Style and grade of C
Our exhibit the finest possible,
very best made. Elegant Overt
at ?l5, Magnificent Heavy-wei
$10 to $30, Fine Tailor made
ported Overcoating, silk lined e
half what the same garment wo
at a tailor's. No matter what y
can fit you without any trouble a
Our immense line a
Gent's Furnishing Goo
f Arl
vyhv^u yyju liwcu UL
peclul AiUrKotloDi ut Durit'a Gonfcollou*
art Now,
George L. Durst, iho well known confectioner
at No. 1217 and 1219 Market
street, will on Saturday make a special
Joy on fancy cakes, and hie baker and
jvens will be kept at work all day on this
kind of work,
Fereons who havo trlod hie fancy cakes
fresh from the ovon do not need to be told
how toothsome and delicious thoy are.
Llko hie own make of flae candles thoy
are calculated to mako a man forget care
and devote himself to enjoying llfoand
exercising the taste for good things with
which nature provides >11 the human race.
Tho people of Wheeling aro fortunate In
being eo situated as to be able to enjoy tbe
products of his sklllod bakers' labor fresh
from the oven. They will find on Saturday
anything In that lino an epicure could
Book, warm and light, lu Mr. Dnrat's os
tablisbment, Inviting good judges of the
sweets of life to partake.
Those who want tUoir sweets right
from tho factory should patronize Durst.
His facilities for making pure caudles of
all grades, from the cheapest article that
can be made of puro eager to the fiueat
and most delicious confections that the
tastocan crave, are well known, and have
been increased lately by the addition o(
an oxtra force of lino candy makers from
tho East. Bo Rront is his confidence in
the parity and reliability of his materials
nud tho charactor of bis workmon that
on Saturday the public aro cordially Invitod
to viait Mr. Durst's establishment
and go through the factory on a tour of
inspection. Those who are not familiar
with tho magnitudo of his establishment
and varioty and attractiveness of his stock,
should pay him a visit.
This evening thoro will be another exhibition
of fancy candy making in hie
The Elito 01 Wheeling,"
Reporter?'"Mr. "W. L. Oallin, I understood
from some ono yesterday, that you
were preparing an 'Elite List' of Wheeling
and the neighboring towns. Ii it
Mr. Oallin?"Yes. sir, and I* expect to
have a portion of it ready within a low
Reporter?'"In what shape do you pro*
poso to furnish it?"
Mr. 0.?'"Well, I propose to furniah tho
names in Bheets, printed, porforated Jind
gummed, similar to postage stamps. They
will be on lino ultra marine blue plated
paper, in gold or Bilver, and ready to stick
on envelopes."
Reporter?'"Mr. Oallin, I wouldn't undertake
a job of that kind for $500."
Mr. 0.?"Why ?"
"Simply because it would bo impoeaible
for yon to include all who consider themselves
as belonging to the Elite."
Mi. 0.?"Thr.t may be truo to a certain
extent; those who aie included will doubt'
less be the recipients of many very attractive
souvenirs in the way of handBome
advertising cards, etc., through the mail,
and those not included will *bo alighted.
However, I export to furnish only one address
to a family, and it will require considerable
time to perfsct it; but as it will
ho issued in shoots, I will keep adding one
sheet after another from time to time until
I have included all that would likely
prove desirable customers to businenn
houses making a specialty of fine goods."
Byrup of Figa
Is Naturo's own true laxative. It ia the
most easily taken, and the most effective
remedy known to dense the system when
bilious or costive; to dispel headaches,
colds, and fevers; to cure habitual con*
etipation, indigestion, piles, etc Manufactured
only by the California Fig Syrup
Company, Ban Francisco, Cal. Meeara.
Logan & Co., Anton P. Hesa, R. B. Buit
and C. Menkemeller, have boon appointed
agents for Wheeling, W. Ya.
Don't forget the big Bupper at the Hebrew
ladies' bBaiar this evening from 5
to 8 o'clock at Odd Follows' hall, corner
Twelfth and Chapline Btreets.
Christiana Presents.
30 pair Men's Embroidered Slippers
at 75 ftflntn nnr na?r.
50 pair Mon'a fine alippera at $1 00 per
Bqy eomethlng oaeful as well na oina*
mental. J. W. Amick,
1143 Main atrcot.
Our 37-cent Corsets are equal to any
cold in the city for 5Q cents. Uall and get
them at the Popular, 1111 Main atroot.
DoN't forget the big supper at tho Hebrew
ladies' haziar this evening from 5
to 8 o'clock at Odd Follows' hall, coiner
Twelfth and Ohapline atreela.
All Sort* o? Local News nnd Gossip From
the Glass City,
Col. Foormati is la Columbus.
W, 0. Howell Is oa tho sick list.
Miss Cora Lee Is iu Martin's Ferry.
Matt Gordon's little daughter is hotter.
Kits Elliott, oi Wheeling, is in tho city.
