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Conner & Snedeker
Choice Mountain Buckwheat
fare Mnplc rfjrup
Frwh < California 'armed Good*.
Httr Ham? and Br??kfa?t Kacoa.
Kuljr Kim aui Michigan Potatoes
S>>* TurkWh Fran**.
j'Ait-it Kud Roller Flour*.
Fn*h B **ted Coffee and New Crop Teu.
Ail goods guaranteed to pleaw, and at low prloes.
>23 Oor. Market A Fourteenth Street
firnnor Pnrk Pankor
Celebrated "Stmwbtrrj llama,"
fsGs. 1309 and 1311 Main Street,
Mr own Cure of Choios Smokod Unli dellTerofl
it..j from my Pork Houm at Manchester.
tieaera! Groceries in the State!
patent and family floub.
Hole control In thU city oi
rtttU*" Patent.
'FauIUuw'' Faally,
"Oni Favorlto" I'aally,
Plnoat In tho market,
.-oil- A son i lor DuPont'a Sporting, Mining and
wih v!<4unru?iti for Eckennann A Wlll'acolebritv-l
' iiTcb (-'andlow. >11 ?tylo>. tayll
lvalues, dry Uiil free from Iroat, at
Tlio stAinl trJ Flour'n* good m ever. Jal_
just keceived.
Fresh Saratoga Chips,
Stulftd i-ianROts.
on.-ld* Cnminuulty Preserves,
fiuldrr'fl Celebrated Catnap, nt
F HANAL'ER'd. 13C6 MarketBt
Tn- tnno?? r-4.Pi..' 1*11
Bucaasor* to Tixotapooa <k Hibbenl,
Plumbers, G'as anii Steam Fitters,
Specialties.?Natural Gas
Supplies, Steam Heating and
1314 Murkct 8treet,
Mr AU work promptly done at moit reasonable
priv*: nyg
^ya. HAKE & HON,
Plumbers, (fas and Steam Fitters,
I All wnrk ?1on? nr?vrptlv *t Ti^nr.ahl* vrlw,
I S ,V 1> liUlLDKUb.
Contractors and Builders.
Climates (umlahod on work o( all descriptions,
MANurAcrutuiui OK
Doors, Sash and Frames,
And Dealer* In
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, &c.
attention riven to Stair Work.
%? b?vo eiiKnted a flr?t cla?* designer and mako
upectaity rf m >dem at'd arlatlc store and office
furniture and 1 u:?l jr decurattous of all descrlpUon?.
oaicc and Factory, Uor. Nineteenth & Eoff stain
TO v Al:M Kit8, <? aUUKNKit?, KTC.
DCAiiTICv' Hbiopktilru, Ox. and Cot". 8HKKF.
DLH jIjlo Jenvy K?dH and Ucrktblie HOGS.
K Rockn and II 1/Kliora CblckfUS. HUONZB
Tnrka;*. Kggaand OA HP In ?t*son. ENOINKS,
Mlli>, u. Km, ac., bt*t and ch car-eat; part pay In
umber. Bitlilactlon guaranteed on aJl.
Oil np fio rfnt book lor SO cent* and names
OILUO sddresa ol twenty wide awake Karaen.
e?ud atainp for circulars to
DiM? Kftucr. W. Vw
AIuhIih. Foa!
The Earliest I'c* Grown. For aalo by
. jay iflgo Main Street.
I Grape Vinis far Spring of 1888.
I *0 Varieties of the Boat Old and^New Grapes
I Grown lu tb!s ('oun'nr.
?<? "iicord, lTct, Hartford, Catawba or rerklni,
tor fl oo
l? Yartha. -.hamplon, Alva. Acawam, 8eneca,
I ". a. ?i mho,or Warden**, for SI 00.
I ?<> !'<> ktitigton, Jctlenon, La?1y, Telegraph,
I S^IT- ^ lider, Delaware, Brighton or Duchcas,
to; |! 00.
I ' oito'i Early or Kmplro State, for
* ' I" * cV.i. o |t,n of other varieties.
I or i ufl llt,c Ijr Cnt clft"' *Dl1 Ter* low 1118 100
I *!??>. KavpNirrle*. Blackberrtei. Strawberries,
wrracu sad (iijaberriea lu varietv.
doI'lDg to plant small frrlt* aio re
W?t?l in k \ 11*: what they want* to be
pnoi, L.fj.t ordeilug cloc*hcu\ Addres*.
I _ '1 ' * Wf t * lrxander. l'a.
I Impoitant Statement!
alnce liMirvaulza Son, ban paid unwardsof
I i"'r??laijd iblny Thousand Dollar* to
I IntSV* ?rph*na ol d. was* d members. It If
it ou thau tv?*r before: It
I .."fr*- ln!l> w-cunulattng h Hfiirrn Fund, which
I v P'o ectlon for longest Minrlvlng
I in!? ^annual .loath rato la much lower
I "WUic arcane en crl( npe; and tho coat of In
wrau I inf.. .Jill) VALLRY" la leu than oneI
Puil a l^*r^ld by Old Life lnauranoe ComI
(,|K> VALLRY" ban paid to heirs of doI
ml. '/"-"ttr* in \vh(H>itug and vicinity, up
", l' " ''y th'eo 1 houuind Dollars. Amoug
I layaeui* huisnacn, we mention tho foiI
a."cj, * Robinson. Seventh ward; F. 4*. Hoff
Vaito-i; K. II. Phillip*, AMO*or: David
1 h!r'* ward; Jarne* Wheeler, Seventh
k.,*;// "!:rick H*unur, guardian, muMc dealer;
t. Howell and A. M. hargs. bridge port;
< r i*. itaitnad Agent, BeUaire.
J,,'"1 w* 't rvilatile Life insurance, at low co?t,
J* V,l.h* "n,c? *>o Company, Rclliy Block.
I %'t ?J?.?*?ket and Kourueuth streots, leoond
' "TO". *KvUt? wanted.
T- 3 Cahmivi ? KUUh'*l" HUMS, iTcmiacni.
i?t r ii i Secretary.
r- ?1 ''Joan, l'n >>ug?r. ja!7
CAWt 01 whdtlu)q' w- v*.
in ^ ^ csiarn
j <, v orrjcxw,
i.L * B?111t, VlooPmldcnt
?WW?la Mm j, Jm. t. Xdutii, Ami ttM
. Dnaomr*
'' " eSS S-StfSfc uaBtun
"W. ' . w. Kr*iuholn.
? 2-H9. MB TVfljrrH STKIT.
iuu i* jkrr. mimhhuim:
r.vi^i'wT|kI i0 AUKNCY,
^u.s *J?J? Baitlmo ? sl. Baltimore, M4.,
f0-'' iV with -K ?'.11'1?* Ajroocy la Raltl
Vruv q.?l. ""lh *h? e UcUitie* T>r p *? Iur Adll?- ,
K'*'cct hu I nu.*.uipiu??sl. LUU
KUiviol *flo to i*i
^ uo?ww
"[email protected]
Hewrn Prostration, Wervoua
leadache, Neuralgia, Nervous
/eakness, Stomach and Liver
Jiseaaes, Rheumati-.ni, Dyspepsia,
and all affections of the Kidneys.
wfcAn. nbrcvfc.9
Paixe's Celeb y Compoitcd Li * Serve Tonic
which never fall*. Containing Celery and
Coca, those wonderful stimulants, it speed*
lly cures all nervous disorder*.
Paine** Celery Coxrocro purirtc* the
blood. It driven out the lactic acid, which
causcs Rheumatism, and n*ton* the blood,
making organs to a healthy condition. The
truo remedy for Rheumatism.
Pawe's Celery Coxrouxo quickly rertores
the liver and kidneys to pcrfect health.
This curative power combined with in
nerve tonic*, makes It the best remedy
fbr all kidney complaints.
