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I? ? 11 'J
Th? IMiinorcrjr of the ('uu<? of Moat Uu?
timely l>mLli* thnt Came upou
th? Community.
Thsoflciftl return* of the City of Sow fork show
that Liui; thrct fiurths of all ?lestba are from
consumption. When ws atop to caliuJy think oter
thia fact. It is really awful. And yat tvery caas
without exception aUrted from email beginnings.
A cough in tha morning; tickling in the throat:
A thick phlcgmy discharge; chllliu??s at night;
difficult breathing; a tightness acrosa tha choat; 1
thaaa and many mora symptoms indicate thsprss nesof
that terrible dlsuaao which, nolcM checked.
meaaa certain death with long *"u pu.-.
In rlew of auch eerioua and aver-preaent fact*
tho atiggeatlone and advice of tbe moat eminent
pbyalcun* are of the greateet value.
Dr. John Gardner, one of the moat eminent physician
a In Londoo. aaya: ?8cieuce. common aenae.
Holy Bcripturoa and all experlenco toatify to tut
benefit*derived from the uaa of pure whlakey.
Dr. 1>. U. lUrkcr aaya: " I have q^t-d and ??mIliad
Duffy'* lT.ro Malt WhUkey, *nd find It the
b#at 1 ever trlrd."
Dr. H. M. Buckwslter naye: "Duffy'a tore Malt
Wblnkoy 1*. without doubt. the invaiid'e dlink when
stimulant* arc ludl>ai< d. and I find all chronic
raaoa require timuUut*, and ? Urge pcrceutof
tho acute onea al?o."
Theaa truth?.from the llpa of the leading adentlflo
men of the day. and cou firmed hy the experience
of men and wumen well kuuwn In the community
should aerve aa a puiJo for aU who ft-el th?- ap>
proarh of consumption no matter by what path II
may come. Ws do not haaltat* to aaaert that any
man or women who will une Duffy'a Puro Malt
Whlakey according to direction* ran defy couaurap*
Uon ami prolong life with all It* bluaaUup.
oxu M, HNOOK da CO,
Still continues to draw crowds
ol buyers daily. Not a Cloak
of any kind in stock but whal
has been reduced from 25 to 5c
per cent.
And Odds 0/ all kinds, at
prices that sell them quickly.
New Embroideries,
White Goods, and many other
Goods for early spring trade
arriving daily.
gSg=?Over 1,000 Exclusive
Patterns of Embroideries now
in stock.
lllO >1 JXill (St.
OPK11A OI.A88K8.
> We liare tlie
line ol
III';; .^..^iliVpera Masses
jlisii I) oV" (lseT?r placed 011
M>7? y.Oll exhibition In
lnSS^emr tj? city or
KS f>fc; Wheeling.
" Cor. Twelith tad Wirlct Bticeti
On 1.1
@Jb SwMIijmm;
Ult|?ii)i Nua. 153 and 217 Fourteenth HtrnoJ.
New Advertisement!.
TToion District?Republican Meeting.
Decorated Tea and Dinner Ware-Hiring Bros,
bpecial Notico-Pcun Mutual Building Auoclatlon.
Information Wanted?C. R. Tracy.
AMlgDfti'a Halo of Plumbing, Gas and Steam
Fitting Shop.
l'ublic Auction of Groccrica.
What Choi Need?Oliver Diuon dt Co.
Raro Opportunity for Hhoo Duycra?Ja*. DivineFourth
SPECIAL li.u gains In Fur and Veaver
Orercoatingsand lifary weight Baitings,
nude up la first-data style. Mnniers,
Ulores and Hoavjr Underwear at cost.
Just received, another inrolce or our
minliratcd Knit Jackets and oar Popular
60 cent White Shirt.
Son. 1821 & 132!! Xarket Sts.
Thermometer Ueoord.
The thermometer at Scbnepf's drag
atore, Opera rioaae corner, yesterday, registered
ae follows:
7 a. ra '155 | 3 p. m...... ?" 8y
y h. m 36 7 p. m .. N
12 m 138 | Weather?Cloudy.
Wahhihgtoit, D. 0., Feb. 2.?For West
Virginia, slightly warmer, fair weather,
light northoaat to southeast winds.
For Western Pennsylvania, fair weather,
slight changes in temperature, light variabio
winda, ahifting to easterly.
Mm-rlnge Llcenaea Iaaaod.
Clerk llook yostorday leaned marriage
licenses to the following parties:
Joseph J. Johnson,aged 28,a native and
resident of Bridgeport, Harrison county,
W. V?., and Emma Dean, aged 24, a native
and resident of the same place.
David Dntton. sued and Mrs. Mary
rearle, sued 38. botn born in Enrope and
now residing in this city.
C.liU Llal'i Fail Hofhi.
Capt. Charlie List, the well-known
horseman, now has abont twenty-five
head ol trotters and pacers in training near
Caiiii, iianiton connty, Ohio. He has
associated with him in conducting this
fancy stock larm Kan Tipton, a popnlar
driver and trainer. Tipton does nearly all
the trainiug, and baa in the past brought
oat a nnmber of notables. They have a
;i year-old In preparation for next season
that Is expected, by those who know the
blood, to go to the front. Capt. List, it
will bo remembered, made unite a name
on the tnrf aa the owner of Harry Roberta,
.. i unr<>)iBflf>fl for ?500. save him a
? uuron i*" I'vv ? . _
record of 2:20 and then Bold him to a Boo*
ton man for $3,000.
TraDltan Bccordid,
Clerk Hook^resterday admitted to record
too deeda of trust and the following
tranafera of real estate:
Deed made January 26, by I. F. Jones,
trnatee, to David 8. Keed, in consideration
of (700, for one acre of land on the north
aldo of the Onmberland road.
Deed made January 20, by William B.
Buahfield and wife to David 8. Heed, for
the interest of the party of the lirat part
in the property above described; consideration
Deed made Fobrnary 1, by John Oacar
Schenerlein and wife to Beneke A Co., in
consideration of (2,000, for the intereet of
the party of the Bret part in the property
or assets of the firm.
Deed made January 23, by Liuie A.
Trimblo and oihera, to Uharlee W. Jeffers,
in consideration of (1,747 10, for the south '
half of lot SOU, on the weet side of KofT j
afreet, known aa the Trimble property.
Alio by the aald Llaile A. Trimble aa
guardian of Riloh L. Trimble, in conaid- 1
eration of &o2 00, (or aald Kalph'a inter- I
eat in tho Mme property.
?? W?JT5=? Ui *<? ? "?"
th? ?ty.
Opira Hoos* tbia evenlng-Saliie Kin- IP
l?X?i Gkanu tiila evening?"True Irish 01
HeartB." . 1
Tun cltr police force made 83 arreeta In
the month o! January?lem than the av
Four r*crnit? wfrs muttered In at last
night'. meeting ol U.8. Urant Camp, Bona
of Veterana. ol
awe* oreape 1? being put on the bo j
factory bnllding at the corner of Uaif * :
Fourteenth atreete.
Ma Joan-h Hall, U. 8. IV'Am?,
will he at the office of Cl?-,k Mit?he" oI
the Circuit Court, to.d>;y. ltcEel1' 01
Tus County Oor,.mIm]on(>? 7etleritJ
transacted tceir raonthly committee business,
such ai *?.aditing bills.
