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I. the undenlgned, do hereby annotmot rnyieJf
? caudiJato lor the :.islaat:on 70S BHERIFJ'
of iho county of Ohio, Wat Va, rabjcct to all
democratic rule?.
i do Kajjle Building Aaoclatlnn la now recdving
iub*crlpttuDN for atock and will organize Ma-ch
jt. and dues will be payable March *1. Bharea,
?!V); t'a- full araoimt adrancid to borrowexa.
moc'* ^hii Uj had at ?ny time at the /Etna Inaur*
<?.. *??,?.?, i'.ninn at !he Economy
una* ouiua. V Bu:'c2lu<
Awoslailon, or /rota any of the underlined.
1 ji.im-n I'rincc. D. 0. Morgan. Wo. liutlogt,
M. J. -I? cy N Schalc Tbeo. Kob?r. C C. Flaccm.
.'I. r. iojit*, LoiiU iUnonir, Goorgo Otto. Geo.
w. i> inmon. J K llauca. II. M. Hcbmldt, Bobert
i'tfjurl. Jopn Corcoran, Dr. John L Dlukejr. W. J.
H<-liliiKXc. W. 11 Travis, Win. T. otto, H. r. Bchnm
Jr. M. L Rlxlur. *m Goring, M. A. Chow,
M. J own?. J Q'Jiun. P U. Dobbins, K C.
FUtcn J w. Cailat:>?n. SV. H Klnehart, J. M.
ilnDlitou, b'r? A. V. L'iricb, \V. J. W. Cowden.
Sjieci.il lien M ul Aleellug of Stockholders.
Voic is b?r??r Rlrim pu'suant to a resolution
of the K" ?r 1 of Diatom of tbo Natural Gas ComI
.any of W?t Vl'glola that a inodal genfral mwthip
of th-' ktor.Jtbol r* of Mid con?p?njr will be
hi I onThurad*/, the va-J day of February, 1M?<,
i: . v r at ih? prlridjwl oCIjo of tbf
company No "1 Twelfth strt'et, In Me cltr of
Wh-? 11 hit Va . when the following ro*oiutloM
w: * t.o oirorod lor adontlon:
l?t lunolve*. Tnu the pir valuoofeach share
of i -apltd ft'** of M.-.ld 'oiniNiuy buaml hereby la fl
<- ..... k . iU,:i,.i in tiftv dallara. *
K?1 IH'-*U IT">U ...v.w~ _
.'1 i?:vcd, Mi*1, the number of aharcaof the
mj.iui f ? k o* md Onopany oo and boruby in ?
., rrji'i' 11 ' i l<t,( M MiArnH ol f:0)oach to 40,000 x
?h?rta of S'X) wh. r
liy ordtr of the Board of Dlrrct-r* j
;. ] mahrim nn HAMAV. Beo'r c
of will. \
r;irti rf the Clerk of tie County Court of Ohio u
1 .hi . Stdcof Went Virginia
1 :i tli- r of tin probata of the will of John F
Hchnel!. Hr, dece'ned. u
j.'cutj.'ctii thcpfltion llio.1 m thin matter on 1
Uic ju t if.: ul Juuunry, A D. 1MB, it tn h*read ,
. n i-d to proU'eann record a paper writing, pur v
jH>rilng to be the lu>t will and tectamoni 01 John 1(
v \6r., dweMf)d,tea ring date on the 1st day ti
of Murch a. It J*i6. Aiid It Mppe?riiii( from au T
mh Uvii Hied with we in my mid olllce. Ihut Jac.ib J
y. hit* 11 mi.i1 "w rK ?-?:huoll, are non reaidenta ci
of tbu ritate of tVcat Virginia; and tho ?atd t-ctl- H
tl'j **.*'l:i?' that the m;d Jacob M. Bcliroll ard
i( .p kr-'pchnril are iutereaUd in th?* probate ard "
r.terl of s?M Mil). I' i* order.d that t io bald rl
Ju -t? M Scnuel' * -0 (ko*uo -'< liUL'ii do appear ai hi
By i.fir e in the c.t> of Whet-Hug. county of Ohio, l
J11 Me atoiraald. on the 'istu day of r'obruary, "
A l? 1. u*. K'o'o ock a. *< of thy ?ald day. and a.
i'o *?h*i n uutatary Ui prutoct tntir Inleieata iu ft
I h '*td matter.
i'ubiiahed the first lime January 30.IMS. ,
tier* of aaid Court ci
' "il: H ' t'i.';i JaliOM
ItXAI. KoXA-ry.
A Uc?rAt>ta KesMenco oa South i'enn street, 8 I'.
rr*j i with ?'l modem Improvements. Lot 7oxl20. t;
1'rlc* reasonable.
Modem 7 Itcomcd House, '/Tdouth York itroet,
/i -. >1 i> Roomed Uric* Hoiimj, corner Wood and :
Thlrtj-?:lyhth ttrutU. Pay tu an Investment. I
. S(.j<itdfd Farm rear fit. I'kaaant, Ohio, eight e
mite* from tVhit'lliig? Q
-ev. a Boomed H?u-.o ou North Front airoot; lot I
Six Kooraed House ou North York street 9
Uullding ! ot?.
Dwelling House* and Htoro Boomi for rent from
A; rill. il
G. O. SMITH, i
jij I'dirnno) t'.nl. mo Mtln Bl {
No. 1.M9 (,v>?pl?m street, 8 room* 9 37 hp ot
No -V ''bnii ha) i trect. 7 room* - il) 17 nj
V' : , ourtecnthatreat 6rooms ..... IS00 n
No..'i hppllaoftueet,6rooms 16 67 hi
No. Kotl Ktreot, 6 rooms - 15 Co ji
No. ': > rlllceiith fctreot, 7 room* 32 9? ci
No. l..' ntednth ktrcct, C looms 1667
Nc. i.-.'l ."oil Hnet, 4 room* 12 00 |j
No i.'Oi '!: .i.il'.Hjsircet.H rooms. baaemeuL lu CO y
Mouth ^'abitftli Ntreot, 5 room* 10 00 n
illSjutii Hroadwby,4 r.orrr 10 00 cl
N.">. '2 l'i Mm I il aT-.el Htorr-rrom 7 CO y
A i until f ?ru fo' Jilry tuoMtuato Ju*t uorth of tl
Nut1- :?i Ko*?\ bct*etn Stackyard llollow aud p
CjiI Run si
FOB te* ALE1. v
*io. > Twent! th atresl, 7 riom*, J.'.'CO. il
::o. 6: fifteenth Htieat, 9 rooms, modem lm- u
proTcnunts. x)
v.;<7 ?od 23ti9 Fort *tT<vt. ami No '?j06 Alley '
1). thn . l>ou?ca ou O'le-fcilf lot. forS3.600. d
No ill Twentieth s:r?.f t 7 room*'. 9t.OCO. k
No 70 North Kroutatnwt, Island 10 rooms; Lot a
60x400 foot. A beautiful home. Apply ts u
1*31 llfll Market Street
?? ?? B
mir.Kl.lNU HAKKIIY. 3
J'oumls of 11
-FIE rill SAKE- j
Now Jtfti<ly nuil For .Sale by c
AVh^elingfBakoryCo. ^
A>>: v'lf 'irmvr !r.r I'uncnk" Kln?r dflS
= to
Architect & Superintendent.j
mill Specification* Furnished lor '
Clmri'hes, h'c'joil Houses, KcsMcnccs, <
Stores and Public Buildings I
Special attention given, to *
Heatincr. Ventilation and Sani- <
0, ? - t
tary Plumbing. 1
' < **...-* * Vroiiiltct
1 ?' \LkY i jus-.....- ?,Vi<?*PrMl4tflt
. . vnaofl, H. norkbfJma/,
i. *' Dr. v7ii. W. jiiUnsajim,
K. l>ebpUIn, .4. VV. .Kclluf,
John ?rrw "?
Da: ; vied oa RagUad. JioiAa'J, n?tlaaiJ, bdI
?U potati !n Europe.
JOHN J. JONP*. ftehftt.
oapitjll 41 njKi
;? A. I .err, ..^ZT ttaridutt
WK.B. :*n VlOt-fotMflBt
Dntii onfn?l*nd, !rr!.*n.; Kr*noe*na QnmxDJt
'?3. A. licit, Wo. B aiiUlMOK.
1 ?. Miner, John Jr. tiotefotd,
M. auuis.ii: Viclor SoceabMVi
near? *po)??r.
. a-i' r. r JCPKW. OmIiut.