Paixe's Celery Compoundstrengthen! the
stomach, and quiets the nerves of tlio dlgca*
tlvo organ*. This Is why it curat even the
womt cum* of Dyipepaa.
Paine's Celery Compound i?not a Cathartic.
It Is n laxative, giving easy and natural
action to the bowels. Regularity surely follows
its um\
Recommended |?y professional and business
men. Send for ix.uk.
I*rice 91.00. Sold by Druggists.
'VWEav?at*vo LIVER
?aWk ?\V 3 PILLS.
ask roil an. r: ; jullets, on
Ilclnir ontlrel3" vepctnblr, th?y oppnit?<
without dwturhiinct* to the Kvstem. diet.
or occujmtlon. Put up ia glass viols, hcnnct ically
scaled. Always faxli and reliable. As
a luxntlvc, alterative, or purgative,
these Jittlo Pellets give tbo must pcrfect
Bat is faction.
Billons Headache, FT
IM/.ziiicRS, Coimtlpu- r&i-\
lion, liidlgoutlon, wv?/ rSl.
Blllou* Attack*,andall IV
derangements of tho stom- Shv/A>'
aeh and bowels. are prompt- <7 91 yJff-r
ly relieved and permanently
enred bv the UnO of Br*
Pierrot Plenums Purgative Pcllcfii.
In explanation of the remedial power of these
Mm over so great a variety of Jlmm it
may truthfully In? wild that their action upon
tho system in universal, not n glanc or ti&uo
escaping their sanative Influenee. gold by
druggists, Scents a vial, Manufactured at tho
Chemical Laboratory of World's Disckmauy
Mxdicai- Association, Uuffulo, n. Y.
#Ct / l\Pi is offered by tho manufneturfy/
ere of Br. Sago'* Cntnrrli
/ v . '% Beincdy, for a case of
[ Chronic Nasal Catarrh which
K they cannot cure.
heavy headache, obstruction of tho nusal
passages, discharges falling from tho head
into tbo throat, sometimes profuse, watery,
and acrid, at others, thick, tenacious, mucous,
purulent, bloody and putrid; the eyes aro
weak, watery, and Inlhuned: there Is ringing
in tho ears, deafness, hacking or coughing to
clear tho throat, expectoration of offensive
matter, together with seal* from ulcers; the
voice is changed and bus a nasal twang; tho
breath is offensive; smell and tasto aro Impaired
; there is a sensation of dizziness, with
mental depression, a hacking cough and general
debility. Only a few ot tho above-named
symptoms are likely to bo present in any one
cafe. Thousands of caa<-s annually, without
manifesting half of tho abovo symptoms, result
In consumption, and end in the grave.
No disease is so common, more deceptive and
dangerous, or less understood by physicians.
By Its mild,soothing, and healing properties.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Itcmedy cure* the worst
cases of Cntnrrli, "cold In the head,"
Cor) za, and Catarrhal llcndutlie.
"Untold Agony from Catarrh.'*
Prof. W. Hacsner, tho famous mesmerist,
of Ithaca. JV. 1'., writes: "Some ton years ago
1 Buffered untold agony from chronic nasal
catarrh. My family physician gave mo up us
Incurable, and sold I must die. My ease was
uch a bad one, that every day. towards sunact,
my voice would bccomo bo hoarse I could
barely speak abovo a whisper. In the morning
my coughing and clearing of my throat would
almost stranglo me. Hy tho use of Dr. Sago's
Catarrh Itumcdy, in three months, I was a well
man, and tho euro has been permanent."
"Constantly Hawking and Spitting."
Thomas J. ltusiuxa, Esq., MO! pine Slrrrt,
St. Louis, 3/o., writes: "I was a great sufferer
from catarrh lor throe years. At iiir.es 1 could
hardly breathe, and was constantly hawking
and spitting, anil for tho Imt right months
could not breathe through tho nostrils. I
thought nothing could bo done for me. Luckily,
1 was advised to try Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Remedy, and I am now a well man. I believe
it to be the only sure remedy for catarrh now
manufactured, and one has only to give It n
fair trial to expf rienco "astounding results and
a permanent cure."
Three Bottles Curo Catarrh.
Eli Robuink. Itunuan P. 0., Columbia Co.,
Pa., says: "Jly daughter had catarrh when
she was live years old, very badly. 1 saw Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy advertised, and procured
n bottle for her, and soon uaw that it
helped her; a third bottle effected a permanent
cure. She ii now eighteen years old and
sound and lmirty."
TM* WWdepfnl dUcovery Jim lieen umxI for 80
yraruby thoPhyfticUnaof nna, I>>n>lonnnil New
York, witb trreat micro.*. Tlu?* C.ipwnlmarw miixv
rlor to nil rrmi-dlCflforttlO |>Mnj>tctiru of all cum-*,
recetil or of lornr ntsntllmr. Tiny ?ir? tho rhoaiwt
in the nurlat, cvxitlUtf l>nt 7?"?o--nU l*r Ixrttleof 64
Oj-m'.ivv tLL< iSc C11.., i'orla,
tk4.1 c.rrnvl:?"e.
\T-.i'^CT ; PKOF. I.ARKX
So SntifT. Liquid or Halve,
f NrlfMPIfnnsa Warranted to cure Catarrh. New
l?TT n rr/Bln?li:l?, llenilnche. Cold?, A?thma,
r3 W'hIY llDeafnoM. Falling Krcilsht. Ac. A
RivMjwl/ fiflcurr guaranteed <>r taonejr ro>
l>JbrtTTirJ5l',ln',r<1- iWpabl fortH.OO.
Wanted. Addnti
UT 1.11 Monroe Mt., ChlriiEo.
fiufTorlnRfhin) theeflect* of youthfhl enow, early
decay, wanting weaknc?4, lost manhood, etc.,I will
tend ivvaluable treat loo (aealed) containing full
particular* for homo euro. FREE ?fcharge. A
aplondld medical work ; ahonld Iw read by every
man who la nerroua ami debilitated. A-Jdn*a,
trot. 1'. U FO'.TLEK, ?!ooilu.s Conn.
Or * ? 53 s FS '5 CC-2"Wbldrcy lfaTx
-T ? b !1 -^'oj 1: ca rcu nthomerlth
w3r r? II ?si3 out pain, llookofpaj.
U t3 feU; 5*Q itcnian wat vur.fi.
-Sa "'ijc-uSyj 11- M.W001.I.KY. M.U
Aiiont ffRS (JlUcu tfM Whitehall bU
I Of the llo<l>'enlarged and *trrnctb<*ned. Full paft'.c'i
larax-nttraled free. KK1K MKD.CO., llcrrato.N.1
j mnlt of iTtr-Work. liiJiKrrtl. n. rt-.. uliirru abovi
r*rlor Bnua Fendcrt,
And Common Fender*,
At the Hardware and llouiefnrnlahlng Store of
*el 1812 Market Btreot,
We aro In receipt oi another Invoice of Nubia
Kuamal. It baa glrcn u-.irerol aatlrfactlon f<
enameling Fire Fronta, Fendor*, Ac.
]?81 Wain Htr*?tYOU
oaAloln llrnar:: :i t ? .? inn l.-mam
vlio will wi. i-l lur ?Ut*rkLiC? ai 1>>wim uus
- lb
OQIcei Nob. 86 hutl 87 Kourwenih Street.
Written Jot the Inttlllomcer.
The world None wide battlefield,
And myrled tbefoe;
Eecb day lu belli 4 beth to figbl,
No mutter where you go.
Then ever mdy lor ibe tnj,
lie Victor if you rent
Cumnlutu with mnrira mml.
And ahow thjrieli a man!
Not fortrtM atroug, not nun part high;
No bulwark of delenae
80 atrong 1% found on tattle ground
A? Truth anil luuocence.
Thru, in the light. wnato'er your place,
The oolle, or thi Khuu ForTruthar.d
Kigbtttaud thou and fight.
