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0?.!lf /Iriw rrnur^<; J
OLII1 LUUltllUWS IU uian v?.. ??
of buyers daily. Not a Cloak t
of any kind in stock but what the
has been reduced from 25 to 50
per cent. j
And Odds of all kinds, at wo
prices that sell them quickly. nJj
New Embroideries, ?
White Goods, and many other (
Goods for early spring trade ri?
arriving daily. Ge
IJCS^Over 1,000 Exclusive to1
Patterns of Embroideries now
In stock. tbl
OEU J.SN00K&C0, =
-VT? j ? ss*-_ cli
4 11 V/ vv.
J?K 1)0
We bare tlie
?'Lr^rfc5?'41,8 ?i'y ?f ?
Iriip Wheeling. c<k
<r$M ' JACOB W. 6RUBB, ?
< cr. Twillthand Wfrfcrtfctrcclf .
0-13 bn
l ha Beard of Director* of the Wheeling Baao ?,*?
llali Amoclatlon hnvo ordered tbo luuo of Fifty W1
Huuon TicVoUf, pood to Hit gamo* frnm Mat 1,1888, M(
to ?>'ovetnber 1, iSfcd to lOHOld for 1*10 ?^ch. For R{r
salebyniiy Director, or at Meder'a Cigar Htore.
Ah tbo number 1* limited aiid tbo orlce low, thoao ,1Q
diMiiugtnem should niafce immediate application. of
Ji.o li. corp. Heo'y tai
Grand. Opera. House. bu
O. (I. GKSTHKR. Lemon ?nl Minwer. pjj
Two Nigbta and Wednesday Matinee, commencing on
Tucxaxy, January a*. UQ
Emily So'deno Burlesque and Kovo.ty Company, ms
Queen of BurUrquc, in licr Masterpiece, Offon* WJ1
bach's Operatic llurlocquc, ?(ienerlcvo
l)e Brabrantl?' ac
England'* GreatSontatlonal Dancer, SARA?tho on
High Kicker, supported toy a lawo corns of
American aurt fcuropeap CelobrlUei?Uie
Gcirs of the European Stage. W
Admi'sion, 15, 25 and CO contr Matluce, 15, 25 an>
and :>><: ni.s- Ja?0 feel
_____ ? eai
dm IntelBurner,
? tin
Utiles Nu>i, :tn nnd !*7 Fonrteonth Street. V7B
1 ot
K<m AdvertliomtnUi g ;
Wanted?A Girl to dn Houiowork. ex
For Kent?So 01 South Broad?var. fjii
a m1i?nee's bale of Plumbing, Gas and Steam w"
FlttiuK Sbop.
Kn!ghi* ol St. George.
For Kent-Store Room No. 1155 Market 8trect.
For Bale-A Splendid Rfng?Kobert White, str
For Cincinnati?Steamer f hlrlcy.
Fdnrard L. lien A Co.?New Callgrsph. ]
For 'I hut Cough-R. II. List. inr
Use the Gate cltr StOUO HJlier. BE
Graud Opera iiouee-Kmily 8oldene?Head of J
Local ? th
Season Ticketi-Wheeling Bate Ball Association *n(
?Head of Local. tor
SPECIAL Bargains in Fur and Bearer be:
Ovc rcoatingguna iitary weight Sailings, at!
made up in tirst'duts style. Mufflers, ]
Ulovc* und iiearjr Underwear at cost. gw
JiiHt rncpivrd. nuoliier invoice of our Mc
celebrated Knit'Jncketa and onr Popular *
CO tent White Shirt. lno
Km. 1821 ii 1B2JJ Market Ms. C}
Tberaiomolar Itccurd. ten
Thu thermometer at Hchnepfa drag 8oa
Btoru, Opera Hooue corner, yeaterday, reg- C
iatered as follows: the
7 a. ra- - 1ft I 8 p. 24 t?c
9 a. in lfi 7 p. m '23 dttT
12 in 'i4 I leather-Fair. ^
Xortlcatlong. anc
Wa*hih?*to;?, D. 0.; Jan. 20.?For West Wfi
Virginia, Western Pennsylvania and Ohio, era
colder, procodud by warmer in Western g
Pennsylvania, enow on the lake*, followed Col
by fair weather, freeh to brish southwest- ing
iy winds, becoming northwesterly with a Thi
cold wave in Ohio. ber
An Octogeunrlnn'* Death. err<
Mr. Daniel Cashing, aa old reaident of QU
Whoeling and in former yeara a well has
known buoineon man, died yeaterday at ma
hia renidonco on Twelfth etreet, agod 84.
Mr. Cushing had recently lived in retirement
from business, bat ie remembered
with reaped and kindly feelings by older A }
ronidenta cf the city. Hia fnneral will
take place at 10 a. u. on Batnrday, from H
the family reoideuct>, No. 122 Twelfth gtiu
Btroot. q?
A Conundrum lor "Critic." jlh*
Jto the Editor of the MtlUocncer. eve
Sib:?"Critic," iu a commnnication kn<
printed in this morning's Intklliqkkckr, .
objects to the use*of a prepooition at the
end of a rontonce. Will "Critic" kindly
improve the following sentence ? jgp
"Tboro is not in tho bouse a room big ji
enouvh to swing a cat in." pi"
Her* is another upon which I should be g*
ploaood to bavo his judgmeut: **ei
"I have eomo accounts to cast up."
q. rammar, ??
Wfutling, Jan. ID. con
. .???. ligl
Hnpremo Court of Appeal*. ?"1
This court mot at Charleston again on \
Wedneedsy, with all tho judges present, on
and transacted the following business: _nc
Fox v. Insurance Company, Ohio conn- ?_ ,
ty; continued. #H.
Pritcbard v. Evans & Do^ey, from Marion
county; snbmitted upon briefs filed.
Watkins v. County Court, from Preaton
county; submitted -upon briefs filed. Uo1
Arniatrung v. Poole, et al., from Taylor
connty: submitted upon briefs filed. i
Heatherly v. Farmers U?nH, irom Bar- lu|
bonr connty: gnbmltted npon briefc filed. _oc
Miller's admix, v. Coal Company, from
Preston county; contlnned.
Camden Sornere r.ud Honry Qilmer were coo
admitted to practice. pea
Adjourned ontil 10 a. m. on Thursday. con
Traniler* ltrconln], tha
Clork Hook yesterday admitted to rec- in'
ord ttao lollowloR transfers ol roal estate |J*e
?nd three deeds of trust: ??
Deed mado January 18 byT. W. Simp on
and wifetoJ.R. Simpson,in consider- *?
ation oi 110, for lot 143 on the east side of
UhDeednm"deejannary 18 by Thoraaa H.
fronting 20 feet on tho north aids of
Eleventh street , T , T
Yi?^ made January 13 by Lonia kloes ?*i
nil wlf? " Kammy, In coneidera- hav
tlon ol jl,350, lor lot 78 in the addition ol npo
^ood'moi'e January IS by Anton Key.
maim and Thnsne Ida Beymann, hie wile,
to William F. Krleger, in consideration oj D
la -26 lor part ol the Carter iarm, eaetof clo?
the city, abont -18 acre# and 36 polea. erei
ten ol Minor Moment In And Abont
the CU7>
riu Hoou thla evening-Pattl Book it
m aiilewtlkt are (till dangeronaly
?th. L
uibi vh no light in the City Hill
:k iut night.
uibi ma only two caaee In police
it ywterday.
