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Scaljr, Itching, Skin Disease with
Endless MulTeriBR Cared Ijj ^
Catlcara Remedlfs,
III had known of ilv < uUcur* Keraodita twen- <
tj-elfttit yean ago it would bare aaved mo f20C40 .
(two hundred dollar*) and an ImmrnK amount of LU
sufftrhi*. MydlwaaA (Piorlaais) commenced on i
my mad In t tpot not larger than a cent. Itapread
rapidly all orer my body and got uudor my nail* Oil
Tbe acaloa would drop off of me all tbe time, and ?
my auOi rlniC waa eudlc*. and without relief. One
thotmand dollar* would not tempt me to bare tbli RI1
dWeaacoverasaJn. I am a poor man, bnt feci rich ?
to bo rellevol of what aonit- of tho doc ion aild
waa leprooy, fome rloir worm, paorlaala, etc.. I be
took ? aud Baraaparlliaa orer one year and
and a ball, but no euro. I went to two or tbreo
doctor* and no cur*. J cannot pralao the Cutlcura xil
Kemedka too much. Tbeybave made mr akin m ko
Clear aud freo from acalea ai a baby'*. All I uaed ,
of them wu three bore* of Cutlcura and tbreo
bottles of Cutlcura Krtolveut, and two cake* of u
Cutlcura 8oap. If you had been here and laid you
WOUId n&VU L'UJV'l OD lUi <vuw J .. ..... .
Ltd the mono?. I looked like tbo picture la your
book or Paoria?la (picture number two "How to 4
Cure fklu but u' w I urn w clear as any 10
Demon ever ww?. Through force of habit I rub my CO
h*uda ever my urmi and let;* to acrateh ouc* lu a
while, but to no purpow. 1 nm All well- 1
acratched twcnty-efgbt jcaia, and It got to bo a DC
kind of aecona nature to toe. 1 thank you a thou- wj
aand times Anything more that you want to
know write xne. or any ono who rtadi thla may
wrlto to mo and I will anawe* It. th
1'K^ttI.S DOWNING. rr
WlTKKBL RV, VT.. Jan. 20, 1M7. l'j
PnorlMla. Ecrjma, Teticr Ringworm, Lichen, .
Pmritu" t-call Head, Ulik ??ruat. Dandruff, Bar- u
bom', Groovia' itod W-uhcrwomau'N Itch,
and fverv apecica of Itching. Burning. Scaly, p]
Plinply Uumora of the Sklu aud Bcalp and Blood, w
with iMtA of Hair,arep/hl'lvciycured byCutlcura,
the great eklu cure, aud Cutlcura Hoap, an exnull)to
Hkn- beantitier exttrnaJli, aud (Jutlcura w
Jteaolvcnt, the new UI001 rurltler Internally, when
phyilclaui aud all other remedies fail.
Bold everywhere. Trice, Cutlcura, 60c.; 8*p,
25c.; UvoiTiiit, {:. Prepared by tbo hotter Drug
and Ohemical Co., Boston, Man. la
Wijocd for "How ta Cure Skin Dlacasea." M dl
page*, U) lUiutratloua, aud 103 teatiinouialt. el
niUPLlvJ, blackhead*, chapped and oily akin n
rim prevented by onUcura Mjdicatod Boap.
^ Jgl . In .-no mlnuto tho Cutlcura Antl- d<
Pain Planter rcllevea Bhcumatle, eel1M
Htln, Sudden, fcharp. and Nervoua
Paina. Btrainn and Weaknoat. The
flnt and anlv nalu-kllliutf PiaxtCT. 25 Cent*. ai
?XO. M. HSOOil A CO. y
Sole Agents lor tlie Celebrated ?
Have determined to make a "
clean sweep of Winter Goods *
and Wraps. Prices have been "
cut as never before.
Great Bargains in Remnants. I
Geo. M. Snook & Co.::
dM7 ta
/ Wo hare the et
JV'/'VV^.rtnnest lino ol
irAi^MlOpera eiawes di
it C*V>- ffleTer placed on Ti
'.^J^^fjpxhibltion in in
'SSsSbSe?1 tllf! CilJ of o!
Wheeling. k
?? -?- Cor.7*c)lib ?od Wtiict 6uccl/
<*? b:
Sb !MdBpm& ?
OlUcei Mod. 35 and 87 Fourteenth Street. ifii
Now Adv?rUtemeot?. cfl
For Rent?No. 28 Thirteenth taret. nx
For Kem-T*0-*t0ljr Brick Houmj.
For Hale-A Do?Irat>io Itaidence. m
Notice-To KnUrhu of the Golden K*gle. la
Conner & bnedoker-Fancy Urocera. i.j
For Kent?Km>heimer A Co. ,
For Bent?Zane it MUluaker. IQ
Bir AMocUUou Meeting. H
Notice?Moasfocra ol Bjlmont Lodge No. 10V,
KnlgbUof hythlav P1
chambcrrfott?siting Bros.
For Kcut and For daie-Jftmoi A. Henry, Real at
Clcariince H*lo?Qoo. K SUfel <& Co. P1
Latter List?Fourth page.
Rcllgloui No li"**? Fourth page, i?
Peace ou Kartli?'Third page. ,a
,m ni
Onr cejebratcil Kolt Jncketa, .Shirts. ?e
I)ie?8 an I Woolen; Muffler*, Silk anu ei
Cashmere; .Handkerchief, Silk and m
Linen; (iloren, nil kind,; I'mlirellw, Silk bt
and (llngham, and Scotch Wool Under* at
wear, warranted not to iihrlnk, at w;
Merchant Tallorannd (Jent's Fnrnlsberi,
18*1 ii 18i8 Market Street. all
Thermometer itccor<t.
The thormometer at Schnepf'a drag pl
atoro, Opera Uooae corner, yeaterday, reglatered
i 7a. m??? ? I Sp. m 61 >*
9a. J* 7 p. m el m
12 m........ CO | Weather?IUln.
Indleatloua. re
Wahhihatow, D. 0., Jan. For Weft
T* VL'nm* Vl?(n|.
HIU X CiiiiDJJ mum ??4v* .< w? u|ki"m miu,
followed by fair weather: iu West Virginia, pi
warmer followed by colder weather, light W
to fresh variable winds.
* crc
Marriage Licenses Iaaard. ^
Clcri Hook yesterday issued marriage
licensee as follows:
To Louie A. Corsey, aged 23, * native of v.
Colnmbus. and resident of Wheeling, and
Z:ra Castalloo, aged 19, a native of Farkersburg
and resident of Wheeling.