Gbkv Kaglk Tarns No. 5, Improved Order
of Red Men, wiJi pay a visit to Blaring
Arrow Tribe No. 10, of Benwood, this
Pnor. Mullkn tenders hie pupils a reception
at Germania Hall this evening.
Former pnpila ami friends are invited. It
will be strictly select.
Tukijk is to bo a fall dresa bop at Franz*
beim'a hall to-night In which thirty couple
of well-known society folks will participate.
Kramer ia to furniah the muaic.
"Pkok." Link and his reputed wife were
both fined in the police court yesterday
morning, he on a charge of vagrancy and
, she for appearing on the street at night
for improper purposes.
Tub assignee of Mrs. Margaret Fitton,
the widow of the late Luke Fitton, will
1 to-day offer at public aale the Fitton
I plumbing establishment, at No. 1410 Main
street. The sale will open at 10 a. m.
OrFicstt Bubkk, of Washington, Pa.,
cumedown yesterday morning and recognized
Wheeler, the man arrested Tuesday
, night, fes tho right man, and took him to
Washington on the 1:30 train on tho
B. ft. 0. road.
| A iioksk drawing the huckster wagon
of Philip Knlb ran off on Twelfth street
ycatorday while Mr. Kalb was delivering
goods in Vankeuren's restaurant. The
; animal was stopped before any serious
damage was done.
I.v another column appears an adver
tisement for information concerning the
- ? '?i M? T??u ti ut.:n
IwnerFRoun'B ui UHH .via. uusovu u. UWJIU and
Lor son. It is said that Mrs. Stein or *
hor friends will find it to their advantage
to make herprenence known if she is still 1
in tlie city. *
The Directors of the Standard Fire In- .
surance Company, have re-elected Wil- _
Ham Eilingham", President; Samuel
: George, Vice-President; Charles W. Con- J
nor, Secretary; William F. Graebe, City
Solicitor; Janus P. liogers, Esq.. Counsel >
for the Company. R
Tub Second ward Republican Club will 0
meet this evening in the market house
hull to perfect its organise xtion. The Com- ti
mitlee on PermaneU Organisation will q
make its report, and the moating ought to 0
bo largely attended.. Delegates will be ?
chosen to the State Convention. t
Tjik interest in'the appearance at the ?
Opera House next Monday evening of Mc- tl
Nish, Johnson & Slavin'a minstrel troupe o
of fifty mombeis, indicates that minstrelsy 1
has lost none of its power to charm u
Wheeling people, and that this company
is now, as ever, a prime favorite here. It a
is said to be better than ever. ij
Mu. HknbyKobh, a well-known travel
ing man of this city, met with a serious J
accident near Washington, Pa., night be- *
fore last. The buggy in which he was rj
driving along a country road ran off the ?
road and tumblod down a high bank, c
breaking it to pieces. Mr. Bobb fortu- J
nately escaped with a few sligut injuries. J
Two street gamin made a raid yesterday
afternoon on tho stock of gum boots hung ?
up in front of J. W. Ftrrel's store on Main
street, and were gotting away with some
properly when they were detected and
chaeod. As they ran fchoy dropped their F
plunder and finally escaped among tho
cars on tho Baltimore & Ohio tracks with
only ono boot. pi
Winle the La Belle nail factory fa not tl
working a full force this week, as many ^
machines are in operation as can be supnltori
amount nf nfnol nlntiA nn
Sand. An order for plate has been placed be
with the Riverside Company, and it is ex- ti?
pected that by next Tuesday there will be ri
a supply on hand sufficient to enable the ni
La Belle to go on full force. tfc
Tiik Cleveland, Loraine & Wheeling m
Railroad Company yesterday connected m
their road with the Baltimore & Ohio b<
Company's tracks at Bellaire. The former pi
company has purchased real estato from A
the Baltimore & Ohio tracks to the present R
terminus of the Cleveland, Loraine & m
Wheeling at Noble street, and will imme- ef
diately push their extension to the Balti- of
more & Ohio connection.
I Tuxsday night Tom Coffey and Yank
Kenney had a lively scrapping match in
the Sixth ward. Mike Clark interfered T0
and Coffey turning his attention solely to
him they had an interesting bout. Kenney
took this cccaeion to slip away, having
had enough. Yesterday Coffey and ,
Clark were before Justice Manion, and ae
Coffey was fined $5 and costs and put on* ,
der bond of 150 to keep the peace for six J>
months. The case against Clark was dis- aE
missed, it appearing that ho had merely ,
tried to quell a disturbance, and, as is m
often the case with peacemakers, got the 0T
worst of it. 0V
A .Splendid Itocoptlou Given by Mr. and
Aire, Joseph Speldel.
An elegant reception waa given last
night by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Speldel, at
their charming home on Ohapline street, ca
complimentary to- their gnest, Misa Grace *
Kelly, of Birneaville. The parlors and y'
corridors which were tastefully decorated Ft
for the event, were thronged with a large In
nnmbsr of people prominent in both old
and young social circles. There was
dancing, for which Kramer famished the
music, and refreshments were served.
Mis. Speidei in receiving was assisted by ?0
her charming gnest, and the welcome fic
these ladies extended to the gnests of the n
evening was a most gracious one. The occasion
was a very enjoyable one throughout
and the memory of it wiii linger with .
those who were there for seasons to come.
\ Dlapate llstwenn Contractor* and the T?
fcuperlnUnrinnt. pl(
There wan some trouble at the Monnds- th
ville penitentiary yeatarday, between the f'r
Superintendent and the contractors. So c9;
lit aa can be learned It waa about aa Xol- pe
lows: It 10 the custom ol Superintendent ws
Roberlson to select the prisoners for M'
the respective shops each morning and
send them to the contractors. Bat it 1
seems that oi late some ol the men have m<
not been satisfactory to ths contractors, m<
and yesterday they refused to receive Tfc
them. Mr. Robertson vonld not counter- Hi
mand his orders, and aa a consequence all rn:
the works were idle the whole day. What an
will be done in the matter to-day is not ha
known, but it is thought everything will m<
be satisfactorily arranged. els
The Klver. mi
The nauga oa the levee it daek lut
evening inJlcatod a depth In the channel
of 10 feet, and the river wu rising slowly. 1
Abont Sleet of thin stage waa backwater ?>
forced back by the lea gorges below.
Early yesierday morning the iee let go
below and moved n short diatance, which
left a clear snaco from pat below the Km
pension bridge to below the creek. Laat to
evening the iuo abovo hosened and came Ul
down, but gorged on that found below tbo
creek anil rg?tn filled the open apace in
front of tho levee. The ica ia so rotten To
dow that evnn were it to go ont with a sto
rush, ilia doubtful if much damage would
be dona. no
?? aed
"Lawh grind tho poor, and rich men wil
ale the laws." Bat let us be thankful Co.
hat any poor sufferer can bay with only Me
!5 cents a bottle of Salvation Oil. ' Ms
[ the lUrarald* VoUpMjr UaMr
ii. K. of L. 8c*l?-Th? > K BlK?d
M?u Objcct to It .mmlgmmmUd
Att?ad*d X*' - Hold ? Lvply
.dog to Uonaldor It*
i. jiu largely attended meeting
jiembers of the Amalgamated Aaaociaion,
held yeeterday at St. George'e hall,
a Kellly'e building, to consider what acion
ahoold ba taken in view ol the aiim
ng by the Riverside Company of the
eile for ita steel plint and plate mill, pre>are4
and presented by the Knights of
jibor. Nothing definite waa decided on,
mt the mooting ia said to have been a
rery interesting and Important one.