ViiiKLiMo haa not experienced enough
he bllxzard to hart mach.
itiviv .Timn will hold a BDeclal term of ol
Circuit Court on Saturday* t!
Ir to midnight then was not a caw in !
lockup lor thia morning's police court. n
in Wheeling bakers will sire a grand u
1 at Beethoven Hall Saturday evening.
1b. Will Siabbioht baa accepted tbe ,
iDcy lor William Kemkamp'e aeli-rala- 0
umbrella. " A
im William Riddle tried lor baatardy a
Squire Arkle waa not the eon ol Super- ?
indent James Kiddle, ol the city water
am. M. W. Amick waa painful!v but
: curiously hurt Wednesday night by b
inn on the ice in the yard ol the lamily ?
Idence, on the South Side. j'
"in Chamber ol Commerce waa to hare '
d lta annual election ol officers lact v,
;ht, but lailed to secure a quorum, *
t tbroo members showing up. ?
Jlebk Hook yesterday issued a mar- c
<e license to Helnricb Burger, aged 22.
I Juliana Lull, aged 22, both natives ol s
rmany and resldenta ol this city. ,
fun EnSily Soldeno Company, which ia o
be at the Grand next Tueaday and d
o>">niriM anH Wfldnfifidav tl
itlnen hu gome very artistic paper on -ti
> walls. a
F?mis P?iE80K, a farmer living near
nton, this county, was walking np the J
lton bill y.aterday when he slipped '
d fell, liia leg being twiited under him, '
ctnrlng It.
VIus. Radcmff, motherot William Rid3,
ol l.arnbart & RidclitT, in returning
me yesterday from a via it to a friend in
irtb Wheeling, slipped on the ice and
I and broke one of her arms near the
I Jut0j*o*t]0ff All NJfftit Seatlon at tho C
Fultjn Fit. J;
)qo of the largest and moat interesting v
iking maino that ever took place abont ?
re occarred last night at the Fniton pit.
was betwoen Whoeling and ^Pittsburgh ds,
and waa game and exciting from ^
it to finish. The main was originally j
noojiccd to take place daring the holi> fi
ya, bat for some reason or other was 0
atponed. It had been looked forward to J
th easier anticipation and its postpone* "
mt only served to increase the de? j|
e to be present among those who J
d pleasure and amassment in that kind ^
sport. The capacity of the pit was ?
ced to its utmost last night, over two *
odred people being crowded in its small *
olines. Of this number aboat fifty were
;taburgbers who had come down to bet J
their favorites and have a general good P
10. Tho balance of the company was 11
Ida ap ol an ciasoes. xuera who uut ich
stylo about it, and there wm a free J
d easy air about the entertainment that 4
a in itself entertaining. r
The main commenced about 9 o'clock 11
d at midnight nine of the fifteen fights v
the programme had been disposed of
d Pittsburgh was two fights ahead of
heeling. Each fight was for $U0 a side, J
1 there was no end to the $6 and $10 t
la that were made on the outside. In c
:h caae the birds were well matched, '
J thlir blood and breeding told in the ?
t that each light was only brought to a J
Ish by the death of one or tbe other of f
) feathered combatants. The details f
re in the hands of experienced patrons ?
the pit, and tbe birds were handled in
ery professional manner. It was not tl
peoted that the main would be finished *
about 5 o'clock this morning. J
ringers In the City and Wheeling Folks $
Abroad. n
are. Frank Wilkins, of New Onmberid,
la visiting Irienda in this city. li
dr. T. B. Frye, oi Koyaer, was among ?
lie registered at tbe Stamm Honse yea- P
day. <<
1*1? P~!U DVnnlianl Viaa ratnrnAfl tn .
'lieu J1UIII; uuupuvi>
r home in this city, alter a pleasant visit V
Bollaire. *
iliss Maggie Blake, of this city, is the 0
3st of "her aunt, Mrs. Anne Blake, of a
londsviiie. p
Jr. Simms Powell, a well known travel- ii
: salesman lrom Parkersburg, is at the t]
Lore House. ii
dr. Joseph Biechele, of Oanton, an ex- a
si ve manufacturer of laundry and toilet "
ps, is here looking after his trade. 8<
Japt Alf W. Burnett, of Charleston, ?
i well known head of the Eureka Dolive
Agency, arrived in the city yester- e
Jol. Ed. 8haffer, of Bremer & Shaffer, fc
I John (i. W. Beier, left yesterday for
ishington, Baltimore and other Southpoints,
to be gone for ten days. H
enator J. N. Camden and Mr. L. A.
e came up from Parkersburg last evenand
registered at the McLure House,
ay were visited last evening by a num- n
of friends.
'he Intkluoknckb learns that it was in Si
jr yesterday in stating that Mr. Sam tt
fen, formerly of 8heib'a music store, 5
i accepted a position as traveling sales
n for John Church & Co., ol Uincinnaii. ...
(Vhaellog Man Alnrrled to a Olncln- M
olunatl Lad j. 8[
'eeterday's Cincinnati Commercial Qa- m
! Bays: "Miss Nellie Breen, daughter L
tho well known Station faster of the
lhandle, waa united In marriage laat u
ning to Mr. John A. Leaanre, a well ir
>wn and aucceesful glaaa manufacturer ff,
Wheeling. The ceremony took place ^
Captain Breen'a residence in Tuscu- t(
1, and waa a moat happy aflalr. 0
? Breen la one ot the moat accom- tc
ihed young ladies o( the city, and a h
duate ot the Convent ol the8acred
art, Clifton. Her choice is said by [>
se who know Mr. Leaanre to be a most 4.
ellent one. Captain Breen is being 0|
gratulated by a hoet ot frienda that the
it of his household will surely be kept
iht and clear by him to whose keeping
haa intruated it." p,
'aptaln Breen was formerly a conductor ?
tlie Cleveland A Pittsburgh railroad, ol
1 resided at Bellaire, where the bride a
Fell known and baa a wide circle of
nds. . oi
qoeMatcorifl Otijiet mn In thiHiaina
Laat Mthb V
.bout a quarter past twelve o'clock
, night a striking and beautiful phe
aenon was to bo ooon In thoakya little a
tb ol tho lenlth. Nobody wbo nv It
Id suggc-at An explanation. The flp- A
ranee was that of an unusually bright H
let with n magnificent "tall," except
t the head ?ae not sharply defined, J,
alraoat aa nebulons aa tue tall. In
i and general appearance It waa abont H
i tho great couot which Illuminated
easterns*? a few yeara ago. Af'erlt fl
I drat noticed It grow brighter for a
e till it glowed like th? brightest planet, ja
1 then It palod gradually until it faded
n view entirely. In the ten mlnntee R
o that it waa visible It did not change
position a particle.
? la
m surprise oi Rip Van Winkle when a
iking from his long slumber could not re
e been greater than the consumptive'* bl
n finding himself entirely relieved by co
Bull's Congb Syrup. 25 cents. at!