?AI 1
lasana against low or dunAg* by flro aud light J
rr* 4l- U?ui of dciirabio property, alw iosuiv
w**?? on tt?o Watczu ?Uu.
orriouu I
J ' uc?, PresMea), M Koillyi VlooPittidaak I
J.MtrocWeln 0oo'T, JM. i\ Adaau, Aa'tbt;
unuurroo, C
', *.ah. x. Hcfiiit tarn .
- H. JioShu, ij. W. Frtaibeim. ?
iri-sa is Twjuarnr- HTitwrr. |
= i
Fir Over tboHoM *
tvculj-R 8olU.
Morning, r
*al oihen, now on liwpootloa, at
12B Market tftiwt. 1
"TAJEWorr bast.*
itraigui ana ai caaer
Th? "a?? num?8aTC
/ the mark, will sit
down on a tack or
I crooked pin, and leap as If dynamite had
exploded under his chair. This visitation
pronld be only a prick like a fiea-bite, and
iret he site for days in the torment of chronic
jtain*. The person so attacked resolves to
?nt off, and postpones very often until too
ate. Then he finds his disease developed
nto an inflammatory stage, or into a dangerous
typo of a worse malady. There ia
k remedy, he should know, tlut does not
einporixe with anything in the nature of
tain, but goes to work on a straight job,
Kjarchea out the pain-spot, and gets there
without Altering and without failure. For
nstance: "Ten years ago," says Mr.
roach im Witt, Evans ton, Ills., February 11,
.887, MI suffered with rheumatism, which
ilaced me in bed; used St. Jacobs Oil and
vm cured; no return of lain." Mr. If.
larl, 139 Fourth street, Troy, N. Y, writes
tfarch 12,1887: "About nine years ago my
on was afilictcd with rheumatism, lie
ised St Jacobs Oil. about four bottles, and
tras cured; has had no pains since." Mr.
L H. Moore, Fairfield, Ohio, writes Febuary
22,1887 (his original statement was
lated 1880): "Had, as stated, a very severe
ttack of rheumatism; used St Jacobs Oil
ud it cured me completely; no return of
tain since." Mr. Joseph Kapfer, Mohawk
fill, Lewis county, N. Y., writes March,
887 (his original statement was in 1882):
I suffered at times from rheumatic
ains; used one bottle of St. Jacobs Oil
nd was permanently cured." Mrs. Julia
[ennedy, Minn us, Conn., February 20,1887
jriginal statement 188*2), writes: "For a
>ngperiod I suffered with rheumatism;
ried many remedies, no relief; tried St.
scobs Oil; effects were magical, and was
ured; no return of pain." Mr. John F.
chultz, Bloomington, Ills., April 8, 1887,
'rites that he suffered three years with
k.umaflam in Ilia littifu utit/Ou.a in lilo
ido and paralysis. Found no relief till
e used St. Jacobs Oil. Ouo bottlo cured
11 pain, and lie has had no return. Mr.
m Brown, Private Bunker, Chicago, Ills.,
pril 8,1807, writes: "Lay flat on my back
ire? months; used St. Jacobs Oil und wus
ired; never been troubled since." These
samples show how to get the right thing,
> do the right thing at tho right time und
i the right wuy.
Tho treatment of many thousands of eases
f thoso chronic weaknesses ami distressing
Ilmcnts peculiar to females, ut the Invalids
iotel and Surgical Institute, Iluffulo, N. V.,
us afforded a vast exficrienco in nicely uduptig
und thoroughly testing remedies for tho
urrcof woman's peculiar umludh-s.
Dr. Pierre'* Favorite ?'rcncriptIon
i the outgrowth, or result, of th's great and
oluublc experience. Thousands of tcstiinolals,
received from patients and from physllans
who huvo tested it In tho moro mrirraated
and obstlnute cases which had butlled
:ieir skill, prove it to he tho most wondcrtul
;medy ever devised for the relief und euro of
afforlng women. It is not recommended as a
ouro.nl!." but us u most perfect Speclflo for
roman's peculiar ailment*.
Am a powerful, iuvigorAtlng tonic,
5 imparts strength to tin; whole system,
ml to tUo womb nml its appendage* in
articular. For overworked, ''worn-out,"
run-down," debilitated teachers, milliners,
ressmnkers, seamstresses, "shop-girls," bousocepcrs,
nursing mothers, nn<l feeblo women
cnerully, l)r. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
I the greatest earthly boon, t>oInjr unequaled
s an appetizing cordial and restorative tonic.
As n soothing and strengthening
lervine, "Kavorlto Prescription" Is uneunled
and is iuvaluabl-* In allaying and subuing
nervous excitability, irritability, exaustion.
prostration, hysteria, spasms and
thcr distressing, nervous symptoms cotnjonly
attendant upon functional nod organic
'oeaso of the womb. It Indues refreshing
,ecp and relieves montal anxiety and despondency.
Dr. Pierec** Favorite prescription
b a legitimate medicine, carefully
[impounded by an experienced and skillful
hysiolan. nud adapted to Iromotj's delicate
rganlzatlou. It is purely vegetable In its
omposltlon and perfectly harmless In lt?
ffcets In any condition or the system. For
lornlng sickness, or nsu.sca, from whatever
ausa arising, weak stomach, indigestion, dyscnsla
and kindred symptom?, its use, lu tiuall
jies, will provo very twneflciaL
*' t'avorlto Proscription " 1? a posiIvc
euro for the most complicated and oi>tlnatu
oases of leucorrheo, exccsslvo flowing,
sinful menstruation, unnatural suppressions,
rolapsus, or falling of tlio womb, weak back, i
female weakness, antevcrslon, retroversion,
earing-down sensations, chronic congestion,
lUntmUiUlUJl UHU U1 |
lamination, pnln and tenderness lu ovaries,
ccompanlod with " internal heat."
An a reKulmor anil promoter of funo- I
lonal action, at that critical period of change
rom girlhood to womanhood, "Favorite Preemption
" 1* n perfectly eafo remedial agent,
nd can raoduco only (rood results. It la
quail v emcitcious nnd valunblo In it* effects
fuen taken fc>r thorn disorders and drrnngonenta
Incident to tlmt Inter and most critical
leriod, known as "The Change of Lire."
"Fuvorlto Prescription," when taken
n connection with tho use ??i Dr. Pierce's
lolden Medical Discovery, and small laxatfvo
loses of I)r. Plercc's Purgative Pellets (Little
itver Pills*, cures Liver. Kidney nnd Iiladder
llseaacfl. Their combined use also removes
>lood taints, and abolishes cancerous and
crofulous humors from th*? system.
"Fovorlto Prescription" h the only
nediclne for women, Bold bydrugfflsts,under
i poHltivo punruntcc, from tho tuunuacturcrs,
that It will give Hiitisluction In every
law. or money will bo refunded. This guaran* 0
una b^n printed on the bottle.wrapper,
ind faithfully carricd out for many years.
I.nrgo bottle* (1(0 doses) $1.00, or six
>ottlc? for $r?.0(>.
For large, Illustrated Treatise on Diseases of
iTomen <1(0 pages, paper-covered), scud tea
*nts in stamps. Addn ??.
World's Dispensary Medical Association,
603JIIaln St, IH FI II.O, N. Y.
DO "S"0"cr w-sasrr
N. _ An exquisitely
"An Elofnmt Novelty la Calendars." \
"A Touching Btory Told In Colors.**
"Highly Original and n "Work of Art."
n.!T n box of DR. C. Mr LANK"*
rnrnnr\Tf:i? livkk i?ii.ls t..r 25 emu
fri)in jrour l>ni^rjrl(?t,atnl tnnll the ?>ut.?Me wrapper,
wlilt your addnu-1 an d 4 cU. lu ?luuj?
FLEMIHG BEOS., EittobnrgVPa.
Look out for Counterfeits nuulo In St. Louis.
- catarrh
^ aswi
??i? auJ Ufl?PH^VER?g gjl
nation, Heals tlifMp,
lore^Btttortiihig^ /
lenses ol Taste
rilV tliMTKK.hay-fever
A particle la ap illcd into earh noattli and Ji
greeablo I*rloo SO rent* at dru*irt?t?; by mall,
wUtcrcd, 60 centt. SLY BKOTHRIH. as Greaa
deb street, Mew York. ]s3 Mwraw
UXcci SumiI 37 ftturUiuUi htreeu
Mary htd a little lamb,
lb fleece wu white u ?uow,
And built * little tariff pen
To keep It aale, you know.
But Roger MllU, he came along,
au ugly boy wu be,
And ktDa'hud the little tariff pea
To let tae lamb go free.
And lo the night an Kngllfh wolf,
Came prowling arouud the broken pen.
And killed the little lamb.
Then Mary wept, bnt hopeful laid,
"I'll hare free wool at l?*it."
"And mo you ahall," aall Roger Mil if;
Bo aaid the ugly beaat.