And ahow thjactf a man!
Bee not tbo lowlI*?t brother wronged.
A or iiftter e'er betray od:
But let each thought ami word and deed
In hONoraacaile Dewciiched.
The widow and the ophau till
Ifcirlendlng. when you ran;
Be Juat to ail. llio' heavens /all,
And ihow Ibytell a mam !
Giobgk xi. Tuaoor.
Thru Church**, W. Vci.
A Uorreapondaot duggoata a Courae for th?
Republican Party to foraue.
To the Editor of the JnteUloaxer.
Sir:?As you havo given the invitation
for a fall discussion of the prohibitory
amendment in the columns of your paper,
I desire to add a few thoughts as to what
I believe to be the duty and policy of the
Republican party in reference to this subj*
ct. No party has ever made a grander
record, ana although a few friends have
fallen out of the ranks within the last
twentv iive yearn, etill she stands as the
embodiment of all the great questions and
Dolicif-s that have grown up since the
formation of a government by the people.
It is true that for a short period wo have
'oat the leadership of the Nation, the
Democracy now having the Executive
and a rut jority of 15 in ttie House of Keprfs^ntatives,
while we have control of the
Senate; etill the party in power ia com*
pelled to walk in oar footsteps, and carry
oat the laws and policies inaugurated by
ur. Can the Democracy point to a single
distinctive feature that they have engrafted
anon the politic* of the country since
Tt.ey have under President Cleveland
formulated a policy of free trade, bat that
theory, and its present adherents, wiil
after our next electiou, havo leave to join
the doctrines of Calhoun, whose memory!
Mr. Cleveland eo znuch admires. If the
country has prospered during the last
eight years, it la because of the laws made
by the Republican party, which the Democracy
have not been desirous or able
to overthrow; and if any of our farmJngj
interests, or our mechanic industries have
languished, it is because of the threatening
policies insisted upon by our Domoera
ic friends.
With eucn views of the lt?pnblican:
party, and knowing its ability heretofore
to meet the progressive ideas that ore
constantly coming up for political settlement,
it cannot be thonght strange that
we should desire to soe her take correct
grounds upon this question of prohibition.
It will not do to say that it is not a political
question, for everything that comes
before us for the regulation of society
by law, is a political question, and this
liqnor question is as old as our government.
For nearly fifty years the citizens
of oar little coanty.of Hancock have made
it a political question, by tho election of
such officers and the enactment of such
laws, as have for that period prevented tbe
license of a single saloon within her borders.
If, then, it is a political, as well as a
great moral question, oar party should
meet it boldly and fairly.
I would concede to Judge Ferguson and
Mr. Uarekadon, who have bo ably and
tartly discueeed this matter, the full right
to their respective views. If the Judge
can satisfy his own judgment and
conscience that the advocacy of the
prohibition amendment is in ex*ct
consistency with the Democratic plat*
form, that is his business. And if Mr.
Carakadon believes that ho cannot con*
scientiously vote for any other than a
Third party, that is hla business. And
the same right I claim to vote for the
party of my choice, I cheerfully concede
to each of them.
In calling to mind the history of thn
Republican party upon this question I
cannot see any good reason for my desertion
of the ranks, or lots of confidence in
her future course upon the question at
iesut*. In the convention of 1884, the Rv
publican party of this State fairly committed
themselves to the enbmission of the
amendment to a votoof the people. This
position was not taken because the partv
would unanimously vote for the amendment,
or were unanimous for putting
down the saloon; but it was in recognition
of the right of the people to petition, and
the duty of the LeKifciatnre to give that
petition a respectful hearing by submitting
the question for a final decision to the
votes of the sovereign people. I believe
every Republican paper in the State endorsed
that position us correct. I remember
the I.ntklliukxckii enforced that view,
by caying that while they could not support
tho amondment at the polls, they
believed the people had a right to vote
upon the question, whenever a respectable
number of citizens shonld petition for
said submission. Indeed it is hard to see
how any fair minded man, belong to
- what partv he may, can oppose the submioainn
A(tVia nmatirlmant if will onmu
before the votero of the State this fall.
Thia question of temperance is jnat ao
progressive ao the question of slavery, or
any othor great political, moral question
that has ever come up for settlement by
the American i eople.
Our third party friends claim that the
amendment would be a dead letter in our
constitution without a party to curry it
. into efiect, and hence the necessity of a
third party. It is true wo have many
good laws that lie aa a dead letter upon
our statnto books, ao evidenced every day
before our eyre; as we eco drunkon men
.-(Buttering along onr streets, as wo hear
the cry for help that comes from their
drsolato homos; ao our hearts are made to
ache over the crimes detailed in cur
daily journals; and as we have to contribute
in taxes for places of refuge and im.
prisonmont for the lawless and disobedient.
But it is alto true, that good aod wholesome
lawe, tirmly enforced, give us in this
country the safest and beet government
in the world.
Thus far we have taken a retrospective
view, ltt us consider oar prospective
Let the Stato League, which convenes in
your city this month, discuss the course
" of oor party upon this question, and let
the next State convention indorse as folly
the duty of the enforcement o! the amendment
(if adopted by the p^op'e), as we endorsed
tho right of its submission to the
- ptople, end who can complain? And
; where, then, can be tho necessity of a
Third party pledged to carry out the
, amendment?
i nnoia xnia country w; 11 now opewy
I say that tho people aro not the source o 1
all political power, to whom every such
? queetion should be submitted; and who
wiil daro say that alter the people have
pat a great principle in oar Constitution,
that the party in power is not bound tn
make an honest eflort to have it enforced 1
I. U. Atkinson.
New Cumberland, W. Fa., Feb, 4, 1888,
llallroad Talk.
T\Ur Qwn/y Democrat.
We have some reliable news this week
from tho projectors o( the railroad from
Lumbsrport, via of McElroy, Middle*
n bonrne, Kidwell and Fureley to 8lsters
)r villo. W. J. K ibineon, General Froigh!
Agent of tho Ohio Fiver Railroad Com
pany, says President George W. Thorap
son la now in the Eut with Senator Oam
den making arrangements to get thi
= money to build this road. Thii state
maut la a^co vonched for by Mr
t Splllcian, 8enator Camden's sou in-law
?J who N?yo that the 8enator has positively
decided on this route, la now mtking at
I range men te to be ready to commeno
I trading aaaoonuennngopena. 01 cot
thle statement la made on the baela t
we will give the right ol war, *ntl in
_ probability eobacrlbe aome coonty bon
' which we think the people ot Ihia com
are willing to do.
Tb* Ulluaril'a Kffflct on L?ap Tsar.
PotUvUU Journal.
A striking episodo of the advent of lc
year is presented in a glowing nnnoun
ment from the far Weat to the effect tl
thirty thousand women can find hn&bac
inside of a fortnight in Wyoming a
Montana, but it ia not likely that a
women are going from theEutto run t
riek of being compelled to get up o' moi
inps and make the fire in that region
bhoulc llanda with a Buxx-S&w.
TroutS. y.l Timet.
Senator Sherman made thort work
Senator Kenna when the latter attempt
to reply to the former's recent tai
flpeech. Aftpr the Senator from Ohio fl
iabfd, the Senator from West Virgil
mnat have felt mnch like tho man w
had the famous encounter with a bu;
Naw Mnthods of Fromotlog Flety.
Baltimore American.
Woman, lovely woman, continnea to a
i vance. OnSatnrday the Iowa Senate w
opened with prayer by Rev. IdaO. Bulto
Perhaps if a beautiful lady were appoiu
ed aa chaplain in the Maryland Legial
| ture more membera would be on hand f
When Other Charms Have Faded
a aoand, white eet of teeth redeems tl
1 countenance. But they should bebruah<
with Sozodont to keep them in a health
condition. The breath, moreover, ia pe
fumed by thia delightful toilet articl
which hae, to a ?reat extent, auperaede
the old-fashioned powders and paatea. .
is well named Sczidont, a word derivfi
from the Greek and signifying a preservi
tive of the teeth. No dealer who aa]
that some other dentifrice possesses qnal
tits identical with Sczodont, or anperu
to it, should be credited. AakforSoz:
Writing Machines.