1" ??? fai
Meredtith Brothers. Qj
on't fail to aee thla fanny band of he
ma at the Alhambra rink to-morrow an
ling. od
Mt Even log, at which Boatlne BoiiniN I
U Trantacted?8nperlntendent's Beport. }
A Temporary Load of 6,000 An* |
Ihorlxed for the Batjdlnff Fand. I
A regular monthly meeting oi the Bond {
[ Education wm held at the chamber ol j
le Board In the Public Library building <
it evening. There wag very little boil- <
eaa transacted aside from the osoal ron- 1
ne. The body was cilled to order by ,
'reddest uoddihb anoruy oeiore a i
'dock. The abaentmembera were Meaars. <
.cker, Davis, Liat, Naylor, Pi pee, Staler '
ad Whally. The minutee were read and
pproved and the regular report! taken 1
p lor action. f
The Committee on Accounts presented ]
ilia aggregation S277 63, which were ,
rdered paid. The Committee on Bnild- ,
)ga and Grounds presented bills amount- {
ig to $1,721 42, which were also ordered i
aid. 01 this amount $1,441 SO waa lor |
Llevia, Ctalt <4 Co., being their sixth nti- ,
iate ol work and matehala lor the new ,
Washington school, as approved by the i
ommittee. i
The Committee on Pnblic Library pre- .
ented bills aggregating $24340, which I
rere ordered paid. On rcommendatlon ]
I the committee the Boaton Pott waa i
ropped Irom the liat ol papera taken in
lie library and the Boaton Herald anbatl- |
uted, and the Ohio Valley Manufacturer ,
ad Wheeling Zeilung added to the liat. ,
The report ol Superintendent Anderson
bowing the condition ol the schools for
he month ol December waa presented,
ead and ordered filed. Following ia an .
betract ol the report:
IS A * a Si g .
a-ll " 2 ! S3 t "g
slid3 i * !i 1 If 1
ili L .M 11? |
jjenigijSf 5 |-a
M < < * O E <
k'aahingtoii... 4U 363 76 86 117 128, 15 661
Iftdlnou- 63.' 4S6 45 86 250 14 M4
1*T ? m 518 60 90 144 228 15 6/4 .
lufon - 55: 485 54 90 66 W 15 668
tutor- 601 486 66 89 20 206 18 566
k'ebHtor ~ 617 426 70 87 67 161 14 6ffl 5
tllchle* 79C 707 65 92 84 289 19 776 ,
olored - 14s 127 21 88 65 61 6 257 ^
Total yj7K3S4* 447 89 618 1535 110 14869 J
The total enrollment since September 1 '
las been 4,678 pupils. In the German |
)epartment the total enrollment since
leptember 1 has b8en 335. For the month
f December the enrollment was 318, di1ded
as follows: Washington, 18 papils; c
dadifon, 13; Clay, 78; Union, 40; Center, j
0; Webster, 60; K'tchie, 53. The num- j
mrof classes maintained is 30. Of the I
IS students 180 are of German parentage J
nd 120 of other than German parentage,
'our teachers are employed at a salary of ,
30 each-total $150.
Accompanying this report was that of i
librarian Wilson, which was also ordered *
iled. It showed the circulation of books [
a the Library during the month of De- i
ember to hive bson 5.480, an average of '
11 volumes per day; of this number
,703 were fiction. The circulation in the i
eading room was 1174 volumes during the i
aontb. The amount received from finos 1
ma $12. I
Messrs. Pipes and List appeared. c
The Committee on Finance reported f
hat an examination of tho tax receipts of i
i i.aBn iQeo_eu
lusive allowed that ho was entitled to a 1
afund from the variona school funds, i
mounting in all to $103 -iO; nloo thai I
>aniel Lamb was entitled to a'refund of 1
15 75. The Clerk was* ordered to draw J
is orders In favor of the parties namod J
)r the amounts reported. i
This committee reported further that e
here waa au overcheck of over $5,000 i
gainst the building fund and that tUere (
me no funds with which to meet the es* ?
imato of Klevia, Kraft & Co., reported ?
bove. The committee asked to be an- i
borized to negotiato a temporary loan of
(5,000 to meet this state of affairs, and tho \
eceesary authority to do this waq granted.
Last cummer the Board adopted a reaoition
offered by Col. Miller providing for 1
re-examination of all the teachers em-,
loyed in the public schools of the city,
) be hold at the end of the present year.
Ir. Jepson made a motion last night to *
le effect that that action bB rescinded, ?
le said that he did this after a conference c
rlth Col. Miller; they were both of the j
pinion inaitne odjbcs airaeu lit nail ueen
stained. The teachers hail studied tip >
reparing for the examination and were a
1 an good shape as could he asked for; 3
le trouble now was that they were stud;- fi
jg too hard; he knew of some who sat c
p till late hours stndyingand at the same C
me mining their health. There was o
>me discussion over the matter, but the i
rder for a re-examination was finally re- s
:lnded. k
Some changes in the force of teachers t
mployed in the liigth ward annex were c
pproved, and at 9 o'cloek the Board ad- f:
lurned. s
: Xlandloa three lioriea, Including tbe fi
Shepherd Stall loo, d
Frof. Gleaeon at the Capital Blnklast J|
ight handled three fiery horses, one of :
lem the stallion belonging to Mr. Amos t
nepherd, of Bellaire. It turns out that C
te announcsmont that this horse was 8
rought to the city Wednesday was an jj
tror. The IKTSLUOESCIB regrets that it g
as misled in this respect, as it had no f
esireto injure Frof. Gleason. His ex- ti
[anation ttiat be means to signify, wtien u
b gpeakg of a "man-eating" atalllon, ?
mply one which bitee viciously, alio re- C
toves a very general misapprehension, p
ast night he first handled a dark gray,
id afterwards a sorrel belongi(
to Mr. Crocker. Both were
yely and spirited and made a decidedly 9
itereatieg show, and when finally suborn!
the andlence applauded loudly,
he stallion waa then brought in, muuled H
id led with gay ropes. He was reduced '
i submission, but so great waa the
wner's awe ol the horse that he refused a
i go near him after the Professor had a
iai aa tame as a lamb. Other Bellalre
eople, however, handled him with safe- ?
r, while the Professor put hio arm in hie j
tonth, his face to the horae'a face and
iherwise ahowed his absolute confidence.
Prohibition Organisation. ?
A meeting of th9 Central Committee ap- b
ointed at tlie mans temperance meeting
eld at the Capital rink January 12, to ?
rganln the county for the Prohibition J
mendment, was held yesterday after- '
oon and the following were appointed to
rglniee the several wards: d
First Ward?W. A. Wilson, William c
pargo, Alfred Paull. o
Second Ward?Walter Rinehart, J. N.
ance, O. W. Atkinson. i
Third Ward?Isaiah Warren, John Reld, h
ev. E. H. Domblsaer. c
Fourth Ward?James McAdams, J. R, ti
cker, Alexander Morrison.
Fifth Ward-H. L. Blaisdell, J. W.
tnick, Q. B, Oamahan. ?
Sixth Ward?Joseph Jackson, William
Hastings. Mr. Howe.
Seventh Ward?OlarenceKIrwin, Rev1 S
Gibson Oantt, G. W. Bigge.
Eighth Ward?William Cunningham,
arrv Rankle, Kev. L, w. iiirr. ?