To Charles Blam, sge<l 42, and Johanna *
Mederkinkhaus, aged 44, natives of Germany
and realdenta of Wheeling. is
Bjrop of ITlga
Is Nature's own true laxative. It la the se
moet easily taken, and the most effective
remedy known to clonse the system when gj.
bilious or costive; to dlspsl headaches, q
colds, and fevers; to cure habitual con- j,
tinatinn. imllffMtlan. files, etc Mann- ti
factored only by the California Fig Hyrnp gt
Company, San Franciaco, 0*1. Messrs. ?t
Lonn & Co., Anton P. Hew, K. B. Bart m
and 0. Menkeraeller, hare been appoint- ?!
ad agents tor Wheeling, W. Va.
Closixo oat a lot of Women's heavy to
Lace Show at $100, worth $160, at fri
Htone's Cash Shoi Stor*. pc
Turns mils itrainht-a-way race at the
Alhambia risk to-night between Eugene
Hanke and Jeae Barkett, ol this city, lor
pane of ISO. Barkett to recrive one lap
tttcri of Minor Humeot In and About
the City.
Matinsks at both theatre! to-day. 8
Oikra House this evening?"The Bogrth."
[t reined last evening. Perhaps yon
tlced it
nil bo^mrtta Company la at the Mere
and Howell House.
Martin's Kerry's water works show is
led to come off to-day.
rita ^oiwn fhla Qtron inr??T .out nnnftur- li
ce of the i-eonxo Broth era. " f
Thk Elm Grove railway track in now in ,
Iter condition than it ever was before. t
A. numbkb of steamboatmen left for .
ttsburgh Iwt night and a number wiil '
to-day. 1
JTxstxrdat was appropriately observed t
Epiphany in the Catholic and Episco- t
lian churchea. c
Pat Kinmxy, an old offender, waa sent ?
the hill for thirty days, from police .
art yesterday lor drnnkenness.
Thk annual meeting of the German Pio* '
*r Society, for the election of officers,
11 be held next Monday evening. t
Young mkn'b meetings will be held in t
e Y. M. 0. A. parlors at 7:30 o'clock ,
is evening and 4 o'clock to-morrow
ternoon. 1
Tub Gurney cabs to bo introdnced in '
'heeling have not yet arrived. It ia ex- i
ained that the builders cannot keep up 1
ith their orders. j
OrricxR Bhi^kmanx, of the Eighth '
ard, took three poor fellows in out of the <
in last night, and Officer Carney did the i
.mo service for one in East Wheeling.
A valuable Jersey cow was rallied off
st evening by Mr. Josh Kine, which was
rawn by Paul Porter, of the Atlantic '
???_? XT_ oi UInnVo '
igUl(5 UUU9C| MU? ML UWUg tub ium;
Mb. Poods, who baa been principal of
le Falton school for a number of years,
ill accept a poeitiion in the postoffice
apartment. Tnore will be some changes
lexe shortly.
Tux last will and testament of Fredrick
Schrumpf, deceased, was yesterday
Emitted to probate and ordered to be re>rded.
Dorothea 8chrnmpf is named
lerein as executrix.
Tub Wheeling Turnverein will give an
chibition, concert and ball at their hall
a North Market street, on the evening of
le ljth Inst. The Opera House orchestra
111 furnish the music.
Tub death of Arthur Browne, formerly
well known cilizan of this city, is anounced.
He died in New York, and the
jmains will arrive here at 11 o'clock this
jrenoon. The interment will be here.
Dr. R. F. Randolph will conduct the
;udy of the International Sunday school
leson at the union meeting in the parlors
[ the Y. M. 0. A. at 5 o'clock this afteroon.
Everybody is invited to attend.
H. H. Horsbbook was yesterday apointed
guardian for May B., India J.,
eesie A. and Preseie H. Hornbrook, mior
orphans of A. 0. Hornbrook, deceased,
nd gave bond iu the sum of $tiOO with 0.
L Hubbard as surety.
Tubbb will be a temperance meeting at
tie Fourth Street Church to-night. Good
poaicers havo been procured. All are initail
Raw. .T_ H. Rodoarfl. from
>bio, will address tbe meeting. Mr.
lodgers is a stirring orator.
Wk omit oar usual weather indications
>day. It may be "clear and colder" at
tie weather manufactory at Washington,
ut we have not the choek to publish it
ore while it i? pouring rain and getting
armer.??Sleubcnville Herald.
Clkbk Hook yesterday admitted to
tcord a deed made January 1, by Mary
.. Franzbeim to Martin Thornton, in
Dnaideration of $10,000, for lots 2 and 3
q the west side of Market street bstween (
Seventh and Twelfth streets.
Maby Mott, the tongh female run in
y Officers Dunlap and Lukens Thursday,
as very tame when she was arraigned in
le police court yesterday. She was fined
j and costs, and not having the money
as sent to jail, crying bitterly as sho was
id away.
William Hjlvokx, who lives on South (
farket street, while walking down Main ,
reet Thursday night stepped into one of ,
le holes dag for the electric railway polo*
ad dislocated his right shoulder. He
as taken to his home, whore Dr. Schwign
Ltended him.
In the Circuit Court yesterday in the
ise of Carter vs. Carter, an ordor was ;
itered confirming the sale of the real es,te
and distributing the proceeds among
le heirs, In the cases of McCunevs. ;
roves and Kodgers, guardian, vs. Lobenein,
the same orders wore made.
Tub remains of Fred Lilly, who met his i
sath on the 0., L. ?Sc W. road at Flushing
bursday night, were brought to bis home .
i Bridgeport yesterday by ft'detachment j
the Uhricbsville division of Uniformed
. of P., accompanied by tbe division J
md. The band spent the night in this '
Thk ball given at Arion hall last night ,
7 Local Union No. 58, A. F. G. W. U.,
r tho benefit of Harry Turner, was a sucss
despite the awful woathor, that pre- '
died outside. There was a goodly crowd 1
eeent and the festivities were kept up (
11 a lato hour. Mayer's orchestra fornbed
the music. t
A sad accident occurred at Franklin J
ial works, over the rivor, Thursday 1
renins at 4 o'clock. Benjamin Finnel, a 6
iner, while diguing coal, did not notice a
rge piece of eoapstone banging above
m, and it fell, crushing him in a fright1
manner, and breaking several bones,
is follow workmen went to his rescue,
eked him np and carried him to his
>mo. At tbls writing he is resting easy,
id it is supposed his injuries will not
ove fatal.