Liet of writing machines taken in ej
change for the New Galigraph. Will b
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"03car Wildo oxpenta to be buried ii
WeBtmineter Abbey," Bays a floatinj
item. Well, we aro willing. Is there an;
reason for this maddening delay?
Files I File* I Files t
A Sure cure found at last. No one noet
Buffer. A Bure cure for the blind, bleed
ing, itching and ulcerated piles haa beei
discovered by Dr. William (an India]
remedy,) called Dr. William's Indian Pili
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worst old chronic casee of twenty-five am
thirty years' standing. No one need sol
fer live minnteo after applying this won
dorful soothing medicine. Lotions, in
strumenUi and electuaries do more ham
than good. William's Indian Pile Ointmen
absorbs the tumors, alleys the intense
itching, alts as poultice, gives instant ant
painless relief and is prepared for Pita
and nothing else. Thousands of cure<
patients attest its virtues, and physician
of all schools pronounce it the creates
contribution to medicine of the age. I
matters not how long or severely you hav
been suffering, you can be cured.
Judge Coons, Maysville, Ky., says:
"Dr. William's Pile Ointment cured m
after yearn of suffering."
Judao Coffinbury, Cleveland, 0., says
"I have found by experience that 1)1
William's Indian Pile Ointment gives im
mediate and permanent relief."
We have hundreds oi euch testimonial!
Do not sutfer an instant longer. Sold b,
druggists. daw
Her Cou in?I must say, Emma, the
you'vo grown quite handsome. Then
now, can't you give mo a compliment L
His Cousin?Well, I should say that yo
were a gentleman of most excellent taste
Ackkr a Blood JUixiria tiie only x>ioo<
Remedy guaranteed. It is a positive car
for Ulcers, Eruptions or Syphilitic Poi
soning. It parities the whole system, an
banishes all Rheumatic and Nonralgi
pains. We guarantee it. Logan & Co., I
R. lioetzu, 0. Menkemiller, R. B. Bart an
Bowio Bros. 3
No man, however bad, is wholly dlahoE
est. Wo know a great many who woul<
not ran in debt for nearly so many thing
as thoy do if tbey only had money enoag.
to pay for some of them.
How Bleu Die.
If we know all the methods of approac
adopted by an enemy we are the bette
enabled to ward otl the danger and pes)
pone the moment when turrender b(
comes inevitable. In many instances th
inherent strength of the body suffices t
enable it to oppose the tendency towai
doath. Many however have lost the3i
forces to such an extent that there is littl
or no help. In other cases a little aid t
l,? n-ankono,! 1 n.inu will molra ell th
fcUU ncoogucu uuu^u nil* uiuuu mi ?u
differeuce between sudden death am
many years of naeful life. Upon the fire
syinptomo of a Cough, Cold or any troubl
of tbe Throat or Lunge, give that old am
well known remedy?Boechee'a Germai
Syrup, a careful trial. It will prove wha
thousands Bay of it to be, the "bonefacto
of any home."
Conversation overheard ou the rear pla<
form of a street car: Conductor (addrew
iog passenger who is smoking)? Somke o
tho other ond, sir. Passenger?Dash it,
can't. It's lit.
Save the Children. Thov are eapeciall
liable to sudden Coldn, Ooughs, Cronj
Whooping Cough, etc. We guarante
Acker's English Remedy a positive curt
It saves hours of anxious watching. Sol
by Logan & Co., C. R. Goetze, C. Monki
miller, R. B. Burt and Bowie Bros. 4
ISncfcltm'a Arnica Halve.
The beat salve in tho world for cub
bruineo, eoros, n cere, salt rheum, fove
sores, totter, chapped hands, chilblain!
corns, and all skin eruptions, and pos
tively cures pilofl, or no pay required. J
is guaranteed to give perfect satfofactioi
or money refunded. Price 26 ceutafcpc
box. For sale bv A Oo.
A fit. Joseph editor, aftor quoting tfa
scriptural verse charging people to do cnt
others as they would nave others to d
unto thera, saya: "But, casting all levit
aside," Jcc.
Babies that ore fretful, peevirh, croi
nr tmnhlnd with Winrfv ffolin Tftohhin
Painn or Stomach Disorders, cau b? n
lievi d at once by aging Actor's Bab
Koother. It contains no Opium or Mo
phino, hence is aa'e. Price 25 cents. Sol
by Logan & Co., 0. K. Guetze, Ghaa. Mei
kemillor, K. B. Bart and Bowie Bros. 5
A New Jersey conrt places the price i
, a stolen kins at $1 15. According to tl
. way in which ail things are regalated, tl
supply must bo nearly equal to the d
maud in that State.
A Slab In tha Dark
omoUmaa falto of Iti murdoroua Intent. Ihe i
. tldlou* and daatardly atticka made upon t
| reputation o! Hoatittet'a Stomach Blttera by p.
, aon* who seek to palm of cheap and flery too.
, aa Identical with It. or "the tame thins urn!
another name." or "equally aa good," in rooit I
itancoi rract dnssaottiiy upon tba unptlnoipl
* trader* upon popular end illty who aitem
. then, oonwtln* thilr rpMOlatlont Into rnlnu
. failure* The B iter* to a pure, whol-aome ai
thorough mrdldnr, adapted to the toul cure a
* prerotiUon of lercr and a*ue billion* rwmltle:
* ajfpep?la, eoanipatlon. bllion?ue?a debility, n
, T.>u?n.?andUdnoy trouble! ('a every lufredlc:
' Uketho<oln the Imitations ol It. la of an a*c
i taltted aianlard nf ?ic?Uenon. and whi'e the;,
f reason ol ?be;r Sery properties, react Injurioa
. upon the brain and nertoua ajratem. of both thi
orgau* it 1* a eedatlre and lnrUoranL Itcfuse
B then harmful Imitation*.
Th? Intelligencer Preparing * Mammol
State Edition (or Circulation Abroad.
Au Knterprlao in the Hueceas of
ce. Which Every Cltlxen la Intereated.
Tun Iktilliqixcek hw I or tome Ura
ny hid In preparation, and will tone as aooi
aa the work can be satlslactorlly comple
ol ted, a special edition devoted to the nat
nral resources and developed industries o
West Virginia.
cf Tbla epiclal edition will be about tbi
jjd same number ol pages as the Natural Gal
q. Industrial Edition?from 10 to -0?whicl
iia had a very large circulation, (or which
a. there are still demands, and which did
Rood in its day and generation.
The State Development Edition of the
Imtxluokmcxb will cover in general and
as in detail tho whole field ol West Virtfinia's
resources, will neglect no locality,
a- will represent on a large map the railroadi
or in existence and projected, water ways,
connty roads and turnpikes?in short will
ie endeavor to answor in advance every
question that may be aaked by the capir
talist or the inquiring person in search ol
" a home.
It It is the intention of the Intellioxncxb
in thia State Development Edition to blow
rs West Virginia's horn, and we can safely
'* promise that the blast will be rather
) sweet sounding music. It will be hoard
in this country and in Europe sounding
the note of an hospitable welcome to our j
0 richly endowed Mountain State.
> The arrangements for insuring the paper
a wide circulation have only begun,
but thus far they make sure of the widespreading
of 20,000 copies. There ie a
good proepect that tho actual circulation
will double this, What is of equal importance,
tho quality of the production
jj will be euch as would do credit to any
y newspaper in tbe country.
