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(Th? Dlficovery of tho Caute of Most Cn? ?j
timely Deaths tlmt Coma upoa Bri
the Community. (
/ The offlelal return? of the City of New York ihow
,th?t nearly three-fourtha of all dcattu aro from
conaumptlon. When *r? ?toj> to calmly think orer Ml
. A?,, v?t ovenr ca?? '
, WM tnis I act, 11 i* rmuj nwiiu. ,
BB without exception nt&rtM front small beginnings. ftfl
H1 'A cough Id tho morning; tickling in the throat; fa
:?E * thick phlegmy discharga; chilliness at night;
" 31 ^iffloult breathing; a tightness acruh tha chest; .
wH Jbese and many ni??re symptoms indicate the p res* ~
ence of that tarrlhlo disease which, unlwui checked, ta
ineana certain death with lone and painful auOor* IU
f ' In rlew of snch serious and ever-present fact# j_
tho suggestions and advlca of the ino?t eminent
physician* ar? of tha great?%t talus.
i ^ I)r. John Gardner, ono of the moat eminent pby*
jftfl ttcUna in Lotu\oa, says; "Science, common acme.
JlU Holy Scriptures and all experience testify to tha
benefit* derived from the u?e of pure whlnkey."
?, |J Dr. D. H. Ilarker aays : ' I have used and exam* .
,'tjj Ined Duffy's Pure Malt Whisicy, and find it tha
mH btit I aver Irli d." ^
Dr.?. M. Ihirkwalter says: "Duffy's Pore Malt
Whiskey t*. without doubt, the invalid'sdrtnk when g
stimulant* a Indicated, and I find all chronlo .
rSf cases require st.mulauU, and a large per cent of
kH tho acute ones alio." F
These truths,from thelipsof thelcndingsclentlflo D
men of the day, and continued by tho exprrionce
of men and womon well known iu the community rj
5? ahould servo as a guide for all who feel the a;>*
proarli of consumption no matter by what path it ~
may come. We do not limit*to to a^ort that any ?
man or women who will u*? Dully'* Puro Malt 8
Whiskey according to direction* con defy eoruump*
raj tlon and prolong life with all Itj blessings. g
m. a.NooK a. co, J
( 6E0.M. SNOOK & SO.;
Sole Agents lor the Celebrated '
determined to make a 8
clean sweep of Winter Goods
and Wraps, Prices have been ?
cut as never before.
Great Bargains in Remnants, z
Geo. M. Snook & Co, ?
* " I
' We lwve tli? yi
jil^lrrVcK t0
/ ?PS??' t'/ of pxhilillion 111 ,
the City of f
Wheeling. *
* Ccr. Ttulllhixid i!?rkct Buccfe a
Ollloot Nod. *5 and '41 Fourteenth Htreet.
, , - yii
New AdvorUaem?ut9i ^
Wanted?Fint-ClaM Barb?r. 1'
Far Heal?So. 1CM Main direct
For Rent-No. tttj fourteenth Htreot. ft ,
Divldeud-CommerciAl Hank. "
Btockhoidcri' MoctinK-alauu^acturon^, Fire In- ill
suraueo Company. L<
date City ttiot.c Filter-Kwing Bros.
Grand upora llouie-Mtia Fraucca filahop.
Opera Hoiwe?Aladdlu. 6E
Opera Hou?o-Cora Ianticr.
For Bont?Z*nu & Btalur kw-Fourth page. g.
>Oar celebrated Knit Jackets. Shirts, |J
Diess auI Woolen; Mufflers, Silk anil ov
uaHumero; iiauuKercmeiB, nun unu
Llaeu; (Moves, all klnd>; Umbrellas, Milk pand
tiuigliaw, and Scotch Wool Under- J.
wear, warranted not to shrink, at. u,
O. llESS te SOXS', ?'
Mercliaut Tailors anil dent's Furnishers,
13S1 ii laaa Market Street. yr
Thermometer Kecurtl.
The thermometer at Schnepf's drug
store, Opera Uonao corner, yesterday, reg- {
Istored as follows: Ml
7 a. 31 | 3 p, m? SO \V
9 a. m ss 7 p. m 60
12 40 I Weather-Cloudy. er(
WAsmnuTort, D. 0., Jan. 5.?For West J
Virginia, colder and fair weather, fresh to wl
brick winds, becoming northerly. he
For Western Penneylvanis, colder and ati
fair weather, except rain on the lakes, 164
light to fresh northerly winds. of
Tho Ilerguaon Child'* Injuries, J>
The little daoghter of Aognst Berguson,
of Manchester, who fell ofl tho Seven- *-?
teenth street bridgo on Tuesday, was still iaI
living last evening, bnt had not recovered
conecionaness, and Drs. Taylor and Reed,
the physicians in attendance, said her recovery
was almost an impossibility. The
parents havo sincero and general sympatby
in their heart-rending sfiiiction,
?>< thi
Sent to the Anjlam.
F. L. Hath, who was indicted at tho
last term of the U. B. Oonrt here for violation
c f tho internal re venae laws, was ??,
released from jail where he has been *
sinco the indictment WIUJ louna, uommis- r
nioner Forbes nccopling Hulh'a brother- '
in-law u bondsman. Huth was then ; *
taken to tha (itat* Insane Asylum at
Weston, having beon duly declared a
lunatic alter a formal examination, ,
An Appeal wlilcU ??rv*d IU End. c?!
In Part II ot the Uircult Oonrt yesterday 51
tho motion for a new trial in the detinue ,
case of Olator vs. Otto was argaed and
submitted. The case of H. X tshriw ?
against Calia Williams, a well known f
colored woman, to Ret poaseesion ol the
honae owned by him and rented by her, 1110
was tried to a justice and won by Shriver "1?
without much defense. It was appealed 5'
from a justice. The appeal was evidently 2.1
only taken to enable the woman to retain i"
tho honse as long as possible through ths
law's dslay, and she succeeded in holding
possession nine months after her lease exJiired.
Shriver alio obtained judgment 1
or $180 duo on runt. ot
The Moit Af[r??nbln I***
u well as the most effective method of ,1!!
dispeliinic Headsche, Uolda and Fevere, ii?,
or Cleansing the ?yet*m, ia by taking a ?
few doaea of the pleural California liquid
fruit remedy, Syrup of Fige. Afeaara.
Logan, A Co., Anton P. Ileaa, K. B. Burt I!
ana 0. Menkemellor have been appointed two
agent* for Wheeling, W, Va, , Oil.
tters of Minor Moment In nod Abont
tbo City.
rim Grand tbig evening ? Leonto '
Oxs deed of trait was admitted to record .
Pot'LTBy, dog sad cat show at the Capd
rink to-day and this evening.
Tinnc wm a promise of more rain all
lernoon yesterday, and tho promise was
ISlled shortly alter midnight.
Tim Dalisll giaas works at Lizsaarville
nt down last h'atnrday. There is some
Ik of a change in the firm in the near
Tub Pittsburgh Dispatch says Ham Barky
will play hall with the Philadelphlss
ixt season, Pittsburgh having traded
mforManl. This will salt Him exactly.
Jahkm Duo an yesterday finished a ten
ijh' pcntf:Lc? in |ho ci'y workhouse for
rankenneee, and iact z.i^ht Officer Dimp
fonod him on the street, drank again,
id locked him np,
T)n"" 0?u Purl/ mnslail ilironlnr of
llaler'a "Aladdin" Company, and Mies
nnie Thomas, a ballot girl In the same
jmpany, wero secretly married in Columns,
Oblo, on Monday.