As soon as it was learned Tuesday night
hat the company had signed the K. of L.
cale, a call was sent oat for a meeting of
llverside Lodge, composed almost entirey
of men that have been employed In the
flveraide'a works at Benwood, and a dislatch
waa sent to Secretary William Marin
at Pittsburgh asking him to be presint.
He came down yesterday morning,
nd with Mr, Dennis O'Luary, of this city,
flee President of the order for this disrict,
was prssent at yesterday's meeting,
vhlch was called to order early in the
ifternoon and continued in session nntil
liter dark. Of coarse it was a secret
nsetlng. The informstion given ont,
lowever, is to the effect that the scale
is signed by the Riveralde Company and
he scale prepared and adopted by tbo
Amalgamated Association for like work
vere carefully compared, and it la said
hat in taking all the departments together
and computing the wages paid per
00 tons, a difference ol $6 waa found, the
iinghts of Labor ecale being that much
inder that of the Amalgamation. A commute
waa appointed to wait on Manager
iearne to-day and ask that the Amalganatlon's
scale bo substituted for that aleady
For the past two yeais the Riverside
iteel plant and plate mill have been operited
under a K. of L. scale. The comiiuiy'B
representatives say that ths scale
<i presented this year was in a number of
nstancee higher than that of last year,
rat that in a conference it was somewhat
uodlfied but still remains higher. The
Amalgamation authorities say that while
he scale algned may be higher in some
natanceaitia mostly raiaei at a sacrmco
(wages paid in other department* of tho
ilant or plate mill. These latter in refering
to the K. of L. scale under which the
tiverside waa operated last year say that
& was from $7 to $S 50 lower in the aggrente,
per 100 tons, than what was paid in
therlike concerns.
The scale signed calls for eighty-two
nnnage men, to bo worked on double turn.
If these eighty-two the Amalgamation
fllcials say that only about fifty are
Lnights, and that of this number between
wenty and thirty say positively that they
rill not work under the scale signed by
tie Riverside people. With the works
ii full, about 300 hands are employed,
'he Riverside Company proposes to start
p Monday morning.
Yesterday's mooting was attended by
bout one hundred and fifty, there being
a addition to the members of the Lodge
number belonging to the nailers' lodge.
Vhat tho outcome will be in case the
tiverside Company refo6es to fpant tho
equest to be made, is an interesting queaion.
The committee is instructed to acBpt
no compromise. The nailers aro
iking a decided interest in the matter,
he Amalgamated Association as is well
nown has recently been greatly strengthened
by recruits from the ranks of the
armed In the First Wont liut Eveulug?Offl- (
cere Elected.
A meeting of citizens living in the upper |
Drtion of tho city was held last evening at f
le rooms of the North End Literary and J
thlotic Society,for the purpose of forming ]
i Amendmont League?an organization 1
ich as was recommended by the conven- 1
an recently held here in the Capital j
nt;one that shall be non-partisan and t
3n-sectarian, having for its only object .
ie carrying of the Prohibitory Amend- .
ent. There were present at last night's .
eetmg prominent representatives ol
>ih the old partioa and those who are
ononnced Third Party men. Mr. W.
. Wilson called the meeting to order and
av. M. F. Dry den stated the objeot of the
eeting. A permanent organization was
rectea by the election ol the following
Beers and committees:
President?G. B. Jones.
First Vice President?J. M. Arburlhnot.
Second Vice President?N, 0. Hamiln.
Third Vice President?Ed Rogers.
Secretary?T. H. Jobob.
Treasurer?Henry K. List.
Executive Committee?Rev. M. F. Dryin
and A. G. Harrell.
Finance Committee?E. H. Deiters, C.
Rawling, R C. Dalzell, Charles Noblo
id Harry 0. Connelly.
The name to be chosen will probably be
e North End Amendment League. The
ganintion will meet again next Monday a
ening at the same place.
' , 0
iDgreulonal Committee Called to Meet a
Here February 10, i;
Capt. 0. B, Smith, ot Parkersbnrg, t
airman ot the Fourth District Bepubli- *
n Oongraeaionai Committee, has issued ,
call to hij committee requesting its h
Bmbers to meet in special eeesion at the I
cLare Uonse in this city Wednesday, e
ibruary 16th, at 1 o'clock, and urges a h
II attendance. All the Republican Con- t!
eeslonal committees in the State, except 3
at ot the Third district, hare now been v
lied to meet here dnring the coming n
ate League convention. As the time ri
aws near the evidencencea that there is
ing to be a vonderlnl tnrnont ot Kepnbans
bom all over the State, multiply,
will be a meeting well worth attending.
aam. hid too,
Ibis pretty yonng star opens at the
>era House this evening an engagement d
three nights and a matinee. Reserved n
its are on sale at Banmer's mnsic store,
le York, Pa,, Dailytijt: "Miss Hinton's R
sasing and modeet manner ol presenting J:
e different characters she takes is dee- i\
led to make her very popular to the
eatre-going public. Uer singing is exllent
and the pieces well selected, es- ?
clally that ol 'Rack-a by Baby,' which S
is rendered with good effect, receiving !>
feral hearty encores." 5J
At (he Grand.
"A Checkered Life" cloeed an engagemt
at the Grand last night which was
ire successful than it merits warranted,
ila evening HcOarty's Trne Irish
aarte" opens an engagement which is to
n till Saturday night. This company
d nlav are hichly sooken of wham th.v
ve been smb. ud so doubt they will
>et with the nine success here the j have n
awhere. They come here direct from v.
dluapolis on special train, ud carry
ich special scenery.
mil Yokaa Malt Walk. jj
Mr. Clarence Fleming, boalneee manager t,
Mies Koelna Vokea, la In the city. Hies u
ikea and her famoua English company v
II appear at the Opera Hoaae next
eeday ud Wednesday evenings, Febiry
7 and 8. lie engagement promisee
be a fashionable occurrence in dramatic cl
i eoclal circles so
Uelng More PleaMnt
the taste, more acceptable to the
macb, ud mora truly beneficial In Its
ion, the famous California liquid fruit
aedy, Syrup of Fins, is rapidly superlug
all others. Try it One bottle
1 prove its merits. Bold by Logan &
, Anton P. Hees, R. B. Burt and 0.
nkemeller. At Bellalre, by U. N.
rper. th
rHjcvriijfr* =
u SUliUKnt of th? Kicalpte nod ?xp?ai*i
on It* Account.