Colored Peool??Prof. J. H, Jonee, J. '
. Olemente, Rev. R. A. Reed. *
Trladelphia?Martin Thornburg, Ben- *
mln Springer, Ralph McCoy. ri
Fnlton?I. R. Hotae, Daniel Clemens,
ev. J. E. Leatherby. c
" si
Bjrop of Fiji al
Nature's own trne laxative. It la the H
oat eaaily taken, and the moat effective R
medy known to dense the system when <
lions or aoetive; to dispel headaches,
Ida, and (even; to core habltnalcon. bi
ipation, indication, pllea, etc Mann- aj
stored only by the California Fig Syrnp pi
impany. Ban Franclaco, Oal. Meaera. L
igan 4 Co., Anton P. Heos, R. B. Bart bi
d C. Menkemelier. have been appoint- m
aytizUa for Wheeling, W. Va. ot
n>? Arrao|io*au for tlia Barrio** Tbli
The fnnoial of JoMph L. Glenn, the
nember o! the city police force batel)
nnrdered lut Sunday morning by thieved
rill take place thla morning, and bide (all
o be one o! the moat largely attended eve:
ieen in the city. The Knights ot St
George and the Young Men's Democratic
jlab etch met last night Ofcd decided to
;urn oat is a body this morning and assist
n efcorting the remains oi the murlered
officer from hie ancle'e residence on
he South Side, to the Cathedral end bom
;he Cathedral to the cemetery.
A namber of Sne lloril offerings were
lent to the hoase yesterday. One of these,
rom his fellow policemen, is the most
elaborate design seen here for a lonj
.ime?a broken column surmounted by a
The Mayor, police. Fire and Police
Board, Council, city officials and all ciyic
>r military organisations or citisens doeirng
to join the funeral escort, will meet at
;he City Hall this morning at 8 o'clock
iharp, and march In a body to the reellence
of the dead man'a uncle, Michael
31enn, at 2(152 Market street. From the
reeidenca tbe remains will be escorted to
;he Cathedral, and from there, alter the
requiem mass, to the Elm Grove depot,
irbere those on foot will take cars kindly
'urnisbed by the Elm Grove Kailroad
Company without charge, to convey the
public to Mt. Calvary cemetery, where
;he interment will take place. The Opera
House brass band will head the procesdon.
Thcro seems now to be a better chance
;han at any previous time for tbe ultimate
japture of Glenn's murderers. Oluet
vhlch seemed alight at drat promise to be
toy IroiUul.
rhe Opera House Crowded?An Artlstli
The musical and literary entertainmeni
for the benefit of William Heller, the
fireman who was so seriously injured b]
being npset on the Vigilant reel while
Jriviog to the Welty fire, waa given at th<
Opera House last evening, and Mr. M. R
Wolfi, the treasurer of the committee, re
porta that the net procueda to be tnrnec
)ver to Holfer will bo between $550 and
?560. The Opera Howe waa crowded tc
invocation. At leaat 1*00 persons more
than were ever gathered there before were
packed in the aeata and atanding room,
The following artistic programmo waf
rendered, and received with profuse mani
testations of dolight:
first pabt.
)verture?"La ftuzt ladra'L .. Ronin.
Full Opera House Orchestra.
Quartette Day, Ueycr, Canon, MoClun
'IhdoBoIOm Miss Anulo Jonnlngi
kclUtlou Ralph lluymat
iallad R. V. Arkli
lecltation Mi>s Nora Bowman
Holla bolo . Prof. 11. tiohockei
iallad .. Mrs. lieo. B. Caldwei:
i'aot second.
>Yerture-"Burgroo*chen,s Hochz?It"....?.E. Kul<
.Opera House Orchestra.
iarpSolo Mhs Anna Lanii
long ~~~ Little Frank Kobsrt1
'Ihuo Solo Viol Joiteph Kellui
luartette Day, Ueyer, Carton aud McClurc
iallad Miaa Flora WlUlami
'Chestnuts" -....Jacob KeiupU
Miss S. J. Meholin, who waa down for ?
ecltation, was prevented by other engage*
nenta from being present, but ehe sent in
ler stead little Frank Huberts, who appeared
in fireman'*} nniform and brought
lown the house, lie waa the only per
ormer permitted to respond to an oncore,
md he was twice recalled.
A glance over the names of the per*
ormera is suilicient asaurance that the
lumbera were all inerilorioua and enjoya*
)le. The committee in charge, Mepflra.
fatrn L. Loob. A. A. Frauxheim. J. A. H.
Paraonn, A., Itayinann, John Bodley and
Ballard, expressed their gratification
it the generons manner in which the in*
mrance companies, banks and bafiinete
louses generally, responded to the efforts
>f the committee. It was a pleasure to
lerve when each an appreciation woe
ihown on all hands for tho faithful serrices
of the firemen.
Messrs. Kemple and Tracv were the
rery efficient stage managers last evening.
, W. Simpson A Co., of the Sooth Side,
Make au Asalgnineut.
A deed of assignmont ?i filed in Clerk
look's office yesterday by which T. W.
Ilmpson & Co., ol 2247 Market street,
aako an assignment to T. M. Garvin, the
awyer, lor tho benefit ol their creditors.
?he lirm is composed ol T. W. Simpson
nd U. D. Long, the latter a resident ol
finirn Jnnction. and Mr. Simnson assigns
or the firm. The deed bearo date Jan*
iary 10. By thia deed T. W. Simpson &
Jo. convey to Mr. Garvin the entire stock
f hardware, tinware, roofing and roofing
aaterials, oile, paints, counters, shelving,
how CAses, tools, ladders, furniture of efil
;inds, safe, horse, wagon, harness, all of
be stock of chattels, promissory notes,
ontracte, etc., except $200 exempt by law
rom attachment. The proceeds of the
ale of this property are to be applied to
he expenses of the trust, including $50
ue Garvin: and $103 due J. R. Simpson
or money loaned and wages, and $115
iue Phoebe Simpson, $5 due Gecpgo Philips,
$7 due Thomas Armstrong, $10 due
'bomas Simpson, jr., for wages. Next, a
iromissory note for $150 28, payable to
he order of T. M. Garvin and James Mccracken;
next, to pay notes to Nancy
impson. one for $125, and one for $175,
ne for $225 and one for $4050; also a
ioto payable 10 George W. Johneon &
ona for $4S4; another for $100 payable to
rancy 8impson and William Zink; next,
3 pay in full if possible, and if not then
a pay pro rata, bills as follows: George
Stifel & Co., $18; 8. E.Boyd, $25; Dr.
teorge Baird,$50; Wheeling Hinge Comany,
$7 67.
taga of the Water and Bonmaatl of tho
The W. N. Chancellor la dae down at
n early boar this morning en ronte from
'ktsburgh to Charleston.
Tba lea continued to ran very heavy
ll day yesterday, md navigation waa
ttended with considerable difficulty.
The river continued falling yesterday,
nd waa falling at dusk last eight with a
epth of 10 foet 5 Inches in tho channel.
The Fashion passed down st0:30o'clock
esterday morning, on ronto from Pittamrgb
to Cincinnati with a fair trip on
The C. W. Batchelor arrivod from Pittamrgh
early yesterday morning bnt did
iot retnrn on Bccoant of the ioe. bhe is
lid up at the wharf.
The Tom Lyle and Jim Woods passed
own at 2 r. x, yesterday with tows of
oal. They were compelled to work Blow
n account of the ice.
The Alice Brown, on her arrival at
'lttaburgh, will lie up long enough to
ave a new cylinder put jn place. Tho
yllnder baa been completed for some
Quite a number of towboata with tows
f empties have been forced to go to the
ank owiig to ice, which geta in under
nd between the barges and makes it allost
impossible for a towboat to do anyling.