Clkrk Hook yesterday issued a mar*
ag?i Jicecso to William Houl, aged 46,
d Minnie Z-tchow, aged 42, both born in
lurope, the former a reBidont of Wheeling
nd the latter of Ohio county.
Tiuvsi. opens qp unusually woll for so
arly in the New Year, and the hotels are
roll filled with guests. Usually travel is
. litUo light for two weeks, at least, alter
he year opens, bat not so this year.
UjlHssby C.Rauxb, an old, well known
nd highly respected resident of Eaatj
Vheeling, died at his home on Sixteenth
treet last night His death will be learned
with sorrow by a wide circle of friends.
Mr. W. A. Wilson last night entertainid
his employes at an elegant supper at
he Brunswick reetnnrant. Mr. Thornton,
ho proprietor, did himself proud in the
illation he set up, and tho evening was a
acat enjoyable o?o to all.
John Bahtlett in in tho lockup with a
iharpe of vagrancy Against him. He bad
i card announcing that he was a deaf*
uuto, and a worthy object of charity. Qe
?aa proven to be an impostor who conld
>oth hear and speak, and ho was locked
ofricbks Dunlap *nd Watson last night
aided tho honae of Josephine Boyd, col*
>re<!, at 32 Tenth street, and arrested the
cedame, four colored girls and three
fhito male visitors. Two of tho men
rent to tho lockup, and the others do*
milJnil nanh tr, rrwur thaif flnAR.
Local Union No. 58, A. F. G. W. U., of
bis city, has arranged to pive a grand
leneiit ball at Arion Hall to-morrow
tight. It into bo for tho benefit of Harry
?umer, awell known member of the orier,
and io almost certain to be a bO- bugess,
ao the perfecting of tho arrangements |
iaa been left to a committee composed of
ieBsrs. John T. Sbnttloworth, Jamee
lammond, Charles Launder, Ed. Schul,
larvoy Cook, George (J ay man, Henry
flenkemeller, Harry Tuttle,*Wm. fiteen
nd Aug. Cook, who wiii epare no efforts
d make the affair a succcns. Mayor's orhestra
will fnrnieh the music.
Grangers In the City and Wheeling Follca
Capt. John Porter, ol Now Cumberland,
raa down yeaterday.
Superintendent B. F. Jones, of the BollIre
schools, was op yesterday.
Mr. William F. Kreiger, Superintendent
[ tho Wheeling Park, leaves to-day for
a extended southern trip.
Mr. M. V. Smith and dflUfchters, of
harleeton, and Misa A. Therby, of tho
ime place, are at the McLure house.
Mrs. Sophie Otto, grandmother of Mr.
. K. Goetze, tho East End drupeiat, died
jcterday at her homo on the South Side
tor an illness of briof duration.
Robert M. Crawford, who has been
>ending ihe holidays at home, returned
>sterdriy to reanme his studies at the
feat Virginia University at Morganwn.
Miss Emma Gebhart, late invoice clerk
, Hobbs, Brocknnier & Co.'n glass worke,
ft yesterday for Fostoria, Ohio, to accept
like position in the new glass works
Capt. Arthur Sinsel and Capt. J. A.
nnter, the popular heads of two importit
departments of the B. & O.'s western
vision, with headquartors at Grafton,
ere in the city yesterday.
Mies Virdie Blayney has returned from
visit to friends in Wheeling. Misses
jttio and Lee Nelson, who have been
ailing Miss Ada Martin, have returned
their homo in Whooling.? Wellington,
s, Reporter,
Mr. I. LowengirL of Portland, Oregon,
well known glass buyer, is here making
s purchases lor tho spring trade. Mr.
>wengartia early in the field, probably
)m a determination not to let the prosit
striko cut his supply short. <
Mr. John G. Magle, representing Col. <
nn's lamoas molodraraa, "Alone in :
>ndon," with Cora Tanner in tlio lead- ;
K role, io in the city, arranging for the <
oduction of his attraction at the Opera
ouse next Wednesday and Thursday
tnlngs and Thursday afternoon. i
MisB Bertha Brilles, of this city, was in
ttabargh Tuesday evening, a guest at 1
e wedding of Mies Kaufman to Mr.
?rman Gcrf, which was one of the most 1
table social atlaire tho Hebrew circles ]
that city have participated in for some <
ae. Mr. Cerf is well known here as a '
ry popular gentleman.
i runnier a urcorueu,
Dlork Hook yesterday admitted to
;ord a dct-d made January 3, by R. M.
olff and wife to F. 0. Myers, in consid*
ition of $2,000, for half of lot 24 on the
rthweet corner of Market and Twonty;th
Deed made January 2, by Francis M.,
fe of Dr. James E. Reeves, with her
sband. to Joseph 8. Gibbs, in consideron
of $5,500, for the north part of lot
), on OhapiineBtreet at the corner south
Alley 19.
Deed made December 31, 1887, by W.
W. Gowden, special .commissioner, to
mes H. Lancaster, in consideration o/
600, for lot 104, on tho corner of Maryid
and North Huron streets.
llroko a OIaii Wluiloir.
Yesterday morning a one armed man
med Pat Leonard, demanded a drink in
ck Mansfield's saloon, which the bareper
refused, and the man went oot on
) street and smashed in one of the
ite glass windows with a cobble stone.
?wee locked up.and aftor ho had time to
>er np a little, he expressed great torw
for what he had done and gave Mr.
msfield an order on tho Cleveland,
rain A Wheeling Railroad Company,
which ho claims to work, for |50 to
jr the damages. Leonard will be ar*
gr.ed in polico conrt this morning.
Th* New Uig Atla Work*,
PVin Knimr Allft Hnmniinv hftP AlrnnHv
muenced the work of tearing down the ,
1 Lancaster residence, on the property
*r the Belmont mill recently purchased :
the compauy'e extensive sx!e factory. "
;1 expects to hevo tho ground cleared
\ begin to excavate fcr the foundation J
i!ny. No time will be lost in building
i works. One important branch of ita ?
rk will bo the forging of steamboat j,
if to," all I*Ffe? work in which line now J
;ded here has to be pent to Pittsburgh. J
o now lactory will 2m ve a "ahlngle" .
nmur of sufficient capacity for feucli J
,k- _i ... ti
Y?*t?r?! ij'i. Kirs AJnrin. tl
'ho Rlarm of tire sounded from box 52 j
tho corner of Utjopline and Twenty- *
th streets was occasioned by ablaze
ultiug from n defective flue in tho reelice
of \Vill H. 8hafer. at No. 2908 Cbnp- ?
? street. It was ixtitigniuhed without \\
nso of water from the enninea und be- J
> much damage had been done. K
" to
o not consult anybody, but invest P
ntv-tive cents in a bottle of Salvation G
It kills pain. B
ro be Enlarged by tbe Addition o( A Very
Handsome Building Kut of lie Present
Neat and Coaj Club Qoon on tba
South Hide?The Members' Dealrea.
The exhaustive and comprehensive review
of the building operations in this
city daring the past year, recently published
in the Intjelligxncbb, waa in the
natare of a general aurpriae to all who
read it. Indeed, it ia doat/oi if anyone
had an idea that aa mach money was being
spent and aa much being done aa that
reviow ahowodwaa the caae. In collecting
the information and data for that arfirln.
tha rnnnrtMR nnira trail in the WOrk
wtro impressed with tho fact that the indications
all a?emed to poiut to this year's
building and improving being more
marked and extensive than athat of last
year. Something fs already known about
the building in contemplation this coming
season. The salo of the old lair ground
lots is going to resnlt in the erection of a
number of booses and a large number of
houses will go np on other parts of the
Island. A number of houses have already
been contracted for which are to go
upon the main land.