Piter. 0. R. Glkason, the king of horse
mere, will inaugurate a short season of
indling wild and vicious horses at the
ipital Rink, commencing on January
th: He does not carry any horacs, and
Is tho vicious brutes in every city he,
:bibits. He illustrates his marvelous
ethodsof ccnquorin?4he unmanagable
last. It matters not what their habits
e he will master them. He la meeting
Ith good success now at Pittsburgh.
rang or* In the City anil Wheeling Voiles
William Carter, of this city, left for
tteburgh yesterday.
Miss Hannah Kewberger, of Parkersiro
li (Ha otim? nf Mim Hinnnh Hat.
Miso Lyda Prince, of the Island, has
turned Lome from a pleasant visit, to ;
Miss Sydney Ott has returned from a
eaaant visit to Mias Lizzie Paall, of
'ellsburg. *
Misa Irene Myers, of West Liberty, has
me to Mississippi to spend the winter
ith relatives.
Mr. Simms.the merchant, of Elm Grove,
bo has boon in the city for several days,
is retnrned home.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Young have reirned
home after making a holiday visit
ith relatives in New Cumberland.
Mr. Eiward Redman, of this city, who
onnected with F. W. Baumer'a mnsic
ore, is visiting friends and relatives up
Brownsville, Pa.,anl will be absent for
veral days.
Mr. T. E. Mills, in advance ef "Passion's
avo," which fa to be presented at the
rand the lost4bree nights of next week, ^
in the city arranging for the production.
ao play is one 01 Joan a. aievaca neat
foria. Mr. Mills o*y8 hiacompany is one }
twenty-two pcoplo.beaideetbe property 1
en reqnired to handle the car load of *
kborato scenery carried and need. *
Tnx infant rcaaon ?rows aptcs and calla i
r one moro application of that sood a
end, Salvation Oil, which never diaap* c
intabnt olwaya kills pain. ft
?* t;
Lock tor tli? Hlg Shoe, c
Mon'a Gam Boots $2 25. (i
Men'i Alwk> Over# 78 cents. c
Women1! Knbbora 26 cents >t n
Stokx'i Cabb Sboi 8Tout, p
lade Lait Erenlng?The Project In PromUlog
Hhapr, aod.ln the Hand* of tbo
Rlfht PnrtlM-Nnvi from all the
Local Industrial Establishments*
At the Clumber of Commerce rooma
ut [evening, meeting wu held for the
urpoee of hearing > practical plate glaae
rorker preaent the points in favor of eeibliahing
each * factory here. The genleman
referred to was mentioned in the
KTU.UOIKC1B eome time ago. He offers .
? !- J it-- il t
0 taae scock, Bupermieuu mu uncuuu m
he works and manage them after they are
ompleted. He regards this as a favora- ]
lie location for such works, and thinka ,
hat industry i> the most profitable sow i
n operation In this coantry. '
Mayor Beabright presided Hast night,
tnd Mr. Howard Hailett acted as Secreary.
Abont a score ol enterprising manilactnrers,
business msn and capitalists
fere present. The gentleman who makes
.he proposition and who for business reajods
does not want bis name mentioned
autil success is assured, was present and
made a bosineee-llke proposition. He estimates
that it will require at least 1500,300
to erect a plant to turn out 75,000 feet
at plate glass a month. A site is in view
which he thinks will suit the pnrpoee.
Oi the required sum about $175,000 was
pledged last night, and a committee of energetlc
men was appointed to secnre further
subscriptions to the stock. The gentleman
has to leave Wheeling this morning,
bnt will return at an early day.
Manafacturlog llrevltlei.
The Standard mill resnmed on Monday.
The Benwood nail works is Idle, taking
The Ohio Volley Foundry, at Bellalre,
waa started up Thursday.
K. Greineger has succeeded Milt Evans
as roller on the Mo. 3 mill at the iKtna.
The Bellaire Window Glass Company
is making large shipments to the northvest.
Alter this week the LaBelle mill will
shut down for an indefinite period. It will
take stock next week.
The production in all leading branches
of the iron and steel trade for the year 1888
was larger than ever before.
JamesSmith, formerly blacksmith at the
lilson, now has charge of the blacksmith
shop at the North wood glass works.
The Bridgeport Glass Company is running
to its fullest ecapacity; fruit jars
are claiming its .special attention for the
Tho Wheeling Pottery Company, which
shut down on Saturday to take stock
and mako seeded repairs, will resume
next week.
The .Etna mill will start full in all department
on Monday next. They are
well supplied with orders, and the future
is full of promise.
According to the report of the United
States Geological Survey the use of natural
gas as fuel in 1886 displaced the use
of coal to the extent of nearly ten millions
of dollars.
The Western Nail Association is to
meut at the ollico of the Benwood Iron
Works next week, having been called
together by President Vance at the request
of members.
A committee is soliciting stock at $25
per ehare at Barnesvllle and vicinity,
having in view the establishment of a
creamery on the co-operative plan, with
a capital of $3,000.
The brick layers started in again on
Tuesday at the West Virginia China Company's
works. The company expects
to be in the market by the first of May
with a full line of china ware.
The Wheeling Hinge Company is pushed
with orders. It is now filling a large ,
srder of hinges and wrought goods for
Greensborough, N. C., bat will sunt down j
a day or two next week to take stock. ,
Fourteen shares ($1,000) of the common I
stock of the Cleveveland, Lorain & Wheel- !
ing Railroad Company brought $00 at the :
ule oi "desperate claims" of the Isaac
Hollowny estate, |Tuesday.?Fluking Ai i
VtrliKT, '
There will be a meeting of the old and 1
nam tiiilnM ftt fVia nltw and rinlnitv at
uoi uwioig ?1 kUB vi \j auu iivujii; cm
Trades Assembly ball, Bock's block, on !
Sunday morning. The character of the
business to be transacted conld not. be
learned. 1
The Riverside Glass Works, of Wells*
barf?, started np fall in all departments
resterday. The works have been repair- J
ng for the past three weeks, and as a con- 1
leqaence some 1 tio mon, boys and girls 1
aovo been idle.
William Lcz )tao, a hammerman at the i
standard axle works, had the second
inger of his left hand badly mashed yes* i
;erday morning. Dr. Pipes took off the ,
naimed finger at tho second joint and t
lressed the wonnd.
The Riverside has suspended opera- t
ions in the steel department indefinitely, v
i* until innh tlma a tho mm*Vof nViall inatl. .