Tho following itatement of the Wheeling
Ho?piUl and Orphan Aeylam for the
year 1887 wu eabmittod to the stockholders'
meeting, held yeeterdiy at the reel*
desce of Biihop Kain:
Board of Patlenta 18,021 C2
Moird of Orpbina, rlrli 618 40
Donatlona lb cub during ibe year 426 25
Dona'iona. merrhaudlae, during the jear... 7 f 0
Received for dru??~ 191 M
Tulllou from r-hool? 196 18
Chtpel collections bb 62
Keceited from poor box 16 73
Estate at Her. Fithtir \v*1ut? ilmwd 4w M
Ht Viooenu. o. Association, dty....~~.... 147 00
Dlooeaan October collection* Gtf 06
Christmas donation* In ca*h ~ ....... xa 75
Christmas donaious In merchandise-^.^. 175 42
Becelved lor rags...... - 4 Ofi
Total 96,278 25
Amount ol debt January 1,1287? .......J 428 84
Cash paid for irrocerlf sand provisions. 1,618 1!
Meat 1757 21, flour 147 05 906 01
Milk 1442 84: loe 86'i 65 606 48
Natural gas fuol 8135 00; wood ft 00.. .. 1?9 OC
Drags $?218; books an4 stationary 120 41... 272 U
Dry goods f ton 85; shoes 1143 G5 433 OC
Bepiira and improvements. ? 662 71
Paid for labor...... 100 Ci
Car (aru $37 KC: expressage tlO 10_ 47 W
Insuranco 192 50; printing 8J165 124 12
Balary of Chaplain 100 0C
Salary of teachers. 100 OC
Bervlccfcof tilstera. 600 0C
Donations In merchandise 176 43
Cash balance... ? 166 21
Total 16,278 2!
The balance ($828 45) das lor extraordinary
improvement* made in 1880, wai
liquidated br amount received from ratlle
of Father Walters' watch (1742 76) to
which were added $85 70 ont of receipt!
Irom estate of Bev. Father Walters.
The following first financial report ol
St John's Home lor Boys?Annex of the
Wheeling Hospital and Orph*n Asylumwas
also submitted:
('ash donations for general improvements-^ 679 0C
From Bruce estate 1,350 83
?1,V? 33
Cash donttfons .......4 128 iw
Board of boya 29 0C
Poor box......... 8 5C
Christmas donations In caih 179 63
Chrfotmaa donations In merchandise 60 it
From Bruoe estate... 199 M
Total ..? 699 &J
Grand total 2,434 ?
Paid for addition and improvements 41,562 40
Paid for furniture -? - 372 93
1,935 33
Groceries and provision* - - 124 86
Dry good* and ihoc?......~..... 143 08
Qutunawaro.....*.......... ? 20 95
Furniture and hardware ? 83 44
Meal, lis 00; drugs, JJu 27 38 27
Labor, S800; carfare, 1155 9 65
Books and stationery. ? S 86
Natural gaa fuel.-.- - 68 50
CbrUtmaa donation* In merchandise CO 00
Balance on band January 1,1883 57 52
Total 4 599 62
Grand total..**. 2,534 96
Besides the chapel furniture kindly do*
nated by a lady of Philadelphia the Sisters
are indebted to the many generous
friends of the orphan boys for various
articles of household furniture aggregating
in value about $280.
The Operation* ut the City Miaaloijary In
the Mouth of January.
The following rdport was submitted to
Rav. Dr. Ounninghatn yenterday:
Bev. Dr. Cunningham, Chairman of GommUtee:
Dear Sir:?Another month's work is
closed. A few cups of cold water carried
here and there to lips that are parched in
the feverish straggle with sorrow and sin;
to lips that have been seeking to quench
their thirst at earth's broken cisterns; to
true hearts and lives Bhut away from
spiritual privileges because of the mother
cares, with no ono to lighten the burden,
or give them a chance to get out&ido of
their own door only once in many weeks.
The highest encouragement we have
bad has come, not so much from what our
9yes have seen, aa from what our faith
bas grasped of the promise, "fie that
joeth forth and weepetb, bearing precious
seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing,
bringing his ehoaves with him."
Where we might have hoped for much we
aave reaped the lesst, and where there
was the least hope of anything wo have
roaped the most. Not only to those who
lever had any hope in Christ have we
}een lending a holping hand, bat also
;ryinjz to "strengthen the things that renain"
among fainting, discouraged, and
rall.nlnli annln wfin nnna
Tore active in Ghriotian life. Some of
hem have started lifo, aa it were anew,
frith the reviving of old hopes, and the
orming of new purposes for Christly livng.
We have been made to rejoice, as in
ormer months,bccause of the salvation and
lope of eternal life that has come to suferers
in their last days; but in each case
t hss been where the illness has been
trolonged; have had but little hopeful
tonversions in cases of sudden or short
ickneeo and quick deaths. Somestran;ors
have come to the city, sickened and
lied unknown to any pastor until sent for
o bury them; and yet through our cot*
age prayer-meetings they have been led
o the savior of pinners and died in peace.
I have made JJ06 visits during the month;
itnong that number I have found many
rho once held connection with some
hurch, but moving here strangers negected
to get a church letter, and are now
ntirelv outside. As I meet these thous,nds
of people who never go to any plict
f worship, Protestant or Catholics, I see
me City Missionary, but of hundreds of
ur Christian people carrying the gospel
nto the homes of those who wonld go into
he chnrches if they could, and of those
rho wouldn't if thov could. A married
roman and mother told me a few days
go that ehe had never been in a church ,
iut twice in her life, could not read the
lible, and had none; no christian had
ver visited her or prayed in ber home. I
lave prayed with 160 of the families; read 1
be Word to 54; gave 100 pages of tracts;
0 religious and temperanco papers; 1
isited 25 sick ones; held 2.cottage prayer ,
leetings; and secured promise of 10 child- '
en for Sunday school.
Lizzik Boyd,
City Missionary,
Wheeling, February 1,1888.
Letter Carriers' Iteport.
The following amount of work was
one by the city letter carriers in the
lonth of January, 1888:
eglstercd letters................. 951
utter* 117,022 I
DStftla 24,422 ]
ipors.. 70,018 ]
Total 213,428 I
rop letter* 13,315
all letters -1W.8M
rop postal*. 5.3J6
all postals .a 18,802 <
?pers 13,S7C
Total., 151 gjjj
Total pieces handled........ 865.809
Increase overJanuaiy, lto7 43,276
l. h. Aluright,
Superintendent ol Oarriera.
tjfrup of rill
1 Natare'e own true laxative. It la the
1 oat easily taken, and the moet effective
imedy known to clenae the system when
illons or coetlvo; to dispel headaches,
ilda, and (even; to care habitual conipation,
indigestion, piioe, etc Manniotured
only, by the California Fig Syrnp
ompany, Ban Franclaoo, Oal. Sold by
ogan 4 Co., Anton P. Ueea, It B. Bart
id 0. Menkemeller. At Bellalra by M.
. Mercer.
Writing Machines.
List of writing machinee taken in exlange
{or the New Caligrapb. Will be
Id cheap. Address Edward L Rose & Co.
One No. 2 Caligrapb, price $60.
One No. 1' Caligrapb, price $40. a
One No. 1 Caligrapb, price $30.; tl
One Hall (new), price $30. b
One Orandall (new), price $00. i<
One Orandall, price $30. J
One No. 2 Remington, price $50.