In the way of large public buildings
thero are several rumors. The strong
pos?ibilitv that a large Chamber of Com*
xnerce oflice bnilding with all modern improvements
will bs erected soon, was reported
in detail in a very recent issue ol
this paper; the Intelliqkmcsk was also
the first to report the rumor that Mr,
Henry b'chmulbach had in contemplation
tho building of a modern, first class hotel
on tho property adjoining his other prop*
erty, the Grand Opera Hour?, which wai
to be entirely altered in connection witli
the building ol the hotel. These improvements
are otiil in contemplation, and it ii
not at all improbable that they will be
carried out. In a late issue, a prominent
real estate m&u unnouncad his intention
ot patting up a three-story building foj
business purposes on Main street, and invited
those desiring quarters to coneull
liim as to what they might desire in ordei
that the building may be constructed accordingly.
Another valuable improvement in contemplation,
and which, it may be said, it
haa been definitely decided to make this
season, is the enlarging of the Arion Society's
popnlar club house at the corner ol
Main and Twentieth streets. The Society
has entirely outgrown its present accommodations,
and as it has the ground to
build on and aa its financial condition ia
such that it can spread out without embarrassing
itself, its leading members?
those at the head?-have made up their
minds that now is the tlmo to build, and
all that remains is to give the word to go
Tbe Society owns from Main street back
to tho alley in the rear of the building.
The distance from tho.preaont club house
to the alley is about forty-five feet; on this
It is proposed to erect a three-story addition,
or in other words miko an uniform
extension of the building back to the alley.
This being done tbe interior arrangements
would bo very materially changed. The
assembly or * dancing hall would bo enlarged
and space afforded for ample retiring
rooms for both ladioi and gentlemen
on the upper tlaor. As it is now tho hall
is found to bo too small almost every time
it ia used, and tho lack of proper retiring
rooms ia often a drawback. Space could
bIho be had on this floor prcbably, to enlf.rgo
tho stage and allow ol its being nicely
fitted up for private theatrical purports.
The ball is not tho only room too amall
for tbe present needs of the Society; all
tho rooms aro too amall end all can bo enlarged
by tho building of tho proposed addition
; principally, howover, mure space
is needed for the wine room and tho dining
room and kitchen. Then space is
wanted for a better smoking room and a
reading room, and more convenient quarters
for the janitor and family. In thei
way of new attractions, a bowling alley, a
billiard room and a Bpoco for gymnastic
apparatus is desired, and has been for a
loeg time past. i
The membership of the society has increased
till almost overy well known German
of the city is a member, and a number
who aro not Germans are pleased to |
be ablo to utato that they are rnombers. I
Tho building io boing uae;l moro and more
ca a dab house, aud the need of more
room is being more and more felt.
Tho Steel Workert' Scale.
The steel manufacturers of Wheeling
and vicinity mot in adjournod oesaiou yesterday
at tho office of the Benwood Iron
Works, and resumed the confederation of
the new wale presented by the workmen.
The meeting adjourned last evening without
having coraplotod its labors. A prominent
manufacturer told an Intblligbnckb
reporter that tho consideration of those
details in which the scale proposes changes
was a big contract, and it ib hard to say
when tho operators will be prepared to
Dffer an answer to their workmen.
The Amalgamated Association ecalo has
not yet boon signed at tho Mingo Junction
Mills nor at the Jefferson; in Steubenville,
although in both places it was to have
none into Bffect yesterday. The cauae is
the discriminating clause against tht mills
ffhich are tabooed by the onion.
Slay Hlga the 8oa!e.
PiTTsiDBaa, Jan. 4.?President William
Weibe, oi tho Amalgamated Association
3f#Iron and Steel Workers, was in conferjnce
to-day with Jones & Laughlin's
relative to the signing of the stool workers
innual scale presented by the Association
i few days ago. There is every indication
;hat the scale will be signed.
The Ulaea Manufacture .
Thore was a meeting in Pittsburgh yes*
:erday oi the Flint Glass Manufacturers'
Executive Committee. The meeting will
continue over to-day. It is said a proportion
has been made to romove rile 2
rom the list of rules submitted by the
nanufacturera. This is the rule which
provides that non-union men shall have
;ho some privileges as union men.
It is said that President Scott's proposal
o snbmit to arbitrators the question
whether a contract exists at the Central
jlassworks will be lefs to the Local Union
is a body to accept or reject.
Like Murk Twaln'a War Map.
Settofre Independent.
The Sunday Register1! railroad map is
he first and best of the funny things of
he season. It is much after the style of
Hark Twain's war map, and shows a
realth of originality in the Rtgitler ofijco
lot heretofore suspected. Let the Register
ramie its map work.
8?l?ct Daaclojc Academy.
Prol. John Mullen will re-op?n hlg
Lcadutny Tunsday, Jannary 10, In Genuaila
Hall, corner ol Fonrteoutb and Markot
trcots. A clara lor ladies and gentlemen
rill be formed trom 7:30 to 10 o'clock, and
rill continue every Tuesday and ThursTi:o
Professor retnrna bit sincere thanks (
or the liberal patronage bestowed npon ,
ilm during tho put thirty yean, and ,
iopea (or a continuance ol tboeamo. All ,
[fairing to learn to dance should call npon i
lm at tho aboTe time and place. When ,
here are a sufficient number ol appllca
Ions a children's class will be formed in ,
lie afternoons. Parents will confer a ,
Ivor by addressing him at No. 1135 Mar- |
et street. ,
Dos't trifle with any Throat or Lung '
liseaso. If you hare a Cough or Cold, or [
is children are threatened with Croup or ,
I'houping Cough, use Acker's English ?
emedy and prevent further tronble. It ]
a positive care, and w? goarasteo It.
rice 10 and 60c. Logan ? Co., C. E.
oetxe, 0. Menkemiller, R, B, Burt aad C
owl* Bros. 6 I
ffpon lb* S. & O. ilalu Llua Filed Cor Record
In County Clerk Hook'g office yester- i
day then wm admitted to record the biggest
mortgage ever seen here?biggest In .
both the amount covered by It ud the
namber of pages of the record it will occupy.
It ie the consolidated mortgage of
the B. & O. Railroad Company to the
Mercantile Treat and Dspoait OorapEny
of Baltimore, securing $2^,000,000 one
hundred year gold bonds, dated Decern- :
ber 19, 1817. This mortgage takes the .
placet! mortgagee on the main line of its
railroad from Baltimore In the State of 1
Maryland to Wheeling in the State of I
Weat Virginia,as follows: One to William ,
n U ?J i t a-,vt iwi .i.t.J
u( xitti iidwii, uugicct ior ?iuv,u\ai, unicu
April 29,1853. One to William G. Harrl- (
bod, trnatee, for $2,500,000, dated April 1
29, 1853. One to the Mayor and City
Council of Baltimore for $5,000,000. dated <
February 16, 1854. Ono to Joha W. Gar- '
rett, Jones Hopkins and James Tinker,
trustees, for $3,872,090 (?800,000) dated
March 1,1870. Another to the same trustees
for $0,080,000 (?2.000,000), dated May
20, 1872; and another to William Keyaer,
T. Harrison Garrett and William F. Barns,
for $9,680,000 (?2,000,000), dated January
17, 1874.