>1 uuiii yuw uuis as ui? uiwavnouaii j uatr j
y a continuance of work. In the natl ;
mil tnbe departments work will continue t
o be pushed as vigorously as the demand ,
rill jnstify. _
At the coal mines of Forbes, Oarmi- t
ihael A Co., Wellaburi, thirty-five miners
ire employed, the daily ontpnt being a
wenty-live hundred buahols. After sup- t
>lying their home trade the remainder, t
ibout two car loads per day, goes to the t
Riverside Iron works at Wheeling,
It is rumored that a new pottery is to bo
istablished in this city and ths ground
iccupied by the old Anderson lumber 1
fard is about to bs purcbassd for the pur
>ose. The principal stockholders in the Jj
tew concern aro the directors of the Sten- "
wnviile Pottery Company.?Sleubtncille '
Herald. I
The Laiear bottle works, near Wells- f
lurg, is reported to be ruining steadily J
ind with nil the orders on hand that can _
is attended to. The works has recently [
lad added a saw mill and now manufac- ?
urea its own boxes, buying the lumber in .
he rough aud thus giving employment "
o a number of men.
A visit to the Wellsburg papor sack
nannfactory yesterday disclosed the fact
hat the Industry is running on full time
ind capacity, with plenty of orders ahead, t
Jr. W. B. Hchatfer, manager, is at present i:
lonflnod to the house by slcknees, out Mr. "
L'homas Buckalew, in charge, was as busy 3
is a bse filling orders and kseping things p
unning smoothily. 1
The nallera ol the Jefferson Lad a meet
ng Thursday alteraoon and are (said to 1
iave taken some action in regard to the 1
>flair at tbe Jefferson, bnt tbe Herald says
hat each and every one of them gay they
vere pledged to the ntmoet secrecy and 5
elaso to diacloee what they will do. In ?
ha meantime tho Jefferson ia In operation ?
ind botli partlee maintain a wonderful {'
Secretary Dillon, of tho American Flint ,
Jlasa Workera1 Union, yesterday received a
i telegram from President Smith, who ia
nveetigatlng the trouble in the Eut, to
be effect that everything looka rosy and 8
in early settlement is asenred. The trouile
In tbe prnsed ware factories here will
ikely be adjoated in a few days, as the
uanufactnrera ahow eigne ol weakening.?
"Utiburffh Dispatch, ^
The new Standard Olaas Works, at n
Vellaburg, have commenced operation*, it
'here are three shops at work, making ?
amplee. In, conversation wfth Mr. w
treble Dobgh'erty yeeterday, be said that d
rben they got down to bualneaa they
roold work from twenty to twenty-five fc
hops and employ about 200 hands. The h
apaclty for making glaea with their three h
irnacee ia about fourteen tons per twen- d<
y-four houra. Quite an unusual tiling oc- h:
urred in tho atart off. They made two tt
ill move*. The workmen aaj the far- it
ace they are now working la a dandy and tt
una very hot. The claaa of ware made ia fa
rlndpally polkadot, such aa lamp ahadea, ki
iltchers and water bottles. Shortly a (
lumber ol (hope will be put on fancy ?
amps, fruit jars, etc. II. L. Wells will
ict u secretary of the new enterprise, and ,,
r. W. McDonald ag traveling ealeetnan.
rhe management la loll of business and
be workmen clever, and the new institn- ii
ion cannot help but succeed.
It would be criticised and denied If a
talenient were to be made in the newspapers
now that there Is a probability of
idjustinjE the Hint glass trouble, but, notwithstanding
this fact, we deaire to state
bat'if the workmen's committee are as _
rilling to settle matters as are the mana
actniera there will be no long strike. If u
hey are not, beware of a abnt-dovn till h
lext September.?Bellaire Indepaulenl. h
Dlerk Uswtri KagngcU la Preparing tit .
Aunaal Keport.
City Clerk Bowera la busily engaged ''
preparing hla annual statement of the t!
:ity's financial condition for preeentatlon s
to Council at Its regular meeting next r
Tuesday nigbt. He has been so buy *
with the accounts of ex-City Collector ^
Crawford, looking them over preparatory p
to making the final settlement with Craw t
ford's bondamen, that he is not as far B
along with his annual statement as he v
would like to be. He thinks, howeTer, c
that the showing will be a moet satisfac- 0
tory one. There has been a reduction of c
the debt, and all the departments hare (
kept within bounds of the appropriations
made to them, nearly all expenditures (
having been made economically. a
The statement for the final settlement i
with ex-Collector Crawford as drawn op t
by Mr. Bowera in accordance with the di- j
rectlons of the finance Committee, shows a
something over 12,800 dne the city from t
his bondsmen, or abont $100 more than 0
Mr. Crawford's statement showed. Of e
this difference $83 83 ia a diflerence in the a
goring 01 commiBaiouB, wxucu juswj uo*
longs to Mr. Crawford, and will probably
be allowed him by Council.
YeaUrday th? Last of the Annual Ex- ?
The Poultry Association's show at the
Capitol rink closed last night at 10o'clock.
The boainees was good for a part of the
day, bat in the afternoon and evening the
show Buffered, with the rest of the shows,
from the heavy rain, and the attendance
was light
The English beagle hound "Trail,"
owned by R. Robertson, which took the
flrat premium, has baroly recovered from
an iilne6s that lasted several months.
Two weeks ago he was unable to get up a
flight of stepB from weakness. To capture
the first priss under such circumstances
is a matter of pride to the owner.
The work of scoring the birds and making
the awards was a pretty tedious one.
Mr. Bickell, the judge, completed his labors
yesterday, having been continuously
at work since the exhibition openod.
Taken as a whole,. the show has been an
encouraging success, and doubtless with
the success they have achieved in the past
the managers canxmake the next annual
show surpass all its predecessors.
To Teit tlio Legality of Imprisonment In
Default of a Floe.
The following petition, which explains
itself, ill filed in the Circuit Court yesterday:
tv. ITU tr~,~ p ??../? i 7.,An, nf fht nirfiiH .
Court of Ohto County, IK. Va'.
Your potitioner, Mary Hearth, respectfully
fltatee to your honor that ahe is detained
and confined and restrained of her *
liberty without authority of law by W. U. d
Handlan, Sheriff of Ohio county, W. Va.,
in the jail thereof at Wheeling. S
She thereforo prays your honor to grant t(
her the bene ttt of the writ of habeas corpus, r,
that she may be discharged from such
confinement, detention and restraint of &
her liberty without authority of law and &
she will ever pray, etc. n
The petitioner would add that on Monday,
the 26th day of December, 1887, she
was convicted in the Police Court of the ^
city of Wheeling of keeping a house of
prostitution and that because of the alleged t>
failure to pay that sum and costs she was
committed to jail, but petitioner avers
that the said court gave no judgment for P
imprisonment in caae of her failure to y
pay said amount and costs.