One No. 2 Remington, price $40.
Darlington's Pittsburgh Cream Ale, ii
e lineet in the land, at Booth'! Phconlx. :
Two Btuloau Hn Who Vttor a Protective
Tariff for Morel BMHu-Kall Mahlog
a tka Faellle CuaeL? Whj KaliaidlH
(Jan be Made la thla Country.
Mr. 0. W. Wright, ol San Kranciaco,
and his brother, Mr. A. A. Wright, ol New
York Oity, are at the McLtxre hooae. The
former ia general agent ol the Pacific Iron
and Nail Company, wkoeo mills are at
Oakland, where many old Wheeling men
are employed. Hia brother repreaenta the
American branch house ol Alfred Shrimpton
& Bona, ol Beddlch, England, manufacturer!
ol needles.'
It is eeldoai one meets two as diverse
interests represented in as widely separated
sections by two brothers. Yet the
Meesrs. Wright agree on ono point in
which a wide differenco of opinion might
be suspected to exist?both favor a protective
Said Mr.0. W.Wright: "Fromaselfieh
point of view, I wonld be for free trade.
We import oar coal from Australia, onr
iron?all old rails ana the like?from
Asia and Europe. Bat while free trade
would make the forty tons of coal we use
a day cost less and reduce other raw ma*
terial, I realise that thero is more weighty
reason I should favor protection. California
is for protection; our wool growers
could not exist without it.
"The idea that the coat of transportation
from foreign countries is sufficient difference
in our favor is erroneous. We bring
old rails from Bombay at abont $1 50 a
ton. Our chief competition in the Pacific
markets is with nails made in New England
and shipped from New York by
water. Even the Colorado mill cannot
ship into our section by rail. We meet
them at 8alt Lake City. We are not in
the Western Nail Association, but wo psy
wages on a sliding scale?juit now 21
cents with 5 per cent off. We sell all the
nails we make, but have to meet ruinously
)ow prices."
Said Mr. A. A. Wright: "Yes, we approve
the tariff?for a novel business
reason. 1 wish it was 100 per cent advalorem.
We are the only concern in this
country that make oar own needles, and
bo we par doty only on the coat to manufacture.
Others pay on the manufacturers'
profit aa well, bo you see, aa there are no
noedles made in thia country, the higher
the tarilf the greater onr .advantage over
competitors. Why are needles not
made here? Becauae American labor
is too high. Wo sell a needle which
yoa coald not hire a man to count
in .this country for the^jrico at which we
sell the needles. Fact, I assure you. Each
needle goes through eight stages, in each
of which thoro is more or leas hand labor.
Tho wagea paid abroad would astonish
you; for instance, to pay 300 laborers,
some of them skilled men, a week's wages,
it takes but X240?little over $1,000. Still,
outaide of the celfish viow, I leel that protection
is the thing for this country."
Stranger* In tlio City auil WhMilBg Folks
Abroad. '
R. R. Daweo, Eaq., of Marietta, is at the
Mr. W. F, Wagner, a popular Steuben- ,
ville gentleman, was in the city yesterday, i
Lamar O. Powell, Esq., editor of the
Fairmont HYit Virginian, was iu the city
awhile yesterday.
Mr. A. A. King, the well knowrn Cleveland
lithographer, is again in the city calling
on his numerous patrons. He is
registered at the Stamm House.
Mr. Ed. A. Braden, agent of Loder's
"Hilarity" Company is in tho city. Tho
company will hold the boards at the
Grand the first three nights of next week.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Franzheim .
will entertain the Whist Club, of which
they are members, at their pleasant home
on South Front street, Island, to-morrow i
Wilson Beall Naylor, a little son of Mr. 11
and Mrs. John 8. Naylor, entertained his ji
friends at his Island homo Monday afternoon
on the anniversary of his fourth *
Mr. Homer D. Reynolds, the popular J
chief clerk at the Stamm Houso, is confined
to his room by sickness. He is un- a
der a doctor's carc, and will not be able to "
be out for several days to come.
Mr. Charles H. Harding, of Baltimore, ir
is again in the city stopping at the McLure
House. His visits here are always full of
interest to musical circles, as the pleasure ?
of liatuning to his rich bass is usually ex- *
Miss Geneveive Arnold and her sisters,
Misses Maude and Mary, of Weston, were w
at the McLure yesterday on their way to
Mt. de Chants!, where the two younger tt
ladies are attending school. Thoy were H
accompanied by their brother, Mr. P. M.
Arnold. y,
Tho Misses Washington, who have been [J
the guests of Mrs. Sam P. Norton since n
me uouaayB, nave roturnea to tnoir nome
in the Eastern Panhandle of this State. p>
Daring their atay here they have made
many admirers who will hope to seo them m
here again in tho fatare.
Tux enormous sale of Dr. Ball's Ooagh J*
8yrnp has doveloped many new remedies; c
but the people cling to the old reliable, J"
Dr. Bull's Ooagh 8yrap.
Meeting of the Wire Mall A??oclaUon-Ui*
Iron Men and Kellroad Kate*. to
CuirBLASD, 0., Feb. 1.?A meeting of 'B?
the National Association ol Wire Nail hi
Muiafactarera vaa held at the Weddell >!'
House to-day. Nothing Important waa ?,
About a dcisn of the largest mills in the N
country were represented. ?
Incidental to this was equalization of
rite? between tho Pittsburgh district and m
Hocking Valley district, two fields that j!
supply most of the coal for lake
navigation. This question of equalising v.
rates could not be settled and in consequence
the meeting or rather series of
meetings adjourned without reaching any i
valuable results. in
Incidental to this meeting, a commit- 1
tee of the Pig Iron Association,, repre- yc
gentlng thirty-five furnaces west of the w
Allegbenins, met the railr jad men at tho
office of President Newell, of the Lake m
Shore and requested a reduction of rail- < ''
road rates. Tne request waa not granted, ffj
but the furnacemen were advised to secure u
further concessions in the price of coks, :
[ton and ore. th<
DaptAlniot Ferry Uoau Charged wltb llelug
lte?ponalble for the Ioa (Jorge. ~
St. Louts, Feb. 1.?The Rqiublican in a
riee of interviews wltb the captains of the
Missouri Pacific ferry boats, charges these
lien with deliberately forming the great '
ce gorge which threatened a million dol- KI
ars worth of property and destroyed from 1111
100,000 to $100,000 worth. Oharles Zsllar, ??
:iptaln of the Missouri, is reported sa J}]
laying: "Yes, we choked hernp. There mi
?aaa channel about fifty yards wide, and J"
[ went up with the Missouri and Oapt. Joe JJJ
Ssllar took the Pacific np, and we laid ibi
iroadside of the channel. That stopped
he fine ice and, aa it was a cold night, It jjc!
oon closed the opening. We did it elm- cm
>ly to protect oursclvss. If the boats gj
ihovn ns will not come down and >K-] n
:eep this throat clear we will have to close i?u
t Dp and let them take their chascee." lnr
rhe etatementa of the other river men
onfirmed those made by Oapt. Zellar, and s
rhlle It la prondlj admitted that the tbc
Iver waa deliberately gorged, It wag for SJI
elf protection. "Thecaae Gaimply thla," P
aid one, "11 I car. work my way np ?
broogh the ice and make $10,000 by It, <"
at emaah np another boat by itartlng the \
je down on it, I have a right to do it. *"
hat ia marine law." ^
Enftuh hnmnu,
"Colgate 4 Co., the oldeet aoap makere >?
l America, have profited by their long J] ?
i peri ence.?Sanitary Rtcord, tu a cm
1 - JU V/ M?I|( A A.W'
A Utile Ulrl 1? Killed b/ ttvtalluwliig ?tlu
A little girl, Mabol Hatch, the eix-yesrold
daughter of George VST. Hatch, ongaged
aa a traveling salesman for J. B.