The document has been recorded in
every county through which the main
lino passes, being fn West Virginia, Jefferson,
Berkeley, Morgan, Mineral, freeton,
Taylor, Marion, Wetzal, Marshall and
Ohio counties.
A portion of the previous mortgages
which this one resecureb have been paid
off heretofore, and other portions provided
! for in the sinking fund of tho company.
The document is dnly attested, and the
copy filed here 1b a printed one, except the
Riffnntnree. which are written. The fee
i for recording it was 123 50.
i How It it Spreading In tbo State?Oomlog
| liveutB lu Wheeling.
General Abbott, the Comtnamler-in1
Chief of the Sana of Veterans, U. 8. A.,
| will shortly make a western tour. and the
. camp in this city has extended him an in*
, vitation to include Wheeling in the trip.
, The Wheeling camp in prospering, and
; the members hope that at an eariy day
. thoy will be able to uniform and arm
, themsolves. There is seme talk of organ*
. izing within the camp a regular military
! company and joining the next battalion of
State troops, coon to be organized.
Tho military spirit is thoroughly
awakened throughout the 8tato, somb
, counties boasting of? high as four or flvo
!' companies. The cr*z^ has not yet struck
Whoeliuj/; and with the exception of tho
: 8ona of Veterans, no organization of a
military charac'er has .been effected.
Wheeling i?i wall able and ought to support
a full bat:clion of b'te-o troops, aa the
material is plentiful. Within the next
few months there will be several gathering
in this city, in connection with which ;
a homo military organization could find j
opportunity to make a display creditable
to Wheeling. Besides the visit of the
University Cadets in the spring, it is probable
that the annual encampment of tho
First West Virginia Regiment, recently ;
orgauizad, will be held here. Later will
come tho National Kacarnpm?nt of the ,
Rons of Veterans, when every State in the '
Union will be represented, in addition to .
a number of full camps of Weat Virginia
"oona. ah me juu mora win uo huuiuit |
Soldier's Reuuion, which, judging from ,
advices already received, will surpass oven ,
ft ae bifc ouccees of last year.
It is understood that some of Whoeling's
energetic young men are already
forming pinna for the organization of companies,
and it is hoped that thoy will bear
these coming events iu mind and act with
promptness. Those who aro eligible to
membership in the Sana 0/ Veterans, and
who contemplate uniting with th?t very
worthy association, should not delay their
action, 00 that they may have the advantages
of the drills, as well as afsiet in per- ,
fecting the organization in time for the
events aboya mentioned. J
l>a*t NJglu'* Ttiiujiu/ui un Mooting* '
The tompsranco meeting at the Oerman j
Church, on Tbirty-snvonth otreet, last J
night, was a grand buccqls. The House
was full and qnito a number were turaod *
away. Major Camp has gone home on
I p.nf?nnnfc nf ttinkntuq. Mr. John oc?
copied about twenty minutes of the tirao
renting Jocidantfi of the etfocts of intoxicating
drini; on the families of drinking
people. Mrs. MeOlnrgin, State Organizer
of the Woman's Christian Temperanco
Union, addressed the mseting for abput
forty minutes in an earnest appeal to the
drinking people to sign the pledge and to
the voters present to work and vote for
the Prohibitory amendment. 8ho is a
splendid speaker and the audience was
well entertained. The meeting will be
continued tliis evening at the OhapUne
Street M. ?. Church, where quito a number
of poople will address the meeting.
National Uulou Bouetlt Aiuoclatlon.
Members of the National Union Benefit 1
Association, and those who wish to become t
members, will find our office situated at
1313 Market street. As the very large increase
of our bnsiness requires us to have
moro room, this shall be our permanent ,
address, and the company's General Agent, r
Mr. John P. Kuah, will be ready and willing
at all times to give all particulars to
an iiiatso wuu may utaua u, an iu mo
workings,benefits and costs of this great in- .
Btitution, and wo earnestly request and "
hope that all those who have not as yet .
studied the aims and objects ot this As- '
sociation will do so at once, as the benefits ?,
to be derived trom being a member o! this, '
the only Association ol the kind in Amer- f'
ica, are great.
ItlVEtt -NEWS. p
Stage ot the Water una Hovemeuu of the
The Courier will got away for Parkers- ?
burg at 11 o'clock this morning in her reg- j,
ular trade. 8<
The Fiishion is tino down at sn early si
hour this morning enrouto fiotn Pitts- v,
burgh to Cincinnati. ir
The river was falling all day yesterday R
and at dusk iast night, when the marks
indicated a depth of 10 feet i inches. The
ice has nearly all run out and what
little is left is small and of littie or no
The Rescue, Acorn and Enterprise, of jjj
the coal fleet, passed down yesterday as an ?
advance guard, with small tons. The ?
trouble at Dsvia Island dam makes it a "
auestion whether many more boato of tho ,,
est will pass.
The StenbenviirS1 packet Abner O'Neal 0,
has bscn chartered to do the transfer busi- fr,
nets between this city and West Wheeling H
for the 0., L. & W. road until the Lizzie w
Towneend is again afloat or otherwise re- in
placed. It was at first thought that the t(,
Fownsond had been completely wrccked q]
by being cut down by the ice, but it is oa
now believed that she can be put in good
shape again.
Tho following dispatch from Pittsburgh
received last night contains good news: H
"This morning the towboat Lillie Bell, in
attempting to pass through the narrow be
pasaags made by the lowering of tome of tii
the wickets at Davis Island dam, or
(track one of the broken wick- th
eta and knocked it down, thus ?1
clearing the channel for a space of 200 feet, as
Boats are now passing throngh the open- lei
Ing made by the accident and about 1,000,- T1
D00 bushels oi Mai will get out for ship- ill
ment to Cincinnati and Louisville, instead mi
af 1,000,000 bushels as expected. Ho
Inmfttyn wm dnnfl to thn Littla RU1 hv
the lack; collision. The river is receding w>
jlowly with 7 feet 1 inch in the channel."
rhia means that a goodly part ol the fleet
will pasa here to-day and that a farther
rise, which threatened rains make proba- r"
jie, will let oat all the coal loaded and u-.i
mable all the empties to be gotten back an
or reloading; and this means tho avert- do
ng of a coal famine and high prices at "h
ower porta and employment for many Uu
rod the circulation of several thousands br
if dollars among a large class along the
ilonongahela. ci;i
* * and
Sxix-Gcccns Soap first cleanses and "latin
tment heals akin diseases. At drug SJl;
tore of McLaln Broe. rht
?? c
kt the Capital Blnk-A. Great Mhow la Prog* i
nil There Mow-A Very Entertaining I
Adtlren Last Night ? Some of the 1
Special Feature# that are Popular, 1
. i
There are on exhibition at the Capital >
rink?comprising the annual exhibition ol '
the Wheeling i'jaltiy Association?six '
hundred and sixty-nine chickens, nine
turkeys, twelve geese, three white ferrets
and three colored ferrets, and two cats,
ono with a kitten; ten pigeons, and an
improved incubator and brooder. This
makes a groat show, and it ia a much more
popular show than heretofore, largely
owing to the introduction of the dogs,
luore was a good deal ol doubt in tho
minds of the Association as to the advisability
of introducing a bench show as a
feature of tho annual exhibition, but now
that thoy see the dog department crowded
all tho time, there is no longer any question
in the minds of the members as to
the wiedom of the step.