Tk? *ann*t tmm last nlnht
raa that there wm a depth of 7 feet 6
ichea in the channel there, and the river
raa stationary. At Morgan town there
'as a depth ol 5 ieet 6 inches, and the
,ver vas falling.
The Lonls A. Sherley Is dne np from
llnclnnatl this evening, for which point
le will leave on her retam trip to-morrow
Iternoon at 3 o'clock. Ospt. Thomas
innter is In command and Charlie
ieeves, of this city, is chief clerk. The
earner is a popslar and reliable one.
The Courier is laid np In the Ice barir
at Marietta oat of the way of the Ice,
id the Ben Hnr, the other Parkersbarg
tcket. Is laid op In fhe month of the
Ittle Kanawha. There was no Parkersire
packet from here yesterday morning,
v will (here be one till the ice Is cleared
, At the Fourth Street M. E. Church but
Night?The Anno*! Report and an Ad*
dr*M by lUr. U, F. K*?ilulph?Th? So*
elitj'l quiet but Good Work In '87*
1 The fourth anniversary of the Women's
Christian Association was celebrated laat
evening at the Fourth Street M. E. church
with interacting exercises. Rev. Dr. Randolph,
the putor, delivered an appropriate
address, and the following annual report
; was read, showing the admirable work ac:
compllahed in the past Tear by this un1
pretentious society:
The third year ol the Woman's Christian
Association of Wheeling Is just completed.
We have met this evening to look
over the records of the past twelve months.
Upon the whole, the retrospect is enconr1
aging, and yet, when we consider what re1
mains to be done, we can only take com
fort in the words of onrLord: "Whosoever
shall give a cap of cold water to one
of theso little ones in my name shall in
nowise lose his reward." The hearts of
many lonely obscure ones have been gladdened
by the visitors of tho Association.
The claim of the Woman's Ohristlan
Association to thtf continued confidence
and support of Christians in par city is
1 founded on the economy and scriptural1
nees of Its modes of work. It has no
1 membership feo, nor has one dime boen
1 asked to defray its expenses. A box is
pat on the table at each monthly meeting,
and the free-will offerings have been
used for the parchase of tracts and other
: literature, and for the relief of needy
cases found in the districts. It is neither
> the rival nor the opponent of other socie
tieo, bat it helps their work and labors
' most harmoniously with all who desire
f to hasten the coming of Christ's Kingdom.
) Its work has been carried on do quietly
^ that its friends have asked its managers
to hold a pnblic meeting, so' that to any
' who might cavil or donbt or question its
' necpsaity, we would say as Phillip said
I to Nathaniel, "Gome and see." Every
1 good cause can afford to wait until it is
> appreciated. It loses nothing by delay,
> but is rather strengthened. Do any ask
) what has the Woman's Christian Associa
tiondone? What has it accomplished?
i Its work cannot be tabulated, but in
stances without number could bo given
like the following:
A poor woman who had boon lod to ac1
cept Christ as her Savior, and who prizad
and read her neglected Bible till she had
i gained a remarkable knowledge of its
i teachings, was told that she must teach
J her neighbors what she had learned. She
r said, "No, I am too unworthy. I lived eo
l long for the world I oin no use; but there
is one thing I am going to do, I am going
> to try and be good tempered to my hueband
and neighbors; and even if he does
; continue to drink I will not scold him. If
r you will hold a prayer meeting in my
> house I will go to tho women in my neigh!
borhood and invito them to come and hear
' the reading and tho singing, and try to
, join in the prayers, because that is the
way the heart is opened."
The attention of all thoughtful Christians
is at present centred upon our cities,
because, as Kev. Dr. Strong, Secretary of
the Ainorican Evangelical Alliance, has
said, "Life in our cities is bocoming a serious
menace to our civilization. The
| city is very properly called the nerve cen,
tre of civilization." Tho demoralizing and
pauperizing power of the saloon and other
evils is best kuown to those who visit the
homes of the poor in this city.
There is perhaps no better proof of a
city's general morality than its Sabbath
| observance; and all know there has been
a great increase of Sabbath desecration in
Wheeling during the last ten years.
Tho members of this Association are
not only laboring to lessen this evil, but
in many self-denying directions they are
helping to lift men, women and children
into the light of the highest Christian
civilisation. And if the members of our
churches were not so sound asleep, much
more might be done to save the boys from
the penitentiary and the girls from even a
worse fate than solitary confinement.
Our City missionary in the strength of a
great hope, aud an inward zeal seldom
eq ualed, goes from door to door in the name
oi the Lord, but she needs this Association
to aid in cottage prayer meetings, and
in other ways too numerous to mention.
Are there not some on whose ear these
words fall to-night, or whose eye they
shall catch from the printed page, who
will recognize in them a call, the Savior's
unu >mi| iv <u uv uwuuiauie u Dot*
When Lord Kennaird addressed the
Ninth Biennial Conference of the Women'*
Christian Associations of the United
States and Canada, in New York lant October,
bringing the cordial greeting of eistor
association!) in Great Britain, and while
speaking of tbo pleasant impression he
got of America, he exproascd his great
surprise at tho size and elegance of the
buildings owned and used by tho Women's
Christian Association, as in London mnch
difficulty was experienced in raising funds
for a building. There, the associations
are officered and managed by men. He
said no money would be given were they
under the control of women. In cloainc
he spoke o! the "astonishing influence the
women of America seemed to have in
every direction, Bnd iu none was it more
marked than in the direction of their husband's
cheek book."
Lord Kennaird is President ol the
Woman's Christian Association, of London,
England, and bis eistsrs, the Misses
Gertrude and Einily Kennaird, are secretaries
of the Woman's Christian Associations
of Ureal Britain. They have sent
an autograph letter to our Association
workers for the new year, wishing us increasing
success in and the blessing of our
Lord upon the work.
They also sent a list of daily Bible Readings,
in the use of which they desire us to
join them, and their motto card for 1888.
Texts: Sid Timothy, 3:13, and Hebrews
13:8. The Christian Association has still
before it enlarged opportunities for good
to our own sex, if we can but obtain the
necessary resources tq dovolop thorn.
Thanks to our faithful helpers for what
they have done in the past, through an
abiding faith in Him for ,whom and by
whom all our work is wrought. He alone
can give us the needed strength for the
present and hope for the future. The
retrospect of a year so foil of blessing Alls
us with gratitude. The following is the
report oftho work done hy the City Missionary:
Prayer meetings held, 88; visits
made, 276; children led to the Sundayschool,
53; papers distributed, 180; tracts
distributed, 3,000 pagee. Two Oerman
Bibles have also been given away.
l'?ttl Sou To-Night,
Patti Rosa is to appear at the Opera
House this evening in Fred Maraden'a famous
comedy, "aip." The St. Louis Republican
says or this sosbrette: "She ia
pretty, bright and vivacious, and as theee
qualities enter largely in the composition 1
ot the eonbretto, ehe is quite well qualified ,
to take np roles where slevernese is the ;
great requisite."
The Brooklyn Timet saya: "Patti Roea
is a charming actreea, and her piquant
railefiee were given to all indiscriminately.
Her songs, dances and medleys vera delightful,
and encore upon encore followed
each." |
The Sales of Gaihmere liouquet
exceeded in amonnt the importations of all
toilet soaps, as ehown by the U. & 1830
Treasury report.
Writing Machinal.