Rut when ahe went to get the tleece,
'I he wo A wm ulitlug on it;
"Come o-i." laid he. nudgtt vour wool;
I've Hied my price upon itr'
?o Mary traded with the wo'.f,
And rouudly did ahe pay:
For tuat dear tlceco ahe l?i the beast
A tweiveuoutn and a day.
ocldotiU ftiid liicldHum In Wait Virginia
uud Vicinity.
Huntington Is to be divided into warde.
Harper'ii Ferry bail seut oat twenty-five
preacheis of the Gospel.
A large number if sheep have beon
killed by doga in Greenbrier county lately.
William Higgins, Aged eevonteen, of
Pocahontas county, was inatantly killed
by getting in the way of a falling tree.
A meeting of tbe Preston connty Wool
Growers' and Stcck Breeders' Association
has bten called for the -4th instant
to elect dclegctee to the Wheeling State
Development Convention of the 2Uth.
In Berkeley county last week a farmer
named William Fry, was catting fodder
for ui?j cattle; the cutting box got choked,
uud in endeavoring to unchoke ithad the
three first Hugerd eevered from his right
Parties in Huntington have eflered the
Norfolk k Western .Railway tbe right ol
way from that city to Logan Court Houee,
amt ground for a depot, eic., if they will
extend their railroad down Uuyandoite
river to Huntington.
The Elkino Guards, of Fairmont, numbering
txi uniformed men havo b* en mustered
into the Slate s?rvce. Hon. Stephen
B. Elkins, in whcco honor the Company
ia named, has forwarded the organization
his check f;r two hundred nnd fifty dollars.
Miss Fannie F'rtzar, daughterofMr.il.
A. k'rsz?r, of Martinsoarg, won a prize of
iiOO oll'ered by tho Philadelphia liuut for
the best short story. She is a pupil of
the Berkeley Femalo Seminary, and is
thirteen years old. The title of her story
ia "A True Heroine."
Tho Beard of Directors of the Xingwood
Railway Company, organized last week by
electing the following otlicers: President,
Peter Volt*; Vice-President, Jamee H.
Carroll; Secretary, Neil J. Fortney; Treasurer,
John M. Crane. The salary of the
Secretary was fixed at $3 per month.
J. J. Joiner, a colored school teacher, of
ftloorefield, telegraphed to Martinaburg
about a school. The toleirraoh coniDanv
(ailed to deliver tbe moBSPgo and Joiner
loot tho position. He sued tbe telegraph
company lor damages. Tlio other day the
caae waa tried, and the jury rendered a
verdict in favor of the plaintiff for foO and
There waa an affray ono night Isat
week on the Luthoran chnrch corner,
Martinabur/r, between Charles Young and
brother, and Hunt Hrnith. Smith waa
knocked down by one of the Younga, and
on guttiDg up dr? w a knife and cat Charles
Young in the cheek, and throwing his
orother down otabbad hitn twice between
the shouldoio.
Tho Ucavisr L'ck Lumber Company
have finished catting 10,000,000 ftitt of
| logs, and will soon have them on the river
Lank.- The Bt. Lawrenco Company are
just about completing their cutting al?o.
iuo aj.ring rise will nndoabtedly float the
(argent drives evoraoen upon tho Greenbrier
river.?lionucerte Neici,
The Morgactown bar had a meeting tbe
other day and agreed to continue the civil
business at tho next term of tho Circuit
Court for that county, and give tho whole
term to the Uial of criminal cases, with
;ho hepe of ridding the docket of that
class of oueinees. The caeca of .Black and
Welio, for murder, will likely come up at
that term and be tried.
The contempt case against Editor T. T.
McDougal, nf the Csredo Advance, carao
np in the Circuit Court, on an appeal
from the County Court, Taesday. The
judgment of the County Court waa reversed
and t.he rule discharged. Whereupon,
the Advance ramarka: "The prcea
is not to b* muzzled in ito juatand truo
criticism on the acta of oflicials."
mere aro <o,uuu acreB 01 iana on mo
Hip Coal river uud ita tributaries offered
(or silo at $?) per acre. There la big talk
of building a railroad along the south Bide
of the Kanawha, passing through Point
Pleasant and connecting with the iron region
of the South. It would develop the
most wealthy portion of the State and be
a paying investment to railroad men.
Albert G. Davis, of Morgantown, one of
tho beet known men in the State, died
I Rut week of hemorrhage of the bowels,
la 1844 ho was ono of the representatives
of Monongalia county in the Virginia
Legislature. Of lato years ho gave some
attention to the law, bat did not enjoy a
very lucrative practice. During political
campaigns hiB eervices as a stamper were
iu demand, and many were the contests
and discussions in which he camo off vietoriouB.
Last wcok the local board of directors of
the Hospital for the Ineone, composed of
James Bassell and A. F. Whelan, of Lewis
county, and Ira Post, of Harrison connty,
net in special season at the Hospital and
demanded from the yoang men composing
the Hospital band their instruments,
claiming that tho said instruments were
State property and that as the band had
disbanded the young men had no right to
keep them in their poeseseion?although
each instrument was the personal properyof
the individual using tho samojor,
in other words, the inetruaients belonged
10 the individual, and wero not State
Tho citizens of Pntnam and Mason
counties aro anxious for a railroad from
Point Pleasant up the river to the Ghe&apeak?
<k Ohio. There are good reasons
.'nr expecting this road. Tho Chesapeake
it Ohio hae been wanting a route more directtothe
northwest than it now possesses.
It can bo had by building a lino from
Scary to the moath of the Kanawha,
whtioilcoa connect with the Kanawha &
Ohio und Ohio K; ver Railroad?, using the
htter's bridge. Unless the Ohesapeako
Ohio bdjV me Kanawha ?fc Ohio bridges at
Charleston, there is every reason to expect
such a result.
11 ir,HU> U'uui an j iiijnu mat uuc|>uciUEtJWO,
ia 1liis Htate, once etooii a readtin<ble
chance ol being lbs Nalional capital.
In 1790, Jniit niter the act pu^ed Congress
"authorizing the location ol ten miles
sqiuue lor tbe ecat of Government at
nn place between tbe month ol tbe
Eistera Branch and Conoogochea^ne," a
newspaper printed tbe following item of
news: "tibepberdttown nn tbe Potomack,
November 15, 17U0.?Very liberal snbecripiiens
hare, within * few day? past,
been obtained In this town and vicinity
to bo appropriated towards erecting the
Federal Bnildlngs, providing tbe Seat of
Government be located to as to Include
Sheperdatown within the District."
In tbe case of William H. Wattlne vs.
Preston coomy, appoaled from tbo Oiicnlt
Oonrt of Preeton connty, the Supreme
Court of Appeals affirmed the dsclaion of j
tbe Mwef atari. Mr. Wetklhs was hnrt
several yean ago while driving a team i
along the Kingwood pike,near XnnneltoB,
by a dead tree falling on him. The tree I
etuod.ou the land of the;Klogwood Uas and
Ooal Company, and Mr. Watklns first
I eued that company, bnt the verdict of
11,500 wae set aside by Jndre Ice on a
demnmr to tbe evidence. He then sued
the county and got a verdict, which wi
Mt Mide on the same plea. He then aj
pealed to the State Bupreme Conrt, wit
, the reenlt above named.?/ourna/
The Fairmont Index contains the fol
. lowing interesting matrimonial atrtiatics
j Number of marriage licences irsued ii
Marion couuty daring the past year, 137
those marrying under the a?* of 20 corn
prised one Ion* yoath and 35 maidena
of those over 20 and under 25 years, 6
were malea and 67 femalea; ov?r 25 am
under 30 years, 3D malea and 18 femalea
over 30 and under 35 years, 14 males an<
3 females; ever 35 and under 40 years, I
maleo and G femalea; over 40 and unde
fiO years, 7 males and 5 femalea; over ft
and under GO years, 0 malea and 3 fe
males; over 60 and under 70 years, !
malea only?showing that at 20 the eirh
have it all thoir own way, have more thai
an even chance at 25, and scarcely an:
chance at all after 40.
The Greenbrier Independent says: Abou*
eighteen months ago a creamery wae
located in Lewiaburg, and after running i
few months wag compelled to shut dowr
on account of inability to secure milk.
Tbey were paving the same prices thai
creameries in Huguata county were paying,
and paid caeb, and yet our farmers
let it shut down. Creameries wherever
located in Airginia have proved a success
?satisfactory alike to the creameries and
fn Mm inn lio (lamnriatratAfi
almost to a mathematical certainty that
ten, fifteen or twenty cows, aa well kept
and attended io ai a like number of threeyear-old
stt ere, will pay double the profit
the ateera will, if not more. Besides, the
creamery distributee the money weekly or
monthly, an arrangement that ought to be
satisfactory. Are times so good and money
so llueh that onr fnrmera can afford to
ignore this enterprise?