Yeateiday there wero added to the dfs- '
play of doga eleven belonging to 0. N.
Fisher, of this city. They comprise his
pugs, bkye torriers and a French poodle, ,
and are among the moat attractive exhibits.
Tho boogies, tho $10,000 setter belonging
to Joseph Low is, of Cannbusburg, Pa., tho
St. Bernards, spaniels and collies are favorite
doge with the visitors. The ferrets ,
also attract attention, and the incubator
and brooder aro centres of attraction. The
Messrs. Garvin, who exhibit tho6e,yooterday
received a case of ogga Irani an incu- .
bator at Elizabeth, Fa., three or four oi ,
which had bet-n hatched out in their cotton
packing cnrouU. The egaa were
laced in the incubator in the rink, and
were hatching out all evening. As the
chicks come out of tho shell tkey wero
pat into the brooder.
Tho jadflo is still bu3y scoring the
fowls. A Plymouth Rock cockerell was
yesterday marked 8G$, the highest score
yet found. It belongs to James Farmer,
ol FloBhlog, and is valuod at $150. Another,
bolonuing to H. Price, of Uompher,
0., scored 1)5 J.
Tho attondanco wai good yesterday all
day and last evening. Many ladies and
children attend. To-day it is expected
thore will be an addition to the cat exhibit.
Two cats entered ran away.
A dog that has attracted general attention,
and before whoso kennel sportsmen i
pause and admire, is "Pen," a five-months- i
old tall blooded English setter entered by j
Miss Nellie Turner. He has a pedigree j
that runs back a long way and is full of
notables. The good points of a cotter
abound in "Pen," and he is eminently
deserving of the first premium awarded
last night.
Last evening Mr. James Duncan, jr., of
Bridgeport, delivered a very happy little
talk on" Che Profile of Poultry Culture."
[t was pretty hard to talk against the <
bedlam of noieen, bat Mr. Duncan manAged
to make himself hoard and kept the ]
attention of his lioarerd well, ilia romarh-i
were instructive, and abounded in t
bright pailtea of wit.
This nvenlns there will be another talk
by J. M. Sickcoll, of Buffalo, tho expert
irho ier.r.orJ.'tho /owl?, his subject being
"fhe O.i^iu of Certain Breeds of ^
The Sogyurlli," *
That very excellent authority on dra- t
sialic matters, the Daily A'ewi, ol Chicago,
ays: "It is a gonuine pleasure to anaounce
the success of 'The Soggerth' at 1
Saverley's. In point of construction it
s complete and dramatic, and the writing i
s far above the averse. The Gtory is
>ne of murdor, circumstantial evidence J
ixing tko guilt upon the Jieir. The play
3?s the beuvfit of an exceptionally good 0
onf C/ivumnnf cmnnn thu imtnriinmnlnv.
d is W. H. Thomson, who has already .
in enviable reputation for what has come 1J
o be known as character work. In the R
iresent case hie acting is marked by supeior
intelligence, an earnestness, and an t
krtiatic finish that is too rare in these days I
lot to deserve opecial notice. The scone
\t the confeesional and in the glen were r
hrilling in their intensity. Bat the drama fc
ins so many excellencies that itsconjs c
ilmoet uaeless to ppecify any particular
?ne. Mr. Vandsnhoff waa admirable as 0
he priest, and Mr. Woller gave a spirited ^
mr/ormacce ol tho impotnooa Neil Ma- u
;uire. Thero was an almost Boucicaultoan
mack to some of the dialogue,- and it
oand excellent interpreters in Luke Mar- J|
in and Maude White, They were both Jj
ery flnccesaful, and were in great favor jj
?lth the audience. Mr. Holland was dig- *
killed as the abesntee, and Miss Belgardo
> pictnreeqe and admirable heroine. Miss a
tonway sang *Avo Maria' with feeling b
nd eflect. The play is furnished with *
ome very beautiful and artistic scenery fi
Ve welcome Mr. George Darrill, of Ausralin,
as a playwright, and hope he will C
roduco other dramas as strong as 'Ihe cl
oggartb.'" k
ado eoggariu" wm oe Riven at iuo cl
Wheeling Opera Hoaao for the lirat time p
'riday night.
Grauil Opera House. J
Miss Frances Bfohop, one of the prefc* n
est, brightest and most popular ooubrottee r<
n the American stage, in her plays, "New l>
long's Landing" and "Gjrp," will be the ci
fraction at tho Grand Opera House for ot
areo nights and a Wednesday matinee, Is
ommenclng Monday, January 9. Each 0
idy attending the grand Wednesday mat- L
lee will receive a handsome souvenir ai
laque of the beautiful Miss Bishop. e<
londay and Wednesday nights and Wedecday
matinee she will appear in her
rest laupbwg eaccet&, the "Now Mugg's
anding." Hince the play was seen here g
Lst it has been re-written, new music,
)Dgs and dances added to it. Tuesday ^
20 will appear In her raw comedy drama,
ritten expressly for her by A. Z. Chip- r.
lan, entitled "Gyp." Mr. Genther, the c{
lanager of the Grand, will make the Ql
sua! popular prices, 15 cents, 25 cents,
j cents and 50 cents.
The Ltouiu llrothera.
At the Grand yesterday afternoon a ?Jj
jod audionce witnessed the presentation jV
! "Brother against Brother," by the Lo- Vi
:jzo Brothers' dramatic company and
;ting doge, and laat night there was an* 7/
her good house. "Tiie Dog Spy" was ?
10 bill. The intelligence displayed by '
io canine actors in thia play ia mar veils.
Vic Leosxo, one of the stars, changes
om an old darkey plantation hand, on
cceedingly good makeup, to a young til
hite man, the change net occupying a to
ilf second, and being made in view of tie
e audience. No each "lightning
lange' waa ever seen here before. The rel
mo drama will be repeated this evening. J:
"Aladdin" Coming.
Next Monday and Tuesday evenings
arry Elsler's famous ppectacular drama, .
Uaddln, or the Wonderful Lamp," will ba
i seen at the Opera Hoase for the first w*
lie in Wheeling. In a goneral way it is $*
v.. i..i - u ?t i. (4r
I liiu uruer ui ruutaoujM, uiuutiu . *
ore la no resemblance in detail. Mr. ?*
aler boacta a Rood deacon the vonth "ll
id attractiveneaa of hie cborna and bal- aJ
t, and the acenery ia described na great. J"1
lere are the usnal traoBformationa and ha
neiona, and the production ia one of the
aat aucceeaful recently brought ont. f10
???, . hu
Head thm Wrath Koll R0<
ilch the bills oi mortality of any largo city may net
fitly designated, and you will find that renal fai
1 vcalcal maladies, that Is to say, thoso that *
sot the kidneys or bladder, have a remarkable ~
imlnence?we had almost raid-preponderance.
ght'a diftaao and diaoetes In the chronic itage It
rarely cared, and gravel, catarrh of the blad- T]
and ennreala, slay many. Yet at tho outset,
en the trouble merely amount* to Inactivity of
organsfnvolred, tne danger may be nullified 84
that pleasant renal tonic and diuretic, Hostet*
stomach Bitters, which lmparu the requisite d
ount of tone to the orcans, without over-exuk
them, and the use of which Is convenient.
I luvoivcsno elaborate preparation. Dyspepa
usual concomitant ol renal complaints, and Hel
illity, which tbey invariably produce, are rem- u..