Shepherd, and raiding on ttoath York
street, Island, died yesterday forenoon
under the mofat distressing circumstances.
Last Friday evening the child went to a
store and purchased a penny whistle, a
flat tin affair about ss big around as a ail*
ver quarter. On her way home, running
with the whistle in her mouth, it slipped
downlinto her throat.
She reached home in great pain,and Dr.
Meyers was at once summoned. He failed
to extricate the whistle, and though other
physicians were summoned to his assistance,
no good could be accomplished, the
obstruction becoming wedged in the little
one's throat so low down thst no instrument
could reach it. Tracheotomy, or
cutting open the throat from the outade,
was then reeorted to, but equally in vain,
and yesterday after much suffering the
little one died from the effects.
The family have the deepest sympathy
of all their neighbors and acquaintances
in their peculiarly sad kmiction.
Leap Y??r Keceptlon.
The rooms of the Windsor Athletic Society,
in the Eighth ward, were filled last
evening with a merry throng of ladies and
gentlemen. The occaaion wu a leap
ear party given by the ladiee, who have
been entertained in the past by the membera
of the Windsor, complimentary to
those clever gentlemen. KUlmver lorniahed
the mnaic for dancing, which was
the principal amnecment of tho evening.
The ladiee, in addition to the other charming
attentions they paid to tho gentlemen,
provided a nice loncb.
All Borta of Lioal Maws uud Gossip From
th? Olnss City.
Mrs. John Eddy la ou the sick lint.
Frank Lltten U on the alck list.
Judge Dilggi ulka ol moving to thla city to live.
A. C. Hill, of BarnciTllle, was In the city yeaterday.
Mra. Bertie Ogle, of tho Fourth ward, la on tho
alck list.
Ed. C. Wela, of Marietta, la here vialtlng William
Mr. H. Roomer, the dry sooda man, la talked of
for City Troaaurer.
L. P. Brody, of tho American Prcaa Association,
waa bore vcatorday.
There it about 700 cordj of wood ready for nail
kega at tho nail works.
Davii and Archer'* case waa up ycaterday for
aelllog newapapora on Sunday.
The Y'a. meet In tbo lecture room of tho Flrat M.
b. church to-morrow at 7 p. m.
One of Phoenix Prioo'u small boya got a very hard
fall on Guernsey street yesterday.
Mrs. lieorge Komlck took a pleaanro trip down
tho Ohio Valley Kail road yesterday.
A Republican club meeting will be held tomorrow
night In the Flrat ward bono house.
PIstelll. tho Italian coufectloner here, baa gone
io me Wheeling hospital lor treatment lor a poisoned
The follower* of Grover Cleveland have rented
Choral hall for three years, and the Choral Society
will have to vacate.
Clark Pickens, of Scotch Ridge, this county, and
Mlsa Jennie Marlow, were married at tho bride's
residence at Manstteld yesterday.
Misses Laura and Amanda Hill, of Bealsville,
w ere entertained In a royal manner at Mr. and
George Mertt's residence Monday night.
W. W. Chamberlain, of Columbua, transfer
freight agent of the Illinois Central railroad, was
In the city yesterday In tbo interest of his road.
Henry Monheim, a stranger, got in his work on J.
Dnge. 1. Londo and others and obtained goods to
the amount of I10Q, and theu skipped the town,
A boy skating on the river hero near llodefor
Bros,', narrowly cscaped drowning. Tho ice gavo
way and ho went in, but he reaohed shore after a
severe struggle.
The C, L. 61W. Railroad people had a largo gang
jI men at work making connection with the IS. &
3. tracks here yesterday at the extreme north end
jI tho western B. & O. yards.
The meeting of the ladles at tho Globo House ws s
argcly aitended. and coiumlttues were appolnUM 1
rem each ward to arrange for the comiug /sir am.'
cstival. Mrs. Jam?s K. Andorson was api>oluted
;halrman, or President, and Mrs J. A. Gallaher
k-ctetary. Kach ward has a chairman of tho comuittee
and they are requested to meet at tho chairuen's
respective homes on February 3-to-moirow
iepablican Clab?New Savings Cotnpaoy,
Mrs. James A.Gray is visiting friends in Port*
Kx-Ma'yor McCleary.of Weill burg, passed through
tie city yesterday.
Mrs. Brtdley Smith and Mrs. George Medill, of
Irldgeport, spent yesterday in tho city.
Mr. Charha Hukell returned homo yesterday,
iter a pleasant visit with friends in tho city.
Luciau Mclson, a fireman on tho Cleveland &
Ittsburgh railroad, spent a fow days this week
ith friends here.
Frank Krvin, a shearer at tho /"Etna mill, will be
UIo to resurno work the first of next week, alto* a
svere illness from plurlsy.
Mr. George Rltchlo and Miss Dovault were mared
Tueulay evening at the residence of Mrs. Gil*
lore, In Clark's addition, Rev. Mr. Winters ofllciling.
A pleasant timo was had l?r members of Garnet
Duncil and their friends in their rooms, Commeral
Block, lastovenlng. Refreshments and supper
ore served.
Thirty boilers for the patent Rodehamcr engine
ivo been ordored from tfpringfleld by L. Speuce,
id will arrive shortly. Several extra workmen
ill bo required.
The average, yttswrbjr would hardly reoognizo
iu uuj iirvi .amps. i ney nave ooen ireatea 10 a
lorough cleaning, aud natural gas now flicker*
rlghlljr instead ol tho old Umo dim gaiolino blaze.
Mr. CUuk Pickcns. of Scotch BIdge. vru married
sterday In Mansfield to Ml* Jeunio Harlow, ol ,
lat city. Tho newly married pair will arrive 1
amo to day, aud will bo tendered a reception at ,
iu homo of his father, on bootch Ridge.
All Republlcana aro earnestly requested to b? 1
rant at tho meeting of tho Club In City Hall on 1
iturday evening, whun arrangements far a club <
on will be made. All those tint can aril them- i
lvea of tho opiiortunlty to attend should be on i
md as a pleasant tlrno is expected. c
M. C. Mitchell, E?q , yesterday received an lnvi
tlon to attend tho &epublIcan,Lc?guo banquet at
riumbus, to be held iebruarylSth, from Hon. II. f
herrard, a member of Gov. Foraxcr's staff. An
itatlon waa extended to Mr. Mitchell aa mem:r
of the Executive Committee, aud to all Rcpub?ns
that can avail themselves of the opportuulty
attend The date Is Lincoln's birthday, aud tho
fair will bo conducted with groat pomp.