Can't Mak? Aojthlug Like It.
I havo been practicing medicine for
twenty years, and huve nevor been able to
fiat up a vegetable compound that would,
ike bimmoui Liver K?j(ulator, promptly
and effectively move the liver to action
and at the same time Aid (instead of weak*
ening) the digestive and assimilative
powers of the system.
No other remedy within my knowledge
can fill its place.
L. M. Hikton, M. D, Washington, Ark.
Waihluetou Kxeariloa Traiua
on the Baltimore & Ohio IUilroad, are
equipped with the finest day coaches,
parlor cars andsleoping cars; and though
the fare is low, the excursionist has the
command of all the luxurious accessories
to modern travol. The next excursion
leaves February 10, end tho round trip
fare la only |8 00.
Gradually, bnt snrelv, the world is being
Americaniz id. A Paris restaurant advertices
"Hakes do baokwhat uu Americaine."
Timlirftftth nf a nhrnnin ntarrh
is often 83 ollaneive that be cannot go into
society anil ho becomes an object of (lis*
gnat. After a tirno ulceration oetd in, the
spongy bonea are attacked, and frequently,
entirely dostroyod. A constant sonrce
of discomfort is the dripping of tho pnrulent
secretions into tho throat, somorimes
producing inveterate bronchitis, which in
ita torn has been the fxciting cause of
pulmonary diaojau. Tho brilliant results
which have attended ito use for years past
properly designate Ely's Cream Balm as
by far the best, if not the only real cure
for hay fever, rose coid and catarrh.
A Traverse City (Mich.) mm is lecturing
on the evils o 1 wearing a mustache.
He declares that no man with respect for
himself should permit hair to grow on his
upper lip.
Who is Your U?at Frloml ?
Your stomach of course. Why? Becauso
if it is out of order you Are ono of
the most miserable ernaturea living. Give
it a fair, honorable chance and see if it is
not the best friend you havo in tho eud.
Don't smoku in the morning. Don't drink
in the morning. If yon mnst emoke anrl
drink wait until your stomach is through
with breakfast. You cau drink more r.nd
smoke more in the evening and it will tell
on you Use. If your food ferments and
does Dot digest right?if you are troubled
with Hoaitbnrn, Di?ineea r f tho head,
coming up of tho(ood sf'er eating, Biliousness,
Indignation, or any other trouble of
the stomach, you had best uso Green's
August Flower, as no person can use it
without immediate rnlitf.
Scientists say that the savage has a more
acute sense of smell than civilized people.
When two savages get together how they
must suli'or.
Uenion'a linlr Grower.
All who are bald, all who are becoming
bald, all who do not want to bo bald, all
who are troubled with dandruff, or itching
cf the scalp, should use Benton's Hair
viunrii uuut ut iuu-jo umuk
it havo grown hair. It never faila to Btop
the liair from falling. Through sickness
and fevers the hair sometime* /alio off In a
short time, and although the poison may
have remained bald fur years, il you uso
Benton's Hair (i rower according to directions
yon are pure of a growth of hair. In
hundreds of cases wo have produced a
good growth of hair on thoao who have
l?een bald and glazed for yoara. We have
iully substantiated tho following facts:
Wo grow bair lu SO cuci oat ol 100; no mattor
bow lont; bald.
Unlike otbrr preparations, ltcouUlm uo ?ugar of
loud, or vegetable or mineral puinons.
Il U a ipeaflo fur falling hair, dandruff and Itch*
lug ol tbc bCAlp.
The liulr Urower ix * hair food, Mid Its composition
la almost exactly like tho oil wblch
supplies the balr with Its vitality.
Bold by druggists or soul on receipt of prloo, 91 CO.
Dk.ntom Ham Gbowkr Co..
Ddw Cleveland, 0.
Uncblea's Arnica Balve.
The beet 6&ive in the world for cuts,
bruises, pores, nlcars, salt rhonra. fever
cores, totter, chapped hands, chilblains,
coma, and all skin eruptions, and positively
cures piles, or no pny required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price '26 centa.poi
box. For nolo by Logan A Oo,
St. Paul hao pa: forward a man with
four wivea in good health and spirits, and
Minneapolis is now looking lor a m?n
without hair or fear of the law to boat the
Klectxln lllttera.
This remedy is becoming bo well known
and eo popular as to nood no special men*
tiou. All who have used Electric Bittora
sing the r-atne con? of praise.?A purer
medichio dooa not exist and it is Ruaranteed
to do all tbat is clainud. Electric
Sitters will cnre all diseases of the Liver
and Kidneys, will remove Pimploe, Boil",
Halt Rheum and other affections eauaed by
impure blood.?Will drive Malaria from
the system and prevent as well as care all
Malariao lovers.?For cure of Headache,
Constipation and Indigestion try Electric
Bitters.?Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or
money refunded.?Price 60 eta. and $1 00
per bottln f.t Loaan Co 'a Drug Krore.
No medicine la eo uut- "V-V
rcnally uaod hi fal ui- * , < _ A
znoua Liver Regulator. XfCi w
It won iu way low every y
home by pure, ilcrllcj <\%s
merit lttakeaihoplaci [T
ol a doctor and coaly U
prescription*. It la a
family medicine con- JW
talnlng no dargtroni
asaa. ja.?s mssasEj
ncUou and can be aafely TP* ~S&
given to any penon no matter what age.
Working People
can take Slmmona I iver Regulator without loaa of
time or daager from eipo?nre, and thfl arateti wfll
be built up and invigoraUHl br It. It premotea digestion.
rilaaipatM tick hwnla-hc. and live* a
atronic lull toue to tho tyatem. It h<u no equal aa
a preparatory medicine, and can be aafely u?ed in
anyatcknoan It acta pern lr on tbo i owri* a*d
Kidneya and cirrocu tho action of the Liver. In
dorvfd by penona of the higheat character and
eminence u
The BE8T Family Medicine.
1! a child hat the collo it !a aauro and ?afe remedy.
It will re'tnre ?trengtn to the ovfrwo-ked
father an! relieve toe wlf.? from low spirits, headache,
dysrep'K constipation and like ill* (ionnine
baa our Zatamp la red on front of wrapper,
prepared cmly by J. H. ZULU a .
JaJO Mwriw Philadelphia, Pa.
! j ________
q Tbo Intelligencer Preparing a Mam mot
; Btato Edition for Circulation Abroad.
An Kotcrprlao In th? 8uec??? of
Which Urory Cltlzeu la loteroited.
; Tux Intklligknckr has .for floma tim
J hid in preparation, and will issue as booi
r ga the work can bo aatiafactoriiy comple
] ted, a epecial edition devoted to the nat
> | u/al resource* and dovelcpcd indnstiiea c
J Woat VirRinia.
' This sptclal edition will be about thi
t same camber of pages as the Natural Gai
i Indoatrial Edition?from 10 to 20?whicl
[ bad a very large circulation, for whicl:
, thero are still demands, and which did
; good in its day and generation.
i The Stato Development Edition of the
| Intklugknckb will cover in general and
in detail the whole Held of West Virglnia's
resources, will neglect no locality,
will represent on a large map the railroadi
in cxibtence and projected, water ways,
coanty roads and turnpikes?in short will
endeavor to answer in advance every
question that may be asked by the capitaliator
the inqulripg person in eearch of
a home. o$'
It is the intention of tho Imtklugkncib
in this State Development Edition to blow
West Virginia's hern, and we can safely
promise that the blast will bo rather
sweet Bounding munc. It will bo heaid
in this conntry and in Earope sounding
tho note of an hospitable welcome to our
richly endowed Itlountain State.
TI.O atrannumonfa tnr innnrUn Ilia na.
iUV OlIBUgVUHU.O '? lUBUHUg tuu |'?per
a wido circulation have only boRun,
bat thus farthoy make euro of the widespreading
of 20.000 copies. There iB a
good prospect that tho actual circulation
will double this. What is of fqual importance,
the quality of tho production
will ba auch as would do credit to any
newspaper in the country.
The Iktklligknckb will welcome the
suggestions and co-operation generally of
any porson who fools an interest in this
e f cr to place our Ktate well before the
world. Whatever is to be submitted in
this line should be sent in at once, for the
Intklliuknckh has its eye on the spring
immigrant and doosn't want to lot him get
Those desiring copies of the paper for
distributioa will oblige us by sending
their orders at once, so that wo may
know about bow many copies to print.
Everybody can help Ills Biate some by
helping to circulate the printed page that
tolls of her opportunities for making
Those having land to sell, in large tftcts
or small, will Cud this thoir best opportunity
to lay their holdings before persons
likely to purchase. Advertisements
should be sent ia without delay. The
publiuhera will ba glad to giVo information
relating to this feature of the enterprise.