List of writing machines taken in exchange
for the New Caligrapb, Will be
sold cheap. Address Edward L. Rose A Co.
One No. 2 Caligrapb, price $50.
One Ho. 2 Caligrapb, price MO.
One No. 1 Caligrapb, price 130.
One Hall (new), price $30
One Crandall (new), price $60.
One Crandall, price $30.
One No. 2 Remington, price $M. ,
One No. 2 Remington, price $40.
11 Sorts of Local News and Oosslp From
Uas Glass City.
Depnty Sheriff Scott was In town yesterday.
Bob Hoore haa gone to Waahington
Samuel McElroy la able to walk around
Henry Frailer, ol St. Olainrille, la yialting
Tbe Montefioredrew ballpromlaea to be
a big affair.
John Moorehooae, ol the Flrat ward,
will go to Flndlay.
The Sheriff will offer the Orlawell property
for aaie to-morrow.
Quite a number of Woodi&eld people
ore going woet in the spring.
J. H. Burgoon, receiver of the B., Z. &
0. road, waa in town this week.
K. J. Welch, of Kelaey, wu In the city
yeeterday on bis way to Wheeling.
Mr. Frank Scatterday, of Kelaey, haa
accepted a position with J. Heatherlngton.
William Morriaon was appointed Kuperintendent?f
the Christian Church Monday
Mrs. Oldham, an old lady living on
Gravel Hill, died Wednesday and was
buried yeeterday.
The next meeting of the Belmont conn- it
ty Teachers' Association will be held at (J
Jacobabnrg in April. ?
Misses Maggie Jnnkins, Annie Hoga J
and Emma Oochran received the ladies at =
the Masonic reception last nipht. .
Manager Blackbnrn offers J5 reward for ~t
the arrest or conviction of the parties I
who pnt pepper on the stove the other
Mr. Barnes, the man mining from
Barneaville.haa relatives here. Mr. Barnes
formerly bad a grocery etorehere, moving *
from here to Barneaville.
Col. David Rankin got canght in a part ^
of the blizzard out in Nebraska, bnt did
not lose any stock. The Colonel will be
homo the laat of the month. |(
Mr. J. T. Rankin, private secretary of at
Thomas Dickson, Engineer and Mainte* b
nance of Way man, of the Pennsylvania
Company, was in the city yesterday.
T. W. Emerson was married Wednes- =
day night to Miss Maggie Lochary, of 8t.
Glairsville, and left on their way to Gin*
cinnati, passing through here yesterday.
The Ionic Lodge, F. and A. M., installation
at the Presbyterian church and the ^
sapper at the Globe hotel was a grand affair.
The mena gotten ap by the Globe 4!
hotel people was vory fine.
Mr. Brownlee, the father-in-law of *
James Wilkinson, with whom he lives, *
fell on the icy sidewalk near William 8im- q<
ran's and broke his.hip. Being a very old
man he will not get over it, so the doctor
MAliTIN'S FKItlftY. ^
Mr. Wm. H. Goes received a hard fall m
Wednesday, sustaining injuries that laid
him up yesterday.
Mr. John Goohey is reported to bs getting
along nicely, and bearing the pain
of his broken limb with great patience. J*
The Black Diamond Minstrels will hold ""
the boards at the Layfaette hall to-morrow
evening. The troupe is composed of
professionals, their programme is the
latest, and one could not find moro enjoyment
than to go and see them. Prices 25
and 35 cents. *
The now Standard Saving and Loan
Building Association held a meeting Wednesday
night and the following directors
were chosen: Messrs. William Ford, M. W
C. Mitchell, M. M. Khoets, W. B. Lewie,
6. W. Gheesell, J. M. Ly tie and Tbomae
Oharleton. Organization was effected and m
the following officers were elected: President,
M. 0. Mitchell; Vice President, J.
M. Lytle; Treasurer, M. R. Smylie; Attorney,
J. 8. Cochran.
A movement is on foot for the organization
of a' volnntoer fire company for the
First ward and the upper portion of the tx
Second. A nnmber of the best men in the ^
city have been enrolled as members, who
will be expectod to be in readiness at all
times to run to a fire. The majority of
the members are all business men who
can be relied on for service at a moment'e
warning, and who will not be hindered
from attending fires by daily labor and J
who are mostly to ba found in the city B0<
after nightfall. Those at the head of the ?pl
volunteers are working hard to have every- jjjj
thing in readiness when the reels arrive, oic
Since this project has been made known 91
it is said a similar company will be or- mJ
ganized in the vicinity of Washington w?
street. The former will probably num- '
ber thirty members, and as soon as
enough are enlisted the company will get de
down to buainees, drawing up rules, regu- *o
latiouB. etc. J
... ^
Bridgeport. NJ
Mr. James Still well, of Omaha, Neb,, Is
the Rtiest ol his brother, Mr, Samuel ,
Stillwell, out the pike. gii
Monday evening the following directors ^
of the Home Ballding Association were dt
chosen: Capt. McOonnanghey, George '
Giffin, Jacob Fox, William Koehnlein,
William Hnklll, James HigginB and John Bo
Porter. At a meeting of the directors J
Wednesday evening the following officers
for the ensuing year were elected: President,
Capt. McOonnanghey; Vico President,
Jacob Fox;8ecrotary,F. 0. Robin- i
eon. The First National Hank was ?*
chosen as the treasury for the Assocla- '
Uon, cb.
Some little excitement waa occasioned c
Wednesday evening In the vicinity oil 111
residence out the pike. It seems that the '
man had been away from home for some m;
time, and on returning Wednesday fonnd (0,
his wife In company with a business man ?
here, and beoamo so enraged that he j
ohoked her until she became bins in the t
faco and otherwise abused her. The Ap
other fellow made good his escape without
injury at the hands ol the infuriated j
A Scaly, Itching, Skin Sltoue with Ji?
Endless Snderlng Cared bj No
Cation ra Itemedlcs. n?
* ???? gflj
If I had known of tbo Cutlcura Reraodlts twenty-elgbt
years sgo it would havosarod mo *200 00
(two hundred dollars) and an Immense amount of
suff-rln*. Mydlscasn (Psorla?ls) commoncod on
my ncad In a spot not larger than a cent It spread u
rapidly all ovor my body and got under my nails, n
Tbo scales would drop off of mo all the time, and n
my suffering wm endless, and without relief. Ono n
thousaud dollars would not tempt me to bare this n
dlscaso over srolu. I am a poor man, bnt fcol rich j*
to be relieved of wbat some of tho doctors ssld &
was leprosy, some ring-worm, psoriasis, eta, I a
took ? and ? Barsaparillas over one year and j?
and a half, but no euro. I went to two or three ?:
doctor* and 00 euro. 1 cannot praise the Cutlcura
Remedies too much. Tbey have made my skin as ?1
clear and free from soales as a baby V. All 1 used ?
of them wu throe boxes of Cutlcura and three
tattles of Ontlcnra Resolvent, and two cakes of
Cutlcura Soap. If you had been here and said you
would have cured me for I2Q0 00 you would have
bad the money. ! looked like tho ploture In your A
book of Psoriasis (picture number two "How to (1
Curo skin Diseases"), but now 1 am as clear as any \ V
person ever wu. Through foroeof habit I rub my \s
hands over my arms ana legs to scratch once In a
while, but to no purpose. 1 am' all well. 1
scratched twenty-eight years, and It got to be a
kind of seoond nature to me. I thank yon a thouisnd
times Anytnlog more that you want to
know write me. or sny one who reads this may
write to me and 1 will answer It /s
Watirbuby, Vt., Jan. 20,1887. *1
Psoriasis, Kczoma, Tetter, Ringworm, Lichen.