Therefore petitioner says her detention, tJ
confinement and restraint of her liberty is
without authority of law and she prays to &
be discharged therefrom. e:
The writ was granted, returnable at 9 a. n
a, to-day. *
Eler Water Works to be Uabered Into Kzla* g(
tenco with Eclat, tl
The Martin's Ferry water works are to n
ae formally inducted into existence this tc
orenoon, and the Wheeling: fire depart* 3
nent, water works officials and municipal
jfficora will nearly all go over and aeo the ft
nducting process. The exercises were to M
nclude some hose teste under finperin- 0]
lent Dunnlng's supervision bat Mr. d,
Dunning being ill, Deputy Marshal ti
R. V. Arkle will have charge of tl
he Wheeling troops. The Niagara's bi
jretty new hose wagon and the new sup- (D
>ly wagon will be taken over, the former ?(
>eing loaded with hose and the latter with
he Police and Fire Commissioners.
Hayor 8eabright received a formal invitaion
for himself and the Wheeling Conn- J,
til, but as he had no opportunity to lay it
jefore Council, he requests all the mem- <
>ers who can to be present to-day. ,
Wheeling, Bellaire and nearly all the
urrounding towns will be represented at
he blow out and unless the weather has a , T
>ad effect Martin's Ferry will havo the h
>iggest time she ever saw.
Thuraday Kight'g Fire.
rpu ~ H, ? V,.!?U U~t1.lt
jlaju iuoo uu mu unil uuuuiu? uu uuap* Ql
ine street, opposite the Oily Ball, dam- n
,ged by fire Thursday night, in estimated hi
it $700. It Is folly covered by insurance.
?he work of repairs was commenced yeserday
morning. Messrs. Uovener A q
ilson estimate their loss on library, furliturs
and carpets at $400 to $500, which
s covered by insurance. Their principal i
lamsge is the loss of their cilice till ci>
epairs can be made. They will make
heii headquarters daring the interim at Kl
'quire Qillespy's ollice on Uhapline M'
treet south ol Fourteenth. The loss of
ither Inmates of the building will not be a,
leary. di
The Ltoou llrotherf.
The Grand suffered leas in proportion
han other amusement resorts last oven- fi
db, though the audience was not big. }ci
Delmonte" waa given, and delighted all 5*
?hia afternoon and evening are the last lw
erformancea of the Leonza brothero, and m<
be laat opportunity to see their wonderful
cting dogs, to see which, to lovers of inDiligent
animate, ia well worth attending Ul*
be performance. uu
"? U);
The Alott Agraeabls loi
s veil as Ihe moat effective method of
ispelllnjt Headache, Colda and Fevers, m
r Cleansing the Byatera, is by taking a m
iw doeea of the pleaaant|Galif6rnia liquid jj'1
rait remedy, Syrnp of Figs. Messrs. ?>
/Ou*n, & Co., Anton P. He?e, R. B. Bart tti<
nd 0. Menkemeller h*ve been appointed JJ
gents lor Wheeling, W. Va. [*,
Mix's fine Lace, Bntton and Cioiigreas ???
hoes (1 35, worth Si 75, at s
Stose'm Oasu 8hoi Stobs. e
?? No
S.lact Dancing Academy,
Prof. John Mollen will re-opqn his 5;"
.cademyTneaday, January 10, In Qerma- ?!
la Hail, corner of fourteenth and Market J^,
greets. A olass for ladie* and gentlemen :
ill be formed from 7BO to 10 o'clock, and
ill continue every Tueaday and Thors- , "
*/? j, |
The Professor retnrns his sincere thanks loj
ir the liberal patronage bestowed upon >01
im daring the past twenty' years, and B
opes for a continnanco of theeame. All rjv
Miring to learn to dance should call upon ?
Im at the above time and place. When or*
lere are a aalHcient number of applies. >?
one a children's class will be formed in "
le afternoons. Parents will confer a
vor by addressing him .at No. 1136 Mar- p,
it street, ' nan
i the Hlver ?Yeaterdaj'a UlM|r?MbU
Witthir-Uow the Rain Foarod Down*
Reports from Above? Note* Aboat
the Steamers and the Coal Fleet*
The fonrteon-foot stags of water that
aa In the river at this point last Tuesday
lorning is likely to be followed by a still
igher rise within the next forty-eight
ours, as a result of the steady rain of
eeterday. It commenced to rain before
avbreak and continued to sour down all
irough the day and a goodly portion ol
ut night The weather in the meanme
grew warmer, and at midight
last night, altbongh the
ain had ceased it waa warm and
oltry, and all the indications pointed to
i-day being a repetition ol yeeterday.
feeterday morning and daring the early
lart of lut evening the rain-tall waa paricularly
heavy, and the gutters ol the
treels leading down from the hillaidea
reredlledalmosttooverflowing. Throughut
the day it waa very disagreeable out
I doom, and only thoae whose bnalnees
ompelled them to be oat were foand on
he streets.
lteports received from np and down the
>hio Valley, from along the Monongahela
,nd Allegheny and Irom out along the
ialtlmore & Ohio road are to the effect
hat the rain was a general one. About
'alrmont and Grafton it rained all day
nd waa .raining last night. This means
hat there will be a big rise in the Jlonmgabela,
and the Allegheny's put-out addd
to this and coming on the stage of water
ilready in the Ohio, will mean at least a
iee in that stream sufficient to let out all
he coal remaining in and about Pittamrgh.
The rise the early part of the woek was
he first of any consequence since last
fune. It camo at a most opportune time,
tud notwithstanding the difficulties en:ountered
by the coal ileet at Davis Island
lam, relieved a coal famine below and put
n circulation among the miners along the
tfonongahela much needed thousands.
Hie coming rise will but further the ben*
iticial results of the first; both came at a
ime when all hope of anything like a
>arge.stage before spring had about been
[iven up.
The stage here last night wob 8 feet, and
he river stationary. At Pittsburgh there
ras 5 feet 4 inches and at the d?m G feet
> inches, and stationary at both places.