Tho hour hoa come, and the Intklligkncrs
is in the field with all its energy j
to aid in tho too-long delayod development
of West Virginia.
T.le reatu*?? oC the Money unit dtocli
Xkw Yobk. Feb. 11.?Money on call ruled ea*y at
2 percent. Primo mercantile paper 5a7 per cent.
Stcvlliig exchange dull but steady at tl Mat WJS
Sales o( stock to-day were 1VJ,?>7 shsres.
1ho stock uurkel was lnteutxily dull throughout
tho session, and the Uactuations were correspondingly
uartow, having little or no signification
Tho first sales were made st imall conccstlooN.
generally from lsst evening's closing prices and
further slight Iohmm were sus .allied, but the movement
was entirely ln?Uuific*nt and tho market
closed steady Every thing is a shade lower, but
Milwaukee. Lake fcliore A Western preferred lost
IK per oeuL
liallroad bonds were dull; rales 1187,000.
Government and state bunds dull and steady.
0. S. 4s rog ?12594 ? K. A T. geu. *u... G3k
0.8. 4s coupon....... 1255a Northern rac. fin?UL.ll?>?4
U. 8. 4^s re#?.~.lNorth. PaaseooudaJeik
O'B. 4S* coupon 10754 Sorthwest. coii*ols-.14lk
Pacific 6'sof 95u.m~.1VO N'.W. debentures,5009%
Louisiana stamp, U. it. L. A ti. F. <ion.M.U4!^
Missouri Cs 1C0>4 *t. Paul consols Mltt
Tenu. Gssettlemouu.lOl St. P., C. A1'. fir*U~.llU
do 5s 97 Tex. it Pac.laud gr'a. 4'J
do 8s....m. To*' A Pac. K, U. exCentral
Pacific firsts 113 tra couiions.......... M
IUK. G. firsts.. 118}* Union Pac. firsts 118V4
D. a K. G. w out. finis 72 A'oflt Shore. lUiJi
Erie seconds...... (J7>%
Adams Exprcw... 133 Northern Pacific 21
American Expre?~107 do preferred .~. 44^
Canada Southern-... 13 Chicago A N. W....~.1U75$
Central Pacific ... WS do preferred 144
Chesapeake Jt Onlo.? Now York Central. ...107
do nrst preferred.. 6 0hl0 A Mississippi... 24ft
do seconds & do preferred. 83
a, v., U. A 1 60 Pacific Mull 35k
Denver A K. G......... 21 Pittsburgh ....1KIH
Eric ~ UG% Heading.Wfc
do preferred ..? tiS at L. A A. V ..... 34%
Port Wayne do preferred 71k
Kansas A Texas; 10k do tarr.t preferred...]Ilk
Lake Erie 4i Wat lb'* C. M. A dt Paul 755a
do preferred 44V? do preferred 114k
Laketshore 91% Texas A Pacific. 25k
IiOuUvilie A Nash.... Union Pacific- M
L, N. A. A C 35 Called dtales Ex 71
Mem A Chan f3 W.,tt. L. A P.....^. 13
Michigan Central...- 82 do preferred ... '.7
Missouri Paclll&? M>j Wells-Faijo Ex _127
Nkj.Ii. AChat ? 7H_ Western union 7b)$
New Jersey Central - 7s?j
nrendstnTa sad Provision*.
Niw Yoek, Feb. 1L?Flour receipts 10,328 packa*?:
exports 4.781 barrels and lO.M'J sacks; (alee
151,000 barrels; market dull and unchanged.
,unli.!k nntui I'XlMirtM hS ill hnahi.li>' aalna
I.074.000 bushels of futures aud 72,000 bu%beJs of
spot: optlonM closed Urm: spot quiet: No.2spring
uomlualnt Causda spring 93J?c: ungiaded
re3 (OKafllc; No. 2 rtd K-bruary Wfcagfto, dosing
atssjfc: March &$OH9Ke. closing at tw%c;AprU
WK?: Ma)' closing at Dike: Juno
011 i-lCa'JBic. closing at 9iftc; July tfl^OlWc,
dosing Ht 9i?c: Incumber W)i<\ i,oru. rwefpu
1J.6W bushels; export* <r..ojo bushel*: Mlea %,wfl
bushel* of futmes and 9.*,0"0 bushel* of spot; options
Urm: uagradtd fiOaSOKe; no. 2 February
Wfcc; March nlay M^ai'j^c. closing at WHc:
June S2JV- Oatfl. receipt* 43.UW busiittU; cx|>ort.H
117,000builie's; salesGO.QOJbuvhelsof future and,
92.1X0 bushds of Hpot: market a shade higher:!
mixed wtatcrti 37atlo; white do 41al7e. Hay
teady: shipping Oic. llopi steady; California
AalSo CoBee, k|>ot lair: lUo quiet at 16c;
optiouit cpenod 10 j dints hinber aud dosed weak,
witn advance loit; sale* 6i,7W bag*: Febiuary
13.10aia.26o: March l.\6 a 12.65c; April 12.g5ai2.55o;
vay 12'2c a 124 c; Juno 12.loal2.b0c; July 1175a
II.90c; AuRUitil.5Qall.6Vj; September J1 Wall.40c; I
October 11.75* 1UM; November aud Uoccmbcr
11.2?c. augur dull and uouilual; lair rdiulig -tfia
4 1316c. aolaia.es steaa>50 test'21c, Ricutlnn. (
Tallow iteady. Koalu steady at SI lOal 15. Turpcutlno
duli at 3?3fa40o. ?*ip? ilrin; western 2C*
jo^c. Fork quiet aud steady, Cut muau quiet. j
ijird steady aud quiet; western steam spot n 00c;
March 7.Ma; April 7.9to; May 8 02c; Juno 8.07c:
July 8.13c; city steam 7.75o. Buttor quiet aud
steady: western 14s8.se. Cheese qulec; western
nuLADMLTBJA. Fa., Feb. 11.?Float, dull. Wheat
steady; No. i red February 9.a90>%o; March km
Vl^c: April 92a92!<c; May %.%a93c. Corn, spot
quiet bat steady: futures dull; steamer No 2 mixed
&83: No. I mixed February 57%aMHo; March Ma
WSc; April tA^'Jc; May &9aS9)fu. Oat*. dull;
ungraded white ile: No. 2 while 4'.V4o: futures
quiet but steady: No. '2 white 49%ali>vc: March
4UI1V April tlh^ilKc; May 41*a4Jc. Eggi
tirm aud higher ou scarcity: flub '26c.
Cfncaoo, Feb. 1L?The week cloaca with prices
on tae whole lower and the rye market duller tnau
seven day* ago. Compared with last Saturday tha
price of May wheat waa this morning fcc lower,
corn Xc lower and oats l?*c lower. Wheat was
lirra t>day, but little doing Cora mod' rately active.
Oata quiet, Frorlaious dujl. Flour steady
and unchanged. Wheat, No. 2 sprint 7t>j%??5Me;
No. 3 spring G8o: No. 2 red 'sj^cj March 75^ja
7f>ftc, closing at 75Mc: May MjflrilXc, cloalng at
?l>io:June M^aaiJvo. dcalo* at u^e. Cora, cash
No. 2 4*;Co: March 46J??47V- cioalog at 47o;
May 61Haal>tf. cloalng at 6i%c; June 61%*51Hc,
cloelLK at 61 He. Oats, caah No.2, 'Ac; May 31>>
doting at 31fco; June 81T*a32c, closing
SiJic. Rye. cash No S. ?Oo. Barley. No. '2, ?7
Flaxseed, No. 1,1144 Prime timothy seed M
>247. Mm* imk, cash and Marrh 114 10; Mi
itl4 ?Hal1 37*. doting at 114 3V Lord. rai
C. and MsrcU 7.ttc; Mar7.?*7 ttc. cloairg at 7?C?
June7.87Xa7.80c. closing at 7.H7V?c. Bacon, sho
ribs, 7.42So; .shoulders fi.0Ca6.0bR; short Hear 81
h 8.06 Butter irartlve; creamery zta30c; dill
16>4a20c. KgK- Arm and scarce at 24a20c.
H*'t'kobi, Mo., Feb 11.?W a oat. western firm <
and dull; No. 3 winter red spot fcsa*s5<c: Februai
ittsasftc bid, 8(940 asked; Mtrcb M>?a?9c: May 91!