The Fidelity Savings and Loan Company organid
in this city last baturday. and will commence
do business about the middle of March Folwing
aro the hoard of Directors and otlloers:
>ard rf Directors-James Kerr. George L. Hpence,
[Chard O'Bolrue, Henry Stlngfe, K. rt. Boyd. WllimT.
Garrett, Oeorgo Sterling. Otlloers-James
err. President: K. C. Boyd, Vloe President: F. K. dgwlck,
Secreury: Henry Btlngle, Treasurer.
At tho regular convocation of Belmont Chapter,
J. 140. R. A. M.. MundAT nlohl ih?? fnllnwlnir
imed comnanloua were elected and itutalled to
rv<* h* o ill corn (or tho eniming year: u. w. (
lodea, II. P.: George Htncr, King: Perry Hatha- v
ij, Scribe; J. W. Fowler, Sec.; Qoorge Giffeu,
t*.s.; Jamca Clark, C. II.; Jauiet Cox. 1' 8.; II. E.
ells.R. A.C.: John (iiffen. r, M.8d V w. T.
oadman, G. M. 2d V.: W. N\ Tieraan, G. M. l?t c
; Robert Giffeu, Guard.
t, , 0
Bridgeport. n
DoL Clem eteelo, of Lancaiter, apent ycaterday u
Dol. David Comely, of Harrlavillo, waa In tho city *
itcrday on builneas.
Mr. W. T Graham, of the Standard mill, and Mr.
Ilbur Tallman, of tho .Etna mill, are in tho Kait,
Among those that will take In the California cx?
rii"u from thla city arc Maura. John Kidney, "
iarlca Tuttle and J udge McHugh. The "xcuralon
linn leave on the ttth Inat. Thoae from here
11 viilt the Yowmlto Valley whllo abaent. Tho "
curalon Uitu tlx mouth*
?r. W. Holllitcr having filed a bond of tf.OOO In
bSt Clairavlllo court* aa atslgneeof Mr. \V. U. t
liter, yesterday b-gan taking an Invoice of the I
mi and atock. Aa yet creditor* have not preited
themiel vea, with the exception of ono Phil- t
elphla Ami. who aent In their bill attJOO, A
inlay* will develop the matter clearly.
A Word About Catarrh,
It la the maooa* membrane, tnat wonderful [
nl-fluld envelope airroundlng the delicate tU- I"
* of the air and food paaaagea, that Catarrh '
ikea lta atronghold. Onoe eatabllahed, It eau
0 the very vita!*, and render* life bnt a longiwu
breath of mlaery and dlaeaae, dulling the .
of hearing, trammeling the power of ipoech, If
itroylng the faculty of amell, tainting the
*tb, and killing the refined pleanurea of taate. fr
ildloualr, by creeping on from a ?lmple cold In
1 bead, it aaaanlta tho membranoua lining and
ralopa tho bone*, eating through the delicate
it* and earning lafiammatlon, Ploughing and _
ith. Nothing abort of total eradication will ae> 1
e health to tne patient, and all allevlatlvea are I
iply procraatluated luffering*. leading to a fatal '
inlaftilon. Hanford'a Badloal Cure, by Jnhalai
and by lnitrnal administration, haa never
ed: even when the dlaeaae haa made frightful i
oada on delicate oonatltutlona, hearing, amell ?
1 taate have been recovered, and the dlaeaae
roughly driven oat"
inforJ'? Judical Cure connlxta of ooe bottle of
judical Core, ooe box Caurrhal 801 vent and
1 Improved Inhaler, neatly wrapped in one
kagv, with fall directions; price, Iloo,
0mi Dice A Chwcal Oo., Boston. _
rNo Bheumatlz About Me! V
In ooe mlnate the Cntleara AntiPain
Plaster relieves Rheumatic, Belstio,
Badden, Sharp, and Nervous F01
Fains, Strains and weaknems. The
ana only pain-killing Piaster. A new and InI
bio antidote to pain, inflammation and weak*
1 Oturly unlike and vastly superior to all
;r piasters. At all druggists, 25 oents; fire for U
3; or, postage free, of Poms Dsco aim
juoax. Co., Boston, Mam. lea-inhaw d
Of our immense and varied stock
some choice bargains. You <
get ahead ot you. Ti
While you are hesitating
We have on hand the choicc
whirh ran hp. found anvwhere. I
marked everything down to the lo
and look it over, you will find a la
Carpets, Furniture, Linoleum!
You will save time, trouble a
at once.
"We Have Saved You.
And If you will only con
We Will Save You M
1124. 3Itt.ii]
(jy* WAKE I
Jfef Call and see the
11 exhibition
iinnnff I Broken lots of the bes
/ I n ?r.li**-,;
| LU ah uiiii^aiw
Spring Goods.
WANTKI). _ _
farnlib Five Thouaaud Dollan Capital to JL
etmice In an established buauaeaa In ibla city.
Add row "0.." thitolHce. fel ju
u/A&lTCn IJCM 10 "d1 our Gooda in Ohio f?'
TV All I tu?mtR and adjoining oonntiea ? i"
Will pay Good Salary and all expend*. Writ? for l
term* and auto aaUry wanted. SLOAN & 00.. ??
Manufacture , 294 George atreet, Cincinnati, Ohio. [?
arTMThA* ? '"j
for terma and territory on our new publl- 110
cation*, A Hlatory ol the World, etc. Sold on
caar payment". 150 to 1100 a week guaranteed.
V. r. OOLLIKK, Court Placc, Cleveland, 0.
man for a permanent pwltlon, with an old
established Arm an their repn aenUtivo In bla own
BUte. rialary, 70, with lucreaie Kcferences ,
exacted. Uay'i Mamifactihino Hodix, 82 Kcade _J.
treat, N. Y. Jaltf-rh q
$20,000 Wanted ; . Sp
For one or two years, at alx per cent. 8ecurlty, of
Jlrat lien on 8150,000 worth of flrit-cliaa city pai
property. Address at once, inj
Ja2ri Box 235 Wheeling. W. Va.
================================= wt
FOB t-ATjK. _ *11
At a. Bargain X car
That valuable property corner Fourteenth and *
Eoffatreeta, with d welling nowe No. 60 Fourteenth t
atKct, la offered at a low nooHE for ono week.
W. V. HOGE A BRO , =
la81 1800 Market Street.
JO Rharea Ohio Valley Bank. rK
60 Shares BelUlre Nail Mill. V*
10 Share* Belmont Nail Mill. i?
40 Sharea Junction Nail Mill. f10
Sharea Benwood Nail MllL H
21 Snarea Warwick China Company. fir
20 Hhan* Peabody Iruuranco Company. rl.
Telephone, I. IHWlN. Agent, 21:
fel No. 2i Twelfth atreet -*7
% / NitmtMl ahnntll mllM (mm WhM>llnir ind 1 '
mile* southeast of Wot Liberty,containing 160 aores
mora or lorn, on which 1b a substantial Frame -*7
House and other outbuildings. This la one of the H
noit valuable farms In thocounty and will be aold rh
sheap and on reasonable terms. For further lnfor* ur<
nation call on or address Joseph Harvey, ontho .