L Pittsburgh dispatch of last night reads
is follows: "Reports from all the up-river
>oints stato that heavy, continuous rain is
ailing, and that the smaller streams are
lODsiderably swollen. It is almost cerain
that by to-morrow there will be sulli:ient
water to run out more coal. Should
he hopes of the rivermen be fulfilled there
vill be at least 5,000,000 bushels of coal
lent down tho river.'*'
Reports from above Pittsburgh were as
ollows: Morgantown. 5 feet and stationiry;
Rice's Landing, 5 feet G inches and
itationary; Groensboro, 7 feet G inches;
)il City, G feet 7 inches and rising;
Brownsville, 5 feet 1 inch; Lock No. 4,
' feet S inches and stationary; Parker's, 2
eet 5 inches and rising. At all theee
loints it was raining.
Tho Telegram arrivod and departed in
ho Oiarington trade yesterday and did a
ood trade.
The J. M. Bonnell, Coal City and Onrard
passed down about 3 o'clock yester;ay
afternoon having coal in tow.
Capt. Ben Goodwin telographs from
liddleport that the Silas F.Coo, reported
o have been completely wrecked, is all
The Ben Hur got away for Parkersburg
11 right yeetorday morning, having on
oard a big trip. The Courier will be this
lorning's packet in this trade.
Tho H. E. Peirpont baying assisted the
eet in getting below here passed up yes*
irday on her way back to helf gep the relaining
fleet in readiness to come out on
ae coming rise.
The 0. W. Batchelor will resume her
laco in the Wheeling and Pittsburgh
:ade next week, leaving Pittsburgh for
ero Monday morning. 8he has been on
ie' docks having repairs made.
The big W. W. O'Neill, the Riant of the
Dai llset, passed up with a big tow cf
tnpties at 8 a. m. yesterday. It has been
early a year since she was seen in these
ators, having been kept below by a
ariety of causes.
A corrected table of tho coal shipments
jnt out of Pittsburgh this week shows
iat 2,096,000 bushels were sent to CincinBtiand
1,060,000 bushels to Louisville;
>tal, 4,050,000 bushels. Of this amount
10,000 bushels were grounded or sunk.
Tho damage done by the ico to Davis
iland dam now turns out to be not nearly
) largo as was at first supposed. Only
ne wicket, the one struck and knocked
awn by the Little Bill, is wrecked enrely,
and it can be easily replaced, while
ie other wickets can be readjusted with
at little trouble and expense. The wellness
of the dam is not destroyed by a
)od doal.
The Louis A. Shirley arrived from Ginnnati
last ovening and will leave for that
>rt on her return trip at 3 o'clock this
ternoon. Capt. Hunter is in command
id Charlie Ksevoe does the honors in tho
lice. The packet is one firmly cstabjhed
in the trade by reason of the attenve
manner in which her officers are slays
looking after their patrons' interests,
er freight facilities are of the best, and
Br passenger quarters easy and comrtable.
It is neither pleasant nor profitable to
;ar people constantly coughing when
ley could be easily cnre^by a 25 cent
>ttle of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup.
Cloaks and wraps are boing Bold by
eorge K. Taylor A Co. at a great sacrifice.
orvicca will be held as usual in the different
urchca tomorrow.
rho streets are In bad condition, and neod tho
wlflM of th? *tr?H>tL'ommlttlonor.
lame* Ward, the man who made the assault ou
rs, McCollough, will have a Letting to-day.
rho (l. L. Ji W. Railroad report* a steadily in*
.siting business, and And* much uso for lta adtional
car ou the Bellalro aud MarUu'a Jerry
rho body of Fred Lilly, who was Instantly killed
having a piece of Iron pierce his brain while
iking a coupling ou the C.t J. A W. Kallroad. at
usnlnR Thursday nUht, waa brought home yesday
nfteruoou on tho 8:30 train. Mr. Lilly has
en a resident hero forseveral years, and was well
owu and highly respected, ii e leaves a wife and
0 children to mourn hli untimely death. Inter;nt
toKlay In Kivervlew cemetery.
AddltloniU Market a,
s*ew York, Jan. 6.-tho stock markot waa a
tie more active but tho IncrcAsi was all In
rec or four stocks. Tho opening prices weru firm
strong at advances extendlug to K per cent, folded
by a more animated market, prices raorlng
fractionally A Iter the first hour, however, tho
irket again became very Cull, whllo tho price
giutcd, but in tho afternoon I>e!ew?re <b Hud1
became active and stronx, carrying the general
[ upward. The advance was checked in the last
n.v.iilmik fnllnirnl hilt fha hImo I
* Arm though (lull at or near tbo be*t price* of I
sday. Almost everything la hish*r. wheeling i
[*ki Erie row 2%, l>eleware & Hudson \% and t
w Tork, Susquehanna 6 Western preferred j
r cent.
lallroad bonds were active ami firm; sales!1,315,- |
Government bondi stronger.
tatc bonds dull and steady. ?
ulttvobb. Mo., Jan {l-Wnext, woatera lower: i
. 2 winter red spot b7)4a*7^c: January 87%*A?c; \
aruary ?tta?Kc; May ttftaMo. Corn, w?*tern ;
iheranddrm; mixed spot b7ka&8)?c; January }
JaWc; February V^aSdc; May G5a?j?j; steamer I
5fC bid. OaU firm: western white 80a31o: do 1
led 80a3Sc. ProTiaions steady; mess pork $15 2ft, t
d. mined h?c. Has quiet; fresh 2M23c; t
ed ic*i7c. Coffee easier; Klo cargoes ordinary' r
alrltalhKo. V
ih^York, Jan. 6.?Cotton firm: uplands lO^c; r
urea closed weak; January 10.40c: February I
;9a: March 10 61c: Aorll 10.71c: Mar lQ.fflr- Junn
9c; Julr 10Mc; August 10.93c; September f
8c: October lO.Uc,
osrrow, Jan. 6.?Woo: in Improved demand; !
o?n<l Pennvanla extra Ueecw 3Una.fi: XX 81K a
XX and aboye UHa83c; No. 1, SteS6a
iw Yoax, Jan. a?Petroleum clewed weak: J
ned at Vtc: highest 9ikc; lowest closing ?
3c; salas 2,U4,iUQ barrels. f
?w Yoaa. Jan. 6 ?There was a rerr lair bu*l .
i In all classes of co'.ton goods, especially prists D
, cotton dress goods. ?
BiLAOtLPHU, Pa., Jan. (.?Wool dull and r
ilnal. Ji
Afaloat ? Hotel Kiipir-Varlflttl llama
from MoundaTllla, i
liuard Woody la aick with a lever.