Pruritus. Hcall Hoad, HUk Crust. Dandruff, Bar*
tors', Bskers', Grooors' and Waaherwoman'a Itch, *"
md fiverj speolcs of Itching. Burning. Scaly, ??
dimply Humor* of the Bkln and Scalp and Blood,
with Loss of Hair, are positively cured by Cutlcura,
he groat tkln Care, and Cutlcura Soap, an ezlulsit*
Skin beau tiller externally, and Cutlcura
Maolvent, the new Blood Purifier Internally, when Pt
jhyslclans and all other remedies fall.
Sold everywhere. Prloe, Cutlcura, 50e.; Soap,
Sc.: Boiolvent.il. Prepared bvthe Potter Drue
ind cberalcal do., Boaton, Slut.
?V8eod for "How to Can Skin Diteuet," 64
Mges, 60 Illustration!, anl 100 testimonials. ^],
)|U PLE-J, black heada. chapped' and oily akin
Im prereuiod by iraticura Medio*tod Soap.
i ML . In <>Qfl mlnnte tho Cutlcnra Any.
I ^ Vk Patn Plaater rellerw BUettwatfc, 8cl- ..Tr,
f ?^^atln, Bidden, dnkrp, and Morons
" Palm, Btralna and Weakneaa, The cm?*
Int and only paln*kllllng Plaster, ttoenta.
JU-WMW dan
fm i
Absolutely Pure.
tan the ordinary klnd?. and cannot bo y>Id In
jmpotltlon with tho m altitude o! low teiMjort
right alum or phcwphale powden. t$d mdvjn
MM. Box XL BJJU110 FOWSSB OO.. 106 WUlMM??
kw York __zmzz?zU&2*
JtUAt. ftOXiC -KB.
We hare tills day admitted Mr. E. M. BROWN ?
partner. !
Janpaby 1,18S3. la!9
^otioe. 1
QulnuA Wood, tbo Island Grocers, bavo dia-j
>1 ved partnership, Mr. Wood retiring. Mr. Qulnn
111 oontlnuing, will pay all debts and oollect all
till of tho old firm.
dranted-a middle-aged man.
t f Flnt-clau rofcreuco required. 1027 Main
reet. ja!9?
[i7anted-a hustler?to such
IT a man good wagos. Good reference reaired.
1027 Main atrcet Jala*
[ nfokmation wanted!
Any person having any definite cine to the men
ho shot Oillcer Glum on buodiiy morning 1? reK-sted
to commuuicato with the uuder?ljraed.
II information of valno will be liberally paid for
id the Informant will not be given atcay. Tho
igaieokwuo IU?J uuui n?t?? 'wus
Jylfl Look Box 38, City P. O.
The Names, Bank and Poatoffloe address of all
embers of the late
UteTentli W. Va. Tol. Infantry.
8oo'y Boclety Sevonth W. Va, Vol. Infantry.
8-p*v Monndsylllfl. Murhsll (Sonnt^. W Vs.
No. 2601 Woods street, 8 rooms, 87 00 a month.
No. 2607 Woods street, 8 rooms. |7 00 a month.
No. 26?8 Alloy H, 89 00 a mouth.
No. jo Twenty-fourth stroot. 815 a month.
No. 1037 Market street, store-room and collar,
i 00 a month.
No. 2840 Main street, with natural gas, lie 66 a
S'o 84 Twenty-sixth street. 89 00 a montn.
No. 21 Thirty-third street, S > CO a month.
No. 19 Thlrtv-ihlrd ktroet. 010 00 a month.
S'o. 1719 Eotf street, 812 00 a month.
No. 130 Fourteenth si*eet, 815 00 a month.
Mo. 85 Sixteenth street, 831 88 a month.
Mo 179 Alley 18,89 00 a month.
S'o 2338 Main street, 816 66 a month.
S'o 2i20 Main street, formerly a saloon and
ardlus; house, 815 00 a month.
Mo. 2102 Main street, business houso and dwell1,825
00 a month.
L5 Acre# Land on hill cut from Twenty-ninth
ect and Kott, dlutant one milu and a quarter; a
od frame hou*v, good cellar nnd well, and
lendid orchard of apple*, plums, pears and
Juoefl Unliable for market gardening. Rents
1200 per annum. Can bo bought if contract li
Med within 80 day lrom da to at 12,000. Terms
200 cash, ba'anco lu four equal auuual paysnt*.
with interest payablo annually.
Mo 8"J Fourteenth meet, 8 rooms, itablo and
ish-ronm, ground 80 feet front.
So. 180 aud 182 Eighteenth street, a Double Brick,
sund a half lot; prioo, |1,MX).
So. 212b Market street, a large desirable restnco.
Qround a full lot, fronting 66 feet on Mar*
t street. Price 19,000.
So. 2336, No. 2388 aud No. 2*40 Main street, 10
r cent Investment, ean be bought for IG.0U0.
Building or manufacturing site north side of 1
neteenth street, east of Woods street, <16 60 a
int foot
Lot south of House No. 2802 Eoff street, 81,000.
3round 25 foet front oast of house No, 92 Vlrlia
stroet, |C60
2 Acres of Land and a desirablo residence at
ech Bottom, valued at 16,500; will exchaugo for
*o?18i)Twelfth street; ground a full lot. i
al Estate Agent, D. 8. reunion and Claim At*
orney, collector and Notary Public. Jal8
L Deslrablo Besldenoo on South Penn street, 8
>ra? with all modern Improvements. Lot 7bxl20. ,
co reasonable.
Modern 7 Boomed Houm, 27 Bouth York itreet,
5ood 6 Boomed Brick Houm, comer Wood and
lrty-eighth ttroeli. Pay u an investment.
I Splendid Farm near Mt Pleaaant, Ohio, eight
lea from Wheeling.
even Boomed Houm on North Front itreet; lot
ilx Boomed Houm on North York atroet
lulldlog Lota.
>welllng Houaea and Store Booma (or rent from
rli 1.
Beal Fit*to Agent, 1880 Main St.
p*? m0xt1i.