Simon Tobln will go to WeUsvllle, 0., this week,
on a visit.
Ufa Llpplncott, of Bridgeport, is in the city, visiting
Tatsy Dougherty Is ablo to walk around again
after many week* illness.
Twenty-ulno witnesses went to Columbus on tho
Belmont street crotslng ease.
Mrs ltarry Daffy, of WqIIivIUo, who has been
visiting hero, has returned home.
Tho chain and burnt lurnituro wero removed
from the Christian Church yesterday.
Mr. John Campbell, chief clork iu tho postoOlco.
is very sick, and confined to his room.
Vr. Thomas look, of Canton, will bo married
soon to Ml?s lioso McCaffrey, of this city.
superintendent Jones has been chosen President
of the Eastern Ohio Teachers' Association.
Mrs L. 8. Woodbridgo, of Findlay, pmsed through
tho city on her way to Steubenville yesterday.
The case of Jack Baugh against tho B. di o will
come up some timo agalu. It was postponed TuesRichard
T eo leavca Monday f ir his home in Mancheit-r.
England. l?co is a clerk at thoB, AO
rt,y}h?Y? b^0?0nnt?,?cor5c Dft,y'8 store at Yallonia.
out the I L 40. railroad, and Btolo knives andall
the small articles they could get.
Mr Baker Is shutting down on tho wool cmestlou
and ha* ordered all his buyers in. Wool In larae
quantities had been coming to Bellaire. golnn to
'Tov- v Y v'allmn * p. road *
irrect Styles!JGVG
<& CO.
g of the finest and richest of
characterized by the very height
it and finish.
'yercoats that are manufactured.
In numbers remarkable. The
:oits in Black, Brown and Blue,
ght Overcoats, all prices, from
Overcoats from the finest Imind
perfect in fit, for just about
uld cost ii made to your order
our size or shape may be, we
nd save you many dollars.
'f Holiday Novelties in
ds will be fully appreir
IM: .A. L E ^
i^nnRi3 j^a t
You would never thinl
to order could you see \vh
place in the country will
i coats and Suits to equa
I shapes symmetrical, fits pi
on. The finest products
looms are represented in i
and mark you this well:
oughly good and positivel
immediate use anywhere i
Overcoats for $5 ; stylish
j gantones for $12 and $15
$iS, and-superb ones for
every business, every pur|
and 4 button Cutaways; 1
away Sacks, Prince Albei
j ?20 ; Fine all-wool Dress
Si5 and $ 1S ; Good all wc
This week?Suits for tl:
spicuous lor their rare be;
designs. A lar greater 1
Ktiee Pant Suits in almoi
Pant Suits in all the lead
styles and fabrics being ju
lul Knee Pant Suits at lj
Long Pant Suits $4, 6 00,
coats, literally thousands
dially invited to come ant
coats, Children's Overo
Boys' Overcoats $3, 5 00,
Cn r?pr rptif mnrp mnnp?
Ijj *J~ 1?
| ?2, 4 oo, s oo and 6 oo, \vi
Do not Ioso uny time, but conn
these bargains at
six: floors.
cor. main anc
JiM canan<^see ^
"w'liat sglia
Onr Lino of Elegant SLIPPKK3, fiultablo for IIo
all known ?rf.dCK wo hIiow an extensive line in
tt?"Wo fhow Novelties not necn elsewhere.
jajvles xdiviasre,
T^avo WopsiuPH i ?r minnorn NOW n^ri avnH rttei
-RfMflVAi !
bus*hub ^0 raHa a
$40,000 "Wortli
Mimtlbe'.Closod Out
Bctoio vo move Into our NEW BUILDING, one
door above our present locatlou,
March 1,1888.
Grandest Inducements Ever Offered.
Call early y to avoid the rush,
i.s. goF& co:s
1131 Main Street.
1007 MAIN STltEKT,
Would call tho ottent'on ol those who aro In
' need of
Boots, Shoes and Bobbers,
To tho assortment on hand of
Men's and Bojk' Flno Kangaroo, Calf, uookoIa
Ladle*', Mlws' and Children's Kid, Morocco,
Cilf and Grain, besides warm lined Shoos and
fancy Bllppors Tor Men. Ladles and Boys.
I All at the lowest possible prices.
All ttovls warnmtftd ?n rennwtitM nnlfi
TwelJth htroct. Natural gas, aud hot am)
oold water tnioushont. Apply on premises. Mas.
K. A. HA HUES. do7_
J} Ko.1113 Chapllne street, lormorly occupied by
Dr. Dlcacy. Postcstlon given at once If dosKd.
\VM L. McPHAlt. ,
dc8 1H0G Ma>ket?tmol. \
A largo Involco ol 103 Plccc
Decorated Dinner Sets! i
Which I ofler at spcclil low prices.