The Intelligencer will welcome the
suggestions and co-operation generally of
* any person who feels an interest in thia
1 efcr tonleca gut State well before the
" world. Whatever ia to be nubmitted in
b this lino should be Bent in at once, for the
J Intelliuknckr has its eye on the spring
. immigrant and doesn't want to let him get
j away.
t Thoso desiring copies of the paper for
j distribution will oblige ns by sending
b their orders at once, so that we may
J know about how many copies to print,
t Everybody can help his State eome by
J helping to circulate the printed page that
tells of her opportunities for making
B money.
Those having land to sell, in large tracts
or small, will find this their best opportui
nity to lay thoir holdings before portions
j likely to purchase. Advertisements
y should be sent in without delay. The
publishers will be glad to give informs*
^ tion relating to this featuro cf the entera
The hour has come, and the Intklli*
? gkncbk is in the field with all its energy
to aid in the too-lcng delayed develop*
d ment of West Virginia,
C Tue Veataroa of the Money aad Stock
' Mnrkota,
d N*w York, Feb. 8.?Money on call easy at 2 to 3
percent; lwtlonu'JX per cent; c'osed offered at
2 per cent. Prime mercantile paper Ea7 per oeut.
Sterling oxchauRo dull bat steady at }l 83Ka4 H5M
The total sales of stock to-day were 155,455 shares
? Tho i.tock m?rket win little moro active to-dav.
D but the lioprovdxeat ww aocompsulol by a
downward increment in priccs and most of the
ll>t are materially low r this evening Thi flrat
sales w?iie made at decliuea extending to % per
cent on a fairly active businca<, and further frail
tloual lonsrs were sustained when the i>rcMure of
ir stock* ?>r sale was with 'rawn snd some improve*
meat was made In quotations, though the market
- then became dull t'tter stagnation was ?he rulo
)- until toward 2 o'elork. when Northwestern and
a Lak* ^ho-e became the l-a-iera and declined quite
? r?pldly. though the geueral list was quite steady.
0 Thee was a little reaction in the last hour, the
d market closing about steady at ciose to the opoua
lup figures Everything xcopt Manitoba, which
0 advanced 1 per ceut, la lower to-night, and llock8
lux Coal lost 1J4 per ceuu
0 KaHroAd Donds w. re quiet; sales 11.001,000
q Government and State bonds dull and steady,
,? U. B. 4arcg ..~.12oV4 M K. AT. gen.6a? 6
1,1 U. 8. 4s coupon 12534 Northern fac. UrstaJl %
6 U. H. 4%a reg- ....lOf^ North. Pac.8eoonds-ir4^
tl U-8.4>is coupon 117*4 Northwest oonsois~.14i>)2
n Pacific 6'sof '96 126 N.W, debentures,5008}%
? LouisUnastamp, 4a. 92 -it. L. a s. F. (ieu.M,114>4
t Missouri 6a..? 110>$ <t. Paul oorsols -l'to%
ir Teuu. 6saetUemenu.l0l st P? C. A P. flnt*~llH
do Ni ~ "j" Tex A 1'ac.iand gr'a. 47
do Sb...? 70 Tex. A Pac. K. G. exCentral
Pacific Grata 113 tra coupons. 67
K. D. A R 0. flr>la_ 119 Union Pac. finta 113
1# D. A K. G. Wcauflrau 72 Aeat Shore. ?lttJjf
1 Erin seconds 97
* Adams Express 140 Northern Paciflo tOk
American Expresa...lG7H do preferred 44hJ
lAiiada Southern.... f3Ji Chicago AN. W -107
? Central Paclflc ?. 3U do prcferred.....~~.140
y Chesapeake .V Ohio.- 5 New York Central....1(494
?i do first prefcmxL. ?H Ohio A Misstwippi... 24
m do s*?onds.M...MMM f>}\ do preferred - 83
' O., C.,0. A 1 tok Pacific Mall _ Wfc
"J Denver A R. G...?~. 21* Pittsburgh 126
d Krie ........... VGJi Keading ...?6'iC
> do preferred 60 it L did F 34m
Fort A'ayne...~~~....15*H do preferred - 71%
Kansas a Texas 16?.? do festpreforrod...ll'2J<i
Lake Krie A *est..... 1'% C. M. A Hi Paul 758
do preferred 45 do preferred ^,114^
Lake Shore - W*; Texas A Paclflc- 26%
f, Louisville A Nash.... info Union Pacific- ?.. Mfc
IT 1*. N. A A C 35 United .'tateaEx 71
. Mem A Chas.? M W . H. L. A P 14
'? Michigan (Antral? 82 do preferred...?. 'Mi
i- Missouri Pacific?.. Wells-Panto Ex ISt)
It Nash It < hat ? Western Union 77J4
I NowJerseT Central.. 7?v#
M ???
>r BrendstaQs mi? Frorlstons.
Nbw Tobx, Feb. 8.-Flour receipts 29,960 package;
exports 8.624 barrels and 21,197 wsrks: steady:
sales 23,000 barrels, Wheat, receipts2,200 bushels;
10 exports c.OM) bushels; sales 7.17H.000 bushels of fu
n tuns uud i6l,ttW busheii of spat; options feature*
|" las; No 2 sp'lug ft>c; No. 1 red 92c :.'o. 2 red Feb10
rnsry 87li-!%sHr. closing at 8?c: March88%a89IKc,
y closlMK atS'Jc; April 90a9QHc,closing st9o^-; Msy
90 Ul'aViSf, closing at 91c: June 90j<a91 7-16.J,
closing ?t "Jic: August 89Hau05-iec, clodng.^Jac;
Dec?nbcr94i*WJii'? closing roru. receipu
0 48/(0 huohiIs ex >orta8.719 bushels; sales 2,416,UI0
n? bushela of futures snd lsi.O o bushels of st?ot: opR
Hons weak: nngradrd MSa60J<c; so 2 February
e* closing st Ufa: Ms*ch 5^<a^lH& ciov
7 lug at N&c: April closing at 5s%c; May
r. 5sSa'3J4c. closing a' 5?%c: June dotlog
i,i at 68>6c: July59Ha?H<: clo?ingatc?Jir. Oati, r..
1(1 cffltta 66,000 busr-els; extorts 9? buabi?ls: sales
a- 270,000 bu* hels of fulun s and 16 WO bus Ik Is of spot;
marketfca^sc lower, closing heavy; mixed weatcrn
?M41c; white do 4la47r. Hay steady and aulet;
ahlt>plng60o Uop<anlet:Csilfjrula 6al2c. Goffee,
Ill 11HJI ????. ? '?. -"--"J m% tvs., U|H.UM. UUKltied,
cloalng heavr and lower; aalra 82900
bam; February 13toal8.30c: March 12.70*18 00c;
10 April I2.59ftl2.89c; Mar 12 40*12 70o; June 1230a
e- H6Co; July lltttftiLSue; Aurjatll8'%n.89c;aepUsn.ber
11 30aU.tfc; October U30aU.ACc: November
11.29ft 11 33c; Dcoemtor lL20all45c: January
11.29c Hngar dull and nominal; fair refined dull;
off A 6!{c; mould A To; cutloal and crmhed 7T4c;
,n powdered T'?a7 3-16c; grauuUted 6jf!j; cubea7HA
1Q> 7 3-'6c. MolaaacN nomlu?l; COtea*. 2?c. Kiev Arm.
he Tallow cailer. Koalnatcadr. Turpentine .dull at
ef. 4ft-. KgJC* ?teady and quiet; wcatcrn 21a For*
, ?uady; ne t maaJ15 0T?ia aa Lard dull and weak;
,a wextern ateam apot 8 OTfcaA 09c; February 7.98c;
ler March7?4aHcac; \pril 7 was06c: May hoiajnic;
in. June8.07ao.lGc. July 812al2ic; city ateam 7.80c.