?d by It Ho al*o are con?tlpatlon, malarial,
uma'.lc and nervous allmuata. 10U|
Likely to be Formed lo the City at an Early
There is considerable talk just now of
jrganiaing permanent Republican clubs
in the city. It is thought probable that
it loast the First, Boventh and Eighth
wards will form separate clubs. Prominent
Republicans on the Island have
been considering the idea of organising,
md it has been informally proposed that
a meeting of Republican voters be held
Fnrno dav next weak for that purpose.
The idea is to got into working order be- j
[ore the Btate convention of club delegates
meet*, bo aa to be represented there and
give Wheeling the weight in that meeting
which flhe oaght to have as the metropolis
of the State.
Said a prominent Island man yesterday:
"The idea of forming p 8eventh ward Republican
clnb seems to be popular. 1
casually broached the subject to several
prominent party men, and they fell in
with the plan heartily. We ought to have
an organization there of 200 or 250. If
Bam Hildreth had not moved away we
would have, and I believe if the matter
was brought to the attention of the Garden
Spot people they would bring np a
rousing club beforo tbat State convention
coiues off. And the First and Eighth
wards used to have noblo campaign organizations;
why can't they get in the
Held now with a permanent club each?"
The Meeting of the Hoard of Directors
Last Evening.
The Board of Directors of the Wheeling
Base Ball Association held a meeting last
evening that was well attended by members.
Considerable routine business was
kr&neacted and encouraging reporlB concerning
the prospects lor the coming season
received. Mr. W. T. English resigned
hia pooition as secretary, which he has
filled very efllciontly since tbo club
was started, and tho matter 0/
electing his Quccessor was left
till Bomo future meeting. Mr. English's
other duties prevent hitn from giving to
the club the attention that ho would like
and such as is roally required during
the ball season. Tho palary of sccrotary
was roducod from $300 to $100. The contract
for refreshment otand and ecore card
privileges was cloced with Policeman Bob
McNichols and Torn Young at their bid of
In talking over base ball matters, tho
trading by Pittsburgh of 8am Barkley to
Philadelphia, in connection with the deal
whereby the former club secured from
the Phillies young Maul, who will play
Brat base, was ono of the prinefpai topics
at last night'a meeting. The understandIng
in that thu deal suits Barkley immensely?that
it was just what he wanted.
BKL L AlltE.
Il New Depot?liautl Hart?The Sunken
Whnrfbout, Etc,
Tho Benwood ferry made several trips
Mr. S. Horkheimer was down yesterday
>n business.
The B. & 0. people will gat their ice
louses filled-soon.
ltosa J. Alexander was in the city yeserday
on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hartenstein are
isiting in Dayton, 0.
K. E. McGregor, of Windom, Minn., is
rifiitiuff relatives hfira.
Dr. 0. M. Frissel, of Wheeling, ia waitng
on Rsv. JD. B. Call.
Workmen aro basv repairing the Cbrlfitan
church, damaged by fire.
Mrs. Hartshorn and Mr*. Powell are
lorne from Washington, D. 0.
Jacob and Adam Wagoner are in Michgan
visiting friends and relatives.
Richard Jones, tbe man crnshod in
iarnard's coal mines, died yesterday.
M. J. Arnold woa m the el! y yesterday
m his way from Bcalsville to Canton.
The damage by fire at Anlt'a mill is bong
repaired rapidJy, and Mr. Ault will
rind flour again eoon.
Reuben Perkins, of Ailedonia, was in
be city yesterday, adjusting his insurance.
le wee burned oat not long ago.
Rrakeman Reeae, of the Martin's Ferry
un on the C. & P. railway, had his right
and mashed yesterday while coupling
Mrs. Morgan, wife of Operator Morgan,
f the B. & 0. railroad hero, died yester- ,
ay morning of inflammation of the
owcls. j
Olem Darrah, son of Mrs. Robert Dar\h,
haa been chosen by Postmaster
looper to fill the vacancy occasioned by 1
?I T.(.n I l.i? nut,./ a
io iicoiu u* uuuti isniupuoii, iaiu \juioi <
llfirk in the postoffico.
The Bdlls Prince came down yeaiorday
nd moved the ounkon wharfboat to a
etter position. Captains Prince and Ciino
ere down removing the ice and rubbish 1
oin tho boat and lightening her np. i
William Monaghan, the Pennsylvania
lompany's right of way man, was in the
ity yesterday surveying and measuring
)mo property in the rear of the burnt
epot, preparatory to buying some pro- j
erty near it and robuilding.
_ m d
Ujrrup of Figs *
a Nature's own true laxative. It is the r
lost easily taken, and the most effective .
amedy known to dense the system when 1
ilious or costive; to dispel headaches, b
olds, and fevers; to cure habitual con- '
lipation, indigestion, piles, etc- Manu
iciurea only oy mo uauiorma J?ig eyrup e
ompany, Ban Francisco, Cal. Meeara. T
ogan & Co., Antou P. Hera, R. B. Bart G
id C. Meakerneller. havo been appoint1
agents for Wheeling, W. Va. 11
To the Ladles.
Wo have jnet openod specially for the
oiiday bade the moat elegant Hue of raalinos
ever brought to thiB city. We have ii
le Standard and White finished in Ma- .
jgany, Oak, Antique Oak, Ash and Cher- "
Choice will be Riven to Holiday par- _
loeeni without additional coat. Read
ir "?d." in this paper.
Ed. L. Robs 6c Co.
At night always have Acker'a Baby
lotber at hand. It is the only Bale med- \
[no yet made that will remove all infan- I
e disorders. it contains no Opium or
orphine, but Rives the child natural tatc
jm pain. Trice 23 cento. Sold by Logan P
Co., 0. B. Goelze, C. Menkemiller, B.
Burt and Bowie Bros. 9
Ftttiliurjh and lictum.
Commencing Sunday, June 6. and con- laintr
every Sunday until further notice 8
e Baltimore & Ohio will Bell excursion
:kets to Pittaburgh and return at low _
le of $1 50, and to Washington, Fa., and g
tarn at $1 00. Trains leave at 6 and |
10 a. v., returning arrive at 7 and 11:10 I
Benton'* Hair Grower. v
All who are bald, all who are becoming =
Id, all who do not want to be bald, all ?.
io are troubled with dandruff, or itching ...
the ecalp, ehoald one Benton'a Hair ?
ower. Eighty per cent of thoao using
have arovcn hair. It nevor fail* to Btnn
s hair from falling.. Through sickness A
d f e vera the hair sometimes falls off in a 11
art time, and although the portion may \>
ve remained bald for years, if yon use
nton's Hair Grower according to direccs
you are sure of a growth of hair. In
ndreds of cases wo have produced a
)d growth of hair on those who have M
an bald and glazed for years. We have J,
iy substantiated the following facts: *
'e^grow hair in 80 caaea out of 100; no matter
now long bald.
like other preparation*, It con Ulna no ingar of w
lead, or vepetablo or mineral polaona.
it a peciflo for (ailing hair, dandruff and Itch- M
lug ol the acalp.
lie llalr Grower la a hair food, and Its oom* ?
ponltion U almost exactly like the oil which ~?
auppllm the hair with Its vitality. feh
ild by druggiata orient on receipt of price, tl 00. ^
Button Haik Growkb Co..
aw Cleveland, 0.
Uolgate'a Sachet Powdara,
iotrope, Jockey Club, and Cashmere tal
iguet retain their delicate fragrance
jer than any others.
Catarrh lo Consumption.