A line line of "Decorated Chamber Sots, Cuspl- 1
dores, Chandeliers, LUrnry and atand Lamps, and
?ancy Goods In great variety.
dc3 1180 Main Btroot,
N & CO.'S
i of buying Clothing made I
at we are offering. At no
vou find a stock of Over1
ours. Fabrics reliab'e,
srfect, you can always rely
of foreign and domestic j
Dur mammoth assortment,
Vou won't find such thory
find Clothing ready for
;lse in Wheeling Good
ones for ?8 and ?10; ele;
splendid ones for $16 and
$20 and ?25. Suits for g
jose. Very finest of 1, 3 I
7rocks, Straight and Cut. 1
ts, etc, at ?16, ?18 and S
and Business Suits, ?12,
>ol Suits at ?7, $S and $to. g
le lads, big and little, con- |
luty, richness and unique
rariety than ever before,
st endless variety. Long
ing shapes, many of the
st like the men's. Beauti>2,
?3 and $4.; exquisite
S 00 and 1000. Over- j
of them, You are cor- i
1 see them. Boys' Over- 8
oats, real beauties. Big 1
8 00 and 1000; real value I
Litt'e Boys' Overcoats, \
Drth double. | 5
3 at once and secure your share ol
IN 5. CO.'S,
;li Store,
1 Twelftli @ts.
iflica Von aro Wldo Awake
ie Latest Novelties in Jewelry on
an at the Jewelry Store ol
. Twolllli and Market Streets.
JL1 I Give ?"
liday Gills, BurpaiBcs all previous efloits. Besides
:ard AND j?sju&h.
No. 1107 Main Slroef.
mwlntwont. |
My wife having left my bed ami board. Iheielr
notify the public that 1 will not bo r.'sponsible (or
any debt# contacted b7 her after this dato
; ' Martlu'H Ferry. 0.
S?SS22l?I2il5Si _ I
1 ron sams. _
For sale?appleton's kdition
Amcrlcaa Encyclopedia, row, 10 volume*.
Address \V. 0. BMlTit, ltu*h Hnu, otilu. du."''.
60 Shares Peop'o'a Bauk.
2t) Shares Ohlj Valley hank.
10 Shares UotumerJl&l hank.
10 Share* Henwood Nail Mill.
6 Shares Bclmoat Nail Mill.
25 Shares Junction Nail MJ'tl.
60 Shares Laugblln Nail. Mitt.
1. iltWIN. Slock Broker.
^ , , No. 24 Twelfth
Telepliono. iW
2EToi* ?ulo.
Dwelling Houieauil la'ga Lot, No.00 Tvrfl'ti f'c.
Dwelling House and large Lot, corncr Kuiuietnia
aud Koll' streets.
No. 119 Kourtconlh sirocL
No. CI Seventeenth street.
NV. V. nOGK k
do? 1S00 Market'-trt-Ct..
MY 1'LAC'K at Elm Grove. Contains about JO
icrca, with four houses.
Can bo divided luto 3 snail placca.
II. Fornix.
ir30 ?" "*
][)kshuble pitomtrY ~
honso and all noccwary out-buIWIiigJ
i t .m ?D0,10 Ivo ncrc? of ground.
lota? aud dry, nod nosuroaAiod
for lotatl >?.
Also, ton acr?i of hill land, to bo tolrinepantc.
Any portion of this property will bu ?o!d toiuil
Ibo purciJKwr. ltouwnaulo prlcc?
2?5 .GEOBGB OAKLYiK, Toronto. Quia _
2Hirnllc" TOuUweat of fit Clalrsvliie.
I 8 acrw 01 cholco iBIld, 011 whltJ
?rnZ?f.al805d twp.?t?ry brick dwelll-KHtirt a two??mu
dTfell!DK; to,t barn in ikniumtcoBo*
^r'.y,",800 RhodB, C0'n cribs and nil mcc;
An ubundiiico of fruit of oil
S'j ^ K<J?4 applo orchnrds, a coed pc*J
Sf1?l,?r k K^nty of w?ter at a I times- 1'ht 1*
t* 9 1,1 Jklmont county. ?<!
bo divided to mako two good furisK. * ill be
loiu cheap and oa easy terras. For pftrtlculift
-all on or add r t. li i) * t L l?,
Heal Estato and Insurance A tea;
- 0Cii Biinx;zi''.i;T, 0. _
|24) Twontj-Ionr Jiom 1m Caldwell's Ai!'
uiuon 10 mo uiy 01 w iiceimgi
8ridlotiaro bounded on ihonortO by twentyilnth
street. oa tho ewtby Ftllraoro street, on tte
outh bv tho IiaudlAn Komeslcmi, unci oa t&e
>7 tlio & & 0. It. H.
rhoJr proximity to tlio nbovo named r*llro?j
cnuera them excellent Bites lor manufACturlug t*
II not wu In Uiinj win to wlJ ?t puslle
For terms und further Inform&tlon apply to
? 1300 Market Street
?Ul6 B, W. Corner O'hapUno A Sixteenth 8lt

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