Butter iteady; weetcra 14a32c. Cheeao quiet; weatipt
u? Chicago. Feb 8 ?There w?a a feeling of unoerad
uluty and nerTouaneaa in the grain markka to*
nd day. In wheat there waa a aort of an "evenut.
leg up" maikct UHlay Corn wai more active
er- to-day. Oaia aUo exhlhltcl aome improveat,
menu Fork and laid werv dull and ieatureleaa.
or- Flour quiet a?d unchanged. Wheat, caab No.
by j a.?riiw 74?4?7fe: No 3 annng 6te67e; No. 2 re-1
Uy 77%o: February 74Hi7M*c, cloalnf at 7?<c; March
Me 7?Sft7&Hc- cloalng at 74>yj; May mfyjk&Lw, closing
all at sofcc; Juu?81*8l}*c. cloning at 81c. Com, caah
No. 2. 46Hc; February 46Ho; March tffttffte, cloa
I 2, Mavir rlajueed. *?'o. 1. II 46 f'lime timotb
;. tccdfi 4?a2 4?K. Me?* pork: rash 111 15*11 3
u>r IK mu?K. cio?in? ?t ?J< ^.LjSl'JS'
i 7,?7S*7 70c: Febru?nr76**7 .5c:M*rcb 7.7T?7 <?)$
h olojlg a 7 70o; M?f 7*lto7.?te. clMlnj 1
7H|jt;Jtm> 781M.00C. ciolof MjSfC Bu?r
hurt rib., .SouldOT ni*ll.(Bn:thorl rl?
l.iMssrc. ^tilikr II H. BUfin. cutlo?t 754??t
gnnuUtod 73?o: a'andard a Butter weak
creamery 22KaS0c: dairy 2i*a2Cc. K?k'< Ann.
Toijdm 0., Feb. 8.?Wheat actlrc and weak
nub S4?M*ic- Mar M^c: July Mc- <*>rn dul an<
. lower: ca*b 50o; March Mr. Oata nominal at?
8 rioveneed dull: c*Ahaud Februiry I4 07H; MarcJ
j 1410; April SI 15.
Live Stock.
CK2O10O. Feb. a.-The Drove?! Journal report*
. I Oattle?KeoeipU 9,W nean* unpmeuu aw ut?u
market weaker; extra is 25a5 65; steer* 13 00a5 00
f stocken and feeder* f,J10a3 5Q: cow*, bulla am
mixed |1 75a3 2); gnu* Texan* ft &i*i 00. HogsHecetpU
16.000 head: shipments ft,000 be*d; marke
teady, clooinx weak: mlx?*d $s 10*5 60; bear]
? ?5 4'<a5K); liaht ?4 40a6 85: aklna |3 fOal 71 ibeei
?Bendpt>4,C00 head: shipment* 1.000 head; mar
ket flrai: native* U 00a > 25; western 84 90a5 IS
Texan* i3 0Ua3 4J: lamb* $5 OOaG 16.
t km liberty, Feb. 8 -?* rtle~Krce;pta 67 bead
shipment* 3H bead: market fair; prime 94 75a5 00
l fa'rtoROodll '?a4 60; common 93 75*4 00. Hoc
?Receipt* 1100 head: shipment* 1,100 head: mar
1 ket tlrm; Philadelphia* |.?8>a5 (0; mixed fi 6ii
6 76; Yorker* 15 lOaS 60; common to fair 85 2-t
5 40; plg*8l 76a) 16. Bh<*p--Recrtpts 1.4<t)head
shipment* h'O head; market fair; extra fS 10a5 30;
i good $4 60*185: fair $3 76*4 25; common Si 60a3 00;
^ liunb* |4 0Ua6 tO.
N*w Yoex. Feb. 8 ?The tra?*lug in petroleum to
day was the lightest *o far tnla year. Thu market
opened Arm at (To, and after a slfgnt decline In
the early trading, rallied totK^c. and then be
1 came dull and sawed off slightly, clo?ing Qrm at
w>4c. 8*1 ea 906,000 barrel*.
OttCrrv, Pa., Feb. 8-Opened at',89J#; highest
90*c: lowest ?9Sc; cloaed at 9#io; a. ea ft24.a?
barrel*; clearance* 1,248,COO barrel!; run* 43,
barrel*; ihlpmonu 89,031 barrel*; charter* 86,071
Pitobdmh, Pa., Feb. 8.-Petroleum dull but
firm; opened at 00c; closed at 99>?o; highest
90>*c; lowoct 89%c.
Tmnrvnxi,PA.. Feb. 8.-Opened at 6'J%o; highest
90Wo: lowest 69Jic; cloaed at 9'J?c.
Bradford, Pa.. Feb. 8,-Opened at 89J4o; closed
at 90c; high eat vJXo: loweat fcv^c.
Dry Ooodi.
New Yon, Feb. 8.?Through delirerie* of a 11
deaerlptioDi of ?e?*onable cotton good! very large
s*lea werero'urned. but the new demand w?s roatricte<1
b-cause ol the small mpplle* to be bad for
Immediate or near delivery. For heavy weight
woolen* the order for tho day wa* fairly satlalaotory.
lialtlmore Live block Mnrkut.
Omc* or thsCalvebton Stock Yamds, 1
Monday, Feb. 6,1888. /
the swine ma uk xt,
Arrivals this week 8,179
Arrival* last week - .... 7.8Y2
Arrivals one year a#o.............. 9,373
The receipt*, though numbering over 800 head
in excexs of lajtt week's otf-rlug. are about equal
to a fair demand in all the yard*, but p-lcesare
| lower than tbey were last Monday?about Xc. The
quality u ixir nim>i?iiii?Huuiy.1v -w
with moat halts from 7Jtfc to "He. Of tho receipt*
7,067 lu-ad catno over the Pennsylvania Railroad
and 1,112 head over the Baltimore & Ohio Kailroad.
Cuikekont Live Stock Makket, )
Baltimokk, Feb. 6. IbtsU, {
All hoes and sheep sold In theso yard* by K. A.
Blackahere are at grow weight
Beoeipta this week 4,136 nead of hon. against 4,141
head hut wee*. Fair to good hogs selling
S5 80 to 86CO; pigs selling from Si 00 to Si 60; rough
hogs selling at ts 00.
aa&ivaisor lit* stock
At Clararumt Stock Yarxlt, via Laltimort & Ohio
EaUroad, for \tctk ending Fib 6.
115 care, containing 979 cattle, 10 calves, 1.77G
aheep, 7,2*9 hogs, llSborecs. Shipments to J.'ew
York. Philadelphia, Ac, Oil cattle, 10 calves,
2,376 hogs. 12 ) lior* <
I. tho undcnlgned, do hereby announce myself
a candidate for tho nomination FOB 8HKBIFF
of the county of Ohio, West Vo-, aubjtct to all
Democratic rules.
Household and Kitchen Furniture.
I will sell on THCIHDAY. FKBROAHY O on the
corner of Vlncinla aud York Uri els, Island, commencing
at 10 o'clock a. Pcd room and Parlor
Ho la and <;arpefs of tho beat ra*kcs, Dining Bojm
and Kitchen ware, 'i t>rms, c-sh
fM J 0. HKBVKV. Anrthnrcr.
Special Ocnoi al Meeting of Stockholders.
Noiicc Is hereby given pursuant to a resolution
of the Board of Directors of the Natural Has tympany
of West Vitglnia that a special general meningot
the stockholders of aald company will bel
held on Thursday, tho ?3d day of February, 1888,
at 2 o'clock r. at the principal ot&x of tne
M/? n Tori.illh Btrixit In thn P.ItT nf
Whw?liiJK. W. Va, when the following resolutions
will be offered for ndonttou:
lnt Hbso'.TUi). Tnat the par value of each share
of capit%i Mock of Mid ' '-oin tinny be and hereby in
reduced from on-) bui'dred dollars *o fifty dollars.
id. Kwolved, That the number of ihareiof the
capital o"k o; said Cimpmy w und hereby la
increased f-oa lfl,(0Q aimrca of 1103 cach to 40,000
tharea of 150 cach.