Siiic Oont, wwteru ?tuuly and dull: ifllxe
spot 6^a56j6o; March 67c asked; M*y 67$i*57JiC
atosmer Ma56c. Onls steady and quiet: wester
_ white 4Pa4'2c; do mfxe.l 87a*>c. ptotmom atesd
? with fair Inquiry. Eggi higher at 23a'J4c. COffc
a dull; Klo cargoes ordinary to fair ltial6>?c.
CmcsvNATi. O . Feb. 11.?Flour easy. WhM
U quiet; No. 2 red 87c; receipts l,r<W bushels; shly
meutu 1,500 bushels. Corn steady: No 2 mixed bit.
r Oats steady; No. 1 mixed ?3Xc. Rye dull and low
er: No. G5c. Fork easy at 914 75. Lard qulc
f at 7.60c. Bulk meats easy and unchanged. Bacot
quiet and easier. Whisky steady at flu). Butter
sugar and checae Arm. Eggi firm and bighsr a
a Touiw. o.. svh. ii._Wheat active and steady
calb uxaMeJuly 85kc; August 84ta
S Corn steady: auih60V?c- On la dull; No. 2 whiU
V: No. 2 May 33j?c. cloveriecd active anc
1 steady; cub and April <4 00.
L Live Sloe*.
OrtlCAOO, Feb. 11.?'Tho Drover-1 JourmCtovoiX*
I Cattle?Ktwlpta2.0C0hea?l: shipments2,000 bead;
market dull: utecni93lJ0a4 9'J;stockeni and feed'
em 92 40a3 53: 'oow*. bulla and mixed f 1 76aS 10,
Hogs?Receipts 12.000 bead: shipments MUi head;
> market alow and steady; mixed 5' 1WM: heavy
I 95 35*5 75; liicbt f6 00*3 85: skips 93 25a4 85. "beep
i ? Receipts 1,5:0 head; ahlpmeiltf 1,000 head;
market steady: natives 93 ion* 60: we?tern 85 00
' a5 10; Texaus 93 0Ca4 0J; lambs 9) 00aC 10.
Km UKIETT. Feb. 1L?Oattl#? KeoelptS 22*
bead: shipment* 7C head: market, nothing doing:
I all through consignments. Hogs--Kecelt>u 8,7v0
bead; ahlpmenu 3uj head: market slow; Phlladelphhu9>75a5
80; mixed 9) 50*5 GO; Yorkers 95 40
a5 60; common to fair 95 1W> 35; pigs94 50a5 00.
BhMp-Kccelpts 200 head; ahlpmeuta 200 bead;
market fair at unchanged prices.
OwcwruTi, O., Feb. 1L?Hogn tlrrn; common
and light 94 0u?5 3); paiklug and hutchert 95 4Ca
5 75; receipts 1,270 bead: shipments 553bead.
Weekly Unuk siiUcmeut.
N*w York. Feb. 11 ?Tho weekly bank statement
show* the following changes:
Reserve. dccrca*e...M_ ...~.~.-92,451,000
Loaus, lncreasn......... 8.W0.700
Specie, decrease 1.U7.8U)
Legal tenders, decrease ~ 717,bUO
iJejKMilu, increaae ? L14VJOO
Circulation, decrease - 21,3'.0
The banks now hold 920,143,293 in exoeu ol the 25
percent rule.
Oil Citt, Pa., Feb. 11 ?Opened at 90c; highest
90lowest tvfiv, closed at a?'es i54,000
barrels: clearances 720,000 barrels; charter* 43,2M
waw York, Feb. 11 ?Petroleum dull; opened at
90ftc; highest W>?c; lowest 8?Mo; closed at 89^c;'
sales 234, uOO barrels
PrnsauReu, Pa., Feb. 11.-Petroleum dull but
Arm; opeuea at 'joo; closed at 89>?c; highest
90)*c; lowest b}}^..
Titcsviujt, y*., Feb 11.?Orv>nod at 90c; highest
90^o; lowart w;4u: ciosed at tafyo. I
Dry Oood*.
New York, Feb. 11.?The market wan quiet fin
usual to Saturday aud bed weather. The movement
was of tho former largo liropurtionR, aud current
quotation were very lirui lor ail dcfccrlptloua
of cottou fabrics.
Advice to Mothura.
Are yoti disturbed at night and broken
of jrour rest by a Dick child suffering and
crying with pain of catting teeth? if
so, eend at once and got a bottle of Miw.
Wisblow'b Hootuikq Sybup fob Children
Tkbtiiino. Ita value id incalculable.
It will relieve tho poor little snfferor immediately.
Depend upon it, mothers,
there io no mletake about it. It cures
dysentery and diarrhiea, regulates the
stomach and bowels, cures wind colic,
softens the gums, reduces inflammation
and gives tone aod energy to tho whole
system. Mes. Wikslow's Soothing Syrup
fob Ohildcbr Tothjnq is pler^ant to the
taste, and is the prescription of ono of the
oldest and be*t female nurses and physicians
in the United States, and is for soio
by all druggkts throughout the world.
Price 25 ennui ft bnttk vwvaw
Cnv or Wjikkuvo, W. Va., )
January U, 1088. f
A reward of ,ooo Ik offered for tho arrest and
lodgmcut Ju t jo jail of Ohio coun'y of any one or
more of the person* cn&a?cd in the murderous assault
upou I'o'ico oftlccr Joseph Glenn, of tho city
of Wheeling, on Bundaj morning, Jauuary 15,
1K88. The above reward to bo paid upon tho conviction
and beutence of any on a or mora of the
nprnnnn ho oniascd.
In case more than ono penon shall claim to bo
entitled, by reason of being ina'.rumectal In tho
brinni"8 about mcharreat or otherwise, to sorao
part of aaid reward, or some intercut therein, the
City Council of Wheeling reserves tho right to decido
without appeal ou the validity of an:h claim
or claims. aud ala j reserves tho right to make ?uch
apportionment ao-ong the claimauta oi the aaid
reward tw tho Council shall deem equitablo with*
out appeal from nuch npportionmcut.
By order of tho Council of the City of Wheeling,
paascd January 17,1858.
J?10 Mayor of thn City of Wheoliug.
Grape Vines for Spring oflM
80 Varintieeof the Beat Old and New Grapea
Grown in tlilu Country.
20 * ?oucord, 1 vea, hurtford, Catawba or Perkins,
for II 00.
l? Martha, Champion. Alva, A?awam, Soueca,
8ilcm, Goethe, or Warden's, I or SI CO.
10 l'ockltugtOD, Jeilerson, lady, Telegraph,
Barry. Wilder, Delaware, Brighton or Pucheaa,
for ft 00.
. a Niagara, 'ooto'b Kirly or Ftnplro State, for
|l w) lu ? coilic'lm oi omer varleuw
VIdpm itrlc.ly flret clasj, and very low by the 100
or 1 COO.
Alto. Ufttpborrlcii, D'ackbcrloi. Strawberries,
Currant* cud Goo<.terrio? Jn varlrt7.
Penoua dttlrh-K to plant small frolts aro requested
to Mjod list ol what they want, to bo
priced, before ordeiiog cUewberc. Address,
J^6 mw Wet Alcimdcr, Ti.
A.lat*lsa Peal
The Earlle?t Pea Grown. For tale bj
ja23 ia?Q M>1n Htrcot.
Oliver's New Ghililed Hill-Side Plow.
Bewaroof counterfoil PoloU for Oliver Plows;
the ffcnalne for uUe by
JIOGK ?fc DllO.,
ft6 ??mw S?. lltn fcfnrkot flt.. wret mde.
QCAIlTICl' Bhvopthlra. Ox and Cot*. BHKIIP.
DlAU I ICO Jersey Hrdti uid Jkrk-hlre UOOfl.
P. Rocki ftnd H. Leghorn C'hlckcn*. HliONZK
Tnrkeja. Frk* and OAKP In teaion. KNOINES,
Mill*, H. P'rs, ao.. but and cbeapoat; part pay Id
amber. KatlifacilgnKU'.mnt<xdonsJl.
Oil nc r'? 09111 ^wk ' 'r ~5 rent* aad names
gILUu and adc1rt*a of iwcnt' wide awake farmera.
Njnd stamp for circular* to
nn?*l<r Ko'.wr \V Va
A GENTS WANTED to Canvaee for Advcrliiln*
Patron*];?. A small amount o!
work done with tut and Intelligence may produce
a considerable Income. Agents cars screral ban'
dred dollars In commltslont In a tingle season and
incur no personal responsibility. Enquire at tho
nearest newspaper office and learn tbat ours In the
btat known and beat equipped establishment for
plaolng advertisements In ntwpapersandcouTeylog
to advertisers tho Infotniatlon which thoy roqulro
in order to make their lnvt?tmcnti wisely
and ptodubly. Men of good address, or women,
If well Informed and practical, may obtain author
Ity to solicit advertising patronage f >r ns. Apply
j by letter to U>o. V. Iiowsix & Co., Newspaper Ad
rertlalng Bureau, 10 Hpruce street. New York, and
(nil particulars will bo sent by roturn msll.
lel-m>y.*w .