1'ilot J. B. Alexander li oa ibe river.
J. IV. Gallaber, jr., la on Uie tick Hat.
Mlw Nellie Oaborne la ill at her home In Ben* \
Mia Anna Gamble baa returned home from
Gu* Pack, Ksg., haa returned from an extenaive
Tliit In Ohio.
Frank Chad dock la talking of buying an orange
orchard in Florida.
Mlsa Ada 6L Clair baa returned from a lengthy
ruit In Cannonsburg.
John Bloyd bu returned from Baltimore, where
be wu on * business trip.
Work on tho new Episcopal church wu resumed
Wednesday. but on account of rain wu diioontluuid
Hanson Crtswdl, jr.. is in Eoitis, Florida, from
which place he forwarded to D. B. Eraui a roll report
of the Illinois Supreme Court decision In tho
loinoiu Anarchist casea.
The Republicans of Moundsrllle have u yet
taken no step* toward organizing pursuant to the
call. They will probably organize in the near 4
future, and the older Republicans will wholly
Ignore tbe younger membets of the party, ai u
Tho Ben wood saloon keepers arrrstcd tome time
ago, were before Justice Edwards Thursday. The
lint case culled wu against Tim Dolan, which took
up the whole day and wu adjourned till Monday
next, 'i here is considerable feeling exhibited In
the trial of these eases, more f specially on tho part
cif the defendants and their friends because detectlvca
from Ohio were employed by seme one to induix?
the defendants to sell to them for tho purpose
nl htrlno limn rpAttoH Tho Bttor
ney aaya that It Is toe only way he could catch
totao men who. he aays. have been constantly violating
toe law. it being impossible to get wltneaM*
from ttenwood in court. as a rule, ho uji, the
ahcriff.has been unable to aervo processes on wilXicsw*
there. Dctecllvo F. W. Gray and another
party worked up the cases by going to the placoa of
business of those arrested and buying liquor*.
Tbcy noted the day and date in a book and then
gave Information ol their auccesa. These two gentlemen
are htopj.lug at the Farmers' Hotel, and
Mr. William Reynolds, proprietor of that house,
ycitcrday received tnrough the poatotllce, notiot
not to permit them to stop with him, threatening
his life and projierty. TTie notioe ia in the hauda
of Prosecuting Attorney Melghen and every effort
will be made to learn the autoors. It waaalgued
All Sorts of Local News and Goaaip From
tha Glass City.
Charles Burkhart, of Rose Hill, is in Pittsburgh.
There is no change in the oondition of Bcv.
Father Cull.
Mr. Schneider is lying very low at his home in
the Fourth ward.
Howard Lewis, who has been very low with
fever, is recovering.
The Ben Hnr retolpped from the lower wharfboat
yesterday morning.
Dr. Smith, formerly of this city but now of Cleveland,
is in the city on btulHcss.
James Leasurc, of the Central Glaaa Company,
wai down on business yesterday.
Capt Fred Kline has nothing as yet to receive
river freight on hero but a deck barge.
MlasMcGranahan was given a surprise party at
her home lu the Fourth ward Ihunday night.
MlssCclla Able has returned to her homo in Fort
War no, after a pleaaant visit to the family of Mil- ?
ler Able. J[
Mr. Myers, ono of the Pennsylvania Campany's
traveling pamenger agents, wai down on business
Mr. Beatty.adeal mutoateel worker, of Mingo,
was in the city yesterday. Ho wont irom here to
R. E. Neal, tho livery man, bought the old rulna
of the Clcvelaud & Pittsburgh depot for the lumbcr
that was left.
Word was received hero yesterday that the steamer
Shirley would bo away behind, and would reship
here to-ulght
Tony Williams, an old resident hero and an
cnglaecron the Cleveland ?it Pittsburgh railroad,
waa In tho city yeatcrday.
John Thomas, Superintendent of tho River Division
of tho Cleveland & Pittsburgh railroad, waa in
town yesterday on busiucss.
Gne of the largo corner stones at Belmont and
Thirty-fifth atroeta has sunken down several feet
on account ol the wet weather.
The boys that attended the ball Thursday night
were feeling good yesterday, as a groat many ol
them did not got in until morning.
A coach and smoker will bo put on tho C, L. dt
W. accommodation between here. Bridgei>ort and
Martin's Ferry; also to St. ClalrsvUle.
The workmen In tearing down the Cleveland &
Pittsburgh depot yesterday hitched an engine to
tho ruins and made thorn liy. Theycamo down
pretty quick,
Crowds of peoplo wcro watching the tow boats
yesterday in toe fog. They experlcucdl a great
deal ol trouble In going through the bridge piers
here, but no damage was dono. Nothing oould be i
aeen of tho tow whatever.
Some thlevea took U. Landkrohn's honw and I
wsgon from his stable and then went to Joseph I
Clements' grocory store uud wcro trying to gain I
an eutrauce, but were frightened off. omcer 1
Archer came along and fouud the; hone and
wagon. -
Paying for Stolen Cblckens-The Come Case. Water
Work* Show.
Mrs. Anderson Ralstou la qalto low with typhoid
lever. /
ftau Keardon returned to the city lost night from I
Now Brighton. \
Edward Manabargcr li highly elatod over the arrival
o! a brand new aon.
Mlts Mary Conkl*, of Richmond, Indiana, Ja tbo
guest of Ml?a Maggie ltalaton.
Iter. E. F. Walker loaves on Wedncaday for bla
new Lome In Kvanaville, Ind.
Yeaterday'a rain leaves the * tree it In bad ahapo 1
for the throng of people that In expected to-day.
The parties who ?to!e Anderaon McQraw'a
chlckcn* camo to tbo front reaterday and paid ono
dollar aplcc for some of the poultry atolen, and
othen will "caah up" to-day. m
Arrangements have beon mado by tho commit
teo on the water work* opening for tho cute ruin- mentof
about fifty guest* each at tho Hanover _
Hotfilaud'.be Sherman llou?o. To-day la tlio big- ?
ge*t day ever known In tbo history of the city.
The trial of William Coyne waaonded yesterday I
afternoon at ouo o'clock, the m?n being honorably I
discharged, there not being autllcieul evidence to
hold him longer on the charge of murder. Aa soon I
m Coyne received tils discnargo 110 became much
excited and exultant, waltxlng around the court I
mom nhaklng hands with every person so disposed.