By order of tho Board of Directors 1
Jail lUltmR RTT' JUHiN. WOQ'T.
KDWAliU L. lli\6r. CO.
Wiah to announce aomo very pleading new foaturca I
to be found in.the[New Caligrapn, and mpeot*
xuiiy roruj at. luiercauja 10 can ua eiaaino
am a.
Cabinet!, Dexki nml Blanda for Writing Machine*
We keep the flnrst stock of Linen Paper to bo
found in the ct*t;. *11 iiioi and gradta. i.tgal
llntu with marulnal Unw, exprta'ly lor Wrltiug
Machines a 1?o letter and note *lxoa. Carbon pa*
per "for manlfoldl jg," all colors
We are A Rent* for tho Cyclostyle. 1.600 copioa of a
circular or ie't??r written on tho ?at!*raph, can bo
made by lti use, each copy equal to the original.
Wo aU>o nell the Holograph, by the mo of which
100 copIcs of a written document can bo made.
Addrraa ua for aample b-wks and prioe liiti; loll
dcacriptlre circulars on application.
ED IV Alii) L. ROSE & CO.,
ja20 flfi Twelfth St., Wheeling. W Va.
~ $1,003 JiEWARD!
Cnv or Wuuuno, w. Va., )
* January li, 1&S8. /
A reward of si.ooo u offered for the arrest and
lodgment in tau Jail of Ohio county of any oue or
more of the person* engaged in tho murderoui assault
upon Poilco OQlc:r Joseph Glenn, of the city
of Wheeling, on fiunday morning, January 15,
18W. The a bore reward to be paid upon the conrlctlon
and sentcnou of any one cr more of the
pernors so engaged.
i In case more than one ptrion shall claim to be
' entitled, by reason of being lnstrumertal in the
; bringing about su?h arrest or otherwise, to somo
part of said reward, or cone interest therein, the
City Council of Wheeling rwervea the right to do
11U? nikwwut n(ipou uu l?v IWIUII; VI BU.ll UMIU
or clalma. and alai rcaomi the rlftht to make ?uch
apportionment am on* tho claimant* ol the (aid
reward aa the Council (ball deem equitable without
appeal from auch apportionment
Bj order of the Council of the City of ftheollng,
paaied January 17,1888.
JalO Mayor el ?b? Pity of Wheeling.
I !'!
jji ^&sM?bi/rWs
I; A Shout}havi
[j ,; prompt an2
proper Care or thy may
! c;s^,
. fATALi-Y^f n
k/ck of ojy
f/V* horse orcow
! 4'"* 4^U.TtioV causa
cbai bri*)Sej
the s\\f> Oj &L_
cvn <XxC oY jt>.\
Knife *n-?y
result in Ok. '*>>/ fs\\
Serious Cat.
Any of these. ttiTn^s >n?y
happen to one. oV yOUR.
ftt-tiiily ^?ny >noment.
Havc^OHObstHe of
ready -toruae'msu/K. cases?
Jth?\S>w e<juai jorrficcure 0/
l>mis?, S brains, Soves, inject
bites Ac?All f)M(ioisrsJc)l ifc
pn n A m r? * f
Wo havo succeeded lu purchwlnc at an Ex'.r*ordinary
Bargtin a laryo quantity o( Mu?liu Underwear,
Ac., which w.i havo divided into TWO
LOTS, and, to mak'j quick sales, we soil thorn at
25 flND_39_CENTS!
Consists of LadliV Nteht Dresvs, Chemises, Draw
en, Ruffl d 8k'r'? o-aot Covert.
Consists of Ladlea* Night D-wse*. Bfcirt*. ChrtnUc*,
Drawm, Corsvt (Jotem, all hardsomelj
trimmed Huch K?rmcuu an those
aiu usually sold at from 60
to 75 etui".
Whooliiiff, W, Vq.
Excelsior Baking Powder
la a eon?Unt Joy In evrry how?"bold Into which It
entew. bccntuu It l> pare wholtaomo, And novrr
fall* to do 1U wnr* wUftfaotory. A pacugo o( It
niAlca au acceptable pnaeut.
Elegant And CbOAp.
Druggist*. Bridge Comer.
Syrup of Figs.
LOQ-JLisr az oo.
Drnggialo, Bridge Corner.
Thisis the Top of the Genuine
Pearl Top Lamp Chimney.
All others, sira ilar are imitation.
Insist upon the Exact Label and Top".'
For Sale Everywhere. Made only by
8E0. A. MACBETH & CO., Pittsburgh, Pa.
jjxohangb bank,
J, N. VASOU. Proold'nt
L. 8. Dn-xn.ua ^?Vlof-PretddiLt
J. K. Vanoc, M. HorRijelmer,
J. M. Brown. W. Kllinrhan,
L. B. Df!p.plain, A. W. Kelley.
John Frew.
Draft* i*?uw! on Knflacd. Ireland, Hoo'.land, act
all points In Europe.
JOHN J. JOS'KH. Oa?hi?r.
WM. A. T *.,,,.. rmddfnt
WK. B. ena*)!*
Dr&m on Xnfland, JnUod. Pr&aue Gcnaju.jr,
rm. A. iKtt, Wm. B. nupteo,
J. A. Millar. John K. Sotefard,
k. m. Atkinson Victor Kottnlurr,
Hfnrr flptrcr- ? _
mm y f JTPVIN. . tv.i'y.
For tho Bath, Toilet and Lnundry.
Snow Whlto nnd Atwolutely Pure.
If your dealer <loc* rot fccop Wh?to flood Poap.
lend 10 cents for aamplo cuke to tiiu makers,
jns. S. KIRK & CO.,
(Uliicri of the VUltaUon,)
k school of more than national reputation, offers
?xoeptlonal advanta^ae for thoroufh education of
roans ladlos In all departments. Library ol alx
thousand rolumoa. Fine philosophical, chemical
4Dd astronomical apparatus.
Mnxlcal Department specially noted. Corpa ol
pianoteacncrs trained by a leading professor from
Oonacrratorj of 8iutt?art Vocal culture accord*
In# to the method of the old Italian masters.
imuiuuu umui|w?? iui uuauij >uu utauuii
ren acres of pleasure grounds. Board exoellent
For catalogue*, and references to patroni In all
tbe principal cities, addrua
Washington School of Elocution
MBS. M. BTEVEN8 HART, Principal,
904 "m" Street, n. W., Washington, i). a
Sixth Annual Session begins Wednesday, September
Counte o( liutructlon embrace* Elocution, Practical
English and Engliah Clashes, Latin. Mathematics,
Modern Languages, Vocal and instrumental
Muaic and PbTilcal Cultora
The Principal la anlstod by an efficient corps ol
(eachera in each department
Graded classes lor bora and girls daily.
Adult classes and private Instruction given In
the evening.
Diplomas awarded. A limited number o! pupils
accommodated In the family.
For circulars and references apply to Intkujtpen
offlco au3i
System bucd upon nature's laws. MO SEGREUY
-NO TRICKS. ijatom explained to those inter'
Testimonials from physicians, educators and pairoiit.,
who have received benefit from the method
A instruction. Address,
Mm. M. HTKVEN8 nART, Principal,
Washington School of Elocution and English
ool M Ptroct, N. W., Wublngton, 1). 0.
Btudents boarded In family of Principal.
Ohio river railroad.-ti*b
table taking oflfect SUNDAY, DEC. 18, 1887,
Passenger train will run m followa-Oentra) time:
No 7. fo.5 Ko.3 ^0.1'.
p. m. a. m a. m.