, And Gold Band
Dinner and Tea ScIh.
Full Seta or any number of pieoes that may be
wanted. Pine goods at low prices.
tou 1216 Market Bt.. opp. McLure Home,
kt I J, g. RlfODKS At CO,
>j OF?
\ Mnclin
i muoiiii
i _________
t We have succeeded lu purchaaingat bu Kxtraordinary
Bargain a Large quantity of Miulin Un
derwcar, Ac., which wo have divided iuio TWO
j I.OTJ, and, to nuke quick sales, wo soil thorn at
LOT 3STO- 125
Consists of Ladies' Nicht Dresses, Chemises, Draw*
ers, Bullied Skirls, corset Covers.
39*CENTS. 3!) CENTS.
Consists of Ladles' Night Drosses, 8kirt?, Chomisof,
Drawers. Corset ?5overs, all hardsomely
trimmed, ttuch garments as theso
are usually sold at from 50
to <6 cents.
Whopllni;, W, Vn.
Price ttreenleaf Aid for Studenfi.
A rooent bequest enables Harvard Univorslty to
offer additional aid (to tho amount of |13,OGO a
vearlof deserving candidates for the degreo of Bach
olor of Arts. This aid will bo distributed In kudus
of 1150 to |2fiQ a year, and will bo awarded (not i
paid) in advanco to Hturienti or graduates oi other
t-ollcgei, or to candidates for tko Freshman cla*?.
Students or graduates of other colleges can bo ad* ,
mlttod to advanced standing without passing ez- 1
aminatlons. Other candidates for admteion must 1
pass the ontraueo examinations in Juno or Bep- '
tember. Blank forms of application for admission
and for aid, and pamphlet* giving full details ro- j
gardlng auy department o! tho University. (Arts
Science, Divinity, Law, Medicine, D:uta Medicine, 3
Veterinary Modlcino, or Agrlcalturo) may bo obtained
by applying to Frank fcoLUW, Secretary of (
Harvard University, 5, University Hall,Cambridge.
[ fcfrxwar
(Sisters of tho Visitation,) I
i school of more than national reputation, offers exceptional
advantage* for thorough education of ,
young ladles in all departments. Library of six j
I thousand volumes. Flue philosophical, ch cm leal 1
and astronomical apparatus. ,
Mimical Department specially notod. Corps ol i
pianotcaoners trained by a leading profecsor from I
II ouuervatury ol Stuttgart. Vocal culture acoord- J
| [uk to tha muthod of the old Italian masters.
! Location onsurp&tbod for beauty and health, 1
I Ten acres of pleasure grounds. Board excellent j
For catalogues, and rcferonoea to patrons In all j
tho prlnolpal dtius, address
! fcrl THE PIRKCTKR8& 1
Washington school of Elocution j
Mrj. M. PTKVKNB HABT, Principal,
00* "m" Btroet, n. w., Washington, d. c,
Sixth Annual Session begiiu Wednesday, September
Course of Instruction embraces Elocution. Prao
tlcal EngllHh and English Claries. Latin, Mathe .
lOrtUcM. Noaoru MPRuaRcs, voau uiu iuiuu*
aseiiUl Miiilu mid Physical <;ulturw i
Ttie Prludpal U M?l?t<M by an cdcieut corps of j
tcacbcri in earh rtejurtmeui- ,
(Jmdwl cbuwrt for boy? and rlrls dally.
Adult cla*na and pmato iMtrucUon Rlron la ]
tho evening
Diplomas awarded. A limited number of pnplls
ux*t:omodaU.-d In tbo family. 1
For circular* and referouc** apply to IiiT?m- i
aayatK ofloo au31 j
smmm gored. i
Kyitcm hvk-d nr-oa nature's law*. NO HKCR20Y '
-NO TRICKtf. Hyetcri explained to tbooo Inter- .
ai tod. j
Toatlmoulala from nlipildaus. educators and pa- .
tronn, who : are rccrirod benefit from the method j
it Instruction. AddrcM.
Max M. HTKtfKNH IIART, Prlucipsl, '
Washington ScjujoI of XloauUou and Xngliah
tt04 M Street. S. W.. Watblupton, D. 0. 1
Students bearded lu family of Principal. .
fe? I j
...I f ? ??" \
S^23i]TWa?T?i<i ^ 1
FiXd'^ *p2 '
General Mnchlniwtw, (
And Manufacturers o(
Marine and Stationary Engines, 1
Cor. Chaplluo and Eighteenth Ftrceti, '
fe7 WHKELlN(t, W. V*. '
Contractor and Builder. i
All Gftrptntor Work promptly attended to on J
rououable tormn. '
Alt Wbrk personally attended to.
Rhop. Alley 13, rear of Capitol. Rwldonce, 43
Fifteenth atp^t: ahon In nur. Ja'.' ,
======== ]
- - i
\o Mnuff. J.tgulil or HuItp. {
HrffhlSlRmw Warranted to cure Catarrh. NpuTiWrfYr/BralKia.
Heiularhe. Otida. Aothma. ,
3 Kall?w* KycaltfhU Ac. A
iconrnnteert or uoney roVJfcjAV-Vt'cJMrunrt**<1
f4,'nt postpaid for?l.?M>.
iVj vl^-r ?3a**"1 * Wimled. Addreas
WWn\v i iyfl t.tl Monroe St., Chicago. ,
fP4 raw j
Bufferinrtfrom tbaeffectaof youthftil error*, early
d fray, wa* 11 n c weak nnia, ltal manhood. c t c.. I wi 11
ernd a valuable trvatiMt (Mated) containing lull
jiartimlamfhr homeeuro. FREEOfcliarv*. A
apleailld m?llral work ; ehoutd lm read by rvrry '
T11AI1 w'i.i (a tinrrniu ami A.liln .j I
iTof. r. C. FOTLEtt, Wood mi. Conn. \
H H ^ JfjfiWnuiMWJ'' <
B Inure Perio.il Rerani 1
ML? ^VnrrveRe8TORER
B^H/#r?tfD?AmftNBirVR tiiil^SKS. Only nft
rt /** Srrtt Aftttmi, Fut, BMItftJ, tit. ,
fKH1.ll?L*iriiVM M d'lfilfl. f.* Jill a/1" )
Sy.rtu.'r i * *. Trtillw and f ttW ?**iU ''? ?
feSMSiSiS !
The great PRKNCU Regulation I'owdcra mtcr
fail Trythota. Rollere pain, lnaore regularity;
tale and efleetual; fat luperior to Tanty, Pennyroyal
or oxide. Factage icnt ?emr*ljr mailed
containing direction* on receipt of 91.00. Addrcai
fe6-uww*w K.io union Ht. Bnfla'o. N Y.
2 and 71 Kourtocuin itiocU wb?;o yon can b? mooosunodatad
at abort notice
For the Bath, Toilet nnd Laundry.
Snow White nnd Absolutely Pure.
If your dealer does not keep White Cloud Soap,
lead to cent* for sample <-uko to wo makers,
Wish to announce lorae tctj pleasing new feature*
to bo found in the New Callgranb, and rwpectfully
iuTlts ail interested to call and examine
Cabinet!, Defcks and Standi for Writing Machine*
Wo keep the fluent stock of Linen Paper to bo
found in the Plata, all Rises and grades, i ^jjal
linen with marginal lines, exprcsily lor Writing
Machines. Also letter and uote dacs. Carbon pa*
per "for manifold lag," all colors.
Wo aro Agents for the Cyclostyle, 1,500 copics of a
:ircular or ietu*r written on tho (fellgrapb, can bo
made by lis use, each copy equal to tno original.
Wo alio aoll the Hoktograph.by the use of which
100 copies of a written document can be made.
Address us for samp'o books and price lists; full
lescriptlro circulars on application,
Ja20 A3 Twelfth m?.. Wheeling, W Va.
Ublo UUlng effect SUNDAY, DEC. 18, 3K87.
fMBcaKcr train will run u folloin?Central lime:
.No 7. No. 6 So. 3. No. 1*.
p. in ft. m t. in.
[4AT&?WhMlins-...MM 3:0" Jl.ur e:45
Scuncnd.unp. ikJialru. 3:if> 11:' 7 CO
41oand*vll]e 3.36 ll:ii 7.20
p. n.