. 76 North Front itreet, 10 roo ma 4 29 17
. 1519 Chapllne street, 8 room* 87 BO
. 126% Fourteenth itreet 6 roomi - 20 00
. 2624 'hapllno itreet, 6 rooma ,>. 16 67
. 2309 EolT atreet, 6 fooran .. 15 00
. 122 FUteenth itreet, 7 roomi 22 92 1
. 1401 Chapllne itreet, 18 rooma 60 00
, 122 Seventeenth itreet, 2 rooma, 2d floor. 6 00
Uh Wabaah atreet, 6 rooma 10 00 :
0. 76 North Front atreet two-atory frame,
[o. 186 North Front itreet IS rcoma.
u. iu ruicuuiii nuiwii i nnJiun.
o. 21 Booth Huron fttreet, for 11,100.
o. 112 Coal street, for ICOO.
o. 122 Uevonteenth Btrcet, 8 rooms, for f2.C0Q.
rath Wabuh street, 6 rooms, |i.3'0.
pply to W. H. KIN RH ART, 1
tig im Market Htreet
jPSf Call and see the
OVER 5,000 PAIRS, REill
Will close regardless of value
cing. One week only.
jamks divine. ]
f."1 '""j* thU wonierfal Door Hit; bdlm
MS ENQINW-One 8x31; one 8*22- iVn i?
oue ?K*12; two7x12: tbrw Gxtf. Ad&i?I J*8,
on ttO. HABE, 2812 Eoff itreet. ^aa'*?i
20 Bharts Benwood Nail Mill.
21 Bharei Warwick China '"ompany
90 Bhartfl Ohio Valler Bank.
10 Sharea Junction Nail Mill.
Also a very deorabla Brick Evident*. *ft
Chapllne itreet, with lot adjolnlui. Thi, I.? B1
bargain on eaijr term*. ",r^
Telephone, I. IRWIN. Atflll
3*1* No-24 Twdfuffl^
Ohio county farm fokhaiT"
Pituated abont 11 miles from Whffiin. ,r?*
miles aoutbeaat of Wot Ubertjr.conuintnt lLSl
more or Jem on which to a ?ub.tanuli iffi
Hoiue and other outbuildlnw Thii u one c(^e
mo? vaiumDio iirmi iu uiecounty aud WU1 jr?
cheap and onreuouabie terma. For furthering
matlon call on or addroaa Jo?eph Harrey on',?'
premlaea, or HIkAM YuOnk
delfrww Reel Katate Agent, Wheellu. w v,
Situated 2X mUe? aoothwect of 8i uuinniu
oontainlng 185 acre* of choioo Und. on Vhft
there li a good twMtonr brick dwelling tun
atory fiame dwelling; boat barn in lk'Iiaont om?
ty. atabl*, wagon aheda, corn orlba ami tn Jg
ary ontbulldluga. An abundance of fruiiT?;
klnda;three good apple orchard*, a jood bS
orchard. phmty of water at ail tlmn. ThiTiiVli
of the best itock farmi tn Uelmost count* fS
can be divided to make two good farmi *nn2
old cheap and on eaay terma. Kor i?fUctii??
call on or addreea. R T. HOftKLL^1
Beal Katato and inaaranoe Avvat
oca* Bainon-t)^ o
(21) Twentj-tonr Lotj In CtldweU'iu
dition to the City ol Wheeling,
Said lota are bounded on the north by iw.
ninth atreet, on the ea*t by Fillmore itrtec ontZi
south by the Handlan Homeafcad. and cu
by the B. A O. K. R.
Their proximity to the aboro uemed raw
rood era them exoeUeut el ax for xnanuUcturiai?
If not aold In thirty dayi wiU be told at pnbiie
auction. *
For term* and further Information apply to
anl* 8. W. cvminr ''hanHtiP A ^ti'ixnth f>u
79 South Penn atreet, Ialar.d. 1 oration
MM IT P I'AMPMV!. .,"!?/
itract, <?ntro Wheeling j j$|*
or rent-a brick dwelling
containing alx room*, altnatcd on Zihcitrm.
laland Kent reaionablo to good tenant. jdqDi?
of J. ADAM-*, at roatofllce.
Hoqva, 928 Malu lUcot, at pre<eut occutlrf
by Mm. llenry Horkbeiicer. kmcuiuu afro
April 1. App y to k. o. dalzkll stu
For rent? four rooms is
Moond-ftory, aiao Aniahed attic, natural aad
Illuminating gaa, water and laoderucouYeniMicn.
Fourteenth atreot. Knqulrc on prcmlMi*. lm
No. 1118 chapllne itreet, formerly occupiedb?
Dr. Dlckoy. Po?*%iou giten at once if deai'wL
WM. L. Mci'HAiL
dc8 1806 Market 'trett.
For rent?a fine two'htoky
Btlck Houae, No. 90 Sixteenth Urect containing
tcu rooma and ba!,h room: natural tu,
hot and cold water. In good xepalr. am.1t w
IHR19. FLOrO. ji7
For rent-hanover hotel,
Martln'a Kerry, Ohio; 29 rnoma; natural tu
and water in building. Foamlon given April i.
l enna modoratc. For informal ion call on or ad*
droaa. K. C. BOYD, Mart'U'a Ferry, O. jali tuir*
For rent-the desirable new
Dwelling Uotue, 1116 Chanllne atrcet, at pwcnt
occupied ny John B. MoLala; naturalgu.hot
and oold water throughout; all modern conre
nlencoa. Enquire of W. t. BiCllMAN, >o a
Eleventh atroot. jali
jjlor rent.
The room occupied by Vanco, Hughes Shoe Co.
Possession glrcn April 1,1883.
w. d, johnson,
jmi uiu aiiuu omcfa
For Rent, For Rent.
FOUB Largo Dwelling*, modem Improvement
TWO Store BoomH, with dwellings attachod.
A number of Offloos ind Lodging Kootni.
Several dmall Uousts. Knnulreof
Jag H. FORBK-j, llfil'lispllnoBt.
Dwelling Home No. 1102 Chapllno street, 15
rooms, natural gas, hot and cold water and bath
room. PoMeaalon given April 1,1888. Apply to
ZANK ?fc 8TALNAKER, Agent*
Ja7 85 Twelfth Street.
Dwelling House 2318 Main Street,
Possession given April, 1, 1888. Apply to
ja5 85 Twelfth Btreet
The 8tore-room, No. M Twelfth street, In Wsihlngton
Hall Building) now ocouplod by Wm. E.
Bhelb. Fosseaalon given April 1,1888.
SecreUry Washington Hull Aaaorlatlon,
Ja4 1209 Main .Street
A New Throoitory BuslncaiHouio, 100 feet deep,
lo be erocted at JC67 Alain street. I! lct*cd no*
the renter'! vlewa coald bo consult*! regardlec
plan of building to be erected.
A largo atore-room under the Arlon Ball.
Four desirable rooms, on flrat floor, Ml Mtlnit
Throe large vault* and one Urge room. 25 by ICO
feet, In tho old Smith Brewery property, comer
icventeenth aud ChspllneitrocU.
The north halt of a two-?tory frame, no 72b,
nioolv located, only 17 per raoutn, in fur rent now.
A fine roatdence on Ctaapliuo street
Jal8 European dteamahlp Aw ut*.
Most Elegant Offices in tlie City
It being tho purpose of the Ohio Valley Uie
Company to remove Its office and principal place
if buslnou to the 01 ty of Washington, I). C., abont
ihe 1st of March, 1888, tho olegant ollloes occupied
by tho company In the Rellly Block, corner of
Market and Fourteenth atroots, are for rent. The**?
)ffioes aro undoubtedly tho best 1b tho city.
Persona desiring to rent will call at the conzany's
office, Bollly Block,
jaU President.
Louisiana Stale lsiQfl?
Bh- 1% T
not bvon fortunmtn rlBowhprr. try roe furschMt:*.
V*oUo? litU (?pw. JIK. 11. W1LSOX, COTlfigton,& J.
ben Ton ire Wide iwako
i Latest Novelties in Jewelry on
a at the Jewelry Store oi
Twelfth ani Market Streets.
, preparatory to January stock
H07 Main Street.
nothln* until jrou try IL One parchMer writ*n
n*v? not a homo In the land would be wltoooi
loi." Bend for circular.
W. CAUOHKY, General Agent,
?? fifth ATtnueJltukoiili, 1%

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