Leav^-Whocllng 8:00 ll-.on 6:45
beawood.upp. Scllalro.... 8:15 11 ;l* 7 Oo
StotmdJTlUe_ _ 8:35 11:86 7.20
p. m
Tlarlngtoru............... 4:15 13:15 8:M
Nuw Martlnsvlllo........*.... ......... 1:19 12 40 8 80
ftlsienvllle - B.Ofi i:io 8:65
Friendly, opp. Matam'm .... 5:18 1:12 9;0S
St. Mary's 5:50 l:m 9:?0
WUllaioitown,opp.Mar'ta 6:tn 10:25
Parkersburg -L 7:15 8:1? U:10
Belleville ... 3-50P12 03
Murraynvllle 1:00 12:28
a. ra.
Raveiiswood_.......~? 5:lh ...~_ 1:40 12:55
Lctart. 1:88 6:20 1:40
riOW JilTcn... .. /.VW o;%a 4.uo
HartlonL. 7:05 6:4* 2:10
Mmou City. opp. Pomcroy 7:16 ...mm. 6:6". 3:18
Clifton. pop. Middloport. 7;25 ?.??. 6:to 2;24
Arrive Point Plcanant 8:00 6:40 8 CO
" K. AO Junction- .m~- ? 6:45 S.Cfi
' flalllpoUa. ...? 4.45
Charleston .m?. ..~m~ 8:V6
a. m.
" White Sulphnr,.. ...mm.. s.co
>o.6 No. 4. No. 2. so. 8
a. m a. m a. c p. rr.
Jitavo-K & O. Junction- ... 10:tf> 8:48
Point PlcMoat.- 10:ft0 6:lft 8 60
ulUton .m... lt:? C:V 4 32
Umou City, opp. Pomeroy 11:*6 :& < 4:87
Hart!ord....~.~................ mm ll:4> 7:03 4:47
H?w Haven m.~ 11:47 7:tt? 4:52
TtUrt U:10 7:?> 5:23
K*wn*woo<l._......~......... 12:ft6 8:10 6;C5
MurTaysvllle~ ..? ? 1 :W B:*-< ?mmm
P&rkenburK....~~~~ 6:8f 2:4ft ...m-m
I wiuiamittnwn.opp.Mar'ta 7:1C 8:ho 1P;v6
rtt. Mary'?......m. ? 7:W> 4:w ll:*..._
'Friendly.opp. Matarn'ra* 8:23 4:62 ll:n5mMM
aUtoitvUle 8:15 6:16 ll:u.?
p. nt
Khw Martlmvllle 9:00 6:30 l'Jili M>MMM
GUrlngton 9:80 6:V 12:3', m-mm.
Moundftvllle. 10:10 6:85 1:1ft ...mmBeawood.
opp. Bellalre... 10:3u 6:6ft 1:86...mm.
Arrive?Whuellns ? 10:45 7:15 1:63
p. m.
Arrive-CloveUfid.m..mm. 6:16 ...m?
rinflburvjh 8:20 6:66 m.M?
a. m t. in.
Hirrtibnrs-..^.... 8:20 2:0ft .........
Philadelphia - 6:00 ft:00 ?_
Sow York...m~.. m mm. 7:80 7:80 ...mmWeit
and NorthweoL p m p. m
Colambui...~_~ ......... 7:40 .......
a m. p.m.
Chicago | 9:M> .....~..| 6-ao .....~.
Kuuasy trains on K. dc 0. Kallway arrive at
Charleston at 6 10 o. m waiting 'or o. k. r. K.
train No. 1 at Point Pleasant, Thin la the ?hort
lluc, ani i?rtln mirchailng ticket* should Mk for
tkke'Ji via. the Ohio Hirer Kail road, f'or Information
rcganiluK rat/a. muih, etc.. addrtai
W. J. ROBINSON, Uen'l Pa?a. A rent.
rarkenburg, W. Va.
PRE1). hu8kmkn,
Tray Pass. Agent, Wheeling.
Baltimore & ohio bailhoaddeparture
of trains f'-om Who*llng. Schedule
In eflect November 30,lNff-Kastcrn time;
Exprensfor Chlragoand the J*orth?e?t, 9:M a.
in.. 8:10 p. m. 10:00 p. m. dally, and 11:15 p.m. dally,
(zocpt -aturlav.
fxpnufor Cincinnati and BL Lou'j, 9:60 a. m.
dsilv, 11:1) p. rn. dally ?xceptSaturday.
i:ipn*? fur Coluiubus and Cincinnati, 2:45 a.m.,
8o'Cay <>nly.
KrrCo!umou9, 9:60a m. dilly, and 11:15 n n.
rt*liy except baturday, aud 2:25 p. m. dally ezccpt
ExnrvM lo" Washington, n. 0., Baltimore. PL 11ariel
jthia aud New York, 5:40 a. n and 6:45 p. in.
i or Pittsburgh and Washington, Pa, 6:00 a. n.
r.ud 7 p m. daily: Express. H:10 a m, 1:45 p. m.
daily except Sunday. Additional wsy train for
Wa*nlngton. Pa 6:Ai p. m dally except Huuday.
tor iiuundivlllc, 12:00 uoon, aauy except ound
for Or Hon. 8:45p. m , dally except Sunday.
For Cumberland. 8:30a. m., dally exceptaunday.
Por nt 0 alnrlUe MM a. m., j p. m. aud 6:45
p. m dal'.v except Hunday.
Expru* train* arrive irom Chicago, 6:40 and 0:.'<i
n. m. Miid 0:46 p. m. dally, aud 5:00 a. m. dally ex*
oept Monday.
r-xprv* train* arrive from Ft. I/mil aud Cincinnati,
6:00a. rn and 6:45p m. dally.
Kxpre** trains rrlve from Philadelphia, Baltimore
and Washington. D. O., 10:M) a. in. aud 10:50
p m dally.
T.alns arrive from Columbus. 6rt0 a. m. dally,
and ?-45 p. m. dally, and 10:36 a. m. dally except
Trait.a arrive from Pittsburgh, 9.40 dally, and
13:46 p. m. and 6:65 p m. <lally except -un'la^r
r mi*, n dally excupt rfaturday,and 1:40 a. m,
buuflsy ooly.
mlns arrive from Washington, Pa., 8:00 a, m.,
dally exert* Munday.
Tnlon arrive from Motmdavlllc, 1:40 p. m.,
dally rxccttH inday.
Trains arrive from Grafton. 9:25 a. m., dally except
Tralna arrive from Cumberland, 6:60 p. m . dally
except Sunday.
Trains arrive from Rt Clalraville, 8:40 a. m. and
1:46 and 6:46 o m.. dally except Suu day.
Baggage called for and checked at hotels and
rr*ldcncca on ordera leftaiuckct omce, 1*0 Ma'
t e t street andatretot
- ... ,I'oaI>. 3mW
V CLEMENTO. Manager.
ITTU t>tt T"T niVflTWifPI I- am
X. IX)UIH RAILWAY CO,?PiohudlB Boat*
Under ?cbedale in erect MAY a, 1WT7, uSni
l?TS^b,cl^ki central Stanrlard Ume For ^u
benrllleand PitwbnrgH. 6:tt a. m , U:? p m
?.-0 P m. For HteubenTlll?, *:? p. m. xhe 6:?
a. m. tod R:(&p. nt. traJr.a tn?ke direct cnanor tio~>
for ?x)lumb?M. Cincinnati, Indlantpolbi and ChJ
vy KOAD.?Under chodule In etTnci jaf m
JHW, tnlna jcaro Bridgeport, Centra) ^tandaid'
Umo: For Pltoibttrsu au.l Cloroland, 6:io a. w..
liEA.?*./" WW- 10:17 a n. ForVfeV*,Srjffb?TU1*
Train, irrtte MBrWnport ?l 7:M a. m.. 1M1 >.
"?i? * *" " iM * "ft

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