Catarrh lo lt? destructive toroo stands next to
and undoubtedly leads on to consumption. It U
therefore singular that those atllicted with this
fearful dlseate thould not mako It the object of
thefr If re* to rid theaMelra of It. Deceptl re rem*
edit* concocted by fgnon&t pretend???to medical
knowledge hare weakened the confidence of the
irreet majority of aufferenln all advertlrtd remediet.
Thejr become resigned to a Ufa of mlsenr
ratber tban torture themselret with doubtful pal-,
11a tl Tea
But this will nerer do. Catarrh mint be met at
evtrjr st?ge and combated with all our might. In
many cases th? disease baa assnmod dangerous
symptoms. Tbe bones aud cartilage oftbunosc,
tho organs ol bearing, ol seeing and of tasting so
affected ss to be uielets, tbe uvula eo elongated,
the tbroat so lutUmed and Irritated as to produ.e
a constant and distressing cough.
oauionra tuaicai uure raeuin crerj yummo u.
Catarrh, tram a slmplu head cold to tno most
loaihfome Hud destructive stagoa. It la local aud
comtltutlouol. Instant lu relicvlor, permanent
In curlnK, aafc, economical and never-falling.
Each packnso coutalna one bottle ol the Radical
Cnre, one box of Catarrhal solvent, and an Improved
Inhaler, with trcatiio; price, f l.
FoTraa 1)kuu 61 Chemical Co., Boaton.
Aching 313oo and Back,. Hip, Kidney and
fyXl Uterine l'alus, Kheuraatio, Sciatic, Neural^K\?dc,
fharp and Shooting Pains, relieved in
"ill1""1 minute by tbo Cutlcura Antl-1'aln
Planter. The flrat and only pain killtag plaiter
A iwr/tcf. iuatantaneou*, aerer lnlilug antidote to
pain, inflammation and vrokuQu. Especially
adapted to relievo female pains and weakneuca.
At all druggist*, 26 centa; or ot F<msi Daoo &
Chemical < o . Braton :a 1 xthsw
Soldiers and widows whose claims have dragged
lor years, and those who havo not yet appliod,
would couiult their intoreit by applying at onco
with stampi to the celebrated
Caldwell, Ohio,
whoraokesawpcrJaitr of thin la4
CO-PA HT2tf .811*11 JP XOYICKH#
Tho business heretofore conducted under the
firm name of iiichardsou, Goodirln ?V Co., ho? expired
by tbe death of A. C. Blcbardkon. one of the
inombera. 'J'ho turvlvlng member* havo auoclawd
wiih them U. L- Bryan, a former salesman
of the home, and will continue the Wholesale
Drug Busluc?N under tho tlrm namo of J. T. (lnod
wludiOo. J. T. tWODWlti,
I have this dnv associated with mo la buslnoa
Harry lu Bond, for the purpose of carrylnf on tho
Wholesale and Retail Boot, Shoo and Rubocr bullneat,
under the firm u*mo oI J. W. Am!ck ?fc Co.
All p^noui kuowlng themselves Indebted to the
lormer tlrm are requested to call and settle, and
three who have so generously patronized us In the
pant aro requested to 1 avor tho new flrm with their
continued patronage. J. W. AMMJh.
J. W. Amick A (Jo., 1143 Mala atreet, Wholesale
and Retail fieilera In iiooia, dnoea aud Rubbers.
We ah all strictly adbero to the one prico cash systern,
mi heretofore thereby enabling ua to give our
customer* the benefits derived from such a system.
Jh3 _
The annual meeting of the stockholders of tho
Wheeling .* Elm itrovo Railroad for tho eloctlon
01 Directors to servo for tho eusalng year, and for
tho transaction of any other business that may
cone before said meeting, will bo held at the
Company's ofUoe on Thursday, January 12, 1888,
botwean the hours of 2 aud 4 p. m
dc'-MTh E. J. RUTTER, Secretary.
Tho annual meeting of tbo Stockholder! of the
^tua Fire and Marine Insurance company, of
Wheeling, will bo held at the oflloo of tho Company
on Monday, January 0,18H8, between the hours of
2 and 4 o'clock p. m., for the election ol Directors,
aud for tho transaction of any other busluesa that
nay come btfoie them.
deal H M. HCHMITT, Beo'y.
The annual meeting of tho stockholders of tho
National Bank ol West Virginia at Wheeling, will
be held at tbo Ranking House on Tuesday, January
10, lKa8, between tno hours ol ouo (l) and throe
(3) o'clock p. m., for the election of Directors and
tho transaction of any other busluesa that ma-Jr
co mo beloto them.
WniEU.VO, w. Va., DfC- 28,1857. de/8
iho annual meeting of the Stockholders of the
Wheeling it Belmont uridgo Company will bo hold
at tho office of the company on Monday, tho 9th
day ol January. lt-88, between the hours of 2 and
o clock p. m , for the flection of nluo managers
servo auung tno ousuiug year.
dc26 Hoorcutrv.
No. 82 Twentytixth Btroct, 4 roomed house, 110
l mouth.
No. *605 Woods street, 8 toomp, 87 00 a mouth.
No. It OS Eotl street, with natural gas, 118 75 a
No. i5 Twenty-fourth street, 115 a month.
No. CO North Front street; will put in natural
[a* flxturei. at 916 00 a month.
No 1037 Market street, store-room and cellar,
125 00 a month,
No. 2336 Vain street, f16 66 a month.
No. 243d Main street, 816 66 a mouth.
No. 2M0 Main street. SIC 64 n month.
No 2VJ0 Main street, formerly ft saloon rind
loardlQK taouw, 816 00 a month.
Mo. '2103 Main street, bialuess houso and dwellng,
825 00 a month.
A dosirablo residence on Fifteenth street, prlco
Mo. 2120 Market street, a largo deslrablo rosllenco.
uround a lull lot, fronting 66 foot on Marat
No. 2336, No. 2*38 and No. 2.U0 Main street, a 10
ler cent Investment, pan be bought for 86,000.
No. 17Si Market street; ground 30 feet front,
Building or mauufaoturlng sito north sldo of
fifteenth street, east of Woods street, 816 60 a i
rout foot
Lot south of House No. 2802 Koff street ,
Ground 26 foot front eut of houso No. 92 Vlr- i
inla ktreet. 8*50. I
12 Acres of Land and a dcitriblo resldenco at
loech Bottom, valued at 83,600; will exchango for ,
lty property. i
No. 60 North Front (trout, a dosirablo building i
Ite, with small framo honse. .
Nn. 1117 ?nrt 1111 Illn. II
No. 180 Twelfth Htrect; ground a fall lot.
15 Acroa Land autublo for market gardening;
IfllHutfrom tbo city ono mHo and a quarter, 9J,(KjO.
oal Eatato Agent, U. 8. Pension and Claim At*
wrney. Collector and Knurr Publlo. rte30 (
or ALL
i>r thonext THIRTY DAYS, on account of femoral
to Rogers' Block.
a., a. -wxasraxiER,, (
rio2tt 1007 MAIN' BTBKKT
SMe Loliery Go. i
iwrniwa?anPB>aigPl For ticket. [
5 fanffi ? Ak?) et&m ? fimb?
LfittJII Hn:
F ' \ ^ M II nnaertlRnoq.
it you hnvo
ot been fortunate flltcvhirn, try mo fornctinnRO.
JiS. P? WILSO*, Corlngton.Kj.
^a" ant*see
Will close regardless of value,
?ng. One week only.
Notioe Im glreu thst the pirtuenhlp of L. 8. Good
A Co. ! diMOlved.