TUrlDgtoi] 4:16 12:15 8 GO
flew MtrtlnJTlllo..... 4:U 12 40 f.SO
JUlcavllJe..M - f>;W l:i<> 8:55
Friendly, opp. Matarn're* ......... 5 IS 1:1'. SO*
U.ilaryV... 6:b? 1:40 9:?0
'Villianutown.opp.aiitr'Ja .... ?: ' 2:V0 10:25
^arkeriburv ? 7:15 3:U 11:20
Mioyiim...... ? .... s 50 P12 ra
aurraysUUo ..... ?... 4M 12:23
a. a..
iavenswooiL. ..... &:<*> ........ 12:65
jetart e:33 r.-M 1.40
few Haven 7:0/ ? fi:43 3:05
iiartford-. 7:05 5:4* 2:10
tfawimiity, oppi'omeroy 7::r>5:57 5:18
jllflon, opp. Mlfldli'porL 7;/. ...... fi:0. 2:>4
Irrivo Potut F'U-asant 8:00....?~ 0:10 3 CO
K. AO Junction. 0:4*- 8 C6
" (Jf-lUpolbi . 4 45
" Ctift/li4toi]~. .... ......... 8:?5
a. ra.
" WhHg Bnlnbur. b (Q
>o. ti So i. no. 2. na 8
ft. m ?. in n. in p in
ixjftv??K A O. Junction.......... 10:tf> 3:45
Jclnt PlauunU- H>:50 c:ir> 50
Hilton ~ 11:* 6:V- 4 31
HftMiu fJitTi opp. 1'oincrojr 11: 5 ( :5* 4 :S7
ilartlonl U:43 7:U; 4:47
Hew li&veu 11:47 7:0? 4:52
LoUrL ^2:10 7:K S:20
lavmiM7co<3_.................. ....... lK:f^ 8:10 G:C5
tfarrftyf-vllle- ? 1:3? ...^.
Pftrkenbiirf ? :? 2:4.s
ffUlIamjitown,opp.tfar'Ui 7:10 S:K0 1C:.'5...^.
U. Mftry'r. - 7 ;.Y> 4:72 11:'# ...^
friendly, opp. Matata'nm h:-i 4:52 11:1:5
lUtornllle b-M 5:i5 ll:4h..?
p. in
How Mftrtlnsrlllu..^?9:C? f:30 12:11
JiftrlDffton- 9:50 5:55 12:35
Houmfiirlllij 10:i0 1:1'...
Icnwcod. opp. ifcllaire... 10:3u 6:.^ 1:35
irrlve?Wheeling-......^... 10:16 7:10 1:63
p m.
Irrlire-Clevelaad......... 6:16 .. m.
tttteDurgh........ 3:2b 5:65 .........
fUrrlabnig- ?:2i 2:C>
^hiladolpnia 6:0C r.CO ?
S'cw York.. 7:3U 7:30
Woct and Northwest. p in p. in
Sewark 11:60 fi:v0
Joiuabu*....~. ~ .... 7:40
l u p aThlaucn
.~. 9:t0 6 M
Sunday train* on K. & O. lUliway irriru at
;'barlt*iou at 0.10 p. in waiting lor o. h. k. k.
.ruin No. 1 at Point i'lcunut, Thla li tho abort
Ine, mill partle* furcht-sluK ticket* ihonld a*k for
IckoU via. tho Ohio Klvtr llallror..4. Hor lalormaion
regardlug r*<c*. r.^ntw, etc.. Rddrra
W. J. HO BIN BOS, Wan'l P*? h.r*at.
Parkers mug, W. Va.
Trav ?'axt. Agent. Wh?:ilng.
Baltimore & ohio railroad?'
departure ol tralua from Wbo*-llnx. Scbcdulo
ji cCcct November'A l**7?Ka?teni tim?:
Kxprcm lor cnlragoand tbo forthweat, 9:50 a.
c., r.: ti' p. ra 10:00 p. m. dally, mid 11 :ll p.m. dully,
:xoept featnrdav.
Kxprcsa lor Cincinnati tin". Ht I.onlii, 9:60 a. a.
JaJly, 11 p. w. dally exempt eaturday.
Exprea* forColumbuaand( inctuuaU,2:45a. m ,
Sunday only.
IVrt'oitimbiu, 9:50a m. dally, and 11 *16 p.m.
folly except Saturday, and 2:25 p. m. dally cxccpt
Kxpr*n for WuNbluston, I). O., Baltimore. Philadelphia
and New York, 6:40 a. in and 5:45 p. m.
tor Plttabnrgh and Waahlortmi, Pa, V9 a. xa.
md7p m. daily; Kxprew. M:10 a m , l:?5p. n.
Iaut eirout .-uikUv. Additional v.av mwi lor
WM&lDgton l> b:-t? p. m dally cxup: Bmidaj.
For Mouudayllle, 12:00 aoou, daily exaipt aim*
tot OnPou, 3:45 p. m , dally i'xcopt Hunday.
For Cumberland. d:3?a. m., daily t-xoe;t riuuday.
For ft C almll.'e. K:.'>G a. m., J p. to. and 4:1&
p. m dal'.y eiccplHiiuday.
Kxprwa tralunurlTu ''hIc???;o,C 41'and i 0
i. in. und p. za. d?uJ,, bud l:Oi) u u. daily lxWpt
txpro* ua'ru arrive from St l.otili and Cincinnati.
5M a. in i>u<JC;46i) in. d?li \
Kxpn?w train* .rrlro frvm I'btladtlphlft. RalUsort)
p.;<d Washington. l>.0,20:90 a. ia. and 10:i?J
E>. m Cailj.
Tia!n?nrrlTc Ir.-m Colun^u*, 6:CC *. r.. dally,
ind fi:45 p. m. dally, and 10: "& a. ni. dally cxot-pi
Trai\g arrive 'rora Pltt/burrh, P.10 dally. and
I2:isp. in. and C:M? p. in dully cxc. pt -unday;
[*. 101. is rally cxccpt L'RUirony, and 2:40 a. id.
Tr?!u**in?e Waihlngtoa, l'a., S;00 n. m.,
lai.y fie i.tpuuii?y.
Train* anivu twm Mnnntavlllo, 1:10 p. m.,
lali* ixmh in-ind^y.
'f lain* arrive from flrallon. 9:25 a. m., dally cx- .
rehi -undi*y.
Tralmarflvp{rotnCnmbaited 5-0p. a .dally
SXOCpt SUlidr.).
Tin:.* arrive f">m f>! ClalnvlUc. ^iU a. ia. and
l:4ft and cab i. m . da:ly ?-x.. p: vn.mj
r^KgafcO tailed lor and cMtkcd at Untold and
x*iucxuxa on ordem kit at ticket ofllco, 1/fM X*r
id ?trcc: and at <.erot
0. K. IjOB I>, 0?n. l*asi A jo at.
W M t l,FME>: !> Manarrr.
LOUI't RAILWAY (JO.-FanliauHo Bonn-.
Under ?chwlnIo In offcct tf AY 23, 1^7. traly
?av* Wheeling. Central btardard time* For sum*
jenvlllcand nt^burgh, 6:? a. m , 12.S'. p. m.
1:20 p ?. For BtcnbenvWe, S.Oft p. n. The t :a
l m. and B:iBp. m. train make direct coinnx-Uon
or common*, i.incmnau. matasapoil* ami Mil ago.
Tin-12:35 p. m. train zoakoo dlroot oom:&>
jon for ColnmVnj and Chicago.
Trains arrive at Wheeling, 6?16 a. id., 20:25 a. nv.
t:43 p. m., and 6:00 p. m. mr:<
KJ ROAD.?Undor nchodnlc la cffect JAN. 72,
I WW, tnitni. loave Bridgeport, Contral Handa-d
lime: ForFHUbtURh and Cleveland, 8:10 a. n-.,
1:02p. m. For PUUiburKh, 10:17 a. m. ForWolv
rlllc, 4:14 p. ra. For SU-ufccnrillo, 8:33 a. m. For
Kartln'i Ferry, 6:46 a. n.
Train* arrlTQ at Bridgeport at 7:53 a. is., 10:?2 a.
D., 2:43 p. ra., 6:23 p. in., 4:64 p. m.. and 7:47 p m.
BeCnQi. Spending a doilar In Newspaper
LrUnC AdveriL'tngcmrcfr-jjul vr?t.i
IIS A 120 K. Halllmo'o ft., JJaltlmore, M.V,
the ONLY gut,t;al Advi-riMim Agiucy In Baltimore
or tho -onth wboe factlttlia I t j> a-lnjj Advcrtl?*nn-nuare
perfect anrt u:uarp*?c<l. Ltati
m to" newspaper uisegtqry
ooutalolnr all tho Loading .Nowm"?'.? " ami Perl*
odlcalu, *l:h rato? aurt oilier valuable Information,
tout to aay addreM on rvcolpt ol '40c to pay
lor poatago. uoJOmw

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