Marshal Hums. Immediately after the man was
eleared of the charge. re?rre*t:d him on a chargo
of cruelty, which had a very noticeable effect on
Coyne's countenance. Ills lower Jaw dropped and
with a pleading .expression on his face ho was led
back to his cell. A light fine, however, will let the
man Roaoott free, aud Ills case will be recorded
and dropped like the thousands of others bcfoie
Postmaster W. P. Campbell, tho new appointee, 1
his tsken change aud makes a very Rood one.
Dr. Charles Windsor spent several days this week
visiting his father at Beech Bottom, lie became
homesick and returned yesterday.
it is the intention of the Mayor and Water Board
to attend the formal opening of the Martin's Ferry
waterworks to-day, tho weather permitting.
An auction sale of the houiebold effect* of Ed
Brues, tho late proprietor of the New Granite
houso, will take place to-day at;the.Tarr bulldiug.
A Republican club, romr thing aftor the order of
tho Lincolu club of Wheeling, will be organized
shortly. The parttw having tho matter in rharee
will mako it go, and tho Democracy of Brooke
county would better look well to their laurels.
Certificates of stock are being istued by tbo
Wei 1bburg Oil and Gas Company to all those who
have subscribed. The drilling of tho Kaylo well at u
l-ssorvlllehssbepu commence!. This is an aban- H
uoucu weu ai mo aepm oranout fourteen hundred
feet. The tlr*t day's ilrllllriK developed considerable
Ri*. but It Is thought bv the company not
sufficient to utilise* and work will bo proaecuted to ?
a greater depth. V)
b'Kix-SuccwH Soap first cleanaea and tl
Ointment hea'.a akin diaeaaea. At drag
store of McLnln Brow. tl
w R. Rush Swopo, rector. Services at 10:90 a.
m. and 7:30 p- m. unnday School at 2:30 p. m.
w"*sr Wheeling? Bev. N. L Atwood, pastor. Ser- ?
vice* at 10:30 a. m. end 7:30 p.m. Sunday School I
at'J:IS a. a- I
Irey CHURCH-Bsy.Wm.H- Cooke, D.D.paitor. A
Setvlccta: 10:80 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sabbath
tfohool at 9 a m
uv CHUR' H?Rev. J.T. Mcduro, D.D., pastor. ?
Services at 10.30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sabbath _
school at 2 p m. 6
ltcv R. K. Randolph, D*!)., pastor. Preaching
at 10:30a. m and 7:00 p. m. by the pastor.
Sunday School at 'i p. m. Young people's meetIng.
Monday at 7:30 p g.
?Rer. D. A. Cunningham, D.D., pastor,
(reaching at 10:30 a-m. and 7:30 p. m. Sabbath
fehool at 9 a m. Mission School at 2:80 p. m?
eighteenth street abovo Jaoob. ?
Mr CHURCH-Elfhth ward-Rev. L. W. Barr,
?stor. Botvlcta by the pantor at 10:30 a, m. and
t:03 p. m. Habbath School al 2 p. m. Commu- 11
lion of tho Lord's cupper following morning ser- 0DI
Her. C B. Graham, p??tor. Preaching at ^
0:30a. m. by Rev. H. E. Jones, P. ?., followed by V
be Sacrament of tbe Lord's Supper. Preschiog JL
ly tho pattor at 7:00 p. m. Sunday Hchool at 2 p. R
a. Prcacbln* Monday evanlne. follo???i ?.? ?
imrteriy Coularouce.
w tm'KCll-Ber. W. u. Rlhclsaffer nator
'reaching at 10:30 a. m. and 7 p. m. by ikeMai Oar:
or. Sertnona and themoa mlted to tie rerlrml Bar
errloe now In protrxa. aenrlce every ulfhl nail
rackejcept Halurday. Sabbath Bchoolfprlmarr .
cpartroent. 0 a. m.: advanced department.li t J.f
corner Filth and Market atraeto-Ber. If! Con
. Drjdot,. paator. lTvachlni at 10:M a. m. and Deli
pm. The peator will preach In the moinlm. Don
OA In the evening tie R*v. li. K Jonea, p. K., wUl ?en
reach and adtnlnmer the*acrameot of the Lord'a Ho)J
upper. Wunilty school at a p. m. Young peo? Hoet
Will offer THIS MORNING, and
until all are sold,
Now Ready to Show:
62 WRAPS AT $2.50,
Formirly ranging from $7 to $15.
25 WRAPS AT $10.00.
i >
Formerly ranging from $20 to $40.
Formerly $50 to $60.
We are determined to close them out if
Dossible, hence the above quotations.
A nv Hi 4* a a a ^ A BIA a ~
Remnants and Short Patterns
VYfcsr And when Yon are Wldo Awoke
Call and see the Latest Novelties In Jewelry on
exhibition at the Jewelry Store of
.?? A '-'aii uor. Tireuta and Jlarket streets.
Furniture anil Carpels"!
To you, one and all, we offer the Season's greeting anil
eartily wish each of you a happy and prosperous NEW YEAR.
TO OUR PATRONS: We return our best thanks lor the
ery liberal and increasing support they have afforded us during
le past year, and we rely confidently upon its continuance for
le New Year, as we know that our goods were appreciated.
To Those Who Are Not Yet Our Patrons, we can only
ty, give us a trial.
No. 1117 Main Street.
Will close regardless of value, preparatory to January stock
king. One week only.
JAMES DIVINE, HO? Main Street. ^ !
You mtut to?t this wonderful Door Mat; believe nothing until you try 1L Oao purohuer wrtW{
every housekeeper knew what a great Door Mat you have not a home In the land would be wiiaou"
Another writes; "It astonished mo beyond belief." Bend for circular.
JOHN W. CAUOIIKY, General Agent,
est 40 Fifth Arenno- Pitu>.?irgii. I'* ^
> any of tho following tho applicant moat aik
ftdrertlMd letter*, giving d*to of list: Cor. Sixth and WalnutSU.,
Jcnon. Win. Jones, Jiok
xe, F. R Klr*t, George 0ND8*,,,lw
9k?, Haa'lT. Lireutrr*. J. 8. 4 ' PV* taken the management of thl* boc*
aer, George Lohman.T. O. ?ut itlnrood order. Cleanrooauami Ud*. awlia
may. Gao. W. Morton. Dr. W. A. Wo-1 table-all that the market aflordi, and "
*T. P?T7 McOanltff. Thomai B. food at the bert. All for 91 50 per day.
5S5v ?KS!cis.!ST-ao; Don'tlet tho price ko-p rou??.r. It 'J **
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