The baiinm will be oootlaued br L. h. Good
who will collect ?U claim aud per all lUblllUei
of the old Arm. J CLICK JACOlii,
. L. a. good.
wntutmo. Jan. 2.IBM jt4
VV KKAL homework ?t sut Eon unset, cur.
Vt to ?]J lie Champion Door Hprtn*. lamcn'C
nroHtaduriuK co d weather. Wri'D nnl-.
HlMPdtfN""IBOW w.. columbua. Ohio. " ' '
or four unfurnished rooms, between
E'evcQUi Had 8ix'*<iith aud Wood and Hah
trccU. Addrcm Mrs. C. K. K038. No. 15 Eleventh
street- )???_
Wavted-a young or middle.
a*ed man of Ability who 1m willing to work
bard lor a good salary. None feed apply who U
not willing to give bond. Address "II,M care thu
olllce. at ouoo. )?i?
uiaUTCn UCIi 10 mU our t*cod? in Ohio
If A?i I Lu Wtn and aljolulag countiesWill
pay Good Salary and all expenses v? rite for
term* and stAte salary wanted. 8LOAN A (X)..
Manufacturers, 2SH Georgo street, Clnclunatl, Ohio.
ATK and moral habits, icekinK employ,
meut, to repruent an old established home lu hl?
wn section. Salary, If suited, floo (.Smooth.
Reference* exacted. burr. Man tia/cri* auto *
tfopgy, 32 Keado 8t. N. Y. d^it
Tbe Names. Bank and PootoQlce addreai of all
members ot the late
fc'oveutli W. Ya. Vol. Infantry.
Rec'y Society Bevonth W. Va. Vol. Infantry.
JsS-daw Moundsrlile, Marshall Countv, W. Vs.
fn erorr county to sell An article which }< indltKbbadIo
to every household. Oomml*?Ion Larue;
rms Kwy; Hales Quickly Made. An energetic
and reliable man can make Sir* per day.
i'iil# ifi.ifvmi.v u-iuif Mi'n <v\
West KJghth til, comer Depot Ht.,
deal Clnoiiiumi. niiin.
Boose, 928 Maiu stirot, at prevent occupied
br Mrs. Henry Horkbeiirer. FcssetMou elrcn
April!. App'y to K. C. DA1ZHI.L Jt.15
Ko. 1118 Chapline street, formerly occupied by
Ur. Dickey. Pottetulou given at once If ticaltd.
do8 1300 Market Htrett.
Dwelling Housi 2318 Main Street.
I'o?rc?<ion given April, 1,2883, Apply to
j?5 861weUth Htrect
The Store room, No. 53 Twelfth street, lu Wtih*
lngton Hall Building, now occupied by Wu. H,
Bhelb, Postersion giron April 1, ISM.
eocreUry Washington Hall Association,
Ja4 im Main Street.
No. 48 Fifteenth street, four rootus.
No. 109 Fourteenth street, right rooms.
No. 1136 Koff struct, (>ocond floor) three room*.
nt oviruwuuui luwt, \kU uiiuij twu iUUOir.
No. 2624 Obapllne street.
Five Room House on Bouth Wabash it.. Island.
Apply lo W. II. K1NKHAHT,
jft4 1161 Market ttreet.
A Now Three etory Bneines Home, 100 lect deep,
to be crocted at 1007 Alain itrcet. If leased now
tbo renter'? rfowi could bo coaiulted regarding
plan o! building to bo erected.
]*2 . JAMK-4 L. HAWLKY.
you SALS.
Seventh atroot. Knqulro on premise*. deli
ENGINK8?One 8x24; one fxU: two 8x22;
ond8k*12; two7x12; throe 6x12. Addrcu, or call
on C. O. HAKE, MI2 Eoff street. Ja2?
A Splendid Bealdcneo with five acrca o! ground,
in Leat bet wood, tho homo o! John I' QtlchrUt,
h?q. Two-atory brick, modern design, beautiful
iawna and eii?ant ahrubtcry. choice forest au<i
/rult treci. Tho honao !? open for infection at
any time. I'ookmIou glveu April 1. This U a rare
bargain, on eaay terms.
L IRWIN, Agent, No. 24 Twelfth St.
Tolfphone. de30
Situated about 11 mllca'.from Wheeling and 2
mile* southeast of Weat Liberty,containing 160 acrta
monaor lets, on which la a substantial Frame
House and other outbnlldinc* This Is nun of the
ino>i valuable In ruin in the county mid will be fold
cheap and ou readable term*. For further Information
call on or addrcaa Josorh Harvey, ouibc
promUoB, or IUkaM YouNtJ,
dels Real Estate Agent, Wheeling. W. Va.
MT FLACK at Elm Urovo. Contain* aboal 10
aoroi, with four houMa.
Can bo dlrlded into U imall place*.
H. F0HHH8,
IJW No. 7 Cuntotn HoiiM.
POB ???A.XjE.
Good houiw and all neoefuary out-bulldlxuca
with Irom ono to five acrea of ground.
Alto, ton building lota, bljh aud dry, and onturnasaed
for location.
Alao, ton acroa of Mil laud, to bo Bold wpartte.
Any portion of thla property will bo Bold to ?ult
the purcnaMr. Koaaonublc price*.
ooO GEORGE C'AHLYLtt, Toronto. Ohio.
Bituated 2% miles south wort of St. Clalnrlllo.
containing IMS aorea of choice laud, on which
there U a good two-Rtory brick dwelling and a two
itory fiamo dwelling boat baru fu Uoimontcouu
ij, smioiub, wbkuu moan, coru crioa auu an utw
iary outbuilding*. An abondanco of fruit of all
kinds; three good apple orchard*, n ?oo<l pw
orchard, plenty of water at all lime*. 1 hli in one
w thebe*t?tcok Jaruu Id Bolmont county. ?ud
?n bo divided to mako two good farms. rt'Ul t*
told choap and on ea?y tcrinH. For particular*
atUouoraddrcau. H T. HOttKLL,
Heal Estate and Insurance Agent,
OC24 llRIIMiXPtlKT. 0.
Modern 7 Boomed Bouse. 21 South York itrMt,
Good C Roomed BrlcK House, corner Wood tad
t ulrty-eighth street*. Fay a* an investment.
A Bplt'udld Farm near Sit. Pleasant, Ohio, eight
allM from Wheeling.
, feven Boomed Houso on North Front street; lot
Blx Koomed House on North York street.
Building Lots.
Dwelling Houses and Store Booms for rent Iron
Ipnl I.
1*3 Boal Estate Agent, l??o Mslu at._
ti) Twenty-tour Lot:! In CaldweU'B Alt'
, tlitlon to the City ol Wheeling.
Bad loti are bounded on the north by Twenty
nff* Mtrcot'on lho eMt Fillmure street, on the
TS" / WV n?iiuinu nuiuwuwii *UU uu urn
J&o B & 0. R. K.
Wtlr proximity to the above uatnod r?llroK3
own them croellcut alu* lor mmiufacturtnf <*
Jfljot sold in thirty daya will bo sold at poblw
^fttenni and further information apply to
? w. v. hook a una,
_?g ijjO M*rket SU9ti
Oflfc'JLLIAM H. handlan,
R. W. nomor '"hanltno <fc nirtfvnth au _
"flr'cm are Wide Awake
Bcest Novelties in Jewelry on
>Vthe Jewelry Store oi
FWEflh and Market StreoU.
&>E SAIjK!
preparatory to January stock
107 Alain Street.

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