>rcmlscs. or HiRAM YOUNO. _?!
lolfrmw Real Estate Agent, Wheeling. W. Va.
situated miles southwest of 8L Clalrtrlllc, J*J*i
wntaitilng 185 acrea of choloo land, on which liLi
hens la a good two-story brick dwelling and a twolory
fiamo dwelling; best barn lu Belmont conn- H
y, stables, wagon sheds, oorn cribs and all upoos- /*,
ary outbuildings. An abundauoe of fralt of all
Jnds; three good apple orchards, a good pear *"ar
irehard. plenty of water stall times. This Is one H1"
if the best stock (arms In Belmont oounty. and
an be divided to make two good farms. Will be -w-"l
old chess and on oasy terms. For particulars W
all on craddrons. B. T. HOWKLL,
Beal Bitato and Insursnoe Agent,
0C2i BaiDQKfOBT, O.
??? ?low
24) Twentj-iour Lot J in CaldweU'j Ad- -ffi
dltlon to the City ol Wheeling. J1
8ald lots aro boundodon tho north by Twenty*
ilnth street, on tho east by Fillmore street, on the
outh br the Handlan Homesbtad. and on the west
1 the B. A O. B. B. ?<
Tholrproximity to tho above ustnod railroad V
onders them excellent sites or .*aauufacturing ? a
kbllshmenta. Be
It not sold In thirty days will sold at public
For terms and further lnlormatlou apply to M
W. V. HOOK .% BBO.,' .
1300 Ma/ket Street. A
anl* ?. W. (Virnnr rhanlln* A Rlxt*nth Rta . Th
? feet.
?TJni7 oni IT T J"
ariUL, OrtLC ! F
OVER 1,000 PAIRS, ?
lemnants & Job Lots #
To be Closed Out Regard.
:ss of Cost, to Make Room u>e r
ir Spring Goods. '
^Y. BLOND/"'
1135 Main Street.
5i2 u b
mnciun niiTouc sx
by the
r the aozt TEIBTV DAYd, oa account of ? '
moral to Botera' Block.
^ C3-- WINOHER, F1
028 1007.MAJN 8TBEET.
is very necessary it you want
:annot afford to let others
me is money and
your neighbor takes
of our
;st stock of seasonable goods
t must be depleted so we have
iwest notch. Come and see us
rge assortment of
i, Oil Cloths, Rugs, Mais,
SHADES, &c., &c.
ind money by buying from us
Money in the Pant,
tinue your faith in us,
oney in tlie future.
?T St. r<r\
J M~i \X/ \J\Snn
i Street.
iea Yon are Wide Awtke
Latest Novelties in Jewelry on
i at the Jewelry Store of
rwoUth Mid Market Street*.
it Boots and Shoes are offered
1 of prices, to make room lor
LlOy >Inin Stroet.
rhe atoekboidcre of ;ho Wheeling k Pltubnneb
action ltailrofd Company" will hold their flr?t
rating for organization ami such other procewlK8
as might bo had at an annual meeting, on
?nday, February ?. 1888, at o'clock 1*. M? at the
Ira of Henry m. Rtuaell, n'o 1421 Chapline itrtet,
the city ot Wheeling and State of Went Virginia.
3 time and place named being the time and
ice which bu been denUnated by a majority ot
a corporators of Kild Railroad Company for ibe
Iding of the tald meeting.
m. bully,
al2-Tb Corporator!.
ecial Ucnei al Meeting or Stock holders.
loilce is hereby given pursuant to a resolution
the Board of Directors of the Natural (iu comay
of Weat Virginia that a aneci*l nenfral meetr
of the atockholdera of laid company will be
Id on Thursday, tho Wd day of February, lew,
2 o'clock r. v., at the principal ofllso of the
npany, No 74 Twelfth atrcet, lti the city of
idling. W. Va., whon tho following re?oiuuoni
II be oiferod for adoption:
t Beaolved. Tnat the par value of each ibart
capital Mock of aald Company be and hereby li
luced from ono hundred dollar* A fifty dollan.
d. Keaolved. That the number of aharusof the
iltal a'ook of aald Company be and hereby li
ireaaed from 10,COO ibaroa of HOOeach to 40,000
irca of 950 each.
ly order of tho Board of Dlrrctoni
ail HABKIB BPi'lUS^S'. *r'T
one floor?1(81 Chapllne street, a few doon
ive Eleventh street. Enquire of KICHAhl) i
IB ja27_
oonUlning alz rooms, situated on Zinc itreet.
,nd Bent reasonable to good touant. Inquire
I. ADAM1', at PoatofMoe. Jal3
Honae, 928 Maiu atieet, at meieut occupied
Mra. llcnry Horkhclirer Kueuion siren
111. App y to K. C. DALZKLL de!6
No. 1118 Chapllne atreet, formerly occupied by
DIcicy. Foaaeaalon gtren at once If dealad.
WM L. Jdcl'HAlL.
98 1806 Market timet.
716 Main itroet, containing threo roomi, hall
cellar, with natural and artificial ga?. and
er. Nicely papered and in good order. Apply
HOMA8 YOUNG, No. 608 Martct ?treet fel*
Dwelling Homo, 1116 OMOllne ircot. ?t p?;
occupied oy JoUn B. McUIn; ,
cold water throughout; til modern wn*?
i? jSqS?ol#. i*. bacumaN, m ?
unth iliDct fi!iHANOS
order to Bteke room lor new itoclt< wc *' '
er relit or Mil eeterml good PUnoe ?t ? rery
a'1C* V W. HAl'HKK A 'ft .
For Bent, For Kent.
>UR Lento Dwelling, modern Impro'enra*
vo store Boomi, with dweU w ?"**'?
umber of Oflloeaand Lodging Roomii.
reral Small Hou???. Knqolraoi
i H. KOBBK'j-?^(,l??pll"e?'-^
large store-room under tho Arion Hall,
ur desirable roomi, on flr?t Uoor,8,,? im
iroo largo vault* and one largo room.25 by w
In the old Bmlth Brc*ery property, comer
nteentb and Obapllne streets. . ^
e nonh half of a two-story Irtme. Ko *[j
located, only 17 per month. l? for rent no*
two story frame dwelling on Aum "tr#1*
>d, ~nXl? n?eAroom^Kd J.1^^.
5 Korope<n Eteam?bit> Agents-^
o Store-room, No. S3 Twellth i?Mt.!?w*5'
in Hall Building, now occupied by *m. Hl
). Possession given April 1, IBMJ.
gocrctiry WuMcgton H^A^tle*^
few Three-itory Business Ilouie, 100 feet1d??P.
erected at 1067 Main street If ie?*d "?
enter's views could be consulted ie?*ro
)f building to be erected.
mum i..
it Elegant Offices in the City
elng the parpono of the Ohio Ve3?7 W*
tnj to remove lu oftlce and principal jJace
inm to the City of Waahlattoo, l?. C. aboot
; of Much, l?8, the clt*anl ofieee occvutri
i oompeny In tho Belllj Block, corner of
tend Fourteenth itreeti, are for rtut. Tb?*
aro undoubtedly the bent li the dtj.
jne derirlnf to rent will call at the cosoffice,
Belllj Block. m
Incomparably thu Ueet.

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